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ANNUAL REPORT The 2019 Annual Report highlights Long Island University’s commitment to advance teaching, learning, scholarship, and community engagement. Our success represents the combined efforts of our University community to advance LIU’s Strategic Goals: o Achieve prominence in academic excellence for students

o Achieve prominence in academic excellence for faculty

o Become recognized as a "best value" institution

o Secure and sustain a strong financial position

o Expand a culture of community engagement

o Create a vibrant and distinctive student experience

LIU students are making an impact through original scholarship, hundreds of thousands of volunteer hours, and athletic success. They are accessing unique internship opportunities with industry leaders and gaining hands-on skills and connections to make an immediate impact in their workplace. Faculty are daily pursuing new and innovative scholarship, and making groundbreaking discoveries. They are receiving awards and recognition from respected organizations, publications, and institutions. We remain committed to providing an education that does not require students to take on debt they can never hope to repay. To honor this commitment, we have worked to build a strong financial foundation. This has allowed us to maintain tuition increases of 2%, well below regional and national averages, while making unprecedented investments in our physical plant. The Annual Report is a celebration of LIU. We are pleased to share our goals and success with you.

OVERVIEW LIU is aggressively pursuing recognition as a nationally recognized teaching and research institution. We are strengthening our research, supporting academic programs that meet the needs of a 21st Century world, increasing investment in infrastructure, and expanding our student life activities through LIU’s Division I unification and LIU Cares. In 2019, LIU’s Carnegie Classification was upgraded to a doctoral university and U.S. News and World Report Best Colleges Rankings promoted us to a national university. All of these efforts contribute to making LIU a destination of choice for students from around the globe. Our Strategic Plan, the first in the University’s nearly one hundred year history, serves as the foundation of our success. Our 265,000 alumni, many of whom are leaders in their industry, are committed to providing students with unique experiences grounded in academic excellence, community service, and post-graduation success. The University’s innovative and in-demand academic programs, world-class faculty, and increasingly strong financial foundation enable us to continue a steady advance that leverages our talent and resources to provide an affordable education geared to the demands of the modern global village. INVESTMENTS IN STRATEGIC PLANNING LIU's Strategic Plan allows the University to remain true to its traditions and core values while continuing to drive a world-class research agenda and challenge conventional thinking and practices. A critical component of ensuring success is the identification of dedicated and talented leaders. In alignment with our strategic goals, the University has recruited leadership in multiple key, studentfacing roles. Deirdre Whitman joined LIU as Vice President of University Admissions. She is a seasoned higher education enrollment executive with experience scaling large, multi-campus institutions. Deirdre brings decades of experience growing enrollment at multiple institutions, including the State University of New York. Jessica Hayes was promoted to Chief of Staff and University Relations. Dr. Hayes brings nearly three decades of association with LIU to her role, serving most recently as Dean of Students at LIU Brooklyn. Prior to that role, she served as the Associate Dean of Students at LIU Post. Jessica was a student athlete on the LIU Post Field Hockey team. She holds an undergraduate degree in SpeechLanguage Pathology and a graduate degree in School Counseling from LIU. She holds a doctorate in Education Leadership. Michael Berthel was promoted to Executive Dean of Students overseeing Student Affairs and Enrollment Services across LIU. Prior to that role, he served as the Associate Dean of Students and Director of Campus Life. He has over 11 years of student affairs experience. Michael holds a 1 |

Annual Report | 2019

Bachelor’s degree in Political Science and a Master’s degree in Industrial and Organization Psychology. Denise Walsh joined LIU as Dean of the School of Health Professions & Nursing at the Post campus. Dr. Walsh was selected as a Fellow in the prestigious American Academy of Nursing and received her Doctorate in Nursing from the University of Connecticut. She was a former Senior Fellow at Yale University and has over 25 years of domestic and international leadership experience in collegiate and hospital management. Ryan Buck joined LIU as Dean of the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences at the Brooklyn campus. Dr. Buck comes from the prestigious Texas University System with previous roles as Vice President of the Texas International Education Consortium (TIEC) and Assistant Vice President for International Affairs at Texas State University. Heather Butts joined LIU as a faculty member and co-chair of the Honors College at LIU Post. She arrives from Columbia University Medical Center, where she was a Regulatory Specialist and adjunct professor at Columbia University School of Public Health. Ms. Butts received her BA from Princeton University, her JD from St. John's University School of Law, her MPH from Harvard University and her MA in teaching from Teachers College Columbia University. Daniel Hanley was named as a co-chair of the Honors College at LIU Post. Dr. Hanley joined LIU from the Department of Zoology at Palacky University in the Czech Republic. Dr. Hanley is a highly published international behavioral ecologist, specializing in sensory ecology. His research specialties include animal coloration, pigmentation, and vision, and the investigation of how these impact behavioral decisions in animals. His research students have gone on to work for the Canadian Wildlife Service, Parks Canada, Yale University, National Geographic, University of Oxford’s Edward Grey Institute and many others. Alexander More joined LIU as the new director of the Honors College at LIU Brooklyn. At Harvard, he was a Post-doctoral Fellow in the History Department and lectured on the History of Science and American and European Health and Welfare. In addition, he has also been heavily involved in Climate Change initiatives as an Assistant Research Professor with the Climate Change Institute at the University of Maine. Dr. More’s work has been featured in the New York Times, CNN, The Washington Post, Forbes, and Smithsonian Magazine. COLLEGE OF VETERINARY MEDICINE Approved for enrollment in Fall 2020 LIU’s College of Veterinary Medicine received a Letter of Reasonable Assurance from the Committee on Education of the American Veterinary Medicine Association. This allows the University to enroll students. The LIU College of Veterinary Medicine is only the fourth in the region along with Cornell University, the University of Pennsylvania, and Tufts University.

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Annual Report | 2019

Enrollment for LIU’s College of Veterinary Medicine students for Fall 2020 will officially commence following program registration with the New York State Education Department. At full enrollment, the veterinary school will serve 400 students, with 100 in each class. LIU College of Veterinary Medicine’s world-class faculty will offer hands-on learning experiences through a unique distributed education model featuring supervised clinical experiences throughout the four years of veterinary education. The college has secured partnerships with more than 50 affiliates, including primary care and specialty clinics, zoos, research laboratories and shelters, where students will gain real world experience in surgery, diagnostic support, intensive care and other areas critical for successful veterinary practice. The College is a vital part of the development of the “495 Research Corridor”, an effort to transform Long Island into a hub for research in the life sciences. LIU is a leading partner in this effort, alongside United States Representative Tom Suozzi and Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory. It also reflects our shared commitment to becoming an elite university. It is a vital step in building a robust research agenda that rivals our aspirational peers, placing LIU in a new tier of colleges and universities.

