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Volume 42 • Number 27

Fourth of July

‘Helping Out’

“We were fighting fires in tennis shoes and shorts back then.”

Longtime volunteer to retire from Fire Department

In the


Every Last Morsel

Last parade driving ‘the Mack’

Holiday Festivities Around the Bay Small town celebrations are alive and well in northern Michigan, with plenty of patriotic traditions to choose from during the Fourth of July holiday week. Parades, parties, art fairs and fireworks can be found in communities all around Little Traverse Bay starting Wednesday, July 3 and continuing through July 6. Here’s a go-to guide for all the red, white, and blue events happening here:

July 3 | Bay Harbor The holiday kicks off on July 3 with a fireworks display over Bay Harbor Bay at dusk. Face painting in the Village will be available for youngsters starting at 6 p.m. Petoskey Steel Drum Band will also play from 8-9:30 p.m. on the marina lawn, with a magic show and balloon twisting by Jania Taylor to follow. On July 4, the Village of Bay Harbor parade will take place on Main Street in the Village beginning at 11 a.m. The parade will be led by the Petoskey High School Marching Band, followed by festive decorated GEM cars and automobiles, bicycles and our equestrian horses as well as lots of candy and favors for the kids.

July 4 | Harbor Springs Festivities will begin bright and early with the annual Paul Revere Run, which benefits the Harbor Springs track and cross country teams. The three and 10-mile run is open to all ages abilities. Registration takes place from 6:30-7:30 a.m. at the Harbor Springs Police Station. The 10 mile race will begin at 8 a.m. at Zoll Street Park. The three mile race will start at 8:15 a.m. at the Depot. The cost for early registration is $20 and $25 on the day of the race. The Harbor Springs American Legion will hold a fundraising breakfast from 8-11 a.m. Raffle tickets will be sold for a homemade crocheted afghan, a gas card and a barbeque basket. Tickets will be available at the American Legion at 101 East Third Street in Harbor Springs. Art lovers can look forward to the annual Harbor Springs Art in the Park from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Art from various vendors and a variety of mediums will be available in Zorn Park. Everything from paintings, sculptures, jewelry and more will fill the park. -CONTINUED on page 11.

Casual Elegance

By Jessica Evans Harbor Light Newspaper

For nearly every Fourth of July for the past 24 years, John Cupps, Sr., has driven the Harbor Springs Area Fire Department’s red, 1948 Mack fire truck down Main Street in the Harbor Springs Fourth of July parade. The truck, now long retired from fighting fires in the area, has been with the Department since it was purchased in 1948 under the command of Fire Chief L.E. Juilleret. This will be the last year Cupps will drive the “the Mack” in the parade. The long time Harbor Springs resident, current city council member and businessman will retire from the fire department after serving 42 years as a volunteer firefighter here. Cupps possesses a special level of dedication as a firefighter, risking his life over the years to serve the people of the community, and also saving countless lives along the way. “The first fire I fought was at Club Ponytail here in Harbor Springs,” Cupps recalled. “I was just helping out at the time, and a month after, Joe Juilleret, who was Fire Chief then, put me on the department.” Fighting fires back then was vastly different than it is today, Cupps noted. Today, volunteer firefighters are required to complete some 327 -CONTINUED on page 8.

INSIDE this week Just as we love opportunities to celebrate longtime residents and businesses in our pages, we are excited to share with readers the stories of the young entrepreneurs of Coolhouse Labs, who are making their home- and launching their tech-based companies-- in Harbor Springs this summer. This week, we’re featuring Every Last Morsel, a community marketplace for locally grown foods. Turn inside to read more.

Harbor Springs

DDA progress on downtown planning noted All in the Family

Longtime Harbor Springs resident and volunteer firefighter John Cupps, Sr. drove the 1948 Mack fire truck in the Fourth of July parade for the past 24 years. This year will be his last driving in the parade as he is set to retire on July 4. Pictured above: Cupps sits in the “the Mack” with his two sons, John Cupps, Jr. and Matt Cupps, who are also volunteer firefighters. (Harbor Light Newspaper photo/Mark Flemming)


Following the sustainable path By Jessica Evans

in explanation of how the business started. “A time came when I was between jobs and wondering what I should do, so I decided to design a couple of coffins to see how it would go, and since, I’ve designed more.” Matt produces a variety of coffins, including those made from all locally sourced pine and walnut hardwood. Coffins are available stained or unfinished, and with the option for an interior, woven by a local weaver in Alanson, as well as the bed and pillow, sewed by Matt and made with organic cotton produced in the U.S. Even the coffin lid fasteners use wool from sheep raised, sheared, and spun down the road from the family. -CONTINUED on page 7B.

“Live so that you need less, and what you do need, buy consciously.”

Harbor Light Newspaper

Matt and Mary Hohlbein believe in sustainability. They not only believe in it, but practice it in their everyday lives. A large garden and hoophouse provide the family with fresh, healthy produce. Chickens fertilize the garden and also supply the family with eggs and poultry. The Holbein’s 10 acres of property in Bliss is also home to a small herd of goats, which they use for meat and milk. It’s no wonder then, to see this lifestyle extend into their business, Nelnamar (which combines Mary’s name with their two young daughters, Nancy and Nell), creating sustainably produced wooden caskets, and most recently, lightweight custom kayaks. “A friend of ours who is a Hospice nurse told us that there is a real need for affordable coffins,” Matt said Nancy Hohlbein, age 8, ducks into one of the custom lightweight kayaks her family created. Harbor Light photo/Mark Flemming

for men and women

By Kate Bassett Harbor Light Newspaper

The Downtown Development Authority in Harbor Springs continues to meet on a monthly basis with an overarching goal of long-term sustainability and vitality for downtown. DDA Chair Rob Mossburg said the authority is “continuing to make progress” on the DDA plan, which includes hiring a director (part-time contracted position to start), following the “Four Points Main Street Program” to open up funding avenues for projects via the Michigan Economic Development Council, and working on business recruitment and retention. He said the DDA has already seen the implementation a private entrepreneurial business incubator in town (Coolhouse Labs) and added information on downtown development to the City’s website. “We are also implementing a wayfinding plan for downtown Harbor Springs and developing a Waterfront Enhancement project,” Mossburg said. “These are priorities selected by the DDA after review and consideration of the Wade Trim Downtown Vision Plan.” The plan Mossburg referred to came from a massive communitywide information gathering that -CONTINUED on page 8.

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2  Harbor Light Community Newsweekly

Local Foodie Report: Farmer’s Market and Edible Main Street

Letters to the Editor ‘Creative input rather than roadblocks, negativity....’ To the Editor: I was greatly disappointed to learn that the vote to remove the city tennis courts had failed, especially after the city council looked as if they were in support of replacing them with green space. It seems as hard as we try to come up with ideas to improve our city, those who just don’t want ANY change step up to object and bring a halt to any progress we’ve made. As a tennis player, I can understand why these courts are seldom used. With no dark background, it’s very hard to see the ball against the backdrop of the water or the white buildings on other side. And visitors to our waterfront, whether arriving by land or by water, are currently greeted by acres of blacktop and a two story cyclone fence that says “stay out!”. Removing or relocating the courts would offer a beautiful open space where everyone could enjoy the view of the water or some food and beverage, community concerts and festivals, or just a quiet spot to gather with friends and/

or family. The fact is that a very small percentage of the population has had the exclusive use of the heart of our town for the last 30 years. Isn’t it time they share it with the rest of us, locals, resorters and visitors alike? I would urge those of you who feel the same way to contact Mayor Dika and/or a city council member and let them know that you DO support reasonable changes to our downtown area. We urgently need to renew and re-energize our downtown, and we need everyone’s support and creative input rather than roadblocks and negativity. I think we all want what’s best for Harbor Springs, but it needs to thrive in order to survive for future generations! You only need to look at other cities around our area to see that change is absolutely what is needed to accomplish that. Sincerely, Jim Offield

‘Leaving Harbor Springs with hard feelings...’ To the Editor: Congratulations to the Harbor Springs scholarship recipients, class award winners, high honor, honor and military students of the Class of 2013. Your parents and families should be very proud of you! ALL the students are fantastic young men/women who will go on to do many wonderful and exciting things in their lives. Regrettably an issue needs to be brought to attention though. That is the unhappiness of the parents and others in the district of the failure to recognize the High Honor/ Honor students at Senior Convocation. We understand that the ceremony went long but for those students to be left out with no recognition is unacceptable! These students worked hard for their A’s & A’s/B’s. Weren’t their achievements worth mentioning? When it was asked why this happened it was stated, “we ran out of time” and “well their names were in the program.” Really? We would’ve stayed to see them acknowledged. Being ignored told them “Sorry, you were good, but not good enough.” We all hoped that it would be corrected at the graduation ceremony, but it wasn’t. Then there is the issue of the students who signed up for the military being overlooked that night too. The parents, active military and veterans in this community are livid! These young men/women swore an oath with their lives to protect our country. Why weren’t

Week of July 3-9, 2013

they acknowledged? When that question was posed, the reply was, “only two were here, it wasn’t worth it.” It wasn’t worth it?! Are you kidding me?! What happens if, God forbid, one of them comes home in a casket? The time could have and should have been taken to recognize them before they left. So, we waited hoping that something, anything, would be said. Maybe at the graduation ceremony? Once again, it appears, they like the High Honor/ Honor students were not worth it. A lot of this class, now Harbor Alumni, are leaving this town with hard feelings. Someone once said “People will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but they will never forget how you made them feel.” Ask those young men/women how they felt about being overlooked for their straight A’s & A’s / B’s. Ask those young men/women how they felt about being ignored about the oaths they took to protect us. We can pretty much guarantee that you won’t like the answer. And for the record, this isn’t just a parent of slighted student writing this letter. This is a compilation, acquired over time, of unhappy parents, students of the class of 2013, retired teachers, and community members writing this letter. And we’re asking you, don’t do to the present/ future classes of Harbor what you did to the class of 2013. Amy Peters Harbor Springs

The 4th of July is upon us ~ time flies! Our vendors are planning ahead for two busy days at the market so expect them to have your favorite items, and lots of them! Wednesday, July 3, will be the perfect day to get your meats for grilling on the Fourth ~ locally grown and yummy. Everything you need for the perfect salad, the delicious dessert, the scrumptious nibbles will be available for you to pick up, no slaving in a hot kitchen needed. And on Saturday, July 6, you can come down with friends, shop a little, chat a little, and listen to the Spectrum Bass Quintet, back for another morning of music. We loved them last Saturday and we hope you will, too. Market Sprouts will be in full swing on Wednesday at 10:00 a.m. with a holiday theme. The kids have been loving it and are running off to their favorite vendors to spend their fruit and veggie tokens. And please remember....when the barricades are up, the street is closed. For the safety of our vendors and customers, please honor the barricades! Also, starting on July 8, for the months of July and August, the Market will be adding something to its repertoire! We will be joining Fairview Plaza on Monday nights from 6 p.m.-9 p.m. with an evening “mini market”. In addition to the live music and carriage rides, you will be able to pick up fresh food and other goodies from our market vendors. We will still be downtown on Wednesdays and Saturdays, this is just a little EXTRA!

Edible Main Street

It’s not your imagination! The window boxes in downtown Harbor Springs, at Fairview Plaza and the IGA are blooming with fruits and vegetables. As part of Farming for Our Future’s Edible Main Street project, our local merchants, nurseries and some very generous local individuals have come together to offer residents and visitors a “taste of local” ready to pick and eat. As you stroll the streets, browse at Fairview

Plaza or drop into the IGA, you will see little oases of delectable treats free for the picking. We have seen strawberries, peas, tomatoes, lettuce, parsley, oregano and many others growing around town...And we are encouraging you to pick them! We WANT you grab a snack while you are shopping, snip some herbs or nasturtiums for your dinner, cut some lettuce or pick some tomatoes for a healthy afternoon salad ~ eat them yourselves, share them with friends, but take an opportunity to remember what fresh picked produce really tastes like. Our only request is that you pick only what you plan to eat and leave some for others. If you pick lettuce, remember that you should use the outer leaves first, leaving the inner leaves to continue growing. The springs in Harbor are an added bonus, you can rinse your bounty on nearly every corner for immediate gratification. Edible Main Street brochures will be found at local stores and the Chamber of Commerce, listing the participating merchants. Senior volunteers will be also be around town caring for these treats. You may spot them wearing Edible Main Street aprons, ready to answer your questions or direct you to a window box or pot. Farming for Our Future is an organization that believes everyone should know where their food comes from and have the opportunity to experience the amazing taste difference of food picked when it is ready to eat, not just “ready to ship”. In addition to Edible Main Street, FFOF supports school field trips to the farm where several hundred children get first hand farm experience every year, as well as the local community garden in Petoskey and the Harbor Springs Farmers’ Market. Meet you at the market, Cyndi Kramer Market Master

Quotable Moment “It is rather for us to be here dedicated to the great task remaining before us—that from these honored dead we take increased devotion to that cause for which they gave the last full measure of devotion—that we here highly resolve that these dead shall not have died in vain—that this nation, under God, shall have a new birth of freedom—and that government of the people, by the people, for the people, shall not perish from the earth.”

Sailing ships near the property currently occupied by the Little Harbor Club. The Hankey flour mill is the large dark building right of center.

-Abraham Lincoln Gettysburg Address, Nov. 19, 1863

Letters to the Editor • The Harbor Light newspaper invites, welcomes and encourages expression of the opinions of our readers for publication in our Letters category. Letters may be on any subject of current local concern. There are plenty of other venues to express opinions on national, state politics and other subjects. We encourage readers to use those and keep letters here focused on local matters. • The Letters section is not intended for letters of thanks (except in unusual circumstances approved by the publisher). Thank you letters are required to be paid personal notes. • The Harbor Light newspaper does not publish unsigned letters, or those of obvious mass-mailed distribution. Neither do we publish campaign or political endorsements.

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Harbor Light Community Newsweekly  3

Week of July 3-9, 2013

Celebrate the holiday with caution

Red Racecar Speedster

By Kate Bassett Harbor Light Newspaper

Open until 9p m Sunday until 6p m

Getting Ready...

Harbor Springs city crews put up flags for the Fourth of July celebration early Tuesday morning.

Sissy Pie Originals

Trunk Show Dressing children like children

Hold on to summer.

July 5 & 6

Sterling silver charms from $25

Stunning Jewelry, Professional Service 427 E. Mitchell St. • Petoskey 231.347.2403 •

MG Home 157 State St. Harbor Springs

Paddleboards • Kayaks Kids’ Paddle Camp Clothing • Footwear Adults and Kids The


Downtown Harbor Springs 231.526.2621 Open Every Day

When it comes to fireworks safety this Fourth of July, Harbor Springs police chief Dan Branson said all advice boils down to this: “Don’t blow your hands off, and don’t set your property on fire.” Since the state passed a law allowing individuals to own, possess, and set off fireworks that were once illegal in Michigan, Branson said these rules need to be taken extra seriously. “Fireworks that were prohibited here for a number of years are now allowed to be used the day before, on, and after a national holiday,” Branson said. “That means more people are using bottle rockets, cherry bombs, and other similar fireworks. The law does state you must be 18 or older to do so.” With a long stretch of dry weather in northern Michigan, Branson stressed the police and fire departments are equally encouraging folks to take extra precautions when lighting fireworks of any kind. “The woods and fields are definitely dry, and on a recent drive along the bluff, I noticed how dry things are there too. Even sparklers need monitoring, and we’re just asking people to be very aware this year, even if we get a bit of rain before the Fourth.” In addition to fireworks safety, Branson said he always like to remind those in town to celebrate Independence Day to be aware of increased traffic, to remind children biking or walking to use caution around street corners and crossings, and to think -CONTINUED on page 8.

Kiwanis Birchwood Farms Golf Benefit held June 13 at Birchwood Farms Golf and Country Club The Kiwanis Club of Harbor Springs hosted their annual golf benefit at Birchwood Farms Golf and Country Club. We would like to thank our partner, Birchwood Farms Golf and Country Club, as well as the following sponsors for making this fundraiser for the college scholarship program a big success:

Harbor Springs


Graham Real Estate Mike Pierce, DDS, PC Brown Motors

Al and Jim’s Tree Service Bank of Northern Michigan FAH Inc/ Cambria Suites

Photo credit: Harbor Light Newspaper file photo

Evening Star Joinery Litzenburger Landscape, LTD Crooked Tree Capital Managment Mac Gregor Plumbing and Heating Kelbel’s Pharmacy Carter’s Imagewear and Awards Teddy Griffin’s Roadhouse Dave Kring Chevrolet Cadillac Scooby’s Bottle Shop Irish Boat Shop Edward Jones, Sandy Duley

Run with Us! Run Injury Clinics Every Month Trail Run Series Every Wednesday Night Little Traverse Half Marathon September 28

Prizes: Birchwood Farms Golf and Country Club The Grand Hotel, Mackinac Island Little Traverse Bay Golf Club Boyne USA Harbor Point Golf Club Wequetonsing Association Chestnut Valley Golf Club Bay View Country Club Walloon Country Club Charlevoix Country Club Pirates Cove Harbor IGA Northwestern State Bank The Polish Kitchen Spice Harbor

Thank You

By the Bay Gurney’s Stafford’s Pier Restaurant American Spoon Food Old Sport and Gallery Big Apple Bagels Tom’s Mom’s Cookies Stained Cup Coffee Shop Kilwin’s of Harbor Springs Out to Lunch Petoskey Brewing Between the Covers The New York Restaurant Yummies

4  Harbor Light Community Newsweekly

The BusinessWire Submit news items for consideration to Advertising contact is

The Harbor Light reserves the right to publish, edit and not publish at our discretion. Thank you. Visit the Harbor Light Bulletin Board at or on Twitter /harborlightnews

Yacht management business opens here Leveraging years of boating industry knowledge, 45 North Yacht Management opened this summer, servicing watercraft around northern Michigan. With a highly trained staff and consistent attention to detail, the company already has an extensive list of boats it is caring for on a weekly basis. Full yacht management services are being offered, rang-

ing for boat cleanings or daily wipe downs to provisioning, captaining, and concierge. All services are geared toward helping boaters maximize enjoyment of their vessels by minimizing maintenance concerns and creating hasslefree experiences on the water. “We believe customer service is an art, and all aspects of our company were built with this in mind,” said Justin Bassett, one of 45 North’s founders. “Personal-

ized services and professional follow-through is only the beginning.” 45 North Yacht Management is already caring for boats in Harbor Springs, Petoskey, and Charlevoix on a daily basis. For more information, visit or call 231-412-0745.

North Central offers Nursing And Allied Health information sessions

North Central Michigan College’s nursing and allied health faculty will hold monthly information sessions on Thursdays starting on August 22 at 4 p.m. to explain the process for admission into the college’s highly competitive nursing and allied health career programs. The sessions will be in Room 347 of the college’s Health Education and Science Center on the Petoskey campus. Anyone planning to apply for the nursing or allied health programs is strongly encouraged to attend one of these informational sessions.

Week of July 3-9, 2013

With the holiday, when will my recyclables be picked up ? (clip and save) When a holiday falls on a a weekday, curbside collection will be one day later than usual for the remainder of the week, with Friday customers served on Saturday.

Holidays this may apply to include: New Year’s Day, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving, and Christmas Day.


-Submitted by 45 North Yacht Management

More Info: 348-0640

Myles Borgen

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F -1 26 St 5 e ) tat 31

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p rS


4 -14 26

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June’s Harbor Salon

Stylists: June Blakemore Evelyn Cymbalski Kathy Dufek Vickie Lynn

Family Salon Specializing in Styling, Perm Waves, Tinting, Highlighting, Facial Waxing, Manicures and Pedicures

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Portraits Mark Business Product Photography Flemming Archival photographs Photography 231.330.0183

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Handcrafted pies for all occasions 8486 M-119 Harbor Springs, MI 49740

Place Your Business Calling Card Here: Great Price :: Weekly Visibility Call Michelle 231-526-2191 email:

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Your City staff will againCITY be providing a Leaf SPRINGS and Brush Pick-up service this OF HARBOR spring, according to the following schedule limitations: 2013 SUMMER BRUSH and PICK-UP PROGRAM

3 Leaf and Brush Pick-up Program

be providing a Leaf and Brush Pick-up service this owing schedule and limitations:

Week of July 3-9, 2013

pril 8, 2013 — May 17, 2013

s (maximum 3” diameter, limit one pickup equivalent) Waste (flowers, plants, grass, etc.)

