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Lawrence J. Johnson

Worship in the Early Church is a four-volume collection of excerpts from early Christian writings illustrating the church’s liturgical practice in both East and West, from its Jewish beginnings through the end of the sixth century.

Advance, Retreat, and Compromise in the Remaking of Catholic Church Architecture

Michael E. DeSanctis Michael DeSanctis treats a variety of topics that concern the creation and use of liturgical space. 978-0-8146-2755-6 Paperback, 128 pp., was $24.95 NOW $16.22

CD-ROM Edition

Gertrud Mueller Nelson 978-0-8146-6188-8 CD, was $39.95 NOW $25.97

Documents on the Liturgy: 1963–1979

Conciliar, Papal, and Curial Texts

The church’s liturgical documents of this crucial period remain key points of reference today. 978-0-8146-1281-1 Hardcover, 1,511 pp., was $69.95 NOW $45.47

The Genius of the Roman Rite On the Reception and Implementation of the New Missal Keith F. Pecklers, SJ This book helps clergy and laity alike to better grasp the rationale for the new translation of The Roman Missal by considering the wider context of the Rite itself. 978-0-8146-6021-8 Paperback, 160 pp., was $19.95 NOW $12.97

Liturgical Art for a Media Culture

Eileen D. Crowley An honest look at the “perils and possibilities” of media in worship that gives readers both a framework for evaluating and a model for implementing media in worship. 978-0-8146-2968-0 Paperback, 104 pp., was $8.95 NOW $5.82 • 1-800-858-5450

An Anthology of Historical Sources

Building from Belief

Clip Art for Feasts and Seasons, Celebrations and Service


Worship in the Early Church

Words And Gestures In The Liturgy

Antonio Donghi; Translated by William McDonough, Dominic Serra, and Ted Bertagni This book is a call to attentiveness to pull readers out of passivity and into an active and knowledgeable participation in the worship of God. 978-0-8146-6222-9 Paperback, 120 pp., was $18.95 NOW $12.32

Volume 1 978-0-8146-6197-0 Hardcover, 312 pp., was $74.95 NOW $48.72

Volume 2 978-0-8146-6198-7 Hardcover, 488 pp., was $94.95 NOW $61.72

Volume 3 978-0-8146-6199-4 Hardcover, 424 pp., was $84.95 NOW $55.22

Volume 4 978-0-8146-6226-7 Hardcover, 328 pp., was $84.95 NOW $55.22

50% Building a New Church A Process Manual for Pastors and Lay Leaders

James E. Healy, STL; Foreword by Nathan D. Mitchell Provides engaging ideas for involving the parish community in decision making and for ensuring that the process of building a new church is a prayerful and sacred time. 978-0-8146-3269-7 Paperback, 152 pp., was $18.95 NOW $9.48

Cultivating Soil and Soul Twentieth-Century Catholic Agrarians Embrace the Liturgical Movement

Michael Woods, SJ Those interested in issues of social justice, sacramental engagement, and even the development of the vernacular in the liturgy will explore these and other topics in this unique archival investigation. 978-0-8146-6224-3 Paperback, 320 pp., was $39.95 NOW $19.98

Honoring the Dead

Catholics and Cremation Today

H. Richard Rutherford, CSC Explore the Catholic heritage behind cremation directives and find a practical guide to how the cremated remains of the deceased may be present in the Catholic funeral liturgy. 978-0-8146-2714-3 Paperback, 32 pp., was $3.95 NOW $1.98

Introduction to the Order of Mass

A Pastoral Resource of the Bishops’ Committee on the Liturgy

The Bishops’ Committee on the Liturgy, United States Conference of Catholic Bishops (USCCB) Ideal for pastoral musicians, liturgy committee members, and those interested in better understanding the Mass. 978-0-8146-2919-2 Paperback, 132 pp., was $14.95 NOW $7.48

Let Us Pray

Clip Art for Feasts and Seasons

A Guide to the Rubrics of Sunday Mass Paul Turner Let Us Pray gives helpful explanations for the principal rubrics for a typical Sunday Mass as found in the second edition of The Roman Missal. 978-0-8146-6213-7 Paperback, 192 pp., was $23.95 NOW $11.98

Expanded Edition

Lord, Teach Us to Pray


Gertrud Mueller Nelson Illustrates themes in the gospels of the three-year cycle, ministerial roles, and portraits of the saints—more than 300 pieces. 978-0-8146-6041-6 Paperback, 224 pp., was $15.95 NOW $3.99

Clip Art of the Old Testament

The Meaning and Beauty of the Roman Catholic Mass

Helen Siegl These block print illustrations will add meaning and interest to any bulletin or announcement. Helen Siegl provides images from nearly every book of the Hebrew Scriptures. 978-0-8146-6010-2 Paperback, 128 pp., was $15.95 NOW $3.99

Pax Christi Catholic Community Lord, Teach Us to Pray will help smooth the transition to the revised prayer texts of The Roman Missal, Third Edition. 978-0-8146-3417-2 DVD, was $29.95 NOW $14.98

Worshiping Well

Contemplative Participation

A Mass Guide for Planners and Participants

Sacrosanctum Concilium Twenty-Five Years Later

Lawrence E. Mick Worshiping Well offers readers an opportunity to review their own parish’s worship step by step. 978-0-8146-2423-4 Paperback, 120 pp., was $14.95 NOW $7.48

Mary Collins, OSB Collins discusses the solid developments in liturgical spirituality that have occurred as a result of Sacrosanctum Concilium. 978-0-8146-1922-3 Paperback, 96 pp., was $5.95 NOW $1.49


The Eucharistic Celebration The Source and Summit of Faith

Adolf Adam; Robert C. Schultz, Translator Each part of the Mass is explained using understandable terminology. Useful in increasing appreciation of the Mass among the faithful, in catechetical instruction, and in preaching. 978-0-8146-6123-9 Paperback, 152 pp., was $12.95 NOW $3.24

Art and Worship

Christopher Irvine and Anne Dawtry Art and Worship explores the relationship between religion and the visual arts and provides advice on how to commission works of art, how to place them, and how to hold art exhibitions in church. 978-0-8146-6026-3 Paperback, 112 pp., was $12.95 NOW $3.24

Celebrating the Easter Vigil

The Church Year and the Art of Clemens Schmidt With CD-ROM

Clemens Schmidt, Designer; Placid Stuckenschneider, OSB, Editor Includes more than 105 quality black-and-white images (300 dpi) on one CD-ROM. Average image size is 2½ x 2½ inches at 100%. 978-0-8146-2905-5 Paperback with CD, 64 pp., was $24.95 NOW $6.24

Deals that will you away!

blow • 1-800-858-5450

Rupert Berger and Hans Hollerweger, Editors; Matthew J. O’Connell, Translator Articulates the extraordinary possibilities latent in the Vigil for celebrating communal life and deepening spiritual understanding. 978-0-8146-6056-0 Paperback, 157 pp., was $12.95 NOW $3.24



Living Liturgy™ Sunday Missal 2014

This annual, one-issue Sunday Mass pew missal is compatible with any hymnal program and affordably priced for parishes. 978-0-8146-3504-9 Paperback, 448 pp., was $9.95 NOW $2.49

Living Liturgy™ for Cantors Year A (2014)

Joyce Ann Zimmerman, CPPS; Kathleen Harmon, SNDdeN; and Christopher W. Conlon, SM A spiritual resource for cantors, designed to help them perform their ministry with more meaning and beauty. 978-0-8146-3501-8 Paperback, 220 pp., was $9.95 NOW $2.49

Living Liturgy™ for Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion Year A (2014)

Joyce Ann Zimmerman, CPPS; Kathleen Harmon, SNDdeN; and Christopher W. Conlon, SM Nourish your Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion so they can help nourish others. 978-0-8146-3502-5 Paperback, 136 pp., was $9.95 NOW $2.49

A Precious Fountain

Music in the Worship of an African American Catholic Community

Mary E. McGann, RSCJ This work of liturgical ethnography probes the rich liturgical life of one worshiping community whose roots and practices are at once black and Catholic. 978-0-8146-6207-6 Paperback, 376 pp., was $29.95 NOW $7.49

Preparing The Liturgical Year • 1-800-858-5450

Corbin Eddy Each paperback contains 48 pp., were $3.95 each NOW $0.99 each


Volume 1: Sunday and the Paschal Triduum 978-0-8146-2487-6

Volume 2: Lent-Easter and Advent-Christmas 978-0-8146-2488-3

Worship and Christian Identity Practicing Ourselves

E. Byron Anderson; Don E. Saliers, Editor Argues that sacramental and liturgical practices are the central means by which a church shapes the faith, character, and consciousness of its members. 978-0-8146-6192-5 Paperback, 240 pp., was $24.95 NOW $6.24

Living Liturgy™

Spirituality, Celebration, and Catechesis for Sundays and Solemnities; Year A (2014)

Joyce Ann Zimmerman, CPPS; Kathleen Harmon, SNDdeN; and Christopher W. Conlon, SM Living Liturgy™ is the indispensable resource that supports parish ministers of all types in preparing well for the celebration of Mass for Sundays, solemnities, and select other days, so that celebrating the liturgy and living a liturgical spirituality go hand-in-hand. Written by a pastorally experienced team with expertise in Scripture, spiritual direction, liturgy, and liturgical music, Living Liturgy™ integrates daily living, prayer and study. 978-0-8146-3503-2 Paperback, 320 pp., was $16.95 NOW $4.24

35% In Harmony with God Choral Prayer and Preparation

Lynn Trapp and Carol Leitschuh This resource combines the key components of the choir minister—song, Scripture, prayer, reflection, and vocal pedagogy—to enhance the work of the group, providing a sacred context in which all rehearsal takes place.

Choir Member Edition 978-0-8146-3087-7 Paperback, 32 pp., was $6.95 NOW $4.52

Director Edition 978-0-8146-3091-4 Plastic coil binding, 48 pp., was $9.95 NOW $6.47

A Psallite Triptych

Sacred Songs for Liturgy and Life

The Collegeville Composers Group Includes each CD from the Psallite collections: Where Two or Three Are Gathered—Year A, Walk in My Ways—Year B, and We Will Follow You, Lord—Year C. 978-0-8146-7966-1 3 CD package, was $39.95 NOW $25.97

50% The Collegeville Hymnal

Edward McKenna, General Editor This hymnal includes an impressive mix of musical styles, usability, comprehensiveness, diversity, and balance. 978-0-8146-1569-0 Paperback, 688 pp., was $11.95 NOW $5.98

The Easter Procession Encounters with the Risen Christ

The Schola Cantorum of St. Peter the Apostle; J. Michael Thompson, Director; James E. Clemens, Composer 978-0-8146-7957-9 CD, 60 min., was $16.95 NOW $8.48

Music for the Twelve Days of Christmas

Rock-A My Soul

An Invitation to Rock Your Religion

David Nantais A captivating survey of rock music and organized religion. If you are trying to figure out how to connect rock and faith in your life, Nantais blazes a trail to follow. 978-0-8146-3354-0 Paperback, 184 pp., was $15.95 NOW $7.98

75% The Collegeville Hymnal Organ Accompaniment

This edition includes all of the music that is in the pew edition. Its vertical page format and easy binding makes page-turning easier.


The Schola Cantorum of St. Peter the Apostle; J. Michael Thompson, Director This collection continues the celebration of the Christmas season by rejoicing in the birth of the Savior. 978-0-8146-7902-9 CD, 59 min., was $16.95 NOW $8.48

978-0-8146-1965-0 Ease binding, Two-volume set, 1,200 pp., was $45.00 NOW $11.25

How Awesome This Place Where Two or Three Are Gathered—Year A Accompaniment Book Music from Psallite

The Collegeville Composers Group

This collection contains accompaniments for 25 of the selections from Psallite composed for Liturgical Year A. 978-0-8146-3077-8 Paperback, 64 pp., was $11.95 NOW $5.98

This collection contains 25 of the titles from Psallite composed for Liturgical Year A. 978-0-8146-7965-4 CD, 60 min., was $16.95 NOW $8.48

Walk in My Ways— Year B Accompaniment Book Music from Psallite

The Collegeville Composers Group

This collection contains accompaniments, along with reprintable antiphon graphics for 27 of the selections from Psallite composed for Liturgical Year B. 978-0-8146-3058-7 Paperback, 80 pp., was $11.95 NOW $5.98

A CD recording containing 27 selections composed for Liturgical Year B from the full collection of music composed for Psallite.

We Will Follow You, Lord—Year C Accompaniment Book Music from Psallite

The Collegeville Composers Group

This collection contains accompaniments and reprintable antiphon graphics for 28 of the titles from Psallite composed for Liturgical Year C. 978-0-8146-3075-4 Paperback, 64 pp., was $11.95 NOW $5.98

This collection contains 28 of the titles from Psallite composed for Liturgical Year C. 978-0-8146-7964-7 CD, 60 min., was $16.95 NOW $8.48

The Schola Cantorum of St. Peter the Apostle; J. Michael Thompson, Director 978-0-8146-7923-4 CD, 60 min., was $16.95 NOW $4.24

In Honor of St. Francis

Music for the Little Poor Man of Assisi

The Schola Cantorum of St. Peter the Apostle; J. Michael Thompson, Director A live recording of the tenth anniversary concert performance of the Schola on the solemnity of St. Francis of Assisi. 978-0-8146-7948-7 CD, 60 min., was $16.95 NOW $4.24

In Honor of St. Patrick Chant for His Feast

The Schola Cantorum of St. Peter’s-inthe-Loop Church, Chicago; J. Michael Thompson, Director Includes the First Vespers and Mass for the feast of St. Patrick. 978-0-8146-7927-2 CD, 60 min., was $16.95 NOW $4.24

Lift Up Your Hearts

Music for the Order of Mass according to the Third Edition of The Roman Missal: People’s Edition

Contains the revised Order of Mass— with ICEL chants—plus ten inspiring new Mass settings. This resource contains everything an assembly needs to transition from the current Roman Missal to the third edition. 978-0-8146-3379-3 Paperback (Individual), 104 pp., was $5.95 NOW $1.49 978-0-8146-3407-3 Paperback (Pack of 10), 104 pp., was $29.95 NOW $7.49

Lord, by Your Cross and Resurrection

The Chants of By Flowing Waters for Holy Week and Easter Sunday Paul F. Ford 978-0-8146-2762-4 Paperback, 32 pp., was $3.00 NOW $0.75

Paul F. Ford; The Schola Cantorum of St. Peter the Apostle; J. Michael Thompson, Director 978-0-8146-7951-7 Two-volume CD collection, 116 min., was $24.95 NOW $6.24 • 1-800-858-5450

978-0-8146-7960-9 CD, 60 min., was $16.95 NOW $8.48

Morning and Evening Prayer for the Anniversary of the Dedication of a Church


Ritual Resources

50% Lectionary for Mass CLASSIC EDITION Volume I: Sundays 978-0-8146-2531-6 Hardcover, 1,260 pp., was $59.95 NOW $29.98

Volume II: Proper of Seasons for Weekdays, Year I; Proper of Saints; Common of Saints

75% Lectionary for Masses with Children: Year B (Sundays) Pueblo Books Edition

This Lectionary features large readable type, two-color printing, an attractive as well as sturdy cover, and ribbon marker. 978-0-8146-6137-6 Hardcover, 288 pp., was $24.95 NOW $6.24

978-0-8146-2883-6 Hardcover, 2,048 pp., was $79.95 NOW $39.98

Volume III: Proper of Seasons for Weekdays, Year II; Proper of Saints; Common of Saints 978-0-8146-2879-9 Hardcover, 2,016 pp., was $79.95 NOW $39.98

Volume IV: Common of Saints, Ritual Masses, Masses for Various Needs and Occasions, Votive Masses, and Masses for the Dead 978-0-8146-2880-5 Hardcover, 1,328 pp., was $79.95 NOW $39.98

Lectionary for Mass CHAPEL EDITION Volume II: Proper of Seasons for Weekdays, Year I; Proper of Saints; Common of Saints 978-0-8146-2884-3 Hardcover, 2,048 pp., was $69.95 NOW $34.98

Volume III: Proper of Seasons for Weekdays, Year II; Proper of Saints; Common of Saints 978-0-8146-2881-2 Hardcover, 2,016 pp., was $69.95 NOW $34.98

Volume IV: Common of Saints, Ritual Masses, Masses for Various Needs and Occasions, Votive Masses, and Masses for the Dead 978-0-8146-2882-9 Hardcover, 1,328 pp., was $69.95 NOW $34.98

Lectionary for Mass Volume I (Sundays): Study Edition

A paperbound, study edition of volume I of the Lectionary for Mass. Includes a synoptic chart of the readings, a comparative chart of differences between the 1970 Lectionary for Mass and this Lectionary, and a chart comparing the 1992 Canadian Lectionary with the 1998 U.S. Lectionary. 978-0-8146-2588-0 Paperback, 1,392 pp., was $29.95 NOW $14.98 • 1-800-858-5450

Marriage in Christ

A marriage preparation resource updated in 2006 to include new Lectionary readings for the sacrament of marriage.