STRATEGIC PLAN GOAL: Achieve prominence in academic excellence for students Enrollment at private universities across the country prospered during a time when labor markets and hiring trends encouraged an unquestioned faith in the value of higher education, and years of economic growth engendered a financial setting where more and more students could afford to go to college. Currently, increased government scrutiny of graduation rates and career placement statistics, unsustainable student debt placing an almost impossible burden on many, and an increasingly competitive market for high achieving students have irrevocably altered the world of college admissions. To confront this new world, we are implementing a bold strategy to increase enrollment and academic quality. Targeted academic initiatives seek to engage students not only in the classroom but also beyond the gates of our campuses. They are designed to provide LIU graduates with the skills and experience they need for modern careers and the pursuit of advanced studies. Rigorous, integrated curricula, academic support, and faculty mentorship will be combined with a variety of extracurricular options. Liberal Arts and Sciences Last year, the University formed a joint faculty-administration task force on each residential campus to examine the top 25 liberal arts and sciences programs that were not offered at LIU. These task forces were a concrete sign of the University’s commitment to shared governance. Promoting academic excellence is a vital part of our goal to become a destination of choice for faculty and students. This task force furthered that effort, and we thank all participants for their time and dedication to ensuring LIU students have the tools to think critically and creatively. 3 |

Annual Report | 2019

The LIU Post task force made one undergraduate recommendation – B.S. in Actuarial Science. The LIU Brooklyn task force made two recommendations – B.S. in Art Therapy and B.S. in Gaming. The programs were approved by the Board and NY State Education Department, and will be offered Fall 2020. Student Success LIU’s students continue to raise the University’s national profile through their research, scholarship, and awards. Recent achievements include: o Long Island University pharmacy students won the American Society of Health-System Pharmacists National Competition (ASHP), which is open to 137 pharmacy schools o Jaspreet Bhullar of LIU Pharmacy was elected to the National Awards Standing Committee of the American Academy of Student Pharmacists, where she was only one of four student members o Sidra Shabbir (Brooklyn ’20) was one of just 60 students worldwide selected to attend the McDonald Conference for Leaders of Character at West Point o Alyssa Abernathy and Jabati Wai, both members of the LIU Brooklyn’s graduating Master of Social Work (MSW) program for 2019, will serve as Co-Chairs of the National Association of Social Workers (NASW) New York City Chapter's Committee of New Professionals o “A Foot in the Door”, a 3-minute movie, was directed by Long Island University alumnus o Gregory Cioffi (B.S. ’09, M.S. ’11, and M.A. ’13) won “Best Short Film” at THIRTEEN. The film is based on a short story written by LIU Post English professor Dennis Pahl, which was published by Feral Press. THIRTEEN is one of America’s most respected and innovative public media providers, serving as the flagship public television station of the New York City tristate area, and is the most-watched public television channel in the nation o LIU Post MBA alumna Melissa Gallaro was named President of GEICO Insurance Agency o The student newspaper of the LIU Post campus won first place in the College Newspaper category in the Press Club of Long Island’s annual Media Awards competition. LIU students Jada Butler and Josh Tolentino also won first place in Narrative-Sports Reporting, and Karis Fuller won second place in the same category o Long Island University led the Northeast Conference (NEC) with three student-athletes claiming the top honors in their respective sports, earning 2019 Spring Scholar-Athlete awards. The outstanding trio are junior Patricia Griffin (softball), senior Eugenie Hue (women's outdoor track & field) and junior Ana Leonte (women's tennis) o Aruze Gaming America promoted LIU alumna Martha Schuessler to Vice President of Global Finance, where she serves as the strategic leader responsible for the direction, integrity, and overall effectiveness of global accounting and financial operations. Mrs. Schuessler received her Bachelor of Science in Accounting from Long Island University o Hon. Robert S. Bowers, a 1980 graduate, was named the assistant presiding judge for the Solano County California Superior Court system o Ava Rose Paul performed in the production of “Come Back Once More So I Can Say Goodbye” with Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater, one of the world’s most renowned dance companies 4 |

Annual Report | 2019

o Thomas Digannaro was selected to attend the highly selective “Mises University” hosted by the distinguished Ludwig von Mises Institute at Auburn University o The Genetic Counseling Graduate Program at LIU Post is celebrating a 100% pass rate for the third straight year on the ABGC Board Examination o Alicia Sexton was named by the New York State Association for Health, Physical Education, Recreation and Dance as the 2018 Amazing Major of the Year STRATEGIC PLAN GOAL: Achieve prominence in academic excellence for faculty LIU's investments in its faculty and academic infrastructure continue to target recognition as an elite teaching and research university. The University has attracted thought leaders and industry professionals alike to share their passion and knowledge with LIU’s outstanding students. This diverse experience offers students a unique perspective on both the classroom and hands-on aspects of their discipline. Promoting academic excellence is a vital part of our goal to become a destination of choice for faculty and students. LIU offers a rigorous academic environment, which combines traditional liberal arts and sciences majors that foster creative and critical thinking skills and engender student research opportunities with the innovative majors and hands-on experience that students need to succeed in today’s workforce. Since the establishment of the Strategic Plan, the University’s enrollment objectives have been guided by four key priorities: o Admitting and retaining highly academically qualified students o Delivering competitive signature programs that drive growth through quality o Recruiting world class-faculty that deliver research-based and experiential learning to students o Improving student outcomes with clear goals for retention, graduation, and career placement Faculty Diversity LIU launched a faculty diversity task force in the 2018-2019 Academic Year. The task force was charged with building a stronger and more diverse faculty candidate pool by expanding the reach of our recruiting while working with deans and departments to actively identify talented leaders in their respective fields. Our overall intent is to build highly qualified, competitive, and diverse candidate pools for hiring consideration. To ensure we hire the best faculty, it is essential that we expand faculty diversity and attract talented candidates from across the nation and around the world. Importantly, LIU’s faculty recruitment effort requires both a commitment to our mission and to shared governance, bringing together faculty and administration to participate in this important effort. 5 |

Annual Report | 2019

New Faculty Hires The University recruited several world-class faculty and researchers over the past 12 months, some of them as “cluster hires”, which are bringing research and experiential learning to the classroom: Dr. Jeff Idle joined LIU as the Endowed Director of Arthur Zupko Systems Pharmacology. Dr. Idle is a global leader in Precision Medicine and founding editor of Pharmacogenetics. He has 430 original scientific publications, and previously served at St. Mary’s Hospital Medical School (UK) and the University of Bern (Switzerland). Dr. Allan Gertler, is a Senior Fellow with LIU and a Research Professor in the Division of Atmospheric Sciences at the Desert Research Institute (DRI). He previously served as DRI’s Vice President for Research and Director of DRI’s Clean Technologies and Renewable Energy Center. Dr. Gertler’s recent research includes investigating climate change/air quality co-benefits, measurements and characterization of emissions from mobile sources, development of new methods to attribute observed PM levels to specific sources, evaluating the magnitude and sources of atmospheric deposition, source apportionment and urban air qualities studies in the developing world, and the use and impact of alternative fuels for transportation and power generation. Dr. Gertler has served as Principal Investigator or Co-Investigator for over $40 Million in sponsored research projects, including the NREL-sponsored Hydrogen Deployment and Safety in Transportation Applications and Renewable Energy Hydrogen Based System for Off-Grid Applications projects. Dr. Mohammed Cherkaoui joined LIU as the Vorzimer Chaired University Professor in the College of Management, and is Deputy Chief Research and International Officer. Dr. Cherkaoui was a long-time professor at Georgia Tech, where his industry collaborations with Boeing, Dassault Systems and many start-ups punctuated a stellar career in materials research for extreme environments and entrepreneurship. Dr. Cherkaoui’s work has been funded by NSF, Department of Energy and multiple international funders. Dr. Bhaskar Das joined LIU as a Professor of Pharmacy, and with a pedigree that includes Harvard University and the Albert Einstein College of Medicine. Dr. Das’ research centers on unraveling the mysteries of the brain using chemical probes have secured multiple millions of dollars in funded projects from NIH. Faculty Recognition Faculty have been selected as Fulbright scholars, performed innovative research, published books as well as articles in over 160 academic journals, and received recognition from government, industry, and their peers. Some highlights of faculty accomplishments include: o Film Professor Lisa Robinson directed an episode of NBC’s The Blacklist o English Professor James Bednarz delivered a “Distinguished Lecture” at Oxford University o Chief Research and International Officer Dr. Rick Nader received a prestigious FulbrightNehru U.S. International Education Administrators Award 6 |

