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As the first entirely handwritten and illuminated Bible to be commissioned by a Benedictine abbey in more than 500 years, The Saint John’s Bible has made history in our lifetime. This massive undertaking combines ancient wisdom and technique with modern perspective and imagery to create a timeless masterpiece. This enduring source of inspiration is now igniting the spiritual imaginations of people from all denominations and cultures. Take part in this magnificent story. Experience The Saint John’s Bible today! ARTISTIC DIRECTOR & ILLUMINATOR

World-renowned calligrapher Donald Jackson collaborates with a team of scribes and artists at his scriptorium in Monmouth, Wales, to create The Saint John’s Bible. Learn more at

Ancient Craft—Timeless Vision After more than twelve years, the creation of The Saint John’s Bible has reached its remarkable conclusion. Written and drawn entirely by hand using quills and paints hand-ground from precious minerals and stones—such as lapis lazuli, malachite, silver, and 24-karat gold—this historic project draws together the mastery of an ancient craft with the Bible’s timeless spiritual vision.

“One of the extraordinary undertakings of our time.” Smithsonian Magazine “The calligraphy is flawless and awesome. The text is replete with stunning, colorful illuminations—some of the artwork filling a whole page. The artwork is certainly of a modern genre and adds a richness to the scripted text. . . . Liturgical Press has done a tremendous service to the church in producing such a beautiful presentation of the Holy Scriptures.” Emmanuel






Historical Books


Wisdom Books

Donald Jackson, Artistic Director and Illuminator

Donald Jackson, Artistic Director and Illuminator

Donald Jackson, Artistic Director and Illuminator

Donald Jackson, Artistic Director and Illuminator

Pentateuch features text and illuminations of the first five books of the Old Testament (Genesis, Exodus, Leviticus, Numbers, and Deuteronomy), known as the Torah in Judaism. Prominent illuminations include Creation, Garden of Eden, Adam and Eve, Jacob’s Ladder, Abraham and Sarah, Ten Commandments and Death of Moses. In beautiful handwritten script and elegant design, Pentateuch contains the cherished stories of faith that are thousands of years old. This book provides an artistic interpretation of humanity’s oldest literature—still recited as living history. That these stories are significant to Jewish and Christian traditions is not surprising since they reflect the hopes, dreams, fears, and deeds of people living side by side with the earth’s oldest civilizations. Over time, these spiritual descendants of Abraham and Sarah introduced God to the inhabitants of the Middle East and beyond. Their message was simple: God and his creation are good; evil enters when prideful humans go their own way. Nonetheless, God continues to love unconditionally.

Of all the different genres comprising the Bible, perhaps no other collection has caused as much discomfort within the reader as the historical books. The wars and bloodshed their stories contain have inspired pious and holy people to the greatest extremes of behavior, all in the name of following God’s will. While Joshua, Judges, Samuel, Kings, Judith, and Esther contain many off-putting stories, they also have their share of inspirational passages; moreover, works such as Ruth and Tobit are both edifying and endearing. As the largest book in the series, Historical Books features more than twenty-five stunning illuminations as well as multiple text treatments and marginal details that dramatically depict the Bible’s inspiring and thought-provoking passages. Through beautiful handwritten script and elegant design, this volume illustrates how the grace of God’s justice and peace can rise from the most unlikely of places, reminding us that our redemption is always close at hand.

The book of Psalms or “praises” is known as the prayerbook of the Bible. For centuries, it has been a source of prayer, devotion, and inspiration. Part of the popularity of the Psalms is that they incorporate the entire breadth of human emotion and experience—joy, fear, anger, love—all the things we bring to God in our prayer. Visual representations of chants from Benedictine, Native American, Muslim, Taoist, and other traditions are the basis for illuminations of the Psalms. The varying pitch of the chants is rendered graphically to provide a motif for the abstract illumination. Every Psalm page features a small, gold graphic rendering of the chanting of the monks from Saint John’s Abbey. This process of reading of the Psalms is a continuous reminder that the Psalms are to be sacred songs and that in such singing God is present. Jackson chose colors to represent different themes and designs to symbolize the different types of Psalms. He devised a way of weaving the two together that resulted in unique script, colors, and shading. Readers can identify the patterns representing the national history of Israel corresponding with the individual types of Psalms.

Wisdom Books includes some of the Old Testament’s literary masterpieces, including Song of Solomon, Ecclesiastes, Proverbs, and the much-loved book of Job. Wisdom Books continues the work of earlier volumes, with a script created by calligrapher Donald Jackson specifically for this project. Artists who will be familiar to readers, Thomas Ingmire, Suzanne Moore, Chris Tomlin, and Sally Mae Joseph, are joined by new contributing artist Diane M. von Arx to bring light—that is, illumination—to the text. And the images are not to be missed. There are over fifteen large illuminations, among them the spectacular frontispiece for Ecclesiastes and another titled Creative Wisdom. As you spend time with Wisdom Books, you will find yourself treasuring both the words and the images.