978-0-8146-3378-6 Booklet, 16 pp., was $2.00 NOW $1.00

978-0-8146-1704-5 Paperback, 72 pp., was $3.95 NOW $1.98

Order of Christian Funerals Appendix Cremation

Contains texts and ritual adaptations for the celebration of funeral rites in the presence of cremated remains. 978-0-8146-2514-9 Paperback, 12 pp., was $1.95 NOW $0.49

Order of Christian Funerals Ritual de exequias Cristianas Funeral Mass; Bilingual People’s Edition Misa Exequial; Bilingüe edición del pueblo 978-0-8146-2927-7 Paperback/En rústica, 88 pp./págs., was/era $3.50 NOW/AHORA $0.89

Order of Christian Funerals Music Accompaniment for the Funeral Mass

All accompaniment for the music in the Minister’s Edition is given. A special “ease” binding allows the book to open fully, and the vertical page format reduces page-turning. 978-0-8146-1506-5 Paperback, 192 pp., was $12.95 NOW $3.24

Order of Christian Funerals Vigil Service, Bilingual People’s Edition

Ritual de exequias Cristianas

Vigilia por un difunto Vísperas, Edición bilingüe del pueblo 978-0-8146-2928-4 Paperback/En rústica, 72 pp./págs., was/era $4.95 NOW/AHORA $1.24

Order of Christian Funerals Vigil Service and Evening Prayer Leaders’ Edition

Contains the full services for the Vigil and Evening Prayer, a musical setting for Evening Prayer, and a selection of prayers, readings, responsorial psalms, and litanies. 978-0-8146-1503-4 Paperback, 132 pp., was $6.95 NOW $1.74

Order of Mass Hymnal Insert

Help your parishioners pray well from the moment the new missal is introduced by providing them with our Order of Mass Hymnal Insert. Available in a booklet format with larger type that can be added easily to your current hymnal using attached glue strip.

Order for the Solemn Exposition of the Holy Eucharist Music Accompaniment

This collection is arranged so that it may be used for one or several days, according to local custom or pastoral need. 978-0-8146-2199-8 Spiral binding, 112 pp., was $24.95 NOW $6.24

Conditions are perfect for Ministry

great deals

35% Creating Uncommon Worship

Transforming the Liturgy of the Eucharist Richard Giles A groundbreaking resource that seeks to transform the way worship is conducted and experienced. 978-0-8146-1518-8 Paperback, 224 pp., was $34.95 NOW $22.72

El ministerio de la hospitalidad

James A. Comiskey; Colette Joly Dees, Traductora Monseñor Comiskey da sugerencias prácticas de cómo ofrecer hospitalidad en los momentos sacramentales mientras uno enseña, sirve, saluda, o en la vida diaria. 978-0-8146-2070-0 En rústica, 48 págs., era $4.95 AHOra $3.22

Lay Leaders of Worship A Practical and Spiritual Guide

Genuine Leather Edition 978-0-8146-9064-2 was $495.00 NOW $349.00 Bonded Leather Edition 978-0-8146-9097-0 was $395.00 NOW $299.00

See more of on pages 36–38.

Living L’Arche

Stories of Compassion, Love, and Disability

Kevin Scott Reimer Living L’Arche explores the origins and characteristics of compassionate love in those who care for the disabled. 978-0-8146-3299-4 Hardcover, 192 pp., was $26.95 NOW $17.52


Newman’s Own Selection of His Sermons Edited with an Introduction by Vincent Ferrer Blehl, SJ; Foreword by Muriel Spark This collection of his sermons—the ones Newman himself felt were his best—is the ideal introduction to one of the greatest writers in the Christian tradition. 978-0-8146-3290-1 Paperback, 192 pp., was $19.95 NOW $12.97 • 1-800-858-5450

As the most visible book to the assembly, The Book of the Gospels symbolizes the presence of Christ in the liturgical celebration while exemplifying our reverence for the holy Gospel. This extraordinary edition, drawn from the Lectionary for Mass with New American Bible text, adds brilliance with glorious, hand-illuminated artwork from the pages of The Saint John’s Bible.

Kathleen H. Brown Brown describes the ministerial identity of a lay leader of worship in terms of authority, spirituality, skills, and relationships. Practical suggestions for the spiritual formation and growth of a lay leader of worship are also provided. 978-0-8146-2954-3 Paperback, 136 pp., was $11.95 NOW $7.77



50% Clerical Culture

Contradiction and Transformation

Michael L. Papesh Papesh calls for a spiritual approach to cultural transformation through leadership: in holiness, in love, and in justice. 978-0-8146-3001-3 Paperback, 208 pp., was $16.95 NOW $8.48

Priestly Ministry in Multiple Parishes

Katarina Schuth, OSF In Priestly Ministry in Multiple Parishes, we hear the voices of pastors as they express the rewards and challenges of serving more than one parish. 978-0-8146-1829-5 Paperback, 256 pp., was $19.95 NOW $9.98

Seasons In The Word Liturgical Homilies Year B

Lay Preaching State of the Question

Patricia A. Parachini, SNJM Offers a new emphasis on the important role of the laity in spreading the Gospel. 978-0-8146-2549-1 Paperback, 72 pp., was $15.95 NOW $7.98

John Sandell Seasons in the Word is part of a threevolume collection of homilies covering the Lectionary, including feast days. 978-0-8146-2586-6 Paperback, 120 pp., was $10.95 NOW $5.48

Stewards of God’s Mysteries Priestly Spirituality in a Changing Church

Planning the Catholic Funeral

Terence P. Curley An important tool for those who assist grieving family and friends to effectively plan ministries that celebrate the death of a Christian in a meaningful and loving way. 978-0-8146-1524-9 Paperback, 48 pp., was $5.00; 20 or more copies, $3.50 NOW $2.50; 20 or more copies, $1.75

Preaching to a Multi-generational Assembly

Andrew Carl Wisdom, OP Preaching to a Multi-generational Assembly addresses how to effectively and credibly preach to all generations at the same time in the same setting. 978-0-8146-2933-8 Paperback, 160 pp., was $12.95 NOW $6.48

Preaching Romans • 1-800-858-5450

Proclaiming God’s Saving Grace


Frank J. Matera This slender volume is a gift to homilists who wish to preach from Romans with greater confidence and to proclaim Paul’s theologically rich and assuring message of God’s saving grace. 978-0-8146-3318-2 Paperback, 136 pp., was $14.95 NOW $7.48

Paul Philibert, OP, STD Considers how priests participate in the dying and rising of their Lord through challenges and joys that are rooted in our changing culture, in the growing diversity of our Catholic world, and in the demands of their own ministry. 978-0-8146-2976-5 Paperback, 104 pp., was $9.95 NOW $4.98

Vote Catholic?

Beyond the Political Din

Bernard F. Evans This straightforward presentation will help readers go to the polls with faith and confidence. 978-0-8146-2946-8 Paperback, 112 pp., was $9.95 NOW $4.98

Written Text Becomes Living Word The Vision and Practice of Sunday Preaching

Stephen Vincent DeLeers Drawing from official Roman Catholic documents, DeLeers summarizes a vision for the homily with five characteristics: personal, liturgical, inculturating, clarifying, and actualizing. 978-0-8146-2759-4 Paperback, 216 pp., was $17.95 NOW $8.98

Preparing Parish Liturgies A Guide to Resources

Rita Ann Thiron Provides historical background, brief synopses, and outlines of the church’s major liturgical books and documents summarized in one volume. 978-0-8146-2980-2 Paperback, 288 pp., was $24.95 NOW $12.48

Approaching! A warm front of



Preparing for Liturgy Preparing the Assembly to Celebrate

Exploring the Catechism of the Catholic Church

Kim Aldi-Wanner 978-0-8146-2500-2

The Celebration of the Christian Mystery Jane E. Regan 978-0-8146-2337-4 Leaflet, 6 pp., was $0.20 per leaflet NOW $0.05 per leaflet

Life in Christ

Timothy Backous, OSB 978-0-8146-2338-1 Leaflet, 6 pp., was $0.20 per leaflet NOW $0.05 per leaflet

Hunger For The Word

Lectionary Reflections on Food and Justice—Year C

Larry Hollar, Editor Explores the Lectionary with a focus on anti-hunger advocacy, social activism, and political issues affecting marginalized people. 978-0-8146-3009-9 Paperback, 248 pp., was $19.95 NOW $4.99

Preparing to Celebrate with Youth Marilyn J. Sweet 978-0-8146-2515-6

Preparing to Celebrate in Schools Margaret Bick


Each paperback contains 48 pp., were $3.95 each NOW $0.99 each


Preparing the Environment for Worship David McNorgan 978-0-8146-2443-2

Preparing Music for Celebration Heather Reid 978-0-8146-2480-7

Preparing the Rites of Initiation Bill Corcoran 978-0-8146-2498-2

Preparing to Serve at the Table John C. Hibbard 978-0-8146-2507-1

the Sacrificial Giving Program Joseph Champlin

El dar con sacrificio International Priests in America Challenges and Opportunities

Dean R. Hoge and Aniedi Okure, OP This book is guided by two questions: Should the Catholic Church in the United States bring in more international priests? If so, how should this be done? 978-0-8146-1830-1 Paperback, 192 pp., was $19.95 NOW $4.99

Journey into Depth

The Experience of Initiation in Monastic and Jungian Training

Mary Wolff-Salin; Foreword by Sebastian Moore, OSB Journey into Depth bases its monastic reflection on a fictional journal that combines true human encounters to encompass many historical experiences. 978-0-8146-5215-2 Paperback, 128 pp., was $12.95 NOW $3.24

The Ministry of Communion Michael Kwatera, OSB Practical advice and vital theology for eucharistic ministers. 978-0-8146-1292-7 Paperback, 48 pp., was $2.95 NOW $0.74

Handy Hints for Hesitant Homilists

Paul Edwards, SJ Father Edwards offers a step-by-step guide to the technical and emotional factors of preaching. 978-0-8146-2334-3 Paperback, 176 pp., was $11.95 NOW $2.99

A Way of Life

Four Faith-Sharing Sessions about Sacrificial Giving, Stewardship, and Grateful Caretaking

Joseph M. Champlin A Way of Life contains four faith-sharing sessions designed to help participants understand stewardship and apply it personally. 978-0-8146-3006-8 Paperback, 48 pp., was $3.95 NOW $0.99

Teaching Our Youth to Share 978-0-8146-1760-1 Leaflet, 8 pp., was $0.25 per Leaflet NOW $0.07 per leaflet

Seeking Wholeness

Women Dealing with Abuse of Power in the Catholic Church

Marie Evans Bouclin Shares the stories of women who have been abused and provides a model of spirituality and social support aimed at promoting their healing. 978-0-8146-2240-7 Paperback, 144 pp., was $12.95 NOW $3.24

Sex, Priestly Ministry, and the Church

Len Sperry; Foreword by Donald Cozzens Provides an account of psychosexual development in priests and key background information on the many sexual issues facing the church today. 978-0-8146-2967-3 Paperback, 200 pp., was $16.95 NOW $4.24

Sunday Worship

A Planning Guide to Celebration

Kevin Irwin Presiders and liturgical planners who seek to reflect seasonal and scriptural themes will find this volume an indispensable sourcebook. 978-0-8146-6052-2 Paperback, 364 pp., was $14.95 NOW $3.74

What Christians Believe

Hubert J. Richards This collection of Instruction for Children books has been re-edited to appeal to a wider age-group: 7-14. 978-0-8146-2198-1 Paperback, 72 pp., was $4.95 NOW $1.24 • 1-800-858-5450

The Practical Preacher

978-0-8146-1446-4 Folleto, 8 págs., era $0.25 cada folleto Ahora $0.07 cada folleto



35% The Diocesan Priest Consecrated and Sent

Monsignor David Bohr; Foreword by Archbishop Timothy M. Dolan Clergy and laity alike will find in Bohr’s models of priestly ministry and the topics of consecration, mission, and celibacy a flash point reigniting the discussion of the past, present, and future of the Catholic diocesan priesthood. 978-0-8146-3278-9 Hardcover with dust jacket, 184 pp., was $24.95 NOW $16.22

Making Confession, Hearing Confession

Understanding the Sacraments Confirmation

Lawrence E. Mick Father Mick provides a meaningful introduction to the history, theology, and practice of the sacrament, complete with questions for further reflection. 978-0-8146-3189-8 Paperback, 20 pp., was $2.00 NOW $1.00


Lawrence E. Mick Father Mick recounts the history and explores the elements and roles of the sacrament in a way that integrates it into our mission and clarifies the parts we all have to play. 978-0-8146-3193-5 Paperback, 24 pp., was $2.00 NOW $1.00

A History of the Cure of Souls

Annemarie S. Kidder A concise historical overview of confession that assures, despite its misunderstood practice, this “cure of souls” is anything but obsolete. 978-0-8146-5497-2 Paperback, 360 pp., was $34.95 NOW $22.72

50% Claiming Our Deepest Desires

75% Ages of Initiation

The First Two Christian Millennia, With CD-ROM of Source Excerpts

Paul Turner Makes accessible texts from New Testament times to the present that document and comment on the reception of the sacraments of initiation. 978-0-8146-2711-2 Paperback with CD, 80 pp., was $14.95 NOW $3.74

The Power of an Intimate Marriage

M. Bridget Brennan and Jerome L. Shen Claiming Our Deepest Desires integrates the spirituality of marriage with the practical experience of marriage. 978-0-8146-3012-9 Paperback, 152 pp., was $12.95 NOW $6.48

Primary Readings on the Eucharist • 1-800-858-5450

Thomas Fisch, Editor Ideal text for courses on the Eucharist, as well as for professors, scholars, seminary students, and graduate students. 978-0-8146-6187-1 Paperback, 248 pp., was $29.95 NOW $14.98


Real Stories of Christian Initiation

Lessons for and from the RCIA

David Yamane and Sarah MacMillen with Kelly Culver Based on data from participant observation and interviews, the authors explore the initiation process in five US parishes and lessons learned. 978-0-8146-1826-4 Paperback, 160 pp., was $13.95 NOW $6.98

The Death of a Christian

The Order of Christian Funerals Revised Edition

H. Richard Rutherford, CSC Father Rutherford has thoroughly revised The Death of a Christian, his popular study, to reflect the Order of Christian Funerals. 978-0-8146-6040-9 Paperback, 224 pp., was $14.95 NOW $3.74

Experience the Mystery Pastoral Possibilities for Christian Mystagogy

David Regan, CSSp Regan explores the heart of the Christian mystery, explains the pastoral and spiritual importance of mystagogy, and demonstrates the relevance of mystagogy to contemporary Christianity. 978-0-8146-2328-2 Paperback, 160 pp., was $11.95 NOW $2.99

Healing Through the Sacraments

Michael Marsch The sacraments are meant to be experienced as personal encounters with Christ in his church, so that the healing we so urgently need can go forth from them. The purpose of this book is to contribute to that experience. 978-0-8146-1807-3 Paperback, 120 pp., was $5.95 NOW $1.49

Understanding the Sacraments Lawrence E. Mick


978-0-8146-1461-7 Leaflet, 14 pp., was $0.20 each NOW $0.05 each

American Magnificat

Understanding Holy Orders Today

Maxwell E. Johnson, Editor By critically and thoughtfully engaging the Guadalupe story, the authors provide insights on how Our Lady can be welcomed into the prayer life and worship of Protestant communities. 978-0-8146-3259-8 Paperback, 224 pp., was $19.95 NOW $12.97

978-0-8146-1463-1 Leaflet, 14 pp., was $0.20 each NOW $0.05 Each

Understanding the Sacraments

Lawrence E. Mick Ever conscious of the complex history of the church and its dynamic relationship to ritual, Father Lawrence Mick gives us these booklets—based on individual chapters of his popular Understanding the Sacraments Today—as a companion to the ongoing and repeated practices that nourish us.

