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Bart gortworst 21 APRIL 1994

select works 2013 - 2018


University Projects

08. nomad

MAY. 2014 - JUL. 2014


18. gazelle

MAY. 2015 - JUL. 2015

32. tulper

SEP. 2015 - DEC. 2015

46. devorm

SEP. 2014 - FEB. 2015


Personal Projects





lego system a/s FEB. 2016 - JUL. 2016

NOV. 2017 - JUL. 2018


custom guitars JUL. 2013 - SEP. 2013

custom motorcycles JUL. 2016 - SEP. 2016

FEB. 2017 - JUL. 2017

JUL. 2014 - SEP. 2014

JUL. 2017 - OKT. 2017 JAN. 2018 - MAY. 2018


Bart gortworst 21 APRIL 1994


Since early childhood I was always interested in how things work an function, taking apart anything I could get my hands on. This curiosity transformed into a desire to create, make and design. I am usually in the process of making something new learning as much as I can during the process.

Illustrator Graphics

Solidworks University 5yr

Photoshop Image editing

Keyshot Online courses 3yr

InDesign Documentation

Autodesk Inventor Basics 1yr

Microsoft Office Word, Excel, Powerpoint

Siemens NX-9 Lego 1yr

Sketchbook Pro Digital sketching

Rhinoceros 3D Intro course at Lego

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Full portfolio

Experience Education FEB. 2017 - JUL. 2017

Lego system A/S Project writer, Bachelor Thesis

Curriculum vitae 04 MAY 2018

Creating a new play experience by designing a unique play element that fits in the Lego system. Design work covers the full process from research, concept generation, 3D modeling and renderings to final design solution delivery. FEB. 2016 - JUL. 2016

Lego system A/S Front end design internship Creating the play experiences of tomorrow, working in a team of Designers, Developers, Engineers and Artists, Developing new LEGO concepts that thrill, excite and surprise. SEP. 2014 - FEB. 2015

DeVorm Product Design Internship Researching new production methods and creating concepts using these methods to create more dynamic, cost efficient products.

SEP. 2013 - DEC. 2017

HAN University of applied sciences Industrial Product Design Bachelor of Engineering In the course you will receive a lot of practical technical knowledge, in combination with design, ergonomics and business administration. This Bachelor’s degree program lasts for 4 years. • • • •

Production-oriented design Market-oriented design Customizable design Integral design

SEP. 2016 - JAN. 2017

Lightweight Structural Vehicle Design Industrial Product Design Bachelor of Engineering This course focuses on lightweight construction. Design requirements are continually growing: engineers have to make more and better calculations and run more simulations to produce reliable predictions of payload and durability.

Languages Fleunt in English and Dutch




Ac am pin gc ha ir f or tod dle rs

Jul 14’



Client Nomad / University Period May 14’- July 14’ Focus Mechanical function Programs used Photoshop Illustrator Solidworks Keyshot


Nomad are the creators of premium travel equipment (sleeping bags, mats, tents, bags and outdoor clothing). Nomad found that new families with toddlers are ready to go out and explore again and are looking for equipment with some very specific features. One piece of equipment Nomad wants to create is a travel chair for kids aged 0-5 years old.

No m ad t rave l b ed fo r to d d l e rs re l eas ed .

Nomad are the creators of premium travel equipment (sleeping bags, mats, tents, bags and outdoor clothing).


Of campers stay in a tent.


million dutch camping trips were taken in 2013.


Nomad travel bed for toddlers is released.


Families with one or more kids 0-5 years old.

ideation Quick sketches exploring different solutions. Ideas are graded based on: - Size when folded - Stability / Safety - Folding difficulty

Personal project

8 stability

Wide stance possible due to the folding method.


folding difficulty

Easy to fold with one hand.


size when folded

Legs fold up, creating a small package.


Extra features


6 stability

Limited by the size and shape of the seat.


folding difficulty

Simple fold using friction to stay folded.


size when folded

Length stays the same when folded.


Extra features

Seat can be removed and used as a carrying sling.

7 stability

Limited by the size and shape of the seat.


folding difficulty

Two hands are needed to fold the chair.


size when folded

The length and width don’t change when folded.


Extra features


Concept Developing the idea, finding mechanical solutions and developing the concept using sketching and simple prototyping.

The mechanism

The chair is folded and unfolded by moving the center joint up and down. A locking mechanism is needed to keep the chair in a folded and unfolded position.

Finding the right dimensions.


The seat fabric is pulled tight when the chair is unfolded.

Central joint

Moving the central joint folds, and unfolds the chair.


The legs fold out for a wide stance, this gives the chair a stable footing.

Press button to unlock. To fold,

lift the chair and press the button. The weight of the chair will assist the folding.

prototype A full size model is made to test the mechanical functions of the chair. Made using PVC rods, PVC plate material, adhesive and tent canvas.

Center joint

For the prototype this joint is locked with an inserted rod.

Canvas seat

For the final design more support is needed, nylon straps will be inserted for additional strength and support.

prototype This test model is made to test the folding mechanism, the overal construction and the stability of the chair. All of which had a positive result.

