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Issue for the week of June 13-19, 2012 Volume 41 • Number 23

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Emmet County Wind turbine installed in northern Emmet County

History lands here

School District Board okays final budget: Nearly $750,000 in spending cuts

By DANIELLE McINTOSH Harbor Light Newspaper


Just two days after an 11 kilowatt point-of-use wind turbine was installed at Bliss Gardens, a farm dedicated to making local foods and meals available to families throughout Emmet County, a month’s worth of clean energy had already been produced. It’s a good sign of things to come, noted Lake Effect Energy Corporation president, Chris Stahl. Stahl’s wind system-only energy company has operated just northwest of Harbor Springs for the past four years. Wind energy is still developing as a way to create clean energy in northern Michigan, and Stahl has been working with Emmet County Commissioners for several years to navigate wind opportunities in relation to noise ordinance zoning. Since the final approval in November 2011, the energy group focused on getting the 120-foot Bliss Gardens turbine, located just south of Cross Village on Hill Road, up and running, -CONTINUED on page 10.

Conservancy adds preserve near Pellston along Maple River A brand new “neighborhood” nature preserve has been created near the village of Pellston, thanks to longtime land conservationist John Woollam. This past winter, the Philip J. Braun Nature Preserve was officially transferred to Little Traverse Conservancy, protecting 125 acres with 4,500 feet of Maple River frontage. Located within village limits, the preserve is an easy walk from downtown, as well as from the adjacent Pioneer Park and ball fields off Robinson Road on the west side of US-31. “Because of its location, size, river frontage, and incredible natural beauty, this is a really special place,” said Ty Ratliff, Conservancy land protection specialist. “People of all ages have come to the river at the road crossing here for years. Now this location and much of the land -CONTINUED on page 3.

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World War II ‘Flying Fortress’ visits Pellston Airport “Air power may either end war By GRAHAM GETTEL Harbor Light Newspaper or end civilization.” Appearing as a speck in the distance, the WWII B-17 bomber sped closer and closer to Pellston Regional Airport, until its production name, “flying fortress” made sense. The sheer size of the bomber-- the chin, tail, and underbelly turrets, and the destructive bombs it can hold in its stomach-give it a massive, intimidating demeanor. This demeanor was not solely built for show. The B-17 bomber, employed by the United States Eighth Air Force to attack German hotspots during World War II, was very successful in its missions and was a great help to the Allied cause. -CONTINUED on page 8.

— Winston Churchill, House of Commons, 14 March 1933.

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People in Profile

Taking a local leap: Resident builds hopping business jumping out of planes ‘The best place to be...’

City to connect with Alanson District Library Residents will have to purchase library card to use Petoskey Harbor Light Newspaper

By DANIELLE McINTOSH Harbor Light Newspaper

Just a quick plane ride from wherever they want to be... newlyweds Luther and Mary Kurtz, both grew up in the Little Traverse Bay area and have decided to reclaim it as home. Kurtz is the owner of Skydive Harbor Springs, a skydiving operation based out of the Harbor Springs airport. The Skydive building-- the old Harbor Springs Airport Ten Year Exhibition terminal building-- also serves as aInvitational call May 28 June 28 center connecting jumpers with six other Opening Reception: locations around the nation. Since Kurtz May 28, 2-7 p.m. also started and owns six jump centers, he admitted he does have the option of living in Miami, Detroit, Ft. Meyers, Phoenix, Los Scan with a Angeles, and Washington DC. smart phone But, Kurtz added with a smile, “This is for plenty of time-- and now Luther Kurtz, owner of Skydive Harbor Springs, has spent the best place to be.” a link to States. When it comes to where Born in Petoskey, Kurtz grew up in Char- owns skydive centers-- in places all over the United Three Pines he wants to be when his feet are on the ground, however, Website! Kurtz said there is no levoix. Like most graduates, when high place like home, and home will always be the Little Traverse Bay area. (Harbor Light school was over, he was ready to get out Newspaper photo/Mark Flemming) of town. “I was just like any teenager who needs a change of scenery, and I didn’t know how good I had it,” he joked. Kurtz’s skydiving career began when a friend gave him a gift certificate for his first skydiving experience, and from then on, he was hooked. Hooked actually might be an understatement. Kurtz jumped 500 times to become a certified instructor. After attending Michigan State University for a short stint, he moved to California to teach skydiving and attend -CONTINUED on page 11.

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Colors of Hungry for a better bank? Crooked Tree Make the switch to Northwestern and we’ll buy you lunch! Yarn 2011 /FreeLunch ®

-CONTINUED on page 12.


Editor’s note: This feature is part of a series of stories about people who celebrate the spirit and heart of life in northern Michigan . These profiles focus on folks dedicated to protecting the richness of natural resources, small town living, and the promise of a creative, vibrant local economy. If you know someone who would make a great local living profile, please contact news editor Kate Bassett, or (231) 881-1299.

Offer ends June 16

The Harbor Springs School Board approved the district’s 2012-2013 budget during their Monday, June 11 meeting. The budget, which was officially presented to the community a month ago, included some $747,490 worth of cuts and cost reductions. The school board authorized a matching sum to be spent from the district’s savings, in order to reach a state-mandated balanced budget by July 1. “There wasn’t much discussion about it because we’ve been working on this so long,” said superintendent Mark Tompkins in an interview Tuesday morning.

Hues of Northern Michigan Orchards

The City of Harbor Springs will likely end its affiliation with the Petoskey District Library on July 1, when the municipality’s current agreement ends. This means residents of Harbor Springs will need to pay $95 on their own to use Petoskey Library services in the future. City Council is, however, expected to approve a new agreement with Alanson District Library. According to Harbor Springs city manager Tom Richards, the city will save a significant amount by transitioning to an agreement with Alanson, as the price of Petoskey’s services have increased by almost 30-times the original amount. Previously, the Petoskey agreement cost the city of Harbor Springs around $3,000 dollars annually; new projections would increase that rate to almost $90,000 each year. Karen Sherrard, the director of the Petoskey District Library, said the -CONTINUED on page 11.

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2  Harbor Light Community Newsweekly

Week of June 13-19, 2012

Observations On schools of choice and the current state of Harbor Springs Public Schools Can Harbor Springs receive additional funding for Lynn Glahn’s letter to the editor on May 23rd concerning school Schools of Choice students? By MARK TOMPKINS, Superintendent Harbor Springs Public Schools

funding issues offers an opportunity to explore and explain the unique set of circumstances that guide school finance in Harbor Springs and to answer the questions raised by Lynn as well as others related to this topic:

What does Schools of Choice mean? “Schools of choice” is a term used by the State of Michigan to define students who live in one district, who go to school in another district. Each school district in the state has the right to determine the number of “out of district” (or schools of choice) students they allow to be enrolled.

Do most schools accept students from other districts? Most, but not all districts allow students to enroll in their schools from other districts because of an economic incentive. When a school district’s funding is based on the number of students enrolled, each additional student is worth approximately $6,800 to $8,000 or more to that district. This is called the “student foundation allowance” and is the basis for funding 99% of the school districts in the state. Any school district that receives these funds is described as being “in-formula.”


No – Harbor Springs is unique in that all of its funding is from local tax dollars, not per-pupil state funding like most other districts in the state. Because of the unusual number of second homes in our area, we have a strong tax base of non-homestead tax dollars, meaning we don’t qualify for state funding. This means we are one of the 1% of school districts that are described as an “out of formula” meaning we get zero funding for each student.

Is it a good thing to be an “out-of-formula” district? Yes, it is a great thing to be an out-of-formula district. If we had to accept state per-pupil funding we would have approximately 2 million dollars less per year (in a 10 million dollar budget) than what we receive now from local taxes. Even with the decline in property values the last four years, we still benefit significantly.

Are we accepting Schools of Choice students?

American Life in Poetry BY TED KOOSER U.S. POET LAUREATE Julie Suk is a North Carolinian who, like all good writers, has taught herself to pay attention to what’s happening right under her nose. Here’s a good example of her poetry.

Loving the Hands

No, but the Board of Education discusses this each year. The reason that we have not accepted schools of choice students is two-fold: First – each student we allow to enroll from another district reduces that other district’s funding in a significant way – we are not in the business of harming our neighbor districts financially. Second – adding students brings additional costs in staffing, transportation, food service, maintenance etc. for the district. We do not want to add costs, while we are in this period of declining revenue. Since adding students does not increase funding and subsequently support programs, we have not gone in that direction.

Will the district ever add Schools of Choice students?

I could make a wardrobe with tufts of wool caught on thistle and bracken.

Perhaps, but the Board will have to carefully balance the impact of growing smaller vs. the cost associated with adding or maintaining programs. They will also remain mindful of the impact opening schools of choice will have on other districts. If we had a growing budget, we would be in a better position to accept schools of choice students.

Lost—the scraps I might have woven whole cloth. Come watch, the man says, shearing sheep with the precision of long practice, fleece, removed all of a piece, rolled in a neat bundle.

Is enrollment declining? Yes, enrollment is declining in Harbor Springs and in most districts in the state. Currently we enroll 877 and we have had as many as 1,100 five years ago. This year we put together a “right-sizing” committee to look at the impact of declining enrollment and the reasons for it. We learned the following: First – There are fewer young children in the 0-5 age group (30% less) leading to smaller Kindergarten class size the last few years. Second – The economy has changed dramatically in Northern Michigan with unemployment at 11.6% and housing starts down 80% from the boom years. Third – Mobility, high unemployment and lack of jobs, combined with relatively high home prices have led to families leaving Northern Michigan. Fourth – Schools of Choice, our enrollment is reduced approximately 10 to 20 students per year by not having schools of choice students.

I’ve been so clumsy with people who’ve loved me. Straddling a ewe, the man props its head on his foot, leans down with clippers, each pass across the coat a caress. His dogs, lying nearby, tremble at every move—as I do, loving the hands that have learned to gentle the life beneath them. American Life in Poetry is made possible by The Poetry Foundation (www., publisher of Poetry magazine. It is also supported by the Department of English at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. Poem copyright ©2011 by Julie Suk, from her most recent book of poems, Lie Down with Me: New and Selected Poems, Autumn House Press, 2011. Poem reprinted by permission of Julie Suk and the publisher. Introduction copyright © 2012 by The Poetry Foundation. The introduction’s author, Ted Kooser, served as United States Poet Laureate Consultant in Poetry to the Library of Congress from 2004-2006. We do not accept unsolicited manuscripts.

Is funding for our school district a problem? Yes, but less so than other districts. We have experienced significant revenue decline due to less taxes received because of the housing crisis, and we have issues with pension and health care costs that all school districts struggle with. The legislature has been working on pension reform, and for the first time we saw a decrease in health care costs so things are starting to improve.

Have programs and services been cut the last few years? Yes, like any household we have balanced our budget yearly. This has required the district and Board to make tough choices but we have been very cautious. For example, the Multiage program is going away next year because the teacher is retiring and we had a very small number of students/families (6 to 9) interested in the program next year. French at the High School is continuing and will continue for the next three years, but it will be replaced over time with an unlimited selection of foreign language options (including French) utilizing more on-line learning options. We also laid-off a special education teacher this year because we have fewer children with special needs. We will continue to provide the same special education services for our children.

Are the schools in decline? No, especially in comparison with other districts around the state. For example: • We take pride in our small class size averaging between 18 and 23. It is not uncommon to see class sizes of 30 or more in most other districts. We are just the right size to provide individual attention from a skilled and caring staff. • AA+ rating from Standard and Poor’s. We have been good financial stewards, balancing the needs of the district with the need to be fiscally conservative. • The students score on state and national tests at the highest levels in the region. More than 90% of our students go on to college. • A range of extra-curricular opportunities that is extraordinary for a district our size including 18 boys and girls varsity sports that over 60% to 70% of our students participate in; a strong band; a drama program; artmusic-gym at the elementary level; and an exemplary library-media center program. • With the passage of the recent technology bond, we are well on the way to becoming the leader in utilization of technology tools to expand teaching and learning in dramatic ways. • Exceptional opportunities outside the classroom such as middle school and high school Michigan Youth in Government, Girls on the Run, and Hammerhead Swim Program that are considered to be among the best in the state. Summary: This is a challenging time for education and schools around the state. That said, we are positioned to continue to improve, to maintain our strengths, and see these challenges as opportunities to be creative.

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Week of June 13-19, 2012

Harbor Light Community Newsweekly  3  

Blissfest announces line up for music festival July 13-15 Blissfest, Northern Michigan’s award winning folk, roots and world music festival, will take place July 13-15 , 2012 at the Blissfest Festival Farm, north of Harbor Springs. The 32nd Annual Blissfest is a celebration of music, culture, art and community featuring a world of diverse and innovative folk, world and roots music and dance at the 120-acre Festival Farm in scenic northern Michigan. It is an unequaled weekend of music immersion to be shared with families, friends and music-lovers of all ages. The annual event is a showcase of the many musical styles that define American roots and world music. Bluegrass, Blues, Zydeco, Celtic, Folk, Jazz, Latin, Ethnic and World music all share the stage. Discover a diverse and innovative collection of accomplished

folk legends and emerging artists from Michigan as well as national and international touring acts representing some of the best traditional and new roots and folk music voices from around the world! Headlining this year’s festival are the multiple Grammy winning groups, The Nitty Gritty Dirt Band and Arrested Development. The iconic and profoundly influential Nitty Gritty Dirt Band, often cited as a catalyst for an entire movement in Country Rock and American Roots Music, continues to add to their legendary status. Arrested Development is celebrating 20 years as the true trailblazers in hiphop. They’ve championed a unique sound, spreading hiphop around the world with a positive message. Over 40 additional acts will

entertain and educate on 3 stages and 4 workshop areas. The annual celebration also includes camping, craft booths, children and teen activities and food concessions. Event information and links to all the artists are available through the Blissfest website at Music to be featured at the festival is available for listening on Blissfest Radio at Tickets are now on sale through the web site, mail order and available at many local and statewide outlets. There are reduced rates for Blissfest members, seniors and teens .Children 12 years and under free with parents. Come and experience the magic of roots music from America and all over the world in your own back yard at Blissfest where American

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908 S. Adams Birmingham 248.642.7755

and World roots music comes alive in a beautiful rural setting close to Lake Michigan with all the camping amenities and more. The Blissfest Organization is a non-profit cultural arts organization presenting concerts, dances and educational programs throughout the year. Blissfest Music Organization’s mission is to preserve traditions and promote innovators of American and world music, arts & crafts and sustainable living skills through performance, education and community participation. The Blissfest is currently expanding it operation to include year round programming at the Blissfest Arts Recreation Center. For more information about the Blissfest visit us on the web at or call 231/348-7047.

The Nitty Gritty Dirt Band will perform at Blissfest in July. (Courtesy photo)

Conservancy gains preserve near Pellston -CONTINUED from page 1.

surrounding the river to the southwest will be open and accessible to the public as a permanent nature preserve.” The Maple River is designated and regulated as a trout stream, and fish surveys have been conducted on the river since the 1950s. From 1979-1986, the Department of Natural Resources stocked the river with both brook and brown trout and it remains a popular fishing destination today. Northern Michigan’s beautiful woods and waters have shaped the lives and loves of so many people, and as with most of his previous land projects, Woollam felt protecting this particular land was fitting to memorialize someone special to him and his family, Phil Braun. Woollam became good friends with Braun through his in-laws, Robert and Vivian VanCampen, and for many

years had been looking for a piece of land on the Maple River to protect and dedicate in Braun’s honor. “Phil was just a person who loved life and the outdoors,” Woollam said. In 1928, Phil Braun Sr. taught his 8-year-old son Philip how to fly fish on the Maple River. “Whether it was fly fishing, writing, photography or gathering with friends, Phil Braun was a delight to be around,” Woollam said. “Years ago, Phil purchased an old horse trailer and converted it into a dark room. He so loved photography that he was outdoors with his son taking photos just a few months before he passed away. He was generous and kind - not complex - extremely honest, and successful in his endeavors. It seems fitting to name a piece of land that is so full of life and beauty after such an

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individual.” Woollam put forth a lot of effort to ensure the preserve was protected. “It wasn’t a simple process and lasted for several years,” Ratliff noted. On May 12, Ratliff and LTC board member Mark Paddock led a Riverine Mammals field trip at the Braun Preserve. While the trip was going on, several people appeared to look for morels. A handful of boys arrived at the road crossing with fishing poles in hand. “This preserve epitomizes so much of what LTC hopes to accomplish for northern Michigan communities,” Ratliff said. A new parking area was created at the preserve last month with a short river access trail. For more information on this project, please call the office at (231) 347-0991.

