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Overview of Dell Tech Support and HP Tech Support Dell and HP are the big names in the technical industry; the brands have been sailing well in the market for last many years and have secured a reputable space among its customers, while adroitly selling its gadgets and their innovativeness. Keywords: dell tech support, dell support, hp support, hp online technical support, pc support The duo Dell and HP have been widely within the nation and across the globe are known for their gadget’ robustness and unique features though both stand unique in their domain and engulf supreme features and huge tech crowd is captivated by their innovativeness. Despite various features are incorporated in their style, design and inbuilt characteristics are matchless but still the software may suffer from technical hitches which may bother the user. Tech issues though need in depth analysis and is not juts fixing up of wires hence a technical support can be the right fit for the entire issues that occur in the gadgets. Issues in Dell and HP Laptops:Few issues mentioned below can occur in both the brands or in any other computer system and laptops you owe. •

Virus issues, the computer system can suffer from virus threats, these threats may get in to the system through internet exploration or through file sharing over external device or malign pop ups which if clicked can entirely risk you tech life.

The battery problem in the laptops, the battery life can ditch you; hence you need to switch on to frequent charging.

Internet connectivity issues which either lead to slow processing or loading of pages or instead may not support the sites you desire to connect with.

Operating system issues may persist, the malware or viruses may endanger the OS efficiency and effectiveness, the speed may suffer ad you find no tech rescue.

Your files and folders are corrupted and you are not able to locate few of them, or the desktop icons remain missing.

Dell and HP tech help:•

You can easily get rid of half a dozen problems, while just installing the latest antivirus in the gadget, to protect the system from virus and malwares.

To fix the slow speed remove the history and clean the temp files, or try to restart the computer system, if nothing works dell support can be accessed.

Internet connectivity issues can again irritate you with slow speed and several sites being not supported, well antivirus will help you resolve the issues, and few changes in the settings can fix the rest.

Operating system issues and not been resolves, HP tech support can be vouched for, or dell tech help can be connected for the same.

Several problems can be resolved by the computer operator and is not the adequate support staff should be called for rather than delaying the tech issues. These experts can remotely fix the issue and within time can serve best platform.

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