Following is the schedule for the City's Brush Pick-up for June through September:

April 8, 2013 — May 17, 2013 Following is the schedule for the City's Brush Pick-up for June through September: Accepted Materials: Leaves Brush (maximum 3” diameter, limit one pickup equivalent) Tuesday, June 18th Brushplants, ONLY grass, (maximum Yard Waste (flowers, etc.) 3" diameter)

Tuesday, June 18th

Tuesday, July 16th

The Classifieds Column Tuesday, July 16th

SAILBOAT SUNFISH 14’ sail & Brush ONLY (maximum 3" diameter)

brightwork, like new, hi tech tiller, • All material must be placed at curbside (not in the street). Tuesday, August 20th Brush ONLY (maximum 3" diameter) $1100; Dockandqooden 4x8, $385 • Please do not use plastic bags for leaves yard waste each. 231-313-5524 • Please use separate th piles for leaves, brush and yard waste

Brush ONLY (maximum 3" diameter) Tuesday, September 17 ust be placed at curbside (not in FREE the street). LISTINGS FOR CURRENT • Leaves containing branches, sod, dirt, brush or rubbish debris t use plastic bags for leaves and yard waste will not bebe picked curbside (not in the street). All brush must placed HARBOR LIGHT eparate piles for leaves, brush and yard waste NEWSPAPER SUBSCRIBERS ining branches, sod, dirt, brush or rubbish debris Limits on on Brush Pick-Up Limits Brush Pick-Up MAYLYNN’S FAMILY ked up. Email us your classified ad This listing news@ncpublish. SERVICE service is limited to approximately one pick-up truck full (unchipped) There is a limit of approximately one pick-up truckCLEANING full (unchipped) equivalent of Limits on Brush Pick-Up Residential &not Commercial resident/property owner The per month. Brush and limbs no brush per of resident/property owner per month. brush may have limbs com. Please try to keep it to 20equivalent words ofbrush lessperfor free listlarger than 3” diameter will be accepted for pick-up.No job too big or small! greater than 3" in diameter. Ruth at 231-526-2191 for assistance. proximately oneings. pick-upCall truck full (unchipped) 231-203-1358 dent/property owner per month. Brush and limbs no This service provided only forup thebrush removal of following seasonal situations: brush and leaves The is City will NOT pick in the be accepted for pick-up. typically cleared by the resident or property owner. We cannot offer the service: For paid listings: $6 per week for up to words; 3 weeks owner has hired a commercial service 1. 20Where the resident/property y for the removal of seasonal brush and leaves to trimthe trees or bushes or clear brush. The service providerservice will be 1. Where resident/property owner has hired a commercial $12. Business Personal. 20-cents per word bedent or propertyfor owner. We cannot offer theand service: removal. to responsible trim trees orfor bushes or clear brush. service will be ONE 40’The AND ONEprovider 70’ deep well responsible fororremoval. When trees bushes or brush to facilitate yond 20 words. (231) 526-2191 or2. news@ncpublish. slipsare in cleared Walstrom’s basina for lease. sident/property owner has hired a commercial service 2. When trees or bushes or resident/property brush are cleared to infacilitate a construction project for the owner, whichincludcase Utilities and reserved parking com orThe or bushes or clear brush. service provider will be construction project for owner the resident/property owner, in which case the resident/property or contractor will be responsible for ed. 231-838-7470 cell. or removal. theremoval. resident/property owner or contractor will be responsible for Springs area. Must have a valid or bushes or brush are cleared to facilitate a 3. removal. When the brush pile exceeds one pick-up truck full equivalent driver’s license with less thanpile three project for the resident/property owner, in which case 3. When the brush one pick-up truck full equivalent (unchipped) in which exceeds case the Superintendent of Public Works will TIME willPOSITION, approxiproperty owner PART or contractor be responsible for violations and(unchipped) able a crimiin which case theowner Superintendent Worksfor will notify to thepass resident/property that he/sheofis Public responsible mately 20 hours per week, with nal background check. Training pro- owner that he/she is responsible for notify the resident/property removal. THE HARBOR SPRINGS United ush pile exceeds one pick-up truck at full Harbor equivalent removal. flexible scheduling Hall vided. Starting pay $8.33 per hour. Methodist Church, will host its 18th n which case the Superintendent of Public Works will Foundation. Responsibilities include Leaf and other yardPotential waste pick-up will be scheduled later in the fall. EOE. Part time hrs. to start. sident/property owner that he/she is responsible for Annual Fourth of grass July Cookout Residents and property owners ONLY may take leaves, and other in executing day-to-day operations of toCity develop into full time hrs. Call 989yard waste generated fromproperty in-City locations directly totake the leaves, City’slotcompost pileam the church parking from and 11 City residents and owners ONLY may grass annual campaign, and providing sup732-6374 ext. bags) 207 for (not in plastic at Brooke. Kiwanis Park at any CANNOT accept brush at totime. 3:30We pm.Meal includes cheeseother yard waste generated from in-City locations directly to the City's Compost port to Foundation. Required qualifirty owners ONLY may take leaves, grass and other YARD WORK. PART TIME, Harbor Kiwanis Park or any other location duePark to prior abuses of cannot this service. Pile (not in plastic bags) at Kiwanis any time.brat, We accept brush atdog, burger, pulled pork or hot m in-City locations directly to the aCity’s compost pile cations include minimum of assoSprings. KiwanisNo Parkexperience or any othernecessary. City location. beverages, homemade cookies and anis Park at anyciates time. We CANNOT accept brush at If youhave haveown any transportation. questions about 231the Leaf and Brush Pick-up Program, please degree, computer expertise Must brownies. for the full meal and ocation due to prior abuses of this service. contact Joel Clark at questions the Department Public Works at$8 526-0604. and excellent communication skills. 526-7724. If you have about of this service. please call Joel Clark at the is a fundraiser for church missions. Department of Public Works at 526-0604. Fund-raising experience a plus. For about the Leaf and Brush Pick-up Program, please


Boat Slips

Help Wanted

Holiday Cookout

more information or to submit your epartment of Public Works at 526-0604.

2000 20’ aha 200HP stom radar , full vinyl arine VHF, ghts. Meealed bids ay July 8. ct Harbor ent: (231)

resume, please email: LOOKING TO DO SOMETHING MEANINGFUL with your life? We are looking for caring people to work with individuals, assisting them with their daily living skills in the Harbor


2000 DODGE RAM 3500 - Flat Bed Dump Box Pickup 37,000 Miles. Minimum Bid $6000 Sealed bids accepted through Monday July 8. For information, contact: Harbor Springs Department of Public Works 204 Fairview street Harbor Springs, MI 49740 (231) 526-0604

Church is located at 343 E Main.


Frisbey Sale


1987 TIARA PURSUIT 2000 20’ cuddy cabin, 2008 Yamaha 200HP 4 stroke outboard. Custom radar arch, canvas Bimini top, full vinyl curtains and trailer. Marine VHF, GPS, radar and spotlights. Meticulously maintained. Sealed bids accepted through Monday July 8. For information, contact Harbor Springs Police Department: (231) 526-6211

Harbor Light Community Newsweekly  5  

Brush ONLY (maximum 3" diameter)

Brush ONLY (maximum 3" diameter)

Sat-Sun, July 5, 6, 7 , 10 am-3 pm. etc. by Rosie V.B ! Stolt. Call for prith vate showing 838-1114.) 290 Stop by Tuesday, and takeSeptember a look at17our exBrush ONLY (maximum(231 3" diameter) Cetas Road, Harbor Springs. tensive selection of gently used merAll We brushoffer mustjewelry, be placed at curbside (not in the street). chandise. smalls, ANTIQUE WICKER, OVER 23 pieccollectibles, China, Glass, Silver, Limits on Brush es: Pick-Up 44” round table with 4 chairs, Mirrors, Artwork, Linens, Primitives, rockers, chairs, tables, sofa, plantKitchenware, Furniture of various There is a limit of approximately one pick-up truck full (unchipped) equivalent of ers. 231-242-4458. brush per resident/property owner per month. The brush may not have limbs Genres, and seasonal items. Always greater than 5 3"miles in diameter. TV STAND W/2 glass doors. TV free parking! north of Harbor stand for large TV. $25. 231-526Springs at State and Stutsmanville Rds. The City will NOT pick up brush in the following situations: 0893. - 1960 service Wagon 1. Where the resident/propertyPINBALL owner has MACHINE hired a commercial Train themed pinballprovider machine. to trim trees or bushes or clear brush. The service will Askbe ing $1,000 or best offer. Very fun responsible for removal. HRAMIEC HOFFMAN FINE ART & 2. When trees or bushes or brush are of cleared to facilitate a 231-330piece arcade history. Craft New oil paintings and related construction project for the resident/property owner, in which case products. Summer freshness is waft- 0183.

Fine Art

the resident/property owner or contractor will be responsible for ing through the removal. studio, two miles east 8’ WERNER STEP LADDER - wood, of downtown Harbor 3. When Springs the brush pile exceeds one pick-up truck fullStep equivalent $120.00; 6’ Werner Ladder, Fi6911 M 119. (231) 526 1011. (unchipped) in which case the Superintendent Public Works will berglass, $40.00;of16’ Folding Ladder, notify the resident/property owner that Industrial he/she is responsible $125.00. Plus 5hp for Power removal.

For Sale

LOCAL NOSTALGIA. FRAMED vintage City postcard images by OLD residents and property owners ONLY may take leaves, grass and other yard waste generated from to the City's JOURNEYS will be available atin-City the locations CAPELdirectly BRAIDS “AN Compost American Pile in plastic bags) Kiwanis time. We cannot accept brush at July 4 (not Harbor Springs ArtatFair, and Park at any Tradition.” Ovals, Rounds, RectPark July or any City location. theKiwanis Nubs Nob 10other Women’s Club angles, Standard & Custom sizes. Show. Views include Wequetonsing, Chandler 4 call Corners Lodge & CotIf you have questions about this service. please Joel Clark at the Roaring Brook, Harbor Point, and tage Wool Rugs. Oriental Weavers Department of Public Works at 526-0604. Harbor Springs. Contact suewinter@ Traditional & Contemporary Designs for more information. 100’s to choose from. Plus wonderful Rustic Furniture & Nauti1:IWPDATAITomlNoticeslSeasonal Pick-upl2011antiques, Summer Brush Pick-up.doc DINETTE SET. GLASSNoticeslBrush top dinette cal Decor. “Rug Market” at “Second table w4 upholstered chairs. $100. Hand Man”, US 31N Downtown Al231-526-0893. anson. 1950’S DREXEL CHINA CABINET. 2 glass doors on top and 2 solid doors on bottom. 1 drawer. $300. 231-526-0893. MMMMMMUFFINS KATY’S KITCHQUILTS AND FABRIC ART by EN will now be baking mouth-waterChristine Hagen and Watercolors ing muffins available at the Harbor IGA Fridays, Saturdays & Sundays. Standard favorites and seasonal WHAT A TREAT! varieties. Katy’s Incredible Quiche Country living but close to will be available again this summer main activities. One mile to every Wednesday at the Harbor public Crooked Lake access. 8 Springs Farmers’ Market.

Area Rugs

Baked Goods

BEAUTIFUL LOG HOME on 1.7 acres with 207’ on the Sturgeon River, 4 bedrooms, 3 full baths, 2 half baths, walk2000 RAM 3500 - Flat Bed outDODGE basement and 2-car garage. acres with 3 bedroom comfy Dump Box Pickup 37,000 Miles. Expansive decks with beautiful home for only $87,000 within Minimum Bid $6000 views. Must be seen. $399,000! 8 miles of Petoskey. A must to Sealed bids accepted through Monday July 8. see! For information, contact: Harbor Springs Department of Public Works 204 Fairview street Harbor Springs, MI 49740 (231) 526-0604

231-347-4656 • 231-838-3111 • 231-838-3113

Frisbey Real Estate VACANT LAND

Exceptional Service with Professional Care • Rental management of fine homes, condominiums and cottages • Maintenance Care and Housekeeping Services • Condominium HOA Management


6789 S Lakeshore Dr. - Harbor Springs •

10 OFFICES & LOBBY. Upstairs apt. rents for $500. Lots of real estate sales material, tapes, desks, chairs, etc. included. Great visibility. Call for an appointment today! $255,000!

37.9 ACRES near Brutus. Beautiful wooded views. $89,000! 56 WOODED acres between Indian River & Wolverine. $135,000! NICE 3.42 acre building lot near Alanson. $17,900! 3.89 ACRE gorgeous lot on end of cul-de-sac. $17,900! PRIVATE 3.36 acre lot near Alanson. $17,500!

231-347-4656 • 231-838-3111 • 231-838-3113

NOTICE OF PUBLIC HEARING August 5, 2013 The Board of Emmet County Road Commissioners will hold a public hearing at its offices in Harbor Springs at 8:15 a.m., Monday, August 5, 2013 for the purposes of discussing the proposed improvements to the following roads in Readmond Township:

Produce BILL’S FARM MARKET. Fresh Picked strawberries; Fresh Cut flowers; local tomatoes, asparagus, radishes, herbs, horseradish, jams, honey, maple syrup.. We accept Bridge Cards, Senior Project Fresh Cards. 231-347-6735. 3 ½ miles east of Petoskey on Mitchell. M-Fri 9-6; Sat 9-5 POND HILL FARM. Visit our online store at ship! Wine Tasting, and more! www. 231.526.FARM. Open daily 8 am-6 pm. 5 miles N. of downtown Harbor Springs on M119.

Pies SUZIE’S PIES LLC- -8486 M-119 in Harbor Plaza near the airport corner. Store Hours: Tuesday, Thursday and Friday 9:00-5:30, Saturday 10:003:00. We have chicken and pot roast pies. Stop in for a sample of our Canadian Butter Tarts! Our pies are also found at Toski Sands Market and Harbor Springs IGA. Call/Text 231-881-6841 or www.suziespies. com.

“Anything Electrical Since 1916”

Residential • Commercial Industrial • Marina

- Proposed improvements include tree and stump removal, earth excavation, and gravel in preparation for paving in 2014.



7450 Hughston Road • Harbor Springs

EMMET COUNTY ROAD COMMISSIONERS Frank Zulski, Jr. - Chairman Leroy Sumner - Vice Chairman Larry Williams - Member

Real Estate FOR SALE - DOWNTOWN HARBOR SPRINGS. 125 Third St. 4bd/2b new/updated interior throughout. Move in ready. Great rental record. $236,000. 313-410-4616. TURNKEY BOYNE HIGHLANDS CONDOMINIUM – 4 bedroom, 3.5 bath. Offset expenses with the rental management program. Just steps from golf, tennis, biking, pool and ski slopes. Priced at $179,900. Contact Connie O’Neill, Boyne Realty 231526-3191.

For Rent

APARTMENT FOR RENT. Harbor Springs intown. 2 BR. upper Apartment. Close to all schools and downtown. 1 year lease includes electricity, water, snow and trash. No smoking/no pets. $575+ security. 586-215-6253. PET FRIENDLY, 3 bedroom, 2 bath house on very private 2 acre lot. 1 mile from downtown Harbor Springs. Rent-to-own an option. $1200/mo. Call Rich 970-683-0348. ROOMS FOR RENT. Extended stay/ construction rates available. Housekeeping service, Cable, TV, phone, microwave, fridge, WI-FI, utilities. No smoking, no pets. COACHHOUSE INN, 1011 US-31 N. Petoskey (231) 347-8281.

Vacation Rentals

SUMMER SPECIAL. CONVENIENT downtown location. 7 BR + 2 sleeping porches. Weeks of 7/15-7/21, 7/22-7/28; $2300/wk. Jack, 734-3550152. HARBOR SPRINGS IN TOWN HOME. Spacious 4 BR, 3 BA with first floor master. Hot tub, summer 2013 availability. GOLF SPECIAL: Aug 12-18; Aug 19-25/ 7 BR house, downtown, 233 E. Bay St “Sip n Ski”. Jack 734-3550152


ARTISTS WANTED: RFC Mini Fair, Good Hart, Art Fair, Sunday, July 21. Contact: goodhartminifairartshow@ WANTED DONATE GENTLY used books to RFC Mini Fair Book Sale before July 19. Ca;; 242-0343 or 526-5122.

Wanted to Lease

GENTLEMAN MID 70’S, seeking 3-year lease for unfurnished 2-3 bedroom home, deck, private. Harbor Springs/Petoskey area. 231-2424238.

Massage Therapy

xing needs caWanted n be me a l e r r u o t at OF y LOOKING FOR OLD PHOTOS l l A HORSEBACK RIDING and details

about the Little Traverse Bay Riding Academy in Harbor Springs area! Please ID the location and people for publication. Include stories too. Mail to Karin Offield, BreknRidge Farm, 7359 Lake Shore Dr., Harbor M-F 8am-5:30 pm • Sat. 8am-5pm • Sun. Springs, 9am-3pm MI. 753749740, Burr Avenue, Alanson drop off at the (231) 548-2244 • • 24or hour emergency service stable email to

laxing need e r r u o s All y

Pg #22 for 7/3 & 7/24


Best Price Biggest Selection.

CITY COUNCIL ELECTION November 5, 2013 There will be an election for two City Council seats on November 5, 2013. Any person wishing to run for these positions must meet the following conditions: 1.

You must have been a resident of the City of Harbor Springs for at least two year immediately prior to the date of the election at which you are a candidate. 2. You shall not be in default to the City. 3. You shall not hold the same office for more than three (3) consecutive terms. If you meet the above qualifications, you must file a petition with not less than twenty-five (25) names or more than fifty (50) names of registered voters from the City of Harbor Springs with the City Clerk. Said petition must be filed on or before twelve (12) o’clock noon on Tuesday, August 6, 2013 2010 Chevy Impala LT The City Clerk ‘s office is located in the City Hall, 1 owner!Harbor Chevrolet CERTI- MI 49740. Should you have 160 Zoll Street, Springs, FIED Extended New Car any questions, please feel free to contact the City Clerk or Warranty, Luxury Edition his staff by telephone at (231) Pkg. Heated Leather, Sun-526-2104; via fax at 231-5266865; viaroof, e-mail or in best at of; All low, person. Low miles Sharp! A Local trade in! $14,889

Lot for Sale LOT FOR SALE within city limits. Conveniently located near IGA. Asking $32,000. Phone 231.242.4363.

“RESTORE, RENEW & FEEL BETTER” with Massage Therapy Therapeutic Services, Nan Hogan, over 26 years experience. 8434 M-119. 231330-0891.


1) Island View Road, from State Road then east for 0.82 miles 2) Rugged Road, from Van Road then north and west for 1.23 miles.

Any written comments must be received prior to the public hearing at 2265 E. Hathaway Road, Harbor Springs, MI 49740, or

Washer - 50’ Hose. 526-2318.

Leaf and other yard waste pick-up will be scheduled later in the fall.

Real Estate

1:IWPDATAITomlNoticeslSeasonal NoticeslBrush Pick-upl2011 Summer Brush Pick-up.doc 1987 TIARA 31 OPEN, Twin gas, new cushions, many updates. MeticTHE MOVING MATES ulously maintained by Walstrom MaIt’s our Annual 4th of July sale! The rine with open checkbook. $49,000 barn is blasting with an All New se(313) 268-1111. lection of furniture and accessories! It’s a fireworks of bargains you won’t want to miss! Come join us on Fri-


Tuesday, August 20th

Brush ONLY (maximum 3" diameter)

Ronald B. McRae City Clerk

“Anything Electrical Since 1916”

Residential Commercial Hurry!Final Days of our can be metBat Candy White, Black Industrial • Marina ring yo HUGE TENT SALE! ur Velour Seats, auto-


SAVE! matic, Gets Great Gas Mileage! Yakima/ Thule roof rack sysemail: tem. Come take 7450 Hughston Road • Harbor Springs

Clunke to Us & r Save!

M-F 8am-5:30 pm • Sat. 8am-5pm • Sun. 9am-3pm 7537 Burr Avenue, Alanson (231) 548-2244 • • 24 hour emergency service

Dave Kring IS Petoskey’s Used Car Dealer

2010 Chevy Traverse LT AWD

Black granite metallic, SAVED C:AD\DISPLAY\NOebony cloth seats, remote start, blue OnStar, 3 rows TICESof tooth, seating, great tires on alloys and #2 More! Great Cross-over! RUN:6/19, $14,949 7/3, 7/24, 7/31

2006 Mercedes-Benz SLK 350

Hardtop Convertible with all the goodies! Less than 69k miles, Great safety equipment, CD, Navigation, deep red leather & so much more


2012 Chevy Equinox 2 LT AWD

4,500 miles! Almost new, MSPR was $34,500, Save over $6500 from new! Loaded! One of Chevy’s most popular. Call today before its gone!


2012 Chevy Silverado 1500 LT 4x4

With 13k Miles! Rocky Ridge Custom! 1 owner! All the goodies! Mickey Thompson 35x12.50 tires, Custom 20” alloys, Leather, lots of chrome and more!



Visit com ring. aveK

861 US 31 North • Petoskey


M - F 8:00 a.m. - 6:00 p.m • Sat 8:00 a.m. - 2:00 p.m.

6  Harbor Light Community Newsweekly

Week of July 3-9, 2013

Harbor Springs...Now and Then Come Dock with us on

Musings, memories & news about you By CYNTHIA MORSE ZUMBAUGH | 231.526.7842

Swim, ski, tube & picnic on the calm, warm waters of Crooked Lake ~Gateway to the famous Inland Waterway~

Dockage Available!

Boat Rentals!

I’m always torn at this time of year between wanting to get out and see everyone and celebrate the Fourth in high style and wanting to cocoon myself at home and avoid all the crowds and traffic. Even though I understand how important this holiday is to all of the local businesses and that the huge crowds are a good thing, sometimes I miss having the holiday a little more to ourselves. Remember when the parade consisted of little more than the high school band, the Drum and Bugle Corps, some horses, firetrucks, the little league teams, the kids with their fancy decorated bikes and usually some classic cars, including Mr. Hovey, Mr. Cosens and Mr. Kilpatrick

3520 US 31 N in Oden ~ 231.347.6103

Strawberries Harvested from our Garden Daily.

  

   

  

 

MIKE PIERCE D.D.S. New PatientsFor Week: 7/3/13 Welcome

showing off their fine rides? It is much more elaborate and time consuming now, definitely much more worth the effort with the floats and the various entertainment selections, but wasn’t it also nice to be able to even come late and still get a decent spot to watch the parade? Now there are chairs set up twenty-four hours in advance. One memory that stays with me vividly is how awful those scratchy wool uniforms that we wore to march with the high school band. The grey ones were the worst, but the black ones weren’t much of an improvement and we wore them regardless of the heat. I can remember the way the smelled by the end of the march and that is not a particularly pleasant memory. Where those things ever cleaned or just handed out to new troops each year as is? It’s funny how the Fourth can mean different things as you age. Probably the fireworks are the first big impression; even the little ones like to ‘ooh’ and ‘aah.’ Next comes the parade, first as a spectator and then as a participant when you get old enough to ride a bike or march with a little league team. There are always the picnics and the family fun; I remember

what a huge deal it was to be able to picnic at the park above the football stadium and then hit the beach. Some years we would take a quick trip up the shore to visit the park at Good Hart; that was even better because there were swings and slides there. My mother always took the time to explain where Devil’s Elbow and Horseshoe Bend got their names when we took that drive. Later on, it was all about the party. I’m guessing that at least some of you out there remember trying to get into Bar Harbor that night, fighting the crowds of people that most assuredly exceeded any fire department regulations. Once inside, you hoped you liked the people around you because moving was pretty much an impossibility and hopefully you weren’t too thirsty because that endeavor was generally a lost cause. I remember watching the fireworks from the roof of Bar Harbor one year; best view in town but not an easy seat to get to. One thing that I hope is that at some time during your holiday, at least some recognition is given to the history of the holiday. It doesn’t hurt to remember those 56 brave men who sat in a hot, crowded

room in Philadelphia and assured our future freedom by risking their own lives and signing such a radical document. It is also worth acknowledging those men who, almost a century later, gave their lives on a battlefield in Pennsylvania. Almost 8,000 men died on the fields at Gettysburg, with another 27,500 wounded; such a pivotal battle in the Civil War and such a costly day in our history. A tradition that my husband and I have for the week of the Fourth is to try and watch movies related to the day; 1776, Yankee Doodle Dandy and Gettysburg are three of our favorites. I hope everyone spends the day making their own traditions and wonderful memories. Amid the holiday merriment, we have some sad news to share. Rodger Pellegrom passed away over the weekend and we send our sincerest condolences to Mary, Margaret, Howard, Dan, Tom, Steve and the entire Pellegrom family. Rodger touched many

lives during his long tenure at Boyne Highlands and later while helping out at Out to Lunch and he will be missed. Now, on to our many birthday acknowledgements for this week. On the 4th there will be double celebrations for Amanda Gisel and Stanley Petoskey and a Happy 2nd birthday to Aria Kilmer. On Friday, July 5, we send birthday wishes to Dan Warner, Sr., Pam Whitaker Bielas, Sue Boyer, Tim Markey, Wendy Wilkins Ziegler, David Zyble, Jud Silveous,Vivian Hartman and Stephen Zumbaugh (and a Happy Anniversary wish to my husband.) On Saturday, July 6, Happy Birthday to Chris Jerichow and on the 7th to Cynthia Laughlin Baten and Julie Seamon Kuchnicki. Monday, July 8, I want to send a very special birthday wish to my Aunt Patsy LaCount and on July 9 to Tom Sterly, Velda Krieger and the eternally young Diane Fairbairn. Finally, on July 10, Happy Birthday to Tom Burley and to Dennis Lechowicz.

