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Son: I'm not speaking in court, and I want to talk to you about people's moral standards. Dad: What do you mean Son: Dad, you're receiving a lot of major cases, is the most difficult case it is difficult to see you. However, in this case where your performance is very disturbing, if I may say in this case where you do not like a defense lawyer, to like and have been implicated in this case the characters in the character has aroused suspicion. Dad: My belief is that people should be loyal to their duty, how people say they go after. Son: But today many people are asking why the door Sol Bar this case geisha so enthusiastic. I would also like to ask you, Dad, you and the wretched woman debauchery What is the relationship. Dad: Do not nonsense is the relationship between me and her people should exist between the ethical and legitimate relationship. Son: her behavior is beyond the code of ethics. A moral and decent people should not be an excuse for her to maintain any relationship. She is a vile prostitute. Dad: She was not a lowly prostitute. She was unfortunately destroyed by society women. Kessel, she is innocent. Son: Dad, please forgive For social convince you that a few words is not enough. As part of the community, to ask you, you is not had a relationship with that geisha. That you are at the airport to pick me up, and paused half way, is not to see her? Are you personally to send me a telegram to her home. That is not her come to you, then you have pairs of Na Xieer uncle said, she is not a geisha, a proper woman. Dad: I not only say, today, I would also like to say that she is a decent woman. You represent that the community can put this decent woman called a prostitute, but this decent woman called the Singing Girls of the community should have the courage to stand up and talk about this why women have become a geisha from the Le Siya? Why even talk about no time to keep pressing a naive girl betrothed to a shameless rascal, a drunkard, gambler. Also like to say to his wife as a bet on the losing to other people not eligible for a husband? You represent the society is able to answer, because they never used to evade the painful reality. The so-called gentleman did not know she was insulted by how Jiaoren sad, how sad. Adult training her son has made tremendous sacrifices for the mother can not imagine the expense of another. Even more tragic is, and now his son, and those in society who stand cursed her, repeatedly called her a whore, but also her The resurrection fast. Son: the ungrateful son, the son of the curse degrading prostitutes, who is it? Dad: - Kessel - the - the son - is you. Son: Dad Dad: Kessel, you are his son, she is your mother. Son: This is not true! This is not true! I am not a prostitute's son! Father, my mother died, my father, you say ah, say ah, Daddy, I am not her son! Dad: I can not ignore the facts and telling lies, baby, you're not my son, but she is your mother. Child, how can you so fragile in the face of reality, your mother, a lonely woman, years of suffering in this long life, but she love you more than her own, she'd rather die than not say her son's name, tomorrow you in court, after listening to my detailed statement, you then judge in the end she was a prostitute, or a respected, a great mother.

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