Annual Report | 2019

o English Professor Dr. Jonathan Haynes served as the International Consultant to the Advisory Board for the 2018 Nigeria LNG Prize for Literature, which rewards a Nigerian author in one of four rotating literary genres for excellence. Dr. Haynes was also named Distinguished Scholar of the Year by the Lagos Studies Association for his research work in African literature and cinema o Biology professor Dr. Daniel Hanley led a team of scientists, which published a study in The American Naturalist using a new experimental approach to study how birds evaluate whether an egg in their nest belongs to them or whether it was left by a freeloader o Sport and Exercise Psychology professor Dr. Leeja Carter and alumni Martez Smith and Jahmia Phillips co-authored an academic paper published in the American Psychological Association’s The Humanistic Psychologist, entitled: “Vogue dance, flow, and a new dimension for performance psychology.” o Dr. Anait Levenson helped organize the International Conference by the American Council for Medicinally Active Plants in India, serving as a keynote speaker and chair of the “Human Health and Plants” session o The University presented the 2019 Cybersecurity Symposium in collaboration with UNLV, the FBI, Sentek Global and the National Integrated Cyber Education Research Center (NICERC). Dr. Harvey Kushner, Chair of LIU’s Criminal Justice Department and renowned terrorism expert, moderated the event, which was held in Las Vegas on the UNLV campus o Music professor and Director of the Music Technology, Entrepreneurship and Production program Kenyatta Beasley was named Artistic Director and Curator for the Remy Martin Secret Jazz Series o Dr. Yafeng Xia spoke at the Woodrow Wilson Center’s discussion on the relevance of China’s Cold War-era relations with North Korea and the Soviet Union o Dr. David Taft presented at the American Society of Hematology Annual Meeting on rigosertib, a novel cancer treatment o Director of Music Education and Vocal Jazz Dr. Jennifer Scott Miceli was named Music Director of the Huntington Choral Society o The Respiratory Care program was awarded the Distinguished Registered Respiratory Therapist Credentialing Success Award by the Commission on Accreditation for Respiratory Care for the ninth consecutive year o Biology professor Dr. Su-Hwan Kwak was part of a team of researchers who published their research in epidermal cell patterning in Nature Communications o Dr. Rita Langdon was featured on The History Channel’s series, “The Food That Built America” o Dr. Jessica Rosenberg published an article in The Journal of Human Rights and Social Work on the legal and international context of the asylum process. She later delivered a presentation on this work at the University of York o Biological and Environmental Sciences professor Dr. Bill Schutt’s new TED-Ed video “A Brief History of Cannibalism” has over one million views on the TED-Ed website

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Annual Report | 2019

Recent books by faculty include: o Reference Librarianship & Justice: History, Practice, & Praxis by Reference & Instruction Librarian Eamon Twell o Biological and Environmental Sciences professor Dr. Bill Schutt has published a new novel, The Darwin Strain, his third with co-author J.R. Finch Recent faculty awards include: o Dr. Thomas Inzana of the College of Veterinary Medicine was elected a Fellow of the American Association for the Advancement of Science o History professor Dr. Willie Hiatt received the Society for the Humanities Fellowship at Cornell University for the 2019-2020 Academic Year o Dr. Hiatt’s article, “Slapstick Diplomacy: Charlie Chaplin’s The Great Dictator and Latin American Theaters of War”, received the Journal of Latin American Studies 2018 Best Article Prize o Dean Albert Inserra of the College of Education, Information, and Technology was inducted into the New York Academy of Public Education o School of Professional Studies Assistant Dean Dr. Lynne Manouvrier received the Gifted Visionary of the Year award from the Long Island School for the Gifted o Education Professor Dr. Kathleen Keefe-Cooperman was named Outstanding Educator of the Year, 2018, by Education Update

STRATEGIC PLAN GOAL: Become recognized as a "best value" institution Our University was founded nearly a century ago on the ideal that learners of every social and economic background should have access to a rigorous and robust college education. This bold vision has resulted in generations of alumni who have taken to heart the lessons they learned at LIU. Providing the best value for students considers multiple critical factors: academic quality; cost; and the ability of graduates to translate their degrees into careers within their chosen field. Affordability LIU has continued to honor our 2014 pledge to hold annual tuition rate increases to 2%. This 2% increase is far below regional and national averages for FY 2019. The average tuition increase was 3.7% nationally and 4.2% regionally. Students are noticing LIU’s improved value proposition for a high-quality education, and this competitive advantage will continue to enhance the University’s ability to attract students. Freshmen enrollment is responding as well, with a 29.6% increase for Fall 2019 over the prior year.

8 |

Annual Report | 2019

Our commitment to students positions LIU as an increasingly affordable higher education option and fulfills our long-standing mission to increase access to higher education. It also allows students greater stability in planning for attending college. When students and their families know in advance how much tuition will increase, they can better project costs and make more informed decisions. Financial Support for Students Our University is proud to support the college dreams of so many students through generous needand merit-based aid. We annually offer nearly $100 million in scholarships and financial aid. For fiscal 2019-20, the University will award more than $6.5 million in endowment and restricted scholarships to students, the most in our history. Dedicated alumni who have continued to support the University through endowed scholarships and other gifts have made this generosity possible. Our commitment to rewarding hard-working, high achieving students complements the cap on tuition increases in a way that allows nearly any outstanding student to receive a quality education. Hope Scholars Program As part of our commitment to providing an affordable, value-driven education to all students, LIU is proud to launch the Hope Scholars program. First time freshmen from New York with the highest need – zero estimated family contribution – who score at least a combined 1100 on the SAT or an ACT equivalent and have a 90 average in high school are eligible for this new scholarship program. LIU matches federal and state financial aid. Hope Scholars can attend LIU tuition free. 110 students enrolled in the inaugural year. Hope Scholars are supported by a success coach, peer mentors and alumni who have been successful in their chosen field. Access to career and internship connections, the opportunity to collaborate with researchers producing cutting-edge discoveries, and a wealth of service learning opportunities make LIU one of the most well-rounded and affordable in the country. Transfer Support LIU welcomes hundreds of students each year who have transferred from community colleges to complete their four-year degree. We understand the unique needs of students transferring from community colleges and have created pathways to ensure their success at the senior college level. These students made a decision to avoid taking on exorbitant debt when they were unsure whether they could successfully complete a four-year degree or did not know what they wanted to study. At LIU, they are supported by a full range of admissions, enrollment, and student services that foster continuous academic growth and leadership. Transfer students are a valued part of LIU’s vibrant and diverse student body. LIU is among the top schools in the country for students transferring from community colleges to pursue a bachelor’s degree. Phi Theta Kappa, the premier honor society for associate degree-granting colleges, named LIU to its 2019 Transfer Honor Roll. LIU is one of only 78 colleges and universities 9 |

