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Annual Salute to the Graduates Inside this Week; Commencement ceremony set for Sunday, June 1 By Kate Bassett Harbor Light Newspaper

Harbor Light photo/Charles O’Neill

Marching On... The end of May brings a time of community gatherings, memories and both collective joy and sadness. Harbor Springs residents and visitors came together on Monday, Memorial Day, to honor those who gave their lives. Young people were celebrated at the North Country Kids preschool graduation last week and this coming Sunday, June 1, the class of 2014 will march on in their commencement ceremony.

Harbor Light photo/Mark Flemming

In a small town, graduation is more than just names being called, diplomas presented, tassels turned. It’s a celebration and send-off for children who were born and/or raised in a tight-knit, tradition-rich place. It’s a time to remember skinned knees on Main Street, first swims in Lake Michigan, favorite moments from the classrooms, stages, athletic fields and backyard adventures. And for the Harbor Springs High Senior Honors Convocation School Class of 2014, it means know- Wednesday, May 28 at 7 p.m. ing, as they descend the steps of Ot- at the Performing Arts Center. tawa Stadium on Sunday, June 1, the Baccalaureate cheers will come from more than just Thursday, May 29 at 7 pm at family and friends. They will come Stutsmanville Church. from the whole community. Graduation “We are continuing the tradition of Sunday, June 1 at 2:30 p.m. at Otgraduating outstanding individual stutawa Stadium (Harbor Springs dents and people of good character,” High School if it rains) said Harbor Springs superintendent Mark Tompkins, who noted the old “it takes a village” adage rings especially true in towns like this one, where the community is invested in each and every child. As a whole, this year’s graduating class is an impressive bunch, filled with caring, fun-loving, bright students. High School principal Susan Jacobs said she is truly going to miss 2014’s seniors. “The class of 2014 has been a dream to work with both academically and socially,” she said. “They are a highly social group, full of laughter and good will. I am sure that the level of laughter, giggles, and smiles will be reduced when they leave.” -CONTINUED on page 10.

1975 grad, financial analyst, to deliver this year’s commencement address

This rendering shows the planned new two-story, totally handicapped-accessible, energy efficient building that will replace the first three buildings of The Village of Hillside at the west end of Main Street in Harbor Springs. (Courtesy image)

New ‘Hillside/Friendship Center Renewal Project’ announced for downtown seniors building complex

New Arrivals Daily

Harbor Area Housing,The Village of Hillside, the Friendship Center of Harbor Springs, and Presbyterian Villages of Michigan, recently announced the “Hillside/Friendship Center Renewal Project.” A new two-story, totally handicapped-accessible, energy efficient building will replace the first three buildings of The Village of Hillside, allowing residents to remain in their apartments as they age. The new building will include a Friendship



526-6914 • State & Main

Congratulations Ellen!

Fashion for men and women 526-6914 • State & Main M -Sat 10-5 • Sun 12-4

Center three times the size of the Inventory current room, with multiple restrooms, plenty ofClearance accessible parking, and a private exam for Men androom Women foot-care, blood pressure, and other medical services.Hilda Built in 1978, buildings A-B-C of winter hours 11-5 The Village of Hillside lack elevators, Mon-satand kitchbarrier-free bathrooms ens, and air conditioning. The lack address phone of elevators can mean seniors living on the second floor must move just as they are least able to. The renewal project will increase the number of apartments from 24 to 32. Founded in 1975, the Friendship Center of Harbor Springs has served area seniors in several locations, including the old Presbyterian Church on Third Street, Harbor Springs High School, the new Presbyterian Church on Cemetery Road, and the Methodist Church. For four decades the Friendship Center of Harbor Springs has provided hot lunches, exercise, social activities, outings, medical and financial services, and more. The current location, the community room of Hillside Building C, is only 672 square feet including the kitchen and its one ®

bathroom. It has only four parking places. While its Main Street location is outstanding, the size severely limits the number of seniors who can be served. Of the $6.2 million building project $4.7 million will come from local, state, and federal financing sources. In addition, a fundraising campaign is being launched to generate the remaining $1.5 million. Approximately $500,000 has already been raised. Construction will begin when fundraising is complete. During construction, comparable housing must be found and the disruption minimized for current residents. The drive is being headed by Fred Walstrom of Harbor Springs and Linda Rhodes-Pauly of Cross Village. “The renewal of the Hillside campus is essential to allow seniors to remain close to downtown Harbor Springs and participate in all the activities our town has to offer,” Rhodes-Pauly said in a news release. “Over 40 years ago, leaders in our community had the vision to make Hillside a reality. Now, it is our turn -CONTINUED on page 13.

