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Written by Robertson Scott

BLACK SUPER: HALLOWEEN A pre-lap SCREAM. CUT TO: EXT. SIDE STREET - NIGHT Clouds eerily blow past the full moon in the sky. Running down a side street is CASEY. She runs towards a busier street about two blocks down. CASEY HELP! SOMEONE! Not too far behind her is KIERAN. He walks slowly. He holds Casey’s gun at his side. She glances behind him, and runs even faster. CUT TO: EXT. BUSY STREET - SAME TIME The busier street intersecting the other. Drunken partygoers in costumes still run amok in the streets. Sitting on the stoop of a closed corner laundromat is ANDI. She’s clearly kind of wasted, her voice slips in an out of a slight slur. Her makeup is wearing off. She’s on the phone. Christian stands up near her, smoking a cigarette. ANDI I just don’t, like... think I can do that, you know? Christian stares down at her, questioningly. The street Casey and Kieran are on is square ahead of them. Their figures are even visible in the shadows ever so slightly, but Andi and Christian don’t notice. Andi rolls her eyes as she listens.


ANDI (CONT’D) I’m in no condition to even do that! (Intentionally slurred) Do you hear how I’m talking right now? I’m fucked up, Shivy! CUT TO: INT. ABERNATHY BALLROOM - SAME TIME Siobhan is on the other line, dressed as a grand and ornate Queen of Hearts. She has a glass of brandy in hand. She’s in a massive, regal ballroom, but it’s empty. SIOBHAN Oh, but darling, you must. I’ve already gone through our current supply of brandy here, and if you don’t go out tonight, how would you expect Diane and I ever finish our festivities? We have entertainment to pursuit! SPLIT SCREEN -- PHONE CONVERSATION ANDI Shivy, no! I can’t! Andi groans. ANDI (CONT’D) Someone set off a cherry bomb or two at the party we were at so everyone had to dip. I’m drunk, I’m high, I’m tired, I wanna teleport home. I’m gonna Uber home, even though the rates are gargantuan. SIOBHAN Good word. ANDI Fuck you. Christian leans in towards Andi. CHRISTIAN What is she asking her to do for you?


Andi covers the mouthpiece of her phone. Siobhan sighs, patiently. ANDI How sober are you, babe? CHRISTIAN Mostly. What does she need done? ANDI Wants us to make an alcohol run. CHRISTIAN Why can’t you? Siobhan perks up. SIOBHAN Yes, Andi, why can’t you? Is it too much effort to help me out with a simple task at a time of need? Andi uncovers her phone. ANDI How’d you hear that?! SIOBHAN You both talk awfully loud, dear. Andi rolls her eyes. ANDI But it’s not that I don’t WANT to, Shivy, I just can’t. I mean, reason Number A, I’m, like, not even remotely sober. I tripped in the Loubs, Shivy! I could die just walking right now. SIOBHAN It would be a shame for you to disappoint me, Andrea. You make my heart ache, sometimes. But I suppose I will survive if you cannot. Diane was down in the cellar checking to see if we had any on reserves, but... Diane enters the ballroom, in a white wig and glasses, as Iris Apfel. She’s empty-handed, and shrugs.


SIOBHAN (CONT’D) It appears that our searching was in vain. Oh, well, we’ll all survive, I’ll just summon a taxi and go myself or comb the digital phone book for someone who will fetch it for me myself. ANDI Fetching. CHRISTIAN What? SIOBHAN I had figured you were in need of replenishing your own libation stock, so I made the ill assumption that you would be willing to do this yourself. But I understand, Andrea, no means no, and I respect your wishes of how you choose to spend your night. I do wish you mountains and mountains of happiness, even if it may be through hedonistic means. ANDI Shivy, they stop selling alcohol in stores at like, midnight. SIOBHAN Fine, fine! Deny your reasonings! Do what you would like, Andrea, I love you dearly, and I hope you and Christian-- and Chloe, if she’s still with you-ANDI She’s not. Haven’t heard from her in like two hours. SIOBHAN -- well, I wish the two of you safety on your journeys tonight. Ciao, ma cherie. Siobhan hangs up. Back to full-screen on Andi and Christian. ANDI I mean, I wanna buy more booze!


Andi puts her head down and sobs, half-jokingly CUT TO: EXT. SIDE STREET Casey is so close to the busy street, but she’s still not in view. Behind her, Kieran RAISES THE PISTOL. Casey SCREAMS AGAIN. CUT TO: EXT. BUSY STREET - SAME TIME ANDI I guess it’s home time anyway. Andi groans, and starts to help herself up. She’s mostly fine, but stumbles as she reaches a stand. CHRISTIAN Whoa, angel! Christian holds her arms, steadying her. Andi laughs, drunkenly. CUT TO: EXT. SIDE STREET - SAME TIME KIERAN’S POV-Lining his sight up with the pistol, lining the pistol up with Casey. She’s such an easy target. Beyond her, across the busy street, ANDI AND CHRISTIAN begin to move. He doesn’t pay attention. Casey is the focus. END POV SLOW MOTION as Casey glances behind her one last time.


Kieran PULLS THE TRIGGER. CUT TO: EXT. BUSY STREET - SAME TIME Still slow mo. Christian and Andi are beginning to walk. They don’t look to their right, where Kieran and Casey are. From their position, Kieran and Casey still aren’t visible. Half a block away from the busy, well-lit street. EXT. SIDE STREET The bullet is TRAVELING. It PASSES CASEY by mere INCHES. It ZOOMS through the air. EXT. BUSY STREET The bullet is clearly headed towards ANDI AND CHRISTIAN. THEY DON’T NOTICE. We can’t tell who it’s going to hit. EXT. SIDE STREET CLOSE on Kieran’s face, perfectly cold, but eyes wide as ever as he watches. EXT. BUSY STREET Back to REGULAR SPEED. THE BULLET HITS CHRISTIAN IN THE SHOULDER. He FLIES back. Andi SCREAMS. Christian falls over from the force of the shot. CUT TO:


EXT. SIDE STREET Kieran’s eyes fall with disappointment. CASEY HELP! Andi visibly drops to Christian’s side, checking him, but glances behind her towards Casey and Kieran when Casey screams again. Kieran FIRES ANOTHER SHOT. HITS CASEY IN THE BACK. SHE GOES DOWN. We lose focus of Andi and Christian. Out of sight. Casey is downed half a block away from the busy street. Kieran steps over her. With his foot, he kicks her over onto her back. She’s STILL ALIVE. Casey spits out a bit of blood. Kieran stares down at her with a smile. KIERAN Trick or treat. Casey opens her mouth to scream. SHE CAN’T. ZOOM IN TO KIERAN’S FACE AS WE... CUT TO: TITLES


ACT I INT. INTERROGATION ROOM - NIGHT Chloe sits at the table in the interrogation room. Raven leans over it at her. RAVEN Tell me, Chloe-- what does the Assumption of Our Blessed Mary Church mean to you? Chloe scrambles. CHLOE I-I-I-I-- nothing, Raven. We went there once to discover a body. RAVEN Whose body? CHLOE I don’t remember her name. Raven leans in closer. RAVEN You don’t remember the name? I thought you were dedicating yourself to this case, Chloe. CHLOE Perhaps too dedicated. Raven stands back. RAVEN Is that a confession? She begins to pace. CHLOE It’s a goddamn joke, Raven, just like this interrogation. Where’s my lawyer? RAVEN You broke whore, you couldn’t afford a lawyer.


CHLOE So why are you interrogating me? CUT TO: EXT. SIDE STREET - SAME TIME Kieran stands over Casey. He holds his KNIFE up menacingly. She WHEEZES out an attempt of a scream. Kieran DIVES at her with the knife. CLOSE on her stomach as he STABS her. He yanks the knife out, and blood SPLATTERS over him. He smiles wildly. Life drains from Casey’s face. But he GOES BACK IN. He stabs, over and over. A total frenzy. BACK TO: INT. INTERROGATION ROOM Raven sharply turns to Chloe. RAVEN You went back to Saint Mary’s Church. Chloe furrows her brow. RAVEN (CONT’D) Just earlier today, you were there, Chloe. Chloe’s jaw drops. FLASKBACH TO: EXT. STREET - EVENING Slow motion as Chloe STARES at Kieran across the street.


A CAR drives by. The windows are tinted. I/E. THE CAR - SAME TIME Raven is in the car, watching as Chloe and Gabrielle walk by. EXT. STREET On the left, on the Saint Mary’s side of the street, Chloe and Gabrielle stand. On the right, among trees, is Kieran. The car drives down between them at regular speed. BACK TO: INT. INTERROGATION ROOM Chloe begins to stand up. CHLOE Raven, this is a joke! You’ve got to be fucking kidding me. Chloe laughs. CHLOE (CONT’D) I even had a suspect myself on this case! RAVEN Tell me about Vera Foster. You saw her before she died, did you not? CHLOE I left with her friend. Raven, there’s this man-RAVEN Andrea? CHLOE Andrea James. I didn’t see her again until... you called me over. Raven nods.