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Downtown Gallery Walk is One Dozen Years Old

the event and a prize drawing walkers will be given a map, is scheduled to start at 9 pm which will serve as a passport at the After Glow. The entire for the evening. At each galAn Art Lover’s Night Out on event is free of charge and will lery visited, receive a sticker; additional stickers will be the Town. Downtown Petos- proceed rain or shine. The participating galleries given for purchases of art key and its galleries are hostare: Arlington Jewelers, Art made during the event. After ing the Twelfth Annual Gallery Cats Gallery, Crooked Tree visiting the galleries, bring Walk on Thursday, June 21 Art Tree Gallery, Hramiec the map to the After Glow. For beginning at 6 p.m. Eleven Hoffman Gallery, Luciano’s, every sticker on each map, wonderful galleries will be Mitchell Street Frameworks participants will receive a on the walk this year. You are and Gallery, Northern Michiticket for the prize drawing. invited to feast your eyes on gan Artists Market, Shadetree Participants may also pick their newest works of art while up a Gallery Walk map beginStained Glass Gallery, Stafsampling gourmet treats and ning Monday, June 18 at the ford’s Gallery of Art and Hisrefreshments. The evening Petoskey Regional Chamber tory, Ward & Eis Gallery, and ends at the After Glow in the of Commerce or the Petoskey WARD Gallery at Ciao Bella! Rose Garden of the historic, Downtown Offices. Each one of these galleries will Stafford’s Perry Hotel, where For more information conthere will also be live musical donate a piece of artwork (or tact the Petoskey Downtown two) to be given away during entertainment provided by Offices at 622-8501 or visit the prize drawing. the popular Jusduit, featuring their website at www.petosOn the evening of the event, Bob Greenway and Jeff Pagel. just stop by one of the gallerEach gallery donates one or -Submitted by Petoskey more original works of art to ies listed above in Downtown Petoskey. At the firstof stop Lake Effect Energy Corporation Harbor Springs has Downtown Offices

Week of June 13-19, 2012

Bay Harbor Cruise-In Bay Harbor will be hosting a festive evening in true American style that includes vintage baseball, classic cars and Motown music on Friday, June 22 beginning at 5:30pm. The Petoskey Mossbacks, a “vintage” Baseball Club will be playing a game in the Village at Bay Harbor beginning at 5:30 pm. They are a baseball team that uses the 1860’s rules which include throw-back uniforms, heavy bats and no gloves. Bring a chair and your kids and enjoy a good old-fashioned baseball game. Bay Harbor would like anyone who has a classic car that they are proud of to come and “show off their ride” during the Cruise-In on Main Street from 6pm – 9pm, hosted by the Bay Harbor Village Merchants. Welcome “goodie” bags will be given to each participant, as well as some great door prizes. There will also be plaques given to class winners. Stop into the beer, wine and spirits tent that will be

located on the Marina Lawn Panel and enjoy burgers, dogs and pulled-pork sandwiches while grooving to the sounds of a Motown DJ. Come down on Friday, June 22 and stroll the classic cars, enjoy an old-fashioned baseball game and enjoy food and beverages in the Village at Bay Harbor. If you would like more information on the Bay Harbor Cruise-In, please contact Tracy Bacigalupi, Village Director at 231.439.2650 or visit -Submitted by Bay Harbor

Donations Needed for Whale of a Sale Tip of the Mitt Watershed Council is currently accepting donated items from individuals, marinas, and suppliers for their 4th Annual “Whale of a Sale,” a HUGE rummage sale for water recreation lovers, scheduled for Saturday, July 21, 2012 at the Irish Boat Shop Storage Building in Harbor Springs. Items should be gently used, saleable and in good

condition, including: fishing gear; swimming life vests, rafts and toys; water skiing equipment; diving equipment; boats, kayaks, canoes, related hardware, equipment, and gear. No clothing please. For boats or larger items, please contact Tip of the Mitt Watershed Council’s office prior to drop off. Proceeds from this event benefit Tip of the Mitt Watershed Council. Donations are tax deductible. Drop off locations include Tip of the Mitt Watershed Council, Petoskey; Irish Boat Shop in Harbor Springs and Charlevoix; Burt Lake Marina, Indian River; Ryde Marina, Alanson; DeWitt Marine on Torch lake, Bellaire; and Duncan Bay Boat Club, Cheboygan. For additional collection locations or to have items picked up, please call Tip of the Mitt Watershed Council at (231)347-1181. Additional information about the upcoming “Whale of a Sale” is available online at


conducted brief wind energy reports for the following: • Emmet County Airport • Emmet County Headlands • Harbor Springs Municipal Airport Welcome Every Day To review these reportsCommunity go to And see link Community DRESSAGEAssessments. INSTRUCTION CARE, TRAINING, BOARDING Thanks, • PONY CAMPS • Christopher J. Stahl CGP HORSEMANSHIP Lake Effect Energy Corporation LESSONS

-Submitted by Tip of the Mitt Watershed Council

Stable Phone: 231-242-0012

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Harbor Light Community Newsweekly  5

Week of June 13-19, 2012


Fundraiser for resident stricken with cancer

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HARBOR SPRINGS. 3 bedroom, 2 ½ bath home next to beach. Fabulous view, porch, wash/dry, fridge, garage, walk to shopping. 1 yr. lease, refs required. No pets, no smoking. $1200/mo. 513-236-3416. ROOMS FOR RENT. Extended stay/ construction rates available. Housekeeping service, Cable, TV, phone, microwave, fridge, WI-FI, utilities. No smoking, no pets. COACHHOUSE INN, 1011 US-31 N. Petoskey (231) 347-8281.

For Sale


NICELY maintained condo with huge family room walking distance to Kmart Plaza, the senior center and the theater. 2-car garage, deck, and lots of storage space. Chairlift to main floor. $139,000!

NICE CORNER 1.21 acre lot close to Alanson. $17,000! 37.9 ACRES near Brutus. Beautiful wooded views. $89,000! 56 WOODED acres between Indian River & Wolverine. $135,000! NICE 3.42 ACRE building lot near Alanson. $17,900! 3.89 ACRE LOT ready to build on. $19,900! PRIVATE 3.36 acre lot near Alanson. $17,500! MAGNIFICENT cleared lot surrounded by woods. $12,900!

231-347-4656 • 231-838-3111 • 231-838-3113

Notice of Application for Merger of Banks

FIRST COMMUNITY BANK, HARBOR SPRINGS, MICHIGAN intends to apply to the Federal Reserve Board for permission to merge with SELECT BANK, GRAND RAPIDS, MICHIGAN. First Community Bank

DIVE INFLATABLE WITH new 18HP FOUR STOKE OUTBOARD AND TRAILER. Very low hours, $3000.00. 10 HP outboard, nice motor $500.00. 231-526-1427.

would be the successor in the merger. The Federal Reserve considers a number of factors in deciding whether to approve the application, including the record of performance of applicant banks in helping to meet local credit needs.

NEW MORTON STORAGE UNITS for sale. 30 x 48 & 30 x 54. 14x14 o/h doors. Convenient W. Conway Rd. 231-348-4095 or 248-939-3986.

You are invited to submit comments in writing on this application to Colette A. Fried, Assistant Vice President, Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago, 230 South LaSalle Street, Chicago, IL 60604. The comment period will not end before July 13, 2012. The Board’s procedures for processing applications may be found at 12 C.F.R. Part 262. Procedures for processing protested applications may be found at 12 C.F.R. 262.25. To obtain a copy of the Federal Reserve Board’s procedures, or if you need more information about how to submit your comments on the application, contact Alicia Williams, Vice President and Community Affairs Officer, at (312) 322-5910; to request a copy of an application, contact Colette A. Fried at (312) 322-6846. The Federal Reserve will consider your comments and any request for a public meeting or formal hearing on the application if they are received in writing by the Reserve Bank on or before the last day of the comment period. CITY OF HARBOR SPRINGS

Boat Slip For Rent WALSTROM MARINE BASIN, 40’ $ 6,245, large 60’ $9,445, water, electricity and reserved parking included. Last slips at these reduced prices, 231-838-7470 cell.

Vacation Rental HARBOR SPRINGS, 3 BEDROOM, 3-1/2 bath home, furnished. Available from July 1 to July 30 (no weekly rental). Within walking distance to downtown and beach. Call for details and price (between 10 am & 5 pm) 231-526-5571. 233 E BAY ST, across from Pier bar, 7 bedroom house great for 3 couples with 4 bedrooms and 2 sleeping porches for kids. Easy walking distance to all stores, restaurants, and public bathing beach. $2700/wk, 2 weeks open: July 16 & Aug. 13. VRBO # 313918. 734-355-0152. DOWNTOWN HARBOR SPRINGS. For rent weekly, 2 bedroom furnished apartment. Call for pricing and rental dates. 313-378-8724. 2 BEDROOM, 1 BATH guest house within an association, with tennis and private beach. 526-2724.

Massage Therapy “RESTORE, RENEW & FEEL BETTER” with Massage Therapy. Therapeutic Services. Nan Hogan, over 25 yrs experience. 8434 M-119. 231330-0891

on June 21 at Holy Childhood’s Community Center from 5-9 p.m. to help cover the costs of Hartley’s muchneeded surgery and hospital care. Hartley has no insurance. The fundraiser, which will feature heavy appetizers donated by many area chefs, will be $20 at the door. The Craig Cottrill Band will play, and

there will be a cash bar, raffle, and silent auction with lots of great items donated by local merchants. While the event is geared to be a celebration for Mary, it will also provide critical funds for her care. The benefit for Mary Hartley will take place Thursday, June 21 from 5-9 p.m. Mary Hartley

Harbor Springs Farmers Market opens June 16

Wow, it’s that time already! Winter is gone, summer is here in all its glory and the POND HILL FARM. Greenhouses now open. Free Planting thru June. Harbor Springs Farmers MarThe Garden Café open 11 am to 3 ket returns on Saturday, June pm daily. Wine Tasting Room 7 days, 16. It’s going to be a great year, 11-6 (www.harborspringswinery. bigger and better than ever. com). Farm raised meats and more. Open daily 8 am-6 pm. 5 miles N. of We are welcoming back downtown Harbor Springs on M119. our regular vendors, giving 231-526-FARM.. a first time welcome to new vendors, and looking forward Wanted to music and fun. Our big new event this LOOKING FOR OLD PHOTOS OF year is “The Carrot Project.” HORSEBACK RIDING and details about the Little Traverse Bay Riding Each time you spend $10 at Academy in Harbor Springs area! the market, you can receive Please ID the location and HOME people BEAUTIFUL LOG WHAT A TREAT! a “carrot coupon,” good for for publication. Include stories too. on 1.7 acres with 207’ on the Country closedeals to discountsliving and but special Mail to Karin Offield, BreknRidge Sturgeon River, 4 bedrooms, mainparticipating activities. One mile to Farm, 7359 Lake Shore Dr., Harbor3 at merchants full baths, 2 halfdrop baths, walkSprings, MI. 49740, off at the public access.Look 8 on theCrooked day ofLake market. stable email toand lessontime@yaout or basement 2-car garage. for acresthe with 3 bedroom comfy “I Love My Farm Expansive decks with beautiful ket” homesticker for only withinof in $87,000 the windows views. Must be seen. $399,000! stores 8 milesand of Petoskey. A must to restaurants around see! town and check them out. We will• also be selling car231-347-4656 • 231-838-3111 231-838-3113 rot garden ornaments to raise awareness for the market. If you are merchant and are

For Rent

THREE BEDROOM DUPLEX. On Harrison St. $750/month plus utilities. Contact Stefan Scholl, Buyer’s Broker of Northern Michigan, LLC at 231-347-9600.

Mary Hartley’s friendly smile has been a staple in so many Harbor Springs establishments-- Boyne Highlands, Out to Lunch, Dr. Hoffman, and countless catering jobs-and now, her friends are asking the community to show their support for Hartley, as she battles an aggressive form of bladder cancer. A fundraiser is being held

interested in participating, please call Cyndi at (231) 3305575 before Thursday, June 14. We would love to add you. As the season starts, look for lots of lettuce, some delicious radishes and fresh herbs. New offerings this year include fresh hummus, homemade quiches, whitefish pate and chicken salad, trail mix, French macaroons, potted herbs and the return of fresh flowers. Meat, eggs,

fresh pasta, bread and pies are waiting for your taste buds. Special events dot our calendar and we welcome any local business, group or cause that would like to take advantage of our free tent/free table opportunity to reach a wide audience. It is offered as a one date arrangement; there are still openings on the calendar. The opening day of market is also National Juggling Day. If you are an amateur juggler

who would like to strut your stuff, come on down (and you can bring your tip jar). We want to see what you can do. Our musical entertainment will be the Peace Meal String Band. Meet you at the Market ~ Cyndi Kramer, Market Master

Downtown Petoskey Farmers Market opens June 22 The Petoskey Regional Chamber of Commerce invites you to join us again this year for our market that runs each Friday from 8:30 am to 12:30 pm from June 22 through September 28. The market will cover Howard Street between Michigan and Mitchell Streets downtown. According to the USDA, farmers markets allow consumers to have access to locally produced, farm-fresh food, and the opportunity to personally interact with producers and learn about their products. In addition, studies have shown that locally grown produce is fundamentally better tasting and healthier. Farmers markets offer great variety often providing smaller volume items not available in stores. And for many, visiting the farmers market is also just about supporting local farmers and doing their bit for the environment. “Our public wants to reconnect with farms, and find fresh and unusual and heirloom products,” states Kathy Bar-

dins, market master for the Petoskey Farmers Market. “It isn’t just about food, but also meeting your farmer, listening to local musicians and creating new relationships.” What are the benefits of buying at a farmers market? Farmers market produce is picked ripe and sold that day. You can taste the difference. You can meet the farmers who grow your food, ask when it was picked, how it was grown and ways to prepare it. You’ll find unusual varieties of fruits and vegetables – those bred for flavor, not uniform in size or ability to travel. Farmers markets put more money in the farmers’ pockets. Commercial farmers get only twenty-five cents of every dollar’s worth of produce sold in supermarkets. At the Farmers Market, they get the whole dollar and pay a small amount of rent. Buying locally grown produce encourages regional farming. When produce is grown

and purchased locally, the money remains in the community and stimulates the local economy. The Petoskey Farmers Market offers everything for your table – from breads and cheeses, meats and fish, fresh produce, honey, maple syrup, desserts – even flowers for your table. The Petoskey market is also purely local food from local farmers and foragers. There are no arts and crafts and limited wholesale items. And the Petoskey Market is growing with many new farms and vendors providing a wealth of choice for both residents and visitors. A committee of local growers works with the Chamber to support the growth and success of the market. This success benefits the growers, and also gives the residents and guests of Downtown Petoskey a chance to buy quality farm, fished, and foraged products. For more information, visit or call 231-347-4150.

City’s downtown summer parking restrictions being enforced


Reminder to all who park in the downtown that the 3 and 4 hour parking restrictions are now in effect. The signs designating these areas were installed last week, and the City Police Department has started enforcing the restrictions. People that have become accustomed to parking in the downtown spaces in the off season should park in non-restricted spaces if they wish to avoid a ticket.

In the Harbor Light Newspaper June 6-12 edition a story about Lacrosse suggested that the Native Americans challenged the British soldiers to play, however, they staged the game among themselves as a ruse. It was part of a broader strategic plan to gain access to the fort. Read about the event http://en.wikipedia. org/wiki/Fort_Michilimackinac.

