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Sarah’s Story – Unfortunately we ended up just leaving church I provide occasional respite foster care for a young teen girl with severe autism who is unable to say more than a couple of words. I’m a member of a big central London church so I took her along with me in the summer, knowing that there is a children’s church, but unsure – given her age – whether she’d fit in. I volunteered with the children’s team for 3 years so I know they are a lovely bunch and very accommodating. However I didn’t time it well as it was August so when I arrived I was dismayed to realise there was no children’s church and my foster girl was too disruptive to stay in the service. She was running around the church trying to snatch people’s hot coffee mugs and I was right behind, trying to control her! There was a film being shown in a side room – in place of normal Sunday school – and I tried sitting with her in there but again she wasn’t able to sit still and unfortunately we ended up just leaving church. It was no one’s fault, it was just a shame.

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Sarah's story  

A case study looking at how inclusive churches are towards those with disabilities