CHLOE (CONT’D) Raven, how does any of this even lead you to think that I could possibly be responsible? Raven darts at the table, nearly knocking it over with the force. Chloe sits back down. RAVEN Kelly Bershaw-- victim found near Saint Mary’s. She was raised at Wexler Institution-- your orphanage. Chloe clenches her jaw. RAVEN (CONT’D) She bullied you, didn’t she? Chloe winces. Her makeup hides her expressions well. RAVEN (CONT’D) You’ve talked to me and Martha about it. About Kelly, the girl who cut your hair and stapled your ears. Chloe grabs her ear gently. CHLOE She was horrible. Raven raises her eyebrows. CHLOE (CONT’D) Raven, this is so unnecessary! It’s a waste of time to keep me in here when whoever you’re looking for could be out there doing damage right now! CUT TO: EXT. BUSY STREET Andi kneels next to Christian, who clutches his shoulder in pain. CLOSE on his wound, bleeding rather profusely. Andi is on the phone.


ANDI N-n-no! No, no! The laundromat, on Easton. Please! He’s been shot! She hangs up, and GLANCES to her right. Through the shadows, moonlight gives her a GLIMPSE of Kieran, face bloodied, staring up at her from the side street. Andi GASPS. EXT. SIDE STREET Kieran stares up at Andi, hunger in his eyes. Time seems to stand still. They both seemingly make eye contact. Resume. Casey is very dead. Kieran quickly draws a PENTAGRAM on Casey’s forehead with a bloody hand. KIERAN Another, my Father. All for you. He smirks, and scrambles away. ANDI (O.S.) Hey! HEY! Andi runs into view. She runs across the street over to the scene. ANDI (CONT’D) MOTHERFUCKER! STOP! Up ahead, Kieran makes a sharp turn out of sight. Andi gives up running. Her heels stop her. Andi comes across Casey’s corpse. She GASPS. She SCREAMS. CUT TO:


INT. INTERROGATION ROOM RAVEN Or Hannah Hadley-- our second victim. CHLOE What about her? RAVEN You went to community college with her. Raven walks around the table, closer to Chloe, dragging her hand along the table. RAVEN (CONT’D) Did you know her? Chloe shakes her head. Raven leans right into her. RAVEN (CONT’D) Then why did you slash her tires? Chloe widens her eyes. FLASHBACK TO: EXT. PARKING LOT - DAY Parking lot in a community college in Boston. Chloe KNEELS next to a car, knife in hand. She glances around. No one is in sight. A beat. She STABS one of the tires, then shuffles over to the next one. BACK TO: INT. INTERROGATION ROOM Chloe scoffs. CHLOE Getting class spots was competitive there. (MORE)


CHLOE (CONT'D) Sucking dick is one way to get what you want, but the other is assault. RAVEN You assaulted her? CHLOE No, she assaulted me. FLASHBACK TO: INT. COMMUNITY COLLEGE CENTER - DAY THREE years prior. CHLOE runs down a long corridor towards an office labeled “REGISTRATION”. A GIRL next to her, the same age-- HANNAH HADLEY. They run side to side. They glance at each other to gauge progress. Hannah glances down at their feet. Chloe catches on. CHLOE Don’t you dare! Hannah glances again. CHLOE (CONT’D) NO! Hannah STICKS OUT A FOOT. CHLOE TRIPS. CHLOE STUMBLES AND FALLS. Hannah runs on. CHLOE (CONT’D) YOU BITCH! Hannah makes it to the office. BACK TO:


INT. INTERROGATION ROOM CHLOE I almost wasn’t able to learn about criminal justice because of that. Luckily, someone dropped the introductory class and I made it back in. Raven laughs. RAVEN So you slashed a bitch’s tire so you could wind up right here where you are right now? CHLOE Not under false accusations, no. Raven rolls her eyes, then slams back down on the table. RAVEN Where were you the night Hannah Hadley was murdered? CHLOE Home. Drunk. I was having a very long phone call with my therapist. RAVEN And Dr. Gable can confirm that? CHLOE She sure fucking would. RAVEN Don’t get cunty with me, Chloe. CHLOE I thought you said I was at my best when I was cunty? RAVEN Your mother should’ve slapped you more often. CHLOE She’d have to be around to do that. Raven scoffs.


RAVEN Don’t think I’m done here with you after just a couple questions, Chloe Wilson. Halloween is still young. We’ve got plenty of tricks to play in this room. There’s a long night ahead of us. CUT TO: INT. GABRIELLE’S BEDROOM - NIGHT Gabrielle’s house is dark. One window is slightly cracked open, bringing in a draft. Gabrielle sleeps silently on her bed. A beat. Somewhere in the house, a PHONE rings. Gabrielle stirs in bed. The phone keeps ringing. GABRIELLE Ugh. She rolls over, and slowly starts to get up. As she stands up, the bedroom door FLIES open. It’s Ruth. RUTH Who the Hell is calling you at 1 AM? GABRIELLE I’m going to check, mom. RUTH This is ridiculous. People are sleeping. GABRIELLE Clearly, you weren’t if you’re already here to tell me about it. RUTH I’m a light sleeper.


GABRIELLE I fucking know. INT. HALLWAY - CONTINUOUS Gabrielle moves into the hallway to pick up the ringing phone nearby. GABRIELLE Dr. Gable’s home. SPLIT SCREEN WITH: EXT. ALLEY - SAME TIME Kieran sits in an alley between dumpsters. He’s removed the glove of the hand holding his phone. KIERAN Gabby? SPLIT SCREEN -- PHONE CONVERSATION GABRIELLE Kieran! KIERAN The one and only. GABRIELLE I thought I told you to use my cell at odd hours. I have an overnight guest. RUTH Your mother is not just a guest in your home. Gabrielle pushes Ruth away, but she persists. KIERAN Gabby, all I have for you is a question. GABRIELLE I’m listening. RUTH What’s going on?


GABRIELLE Actually, Kieran, one second. Gabrielle covers the phone and turns to Ruth. GABRIELLE (CONT’D) If you don’t stop fucking with my methods, I’ll kick you out of this house. Kieran licks away at the blood on his lips and around his mouth. RUTH You would never do such a thing. Not to your own mother. GABRIELLE Stop saying that like it means anything! Go to bed! Kieran looks inside his coat-- the handle of his knife is visible. RUTH Is it a client on the phone? GABRIELLE Yes. RUTH Well th-Gabrielle holds up a silencing finger to her and returns to the phone. GABRIELLE What is it, Kieran? I’m listening. Kieran stares straight ahead. KIERAN Do you believe in Hell, Gabby? Gabrielle looks confused. GABRIELLE That’s what you called me for? KIERAN Answer me. GABRIELLE I suppose I do.


KIERAN Do you think you’re going there? Gabrielle laughs. GABRIELLE Kieran, are you feeling out of the ordinary right now? KIERAN On the contrary. I’m feeling very much in my element right now. GABRIELLE When talking about Hell? KIERAN Do you think you’re going? GABRIELLE I don’t know. I’d hope not. What about yourself? KIERAN I won’t be there. GABRIELLE Why not? KIERAN I’m too busy on this earth to go anywhere else. He hangs up. Return to full screen on Gabrielle. Gabrielle stares at the phone as the dial tone rings. GABRIELLE Jesus. Ruth shakes her head. RUTH One of your clients, eh? Gabrielle hangs up the phone. RUTH (CONT’D) Calling you at odd hours for nothing. People in this world don’t know how to treat the people helping them.


GABRIELLE I’m here to listen to them. At all hours. Who knows? That very interaction could’ve helped him. RUTH Try having a session with him at my building this week. GABRIELLE Absolutely not. RUTH Why not? Are you scared to leave your home here? Gabrielle laughs. GABRIELLE Go to sleep, mom. Stop worrying about my work. Ruth walks into a guest bedroom. RUTH I’ll always be worrying about you and your work, Gabrielle. Ruth slams her door shut as we... CUT TO: EXT. SAINT MARY’S CHURCH - NIGHT The street is empty. Saint Mary’s is dark. DAHLIA (V.O.) His name is Adam Styx. A beat. DAHLIA (V.O.) He was the love of my life. CUT TO: EXT. STREET - DAY Back to 1980.


18-year-old Dahlia and 23-year-old Adam walk along a derelict side street in Arizona. Dahlia leans against him, seemingly unstable. They approach a clearly abandoned house. Adam turns up to it, and directs Dahlia’s attention to it. YOUNG ADAM I can’t say it’s much of a house, but it can be a home if you need it to be. Dahlia buries herself into his chest. He tightly wraps an arm around her. YOUNG ADAM (CONT’D) A girl like you needs shelter. One need knocked off. Food and water are not far. He uses a hand to gently pull up her chin and look at her. YOUNG ADAM (CONT’D) You’ll never be stuck on the streets again. Do you hear me? Dahlia nods up at him. CUT TO: INT. HOUSE - NIGHT Inside the abandoned house. Some time later-- things are scattered around inside, signs of living. Most notably, a mattress on the floor. Adam and Dahlia are screwing. Adam is violent, quick-paced, relentless. DAHLIA (V.O.) Sex was another need. I didn’t realize it, even in my teenage years. I’d been too distracted with an alcoholic mother and a father who thought paying bills was all he had to do to raise a daughter. CLOSE on Dahlia’s neck-- Adam CHOKES her as he continues to fuck.