Annual Report | 2019

nationwide to receive the honor. Our University is the only private university in New York to make the list. Career Outcomes LIU academic programs have received recognition from prestigious external validators. LIU Post’s College of Management has been recognized as one of the Princeton Review's "Best Business Schools" for nearly two decades. LIU’s School of Business holds a prestigious AACSB accreditation. This distinction is awarded to only 5% of the world's business schools. 96% of the chief executives on a recent Financial Times “From MBA to CEO” list are a graduate of an AACSB-accredited business school, and 90% of the Economist’s top 100 full-time M.B.A. programs are housed in business schools with this accreditation. This accreditation places LIU in truly elite company and shows the value of a LIU degree, particularly in business. More than 90% of LIU graduates are employed or in graduate school. LIU Handshake is an innovative platform that offers students access to more than 1,000 internship opportunities. The University can utilize its unique position straddling the urban and suburban centers of New York City and our 265,000 alumni – many of whom are leaders in their fields – to offer unique practical learning opportunities with global leaders in industry such as: o o o o o o o o o o o

Enterprise Henry Schein Mount Sinai Northwell Health New York City Board of Education Barnes & Noble Education, Inc. Credit Suisse Microsoft Morgan Stanley BNY Melon CVS Health

o Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center o CBS Corporation o HBO o iHeart Radio o NYU Winthrop o Saturday Night Live o Tribeca Film Institute o Sesame Street Workshop o Bank of America

STRATEGIC PLAN GOAL: Secure and sustain a strong financial position LIU continues to meet our strategic goal of securing and sustaining a strong financial position. Our University is focused on recognition as a national teaching and research Institution, and this goal requires a steadfast emphasis on affordability, access and a sustainable financial position. Our progress has been built on improved operating performance, the growth of the University's endowment, and expanded measurement of financial performance. LIU's finance division continues to work closely with academic and administrative divisions across the University in articulating performance levels necessary for revenue generation and cost management, so LIU will achieve the financial objectives set forth in its long-range budget plan.

10 |

Annual Report | 2019

Continued balance sheet strengthening and financial performance have accompanied the University’s focus on tuition affordability and enrollment growth driven by high-demand programs and improving student academic credentials. The University’s financial statements for the year ended August 31, 2019 will again report strong operating performance and continued growth in net assets, as well as significant non-operating revenue in connection with Phase 1 of the University’s transformative air rights development initiative. Strategic initiatives of this nature are proving to be “game changers” for LIU in our ability to continue funding academic capital initiatives, attract and retain world-class faculty, and grow our endowment. Significant progress continues in the following areas of financial stability and compliance: o Increase in the University endowment from $78.6 million in 2012 to over $237 million in FY 2019, an increase of more than 200% o Perfect 3.0 financial responsibility ratio with the U.S Department of Education o Unprecedented capital investment, with more than $15 million of capital improvements in FY 2019 that were fully funded by University operations. This is in stark contrast with FY 2013, when LIU’s annual capital investment was just $2 million annually LIU’s affordability is helping the University attract students. Moody's Investors Service has cited "muted tuition growth" and "ongoing expense discipline" as two key challenges that will continue to challenge private universities, particularly in the Northeast where weak population growth continues. The University’s fall 2019 freshmen class increased by nearly 300 freshmen with increased academic credentials. This year, Moody’s improved the University’s credit rating to Baa2 and Standard & Poor’s reaffirmed its BBB+ rating for LIU. With this momentum, our immediate focus is on building enrollment through new academic programs; hiring and building talent; enhancing student academic preparedness; and building a brand to last. As an institution that derives more than 85% of its revenue from tuition and fees, targeted enrollment growth and stability remain of paramount importance, as does: o o o o

Improving operating performance Strengthening the budget sheet and liquidity Growing the endowment Identifying other sources of funding

Sustaining and Building Enrollment The University is expanding its academic offerings to include in-demand programs. As we pursue higher levels of academic achievement and national prominence, LIU is also anticipating and responding to the demands of the modern economy. Among the fastest growing occupations between 2016 and 2026 are math (28%), veterinary technologists and technicians (20%), veterinary medicine (19%), healthcare (18%), computer and information technology (13%), and business and financial operations (10%). (Source: Bureau of Labor Statistics 2018). These occupations not only align with LIU’s existing strengths in healthcare (both human and equine) and business education, but also with our strategic, targeted expansion in those same 11 |

Annual Report | 2019

identified growth areas. Each of LIU’s new programs highlights the University’s commitment to ensuring students have the credentials needed to pursue careers following graduation. Students are noticing LIU’s improved value proposition for high quality, in-demand programs, and this competitive advantage will continue to enhance the University’s ability to attract students. Freshmen enrollment is responding as well. For Fall 2019, freshmen enrollment has increased by more than 300 students, or 29.6%, over the prior year. Enrollment growth is being driven by a series of high-demand programs that will increase enrollment over the next decade. Goals for enrollment growth have been planned for each of these signature programs, as presented below: ENROLLMENT GROWTH FROM HIGH-DEMAND PROGRAMS High-Demand Programs Undergraduate Nursing Business Administration Health Science Acting Theater/Film/Theatre Arts/TV Digital Engineering Communications Global Studies Music Tech, Entertainment & Production Veterinary Technology International Relations & Diplomacy Artificial Intelligence Social Work Sports Communications Sports Management Bioinformatics Actuarial Science

High-Demand Programs Graduate Veterinary Medicine Business Administration Social Work Pharmacy Speech-Language Pathology Family Nurse Practitioner Physician Assistant 12 |

LIU Brooklyn FY 2019 75 67 10 18 11 1 2 184

FY 2024 150 100 55 90 80 75 60 50 50 35 30 30 805

LIU Brooklyn FY 2019 75 50 30 15 42

FY 2024 90 90 75 70 64

LIU Post FY FY 2019 2024 70 100 96 125 73 100 90 18 50 2 50 50 259

30 595

LIU Post FY FY 2019 2024 400 10 30 55 70 49 70 -

Annual Report | 2019

Artificial Intelligence Data Analytics and Strategic Business Intelligence Physical Therapy Health Administration Nurse Practitioner Behavior Analysis Applied Behavior Analysis Genetic Counseling