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CITY OF HARBOR SPRINGS CITY COUNCIL MEETING SYNOPSIS June 4, 2012 1. All Council members were present. 2. Council approved the May 21, 2012 regular City Council meeting minutes as read. 3. Council approved bills in the amount of $766,379.43. 4. Council approved, by consensus, the “Aloha Classic Disc Golf Tournament” at Kiwanis Park from 9:00 a.m. to 4: p.m. on Saturday, August 18, 2012. 5. Council approved the “Resolution to Special Assess for Delinquent Utility Billings”. 6. Council approved, by consensus, the waiving of the Transient Merchants’ License fees for a North Country Kids Day Care fund raiser. 7. Council approved, by consensus, the City Manager’s authorization of outdoor entertainment at Fairview Square, as presented. 8. Council approved the “Proclamation Recognizing Max Frederick Wiggins for his Accomplishment in Earning the Rank of Eagle Scout”, and authorized the Mayor and City Clerk to sign the said Proclamation. 9. Council approved, by Consensus, rescheduling the proposed Bay Street Project from State Street east to Spring Street to the Spring of 2013. 10. Mayor Dika adjourned the meeting at 7:50 p.m. Ronald B. McRae City Clerk


City Dock before the Pier Bar

6  Harbor Light Community Newsweekly

Week of June 13-19, 2012

Harbor Springs...Now and Then Musings, memories & news about you By CYNTHIA MORSE ZUMBAUGH | 231.526.7842 I took the time in May to list all the things I would like to The 4 B’s: Bunter, books, apologize to my mother for Brooke & Brandon if I were given the opportuWe Read nity to do so. With Father’s Between the Covers Day coming up this week, I Open Mon-Sat 10-6, Sun 11-4 thought I should give equal 152 East Main, Harbor Springs 231.526.6658 time to those transgressions against my dad. My father and I were like oil and vinegar for many years. He grew up in a rather misogynist age and his sons generally If while you are reading did no wrong in his eyes, his this advertisement, daughters excelled at it and I was undoubtedly the worst of congratulations! the bunch. Somewhere between You’ve just found a wayfive and I went from to12, save money onbeing your his Let me show you baby girl to someone insurance coverage. who how with a quote on disagreed with him on practiCall me for He your cally every point. believed your personal or lowest premium. that women had a place and commercial coverage. should keep it. If you know me at all, you know that philosophy didn’t fly. Today’s dads are involved in school activities and most aspects of their kids’ lives right along with the moms; when you are raising eight children Gary Morsesalary, on a Call house painter’s Call Bryan Burley there isn’t much time for after school activities, nor, to be honest, would he have been interested if he had the time. I cannot imagine him sitting through a band concert or a by Burley Burley play; theyby just weren’t his cup of tea. When we were small, he rarely disciplined us and if it came to that, you could rest assured that Mom was at the 321 Spring St. Alanson 321 St. Alanson end ofSpring her rope and it was a Harbor Springs 7031 US 31 Harbor Springs 7031 US 31 last(231)526-2123 resort. (231)548-2211 (231)526-2123 (231)548-2211 My sisters were more compliant, Garden Peas I guess would be a good description, or maybe Harvested just smarter and good enough from our actresses to pretend to be Garden Daily. so; I’ve never had the gift of keeping my mouth shut when I probably should, so Dad and I had many battles. For example, they were not allowed to take drivers’ education, girls didn’t need to drive. I just rode my bike Weekdays 7 am - 4 pm to the school every day and 289 E. Main St. Harbor Springs did it and as soon as I turned 231-526-9611 sixteen, I bought my first car. Remember the old saying; it’s easier to ask forgiveness than

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permission? He didn’t help, but he didn’t try to hinder me, either. Going to college was another subject where that questionable logic applied; my parents helped or paid what they could when their sons wanted to go to school but when my sisters wanted to go, they did it on their own. Women who went to college were only interested in looking for their “MRS degree” and they’d just get married and drop out anyway. (That is a

quote, by the way.) But when it comes to the things that I need to either apologize or thank him for, there are many. For those nights when he and the National Weather Service told me to stay home but I insisted on going out, usually resulting in a phone call to rouse him from bed to come and get me out of a ditch, I apologize. For those mornings when it was drastically below zero and my car wouldn’t start and he

Obituaries Frances Desloge Frances Charlot Desloge passed away on Monday June 4, 2012 at McKnight Place Extended Care, St. Louis, MO at the age of 95. She was preceded in death by her beloved husband of 66 years Theodore P. Desloge, her daughter Rebecca A. Desloge, her brothers Fred S. Charlot and Ferguson Fowler, her sister Mary Ohman and her niece Mimi Franklin. Frances was born in St. Louis, MO on Febru- Frances Desloge ary 1, 1917 and graduated from Mary Institute in St. Louis. She led a very artistic life. For most of her adult life, she enjoyed painting in oils and watercolors, playing the piano, and her art works were shown in numerous exhibitions. She was also a sensitive poet and had several books of poetry published. For many years, she and her husband Ted lived in Harbor Springs, Michigan and Johns Island in Vero Beach, Florida. In her final years, Frances received wonderful care at Somerset House at Oak Harbor in Vero Beach FL. Special appreciation to Mary Ann Shaw and the “Desloge Ladies” for their wonderful concern and compassion. In her final months of life, Frances also received excellent treatment from the caring staff at McKnight Place Extended Care. Frances is survived by her son Theodore P. Desloge, Jr., and her daughter-in-law Linda of St. Louis, two granddaughters Michelle C. Desloge and Renee Desloge Nelson of Newport Beach, CA., her sister-in-law Lili Charlot, her nieces Lea Leet, Lita Charlot and Betsy Charlot-Cruz, and her nephew Fred S. A Private funeral service and interment at Calvary Cemetery were held in St. Louis, Missouri. In lieu of flowers, please consider a contribution to the Alzheimer’s Association, 9374 Olive Blvd., St. Louis, MO 63132 or to a charity of one’s choice.

Wayne Allerding

Wayne K. Allerding 89 of Little Traverse Twp. passed away June 8, 2012 at McLaren Northern Michigan Hospital. He was born Feb. 19, 1923 in Harbor Springs to Newton and Sarah (Krause) Allerding. He grew up in Harbor Springs where he attended school, graduating in 1942. He enlisted in the Army shortly after graduating and served until 1946. He returned to Harbor Springs and on July 3, 1951 he married Ruth Greenfield in Bellevue, Mi. and the couple made their home in Harbor Springs. Wayne had worked at Matthew’s Nursery from 1952-1984. He also served as Little Traverse Twp. Treasurer from 1965-2005 and had currently been serving as a township trustee for the past 8 years. In his earlier years he enjoyed bowling but his passion was being with his family and serving the township. 10-5 Wayne is survived by his wife, 3 children Nancy Topham and 721 W. Lake St. her husband Bill of Midland, Brian and his wife Deb of Harbor 231.526.5571 Springs and Sarah Matz and her husband Jim of Carrollton, Tx. Also surviving are his grandchildren Erin, Allison, Amy, Acoustic Angie, Guitar/Voice Shelley and Samantha and great grandchildren Liam, folk.blues.jazz Nola, Quinn and Cora. He is also survived by his brother Carl 439 Pine Street and his wife Virginia. Wayne was preceded in death by his Harbor Springs, MI 49740 brothers Richard, Claude, Nelson and Asa and by his sisters Gladys Belanger and Clara Engler. Don’t miss Hank & Stan with Bo White & the Tarczon Bros. Rhythm Section (Herb Glahn + Bob Bowne = “Hank & Stan”) A memorial gathering will take place on Sat. June 30 from Saturday, Sept. 12 - From 8pm2-4:00 - before 12am PM at the Little Traverse Twp. Hall. In lieu of flowers At Little Traverse Bay Golf Club (in the tent) donations may be made to Little Traverse Twp. to help maintain Free-will offerings for Manna Food Project are encouraged and improve the scenic overlook park on M-119. Online condolences may be made

had to take the time to start it (and he would usually scrape off my windows and warm the car up for me,) I apologize. I remember him driving me to from our house on LaCount Road, also known as the snow capital of Northern Michigan, to Boyne Highlands through massive drifts and blowing snow in the winters of the late seventies and early eighties because I insisted on going to work and he didn’t want me to be driving in that weather. For the time that I decided to paint all my bedroom furniture a bright, fuchsia pink, and I will share that painting skills are NOT hereditary, thus creating substantial work for him, I apologize. We won’t even discuss what I did to the walls. I rented the same house for about 15 years and I only had to call the landlord a handful of times altogether. It was easier to call Dad and make him come down and take the drain apart to retrieve my lost contact lens or put a new fuse in when I had blown one and I refused to go into the basement in the dark to fix it. Easier for me, at least. For that, too, I apologize. Finally, and in all seriousness, the one thing that I would most like to apologize for is for not listening to his stories from the war. My father has three purple hearts, a silver star, a bronze star and many other medals from his service in World War II; I cannot tell you details on why he received any of them. He used to try to tell us stories when I was young, but I WAS young and who wants to hear about things that happened four decades before? By the time I had developed enough maturity and sense to appreciate what he had done and to want to hear his stories, he was reluctant to share them. That’s a regret that I cannot change, but I do most sincerely apologize. His sacrifice merited our attention and it didn’t really ever receive it. So on Sunday, treasure your dad if he is still here for you to do so, thank him for what you can and apologize just on principle; there is undoubt-

edly a reason. And if he’s gone, remember all those good times with a smile. I know that this will be a difficult Father’s Day for many area families and it is with deep sadness that we add another to that list. Very sincere condolences to the family of Wayne Allerding; he meant so much to that family and to the community, he will be missed. Almost simultaneously as she retired from the High School office, Pat Kaniarz developed some medical issues and will be going through treatment and rehab for the next little while. She is doing well and welcomes your cards and letters, which can be sent to Pat Kaniarz, Sparrow Hospital Room 635-1, 1215 E. Michigan Ave., Lansing. MI 48912. Happy belated anniversary wishes to Chris and Sandy Petrowski on June 12 and congratulations to Karen Weber-Jensen on her new grandson, Gavin, who joined mom Courtney, dad Chris and big sister Makayla on June 3. Lots of birthday wishes to share, starting with a Happy Birthday to Susan Klimas, Lynda Pettit, Carol Morse LeBlanc and Mike Bergey on the 15th. Birthday wishes on the 16th to Sally Frisbey and Jessica Swiss Saxton and on the 17th to Theresa Ingram. Drop in and wish Rad McCready a Happy Birthday on the 18th and if you are making the journey to Mackinac Island, be sure to give Captain Chris Shepler your best wishes on the 19th. Also sending birthday wishes and a welcome back to Harbor to Dr. Dixon Spivy on the 19th and finally, Happy Birthday to Jennifer Sanderson Werden, Steve Tippett and Nick Whitaker on the 20th. One last note on last week’s column, kudos to Tina Cummings Lemon who remembered the words to another cheer from Kindergarten Graduation that I had forgotten and to Dave Smith, who called me to recite his entire welcome speech from that program. Good to know we all have brain cells still functioning.

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Weekofof June 13-19, Week Apr. 14-20, 2010 2012

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Harbor Newsweekly  7   HarborLight Light Community Community Newsweekly


Order photo reprints of Harbor People, Events, Noteworthy Items Share your special events and happenings Light Newspaper photos at Share your special events 526-2191 | 526-2191 •

If within the next few weeks you have a birthday, If within theanniversary next few weeks a birthday, engagement, oryou anyhave other special engagement, occasion to anniversary or any other special occasion to announce, please announce, please tell us and we’ll be happy to print it in this tell us and we’ll be happy to print it in this column, free of charge column, free of charge (with certain limitations set by the (with certain limitations by the publisher). Contact us by publisher). Contact us bysettelephone, fax, mail or e-mail. telephone, fax, mail or e-mail. Information must be received Information must be received no later than Monday noon no later than Monday noon before that Wednesday’s edition. before that Wednesday’s edition. Listings should be sent to: HarborLight LightNewspaper, Newspaper,Attn: Attn: Listings should be sent to: Harbor Community Diary, Third St., Harbor Springs, MI 49740; Community Diary,211 211E. E. Third St., Harbor Springs, MI fax to 231-526-7634; telephone 231-526-2191; 49740; fax to 231-526-7634; telephone 231-526-2191; or eor e-mail mail

Live, silent auction fundraiser for local resident SPECIAL TO HARBOR LIGHT NEWSPAPER

Golf packages, hand-crafted furniture, jewelry, salon products, lawn maintenance and fertilizing, and pet grooming supplies and products are just a few of the many items that will be offered during

Locks of Love . . . The calendars are beginning to fill up with coming events Biological Station Rachel Morris,as 18, and activities wea head into the first week of summer. senior at Harbor Springs High School Harbor Springs History Museum had 20” of her hair The Harbor Springs History Museum summer hours becut off on April 9, gin June 19: Tues through Saturday, 11 am to 3 pm. The new 2010 with the help temporary exhibit, A Delightful Destinaton: Little Traverse of Madge Heinz at Bay at the Turn of the Century, will be on display beginning The Hair House of Thursday, June 15. Harbor Springs. Andrew Blackbird Museum Rachel willJ. send her Andrew J. Blackbird Museum is open for the season with cutThe hair along to the exhibit “The Beauty of Quillwork”, The museum is open Locks of Love, a Mon-Fri, 10 am-4 pm and Sat noon to 4 pm. It is located at 368 non-profit organizaE Mainwhere St, Harbor Springs (Lookinto for the Totem Pole). more tion, it will be made a hair piece forFor a child information, Joyce Shagonaby 231-526-2705. suffering fromclal long-term medical hair loss. And Rachel has a fun new hairMarket style to enjoy! (Courtesy Photo) Farmer’s

The Harbor Springs Farmer’s Market opens for the season The Northern Michigan Chorale announces their annual this Saturday, June 16, 9-1 and will be held Wed & Sat, 9-1 Vocal Music Scholarship grant. These scholarships are through Labor Day. Located on W. Main St available for anyone of high school age or older. Applicants Fathers Day at PondofHill need to be a resident Northern Michigan. Letters of Pond Hill Farm has some eventsMay for Free fun for Dads which application are due by Friday, 7, 2010 and need to will include a free tastingand of each of their TunnelAlso, Vision include name, address phone number. inHard the Ciders alongletter, with 4specify free shots the Squash Rocket. There will application the on planned use for the grant - such also be hayrides, $4 per person, 4 and under are students free, and as vocal lessons or music campkids assistance. Vocal lunchHigh available from the Gardenshould Café. Many othera fun events and School applicants provide letter of recommendation from your music instructor. Auditions will also. Pond Hill is located 5 miles north of downtown Harbor take place Mon,231-526-FARM. May 17 at 7:00 pm at the Petoskey United Springs onon M119. Methodist Church, 1804 E. Mitchell. Send letters of Father’s Day Cruise-In application to Northern Michigan Chorale, Box 51, Petoskey, There will be the Father’s Day Cruise-In on Sun, June 17 MI 49770. For more information, contact Meredith Richter at hosted by First Presbyterian Church of Harbor Springs. Cars will 347-9717. be on display from 9-noon. There are no fees and the event, a non-judged event, open to theinpublic. For more The folks at Holy Cross Parish Cross Village willinformation be hosting about the event, call Guy Brittion, 231-526-1233. church a Pancake/Egg/Sausage breakfast on Sunday,The April 18, is at the corner of Lake St and Cemetery Rd. serving from 8-11 am in the Fr. Al Parish Center. Cost is $5

which includesIn-Water all the pancakes can eat! Contact Sue Bay Harbor Boat you Show Parson at 526-2874 for more information. At Bay Harbor the Fathers Day Weekend features the Bay Harbor In-Water Boat Show June 15-17. Friday 3-8 pm; Sat 10 Happy Birthday Frank whoand celebrates April 15 am-8 pm; Sun 10to am-3 pm.Lauer In-Water On-Landon Exhibitors; from your family and friends. GM Ride and Drive Event and more. For more information, Hana Ketterer will be celebrating her birthday on April 16 contact the Harbormaster Office 231-439-2544 with her family and friends - have a great day!

