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Little Wonders Community, Second Life Welcome to LW! by Kendra Baily

Photo: Jill Caldera

The Meaning Of A Community...Is The Meaning Of Little Wonders by. Knakyia Dreamscape

I personally believe that our best asset as human beings is the ability to feel empathy for one another– and this is what gives us the tools to effectively build community. Belonging to a community is one of our greatest and most authentic needs. I don’t mean to suggest the idea of community in a purely traditional sense ( religion, interest or attribute). Rather, I accept community as a group of people with a certain level of acceptance for one another. A place to belong. And whether we acknowledge it or not, we all need to belong somewhere. Many things make up communities. People, houses, schools, and recreation centers are all important parts of a community. I was reminded of the concept of community this past month, as I went to Little Wonders . Not only does Little Wonders feel like a real community, they treat you as if you are family. Continued ->

You may have noticed that Little Wonders has a very active RP Police and Fire Dept. They recently joined our community and we are very happy to have them. We will be interviewing some of their crew members in the next issue so that you could get to know them better! They are here to keep us all safe!


Dec 1 2011 Upcoming Events

12/3 - City Opening & Tree Lighting 6pm 12/4 - Gingerbread House Contest 4pm 12/10- 12/18 Santa’s Workshop Family Pictures 12/10 - Ice Skate with Santa Night 5pm 12/17 - Carolling @ Central Park 5pm

Starting this weekend at Little Wonders there is going to be a grand Opening of Little Wonders City. This is a Second Life replica Of New York City. With many many Stores you can go Christmas Shopping with your family. Spend the day here Ice skating. They even have the Lighting of the Huge Christmas tree. A community isn’t about everyone being the same. It isn’t about people being a specific way at all. A community, like a “home” is where, when you come to them in need, they take you in. I am so grateful for the people who represent community in my life.

Volume 1


Little Wonders Community, Second Life

Why setting fires is bad... by. Jordyn riverstone

If you are reading this, I can say from experience that saying the dog did it, blaming it on the mailman, accusing my sisters, and framing my mama’s cooking ability were no match to the box of matches I slipped into my daddy’s pocket at the crime scene. Well, that because I got busted. I set out house ablaze the other night and the fire marshall said it was arsen. Did you know that intentionally setting a fire is a bad thing? Did you know that its against the law? Did you know policemen carry these metal thingies that hurt REALLY bad when you have to have them on? Well, take it from me, you don’t wanna play with matches, okay? First, its bad. Second, fires could hurt people really bad. Thirdly, Santa Claus apparently sees everything, and arsen is a one way ticket to the naughty list, who would have thought. So, be good for goodness sake, and don’t play with matches. Resident of the month raffle by. little wonders community management

Each months a random Community Resident will be drawn to get 1 week of free rent. This includes both Residential and Commercial Renters.This weeks lucky Resident is:

LISHI MOONBEAM Congratulations! You will notice on publication date that your rental box has been credited. Apartments Available for Rent Now Contact Kendra Baily


Issue 2

Little Wonders Community Church by. Lauren Bourdeille

Dearest Little Wonders Residents, I am so pleased and blessed to have been asked to serve you as the pastor of the Little Wonders Community Church. We’ve been back together as a congregation for about eight weeks, and I really do believe God has blessed our church. If you haven’t visited us yet, please do feel free to come to a service. Worship is at 1 p.m. SecondLife time every Sunday, and Little Lambs, our Sunday school, follows the service at 2 p.m. We love to see new faces at the church and hope to see yours soon! With the Christmas season beginning, we have a lot of exciting upcoming events. We’ll kick off the season this coming Sunday, Dec. 4, with a special sermon about the significance of the Christmas celebration and all of those wonderful decorations and traditions we have come to love and look forward to. We are also planning a Nativity play to celebrate the season. If you know a little one who would like to be involved, ask them to send me a notecard with their name and their preferred role in the play. We also love to have our kids involved in the services, so if you know a child who would be interested in serving as an alter child, again, please ask them to contact me. Do you feel a call to prayer? Our prayer group is seeking members who would like to join me and our other prayer warriors in praying specifically for the requests of our members. We also are fully equipped to offer baptisms to our members. If you or your child has felt the call to be baptised, let me know. I would love to visit with you about it. And remember, in all things: “Give thanks to the LORD, for he is good. His love endures forever. Give thanks to the God of heaven. His love endures forever.” Psalm 136:1,26 Blessings, LWCC Pastor Lauren Bourdeille

LW Tribune Issue 2  
LW Tribune Issue 2  

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