Protestants on Mary of Guadalupe


Understanding Christian Marriage Today

Approaching God

The Way of Abraham Joshua Heschel

John C. Merkle This book introduces readers to Heschel’s life and works in the service of God and to the very heart of his theological perspective. 978-0-8146-5456-9 Paperback, 136 pp., was $19.95 NOW $12.97

Baptism 978-0-8146-3188-1 Paperback, 24 pp., was $2.00 NOW $0.50

Eucharist 978-0-8146-3191-1 Paperback, 28 pp., was $2.00 NOW $0.50

Holy Orders 978-0-8146-3194-2 Paperback, 24 pp., was $2.00 NOW $0.50


Being Catholic in a Culture of Choice

Thomas P. Rausch, SJ Examines studies of young adult Catholics as well as different ways that being Catholic is supported in Catholic colleges and universities. 978-0-8146-5984-7 Paperback, 144 pp., was $19.95 NOW $12.97

978-0-8146-3190-4 Paperback, 24 pp., was $2.00 NOW $0.50

We Ask for Baptism A New Sourcebook for Parents and Godparents

William J. Belford For those who come to the church asking for their child’s baptism, this book will deepen their understanding of the sacrament and the role each person plays in the liturgical celebration. 978-0-8146-6065-2 Paperback, 50 pp., was $2.50 NOW $0.62

Christian Marriage A Journey Together

Keep these

savings on your radar

Questions for the Church in Our Time

Gerard Mannion This book explores the church’s moral vision, practices, and aspirations toward holiness in the post-modern era. 978-0-8146-5223-7 Paperback, 268 pp., was $29.95 NOW $19.47

Jesus and Paul Parallel Lives

Jerome Murphy-O’Connor, OP Belying the assumption that there is nothing more to discover about the similarities between Jesus and the apostle Paul, Jerome Murphy-O’Connor gives us this enticing study. 978-0-8146-5173-5 Paperback, 136 pp., was $14.95 NOW $9.72 • 1-800-858-5450

David M. Thomas Authentic Christianity is an expression of love that involves God. The first extension of this love in the realm of human life is the very common and extraordinary relationship of marriage. 978-0-8146-5231-2 Paperback, 211 pp., was $25.95 NOW $6.49

Ecclesiology and Postmodernity


One Baptism

Theological Reflection

Susan K. Wood, SCL Wood brings together the history and theology of baptism (systematic, sacramental, and liturgical), focusing especially on the divergent paths taken in the understanding of the sacrament since the Reformation. 978-0-8146-5306-7 Paperback, 232 pp., was $29.95 NOW $19.47

Edward O. de Bary This volume provides a way of learning theology so that participants can develop harmony between life’s experience, the world, and the Christian faith. 978-0-8146-5159-9 Paperback, 248 pp., was $24.95 NOW $16.22


Ecumenical Dimensions of the Doctrine of Baptism

The Creation of Spiritual Power in the Information Age

Visual Theology

Sacraments: Revelation of the Humanity of God

Forming and Transforming the Community through the Arts

Engaging the Fundamental Theology of Louis-Marie Chauvet

Philippe Bordeyne and Bruce Morrill, SJ, Editors This volume is a first-ever companion to the intellectually and pastorally stimulating work of Louis-Marie Chauvet. 978-0-8146-6218-2 Paperback, 265 pp., was $29.95 NOW $19.47

Edited by Robin M. Jensen and Kimberly J. Vrudny Examines how visual culture reflects or addresses pressing contemporary religious questions. The aim throughout is to engage the reader in theological reflection, mediated and enhanced by the arts. 978-0-8146-5399-9 Paperback, 256 pp., was $39.95 NOW $25.97

50% Believing in a Revealing God

The Basis of the Christian Life

Gabriel Moran Addressing questions of faith, revelation, and more, renowned religious educator Gabriel Moran follows the thinking of Isaiah and Jeremiah, Mark and John, Augustine and Aquinas, Luther and Calvin. 978-0-8146-5388-3 Paperback, 192 pp., was $29.95 NOW $14.98

From the Heart of the Church

The Catholic Social Tradition • 1-800-858-5450

Judith A. Merkle, SNDdeN From the Heart of the Church provides a view of the social encyclical tradition within a broader understanding of Catholic theology. 978-0-8146-5111-7 Paperback, 288 pp., was $26.95 NOW $13.48


Justification and the Future of the Ecumenical Movement The Joint Declaration on the Doctrine of Justification

William G. Rusch, Editor; George Lindbeck, Walter Cardinal Kasper, Henry Chadwick, R. William Franklin, Michael Root, Gabriel Fackre, Edward Idris Cassidy, Valerie A. Karras, and Frank D. Macchia, Con 978-0-8146-2733-4 Paperback, 168 pp., was $14.95 NOW $7.48

The Place of Christ in Liturgical Prayer Trinity, Christology, and Liturgical Theology

Bryan D. Spinks, Editor This volume gathers new work from fifteen renowned scholars on christological and trinitarian themes in prayer and worship. 978-0-8146-6018-8 Paperback, 392 pp., was $49.95 NOW $24.98

Volume II

The Middle Ages

Giulio D’Onofrio, Editor; Matthew J. O’Connell, Translator A thorough, balanced, and readable history of medieval theology for nonspecialist readers. 978-0-8146-5916-8 Paperback, 560 pp., was $110.00 NOW $55.00

Volume III

The Renaissance

Giulio D’Onofrio, Editor; Matthew J. O’Connell, Translator D’Onofrio examines the history of theology and the basic innovations in theological thought during the Renaissance era. He explores the councils, people, movements, pedagogy, and theological methods. 978-0-8146-5917-5 Hardcover, 664 pp., was $99.95 NOW $49.98

Reconciling Faith and Reason

Thomas P. Rausch, SJ A good overview of present divisions in the church and a practical source for finding a common ground in the life and concerns of ordinary Christians. 978-0-8146-5956-4 Paperback, 144 pp., was $14.95 NOW $7.48

Sexual Diversity and Catholicism Toward the Development of Moral Theology

Patricia Beattie Jung, Editor; with Joseph A. Coray Focuses specifically on Roman Catholic magisterial teachings on sexual diversity. 978-0-8146-5939-7 Paperback, 344 pp., was $29.95 NOW $14.98

Stations of the Banquet Faith Foundations for Food Justice

Cathy C. Campbell Campbell provides guidance for those engaged in living out the food and justice challenges of the Gospel. 978-0-8146-2938-3 Paperback, 336 pp., was $19.95 NOW $9.98

75% Ascension Now

Implications of Christ’s Ascension for Today’s Church

Bishop Peter Atkins Ascension Now examines the New Testament references to the ascension and exaltation of Jesus and looks at the theological and liturgical implications. 978-0-8146-2725-9 Paperback, 168 pp., was $14.95 NOW $3.74


Apologists, Evangelists, and Theologians in a Divided Church

Authority in the Church

David J. Stagaman, SJ Authority in the Church explores relationships between official and charismatic authority, and their legitimation. The study also provides a basis for dissent by showing how official and charismatic exercises of authority are incomplete without it. 978-0-8146-5945-8 Paperback, 160 pp., was $14.95 NOW $3.74

The Baptism of Jesus in the Jordan The Trinitarian and Cosmic Order of Salvation

A Theological Journey

Christian Faith and Human Salvation

Ghislain Lafont, OSB; Translated by John Burkhard, OFM Conv From the earliest proclamation of the Gospel to the present, Benedictine theologian Ghislain Lafont traces the development of the Christian faith. 978-0-8146-5213-8 Paperback, 144 pp., was $15.95 NOW $7.98

The Vision of John Paul II Assessing His Thought and Influence

Gerard Mannion, Editor This accessibly written volume allows readers to engage with a variety of viewpoints and to understand the ways in which the legacy of John Paul II continues to impact today’s church. 978-0-8146-5309-8 Paperback, 280 pp., was $34.95 NOW $17.48

A Theo-Ethic of Justice

Mary Elsbernd, OSF, and Reimund Bieringer Draws on the experience of practitioners of justice, the Hebrew and Christian Scriptures, Catholic social teachings, and contemporary theories of justice to develop a comprehensive approach to justice based on faith. 978-0-8146-5960-1 Paperback, 248 pp., was $24.95 NOW $12.48

Belief in God in Our Time Foundational Theology I

M. John Farrelly, OSB Central issues of contemporary theology are discussed in this volume. 978-0-8146-5706-5 Paperback, 384 pp., was $19.95 NOW $4.99

Come to the Feast

Liturgical Theology of, by, and for Everybody

Michael Kwatera, OSB Come to the Feast offers reflections on why liturgical ministry is important and comments on the spirit and attitudes that can best shape such ministry. 978-0-8146-1521-8 Paperback, 72 pp., was $5.95 NOW $1.49 • 1-800-858-5450

When Love Is Not Enough

Kilian McDonnell, OSB This systematic study isolates those themes with which the early church proclaimed and celebrated the baptism of Jesus in the Jordan. 978-0-8146-5307-4 Paperback, 272 pp., was $24.95 NOW $6.24


Communion with Non-Catholic Christians


Risks, Challenges, and Opportunities

Jeffrey VanderWilt Assists Catholics and non-Catholics in understanding eucharistic sharing and explains reasons and possibilities for Christian unity through the Eucharist. 978-0-8146-2895-9 Paperback, 240 pp., was $18.95 NOW $4.74

Love That Produces Hope The Thought of Ignacio Ellacuría

Kevin F. Burke, SJ, and Robert Lassalle-Klein, Editors Look into the life and thought of Ignacio Ellacuría, whose biography and writings embody late twentieth-century transformations and tensions that reshaped the life of the church. 978-0-8146-5217-6 Paperback, 328 pp., was $29.95 NOW $7.49

Divine Providence and Human Suffering

The Place of Christ in Liturgical Prayer

Flesh of the Church, Flesh of Christ

The Promise of Obedience

James Walsh, SJ, and P. G. Walsh From the popular Message of the Fathers of the Church series. 978-0-8146-5328-9 Paperback, 272 pp., was $14.95 NOW $3.74

Josef A. Jungmann, SJ; Foreword by Balthasar Fischer; A. Peeler, Translator Jungmann examines the place of Christ in different liturgies as they appear in the church’s history. 978-0-8146-1916-2 Paperback, 320 pp., was $14.95 NOW $3.74

A Ritual History

At the Source of the Ecclesiology of Communion

Leon F. Strieder A study of the history and theology of both the Promise of Obedience and the modern issues that play a major role in the church. 978-0-8146-6016-4 Paperback, 168 pp., was $19.95 NOW $4.99

Formed in the Image of Christ

Repentance in Christian Theology

J.-M.-R. Tillard, OP; Madeleine M. Beaumont, Translator Enables readers to understand the living reality of grace for which the church exists. 978-0-8146-6181-9 Paperback, 168 pp., was $24.95 NOW $6.24

The Sacramental-Moral Theology of Bernard Häring, C.Ss.R.

Kathleen A. Cahalan Learn how theologian Bernard Häring claims for moral theology a pastoral focus that attends to the ways in which ministers guide the Christian community in seeking faithful response in the world. 978-0-8146-5174-2 Paperback, 264 pp., was $26.95 NOW $6.74

Freeing Celibacy

Donald Cozzens Cozzens explores priestly celibacy as source of power and burden of obligation, as spiritual calling and gift of the Spirit. 978-0-8146-3160-7 Hardcover, 128 pp., was $15.95 NOW $3.99

Mark J. Boda and Gordon T. Smith, Editors This collection of essays is a major resource for the interpretation, theology, and practice of communal and individual penitence. 978-0-8146-5175-9 Paperback, 448 pp., was $39.95 NOW $9.99

Salvation Is from the Jews Saving Grace in Judaism and Messianic Hope in Christianity

Aaron Milavec Milavec brings his readers to a place where Rabbinic Judaism and Christianity can again be admired as sister religions united to one another in salvation. 978-0-8146-5989-2 Paperback, 224 pp., was $23.95 NOW $5.99 • 1-800-858-5450

A Voice of Their Own


God Encountered: A Contemporary Catholic Systematic Theology

Volume Two/2; The Revelation of the Glory Part II: One God, Creator of All That Is Frans Jozef van Beeck, SJ 978-0-8146-5499-6 Paperback, 224 pp., was $25.95 NOW $6.49

The Authority of the Local Parish

William A. Clark, SJ Examines community, intimacy, and authority and claims that a fundamental aspect of ecclesial authority resides in the local community. 978-0-8146-5218-3 Paperback, 256 pp., was $24.95 NOW $6.24

Women at the Table Liturgy and Hermeneutics Joyce Ann Zimmerman, CPPS Zimmerman specifically addresses hermeneutics and its use in liturgy and liturgical studies. 978-0-8146-2497-5 Paperback, 112 pp., was $9.95 NOW $2.49

Three Medieval Theologians

Marie Anne Mayeski Analyzes the biographies of three female saints as genuine theological sources, acknowledging the roles these women played in the creation of the church’s tradition. 978-0-8146-5829-1 Paperback, 168 pp., was $18.95 NOW $4.74




Growing in Mutual Service and Love

Aquinata Böckmann, OSB, PhD; Translated by Matilda Handl, OSB, and Marianne Burkhard, OSB; Edited by Marianne Burkhard, OSB Saint Benedict devoted ten chapters to the monastic table. Sister Aquinata Böckmann offers a thorough study of these core chapters in Benedict’s Rule. 978-0-8146-1874-5 Paperback, 304 pp., was $29.95 NOW $19.47





Around the Monastic Table

Finding Happiness

Monastic Steps for a Fulfilling Life

Abbot Christopher Jamison Examines different aspects of happiness and tells us what monastic wisdom has to say about them. In doing so, it offers steps for the journey of finding happiness. 978-0-8146-1878-3 Hardcover, 192 pp., was $19.95 NOW $12.97

Front and back of medals shown above.

1. St. Benedict Aluminum Jubilee Medal half-dollar size 978-0-8146-0622-3, $9.95 NOW $4.98

2. St. Scholastica Gold-plated over Pewter Medal 1 1⁄4” size 978-0-8146-1134-0, $19.95 NOW $9.98

The Motley Crew Monastic Lives

Benet Tvedten, OSB The Motley Crew is a lively history in which you’ll follow the rise and fall of monastic life in Europe and the United States, with its ongoing conflicts between obedience to the Rule and the human desires for a life of comfort and ease. 978-0-8146-3177-5 Paperback, 144 pp., was $12.95 NOW $8.42

Seeking Life

The Baptismal Invitation of the Rule of St. Benedict

Esther de Waal Esther de Waal focuses on the prologue to the Rule of St. Benedict and shows how it contains the clues we need to both understand and live by the vows made at our baptism. 978-0-8146-1880-6 Paperback, 160 pp., was $19.95 NOW $12.97

50% A Blessed Life

Wil Derkse; Translated by Martin Kessler In this book Wil Derkse is searching for those basic attitudes and virtues that characterize Benedictine spirituality, making them available for those living and working outside a monastery. 978-0-8146-1863-9 Paperback, 112 pp., was $11.95 NOW $5.98

Finding Sanctuary

Monastic Steps for Everyday Life

Abbot Christopher Jamison This book explains how St. Benedict’s wisdom can be applied to busy modern lives, and how sanctuary, peace, and insight can be achieved by people living inside and outside of monasteries. 978-0-8146-3168-3 Hardcover, 192 pp., was $19.95 NOW $9.98

1 1⁄4” size 978-0-8146-1133-3, $17.95 NOW $8.98

5. St. Benedict Pewter Medallion 3” size 978-0-8146-1128-9, $45.00 NOW $22.50

6. St. Scholastica Pewter Medallion 3” size 978-0-8146-1132-6, $39.50 NOW $19.75

Worship And Work Third Edition

Colman Barry, OSB This third edition, published in 1993, contains the original, unabridged text of the first two editions, along with an epilogue covering 1980-1992. 978-0-8146-1123-4 Paperback, 606 pp., was $24.95 NOW $12.48

75% The Benedictine Order in the United States An Interpretive History

Joel Rippinger, OSB While monasteries and convents have left written records of their own history, Father Rippinger’s particular contribution lies in weaving those strands into their religious, social, political, and cultural context. 978-0-8146-1817-2 Paperback, 304 pp., was $19.95 NOW $4.99

Wisdom from the Monastery

The Rule of St. Benedict for Everyday Life

Patrick Barry, Richard Yeo, Kathleen Norris, and others Contains a contemporary translation of the Rule of St. Benedict and short reflections on basic elements of Benedictine spirituality. 978-0-8146-3153-9 Paperback, 168 pp., was $15.95 NOW $3.99 • 1-800-858-5450

Benedictine Guidelines for Those Who Long for Good Days

3. St. Scholastica Pewter Medal


Cistercian Publications

Witness to Holiness


Abba Daniel of Scetis

Edited, with an Introduction, by Tim Vivian Here for the first time are translations of all the material associated with Abba Daniel, a witness to holiness. CS219P, 978-0-87907-419-7 Paperback, 416 pp., was $39.95 NOW $25.97

Anselm Of Havelberg

Anticimenon: On the Unity of the Faith and the Controversies with the Greeks

Ambrose Criste, OPraem, and Carol Neel, Translators This volume renders Anselm’s powerful voice to a modern English-speaking readership yearning for unity in the church and understanding of the Holy Spirit’s agency in human experience. CS232P, 978-0-87907-106-6 Paperback, 232 pp., was $26.95 NOW $17.52

50% Dom Anselme Le Bail

Abbot of Scourmont 1913-1956: A monk, an abbot, a community

Light for My Path Spiritual Accompaniment

Dieudonné Dufrasne, OSB; Elizabeth Connor, OCSO, Translator Readers will be surprised and come to admire a man and a monk who has integrated a healthy humanism into a concrete ideal of his religious vocation. MW023P, 978-0-87907-023-6 Paperback, 224 pp., was $24.95 NOW $12.50

Dom Bernardo Olivera, ocso Both a reflection and a practical guidebook on spiritual accompaniment, or direction. MW018P, 978-0-87907-018-2 Paperback, 160 pp., was $19.95 NOW $12.97

The Life and Miracles of Saint Maurus

Lives Of Monastic Reformers, 1

Translated, with an Introduction, by John B. Wickstrom Translated here and presented in their historical context, these two early medieval works present Maurus the apostle of French monasticism. CS223P, 978-0-87907-323-7 Paperback, 160 pp., was $16.95 NOW $8.48

Robert of La Chaise-Dieu and Stephen of Obazine

Introduced and Translated by Hugh Feiss, OSB, Maureen M. O’Brien, and Ronald Pepin For those who teach the history of twelfthcentury monasticism, the arrival of this translation of the lives of two reformers from that age is a happy occasion. CS222P, 978-0-87907-322-0 Paperback, 272 pp., was $32.95 NOW $21.42

Survival or Prophecy? The Correspondence of Jean Leclercq and Thomas Merton

Outreach And Renewal A First-Millennium Legacy for the Third-Millennium Church

James McSherry This work represents a novel treatment of the mission of the church fathers, the early Christian ascetics, and their disciples during the turbulent centuries that followed the passing of the apostles. CS236P, 978-0-87907-236-0 Paperback, 288 pp., was $34.95 NOW $22.72

Partnership With Christ

Words For The Journey

Edited by Chaminade Crabtree, OCSO; Introduction by Nivard Kinsella, OCSO Dom Eugene Boylan’s meditations include stories of his boyhood and school years, his life as a novice and as an abbot. MW016P, 978-0-87907-016-8 Paperback, 232 pp., was $24.95 NOW $16.22

Edith Scholl, OCSO This study of important Latin words from twelfth- and thirteenth-century Cistercians could serve as a companion to enable nonspecialists to read those translations with greater understanding and appreciation. MW021P, 978-0-87907-021-2 Paperback, 208 pp., was $18.95 NOW $9.48 • 1-800-858-5450

A Cistercian Retreat


Edited, with an Introduction, by Patrick Hart, ocso; Foreword by Rembert Weakland, OSB; Afterword by Michael Casey, ocso These letters—full of learning, human insight, and self-deprecating humor— capture the excitement of the Catholic Church in the era of the Second Vatican Council. MW017P, 978-0-87907-017-5 Paperback, 184 pp., was $21.95 NOW $10.98

A Monastic Vocabulary

The Way of Silent Love Carthusian Novice Conferences

A Carthusian, Translated by An Anglican Solitary A Carthusian novice master reminds his charges, and his readers, that the call to live wholly and radically in Christ is the vocation of all Christians and all humanity. CS149, 978-0-87907-649-8 Paperback, 131 pp., was $18.95 NOW $12.32 FOR YOUR CONVENIENCE! Cistercian Publications and Liturgical Press titles, previously billed and shipped separately, are now billed and shipped together from one location in Collegeville, Minnesota.