Harbor Springs High School graduate Mark Wilde will be the 2014 commencement speaker at graduation ceremonies Sunday, June 1. Wilde shared some of his career journey in a recent question and answer email with the Harbor Light Newspaper. Born in Harbor Springs in 1957 while his dad was teaching at Harbor Springs High School, Wilde attend school here from Kindergarten through his graduation in 1975. He started taking classes at North Central Michigan College as a senior in high school and attended the College for a year after high school. Mark Wilde He transferred to Alma College where he studied history & business and graduated in 1979 Summa Cum Laude & with department honors. “I was a much better/more focused student in college than high school,” Wilde said. He went on to graduate school at the “At its best, I think (growing University of Delaware on a full-ride felfunded by the Hagley Museum up in Harbor Springs) teaches lowship & Library - - - in a program intended to us respect, consideration for train historians and museum professionals. During graduate school, he others and a measure of married Mary Watkins, originally from humility.” Bliss who he’d met at NCMC. Part way through his graduate program, Mary started in a PhD program at the University of Pennsylvania in cell biology. The two lived in Philadelphia near the Penn campus where Wilde commuted the one hour to Delaware as needed. Wilde shared his career steps from there: “As I was finishing my PhD, I took a job at Wharton Econometric (WEFA) in Philadelphia inlate 1985. I’d studied economic history and had math, accountings & statistics class - - - so the leap wasn’t as huge as it looked. “After three years, I was a senior economist and was recruited in late 1988 to join Bankers Trust in NYC as an economist. After a few years, Bankers Trust moved me into their start-up securities business. I became a stock analyst and, eventually, the director of equity research. I was made a Managing Director in 1995 and a partner at Bankers Trust in 1997. Deutsche Bank (DB) bought Bankers Trust in 1999. I stayed on at DB until earlier this year, when I was recruited to join Bank of Montreal --- I’ll join them in late June. “I have a small team of people who work for me and we specialize in analyzing and recommending stocks in the forestry, wood products, -CONTINUED on page 10.


2  Harbor Light Community Newsweekly

Week of May 28-June 4, 2014



Library director turning the page on her time here

American Life in Poetry

By Kate Bassett


Harbor Light Newspaper

The list of activity reads like a hundred different hotspots around town-- Chess club, poetry slams, movie nights, sleepovers, study sessions, craft nights, farm to table dinners, lectures, wedding portraits, spanish language and knitting groups-- but in truth, it’s just a hint of all that’s been happening at the Harbor Springs Library, located above Howes Fudge Shop on the corner of Spring and Main Streets. Under the leadership Harbor Springs High School graduate Alex Osetek, who returned to her hometown after college (and time spent travelling the globe, including a stint of living in Chile), the town’s little privately funded but open to the public “reading room,” went from a historically loved book spot to a full scale community center and highly functioning library that includes MelCat interlibrary loans. “I arrived at the perfect time, really, because it was right when the library was finish-

ing renovations. I literally was able to start fresh,” Osetek said of when she started in 2011. Alex Osetek “My first year here was all about building programs and community outreach. If someone had a suggestion, my answer was always ‘yes! Let’s try it!’” That open attitude and affinity toward young people turned the library into a true safe haven for the community’s teenagers. Whether the library is packed with high school chess clubbers or providing space for exam cramming, Osetek said she’s happiest when the room is full of young people. “Nothing makes me smile more,” she said. “I’ve had kids call my cell phone at 10 p.m. and say they need a place to finish a group project, and I’ll come down and open the library and hang out until they are done. That’s the beauty of

growing up in a small town, and I’m lucky I’ve been able to be a part of it.” Osetek is leaving her position at the library this week, with world-travel plans in the works. “I’m having very mixed emotions,” she said of her departure. “I feel like I’ve achieved what I wanted to do here in terms of building community and making sure we are up-to-date as a non-profit organization, but I will miss the connections I’ve made.” Pulling ancient looking record books off a high shelf in the library, Osetek smiled and paged through handwritten notes dating back to the late 1800s. “This is how the library kept its records until the mid-1980s,” she said. “There are volumes and volumes like this one. It’s cool to see and experience the history, but we’ve come a long way in terms of how we function as an organization, and I can say with 100-percent certainty now we’re exactly where we need to be to start building for a sustainable future.”

