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From the comfort of wearing the weight of the equipment also has a very important effect on the wearing experience, due to one machine is the screen, processor sensors, gyroscopes and other devices all plug within a relatively small range so the weight is more difficult to control so it will bring no comfort to wear

VR machine is three VR portable equipment the highest class but perhaps also because of this the homogenization phenomenon of VR machine is more serious from above can design several devices are very similar to see.


Inversely proportional to wearing comfort

The amount of information determines the user's use





At present, the mainstream consumer oriented products are wearable devices. According to the need for adaptation equipment,what type of adapter equipment is needed, and the wearable VR/AR products can be used For the following classification:

Mobile terminal display device, simple structure, low price, as long as the phone can be watched, easy to use, such as air wing VR glasses.

Integrated head display equipment, less products, also known as VR one machine, without any input and output equipment, you can enjoy the visual impact of 3D stereo sense in the virtual world. In direct proportion to the picture definition

Determine the

Will not interfere with the use of experience

In direct proportion to the field

Using time and feeling of comfort

External head display device, user experience is good, with indepen dent screen, product structure is complex, technical content is high, but by the shackles of the data line, they can not free movement, such as HTC vive, Oculus Rift.

Research initiator Best global sales Good performance, but domestic popularity is low, basically rely on the High popularity, good sense of body, high cost performance, strong game compatibility Performance generally, showing poor, the current game platform more than thirty million games, but most of the time can not use the VR

ANALYSIS Head mounted VR products

There are many kinds of products and huge quantities

Hardware performance requirements are low, the mainstream configuration can be

Head mounted PC host VR products

The average number of products is moderate

Hardware requires high performance, mainly based on high-end computer configuration.

Low technical content

High technical content

Bottom price

High price



AR products


Wireless can be another choice, convenient and convenient choice

Wireless, convenient

Open and compatible patterns are useful for clustering more developers

Down to earth

The positioning of one machine is starting from consumers, relying on sales, to obtain greater profit margins

Hardware improvement

With mature industrial model support, with the traditional industry mature and perfect research strength, fast iterative update

A small quantity of products

Hardware performance require ments, but to ensure that small and lightweight hardware.

Very high tech content

The price is very high

Industrial design point of view

The product of subsequent iterations will b e more design oriented and lightweight





What functions do you have for your equipment? For example, thermal protection?

The equipment was updated for a long time

A little bit. The fire is very hot

At 13:14 on January 2, 2015, the three floor warehouse in the ceramic market in Daowai District of Heilongjiang, Harbin Province, caught fire and collapsed 3000 square meters. resulting in 5 firefighters killed and 14 injured.

No smart wearable wearable protective equipment (except for basic thermal induction) Contact between players only walkie talkie

Now the equipment is mainly protective role? Is there any technology to assist fire protection, such as detectors for detecting chemical properties of smoke, on fire protection clothing?

Questions to think about : What is the disadvantage of the upper part of the equipment in the disaster relief field?

High cost can ensure your safety, isn't it?

The smoke is too big to block sight

Isn't this too advanced? There is only thermal sensation, and infrared ray also

In the early morning of January 14th, the electric vehicle fire broke out in Yuhuan County liberation Tang community, and the smoke spread to the corridor. 8 people who died in the corridor were killed, and the causes of death were caused by excessive inhalation of smoke.

The cost of each piece of clothing is very high

The existing equipment is simple

So how did you contact your teammates with walkie talkies when you were in the rescue?

I saw a lot of new equipment in World Expo. Do you often change it? Walkie talkie will be updated in time

(a) physical interference The waves generated by the device will overlap and interfere with the already established Internet of things communication bands. It is easy for firefighters to receive the wrong information, which affects the work of firefighters (b) frequency interference When the receiver is connected with a strong signal transmitted by the mobile base station or the mobile station, the signal receiver will easily suffer from overload. (c) electrical interference Electrical equipment circuit can produce interference on the Internet communication, through analysis and classification, we can be divided into the following three types of electrical interference, namely: radioactive instrument radio clutter, generating electrical circuit when the waves of cosmic rays and lightning or other natural phenomena.

Rescue the wounded,

Combination of fire fighting equipment and Internet of things Fireman

Adding sensors to wearable devices


Detection of surrounding chemicals

Feedback to data terminal

The terminal receives the feedback and prepares the fire extinguishing scheme

The terminal output to firefighters

Fire extinguishing programs are delivered to firefighters in real time

Firefighters aim at solutions

Solving complex chemistry problems

The application of tenon structure In the production, we hope to use environmentally friendly natural materials to minimize the texture. So choosing log as the main material, the wood is naturally associated with the delicate tenon structure of ancient China.

The myopia rate of Chinese teenagers and students is the second in the world, the myopia of primary school students is 46.2%, the myopia of junior middle school students is 62.08%, and the myopia of senior high school students is 75.07%

Color temperature: The color temperature of about 4000K is the most suitable for reading studies. It turns out that cold white light stimulates the human eye, but it makes people more focused, more engaged, and warm white light stimulates the human eye less. It is most helpful to create and feel the art of your child. The child's reading lamp, recommend to select 4000K to warm white light.

strobe or not: no strobe strobe is the meaning of frequent blinking. Long time learning in the lamp has obvious strobe, the child eye fatigue easily, direct influence

Color index: More than 90 of the best. The color index refers to the reduction degree of the true color of the object under the light, the closer the value is to 100, the better. The state's display of school classrooms. The color requirement is more than 80. If your child is in a poor light environment with an index of less than 80, it is easy to create a child's colorWeak.

