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Some tips we should also do for campervan maintenance More and more young people have joined the "backpacker" now , there are more backpacker began to understand, love and used campervan, then as a campervan owners do you know how to care for your beloved car? The following are some good way to maintenance the campervan,foe your love car you should have a look.

1.First, after the season sweep After the hot summer, first of all we should give your car to do a comprehensive, thorough cleaning. Make sure every corner of the car is clean, the bedspread, tablecloths, curtains, cleaned. Clean out the refrigerator to make the door half open, so as to avoid harass by rat or insect . And clean the tank container and conduit, we suggest that best to use special cleaning supplies for car, to maintain the excellent performance of the car. 2.Second, the cold season should be careful The campervan can keep you warm in winter, instand of you have to learn it well, in fact, RV is afraid of cold. Before the storm must be prepared in advance, such as for doors and windows cross section with silicone resin or glycerol, prevent the doors and windows were frozen;You will top up If the car roof appear snow , help smooth falling snow. The battery must be zero load can easily be frozen and lead to scrap, suggested that the owner can be removed to bring home the battery charging, charging once every six weeks. 3.Third, inspection repair regular Power system, car lighting system, pipeline system requires periodic inspection, pay attention to work inside the facility and make sure the sound is normal or not, suggested using click detector to check the circuit connection is correct. Also need to prepare a water pressure regulator, avoid indoor water pipe burst effectively. When you hire a campervan,you have better to choice a company have campervan hire insurance,like camperman Australia. 4.Fourth,campervan protective cover Ensure that car safety and good clean must be use a protective cover, protective to choose lightweight, breathable material cover, and the protective cover angle fixed to prevent scratching on the windows and body paint. When the extraction hood that compressed air from the inside and outside blowing hiding in the condenser coil inside the small debris.It is better to do it once a year!

Be fully equipped for the campervan trips around Great Ocean Road of Australia

Self driving Raiders of The Great Ocean Road Self drive in Great Ocean Road, a lot of things you need to pay attention to, self driving in the basic necessities of life, everywhere you need to know, here we provide you list the points you need to pay special attention to place, pay attention to these, your self driving tour will become more relaxed and happy.

1 About driving As we all know, Australia's driving habits is on the right side, so the vehicle you can drive are right-hand. In the car on the road before, you must first be familiar with the local driving regulations, and master the right-hand drive vehicles. Also on the road you must follow the road signs suggest that travel in Australia, where the cost is very high, at one hundred or two hundred.

2 About road conditions Great Ocean Road as a specially built road, road conditions is verygood, for hundreds of kilometers of asphalt road can make you not limited to SUV by thevehicle in the campervan. In addition to parking convenient and viewing, a guardrail Great Ocean Road roadside less, when driving, do pay attention to control the speed, so as not torush out of the lane. Although the road condition is excellent, but Great Ocean Road still haslarge fluctuation of the pavement, and considering the journey is not near, suggest at leasttwo drivers driving rotation.

3 About RV park. Here is our hero RV self driving. Driving a car travel, the most important thing is nothing more than to confirm water, electric, emission , in the Great Ocean Roaddrive, in many small town have specifically for the car to pay, charging and cleaning service, so you do not need to worry about these problems, just before leaving a note and do a good job the plan can be docked. 4 About campervan rental. Very easy to rent a car for the Great Ocean Road in Australia,there are many company to provide campervan rental service . Here are a few of the more commonly used campervan rental companies: Camperman( ),Hertz, Avis. Need to pay attention to , you need to focus on the vehicle, has no injury and oil quantity, the need to pay attention to is, general rental line is to fill up the tank as the principle, take the car is full of smooth oil tank car, so if the car when the fuel tank of dissatisfaction is particularly marked, because you also need to fill the car. 5 About carrying goods. Finally, we are here for you to go to the Great Ocean Road in Australia listed drive to carry goods. Like: passport and the copy, cash and credit cards, air tickets, hotel orders and photocopy, driver's license and certificate, identity card andresidence booklet. Clothing: swimsuit, short sleeved pants, long sleeved sleepwear, thin coat and trousers, diving glasses, ventilation pipe, fins. Miscellaneous: toiletries, slippers,threephase cable plug board, camera, sunscreen, umbrellas, plastic bag. Drugs: Huoxiang Zhengqi pills, berberine, band aid, anti-inflammatory ointment, antibiotics, cotton, cool oil,Hua Lushui etc..

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