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from Cistercian Publications

The Art of Winning Souls Pastoral Care of Novices

I Am the Way Stages of Prayer in Saint Bernard

Maureen McCabe, OCSO MW028P, 96B 978-0-87907-028-1 Paperback, 128 pp., $15.95 | eBook $13.99


from Cistercian Publications

The Book of the Elders

Sayings of the Desert Fathers The Systematic Collection

Michael Casey, OCSO

Translated by John Wortley Foreword by Bernard Flusin

MW035P, 96B 978-0-87907-035-9 Paperback, 208 pp., $19.95 | eBook, $17.99

CS240H, 96B 978-0-87907-201-8 Hardcover with dust jacket, 416 pp., $49.95 | ebook $47.99

“This book is like honey from the rock for anyone interested in how the human and divine work together to form a spiritual person. We have come to expect clarity and richness from a Michael Casey book, and this one will not disappoint us.”

Bernard of Clairvaux draws us to continual prayer and deep gratitude for the mercies of the Lord, especially in his passion. He is, says Mother Maureen McCabe, truly a father— father of the church and father of souls.

Abbot Brendan Freeman New Melleray Abbey

Cistercian Publications titles will be billed and shipped separately.

“The publication of this long-awaited English translation is an event to be celebrated. John Wortley’s expertise in the spiritual tradition of the Egyptian desert is well known and appreciated by scholars and lay readers alike.” Mary B. Cunningham The University of Nottingham


Conversation with Saint Benedict The Rule in Today’s World

Terrence G. Kardong, OSB 96B 978-0-8146-3419-6 Paperback, 156 pp., $17.95 | eBook, $15.99


from Cistercian Publications


Cave, Refectory, Road Monastic Rhythms for Contemporary Living

Christian de Chergé A Theology of Hope Christian Salenson

CS247P, 96B 978-0-87907-247-6 Paperback, 224 pp., $19.95 | eBook, $14.99

Ian Adams 96B 978-0-8146-3444-8 Paperback, 104 pp., $14.95 | eBook, $11.99

“This well-considered series of essays is both instructive and entertaining. Each essay is thought-provoking, honest, and challenging. They are also powerful and contemporary expositions of basic monastic values.” Michael Casey, OCSO Author of The Road to Eternal Life

“Ian Adams captures the essential genius of the monastic tradition. His book gives simple, practical inspiration for ‘ordinary living.’” Abbot Stuart Burns, OSB Mucknell Abbey

The popular movie Of Gods and Men told the story of the seven Cistercian monks assassinated in Algeria in 1996. Christian de Chergé, prior of the community, was among them. Salenson explores the personal, ecclesial, and theological foundations of de Chergé’s vocation and the originality of his life and thought.

from Cistercian Publications

At Home with Saint Benedict from Cistercian Publications

Monastery Talks

The Medieval Experience of Reading

MW027P, 96B 978-0-87907-027-4 Paperback, 336 pp., $29.95 | eBook, $24.99

Lectio Divina Duncan Robertson

Mark Scott, OCSO

Karl A. Schultz Author of How to Pray with the Bible

John Michael Talbot 96B 978-0-8146-3385-4 Paperback, 144 pp., $15.95 | eBook, $13.99

CS238P, 96B 978-0-87907-238-4 Paperback, 280 pp., $34.95 | eBook, $29.99

“This is an excellent book quite suited to a serious reader and devotee of the subject. Nothing less than a mustread for serious students of lectio divina.”

Blessings of St. Benedict

“This is one of the best popular books on modern monasticism that I have ever read. Anybody who wants to know more about the Rule of Benedict, and also about how it is actually lived today, should obtain this book. I think it is great, not just good.” Terrence Kardong, OSB Author of Conversation with Saint Benedict

“This handy introduction to the Rule of Benedict would be an ideal gift for someone seeking an overview of St. Benedict’s teaching. It explains the original application of the monastic norms and shows how they may be adapted in our time for use in communities and families.” Abbot Jerome Kodell, OSB New Subiaco Abbey

Cistercian Publications titles will be billed and shipped separately.


from Cistercian Publications

The Road to Eternal Life

The Sun at Midnight

Reflections on the Prologue of Benedict’s Rule

Monastic Experience of the Christian Mystery Bernardo Olivera MW029P, 96B 978-0-87907-029-8 Paperback, 152 pp., $16.95 | eBook, $12.99

The Radical Christian Life

A Year with Saint Benedict

Michael Casey, OCSO 96B 978-0-8146-3384-7 Hardcover, 192 pp., $19.95 | eBook, $14.99

Joan Chittister, OSB 96B 978-0-8146-3365-6 Paperback, 160 pp., $15.95 | eBook, $13.99

Olivera offers a splendid, easily accessible summary of mystical theology in the Cistercian school. He analyzes this tradition first in its rich human, biblical, and doctrinal connotations and then according to its most typical expressions as they are lived among Cistercian mystics.