978-0-8146-9052-9 Hardcover with dust jacket, 158 pp., 9 3/4 x 15, $69.95

978-0-8146-9053-6 Hardcover with dust jacket, 276 pp., 9 3/4 x 15, $79.95

978-0-8146-9056-7 Hardcover with dust jacket, 80 pp., 9 3/4 x 15, $59.95

978-0-8146-9055-0 Hardcover with dust jacket, 136 pp., 9 ¾ x 15, $64.95






Donald Jackson, Artistic Director and Illuminator

Gospels and Acts

Donald Jackson, Artistic Director and Illuminator

Letters and Revelation

Prophets features some of the most beautiful passages in all of Sacred Scripture. The ancient prophets of Israel suffered and celebrated with the people they both admonished and praised. They provided words of consolation during times of oppression and kept the flame of hope alive during the darkest periods of Israelite history. Christians honor the prophets as those who foretold the coming of the Messiah, Jesus Christ, as is evidenced by the many references to the prophets in the New Testament. Prophets includes artistic depictions from Isaiah, Ezekiel, Jeremiah, Micah, Amos, Daniel, and Zechariah. Major images are Isaiah’s Temple Vision and Suffering Servant, Ezekiel’s Call and the Valley of the Dry Bones, Daniel’s Son of Man, Amos’ Plea for Social Justice, and Zechariah’s Messianic Prediction. In addition, famous passages such as Isaiah 2:4 (“He shall judge between the nations, and shall arbitrate for many peoples; they shall beat their swords into plowshares, and their spears into pruning hooks; nation shall not lift up sword against nation, neither shall they learn war any more”) receive special calligraphic and artistic treatment.

Gospels and Acts has more than twenty-five illuminations, including full-page opening illuminations for each of the four gospels. Some of the prominent illuminations include Genealogy of Jesus, Birth of Christ, Raising of Lazarus, The Crucifixion, Christ Our Light, The Last Supper, Road to Emmaus, and Pentecost. The Word of God, hand-illuminated through ancient methods by a contemporary master, brings the reader to an epiphany of the sacred. Those who allow themselves to savor the experience unfolding before them will come to see how Gospels and Acts beautifully marries text and image to serve the Word.

Letters and Revelation is the final volume of the seven-volume set. It contains more than thirty illuminations and special text treatments. Among the stunning illuminations: • And Every Tongue Should Confess (Phil 2:5-11) includes the word “Lord” painted in gold in fourteen different languages: Armenian, Chinese, Coptic, English, French, Ge’ez (Ethiopian), German, Greek, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, Russian, and Vietnamese • Letter to the Seven Churches with the Heavenly Choir (Rev 2:1–5:14) includes crosses representing several different Christian traditions and the words “Holy, Holy, Holy” written in Greek, Ge’ez (Ethiopian), Latin, and Spanish • The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse (Rev 6:1-8) depicts unsettling symbols of power, greed, and exploitation—military tanks, oil rigs, and nuclear radiation

978-0-8146-9054-3 Hardcover with dust jacket, 232 pp., 9 3/4 x 15, $69.95

“This volume is an extraordinary literary and artistic accomplishment.” The Bible Today

978-0-8146-9051-2 Hardcover with dust jacket, 136 pp., 9 3⁄4 x 15, $64.95

“The Saint John’s Bible is intended to assist Jews, Muslims, and Christians in seeing shared commonality in the Bible. . . . In a time when people have so much to learn about different faiths, it is refreshing still to believe that experiencing the material and iconic aspects of the Bible can assist this understanding.” Catholic Biblical Quarterly

Donald Jackson, Artistic Director and Illuminator

978-0-8146-9057-4 Hardcover with dust jacket, 100 pp., 9 3⁄4 x 15, $54.95

The Complete 7–Volume Set 978-0-8146-9191-5 Over 1,100 pages total, $394.95 net. FREE book with the purchase of a full set: Illuminating the Word: The Making of The Saint John’s Bible, first edition (216 pp.—a $49.95 value!) Use promotion code: ITWFREE to receive this special discount.



The Art of The Saint John’s Bible


A Reader’s Guide to Historical Books, Letters and Revelation Susan Sink The Art of The Saint John’s Bible: A Reader’s Guide brings text and illumination together for reflection. This guide opens up the significance of elements in the illuminations, points out recurring visual motifs that connect the stories within and across the volumes, and offers insight into the thought processes and artistic vision behind the planning and execution of the images. This third volume of the series covers the final published volumes of The Saint John’s Bible: Historical Books and Letters and Revelation. It offers an invitation to experience more deeply the illuminations that accompany some of the most dramatic texts in all the Scriptures.