Obituaries Edward Beer

Edward W. Beer, of Harbor Springs, completed his journey to his eternal heavenly home with God on Wednesday, June 12, 10:30-5 Weekdays 7 am - 4 pm 2013 at McLaren Hospital in Petoskey, Michigan. 721 W. Lake St. 289 E. Main St. Harbor Springs Beloved husband of Julia (Laszar Ross) Beer, she survives Jim Dika 231.526.5571 231-526-9611 him. Devoted father of Doug (Suzie) Beer of Harbor Springs, Harbor Springs Computers Lynne (Frank) Deptula of Grand Rapids, Greg (Holly) Beer of Adrian. Also surviving are ten grandchildren, eight greatP.O. Box 141 one sister, Margaret Lawrence of Sarasota, Harbor Springs, MI 49740 grandchildren, Florida, and one sister-In-law, Lois (Martin) Beer of Petoskey, 231-526-5888 plus many nieces and nephews. Preceding Edward in death were his parents, four brothers; Martin, John, Joseph and George Beer, and one brother-in-law, Elmer Lawrence. On March 3, 1926, Edward was born the son of John Bert and Ana Marie (Kresnak) Beer. He was a 1945 graduate of Complete Landscape-Maintenence, Petoskey High School, and then earned his bachelor’s degree Design, Installation in Business Education from Ferris State University in 1950. He inspired and encouraged numerous students at Harbor Sprinkler System Activation-Service Springs High School where he taught Business classes for 37 Lawn Care, Turf Fertilization SPARKLING FRESH PRODUCE years. Along with his teaching duties, he enjoyed coaching the Golf Team and Ski Team, being the advisor for Yearbook and & Grub Control many senior Classes, and serving Harbor Springs High School as the Athletic Director for fourteen years. “Serving Harbor Springs Area Since 1993” Edward was a proud veteran of the United States Air Force during World War II. After the war he met and married his sweetheart, Julia. They Mark Keller, Owner were wed on August 30, 1947 at Holy Family Church in Saginaw the Monsignor John Supernaw. Delighting in the beauty Licensed and Insured Acoustic by Guitar/Voice folk.blues.jazz of the Harbor Springs area and enjoying Winter respites in Hand Picked Daily For over 75 years439 Pine Street Freeport, Bahamas, Edward and Julia enjoyed 64 wonderful Springs, MI 49740 Lake St. Harbor years of marriage. P.O. Box 504 g ee s 721nW. n i a l r u loveBros. of sports, in particular golf, gave him many o Don’t miss Hank & Stan with the Tarczon aBo White &Edward’s Harbor Springs, MI 49740 ll years of spirited athletics and wonderful friendships. Edward Rhythm Section (Herb Glahn + Bob Bowne = “Hank & Stan”) Phone: 231-526-8420 a low12am handicap golfer who enjoyed advising his competiSaturday, Sept. 12 - From 8pmwas - before At Little Traverse Bay Golf Club (inwith the tent) tors, a smile on his face, to ‘improve your game”, as no Free-will offerings for Manna Food Project arewere encouraged strokes conceded. With his son, Doug, Edward enjoyed many years of competition in the Duffers Golf League They leave as their legacy many trophies bearing their names. M-F 8am-5:30 pm • Sat. 8am-5pm • Sun. 9am-3pm 7537 Burr Avenue, Alanson A Memorial Mass celebrating Edward’s life will be held at (231) 548-2244 • • 24 hour emergency service 11:00 a.m. Monday, July 15, 2013 at Holy Childhood Church. The family would like to extend their gratefulness to Dr. John Diedrich and Dr. Peter Levanovich for their excellent care of Edward, and to Vital Care and Little Traverse Hospice for their compassionate care and unwavering support to Edward and his family. In memorial, please consider Holy Childhood Church, the charity of your choice, or in place of a monetary gift, perform an act of kindness for someone in need.

At your service... Harbor Light reader Scottie Lansill was driving by the Colonial Inn at check-in time recently and noticed a young bellhop wearing quite an outfit. The bellhop, Timmy Brown (son of the inn’s owners, Tim and TriciaBrown), was dressed in a colonial tradition-- something that hasn’t been seen at the hotel in many years. According to Tricia Brown, the hotel used to have a doorman in George Washington attire to greet customers and help with luggage and opening doors for the guests. Lansill said she remembered this from visiting as a little girl. “Well, my son Timmy, whose favorite subject is history and proclaims his desire to follow as third generation in the family business of owning the Colonial Inn, revived this tradition,” Brown said. “We found the old coat and three-pointed hat in the attic, brushed off the dust and instigated bellhop service once again on busy nights.” (Courtesy photo) Puzzle brought to you by:

Herb Glahn

r e x y A

. . . mo r e t h a n j u s t b o o k k e e p i n g . . .

n d ca be m et t

Word Processing • Newsletters & Bulk Mailing Mail Pick-up • Personal Bill Paying

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relaxing need r u o y s All

Phone: (231) 548-2244

Fax: (231) 548-2243

Rodger Pellegrom Rodger Pellegrom, 84, of Harbor Springs passed away Saturday, June 29, 2013 at McLaren Northern Michigan Hospital. Arrangements are pending at Schiller Funeral Home of Harbor Springs. A complete obituary will be published at a later date. M-F 8am-5:30 pm • Sat. 8am-5pm • Sun. 9am-3pm 7537 Burr Avenue, Alanson (231) 548-2244 • • 24 hour emergency service

Answer to this week’s puzzle. Fine Area Rug Cleaning Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning Fire, Water, Mold Cleanup Duct Cleaning Still using the “Old Style Cooling” method…..REALLY? Let us help you find a better way to live comfortably this summer. Specializing in: American Standard AC Units ■ American Standard Heat Pumps Mitsubishi Mini Split Systems

Bay Area Clean Care, INC.

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Week of July 3-9, 2013

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Graduate News

Saint Mary’s College, Notre Dame, IN, named Margaret Kane to the Dean’s List for the spring 2013 semester. A 2012 graduate of Harbor Springs High, Margaret is the daughter of John and Maria Kane of Harbor Springs. Hannah Loesch, a resident of Harbor Springs, has been named to Wayne State University’s winter 2013 Dean’s List for academic excellence. Loesch is majoring in English. Grand Valley State University, has announced the names of students who were placed on the dean’s list for the Winter 2013 semester concluding in April: Included from Harbor Springs were: David Doucette, Amanda Furstenberg, Christina Johnson, Hannah Lightfoot, Jacob Montgomery, Anne Parada, Kali Phillips, Michael Phillips; Laura Repasky, Mitchell Weber, Peter Wendland.

Northern Michigan Panhellenic Association honors Ruth Crist Dyer Ruth Crist Dyer’s reflections of her sixty year membership in Northern Michigan Panhellenic will be shared at the Panhellenic meeting on July 10. The meeting will be at Ruth’s Wequetonsing cottage at noon. Following a potluck lunch, Gail and Wil Cwikiel will to you courtesy of: TheGruenwald weekly Crossword Puzzle is brought discuss what clear cutting has done to Lake Michigan. All Panhellenic women in the area are invited to attend and new members are welcome. Spouses are encouraged to at- Ruth Crist Dyer tend this meeting. The local Panhellenic chapter was founded in the early 1920’s. Besides the spirit of friendship and informative programs, the group’s goal is to support funding for scholarship programs. Reservations are due by Monday, July 8; sign up at the Bay View Post Office or call (231) 347-3254

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CROP Hunger Walk attracts 285 participants The Little Traverse CROP Hunger Walk attracted 285 participants in Bay View last Saturday and gathered over $23,000; making the total giving from the last nine walks over $200,000! Working together - the walkers, rockers, runners, 43 business retailers, and the many organizers of the Walk - created a firm footprint in the fight against poverty and hunger. The day was enhanced by music from

the Bay View Brass and Pat Sehr’s Ensemble; massages, thirst-quenching beverages, and all the money earned was donated to CROP. The Little Traverse CROP Hunger Walk has brought joy, hope and food to those served by The Manna Food Project and Church World Service Activities. Submitted by Deborah Olson-Dean

Bay Bluffs Auxiliary Annual Benefit Raffle Bay Bluffs Emmet County Medical Care Facility Auxiliary will host their Annual Benefit Raffle at Staffords Pier on September 9, 2013. This is the main fundraising event for the Auxiliary, and proceeds from the event support resident activities (bingo, party refreshments, holiday celebrations), the welcoming committee (where all new residents receive a plant and a visit), facility projects including the barbecue areas, the garden areas, purchasing needed equipment, among other needs. The Auxiliary was established in 1966 and has successfully had many members that participate and volunteer for numerous activities. The Auxiliary depends heavily on the raffle donations to support these needs. Tickets are now on sale. Ticket prices are one for $1 or six for $5. The prizes this year will be a 32” color television set, a $100 gift card

from Harbor IGA, $100 Community Cash, two $100 gas cards, a custom planter from Cupps Masonry with plants of the winners choice from Harbor Floral by Rhonda, a $100 gift card from Staffords, a $50 gift card from Meijers, a pool pass for Stafford’s Crooked River Lodge, a cottage mirror, and miscellaneous gift from St. Francis X Credit Union. The public is invited to the raffle drawing and luncheon which will begin at 12 p.m. in the Chart Room at the Pier. Tickets can be purchased from any Auxiliary member, and there will be members seated at the entrance of Harbor IGA every Saturday. Tickets may also be purchased at the front desk of Bay Bluffs, or by calling 231-242-0613. For additional questions regarding the Annual Benefit Raffle, call 231-487-0337.

Tai Chi classes offered at Perry Farm Village Tai Chi classes start Tuesday, July 16th and run every Tuesday and Thursday until August 22 from 11a.m.-12 p.m. at Perry Farm Village. The cost for the program is $75 for 12 sessions or $7/class. Class size is limited so please call Katie Parr, Wellness Coordinator at Perry Farm Village at (231) 526-1500 to register. Since the 19th century, the Chinese have understood the immense health benefits of

Tai Chi, and its popularity has grown steadily. Now, Tai Chi is practiced in almost every corner of the world. It is one of the most popular exercises today with more than 300 million participants. Tai Chi is a gentle exercise that originated in ancient China. Not only has it been proven via scientific study to increase flexibility, muscular strength and fitness, it also has many other advantages.

These include: promoting correct body posture; integrating body and mind; and improving Qi (a life energy that governs all life functions of the body and it essential for health and vitality). Tai Chi exercises the entire body, is easy to learn and suitable for almost everyone. -Submitted by Katie Parr

St. John’s Episcopal Church June 19 - Sept. 4 Answer to last week’s puzzle Sunday Services: 8:30 a.m. & 10:30 a.m. West Third/Traverse St. All Welcome

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Crossword Puzzle

Edited by Rich Norris and Joyce Nichols Lewis


82 NASA hire 84 Landing strip 86 Britney’s ex, in tabloids 87 Long lunches ACROSS 89 Schlep 1 Sixth-day 91 “... farm, __” creation 92 Aptly named 5 Iraqi port novelist 10 Exchange 93 “Dust Tracks on 14 Supermodel __”: Zora Neale with a Global Hurston Chic collection autobiography 18 Jared of “Lonely 95 Apple product Hearts” 97 Bank ad 19 Places of number worship 21 Kent State state 99 El Al home: Abbr. 22 Upscale 100 Soapbox 23 11-part delivery documentary 103 Humidor item with the 105 Radio host episodes John “Caves” and 106 __ Balls: “Deserts” Hostess snack 25 Lopsided win food 26 Trumpeter, e.g. 107 1942 Cooper 27 Motorcade role wheels 109 Hospitality 28 Flea market 112 From now on transactions 114 Iron target 30 Meager 118 Berry touted as 32 Happy a superfood outdoorsman? 34 Grafton’s “__ for Malice” 35 “The Little Sparrow” 36 “My Cousin Vinny” Oscar winner 37 “Peanuts” Halloween setting 42 E. African land 44 Year-span separator 47 After-dinner drink 48 Noodlehead 49 Quaint writer 51 Despondency 53 Personal quirk 54 Resort NE of Los Alamos 55 __ Reader: eclectic magazine 56 “Beats me!” 58 Fancy pillowcase 61 Blast cause 62 “Let __!”: “Move on!” 63 Power dept. 64 __-pah band 66 Personal ltrs. 68 Yamaha seat, perhaps 71 It can help you put on a coat 75 Italian fashion center 76 Get takeout, say 78 “Bus Stop” playwright 79 Visiting the Getty Center, briefly 80 Turkish honorific 6/30/13

119 Org. with part of a prominent statue in its logo 121 Fruity pastry 123 It may be earto-ear 124 Wild way to run 125 Doddering 126 Sussex streetcar 127 Dover delicacy 128 Breadbasket bunch 129 Parts of goblets 130 It often takes place in a bar 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12

DOWN Skier’s mecca Editing mark Hardly at all Rainier’s locale Cricket players Bass in a glass It may be glassy Less common Dance and such Touchy subject Villagers below Mount Crumpit Goal

13 Visits on a whim 14 “Believe you me!” 15 Cut 16 Constitutional subj.? 17 Abbr. on Manhattan mail 20 SeaWorld headliner 24 Tooth coating 29 Tired 31 They may be used for emphasis 33 Hybrid language 35 A former ace might be one 36 Doohickey 37 Sound unit 38 Reality TV matriarch Jenner 39 Ethical complaint 40 “Hurry!” 41 Olympics city, e.g. 42 Furnish 43 Everyone, in orchestral scores

45 Noted Mayflower passenger 46 Origin 50 “Spanglish” actress Téa 52 Phone button sequence 57 Alley in comics 59 Pay (up) 60 Will Smith film series, briefly 63 “Personal Witness: Israel Through My Eyes” author 65 Injured badly 67 Playground ride 69 Grand __ Opry 70 Bowler, for one 72 Lead __: EPA concern 73 Flexible Flyers, e.g. 74 Recent “SNL” regular Bill 77 Inventor’s monogram 80 Urgent acronym 81 Trusted adviser 83 College hoops coach with 876 victories

Week’s High: Sun, June 30, 78F Week’s Low: Mon, July 1, 53F We have enjoyed some really delightful weather this past week with lots of sun, almost no humidity, and cool pleasant evenings. The record-breaking heat all over the west, tragic deadly forest fires, and torrential rains and wind in the east just remind us of how fortunate we are here in northern Michigan!! Be sure to look around as you, enjoy, and help us take care of this special place. There is so much going on that it is hard to know where to start. First things first, if you are a runner show up at the waterfront on Thursday for 10 mile run (8 am) or 3 mile fun run (8:15) - the perfect way to start the busy day! Weather highlights brought to you weekly by:

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Little Traverse Bay


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85 Really funny 88 Grueling workplace 90 Freaks out 92 Capital west of Winnipeg 94 Downsizing event? 96 Turn down 98 Cross words 101 Note in a D major scale 102 Free stuff 104 Will Smith’s role in 60-Down 107 Weight room sound 108 “__ Meenie”: Kingston/Bieber song 109 Wits 110 High opening 111 Track boundary 112 Tremendously 113 Holders of buried treasures 115 Joan of art 116 “Winter’s Tales” author Dinesen 117 Words of lament 120 Org. in Clancy novels 122 Spreading tree

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The Catholic Communities of L’Arbre Croche MASS SCHEDULE Holy Childhood of Jesus Church, Harbor Springs Saturday 5:00 pm; Sunday 9:00 am, & 11am Holy Cross Church Cross Village Saturday 4 pm St. Nicholas Church Larks Lake Sunday , 11:00 am 231-526-2017 Stutsmanville Chapel • Sunday Worship: 10:30 am • Primary & Adults Sunday School: 9:15 am • Ed Warner, Pastor • 526-2335 2988 N. State Rd. Main Street Baptist Church 544 E. Main St, Harbor Springs • 231-526-6733 (Church); 231526-5434 (Pastor) • Family Sunday School: 10:00 a.m.; Morning Family Worship: 11:00; Evening Family Praise Svc 6:00 p.m.; Wed Bible Study & Prayer: 7:00 New Life Anglican Church Worship: Sunday , 10:00 am • 219 State St., Petoskey. Phone 231-347-3448 Harbor Springs United Methodist Church 343 E. Main St. • Worship, Sunday school:11:00 a.m. Communion: 1st Sunday of month • Pastor Mary Sweet • 231-526-2414 (church) • First Presbyterian Church Worship 8:00 & 10:00 Adult Education, 8:50 Children’s Sunday School, 10:00 Pastor Jim Pollard 526-7332 7940 Cemetery Rd, Harbor Springs St. John’s Episcopal Church June 16 - Sept. 1 Sunday Services: 8:30 a.m. & 10:30 a.m. West Third/Traverse St. All Welcome Unitarian Universalist Congregation of Petoskey Services at Oden Community Building, 8470 Luce St., Oden, through October. 1st and 3rd Sundays of the month at 11 a.m. Religious education for children 231-348-9882

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8  Harbor Light Community Newsweekly

Week of July 3-9, 2013

Celebrate with caution over the holidays

Thank You!!!

-CONTINUED from page 3.

Pictured above: An old postcard shows the 1948 Mack fire truck in use for a pump performance test on the dock in Harbor Springs. Cupps noted that “the Mack” actually has more pumping capacity than their trucks do today.

Longtime volunteer to retire from Fire Department

twice about bringing dogs to crowded events. “It seems like there has been an unfortunate uptick in drownings in northern Michigan this year,” Branson added. “Use common sense out there. This is a national holiday week, and there will be lots of traffic in the harbor. We like to see people using the water and having a good time, but please, be very safe, especially when it comes to things like ensuring children are wearing lifejackets.”

-CONTINUED from page 1.

hours of training, while back then, Cupps was simply trained at the fire hall. “We were fighting fires in tennis shoes and shorts back then,” Cupps said with a chuckle. “We did have some rubber boots and long black coats and antique helmets,” he added, “but we weren’t much for safety. Today, it’s a lot better. The guys don’t go without being fully suited up and with air tanks on.” “The Mack,” which is how Cupps fondly refers to the old fire truck, was actively in use for nearly 50 years, and fought its last fire in 1997. The truck, (which has no top), was used year-round to fight fires throughout the Harbor Springs area and even as far as Cross Village. “It’s unreal, we used to take the old Mack to fires in the

winter,” Cupps noted. “We used to cover Readmond Township, as well, since there was no department there at the time. The area we cover now is a lot smaller than it was. We used to cover a lot of ground. “ Cupps said he has enjoyed working with his sons over the years, who both serve on the department. John Cupps, Jr. has been part of the fire department for the past 22 years and serves as assistant fire chief, and his brother Matt, has also served as a firefighter for the past 10 years. “Getting to work with my kids is fantastic,” Cupps said with a smile. It hasn’t always been easy serving on the fire department, he noted. “There were some really bad ones,” Cupps said solemnly of

the fires he’s fought. “We lost three kids during the time that I’ve been here, and that’s been really tough. But you go out there and you’re able to save someone and that helps.” When asked if he will miss serving on the department, Cupps becomes a bit emotional and pauses a moment. “It’s going to be tough,” he finally said. “It takes a lot of time as a volunteer firefighter, but I still plan to help out with the department in the future.” Cupps said he has liked being part of the fire department over the years and noted that it has been important to him to give back to his community. “I think it’s important to help out,” he said. “I’ve met a lot of great guys while I’ve served and I’ve really enjoyed it.”

Harbor Springs Library

to the following supporters for bringing the Sault Ste. Marie Pipe Band to this years 4th of July parade in Harbor Springs

• MacGregor Plumbing and Heating, Inc. • Demmer Corporation • First Community Bank • Graham Realty • Louis A. Hoffman Nurseries • Stafford’s Pier Restaurant • Wentworth Builders

From the Landmark Collection

Mon-Sat 11-5 721 W. Lake St. 231.526.5571

Junior sailors perform well in recent Laser Championship sailing regatta On June 22 and 23, Harbor Springs hosted the 2013 District 19 Laser Championship Regatta. The event was hosted by Irish Boat Shop and the Little Traverse Sailors. Top Laser sailors from across the state converged on Little Traverse Bay for two days of racing. “We had a good showing from local sailors along with a few junior sailors that deserve recognition,” said organizer Tom Trautman. “Recently, the Little Traverse Sailors have introduced Laser sailing to both the sailing school and

junior racing program. The boats are fun, fast and allow the juniors to compete locally in our Laser Summer Series. The Laser is a legendary one-design sailboat and the most popular Olympic sailing class. It is a challenging boat that rewards athleticism, subtle steering and trimming techniques as well as tactical excellence.” Out of 16 competitors, in the end it was local sailor Graham Miller (age 17) finishing in 8th place overall and taking home the trophy for top finishing Junior (18 and under).

DDA progress noted... -CONTINUED from page 1. took place in Harbor Springs last summer. Wade Trim consultants were on-hand for a week of brainstorming and discussion sessions, as well as physical, commercial, and residential inventories that resulted in a nearly 100-page plan of action for Harbor Springs. Likely the most visible work of the DDA in the near future will be hiring a downtown director to help guide the mission of the authority, and to help with downtown-related events/opportunities. “As soon as funding is secured for a director, the position will be advertised,” said Tom Richards, Harbor Springs city manager. “The DDA is moving forward on many fronts, to respond to


the ‘vision’ provided by our community and consultants.” While not all of the suggestions provided in the Wade Trim report were met with great fanfare, the DDA has latched on to several of the ideas, including a redesign of the waterfront. While City Council recently voted down a motion to accept a bid to remove the waterfront tennis courts-- which has been the center of much of the waterfront renovation discussions-- a design committee is continuing to move forward with possible renderings for what the city’s waterfront could look like in the future. The DDA also recently recommended City Council adopt a redevelopment dis-

Next to Harbor IGA 203 Clark St. 526-7160

Other notable local juniors that are either still with Little Traverse Sailors or have been through the program are Patrick Farrell who finished 9th overall, and Evan Gulyas who finished in 10th. Laser racing continues in FRESH PRODUCE Harbor Springs with theSPARKLING IBS/ LTS Summer Racing Series which kicked off last Thursday. For more information on the Laser sailboat or the racing in Harbor Springs, please contact Tom Trautman at Irish Boat Shop (231) 526-6225 or visit their website at www. Hand Picked Daily Mon-Sat 11-5 For over 75 years 721 W. Lake St.

trict so that a redevelopment liquor license might be available for restaurants. “This will provide new opportunities for dining and entertainment businesses to who would like to serve alcohol and enhance the nighttime business climate in Downtown Harbor Springs” Richards said. The Downtown Development Authority meets monthly at Harbor Springs City Hall. Meeting schedules, as well as previous meeting minutes and the city’s downtown vision plan can all be accessed on the City of Harbor Springs Website, under the DDA section.

“Good Dog Food at a Good Price!”

Deer Bait/Bird Seed & Feeders

Dog/Cat Toys, Grooming Supplies, Treats, Supplements, Horse Feed & Grain, $1 Suet Cakes, Fish & other Reptile Food.

Harbor Light Community Newsweekly  9

Week of July 3-9, 2013

All Your Friends at Prudential Wish You a Safe & Happy Independence Day Lake Michigan Glenn Drive

Lower Shore Drive Beauty

Sturgeon Bay Shores

Lake Michigan Views

Classic Harbor Springs Cottage

Whether you are seeking a year around home with today’s modern features or a gracious summer cottage along the shores of Lake Michigan this property offers it all. Enjoy the sandy beach frontage and panoramic views. Features finished lower level, outdoor decks ideal for entertaining, expansive windows offering lake views, 2 fireplaces, elevator and the desirable” in-town” location.

A truly unique property offering a park like setting. This solid log home was completely remodeled in 2001. Master bed & laundry were additions along w/ 3 car garage. 5 bed, 5.5 bath home has an open floor plan that provides comfortable living for 2 or a gathering of 100.