City of Prayer

Forty Days with Desert Christians

Rachel M. Srubas Rachel Srubas offers readers a collection of reflections inspired by the wisdom of the Desert Fathers and Mothers, the Abbas and Ammas. 978-0-8146-3095-2 Paperback, 176 pp., was $14.95 NOW $9.72

The Glenstal Book of Daily Prayer

A Benedictine Prayer Book Drawing on the rich resources of the Benedictine tradition, this book aims to share with Christians everywhere some of that tradition as it is celebrated daily in Glenstal. 978-0-8146-3273-4 Hardcover with Dust Jacket, 243 pp., was $17.95 NOW $11.67

Love’s Trinity

A Companion to Julian of Norwich

Long text translated by John-Julian, OJN, with a commentary by Frederick S. Roden, AOJN This edition incorporates the long text of the Showings, as translated by Father John-Julian, and a commentary written by Frederick S. Roden. 978-0-8146-5308-1 Paperback, 352 pp., was $39.95 NOW $25.97

A Soul-Centered Life

Exploring an Animated Spirituality

Michael Demkovich, OP Retrieving a theological understanding of the soul, Demkovich explores an animating spirituality that integrates faith and life into an animated spirituality that makes life meaningful and satisfying. 978-0-8146-5512-2 Paperback, 152 pp., was $16.95 NOW $11.02

50% Beyond Accompaniment Guiding a Fractured Community to Wholeness

Lent with Bishop Morneau

Bishop Robert F. Morneau; Foreword by Wendy Wright Bishop Robert Morneau offers daily Lenten reflections, as well as reflections for Easter and feast days that often fall in Lent. 978-0-8146-1870-7 Paperback, 112 pp., was $12.95 NOW $6.48

With Commentary by Francis J. Moloney, SDB This collection portrays the life of Jesus from the announcement of his birth to the moment of his ascension into heaven in thirty precious icons from the Bible of Tbilisi. 978-0-8146-3237-6 Hardcover, 144 pp., was $34.95 NOW $17.48

Meeting Prayers

Philip A. Verhalen, Editor Meeting Prayers is a practical compilation of prayers which set a spiritual atmosphere for the beginning and end of meetings. 978-0-8146-2772-3 Paperback, 104 pp., was $9.95 NOW $4.98

Of Passion and Folly

A Scriptural Foundation for Peace

Patricia McCarthy, CND Presents the challenging call of Christ to love in all times and in all places, and reminds us that from the folly of the cross in the passion of Jesus, peace was born, and it can be born again. 978-0-8146-2469-2 Paperback, 144 pp., was $21.95 NOW $10.98

The Pearl of Great Price

Gospel Wisdom for Christian Marriage

Julie McCarty This work shows married and engaged couples how to pray and reflect on God’s word together. 978-0-8146-3165-2 Paperback, 96 pp., was $2.00 NOW $1.00

Prayer as Joy, Prayer as Struggle

Mark Braaten For all who seek joy in prayer, even as we struggle, Braaten offers an engaging personal and pastoral reflection on the ways we pray. 978-0-8146-2924-6 Paperback, 120 pp., was $11.95 NOW $5.98

The Scent of Jasmine

Reflections for Peace in Everyday Life

Patricia McCarthy, CND Encourages us to lay claim to Christ’s promise of peace, to make each day an experience of God and an experience of the gift of peace. 978-0-8146-2332-9 Paperback, 216 pp., was $21.95 NOW $10.98

Spiritual but Not Religious? An Oar Stroke Closer to the Farther Shore

Reid Blackmer Locklin Spiritual but Not Religious? offers a fresh and personally engaging view of the Christian church as a raft—not an obstacle—on the journey to the farther spiritual shore. 978-0-8146-3003-7 Paperback, 152 pp., was $13.95 NOW $6.98 • 1-800-858-5450

William A. Nordenbrock, CPPS Nordenbrock helps us focus on the positive aspects of our communities in order to discover that “our redemption and reconciliation with God, won for us by Christ, is inseparable from the reconciliation and communion that Christians are to live with one another.” 978-0-8146-3307-6 Paperback, 224 pp., was $19.95 NOW $9.98

From the Bible of Tbilisi

Prayer and Spirituality


Life of Jesus in Icons


To Thank and Bless

Hiding in Plain Sight

Michael Kwatera, OSB, and Dietrich Reinhart, OSB This collection of prayers echoes the Scripture—yet another source of God’s sustenance—of the church year. 978-0-8146-3170-6 Paperback, 96 pp., was $7.95 NOW $3.98

Molly Wolf Wolf shows that, by relating God-talk to the practical and everyday, we can find love, joy, and God right where we are. 978-0-8146-2506-4 Paperback, 152 pp., was $12.95 NOW $3.24

Prayer and Spirituality

Prayers at Meals

A Turning to God

Cardinal Basil Hume; Edited by Patricia Hardcastle Kelly This selection of previously unpublished material by Basil Hume takes the reader through Lent, from Ash Wednesday to Easter Sunday. 978-0-8146-1859-2 Paperback, 104 pp., was $19.95 NOW $9.98

What Makes Us Whole

Finding God in Contemporary Life

Noel Cooper This book discusses traditional ideas about God and helps us come to know God as the spiritual power who transforms our lives and leads us to wholeness. 978-0-8146-3289-5 Paperback, 168 pp., was $16.95 NOW $8.48

75% Así Es

Stories of Hispanic Spirituality

Consuelo Covarrubias, PBVM, Arturo Pérez, and Edward Foley, Capuchin, Editors; Elena Sánchez Mora and Sarah C. Pruett, Translators Fifteen Hispanic men and women who live in the United States share their intimate journey with God. English Language Version. 978-0-8146-2290-2 Paperback, 120 pp., was $8.95 NOW $2.24

The Glenstal Book of Prayer • 1-800-858-5450

A Benedictine Prayer Book


The Monks of Glenstal Abbey, Ireland This rich, nourishing prayer book draws on the strength of Benedictine and Celtic spirituality. 978-0-8146-2767-9 Hardcover with dust jacket, 160 pp., was $17.95 NOW $4.49

The Glenstal Book of Readings for the Seasons

This superb collection of one- and two-page readings is intended to provide a liturgical theology of the mysteries of Christianity throughout the Advent, Christmas, Lenten, and Easter seasons. 978-0-8146-1876-9 Leather-like cover with ribbons, 304 pp., was $29.95 NOW $7.49

Sabbath Blessings

Hildegard of Bingen An Integrated Vision

Anne H. King-Lenzmeier Shows that Hildegard’s opus was filled with balance, unity, and a stress on the Gospel—a life and work that served as an inspiration and a challenge then and now. 978-0-8146-5842-0 Paperback, 64 pp., was $29.95 NOW $7.49

How to Explain Your Faith

John Pritchard In a style that is simple without being simplistic or sugar-coated, practical without being preachy or pious, Pritchard takes readers to the heart of the matter of Christian faith. 978-0-8146-3178-2 Paperback, 136 pp., was $11.95 NOW $2.99

A Little Out of The Ordinary Daily Reflections for Ordinary Time

John J. McIlhon This book proposes that the mysteries, hidden in the ordinary time of our lives, seek to reveal themselves. 978-0-8146-2274-2 Paperback, 216 pp., was $11.95 NOW $2.99

Mary, Mother of My Lord

Christine Granger For those seeking a more comforting and meaningful way to pray to Mary, or a means to honor her in a special way, Mary, Mother of My Lord is the answer. 978-0-8146-2466-1 Hardcover, 64 pp., was $11.95 NOW $2.99

Pilgrim in Time

Mindful Journeys to Encounter the Sacred

Rosanne Keller Pilgrim in Time encourages us to rediscover the sacredness of this earth and her peoples. 978-0-8146-3033-4 Paperback, 136 pp., was $11.95 NOW $2.99

The Four Gospels

Catholic Personal Study Edition

The Four Gospels lends itself to both quick reference and more in-depth study or meditation. Whether you turn to the volume for personal use or as part of a formal study, you will appreciate the gospels more deeply—and know Jesus more intimately.



978-0-8146-3631-2 Paperback, 296 pp., was $24.95 NOW $16.22 Little Rock Scripture Study

The New Jerusalem in the Revelation of John The City as Symbol of Life with God

Reflections on a Dying Life

Donald X. Burt, OSA A remarkable collection of essays that provides thoughtful rumination on our life now, our future death, and the life that awaits us thereafter. 978-0-8146-3017-4 Paperback, 208 pp., was $16.95 NOW $4.24

Some Catholic Prayers

Hubert J. Richards The books comprising this volume are The Rosary for Children, The “I Confess” for Children, and The Hail Mary for Children. 978-0-8146-2196-7 Paperback, 48 pp., was $3.95 NOW $0.99

Bruce J. Malina Gain insight into the concluding vision of the book of Revelation and understand what the visionary of Revelation said, and meant to say, to his first-century Mediterranean audience. 978-0-8146-5938-0 Paperback, 112 pp., was $11.95 NOW $7.77

On Your Mark

Reading Scripture Without a Teacher

William O’Malley, SJ On Your Mark is for those who want to “get set” before they “go”—those who want to learn to read Scripture, to walk confidently before they try to run. 978-0-8146-3350-2 Paperback, 224 pp., was $19.95 NOW $12.97

Paul’s Social Network: Brothers and Sisters in Faith A Theology of Christian Prayer

John H. Wright, SJ This volume offers men and women an understanding of life with a living God who hears and responds to each person. 978-0-8146-6038-6 Paperback, 174 pp., was $12.95 NOW $3.24

Vanity Faith

Terrance W. Klein This collection of short pieces uses the stars of stage and screen to give us insight into our life with Christ. 978-0-8146-3220-8 Paperback, 128 pp., was $12.95 NOW $3.24

The Way of the Cross

The Women of Jerusalem Follow Jesus

Marie Rouanet; Linda M. Maloney, Translator Brought to life by the stories of the women who followed Jesus, this Way of the Cross includes gripping black-and-white photographs of modern people. 978-0-8146-2710-5 Paperback, 96 pp., was $9.95 NOW $2.49

Paul’s Partner or Rival?

Patrick J. Hartin 978-0-8146-5263-3 Paperback, 144 pp., was $11.95 NOW $7.77


Paul and the Hellenist Israelites

John J. Pilch 978-0-8146-5229-9 Paperback, 104 pp., was $9.95 NOW $6.47


Paul’s Closest Associate

Bruce J. Malina, STD 978-0-8146-5180-3 Paperback, 160 pp., was $16.95 NOW $11.02


Honoring the Gospel of God

Ken Stenstrup 978-0-8146-5287-9 Paperback, 128 pp., was $15.95 NOW $10.37

What Are We Hoping For? New Testament Images

Daniel J. Harrington, SJ This book explores fifteen images of hope found in Matthew’s gospel, Paul’s letter to the Romans, and the book of Revelation. 978-0-8146-3161-4 Paperback, 136 pp., was $14.95 NOW $9.72 • 1-800-858-5450

Searching for Spirituality among the Stars




50% This series represents the first time the extant Targums have been translated into English.

Targum Neofiti 1: Deuteronomy

In the House of the Lord

The Aramaic Bible

Martin McNamara, MSC 978-0-8146-5484-2 Hardcover, 214 pp., was $79.95 NOW $39.98

Silvia Schroer and Thomas Staubli; Linda M. Maloney, Translator By reexamining our Christian understanding of the body, the authors reclaim the notion of the body as a temple of God and reaffirm the human rights of women and men. 978-0-8146-5954-0 Paperback, 256 pp., was $39.95 NOW $19.98

The Apocalypse of John

Sean P. Kealy, CSSp Father Kealy’s thoughts on the Apocalypse are provocative, stimulating a search for quality in living, for values, for ultimates, for growth in hope. 978-0-8146-5581-8 Paperback, 260 pp., was $21.95 NOW $10.98

Catholic Gift And Study Bible, NAB

This classic gift and study Bible offers durable, high-quality bindings and other features including full-color maps, list of popes, suggested readings for the liturgical year, and how to study the Bible.

Black Leatherflex 978-0-8146-3228-4 Paperback, 1,536 pp., was $29.99 NOW $15.00

Burgundy Leatherflex 978-0-8146-3227-7 Paperback, 1,536 pp., was $29.99 NOW $15.00 • 1-800-858-5450

Biblical and Theological Perspectives on Creation

Carol J. Dempsey, OP, and Mary Margaret Pazdan, OP, Editors A compelling and insightful approach to the creative artistry of God. 978-0-8146-5110-0 Paperback, 216 pp., was $21.95 NOW $10.98

Body Symbolism in the Bible


Earth, Wind, and Fire

Inhabiting the Psalms of Lament

Michael Jinkins Jinkins poses the question “What would it mean for us to inhabit the world of the psalmist?” and in so doing draws us into a world that has long awaited our arrival. 978-0-8146-2494-4 Paperback, 160 pp., was $12.95 NOW $6.48

The International Bible Commentary

A Catholic and Ecumenical Commentary for the Twenty-First Century

William R. Farmer, Editor; Armando Levoratti, Sean McEvenue, and David L. Dungan, Associate Editors; André LaCocque, Map Editor A one-volume Bible commentary for the church of the twenty-first century. 978-0-8146-2454-8 Hardcover, 1,986 pp., was $99.95 NOW $49.98

No Trace of Christmas? Discovering Advent in the Old Testament

Christoph Dohmen; Linda M. Maloney, Translator Dohmen explains why the answers to many questions we have about Christmas are to be found not in the New but in the Old Testament. 978-0-8146-2715-0 Paperback, 104 pp., was $11.95 NOW $5.98

Scripture as the Soul of Theology

Edward J. Mahoney, Editor; Wilfrid Harrington, Frank J. Matera, Sandra Schneiders, John Shea, Bonnie Thurston This collection of essays offers a look at the latest insights of five leading authors and theologians presented at Saint Michael’s College “Scripture as the Soul of Theology” conference in 2002. 978-0-8146-5155-1 Paperback, 104 pp., was $10.95 NOW $5.48

Christ in the Gospels of the Ordinary Sundays

Unlocking the Gospels

Raymond E. Brown, SS Renowned Scripture scholar Raymond Brown provides an overview of the meaning of the gospels. 978-0-8146-2542-2 Paperback, 120 pp., was $7.95 NOW $3.98

Jeremy Corley In Unlocking the Gospels, Jeremy Corley offers a clear guide for beginners, drawn from the 1993 Pontifical Biblical Commission document, The Interpretation of the Bible in the Church. 978-0-8146-2897-3 Paperback, 24 pp., was $3.95 NOW $1.98

Essays on the Gospel Readings of the Ordinary Sundays in the Three-Year Liturgical Cycle

Confronting the Demon

A Gospel Response to Adult Bullying

Gerald A. Arbuckle, SM This book focuses on the nature and types of contemporary bullying and what the Christian Scriptures advise to prevent it. 978-0-8146-3016-7 Paperback, 152 pp., was $12.95 NOW $6.48

Five Keys for Biblical Interpretation

What Have They Done to the Bible? A History of Modern Biblical Interpretation

John Sandys-Wunsch This history of interpretation from 1500 to the present shows in detail how biblical scholarship has developed under the influence of internal and external factors. 978-0-8146-5028-8 Paperback, 392 pp., was $39.95 NOW $19.98

Women of Bible Lands

A Pilgrimage to Compassion and Wisdom

Women Who Wrestled with God

Biblical Stories of Israel’s Beginnings

Irmtraud Fischer; Linda M. Maloney, Translator Demonstrates the significance of women in religious history in a way that will inspire as well as inform. 978-0-8146-5160-5 Paperback, 160 pp., was $16.95 NOW $8.48

A Theological Exegesis of Luke 6:20-49

L. John Topel, SJ Topel explains what Luke meant Jesus’ words to say to Luke’s late first-century community and what it might also mean to contemporary Christians. 978-0-8146-5085-1 Paperback, 360 pp., was $29.95 NOW $7.49

The Collegeville Bible Handbook


Martha Ann Kirk, CCVI An anthology of biblical and early stories about Jewish, Christian, and Muslim women from the nineteenth century bce to the ninth century ce. 978-0-8146-5156-8 Paperback, 384 pp., was $16.95 NOW $8.48

Children of a Compassionate God

Attractively illustrated with photographs and maps pertinent to the text, this resource guides readers through the books of the Bible. 978-0-8146-2376-3 Hardcover, 352 pp., was $19.95 NOW $4.99

“You shall not kill” or “You shall not murder”? The Assault on a Biblical Text

Wilma Ann Bailey Bailey discusses why the Protestant and Jewish traditions changed the wording and why the Roman Catholic tradition did not. 978-0-8146-5214-5 Paperback, 104 pp., was $10.95 NOW $5.48

75% The Aramaic Bible

This series represents the first time the extant Targums have been translated into English.