21 4 237

40 35 30 494

21 11

50 45 42 30

12 158

20 757

For nearly a century, LIU has helped to expand access to higher education for broad populations of students. The imperative now is to maintain the historical level of access with higher-quality academic credentials of enrolling students while ensuring that many more succeed in completing their degrees. The chief means of achieving this goal is the development of strong academic and career coaching programs such as LIU Promise and other institutional strategies focused on maximizing students' progress at each point of their university experience from the time students first consider attending LIU to their attainment of a degree. LIU is deploying a comprehensive strategy to grow enrollment across its campuses while improving the academic quality of the student body. The overall strategy is to grow with new programs that bring solid career opportunities and competitive students to LIU. Research shows that the number of high school graduates is expected to decrease, while the ethnic and geographic profile of the group shifts. Our strategy takes into account the projected changes and targets these shifts. Enrollment Strategies and Trends While recruiting efforts and new program development are bolstering enrollment and academic quality, past practices, Excelsior, and the competitive enrollment landscape continue to exert pressures on the University’s graduate and continuing student enrollment. Our strategic plan was established with the goal of controlling historical declines, stabilizing enrollment, and poising the University for sustained growth in the future, as presented in the exhibit on the following page. Colleges and universities across the nation are confronting declining enrollment trends. These challenges include a decade-long stagnation in the number of U.S. high school graduates as the number of students receiving diplomas was projected to drop significantly since 2017. This weakening number of graduates breaks nearly two decades of reliable increases and comes as significant demographic changes reshape where students live and from what backgrounds they come. Stagnation is projected to run from 2013, when enrollment hit 3.47 million, through 2023. The number of high school graduates was projected to fall by about 81,000, or 2.3%, this year. (Source: William J. Hussar and Tabitha M. Bailey, “Projections of Education Statistics to 2024: Forty-Third Edition). The University has also had to address enrollment challenges brought on by the New York State Excelsior program, which provides free tuition to qualifying undergraduate students attending SUNY and CUNY. Per available data from New York State, more than 84% of New York City 13 |

Annual Report | 2019

residents and nearly 56% of Long Island residents with college-age students are eligible for this program. As a result, enrollments at private universities throughout New York State have been adversely impacted, particularly with respect to transfer students and freshmen. The table below highlights several macro factors affecting higher education, as well as LIU’s strategies implemented in FY 2019: Macro Factors

Excelsior, Free Tuition and College Affordability

      

Shifting Social and Economic Demographics

Technological Education Innovation

      

Strategy 2% tuition rate increases Focus on programs capped or not offered by CUNY/SUNY Need-based scholarships rewarding high academic quality Endowed/restricted scholarship growth Participating in State Enhanced Tuition Assistance (ETA) Program Analysis of “Unmet Need” and College Affordability Index Alternative Funding Initiatives (e.g., Income Share Agreements) Revised recruiting strategy Hope Scholars Program Early College and High School Scholars Affordability and career planning services Transformative initiatives (e.g., Air Rights) for funding modern academic facilities Expansion of Research (Data Analytics; Future of Business; DASSAULT Systems Lab) Recruitment and retention of prestigious faculty and administrative leadership

LIU is meeting these challenges by adding in-demand programs. Recognizing that curriculum and programs that prepare students for career opportunities drive enrollment, LIU is expanding existing programs and developing new ones to ensure our students’ education is relevant and prepares them to be engaged, enlightened citizens in a world that is continuously evolving. Redefining our core curriculum also responds to the fiercely competitive environment for high-achieving students. We continue to implement new strategies, beyond curriculum, to attract high-achieving students. Identifying dynamic faculty who can serve as ambassadors for their programs, working with individual colleges and programs on engaging prospective, high-quality applicants, and forming synergies between academic programs and the admissions office integrate the academic community into the recruitment process. Combined with targeted recruiting efforts in emerging markets and developing strategic engagement plans for these markets, our strategy will counter national trends and raise the national profile of LIU while attracting increasingly competitive applicants.

14 |

Annual Report | 2019

These strategies complement several existing efforts including: o Outreach to exemplary high school students through our Summer Honors Institute, where we welcomed a record 710 high-achieving rising seniors to LIU Brooklyn and LIU Post. These students participated in a week of intensive study in 17 distinct programs, including healthcare, musical theatre, television production, and digital game design o A strong partnership with Virtual Enterprises, an in-school, live, global business simulation program that serves more than 12,000 students annually nationwide. The University hosted a regional VE conference at LIU Post last October. 78 teams of studententrepreneurs from 55 high schools across the entire region participated in the competition, and students were provided information on the prestigious Sanford Scholars program o Regional recruiters are identifying potential students across the country and driving the University’s brand recognition in areas where we may have struggled to gain traction The University's status and reputation are enhanced by continued improvement in the academic credentials of its students. Efforts to increase the pool of first-year students with high quality academic credentials have yielded a steady increase in LIU's average entrance SAT score and a positive turn in freshman enrollment. Average SAT Campus Fall 2014 Fall 2015 Fall 2016 Fall 2017 Fall 2018 Fall 2019 1,010 1,019 1,014 1,096 1,155 1,187 Brooklyn 1,044 1,086 1,113 1,142 1,164 1,192 Post The University is focused on improving the academic quality of students by enrolling competitive students who will graduate. To ensure that many more students succeeded in completing their degrees, we implemented strong academic and career coaching programs such as LIU Promise. Our efforts to improve recruiting, align our programs with broader trends, and improve student support and experience continue to have an effect on student outcomes:

First-Time Freshman Retention Rates and Average SAT Scores 100% 90% 80% 70% 60% 50% 40% 30% 20% 10% 0%

1,250 74%71% 67%

72%70% 67%

77% 72% 67%

80% 74% 74% 73% 70% 68%

1,200 1,150 1,100 1,050 1,000

Fall 2014

Fall 2015

Retention Rate Post SAT Scores Post

15 |

73% 69%65%

Fall 2016

Fall 2017

Fall 2018

Retention Rate University SAT Scores University

Fall 2019

Fall 2020

Retention Rate Brooklyn SAT Scores Brooklyn

Annual Report | 2019

Improved Operating Performance Sustaining a strong financial position and improving operating performance are critical to advancing the goals set forth in the University’s strategic plan. It is perhaps the greatest demonstration of an institution’s commitment to ensuring students have access to a quality, affordable education. Our improved operating performance creates an environment that make our other successes possible. The University holds more than $506 million in total net assets, a 15.8% increase over the year prior. LIU has increased its total net assets more than 50% over the last five fiscal years. 2014 $291,006

Total University Net Assets as of August 31 (000s) 2015 2016 2017 2018 $324,675 $353,349 $408,228 $437,029

2019 $506,324

The impact of these results has enabled the University to expand and redirect resources toward transformation in alignment with its Strategic Plan, providing benefits such as: o o o o o o o o o o