Eyes closed, she clearly doesn’t mind. CUT TO: INT. SAINT MARY’S CHURCH Back to Halloween. Dahlia sits on the stairs up to the altar, still in her robe. Barbara sits next to her, keeping her distance, but clearly engaged. DAHLIA If I hadn’t met Adam, I don’t know where I would be right now. I could’ve resorted to selling myself. Probably for the heroin. She laughs, but not with humor. A beat. She stares off. DAHLIA (CONT’D) We begged, we borrowed, we stole, whatever we had to do to stay alive. Some of that money went to heroin. To keep myself indifferent to the harsh forces of nature that work in this world. Dahlia takes a moment to gather her words. DAHLIA (CONT’D) I wasn’t granted options in my day. I did not come from a world where I could choose whether or not to take the hard way. BARBARA Trust me, Dahlia, I know the hard way. I know that our generation didn’t have it easy. DAHLIA Were you directionless, Barbara?! Did you get found by a Godsend on the streets, frightened and alone? BARBARA We weren’t given everything we wanted on a platter. (MORE)


BARBARA (CONT'D) We fought to have our lives, but fighting is what makes things great. Surviving is not surviving if you aren’t given a challenge, and coming out on top after a battle is what makes a person. You’ve fought, and you’re here, Dahlia. DAHLIA And so is Adam. A beat. BARBARA Do you think Adam was the hard way? Dahlia shakes her head. DAHLIA I can’t say. Another beat. DAHLIA (CONT’D) I think he became that. But, to a girl who alienated her family, who sold everything she had for shorttime bliss, who ruined her life so she could feel numb, he was the easy way. He promised to help me, he did. He took me in. He cared for me. He kept me fed, kept me warm, kept me happy. Tears form in her eyes. DAHLIA (CONT’D) We were raised to believe that’s what we need. Many people are. We’re told that, if someone pays the bills, if someone keeps a shelter over your head, that’s all you should want. Money gets those things. Money keeps you alive. People aim for stability. That’s all a significant other can offer, isn’t it? Money, which means a home, food, warmth for the winter. Adam may not have been wealthy, and yet he gave everything he could to keep us warm simply because he wanted to.


BARBARA What did he want from you? Dahlia turns to Barbara, and a tear falls from her eyes. CUT TO: BLACK SUPER: 1983 CUT TO: INT. HOSPITAL - DAY 21-year-old Dahlia lies on a hospital bed IN LABOR. She SCREAMS in pain. She holds onto 26-year-old Adam’s arm TIGHTLY. A team of nurses and a doctor are all over the scene, mostly between her legs. DAHLIA (V.O.) Through him, and through that need, I had Kieran. DOCTOR One more push! Young Dahlia SCREAMS again, then gasps. The doctors and nurses erupt in cheer. DAHLIA (V.O.) These men... They came into my life. Adam appeared on the street as a sign of hope. A chance. An escape. Kieran appeared as a sign of comfort. I brought him into the world. JUMP CUT TO: INT. HOSPITAL - MOMENTS LATER The doctor hands the swathed-up baby to young Dahlia, who takes it in her arms.


DOCTOR Congratulations, it’s a boy! Dahlia looks down at baby KIERAN, hair still strikingly black. DAHLIA (V.O.) I gave him a name I felt fit. Kieran-- meaning dark-haired. So literal, so unimaginative. I was so young. She holds the baby up to Adam, who looks almost on the verge of tears with happiness. DAHLIA (V.O.) I didn’t know that Kieran was what he wanted. I didn’t make him. I was simply a test tube. Adam made him, I was just an ingredient. BACK TO: INT. SAINT MARY’S CHURCH Dahlia leans forward into her hands, crying. DAHLIA He took us away from Arizona after Kieran was born. She sits up, face red. DAHLIA (CONT’D) He said Arizona was too hot. Heat was... dangerous to him. BARBARA Literally? Dahlia shakes her head. DAHLIA He knew... I knew... We would burn eventually. Figured we might as well avoid living in fire. But Hell follows people. Everywhere. She pauses to wipe tears from her eyes.


DAHLIA (CONT’D) We traveled. We went all over the country, searching for places to stay. Sanctuary was never easy to find. Abandoned houses were aplenty, but sustenance... rare. Scarce. Safety doesn’t exist out in the wilderness, the world isn’t safe for people who live in fear of it. Barbara sighs. BARBARA I know this. Tis why I joined the church. Sanctuary. Things make sense in the order that God has laid out for us. Every person, every being, a plan is laid out-and when we begin to realize this, and succumb to that divine order, we find ourselves in places of safety. We find ourselves in sanctuary. Dahlia nods along with Barbara’s words. She laughs once, tearfully, sardonically. DAHLIA That line of thinking is exactly what I followed. A beat. DAHLIA (CONT’D) It’s how I wound up here. Moving up, we see one of the stained glass windows in the church-- it’s dark. Suddenly, LIGHT BEGINS TO SHINE, signifying a time change. CUT TO: BLACK SUPER: BOSTON, 2001 CUT TO:


INT. SAINT MARY’S CHURCH - DAY Things in the church are a bit different. Things at the altar and the front of the church are moved around. The pews look newer. From the office door, SILAS walks in, more youthful. He’s 41. He walks with a determined look in his eye. After a moment, ADAM walks out from the office door. Silas walks towards the entrance to the church. He pulls open the door, revealing 39-year-old Dahlia standing nervously. She fidgets, but jumps when she sees Silas. EXT. SAINT MARY’S CHURCH - CONTINUOUS SILAS Dahlia, correct? DAHLIA Yes. SILAS Hm... DAHLIA And what was your name? SILAS I’m Father Silas Maddox. I’m the pastor at this church. Adam catches up and joins the three in the doorway. SILAS (CONT’D) Your husband is a very convincing man, Dahlia. Adam winks at her. SILAS (CONT’D) He’s explained to me the needs you have. He’s explained to me your familial situation, what you need, what you want. He made a proposition. He sighs again.


SILAS (CONT’D) And I’m willing to comply with your request. You may stay here, as long as you need. Dahlia breaks into a smile, tears developing quickly. SILAS (CONT’D) So long as you maintain your faith, your dedication to this church, you are free to call this your home. Dahlia runs to hug Adam. Silas stands back. Dahlia and Adam break to turn back to him. DAHLIA He explained our family to you? Silas nods. Dahlia glances back and forth between the two men. DAHLIA (CONT’D) So you do, indeed, have room for children? CUT TO: INT. SAINT MARY’S CHURCH - NIGHT Back to Halloween. Dahlia sobs on the altar stairs again. Barbara stares. We move up, to the wings. Among them, a PERSON stands. We see hands, fingers tapping slowly on the bannisters. Moving up still, we finally see his face. It’s ADAM, staring down at them with a smug smile. CUT TO BLACK END ACT I


ACT II INT. INTERROGATION ROOM - NIGHT The DOOR suddenly opens, and a police officer runs in. POLICE OFFICER Detective Alexei, we’ve got an issue. Raven whips around to face him. RAVEN I’m in the middle of a goddamn interrogation, what the Hell is the matter with you? POLICE OFFICER There’s a situation on Easton and Broadway. CHLOE What is it?! RAVEN You shut your fucking mouth, Chloe. (to police officer) Do I look like a first-responder to you? POLICE OFFICER No ma’am. But Detective Grant is there. CHLOE Martha?! RAVEN Chloe, if you don’t shut up-POLICE OFFICER There’s been another murder. Raven’s jaw drops. Chloe jumps up. CHLOE The Boston Butcher.


POLICE OFFICER I think that’s up to Detective Alexei to decide. Grant seemed to think so. RAVEN Don’t respond to her! The police officer leaves, closing the door behind him. Raven turns back to Chloe. RAVEN (CONT’D) Just what do you have to say for yourself? Chloe sits back down and puts her feet up on the table. CHLOE I’d say I’m innocent. But you don’t seem to like listening to me tonight. Raven leans over the table at her again. RAVEN Do you think this gets you off the hook? Chloe rolls her eyes. CHLOE Honestly, what the fuck do you want from me, Raven? I’m not a killer. I don’t have it in my blood. Raven scoffs. CHLOE (CONT’D) It terrifies me, and you know damn well. That’s why I work for you. RAVEN My suspicions are valid. CHLOE Don’t act so unhinged. You’re a better cop than that. RAVEN You have some goddamn nerve to patronize me from where you’re sitting.


CHLOE Are you going to go out to the scene of the latest crime, or are you going to keep barking up the wrong tree? Raven SHOVES herself away from the table. She glares at Chloe for a beat. She then runs out the door, slamming it behind her. Chloe turns to the two-way mirror. CHLOE (CONT’D) Can I get some cigarettes in here? I need to perfect my Sharon Stone impression. A beat. CHLOE (CONT’D) Guess not. She turns back to facing forward. Another beat. The door swings open again, and Raven sticks her head in. RAVEN Are you gonna come with me, you Jack Skellington looking bitch, or are you gonna sit here and be useless? Chloe smirks. CUT TO: EXT. SIDE STREET - LATER The intersection is blocked off. Police everywhere. Two ambulances are present. Raven’s car pulls up and parks. Raven and Chloe emerge, and walk into the chaos. Somewhere in the intersection, Christian is on a stretcher.