‘Men’s Call to Action’ event May 29 A town hall-style meeting titled, “Men’s Call to Action” will be held at the Demmer Wellness Center Pavilion in Petoskey at 5:30 p.m., Thursday, May 29. The event is meant to encourage men in the community to collectively seek and develop practical ways to empower themselves, as well as the boys and young men in their lives to reach their greatest human potential. In the face of a highly violent media culture, Men’s Call to Action is one way men can become part of the solution in creating a future that is safe and equitable for all people. “It is so critical for us to stand up and actively oppose violence against women,” said Bill Wilson a northern Michigan social worker who volunteers on the Violence Prevention team and is a 100 Men Campaign contributor. He referenced a recent national survey by the Centers for Disease Control which revealed that one in five women had been raped in their lifetime and one in four had been the victim of severe physical violence by an intimate partner. “As a father of two daughters, these statistics frighten and anger me – they also motivate me to do my part to “man up” and join the work to end violence against women and girls,” said Wilson. The Men’s Call to Action meeting also picks up where Joe Ehrmann left off. Ehrmann, a former NFL player, author, coach and edu-

cator, visited Petoskey last year for a lecture and coaches workshop. He stressed the importance of modeling and developing in young men and boys the essential qualities of empathy, compassion, competence, reflection and self-worth. During his time in northern Michigan, Ehrmann made clear we all have some kind of responsibility to make a difference in this world, and men and boys need to step up and help end this violence. Area resident, Kevin Burns, who is also a Violence Prevention Team volunteer and 100 Men Campaign contributor said, “My participation with the Violence Prevention Team and 100 Men Campaign events has inspired me to get involved and make a difference regarding the negative cultural and social norms that contribute to violence and gender inequality. The Men’s Call to Action is another great opportunity.” Men’s Call to Action will feature facilitated discussion and food will be available to those in attendance. The Demmer Wellness Center Pavilion is located at 820 Arlington Avenue in Petoskey. For more information contact the Violence Prevention Team Coordinator at (231) 347-1572.


Osetek is modest about the amount of success she’s experienced and shy to acknowledge how far the library-- once known most for the sweet scent of fudge between its stacks-- has come in the last few years. “I just want this to continue to be a place for the community to gather,” she said, diverting conversation from her own accolades. “I think it’s a good time for a change in leadership, because with a new director will come new energy and new ideas. We’ve reached a place where we’ve sort of grown to capacity in the last few years, so the next phase of the library is going to be maintaining the level of services we’re now providing.” The library’s board recently hired Casey Adams to replace Osetek. He will begin work at the library the first week of June.

The Harbor Springs Library is hosting a send-off for Osetek on Friday, May 30 from 4-6 p.m. All in the community are invited to attend.

The Impressionists, on both sides of the Atlantic, gave us a number of handsome paintings of rural scenes, and here’s a poem by the distinguished American poet, Catharine Savage Brosman, that offers us just such a picture, not in pigments but in words.

Cattle Fording Tarryall Creek With measured pace, they move in single file, dark hides, white faces, plodding through low grass, then walk into the water, cattle-style, indifferent to the matter where they pass. The stream is high, the current swift—good rain, late snow-melt, cold. Immerging to the flank, the beasts proceed, a queue, a bovine chain, impassive, stepping to the farther bank— continuing their march, as if by word, down valley to fresh pasture. The elect, and stragglers, join, and recompose the herd, both multiple and single, to perfect impressions of an animated scene, the creek’s meanders, milling cows, and sun. Well cooled, the cattle graze knee-deep in green. We leave them to their feed, this painting done. American Life in Poetry is made possible by The Poetry Foundation (www., publisher of Poetry magazine. It is also supported by the Department of English at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. Poem copyright © 2014 by Catharine Savage Brosman, whose most recent book of poems is On the North Slope, Mercer University Press, 2012. Poem reprinted by permission of Catharine Savage Brosman. Introduction copyright © 2014 by The Poetry Foundation. The introduction’s author, Ted Kooser, served as United States Poet Laureate Consultant in Poetry to the Library of Congress from 2004-2006. We do not accept unsolicited manuscripts.

The steamship Northland was built in 1885 in Cleveland and measured 358 feet five inches and 44 feet wide.