Funding for academic programs Increased scholarship dollars for students Improved financial ratios Competitive recruiting for students Improved compliance with DOE regulations Funding for facilities Support for student initiatives Transfers to University endowment Donor and alumni interest and fundraising Increased interest on cash balances

Strengthening the Balance Sheet and Liquidity Key factors in determining the institution's overall financial health, fiscal stability, and credit worthiness include liquidity and a strong balance sheet. As of August 31, 2019, the University’s net assets increased $69.3 million (15.9%) from August 31, 2018, due in part to unrestricted revenues recognized in connection with Phase 1 of the University’s transformative air rights initiative. The balance sheet, cash and endowment information presented below as of August 31, 2019 and 2018 provide evidence of the improvements being made:

16 |

Annual Report | 2019

AUGUST 31 (000s) BALANCE SHEET Assets: Cash and investments: Operating Endowment Accounts receivable, net Accounts receivable - sale of property Prepaid expenses and other assets Contributions receivable, net Notes receivable, net Deposits with trustees Construction contract receivable Land, buildings, and equipment Total Assets Liabilities and Net Assets: Liabilities: Accounts payable and accrued expenses Deferred revenue Other liabilities Interest rate swap liability Long-term debt Liability for postretirement benefits U.S. Government refundable grants Total liabilities Net Assets: Without donor restrictions With donor restrictions Total net assets Total Liabilities and Net Assets

2019 Total $



2018 Total

104,923 236,963 11,913 33,385 7,278 4,901 10,589 11,088 32,838 297,439 751,317


13,963 28,852 25,698 20,570 96,082 47,281 12,547 244,993



409,001 97,323 506,324 $


103,208 230,104 10,640 7,425 6,547 11,004 10,863 297,464 677,255

14,305 32,655 23,855 12,906 100,471 43,755 12,278 240,225 341,367 95,663 437,030



The University's continued operating surpluses have improved liquidity and continued the opportunity for operating cash to be invested in higher yielding short-term investments. Endowment Growth Growing the endowment is a key strategic initiative for LIU. First and foremost, endowment returns provide invaluable scholarships for deserving students, making their tuition more affordable. A vibrant endowment also decreases reliance on tuition for generating financial resources to operate the University. 17 |

Annual Report | 2019

Endowment growth comes in the form of: endowed donor gifts; operating surpluses transferred to the endowment; and market value increases. The link between financial performance, endowment growth, and student success is clear, and is essential to our goal of securing and sustaining a strong financial position for the institution and future generations of LIU students. The University’s endowment was valued of $237 million as of August 31, 2019, surpassing the $200 million goal set forth in the University’s strategic plan. Our endowment’s 5-year performance has outpaced worldclass institutions such as as Stanford, Duke, Brown, Cornell, and Harvard universities. The chart below presents the growth in LIU's endowment for the 10 years ended August 31, 2019. During this timeframe, the endowment has grown from $76.4 million in FY10 to $237 million in FY19, an increase of 210%.

Development and Expanding Revenue Sources As LIU's fundraising landscape continues to evolve and expand its reach, the University will focus on responsible stewardship to sustain faculty, increase financial aid, and expand both curricular and co-curricular offerings across the institution. We have also secured a number of grants for sponsored research and targeted gifts for specific programs.

18 |

Annual Report | 2019

STRATEGIC PLAN GOAL: Expand a culture of community engagement LIU recognizes its responsibility to produce alumni who engage with their community and strive to improve the world around them. Our 265,000 globally-conscious alumni learned these lessons while attending LIU and have taken them to heart. Our students donate their time and talents throughout the year through LIU Cares and other philanthropic endeavors. LIU Cares and Service Learning LIU Cares is a University-wide initiative that provides interested students with access to community service opportunities. Students involved in LIU Cares have demonstrated our University community’s power to improve the world over the course of 150,000 volunteer hours in 2018-19. Students regularly participate in service learning opportunities throughout the year. Some highlights from last year include: o Raising nearly $80,000 for cancer research during American Cancer Society's Relay for Life, totaling nearly $450,000 since 2014 o LIU Brooklyn’s Heilbrunn School of Nursing being named College Group of the Year Award from the Church of the Holy Apostles in New York City, recognizing outstanding services at the Holy Apostles Soup Kitchen o LIU Brooklyn Occupational Therapy and Physical Therapy students once again spending their Spring Break offering free clinical consultation and services to children in Belize, a country with only one physical therapist and no occupational therapists o A group of LIU students spending an Alternate Spring Break in the Dominican Republic, volunteering across the country o Veterinary Technology students traveling to Ecuador with program director Dr. Robin Sturtz and Professor Lori Asprea as part of the World Vets International Aid for Animals program to perform physical examinations and administer pre-surgical medication Public Forum Universities have a responsibility to provide its community with a public forum for educational and personal growth. LIU provides space and access to our own expert staff to share their knowledge with other thought leaders and with the community at large. Some of the forums in which LIU has been fortunate to participate or host in the last year include: o New York State Governor Cuomo selected LIU Post to host the signing of historic legislation banning plastic bags due to the campus’s national recognition for green and sustainability efforts o LIU hosted the 4th Annual Association of Applied Sports Psychology Diversity in Sport Conference

19 |

Annual Report | 2019

o The University hosted the 9th Annual “The Many Faces of Family Violence” conference with Nassau County Executive Laura Curran’s Task Force on Family Violence, and The Safe Center LI o The University’s Department of Communication Sciences and Disorders (CSD) hosted the New York City Department of Education’s 11th Annual District 75 Citywide Speech Services Film Festival o The University presented the 2019 Cybersecurity Symposium in collaboration with UNLV, the FBI, Sentek Global and the National Integrated Cyber Education Research Center (NICERC). Dr. Harvey Kushner, Chair of LIU’s Criminal Justice Department and renowned terrorism expert, moderated the event, which was held in Las Vegas on the UNLV campus. Theodore Roosevelt Institute at LIU Particularly exciting is a collaboration with the Congressionally-chartered Theodore Roosevelt Association, the Roosevelt Family, and the National Park Service to launch LIU’s Theodore Roosevelt Institute, which will grow the legacy of one of Long Island’s greatest residents. Tweed Roosevelt, President Roosevelt’s great-grandson, is the Chairman of the Institute. Our announcement of this new Institute, hosted at Sagamore Hill, was featured on several national and local news reports. We hosted nearly 30 high achieving high school students from across the country in our inaugural cohort of Roosevelt Summer Honors Scholars. These students were able to access history and what our region has to offer in a very real way. They were given a behind-thescenes tour of the American Museum of Natural History, met with the Conservator of Sagamore Hill National Historic Site following a private tour, and heard from former Congressman Steve Israel. It was an experience they will never forget. Additionally, some of the finest scholars in the country gathered at LIU’s Post campus for a Theodore Roosevelt Centenary Conference to discuss President Roosevelt’s remarkable life, including former White House advisor Karl Rove, Geoffrey Cowan, fellow of American Academy of Arts and Sciences, and Francisco Santos, Ambassador and former Vice President of Colombia among others. They shared their insights and thoughts on how the 26th President of the United States continues to impact us today. Hutton House The cornerstone of LIU’s engagement of its community has long been the esteemed Hutton House Lecture Series. This outstanding array of more than 160 of classes in art, music, philosophy, history, literature and political science resembles a small liberal arts college without tests or homework. We are fortunate that so many talented LIU professors and outside experts have offered their services to our Hutton House students. The list of distinguished speakers includes: o Tweed Roosevelt, Chairman of the Theodore Roosevelt Institute at LIU, Chief Executive Officer of the Theodore Roosevelt Association, and great-grandson of President Theodore Roosevelt 20 |