Bicycle computer Redesign

jul 15’

Client Gazelle / University Period May 15’- Jul 15’ Focus Design Production Programs used Photoshop Illustrator Solidworks Keyshot


Gazelle makes the finest quality bikes for every type of use, collaborating with leading partners Shimano and Bosch for their electric assisted bicycles. These third party components are integrated perfectly into the bikes.


The displays used for the e-bikes are currently made by a third party, like impulse as shown in the image on the right. Gazelle wants the display to be redesigned for a better fit with the company style.


The controls for the electric bike will remain the same.

Ideation Finding a shape and style.




Sketch model Exploring the threedimensional shape.


Two ideas/shapes stood out, the second was chosen for the final design.


Adjustment and control of the display.


With three buttons on the right side of the display the settings can be changed. These buttons match the external controls.

+ -

Power / Select


The wide range of motion allows the user to adjust the position and angle of the display. This provides a wide range of adjustment to prevent glare and allows the steering to be adjusted with the display still attached.


Designing the parts and assembly for mass production.


Some display graphics quickly made in illustrator for presentation purposes.


Gazelle has provided the technical drawings of the display unit they will use.

CAD model 3D scan

A scan is made of a foam model and converted into a surface model using solidworks.


Final design visualized in Keyshot.


A dark gray, see though piece.


Display provided by Gazelle.


Silicone part between the top and bottom, creating a waterproof seal and with integrated buttons.


Has enough room for electrical components, such as the batteries.

Foot Fits in the place of a plastic piece on the frame, as specified by Gazelle.

The display can be assembled using only a screwdriver.

The display fits well attached to the frame of the bicyle.

modular bottle Sustainable design to prevent pollution

dec 15’

Client Tulper / University Period Sep 15’- Dec 15’ Focus Function Material Programs used Photoshop Illustrator Solidworks Keyshot


Tulper is a new duth brand that helps to prevent all the plastics in the ocean by promoting reusing instead of single-using. Love water leave plastic, because there’s no planet B! Tulper is looking for a new original product to help prevent ocean plastic.


Promote Creating a product that initiates a dialogue, informing and

Three ways to help clean up ocean plastic.

educating about the plastic pollution.

Recycle Using plastic retrieved from the ocean to make new products. Supporting plastic retrieval from the ocean.

Prevent Creating a sustainable alternative for disposable products.

All ideas are sorted into three groups, these groups all have a different aproach to helping the cause. For each group eight ideas are chosen and quickly sketch out, one idea is chosen to develop.

The Problem Disposable bottle

A plastic bottle which is used only once and then thrown away.

Normal bottle

When using a normal bottle you can only take one beverage and will still end up buying other beverages in disposable containers.

The Solution Modular bottle

With the modular bottle you can bring several different beverages, eliminating the need to buy disposable packaging.

A modular bottle

By combining smaller compartments with different properties, you can bring everything you need in one bottle. Herebye preventing the need to buy or use disposable containers.

Every part has the same thread, herebye creating the possibility of attaching them in any configuration.


By combining different parts you can configure the bottle to your needs for any occassion.


Creating a cad model of the concept in Solidworks. This model is also used te create renderings using Keyshot.


Early morning coffee, midday yoghurt snack and an extra charge for your phone, all in one bottle.


A simple model to get you started with the idea.


Hook the bottle to your bag, containing all you need for a full workout.


Strap the bottle to your wrist while you bring a warm cup of tea up the trail.

The modular bottle can be configured for any need, herebye preventing the need to buy any beverages in disposable packaging.

The ability to seperate all the components makes the parts easy to clean.

Product Design Internship

feb 15’


Client DeVorm Period Sep 14’- Feb 15’ Focus Material application Concept development Programs used Photoshop Illustrator Solidworks


De Vorm create interior products by today’s standards. This means producing efficiently, using the full lifecycle of products and eventually give them a new life. My task as a second year design student was to create new concepts and provide support for the main design team.

Radial lamps can be different placed incutting different angles. using The angle cantools be adjusted Experimenting with methods, flexible capableduring of cutting any sh instalment. The diagonal placement of a group of lamps make them a clear eye-catcher. Using these methods to create any shape, combining multiple parts to create 3D shapes.

Radial lamps can be placed in different angles. The angle can be adjusted during instalment. The diagonal placement of a group of lamps make them a clear eye-catcher.

Radial lamp

This light is created based on the trapping of sound, using the absorbing properties of the felt. Inspired by 3D puzzles, this lamp was the main focus of my internship. The lamp holds an ABS fluorescent TL LED using the felt to create an interesting geometric shape.