Illuminating the Word

The Making of The Saint John’s Bible First Edition Christopher Calderhead

In this companion volume to The Saint John’s Bible, Christopher Calderhead takes us on a behind-the-scenes tour of this extraordinary project. Based on hundreds of hours of interviews with the makers of the Bible and the community at Saint John’s Abbey and University, this book tells the story of creation of the Bible. Illuminating the Word explores a modern version of an age-old relationship between patron and artist. It describes lectio divina, the unique method the Benedictine monks use to read the Bible, in which the Holy Scriptures come alive through the power of imagination. It explores the challenge of creating new images for ancient stories. It chronicles the artistic techniques, the tools and materials, and the workshop practices Donald Jackson used to create his lifetime masterpiece. Christopher Calderhead is a visual artist and graphic designer who has exhibited his letterbased works in the United States and Great Britain. He graduated from Princeton with a bachelor’s degree in art history. In 1998 he obtained a master of divinity degree from SeaburyWestern Theological Seminary. Ordained the same year, he has served parishes in the Church of England and the Episcopal Church USA. He is editor of Alphabet, a journal of the lettering arts published by the Friends of Calligraphy. He is the author of One Hundred Miracles (2004), a collection of miracle paintings by the great masters. He lives and works in New York City.

978-0-8146-9050-5 Hardcover with dust jacket 240 pp., 9 5⁄8 x 11 3⁄8 , $49.95, Sale price: $24.98 net

Susan Sink is a poet and writer who lives in St. Joseph, Minnesota. She is an oblate of Saint John’s Abbey. She is the author of a book of poems, The Way of All the Earth (2003), and all three volumes of The Art of The Saint John’s Bible (Liturgical Press).

“Susan Sink offers her books as a starting place for a deeper experience of the images and text of The Saint John’s Bible. I believe she has eminently succeeded. She helps us to ask questions of ourselves and gives us some tools to find our own way without dictating ready-made answers. Finally, she bids us God speed on our journey through the Scriptures.” Donald Jackson Artistic Director of The Saint John’s Bible

978-0-8146-9098-7 Paperback, 144 pp., 6 x 9, $14.95

“Sink has outdone herself! If you want to probe the richness of The Saint John’s Bible, you will find this book a real treasure.” Irene Nowell, OSB Old Testament Editor Little Rock Catholic Study Bible

The Art of The Saint John’s Bible

A Reader’s Guide to Pentateuch, Psalms, Gospels and Acts 978-0-8146-9062-8 Paperback, 128 pp., $14.95

The Art of The Saint John’s Bible A Reader’s Guide to Wisdom Books and Prophets 978-0-8146-9063-5 Paperback, 128 pp., $14.95




The Saint John’s Bible

Praying the Word

The Saint John’s Bible represents one of the greatest achievements of sacred art of our time. The Saint John’s Bible 2013 Desk Calendar, bound in lovely hardcover, features a different one of the Bible’s colorful and intricate illuminations on each weekly spread. The originals are painstakingly re-created, and the cover makes judicious and thoughtful use of embossing and foil accents. This beautiful calendar promises to be both a daily inspiration and a fascinating conversation starter among friends and family.

This exquisite treasury of beloved prayers and well-known Bible texts makes a wonderful gift for confirmations, weddings, and other special occasions in the lives of family and friends. Special features: • Contains more than twenty-five text treatment reproductions from The Saint John’s Bible • Hardcover with slipcase • Bound in beautiful cloth • Full color throughout • Ribbon bookmark

978-0-8146-9189-2 Hardcover, 122 pp., 6 1⁄2 x 9 1⁄4 , $14.99 Available August 2012

Illuminating Ministry

2013 Desk Calendar


Excellent gift!

The Saint John’s Bible

An Introduction

This beautifully printed book is a wonderful keepsake introduction to the story of The Saint John’s Bible. Through colorful images and text, it briefly explores the theology, artistic decisions, and the processes behind the creation of this modern illuminated manuscript. 978-0-8146-9100-7 Paperback with slipcase, 32 pp., 7 7⁄8 x 7 7⁄8 , $9.95

Illuminated Prayers and Wisdom from The Saint John’s Bible


Makes a great gift! 978-0-8146-9093-2 Hardcover with slipcase, 76 pp., 5 3⁄4 x 11 3⁄4 , $39.95

A Journal

Illuminating Ministry provides an opportunity for church leaders and those in ministerial formation to engage in community and prayer. This journal, which promotes spiritual companioning in groups, is an exceptional tool for exploring and renewing one’s call to ministry. Presents inspiring illuminations from The Saint John’s Bible in full color with corresponding Scripture verses. 978-0-8146-3342-7 Plastic coil binding, 80 pp., 7 x 10, $19.95