Annual Report | 2019

o Geoffrey Cowan, best-selling author, distinguished professor and dean at the University and Southern California, and director of Voice of America, the international broadcasting service of the U.S. Information Agency, during the Clinton Administration o James Coll, expert on American and Constitutional History o Steve Israel, former U.S. Congressman, a trustee of Long Island University and founding Chairman of the LIU Global Institute o Ron Brown, Harvard-educated and PhD from University of Geneva, a professional historian specializing in world history and events o Peter Brancazio, PhD in astrophysics from NYU, and lecturer in Science and Religion o Fred Gaudelli, 1982 graduate of LIU Post and NBC producer for the Super Bowl in 2022 o Dr. Molly Hammel, renowned, award-winning geneticist at Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory o Nathaniel Bowditch, BA from Berkley and PhD from Johns Hopkins, dean of the LIU Post College of Liberal Arts and Science, and expert on the philosopher, Spinoza o Linda Burghardt, PhD, 2012 graduate of LIU Palmer School of Library and Information Science, and Scholar-in-Residence at the Holocaust Memorial & Tolerance Center of Nassau County o Lisa Pulitzer, a 1988 graduate of LIU Post’s Journalism program and New York Times bestselling author of more than 50 books o Rita Langdon, PhD, information scientist, four-time graduate of LIU, Historian for LIU Post, Post Cereal Company, and E.F. Hutton George Polk Awards in Journalism LIU celebrated the 70th Annual George Polk Awards with a nationally-televised announcement at the National Press Club in Washington, D.C. This event, and its panel discussion have become a staple of the journalism calendar. The Polk Awards remain more relevant than ever with the first podcast to win, In the Dark, and they are truly representative of the commitment of journalists the world over to tell the truth to their readers and listeners. Award winners represented the spectrum of journalism from The New York Times and The Washington Post, to local outlets such as The Tampa Bay Times and The Arizona Republic. Winners reported on the most pressing issues of the day, from President Trump’s financial history to abuses by the government of Myanmar against the Rohingya and charter schools. Throughout it all, the winners represented a dedication to the highest ideals of their profession and an unrelenting commitment to telling the truth.

21 |

Annual Report | 2019

Tilles Center Tilles Center remains Long Island’s premier concert hall and performance venue. It hosts iconic performers, legendary musicians, and world-class speakers. Tilles Center offers one-of-a-kind opportunities to experience the best in arts and entertainment right here on Long Island. Last year’s performers and speakers included: o o o o o o o o o o o

Diana Ross Steve Martin and Martin Short Terry Bradshaw Neil Sedaka Michael Tilson Thomas and the San Francisco Symphony Orchestra Valery Gergiev and the Kirov Orchestra of the Mariinsky Theater Melissa Etheridge Pat Benatar President George W. Bush Boston Pops Orchestra Jazz at Lincoln Center with Wynton Marsalis

Tilles Center is firmly committed to supporting the LIU Post community. As part of this commitment, it annual hosts over 15,000 students in a variety of learning opportunities: o o o o o

Innovative performances for school-aged children In-school workshops Family programs Master classes Camps

Our teaching artists work with districts across Long Island, including Freeport, Roosevelt, East Meadow, and Portledge. They lead master classes and bring art exhibits into these schools. We are proud that these events also target the next generation of artists and performers through sensory friendly events, family workshops, and performances at times more convenient for young audiences. Teaching artists, in particular, work closely with local school districts to imbue the curriculum with the arts, ensuring that every student possible has access to a well-rounded education. All of Tilles Center’s programs share a common goal of allowing participants to experience the arts firsthand, and to develop a greater awareness of how the arts relate to our lives and to our world.

22 |

Annual Report | 2019

Kumble Theater Kumble Theater for the Performing Arts at LIU Brooklyn reflects the University’s dedication to awaken, enlighten and expand the minds of its students. It is a dynamic, state-of-the art performance venue serving one of the most diverse campuses and communities in the country, designed to nourish artistic exploration and development by students and other emerging artists. Kumble Theater remains committed to providing the entire community greater access to an exciting range of Broadway-quality, classical and cutting-edge professional performances. 2018-2019 performances included: o Central Brooklyn Jazz Consortium’s 20th Anniversary Kick-off Concert in tribute to Herbie Hancock o New York State Thespian Festival o Brooklyn Horror Film Festival o Reel Sisters Film Festival & Lecture Series o Brooklyn Ballet Annual Showcase o New York City Ballet Education Department’s Student Lecture Demonstration Kumble Theater also serves as a vital partner with local and state agencies and their engagement of the Brooklyn community. In the past year, the theater has hosted several community meetings, including the Metropolitan Transportation Authority’s community meeting and the New York State Department of Health’s Regulating Marijuana Listening Session.

STRATEGIC PLAN GOAL: Create a vibrant and distinctive student experience A distinctive student experience with a student support system that addresses their social, emotional, academic needs will help LIU students achieve their academic and personal goals. One-of-a-Kind Opportunities for Students Through access to world-class faculty and the opportunities afforded by our location straddling New York City and its suburbs, LIU students can tap into unparalleled learning opportunities and speakers: o Dance students performed with world-renowned Martha Graham Dance Company on a new documentary series, “In Motion”. The episode focused on the company’s residence and their work with students on performing “Panorama”, Graham’s legacy piece o Students from the College of Management’s fee-based consulting group, LIU iQ, presented research and analysis to clients from industries including hospitality, healthcare, and law in Belo Horizonte, Brazil. Only 8 universities in the world participated in the International Consulting Network Conference 23 |