Andi runs alongside it and the EMTs with it. Her makeup is streaked with tears. ANDI Is he going to be alright?! EMT He’s been shot, miss. ANDI Tell me something I don’t fucking know! EMT He appears stable, but he’s losing blood. Andi clings onto Christian’s arm. ANDI Chris, baby? Can you hear me? Baby?! Christian mumbles incoherently. ANDI (CONT’D) What’s he saying? EMT Miss, please stand back. They begin to load Christian’s stretcher into an ambulance. ANDI I’ll-I’ll meet you at the hospital, Christian! I’ll call Siobhan! CHRISTIAN N... ANDI Huh?! CHRISTIAN Nao... ANDI What?! CHRISTIAN Naomi... Call Naomi.


ANDI Oh, for fuck’s sake. (to EMT) Can I come with? The EMTs finishes loading him in. EMT Not if you’re going to be so goddamn annoying. Andi gasps. The ambulance doors slam shut on her. It takes off. Andi turns, glancing around the scene wildly. Across the street, she sees Chloe walking. ANDI Chloe! Chloe looks up. They make eye contact. Chloe lights up. CHLOE Andi! Andi runs over to her. Andi dodges police officers. Slow-motion as the two meet up, and quickly embrace. They hold each other tightly, eyes closed, comfortable smiles on their faces. MARTHA (O.S.) CHLOE! Martha’s voice cracks the mood. Both girls look over to her. Just a few hundred feet from them, CASEY’S MAULED BODY. Raven and Martha stand over it, staring over at Chloe and Andi. The girls run over to them.


RAVEN I did not bring your sorry ass down here just so you could go on a playdate. (indicating Andi) Who the fuck is this? CHLOE This is Andi. Andi extends a hand. No one reaches for it. MARTHA And you find it acceptable to just go play tag with a friend? With this under our noses? (to Andi) I’m sorry, dear, but you’re going to have to leave. CHLOE She’s a witness! Raven and Martha look at her incredulously. ANDI It’s true! I saw the whole thing! MARTHA You saw the man who did this? ANDI Vaguely. Raven whips out a notepad and a pen. RAVEN Chloe, I should be making you do this, but I’m tingling. MARTHA She’s on it now. RAVEN Andi, was it? ANDI Andrea James. But Andi. Raven keeps questioning Andi, but things fade off into the background. The police chatter and white noise silences. Chloe glances around. Between some trees, there’s a RUSTLE.


Chloe darts her head over to it-- something darts?! She glances again. There’s a sudden LIGHTNING FLASH. A FIGURE runs by again, a blur in her peripherals, around the darkness of the street. She GASPS. Thunder clap. No one seems to be paying attention to her. She looks around wildly, terrified. Martha starts to notice. She watches Chloe questioningly. Chloe looks around again. A police officer is walking up behind Martha. Chloe notices him. Martha thinks they’re making eye contact. They’re not. The officer’s face is muddled, but it becomes clearer as he approaches. Raven is still questioning Andi. They don’t notice Martha, Chloe or the cop. As he approaches, we see his face. Chloe squints. It’s KIERAN?! Chloe gasps. She tries to speak, to grab attention. She’s stuttering. MARTHA What the hell is wrong with you?! The officer PASSES NEXT TO THEM. It’s not Kieran. Chloe finally looks at Martha. A drop of rain finally falls. CHLOE I... I don’t know.


RAVEN What? Raven snaps into their conversation. POLICE OFFICER (O.S.) Detectives! Raven and Martha turn around. There’s another police officer getting their attention. POLICE OFFICER (CONT’D) There’s another one here! He’s at Casey’s car. Raven and Martha exchange glances. Rain begins to fall. RAVEN Let’s take this to the station, shall we? CUT TO: EXT. SAINT MARY’S CHURCH - NIGHT KIERAN walks across the courtyard towards the parsonage. It’s raining. He ignores the church. CUT TO: INT. PARSONAGE FOYER - MOMENTS LATER The door SLAMS open. Kieran stomps in and kicks the door behind him. He keeps walking. INT. PARSONAGE LIVING ROOM - CONTINUOUS He passes by the living room. SILAS sits on the couch, apparently drinking tea. He JUMPS at Kieran’s sight.


Kieran stares at him. Silas groans. SILAS I should’ve known it was you. A beat. SILAS (CONT’D) I regret to inform you that you have a visitor upstairs in your lair. Kieran tilts his head. KIERAN A visitor? SILAS He may be a pleasant surprise to you, I would imagine. Kieran scoffs. KIERAN I’m surprised you’ve lowered yourself to speak to me. I thought you swore off doing that ever again. SILAS I’ll pray for you, Kieran. KIERAN You’ll need those prayers more, Silas. Kieran walks up the staircase. Silas clutches his rosary. CUT TO BLACK END ACT II


ACT III INT. ER - NIGHT We FLASH through various parts of the ER. It’s well and alive. Orderlies, doctors, patients alike-many in costume-- fly around. One STRETCHER flies by-- a man in a white sheet with visible bloodstains on him. Two girls dressed as the twins from the Shining cry outside one of the individual rooms. A nurse flies by, dropping papers behind her. SMASH CUT TO: INT. ER ROOM CLOSE ON Christian’s face as he is SLAPPED viciously. Pull back to see he’s sitting on the edge of his bed. Naomi, the slapper, paces by him. NAOMI I can’t BELIEVE you got into some dumb shit tonight! CHRISTIAN Dumb shit?! Are you kidding me, Nay?! Naomi throws her hands up. NAOMI I know that trouble tends to follow that stupid bitch around no matter where she goes-- her fucking friend just got hacked to death like a week ago-- but try to keep yourself out of it, alright? CHRISTIAN Do you really have to patrio-- pat-paintr-NAOMI Patronize?


CHRISTIAN Do you really have to patronize me right now?! Are you forgetting that I’m the party who has been shot? NAOMI You’re always a party, aren’t you, Chris? Naomi grunts. NAOMI (CONT’D) You getting hurt is exactly my goddamn point. Do you think I’m happy to come here and find out that you’ve been SHOT?! CHRISTIAN It was a freak accident. NAOMI Freak accidents! Just what I want in our life! I swear, if you weren’t hanging around her, you wouldn’t be in any trouble. CHRISTIAN You can’t blame Andi for me getting shot. NAOMI The hell I can’t! Where would you have been last night if you weren’t with her? CHRISTIAN I dunno. NAOMI Probably with me. CHRISTIAN At your friend Kristy’s party? NAOMI Or any other party! Not roaming the streets wasted with that trashy whore! CHRISTIAN You do know that her body count is still on one hand, right? What was your last number? 26?


Naomi SLAPS him again, on the other cheek. CHRISTIAN (CONT’D) I deserved that one. Naomi leans in to his face. NAOMI You deserve whatever pain you get from getting involved with her. CHRISTIAN You’re so dramatic. You sound like Siobhan. NAOMI (faking elocution) I say, dearest divine Christian, that drama is the quintessence of life. NAOMI (CONT’D) (faking elocution) One wouldn’t find it worth living should we be subjected to the mundane, the dreary, whatever banal offenses humanity may throw at us.

SIOBHAN (V.O.) One wouldn’t find it worth living should we be subjected to the mundane, the dreary, whatever banal offenses humanity may throw at us.

Christian can’t help but laugh. Naomi glares at him. NAOMI Siobhan. You know how much offense I take to that. CHRISTIAN You’ve nailed her style of speech, Nay. NAOMI She WORSHIPS that girl. She adores her! I’ve never seen such a disaster! Siobhan is a classy woman, if you forget that her first play was literally about being a slut, but she’s wise. I don’t know what she sees in a party girl stereotype. CHRISTIAN Do you ever think that you underestimate her?


Naomi clenches her jaw. CHRISTIAN (CONT’D) Do you ever think that you may not give Andi enough credit? That maybe she’s not a bad person for me? NAOMI Do you think that’d be any better? CHRISTIAN Do you not want me to be happy with someone? NAOMI That’s not what you’re doing, Christian. Christian grunts. CHRISTIAN I’m about to be married. NAOMI For how long? A beat. NAOMI (CONT’D) FOR HOW LONG? Christian shrugs. CHRISTIAN We’ll see. NAOMI For as long as you need her. CHRISTIAN That was the plan, isn’t it? Naomi glances out at the ER. People are too busy to pay attention to them. NAOMI It’s reckless. You’re reckless. Christian winks at her. CHRISTIAN That should be my middle name. But if I’m reckless, what does that make you?


Naomi glares. NAOMI Cautious. A beat. NAOMI (CONT’D) Don’t mess things up. I’m not going to be here to clean up after you for all of eternity. She turns to walk out, but Christian grabs her wrist. CHRISTIAN You can’t say that like you’re going to leave me. You’re in this, Naomi, we’re in this together. Naomi pulls her wrist free. NAOMI Until it comes crumbling down. I’ve got to go. Try not to ruin our lives while I’m gone. She walks out, and Christian stares after her. CUT TO: INT. KIERAN’S BEDROOM - NIGHT Kieran scrambles up the stairs to his bedroom. Through his door, we see his mirror. SOMEONE is visible in the corner of its reflection. Kieran stares at the reflection. CLOSE on his eyebrows as they furrow together. Kieran takes a step into his room. The reflection shifts to show-ADAM. Adam and Kieran make eye contact through the mirror. KIERAN Adam. Adam laughs heartily.