Spectacular custom built home located high in the dunes overlooking Lake Michigan, Sturgeon Bay and Wauganshance Pointe offering beautiful sunset views and beach access. Includes an open floor plan, custom kitchen w/granite, master suite on both the main and upper levels with 3 guest rooms, third level office with balcony, large covered porch with views.

A stunning timber-built home in Harbor Springs just north of downtown, with panoramic views of Lake Michigan from this privately situated setting. The open floor plan lends itself to entertaining. Among the many features are stone fireplaces, custom cabinetry, top of the line appliances, and 200’ of jointly owned Lake Michigan beach access.

This home has been completely remodeled and renovated. This beautiful home offers views of the bay and inner harbor and includes 3-4 bedrooms, 3 baths, granite counter tops, and beautiful covered porch.

Offered at $3,750,000. MLS# 431096 Contact Gill Whitman

Offered at $1,230,000. MLS# 437437 Contact Sandra Gay

Offered at $975,000. MLS# 436921 Contact Bill Tribble

Offered at $398,000. MLS #436587 Contact Bill Tribble

Offered at $925,000. MLS# 436711 Contact Jan Martindale or Sally Teal

Harbor Cove Condominiums

Panoramic Views

Harbor Springs with Lake Views

Cross Village Waterfront Home

Burt Lake

Enjoy Lake Michigan’s beautiful sandy beach with 1 mile of frontage, beach house, tennis courts, indoor and outdoor pools, sauna, Jacuzzi, club house and adjacent hiking and cross country trails. Harbor Cove offers a secluded setting and a great location near golf, skiing and just a short bike ride from downtown Harbor Springs.

Spectacular Lake Michigan building site situated on Lower Shore Drive offering 200’ of beach frontage. This deep wooded lot offers panoramic views and is conveniently located close to downtown Harbor Springs, and area golf & skiing. Includes site plan and elevations of proposed home by area architect Nick White .

Enjoy panoramic views lake from this spacious 3BR, 3/12 BA home situated on a 1.7 acre estate size parcel. Features include spacious rooms each taking advantage of the gorgeous lake views, formal living and dining, den with stone fireplace, and bedroom suites on main and upper level. Private setting close to downtown Harbor Springs.

Enjoy 166’ of Lake Michigan frontage and water views from this spacious 7BR waterfront home. The open floor plan is the ideal beach home with plenty of room for family and friends. Features include a screened-in porch, large deck, 2 fireplaces, 3 car garage with bonus room, and a spacious family room.

Situated in a private setting on 150’ of lakefront and 8 acres. This fine home offers panoramic views of the lake and wonderful sunsets. Features an open floor plan with cathedral ceilings, large fireplace, custom kitchen and granite, main floor master suite, 2 guest rooms, deck overlooking the lake, and 2 car attached garage. Also included is a separate 2 car garage with carriage house.

Several Units Available Please Inquire

Offered at $1,250,000. MLS# 435912 Contact Gill Whitman

Offered at $875,000. MLS# 436699 Contact Gill Whitman

Offered at $849,000. MLS# 428650 Contact Gill Whitman

Offered at $795,000. MLS# 436522 Contact Bill Tribble

Town & Country Designed Home

Waterfront Building Site

Windjammer Cove

Panoramic Golf Course Views

Golf Course Living

Beautifully designed 6500 sq. ft. country home located within Birchwood. Features 5 bedrooms, 4 1/2 baths, 2 fireplaces, hardwood and imported tile, screened in porch, 3 decks, lower level exercise room, game room, sauna and 12 x 12 studio. Situated in a lovely wooded setting.

Lake Michigan building site located in an area of fine homes. From this property you will enjoy beautiful views of the lake and sunsets. Less than 10 minutes to downtown Harbor Springs.

Crooked Lake waterfront condominium features 2 bedrooms, 1 den, 3 baths, and attached 2 car garage including 2-slip boathouse. The 1,977 sq. ft. unit features the best water views. Enjoy boating on Crooked, Pickerel, Burt & Mullet Lake, and the famous Inland Waterway.

Beautiful 4 bedroom/4.5 bath golf course home. Granite topped kitchen w/ two-way fireplace. Cozy living room, main floor master suite, formal dining room, two large en-suites upstairs. Fabulous lower level family room, bedroom and bath.

5 bed/3 1/2 bath Birchwood Farms home with lovely golf course setting. Large kitchen with keeping area, living/dining room w/fireplace, 1st floor master suite, office and laundry.

Offered at $749,000. MLS# 435380 Contact Jan Martindale or Sally Teal

Adjacent to Boyne Highlands Nicely designed and finished home featuring an open floor plan, cathedral ceilings, main floor master, finished lower level now being used as a bunk room, large family room on upper level, large deck, hot tub and beautifully landscaped yard. Home is be offered turn-key.

Offered at $389,000. MLS# 437275 Contact Bill Tribble

New Fairways Condo Listing Exquisitely remodeled in 2011; this 3 bed/2.5 bath Fairways Condo is situated in a totally private setting at the Fairways end. Loaded with high end finishes of granite, custom backsplashes, fixtures, new carpeting, new cabinetry throughout, “Luminette” Hunter Douglas blinds, plantation shutters, new refrigerator, wine cooler, and new furnishings. Offered furnished.

Offered at $645,000. MLS# 436040 Contact Bill Tribble

Offered at $450,000. MLS# 436615 Contact Bill Prall

Offered at $408,000. MLS# 435554 Contact Sandra Gay

Offered at $399,000 . MLS# 429815 Contact Sandra Gay

Great Golf Course Setting

Beautiful Contemporary

Westridge Condominium

3 bedroom, 3.5 bath golf course home. Updated interior, large kitchen, great room with vaulted ceilings, fireplace, lovely master bedroom suite. Lower level family room with full bath.

3 bedroom, 2 ½ bath updated ranch home. Open floor plan with fireplace and vaulted ceilings, large master suite, spacious kitchen, finished basement and attached garage.

Overlooking the Birchwood Golf Course, this home features an open floor plan with cathedral ceilings and floor to ceiling windows which allows for a bright and airy feeling.

Desireable Westridge ‘waterview’ condo overlooking Lake Michigan. 3 Bed/2.5 Baths with open floor plan, vaulted ceilings, fireplace, 1st floor master suite and laundry.

Offered at $349,900. MLS# 436429 Contact Sandra Gay

Offered at $369,000. MLS# 421976 Contact Sandra Gay

Boyne Highlands Golf Course Cottage

Lakeside Club Condominium

Round Lake

Beautiful Four Seasons Cabin

Enjoy picturesque lake views from this wonderful waterfront end unit at Lakeside Club. A bright cheery interior is provided by the dramatic vaulted ceilings, large windows and white finishes throughout. The fully enclosed loft area features a full bath, built-in desk and whirlpool tub making it the ideal 3rd bedroom. Amenities include indoor pool, clubhouse, tennis, and beach.

Beautiful condominium located directly on the shores of Round Lake. Enjoy the water, views of the lake, and beach directly outside your door. Includes both a private deck and patio, both offering views. Includes 3 bedrooms, 2 baths open floor plan & fireplace.

Located in the ‘Tunnel of Trees’ . Private setting. 3 bedrooms, 2 full baths, new appliances, new trex decking, large flagstone patio with fire pit, flower gardens and 2 plus car garage.

Gracious Birchwood Home

Ross Cottage a premier golf course location. This 3 bed, 2 ½ bath cottage features a gas fireplace, main level master suite, whirlpool tub, and two car garage. Enjoy Boyne amenities including golf and skiing.

Offered at $299,900. MLS# 436225 Contact Gill Whitman

Offered at $305,000. MLS#437543 Contact Sandra Gay

Offered at $299,000. MLS# 434439 Contact Sandra Gay

Offered at $329,000. MLS# 435516 Contact Bill Tribble

Offered at $299,000. MLS# 436353 Contact Bill Tribble

Offered at $325,000. MLS# 435557 Contact Sandra Gay

Offered at $290,000. MLS #436006 Contact Bill Tribble

Good Hart Chalet

Round Lake Access

Bird’s Eye View

Waterfront Harbor Springs

Main Street Water View Condo

Adorable chalet style home. Privacy and tranquility situated on two wooded lots. Five minute walk to the public access beach. Beautiful views of Lake Michigan!

Beautiful 3 bedroom, 3 bath home with deeded access to Round Lake is tucked into a wonderful neighborhood! Situated between Harbor Springs & Petoskey, only 1 mile to the Petoskey State Park and bike path, makes this ideal for either vacation or year-round living. Features hickory cabinets, granite counter-tops, ceramic tile, vaulted ceilings, gas fireplace, large loft, main floor master suite and partial views of Round Lake.

Secluded setting for this 4 Bed/4bath home with open floor plan, vaulted ceilings, wood burning fireplace, floor to ceiling windows, built-in sauna, and 2 car attached garage.

Exceptional Lake Michigan waterfront building site situated on desirable and rarely available Fern Drive in Harbor Springs. This site offers one of the nicest, swimmer friendly, sandy beaches in the area which is protected by a neighboring break wall. A beautiful level building site offering privacy (no road in front of the property), gorgeous views overlooking Little Traverse Bay and conveniently located close to downtown Harbor Springs.

Enjoy stunning harbor views from this luxurious penthouse overlooking Little Traverse Bay. Spend lazy afternoons watching the boats come and go as you relax on your deck, and peaceful evenings enjoying the lights over sparkling waters. Beautifully appointed with crown molding, granite, new appliances and lovely furnishings; this gracious in-town condominium offers all of the pleasures and conveniences afforded by downtown living.Offered furnished.

Offered at $249,900. MLS# 436485 Contact Pam Fochtman

Offered at $189,000. MLS# 437151 Contact Sandra Gay

Offered at $2,250,000. Contact Gill Whitman

Offered at $239,900. MLS#436353 Contact Sally Teal

Bill Dickson

Connie Warner

Offered at $898,000. Contact Sandra Gay

Bill Prall

Bill Tribble

Dave Uutinen

Debbie Gafill

George Melzow

Gill Whitman

Kathy Emig

Lee Tegland

Sally Teal

Sandra Gay

Sandy Frye

Tim Hayner

Tom Mooradian

Jan Martindale

10  Harbor Light Community Newsweekly

Week of July 3-9, 2013

At Your Service

In the Lab

Every Last Morsel: Editor’s Note: The Harbor Light Newspaper has been following the progress of 2004 Harbor Springs High School graduate Jordan Breighner’s innovative new technology business accelerator, Coolhouse Labs, since its early 2013 inception. Located on Main

By Kate Bassett

Street in downtown Harbor Springs, Coolhouse is officially up and running with five startup companies in town for the first summer cohort. We started featuring these companies last week. Presented here is Every Last Morsel.

dreaming of an “app” that could help him better organize his responsibilities. “I wanted something to keep track of where my gardens were, what was growing, what was ready to harvest. I realized on a larger scale, this idea could really empower people in their own communities to easily find and access fresh produce.” The idea utilizes already popular social media and marketplace sites like Etsy (an online market for crafters) and Facebook, flipping the concept into something totally new-- and potentially game changing for the local foods movement. “When I started changing the way I eat, I went online to research. And then, I went to Whole Foods and Traders Joes,” Zimmerman said. “I grew up with some knowledge of farmers’ markets, but still, the experience of trying to eat healthier, and buy locally grown foods, it can be really overwhelming. We want to aggregate all this information about local growers and harvests into an easily searchable site. We’d like to become a driving force in building networks within communities that use a digital platform to transpose into real world relationships.” Mock-ups for the website are easy to navigate, allowing users to do everything from search a certain product, like “tomatoes,” (all available tomatoes in their area display with harvest dates, availability, and the ability to purchase online) to farmer or user profiles that display information, photos, and even microblogs where folks can post recipes, updates, and stories. “You can get to know a farmer or gardener online, and then get to know them

Harbor Light Newspaper

When sitting with Todd Jones and Emma Zimmerman, it’s easy to forget what’s happening around them. Homemade wooden signs display a pitchfork and salad fork, swiss chard, beets. A poster, “Honey, if you need me, I’ll be in the garden,” leans on their desk. The Coolhouse Lab space carved out for Every Last Morsel feels more farm office than technology startup, but that’s exactly why Chicago-based Jones, 29, Zimmerman (marketing director, 22) and Al Johri (lead developer, 20) are working in downtown Harbor Springs this summer. As one of five companies in Coolhouse Lab’s first startup accelerator summer cohort, the trio is here to harness the power of the Internet with the power of local food. Their end goal is as simple and complex as their company’s name: Every Last Morsel. The website they are designing will connect communities with gardeners and small farms. Jones’s dream? To see Every Last Morsel of food grown be put to good use. “People can think of it like an online farmers’ market,” said the company’s founder. “What we’re trying to do is use technology to connect farmers (and gardeners) with customers. We want to democratize production, allow people with small backyard gardens to sell their excess produce, and to be able to shop for groceries within their neighborhood. That’s where the idea for Every Last Morsel originated, and it’s grown organically from there.” Jones started out as a backyard garden designer and manager. A self-proclaimed “tech geek,” he said he started

in person from there,” Zimmerman said. “A lot of small farmers, especially, need that extra value. It can be costly and difficult to get to enough markets or to set up meetings with local restaurants or organizations. Every Last Morsel allows growers to focus on what they do best, while reaching the most people possible.” Jones said the idea of creating community is never far from his team’s mind, which is why tools like microblogging are available to not only the farmers, but also, site users. “We want this to be more participatory for more people. Anyone can add value to the community.” On the production end, tools like the ability to track crops from season to season will help cut down legwork and logistical planning for farmers, Jones noted. “We are starting with small producers, even just backyard gardens, but our end goal is to help small businesses and farms in general be more financially sustainable,” he said. Every Last Morsel’s ideals felt like a perfect fit for Coolhouse Labs, whose motto is “small town, big ideas.” “In addition to this place being beautiful, our whole mission is focused on connecting with small communities, so we couldn’t be in a better spot,” Zimmerman said, adding with a smile, “We were pleasantly surprised to see all the food being grown downtown.” “The greatest benefit has been access to all the mentors,” Jones said. “We’ve been working with incredibly talented, experienced, successful people who have been helping us challenge our ideas and assumptions.”

Every Last Morsel’s Al Johri and Todd Jones visit with Pond Hill Farm’s Kelly Doyle at the Harbor Springs Farmers Market recently. (Harbor Light photo/Charles O’Neill)

For the next phase of Every throughout the world.” or call 312-Grow-Veg. To Last Morsel’s startup summer, If you have a backyard gar- join the Every Last Morsel Jones said he would love to den and are willing to chat mailing list for company and tap into the food-conscious with the folks of Every Last event updates, sign up for the community here in Harbor Morsel, please email Todd, company’s newsletter at www. Springs. “We want to connect with people who have gardens and Harbor Springs Office: small farms right here. We’d 6789 S Lake Shore Dr, like this to be our test comHarbor Springs, MI 49740 munity,” he said. “Density is really important, so we’d love • 231-526-1100 to have a long list of folks with backyard gardens.” “We’d also love to tour some New Listing personal gardens,” Zimmerman45 said. “It is super North Yachthelpful Management is dedicated to helping boaters maximize to talk toenjoyment people about ofwhat their vessels by minimizing maintenance concerns they need in terms of help, creating experiences theprice water. Value-priced Birchwood home in pretty, onGreat on this 1 bedroom Perry and where they and currently go hassle-free wooded setting. Large deck opens to Farm Village condominium. Enjoy to get it. It would also be redining and living rooms looking at the senior living in a beautiful facility with We customer anhave art, allhouse! aspects treesis - you yourand own tree ally funbelieve to coordinate a localservice many activities, bus service, excelWood burning fireplace in LR. Three lent on-site dining and lovely grounds. garden or have awere garden of ourtour company built with this in mind. Our expert bedrooms including master suite. LowPets are welcome. party promoting local foods.” MLS # 437320 $154,900 er level features family room wet yetstaff can help make this boating season thewith best John Carr (231) 526-4000 bar. All Birchwood amenities included. “By the end of this summer, - call and discover the 45 North Yacht Management MLS # 432871 $150,000 we want to have a successful Susan Schwaderer (231) 330-5102 difference, where personalized services and profesproduct that’s ‘out in the wild’ sional follow-through is only the beginning. that we can use as proof that New Listing New Listing this is a sustainable business venture, as much as it is a way to support sustainable agriculture and small growers. We’re a grassroots business, Harbor Springs 117 acre country retreat. 1 1/4 8 acres close to Alanson. Home offers miles from Lake Michigan. Older 3 bedroom, 3 bedrooms, 2 baths with a full walkand we’ll start in the midwest, 1 bath farm house. Garage, open meadows, out lower level partially finished with mature woodlands with trails, plus hen barn. but we’d like to see Every Last additional bedroom and bath along This property features the abundant diversity with a family room area. Large 30 x 32 Morsel eventually have a of opportunities available to those seeking pole barn for all of your storage needs. to invest in Americas country lifestyle. Only global impact. There’s noth7+ miles from downtown Harbor Springs and MLS # 437304 $89,900 ing so different about the way Debra Schirmer (231) 632-6353 many wonderful beaches nearby. MLS # 437522 $349,990 food is grown and consumed, Steve Witte (231) 330-0812 or the way community is built,

Now Serving Little Traverse Bay and beyond Boat Cleaning Captain Services Waxing/Buffing Full concierge services Auto Detailing

Provisioning Laundry Service

Enjoy your time on the water!


231.412.0745 231-548-9336 800-249-9923

Live Stylishly

artisanal casual-luxe jewelry & accessories 139 State Street ~ Harbor Springs [between Main & Bay Streets] M - Sat: 10-6pm | Sun: 12noon-5pm |

Serving P etoSkey, H arbor S PringS , & t He entire inland WaterWay







Traditional northern waterfront cottage. All the charm & comfort you are seeking. This great location on Pickerel Lake offers 100 ft sandy bottom waterfront. Beautiful sun room to relax with your coffee in the morning or enjoy the sunsets in the eve. 2 BDR classic has new windows, new flooring & many others updates have been completed. You will love the cozy interior with original pine paneling & kitchen cabinets. Two garages to store all the boats and toys plus a dock. MLS# 437525

250 ft of sandy beach on Crooked Lake. This is a very rare opportunity to own a gorgeous home that has a boathouse, private stream with a large island and a very large yard. Wonderful home for entertaining with 35x35 rec room. MLS# 437557

This stunning, custom-built, 4 BDR, 4 BTH log home is situated in a quiet location overlooking Crooked and Pickerel Lakes, just minutes between Petoskey and Mackinac Island, making this a great location for all forms of year-round recreation. Just a few of the many amenities include DEEDED WATER ACCESS, upgraded stainless steel appliances, granite countertops, 2 Jacuzzi tubs, central air, hardwood flooring, and knotty pine interior. Very motivated Seller, bring all offers, must sell MLS# 405251

Located on the Crooked River with 1,700 ft of frontage sits this two bedroom home. This home sets on 21 acres of property with lots of potential for development or just enjoy. MLS# 437333

Custom built “North Arrow” log home. Features full round logs, hand scribed, almost 3000 sq ft. Located on the shoreline of Paradise Lake. Features 3 BDR, 3 BTH, Sun-screen porch, two fireplaces-wood burning with insert in the great room and gas fireplace in family room, central air conditioning, hardwood flooring and the great room has vaulted 26ft. ceilings for fantastic lake views. MLS# 436919 BEAUTIFUL LAKE VIEWS

Tranquility abounds with 362 ft of waterfront shoreline at this island home on 6 acres of wooded privacy. Mackinac bridge & round island views add to the spectacular setting. Located close to the new airport runway for easy access. 4+ BDR & 3BTH. Classic cottage with all the modern amenities one would want. 24x40 pole building for all the toys. Great location for entertaining family & friends. MLS# 437602

$319,000 N E W


$1,250,000 NEW LISTING






$575,000 N E W


Week of July 3-9, 2013

Harbor Light Community Newsweekly  11  

Holiday Festivities... -CONTINUED from page 1.

A cookout at the Harbor Springs United Methodist Church parking lot will be held from 11 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. Burgers, bratwursts, hot dogs and pulled pork sandwiches will be available to purchase individually or as part of a complete meal. The streets of downtown will be lined with spectators in anticipation of the Harbor Spring parade which will start at 1 p.m. and run east to west on Main Street. After the parade, follow the Bagpipers down Bay Street to Stafford’s Pier. Following the parade, free sailing will be offered by Little Traverse Sailors on Bay Street. Sailing will be available until 4 p.m. From 3 p.m. to 6 p.m. rock out to classics from the 60’s and 70’s with the Keelhaulers at the Harbor Springs Waterfront, and enjoy a microbrew from Petoskey Brewing Company while there. Street Musique will also take place throughout the downtown area from 7-9 p.m. Fireworks will take place at dusk and coincide with Petoskey’s display. Harbor Springs competed against Petoskey in a friendly game of bocce ball at Pennsylvania Park in downtown Petoskey. Harbor

Christy Berry

Springs won the game and will have the honor of shooting off the first firework of the evening.

Petoskey The Fourth of July parade will take place at 6 p.m. down Hill Street to Kalamazoo to Mitchell Street to Petoskey Street and then Lake Street, ending at the gazebo in Pennsylvania Park. The parade is immediately followed by live music by the Jelly Roll Blues Band at Bayfront Park. An ice cream social will be held from 7-9 p.m. at the LIttle Traverse History Museum. Catch the Petoskey Mossbacks Vintage Baseball team at 7:30 p.m. at the waterfront. Fireworks are set to follow at dusk.

July 6 | Cross Village Keep the patriotic community spirit alive a few extra days and celebrate one of the area’s most well-loved and grassroots holiday parades in Cross Village on July 6. The parade begins at 1 p.m. on Lakeshore Drive in Cross Village. A community party at Three Pines Studio will follow, with America Spoon gelato, cookies, and music by Kirby.

Boo Litzenburger

Craig Cottrill

Melissa Marchand Harrison

Ken Emery

Kristin McDonald


Karen Hughes

Bernie Schaffer Associate Broker

Harbor Sotheby’s International Realty 257 E. Main Street Harbor Springs, MI 49740 231.526.9889 office

Tawna Naturkas

Barb Shepherd

12  Harbor Light Community Newsweekly

Week of July 3-9, 2013

The Area’s Most Experienced Full Service Meat Department

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Softer than fresh mozzarella. When cut, the interior spills out, revealing a soft, stringy curd and fresh cream

Basajo - Italy

Caprino Cremoso with Truffle - Italy

Produced by a third generation farm in Piedmont. Goat’s milk cheese, the texture is soft and spreadable.

La Tur - Italy Burrata

Made with cow, goat and sheep milk. Runny and oozy around the perimeter with a moist, cakey paste.

One of Italy’s most famous “drunken cheese”. Strong sheep’s milk blue vein cheese that has been washed with Zibibbo dessert wine and pressed with muscatel grapes.