The Two Targums of Esther

Bernard Grossfeld, Translator 978-0-8146-5454-5 Hardcover, 225 pp., was $65.00 NOW $16.25

The Targum of Lamentations

Translated, with an Introduction, by Philip S. Alexander 978-0-8146-5864-2 Hardcover, 224 pp., was $99.95 NOW $24.99

To Begin With, God Created . . .

Biblical Theologies of Creation

The Canonical Function of Acts A Comparative Analysis

David E. Smith For everyone intending to study Acts, Smith’s chapters cover the patristic use of the book as well as contemporary issues and references to the Holy Spirit. 978-0-8146-5103-2 Paperback, 136 pp., was $15.95 NOW $3.99

Volume 2: Genesis

Pauline A. Viviano 978-0-8146-1370-2 Paperback, was $6.95 NOW $1.74

Volume 3: Exodus

John F. Craghan 978-0-8146-1371-9 Paperback, was $6.95 NOW $1.74

Volume 4: Leviticus

Wayne A. Turner 978-0-8146-1372-6 Paperback, was $6.95 NOW $1.74

Volume 9: First And Second Kings Alice L. Laffey 978-0-8146-1416-7 Paperback, was $6.95 NOW $1.74

Volume 10: First And Second Chronicles Alice L. Laffey 978-0-8146-1417-4 Paperback, was $6.95 NOW $1.74

Volume 11: Ezra, Nehemiah

Rita J. Burns 978-0-8146-1418-1 Paperback, was $6.95 NOW $1.74

Volume 13: Isaiah

John J. Collins 978-0-8146-1420-4 Paperback, was $6.95 NOW $1.74

Volume 19: Job

Michael D. Guinan, OFM 978-0-8146-1476-1 Paperback, was $6.95 NOW $1.74 • 1-800-858-5450

Karl Löning and Erich Zenger; Omar Kaste, Translator This book brings the parts of the divided yet unified Christian Bible into dialogue with one another, so that the entire biblical tradition attains a new life. 978-0-8146-5937-3 Paperback, 214 pp., was $39.95 NOW $9.99

Collegeville Bible Commentary: OLD Testament


Volume 2: The Gospel According to Mark


Philip A. Van Linden, CM 978-0-8146-1302-3 Paperback, was $4.95 NOW $1.24

Volume 5: The Acts of the Apostles William S. Kurz, SJ 978-0-8146-1305-4 Paperback, was $4.95 NOW $1.24

Volume 6: Galatians and Romans John J. Pilch 978-0-8146-1306-1 Paperback, was $4.95 NOW $1.24

Volume 7: First and Second Corinthians Mary Ann Getty 978-0-8146-1307-8 Paperback, was $4.95 NOW $1.24

Collegeville Bible Commentary: New Testament Volume 1: The Gospel According to Matthew Daniel J. Harrington, SJ 978-0-8146-1301-6 Paperback, was $4.95 NOW $1.24

Volume 9: First Timothy, Second Timothy, Titus, James, First Peter, Second Peter, Jude Jerome H. Neyrey, SJ 978-0-8146-1309-2 Paperback, was $4.95 NOW $1.24

Volume 10: The Epistle to the Hebrews George W. MacRae, SJ 978-0-8146-1310-8 Paperback, was $4.95 NOW $1.24

Ethical Dimensions of the Prophets

The God of Israel and the Nations

Studies in Isaiah and the Psalms

Joseph Jensen, OSB This book is designed for readers eager to move beyond an introductory understanding of the Bible. 978-0-8146-5983-0 Paperback, 216 pp., was $24.95 NOW $6.24

Norbert Lohfink and Erich Zenger; Everett R. Kalin, Translator A scholarly analysis of the biblical material as a contribution to the clarification of the question of Jewish-Christian relations. 978-0-8146-5925-0 Paperback, 248 pp., was $39.95 NOW $9.99


50-90% From the Interfaces Series Ahab • 1-800-858-5450

The Construction of a King


Jerome T. Walsh 978-0-8146-5176-6 Paperback, 144 pp., was $14.95 NOW $7.48

Dining with Pharisees

J. Patrick Mullen 978-0-8146-5162-9 Paperback, 160 pp., was $14.95 Now $7.48

James of Jerusalem Heir to Jesus of Nazareth

Patrick J. Hartin 978-0-8146-5152-0 Paperback, 192 pp., was $14.95 NOW $7.48


Preacher of Grace, Poet of Truth

Carol J. Dempsey, OP 978-0-8146-5985-4 Paperback, 156 pp., was $19.95 NOW $9.98

Jesus Ben Sira of Jerusalem A Biblical Guide to Living Wisely

Daniel J. Harrington, SJ 978-0-8146-5212-1 Paperback, 152 pp., was $14.95 NOW $7.48


Portraits of a Queen

From Earth’s Creation to John’s Revelation The Interfaces Biblical Storyline Companion

Barbara Green, OP; Carleen Mandolfo; Catherine M. Murphy 978-0-8146-5958-8 Paperback, 80 pp., was $7.95 NOW $1.99

Patricia Dutcher-Walls 978-0-8146-5150-6 Paperback, 176 pp., was $14.95 NOW $1.50

Inquiring of Joseph

Jonah’s Journeys

John Kaltner 978-0-8146-5153-7 Paperback, 152 pp., was $14.95 NOW $3.74

Barbara Green, OP 978-0-8146-5038-7 Paperback, 192 pp., was $14.95 NOW $7.48

Getting to Know a Biblical Character through the Qur’an

John the Baptist

“My Name is Legion” Prophet of Purity for a The Story and Soul of the Gerasene Demoniac

Michael Willett Newheart 978-0-8146-5885-7 Paperback, 152 pp., was $14.95 NOW $7.48

New Age

Catherine M. Murphy 978-0-8146-5933-5 Paperback, 174 pp., was $14.95 NOW $3.74

King Saul’s Asking Barbara Green, OP 978-0-8146-5109-4 Paperback, 152 pp., was $14.95 NOW $3.74

Nameless, Blameless, and Without Shame Two Cannibal Mothers Before a King

Gina Hens-Piazza 978-0-8146-5961-8 Paperback, 152 pp., was $14.95 NOW $3.74

Pontius Pilate

Portraits of a Roman Governor Warren Carter 978-0-8146-5113-1 Paperback, 176 pp., was $14.95 NOW $3.74

The Human Authors of the New Testament Paul and John, Volume 2

John F. Craghan By examining fifty-five psalms, the author demonstrates how these prayers can speak to different stages in the life of individuals and communities. 978-0-8146-2205-6 Paperback, 192 pp., was $6.95 NOW $1.74

John the Baptist

The Quest for Home

Carl R. Kazmierski Kazmierski reflects on the rich and colorful portrait of John found in the New Testament. 978-0-8146-5851-2 Paperback, 128 pp., was $10.95 NOW $2.74

Michael F. Trainor Trainor offers a way of reading Mark’s gospel from the perspective of house and household that provides both the architecture and theological context for a fresh reading of the gospel. 978-0-8146-5087-5 Paperback, 208 pp., was $19.95 NOW $4.99

Prophet and Evangelist

Joseph, Mary, Jesus

Lucien Deiss, CSSp; Madeleine M. Beaumont, Translator Father Deiss helps us discover the environment of light—Joseph and Mary’s tenderness—in which Jesus’ humanity developed. 978-0-8146-2255-1 Paperback, 168 pp., was $14.95 NOW $3.74

The Message of the Book of Revelation

Charles T. Chapman, Jr.; Foreword by Jerome Kodell, OSB Faithful to the teaching of the church, this explanation of Revelation “reveals” this biblical book to be a hope-filled portrayal of the triumph of Christ and his followers over the powers of evil. 978-0-8146-2111-0 Paperback, 152 pp., was $11.95 NOW $2.99

New Views on Luke and Acts Earl J. Richard, Editor Luke has much to offer; this volume from the Luke-Acts Task Force of the Catholic Biblical Association will provide information, incentive, and insight to the student of Luke. 978-0-8146-5704-1 Paperback, 196 pp., was $12.95 NOW $3.24

With Scripture in Four Languages: English, Spanish, Vietnamese, and Tagalog Zachary Wilberding, OSB In this step-by-step guide to praying the rosary, provided Scripture references and short quotations enhance our prayer with reflection on the word of God. 978-0-8146-1825-7 Paperback, 40 pp., was $4.95 NOW $1.24

The Household in Mark’s Community

The Resurrection and the Life

Bernard Sesboüé, SJ; Jane M.-A. Burton, Translator Bernard Sesboüé details the principal elements of the Christian faith that lead to the emergence of a hope in the resurrection of the body. 978-0-8146-2267-4 Paperback, 112 pp., was $9.95 NOW $2.49

The Synagogues and Churches of Ancient Palestine

Leslie J. Hoppe, OFM This book examines the adaptations made of the basic architectural form because of the different patterns of worship in Judaism and Christianity. 978-0-8146-5754-6 Paperback, 152 pp., was $11.95 NOW $2.99

Word and Soul

A Psychological, Literary, and Cultural Reading of the Fourth Gospel

Michael Willett Newheart Newheart describes a way to read biblical literature “soulfully” and applies it to the Fourth Gospel. 978-0-8146-5924-3 Paperback, 200 pp., was $19.95 NOW $4.99

The Student’s Guide to the Gospels

James M. Reese, OSFS This work provides that opportunity for all Christians to come to know Christ by coming to know the Gospels. 978-0-8146-5689-1 Paperback, 150 pp., was $18.95 NOW $4.74 • 1-800-858-5450

Praying the Rosary


Warren Dicharry, CM Father Dicharry continues his portraits of New Testament authors and analyses of their writings. 978-0-8146-2099-1 Paperback, 256 pp., was $12.95 NOW $3.24

Psalms for all Seasons



35% Butler’s Lives of the Saints March

New Full Edition

Teresa Rodrigues, OSB, Editor 978-0-8146-2379-4 Hardcover, 288 pp., was $24.95 NOW $16.22


New Full Edition

Peter Doyle, Editor 978-0-8146-2380-0 Hardcover, 256 pp., was $24.95 NOW $16.22


New Full Edition

David Hugh Farmer, Editor 978-0-8146-2381-7 Hardcover, 208 pp., was $24.95 NOW $16.22


New Full Edition

Peter Doyle, Editor 978-0-8146-2383-1 Hardcover, 288 pp., was $24.95 NOW $16.22

September New Full Edition

Sarah Fawcett Thomas, Editor 978-0-8146-2385-5 Hardcover, 304 pp., was $24.95 NOW $16.22

The Encyclopedia of American Catholic History

Michael Glazier and Thomas J. Shelley, Editors This comprehensive work spans half a millennium and includes more than 1,200 articles and 300 photographs. 978-0-8146-5919-9 Hardcover, 1,584 pp., was $79.95 NOW $39.98

The Modern Catholic Encyclopedia Revised and Expanded Edition

Michael Glazier and Monika K. Hellwig, Editors A reference of value for professionals, parishes, and families alike. 978-0-8146-5962-5 Hardcover, 928 pp., was $59.95 NOW $29.98

Butler’s Lives of the Saints January

New Full Edition

Paul Burns, Editor 978-0-8146-2377-0 Hardcover, 272 pp., was $29.95 NOW $14.98


New Full Edition

Peter Doyle, Editor 978-0-8146-2386-2 Hardcover, 240 pp., was $24.95 NOW $12.48


New Full Edition

A New Dictionary of Saints

Sarah Fawcett Thomas, Editor 978-0-8146-2387-9 Hardcover, 256 pp., was $24.95 NOW $12.48

East and West

Michael Walsh This magnificent publication distinguishes itself from others by its comprehensiveness, and in its coverage of Eastern, as well as Western, saints. 978-0-8146-3186-7 Hardcover, 704 pp., was $49.95 NOW $32.47

Butler’s Saint for the Day

Paul Burns The twelve-volume Butler’s Lives of the Saints is adapted here into a single volume for daily devotional reading. 978-0-8146-1836-3 Hardcover, 640 pp., was $34.95 NOW $17.48 • 1-800-858-5450



An Introductory Dictionary of Theology and Religious Studies

Orlando O. Espín and James B. Nickoloff, Editors An essential compendium of theological terminology. 978-0-8146-5856-7 Hardcover, 1,600 pp., was $49.95 NOW $24.98

The Cathedral

At the Heart of Los Angeles

Michael Downey Michael Downey offers brief reflections on the Cathedral of Our Lady of the Angels in Los Angeles, the first cathedral of the new millennium. 978-0-8146-2892-8 Paperback, 32 pp., was $14.95 NOW $7.48

Collegeville Catholic Reference Library Full Edition, Version 3

Collegeville Catholic Reference Library

includes our most popular reference works all on one convenient CD-ROM. This informative product allows the user to receive a solid understanding of theology and spirituality without purchasing multiple books and resources. Includes these Reference Works: • New Dictionary of Social Thought • New Dictionary of Sacramental Worship • New Dictionary of Spirituality • New Dictionary of Theology • Consecrated Phrases • Collegeville Bible Commentary • New American Bible • New Revised Standard Version (NRSV) • Modern Catholic Encyclopedia • Worship Music: A Concise Dictionary 978-0-8146-3246-8 CD-ROM, was $169.95 NOW $84.98

Austin Flannery, OP, General Editor Volume II contains 56 post conciliar documents additional to those in Volume I. Generously indexed. 978-0-8146-2539-2 Paperback, 994 pp., was $22.50 NOW $11.25

75% Butler’s Lives of the Saints: New Full Edition Supplement of New Saints and Blesseds, Volume 1

Paul Burns Covers canonizations and beatifications enacted from late 1999 to the end of 2003 in chronological order. 978-0-8146-1837-0 Hardcover with dust jacket, 262 pp., was $39.95 NOW $9.99

Saints and Their Symbols

Recognizing Saints in Art and in Popular Images

Fernando Lanzi and Gioia Lanzi; Matthew J. O’Connell, Translator A book with a simple and direct approach to the saints’ biographies and iconographies. 978-0-8146-2970-3 Hardcover, 240 pp., was $49.95 NOW $12.49

Selected Works of Joseph Cardinal Bernardin


Vatican Council II: The Conciliar and Post Conciliar Documents— Volume II

Joseph Cardinal Bernardin; Alphonse P. Spilly, CPPS, Editor; Foreword by Roger Cardinal Mahony Joseph Cardinal Bernardin is widely regarded as having had more impact on the Catholic Church in the United States than any other bishop this century. By the time of his death in 1996 he had attracted the respect and affection of millions around the world. Selected Works of Joseph Cardinal Bernardin provides in two volumes the “essential” Bernardin for those interested in the faith, ecclesial vision, and pastoral insights of this great church leader.

Volume 1: Homilies and Teaching Documents 978-0-8146-2583-5 Hardcover with dust jacket, 656 pp., was $34.95 NOW $8.74

Collegeville Catholic Reference Library

Basic Scripture Edition, Version 1

This basic Scripture edition is an invaluable tool for individuals looking for an affordable electronic package of Bible commentary texts and Scripture. 978-0-8146-3247-5 CD-ROM, was $29.95 NOW $7.49

Eastern Christian Worlds Mahmoud Zibawi; Preface by Olivier Clément; Translated by Madeleine M. Beaumont; English Text Edited by Nancy McDarby A journey to spiritual galaxies that have been too long neglected. 978-0-8146-2375-6 Hardcover, 272 pp., was $89.95 NOW $22.49

The Historical Atlas of Eastern and Western Christian Monasticism

The New Jerome Bible Handbook

Raymond E. Brown, SS; Joseph A. Fitzmyer, SJ; and Roland E. Murphy, O Carm; Editors Presents the quality scholarship behind the highly respected New Jerome Biblical Commentary in wording accessible to all readers of God’s word. 978-0-8146-2204-9 Hardcover, 416 pp., was $24.95 NOW $6.24

978-0-8146-2584-2 Hardcover with dust jacket, 704 pp., was $34.95 NOW $8.74

The Symbols of the Church

Maurice Dilasser, Editor; Mary Cabrini Durkin, OSU, Madeleine Beaumont, and Caroline Morson, Translators Includes over 200 full-color photographs and illustrations. 978-0-8146-2538-5 Hardcover, 168 pp., was $24.95 NOW $6.24

Worship Music A Concise Dictionary

Edward Foley, Capuchin, General Editor; Mark Bangert, Melva Wilson Costen, Carol Doran, Mark Kligman, David Petras, and Rebecca Slough, Consultants Ecumenical in scope and cross-cultural in its perspective, Worship Music includes more than 2,500 entries. 978-0-8146-5889-5 Hardcover, 352 pp., was $45.00 NOW $11.25

The Collegeville Atlas of the Bible

The Collegeville Atlas of the Bible offers those with an interest in their historical and religious heritage a guided tour through the Bible. It describes the stories and events of the Bible and places them in their historical and geographical context. 3-D cutaways, maps, and ground plans, all based on the latest historical evidence, enhance the comprehensive text and bring the dramatic events of the Old and New Testaments to life in glorious detail. Please note this title may have slight scratches or dents. 978-0-8146-2702-1 Hardcover, 144 pp., was $24.95 NOW $6.24 • 1-800-858-5450

Juan María Laboa, Principal Author; Matthew J. O’Connell, Translator Historians have collaborated to examine the history of Christianity and provide a work of reference where East and West meet and are mutually enriched. 978-0-8146-2778-5 Hardcover, 272 pp., was $99.95 NOW $24.99