They keep staring at each other through the reflection. ADAM I take it you’ve missed me, boy? Adam’s eyes almost seem to GLOW-- but it’s barely noticeable. Kieran walks further into the room. He stares at Adam incredulously. KIERAN I don’t waste my days missing. I never fret on what I can’t have or have lost. He appears almost trance-like. KIERAN (CONT’D) You taught me that. You told me to focus on my goals. My aspirations. Not what I cannot have, but what I will make myself have. ADAM Then it seems I taught you well. Adam extends his arms. Kieran doesn’t react. ADAM (CONT’D) Am I not worthy of a hug? KIERAN 11 years and you forget that I don’t hug. ADAM Still as cold as ever. Adam drops his arms. ADAM (CONT’D) Already a much better reception than I got from your mother. Kieran scoffs. KIERAN I wouldn’t imagine that she would react well. ADAM She never does, does she?


They share a laugh. Kieran glances at Adam’s hand-- there’s a gauze over his wound. KIERAN Did she stab you? Adam shakes his head. ADAM A little ritual. To remind her what she’s missed with me. KIERAN And how’d that go? ADAM Just as expected. There was resistance. But you know she can never resist me. He winks. Kieran laughs. KIERAN How do I even know that you’re here? ADAM Do you not trust your own eyes? KIERAN I trust nothing. Nothing is worthy enough of gaining an edge over me. Trust involves vulnerability. ADAM You’re a monster. KIERAN The one you wanted me to be. Adam walks up to Kieran and cups his face. ADAM I’ve never been more proud of you, son. Kieran gives a hint of a smile. ADAM (CONT’D) I take it you’ve been keeping up with your services?


Kieran nods. KIERAN There... was a break. Adam raises an eyebrow. KIERAN (CONT’D) But I’ve been on track. A little more obvious these days. The Boston police are on the case, apparently. Adam laughs. ADAM The Boston police is full of fools. KIERAN You could say that again. They’re scrambling. ADAM You haven’t been sloppy, have you? KIERAN Is murder ever clean? ADAM If you’re intelligent. Adam wanders over to the window and stares out. ADAM (CONT’D) And you’re willing to practice together? Kieran’s breathing increases. KIERAN Are you staying? Adam doesn’t respond. Kieran keeps staring at him from the doorway. ADAM I hope to. Kieran is visibly excited, but tries to control it. CLOSE on his eye as a tear seems to well up in the corner.


ADAM (CONT’D) There’s room. There’s a way. There’s a will. It was in my plan to come here and stay once again. It’s been long enough. KIERAN 11 years. ADAM I know how long it’s been, my son. It’s been too long. KIERAN Dahlia won’t be a fan of it. Adam chuckles. ADAM I needn’t ask for her permission. KIERAN Silas? ADAM That weakling bows under a glance. He won’t be a problem. KIERAN So you’re indeed staying? Adam turns to face him. ADAM Yes, Kieran. I am here. For you. For Dahlia. For us. A beat. ADAM (CONT’D) I would say the same for Eris if I could. KIERAN She’s not far, father. Adam walks back to Kieran. ADAM I came back because it’s time this family came together. It’s time we lived in our dreadful harmony once again.


Kieran’s excitement leaks onto his face. KIERAN That is my goal. ADAM Is it? Is that your aspiration? Kieran nods. ADAM (CONT’D) For you to be dedicated, body and soul, with your kin, to our one and only Savior? Kieran keeps nodding. KIERAN It is. ADAM For you to be unquestionably loyal to Lucifer and his servants? Adam is inches from him. He leans into his son’s face. ADAM (CONT’D) Then we’ll be unstoppable. He SMILES, revealing bloody teeth. We MOVE THROUGH the window to the courtyard, then back through one of the stain glassed windows into Saint Mary’s. INT. SAINT MARY’S CHURCH - SAME TIME Dahlia sits up, wiping her tears. Barbara shakes her head. BARBARA Men are not exactly the focus of my life, not for that reason, any how. DAHLIA I wouldn’t expect so. BARBARA I suppose I am surrounded by them-most pastors tend to be men, but I was surprised to see... almost equal distribution in this parish.


DAHLIA There’s only the four of us. BARBARA And that, too, shocked me, that so little people work here. Have you no choir? No teachers? Dahlia begins to speak, but Barbara doesn’t give her the chance to. BARBARA (CONT’D) I may say, since I stepped foot in this church, everything I’ve witnessed has shocked me. DAHLIA Do you believe in miracles, Barbara? BARBARA Excuse me? Dahlia sniffles. CLOSE on her eye as she produces a tear-- except it’s RED. Blood?! She wipes it away without looking. DAHLIA Miracles. Divine interventions. Do you believe God intervenes in the world on day-to-day living? Barbara stares back for a beat. She chuckles lightly. BARBARA A non-believer, are you? DAHLIA I didn’t say that. BARBARA I can tell it. We may not have been together for long, Dahlia, but I can sense it on a person. A lack of faith. DAHLIA I assume this is leading to a positive answer.


Barbara nods. BARBARA He works in mysterious ways. That may be a trite and cliche phrase, and yet, it remains true. He can make his presence be known in a variety of ways-- from steering at the helm of people’s lives, to... Well, I witnessed one of my own. Dahlia raises her eyebrows. DAHLIA You witnessed a miracle? Barbara nods again. FLASHBACK TO: BLACK SUPER: BOSTON, 1988 CUT TO: INT. CHURCH - DAY Another cathedral in Boston. Church is in session, there’s a full choir. BARBARA (V.O.) I had been singing in the choir. It was my first time at this particular place. We had been in the middle of an especially passionate praise. People in the pews are OVERCOME with conviction-- people are bowing, wavering, praising. Half of them are possessed with spirituality, the rest are appropriately sitting. One person is in a WHEELCHAIR, but waves his arms in passion. The pastor is SWEATING as he speaks in unintelligible tongues. The choir is practically screaming. CLOSE on YOUNG BARBARA in the choir, eyes open when almost everyone else’s are closed.


She looks up-DUST falls through a sunbeam through a stained glass window. Barbara keeps singing. BARBARA (V.O.) It... Began to look like snow. Barbara squints as the dust appears to INCREASE IN SIZE as it falls. She stops singing. Everyone continues around her. The specks keep growing as they fall. One FINALLY REACHES THE FLOOR with a CLINK-It appears to be a small JEWEL. A diamond?! BARBARA (V.O.) Diamonds were falling from the sky. Another one hits. They begin to rain down, but they aren’t harmful-- people miraculously avoid being hailed on. People snap out of their spirits to take note of the jewels. Everyone stares in shock, inspecting them, comparing them. The other members of the choir stare down at the church, but there aren’t many diamonds near them. Barbara BENDS DOWN to pick one of a few in the choir balcony up. She stares at it with wild eyes. Back on the main church floor, the man in a wheel chair BEGINS TO RISE UP. Barbara’s mouth drops in awe. People gasp. One woman screams. She faints.


YOUNG BARBARA Oh, my goodness. BACK TO: INT. SAINT MARY’S CHURCH Dahlia stares, teary-eyed, at Barbara in mild irritation. DAHLIA That’s what Saint Mary’s needs. Diamonds. Money. Everyone does. I’m just so tired of scraping by in every aspect of my goddamn life. Dahlia sobs into her hands again. BARBARA A cripple stood, Dahlia! He stood up! He rose from his wheelchair! Dahlia fights away her tears again. BARBARA (CONT’D) That is a miracle. Diamonds raining within the church. Like nothing you’ve ever seen in your ungrateful life. Dahlia scoffs. DAHLIA Do you think God is the only person capable of miracles? BARBARA What do you mean? DAHLIA You believe God may make direct impacts on our lives. Do you think God is the only being capable of such? BARBARA What, are you going to tell me that the Devil can conjure himself on earth? That Satan can play with the sandbox of humanity just as God can do what He can to help it? DAHLIA How’d you guess?


BARBARA Because I know. Dahlia widens her eyes in disbelief. BARBARA (CONT’D) They’re both very real, Dahlia. They are not forces to play with, they are not jokes to make. Dahlia stands up, but Barbara stays seated and staring off as she speaks. BARBARA (CONT’D) They are in our lives. They impact our states of living, and we should acknowledge their presence. Dahlia looks up at the doors to the church-- ADAM stands by them, staring with a smile. She JUMPS. DAHLIA Have you seen the Devil, Barbara? BARBARA I don’t think anyone has, just as I don’t think anyone’s exactly seen God. Dahlia scoffs again. DAHLIA Scorning me for being a nonbeliever, and you still haven’t seen these things. BARBARA I have SEEN the power of Satan, Dahlia. Barbara gets up, and turns to face Dahlia. DAHLIA So have I! Dahlia’s near tears again. Barbara scoffs. Dahlia looks beyond Barbara, and sees KIERAN alongside Adam. The two of them walk up the aisle towards her and Barbara. We notice Adam holds a DAGGER.