Illuminating Ministry Volume 2

Edited by Vic Klimoski and Barbara Sutton

The Book of the Gospels

The Saint John’s Bible Edition

Glorious illuminated artwork from the pages of The Saint John’s Bible add brilliance to this extraordinary edition, which is drawn from The Lectionary for Mass with New American Bible text. Its many distinctive features create great prominence in a faith community of any size. Each edition is 526 pp., 12 x 18 978-0-8146-9064-2* Genuine Leather Edition, $495.00 978-0-8146-9097-0* Bonded Leather Edition, $395.00 *Short-discount

By focusing on seven distinct charisms or values of Benedictine spirituality and basing its prayer movement on lectio divina, this journal inspires theological reflection on one’s own life and ministry. 978-0-8146-3371-7 Plastic coil binding, 104 pp., 7 x 10, $19.95

The Illuminator and a Bible for the 21st Century 978-0-8146-9059-8 DVD, 49 min., $18.95 978-0-8146-9060-4 VHS, 49 min., $5.00 net Copyright 2005. A 3BM Television Production for BBC Wales and Saint John’s University with support from Target Corporation.

Seeing the Word


Listen… See… Meditate… Pray… Expand in Faith! with

Seeing the Word

Seeing the Word ’s beautiful, four-color ref lection guides tie Scripture and extraordinary images from The Saint John’s Bible to thoughtful questions and prayer. Easy, inexpensive, grounded in Scripture, and meaningful for leaders and participants alike, parishes use Seeing the Word: • to begin council and committee meetings • to help prepare RCIA participants • in adult faith formation and retreats • to energize Bible study groups • as prayer starters for youth • to add visual excitement to lectio divina • to more deeply form catechists

Illuminations and Music Volume I 978-0-8146-9161-8

Music CD and Illuminations CD, $150.00

Volume II 978-0-8146-9171-7

Music CD and Illuminations CD, $150.00

Note Cards

Perfect for large or small groups, youth or adults.

Old Testament Folio

10 cards; one of each design

Buy individually in packs of ten or as a complete set! 4 pp., 8 1⁄2 x 11, $10.95 per pack of ten Includes free facilitator’s guide with specialized questions! Free online training!

Volume I Set

Includes: Program Manual; Illuminations and Music CD, 10 Reflection Guides, Facilitators Guide 978-0-8146-9190-8 Retail price: $329.45 Set Price: $259.95 net (Save 20%)

Volume 1 Reflection Guides:

978-0-8146-9136-6 Birth of Christ 978-0-8146-9141-0 Messianic Predictions 978-0-8146-9133-5 Sower and the Seed 978-0-8146-9135-9 The Transfiguration 978-0-8146-9162-5 The Crucifixion 978-0-8146-9165-6 Wisdom Woman 978-0-8146-9163-2 The Resurrection 978-0-8146-9138-0 Raising of Lazarus 978-0-8146-9164-9 Creation 978-0-8146-9159-5 Praise of Wisdom

978-0-8146-9115-1 5 x 7, $14.95

Vertical Text & Images Folio

10 cards; one of each design

Volume II Set

Includes: Program Manual; Illuminations and Music CD, 10 Reflection Guides, Facilitator’s Guide 978-0-8146-9192-2 Retail price: $329.45 Set Price: $259.95 net (Save 20%)

Volume 2 Reflection Guides:

978-0-8146-9166-3 Ruth and Naomi 978-0-8146-9167-0 Call of the Disciples 978-0-8146-9168-7 Baptism of Jesus 978-0-8146-9169-4 Word Made Flesh 978-0-8146-9170-0 Life in Community 978-0-8146-9172-4 Elisha and the Six Miracles New! 978-0-8146-9173-1 Eucharist New! 978-0-8146-9174-8 Road to Emmaus New! 978-0-8146-9183-0 You Will Be My Witnesses New! 978-0-8146-9176-2 Pentecost New!

978-0-8146-9130-4 4 x 9, $14.95

Popular Images Folio

10 cards; one of each design

Program Manual

Barbara Sutton 978-0-8146-9160-1 Paperback with DVD, 80 pp., 8 1⁄2 x 10 7⁄8 , $69.95

Learn more and see the available reflection guides at

978-0-8146-9114-4 5 x 7, $14.95

Historical Books Folio

10 cards; one of each design

978-0-8146-9148-9 5 x 7, $14.95 Customized imprinting of The Saint John’s Bible note cards is available on bulk quantities. Please call your customer service representative for more information or see our website for guidelines.


Note Cards

Note Cards


10 cards; one of each design

Gospels Folio

15 Portfolios—ten Cards; Five of each design, $14.95

All note cards are also available as individual packs of 10, $14.95. See other note cards available at



Details by Donald Jackson with contributions by Chris Tomlin 978-0-8146-9067-3

978-0-8146-9113-7 5 x 7, $14.95

Detail from Psalms-III

Detail from Psalms-Center


Details by Donald Jackson, Artistic Director and Illuminator 978-0-8146-9066-6

Letters and Revelation Folio

Creation-Seven Days

Detail 1 from Christ Our Light

Detail 2 from Baptism of Jesus

Gospels of Mark & John Details by Donald Jackson, Artistic Director and Illuminator 978-0-8146-9071-0

  New !