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live and silent auctions as mirror and two cedar part of a Saturday, April 17, Adirondack chairs; a gift cerfund-raiser to support a local tificate for sky diving or a woman undergoing treatment scenic aerial tour; handmade WEEK'S HIGH for cancer. quilts, table cloths and other on Mon, April 12 WEEK’S HIGH Amy Peterson, 35, of Harbor products; gift certificates to Springs has breast cancer and numerous area restaurants; a On Mon., June 11 is facing approximately one portable BBQ grill; a pig roast; F year of treatment along with 10 cords of pole wood; jewWEEK'S LOW chemotherapy. She has no elry including earrings, braceWEEK’S LOW health insurance coverage lets and necklaces; and much, on On Sat,Fri., April 108 June and the April 17 benefit will much more! Friends of the Harbor SpringstreatArea District Library Community Center, sort help support her during “We areand very, very pleased F booksand to berecovery. sold at theirThe upcoming andthe Collectible Books Sale. ment ben- Rare with number and quality For the most part, the weather efit is sponsored by VFW Post of items we’ve received for It was back to much more this past week was what is often Rare, Booksthe Sale 22 auctions,” seasonal 2051 andCollectible American Legion live June and silent conditions this past called perfect Northern Michigan PostHarbor 281. Springs - More than said Roger Mays,autographed Building week 200 first-editions, night time temearlywith summer conditions. Most The other numerous local resi- Manager andbe Quartermaster/ and rare and collectible books will for sale on June peratures days hadhovering sunny skies, temperaat or bedents involved collecting Chief Financial for lowtures the mid mark 70s and no hu22, 2012, in thein library of Holy Childhood Church,Officer 150 W. Main theinfreezing while donations from area busiVFW Post 2051. “Individuals midity! There was a downpour St, downtown Harbor Springs. The event, open to the public, warming to the mid-50s durnesses community evening buthad by Saturday will beand from 6-8:30 pm.resi- and businesses in our com- ingFriday the day. We some it was clear and sunny again. The dents have been overmunity have been outstandAmong the books is a three-set collection from 1841 entitled rain, about 3” of wet snow weekend high temperatures got whelmed byofthe ingHonorable with their Warren support.Hastings, There which disappeared quite “Memoirs theoutpouring Life of the Right to the high 80s so the beaches ofFirst community support. will by be The something everybut it is of Governor General of Bengal” Rev. G.R.for Gleig, M.A. quickly were busydid forremind the firstusblast Just a few of theset items for one at the benefit,” he said. stillsummer. only April. Condtions Another unusual includes 40 volumes in the “Booklovers’ Dry conditions, midthe live and silent Shakespeare” auction Mays wanted the com- remain dry - will predictions Edition of William fromalso 1901. 60s-mid-70s let all enjoyof outinclude: boat rental; munityedition to know is with the first at the end of several the week Morefloat recent books areThe the 1946-47 ofthis “Fun Dick rain doors for the next days! Pier golf time and thata 1933 American andPointer Jane” Byboat Grayrides; and Arbuthnot, editionLegion of “The hopefully may produce those packages from several area Post 281 and VFW Post 2051 April showers Weather neededhighlights to enWind in the Willows” by Kenneth Grahame. brought to you resorts; furni-signed haveby come spon- courage our spring things to Therehand-crafted are many books the together authors, to including weekly by: ture including a picnic table, sor an event. burst forth. the 1949 “With a Feather on My Nose” by Billie Burke (she played Glinda, the good witch of the North in “The Wizard of Oz” movie). Books include classic literature, history, the arts, Weather sports, contemporary fiction, poetry, children’s literature and Highlights brought to you the outdoors. Community Salutes Admission is free to the wine-and-cheese reception and each week by: sale. All purchases must be cash or personal check only (no Appreciates credit cards). volunteers Proceeds go to the sponsoring organization, the Friends of As an unknown writer said, “When work, commitment and Sampled at Irish Boat Shop the Harbor Springs Area District Library and Community Cenpleasure all become one and you reach that deep well where on Monday, June 11 ter. This 501c3 is working to establish a public district library passion lives, nothing is impossible”. The volunteers of the and community center to serve the 8,000 residents of Harbor Last week: 52º Women’s Resource Center of Northern Michigan, Inc. (WRC) Springs and surrounding townships. The group’s regular used are a shining example of how passion translates into book sale The of children’s and adult books willby be community the following Brought to you courtesy of possibility. WRC was founded in 1977 day (Saturday, June 23) from 9 am-3 pm next to the Harbor Irish Boat Shop members who had a dream of building an agency committed Farmer’s Market. toSprings equality, justice and the well-being of women in Northern For specific aboutinto the the rareformation book sale,ofplease Michigan. Theirinformation passion bloomed the email or call 231-526-7140. organization’s multitude of human service programs and

61 89 54 28


The University of Michigan Ainsley Osterlund Biological Station will offer two mini-courses for adult Hair to Share enrichment in June. Forest and Landscape 10, Ecol-of Ainsley Osterlund, ogy asks, “Why do plants Harbor Springs, daughter grow where do?” Susof Julie andthey Erik, recently tainable Urbanism: Urban donated some of her hair to Design with Nature, examChildren with Hair Loss. It is ines the links between human a Michigan-based non-profit settlement patterns cliorganization that is aand resource mate change. for all children who have Both classes are taught onmedically related hair loss. siteAinsley at and near the University is going to be in the of5th Michigan Stagrade atBiological Shay Elemention which is located on the tary in the fall and is looking south side of Douglas Lake forward to staying cool this near Pellston. summer with her new short Mini-Courses allow inhair. Linda Burrows at Salon depth study of an environ422 in downtown Petoskey mental topic in a friendly, cut off one of the pony tails supportive atmosphere. They and Ainsely’s mom Julie cut are taught by individuals who off the other. are leaders in their field and “It was fun,” Julie said. “We are well acquainted with the are proud of her for donating Biological Station and Northto an important cause!” ern Michigan. Scientists, teachers and “laymen” interested in learning something new have all benefitted from the Mini-Courses. The Biological Station offers spring and summer classes for college students and is the site of many research projects conducted by scientists from across the lives on 33 years later through the hard work and country. For more informa- commitment of the many volunteers who continue to actively tion on the Biological Station support the agency. During National Volunteer Week, April 18-24, the WRC celebrates the many accomplishments of our volunteer team. Answer to last week’s puzzle Over 4,800 hours of service were donated to the agency in the Answer to last week’s puzzle past year through the dedication of our volunteers. Our volunteer staff support families at the Safe Home, ring up sales and stock merchandise at the Gold Mine Resale Shops, serve on the Board of Directors, assist with agency mailings, answer the 24-hour crisis phone line, style hair at the Safe Home, do facility upkeep and maintenance, and other important tasks. St. John’s Episcopal Church Our volunteers touch the lives ofJune hundreds 19 - Sept.of 4 individuals and families served by the WRCSunday in Antrim, Services: Charlevoix, 8:30 a.m.Last & 10:30 Cheboygan, Emmet, and Otsego counties. yeara.m. alone, the West St. WRC provided safety and advocacy to 595Third/Traverse victims of domestic All Welcome abuse in Northern Michigan including 2,727 nights of housing provided to 167 women and children at the Safe Home. The support of our volunteers plays a critical role in the agency’s ability to provide these vital services to those in need. We salute the passion and possibility that WRC volunteers bring to our organization and community! Jamie Winters Safe Home Coordinator Women’s Resource Center of Northern Michigan, Inc.

In Appreciation

Tax Efficient Complete Landscape-Maintenence, Design, Installation Sprinkler System Activation-Service Lawn Care, Turf Fertilization & Grub Control “Serving Harbor Springs Area Since 1993” Mark Keller, Owner Licensed and Insured P.O. Box 504 Harbor Springs, MI 49740 Phone: 231-526-8420


Water Temperature

Little Traverse Bay


Little Traverse Bay Water Temperature ° Church 33

Temperature: F


Sampled at Irish Boat Shop Monday, Apr. 12 Updates and

directory additions, Last week: LIQUID ICE Call Ruth 526-2191 Brought to you courtesy of

St. John’s Church IrishEpiscopal Boat Shop June 17 - Sept. 2

Sunday Services: 8:30 a.m. & 10:30 a.m. Seasonal Residents West Third/Traverse St. All Welcome Don’t forget to change your The Catholic Communities of address with us if you are L’Arbre Croche moving to or from MASS SCHEDULE Harbor Springs Holy Childhood of Jesus Church, Call (231) 526-2191 Harbor Springs Saturdaynews@ 5:00 pm; Sunday 8:30 am & 11:00 am Holy Cross Church Cross Village Saturday 4 pm St. Nicholas Church LakeCommunities The Larks Catholic Sunday ,Croche 11:00 am of L’Arbre 231-526-2017 Holy Childhood of Jesus Church, StutsmanvilleChapel•Sunday Harbor Springs 9:30 am,&Sunday Sat.Worship: 5 pm; Sun 8:30 11 am, Worship: 11:00 am • Primary Tues 6 pm, Wed, Thur,Fri 8:00 am& Adults School: 9:30 am • Holy CrossSunday Church-Cross Village Ed Warner, Pastor • 526-2335 Sat 4 pm 2988 N. Church-Larks State Rd. St. Nicholas Lake Ma11:00 in Street Sun, am Baptist Church 544 E. MainChapel St, Harbor Springs Stutsmanville • 231-526-6733 (Church); 231Sunday Worship: 9:30 am 526-5434 (Pastor) Family SunSunday Worship: 11:00• am day & School: a.m.; Morning Primary Adults10:00 Sunday School: Family Worship: 11:00; Evening 9:30 am Family Pastor Praise Svc 6:00 p.m.; Ed Warner, 526-2335 BibleRd., Study & Prayer: 7:00 2988Wed N. State Main Baptist Church Church NewStreet Life Anglican 544 E. Main St, Harbor Springs Worship: Sunday , 10:00 am • 231-526-6733 (Church) 619 Waukazoo Ave, Petoskey. 231-526-5434 (Pastor) Phone 231-347-3448 Family Sunday School: 10:00 a.m. Morning Worship: HarborFamily Springs United 11:00 Evening Family Praise Svc 6:00 p.m. Methodist Church 343 E. Main St. • Worship, New Sunday Life Anglican Church school:11:00 a.m. Worship: Sunday @ amof Communion: 1st10:00 Sunday 619 month Waukazoo Ave, Petoskey. • Pastor Mary Sweet • Phone 231-347-3448 231-526-2414 (church) • Harbor Springs United First Presbyterian Church Methodist Church 8:00 worship; 8:50 Adult Ed; Worship, Nursery, 10:00 am Worship & Children’s Junior Church: 11:00 Sunday School, 11:00 Coffee FelCommunion: monthPaslowship • 1st JimSunday Pollard,ofSenior Bible Pastor-led Bible tor Study: • 526-7332 • 7940 Cemetery Study 3:00 p.m. Wed Rd,atHarbor Springs Pastor, Kathy Cadarette


Unitarian Universalist First Presbyterian Church Congregation 8:50 Adult Ed of Petoskey Services at Oden Community 10:00 Worship & Building, 8470 Luce St., Oden Children’s Sunday School May through October 11:00 Fellowship: 1stCoffee and 3rd Sundays of the month Jim at Pollard, Senior Pastor 11 a.m. 526-7332 Religious education for children 7940231-348-9882 Cemetery Rd, Harbor Springs

8  Harbor Light Community Newsweekly

Week of June 13-19, 2012

Photo Feature

The cargo area of the B-17 bomber is outfitted with four .50 caliber machine guns, one on either side and two on the belly of the plane.

Harbor Light photos by Graham Gettel, Charles O’Neill and Mark Flemming WWII veterans Charles Bayless and James M. King pose for a photo after riding in the “Yankee Lady” bomber on Friday, June 8.

The clear nose of the plane holds two .50 caliber machine guns to protect the crew and the massive amounts of explosives intended to destroy enemy targets.

This panel shows the nose gunner the airspeed, altitude, time, temperature and controls the bomb release.

Visit to view a photo slideshow.

Harbor Light Community Newsweekly  9

Week of June 13-19, 2012

WWII ‘Flying Fortress’ visits Pellston -CONTINUED from page 1.

Currently, the Yankee Air Museum(YAM) owns a version of the Boeing B-17G Flying Fortress called the “Yankee Lady”. The museum opens up the bomber to public viewing through airshows, flybys, film, and paid warbird rides at Yspilanti, Michigan. Pellston Regional Airport re-

cently hosted the Yankee Lady for three days of community tours and private rides. Along with the “Yankee Lady”, YAM owns three other flyable aircraft, the B25, C47, and V-77. The planes are flown for the museum by volunteer pilots like John Rule, who flew the B-17 bomber Friday,

June 8, 2012 for two world war veterans, Charles Bayless and James M. King. WWII Vet Donald Brazones, of Petoskey, was specially recognized for his service to the U.S. Brazones served in the 8th Air Force during WWII, and was shot down in a B-17 bomber -- the same as the Yankee Lady

-- over Germany. He and one other soldier survived the crash, and they were held Prisoners of War for two years. Brazones received a number of standing ovations and salutes on Saturday during the Yankee Lady’s visit to Pellston Regional Airport. The worth of the aircrafts

is spelled out by the motto of the museum’s Yankee Air Force, “the price of freedom is not free.” The museum’s goal is to keep memories of its planes-and their former pilots-- alive by exposing the history of WWII and its aircrafts to the world.

“Those were my heroes,” stated Yankee Air Force member Bob Hynes. For more information on the Yankee Air Museum, visit

Come watch “the world go by” at Harbor Springs’ newest dining destination: The Depot Club & Restaurant.

Enjoy culinary creations by award-winning Chef Robert Vala on the Depot Patio. Opening to members & the public for lunch and dinner on Monday, June 18. We look forward to welcoming you & your family to the Depot Club & Restaurant this summer! 111 W. Bay Street, Harbor Springs ~ ~ Tel: 231.242.4233

10  Harbor Light Community Newsweekly

Wind turbine installed -CONTINUED from page 1.

“We put the turbine up for a variety of reasons,” said Craig Rapin. “Basically, we want to keep the environmental impact of our farm and kitchen as low as possible, and we want to promote the use of alternative energy sources. Investing in wind energy is consistent with our goal to conserve our natural resources. More than 75-percent of the energy the turbine produces goes into the grid to provide clean energy for our community.” “When most people think of wind turbines they think of utility scale,” said Stahl. “But we also do smaller units. ‘Point-of-use’ is where it’s at for a lot of people. You own the energy and you use it.”

Week of June 13-19, 2012


with the hope that this success will help to bring more wind turbines to northern Michigan. “This is breaking ground below the bridge. We are encouraged that this will help us get through other systems,” Stahl said in a recent interview. Lake Effect Energy has installed eight systems in the Upper Peninsula. Stahl noted zoning ordinances and restrictions have been the biggest deterrence in the mitten. In the case of Bliss Gardens, a new noise ordinance was Bliss Gardens recently held a petitioned by nearby neighceremony to celebrate the instalbors to allow the one-time lation of the farm and commu“Reid Indeed” exception for the energy nity kitchen’s new windmill. The generator. With the addition windmill, which was installed by of a sound monitoring system Lake Effect Energy, is slated to produce enough clean energy that will conduct a soft shutto make the property almost endown should the unit exceed tirely self-sufficient. Owner Mary noise levels; the turbine was Rapin, pictured right, welcomed approved by the county. community members to the farm, “Bliss Gardens is going honoring the move to a more to use the generated power sustainable future for the property. for anything and everything (Photos by Mark Flemming) --from the appliances in the community kitchen to the hot water heater and washer and dryer,” Stahl said. He added that Mary and Craig Rapin, owners of Bliss Gardens, are also considering installing electric baseboard heat to be powered by the turbine, which would make the property almost selfsufficient. Stahl explained that the community kitchen has been using about 12 kilowatts of energy a year. The new turbine will allow for 22-25 kilowatt hours, and Stahl said “they will grow into that.” Most agricultural and business wind energy systems qualify for incentives, tax deductions, and Rural Energy for America Program grants (renewable energy improvement program). Stahl said an investment similar to the Bliss wind turbine can be anywhere from a two-six-percent return.



50% Off


Free Set-Up & Delivery Old Mattress Removal

Celebrating 83 Years of Quality Open

Mon-Fri 9-5:30 Saturday 9-4:00

307 E. Mitchell St. Petoskey 231-347-2942

View Area Property for sale online | Search by MLS # • 231-526-1100 BIRCHWOOD | MLS #429350 | $1,850,000

HARBOR SPRINGS | MLS #428743 | $205,000

HARBOR SPRINGS | MLS #432142 | $174,500



50% Off

Impressive, 10,000+ sf (including indoor pool) contemporary home in Birchwood overlooking a pond and Lake Michigan. Two master suites on the main floor. Totally updated in 2011. JILL VAN ALSTYNE (231) 838-3817

Energy efficient newer home w/ 12” sidewalls, 3 BRs and prof. landscaping. Fireplace, hardwood, tile & walk-in pantry. Lower level has its own kitchen, dining & family area. Possible land contract. JOHN CARR (231) 526-4000

Private setting on two wooded acres very close to town. Well maintained 3 bedroom, 2 bath home with large detached garage. RICH ROCHETTE (231) 838-2911

HARBOR SPRINGS | MLS #433817 | $112,900

BIRCHWOOD | MLS #432871 | $170,000

HARBOR SPRINGS | MLS #427902 | $289,500

Nice neighborhood with larger lots. This 3 bedroom 2 bath home has an open floor plan that includes the kitchen, dining and living rooms. Full unfinished basement with a walkout. DEBRA SCHIRMER (231) 632-6353

Value-priced 3BR/3.5BA Birchwood home in pretty, wooded setting. Large deck opens to dining and living rooms. Wood burning fireplace in LR, Master Suite, Lower level features family room with wet bar. SUSAN SCHWADERER (231) 330-5102

Great lake views from this bluff lot, south side of M-119, property views Petoskey towards Bay Harbor. One story living, full basement, 2-car attached garage, big brick wood-burning fireplace, neat & clean. JIM SZOCINSKI (231) 838-6642


Free Delivery & Free Set-Up Free Old Mattress Removal

Celebrating 85 Years of Quality Open

“Reid Indeed”

Mon-Fri 9-5:30 Saturday 9-4:00

307 E. Mitchell St, Petoskey • 231-347-2942 •

Stop by Emmet Brick and Block and see their display of beautiful stone BBQ Islands – easy & quick to assemble, affordable & customizable. Just add your stainless steel gas grill & cabinetry. You’ll be the envy of your neighbors!