-Submitted by Women’s Resource Center of Northern Michigan

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Harbor Light Community Newsweekly  3

Week of May 28-June 4, 2014

A PAtio PArAdise

By Reid Furniture Co. “It’s Reid Indeed”

Gilda Snowden, Detroit@CTAC artist and lecturer. (Courtesy image)

Crooked Tree bringing the ‘D’ up north this summer Celebrating 87 Years of Quality

307 E. Mitchell St, Petoskey • 231-347-2942 Mon-Fri 9-5:30; Saturday 9-4:00

Crooked Tree Arts Center announces Detroit @ CTAC, a summer of arts programs and events inspired by Detroit. Artists, musicians, filmmakers and creative entrepreneurs all working and playing in Detroit have been invited to Petoskey for the summer of 2014. Events include an art exhibit in three galleries, concerts, film screenings, lectures, creative runway, trunk show and workshops. “It’s been an exhilarating process for our staff as doors kept opening in Detroit to bring together this phenomenal group of people to Petoskey,” said Liz Ahrens, Crooked Tree executive director. Four days of events, starting June 5, will kick of the Detroit @ CTAC summer. Most are free, and all in the community are encouraged to attend. A list of opening weekend events are listed below:

Thursday, June 5 12:00 p.m. Concert on the

Bidwell Plaza CTAC welcomes visitors from Detroit with a favorite northern Michigan performer, Kirby Snively. Light refreshments. 7:30 p.m. Film Screening “Standing in the Shadows of Motown,” free and open to the public. Recounts the story of The Funk Brothers, the uncredited and largely unheralded studio musicians who were the handpicked house band by Berry Gordy in 1959. They were the band who recorded and performed Motown’s recordings from 1959 to 1972. A 2002 documentary film directed by Paul Justman.

Friday, June 6 9:00 a.m. CTAC’S Annual Paint Out! What’s a Paint Out? Artists begin their day with a blank canvas; have it stamped at check-in with the date and then fill it by painting outdoors. All work is available for purchase at CTAC beginning at 6:00 p.m.

10:00 a.m. Coffee @ Ten Lecture with Lois Teicher, artist. A professional sculptor for over 30 years, Teicher’s journey has led her to search and understand the fundamental structure of the Universe. As she evolved as an artist she became aware of basic essential concepts, such as the existence of Time/Space continuum. 2:00 p.m. Afternoon Lecture with Gilda Snowden, artist. Snowden has always been drawn to the complexities of nature and history, specifically the documentation of history that is closest to her own experiences. 6:00 p.m. Paint Out Reception and Awards on the Bidwell Plaza, with Coney’s and Vernors. Music by Jennifer Westwood Duo. 7:30 p.m. Film Screening with Q&A to follow with Tony D’Annunzio, Producer/ Director of “Louder Than Love” The Grande Ballroom Story. The greatest untold -CONTINUED on page 7.

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4  Harbor Light Community Newsweekly

Week of May 28-June 4, 2014

Harbor Springs...Now and Then Musings, memories & news about you By CYNTHIA MORSE ZUMBAUGH | 231.526.7842


June Special


Frame Of Your Choice Good Thru The End Of June THRU THE ARCHED DOORWAY AT THE REAR OF COYOTE WOMAN GALLERY 160 E. Main Street Harbor Springs, MI 231-526-5889

I have decided to forgo my annual attempt at Commencement advice since my invitation to speak never arrives and because this year a classmate of mine, Mark Wilde, will be giving the Commencement address in Harbor Springs. I’ll just leave that in his more than capable hands. Instead, I’d like to discuss the weekend we just had. Memorial Day tends to make me nostalgic; I won’t apologize for that. It is, after all, the purpose of the holiday to take a moment and remember those that gave their lives for us and, for many of us, to think about those who are no longer with us. Perhaps I am wearing my lovely rose-colored glasses or just playing the Glad Game (from Disney’s Pollyanna) but I am glad that I live where I do and I am proud to the core of my hometown. The Memorial Day remembrances are done so beautifully, and with such reverence. The 4th of July is a holiday for celebra-