Volume 2: Church and Society


Biography, Sociology, History



The Changing Face of the Priesthood

Catholic Charities USA 100 Years at the Intersection of Charity and Justice

A Reflection on the Priest’s Crisis of Soul

J. Bryan Hehir, Executive Editor In honor of Catholic Charities USA’s centennial celebration, this work explores the development of Catholic Charities in the United States over the last one hundred years. 978-0-8146-3339-7 Paperback, 224 pp., was $19.95 NOW $9.98

Donald B. Cozzens Cozzens takes a long, honest look at the present state of the priesthood. 978-0-8146-2504-0 Paperback, 168 pp., was $14.95 NOW $9.72

Dorothy Day

Confronting Power And Sex In The Catholic Church

Writings from Commonweal

Reclaiming the Spirit of Jesus

Patrick Jordan, Editor Gathered here for the first time are Dorothy Day’s complete Commonweal pieces, offering readers an overview of Day’s fascinating life and a compendium of her prophetic insights, spiritual depth, and unforgettable prose. 978-0-8146-2875-1 Paperback, 184 pp., was $15.95 NOW $7.98

Evolving Visions Of The Priesthood

The Long Journey

Bishop Geoffrey Robinson; Foreword by Donald Cozzens Drawing on his own experience in responding to abuse, Bishop Geoffrey Robinson in this work offers a critique of the church’s use and misuse of power. 978-0-8146-1865-3 Paperback, 320 pp., was $24.95 NOW $16.22

In Search of Justice and Peace in Jerusalem

Changes from Vatican II to the Turn of the New Century

Dean R. Hoge and Jacqueline E. Wenger Traces the movement of the church in the United States during the first forty years of the implementation of Vatican II. 978-0-8146-2805-8 Paperback, 240 pp., was $24.95 NOW $16.22

From the Pews in the Back Young Women and Catholicism • 1-800-858-5450

Edited by Kate Dugan and Jennifer Owens; Foreword by Mary Ann Hinsdale; Afterword by Donna Freitas These brief memoirs offer a glimpse into what it means to be young, Catholic, and female in today’s church. 978-0-8146-3258-1 Paperback, 256 pp., was $19.95 NOW $12.97


James G. Paharik, PhD; Foreword by R. Scott Appleby This book takes us into the heart of Jerusalem-Mount Zion, the site of the Benedictine Dormition Monastery, a place where pilgrims and peacemakers come for liturgies, prayer, and conversation. 978-0-8146-3221-5 Paperback, 152 pp., was $14.95 NOW $7.48

Monika K. Hellwig The People’s Theologian

Edited by Dolores R. Leckey and Kathleen Dolphin The contributors to this first biography of Monika Hellwig write from their intimate knowledge of some facet of her rich and challenging life. 978-0-8146-5696-9 Paperback, 120 pp., was $19.95 NOW $9.98

One Heart, One Soul

Who Can Stop The Wind?

Edited by Mary Forman, OSB, PhD In this volume, you will hear the voices of many Benedictines and intentional community members—all speaking from the heart of their lived experience and wisdom. 978-0-8146-9925-5 Paperback, 232 pp., was $24.95 NOW $12.48

Notto R. Thelle By asking questions that engage both the Eastern and Western religious traditions, Notto R. Thelle urges us to seek a larger faith. 978-0-8146-3329-8 Paperback, 112 pp., was $14.95 NOW $7.48

Many Communities

Travels in the Borderland Between East and West

Worship In Spirit And Truth

Étienne Nodet, OP, and Justin Taylor, SM Investigate the character of the early Christian community by looking into the origins of the rite of baptism and the Eucharist. 978-0-8146-5862-8 Paperback, 480 pp., was $39.95 NOW $19.98

Julia Upton, RSM Julia Upton traces H. A. Reinhold’s life and legacy. In doing so, she takes up Reinhold’s prophetic mantle and inspires us to do so as well. 978-0-8146-6220-5 Paperback, 192 pp., was $24.95 NOW $12.48

An Exploration

Rachel Weeping

Jews, Christians, and Muslims at the Fortress Tomb

Fred Strickert In Rachel Weeping, Strickert takes the reader on a journey into the nature and significance of Rachel’s story and the story of her tomb. 978-0-8146-5987-8 Paperback, 176 pp., was $18.95 NOW $9.48

Saint John’s at 150 A Portrait of This Place Called Collegeville

Hilary Thimmesh, OSB, Editor This book features compelling essays by a variety of writers and striking photos. 978-0-9740-9921-7 Paperback, 160 pp., was $39.95 NOW $19.98

Special Offer Soul Searching

The Journey of Thomas Merton

Toward Ritual Transformation

Remembering Robert W. Hovda

Gabe Huck, Robert W. Hovda, Virgil C. Funk, J. Michael Joncas, Nathan D. Mitchell, James Savage, and John Foley, SJ Distinguished liturgists challenge the church to continue a pilgrimage toward beauty and justice. 978-0-8146-6196-3 Paperback, 136 pp., was $15.95 NOW $7.98

75% Islam Considered A Christian View

Margot Patterson This book points out the common roots and shared values of Judaism, Christianity, and Islam and assists Christians in identifying the connections between all three. 978-0-8146-1915-5 Paperback, 128 pp., was $12.95 NOW $3.24

The Monk’s Tale

A Biography of Godfrey Diekmann, O.S.B. Kathleen Hughes, RSCJ This book recounts a time of turmoil and change that continues to shape the church even as the life-work of Father Diekmann shaped the thought of his colleagues and students. 978-0-8146-1984-1 Paperback, 408 pp., was $18.95 NOW $4.74

Sacred Silence

Denial and the Crisis in the Church

Donald Cozzens Sacred Silence looks at various challenges and the scandal gripping the church and offers a historical overview of our church leadership. 978-0-8146-2731-0 Paperback, 208 pp., was $14.95 NOW $3.74

Where Did Christianity Come From?

Justin Taylor, SM This book surveys the first 150 years of Christianity. It looks for the environment in which Christianity began and traces the process by which Christianity emerged from it. 978-0-8146-5102-5 Paperback, 208 pp., was $19.95 NOW $4.99 • 1-800-858-5450

Edited by Morgan Atkinson, with Jonathan Montaldo The documentary as seen on PBS. Soul Searching is alive with the narrative of those who either knew Merton well or passionately care about him. 978-0-8146-3264-2 Book with DVD, Hardcover, 216 pp., DVD 67 minutes, was $39.95 NOW $24.95

The Life and Legacy of H. A. Reinhold

Biography, Sociology, History

The Origins of Christianity



35% Prayers For The Classroom

Philip A. Verhalen, Editor; Foreword by Archbishop Rembert G. Weakland, OSB Provides structured daily communal prayers, particularly for teachers who want to begin class with a prayer. 978-0-8146-2456-2 Hardcover, 248 pp., was $24.95 NOW $16.22

Children’s Bible

W. Hillmann, OFM With text and colorful illustrations, this children’s classic tells the Scripture story from the creation to our Lord’s second coming. 978-0-8146-0120-4 Paperback, 95 pp., was $12.95 NOW $8.42

50% The Christmas Star

Paloma Wensell; Ulises Wensell, Illustrator; Linda M. Maloney, Translator This colorful board book shares the true meaning of Christmas with even the youngest believers. 978-0-8146-3155-3 Board Book, 16 pp., was $7.95 NOW $3.98

The Creation Story

In Words and Sign Language

John P. Audia; David Spohn, Illustrator In The Creation Story, Deacon John P. Audia provides children with a simple version of the classic story of Creation illustrated in word and sign. 978-0-8146-3174-4 Hardcover, 16 pp., was $9.95 NOW $4.98 • 1-800-858-5450



Ambrose and the Cathedral Dream

Margo Sorenson; Katalin Szegedi, Illustrator This delightful story will teach children ages 4-10 about the architecture of a medieval cathedral and inspire them to pursue their dreams. 978-0-8146-3004-4 Hardcover, 32 pp., was $16.95 NOW $4.24

Ambrose and the Princess

Margo Sorenson, Katalin Szegedi, Illustrator This story invites readers into Ambrose’s world as he tries to help the Princess in time for Christmas. 978-0-8146-3043-3 Hardcover, 32 pp., was $16.95 NOW $4.24

Dominga’s Wonderful Year/ El año maravilloso de Dominga

Sandi Yonikus; Annika Nelson, Illustrator/Ilustradora This bilingual invitation from a young girl learning the seasons of the church year will inspire children and adults as they discover the meaning behind the liturgical seasons. 978-0-8146-2876-8 Hardcover, 32 pp., was $16.95 NOW $4.24

God Speaks to Us in dreams and visions

Mary Ann Getty-Sullivan; Marygrace Dulski Antkowski, Illustrator God Speaks to Us in Dreams and Visions, with its beautiful illustrations, is a collection of eight Bible stories. For children ages 5-10. 978-0-8146-2366-4 Hardcover with dust jacket, 64 pp., was $17.95 NOW $4.49

Heart Talks with Mother God

Bridget Mary Meehan, SSC, and Regina Madonna Oliver, SSC; Betsy Bowen, Barbara Knutson, and Susan Sawyer, Illustrators More than just a storybook for children; this is a moment of prayer spent in a mother’s tender embrace. 978-0-8146-2069-4 Hardcover, 48 pp., was $14.95 NOW $3.74

Jesus Is Born

My First Communion Book

This beautiful mini-missalette for children six to ten years old provides a simplified Mass text, with the child’s responses printed in bold, black type. Additional prayers are included for after-Mass use. 978-0-8146-1547-8 Paperback, 56 pp., was $5.95 NOW $1.49

Jesus: the Word of God

Margaret O’Toole This colorfully illustrated story gives children ages 8-11 the opportunity to explore some of the answers to the great questions that the world continues to ask about Jesus. 978-0-8146-2235-3 Paperback, 96 pp., was $9.95 NOW $2.49

Our Church

Through the stories of various characters, this colorfully illustrated children’s book reveals a vital, alive community—our church.


Rolf Krenzer; Linda M. Maloney, Translator; Constanza Droop, Illustrator Children ages 5-12 will both learn from and delight in this beautifully illustrated Bible story. 978-0-8146-2582-8 Hardcover, 24 pp., was $14.95 NOW $3.74

978-0-8146-2061-8 Hardcover, 48 pp., was $11.95 NOW $2.99

The Uproar in Bethlehem Let’s Talk About God/ Hablemos de Dios

Written and illustrated by Àngels Comella; Lisa A. Twomey, Translator This bilingual story reminds children about the power of God’s love and the many ways God is with them every day. 978-0-8146-2361-9 Hardcover, 28 pp., was $9.95 NOW $2.49

Michal Hudak Perfect for children ages 3-9, The Uproar in Bethlehem has full-color illustrations that will captivate young minds as they are drawn in to the exciting story of Jesus’ birth. 978-0-8146-2774-7 Hardcover, 24 pp., was $14.95 NOW $3.74

Dominga’s Wonderful Year, page 28 • 1-800-858-5450

Inspire children to learn about the liturgical seasons!


Español / Spanish

50% La Alegría Del Perdón

El sacramento de la Reconciliación

El Año Litúrgico no 13 manantial Litúrgico

Este Directorio ayudará a cada sacerdote para profundizar en la propia identidad y para incrementar su vida spiritual.

Congregación para el Culto Divino y la Disciplina de los Sacramentos

Joseph Wresinski A través de estas líneas, Joseph Wresinski presenta su visión del parentesco entre los más pobres y Jesús, de las conversaciones que mantienen con Dios y de cómo entienden su vida. 978-0-8146-4340-2 En rústica, 224 págs., era $13.95 Ahora $6.98

En Busca De Una Ética Universal: Nueva Mirada Sobre La Ley Natural

Comisión Teológica International Se inspira en la doctrina de la ley natural elaborada por santo Tomás de Aquino e incorpora elementos nuevos para mostrar que la ley natural no es abolida, sino que es llevada a su cumplimiento por la ley del amor. 978-0-8146-4309-9 En rústica, 104 págs., era $7.95 Ahora $3.98

Cómo aprovechar la espiritualidad del cine • 1-800-858-5450

978-0-8146-2816-4 En rústica, 3 págs., era $0.40 Ahora $0.20

Directorio Para El Ministerio Y La Vida De Los Presbíteros

Bienaventurados Los Pobres


Breve explicación, preparación y oraciones para la celebración doméstica o comunitaria de ese día.

Hubert Vallet Celebración de la Reconciliación y Jubileo corresponden a la misma familia: escuchar una invitación, ponerse en camino, en el seno de la Iglesia, por ella y para ella, dejarse reconciliar, abrirle la puerta al Redentor, y cantar con María. 978-0-8146-4330-3 En rústica, 220 págs., era $12.95 Ahora $6.48

Autores Varios Este volumen es complemento de la espléndida carta apostólica del Siervo de Dios, el Papa Juan Pablo II, Dies Domini, publicada en el número cuatro de nuestro Manantial Litúrgico. 978-0-8146-4342-6 En rústica, 116 págs., era $4.95 Ahora $2.48

El Día de los Fieles Difuntos

Luis García Orso, SJ El autor nos guía a través de las cintas cinematográficas, para descubrir que muchas de ellas se transforman en espejo de nuestra vida, en una ventana a otros mundos y en un diálogo con el espíritu del ser humano. 978-0-8146-4255-9 En rústica, 48 págs., era $2.95 Ahora $1.48

Cuaresma Y Pascua Con Los Padres De La Iglesia Marco Pappalardo Así podemos ver los comienzos del camino de la Iglesia en la historia. 978-0-8146-4322-8 En rústica, 160 págs., era $4.95 Ahora $2.48

Congregacion para el clero

978-0-8146-4303-7 En rústica, 160 págs., era $5.95 Ahora $2.98

Espiritualidad Cristiana George A. Lane, SJ Lane examina los maestros de la espiritualidad cristiana en su contexto histórico. 978-0-8146-4201-6 En rústica, 84 págs., era $4.95 Ahora $2.48

Eucaristía Y Vida Cristiana Stanislas Lyonnet, SJ La celebración de la Eucaristía no sólo implica que los participantes se sientan unidos entre sí durante la función litúrgica; exige una transformación mucho más profunda: la de toda la vida. 978-0-8146-4203-0 En rústica, 80 págs., era $4.95 Ahora $2.48

Firminio Y Liberio Y otras cápsulas litúrgicas

Alberto Aranda Cervantes, MSpS y Antonio Serrano Pérez, SJ Las enseñanzas breves y amables, presentadas con un humor atractivo en los recuadros de la revista Actualidad Litúrgica de 1981 a 1999, aparecen reunidas en este volumen. 978-0-8146-4292-4 En rústica, 408 págs., era $15.95 Ahora $7.98

La Inmadurez Psicoafectiva Y El Matrimonio Canónico Angelo Amati Análisis valeroso, exhaustivo, agudo y constructivo del complejo tema relativo al Canon 1095,2-3 del Código del Derecho Canónico. 978-0-8146-4324-2 En rústica, 304 págs., era $39.95 Ahora $19.98

Jesús mi amigo, ¿quién es?

Manantial Litúrgico 1 Redemptionis Sacramentum

978-0-8146-4155-2 En rústica, 88 págs., era $3.75 Ahora $1.88

Manantial Litúrgico 3 Eucharisticum Mysterium

978-0-8146-4191-0 En rústica, 64 págs., era $3.95 Ahora $1.98

Manantial Litúrgico 4 La Liturgia Simplificada

Mark Searle La liturgia nos enseña cómo vivir con fe y cómo amar más profundamente y con mayor verdad al Señor. 978-0-8146-4059-3 En rústica, 79 págs., era $3.95 Ahora $1.98

Dies Domini

978-0-8146-4192-7 En rústica, 96 págs., era $4.95 Ahora $2.48

Manantial Litúrgico 5 Sacrosanctum Concilium

978-0-8146-4193-4 En rústica, 64 págs., era $3.95 Ahora $1.98

Manantial Litúrgico 6 Reconciliación

Español / Spanish

Juan Dingler, SJ Jesús nos invita a poner nuestro corazón en su amor inmenso hacia nuestros prójimos, sus hijos. 978-0-8146-4151-4 En rústica, 40 págs., era $2.95 Ahora $1.48

978-0-8146-4194-1 En rústica, 128 págs., era $5.95 Ahora $2.98

Madre Del Señor Y Madre Nuestra

Carlos Ignacio González, SJ Este trabajo presenta algunas catequesis marianas para que las familias, tengan un elemento para conocer a María como la presentan los evangelios y como en su fe la ha acogido la Iglesia. 978-0-8146-4204-7 En rústica, 212 págs., era $7.95 Ahora $3.98

Los Maestros

Padres y escritores del milenio

S.S. Benedicto XVI Audiencias generales de su Santidad Benedicto XVI, en la que el Papa describe de una manera sencilla la vida y contribuciones que estos Padres del primer milenio dieron a la Iglesia. 978-0-8146-4320-4 En rústica, 80 págs., era $4.95 Ahora $2.48

Manual Práctico Para El Salmista

S.C. Dra. Blanca Sánchez Gil Manual de formación dedicado a quienes tienen el deseo de participar en las celebraciones litúrgicas, de un modo especial, en el canto de los salmos. 978-0-8146-4296-2 En rústica, 224 págs., era $9.95 Ahora $4.98

Más Allá de Pío V

Andrea Grillo La tarea que plantea este ensayo es redescubrir las razones profundas que nos permitan leer la Reforma Litúrgica como presagio necesario de conciencia eclesiástica contemporánea, ni contra ni si Pío V, pero si más allá de Pío V. 978-0-8146-4323-5 En rústica, 112 págs., era $24.95 Ahora $12.48

Me Encanta Ser Católico

Juan Dingler, SJ Los católicos seguimos buscando ser gente para los demás, al servicio de los demás. 978-0-8146-4070-8 En rústica, 32 págs., era $2.25 Ahora $1.13

Mi Psicólogo Es Jesús

Carlo Nesti Este libro habla de psicología y espiritualidad. 978-0-8146-4333-4 En rústica, 112 págs., era $7.95 Ahora $3.98

P. Sebastián Mier, SJ En la búsqueda de una ayuda para encontrar respuestas sólidas y convincentes hacia un crecimiento cristiano y humano, esta obra constituirá una brújula para seguir el camino que Jesús recorrió. 978-0-8146-4175-0 En rústica, 80 págs., era $3.95 Ahora $1.98 • 1-800-858-5450

Moral Para Seguidores De Jesús


Español / Spanish

Oración Y Vida Afectiva

J. Guillet, SJ, A. Vanhoye, SJ, G. A. Aschenbrenner, SJ, J. Laplace, SJ Para ayudar a todo aquel que desea aprender a orar y quiere comprometer la joya de su afectividad para el servicio del reino de Dios. 978-0-8146-4076-0 En rústica, 125 págs., era $3.95 Ahora $1.98

Pensamientos Sobre Pablo

Mario López Barrio, SJ Ésta es una reflexión sobre los temas nucleares ignacianos, que hace alusiones al texto ignaciano con referencias a la Sagrada Escritura y los Ejercicios Espirituales. 978-0-8146-4267-2 En rústica, 156 págs., era $6.95 Ahora $3.48

El texto recorre la vida de San Pablo y de cómo vivió, trabajó, sufrió y murió por Cristo.