“Day by day throughout the year, Sister Joan meditates on symbolic scenes from the life of Saint Benedict as described by Pope Gregory the Great. In this, she presents us with fruitful reading for our spiritually impoverished times.“

Notker Wolf, OSB Abbot Primate of the Benedictine Order

“Many are drawn to Benedict’s prologue and cannot always say why. This is a fine, careful pondering of one of the best-loved sections of Benedict’s Rule. Appropriate for all spiritual seekers who yearn to shape their life on gospel values.” St. Placid Priory Newsletter

Desert Banquet

A Year of Wisdom from the Desert Mothers and Fathers David G. R. Keller 96B 978-0-8146-3387-8 Paperback, 304 pp., $19.95 | eBook, $14.99

“This delightful book presents a year´s daily readings from the early Christian desert tradition, with a very helpful spiritual commentary for each date. It is a veritable pocket Philokalia. Fr. David Keller has done a great service in providing this very profound source of lectio divina for those seriously interested in the spiritual path.”

Meeting Christ in His Mysteries

96B 978-0-8146-3372-4 Paperback, 256 pp., $29.95

A Benedictine Vision of the Spiritual Life Gregory Collins, OSB

Fr. John McGuckin Columbia University

Prayer in the Cave of the Heart The Universal Call to Contemplation

Cyprian Consiglio, OSB Cam 96B 978-0-8146-3276-5 Paperback, 136 pp., $14.95 | eBook, $9.99

“I have been waiting for a book like this for years. It represents a fine, contemporary example of monastic theology and the post–Vatican II rediscovery of biblical, patristic, and liturgical wisdom by both scholastic and monastic theologians.”

“Prayer in the Cave of the Heart is a resource of tremendous potential for spiritual directors of various traditions, people interested in contemplative prayer, and anyone who seeks to grasp deep truths about prayer. I have recommended it to several people with whom I meet as a spiritual director.” Greg Richardson, Presence: An International Journal of Spiritual Direction

Marielle Frigge, OSB American Benedictine Review

Running with Expanding Heart Meeting God in Everyday Life

Mary Reuter, OSB 96B 978-0-8146-3308-3 Paperback, 136 pp., $14.95 | eBook, $9.99

“This engaging, accessible book is a small gem which earns a place in any monastic library or bookshop, or the bookshelf of any spiritual seeker.”

American Benedictine Review

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SB ret Funk, O Lama Mar y Marga s the Dalai es lin o H is H by rd o ., $19.95 Forew rback, 188 pp pe 46-3465-3 Pa 96B 978-0-81

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Mar y Marga

$19.95 over, 216 pp., , 466-0 Hardc -3 46 81 08of lectio divina 96B 97 various levels

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Keeping Vigil with the Word of God Macrina Wiederkehr, OSB 96B 978-0-8146-3383-0 Paperback, 232 pp., $18.95 | eBook, $14.99

Psalm-Shaped Prayerfulness

A Guide to the Christian Reception of the Psalms

“Even for those who have recited the psalms for many years, this book will bring new life to those sacred songs.”  

“It doesn’t take long to recognize that this is a book in which every page has been born of prayer. With her rich imagery, poetic sensibility, reverence for language, and practical wisdom, Macrina reawakens us to the lively power of the Scriptures, and reminds us of their purpose: to be a place of meeting where we encounter the living God.”

Margaret Daly-Denton 96B 978-0-8146-3402-8 Paperback, 224 pp., $24.95 | eBook, $19.99

Tjurunga: An Australasian Benedictine Review

Jan Richardson Author of In the Sanctuary of Women

Poetry Dbonnyell, OSB Kilian Mc

y in gious poetr “This is reli

form.” its highest Sojourners

Wrestling with God

Swift, Lord, You Are Not

96B 978-0-9740992-8-6 Paperback, $10.95

96B 978-0-9740992-0-0 Paperback, $14.95

Marcel Breuer and a Committee of Twelve Plan a Church A Monastic Memoir

Hilary Thimmesh, OSB 96B 978-0-9740992-7-9 Paperback, $19.95

“The genesis of one of the most important church buildings of the twentieth century is recounted with clarity and wit.” Minnesota History

Yahweh’s Other Shoe

God Drops and Loses Things

96B 978-0-9740992-2-4 Paperback, $14.95

96B 978-0-9740992-4-8 Paperback, $11.95

With Christ

The Gospel under the Guidance of Saint Benedict 96B 978-0-8146-1828-8 Paperback, $12.95

Uncommon Gratitude

Alleluia for All That Is 96B 978-0-8146-3022-8 Hardcover, $16.95 eBook, $9.99

Guidelines for Oblates of St. Benedict 96B 978-0-8146-1869-1 Paperback, $0.90

Ceremonies for Oblates of St. Benedict Revised Edition

A Life-Giving Way A Commentary on the Rule of St. Benedict 96B 978-0-8146-2358-9 Paperback, $19.95