tion of our independence; Memorial Day is not a day to celebrate, but to remember and that is done very well in Harbor Springs. The parade was short and sweet with the usual participants. There is the High School Band (with those tentative Middle Schoolers playing with the big guys for the first time,) the Drum and Bugle Corps, the Color Guard, the ladies from the Legion Auxiliary, the Poppy Girl and, of course, the Veterans. As I’ve heard noted, this is not Veteran’s Day but you know what? We don’t have a parade on Veteran’s Day and these warriors need to be acknowledged. When the ceremony at the waterfront started, I walked around looking at faces. That probably was not the most reverent thing for me to be doing, but contrary to popular belief, I can walk and think at the same time, and I wanted to observe reactions. It was amazing. People were not

just biding time, standing there waiting for what comes next. They were listening, quietly taking in the sights and sounds. There are two things that I noticed that I would like to mention. The first is probably not politically correct, but since that’s not a condition that I have ever strived to attain, let me say how it touched me to see a prayer being said and everyone bowing their heads. Second, I was so happy to see all of the hats and caps removed at that time. I know I sound like an Emily Post groupie sometimes, but removing your hat is a sign of respect and it was done simultaneously all across the park. It’s a little thing, but it is often the little things that mean the most. The speakers were excellent, again short and to the point but also to the heart. The musings of these veterans are so heartfelt, so wrenching that I don’t know how anyone could fail to be

moved. WTCM, one of the local radio stations, had an interview with a World War II veteran last week; I tried to get his name but I wasn’t able to do so. He was one of the soldiers involved in the liberation of the concentration camps. During his interview, there was a call in from a woman in Sault Ste Marie; she was one of the children liberated. She talked about how the Americans came in and all the children were so hungry that the troops gave them bananas, something she was completely unfamiliar with but oh, so happy to eat. She was crying, the vet was crying; it was one of the most touching moments of radio that I have ever had the honor of hearing. Needless to say, my eyes were not exactly dry, either. So thank you to Harbor Springs for understanding that Memorial Day is not about cookouts, it’s not about selling mattresses and cars, it’s not about celebrating; it’s

about honoring and that was done perfectly. Now we can get to some birthday celebrations, beginning with Jeri Paige Wilson on Thursday, May 29, happy 57-57. Friday, May 30, Happy Birthday to Michelle Schwartz and Dean Cosens and on Saturday, Happy Birthday to my baby, Rudi Zumbaugh. (He’s registered at the Pet Pantry and he wears an XXL if anyone is interested.) Sunday, June 1, Congratulations to all the graduates and Happy Birthday to Joe Walker. Monday we send birthday wishes to Beth Rahaley and Rob Furhman and on Tuesday to Sarah Cohen, Wilma Tippett and to Lucas Morse. On Wednesday June 4, Happy Birthday to Kevin Dooley, wherever he may be this year and a very Happy Anniversary on May 31 to Kate and Justin Bassett.

Our Small Town Remembers...

Peace of mind is priceless That’s why we strive to provide the highest quality insurance products at the lowest possible price.

Call Brenda Keith

by Burley

321 Spring St. Alanson Harbor Springs 7031 US 31 (231)526-2123 (231)548-2211

Herb Glahn MIKE PIERCE D.D.S. New Patients Welcome Weekdays 7 am - 4 pm 289 E. Main St. Harbor Springs 231-526-9611

From the Poppy Girl to the Harbor Springs High School marching band and the Drum and Bugle Corps, the Harbor Springs Memorial Day tradition of honoring those who lost their lives continued in proud fashion.

Acoustic Guitar/Voice folk.blues.jazz

439 Pine Street Harbor Springs, MI 49740 Harbor Light photos by Mark Flemming and Charles O’Neill Don’t miss Hank & Stan with Bo White & the Tarczon Bros. Rhythm Section (Herb Glahn + Bob Bowne = “Hank & Stan”) Saturday, Sept. 12 - From 8pm - before 12am At Little Traverse Bay Golf Club (in the tent) Free-will offerings for Manna Food Project are encouraged

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Kathleen Rene Hannah A memorial for Kathy Hannah will be held on Saturday, June 28, 2014 at 11:30 am, at 169 N. Lakeshore Drive. The location is 1 mile south of Good Hart on M-119. A light lunch will follow. Casual attire. Please confirm attendance by June 15.

7537 Burr Ave., Alanson, MI 49706


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Harbor Light Community Newsweekly  5

Week of May 28-June 4, 2014

Community Diary...