Orgatec 2014 For the 2014 Orgatec design fair I worked on the stand for DeVorm, aiding in the design for the felt panelled ex- and interior.

lego system a/s Design internship / Bachelor Thesis

jul 16’ / jul 17’


Client Lego system A/S Period Feb 16’- Jul 16’ Focus Ideation Concept development Programs used Siemens NX9 Rhinoceros 3D Illustrator


Creating the play experiences of tomorrow, working in a team of Designers, Developers, Engineers and Artists. Developing new LEGO concepts that thrill, excite and surprise. In overview, tasks included are: - Developing new concepts. - Developing physical prototypes, 3D models and prints. - Testing ideas/concepts on customers - boys aged 5-11. - Presenting ideas/concepts to experienced colleagues in the design team.

Work environment The facilities at Lego support a wide range of rapid prototyping methods, with multiple workshops, machines and excellent support staff. During the internship I was fortunate to gain experience in various prototyping techniques such as 3D printing and laser cutting. I becaome proficient in Siemens NX9 and had seminars teaching the basics of Rhinoseraus 3D.

Concepts All work done for Lego is strictly confidential and can not be shown. The internship consisted of multiple complex briefs, lasting between 1 to 6 weeks. During each brief, results and findings where presented to the various design teams. Using the feedback and consumer tests to adapt and refine the concepts.

Experience This challenging internship was an amazing experience, working alongside other great designers and being challenged to create new and exciting ideas and concepts.

Bachelor thesis

Client Lego system A/S Period Feb 17’- Jul 17’ Focus Full process Programs used Siemens NX9 Rhinoceros 3D Illustrator


Creating a new play experience by designing a unique play element that fits in the Lego system. Design work covered the full process from research, concept generation, 3D modeling and renderings to final design solution delivery. As a project writer my task was to create a new product through high proficiency using 2D/3D modeling, rendering software, sketches and prototypes.

Project As a project writer I worked alongside other designers on my own project, using the team to support the design process. Poject time management and organization was key, handling multiple smaller projects for teams where required.

Concept Doing less’ is one of the key design principles when designing a new product at Lego. The models constructed at Lego need to use as few bricks as possible, keeping the pieces simple and efficient in function. Most time was spent on itterating and adapting the design to reach the standards set by Lego. Deconstructing the function and engineering simplified solutions, designing to be low cost and optimized for manufacture.

Experience Working on a big project covering the full process, seeing the product evolve and adapt to be as optimal as possible was an extremely rewarding process. For a reference please contact me and I will pass you on to the design lead.

Mozaic Freelance


Client Mozaic Period Nov 17’- Jul 18’ Focus Full process


Assisting a small startup with realising their product and bringing it to market. This project is in progress.

telecaster Handbuilt guitar

Sep 13’


Client Personal project Period Physical model Juli 13’- Sep 13’ CAD model & renders Feb 15’ Focus Model building Rendering Programs used Autodesk inventor Keyshot


The Fender select series inspired me to build my own custom guitar. Using the destinct pattern in the wood for a visually stunning body. The body is a handcarved piece of Tulipwood, stained using oil to make the colours pop. The neck is maple with a rosewood fretboard. I built the guitar the summer before university, after my first year I used this project to practice my modeling and rendering abilities.

All electronics are done from scratch, based on schematics from a 1967 Seymour Duncan Telecaster wiring diagram. The wood is stained using Tru-Oil Gun Stock Finish, a linseed base oil.

Autodesk inventor model

Keyshot renders

Keyshot render

Handbuilt model

stratocaster Handbuilt guitar

sep 14’


Client Personal project Period Physical model Juli 14’- Sep 14’ CAD model & renders Feb 15’ Focus Model building Rendering Programs used Solidworks Keyshot


Having enjoyed my first build, I decided to try another. This time building a stratocaster inspired by the guitar owned by blues player Robert Cray. The body is a handcarved piece of ash, a water based woodstain is used to colour the body. The neck is ash with a rosewood fretboard. All the hardware is gold plated and the tuners have pearl heads. As with my telecaster I used this project to practice my modeling and rendering abilities.

The electronics are done by hand, based of a 1950 Fender stratocaster.

Solidworks model

Keyshot Renders

Rendering all the different materials on the guitar was good practice for my rendering abilities. To create a more realistic feel, all materials are customised in keyshot to be as realistic as possible.

Custom motocycles Custom built and designed

Custom motorcycle

Client Personal Project Period Jul 16’- Sep 16’ Focus Full process


Custom motorcycle build. Building my dream motorcycle from an old Suzuki GS550. During the summer I designed and built a custom motorcycle learning about the mechanics of combustion engines and practicing my fabrication skills.

Most of the work was altering existing parts of the bike, most fabrication was done on the seat and rear fender. By cutting and reworking a bought seat and adding metal, a new rear end was created by hand.

custom motorcycle

Client Personal project Period Jul 17’- Okt 17’ Focus Full process


After finishing university I came across two motorcycles for a bargain, I then decided to take some time to save these bikes from the scrapyard. This is the first of these two bikes. For this motorcycle I was inspired by the flat tracker style racing motorcycles. These bikes have a destinct style I tried to mimic and adapt for a street bike.

The finished motorcycle inspired by old and new, with retro colours and a some modern hints.

Bart gortworst 21 APRIL 1994

select works 2013 - 2018


Full portfolio

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