Whether the illumination is uniform: uniform illumination Uniform illumination can reduce glare refraction, reduce light refraction of the eyes of children in Shanghai.

illumination: more than 500LUX. Light intensity refers to the flux of light in the surface unit area of the subject. The country's illumination of classroom is the ordinary classroom. The minimum light inten is 300lux, and the minimum illumination of art classroom is 500lux.

Can effectively reduce the Blu ray can effectively reduce the blue. Blue light is high energy short wave, because the eye lens of children is very clear, can’t adjust the blue light as adults, so Compared with adults, children are more vulnerable to blue light hazards, lead to retinal lesions.


Located in the village of Wuhan District of Hanyang City, bell business center, north of Hanyang District in Hanyang road road, East Lane South Pingshan, Ping Shan Street, on the west side close to the business department.

The basic situation of this layer as shown in the picture, the overall style is more fashionable and leisure, design needs to match it Interviews with coffee shop clerks revealed that the flow was roughly as follows:

1 now, VR products begin to approach people's life, but due to various technical barriers and price reasons, many people keep a distance from each other 2 a large number of containers are in waste state every year, and the containers to be used can be used

The Ginza concert opened in June 19, 2015 business platform. A total of 1 square meters of salon platform, a total of 5 floors. Here is almost the full open idle away in seeking pleasure leisure and entertainment, experiential format (Concert platform 1 -- and almost all businesses, 5 buildings in the relationship, and consumers are interactive) occupy the 2-5 layer, and a small retail Yetai distribution on the first floor.


founder of immersive interactive games, fancy wallpaper attracted many woman bulkhead to drill, has a long history, has been popular!

Human doll machine:

Man replaces the function of the claw, and takes the human claw to get the baby Make people really participate in the game of grasping dolls

Mini KTV:

In the theater game city everywhere, pay attention to sound insulation independence and sound quality; Combine with multiple platforms, record straight hair WeChat, and sing together

Semi open space, the surrounding lighting is uniform, without external interference The site is in the central area of an independent and semi open space There is no natural light, and the light is even There is no infrared, ultraviolet, radio and other interference It's quiet across the coffee shop and the training schools around here Overall, it is suitable for placing vr-box

Using green screen image synthesis technology to expand the publicity of VR products, improve the coverage rate of high-end VR experience

Frame: light, easy to install and transport 1. convenient and safe lightweight materials 2. choose the structure that is easy to install and transport Selection of materials and structures according to specific plans


The difference between green screen VR (MR) and traditional VR

Only VR glasses and basic equipment are needed

Green screen: reduce shadows and remain non variegated Muslin / cotton fabric - (absorb light, clean) According to the online mall offer, 2*2*4=16m - a total of 200-300 yuan


Needs the surrounding environment and peripheral coordination

Full digital image

The combination of painting and painting is more colorful


Equipment requirement 1. Studio: 2. camera: 3. high performance host: 4. third handles: the Vive can connect only two wireless controller, so the need to connect the third handle with a longer line USB. 5. 4K screen: 6. audio equipment: in order to increase the sense of fidelity and actual participation in online interactive.

Get pictures of people involved by processing

The interface in operation or only people exist

Other considerations: 1. sound insulation treatment to ensure the sense of fidelity, without interfering with other functions around. 2. game soft wall to prevent impact accident. 3. three primary color cold light: color rendering index: Ra>90, color temperature: 3200K, color temperature is accurate, color reduction rate is high. Light effect and uniform light and soft. Good tolerance, low temperature.

VR Box: the use of green screen keying technology and synthesis of the characters involved in the game all in every act and every move are displayed on the display on the crowd of people VR game also more appealing, more suitable for popular science, screen film spread production and subsequent processing.

More emphasis on personal experience

Different from the ordinary experience museum is not only the general studio, daydreaming to convenient transportation, fashion design, real-time photography together, as long as the truck with it, you can go anywhere at shooting.

Families with RV are also more likely to take into account the scope of BOX.

Traditional VR: the user is totally immersive experience, dancing, exaggerated expression, but onlookers do not know what you are doing, shy people are more likely to be ashamed of the sense can not be opened.

Participants may see the visual angle indirectly

Camera slide rail


This design will use the waste container transformation into VR+MR green screen mixed reality machine, the product is mainly for the market now, with the whole process of networking to integrate the VR experience, through the green screen image synthesis technology to expand VR product promotion, improve the coverage rate of high-end VR experience. It solves the embarrassment that traditional VR can not interact with people outside the player, and creates opportunities for VR live broadcast, VR education and so on. At the same time, the use of waste containers not only reduces costs, but also realizes resource reuse, effectively decompression the earth"

When driving, we don't notice stray cats or stray dogs in the wheels or wheels, which can hurt lives inadvertently

In the installation of the device, the door handle device will detect if the cat induction shield, the car under a small animal, sound and vibration sensors to drive small animal leave, also reminded car owners pay attention, prevent the tragedy

discover problems A cold autumn rain, cold weather, some small animal wandering began to find a warm shelter, some lovely little cat (especially cats), love sleeping around the car tires, because of the relatively warm! But it's also very dangerous, because the driver mig ht not be able to detect these cats, and accidentally roll them

The car tires are stray cats rest out one, and the owner will ignore this point to take away a small life, the contradiction is intelligent in order to solve this problem and the design of the alarm system, through its owner started open the door at the moment, there is no induction tires around the small animal, and the issue of sound or vibration alert cats and dogs leave, also remind owners should pay attention to the life of the vehicle. This special group of stray cats and dogs, we should give appropriate care and help, play the humanitarian


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