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Kolors for Kolkata Family Fun Run set for June 7 On Saturday, June 7th at 10:00 am, the still morning air will erupt with laughter and fun. The rising sun will be outshone by the vibrant colors of blue, purple, green, red, and yellow. It is time once again for the Kolors for Kolkata Family Fun Run. This will be the second year that the event is hosted by the Harbor Springs High School National Honor Society at the track at Reynolds Field. The run, with 1 and 2 mile loop options, is put on to

raise money for Bulbulir Basa Orphanage in Kolkata, India. The orphanage was founded in 2000 as a direct response to the high levels of homeless children in the city and has been visited by Harbor Spring’s own, Will Dart. Registration/check-in begins at 9:00 am and the fee is by donation with a minimum of $5. There are only two rules: wear white and be prepared to be blasted with color. We hope to see you there!

North Central Michigan College offering variety of summer workshops

Submitted by Kenyon Stebbins As many of you know, Sally has celebrated her birthday each May 23 for the past 20 years (8 in West Virginia, and the rest in Harbor Springs) by enjoying the spring’s “Dawn Chorus” in our yard. This involves getting up well before dawn, getting settled outdoors, and quietly welcoming the start of the day by identifying each bird species as it sings or calls. I have the privilege of acting as scribe. The weather this year in our woods 4 miles NW of Harbor Springs (Emmet County) was cool ( 43-48 degrees) and Sally was in her warmest winter parka, and also inside her sleeping bag. We had 5-10 mph winds and mostly overcast skies, although we were treated to periodic glimpses of a beautiful crescent moon. This year’s Dawn Chorus yielded 35 species between 4:40 am and 7:30 am. This total was well above our average of 26 species, and was our second-highest total ever (3 short of the 38 species in 2008). While a dawn chorus is always a magical experience, this year’s was especially appreciated after enduring such a long and challenging winter. Here are some details from this year’s Dawn Chorus: 5:10 am American Robin, first bird heard; followed in short order by Mourning DovePuzzle #2, Black-capped The weekly Crossword is brought to Chickadee, you courtesy#3, of:Wild Turkey #4….Black-Throated Green Warbler #13, , Official sunrise 6:01 am; Red-shouldered Hawk #14….Magnolia Warbler #20…...Scarlet Tanager #34, American Redstart #35 7:30 am End observations and we head out to breakfast!

Farmers Market opens June 14 Harbor Springs Farmers Market opens Saturday, June 14 and will run Wednesdays and Saturdays from 9 am-1 pm at their location on the west end of Main St downtown. In addition to all the local seasonal produce, fruits, flowers, baked goods, eggs,300 and more, the market will feature cooking demonstraWest Lake St. • Harbor Springs • Phone: (231) 526-2101 tions, music and other surprises. For more information visit email: Store Hours: Mon – Sat 8am-8pm • Sun 9am – 6pm

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Gifts • Hallmark Cards Kodak Photo Kiosk Puzzles • Vitabath • Souvenirs The quality and service you expect from the past with the technologoy and convenience you expect from the future.

North Central Michigan College’s Corporate and Community Education department is offering a wide variety of summer workshops in Petoskey – from grant writing to QuickBooks, photography to painting, farming to boating safety. Pre-registration is requested for all workshops. Please cce2 or call 231-348-6705 to register. North Central’s farm workshops are presented in collaboration with the Institute for Sustainable Living, Art and Natural Design and the USDA Risk Management Agency. To encourage the growth of successful, sustainable agricultural practices in our region, these workshops are offered to farmers at a 50 percent discount. On Wednesday, May 28 from 6 p.m. to 9 p.m., MSU Extension experts Wendy Wieland and Michelle Jarvie will present information on Michigan’s Cottage Foods Law, which allows food entrepreneurs to sell certain homemade foods prepared in home kitchens. OnTuesday, June 3 from 6 p.m. to 8 p.m., Wendy Wieland will share best practices for displaying, promoting and selling products at farmers markets. Three hands-on workshops on QuickBooks will introduce participants to the concepts plus provide time to practice setting up accounts. Participants will then set up their own business and generate reports. All materials are provided. Participants may bring their own laptops or use North Central laptops in the classroom. The instructor is Kirsten Joy-Cochran, MSA, certified QuickBooks ProAdvisor and president of Visionality Training and Consulting, Inc. Sign up for all three workshops and save 20 percent. Workshops will be held on Fridays, May 30-June 13 from

