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Amid the Public Relations industry’s seismic shift with the explosion of digital media, LIU’s litany of success stories, exemplified by these stellar alumni, demonstrate the PR program’s excellence and versatility.

labeled social media, she pitched her bosses on the now ubiquitous concept of strategic social media marketing. Once given the green light, she began the Social 101 road show to clients. Now, with a Silver Facebook Studio award and a Cannes Cyber Lion nomination on her résumé, she maintains a reputation for bringing brands to life on social media.


“It’s kind of crazy to me to think that I built a career on something that didn’t exist when I was in high school,” she said. “I’m always having to learn, but I’m a naturally curious person.”

(POST ‘08, B.F.A. IN PUBLIC RELATIONS) Senior Vice President, Activation, MRY

A pioneer in social media marketing, Janet Caputo Karp started at Tenthwave Digital, where she launched the social strategy department, serving clients such as Jim Beam, eBay, PayPal, Martha Stewart, Pepperidge Farm and Campbell’s Soup brands, before taking roles at Time Out New York and R/GA en route to her current role of S.V.P. at MRY. Learning on the fly and working with new technology has proved to be Caputo Karp’s M.O. over the years. With a burgeoning platform being



when he joined the National Basketball Association as its director of marketing communications. He then moved to Madison Square Garden as its Vice President of Communications, before moving to his current role at Lagardére, a global network of leading sports and entertainment properties. Tiso recalls the early days of cutting out press clippings and appreciates the memories, yet senses the future may be brighter for those breaking into the business today. “Everything is becoming PR these days,” he said. “While traditional media is shrinking, the avenues for PR people to communicate is expanding. It’s a very fertile field for people to look into as a career option.” Among the practical skills Tiso learned at Post, and one of the most helpful traits he acquired, was that of common courtesy.

CARMINE TISO (POST ‘98, B.F.A. IN PUBLIC RELATIONS) U.S. Vice President, Communications, Lagardére

Always interested in sports, Carmine Tiso made his way into the arena

“It’s a people business,” he said. “It sounds basic, but treating people with respect and being kind goes a long way.”