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KEY CONCEPT OF CONSTRUCTION: how to design ideas get translated into the built form

I initially designed three different ideas about the structure of the tower:

After discussion with my group members, we all agreed on building it in the form of circular tower- like a cylinder., since it can support the tower more evenly., the load path is spread out at every direction.(unlike triangle or rectangle, the intersection of the side existing a gap, which may be unable to support the force exerted by the tower.).

However, as we built up, the wooden blocks (medium density fibre) were insufficient for us to build higher. we had to end it up quickly with the rest of blocks. but we were so confident about our base and believed that it can reach a much higher altitude. so we asked for more blocks trying to build much higher..

with our effort, the tower stands strikingly high in comparison with other group! in order to save blocks, we shorten the perimeter as it goes higher. we also considered that the slender shape in the middle and top part can be more easily supported and less likely to fall down. the firm and well-constructed base played a significant role in endure the force from path load.

this group's work was elegantly designed and built up in pace. the disadvantages can be that they may run out of time and blocks to build up. personally, I quite like their masterpiece.

our tower ended up like that!!! it is a very funny activity helping me understand more about the structure and how the principle of path load applies to the real life buildings.

this group had a very creative idea of the construction, it seems to be relatively stable as it built up, but as far as I concerned, there was no pillar to sustain the balance in the centre of tower, it may easily fall down since the load path is actually separate.( see the diagram )

Log book Week 1