978-0-8146-9200-4 Ten cards, one of each design with envelopes, 5 x 7, $14.95

The Lord Bless You

You Shall Be Holy

Leviticus & Numbers

Details by Sally Mae Joseph and Suzanne Moore 978-0-8146-9070-3

Glory to God

And on Earth Detail

Gospel of Luke

Details by Donald Jackson, Artistic Director and Illuminator 978-0-8146-9068-0

Note Cards from The Saint John’s Bible

New Testament Folio 978-0-8146-9211-0 Ten cards, one of each design with envelopes, 4 x 9, $14.95

  New !

Brilliant on the outside and blank on the inside, these exquisite cards feature popular illuminations and text treatments and are appropriate for any time of year! See the wide selection of designs online at $14.95 per pack of ten cards and envelopes.




Gic lée (pronounced ZHEE-c lay) is the French term for “fine spray.” Precise computer calculations control the process of producing over 500 shades of dense, waterbased ink. Great care is taken to prepare and capture each image. Through imaging and print technology, we are able to deliver truly breathtaking output with beautifully smooth and dot-free tones. The final product is a lush, vibrant, and velvety-looking art print, one that has the feel of a watercolor and the clarity of an original painting.


If I Speak in the Tongues of Mortals 1 Corinthians 13:4-13 Artist: Thomas Ingmire Paul presents love as the most fundamental quality of Christian life. He explains first what love is not and then, in soaring terms, what love is. He insists that even after the end times, when all is brought to God’s perfection, love will endure eternally.

Product Code Key

l LR000022SF 10 x 20

See the example below for an explanation of each print product code.


Example: GA001000NF PT = Pentateuch HB = Historical Books PS = Psalms WS = Wisdom Books PR = Prophets GA = Gospels and Acts LR = Letters and Revelation 001000 = Page 1

Original manuscript size of a single page is: 24 1/2 x 15 7/8 inches N = 90% of original manuscript size H = 110% of original manuscript size S = 10 x 20 inches L = 20 x 40 inches F = Featured Giclée print G = Giclée v = Old Testament l = New Testament


The Great Amen Revelation 22:20-21 Artist: Donald Jackson The final two verses of Revelation, and of the entire Bible, are a promise from Christ that he is coming and a petition from the church that he come soon. The author cries out on behalf of humanity, “Amen” - may it be so. This cry of hope concludes with a stirring prayer that the grace of Jesus be with all. l LR093000SF 10 x 20

Size Indicates the specific book of the Bible Left Right page page


Type of print

Woman and the Dragon Revelation 12:1-17 Artist: Donald Jackson One of the most dramatic passages of John’s Revelation is his vision of a woman, clothed with the sun and wearing a crown of twelve stars, struggling to give birth while a dragon waits to snatch the newborn. As the passage progresses, this image becomes one that is both disturbing for its representation of the persecution of the church and comforting for its promise of God’s protection l LR000084SF 10 x 20

Fine art prints from The Saint John’s Bible shown in this catalog are available for purchase at galleries throughout the United States. Experts in matting and framing, our gallery partners will work with you to capture the essence of your treasured print with a beautiful customized display. To view a full listing of our gallery partners, please visit our website at






Letter to the Seven Churches with the Heavenly Choir

This Is the Covenant

Revelation 2:1-5:14 Artist: Donald Jackson In John’s vision of heavenly worship, the creatures before God’s throne cry out, “Holy, holy, holy, the Lord God almighty, who was and is and is to come” (4:8). In this illumination, their praise adorns the banner, which is topped by crosses representing several different Christian traditions. Above it, the words “Holy, Holy, Holy” are written in Ge’ez (Ethiopian), Greek, and Latin. l LR000080XF 12 x 12


Hebrews 8:10 Artist: Suzanne Moore In Hebrews 8, Paul offers the longest quotation of the Old Testament to appear in the entire New Testament. He quotes Jeremiah as that prophet looks forward to a relationship between God and Israel that surpasses anything yet experienced. For Paul, Jeremiah’s words are fulfilled in Christ. A key sentence of the prophecy is the subject of this exquisite text treatment. l LR059000XF 12 x 12

Vision of the New Jerusalem Revelation 21:16-27 Artist: Donald Jackson Unlike much of the other apocalyptic literature of its day, Revelation does not dwell on destruction but rather focuses on fulfillment and redemption of creation by describing the heavenly Jerusalem. The city represents the universe re-created in Christ, constructed in perfect measurements, adorned with precious stones, and paved in gold. All evil, pain, and death are banished by the eternal goodness of God. There is no sun or moon, for the divine light will shine eternally. l LR091092NF 30 x 23



Ruth, the Gleaner

David Anthology

Ruth 2:2-23 Artist: Suzanne Moore

1 Samuel 16–2 Samuel 24 Artist: Donald Jackson

Ruth’s permitted gleaning from a harvested field leads to love and marriage for her and the landowner, providing the “seed” for the future king. Ruth carries a basket of abundance and promise as the lines of her dress cascade down into a graceful design of Stars of David.