BARBARA You have not. I do not believe you’ve been through such horrors. DAHLIA Don’t doubt my experiences. BARBARA Then you know. DAHLIA Know what? BARBARA What those practices entail. DAHLIA I do. BARBARA God merely asks for your words, for you to speak, and assure yourself that you believe He has a plan. The Devil... Is selfish. And harmful. He asks for far more. DAHLIA Flesh... BARBARA And blood. DAHLIA And eternal dedication. BARBARA You’ve ended a life for your own gain? Dahlia nods. DAHLIA It terrifies me, more than anything. To have practiced, to be forced into a belief system that asked me to put every moral I held on hold. I’ve killed. I did, for Satan, it haunts me to this day, the lives I’ve taken from this earth. Barbara jumps back.


BARBARA You foul heathen! You are the wretch of which God warns! DAHLIA All I wanted was a life! To live, to be accepted and find happiness. I found it this way. BARBARA The Devil does not deal happiness! Dahlia bursts out crying again. DAHLIA God doesn’t provide for me, either. BARBARA What could you possibly want that God could not give? DAHLIA A baby. THUNDER CLAPS. Adam and Kieran are still approaching. Barbara scoffs. BARBARA You are what’s wrong with the world we live in. Those who allow themselves to be deceived, those who let themselves wreak havoc on the earth and defiles the order that God has laid out! DAHLIA I did what I had to do to live! BARBARA You allowed the Devil into your life! You brought evil into this world! You copulated and conceived with His dark gracing! Barbara grabs Dahlia’s shoulders. BARBARA (CONT’D) Do you know what you’ve done?! You’re damned, Dahlia! (MORE)


BARBARA (CONT’D) For all eternity, you will never escape the licking of flames at your corrupted body! She shoves Dahlia back. Dahlia stares, wildly. BARBARA (CONT’D) The Devil gives you temporary reprieve from life’s hardships! The gifts he brings are fleeting, they have a life that expires. God’s gifts may seem unsatisfying, but think of eternity! Think of what you face when this life is over! He provides! DAHLIA All we have is this life, Barbara! BARBARA Foolish woman! You will never learn with such morals! Adam and Kieran are almost right behind Barbara. BARBARA (CONT’D) Who would’ve introduced you to such practices?! Dahlia points behind Barbara. ADAM leans in to her ear. ADAM That’d be me. Barbara jumps around to face them. BARBARA Adam Styx, I presume? Adam nods slowly. ADAM And you’ve just persecuted my wife. Barbara scoffs. ADAM (CONT’D) I’m going to give you to the count of five to get out of this church.


BARBARA Or what? You’ll sacrifice me to Satan? KIERAN You get the deal. Adam RAISES THE DAGGER. LIGHTNING FLASHES. Barbara’s eyes widen. Kieran smirks at a horrified Dahlia. THUNDER CLAPS. ADAM I’m sure Lucifer would be most pleased to gain the soul of one of God’s most devout followers. He leans forward, and we see his eyes GLOW UNNATURALLY. ADAM (CONT’D) I can smell the fear of the divine on you. Primal mortal fear. Barbara yelps. Adam begins to laugh. ADAM (CONT’D) I can’t wait to feel the flesh rip itself from your bones, to lap up your oh-so-holy blood as it runs across these sacred floors. He brandishes the knife in her face, and she jumps back. KIERAN One. Barbara turns to Kieran, frightened. Kieran leans in towards her. KIERAN (CONT’D) Two! Barbara BOLTS around Adam and Kieran. JUMP CUT TO:


EXT. SAINT MARY’S CHURCH - MOMENTS LATER Barbara BURSTS through the front doors of the church, and keeps running. BARBARA (O.S.) Possessed! Demons! All of you! Through the open door, Adam storms up to the doorway, standing right at the edge of the rain. Behind him, Kieran watches smugly, and Dahlia stares, mouth covered. ADAM Run to shelter, devoutee! You will find that God’s sanctuaries will never hold under the fiery storm that we may stir! God is dead, and He will never be back to listen to your cries! He laughs maniacally. Behind him, we see Kieran break into a genuine smile. Even further back, Dahlia keeps staring. She lets out a blood-curdling SCREAM. ZOOM IN towards her screaming before we... CUT TO BLACK END ACT III


ACT IV EXT. SAINT MARY’S CHURCH - MORNING The day after Halloween. A couple stragglers run into the church, late. CUT TO: INT. SAINT MARY’S CHURCH The church is brimming with people. SILAS stands at the altar, preaching. Gia is nearby. SILAS One mistake that I see many make, is that they believe difficulty is the sign of correct choices-- it is not. He glances over at Gia. SILAS (CONT’D) You will never see the way to God, and what He has in store for us, be an easy path. In that regard, when you are headed in the right decision, life may become difficult. Worldly pleasures, wicked deeds, carnal and physical desires all must be renounced. People in the pews nod along. SILAS (CONT’D) But, while the way to God may be a struggle, a struggle is not a sign of God. Heretics, heathens-- their lives are not easy. Making mistakes does not grant you an easy life. Silas stares at several people in the pews as he paces back and forth-He stares at Eve, who stares back until she starts blushing. He moves on, and we see-DAHLIA in the pews, as front and center as she can be, save for the aisle. She leans forward, clearly invested in Silas’ sermon.


SILAS (CONT’D) Don’t misunderstand me. Sin is appealing. It’s enticing. The allure of misbehavior, of whatever tricks, treats and treasures that the Devil has to offer, may be irresistible. Dahlia furrows her brows at him. He moves on from her. SILAS (CONT’D) It may seem as if every problem in your life is one step from resolving itself. But it is deceit. It’s a ploy, to lure you into a life of sin and misdirection. It is a trap. Silas stops walking, and holds onto a rosary around his neck. SILAS (CONT’D) The Devil, and all his followers, who aim to mislead, to deceive, all hidden through the guise of an aim to please, may appear attractive. They will be beautiful. Temptation is not a joke in this world, because the way to a life of sin is a slippery slope. He glances at Gia, who smiles at him. He smiles back, then returns his attention to the masses. SILAS (CONT’D) But heed this-- as you are tempted, by naysayers or conspirators alike, they must only seek your dedication for one reason: You are closer to God than ever. He jumps forward, and the crowd seems to be with him. SILAS (CONT’D) Hear me?! Misery is not a sign of you being on the path to righteousness-- temptation is. Obstacles appear on your journey in an attempt to thwart it. Be wary. Be cautious. Know what you are up against, and what the signs life may give you are trying to say. A beat.


SILAS (CONT’D) Do not concede. Do not give in. Do not let your faith die in favor of what seems more appealing. He snaps his head back to Dahlia, and smiles once again. SILAS (CONT’D) Hold your faith dearest, tightest, even as the world around you may feel like it’s falling apart with wanton destruction. He stares off at nothing. SILAS (CONT’D) God is worth it. God is worth everything. Up in the wings, ADAM is watching the service. CUT TO: INT. POLICE STATION - MORNING The precinct is evidently groggy. Almost everyone has coffee, but moves slowly. One officer begins to take down the decorations that were set up around the office. ANDI (PRE-LAP) I don’t understand why we’re still here! You’ve kept me for six drunken hours, now I would like to go HOME! CUT TO: INT. INTERROGATION ROOM Andi SLUMPS forward at the table, head down. Chloe sits next to her, holding her head up but clearly falling asleep. Both of them still wear their Halloween outfits. Chloe’s makeup is still intact, vibrant and shocking. Across from them stand Raven and Martha. Everyone looks tired.


RAVEN And you haven’t seen him before? Anywhere? Andi doesn’t lift her head, but waves an arm around as she speaks. ANDI Oh, my bad. In the twelve hundred times I’ve recited this information for you, I forgot to mention that I know him, well, by name. I know his address, his social security number, everything, Crime solved. Chloe chuckles, but seems to slip back to sleep. MARTHA Don’t get cheeky with us, Ms. James. This is a serious matter. ANDI Then start asking serious questions. New ones, please. RAVEN For fuck’s sake... Chloe groans to life. CHLOE Can we please leave, Raven? This is exhausting. There’s no more answers to get out. Raven darts forward at the table, shoving it at the girls, who both jump up. RAVEN Don’t think I’m through with you, bitch. You aren’t absolved of any crimes yet. CHLOE What are your accusations?! WHAT grounds are there to even link me to these crimes? MARTHA Easy on the girl, Raven. Raven flips Martha off.


RAVEN (to Chloe) There’s a rage in you, little white girl, one that I can see from a mile away. You’re cautious, you’re calculated-- you want to do right, I know, but there’s a bitter streak that runs through you more than the inevitable streaks of gray that’ll soon strike through your pretty bottle-blonde head. Andi gasps. ANDI There’s totally a gray hair on you, Chlo! Chloe grabs at her hair. CHLOE Where?! Andi snags the hair right out, and shows Chloe. Chloe grabs it, and gasps at it. MARTHA Must be under some kind of stress. CHLOE You have no idea. She drops the hair. ANDI (to Raven) I said it a million times, Detective Alexei-- Chloe’s innocent. She couldn’t have killed those people. I’m her alibi. RAVEN Uh huh. ANDI I mean it! She was over at my house that night that my best friend died, and she was with me all of last night until she went to see you. Raven rolls her eyes.