Across from the Harbor Springs Airport

Week of June 13-19, 2012

Harbor Light Community Newsweekly  11  

Harbor Springs to utilize Alanson District Library

Registration for Conservancy summer youth programs now open

-CONTINUED from page 1.

Registration for the Little Traverse Conservancy’s summer environmental education programs is now open. This summer, the Conservancy has expanded its summer education program offerings into three age groups to best suit the broad range of development in the younger ages. All programs are offered at no charge, but space is limited and pre-registration is required to allow staff to prepare supplies and ensure a quality experience.

increase is a result of changing the fee structure for municipalities to use the library. “Before, we were basing rates on (the number of) used library cards, but that isn’t necessarily the best way to measure, because not everyone uses the card; they may come to read or use the internet. We felt the fairest way was to base it on millage levels,” Sherrard said. She said the new fee structure would be based on fourtenths of a mill. Sherrard went on to say that the Petoskey library is taking hit as Harbor Springs transitions to the new agreement. “We are losing 922 card holders at the end of the month,” Sherrard noted. Currently, the recently formed Harbor Springs Dis-

trict Library Board is serving as the entity that will dictate Harbor Springs services, however, the new agreement must be approved by all members covered under the district’s service area. This includes West Traverse, Little Traverse, Readmond, Cross Village and Pleasantview townships, as well as the city of Harbor Springs. Once the agreement is approved, it will be signed by a representative of the District Library Board and the Alanson District Library. Bob Sanford, who represents West Traverse Township on the District Library Board, noted his township faced a major price hike as well. “It was strictly a financial decision,” Sanford said. Richards went on to say that

the new agreement specifies all penalty fines given by the Harbor Springs Police Department (speeding/parking violations etc.) will support the Alanson District Library. A three-dollar per resident fee will also be paid by the city of Harbor Springs to the library. Each township will also be responsible for a similar fee, comparable to what each was contributing to Petoskey in the past. Richards noted that it is not a requirement of city municipalities to fund district library services, but said that all of the involved townships have done it in the past and agree to continue such support. The

Alanson District Library offers district library services such as the Michigan Electronic Library system. If the Harbor Springs District Library millage fails to garner voter approval in November and the group is dissolved, Harbor Springs residents will be directly linked with the Alanson library. Richards said City Council had planned to approve the agreement during Monday’s meeting, however, it must first be reviewed by all parties. The agreement is planned to be approved before the July 1 expiration of the Petoskey agreement.

Knee-High Naturalist Programs – for ages 3-5 Three, one-hour programs on Tuesdays beginning June 19. 9:30 am, 11 am, and 1 pm

Junior Naturalist Programs – for ages 6-8

Two programs on Wednesdays beginning June 20 Offered in partnership with Walloon Lake Land Trust & Conservancy 10-11:15 am; 1-2:15 pm

Adventure Naturalist Programs – for ages 9-12

Thursdays from 10 am to noon beginning June 21 For program details and locations, please visit www. or call (231) 347-0991.

Resident builds skydiving business based in Harbor Springs -CONTINUED fro page 1.


University of California, San “This was enough to break door night movies. Kurtz’s Diego to earn an Aerospace even,” Kurtz said. original plan involved the use Engineering degree. Kurtz added he’s a little of the empty Hotel Janelle lot In addition to attending shocked to find himself for its bowl shaped grass area school and teaching an ex- where he is today -- 12 years that could provide stadiumtreme sport, Kurtz also re- later. Jumpers come from all like seating. Harbor Springs tained an electrician’s license; over to experience the thrill, city council is allowing the it’s another testament to his and stunning bird’s eye view, library and Kurtz to organize “jack of all trades” personality. Skydive Harbor Springs of- the event with permission of He went on to take his passion fers. Jumpers can take in nearby neighbors. So far, the for diving out of airplanes to aerial sights of Beaver Island, noise after dark has been a the competitive level, in single Grand Traverse Bay and the concern. It is likely the movfile jumping (vertical forma- Mackinac Bridge. Kurtz added ies will run after Street Mution skydiving). that Skydive boasted 15,000 sique (downtown music and Original • Rare Books • Regional Local entertainment on Kurtz said his love for one Art tandem jumps last season. and children’s Signs • Norman Brumm Golf of the scariest sports around The new phone center,Artwork which • Thursday evenings), but Kurtz stemmed from his undying answers calls for all • six of said Collectibles & Autographs Russian Artone & of the parks near the need “to do something excit- Kurtz’s skydive locations, not waterfront Carvings • Christmas Gifts • European Antiques looks like a more ing.” only employs locals, but also feasible location, at this point. Adventure is also what mo- brings in money from around “We will just keep working tivated Kurtz to start a skydive the country. on a plan that makes everyone St. center in Harbor Springs. The Happy248 withState the continued happy,” Kurtz said. first summer of his new busi- growthHarbor of his business The idea behind starting Springsand ness, he owned just one para- how it 231-526-5900 is has helped bring the movies came from Kurtz’s chute and rented an airplane. tourists to town, Kurtz said theory that Harbor Springs He borrowed $10,000 from he hopes to help grow the needs to do more to retain to Harbor Springs Office the bank and passed out Next economy of the area inPost other young people and boost its as many flyers he could. In ways. downtown atmosphere. The return, he took 160 tandem Most recently, Kurtz has idea was also modeled after (with instructor) jumpers on teamed up with the library downtown evening events a major adrenaline-pumping in downtown Harbor Springs in Petoskey and Charlevoix, adventure. with plans of presenting out- where Kurtz spent his youth.

Closing for Season: Labor Day

Old Sport & Gallery

Petoskey Stone Marbles

Comprehensive Dental Care

Mark Makela D.D.S. P.C. Second Opinions Offered - Experience Matters • Now Accepting New Patients • Extended Hours for Your Convenience • Same Day Emergencies • Most Insurances Accepted

Call Today 231-347-2511 ...or visit our website at Conveniently located between Petoskey and Harbor Springs on M119

Despite his thoughts that there is room for improvement as far as making Harbor Springs more accessible to a younger crowd, Kurtz said he does feel lucky to be part of such a special community. “Living here is a nice combination of quiet and feeling connected to cities by interesting people and conversations. And all the while experiencing the beauty of northern Michigan.” Kurtz said he especially loves the northern Michigan summers. He and his new wife, Mary, are fond of taking their sailboat across the bay to get soup, or riding the bike trails. The pair even celebrated their big day in Harbor Springs just a few weeks ago. The reception was held in Kurtz’s airplane hanger. “I spent 18 years trying to leave and the next 10 years trying to get back,” he said with a laugh.

12  Harbor Light Community Newsweekly

Week of June 13-19, 2012

Children may “Dream BIG” at the Petoskey Library this summer The Sign-up Periods for the Petoskey District Library’s summer programs have begun for all area children, including; those who have just completed grades K-5, teenagers and early childhood. A valid Petoskey District Library (PDL) card is the only item necessary for a child or teen to participate. Families without a card should call the library at 758-3100 to find out how to get one or check <>. Participants will receive a packet that will contain: a Reading Record, a Program Pamphlet, sticker, Bookmark and Program Calendar. This summer’s Elementary and Early Childhood theme is “Dream BIG…Read!” A number of special events have

been scheduled this summer that include: Once Upon a Puppet presenting “Jock and the Beanstalk,” Magician Jeff Wawrzaszek, The Acting Up Theatre Company presenting “Dream Big Bear, Read!” and the Organization for Bat Conservation presenting “Join the Night Life.” Creative crafts will also be featured at “Tuesday Crafternoons” from June 12 – July 24 at 4:00 p.m. and will feature a book or books and an accompanying“dream” craft. In addition, “Thursdays at the Movies,” will be held every Thursday from June 14 - July 26 from 2-3:30 p.m. and will feature: “”Fly Me to the Moon,” “The Owl Man,” “Opal Dream,” “Despicable Me,” “Hugo,” ‘Big,” and “Bedknobs and Broomsticks.” Children’s

authors, Mary D. Bowman and Mary Agria will offer programs on July 10 and July 17 respectively. The library will also sponsor a “Buy One, Get One Free” Book Fair from July 27 – August 5. Complete calendars will be given to participants when they sign up or may be downloaded at the library’s web site now (www., click “Youth Services”, click “Kids” and scroll down the page). Event dates and times will also be available on the events pages at the library’s web site <>. All events are free to Petoskey Public Library cardholders except as otherwise noted on the calendar. Anyone is welcome to attend any of the programs but a $1.00/person donation is requested of those who do not have a PDL card. The library will recognize reading achievement with honors and prizes as follows: At 5 books or 2 hours of reading, a program participation certificate will be awarded, at 20 books or 10 hours of reading, a sticker will be added to the certificate, the reader’s name will

be added to the “Wall of Fame” display at the library and on the web site and the reader will receive a level I prize consisting of a “Dream BIG…Read!” book bag with some little prizes inside. At 50 books or 25 hours of reading, a special reading certificate will be sent to the reader’s school in the fall, his/her name will be added to another display at the library and the web site and s/he will receive a Level 2 prize. Those who wish recognition for a higher level of achievement may compete for 1 of 10 plaques to be awarded to the top 10 readers at the Summer Program Awards Night on September 24. Children may also become eligible for a Level III prizes, after the 50 book/25 hour level, by completing a project from the “Dream BIG…Read! FunSheet” that will be available August 1. A prize display will be available at the library during the summer as well. Individuals or businesses wishing to encourage literacy by donating prizes may call Ron Fowler at 758-3123. Youth Services Supervisor, Ron Fowler, said: “Parents can go to the Reading Rocket’s

Brek-n-Ridge Farm Stepping Stone Series Dressage Show results

Lillian Chamberlin and Natilie Grezinger carry water one kilometer in order to gain a better appreciation of our readily available water sources. (Courtesy photo)

Middle school students learn ‘hands-on’ lesson As Benjamin Franklin said, “We know the value of water when the well runs dry.” Seventh graders at Harbor Springs Middle School experienced a “hands-on” lesson in both the value of water and how fortunate they are to live in water-rich Northern Michigan. After studying water issues in Africa and Asia, they literally carried five gallon buckets of water one kilometer from Zoll St. Park (Dog Beach) to City Beach. This distance and amount (one kilometer and 20 liters (which his actually just over 5 gallons) are the standards that the World Health Organization (WHO), uses to determine whether people have “reasonable access to water.” More than one billion people around the world walk every day to collect water, and millions of people in Africa walk an average of four miles each day for water. In addition to learning the value of water, many of the students collected pledges for their “water walk.” Together, the students raised more than $230.00 that will be donated to S.A.M.E. for the purpose of purchasing three Aqua Clara water filters for families in South Africa. Photo# 17: Lillian Chamberlin and Natilie Grezinger

School Board... -CONTINUED from page 1.

Some of the changes and cuts, first discussed in April, had already been approved or are currently in effect. The remaining items on the budget and program proposal left for approval during the June 11 meeting included: a summer pool closure; energy savings; administrative/ director insurance changes; athletic department changes; a 10-percent reduction in discretionary budgets; phasing out French over the next three years; not renewing multiage; middle school teaming. All changes were approved. Also during the board meeting, new Blackbird and Shay principal, Nathan Fairbanks, was introduced, and a schedule for iPad computer tablet training for all teachers was reviewed. Teachers will spend two professional development days this summer learning about productivity tools on their new iPads, and will receive training on instructional use sometime later this year. Tompkins said he was also pleased to report the Offield Family Foundation awarded the district a $32,000 grant; $12,000 will go to improve-

ments at the girls’ softball field, and $20,000 will go toward new helmets, shoulder pads, and jerseys for the football team (about half the cost of replacing the equipment). “It was a wonderful gift,” Tompkins said. Finally, Tompkins noted the recently cancelled parent orientation for incoming freshman will be replaced by a picnic and presentation later this summer. He said the event will include a host of “college style” boards and groups with information about all the activities available to high school students, as well as a slideshow presentation in the Performing Arts Center, and an opportunity for parents and students to walk through their fall class schedule in the high school building. Harbor Springs Board of Education meetings are open to the community. They typically fall on the second Monday of every month, at 7 p.m., in the Middle School’s large group instruction room. Past minutes and current agendas are available on the district’s website,

The 2012 Brek-n-Ridge Farm Stepping Stone Series Dressage Show Saturday June 9 was a huge success. The show began at 9 am indoors due to the rain and thunder but by 11:30 the show moved outdoors and continued til mid afternoon. A noontime BBQ was presented by Dennis and Suzanne Hug and the IGA, and the Pet Pantry with seating under the gigantic trees for the spectators. During lunchtime a special riding demonstration by Karin Offield drew coverage from local television producer Eric Wotilla of MI 26 News. “It was a wonderful day of equestrian practice at a nice schooling show. We are looking forward to the next Stepping Stones Show at Black Star Farm in Suttons Bay in late July. Our charity partner was Second Chance Ranch and Rescue and raised the money by donated lunches bringing the charity’s fundraising to over $300.00.” said horse show manager Kate Etherly. Well known Petoskey photographer Chris Leese was on the scene for custom photography. Her photos will be posted on the website: www. The Brek-N-Ridge Farm SSHS Show on June 9, 2012 was judged by Erin McElmurray USDF L-Graduate with Distinction. The results are as follows: High Point won by Karin Offield riding Karin

Flint’s thoroughbred gelding, Ivanhoe; Introductory Level Champion, Sarah Medler, Brek-n-Ridge student, riding Ares, a Friesian gelding; Junior Intro Level Champion won by Tai Miller riding Tara, owned by Brek-n-Ridge Farm; Training Level Champion Lorelee Zook riding her own Pockets who is For Sale The Horse and Riders competing came Katie Colfer Sport Horses, Rising Hope, Brek-n-Ridge Farm and local area riders: Andrew Figures on Twister an Andalusian, Percheron Cross gelding; Sarah Medler from Grayling, Mi. on Ares, a Friesian gelding; Tai Miller on Tara, a Morgan mare; Kristine Parson on Lightning; Rachel Hughes of Cheboygan on Box Car Annie, a Pinto mare owned by Bella Lundeen; Isa Christensen on St. Nicholas, a Paint pony; Carra Schoene on Pippen, a Saddlebred-Arabian cross mare; Lorelee Zook on Pockets, a Paint mare; Laura Lenkey on Mulan, a Belgian draft cross mare; Jayna Steffel on He’s a Hemi; Marjori Boldt on her own Covenant, ; Karin Offield on Ivanhoe a Thoroughbred gelding; Abi Rose Milne from Cheboygan, Mi. on Tuck ‘Em Up; Jayna Steffel on Flash of Brilliance; Rebecca Teahen from Traverse City on MV’s American Made; Kelley Thomas on Flash of Brilliance from Herran, Mi.

Over 30 years of helping people NEW PPA ATIENTS ARE AL WA YS WELCOME ALWA WAYS

Fitness Classes You pick and choose

PAY ONLY FOR WHAT YOU USE! More variety, more classes, more instructors

web site or the National Summer Learning Association if they need any convincing about how important it is for children to read during the summer. The RIF summer reading site isat < http://www.readingrockets. org/calendar/summer> and the NSLA site is at http:// He went on to say thatsome studies have shown that, while most children of all socio-economic classes make good progress with reading during the school year,from two months up to one half of a grade level may be lost in reading and math skills if a child does not read or apply math at all during the summer! “Summer library programs provide a most enjoyable way to meet that need to read.” He said. He also stressed that participants could read any kind of book, at their reading level, to be eligible for awards and prizes and that they could count books that they read to others, or, that are read to them. He also said that fun summer math activities may be found at the “Mixing in Math web site, http://www.mixingin-

Duffers Golf League Standings June 5 1. Hart/Parker 37 ½ 2. Johnston/Keller 33 3. Garver/Stolt 32 4. Engler/Vokes 31 4. Garver/Menzie 31 5. Price/Steffens 29 6. Keller/Rhine 27 ½ 6. Lordson/Lordson 27 ½ 6. Lauer/Matsko 27 ½ 7. Breighner/Bongiovanni 25 ½ 8. Cupps/Cupps 25 8. Carter/Vorce 25 9. Allerding/Allerding 24 ½ 10. Heinz/Heinz 23 ½ 11. Caroffino/Dutcher 21 ½ 12. Wallin/Tebo 20 ½ 13. Mathews/Hoffman 18 Children may sign up at any time during the summer, but it is most helpful to library staff if most children sign up as soon as possible. In addition, there are limited quantities of the “official” program materials available.