Bountiful Produce

Local Hydro Green & Red Tomatoes; Local Strawberries Watermelon Radishes; Italian Black Truffles ; Candy Striped Beets; Local Asparagus & Rhubarb; Florida Corn Soaking in the Bin, Fresh Figs Coveyou Scenic Farms Chard, Kale & Bridal Bouquet Lettuce

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Harbor Light Community Newsweekly

Week of July 3-9, 2013


Living Here

A Special Monthly Focus Section presented by the Harbor Light Newspaper Harbor Springs Michigan

A monthly focus on Living here in the Little Traverse Bay Region Year-Round


July, 2013

Fitness • Health • Home • Activities • Education • Environment • Outdoors • Art • Music • Reading

Bay View

Mad About You star performs Saturday, July 6 at Bay View By Jessica Evans Harbor Light Newspaper

Northern Night Reader Tom Kilpatrick captured this nighttime scene on Little Traverse Bay recently. The image was taken from the east arm of the city dock looking east, and to the left are the lights of Irish Boat Shop, and to the right is the Harbor Point light. As Tom wrote, “It was certainly a beautiful evening.” (Photo courtesy Tom Kilpatrick)

First Stargazing Series set for July 6 at Dark Sky Park July’s First Saturday Stargazing Series at the Headlands International Dark Sky Park arrives with flair on Saturday, July 6, from 9 to 11 p.m. during an evening devoted to celestial phenomena that

are sure to put a sparkle in the summer. Headlands Program Director Mary Stewart Adams will explain the rare and historical planetary configuration known as a “grand sextile” that

occurs this month involving seven planets. Additionally, aurora borealis photographer Shawn Stockman-Malone will speak to this year’s solar maximum and tips on how -CONTINUED on page 7B.


JULY 6, 1 PM

Through the 1990s, the well loved and critically acclaimed comedy TV series Mad About You was a staple in households across the country. This Saturday, July 6, Mad About You fans will have the chance to see one of the stars of that show, Paul Reiser, in a performance at the John M Hall Auditorium in Bay View. Reiser was born and raised in New York City and became involved in stand-up comedy while studying music at Binghamton University. While performing in New York City comedy clubs, he stumbled upon what would be his future career. “While I was doing standup in New York, I accidently walked into the casting office for the movie Diner,” Reiser explained in a telephone

Paul Reiser

interview this week. “This opened a lot of doors and life really began to change for me.” Reiser ended up landing a major role in the film and from there, he began starring in other movies including Beverly Hills Cop (I and II),

Alien and several others. Reiser would become a household name in the 1990s with the advent of the popular comedy series Mad About You, (1992-1999) which he created with Danny Jacobson and starred in with Helen Hunt. “It was a great experience. I loved everything about it, and the show actually ran parallel to my own life in many ways,” Reiser said of the show. “With Mad About You, I created the kind of show that was relatable, one that I would enjoy watching myself.” The show boasted a number of well-known guest stars that would regularly make an appearance. Reiser noted he has felt lucky to work these actors and actresses, including Carol Burnett, Mel Brooks, Jerry Lewis, among others. -CONTINUED on page 3B.


Parade Marshalls: Dianna Hoffman and Bill Johnson


Paintings by

LOUISE POND July 6 – July 16, 2013 Opening Reception: July 6, 2-7pm

Three Pines Studio

5959 West Levering, Cross Village, MI 49723



Harbor Light Community Newsweekly


Fitness Classes

Ask the Trainer F 2B

Week of July 3-9, 2013

with Glenn Stark Harbor Light Community Newsweekly

Master Trainer Bay Tennis and Fitness


You pickWeek and choose of June 5-11, 2013


More variety,course more classes, instructors Mindfulness to more be offered AM & PM Classes including Spinning, Zumba, TRX, Core Fusion

Q:Ask What are the best Stand-Up Paddle Boarding exercises? the Trainer By Glenn Stark

Certified Master trainer Paddle boarding is ,a great Bay tennis fitness activity thatandcan look a lot easier from the shore. The reality is while you’re on the water getting back on the board can be exhausting, and in certain situations can become dangerous quickly. The same factors that make paddle boarding physically demanding and challenging highly recommend can haveI an effect on your that you include cross training in your workout schedule regardless of your sport of choice. Cycling is a good way to cross train for running. (File photo.) enjoyment of this fun activRunning can be very addictive and hard core runners tend to ity. Proper conditioning can think running is the best and only way to train. It is true that help you develop the strength running in itself is one of the best ways to build stamina and and balance needed to make endurance. Get outside and get moving this spring and summer! Check this summer’s paddle board 1)Standingsports Split car. Squat Cable Think of your body as a high performance Having a Rotational Chops out these fun running events happening throughout northseason antuned enjoyable one. highly engine is critical. In your body, tuning your engine ern Michigan in the upcoming months: is done conditioning your cardiovascular system through Here are by some great exeractivities as swimming, cycling and running. This highly cises that yousuch can incorporate Saturday, May 11, 10 a.m.: North Country Community tuned, high performance car also needs to have a chassis and into your weekly workout Mental Health Mental Health 5K. Location: Waterfront body that can withstand the effects of high speeds and long routine. Park, Petoskey. distances. This is where other training such as mobility, flex1)Standing Split Squat Saturday, May 11, 8 a.m. 19th Annual Sue DeYoung/Judy ibility and strength training come into play. Activities such as Edger Memorial Breast Cancer 5K Walk/Run. Location: yoga, Pilates andChops resistance training can be very beneficial to Cable Rotational East Park, Charlevoix. your cross training arsenal. This is a great exercise beSaturday, May 18, 9:30 a.m.: Little Traverse Bay Humane cause it builds leg strength Society Grateful Dog Walk/Run. Location: Nub’s Nob, Tip 1: Cycling while promoting proper posHarbor Springs. Cycling is a great way to continue to build up endurance and ture as you maintain a stable Saturday, May 18, 9 a.m. Bay Harbor 5K Run/Walk. Locaoverall strength in your legs. There have been several studies base under resistance during tion: Bay Harbor done that prove that runners who included cycling at high the exercise. It closely mimics powered intervals two times a week build stronger leg muscles Saturday, June 8, 10 a.m.: The Pellston Athletics/Nub’s Nob being on the board. Using a without the high impact to their joints that can come from too Trail Run and Walk. Location: Nub’s Nob, Harbor Springs. cable machine attach a rope much running. They also were able to improve their overall 2) Stability Ball Roll Outs to the highmany cablebreaking pulley. their previous Thursday, July 4, 6:30 a.m. Paul Revere 3 mile and 10 mile speed, records. Cycling also conrun. Location: Harbor Springs. Start in a split squat stance tinues to build cardiovascular endurance without the impact. withBecause your inside leg forward to Sunday, July 14, 9 a.m. Little Traverse Triathlon. Location: cycling targets your Quadriceps and your shin muscles the side of the machine. Whiletissue throughout the knees, hips Harbor Springs as well as the connective grasping the rope in both and ankles, you reduce your chances for injury. Saturday, July 20, 8 a.m.: Northern Michigan Sports Medihands, pull the rope down cine Center’s Bear River Crawl. Location: Bay Front Park, diagonally across your body Petoskey. Tip 2: Pilates or Yoga and then return to the startPilates and yoga tend to focus on postural alignment and Sunday, August 11, 8 a.m. Petoskey Triathlon. Location: ing position, forwith 12-tothe 15 goal reps.of improving flexibility, coordinamovement, 101 W. Lake Street, Petoskey Switch and then repeat.strength. Because of the focus on tion,sides balance and overall


: “As a runner, should I include cross training?”


Running events set to take place

core recruitment and proper breathing techniques many run-

2) Stability Roll Outs in overall efficiency, stamina and ners tendBall to see increases

• 6 days a week • 52 weeks a year Do you have a difficult time and managing such stressors. Ultraclean fully exercises, staffed facility coping with the stress ofenvironment, your Breathing mindfuleveryday life? Take time this ness meditation, and body Spring Other to learn how to better and facilities charge you in fullawareness regardless ifwill you be canreviewed attend all classes identify and manage stress Our rates incorporated. are 20-50% less Guided, in-class through aNon-member specially designed meditative practice will be the single class - $10.00 | 10 punch card - $9.30/class month limited card (average 5 classes per - $5.35/class four-weekOne course - “An Introfoundation forweek) participants to month limited card (average 5 classes perown week)home - $3.51/class duction Three to Stress Reduction develop their and through Mindfulness Practice”. work practice. Visit our website Mindfulness is the practice The course, facilitated by for Group Fitness 231.487.1713 of paying attention to our Kelly Daunter, MA, LLP , will be Schedules thoughts and feelings purpose- offered on Wedesdays, starting ly, in order to become more May 8, 2013 through May 29, present within our own lives. 2013, at the office of Dr. Carin This four-week course Nielsen – Integrative Medicine will introduce participants located at 107 Howard Street to the tools and methods in downtown Petoskey. Class Did you step out of winter of becoming more aware of time is from 5-6 p.m. The cost to find your body all one’sonly thoughts and feelings to participate is $120. Located just off hairy, your cheeks plump,Space is limited. through mindfulness training Advanced Rd, Harbor-Petoskey and Participants will registration is required. To and dull? Directly behind learn toSwing identify particular register or for more inforinto Skin pro Little Traverse Primary Care events and thoughts that bring mation, please email info@ Deeascan or call on stress, wellbrighten as tools and spring and have you methods for responding to 231-638-5585.


Open t Public


chipper for summer!

Dr. Ferguson is welcoming new patients. • Board Certified with full Hospital Privileges • Comprehensive Family Care PCA Skin Facials | Massage | Full Body Wax • Physicals

643 E. Lake | 838-9147 Little Traverse Bay Street Family Medicine Mitchell Park Medical Center 2390 Mitchell Park Drive Unit C Petoskey 348-1968

Tim Bondy Physical Therapy aquatic therapy & wellness centers

Physical & Occupational Therapy Tim Bondy Physical Therapy

Aquatic Therapy aquatic therapy & wellness centers Wellness Memberships & Classes Physical11am & Occupational Therapy Walk-ins - 6pm Tuesdays and Thursdays Home Care Aquatic Therapy Call 242-0791&today! Wellness Memberships Classes 930 State Street, Home CareSuite 10, Harbor Springs 49740

Call 242-0791 today! endurance. This exerciseThe is stretching great at often associated with Pilates and Tip 4: Swimming yoga help to increase range of motion and this contributes to Swimming is another great way to build to build cardiovascular 930 State Street, Suite 10, Harbor Springs 49740 making you recruit your core overall flexibility. endurance without the high impact to the body. Because it is muscles at the proper time Certain exercises are extremely beneficial to runners that a non-weight bearing activity it gives the connective tissue in order to maximize the want to remain injury free or are recovering from an injury. and joints time to heal from all the running. Swimming is also Our Family Caring For Your Family Since 1903 greatest stroke efficiency by Including this in your training schedule one to two days a great at recruiting all the major muscle groups  suchGlenn as the Photos courtesy Stark Dr. Frank A. Graham 1903 to 1965 3) Medicine Twists mimicking the stroke pattern week, can bring long lasting benefits that willBall oftenRussian transcend quadriceps, hamstrings, glutes, calves, abs, lower and upper Dr. Thomas F. Graham 1942 to 1989 youryour hands make This whencan using facets of and paddle boarding, you will feel on the board Twist torsoinjury side to side running. help you runyour relatively free on all back, chest arms.    Dr. Graham Michael Pierce 1962 to Present the into paddle. your future years. back to the to this year. Now get there, lowering the ball towards the from Poolgetting running alsoon referred as aqua-jogging is out another Start by kneeling on the ground. Make sure to twist board toyou paddling stand up and paddle away activity can doout. in the water that requires similar muscle  floor with a stability ball in your upper body not just Try memory needed in running whilethis eliminating the high impact. adding these exercises summer. Tip 3: Strength Training   front of you and your fore- throwing your arms side to to or poolroutine running2-3 can be added to your training one your workout Weekdays 7 am - 4 pm   Strength training can improve your body’s ability to use oxygen Swimming Sincerely in Balanced Health, arms on the ball. Push the side. to two times a week, is great season.    a week; youand will be to use during your off If run thisfaster is toowith challenging 289 East Main Street • Harbor Springs • 231-526-9611 more efficiently. This means you can the same times Glenn Stark ballamount forwardofrolling alongandyou Most runners realize the benefits that running at least 3-4 how stable and strong can keep your on the oxygen it uptake, what runner does feet not want to amazed  yourbeforearms as youimportant extend benefit ground. an added chalfaster? Another thatFor strength training can times a week has on the cardiovascular system for building   yourhave arms keeping a ability lengeto you canstronger try thismuscles sitting endurance and speed. This is really important if you are trainonforward, your running is the build straight linethe from your knees through recruitment of more fibers. This makes you ing for any kind of race, rather it’s a 5k, half or full marathon. onmuscle a BOSU or other balance to your Joseph W. Hance M.D., P.C. moreshoulders resistant towith injuryyour while allowing you to apply more force board device to help simulate If you are a recreational runner, and using running as a way to stay healthy you can also benefit from adding cross training Mark R. McMurray M.D., P.C. back a neutral or flat positoin the ground because of the increased strength in the legs. the balance effects of being Mon, Wed, Thu 9-5 Brian D. Wittenberg M.D., P.C. to your training schedule. Make sure to get out there and try tion. Pullmistake the ballmany backrunners to the make One is the thinking that lifting on a paddle board. You can Wed. 11-6 Ronald A. Ronquist M.D., P.C. a combination of these and other cross training activities that starting position andhigher repeat lighter weight and repsalso is going more strength usetoabuild weighted bar or Alfred J. Wroblewski M.D., P.C. allow you build overall strength and flexibility as well as the Fri 8-1 andtoendurance. It is better to lift heavier weights for 12 15 reps. This is not true.dumbbells. Daniel K. Wilcox M.D., P.C. to be a healthy runner. New Patients Welco me with a 12-15 rep range, two to three times a week, this will also endurance needed Scott A. Nemec D.O., P.C. New Hours: Mon,Email Tues,your Thurs 9-5/ Wed 11-6/Fri. 8-1 Push Ups & Pull build better balance of stamina, endurance, andUps strength. It fitness 3) Medicine Ball is also better to focus on multi-joint as squats, questions to Glenn Preferred VSP Provider Theseexercise simplesuch exercises are Russian Twists dead lifts, lunges, pull-ups, and bench presses. great for overall chest, back Conveniently located in Harbor Plaza This exercise really targets and shoulders conditioning between Petoskey and Harbor Springs on M-119 the core muscles including which will come in handy in 1500 Spring Street runitwill On-Site X-ray Facilities the Upcoming oblique muscles also (231) 347-5500 mimics the twisting moveAll Plans with Blue Cross/Blue Shield of Mich. provide services for ment patterns that your body Medicare/Medicaid • Blue Care Network in the need goeswomen through on paddle Workers Compensation • Partners Insurance Organic Foods & Groceries, Vitamins The 19th Annual Sue DeYboard. Mike Pierce D.D.S. Sports Nutrition & Weight-loss Products oung/Judy Memorial Start in a sitEdger up position anFamily appointment, Natural Body Care Our Family Caring ForFor Your Since 1903call Cancer withBreast your torso at a5K 45Walk/Run degree Dr. Frank A. Graham 1903 to 1965 takes in Charlevoix’s Toski-Sands Plaza M-119 angle, withplace your feet up off the 4048 Bluff Dr. Cedar Thomas F. Dr., Graham 1942 toS.1989 14715 W. Upright 838 Main East Park on Saturday, May 11. floor, knees bent, grasping Petoskey • 348-8390 Ste.Michael 1 Charlevoix Cheboygan Dr. Graham Pierce 1962 to Present Registration begins at 8 the Med Ball at chest level. Petoskey a.m. and the walk/run begin at 9 a.m. Individual walkers, New Patients Welcome runners and teams can collect Weekdays 7 am - 4 pm “pledges” for participating in 289 East Main Street • Harbor Springs • 231-526-9611 the walk, or sponsor themselves with a donation. Those Everything that raise $30 or more receive you need for the an event t-shirt. Registration forms are available at www. immediate care of your illness or injury The event honors two courageous local women: Sue Prompt medical care for DeYoung, a young mother adults and children of four children that died in every day of the weeknts We lcome New Patie 1992, and Judy Edger, who New Hours: Mon, Tues, Thurs 9-5/ Wed 11-6/Fri. 8-1 Michael Banyai, MD William Niksch, MD was a driving force behind Board Certified in Internal Medicine Board Certified in Family Practice Adult Primary Care Adult Primary Care this event until her death in Preferred VSP Provider March 1999. ♦ Staffed by our Board Certified Physicians 7 days a weekin Harbor Plaza Conveniently located Monies raised this year will between Petoskey and ♦ Friendly and professional care from our experiencedHarbor staff Springs on M-119 go to Charlevoix County’s ♦ Walk-In convenience - No Appointment Needed Circle of Strength Foundation, ♦ Close to Petoskey shopping and hotels Convenient Parking to provide mammograms for Participating with: Aetna, Blue Cross of Michigan, Medicare, ASR, Priority Health, Cofinity/PPOM women in need, the Health • New Modern Skilled Nursing Facility Department of Northwest •Physical and Occupational Therapy Services Michigan, to be used for the •Speech Therapy by AbbyD Rehab free cervical screening proCenter gram for Charlevoix County •Certified Alzheimer Care residents and East Jordan •Respite (Short Term) Services •Extensive Activity Programs One mile south of US 31/131 intersection Family Health Center in BelEstablished in 1966, Bay Bluffs •Transportation available for medical On-site X-Ray and Lab laire for mammogram equipOPEN DAILY 1890overlooks US 131 South 231.487.2000 beautiful Little Traverse Bay appointments 8 am to 6 pm Weekdays No Appointment ment. In front of Wal-Mart Needed 9 am to 3 pm Weekends in Harbor Springs. For more information, call 750 East Main Street • Harbor Springs • 231-526-2161 231-675-1311. Office Visit copay with most insurances


New Patients Welcome

The Happiness, Health, Security & Well-Being of each resident is our commitment. Bortz Health Care of Petoskey 24 HOUR EMERGENCY COVERAGE


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1/18/13 10:21 AM

1/18/13 10:21 AM

Mon, W Wed. 11 Fri 8-1

Week of July 3-9, 2013

Established in 1966, Bay Bluffs overlooks beautiful Little Traverse Bay in Harbor Springs.

• New Modern Skilled Nursing Facility •Physical and Occupational Therapy Services •Speech Therapy by AbbyD Rehab Center •Certified Alzheimer Care •Respite (Short Term) Services •Extensive Activity Programs •Transportation available for medical appointments

750 East Main Street • Harbor Springs • 231-526-2161

Professional, confidential counseling services for individuals and families • Domestic abuse and dating abuse • Sexual Assault - adult and child survivors • Relationship issues and divorce adjustment • Personal growth and self esteem • Grief, loss or trauma Sliding fee schedule. Survivor services are free. is announcing their upcoming exhibit, Awe, by artist Izze Frances. The exhibit will run from July 7-July 14, with the opening reception on July 9 from 4-7 p.m. The exhibit will consist of black & white and color

(231) 347-0067 •

William N. Zoerhof, DDS, PC

 

Over 30 years in Harbor Springs

     



Dr. Ferguson is welcoming new patients. • Board Certified with full Hospital Privileges • Comprehensive Family Care • Physicals Little Traverse Bay Family Medicine Mitchell Park Medical Center 2390 Mitchell Park Drive Unit C Petoskey 348-1968

t in Can me as? the Michihat.

archival pigment prints. “My images reflect upon the lyrical aspects of day-today life,” Frances said. “They are mysterious, beautiful and graceful responses to intuitive ways of seeing and knowing; allowing glimpses of the ex-

1500 Spring Street (231) 347-5500

Women’s Resource Center of Northern Michigan

In-office, 15-minute Whitening

Country Road, by Izze Frances. (Courtesy photo)

traordinary – the awe – within what is commonly perceived as our ordinary world.” Frances noted she agrees with Marcel Proust’s observation: “The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new landscapes but in having new eyes.” “When I photograph, I find myself ‘opening up’ to my environs. In a way it feels as if the veil of this world is lifted, and I am getting glimpses of the wonder that surrounds us all.” Izze Frances is the pseudonym used by Elizabeth Fergus-Jean for her photographic work. Her husband, John, a

Financing Available Would you like to stop snoring? Therasnore Appliances

Office hours by appointment 231-487-0229 8478 M-119 Suite 20 Harbor Springs

Harbor Care Associates is a full service home health care agency offering a complete network of home care supervised by a registered nurse.

• Respite Care • Shopping • Transportation • Personal Care • Housekeeping • 24/7 Coverage Including Holidays

HCAT Wheelchair Transportation Services FREE In-Home Nursing Assessment

Serving PetoSkey, and nortHern miCHigan (877) 439-9141 • Fax: (231) 439-9550


master printer, is the printer for this body of work. The majority of these images were taken during a sabbatical by the Fergus-Jeans in 2012. They traveled throughout England, France and Italy, with Elizabeth photographing the entire trip. Elizabeth and John will be presenting at School of Visual Arts in New York City later this fall on this work and their collaborative creative process. In addition, there will be a solo exhibit of this artwork at the Ross Art Museum in 2014.

Paul Reiser to perform here -CONTINUED from page 1B.

Home HealtH Care • Registered Nurses • Home Health Aides • Alzheimer’s Care • Bathing • Medication Management • Meal Preparation

Of his co-star, Helen Hunt, Reiser noted, “I met Helen through a friend of my wife and she was just a Godsend. I was in the middle of writing the show and thought she’d be really great for the part, and she was. She has great strength, is lovely, funny and emotional. The show was on the air for seven years, and we are both very proud of it.” Reiser is also an author and has published three books, Couplehood, Babyhood and Familyhood. In 2010, he joined singer Julia Fordham

for a musical collaboration and the duo produced a CD together. Currently, Reiser has his hands in numerous other projects, including writing and producing for TV shows and spending time with his family. He plans to continue acting and will start shooting for a new film in July. Reiser recently made the decision to get back involved in stand-up comedy. “A year ago I just got this urge to do stand-up again, and so I called the local comedy club and told them what I wanted to do. They told me I’d go on at 10 p.m. and I asked, ‘At night?!’ That seemed late to me, but I guess that’s how you know you’re getting older,” he said with a laugh. “Anyway, I started doing stand-up again and it felt great. I really hadn’t done much stand-up since college, so I had to get in the swing of it again-- kind of like spring training,” he continued. “It’s a lot of fun and lets me be creative. A lot of the people come to see me because they watched the show and enjoyed it, so when I’m up there, I feel like I’m talking to people who know me; like I’m with family.” Reiser will provide audience members with an evening of laughs during his stand-up show on Saturday, July 6 at 8 p.m. at the John M Hall Auditorium in Bay View. The auditorium is located at 1725 Encampment Avenue. Tickets prices are $25-45 and can be purchased online at or by calling 231225-8877 or 231-347-4210.

Safe. Sound. Secure.® Since 1916 Save money with Auto-Owners Insurance Multi-Policy Discounts! 321 Spring Street, Harbor Springs Call or visit us (231) 526-2123 .............................................. 7031 US 31, Alanson Name • 555-555-5555 (231) 548-2211 website



Art Awe exhibit opens July 7

The Happiness, Health, Security & Well-Being of each resident is our commitment. Bortz Health Care of Petoskey

Improving lives. Nourishing hope.