9 a.m. to 4 p.m. in room 536 in the Student and Community Resource Center. Boaters can obtain a Coast Guard and Michigan boat safety certification in an 8-hour program on Mondays, June 2 and 9, from 5 p.m. to 9 p.m. This program covers types of boats, registrations and regulations, safety equipment, safe boating practices, docking, mooring, knots, equipment checks, weather and tides, charts, navigation, dealing with boating emergencies, trailering, storing and protecting your boat. Cost is $20 and includes textbook and materials. Shannon Maitland will offer three grant writing workshops, teaching participants the skills and resources to start exploring new funding opportunities. Students will receive Proposal Planning and Writing and other resource materials. These workshops will be on Wednesdays, June 4-18, from 6 p.m. to 8 p.m. in room 536 in the Student and Community Resource Center. Workshops are $20 each, which includes all materials. For the artistic individual, there are two series of art workshops in June. The sessions are $20 each or $50 for the series including materials. The workshops will be on Thursdays, June 5-19, from 6 p.m. to 8 p.m. Classical Alla Prima Still Life Painting will be taught Monday through Friday, June 1620, from9 a.m. to noon in Art Room 18 in the main classroom building. Plein-Air Painting will be taught Monday through Friday, June 23-27, from 9 a.m. to noon. All workshops will be held on the Petoskey campus. For more information or to register, visitwww.ncmich. edu/cce2 or call 231-348-6613.

Weather HighLights

Week’s Low: Sat, May 24, 39F Week’s High, Sun, May 25, 75F What a delightful holiday weekend of perfect weather we enjoyed!! It just couldn’t have been any nicer and was certainly appreciated, Saturday and Sunday were bright and sunny from dawn to dusk. The threat of some rain on Monday never materialized, a few clouds passed by but by mid-afternoon the sun was out.The parade and services afterward were reminders and remembrances of those being saluted on that beautiful day as this small town has done for so many years. The weather for the remainder of this week is predicted to be in the 60s-70’s with plenty of sun. We welcome our returning friends and visitors, and hope everyone will enjoy and visit our new businesses, and those who are the mainstays of our town. We look forward to the Farmer’s Market opening in June, and to a great summer in Harbor Springs.

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Water Temperature

Little Traverse Bay


Sampled at Irish Boat Shop on Monday, May 26

Last week: 40 º Brought to you courtesy of

Irish Boat Shop

Church Directory Updates and directory additions, Call Ruth 526-2191

Answer to last week’s puzzle

St. John’s Episcopal Church June 19 - Sept. 4 Sunday Services: 8:30 a.m. & 10:30 a.m. West Third/Traverse St. All Welcome

Shop Locally!

205 East Main Street • Harbor Springs 231-526-5971 • 800-398-1390

Art, Memorabilia, and Collectibles for the Golf, Fly Fishing and Duck Enthusiast 189 E Main St Harbor Springs, MI 49740 110 E. Third St. Harbor Springs, MI 49740 Ph: 231.526.0585

June’s Harbor Salon

Stylists: June Blakemore Evelyn Cymbalski Nichole Paige Vicki Lynn

Family Salon Specializing in Styling, Perm Waves, Tinting, Highlighting, Facial Waxing, Manicures and Pedicures

The Catholic Communities of L’Arbre Croche MASS SCHEDULE Holy Childhood of Jesus Church, Harbor Springs Saturday 5:00 pm; Sunday 8:30 am, & 11am; Tuesday 6 pm; Wednesday-Friday 8:00 am (Thursday 10 am Bay Bluffs Care Center) Holy Cross Church Cross Village Monday and Wednesday 8:30 am and 1st Friday at 8:30 am Saturday 4 pm St. Nicholas Church Larks Lake Sunday , 11:00 am 231-526-2017 Stutsmanville Chapel • Sunday Worship: 10:30 am • Primary & Adults Sunday School: 9:15 am • Ed Warner, Pastor • 526-2335 2988 N. State Rd. Main Street Baptist Church 544 E. Main St, Harbor Springs • 231-526-6733 (Church); 231526-5434 (Pastor) • Family Sunday School: 10:00 a.m.; Morning Family Worship: 11:00; Evening Family Praise Svc 6:00 p.m.; Wed Bible Study & Prayer: 7:00 New Life Anglican Church Worship: Sunday , 10:00 am • 219 State St., Petoskey. Phone 231-347-3448 Harbor Springs United Methodist Church 343 E. Main St. • Worship, Sunday school:11:00 a.m. Communion: 1st Sunday of month • Pastor Mary Sweet • 231-526-2414 (church) • First Presbyterian Church Worship 10:00 am Adult Education, 8:50 Children’s Sunday School, 10:00 526-7332 7940 Cemetery Rd, Harbor Springs Unitarian Universalist Congregation of Petoskey Services at Oden Community Building, 8740 Luce St., Oden 1st, 2nd and 3rd Sundays of the month at 11 a.m. Religious education for children 231-348-9882