Travel soccer registration due by June 30 Registration open for Harbor Springs Travel Soccer. Soccer players in 3rd through 8th grade may participate. Cost is $100 per season or $180 for the year. Registration due by June 30th. Practices will start in late August with games starting in September. Call Debbie Esposito at (231)526-8751 or email for more information.

Helping young people succeed on the course and in life. Day Camps: Jul. 2-6, Jul. 9-13 & Aug. 6-10 3 week sessions start: Jun. 11, Jul. 16 & Aug. 13 231-526-3168

 

Harbor Springs Ladies Golf League for Monday June 4 at Harbor Point Golf Club Team 4 - 63 points Ann Irish Dodie Horan Kathy Motschall Sue West Team 5 - 65 points Maureen Nicholson Terry Farguharson Julia Kort Margie Burch Team 3 & Team 7 tied 66 points Team 3 Marta Olofsson Jane Rye Judy Petro Sue Warner Team 7 Mary Helliesen Monica Graham Susan Clark Lisa Nicol

 

 


  

 

Hay Lake Harbor

Formerly Crooked River Marina

Come dock with Us Jim Dika on Crooked River Harbor Spri on the famous inland P.O. Box 14 waterway

US 31 N • Alanson Harbor Spri (right at Admirals Point) 231-526-58 231-347-6103

harborsprin jdika@freew

Got Gold? We’ll buy your gold & diamonds! Work with a local business that knows gold and diamonds to get the best price for the jewelry you long ago stopped wearing. With over 125 years experience you can be sure we will treat you right! Stop in and show us what you have.

AM & PM Classes including Spinning, Zumba, TRX, Core Fusion • 6 days a week • 52 weeks a year Ultraclean environment, fully staffed facility

This year give the


GIFT CERTIFICATES for any denominat


Other facilities charge you in full regardless if you can attend all classes Our rates are 20-50% less Non-member single class - $10.00 | 10 punch card - $9.30/class One month limited card (average 5 classes per week) - $5.35/class Three month limited card (average 5 classes per week) - $3.51/class


Visit our website for Group Fitness Schedules

For Week: 6

Open to the Public

Since 1885

Stunning Jewelry, Professional Service Downtown Petoskey & Cheboygan • 347-2403



eet gs

‘Community Stitch’ creating handmade slippers for Nehemiah Project Specialto Harbor LightNewspaper

“Community Stitch” is an open knitting group that meets at the Harbor Springs Library, and has been focusing on making handmade slippers for Nehemiah residents. The Nehemiah Project is a homeless shelter in Petoskey and is under the direction of Gail and Mike Walker. Each Tuesday afternoon at 12:30 p.m., the Community Stitch Group comes together to enjoy each other’s company, consume light refreshments, and create special handmade items for the

homeless and needy. Everyone is welcome and invited attend to share patterns, information, or just ideas. The group is continuing to look to future projects for helping those in our community that are less fortunate. All levels of knitters and/or those who crochet are welcome. The group also encourages people to just come and be part of the conversation as they continue to talk about the needs of this community. Upon presenting the slippers to the Nehemiah Project recently, the Walkers shared their story and how their

Leadership Little Traverse Class of 2013 applications now being accepted


The application period is now open for individuals wishing to be a part of the Leadership Little Traverse Class of 2013. Applications are available at the offices of the Petoskey Regional or Harbor Springs area Chambers of Commerce or are available on line at www. The deadline to apply is July 20. Leadership Little Traverse (LLT) a community leadership training program pre526-2114 sented by NMLS the two 51437chambers. The class of 2013 will be the



Free Checking 526-2114

14th to complete the program which now boasts and alumni of 178-individuals. “Individuals who take part in this program will walk away with a much deeper understanding of the Little Traverse Bay community,” said 2012-13 Chairperson Anne McDevitt. McDevitt works at the Petoskey NewsReview and was a member of the LLT Class of ’07. “Plus, the program offers a great opportunity to sharpen your personal leadership skills,”

she added. McDevitt says the class-size ranges from 12 to 16 individuals. “Not only does this give the participants a very intimate educational experience, but it also allows them to develop strong friendships among their classmates,” she said. LLT is a nine-month program that begins in September and ends in May. Participants meet once each month for a full day of training. In between sessions, the partici-

pants meet with a mentor who helps guide them through the program, and they take part in a class-wide community service project. The program opens on September 11 with an overnight stay at Camp Daggett that includes a cook-out as well as ice-breaking and fireside activities. On the following day, the participants will take part in a number of team-building activities at the Camp Daggett Adventure Center. Subsequent sessions

Add some summer fun to your table! 262 E. Main Street


Hours: Mon-Sat 10-5 • Sun 11-3

Come Dock with us on

The Petoskey High School Steel Drum Band will give a special performance to welcome guests attending the 15th Biennial International Hemingway Society Conference. The band’s performance is presented by the Petoskey Regional Chamber of Commerce on Mon. June 18 at 8 p.m. in Pennsylvania Park, Downtown Petoskey. The concert is free and open

The 32nd annual Historic Festival and Taste of the North will add longer hours, a music tent and beer and wine to the festivities scheduled for Saturday, June 16 from 10 a.m. until 5 p.m. at the Little Traverse History Museum at Bayfront Park. This gathering is the primary fundraiser for the Historical Society and Museum, and offers wonderful activities, entertainment and taste sensations from area restaurants for the entire community. The entertainment stage will feature the following great performers: 11:00 a.m. -. Charmin’ J – Magic show by Jania Taylor 11:30 a.m. - Northern Lights Irish Dancers


Golf All SeASon The


courses $25 each

Player Card supporting Play 25 great courses in our area one time during this season for only $25 per round including the cart fee. Purchase today for only $100 (limited to the first 250 applicants) Participating courses include: Black Bear Golf Club Black Forest Boyne Highlands: The Moor Boyne Mountain Resort: The Monument Cheboygan Country Club Chestnut Valley Golf Club Crooked Tree Golf Club Crystal Lake Golf Club Garland Lodge and Resort: Swampfire and Fountains Gaylord Country Club Hawk’s Eye

focus on area government, history, education, human services, the economy and the environment. Beyond teambuilding, personal leadership skills include presentation skills, visioning, conflict resolution, creativity, and ethics. Tuition for the program is $675/person for individuals who work at businesses or organizations who are members of either chamber of commerce. The non-member rate is $775/person. The tuition rate is all inclusive. A limited

number of scholarships may be available for those with financial need. LLT was started in 2000 by the two chambers as a way to inspire participation in civic leadership roles. Alumni have gone on to lead area service clubs, run for public office, and participate on various community boards and committees. For more information, visit the Petoskey Regional Chamber of Commerce web site at www.

Petoskey Steel Drum Band to welcome Hemingway Conference June 18 to the public. The conference runs June 17-23 at Bay View as well as at various other sites around the region. The evening of Monday, June 18 is dedicated as “Downtown Petoskey Night,” where conference attendees will be invited to attend private events at the Crooked Tree Arts Center, the Carnegie Building, and the Little Traverse Historical Society.

Chamber officials noted the Steel Drum Band performance is designed to be a fun way to wrap up the day. “This band is the pride of our town and always gives a fun performance,” said chamber president, Carlin Smith. “This is a great opportunity to give our guests a good Petoskey experience.” The public is welcome to attend the Steel Drum Band

Petoskey Historic Festival and Taste of the North set for June 16


:00 - 4:00

organization makes a difference. They are always in need of volunteers and donations. Anyone interested in helping can call The Nehemiah Project Hospitality House (231) 347-0363 for more information. Each pair of slippers the Community Stitch donated has a red, felt heart sewn on the back and a tag, stating it was handmade with love. The main goal of both Nehemiah Project and the Community Stitch Group is to let others know they are not forgotten. Members of the ‘Community Stitch’ group. (Courtesy photo)

00 - 4:00

reet gs

Harbor Light Community Newsweekly  13  

Community Organizations



Week of June 13-19, 2012

Indian River Country Club Marsh Ridge Resort Michaywe Pines Golf Club Shanty Creek Resort: Summit and Schuss Mountain The Chief The Lakes Golf Club The Loon Golf Resort The Mackinaw Club The Natural The Otsego Club: Classic Course Treetops Resort: Tradition Course Wilderness Valley

Some rules apply: Identify yourself as a cardholder when calling ahead to make tee times. Tee times may be limited and should be made within 48 hours only. Each player must have the Player Card to receive discount. 231-526-3168

12:30 p.m. – Charmin’ J – Magic show by Jania Taylor 1:00 p.m. – Harbor Hoedown 2:00 p.m. – Dr. Goodhart’s Home Remedy 3:00 p.m. – Jelly Roll Blues Band (until 5 p.m.) Inside the museum: 10:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m. – Sneak peak at the new Hemingway exhibit 11:00 a.m. – 3:00 p.m. – Silent auction of unique items 12:00 p.m. – 1:00 p.m. – Little Bay Baroque Activities from 10am to 5pm, unless otherwise noted: A huge exhibition by the Northern Michigan Antique Flywheelers Big wheel bicycles by Wright Bicycle Company Balloon twisting with Charmin’ J A petting zoo, presented by 4H; Giant game boards provided by Grandpa Shorter’s Gifts; Story Time with Ron Fowler/Petoskey District Library 11:30 a.m. Northern Michigan beer tasting provided by North Peak Brewing Company and Huron Distribution*

Northern Michigan wine tasting provided by Harbor Springs Winery at Pond Hill Farm* * Full servings available for purchase. Taste of the North, a sampling event with fine foods provided by area restaurants will run from 11:00 am to 2:00 pm around the museum. Tickets are $2 per sample. Participating restaurants to date are: Bay Burger, Bay Harbor Golf Club, Big Boy of Petoskey, Buffalo Wild Wings, City Park Grill, Glen’s Fresh Market Place, Hose’s Authentic Mexican, J.W. Filmore’s, Legs Inn, Little Traverse Bay Café, Palette Bistro, Pizza Hut, Pond Hill Farm Garden Café, Roast and Toast, Sagamore’s at the Inn at Bay Harbor, Sassy Loon, Spicy Bob’s Italian Express, Sweetwater Catering, Twisted Olive Café and Whitecaps Grille. Brats and hotdogs provided 2:00 p.m. until 5:00 p.m. by Petoskey Hockey Boosters. For more information, contact Kathy Bardins at 231-487-1188 or kbardins@

SQUIER ELECTRIC “Anything Electrical Since 1916”

Residential • Commercial Industrial • Marina



7450 Hughston Road • Harbor Springs

performance. Smith urged local residents who attend to bring their own lawn chairs, as available seating will be very limited. Smith said the chamber is proud Petoskey is the host community for this prestigious conference. “Conference organizers told me that they have more than 300-people registered. Not only is that great for our

economy, but it also helps to strengthen Petoskey’s connection to the famous author,” Smith noted. “We extend our deepest appreciation to the conference organizers; this is a great thing for Petoskey,” Smith added. Many other conference events are open to the public. To learn more, visit www.

Bay View Opens Pops Season The Bay View Music Festival is opening its 2012 pops season at 8 PM on Saturday, June 23 at the newly refurbished Hall Auditorium, 1725 Encampment Avenue, Petoskey, with a concert by the high energy chamber ensemble, PROJECT Trio with beatboxing flutist, Greg Pattillo, cellist Eric Stephenson and Downbeat Magazine’s Jazz Soloist of the Year, bassist, Peter Seymour. Proceeds from the concert will benefit a variety of local charities in the Bay View region, continuing the Festival’s tradition which began three years ago. Tickets are available by phone at 800-595-4849, online at and at the Box Office from 9:30-Noon, Monday through Saturday and one hour prior to concerts, beginning June 15. General questions should be directed to Chris Ludwa at231-347-4210 or emails sent to

Icebreaker Mackinaw Museum announces new exhibit ‘Model Ships of the Great Lakes’ The Icebreaker Mackinaw Maritime Museum is pleased to announce a new exhibit “Model Ships of the Great Lakes”. The collection is owned by the Michigan Maritime Museum located in South Haven, Michigan. On loan, it features over 18 handcrafted models of vessels that sailed the Great Lakes. One of the larger model exhibits in the state of Michigan, it began many years ago with the biggest single contributor, Dave Davis. After Mr. Davis’ death many of the models he made for friends and family were donated. Other models were built by Byron Hanson. All built to scale, the models include the Edmund Fitzgerald, Mackinaw WAGB83 and the Badger. The largest model, the S.S. Alabama, is on display at Strait to the Pantry located in the Mackinaw Crossings. The models cover a time period of over 300 years and range in size from 12” to over 7’. “This is a wonderful opportunity for us to further educate our guests on the rich maritime history of the Great Lakes. Though our tour focuses on the “Queen of the Great Lakes, Mackinaw WAGB83” this exhibit enhances any visit to our ship museum,” said Lisa Pallagi, General Manager of IMMM. “We are thrilled that the Michigan Maritime Museum chose us to house this exhibit”. The museum is open daily at 9:00 through mid-October. For more information, please visit


Next to Harbor IGA 203 Clark St. 526-7160

“Good Dog Food at a Good Price!”

Bird Seed & Feeders, Dog/Cat Toys, Grooming Supplies, Treats, Supplements, Horse Feed & Grain, $1 Suet Cakes, Fish & other Reptile Food.

14  Harbor Light Community Newsweekly Brought to you in part by:

Week of June 13-19, 2012

ABOUT TOWN How to place your listings in this section • All events that appear in this section are open to the public. • Listings are limited generally to those events sponsored by not-for-profit, educational, religious, cultural, political or social institutions. • Information must be received in writing at the Harbor Light Newspaper office, 211 E. Third St., Harbor Springs, MI 49740, no later than Monday at noon for that week’s issue. Listings cannot be accepted by telephone. Fax listings accepted at (231) 526-7634. E-mail: •Please include the following: name of organization, type of activity, address and a brief description of the event.

At the Movies with Cynthia Morse Zumbaugh

Prometheus There are times when it would behoove me to do a little research prior to seeing a movie instead of after, but you run the risk of “spoilers” when you do that. I prefer to see a movie not knowing what is going to happen. I knew this was directed by Ridley Scott, I am a fan of his work, so I went for it. I was confused within the first five minutes. Luckily, things improved after that. The only connection with mythology is the name of the ship, Prometheus, so named because he was involved with the creation of man and this ship is on a mission to discover the origin of man, in a galaxy far, far away. If you have watched any science fiction movies in your life, you know that usually isn’t a good idea. Two archaeologists, Dr. Shaw (Noomi Rapace) and Dr. Holloway (Logan Marshall Green) have found identical figures in cave drawings that span centuries and civilizations. They believe this indicates we were created by someone from another place as indicated by the planets/stars in the drawings in these caves. They search the universe for this particular arrangement of celestial bodies and when they find it, they begin a two and a half year journey to reach them, funded by a mysterious corporation whose goals may or may not mirror those of the scientists. David (Michael Fassbender) is an android, the only being awake during the long journey. In addition to the two doctors, there is a representative from the corporation (Charlize Theron,) the ship’s captain (Idris Elba) and various other crew members and scientists. Interesting side story, David is apparently modeled after Peter O’Toole in Lawrence of Arabia and he is quite obsessed with the character. I found that to be very un-androidish, for lack of a real word. This movie was originally intended to be a prequel for Alien; it shows. The similarities are too numerous to ignore. That doesn’t mean that it still didn’t get to me, that I didn’t give little screams and close my eyes on occasion, but it certainly didn’t have the impact that seeing Alien had on me; we’re a little more prepared now for invasive aliens. The performances by Fassbender and Rapace are both quite extraordinary; he captivates from the get-go, she takes a little while to grow on you, but she pulls you in by the end. Charlize Theron, the biggest “name” in the movie, didn’t have as meaty of role as Rapace; her character was cold and not very well-defined and that may have been intentional for reasons I can’t share without risking ruining the plot for you. Guy Pearce and Idris Elba are both very good; I think Elba’s Captain may have been my favorite character. The special effects are certainly impressive, as is the cinematography. There are some very intense scenes and many gory and violent scenes. There are a couple of sexual situations, nothing really shown, no nudity (sorry to all the Charlize Theron fans) and some profanity, though not constant. It is rated “R” mainly for the very graphic scenes.

worthy books, including first editions, autographed copies and other collectible volumes. Sales will be by cash and check only. This wine-and-cheese party and sale will be in the library at Holy Childhood Church in downtown Harbor Springs. Admission is free. Please go to or call 526-7140 for more information.