96B 978-0-8146-1854-7 Paperback, $1.95

Benedict in the World Portraits of Monastic Oblates

96B 978-0-8146-2571-2 Paperback, $24.95

Finding Sanctuary

Monastic Steps for Everyday Life

96B 978-0-8146-3168-3 Hardcover, 19.95 96B 978-0-8146-3263-5 Paperback, $14.95 eBook, $7.99

Seeking God

The Way of St. Benedict, Second Edition 96B 978-0-8146-1388-7 Paperback, $14.95

The Oblate Life 96B 978-0-8146-3176-8 Hardcover, $29.95

s Books that enrich your

Benedictine life and spirituality

Benedictine Daily Prayer A Short Breviary

96B 978-0-8146-2833-1 Leather-like cover with ribbons, $49.95

The Rule of Benedict for Beginners

Spirituality for Daily Life 96B 978-0-8146-2802-7 Paperback, $11.95

St. Benedict and St. Scholastica

Medals and Medallions




Chains sold separately.

The St. Benedict Jubilee Medal was first struck in 1880, under the supervision of the monks of Montecassino, Italy, to mark the 1,400th anniversary of the birth of St. Benedict. By conscious and devout use of the medal, it becomes a constant silent prayer for strength in time of temptation, for peace among ourselves and among the nations of the world, that the cross of Christ be our light and our guide, and that St. Benedict protect and guide us by his intercession. Lay oblates of St. Benedict are permitted to wear the Medal of St. Benedict instead of the small, black cloth scapular formerly worn. This medal is presented to oblate candidates during their candidacy ceremony.

A. St. Benedict Bronze Jubilee Medal

dime size nickel size half-dollar size large 1 7⁄8”

96B 978-0-8146-0632-2 96B 978-0-8146-0633-9 96B 978-0-8146-0634-6 96B 978-0-8146-0623-0

$2.95 $3.95 $15.95 $49.95

B. St. Benedict Aluminum Jubilee Medal nickel size half-dollar size large 1 7⁄8”

96B 978-0-8146-0621-6 96B 978-0-8146-0622-3 96B 978-0-8146-0630-8

$1.00 $9.95 $29.95

C. St. Benedict Gold-plated Enameled Jubilee Medal

dime size nickel size half-dollar size large 1 7⁄8”

96B 978-0-8146-0626-1 96B 978-0-8146-0627-8 96B 978-0-8146-1040-4 96B 978-0-8146-0643-8

$14.95 $29.95 $59.95 $99.95

D. St. Benedict Silvered Bronze Jubilee Medal

dime size nickel size half-dollar size large 1 7⁄8”

96B 978-0-8146-0636-0 96B 978-0-8146-0624-7 96B 978-0-8146-0637-7 96B 978-0-8146-0638-4

$3.95 $4.95 $14.95 $54.95

E. St. Benedict Gold-plated Jubilee Medal

dime size nickel size half-dollar size large 1 7⁄8”

96B 978-0-8146-0640-7 96B 978-0-8146-0641-4 96B 978-0-8146-0642-1 96B 978-0-8146-0625-4

$4.95 $5.95 $24.95 $59.95



F. F. St. Scholastica Gold-plated over Pewter Medal 1 1⁄4” size

96B 978-0-8146-1134-0



G. St. Scholastica Pewter Medal 1 1⁄4” size

96B 978-0-8146-1133-3


H. St. Benedict Pewter Medal 1 1⁄4” size

96B 978-0-8146-1129-6


I. St. Benedict Pewter Medallion

3” size

96B 978-0-8146-1128-9


J. St. Scholastica Pewter Medallion

3” size

96B 978-0-8146-1132-6



Rhodium Pewter-plated Rope Chain 24”


96B 978-0-8146-1136-4 $9.95

Gold-plated Rope Chain 24” 96B 978-0-8146-1138-8 $12.95

St. Benedict Jubilee Medal Leaflet Contains a historical sketch of the Jubilee Medal, describing its symbolism and the blessing, and the official form for the blessing of St. Benedict medals. 96B 978-0-8146-1868-4 Leaflet, 8 pp., $0.90


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from Cistercian Publications

Lovers of the Place Monasticism Loose in the Church Francis Kline, OCSO Foreword by Michael Downey

MW038P, 96B 978-0-87907-038-0 Paperback, 144 pp., $15.95 | eBook, $11.99

Previously published by Liturgical Press in 1997.

“As Francis grew deeper in communion with his brothers in monastic life, he saw in each and every one he met beyond the walls a brother, a sister. And he saw each place in which they stood, every world from which they came, a precinct of epiphany.” Dr. Michael Downey

From the Foreword

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