RAVEN If the goal of the two of you was to be utterly useless, you have succeeded. Andi slumps back down. ANDI Please, I don’t have any information left in me for you. I had so much vodka last night that I should be dead. Are you even allowed to use a drunken testimony? All I want is to go home to my Tempur-Pedic bed and get some fucking sleep. It’s literally all I what. MARTHA Amen. Chloe chuckles. Raven glares. A beat. Raven snaps at the mirror on the wall. The room door unlocks, and opens. RAVEN The two of you are free to go. ANDI Thank fucking god. Andi scrambles up and moves for the door. Raven stops her. RAVEN If that doe-eyed dope of a man of yours has any other information, either, I’ll be happy to hear it. But, considering you seem to be the smarter of the two, and even you couldn’t provide much, I don’t have many high hopes. Andi rolls her eyes, and walks on. Chloe slowly follows her.


INT. POLICE STATION - MOMENTS LATER Chloe and Andi strut through the office. CHLOE I’m so sorry about all of this. ANDI Ugh, don’t worry about it. CHLOE You don’t remember anything, though? You’ve never seen him before? ANDI Oh, shut the fuck up. I’ve answered enough. CHLOE Sorry. Andi playfully slaps Chloe. ANDI Don’t worry, bitch, I know it’s just your guys’ job to keep being so annoying. Andi stops one passing-by officer. ANDI (CONT’D) Do you know what the temperature is outside right now? He opens his mouth to answer, but-ANDI (CONT’D) Oh, never mind. Phones. She checks her phone, and resumes walking with Chloe. ANDI (CONT’D) I’d ask if you wanna get breakfast, but I’m totally gonna hurl any minute anyway. CUT TO: INT. POLICE STATION ENTRANCE - MOMENTS LATER Chloe and Andi step out of the entrance to the precinct, into the lobby.


CHLOE Maybe tomorrow or something? Andi nods. The two hug each other, and practically collapse in each other’s arms out of exhaustion. Raven and Martha burst out of the precinct door. RAVEN Cunt! The girls separate. RAVEN (CONT’D) I mean Chloe. ANDI That’s funny. MARTHA She’s had better ones. ANDI Tourette’s? MARTHA Loud-Mouthed Bitch Syndrome. Andi returns to her phone. RAVEN Chloe-- are you in need of a ride home? CHLOE Oh, I-RAVEN Martha can give you a ride if you’re in need. ANDI I was just gonna take her in my Uber. CHLOE You were? Andi nods.


CHLOE (CONT’D) Well, I already called for a ride myself. The front entrance opens, and in walks GABRIELLE, keys in hand. GABRIELLE Chloe! Chloe turns to her with a smile. Andi looks up from her phone. Raven extends a hand to Gabrielle. RAVEN Dr. Gable. Gabrielle shakes it gingerly. GABRIELLE A pleasure to see you again, Detective Alexei. She shakes hands with Martha. GABRIELLE (CONT’D) And you, too, Detective Grant. I take it you’ve been taking care of my Chloe here for the evening? MARTHA Raven’s been grilling the Hell out of these girls. RAVEN (to Chloe) You called your therapist for a ride? CHLOE Why not? Pay me enough to afford my own car, and then we’ll talk. GABRIELLE I try to be more than just a doctor, Detective Alexei. RAVEN Call me Raven.


GABRIELLE Well, Raven, I consider myself a friend to Chloe. I’m here for her as she needs. Gabrielle warmly smiles at Chloe, and pats her shoulder. ANDI Doctor? Wait, who are you again? Gabrielle finally notices Andi, and extends a hand, though her face is not friendly. GABRIELLE Dr. Gabrielle Gable. CHLOE She’s my therapist. Andi shakes the hand. ANDI Nice to meet you. GABRIELLE I take it you’re Andrea. ANDI Andi. A beat. GABRIELLE Ah, yes, Andi. Chloe’s spoken about you endlessly. ANDI Chloe’s never mentioned a therapist before. CHLOE I haven’t? GABRIELLE Maybe you don’t know her so well then. ANDI I mean, we just met, like, a month ago--


GABRIELLE My point exactly, dear. (to Chloe) Are you all ready to go, hon? CHLOE Do you think you could give Andi a ride? GABRIELLE There’s not much room in my car. I’m so sorry. Andi laughs it off. ANDI I’ve already got an Uber on my way. But thanks any-GABRIELLE ANYWAY, we should be headed out. She grabs Chloe and steers her towards the exit. They both wave back at the women remaining. Chloe waves at Andi, Gabrielle at Raven and Martha. GABRIELLE (CONT’D) Thank you, detectives! The door shuts loudly behind them. Raven laughs knowingly, and gives Andi a gentle shove. RAVEN You best be careful around that one, girly. She’s awful protective of Chloe. MARTHA So are we, for that matter. RAVEN Ain’t that the truth. Andi looks rightfully uncomfortable. ANDI Why does she have a therapist? MARTHA What, you can’t tell?


RAVEN She’s deeply troubled. MARTHA Ta ta, Andrea. The two return to the precinct. Andi stays in the lobby. Through, the glass doors, we see Gabrielle and Chloe getting into Gabrielle’s car. There’s clearly enough room for Andi to be seated. Chloe waves at the door/Andi again before she gets into the car. Gabrielle closes Chloe’s door behind her, but stands outside of the car for a minute, staring back at the station. Andi stares back. Gabrielle slowly gets into her car. CUT TO: INT. DAHLIA’S BEDROOM - DAY Dahlia’s bedroom is scarcely decorated, like much of the parsonage. Dahlia sits on her bed, a BIBLE open in front of her. She traces the lines with her finger as she reads, but her thoughts trickle in. DAHLIA (V.O.) Of course, so it goes. Of course we’re here, of course I did, of course I fell, that’s how it always plays, doesn’t it? She looks up. DAHLIA I know you’re there. In the doorway, a HAND slowly slides into frame and grabs the doorframe. Dahlia notices, and raises an eyebrow, but-REVEAL: ADAM IS NEXT TO HER. ADAM How’d you guess?


Dahlia SCREAMS. Kieran slides in the door. KIERAN Mother’s intuition. ADAM But she’s not my mommy. DAHLIA What the fuck do you want now? They swarm on her. ADAM Do you believe the crock of shit that cue ball down there was spewing? KIERAN She doesn’t. DAHLIA I don’t. ADAM Then what’s this? He snatches up her Bible. DAHLIA Research. KIERAN What’s it to you, Adam? Have you ever even read it? DAHLIA Are you for once defending me? I never thought I’d see the day you take my side. KIERAN There’s no sides! ADAM Don’t feed her that lie, Kieran. There’s definitely a side to be had. KIERAN Self or other?


DAHLIA This is absolute chaos. This is nonsense. ADAM Oh, but it was so much fun, wasn’t it? DAHLIA Repeating that over and over isn’t going to make it true. ADAM Because it already is. DAHLIA If you’ve come here to berate me, or convert me, or assimilate me, I simply do not have it in me to endure it. ADAM I’ve come to see how you are. KIERAN And I’m here to watch. Adam cups Dahlia’s face. She stiffens up. ADAM I don’t know why you always act oblivious to the fact that everything I do is for you. KIERAN I’m feeling a little left out over here. ADAM FOR US! KIERAN So you choose other? ADAM Those are not opposing sides. KIERAN The more you know. DAHLIA Satan is inherently selfish. That pride is what he represents.


KIERAN So literal. ADAM So who do you care about, Dahlia? DAHLIA Is that a trick question? ADAM Who do you care about? Do you care about Kieran? DAHLIA Of course. ADAM Do you care about me? DAHLIA I have no choice but to be concerned with you if you’ve chosen to make yourself a presence in my life. A beat. DAHLIA (CONT’D) I still don’t know why I shouldn’t beat you out of here right now. ADAM Because you care about us. DAHLIA I must. ADAM But do you care about yourself? Dahlia turns away, towards Kieran. He tilts his head at her. Adam grabs her jaw, makes her look at him. ADAM (CONT’D) Do you care about yourself? A beat. ADAM (CONT’D) DO YOU?


DAHLIA I wish that, for once, you would prove you’re on my side instead of insisting on luring me towards yours. Adam chuckles. ADAM I keep telling you, darlin’, that I’m Team Dahlia. I always am. Always will be. DAHLIA You say that, and every time I’m with you, you drain me. KIERAN Who doesn’t drain you? DAHLIA Don’t shrink me. You don’t know shit just because you pick up on Gabrielle’s tactics. Kieran chuckles. Adam caresses Dahlia’s face with a finger. ADAM I’m no vampire, doll. I’m not here to drain you. I’m here to take care of you, whatever it takes. DAHLIA Whatever it takes? She stares at him, terrified, as we... CUT TO BLACK END ACT IV


ACT V INT. ABERNATHY FOYER - MORNING Siobhan enters, no longer in costume but still as extravagant as ever with a large feather fascinator, carrying an oversized fur stole and a bottle of brandy. There’s a rough COUGHING somewhere in the house. It echoes. Siobhan looks up, concerned. SIOBHAN Diane? The coughing continues. SIOBHAN (CONT’D) Diane, are you sick? Siobhan rushes up the main staircase. CUT TO: INT. ABERNATHY BATHROOM - MOMENTS LATER In the bathroom, ANDI is hunched over the toilet, still in costume, puking. Diane sits in the tub, still in her Iris Apfel gig. Siobhan runs into the doorway. SIOBHAN Oh, God! You wretches, you nearly gave me a heart attack! Andi throws up a peace sign, but keeps her head down. DIANE From the puking, or the running up the stairs? SIOBHAN Both! I’d thought you’d grown too impatient for the brandy and resorted to the vodkas. Perhaps you’d overindulge while I was on my excursion, and were sick. I was so worried you wouldn’t be able to have brandy and coffee with me this morning.