Festivals & Shows Annual Historic Festival and Taste of the North, is Saturday, June 16 from 10 a.m.- 5 p.m. at the Little Traverse History Museum at Bayfront Park. This gathering is the primary fundraiser for the Historical Society and Museum, and offers activities, entertainment and taste sensations from area restaurants. Visit for more information and a schedule of events.

In Water Boat Show, at Bay

Happy Every Hour All Nig Day, ht Lon g

Harbor will take place June 1517. In cooperation with Michigan Industries Association the show with feature yachts, and boating goods for sale along with displays and smaller watercrafts. For more information visit Open Daily

Sunday, June 17 on the north Section 8 of the trail in Harbor Springs. The group hike will head out for a four mile hike. Carpooling is available from Pleasantview Twp. Hall at 10 a.m., returning around 3 p.m.. This is a moderate course; bring bug repellent, water and lunch. Contact Nancy Zebko (231)5261312 for more information.

Trail Run Series, hosted by The Outfitter of Harbor Springs, is open to runners of all ages and abilities. Runs are hand-timed on marked trails and 4-6 miles long. The first run of the 8-run series is Wednesday, June 20 with free giveaways from hosts Brooks and GU. Meet at Boyne Meadows on Warwick Road in Harbor Springs at 7 pm. Register for the 8-run series ($64) or drop-in ($10) for runs that fit your schedule. Runs are every Wednesday night at 7 pm excluding July 4. For more info and to register stop in The Outfitter or call (231)526-2621.

food samplings from area dining establishments will be available. Tickets are available from the Harbor Springs Area Chamber of Commerce in Harbor Springs, Harbor Springs IGA, Toski Sands Market and Wine Shop, and Glen’s Fresh Market, Tickets are also available online at Call the Harbor Springs Area Chamber of Commerce for tickets at (231)526-7999.

Children of the World, Harmony International Concert, Youth Choir and Dance Festival, will feature the Wattana Girls Chorus from Bangkok Thailand. Performances will be 7:30 pm on June 22 at the Boyne City Performing Arts Center; at 7:30 pm on June 23 at the Petoskey United Methodist Church; at 4 pm on June 24 at the Harbor Springs Performing Arts Center, and at 7:30 pm on June 25 at the Cheboygan Opera House. Free performances at the Concerts in the Park in Petoskey on Friday, June 22. For additional information about the festival, please go to: or www.

Try-Before-You-Buy, Boat and Board Demo Day for kayaks and stand-up paddleboards will be hosted by The Outfitter of Harbor Springs on Saturday, June 23 from 10 am-4 pm. A great chance to try before you buy; test-paddle top brands on the water. Outfitter staff and company reps will be on-site to help you find the right fit. Free of charge. Josephine Ford Park boat launch on Bay Street in Harbor Springs. For more information call (231)526-2621 or visit


Water Sports Sampler Day,

be co-hosted HARBOR Swill PRING Sby Little Traverse Sailors and The Outfitter

Serving Great Outdoors

Time Program. Spring Street Story Time is on Saturday June 16 from 10am-11am. Bring the whole family for a fun morning in the library. Call 526-2531 orvisit www.harborspringslibrary. org for more information.

Friday Story Time, Library’s monthly story time will be on Friday June 22 at 11:15 am. Children ages 5 and under and their parents are welcome to join us for a story reading, fun activities, crafts, and a snack. Call 526-2531 or visit for more.

Community Stitch, is an open knitting/crochet group that brings people together to work on projects that help others in our community. All levels and ages are welcome. The first project will be slippers for Project Connect and Nehemiah House. The group will meet at the Harbor Springs Library on

Mary Ellen’s

Serving Breakfast & LunchServing WIFI available Fri-Sun -CONTINUED on page 15.

Grill Open Until Try 2pm our Aweso 12:30 on Sun. Housemade Stuffed Frenc

526-5591 145 E. Main St.


131 Since


Carriage Rides, will run through June and start again in August in downtown Harbor Springs. The downtown Horse and Carriage Rides will charge a fee for the service. The rides depart from Bay Street near Stafford’s Pier, The New York Restaurant and Bar Harbor in downtown Harbor Springs every 30 minutes. Other stops and loading zones are near the Island Bean Coffee Company, the Wooly Bugger and the loading zone by Turkey’s Cafe and Pizzeria. The Harbor Springs Historical Museum is also on the route. Free Horse and Carriage Rides on the Bluff above Harbor Springs are being planned to begin once a week in July through early August. The departure area will be on Lake Street at the Harbor Springs IGA and the Pet Pantry.

Free Hard Cider Tastings, and Squash Rocket Ammo for Dad at Pond Hill Farm for Father’s Day. All Father’s will receive a tasting of each of our Tunnel

Pizza & Salad Buffet

Offering Pizza by the slice from 11am - 2 pm

Happ Every State St.• All Nig h

Our Annual Cinco de Mayo Come Celebrate! Great Food! Margaritas! Fun! Bring Your Friends!

Mary Ellen’s Serving Tuesday, May 5th


of Harbor Springs on Sunday, Breakfast & Lunch 5-9pm June 24 from 9 am-4:30pm. Grill Open Until 2pm Calling all kids ages 10-16 years. at 4pm Regional Audubon TuesdayFather’s Day Cruise-In, will be Petoskey 12:30 on Sun. This is a great chance to try sailSociety, invites you to join Sunday June 17 hosted by First Sunday ing, stand-up paddleboarding Old Fashioned Mike Supernault on Friday, June Presbyterian Church of Harbor and kayaking with instruction. Open at Malts and Shakes 15 at 10 a.m. for a free leisurely Spring. The church is located at No experience needed. Fee is stroll5:00pm at the Seven Springs PreFREE Internet the corner of Lake St. and Cem$100. Event will be rescheduled serve near Indian River, and etery Rd. Cars will be on display 526-5591 • 145 E. Main in case of inclement weather. Located 12 miles north of Harbor Springs and 11/2 miles commentary about the area’s Stop by for 50th Ann from 9-12 Noon. The event is Pre-registration required, call south of Cross Village, on State Road inhabitants and varied habitats, open to the public. There are “U Gott (231)526-2621. more infor$ For99 from oak forest to lake shore. no fees and is a non-judged mation contact Linda Orlow at Mike will also speak on how event. For more information (231)838-4484 or visit outfityou can help children relate to about the event or any church Closed for Spring Cleaning “Gourm the natural world around them, program, visit or Vision Hard Ciders along with Boathouse Grill next to the April 4th, Reopen April 15th. W and why it’s so important for good through 10, 2009 N E (231)*offer 526-7332 or GuyMay Britton, four free shots on the Squash The delicious tas beach at Walstrom’s Boathouse. their mental and physical well- Libraries (231)526-1233. Rocket. There will also be hayReady to Go “TWO” Since 1975 being. ForTuesday-Saturday more info, contact rides for $4 and lunch available Bay Harbor Cruise-In, will from 11-3 Mike at231-238-8029 or msufrom the Garden Cafe. For moreoff Pleasantview Serving be an evening inRd. true AmeriSpring Street Time,Breakfast Just JustStory off Pleasantview Rd. • PIZZERIASandwiches, CAFE information on www.pondhill. can style that includes vintage Fri-Sun 8am -1pm invites children and families Open 1 Harbor Springs Harbor Springs com (231)526-FARM. The farm Try ourfor Awesome Omelets, Benedicts, baseball, classic cars and Mo- North Country Trail AssoFamily Dining to the library a new Story Located inside L’Esprit Housemade Corned Beef Hash, ciation, will sponsor a hike on is located five miles north of town music on Friday, June FULL BREAKFAST • LUNCH -CONTINUED on page 15. Stuffed French Toast & More downtown Harbor Springs on DELICIOUS PIZZA • DELIVERY 22 beginning at 5:30 pm. The BEER, WINE & COCKTAILS Fridays & Saturdays: M119. Petoskey Mossbacks will play Purchase One Breakfast Entree & receive baseball the old fashion way at half off the Second Entree of equal or lesser value 5:30 p.m.. Show off your ride on A Used Book Sale, will be must present this coupon E. MAIN ST • HARBOR SPRINGS OPEN 8AM-11PM main street from 6-9 p.m. Stop HARBOR PRINGS hosted by The Friends of the 131 State St.•Harbor Springs•242-1900 into the beer, wine and spirits Harbor Springs Area District Sat, June 16th tent that will be located on the Library and Community Center Marina Lawn Panel and enjoy on Saturday, June 23, from 9 3-Course burgers, dogs and pulled-pork a.m.-3 p.m. The sale will be outItalian Meal sandwiches while grooving to side Island Bean and adjacent choice of Gazpacho or the sounds of a Motown DJ. to the Farmer’s Market. Browse Caprese Salad, Chicken and buy from a great selection Marsala & Tiramisu of adult fiction and non-fiction Waterfront Wine Festival, $ June Specials for dessert as well as children’s books. in Harbor Springs takes place Tuesday Friday Please go to www.harbordisdowntown June 23, 4-7 pm. The Eclectic Breakfasts or call 526-7140 event transforms the Harbor Perch Whitefish European Style for more information. Springs waterfront to a wine Located 12 miles north of Harbor Springs and tasting setting with some of the Sandwiches 11/2 miles south of Cross Village, on State Road best wines of Michigan and the Wine and Cheese Party, and We also cater. Hours: 8:00 - 2:30 U.S.. In addition to the wines, book sale will be Friday, June 131 State • 242-0020 22, from 6-8:30 p.m. hosted by the Friends of the Harbor Springs Area District Library and Community Center. The sale includes rare and note-


Good Friday 2 for $25 All You Can Fathers Day Dinner Menu Eat Perch Fry! Benedict 14 526-6011 Every Day, Lobster Eggs All Night Long

Around Town

Fridays One B off the Se les must pre





Open Tues. -Sat. 5-9

Heart Shaped Pizzas! Get Your Valentine a Large Two-Item Just Heart Shaped Pizza $10.99

February 14th 1030 State St State, 1030 Harbor Springs




2 for $25 5-6 pm (Must order before 6 pm)


Harbor Springs



WiFi Available

Grand Opening!!!

Breakfast | Lunch | Dinner

Shaped •Heart Ribs • Whitefish • • Pizza • Burgers •


Get Your Valentine a Two-Item LiveLarge Entertainment on WedShaped & Sat Heart Pizza

Bar and Deck Dining

Of our

231.548.1296 14th Heart Pizzas! 7568 USShaped 31 South • February Alanson, MI Get Your Valentine a Large Two-Item Only

New Buffet

Just $10.99




New t

220 State S

Week of June 13-19, 2012

-CONTINUED from page 14. Every Tuesday at 12:30 p.m.. Patterns are available--bring size 10 needles or H crochet hook and two balls of yarn to get started, or just come and share ideas. Call 526-2531 or visit www.harborspringslibrary. org for more information.

Child Lap Sit, programs at the Petoskey Library will run through July 26 for children under three and a care giver

ABOUT TOWN every Monday and Thursday at 10:30 a.m. in the Children’s Program Room. Preschool Story Hours for 3-5 year olds are every Thursday in the Children’s Program at 11:30 a.m. Saturday’s Child Story Time for 3-7 year-olds begins at 12:30 p.m. on Saturdays in the Children’s Program Room. For more information call (231)758-3100 or visit

Books and Babies, class runs Tuesdays from 1:30-2 p.m. in the Basement Meeting Room of the Petoskey District Library for five consecutive weeks beginning on July 24. The class is limited to 10 babies and a parent or care giver. Those wishing to participate must sign up by 7 p.m. on Monday, July 23. For more information call (231)7583100 or visit petoskeylibrary. org.

Youth and Family Little Traverse Conservancy’s, summer environmental education programs are now running. This summer, the Conservancy has expanded its summer education program offerings into three age groups to best suit the broad range of development in the younger ages. All programs are offered at no charge, but space is limited and pre-registration is required to allow staff to prepare supplies and ensure a quality experience. For program details and locations, please visit www. or call (231)3470991.

Sk8 Park, of Harbor Springs will

Now Offering Weekly Bistro Menu

Check out menu on Facebook: “TheNewYorkRestaurant” Early Dining ~ 2 for 1 entrees 5-6 pm nightly

host Weekly Wheel Activities; participants can spin the wheel and play the game/activity on which the wheel lands. Sk8 Park will have daily challenges to encourage kids to try new activities. Each Wednesday the Sk8 Park will serve a kid friendly meal and participants will be able to play some fun/silly games. Cost for dinner, dessert, and a drink is $5 per person. The park will also host an eight week Skate Contest Series. Contests take place each week with one or two skating contests such as Ollie, half-pipe contests, street and more. For more information visit the park on the top of the hill on Hoyt.

Kids Kayak Camp, presented

Summer Style

by The Outfitter of Harbor Springs will run every week this summer. This is big fun, teambuilding and paddling skills for 9-12 year olds. The camp offers three day sessions (TuesThurs) June 19 - August 16 from 9:30am-noon. Register for one or more sessions. The $90 fee includes instruction and equipment; $80 for subsequent sessions and discounted rate for Emmet County students. The first two days meet at Josephine Ford Park on Bay Street, and Day three meets at Round Lake boat launch on Powell Road. Pre-registration required. To register call (231)526-2621 or stop in The Outfitter at 153 E. Main Street in Harbor Springs.

Vacation Bible School, for kids age four through those finishing fourth grade will be held at First Presbyterian Church of Harbor Springs the week of June 18-22. With a fun undersea theme this year, join us for crafts, games, bible stories, music, water science and much more. VBS will run each day from 9 a.m. until noon, and the church is located at the corner of West Lake and

arbor H y Ba

In-Water Boat Sho w

June 15 - 17

Fathers Day Weekend

Cemetery Roads. To register your child, go to the church website at or call the church office at 526-7332.

Music Camp, School of Rock, with SEEDS in Traverse City, offers musical workshops for all levels and time for outdoor exploration. The camp is June 18-20 from 10-3 p.m. at Twin Lakes Camp for grades 7-12. Visit to learn more.

Arts and Music

Harbor Light Community Newsweekly  15   Brought to you in part

information, contact the Village at Bay Harbor at 231.439.2650 or email

Non-profit Food Drive, for Manna Food Project will be held at local Chase Bank locations. Drop non-perishables and toiletries to Boyne City, Bay View, Harbor Springs and Petoskey locations. For more information, please contact The Manna Food Project at 231-347-8852 or manna@

Petoskey Film Theater, will

Find your new best friend, at

show “The Young Victoria” on Wednesday June 13 and Friday June 15. This is a historical drama, rated PG. The film theater is located at the Carnegie Building. For more information call the movie hotline at (231)758-3108.

Dave Kring Chevrolet Cadillac from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. on Saturday, June 16. Little Traverse Bay Humane Society will have kittens, cats and dogs available for adoption. With your help, every animal can find a loving, forever home. In addition to popcorn, face painting, hot dogs, chips and more, Dave Kring Chevrolet Cadillac will generously donate $50 toward each adoption. Dave Kring Chevrolet Cadillac is located at 1861 US 31 North in Petoskey. For more information, please call (231)347-2396 or visit

Dixieland music, will be heard every Thursday in July and August at 7 p.m. at the First Presbyterian Church in Petoskey. For 29 years the church has hosted this musical series featuring the Epsilon Jazz Band. Children are welcome; a $5 donation is requested. Call (231)347-4792.

Three Pines Studio, will kick off the season with a new show: The Artist’s Process: From Sketchbook to Finish. The show will run until June 25 and will feature the works of favorite local artists. This show offers a glimpse into the artist’s process by showing how a sketch inspires a finished piece. . The opening reception for this very unique show is May 26, from 2 until 7 p.m. All are welcome to experience the art and the festivities.

Artist Pierre Bittar, of the Pierre Bittar Gallery in Harbor Springs will unveil the completion of a 14 month project to paint the Life of Jesus Christ. Bittar will convert the first level of his Gallery to a permanent Museum displaying the finished pieces of his life’s most passionate work and to open it graciously to the public on Saturday, June 30. This will be the first time in history that an impressionist artist is painting the life of Jesus with the vivid colors of the outside “pleinair” style.