This abstract depiction of Jerusalem, a city made holy by David’s placing of the tented ark within it, is filled with many arches and alleyways through which the eye is invited to wander upward toward gilded domes and beyond to the natural world and sky.

v HB043000NF 15 x 22 v HB043000HG 18 x 26

v HB083000NF 15 x 22 v HB083000HG 18 x 26

$195.00 $295.00

$195.00 $295.00





Elisha and the Six Miracles 2 Kings 4–6 Artists: Donald Jackson, in collaboration with Aidan Hart This illumination shows key elements from each of the miracles Elisha continued to work after taking on Elijah’s mantle in Israel. Gilded gateway motifs rest along the top of the image offering welcome, direction, and a passage through which God’s love and power may flow down.

v HB121000XF 10 x 12


Joshua Anthology Joshua 1–24 Artist: Donald Jackson This first major illumination in Historical Books focuses on the Children of Israel crossing into the Promised Land—a journey that initially began in Egypt. Donald Jackson sets the stage of this volume here by introducing several symbolic visuals that reappear throughout the work and tie its threads together.

v HB005000NF 15 x 22 v HB005000HG 18 x 26

Saul Anthology

Hannah’s Prayer

1 Samuel 9–31 Artists: Donald Jackson, in collaboration with Aidan Hart

1 Samuel 1:11, 2:1–10 Artist: Thomas Ingmire

The background of this illumination is divided by bands of gold, green, and dark purple, which represent the three-tiered hierarchy of God, Prophet, and earthly King. Numerous visual elements tell the details of Saul’s story.

This special treatment reflects the contrasting parts of the text: Hannah’s prayer and then her praise for a prayer answered. The right side is an image of praise and thanksgiving, and the vivid colors and gold celebrate her victory and joy.

v HB069000SF 10 x 20

v HB000046SF 10 x 20



$195.00 $295.00

Elijah and the Fiery Chariot 2 Kings 2:1-14 Artists: Donald Jackson, in collaboration with Aidan Hart In this illumination Elisha is straining upward as Elijah is carried away in a fiery chariot. Elijah’s arms stretch in two directions; one toward his Heavenly Father and the other earthward as he drops his mantle to his successor, passing on the gift of prophecy.

v HB117000NF 15 x 22 v HB117000HG 18 x 26

$195.00 $295.00

Ruth and Naomi Ruth 1:16-18 Artist: Suzanne Moore Bereft of her husband and two sons in a foreign country, Ruth’s mother-in-law, Naomi, returns to Bethlehem in a time of famine. This illumination of the women’s inward-leaning posture suggests feelings of mutual love and support as they look into the distance together.

v HB000042XF 10 x 12


Tent Detail from David Anthology 2 Samuel 6:17 Artist: Donald Jackson This detail accompanies the David Anthology. The Ark of the Covenant is brought into the midst of Jerusalem and placed inside the tent that David has pitched for it.

v HB000082XF 10 x 12




Opening of Genesis


Genesis 1:1-25 Artist: Donald Jackson with contributions from Chris Tomlin This opening illumination to the book of Genesis sets out each step in the creation of the world. Gold is used throughout to symbolize God’s intervention in the chaos and his ordering of the universe and its elements. Symbolic fractals imply that even in chaos there is order, and exploding telescopic views of the cosmos have within them a structure of God’s making.

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Creation, Covenant, Shekinah, Kingdom Wisdom of Solomon 10–11 Artist: Donald Jackson This illumination suggests a comparison to the four elements: earth, water, fire, and air. The panels depict the creation, flood, exodus, and temple vision, an account of the unfolding drama of God’s relationship with humankind.

v WS077078SF 20 x 10 $125.00 v WS077078LF 40 x 20 $450.00

Best Seller!

Creation v PT001000NF 15 x 22 $195.00 v PT001000HG 18 x 26 $295.00

v PT001002NF 30 x 23 $395.00 v PT001002HG 36 x 28 $495.00

Acts Frontispiece and Incipit Acts of the Apostles 1:1–2:14 Artist: Donald Jackson In this scene, Luke the Evangelist, the author of Acts, gives a new interpretation to the Day of the Lord. Rather than a day of gloom and judgment, the Day of the Lord here is one of fulfillment of time and history. There is awe and fear, but not terror. The keys of Peter on the right suggest the Spirit’s dwelling within the church.