Andi stops puking and lifts her head up finally. ANDI Nope, just me, slowly dying over here. Why has God forsaken me this morning? SIOBHAN Bah! I know, hence my anger. Old news. ANDI You’re that cold now? SIOBHAN Though one would say it could be your drinking, I know you well enough that you are more than aware of your limits. Siobhan moves in, and squats down next to Andi. SIOBHAN (CONT’D) Andrea, the apple of my eye, my precious blonde pixie, I regret to inform you of the most unfortunate news. She rests a hand on top of Andi’s, and leans in close. SIOBHAN (CONT’D) You’re going to be a mother. Andi looks back in terror, but gags, and turns to throw up. SIOBHAN (CONT’D) Ugh. Siobhan turns away in disgust. CUT TO: INT. SAINT MARY’S CHURCH - DAY Gia sweeps along the aisle. Kieran paces back and forth up in the wings. CUT TO:


EXT. SAINT MARY’S CHURCH - SAME TIME Dahlia trims hedges with rather large shears. DAHLIA (V.O.) He’s in there... He’s here... They’re everywhere. Insinuated. Immersed. Her chopping becomes more and more hostile. DAHLIA (V.O.) You can’t say you didn’t expect this, can you? That’d be unfair to yourself. BARBARA (O.S.) Dahlia? Dahlia stops chopping, but doesn’t turn to look. Her eyes are wide in alarm. DAHLIA (V.O.) Judgment is everywhere. Behind Dahlia, Barbara stands, clutching a rosary around her neck. BARBARA Dahlia, I feel it only fair that I spoke to you once again before I made my next move. Dahlia slowly turns around. DAHLIA Spoke to me? About what? She holds the shears tightly. BARBARA The sheer... blasphemy... that occurred in your church last night. DAHLIA My church? Don’t give me so much credit. BARBARA Oh, don’t you try to weasel out on this one. I know your type, Dahlia. The Whore of Babylon wishes for such privilege that you find yourself in.


Dahlia scoffs. DAHLIA You must be joking. BARBARA Certainly not! You are a Satan worshipper. You are the followers of the Deceiver that the good Lord warns about. You are everything wrong with this society. Dahlia laughs. DAHLIA You think you can judge me? That you can take what limited knowledge you have of me and my decisions and condemn me? BARBARA I damn you not, it’s up to God what may happen to you. But I know-- oh, yes, ma’am, I know what fate sinners like you will face. Dahlia glances around. There’s no one walking down the street. No one to see. BARBARA (CONT’D) Those men-- Adam and Kieran-- they are unholy men. They are unclean, they are... Not unlike the Beast, the false prophet... all those that work to spread evil in this world. And you coddle them, you worship them. DAHLIA How do you know? Did you listen to a word I said last night? BARBARA I listened plenty! And I know what you are about, Ms. de Laio! I bet you never thought I’d look into your history, huh? Dahlia’s face gets even paler.


BARBARA (CONT’D) Do you expect me, or any reasonable Christian, to believe that your habits, your association with the darkness, are only a mere coincidence with what accusations you faced in 2002? DAHLIA How dare you. BARBARA How dare YOU, Dahlia, conceal what truth I was getting into. Working for an alleged murderer! For a woman who would much rather sacrifice people to Lucifer than face any type of good work in her life. You are vile. DAHLIA Is this all you came for? To vilify me? BARBARA I came to see your reaction to the very words I’ve said. DAHLIA And what would that gauge? BARBARA Whether it’s in my rights to speak to Silas about you, to warn him of what type of demons he resides with. Dahlia scoffs again. DAHLIA As if a man I’ve lived with for years doesn’t know about me. Dahlia starts walking towards Barbara. DAHLIA (CONT’D) You think it’s I that is foul, that I am the one who has done everything reprehensible and heretical in this society. But it is you, Barbara Hampton, that stands for what’s wrong with this world.


BARBARA Quite the tone for a filthy sinner. DAHLIA Do not judge, or you too will be judged. For in the same way you judge others, you will be judged, and with the measure you use, it will be measured to you. - Matthew, 7:1-2. Dahlia glances around again. Still, no one. BARBARA I’ve committed no hypocrisy that would warrant my judgment. DAHLIA You’ve overstepped. You’re out of your depth, Barbara. You think your faith makes you a good person, but your judgment of others is all I need to know. All you Christians... You’re all the same. BARBARA Go to Hell, Dahlia. DAHLIA I’ll meet you there. Dahlia SWINGS the shears. They SLASH Barbara’s throat. Barbara drops to her knees, clutches her bleeding throat. Dahlia stares down at her, eyes deranged. DAHLIA (CONT’D) Ask God what he’ll make of me after this. Barbara keeps staring up, before falling down, as she expires. The church doors BURST open. CLOSE on Dahlia’s eyes, wide in alarm. Oh, shit. It’s ADAM AND KIERAN. Dahlia sighs, almost out of relief.


ADAM Well, well, what do we have here. Kieran looks down at Barbara’s body. KIERAN Christ, that’s a beauty. Both men look over to Dahlia, who stands still, holding onto the shears. Adam wraps an arm around Dahlia. ADAM Now, why’d you do a gruesome thing like that? DAHLIA She’s just like all the others. All those hypocrites. All those filthy bastards. KIERAN I didn’t think you had it in you. DAHLIA You underestimate me far too often, Kieran. KIERAN So sloppy, though. Right in broad daylight! What if someone were to see?! Kieran quickly pulls out a pair of leather gloves from inside his coat, and puts them on. KIERAN (CONT’D) Looks like we have some work to do. I may have some time before I see Gabrielle. ADAM What does this mean for the future of Dahlia, Dahlia? Dahlia keeps staring at Barbara. DAHLIA Consider her my sacrifice. CUT TO:


EXT. OFFICE BUILDING - LATER THAT DAY Katarina sits in a Bentley, parked on the side of the street. She’s on the phone, but glances at the office building to her right with frequency. The building has large glass windows all around the ground floor. I/E. KATARINA’S CAR KATARINA (into phone) It’s like, if I’m going to be marrying into your goddamn family, you might want to pay at least a modicum of attention to me, right? CUT TO: INT. BATHROOM - SAME TIME A luxurious bathroom. Soaking in a bubbly bathtub is SASHA PRENTISS (30), with a short blonde bob and a vixenlike smirk. SASHA I’ve been telling you, Kat, in-laws will be the absolute death of you. You’re not alone in this; everyone hates their mother in law. INTERCUT -- PHONE CONVERSATION KATARINA But I don’t even hate her! She hates me! SASHA Same fucking thing! I would not put it past her to wear white to your wedding. KATARINA I would kill her. SASHA You just might have to. Thankfully, Alex’s mother died right before the wedding.


KATARINA Lucky you. Kieran’s been colder than ever with me. I’m picking him up from therapy right now. SASHA He’s in therapy? KATARINA I never told you? Sasha tries to contain a laugh. SASHA No, you didn’t. God, how twisted. Kieran exits through KATARINA Why’s it twisted that he’s in therapy? SASHA Oh, cuz I’d imagine the roles reversed. Katarina’s eyes widen in offense, but she forces on a smile. CUT TO: INT. LOBBY Gabrielle and Kieran walk through the large, but active lobby of the building Kat sits outside of. GABRIELLE Sorry you had to come out to this office, Kieran. It’s only a temporary address; I should be working out of the old place within a week. KIERAN Don’t worry about it, Gabby. Thanks for walking me out. They pass by some waiting couches, with a few people sitting in patience, and approach the door. GABRIELLE Is that Kat waiting? Kieran nods.


KIERAN Dahlia rarely let me uses the car. Gabrielle scoffs. GABRIELLE Well, that’s no fair. KIERAN I should get my own. Katarina’s better than Uber. GABRIELLE Take care, Kieran. Kieran walks outside. I/E. KATARINA’S CAR - SAME TIME SASHA (V.O.) Anyway, we’ll catch up another time! Drinks soon, kay? KATARINA Alright, Sasha. See you s-She’s cut off by being hung up. She grimaces. The door opens, and she quickly puts on another smile. BACK TO: INT. LOBBY Gabrielle stands at the glass door, watching Kieran get into the car. She turns to the waiting couches, where we see CHLOE. Chloe watches Kieran through the windows. He gets in the car, and it takes off. She gapes. GABRIELLE Hi, Chloe. Chloe closes her mouth and snaps her head back to Gabrielle. CHLOE Sup.


GABRIELLE I should ask you that, since you called for an emergency meeting. Chloe nervously laughs, and stands up. CHLOE Halloween was scary as fuck. GABRIELLE Tell me about it. Gabrielle indicates the elevators. GABRIELLE (CONT’D) Shall we? They walk together as we... CUT TO BLACK END “PUMPKIN SMASHERS, PART II”

4. Pumpkin Smashers, Part II  
4. Pumpkin Smashers, Part II