El Pan Bueno De Nuestra Fe

Pensamientos Sobre El Sacerdocio

La inspiración bíblica de los Ejercicios

Cardenal Francis Arinze 978-0-8146-4307-5 En rústica, 136 págs., era $5.95 Ahora $2.98

Las parábolas: predicándolas y viviéndolas

El Evangelio según San Marcos, Ciclo B Barbara E. Reid, OP Las parábolas de Jesús son refranes e historias enigmáticas con el potencial de transformar el mundo. 978-0-8146-3055-6 En rústica, 160 págs., era $15.95 Ahora $7.98

Reflexiones del Papa Benedicto XVI con motivo del “Año Paulino”

978-0-8146-4282-5 En rústica, 96 págs., era $5.95 Ahora $2.98

Benedicto XVI Este volumen recoge las reflexiones del Santo Padre Benedicto XVI sobre el sacerdocio. 978-0-8146-4336-5 En rústica, 64 págs., era $3.50 Ahora $1.75

El Perdón

Juan Dingler, SJ Este folleto habla de lo que es el sacramento de la Reconciliación y cómo el amor de Dios nos ofrece la posibilidad de ser perdonados. 978-0-8146-4034-0 En rústica, 32 págs., era $2.25 Ahora $1.13

Paz En La Tormenta

Por amor al reino

La Penitencia

¿Por Qué Opté Por Ser Católico?

Dr. Jorge Fuentes Aguirre La experiencia propia de estar enfermo, le dieron al autor el material necesario para hablar del dolor y la angustia que causan los padecimientos, y de las capacidades que todos tenemos, a veces sin saberlo, para superarlos. 978-0-8146-4112-5 En rústica, 39 págs., era $3.50 Ahora $1.75 • 1-800-858-5450

Benedicto XVI Madre Santísima de Guadalupe, que ha mostrado su amor y su ternura a los pueblos del Continente Americano, colma de alegría y esperanza a todos los pueblos y naciones del mundo. 978-0-8146-4304-4 En rústica, 93 págs., era $4.95 Ahora $2.48

La Palabra en el dinamismo Ignaciano

Ejercicios Espirituales con Benedicto XVI


Pensamientos Sobre La Familia

Prof. Felipe Aquino La presente obra está apoyada en documentos de la Iglesia, acompañados de comentarios adecuados que nos ayudan a conocer mejor los dogmas, preceptos y recomendaciones de la Iglesia sobre este sacramento. 978-0-8146-4327-3 En rústica, 80 págs., era $5.95 Ahora $2.98

Wilhelm Mühs Estos 365 pensamientos sobre consejos evangélicos le ofrecen una pequeña muestra del rico patrimonio teolico respecto a la pobreza, la virginidad y la obediencia que la iglesia y la sabiduría universal han reunido a lo largo de los siglos. 978-0-8146-4084-5 En rústica, 79 págs., era $5.95 Ahora $2.98

Cómo volví a ser practicante

William J. O’Malley, SJ Obra ilustrativa y ecuménica que proporciona sólidos y valientes criterios para evaluar la propia fe católica. 978-0-8146-4257-3 En rústica, 262 págs., era $10.95 Ahora $5.48

Por Una Senda Tranquila Volume 1

Juan Dingler Celada, SJ “Me abandono en tus manos. Sé tú toda mi fortaleza, el agua de mi vida.” 978-0-8146-4125-5 En rústica, 32 págs., era $2.50 Ahora $1.25

¿Qué Pensar De La Reencarnación?

978-0-8146-4202-3 En rústica, 16 págs., era $1.95 Ahora $0.98

Quien Los Unió Fue Dios

José Augusto Con el objetico de rescatar a las familias, este libro se centra en temas muy actuales, con experiencia de muchos hombres y mujeres de nuestro tiempo, y es una ayuda para aquellos que buscan soluciones y la curación en su vida emocional. 978-0-8146-4331-0 En rústica, 80 págs., era $5.95 Ahora $2.98

Don Pietro Martinenghi Recorrer con amorosa devoción las estaciones del Viacrucis, nos presenta el amor sin límites de nuestro Salvador y nos invita a reflexionar y a morir al pecado para caminar dentro de una nueva vida. 978-0-8146-4326-6 En rústica, 80 págs., era $5.95 Ahora $2.98

75% Agenda del ama de casa 2014 Temas para reflexionar acerca de la relación con Dios, con los hijos y con el esposo. 978-0-8146-4372-3 En rústica, 160 págs., era $4.99 Ahora $1.25

Español / Spanish

Es impresionante el número de aquellos que hoy creen en la reencarnación. ¿Por qué esta doctrina atrae a tantas personas?

El Viacrucis, Bajo La Mirada De María

Romano Guardini, Introducción A Su Obra Litúrgica

Frédéric Debuyst Guardini ha sido fuente de inspiración y orientación pastoral de la Reforma Litúrgica ordenada por el Concilio Vaticano II. 978-0-8146-4325-9 En rústica, 158 págs., era $24.95 Ahora $12.48

Calendario 2014

Con doce hermosas imágenes de Nuestra Señora en algunas de las advocaciones que se veneran. 978-0-8146-4371-6 En rústica, era $2.95 AHORA $0.74

Semana Guadalupana

Joaquín Gallo, SJ Para meditar en familia, en grupo, en comunidades o de manera personal sobre las apariciones de la Virgen de Guadalupe. 978-0-8146-4098-2 En rústica, 96 págs., era $12.50 AHORA $6.25

Tu Palabra Es Fuego Cómo vivir el Evangelio

Fabio Ciardi; Prólogo de Monseñor Jesús Sanz Mons. Jesús Sanz proclama la luminosidad de la palabra de Dios al ofrecer información maravillosa para establecer una relación más satisfactoria con la iglesia. 978-0-8146-4279-5 En rústica, 144 págs., era $6.95 Ahora $3.48

Vale La Pena Hacerle Caso Al Señor Comentarios Dominicales; Ciclo A

Comentarios Dominicales; Ciclo B

Mons. Felipe Arizmendi Esquivel 978-0-8146-4208-5 En rústica, 276 págs., era $11.95 Ahora $5.98

Comentarios Dominicales; Ciclo C

Mons. Felipe Arizmendi Esquivel 978-0-8146-4209-2 En rústica, 246 págs., era $11.95 Ahora $5.98

Una guía para niños

James A. Comiskey, Illustrado por James Powers Mediante un atractivo texto e ilustraciones artísticas realizadas por ordenador, Esta es nuestra Iglesia presenta a los niños las partes significativas de una iglesia Católica y los objetos utilizados en el culto. 978-0-8146-2888-1 En rústica, 48 págs., era $4.95 AHORA $1.24

Holy Week/Semana Santa

Special Bilingual Edition of Celebrating the Eucharist Semana Santa satisfice las necesidades de la asamblea larga y diversa que el Triduo menudo trae proporcionando la oración revisada de Misal Romano en un format amplio y atractivo. Ciclos A, B, y C incluyen! Holy Week meets the needs of the large and diverse assembly that the Triduum often brings by providing the revised prayer of the Roman Missal in a comprehensive and attractive format. Cycles A, B, and C included! 978-0-8146-3555-1 En rústica, 280 págs., era $6.95 Ahora $1.74

Misal para niños 2014

Con las lecturas de la Misa de cada domingo para que los niños se acerquen más a Jesús y para que se incluyan en las celebraciones dominicales. 978-0-8146-4365-5 En rústica, 272 págs., era $6.95 AHORA $1.74 • 1-800-858-5450

Mons. Felipe Arizmendi Esquivel 978-0-8146-4207-8 En rústica, 32 págs., era $11.95 Ahora $5.98

Esta es nuestra Iglesia


Little Rock Scripture Study

Win over your parishioners with sunny savings from

e v a S

% 0 9 – % 50

Little Rock Scripture Study You can’t miss with offers like these! Take advantage of special savings on previously published Little Rock Scripture Study materials. The LRSS products featured on these pages are not the most current studies available but are perfect for replacing materials you may already have on hand or for a group on a limited budget. To purchase any of the LRSS product in this catalog please call 1-800-858-5434 to place your order. No web orders available with this offer.

Exodus 10 sessions

The exodus is the central event of the Old Testament. Its themes of liberation, wilderness, Passover, covenant, and God’s dwelling are central for the whole Bible. Lecturers: Stephen Binz, Jerome Kodell, OSB, Rabbi Eugene Levy, Catherine Upchurch 978-0-8146-2606-1 Study Set, $11.95 $5.98 978-0-8146-1604-8 Answer Guide, $3.00 $1.50 978-0-8146-8716-1 CD Lectures, $65.00 $16.25 978-0-8146-8715-4 DVD Lectures $120.00 $30.00 978-0-8146-7624-0 VHS Lectures, $120.00 $12.00

Job 8 sessions

This story speaks eloquently of the mystery of human suffering. Listen to God’s Word in the midst of pain. Lecturers: Stephen Binz, Teresa Daly, DC, Warren Harvey, Judy Hoelzeman, Richard Oswald, Catherine Upchurch 978-0-8146-2653-5 Study Set, $12.25 $6.13 978-0-8146-2646-7 Answer Guide, $3.00 $1.50 978-0-8146-8714-7 CD Lectures, $52.00 $13.00 978-0-8146-7696-7 Cassette Lectures, $44.00 $4.40 978-0-8146-8713-0 DVD Lectures, $96.00 $24.00

First Corinthians 10 sessions The community of Corinth could easily be our own­— struggling for unity in the midst of conflict, and discovering weaknesses and strengths. In this study, Paul invites you to find unity in the Gospel message. (Uses the same commentary as Second Corinthians) Lecturers: Dan Hennessey, Judy Hoelzeman, Catherine Upchurch, Gregory C. Wolfe, Clifford M. Yeary 978-0-8146-1657-4 Study Set, $8.50 $4.25 978-0-8146-1637-6 Study Guide, $6.95 $3.48 978-0-8146-1617-8 Answer Guide, $2.00 $1.00

Second Corinthians 7 sessions Come to know the forceful but loving character of Paul, one of the best known figures in the early church. Arguing from his own experience of discipleship and ministry, Paul continues to promote unity in a divided and confused Corinth. (Uses the same commentary as First Corinthians) Lecturers: Roy Goetz, Dan Hennessey, Judy Hoelzeman, Therese McFall, Catherine Upchurch, Clifford M. Yeary 978-0-8146-1658-1 Study Set, $10.95 $5.48 978-0-8146-1638-3 Study Guide, $6.95 $3.48 978-0-8146-1618-5 Answer Guide, $2.00 $1.00

Galatians and Romans 13 sessions • 1-800-858-5450

Paul insists that faith is fundamental to salvation and is the free gift of God’s love. Through letters to these fledgling communities, Paul offers reasons for hope and joy. Lecturers: Dan Hennessey, Judy Hoelzeman, Richard Oswald, Richard Patterson, Catherine Upchurch, Clifford M. Yeary


978-0-8146-1647-5 Study Set, $11.95 $5.98 978-0-8146-1607-9 Answer Guide, $3.00 $1.50 978-0-8146-8681-2 CD Lectures, $85.00 $21.25 978-0-8146-8613-3 VHS Lectures, $156.00 $15.60 978-0-8146-8666-9 DVD Lectures, $156.00 $39.00

Hebrews 7 sessions Examine and enter into the priestly ministry of Jesus and consider your role in the kingdom of God today. Lecturers: Dan Hennessey, Judy Hoelzeman, Catherine Upchurch, Karen Wenzel, Clifford M. Yeary 978-0-8146-1640-6 Study Set, $10.95 $5.48 978-0-8146-1620-8 Answer Guide, $2.00 $1.00

Revelation 8 sessions

This study invites the modern reader to revisit a volatile period of history through apocalytic, symbolic writing. Enter into the struggle between good and evil and experience God’s ultimate triumph. Lecturers: Dan Borlik, CM, Dan Hennessey, Judy Hoelzeman, Catherine Upchurch, Linda Webster, Gregory C. Wolfe, Clifford M. Yeary 978-0-8146-1646-8 Study Set, $8.95 $4.48 978-0-8146-1606-2 Answer Guide, $2.00 $1.00 978-0-8146-7626-4 VHS Lectures, $88.00 $8.80

Isaiah 13 sessions

Allow Israel’s prophets to challenge you to greater holiness and compassion. Lecturers: Roy Goetz, Dan Hennessey, Carole Kaucic, SCN, Richard Patterson, Catherine Upchurch 978-0-8146-1654-3 Study Set, $13.00 $6.50 978-0-8146-1614-7 Answer Guide, $3.00 $1.50 978-0-8146-8717-8 CD Lectures, $91.00 $22.75 978-0-8146-7614-1 Cassette Lectures, $85.00 $8.50

Blowout Sale for those who have access to video and audio cassette players.

Lectures on Audio Cassettes The Acts of the Apostles

978-0-8146-8643-0 Cassette Lectures, $55.00 $5.50

Good News in New Places

978-0-8146-8627-0 Cassette Lectures, $50.00 $5.00

The Gospel According to John and the Johannine Letters

978-0-8146-8647-8 Cassette Lectures, $83.00 $8.30

The Gospel According to Luke

978-0-8146-8645-4 Cassette Lectures, $66.00 $6.60

The Gospel According to Matthew

978-0-8146-7617-2 Cassette Lectures, $55.00 $5.50

Infancy Narratives of Jesus

978-0-8146-7698-1 Cassette Lectures, $26.00 $2.60

Israel’s Story—Part One

978-0-8146-8622-5 Cassette Lectures, $39.00 $3.90

Letters from Prison

978-0-8146-8640-9 Cassette Lectures, $55.00 $5.50

Passion and Resurrection Narratives 978-0-8146-7616-5 Cassette Lectures, $46.00 $4.60

Praying the Scriptures

978-0-8146-8624-9 Cassette Lectures, $39.00 $3.90

Psalms I

978-0-8146-7681-3 Cassette Lectures, $39.00 $3.90

Psalms II

978-0-8146-7683-7 Cassette Lectures, $39.00 $3.90

Touching the Mysteries: Scripture and the Rosary 978-0-8146-8634-8 Cassette Lectures, $28.00 $2.80

Voices in the Desert: Amos, Hosea, and Micah 978-0-8146-8601-0 Cassette Lectures, $55.00 $5.50

The Way of Justice and Peace

978-0-8146-8603-4 Cassette Lectures, $33.00 $3.30


978-0-8146-8602-7 Cassette Lectures, $33.00 $3.30

Women in the Old Testament

978-0-8146-7691-2 Cassette Lectures, $65.00 $6.50

Women in the New Testament

978-0-8146-8656-0 VHS Lectures, $120.00 $12.00

Good News in New Places

978-0-8146-8630-0 VHS Lectures, $108.00 $10.80

The Gospel According to John and the Johannine Letters 978-0-8146-8658-4 VHS Lectures, $180.00 $18.00

The Gospel According to Luke

978-0-8146-8657-7 VHS Lectures, $144.00 $14.40

The Gospel According to Mark

978-0-8146-8662-1 VHS Lectures, $120.00 $12.00

The Gospel According to Matthew 978-0-8146-7675-2 VHS Lectures, $120.00 $12.00

Infancy Narratives of Jesus

978-0-8146-7693-6 VHS Lectures, $49.00 $4.90

Introduction to the Bible

978-0-8146-8708-6 VHS Lectures, $84.00 $8.40

Israel’s Story—Part One

978-0-8146-8623-2 VHS Lectures, $84.00 $8.40

Israel’s Story—Part Two

978-0-8146-8632-4 VHS Lectures, $84.00 $8.40

James, Peter and Jude: The Catholic Letters 978-0-8146-8732-1 VHS Lectures, $84.00 $8.40

Letters from Prison

978-0-8146-8641-6 VHS Lectures, $120.00 $12.00

Parables of the Kingdom—Part Two 978-0-8146-8721-5 VHS Lectures, $72.00 $7.20

Passion and Resurrection Narratives 978-0-8146-7685-1 VHS Lectures, $84.00 $8.40

Praying the Scriptures

978-0-8146-8621-8 VHS Lectures, $84.00 $8.40

Psalms I

978-0-8146-7682-0 VHS Lectures, $84.00 $8.40

Psalms II

978-0-8146-7684-4 VHS Lectures, $84.00 $8.40

Touching the Mysteries: Scripture and the Rosary 978-0-8146-8635-5 VHS Lectures, $60.00 $6.00

Voices in the Desert: Amos, Hosea, and Micah 978-0-8146-8606-5 VHS Lectures, $120.00 $12.00

The Way of Justice and Peace

978-0-8146-8607-2 VHS Lectures, $72.00 $7.20


978-0-8146-8604-1 VHS Lectures, $72.00 $7.20

Women in the Old Testament

978-0-8146-7692-9 VHS Lectures, $120.00 $12.00

Women in the New Testament

978-0-8146-7695-0 Cassette Lectures, $96.00 $9.60

Video-Based Courses Lands of the Bible

Overview of the New Testament

Lands of the Bible invites participants to take a visual and spiritual journey to the Holy Land. This course will identify key places and landscapes of the Bible which will speak their own inspiring message for the spiritual life.

