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e all know there’s no better place to watch the Hawkeyes take the field than Kinnick Sweet Kinnick, but for those who aren’t season ticket holders or rich people, we offer a list of our favorite spots to catch the Hawks. The Deadwood >>> 6 S. Dubuque Street

Every Saturday, a delectable fragrance wafts out the door of The Deadwood Tavern and into the streets: Sally’s famous chili. She makes it spicy, she makes it meaty or meatless, and, best of all, she makes it free! Along with the free food, you’ll find a raucous mix of townies, hippies, fans of the rival team and just good folk. Ben, a six-year Deadwood employee, says “We don’t focus on the differences. We find common ground and drink together and let the better team be decided on the field.” TV Accessibility: Five large TVs, and rumor has it a sixth will be installed facing onto the patio, so you can smoke yer cigarette and watch yer game outside, ya bums! Service & Clientele: The staff is always on their game (unless they’re outside smoking, but that’s none of your business, get your own damn beer!). The fans are fiercely loyal and very vocal, so if you can’t take criticism of your Hawks, this might not be your place. Food Options: Free chili, loose meat sandwiches or tacos, every game day. Crowd Enthusiasm: A row of jersey-wearing townies, all regular fixtures at the bar, will set the tone. Seating Availability: Tons of seats, also lots of non-transparent wooden posts. As with anywhere, the best tables come to those who show up early. The Sports Column >>> 12 S. Dubuque Street

Everybody knows your name That is, as long as your name is Go Hawks. Micah Kulish watches the football season opener at George's Buffet. Photos by James Davies

8 Sept. 19-Oct. 3 2012 | Little Village

When I think of game day at the SpoCo, I think of butts. Big butts, small butts, old butts and young butts, all hanging out the window facing Dubuque street. But don’t let all those cornfed glutes intimidate you—every Hawk fan should stop in at least once for this classic game day experience. Ryan, a manager at The Sports Column, says the bar made famous for its PAULAs attracts a surprisingly diverse crowd, including families and students. “It’s a great place to sit down,

Little Village Magazine - Issue 118 - Sept. 19 - Oct. 3, 2012  

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