Milkweed and Butterfly

Thistle and Butterfly

The shorter and longer ending of the Gospel of Mark

Genesis 3 and 4 Artist: Chris Tomlin The flora and fauna of Central Minnesota appear on several pages to designate the time and place of this twenty-first-century manuscript’s creation. v PT005000SF 8 x 20 v PT005000LF 16 x 40

$95.00 $295.00

Artist: Chris Tomlin Butterflies and milkweed are part of the Minnesota flora and fauna represented in this twenty-first-century Bible.

GA047000SF l GA047000LF l

8 x 20 16 x 40

$95.00 $295.00

Pentecost l l

GA105000NF 15 x 22 $195.00 GA105000HG 18 x 26 $295.00

l l

GA105106NF 30 x 23 $395.00 GA105106HG 36 x 28 $495.00




Opening of The Gospel of Luke

Opening of The Gospel of Matthew


Luke 1:1-45

Matthew 1:1-17 Artist: Donald Jackson

Artist: Donald Jackson

Representing the genealogy of Jesus as told in the Gospel of Matthew, Jesus’ family tree is depicted as a Jewish menorah, intertwined with spirals suggestive of DNA strands. The names of the men and women in the family tree are written in both Hebrew and English. Donald Jackson has incorporated designs common to several religions, some of which are inspired by illuminations from the Qur’an.

All eyes are drawn to the crib in this illumination of the Birth of Christ from the Gospel of Luke. The presence of the child is central, yet we do not see the baby. The faces of the Virgin Mary, Joseph, and the gathered shepherds glow with light from the crib. A favorite print for celebrating the seasons of Advent and Christmas.

Best Seller!

Birth of Christ

Genealogy of Jesus l l

GA001000NF 15 x 22 $195.00 GA001000HG 18 x 26 $295.00

GA001002NF 30 x 23 $395.00 l GA001002HG 36 x 28 $495.00 l

l l

GA049000NF 15 x 22 GA049000HG 18 x 26

$195.00 $295.00

l l

GA049050NF 30 x 23 $395.00 GA049050HG 36 x 28 $495.00

Opening of The Gospel of John

Opening of The Gospel of Mark

John 1:1-30

Mark 1:1-29 Artist: Donald Jackson

Artist: Donald Jackson

After baptizing Jesus, John the Baptizer observes Christ standing in the river, cast in gold, which is reflected on the top of the water. Angels wait to take Jesus away and crowds surround him; yet there is a hint of darkness with the spiders. This is the only place in the New Testament pages of The Saint John’s Bible that includes the patron of Saint John’s Abbey.

The Living Word steps from the darkness, which recalls the chaos and nothingness of the creation story, and moves toward light and order. The texture behind the head of Christ is inspired by an image taken from the Hubble Space Telescope and lends a breathtaking cosmic character to the whole action taking place. To the left, an intriguing keyhole recalls the tradition of locked manuscripts, holding the “key” to the Word of God.

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Baptism of Jesus GA029000NF 15 x 22 $195.00 l GA029000HG 18 x 26 $295.00 l

GA029030NF 30 x 23 l GA029030HG 36 x 28 l

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Word Made Flesh l l

GA081000NF 15 x 22 GA081000HG 18 x 26

$195.00 $295.00

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GA081082NF 30 x 23 $395.00 GA081082HG 36 x 28 $495.00





Life in Community

Messianic Predictions

Acts 4 Artists: Aidan Hart in collaboration with Donald Jackson

Isaiah 7, 9, 11 Artist: Thomas Ingmire This text treatment is filled with explosive energy, color, and radiating gold. Familiar gilded phrases burst out of the foundational text— Prince of Peace, King of Kings, Everlasting Peace, God Is with Us Immanuel, For unto Us a Child Is Born, Hallelujah!—foretelling the coming of our savior. Isaiah’s prophecies have had an enduring influence on Western civilization. Handel used Isaiah 9:6-7 for one of the great choral sections of the Messiah.

In this passage Luke describes his ideal community, depicted here as a circle of people sharing a never-ending common table. This illumination is a favorite among Saint John’s University alumni because of its references to the campus. The abbey bell banner, the Stella Maris Chapel, and Beuronese art found in the Great Hall are all shown along with Saint Benedict and Saint Scholastica.

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GA000110XF 12 x 12

v PR000012NF 15 x 22 v PR000012HG 18 x 26

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Beatitudes Matthew 5–7 Artist: Thomas Ingmire

Sower and the Seed Mark 4 Artists: Aidan Hart with contributions from Donald Jackson and Sally Mae Joseph

Special calligraphic treatments in The Saint John’s Bible are designed to celebrate the text and are perfect for well-known passages such as the Sermon on the Mount. Artist Thomas Ingmire gives special attention to the Beatitudes here, writing them with a style and movement that allows the words to become the art itself. The right side is a repetitive treatment of the word “blessed” that joins with the gold lettering to express Jesus’ rich teaching.