Overview of the New Testament explores the world of the early church and the writings that emerged from the Christian communities. The courses suggest ways to connect our lives with the world and experiences of the early church.

4 or 8 sessions

978-0-8146-2657-3 Participant Guide, $4.95 $2.48 978-0-8146-2658-0 Leader’s Guide, $4.95 $2.48 978-0-8146-8703-1 DVD Lectures, $99.00 $24.75 978-0-8146-7699-8 VHS Lectures, $99.00 $24.75

4 or 8 sessions

978-0-8146-2615-3 Participant Guide, $4.95 $2.48 978-0-8146-2616-0 Leader’s Guide, $4.95 $2.48 978-0-8146-8719-2 DVD Lectures, $99.00 $24.75 978-0-8146-7689-9 VHS Lectures, $99.00 $24.75 • 1-800-858-5450

978-0-8146-7694-3 Cassette Lectures, $52.00 $5.20

The Acts of the Apostles

Little Rock Scripture Study

A great deal on wrap-up lectures

Lectures on VIDeo VHS


The Saint John’s Bible

Save 50% on select 3.




9. 8.


1. Adam and Eve

9. Gospel of Matthew

16. Peacock Butterfly

Donald Jackson with contributions from Chris Tomlin PT000004NFSR Print, 15 x 22, $195.00 $97.50

Donald Jackson GA001002NFSR Print, 30 x 23, $395.00 $197.50

Chris Tomlin GA000124XFSR Print, 12 x 12, $85.00 $42.50

Genesis 2:4–3:7

2. Butterfly Genesis 5

Chris Tomlin PT000006XFSR Print, 12 x 12, $85.00 $42.50

3. Creation, Covenant, Shekinah, Kingdom Wisdom of Solomon 10-11

Donald Jackson WS077078SFSR Print, 20 x 10, $125.00 $62.50

4. Death of Moses

Deuteronomy 33:19-29

Donald Jackson, Aidan Hart, Sally Mae Joseph, Thomas Ingmire PT000156NFSR Print, 15 x 22, $195.00 $97.50

5. Faithful Friends • 1-800-858-5450

Sirach 6:14-22


Diane von Arx WS000090SFSR Print, 10 x 20, $125.00 $62.50

6. The Garden of Desire Song of Solomon 4:12-5:8

Donald Jackson WS061062NFSR Print, 30 x 23, $395.00 $197.50

7. The Garden of Eden Genesis 1:25–2:4

Donald Jackson with contributions from Chris Tomlin 7A. PT003000XFSR Print, 10 x 20, $125.00 $62.50 7B. PT003000NFSR Print, 15 x 22, $195.00 $97.50

8. Gospel of Luke

Frontispiece and Incipit; Gospel of Luke 1:1-45

Donald Jackson GA049050NFSR Print, 30 x 23, $395.00 $197.50

Frontispiece and Incipit; Matthew 1:1-17

Acts 20

10. Hear O Israel

17. Pentecost

Hazel Dolby GA043000XGSR Print, 10 x 12, $85.00 $42.50

Donald Jackson GA105000NFSR Print, 15 x 22, $195.00 $97.50

Mark 12:29-31

Acts Frontispiece

11. Hymn to a Virtuous Woman

18. Psalm One

Hazel Dolby WS051000SFSR Print, 10 x 20, $125.00 $62.50

Donald Jackson, artist; Brian Simpson, scribe PS003000XFSR Print, 10 x 20, $125.00 $62.50

Proverbs 31:1-31

Psalms 1:1-6

12. Jacob’s Ladder

19. Psalm 150

Donald Jackson with contributions from Chris Tomlin PT023000NFSR Print, 15 x 22, $195.00 $97.50

20. Ten Commandments

Genesis 28:15–29:10

13. Like Clay in the Hand of the Potter Sirach 33:13

Donald Jackson WS111000SFSR Print, 10 x 20, $125.00 $62.50

14. Messianic Predictions Isaiah 7, 9, 11

Thomas Ingmire PR000012NFSR Print, 15 x 22, $195.00 $97.50

15. The Multiplication of the Loaves And Fishes Mark 6:1-34, 6:35-56, 7:1-15

Donald Jackson GA035036NFSR Print, 30 x 23, $395.00 $197.50

Sally Mae Joseph PS000080XFSR Print, 10 x 20, $99.00 $49.50

Exodus 20:1-26

Thomas Ingmire PT000056NFSR Print, 15 x 22, $195.00 $97.50

21. Thistle And Butterfly Genesis 3 and 4

Chris Tomlin PT005000SFSR Print, 8 x 20, $95.00 $47.50

22. Vision Of The New Temple Ezekiel 40:1-48

Donald Jackson PR157000NFSR Print, 15 x 22, $195.00 $97.50

23. You Shall Not Take Vengeance Leviticus 19:18

Sally Mae Joseph PT000088BFSR Print, 12 x 12, $85.00 $42.50

Limited quantities available Visit to see more of The Saint John’s Bible sale prints.






12. 14.


The Saint John’s Bible

featured and offset prints

16. 15.

17. 18.

19. 20.


3. 2.



Matthew 22:38-40

Hazel Dolby This special treatment appears in Matthew 22 and is part of the daily prayer of the Benedictine monks at Saint John’s. 978-0-8146-9082-6 11 x 14, Offset Print, was $20.00 Now $10.00

2. Hear O Israel Mark 12:29-31

Hazel Dolby This special treatment appears in Mark 12 and is part of the Benedictine monks of Saint John’s daily prayer. 978-0-8146-9081-9 11 x 14, Offset Print, was $20.00 Now $10.00

3. Canticle of Mary Luke 1:46-55

Sally Mae Joseph The Magnificat is the Evening New Testament Canticle that is prayed daily by the Benedictine monks at Saint John’s Abbey and by Christians around the world. 978-0-8146-9083-3 11 x 14, Offset Print, was $20.00 Now $10.00 • 1-800-858-5450

1. You Shall Love the Lord 23.


The Saint John’s Bible








12. 8.



50% 1. Detail Luke 9

Detail by Hazel Dolby 978-0-8146-9091-8 10 cards and envelopes, 4 x 9, was $14.95 Now $7.50

4. From Christ Our Light Detail 3

Donald Jackson, Artist 978-0-8146-9117-5 10 cards and envelopes, 5 x 7, was $14.95 Now $7.50

5. Hear O Israel

2. From Baptism of Jesus Donald Jackson, Artist 978-0-8146-9072-7 10 cards and envelopes, 5 x 7, was $14.95 Now $7.50

3. Elisha and the Six Miracles

Detail by Donald Jackson with contributions by Aidan Hart 978-0-8146-9147-2 10 cards and envelopes, 9 x 4, was $14.95 Now $7.50

8. Rejoice

12. Virtuous Woman Proverbs 31

Detail by Hazel Dolby 978-0-8146-9131-1 10 cards and envelopes, 9 x 4, was $14.95 Now $7.50

Detail 2

9. Seven Pillars of Wisdom Proverbs 9 Detail 3

Detail by Hazel Dolby 978-0-8146-9076-5 10 cards and envelopes, 4 x 9, was $14.95 Now $7.50

Donald Jackson, Artist 978-0-8146-9112-0 10 cards and envelopes, 7 x 5, was $14.95 Now $7.50

6. Joshua Anthology

10. Square Before the Watergate Detail by Hazel Dolby 978-0-8146-9143-4 10 cards and envelopes, 9 x 4, was $14.95 Now $7.50

7. Psalm 23

11. Therefore The Child To Be Born..., Luke 1

Brian Simpson, Calligrapher 978-0-8146-9089-5 10 cards and envelopes, 4 x 9, was $14.95 Now $7.50

Details by Chris Tomlin and Donald Jackson 978-0-8146-9069-7 Five each of two details and 10 envelopes, 5 x 7, was $14.95 Now $7.50

Acts & Gospel of Mark Details by Donald Jackson, Andrew Jamieson and Sally Mae Joseph 978-0-8146-9084-0 10 cards and envelopes, 5 x 7, was $14.95 Now $7.50

Donald Jackson, Artist 978-0-8146-9107-6 10 cards and envelopes, 4 x 9, was $14.95 Now $7.50

Detail by Hazel Dolby 978-0-8146-9105-2 10 cards and envelopes, 5 x 7, was $14.95 Now $7.50

13. Virtuous Woman Proverbs 31 Detail 4

Detail by Donald Jackson 978-0-8146-9145-8 10 cards and envelopes, 9 x 4, was $14.95 Now $7.50

Acts & Genesis • 1-800-858-5450



Detail 1




Detail by Hazel Dolby 978-0-8146-9110-6 10 cards and envelopes, 7 x 5, was $14.95 Now $7.50

14. Virtuous Woman Proverbs 31 Detail 5

Detail by Hazel Dolby 978-0-8146-9108-3 10 cards and envelopes, 4 x 9, was $14.95 Now $7.50

15. Vision of Isaiah Detail 1

Donald Jackson, Artist 978-0-8146-9088-8 10 cards and envelopes, 5 x 7, was $14.95 Now $7.50

90% The Illuminator and a Bible for the 21st Century

Experience for yourself the story of the most extensive scribal commission in the world since the end of the Middle Ages, a story that has not happened for a long time and probably will never happen again. 978-0-8146-9060-4 VHS, was $18.95 NOW $1.89

Gospels of Mark & John Donald Jackson, Artist 978-0-8146-9071-0 10 cards and envelopes, 5 x 7, was $14.95 Now $7.50

Leviticus & Numbers Details by Sally Mae Joseph and Suzanne Moore 978-0-8146-9070-3 10 cards and envelopes, 5 x 7, was $14.95 Now $7.50

To the Ends of the Earth A Detail from Acts

Donald Jackson, Artist with contributions by Sally Mae Joseph and Andrew Jamieson This full-color exhibition poster from Illuminating the Word: The Saint John’s Bible features To the Ends of the Earth, a detail from Acts. 978-0-8146-9061-1 Poster, 24 x 34, was $10.95 NOW $1.09

Hot deals! 90% off The Catholic Worker after Dorothy Practicing the Works of Mercy in a New Generation

Dan McKanan Explores the reality of Catholic Worker communities today. 978-0-8146-3187-4 Paperback, 240 pp., was $19.95 NOW $2.00

La Cosecha

Harvesting Contemporary United States Hispanic Theology (1972–1998) Eduardo Fernández, SJ Eduardo Fernández offers an introduction to the theological Latino/Latina perspective. 978-0-8146-5896-3 Paperback, 232 pp., was $19.95 NOW $2.00

Dayspring from on High Advent Prayer

God Encountered: A Contemporary Catholic Systematic Theology Frans Jozef van Beeck, SJ

Volume One: Understanding the Christian Faith (Second Revised Edition) 978-0-8146-5517-7 Paperback, 360 pp., was $19.95 NOW $2.00

Volume Two/4: The Revelation of the Glory; Part IVA: The Genealogy of Depravity: Morality and Immorality 978-0-8146-5501-6 Paperback, 280 pp., was $16.95 NOW $1.70

Volume Two/4: The Revelation of the Glory; Part IVB: The Genealogy of Depravity: Living Alive to the Living God 978-0-8146-5877-2 Paperback, 432 pp., was $24.95 NOW $2.50

Robert D. Eimer and Sarah A. O’Malley, OSB Individuals, families, and those involved in the RCIA will find this book a unique way to enter wholeheartedly into the Advent of the third millennium. 978-0-8146-2576-7 Paperback, 80 pp., was $6.95 NOW $0.70

Healthcare Ministry

Divine Favor

Gerald A. Arbuckle, SM Examines the refounding of Christian healthcare and offers examples of how it can be done in creative ways.

The Art of Joseph O’Connell

Colman O’Connell, OSB, Editor; featuring articles by J. F. Powers and Garrison Keillor A photographic collection of this master-artist’s work. 978-0-8146-2573-6 Hardcover, 112 pp., was $39.95 NOW $4.00

Ecumenical Dialogue

Angelo Maffeis; Lorelei F. Fuchs, SA Translator Surveys the historical and theological foundations of the ecumenical movement and the role of dialogue in the churches’ commitment to manifest their unity in a full and visible way. 978-0-8146-2931-4 Paperback, 120 pp., was $16.95 NOW $1.70

An Adult Faith Formation Discussion Program

Kathleen Foley and Peggy O’ Leary, Editors The program’s twenty-eight sessions provide an overview of the basic elements of Christian life. 978-0-8146-2530-9 Paperback, 275 pp., was $12.95 NOW $1.30


Una preocupación pastoral

Eugene LaVerdiere, SSS; Traducido del por le inglés por Juan Lulio Blanchard Este librito es una crítica a la forma en que el fundamentalismo se acerca a la Palabra de la Escritura. 978-0-8146-2932-1 En rústica, 24 págs., era $2.95 Ahora $0.30

978-0-8146-2570-5 Paperback, 376 pp., was $34.95 NOW $3.50

Hunger for the Word

Larry Hollar, Editor Hunger for the Word brings concern for hunger and fairness into our daily religious life.

Lectionary Reflections on Food and Justice— Year A 978-0-8146-2920-8 Paperback, 240 pp., was $19.95 NOW $2.00

Lectionary Reflections on Food and Justice— Year B 978-0-8146-3008-2 Paperback, 240 pp., was $19.95 NOW $2.00

Liturgy for the New Millennium

A Commentary on the Revised Sacramentary

Mark R. Francis, CSV, and Keith F. Pecklers, SJ, Editors Offered as a token of appreciation for Anscar Chupungco’s ministry to the liturgical life of the Church. 978-0-8146-6174-1 Paperback, 192 pp., was $19.95 NOW $2.00

El ministerio de la comunión

Michael Kwatera, OSB; Marina Herrera, PhD, Traductora Consejo práctico y teología vital para ministros de la Eucaristía. 978-0-8146-1583-6 En rústica, 48 págs., era $3.95 AHORA $0.40 • 1-800-858-5450

Focus on Theology

Refounding the Mission in Tumultuous Times


Hot deals! 90% off Preparing the Table of the Word

The Spiritual Way of St. Jeanne d’Arc

The Process of Admission to Ordained Ministry: A Comparative Study

A Story of the Psalms

Normand Bonneau, OMI Provides homilists with insights for their homily preparation and preaching. 978-0-8146-2499-9 Paperback, 48 pp., was $3.95 Now $0.40

Volume I: Epistemological Principles and Roman Catholic Rites

James F. Puglisi, SA; Michael S. Driscoll and Mary M. Misrahi, Translators 978-0-8146-6128-4 Paperback, 280 pp., was $39.95 NOW $4.00

Rule of Prayer, Rule of Faith

Essays in Honor of Aidan Kavanagh, O.S.B. Nathan Mitchell and John F. Baldovin, SJ, Editors A Festschrift designed to celebrate Kavanagh’s seminal contributions to liturgical studies. 978-0-8146-6158-1 Paperback, 376 pp., was $34.95 NOW $3.50

George H. Tavard Examines the spiritual sources of Saint Jeanne d’Arc’s rich personality. 978-0-8146-5881-9 Paperback, 208 pp., was $17.95 NOW $1.80

Conversation, Canon, and Congregation

V. Steven Parrish This book sets together recent developments in reading Psalms and current studies of North American congregations. 978-0-8146-2906-2 Paperback, 168 pp., was $14.95 NOW $1.50

Visions of Liturgy and Music for a New Century

Lucien Deiss, CSSp; Jane M.-A. Burton, Translator Lucien Deiss focuses on the future of liturgical song and for better ways to spread the gospel. 978-0-8146-2298-8 Paperback, 256 pp., was $24.95 NOW $2.50

Source and Summit

Commemorating Josef A. Jungmann, S.J.

Joanne M. Pierce and Michael Downey, Editors; Foreword by Balthasar Fischer Honors the memory of Josef A. Jungmann, SJ, one of the greatest liturgical scholars of the twentieth century. 978-0-8146-2461-6 Paperback, 288 pp., was $24.95 NOW $2.50

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Cistercian Publications and Liturgical Press titles, previously billed and shipped separately, are now billed and shipped together from one location in Collegeville, MN. All orders shipped via USPS. Please allow 2-3 weeks for standard shipping and handling. For other shipping methods please contact customer service at 1-800-858-5450. Postage and handling charges apply to all orders; 14% ($7.00 min.) for all orders under $100.00. Orders over $100.00 are billed at actual freight plus $7.00. Shipping rates will be higher on orders outside the US. For orders less than $10.00 payment must be included with order. Canadian customers add current GST. Invoice is payable in US funds only. Item #

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July 31, 2014

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