Harbor Light Community Newsweekly

Delivery Removal

ting s of ty

-5:30 -4:00


Harbor Light Community Newsweekly


D’Art for Art June 11 Featured artist announced

Plein Air Artist Louise Pond

Beyond the Blue exhibit opening at Three Pines Louise Pond is a plein air pastel artist from Elk Rapids, who recently won “First in Show,” from a pastel group called, The Light Chasers, in Sarasota Florida. Her work was also recently chosen for the Dennos Museum Show, The Art of Sleeping Bear. In her exhibit, Beyond the Blue, Pond states, “ Outside my window and beyond the blue of Lake Michigan, lies my passion as an artist. With a strong need to express myself creatively, I have landed on the process of painting from life with the vibrant medium of soft pastels. I have come to this process later than most, and have no time to waste. There just doesn’t seem to be enough time.” My quest is to be fully engaged, putting in the hard work to hone my skills as a plein air artist. I strive to capture the truth of what I see, a moment in time-- a shadow cast on a barn or the calm reflection of the sky resting upon a lake. My hard work is paying off and it is tomorrow’s work I am most excited about. I am blessed in having this work, God’s love and the support my wonderful family and friends.” The opening reception takes place on July 6 from 2 until 7 p.m.


Since its founding in 1971, Crooked Tree Arts Center’s mission has been to create, stimulate and perpetuate the arts in northern Michigan. One of the many ways the arts center fulfills that mission is through its premier fundraising event D’Art for Art. What makes D’Art for Art unique is that guests select a beautiful piece of art to add to their own collection the night of the event. All the artwork is created by artists of local, regional and national acclaim. Each year Crooked Tree Arts Center (CTAC) chooses an artist to feature, whose work inspires the theme for D’Art for Art. This year’s D’Art featured artist is owner of Otis Pottery, June Otis. Her stoneware, “noshi” is the highlighted artwork. noshi, stoneware kimono wall June and David Otis moved to sculpture by June Otis. the United States from Germany 25 years ago after receiving a notice of a pottery studio for sale in northern Michigan. Making the decision move themselves and their three kids back to the United States, they quickly became involved with Crooked Tree Arts Center. June, a painter, and David, a self taught ceramics, exhibited their work at CTAC -CONTINUED on page 7B.

201 East Bay Street Harbor Springs 561 / 315 ~ 7828 Featuring Susan’s Lace Collection, H Bags, Beautiful tunics and Summerwear!

Elegant tunics ! PAtio PArAdise “It’s Reid Indeed”

By Reid 129 East Bay StreetCo. Furniture Harbor Springs

Week of July 3-9, 2013

Women’s Club 30th Annual Art Fair July 10 The Women’s Club is pleased to sponsor the 30th Annual Art Fair on Wednesday, July 10, 2013, from 9:30 a.m. until 4 p.m. at Nubs Nob Ski Area, 500 Nubs Nob Road, off Pleasantview Road, in Harbor Springs. The Art Fair is a popular event that draws as many as 120 artists from throughout Michigan and as far away as Florida and California. Artists as well as fairgoers look forward to this premier event every year. Admission is only $3 per person, cash only: children 12 and under will be admitted free. Yvonne Schmidt of Petoskey has been selected as the featured artist this year for Art

Fair. Yvonne loves to capture the visions from her outer world and also to express her inner world through abstract paintings. She enjoys painting everything from portraits, florals, and landscapes to various colors and shapes that seem to just fall off of her brushes. The Slightly Gourmet Café will offer fairgoers a luncheon from 10:30 a.m. until 3 p.m. The Café will offer for sale delicious homemade sandwiches, salads and desserts, all prepared by members of the Women’s Club, as well as a selection of beverages. “This event is the primary fundraising event for The

Women’s Club,” states Barb Gutuskey, President of The Women’s Club. “100% of the profits from the Art Fair enable The Women’s Club to support many local community projects and charities throughout northern Michigan, as well as sponsor a number of academic scholarships for local students. Last year The Women’s Club distributed more than $22,000 in scholarships and donations.” For further information about the Nubs Nob Art Fair, including a list of artists participating, visit

Happy 4th of July Featuring PLANET Clothing Come Enjoy the Breeze!

Women. Accessories. Home. 137 E. Bay Street, Harbor Springs, MI 49740


Also Located in Scottsdale, AZ

561 / 315~7828

The ‘’ H ‘’ ( for Harbor Springs ) handbag, in oodles of colors !

129 East Bay Street Celebrating 86 Years of Quality •

307 E. Mitchell St, Petoskey • 231-347-2942 • Harbor Mon-FriSprings 9-5:30; Saturday 9-4:00

561 / 315~7828

One One

$154,900 priced at $257,900 priced at $334,900

Harbor Light Community Newsweekly

Week of July 3-9, 2013

Main Street Kitchen


a monthly column

by Maureen Abood

Follow Maureen’s blog “Rose Water & Orange Blossoms ” at

4 of July in Harbor Springs th

Editor’s Note: Writer Maureen Abood, a life-long seasonal resident who recently decided to call Harbor Springs home, is the author and photographer behind the blog Rose Water and Orange Blossoms. Her culinary musings are often tied to the fields and tables of this area, and we are excited to feature a regular series of her essays in the Harbor Light. Through Maureen’s words and photos, we will find common connection of food, family, community. Read her blog online at

It’s for them, and for all that is finite, that we tear up each time we hear the familiar drumbeat that signals the start of the parade. Life changes, the generations pass into history. The only thing we can do about that is respond with a big measure of grace.


he 4th of July picnic menu here on Main Street is always a great topic of discussion in my family, one that entertains us not just in the days leading up to the 4th, but throughout the year. We kick around whether we need a tent, how many hot dogs to buy, which soda is preferred (Diet Coke is second only to bottles of water), what kind of cookies to make (bar cookies are much smarter than drop cookies for a crowd, I always say). Should we make the baked beans again? One year my dad sent out actual paper invitations, and it’s been fodder for our 4th-talk ever since. Funny thing about this extended, savored discussion is that in the end, the menu rarely changes; except for once or twice here and there, the parade party has been the same for the last 40-odd years. When we’ve gone all out for a catered picnic, it’s sure been easier, but it’s just not the same as our homey spread.

And this day, the 4th of July in Harbor Springs, is all about that homey tradition. Those of us coming here from somewhere else, we crave the nostalgic Harbor 4th. Those of us who live here, we also crave that big-day-in-a-small-town moment, even though this place is ours all year long. What I’d give to swoop around town and hover over the multitude of picnics that will happen on the 4th, and see what’s what on people’s tables. We know it’s a hot dog day, but other interesting things pop up. Our table is always graced with Carolyn Grin’s super-delicious picnic salad, one she says is her goto for alfresco eating because there’s no mayo to worry over in the hot sun. I love it not just because it tastes so good, and

This picnic salad is as healthy as it is delicious. Perfect all summer long.

We’re thrilled to see peppers and other vegetables finally come into season up north. (Photos courtesy Maureen Abood)

not just because it is such an ultra-healthy salad on a day when not much else I put in my mouth could be called that (I justify it all, as many of us do, by running the Paul Revere first thing. Not the 10-mile like my brother Tom, but 3 miles do the trick). I love the salad because I can count on its presence, right there with Carolyn’s family who come rain or shine. When I asked Carolyn to share her salad recipe, she said yes with delight, but she hoped that didn’t mean we’d be making it ourselves this year for the 4th. She wants to make the salad and bring it over as she always does. She wants to keep her tradition. For years we enjoyed the presence of Carolyn’s parents


More Great Events:

WANTED for a Fun Time: YOU!

Petoskey 4th of July Parade Thursday, July 4 6:00 p.m.

Join the residents of Independence Village as they celebrate and participate in the Petoskey’s 4th of July Celebration. Make sure you make some noise as we pass by!

on our front porch on the 4th. They, and too many others (Dad, Ruth, Larry Rau, George Menzi, John Collins, Darrell and Eris Smith, and of course the countless courageous who have served our country) who we wish were still on the porch are not. It’s for them, and for all that is finite, that we tear up each time we hear

the familiar drumbeat that signals the start of the parade. Life changes, the generations pass into history. The only thing we can do about that is respond with a big measure of grace. And hold on to the traditions that we know we can count on every year, like 4th of July in Harbor Springs.

Carolyn Grin’s Picnic Salad This salad can easily be doubled; here I’ve given half the amount Carolyn typically makes. The ingredients are fairly flexible too—add some goat or feta cheese, some chopped herbs like basil and parsley, or throw in some carrots or whatever veggies look great at the farmer’s market. Serves 15-20. ½ lb. pearled barley (1 ¼ cup uncooked) 1 red, orange, or yellow bell pepper 1 cup finely chopped Vidalia onion 2 cups or 1 can rinsed cooked chickpeas 2 cups or 1 can rinsed cooked black beans 1-2 tablespoons minced garlic ½ cup oil-packed sun dried tomatoes, chopped 1 teaspoon salt ½ teaspoon pepper ¼ cup pesto (purchased or homemade) ½ cup purchased Italian dressing, or homemade vinaigrette Cook the barley in a small saucepan. Cover with water, bring to a boil over high heat, then reduce heat and simmer for 25 minutes. Rinse in a colander. Coarsely chop the pepper into 1-inch pieces. Line a sheet pan with foil and scatter the peppers, skin side up, on the prepared pan. Place under the broiler until the peppers are roasted, charred in places, about 5 minutes. In a large bowl, combine all of the ingredients and stir well to combine. Refrigerate for at least one hour and up to one day to allow flavors to meld.

Local Authors Book Signing and a Tea Garden Luncheon Wednesday, July 24 11:00 a.m. – 1:00 p.m.

We invite you to join us for a “Meet & Greet” luncheon with a few of Northern Michigan’s local authors as they tell us about their newly released books. A personalized signed copy will be available for purchase. RSVP by July 19.

George Istratoff Sunday, July 28 2:00 p.m.

Saturday, July 20 from 11:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. th

Our party will be complete with a chuckwagon full of finger lickin’ barbeque food and your favorite country western music and dancing! Dust off your cowboy boots, round up your loved ones and come see why our residents love calling Independence Village their “home on the range!”.

Independence Village of Petoskey 965 Hager Drive, Petoskey, MI Off US 131 South and Lears Road


©2013 Independence Villages are managed and lovingly cared for by Senior Village Management.

A consummate entertainer since he first stepped on the stage at the young age of sixteen, “Mr. Harmonica” George Istratoff will entertain residents and guests. Refreshments will be served.

Multi-Generational Family Portrait Day Tuesday, July 30 2:00 p.m.

Gather your family for a “Generation Family Portrait” to be taken by a local professional photographer on the grounds of our beautiful village and receive a cherished photograph compliments of Independence Village. Refreshments will be served. RSVP by July 22.


Don’t miss out on the fun!

Roasted peppers are great in salad and also to keep on hand for sandwiches or on crostini for appetizers.

Step Stepinto into Summer... Spring… while styles & selections elections last.

Northern Michigan’s Largest argest Selection of Minnetonka Footwear. F otwear. Fo Sandals in sizes 5-11 for wome women. m n.

Open unti 10pm! l 2013

Petoskey’s Historic Gaslight District

301 E. LAKE ST 231.347.2603 • 1.866.746.7837 visit us @


Harbor Light Community Newsweekly

Week of July 3-9, 2013

A Vocabulary of Place

By Wil Cwikiel

Words of Appreciation for the Little Traverse Bay Region

Odawa Words Below you will find a list of 20 words in the Odawa language to give you a sense of the vocabulary used to describe this place prior to European settlement. The phonetic pronunciations provided are from Odawa Language and Legends: Andrew J.Blackbird and Raymond Kiogima, edited by Constance Cappel, Ph.d.

The Waganakising shoreline, south of Good Hart, looks much today like it did hundreds of years ago. (Photo by Wil Cwikiel)

Those Who Came Before By WIL CWIKIEL


ver the past year, each month this column has focused on one aspect of our rich natural resources (dunes, forests, lakes, etc.) with the intent of sharing information and helping readers develop a vocabulary so that as a community we may better understand and appreciate this place. In keeping true to the original conception of this column as a one-year series, this is the last installment. As I was considering how to end this series, I thought it might be insightful to consider the vocabulary of this place from the perspective of the first language that was used to describe this area—words in the language of the peoples who have known this place since before the Europeans knew it was here: Odawa. Since the only word I know in any Native American tongue is megwich (thank you), I sat down with Eric Hemenway, Director of the Little Traverse Bay Bands of Odawa Indians Department of Repatriation, Records, and Archives to learn about the words used to describe this place by those who have been living here for centuries. Eric is a walking encyclopedia regarding the history of the Little Traverse Bay Bands Eric Hemenway, Director of LTBB of of Odawa Indians. To start, Odawa Indians Department of RepaEric explained that the Odawa triation, Records, and Archives. people, and their close kin, the Ojibwa and the Potawatomi, migrated to the Great Lakes from the Northern Atlantic Coast long before European contact. These three nations formed an alliance known as the Council of Three Fires and called themselves Anishnabek. The Odawa language is referred to by some as a dialect of Anishinaabemowin (known by westerners as Algonquin). Another way to think of this is to consider Anishinaabemowin as the mother language of Odawa, just as you’d think of Latin as the mother language of French or Italian.

Skilled navigators and mariners The Odawa people settled Manitoulin Island in northern Lake Huron. Being skilled navigators and mariners, the Odawa had established trade networks throughout the Great Lakes (from Manitoba to Montreal) before they encountered Samuel de Champlain in 1615. The French found a great partner in the Odawa and together built a working relationship in the fur trade. Because of their positive relationship with the French, the Iroquois of New York threatened to destroy the Odawa settlements on Manitoulin. To avoid war, the Odawa moved their settlements to the west—ranging from the Straits of Mackinaw and the shoreline of what is now Emmet County to Chequamegon (near what is now Bayfield, Wisconsin)—all the while maintaining their role as Great Lakes traders. The Odawa found the area that is now called Emmet County a wonderful place to call home. Eric explained that prior to the arrival of Champlain; the Odawa expelled another tribe that had taken up residence here—the Mush-co-desh. The story goes that the Mush-co-desh, who had been cooperative trading partners for many years, waged insults upon a war party returning from a battle in Wisconsin. Chief Saw-ge-maw returned this insult with a battle party fortified with warriors from Manitoulin Island and expelled the Mush-co-desh from Emmet and Charlevoix counties. As Eric continued sharing the history of his people, I was struck by the tumultuousness of this region over the past four hundred years: the French and Indian War, the American Revolution, the War of 1812, the Civil War, negotiating treaties,

and responding when they were broken. Through it all, the leaders of the Odawa had to guide their people through the rocky waters of shifting geopolitical forces (French, British, and Americans) and forced cultural changes while maintaining a foothold on the place they called home. Speaking of home, the Little Traverse Bay Bands of Odawa inhabited the shoreline of what is now Emmet County from Cross Village to Harbor Springs. This collection of small villages was referred to as Waganakising, referring to an ancient pine tree bent out toward Lake Michigan that marked a safe landing for their large trading canoes known as jiimaan. The French dubbed this place “L’Arbor Croche,” or Crooked Tree. Cross Village was known as Ahnaumawitokomeg, or Place of the Prayer Tree. Harbor Springs was known as Weekwitonsing, or Little Bay Place. Working your way around the bay, you’d come to Mukwazibing (Bear River—now Petoskey) then to Agaming (Across the waterway—now Bay Shore) and then to Zhingwakzibing (Pine River—now Charlevoix).

Thriving in Waganakising For hundreds of years, the Odawa thrived in Waganakising. The rich waters of Lake Michigan provided an ample supply of whitefish, lake trout, and sturgeon. Garden plots provided corn, beans, and squash. The forests provided game, berries, and other edibles. For the most part, the small villages that made up Waganakising were inhabited mainly in the spring, summer, and fall. Many families moved south in the winter to spend time with family and friends in southern Michigan. With the riches from their trading success and their delicacies of dried fish, maple sugar, and berries, I’m sure they were welcome winter visitors! As our discussion turned back to the first language that was used to describe this place, the music of the words rang in my ears. Gitchi-gami was the word used to describe all the Great Lakes…not just Lake Superior as made famous by Gordon Lightfoot. This underscores the hydrologic fact that these waters are one great ecosystem. The Odawa and their large birch-bark jiimaan spent a lot of time island hopping, and so of course each island in the Beaver Island archipelago would have a unique name: Amikgokenda (Beaver Island), Ketiganiminis (Garden Island), Nisiwabigong (High Island). Some of the place names, or the names of places, remain. For example, the Odawa term for a village is ooden, and we have the Village of Oden. The term cheboigan describes a waterway between two lakes, and we have the County and City of Cheboygan. And, adjacent to Harbor Springs is a resort community named after the original name for Harbor Springs: Wequetonsing. Wawatam Township, located just west of Mackinaw City, bears the name of an Ojibwa Chief who saved the life of British fur trader Alexander Henry when Fort Michilimackinac was captured during the Pontiac War. The town of Petoskey was named in honor of Odawa leader Ignatius Petoskey. My absolute favorite place in the county, Waugoshance Point, takes its name from the Odawa word for fox. When the area we know as Emmet County was originally organized in 1840, it was named Tonedagana after an Odawa Chief from the Cross Village area. Three years later, the county’s name was change to honor Robert Emmet, the Irish nationalist and leader of a failed rebellion against British rule of Ireland. Unfortunately, he was captured, tried, and executed for treason before he ever had a chance to set foot in North America, let alone enjoy the spectacular beauty of this place (not to mention have his family live generations here like Tonedagana). Though I don’t want to take anything from the hibernophiles nor discount the contribution of Irish settlers and residents (I’m one of them), I can’t help but feel that we lost an important connection to the history of this place when Tonedagana County became Emmet County. Listening to Eric, I was stuck by an incredible sense of time and connection to place. For hundreds of years, his family has lived, loved, and died along the Lake Michigan shoreline. As a student of the ecology of this place and someone who has lived here permanently for only 23 years (but spend the previous 25 visiting this place), Eric opened my eyes to a whole different way of knowing the waters, woods, and shorelines that I love. The story of the Odawa people is one of skilled traders, epic

Bear—maw-kwa (or muh-kwuh) Beech (tree)—uh-zhah-we-mig Birch (tree)—wee-gwahs Blackberry—kuh-da-min Creek-- zee-beenhs Deer—wah-wah-shka-she Duck—shee-shee-bahn Eagle—wing-ge-zee Forest—mtig-wah-ke Lake—che-gah-mee Lake Trout—naw-me-gons Loon—mong Owl—koo-koo-koo Rain—ge-me-wuhn River—zee-bee Snow—goon Sturgeon-maw-may Sunshine—ge-zhah-ta-win Swamp (cedar)—ke-zhe-ke-kee Wolf—maw-in-gawn battles, and of a staunch allegiance to this region, regardless of what flag was flying over Fort Michilimackinac. Unfortunately, the story of the Odawa is not well known. As I was leaving Eric’s office, I asked him how I could learn more. He mentioned how his department is engaged with the National Park Service, Emmet County, and the States of Michigan and Indiana on projects to commemorate the 200th anniversary of the War of 1812 and the 150th anniversary of the Civil War, conflicts in which the Odawa played a significant role. The Civil War exhibit is currently on display at the Michigan Historical Center in Lansing and the War of 1812 exhibit, titled “Turning Point: The War of 1812 from the Native American Perspective” will be displayed at the Harbor Springs Historical Museum until October. These exhibits, along with a trip to the Andrew J. Blackbird Museum in downtown Harbor Springs, are definitely worth a visit. In addition, Eric recommend three books: Odawa Language and Legends: Andrew J. Blackbird and Raymond Kiogima, edited by Constance Cappel, History of the Ottawa and Chippewa Indians of Michigan, by Andrew J. Blackbird, and The Way it Happened (Gah-Baeh-Jhagwah-Buk): A Visual Culture History of the Little Traverse Bay Bands of Odawa, by James M. McClurken. I encourage you to put your hands on a copy of these books and read them while you are enjoying the beautiful beaches along Waganakising this summer. They just might help you better understand and appreciate this place that we all love.

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Week of July 3-9, 2013

Harbor Light Community Newsweekly


Harbor Light Newspaper photos by Mark Flemming

The Hohlbein family, Matt, Mary and daughters (r-l) Nell, 6, and Nancy, 8, stand inside Matt’s workshop where he creates hand crafted wooden frame kayaks and sustainably produced coffins. The family lives on 10 acres in the small village of Bliss.

Simple, sustainable, creative: A Northern Michigan family’s lifestyle -CONTINUED from page 1A.

Matt’s newest creation, what he calls the “Michigan coffin,” takes his desire for a sustainable product one step further and forgoes all nails and glue to put it together. Instead, he uses wooden pegs and sliding dovetails to build the casket. “This type of coffin makes the most sense from an ecological standpoint, which has as little impact as possible since we’re able to do away with the nails and glue,” Matt said. Since the coffins are ecologically friendly, building them has become a family affair. His daughters Nancy, 8, and Nell, 6, help in various aspects of the building process. Matt noted the amount of steel, concrete and formaldehyde put in the earth every year via caskets is something he hopes to avoid by producing the coffins without these materials. “It’s a little insane, and it’s something that doesn’t seem very sustainable over the long term,” he said of the combined levels of such substances. “We realized that with this business, we have the power to make good choices for the environment,” Mary added. “There’s a way to strike a balance, and we’re trying to do that by producing an ecological product and one that’s affordable to people. That’s also very important to us.” Costs for the coffins range from $950 to $1,650, drastically lower than most conventionally produced coffins. Matt got started in woodworking during high school, and worked in various cottage industry manufacturing jobs over the years. He ended up taking some boatbuilding classes and now, in addition to the coffins, is starting to build custom made wooden frame kayaks, as well. The ultra-light kayaks are made from wood and ballistic nylon (the same material bulletproof vests are made from)

Matt Hohlbein builds sustainably produced and affordable coffins made of local materials. His newest project, called the “Michigan coffin,” forgoes all nails and glue, and instead, uses wooden pegs and sliding dovetails to piece it together.

and weigh approximately 30 pounds for an adult sized boat. Matt is keen to share his knowledge with others and recently hosted a kayak building workshop on his property. There was no cost for the workshop and participants only paid for the cost of materials. As if kayaks and coffins aren’t enough, Matt has also recently started making shoes. So far, he has made pairs for himself, two daughters and is in the process of making them for other family members and friends. “He’s an inventor kind of guy,” Mary said with a smile. “I

don’t think he’s happy doing just one thing.” With regard to the family’s lifestyle, their business fits in fairly well, they said. “It’s nice to be at home and have a flexible schedule and do something where the whole family can be involved,” Matt said. “It’s also great to have the freedom to make all my own choices when it comes to design and materials.” When it comes to buying from their neighbors and supporting a local economy, the Hohlbeins are the epitome of community builders. Matt said he doesn’t have much desire to market their product nationally, or really outside of the region. “If towns had carpenters doing something like this within their own communities, people would have more options when it comes to products like this,” Matt said. “I feel very strongly about local economy. It makes sense on so many levels to shop local. There’s a vested interest when you’re selling something to your neighbor instead of on a global scale, and you’re more likely to produce a better product.” This mindset defines their family values and guides their daily life. “Live so that you need less, and what you do need, buy consciously,” Mary said. “In our lives, that translates into fixing things versus buying, cooking and baking from scratch, and most importantly, having fun doing things like riding our bikes 17-miles round trip to a friends’ house and camping in their backyard!” For more information about the Hohlbein’s business or any upcoming kayak workshops, go to, email or call 231-537-2196.