Annual Report | 2019

o LIU Post’s College of Education and Information Technology hosted Dean Ulrike Greiner of the University of Salzburg’s School of Education as a visiting professor o Dr. Kent Hatch and seven LIU Post biology students spent almost three weeks studying bats in the Israeli desert o An ensemble of approximately 40 Long Island University music students, alumni, faculty and community members traveled abroad to perform at the San Sebastian Jazz Festival and three additional satellite festivals in the Basque region of Spain and France. Featured tour ensembles include Long Island Sound Vocal Jazz under the direction of Dr. Jennifer Scott Miceli, comprising 17 singers, rhythm section and horns, and LIU Saxophone Conclave, a subset of LIU Jazz Ensemble, under the direction of Professor Jeff Lederer. The ensembles were selected by peer review to perform at the San Sebastian Jazz Festival Robert David Lion Gardiner Foundation Grants LIU’s Palmer School of Library and Information Science is the only school of library and information science on Long Island, and is the leading such school in the entire New York metropolitan region. Since its founding nearly 60 years ago, it has played a vital role in preserving the history of Long Island. The Robert David Lion Gardiner Foundation has supported this effort through nearly $3 million in recent grant funding. They have awarded $2 million to digitize historical documents, which tell the story of the Island, along with $700,000 to catalogue and digitize the Robert Moses archives, a monumental undertaking which sheds light on the decision-making process that created the regional infrastructure that surrounds us today. This critical work benefits LIU and its surrounding community by safeguarding the Island’s historical materials, increasing public access to them, and providing our students with the technical skills they will need to advance in their professional careers. Sanford Certificate Program The Sanford Institute of Philanthropy at Long Island University offers educational and training programs to help nonprofits grow their fundraising capabilities and positively impact society. LIU is proud to partner with National University System to offer a new Certificate in Fundraising Essentials to local non-profit leaders. This intensive training program offers professional development through a 32-hour certificate program, which is CFRE accredited and spans a period of just months. Based on the vision of philanthropist and entrepreneur T. Denny Sanford, the Sanford Institute of Philanthropy utilizes a contemporary curricula presented by recognized nonprofit leaders, faculty and renowned philanthropists. All classes are led by nonprofit leaders with extensive experience in successful fundraising and education in the field. The curriculum combines the best of nonprofit and business principles to address the needs of fundraising in today’s society, making it ideal for those seeking dynamic approaches to fundraising, additional opportunities for networking, and proven techniques designed to contribute to the success of their organizations. 24 |

Annual Report | 2019

Athletics LIU student-athletes are also leading ambassadors for the University. The 2018-19 season included conference titles and participation in NCAA Championship events. In addition, many individuals received recognition as Coach and Player of the Year as well as prestigious academic honors. The 2019-20 season embarked on the university’s first unified national Division 1 athletic program in history with early successes already underway. LIU – One University, Division 1 (Academic Year 2019-2020) o Men’s Soccer player, Papa Ndoye, named No. 1 Play on ESPN Sportscenter Top 10 o Men’s Basketball picked No. 1 in the Conference Preseason Coaches’ Poll o Women’s Ice Hockey plays first ever game at Nassau Coliseum vs. defending national champion No. 1 Wisconsin Badgers o Softball named a top 25 team GPA in the nation, and had 11 student athletes recognized as Easton/NFCA All-America Scholar-Athletes at the Division I level o Bowling selected to National Tenpin Coaches Association (NTCA) preseason poll Top-25 (No. 24) o Women’s bowling finishing second at the Sacred Heart Bowl for a Cure Tournament o Volleyball’s Karolina Nova named four-consecutive NEC Rookie of the Week o Equestrian continued winning streak as high-point team at first three events of the season LIU Brooklyn (Academic Year 2018-2019) o Arian Calderón signed with the Houston Dash of the National Women’s Soccer League (NWSL). Calderón has played for the Mexican National Team since 2014, scoring two goals and tallying 13 appearances. She represented Mexico at the 2015 FIFA Women's World Cup in Canada o Men’s Soccer, Men’s Indoor Track & Field, and Women’s Tennis won Northeast Conference Tournament Championships o Men’s Soccer, Volleyball, and Softball won Northeast Conference Regular Season Championships, earning Number 1 seeds and hosting their respective Conference Tournament o Anna Grigoryan of Women’s Tennis was recognized as Northeast Conference Player of the Year o Sam Illian of Men’s Soccer and Brandy Thomas of Women’s Basketball received Northeast Conference and East Coast Athletic Conference Rookie of the Year honors o Camryn Lyman of Softball was honored as Northeast Conference Rookie of the Year o Erik Johansson of Men’s Soccer and Natalia Rivera of Volleyball were recognized by the Northeast Conference as Defensive Players of the Year o Softball’s Alina Castillo was the Northeast Conference’s Most Improved Player o Elena Valenzuela of Softball was the Northeast Conference’s Pitcher of the Year o 65 Blackbirds received All-League honors o 199 student-athletes were recognized by the Northeast Conference for their academic achievements 25 |

Annual Report | 2019

o A league-best six teams – Bowling, Women’s Tennis, Men’s Basketball, Baseball, Men’s Indoor Track & Field, and Men’s Outdoor Track & Field – earned Northeast Conference Team GPA awards o Baseball and Men’s Indoor Track & Field received Northeast Conference Sportsmanship awards o Men’s Soccer, Volleyball, Softball, and Women’s Tennis each received recognition as Coaching Staff of the Year o Softball, Women’s and Men’s Golf, Volleyball and Track & Field received the NCAA Public Recognition Award. This honor is bestowed on teams with an NCAA Division I Academic Progress Rate in the top 10% of all teams in their respective sports LIU Post (Academic Year 2018-2019) o The Pioneers held the top spot in the East Region of the Division II Learfield Sports Directors’ Cup standings for 2017-2018 o The New York Giants signed defensive back Jake Carlock as a free agent following the 2019 National Football League Draft o Julia Seader was named the Division II National Softball Player of the Year o Softball earned the Number 1 overall seed in the Division II National Championship and Head Coach Jamie Apicella was named Conference Coach of the Year o Baseball won the East Coast Conference Championship and Head Coach Mike Gaffney was named Conference Coach of the Year o Women’s Soccer advanced into the Third Round of the NCAA Division II Championship o Men’s Soccer won their fourth consecutive East Coast Conference Championship o Football completed an undefeated regular season and a Northeast 10 Conference Championship and Head Coach Bryan Collins was named Conference Coach of the Year o 12 Pioneers were named Division II All-Americans in the sport o 12 Pioneers were named Conference Player of the Year o 5 Pioneers were named East Coast Conference Scholar-Athletes of the Year o Baseball, Field Hockey, Men’s and Women’s Lacrosse, Men’s and Women’s Soccer, Softball, and Wrestling were each nationally ranked during their season o Baseball, Women’s Cross Country, Women’s Fencing, Football, Women’s Lacrosse, Men’s and Women’s Soccer, Softball, Women’s Swimming, and Wrestling each made an appearance in the Division II NCAA Championship for their sport

26 |

Annual Report | 2019

CONCLUSION LIU 2020 is a dynamic document, intended to guide all members of the University community through clearly established goals and implementation benchmarks. It is intended to provide context for our University’s priorities and resource allocation across campuses, colleges, schools, and departments. These goals drive strategic and institutional effectiveness plans developed at every level of the University, as this document shows. Long Island University continues to rise to the challenges presented by the current state of higher education while advancing the six goals laid out in LIU 2020. Some of these challenges have been difficult to overcome, but our community’s common ambition to achieve national recognition for excellence has led to collaboration and shared governance models, which are examples for the rest of the country.

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Annual Report | 2019

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Annual Report (SP) 2019  

Annual Report (SP) 2019