Aidan Hart represents this passage with an icon in which Jesus is wearing blue jeans, scattering the seeds into the text of the gospel. A bird searches for seed on thorny ground and rocky soil as well as on fertile land. l

GA000032XF 10 x 12


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Numbers 6:24–26 Artist: Suzanne Moore

End of Acts of the Apostles Artists: Donald Jackson with contributions from Sally Mae Joseph and Andrew Jamieson


GA131000XF 12 x 12 $90.00

$195.00 $295.00

The Lord Bless You

To the Ends of the Earth

This important text emphasizes the apostolic mission of the church to spread the word of salvation and to live as God’s people with love and compassion for all. The contemporary image of the earth is combined with gold stamps to celebrate the Creator’s presence.

GA000006NF 15 x 22 GA000006HG 18 x 26

This familiar passage is a blessing dear to many and used at the conclusion of evening prayer for Benedictines at Saint John’s Abbey. Here, it receives a special treatment, bringing it to a visual expression with pastel colors and lovely calligraphy.

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Best Seller!

“The Lord bless you and keep you; the Lord make his face to shine upon you, and be gracious to you; the Lord lift up his countenance upon you, and give you peace.” v PT000102XF

10 x 12






Like Clay in the Hand of the Potter

Opening of Psalms

Sirach 33:13 Artist: Donald Jackson God has molded us and assigned us each our particular talents and quirks. Like a hand-fashioned piece of clay, each unique piece reflects its maker. For this reason we are all special, and we are continually molded as we seek wisdom and grow. The dynamic shape of the text and the subtle shifts of color speak to God’s playfulness, making us “as he pleases,” in all our diversity. The text itself conforms to the shape of a hand cupping rotating clay. Finally, as a potter puts a mark on a finished work, so this text treatment ends as if God had pressed a thumb to the page, represented here by Donald Jackson’s own thumbprint.

v WS111000SF 10 x 20 v WS111000LF 20 x 40


Artist: Donald Jackson Scribe: Brian Simpson For centuries, the book of Psalms or “praises” has been a source of prayer, devotion, and inspiration. Part of the popularity of the Psalms is that they incorporate the entire breadth of human emotion and experience—joy, fear, anger, and love. Illuminations from this volume hint at how we might “see” psalms if they were sung or read poetically.

$125.00 $450.00

Faithful Friends Sirach 6:14–22 Artist: Diane M. von Arx Like so many texts in Wisdom Books, this one is rich with metaphors: friends are a treasure and a saving medicine; wisdom is a good seed planted by those who toil in her garden; these laborers will harvest her fruits; for the undisciplined, however, wisdom is a heavy stone to be cast aside. This colorful print keeps the truth of good values ever before us, instructing us to cultivate wisdom and be disciplined. The result will be lasting friendships and peace in our relationships well into old age.

v WS000090SF 10 x 20 v WS000090LF 20 x 40

Psalms One v PS003000XF 10 x 20


$125.00 $450.00

Hymn to a Virtuous Woman

v PS001002NF 25 x 28 $395.00 v PS001002HG 36 x 28 $495.00

Offset prints Some of the most cherished prayers of the Bible are available from The Saint John’s Bible as beautiful offset prints.

• Quality 80-pound paper • Professionally printed • Beautiful and affordable • 11 x 14, $20.00 each

Proverbs 31:1-31 Artist: Hazel Dolby Hazel Dolby’s treatment of this passage takes the form of a tapestry. It is a tribute to traditional women’s crafts, embroidery and quilting, gardening and ceramics. It also draws on the nature of proverbs themselves, often used to adorn samplers hung in kitchens and over doorways. A sampler is a daily reminder of the wisdom that resides in the verse. The tassels on this image are reminiscent of the tassels on Jewish prayer shawls, also meant to remind the wearer to pray.

v WS051000SF 10 x 20 v WS051000LF 20 x 40

$125.00 $450.00

The Lord’s Prayer Matthew 6:9-13 Artist: Donald Jackson 978-0-8146-9080-2

Hear O Israel Mark 12:29-31 Artist: Hazel Dolby 978-0-8146-9081-9

You Shall Love Canticle of Mary Luke 1:46-55 the Lord… Matthew 22:38-40 Artist: Hazel Dolby 978-0-8146-9082-6

Artist: Sally Mae Joseph 978-0-8146-9083-3 

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Letter to the Seven Churches with the Heavenly Choir In John’s vision of heavenly worship, the creatures before God’s throne cry out, “Holy, holy, holy, the Lord God almighty, who was and is and is to come” (4:8). In this illumination, their praise adorns the banner, which is topped by crosses representing several different Christian traditions. Above it, the words “Holy, Holy, Holy” are written in Ge’ez (Ethiopian), Greek, and Latin.

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The Saint John's Bible Catalog 2012  

The Saint Johns's Bible 2012 Catalog

The Saint John's Bible Catalog 2012  

The Saint Johns's Bible 2012 Catalog