D’Art for Art...

Call for artists for Disc Golf Course

First Stargazing Series set for July 6 at Dark Sky Park

and David began teaching pottery classes there. “It is so important, as a local artist, to become involved with the community,” June said. “You really need to have a good support system.” In continuing their involvement with CTAC, June and David were the recipients of the eddi award in 2007; an award which honors local individuals and organizations who work to keep the arts alive in northern Michigan. June’s inspiration for “noshi” came from growing up around Kimono fabric; both of her parents came from Japan. Traditionally, Kimonos are displayed from the back so that the majority of the clothing can be shown. “Kimonos are very free and have lots of diversity,” explained June. “They are amazingly beautiful

The Tip of the Mitt Watershed Council, the City of Petoskey, the Crooked Tree Arts Center and North Central Michigan College Art Department are teaming up to beautify Disc Golf Course at the River Road Sports Complex. Artwork will be installed at the base of each Tee box on the course. The project is looking for artists to design Tee box artwork. The entries will be juried from sketches. The deadline for sketches is July 22, 2013. Sketches can be emailed to boxoffice@ Artists can be any age 12 and up. For details, requirements and more information, contact Shana Robinson, NCMC Art Department, 231-439-6376.

to catch the northern lights. “Both of these phenomena are the type of events you need to know about before you can see them, so this evening’s program will be rich with information about how to do just that,” said Adams. Every 11 years the Sun goes through a cycle that includes an increase in the activity of sunspots, and the year 2013 is a solar maximum year. “So far it’s been a pretty low maximum, but things are about to get exciting, and Shawn will tell us why,” Adams said. “It is worth noting that Shawn is fresh from the wild success of her recent time-lapse video of the Northern Lights over Northern Michigan, called ‘North Country Dreamland’ which includes footage from March

-CONTINUED from page 4B.

and unique in how they can juxtapose different patterns and colors. Being asked to do this piece inspired me and challenged me to do some thinking.” This year’s event will be held on Wednesday, July 10 for the Preview Wine Tasting and on Thursday, July 11 for D’Art for Art at Walstrom Marine – Building 6 on Hoyt Road in Harbor Springs. Proceeds from D’Art for Art benefit the arts center’s year round programs including exhibitions, concerts, classes, school tours, dance, scholarships and so much more. If you would like to learn more about this distinctive event, make reservations, or view the D’Art Artists Catalog, please contact the arts center at 231-347-4337 or cindy@

Group Fitness Schedule: July 2013 231.487.1713

Located just off Harbor-Petoskey Rd, Directly behind Little Traverse Primary Care

Single Class:

Member Rates $8 Non-Member Rates $11


Member Rates $69 Non-Member Rates $98


7:00 am TUFF ‘N’ UP; 8:00 am Burn It; 8:30 am Spinning; 9:45 am Definitions; 5:30 pm Tai-Chi


6:00 am Fitness Rocks; 7:30 am Pilates Group Reformer; 8:00am Core Fusion; 8:30 am Spinning; 9:00 am Cardio Tennis; 9:15 am Zumba; 11:00 am Senior Fit; 4:00 pm TUFF ‘N’ UP; 5:30 pm Kickboxing; 7:00 pm Ballroom Dancing


7:00 am TUFF ‘N’ UP; 8:00 am Tabata; 8:30 am Spinning; 9:45 am Pilates on the Ball


6:00 am Fitness Rocks; 7:30 am Pilates Group Reformer; 8:00 am Core Fusion; 8:30 am Spinning; 9:00 am CARDIO TENNIS; 9:15 am Tai-chi; 11:00 am Senior Fit; 4:00 pm TUFF ‘N’ UP


8:00 am Zumba; 8:30 am Spinning; 9:45 am Definitions; 5:30 pm Kickboxing;


8:30 am Spinning or Burn It; 9:45 am Tai-Chi; 5:30 pm Kickboxing

-CONTINUED from page 1B.

2013 of Comet PANSTARRS as it set over the horizon at the Headlands.” During her portion of the evening, Shawn will demonstrates how she masters her art. The evening’s program will include an indoor presentation of Stockman-Malone’s photography, followed by outdoor, naked-eye and telescopic night sky viewing. Meet at the Beach House first. The program is free and open to the public and no reservations are needed. Even though it’s summer, it’s advised that guests dress warmly as it’s typically cooler along the Lake Michigan shoreline than inland. And if you bring a flashlight, please be sure it has a red filter, as the white light of flashlights and smart phones disrupts the night vision.

The Headlands became the 6th International Dark Sky Park in the U.S. and the 9th in the world in May 2011, and each month free programs are held for the public. Visit for 2013 programs and more information about the park. The county sends regular email blasts as well with information about night-sky observation opportunities and celestial events; to register, use the contact information above. The park is located about 2 miles west of downtown Mackinaw City. For more information about the Headlands, visit

TUFF ‘N’ UP: (Beginning June 10th) An OUTDOOR obstacle course designed to build and test your physical strength, stamina, speed and agility. It’s an adult friendly jungle gym. “Your childhood jungle gym on steroids!” This is nothing but a blast! Visit for complete class descriptions.


Old Sport & Gallery


C Car

Burn It: Full body function, constant motion changes with Martial Arts precision, core techniques, 3 dimensional movements, rotation of exercises to confuse muscle memory. Your challenge, your pace! Lose inches and pounds! Tai-chi: (Yang style) Slow controlled movements to enhance balance, flexibility and complete relaxation! Experience creative movement and functional control. Meditative, leaves you calm and relaxed.


Vintage Postcard Signs Just Arrived! Irish Cashmere Capes NEW LOCATION 189 E. Main St. Harbor Springs 910-315-5511 National Award Winning Shop

8B Harbor Light Community Newsweekly Brought to you in part by:

with Cynthia Morse Zumbaugh

The Heat Finally, a comedy that actually made me laugh and didn’t show all the best gags in the previews. It started a little slow and I was beginning to be disappointed, but when it hits its stride, there is no turning back No real new ground is broken, except that it is a female “buddy” movie, but as always, there is one straight-laced, by-the-rules cop and one who makes up her own rules and flies by the seat of her pants. The personalities of the stars (Sandra Bullock, Melissa McCarthy) are strong enough to revitalize this tired story line. Ashburn (Bullock) is a good FBI agent; she gets the job done, she closes cases but no one can stand her. Mullins (McCarthy) has a good arrest record, but she loses cases by breaking the rules and, coincidentally, no one can stand her (actually, they’re a little afraid of her.) Ashburn is sent to Boston to interview a drug dealer who has just been arrested by Mullins. They start off rocky and go downhill from there, but they are ordered to work together and that is where the fun begins. If you are a fan of Sandra Bullock and you are used to seeing her as America’s sweetheart, be prepared to see a different side of her. This is more a Melissa McCarthy type movie, raunchy and profane, but given a little time, Bullock keeps right up with her on these points. The saving grace of this movie is not just some funny lines but the ability of these actresses to add a little humanity to their clichéd characters. McCarthy especially has the uncanny ability to take the most unlikable role and give it an unexpected touch of sweetness and pathos. We learn early on that Mullins sent her own brother (Michael Rapaport) to prison for drugs, but we also learn that she was, in her own way, trying to save him. Her family doesn’t credit her good intentions and they definitely are not of a forgiving nature. Bullock and McCarthy are both excellent in their roles and they have some fine support, notably Rapaport, Marlon Wayans and the always funny Jane Curtin as Mullins’ mother. As I said, this is not a typical Sandra Bullock comedy. There is a lot of profanity, some violence played mainly for laughs and plenty of sexual conversation and jokes. Rated R, not for the young ones.

On Tuesday, July 9, Crooked



at 4:00 pm and lectures beginning around 4:30 pm. Seats are $15 per lecture and extremely limited. For more information, and to reserve a seat, please visit or call Crooked Tree Arts Center 231-347-4337

Tree Arts Center will present the first of their six Harbor Springs Summer Friends Lecture Series. To begin the series, Kelsey Lee Offield, will be giving a lecture A Summer Exhibition, conon “Collecting Art in Today’s Insisting of photographs from ternational Market.” All lectures the members of the Crooked will be held at the charming Tree Photographic Society and historic Harbor Springs (CTPS) is open in the Crooked eekend pecialS Library, with light refreshments



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Wed - Sun | Seating starting at 5pm Blackened Whitefish Suggested $ Reservations 1700 231-539-7100 Saturday June 29th Pellston, an eclectic alternative Tempura Soft Shell Crabs $ 00 21



Tree Arts Center’s new Atrium Gallery. The exhibition will run through July 22. For more information on CTAC please visit or call 231-347-4337.

Exercise Yoga in the Park, on Wednesday mornings promptly at 8:15 am in Zorn Park. Come 10 minutes early to sign in and set up your towel or yoga mat on the grass overlooking the beach & harbor in Zorn Park. Power Walking PLUS, on Friday mornings promptly at 8:15 am in Zorn Park Bring a towel and meet at the cannon 10 minutes early for sign in & warm up. Cost $7. For more information on either of these classes, call Carrie Wiggins 231-881-6400

Paddleboard Pilates, develop strength and balance on a stand-up paddleboard in Little Traverse Bay! Join Lynn Descamp of Pilates Midwest on Friday mornings through Aug 16, 7:30-9:00 am. Come every week or join us when you can. Meet at Jo Ford Park on Bay St in Harbor Springs. Bring your own SUP or rentals available from The Outfitter of Harbor Springs. Fee per class: $25 including SUP rental or $15 w/o rental. Pre-registration required. To register or for more info: call The Outfitter (231) 526-2621 or email

Youth Programs Kids’ Paddle Camp, will be offered every week by The Outfitter of Harbor Springs for 9-12 year olds. A great way for kids to experience the joy of being on the water while learning the essentials of kayaking and paddleboard. 4-day sessions (Mon-Tues-Wed-Thurs) now thru -August 15 from 9:30 amnoon. Register for 1 or more sessions. $120 fee includes instruction and all paddling equipment. Pre-registration required. To register: call 231526-2621 or stop in The Outfitter at 153 E. Main St.

The First Tee of Northern Michigan, is still accepting

competitive tournament series with events in July and August for youth 12-17. For information or to register, visit www. thefirstteenorthernmichigan. org or call 231-526-3168.

change it a little every month going forwards. Please advise on cost and we are looking for good ideas. Thank you for your time and effort! Ann Vala

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the Student and Community Resource Center gym on the Petoskey Campus. Cost is $5 per family and includes all activities. For more information call 231-439-6370.

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Out and About Trail Run Series, takes place every Wednesday night until Aug 14 at 6 pm hosted by The Outfitter of Harbor Springs. An 8-run series on 8 local trails for runners of all ages and abilities. drop-in for any run/s that fit your schedule. Great chance to explore local trails, meet other runners and run at your own pace, The next run on Wed, July 10 will be at Little Traverse Conservancy’s Good Hart Farms Preserve on Robinson Rd. Cost is $64 for the 8-run series or $10 drop-in. Pre-registration encouraged.. To register or for more info: call (231) 526-2621 or visit

Little Traverse Marathon, Run one of the most scenic routes of the North! The Outfitter of Harbor Springs hosts the first annual Little Traverse Half Marathon, around the bay from Bay Harbor to Harbor Springs on Sat, Sept 28. Challenge yourself with a combo of road and trail running and experience the fall colors along the shoreline. . Race Starts at 7:30 am and fee is $55. Register now at

The Harbor Springs Library, Summer Reading Program, “Read to Feed”, for kids AND adults. Registration is ongoing it’s never too late to participate! Program is from July 1-August 9. Read to Feed party will be on August 10!! Summer Story Time, Wednesdays at 10:30 am at the Library, No charge. All children are welcome - stories geared toward children ages 3-5. The HSL will be closed on Thursday, July 4. For more information call the Library at 231-526-2531 or email www.


tel artist from Elk Rapids. The opening reception takes place Main 2St. on Sat,145 JulyE. 6 from until 7 pm. All welcome. Three Pines is a studio and gallery representing local artists in all the visual arts. Open everyday 11 am-7 pm or by appointment.. Located at 5959 W Levering Rd in Cross Village. 231-526-9447 or cell 231-838-9927.

Mary Ellen’s Serving Breakfast & Lunch Grill Open Until 2pm 12:30 on Sun.

Open Thursday Nights 6pm-9pm

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Alanson Area Public Library, The Library hours Mon-Wed 10 am-6 pm; Thur 10 am-7 pm; Fri noon-5 pm; Sat Summer) 1-5 pm; Closed Sundays and Holidays. 548-5465, located at 7631 Burr Ave (Alanson Community Building) The Genealogy Class scheduled for Sat, Aug 17 will be from 10-11:30 am, presented by the Emmet County Historical Society. The next two meeting of the Friends of the Alanson Area Public Library will be: Wednesday, July 10, 6:30; Wednesday, August 14, 6:30. You are welcome and invited to attend.

526-6041 Our Annual Cinco de Mayo Come Celebrate! Great Food! Margaritas! Fun! Bring Your Friends!

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North Central Michigan College, is offering informal summer workshops on Thursdays through August 1. These workshops are presented by Corporate and Community Education at North Central. All will be held on the Petoskey campus in Room 536 in the Student and Community Resource Center from 10 am to 11:30 am. The public is invited to hear some of the area’s experts in history, world culture and technology share their knowledge in a fun, information discussion group. Refreshments will be served.

reservations in all summer youth programs. Youth as young The NCMC gym and fitness as 5 learn about the game of center, is offering Family golf as well as nine core values Fun Day., Wednesdays July 3 Nancy Kelly’s through August 28 from 11 am and nine healthy habits. The Pellston First Tee has also launchedMarket a until 7 pm. Activities will be in

Library is open: Mon-Thurs 10 a.m.-7 p.m.; Fri, Sat, Sun: Noon-5 pm. Library is located in downtown Petoskey, 500 E Mitchell St. 231-758-3100.



197 Since


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Arts/Craft Three Pines Studio, in Cross Village will present the exhibit, Beyond the Blue, by Louise Pond, July 6 through July 19. Louise Pond is a plein air pas-




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Week of July 3-9, 2013


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Be seated and order before 6pm to save 20% on your signature salad or dinner entree. Enjoy guitarist Herb Glahn “Thursday evenings on our Patio” through September 12.

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18 Hole Greens Fees all season long with this coupon in 2013 ! Excludes Tuesdays, Wednesdays & Twilight Rates 995 Hideaway Valley Road, HaRboR SpRingS tee timeS: (231)526-6200

Week of July 3-9, 2013

Movies Petoskey Film Theater, No movie this Wednesday, July 3 at the Petoskey District Library, Carnegie Building (old Library), 451 E Mitchell St Petoskey. Back showing movies on Wed, July 10. PFT Movie Hotline: 758-3108

Movies in the Park, presented by Petoskey Rocks! and sponsored by Stafford’s Hospitality,Movies in the Park is showing free family films on Friday nights this summer in Pennsylvania Park, across from the Perry Hotel. On Friday, July 5, the movie will be “Madagascar 3” (PG) showing at 9:45 pm. Bring your family and friends, blankets, lawn chairs, snacks and enjoy

Farmers Markets

ABOUT TOWN of Main Street, on Wednesdays and Saturdays from 9-1 Plan on stopping by.

Downtown Petoskey Farmer’s Market, now open and will run each Friday from 8:30 am to 1 pm through October 4 and will remain in its traditional location on Howard St, between JC Penney and Julienne Tomatoes.

Good Hart Market Days, run every Saturday afternoon 2-5:30 pm through out the color season. The event is held in Sutherland’s yard next to the Good Hart General Store and is free to participate or to attend. Features local artists, artisans and farmers. Good Hart is located 14 miles north of Harbor Springs along M-119. For more informaton call 231-526-7661 or visit www.goodhartstore. com

Harbor Springs Farmers Market, now open at the same location at the west end

Fundraisers The Bliss Bunch Flea market,/Bake Sale, will be held Sat, July 6 from 9 am-4 pm in Carp Lake at the Old Station at the corner of US 31 and Gill Rd. Vendors are welcome and encouraged to participate Contact Wanetah 231-537-4885 to reserve your space or for more info. This event is sponsored by the Bliss Bunch Homemakers and proceeds help support local charities and food banks in the area.

Outdoor Festivals/ Gatherings Petoskey’s Rock the Downtown, held Fridays, through August 9, 6-9 pm. Music on the streets, free horse-drawn carriage rides, ghost walks, story time for small children, a family movie in the park at dark and rockin’ main events.

Charlotte Ross Lee Concerts in the park, Concerts be-


July 10, 2013

10:30 - 3:00

gin at noon at the gazebo in Pennsylvania Park, downtown Petoskey. The concerts are free and run each Tuesday and Friday at noon; there will also be a Friday evening series, Four for Four, through the month of July to co-inside with the Petoskey Rocks event. Through the summer, the children’s series is on Wednesday and will include music for kids, a magic show, and Crooked Tree’s own string program performances. For a complete summer schedule of concerts, visit www.

Organizations The Emmet County Sportsmen’s Club, in now operating on their summer schedule, offering Skeet, Trap, 5 Stand, Crazy Quail and Sporting Clays.

Open to public for shooting Thursday, Saturday and Sunday 12:00 to 4:00 and other times by appointment. Individuals and groups are welcome. Instruction is available for the novice shooter. Special rates for youth. Located North of Harbor Springs on Robinson Rd between State and 119. For more details visit

Arts/ Music Interlochen Center for the Arts, will hold a free performance, on Friday, July 12 at 7:30 pm at the Harbor Springs Performing Arts Center. The concert will feature chamber music, jazz, singer-songwriter, and musical theatre performances by current students and young alumni. Admission is free but attendees are asked to make a reservation by visiting www.interlochen. org/hspac.

Fairview Square, at 1030 State, Harbor Springs: on Monday evenings will be the return of the home-grown entertainment beginning at 6 pm until dark. Performers will be located at 1030 State at the center of Fairview Square. The public is welcome to come, so bring a chair and support your local artists. To become an act, contact Ryandavid Marihugh at (231)838-7365. The Horse Drawn Carriage Rides will be back, weather permitting, Monday evenings between 6 and 9 pm for free rides along Bluff Drive. Many more fun events are planned as the summer moves along, including a Farmer’s Market from 6-9 pm. .

Harbor Springs Downtown Street Musique, takes place every Thursday from 7-9 pm until Labor Day. Come enjoy the various sounds and melodies of local area musicians while strolling Main Street.

Church You are invited to attend, a community service titled “Indivisible Under God”., This service of Sacred and Patriotic Music will take place Sunday, July 7 at 10:30 am at Zion Lutheran Church, 500 W. Mitchell, Petoskey. Music Director Dave Pugh, Soprano, Elizabeth Stoner-Cameron and Pianist, Stephanie Cope will provide selections from G.F. Handel, Irving Berlin, Rodgers & Hammerstein, and other composers. Interspersed with Scripture Readings, this service highlights the special theme of our Independence Day holiday. All are invited and welcome to attend. A free-will offering will be gathered for local community charities. For more information call the church office 347-3438, (Tues-Fri am).

The Unitarian Universalist Congregation, of Petoskey is expanding its program services by meeting on 2nd Sundays, as well as the 1st and 3rd Sundays, which has been the schedule for years. On July 14, the congregation will begin a series of multigenerational

An Evening with Interlochen You’re invited to a free performance by Interlochen Center for the Arts featuring chamber music, jazz, singer-songwriters, and musical theatre performances.

Friday, July 12, 2013 - 7:30 p.m. Harbor Springs Performing Arts Center 500 N. Spring Street Harbor Springs, MI RSVP at

This event is sponsored by The Wege Foundation

Harbor Light Community Newsweekly  9B Brought to you in part by:

programs from the “Tapestry of Faith” curriculum from the Unitarian Association. Second Sunday programs will begin with a series of stories dealing with “Wisdom from the Hebrew Scriptures,” which explore values in an effort to promote growth in spiritual depth and understanding. The programs are organized in a workshop format with activities and discussions for all ages. The July 14 program will begin at 11 am at the Oden Community Building.

Redpath Memorial Church, in Cross Village on Sunday, July 7 at 9:30, welcomes Gwen Dunlap who will give the message. She hails from Bay View during the summer and Ann Arbor in the winter. Breakfast following the service is hosted by Fred and Gloria Hoffman in their Good Hart, Lamkin home. Please join us for both events.

Stutsmanville Chapel: Sunday, July 7, service at 10:30 with Pastor Ed Warner sharing during the service and communion will be celebrated. Sunday School is held for children and adults 9:15-10:15 am. Nursery for 1-3 yr olds is provided during both hours & Children’s Church is held during the sermon portion of the Worship Service..

First Presbyterian Church of Harbor Springs, on Sunday, July 7, the Reverend Jim Pollard will preach at both the 8:00 a.m. and 10:00 am services. Holy Communion will be served at both services.. Summer Choir meets to rehearse at 9 am and will be singing at the later service. Adult education class, led by Reverend Pollard, is offered every Sunday at 9 am. For more information visit www. or call 526-7332. First Presbyterian Church Harbor Springs is located at the corner of W. Lake and Cemetery Roads and is completely handicapaccessible.

Harbor Springs United Methodist Church: ,On Sunday, July 7 HIS WAY II, a southern gospel duo from Indiana, will present its musical worship program at 11 am. All welcome. Please visit umcharborsprings. com for more information.

History The Harbor Springs History Museum, exhibit galleries are open Tuesday through Saturday, 11 am to 3 pm. The Museum will be open on July 4th from 11 am to 1 pm with FREE admission. The Museum’s new temporary exhibit “Turning Point: The War of 1812 from the Native American Perspective” is on display during exhibit hours. The Historical Society’s regular business hours are Tuesday-Friday, 9 am-5 pm. For more information about our upcoming programs and special events please visit us online at

Health Free Hearing tests, will be offered for persons age 55 and older at the Huber Friend-

ship Center on Wed, July 17, beginning at 9 am.An audiologist from Petoskey Era, Nose, & Throat Specialists iwll be conducting the tests.There is no charge. Appointments are necessary and can be made by calling the Huber Friendship Center, 529-8803.

Community Free Clinic, offers a walk-in clinic on Wednesday evenings at 5:30 p.m. Sign-in and screening begin at 1 p.m. Sign-in is discontinued at 6:30 p.m. There is also a smaller appointment clinic on Monday afternoons (walk-ins welcome if the schedule allows) from 1-5 p.m. Photo ID, proof of residency, and verification of income are required. Call (231)487-3600 for more information.

Community Resources The Women’s Resource Center of Northern Michigan, offers free playgroups, for children aged 0-60 months and preschool-aged siblings. The summer schedule is 9:30-11 am Tuesdays at Jordan Valley District Library community room; 9:30-11 am Wednesdays at United Methodist Church, Alanson; 9:30-11 Thursdays at Christ Lutheran Church, Boyne City. Call (231)347-0067 or visit for more information.

Women’s Resource Center, of Northern Michigan (WRCNM) provides free counseling and support services to victims of crime including victims of sexual assault, domestic abuse, child abuse, child sexual assault and adults molested when they were children. Services also provided to victims of elder abuse, hate crimes, economic abuse/fraud, robbery, DUI/DWI crashes, and survivors of a homicide victim. Support services include crisis counseling, individual counseling, support groups, trauma therapy (EMDR), play therapy for children, safety planning, advocacy on behalf of survivors and resources/referrals. The WRCNM can assist in filing victim compensation claims with the Michigan Department of Community Health. If you or someone you care about has been a victim of crime, contact the WRCNM administrative office at (231)347-0067.