Visions of Bay View, Exhibit will be hosted at the Petoskey District Library to feature photographer Robert Cleveland. The photo exhibit runs thru August 24. For more information call the library at (231)758-3100.

Call for artists, for the Bay Harbor Arts Festival on August 4 and 5. The festival is looking for 100 artists; there will be cash prizes awarded for the artistic quality of the artist’s displayed body of work. If you would like to participate in the 2012 Bay Harbor Arts Festival, you can apply online at There is a non-refundable registration fee of $35 to apply. For more

Day of Caring, will be on Thursday, June 21 in an effort to promote literacy. Volunteers are being recruited to read to children at several sites on June 21. If interested in volunteering, learn more about this opportunity at volunteerconnections.

at 9:30 a.m. and a more relaxed, contemporary service at 11 a.m. Baby dedication will be a part of the first service. Nursery for 1 – 3 yr. olds is provided in both services. Children’s Summer Sunday School held during the 9:30 a.m. service has begun. Children’s church and adult Sunday School Classes meet during the 11 a.m. service. Men’s Support Groups meet Monday & Wednesday evenings at 6:30 p.m. at the church. The fourth annual Sports Camp will be held June 25 – 29 5:30 – 8 p.m.. for preschool – 5th grade. A separate exciting program will be offered for 3 yr. olds. You can register by printing off registrations at our website or calling the church office at (231)526-2335.

Redpath Memorial Church, the historic stone church in Cross Village worships at 9:30. All are invited to attend.

Young Life College, meets on Thursdays at North Central Michigan College. These Campaigners meetings could be categorized as a laid-back Bible study designed with the young adult in mind where we discover how real life and God intersect in a fun and exciting way. It’s a great place to meet new people, have real discussions, build community, and eat with friends. Meet downstairs of Admin/Class building in room 52 from 6-8 pm. For more information call (231)330-5429.


Farmers Market

Harbor Springs Methodist Church, will worship at 11

Harbor Springs, Farmers

a.m. on Sunday, June 17 with special music from the Chancel Choir especially for fathers. Pastor Mary Sweet’s message will be “Caution: God at Work II” based on scripture from Psalm 2 and 1 Samuel 16. Children’s Sunday school will be offered during the service with coffee and treats fellowship following services. Please visit for more information.

First Presbyterian Church, of Harbor Springs worships on Sunday at 8 a.m. and 10 a.m.. On Sunday, June 17 the Reverend Jim Pollard will continue the sermon series “Fruit...It does a body good” . Dore Furstenberg will be the featured vocalist at the 10:00 service. Registration for Vacation Bible School (June 18-22) is available online at or by calling 526-7332. First Presbyterian will host the 5th annual ‘Cruise-In’ Car Show from 9:00 to noon, with refreshments being served outside after the second service. First Presbyterian Church Harbor Springs is located at the corner of W. Lake and Cemetery Roads and is completely handicap-accessible.

Stutsmanville Chapel, Father’s Day will be celebrated in both services on Sunday morning, a more traditional service

Market begins Saturday, June 16. Market will run from 9 a.m. - 1 p.m. on Saturday and Wednesday through Labor Day. New vendors will include french macaroons, hummus, fresh quiche, dried and fresh herbs, maple syrup, mustard, mushroom butters and whitefish pate. New this year will be our market awareness Carrot Campaign.

Bay Harbor’s Open Air Market, is a family friendly event with music, food tasting farmers, homemade baked goods, as well as unique handmade goods by artisans. The market is located on the grounds of Bay Harbor with the backdrop of sparkling Lake Michigan. Regional Farmers, artisans and foodies will be hand. Dates are every Friday from 2-6 p.m. through September 7.

Boyne City Farmers Market, outdoor season at Veterans Park has begun. The market features more than 60 vendors of the all the best that northern Michigan has to offer, including local foods, maple syrup, potted plants and a juried craft market. The market accepts Bridge cards and participates with WIC Project Fresh and Senior Project Fresh Coupons. For more information visit boynecityfarmers. com or call (221)330-2704.

Business North Central Michigan College, summer hours have started. The office is open from 8 a.m.- 5 p.m. Monday-Thursday and 8:30 a.m.-12 p.m. on Fridays. The library is open 8:30 a.m. - 8 p.m.. The fitness center will be open during the week from 6:30 a.m. - 7: 30 p.m. and until 1 p.m. on Fridays. Regular hours will start September 4.

Northern Lakes Economic Alliance, will present Funda-

Friday Noon-8pm | Saturday 10am-8pm | Sunday 10am-3pm

Fantastic In-Water and On-Land Exhibitors GM Ride and Drive Event Human “Hamster Ball” Challenge - “Walk on Water”

For more information, contact the Harbormaster Office at 231-439-2544

mentals of Starting a Business. Two local sessions will be held, on June 20 at the Charlevoix Public Library from 6-8 p.m. and August 15 in Harbor Springs from 6-8 p.m. Evaluate the potential of your idea and learn the process of putting a business plan together. Contact NLEA at (231)582-6482.

Business After Hours, will take place Wednesday, June 13, from 5pm-7pm, at the Birchwood Farms Golf and Country Club. Enjoy the evening of networking with fellow business people in a fun and relaxed atmosphere. -CONTINUED on page 16.

16  Harbor Light Community Newsweekly -CONTINUED from page 15.

Tickets to this event is $7 for members, $12 for not yet members. Chamber Punchcards are also valid for this event. Registration will be available to win Harbor Springs logo beach towels and boat bags. This month’s event is supported by our following members: Carters Imagewear and Awards, Irish Boat Shop, Resort Rental and Management. For more information call, 231-526-7999.

Week of June 13-19, 2012

Battlefield in Virginia, are pleased to announce the opening of the new exhibit. The exhibit tells the story of 1st Michigan Sharpshooters Company K, Michigan’s Anishnaabek, who comprised one of the largest all-Indian units for the Union Army in Civil War, 1861-65. Of these 146 men, 32 came from Emmet and Charlevoix counties. There is no admission fee. The Odawa Exhibit is still open on the first floor of the airport.

Andrew J. Blackbird Museum, opens the 2012 - 2013 Sea-

Organizations Emmet County Republican Womens, meeting on Monday June 18 will be hosting guest speakers Alan Cropsey, Director of Legislative Relations for Attorney General Bill Schuette and Emmet County Sheriff Pete Wallin. All interested women and men are invited to attend this luncheon/meeting at Stafford’s Bay View Inn, Petoskey. Check in will begin at 11:30 a.m. The meeting will begin at 11:45 a.m. Luncheon will be $15. Reservations are required as seating is limited. For reservations, please call/text Rebecca Cameron (231)838-2260 on or before Friday, June 15.


son with the exhibit “The Beauty of Quillwork.” Consisting of quilled items from its collection of the very old and traditional to newer and contemporary pieces, the exhibit focuses on the beauty and craftsmanship of each individual example. The new exhibit opened on June 4. The museum is open Monday through Friday from 10 A.M. to 4 P.M. and Saturday from 12 P.M. to 4 P.M. and is located at 368 E. Main Street in Harbor Springs - look for the totem pole! For further information, please call Joyce Shagonaby at 231-526-2705.

Turn any weekend into a vacation. Fly Lakeshore Express between Chicago and Northern Michigan. Free on-site parking

Free baggage handling

year round. The museum will have expanded summer hours this year beginning Tuesday, June 19 Tuesday through Saturday, 11 am to 3 pm. Regular business hours remain Tuesday - Friday, 9 am - 5 pm. The temporary exhibit A Delightful Destination: Little Traverse Bay at the Turn of the Century will be on display beginning June 15. Please visit us online at www. for more upcoming events, and sign up for our free monthly eNewsletter.

Motivated Seller

Emmet County and the Little Traverse Bay Bands of Odawa Indians, along with collaboration from Petersburg National

PRICE CHANGE Price Reduced

Community Resources Serving PetoSkey, Harbor SPringS , & t He entire inland WaterWay

231-548-9336 800-249-9923

Thursday, June 21, at 12:15 pm following lunch, for seniors at the Pellston Friendship Center. Topics will include diabetes and its preventative measures, symptom management, and living with diabetes. All seniors and their families are welcome to attend. For more information you can call the Pellston Friendship Center at 539-8201 or toll free at 1-888-347-0369.


Community Free Clinic, offers DOUGLAS LAKE CROOKED RIVER

133’ of Burt Lake’s northwest shore. Two full levels of living space make this a great entertainment spot or wonderful family retreat. 5 bedrooms 4.5 bathrooms 3 large living areas 2 fireplaces, and a large 3 stall garage for all your toys. With a its own boat launch you can launch your boat right from your front lawn 426945

a walk-in clinic on Wednesday evenings at 5:30 p.m. Sign-in and screening begin at 1 p.m. Sign-in is discontinued at 6:30 p.m. There is also a smaller appointment clinic on Monday afternoons (walk-ins welcome if the schedule allows) from 1-5 p.m.. Photo ID, proof of residency, and verification of income are required. Call (231)487-3600 for more information.

Your true “Up North” experience awaits you on Douglas Lake. This 3 bedroom 1 bath cabin is situated at the north end of the lake. Enjoy swimming, boating, and great fishing at your door step. 427014


Deli & Prepared Foods~Imported & Domestic Cheeses Wine Cellar & Spirit Shop

The Area’s Most Experienced Full Service Meat Department OFFERING THE HIGHEST QUALITY MEATS AVAILABLE

Our Beef is USDA Choice or Better Aged for 21+ Days


TINFish 10%LISoff

New York Strip Steaks All Natural - USDA Prime

Kobe Steaks

(American Wagyu Beef)

W NEEvery Friday Soft Shell

Local Pork Tenderloins Crabs Have Arrived! and Baby Back Ribs Local Chicken Breasts, Thighs and Whole Chickens Chicken Breasts Marinated in Lime & Cilantro

with Colored Bell Peppers - Ready for the Grill

GREAT PRICE on Whole Chickens & Boneless Chicken Breasts Whole Chickens $1.39 lb. Boneless Chicken Breasts (trimmed) $1.99 lb

SUMMER PICNIC HEADQUARTERS There’s no place like Toski Sands when it comes time to plan a picnic! Brats, Sausages, Burgers, Potato Salad, House-made Baked Beans and more!

LOCAL, ORGANIC & VERY SPECIAL PRODUCE • Local Strawberries - sweet & delicious! • Asparagus Has Arrived From Friske Farm! • Sweet Georgia Corn - SoakingintheBin-OutstandingFlavor • Fresh Italian Summer Truffles Pond Hill Farms: Spring Mix, Spinach, Swiss Chard & Kale Organic: Lemons, Strawberries, Mangos, Bananas, Ap-

ples, Oranges, Avocado, Broccoli, Celery, Sweet Peppers, Swiss Chard, Kale, Onions, Tomatoes, Grape Tomatoes, Ruby Cresent Fingerlings, Crunchy Mix Bean Sprouts, Garnet Yams Japanese White Sweet Potatoes, Jewel Yams

Offering over 700 varieties of Wine, plus Port and Champagnes • Kendall Jackson Chardonnay $11.99, Everyday • Meridian Wines, All Varieties $5.49, Save $6.20 • Oppolo Merlot $11.59, Save $17.40 • Terrazas Malbec $7.99, Save $6.20 • Veuve Clicquot $42.99, Save $13.40 • Jordan Chardonnay $18.99, Save $16.50 • Oyster Bay Sauvignon Blanc $10.99, Save $4.30 • Acacia Pinot Noir $18.29, Save $14.80 • Ferrara Carano Fume Blanc $11.39, Save $8.60 • Acacia Chardonnay $15.69, Save $9.80




3550 Cincinnati Avenue #2: Oneof-a-kind exensively remodeled 2 bedroom, 2 bath completely furnished condo on Crooked Lake. Stone fireplace, Brazilian cherry hardwood floors, extensive attention to details, close to Harbor Springs and Petoskey and complete with nice yard, sandy beach, boatslip and hoist, dock and deck. (MLS# 433987) $279,000




448 Duvernay Lane: Cute chalet on a pretty wooded lot - great location for snowmobiling or walking. Gas fireplace, sauna, walk-out lower level, detached garage and a shed. Needs a little TLC (MLS# 433932) $106,000

15% off

Every Day Featured This Week:

Arcadia Brewing, Battle Creek:

Loch Down (Scotch Ale), Nut Brown (Brown Ale) Angler’s Ale (Pale Ale), IPA (India Ale)

We've Got Great Deals on Beer! Bud, Miller, Labatts, Coors Light & Molson 24 packs

Everyday $16.59 plus tax & deposit Busch 30 Pack $17.99 plus tax & deposit

Call one of our agents for information on these & other properties. Penny McCready Check out our incredible new Fresh Barb Harbaugh Italian Cheeses Jim Hart at Carolyn Sutherland Kevin Olson Dave Olson Sam DeCamp Tom Graham Bob Humphrey Jan Parsons Andrew Bowman John Baker Will Baker Heidi Kresnak (231) 526-6251 198 East Main Street • Harbor Springs • 2294 M-119 | 231.347.9631 | 231.347.1571




202 E. Lake: Very nice three bedroom two bath older home between the schools on a large lot. Beautiful stone fireplace, new garage, large porch plus outside storage shed. Large pretty side-yard. (MLs#429369) $140,000

NG ISTI L NEW 2271 Valley View: Built in 2005 Northcrest home - 2 bedroom 2 bath main floor, lower level with 3rd bedroom and half bath. Easy to maintain, good rental, Boyneaire community water and snow removal at $300/year. Very affordable. (MLS# 433957) $117,500

All Wine Priced

Areas Largest Selection of Micro & Imported Beers

150 feet of Crooked River frontage with 17.68 acres, located just north of the locks. This is one the last large parcels of land on the Inland Waterway. 4264715


Meat Market R E&AWine L E S TShop ATE

G MeatS& TINSeafood Market ~ Produce & Specialty Groceries

This 3 bedroom 2 bath home sits on 144’ of Crooked River in one of the most desirable locations Devils Elbow. With stunning views up and down the river this home makes for the perfect retreat or year round home. Many extras include a 20x34 covered boat well with an electric hoist system and electric curtain system, gas operated electrical generator system, sprinkler system and much more. Offered fully furnished. 431735




ToskiGraham Sands in 1967


Rental Income




Price Reduced

Call 773-251-4414 Available for Charter

A Harbor Springs Landmark since 1972 floor of the Pellston Airport.

Soldiers in the Shadows Exhibit, is open on the second

FLY LSX for 15% Off

Let the relaxation begin.

Diabetes, will be the topic on

Harbor Springs History Museum, 349 E. Main St., is open

Free cocktails and snack




797 Moyer-Makee, Alanson: Very cute traditional cottage on a very pretty 100’ lot on Burt Lake. Private, shared drive, 3 bedrooms, comes furnished - cathedral ceilings in the living room, lots of beadboard! Very clean and nice - an unwinterized cottage with a large front porch facing the Lake. (MLS# 433943) $349,000




17700 M-68, Onaway: 100 acres of prime hunting land with a full network of trails, 4 blinds, 3 tree stands, well built and comfortable house, and a large section of the Rainy River. Also includes 30 x 40 pole barn with Kubota tractor with seeder and mower, truck that runs well and EZ-Go. Just outside Onaway and 25 minutes from I-75. (MLS# 4340001) $250,000




3751 N. Conway Road, Alanson: Great 28 acres on North Conway Road with State land on the north side and across the road. Nice hunting cabin with propane refrigerator and stove, woodstove and beautiful views. Building is insulated and bedrooms are roughed in. Located 1/4 mile down a seasonal road. (MLS# 434002) $97,500


Lytle’s Bear Lodge: 4 Bed-

r o o m , 2 . 5 B a t h r o o m ( S l e e p s 1 0 ) $ 3 0 0 0 . 0 0 p e r We e k , p l u s F e e s . Less than a mile from US31, this 2000 sq. ft. log home located just minutes from Petoskey & Harbor Springs. Features 100’ of Crooked Lake frontage, 50’ dock, Open Floor Plan with French Doors leading to the large wrap around deck, Air Conditioning, Laundry, Gas Fireplace and 2 Car Garage.

(231) 526-9671 163 E. Main Street | Harbor Springs Call one of our agents for information on these & other properties. Penny McCready Carolyn Sutherland Dave Olson Sam DeCamp Kevin Olson Barb Harbaugh Jim Hart Tom Graham Bob Humphrey Jan Parsons Andrew Bowman John Baker Will Baker Heidi Kresnak (231) 526-6251 198 East Main Street • Harbor Springs •

Harbor Light 061312  

Harbor Light Newspaper issue of June 13, 2012

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