Planned Parenthood, of West and Northern Michigan provides complete gyn exams, breast exams and Pap tests for women of all ages; pregnancy tests; counseling and provision of birth control supplies; including emergency contraception, testing and treatment for vaginal, urinary and sexually transmitted infections, including HIV testing. Services are confidential, affordable, and provided by women clinicians. Medicaid/PlanFirst! and MC/ VISA accepted. Open Mon, Tues, Thurs and Fri; some evenings. Planned Parenthood, 1003 Spring St, Petoskey. (231)347-9692.

The Harbor Springs Library, Hours are Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday, 10 am-5 pm; Wednesday 10am-8pm, Saturday 9am-1pm; closed on Sundays and holidays.. The Harbor Springs Library offers free high speed WiFi internet access as well as Mac and PC computers available to the public. Library is located in downtown Harbor Springs at the corner of Spring and Main St. Please go to www. or call (231)526-2531 for more information.

Harbor Springs Community Food Pantry, located in the lower level of the Holy Childhood Community Center building (entrance on Third Street), is open from 9:30 a.m.-noon every non-holiday Monday. Food is available for anyone in need in the Harbor Springs area. Those wishing to donate items may bring them to the Pantry on Monday morning or leave them in baskets inside the entrances of the church from 9 a.m.-5 p.m. daily. Phone (231)526-2017, Ext 43. This is a community-wide service.

Harbor Springs Friendship Center, welcomes all senior citizens to Hillside Apartments Community Room C on West -CONTINUED

10B Harbor Light Community Newsweekly Brought to you in part by:

Week of Feb. 8-14, 2012

ABOUT TOWN The service would be provided to survivors of domestic abuse and their children staying at the Safe Home. Please contact the Safe Hom Coordinator for details at (231) 347-1572.

Support your community, by volunteering with the Women’s Resource Center Gold Mine Resale Shops and Safe Home. Both are in need of building repairs and/or maintenance. If you are a skill maintenance person with some extra time, please contact Jamie Winters, Volunteer coordinator (231)347-1572.

The Manna Food Project in Harbor Springs, is calling for volunteers for packing and repacking food products in the Manna warehouse. Distributing 1.7 million pounds of food product to over 35 area pantries and 44,000 families is no easy task without the support of volunteers. Students, service groups, senior groups, scout troops, families and individuals are all welcome to be part of Manna’s volunteer army. To get involved with The Manna Food Project, contact Gabby Billion at 231-347-8852 or via email at

Friendship Centers of Emmet County, (Council on Aging) and the organization’s Retired and Senior Volunteer Program (RSVP) are presenting “Laptop Labs” for folks age 55 and over that need help with their laptop computers. Volunteers are needed to work oneon-one with lab users, helping them navigate the keyboard, manage email accounts, do internet searches, and master basic Microsoft Word concepts. If you have computer skills you’d like to share, please contact us! (231) 347-3211 or (888) 347-0369, ext 29.

Interlochen Center for the Arts to offer free performance at Harbor Springs Performing Arts Center Spend an evening with Interlochen Center for the Arts, as they host a free performance on July 12 at 7:30 p.m. at the Harbor Springs Performing Arts Center. The concert will feature chamber music, jazz, singersongwriter, and musical theatre performances by current students and young alumni. Admission is free, but we ask that attendees make a reservation by visiting www.

Independence Day is celebrated in Indian River with two beloved events-the parade on Thursday, July 4, and the Fireworks at DeVoe Beach on Friday, July 5. The Parade on July 4 will start at 11 a.m. is open to anyone who would liketo participate - floats, cars, bikes, and other creative entries from businesses and individuals. To enter, please pick up an application at the Indian River Chamber of Commerce or download an application at and return to the Chamber. The spectacular Fireworks over Burt Lake will be launched from DeVoe Beach beginning at dusk, usually around 10 p.m., on Friday, July 5 Detroit Symphony

Large Approach, oil 5’ x 5’ multiple horizons, land and water. oil

Neil W. Ahrens MFA Cranbrook Academy of Art

Harbor Springs Art Fair


Now represented by gallery July 4 190 E. Main Street, Harbor Springs Spectrum Brass Quintet - Virginia Zeani

Booth #71





CLIMB, is a program through McLaren-Northern Michigan to provide emotional support to children (ages 5-12) who have a parent or other loved one diagnosed with cancer. Children’s Lives Include Moments of Bravery. Through CLIMB, art and play activities help children to understand and develop coping skills. This is a free community service funded by McLaren Northern Michigan Foundation. For more information or to enroll a child in the CLIMB program, please contact Amy Juneau, at (231)487-4015.

Perpetua univers condensed light

Grandparents Raising Grandchildren, is a support

Main St. for a hot nutritious meal or to join in the fun activities. The center offers a coffee talk at 10-11:30 a.m. Mon., Tues, Wed., Fri. and exercise classes on Tues. and Thurs. The Friendship Center is open Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Friday from 9:30 a.m.-2:30 p.m.. A hot meal is served at noon. For more information call (231)526-6061.

Recycling Emmet County Recycling, offers free recycling of all electronics all the time. Free electronics recycling is made possible by a 2008 Michigan law requiring manufacturers who

sell computers and TVs in the state to provide a free and convenient way for customers to recycle their old computers and TVs. The facility is open from 8 a.m.- 4 p.m. on weekdays and 8 a.m. - 3 p.m. on Saturdays and is closed Sundays and major holidays. For more information on electronics recycling locally, contact Emmet County Recycling at (231)348-0640 or visit

Volunteer Opportunities The WRC Safe Home, is looking for an individual experienced in providing haircuts.

group for custodial relative caregivers of children. The group meets on the fourth Monday of the month, January through November, from 6– 7:30 at the Petoskey Friendship Center, 1322 Anderson Rd.Childcare is available during meetings by reservation: please call (231)347-3211 or (888) 3470369, x29.

Juvenile Diabetes, parent support group meetings will be held the last Wednesday of each month at 6:30 p.m. at La Senorita in Petoskey. Direct questions to Marcia Vandermus, (231)526-9705..

The Grief and Loss Support Group, is held at the Hospice of Little Traverse Bay Community Grief and Loss Center at One Hiland Drive in Petoskey Michigan in the Conference room. The group meets on the third Thursday of every month, 1-2:30 p.m.


New works July 19-August 2

Survivors of Suicide Support Group meetings, are

phony - Cincinnati Symphony - Project Trio - Time for Three - Indianapolis Opera - College-Conservatory of Music -

public radio stations (classical music and news); more than 600 arts presentations annually by students, faculty and world-renowned guest artists; a global alumni base spanning eight decades, including leaders in the arts and all other endeavors. For information, visit Interlochen online at www.interlochen. org.

Indian River hosts Fourth of July events


on the 1st and 3rd Tuesdays ( of each month at 6:00 pm at the Boyne City Library. A group of adults who have lost someone to suicide now meets and safe supportive place. They share the memories and celebrate the lives of their loved ones. This is an initiative by the Human Services Coordinating Body Suicide Prevention Workgroup for Charlevoix and Emmet Counties. For more information contact Greg Billiard 231590-0587.

The event is sponsored by the Wege Foundation. The nonprofit Interlochen Center for the Arts is a recipient of the National Medal of Arts and the only organization in the world that brings together: a 2,500-student summer camp program; a 500-student fine arts boarding high school; opportunities for hundreds of adults to engage in fulfilling artistic and creative programs; two 24-hour listener-supported

music festival

Comedian & Actor Paul Reiser Sat. July 6 Dance to the Music (Sunday Pops Concert) Sun. July 7 A Tribute to the Music of Chicago Fri. July 12 Orchestral Blockbusters- Sun. July 14 Cirquetacular - Sat. July 20 The Brilliance of Broadway - Sun. July 21 Big River (Musical based on Huck Finn) Fri. Sat. July 26 and 27 Pure Michigan Concert- Sun. July 28 Chris Brubeck and Triple Play- Sat. Aug. 3 Mambo Italiano- Sun. Aug. 4 Heywood Banks (The Bob and Tom Show) Fri. Aug. 9

Verdi’s Falstaff - Aug. 6, 8, 9, 10 or 800-595-4849 NOTE: Bay View is closer to Harbor Springs than Petoskey.

Week of July 3-9, 2013


Labor Day Weekend Sale Everything fun for your kitchen

10-50% Off

262 E. Main Street - Harbor Springs | 231.526.4050 Take a little bit of Harbor Springs home with you with a Harbor Springs, mug, wine glass or shot glass. Exclusively available at Spice Harbor

262 E. Main Street, Harbor Springs 526-4050 Store hours:

Mon - Sat 10:00 - 9:00 | Sun.12:00 - 5:00

Harbor Light Community Newsweekly  11B Brought to you in part by:

‘Where’s Waldo’: Communities offer scavenger hunts

We all recognize Waldo, with his red and white striped shirt, round-framed eyeglasses, and telltale mess of brown hair. But can we all find Waldo? For the entire month of July, See What’s New This Waldo will be hiding out in 25 Memorial businessesDay in Weekend downtown Hours Mon. - Sat.Children 10-5 Harbor Springs. Sun. 11-3 may pick up their passports 262 E. Main Street containing526-4050 all of the necessary scavenger hunt information at any one of these businesses beginning July 1st (look for the Waldo decal on their window or door). “Find Waldo is a scavenger hunt for the whole family,” said Katie Capaldi, owner of

Between the Covers bookstore. “Compete against one another or come together and spot Waldo from place to place. Not only is this a fun-filled activity about town, but serves as one more way to encourage a love of books in readers big and small!” Prizes for the best Waldo spotters and a party for all participates at the end of the month.

Petoskey Waldos

Look for Waldo in Downtown Petoskey during the month of July and win great prizes. This communitywide scavenger hunt invites

everyone - kids, parents and Waldo-lovers of all ages - to participate. On July 1, 2012, Waldo-spotters will set off on a monthlong hunt to find our elusive guy hidden in 32 Downtown Petoskey businesses. Waldo spotters will be eligible for prizes, and the Waldo hunt will end with a children’s party at 2 p.m. in Pennsylvania Park on Saturday, July 27, during Sidewalk Sales. Official Waldo stores will have a decal on their window or door. Inside, Waldo-spotters must find a small statuette of Waldo. Once Waldo has

Harbor Springs Community Picnic

Weekend Tastings.

July 6, 11 a.m. to 4 p.m at Harbor Springs Kiwanis Park

JEWELRY TRUNK SHOW Stop in and sample dips from Alden Mill House. “TREASURES BEYOND YOUR WILDEST All Day 10am-5pm DREAMS”

This Harbor Springs Sk8 Park event event will include a picnic lunch, individual and family games, socializing, and an ice cream social. Everyone who attends the event will receive a custom event necklace. Each time a person participates in a game they will earn a special “bead” for their necklace. Participants will earn bragging rights based on the number of events in which they participate. Participants can take home the necklace as a reminder of the festivities. For more information contact Gina Marchio ( or 231 526-0610).


262 E. Main Street Harbor Springs 526-4050








been spotted, store employees will give participants an official “I found Waldo” entry slip. Entry slips can be turned in at the Petoskey Downtown Offices at 216 Park Avenue through July 26. Downtown Petoskey Sidewalk Sales will be Friday, July 26 from 9 a.m. until 9 p.m. and Saturday, July 27 from 9 a.m. until 5 p.m. Where’s Waldo? contest is sponsored by McLean & Eakin Booksellers. For more information, contact Becky Goodman at 231-622-8501.

60% OFF




Dessert is on Us! See club for details.

Tuesdays at 4:00 pm • July 9-August 13 at the Harbor Springs Library 4:00 pm light bites and signature drink • 4:30 pm lecture $15 per lecture to reserve a seat Very limited seating • Advance purchase necessary or 231-347-4337

July 9: Kelsey Lee Offield

GUSFORD | los angeles, Los Angeles, CA Collecting Art in Today’s International Market

July 16: Rev. Al Shands

Contemporary Art Collector, Louisville, KY/Harbor Springs Art Collecting 101: A Personal Perspective

July 30: Susan E. Riley

Fashion Designer, Palm Beach/Harbor Springs Yachting and Fashion

August 6: Roemer McPhee

Author, “The Boomer’s Guide to Story,” New York, NY The Wisdom of Literature: Insights and Ideas from Modern Stories

August 13: Constance McPhee

Curator, Department of Drawings and Prints, Metropolitan Museum of Art Putting on a Show: Infinite Jest at the Metropolitan Museum of Art


A night to remember. The Compass Room offers classic foods for lunch & fine dining, filet mignon with thyme infused demi-glaze, whitefish with peach & mango salsa, and veal piccata with lemon caper sauce & fried pancetta.

©2013 PGN Agency 248.414.6860 IT23399

July 23: Molly Charland

Director of Education, Fitz Dixon Education Center Society of the Four Arts, Palm Beach, FL How On Earth Did This Happen?

Sponsored in part by Harbor Light newspaper

OPEN TO THE PUBLIC. Reservations Required.

Downtown Petoskey • 231-347-4337 •

(231) 526-3300 |


2500 True North Drive | Harbor Springs, MI

Menu changes seasonally. Always featured: Hand-cut Steaks, Fresh Local Fish, Pasta Dishes and Nightly Features. 23399_TrueNorth_Ad.indd 1

6/21/13 9:13 AM


Harbor Light Community Newsweekly


Week of July 3-9, 2013


A Harbor Springs Landmark since 1972 NEW



1965 Waldenwood Trail: Very comfortable family home in a nice neighborhood just outside Harbor Springs. Set on a private wooded lot with a covered front porch, rear deck overlooking beautiful landscaping and a full walk-out basement. Features 3-4 bedrooms, 3 full baths, mudroom off the garage, re-finished wood floors, separate 24’x18’ pole barn, open kitchen and dining area and comfortable family room. Close to large network of biking, hiking and snowshoe trails. (MLS# 437473) $225,000

NEW 5945 Cummings Lane: Custom-built home w/spectacular views of Charlevoix, Beaver Island & sunsets. Large living room (cathedral ceiling, fireplace, oak floors & floating spiral staircase) opens onto a good sized deck that overlooks Lake Michigan. Master bedroom w/private view side deck, spacious closet & large bath plus 3 guest bedrooms. Short walk to shared beach. (MLS #432791) $599,000









508 W. Fourth St: Very comfortable family home in a nice neighborhood just outside Harbor Springs. Set on a private wooded lot with a covered front porch, rear deck overlooking beautiful landscaping and a full walk-out basement. Features 3-4 bedrooms, 3 full baths, mudroom off the garage, re-finished wood floors, separate 24’x18’ pole barn, open kitchen and dining area and comfortable family room. Close to large network of biking, hiking and snowshoe trails. (MLS# 437423) $325,000

500 Westridge Dr. #18: Tastefully remodeled Westridge end unit with wonderful views of Lake Michigan. Vaulted ceiling, gas fireplace, wood floors, large deck and granite countertops in kitchen are just a few of the features of this 3 bedroom, 2 1/2 bath condominium. Very close proximity to Birchwood clubhouse, pool and tennis courts. (MLS #437031) $299,900

298 Winter Park: Spacious home next to Nubs Nob ski slopes with 4 bedrooms, 2½ baths, fireplace, central air, full finished lower level, deck, 2-car garage, paved drive and fully furnished. (MLS# 430970) $239,000

*NMMLS Sales statistics in Harbor Springs School district for calendar years 2010, 2011, 2012




224 Artesian Ave.: Enjoy all Harbor Springs has to offer in this beautifully maintained 2 bedroom, 2 bath Colonial Wequetonsing Condo. Offering a nice open floor plan, fireplace, spacious deck and perfect location. Enjoy a short walk to beach, park, and downtown. (MLS# 437439) $259,900





NEW 1643 Broken Bow: Perched on a ridge, the open floor plan and extensive amount of glass give you the feeling that you are outside. Home has been updated nicely including: kitchen, baths, paint, carpet and flooring, roof, heating and airconditioning - over $150,000 was spent. Wonderful home at a good price. (MLS# 435116) $199,900

4524 LaCount Road: Great country setting on a quiet road yet close to town. This home is in wonderful condition with an open floor plan and located on 5 acres with the possibility of acquiring more. Located a nice distance from the road with a swimming pool, large yard, 6 x 35 porch, 5-car heated garage and lots of woods and yard for outdoor activities. (MLS# 436892) $650,000



4749 Pleasantview Rd. #158: Perched on a ridge overlooking Boyne Highlands, this is a great opportunity to own a wonderful vacation or yeararound home. Access to State land provides room to roam, very close to skiing and golf with easy access to Petoskey or Harbor Springs highlights the convenience of the location. Being offered furnished makes it easy to get into and use right away. (MLS# 435674) $269,900


5383 Snowmass Trail: Beautifully maintained home on a very pretty lot, within walking distance to Nubs Nob ski resort. Featuring vaulted ceilings, the warmth of wood interior, fieldstone fireplace (gas), central air, large open and spacious rooms, lower level family room with wet bar, 2+ car garage, and tons of storage. 434101 $239,900

195 E. Bluff: Beautiful brick home overlooking the Harbor and Harbor Springs. This home was tastefully and thoroughly renovated in 1999; designer kitchen and excellent appliances, large living areas, 4 beautiful baths, 5 bedrooms, oak trim, hardwood floors, spacious foyer, large front porch and private patio with gas firepit. (MLS# 436578) $1,849,000

Hughston Road: Less than 2 miles from downtown Harbor Springs,this property features 160 acres of hardwoods with some pine - is bordered by Birchwood Farms to the North, Windward Dev. to the South, and a township 80 to the West. Paved access from Hughston Rd. - Griffin Rd. (seasonal) and numerous internal trails allow for vehicular access as well as great cross-country skiing, snow shoeing, hiking, and mountain biking. Several homesites have been identified. Survey and Topographical maps upon request. (MLS# 437053) $1,920,000



2275 Beckon Road: Cleared 10 acre parcel with great valley/country views. Modular home with water damage inside from frozen pipes. Being sold as is - no appliances or hot water heater. (MLS# 437540) $49,000



500 Westridge Dr. #26: This lovely 3 bedroom, 2½ bath Westridge condo offers open floor plan with main floor large master bedroom suite and very private back yard with views of lawn surrounded by woods. Birchwood is a very special place to life....fabulous golf course, clay tennis courts, state of the art fitness center, and a beautiful club house with fine dining and wonderful friendly members. The ideal condo to enjoy all seasons with friends and family. (MLS# 437514) $198,000


NEW 7083 Rolling Meadow Trail: Incredibly well-built family home in a nice neighborhood just outside Harbor Springs. Brazilian cherry floors, birch trim and custom cabinets, in-floor heat on all 3 levels, open kitchen and dining, workout room, lower level storage with bilco doors, large entry, beautiful landscaping and a new master bath are some of the features. Very efficient floor-plan and well designed. (MLS# 436355) $487,700

3935 Wenonah Ave.: Rare opportunity to own a uniquely designed and quality built Burt Lake home by Andy Pineau, one of the areas finest builders. Warm wood appointments throughout, 2 story stone fireplace, large family room, master suite, 5 bedrooms, 3½ baths, gourmet kitchen with wet bar, granite counter tops, Wolf appliances, Kohler fixtures, large covered porch, and garage on a private lot with 150’ of Burt Lake frontage with sandy beach. (MLS# 434313) $1,795,000



10841 Chickagami: Burt Lake - 4 bedroom, 3.5 bath home with 100’ frontage on Maple Bay. Large living room, den, fireplace, 2.5 car garage, dock, boat, 2 boat hoists, and offered furnished. (MLS# 437433) $395,000

6800 Hillside Drive: Well designed family home in an established Harbor Springs neighborhood close to town, skiing and golf. Features include an open floor plan, great room with 10’ ceilings and fireplace, main floor master bedroom suite with large walkin closet. The large finished lower level has an office plus a large family room with fireplace. (MLS# 433619) $379,900



401 Pine Street: A five bedroom, 2 bath home close to schools and within walking distance to downtown shopping, restaurants, beaches and marinas. This wonderful year around home is in very good condition and offers central air, a small office or den area, enclosed front porch, large back entry or mudroom, and oversized 2-car garage. (MLS# 431519) $199,000

3333 S. US 31, Brutus: Beautifully maintained home conveniently located on a double lot between Petoskey, Mackinaw City, and Burt Lake. Recent upgrades include: roof, exterior paint, furnace, appliances, storage shed, carpeting, tile. Cut-stone fireplace, heated workshop/garage, and extensive wrap-around decking. Being sold completely furnished. (MLS# 437503) $168,900



195 Roth Road: Larks Lake cottage located on the East side of the Lake off Roth Road. Cottage has three bedrooms, one bath, large family room, stone fireplace and all situated on 150’ of lake frontage. Good fishing on this small boat lake. (MLS# 427527) $235,000

5195 Graham Road: Small one bedroom house on 50’ of Crooked Lake frontage with a two bedroom garage apartment plus a full bath in the main level of the garage. Nice deep lot, high and dry - basement under part of the home. Great entry level home on Crooked lake in an area of nice homes. (MLS# 436525) $225,000





436 Duvernay Lane: Very nice fulltime or seasonal home close to skiing and golf. Has been impeccably maintained and features new roof, new interior and exterior painting, new kitchen appliances, Vermont Castings wood stove, central air. Being sold wellfurnished. (MLS# 435202) $130,000

690 Pine St.: Enjoy the views of the Harbor and the lights of Petoskey from this well finished home in excellent condition. Conveniently set up to entertain guests or friends with an extra bedroom and full bath in the garage plus the large lower level with kitchenette and full bath. Very private setting. Offered fully furnished with the exception of personal items. (MLS# 435297) $695,000


6842 Hughston Road: A remarkable artisan’s log home on 10 wooded acres with a view of Lake Michigan - just 1 mile outside Harbor Springs. The home is beautifully crafted, has very nice living spaces, including living & family rooms, game room, and basketball court; an office, pantry, heated equipment room, radiant & forced air heat - massive stone fireplaces in family room & a screened porch-more quality & design features than can be described. (MLS# 437489) $1,600,000

GRAHAM MANAGEMENT Featured Rental 8839 Sturgeon Bay Drive: Beautiful setting on a sandy Lake Michigan beach just outside Cross Village; new two-car garage with one bedroom, one bath, living room apartment with beautiful views of Lake Michigan. Oepn floor plan and a large front deck. (MLS# 436781) $625,000


New Rental: Upper Roaring Brook Cottage – Available this summer! $2500.00 per week, plus fees. This 4 Bedroom, 5.5 Bathroom home features amazing views of Little Traverse Bay, private association beach and much more! Call for more information!

(231) 526-9671 163 E. Main Street | Harbor Springs

Call one of our real estate professionals for information on these & other properties. Dave Olson Sam DeCamp Kevin Olson Penny McCready



Barb Harbaugh Jim Hart Jan Parsons

Andrew Bowman John Baker Heidi Kresnak

Tom Graham Carolyn Sutherland Bob Humphrey Will Baker

(231) 526-6251 198 East Main Street • Harbor Springs •

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