�2311 75332110

Zion Lutheran Church Services: Sunday Worship – 8 & 10:30 AM Monday Night Informal Worship – 7:07 PM 500 W. Mitchell St. Petoskey, MI 231-347-3438 Preschool: 231-347-2757

6  Harbor Light Community Newsweekly

Week of May 28-June 4, 2014

School tech director takes job Great Lakes Chamber Orchestra concert set for Sunday, June 8 Tickets are now on sale for the The audience will have at 2:45 pm, the Bay View Asso- org and, as Sutton’s Bay superintendent Great Lakes Chamber Orches- two opportunities to meet ciation will host an ice cream or at the orchestra office: 231Harbor Springs Public School portunity for he and his famDistrict is now looking for a ily,” said superintendent Mark new technology director, as Tompkins. current director Chris Nelson The job has been posted has accepted a position as su- regionally and statewide. perintendent ofChevy Suttons Tompkins said the district 2010 ImpalaBay. LT Nelson helped spearhead 1 owner! Chevrolet the CERTI- will consider replacing Nelson FIED Extended New Car with another director, “and/ district’s technology millage Warranty, Luxury Edition in November 2011. or some combination of priPkg. Heated Leather, Sun“We are pleased for Chris; vate firms that specialize in roof, best of All low, this is a validation his work Low milesofSharp! A Local keeping technology systems tradeand in! a new op- operational.” in the district $14,889

tra and Chorus’ offering of a program of “Opera Overtures and Choruses”. The performance, to be held at 4 pm, Sunday, June 8, will take place Candy White, Black at John M. Hall Auditorium in Bay ViewSeats, autoVelour The orchestra is pleased matic, Gets Great Gas to introduce their new conducMileage! Yakima/ tor, Dr. Libor Ondras, at this Thule roof rack sysconcert. Dr. Ondras will direct tem. Come take OrchesGreat Lakes Chamber tra and Chorus, (prepared by Chorus Master Peter Sims).

the new conductor. Prior to social and visit the nonthe program, beginning at profit organizations from The 3pm in Evelyn Hall, Dr. On- Northern Michigan Cultural dras will offer the audience a Alliance in the grassy area by discussion about the music Days the auditorium. Hurry!Final of our Admission that will be performed. After to the ice cream social, the HUGE TENT SALE! the concert, a reception will pre-concert lecture, and the SAVE! be held next door, in Evelyn post-concert reception is free Hall to give attendees the to all concert attendees. opportunity to mingle with Tickets cost $20 for general Dr. Ondras, Mr. Sims and the admission, and $35 and $50 musicians. for your choice of reserved A social event begins the seating. All tickets may be purafternoon’s activities. Starting chased online at glcorchestra.

487-0010. General admission tickets are available at Chambers of Commerce: Boyne City, Charlevoix, East Jordan, Harbor Springs and Petoskey. Students/youths Bring ywho are 18 opersonnel ur and under, military C l u n and people withkedisabilities r to Uwith s & SVSA registered of aveArts ! Michigan are admitted free of charge.

Dave Kring IS Petoskey’s Used Car Dealer

1998 Pontiac Sunfire Convertible

Bright Red.. Black top.. for Fun in the Sun this Summer! Really Sporty with chrome wheels, deck spoiler Power top ..great tires and it won’t last .. hurry!


2007 Pontiac G6 Sport

Hot Bright Red.. ebony cloth, sunroof, CD, rear spoiler, 3.5 liter V6 engine, power seats, Tilt and telescopic steering wheel, remote and more!


2005 Ford Mustang Fast Back GT

Almost mint! Bright Red and light graphite leather! Extras like custom wheels wrapped by deep tread tires, This one you need to see! But Hurry!


2008 Cadillac STS AWD

Visit com g. Krin Dave

Black and Beautiful & All-Wheel Drive! Chrome accents! Ebony heated and ventilated leather, Heated Steering Wheel, Rainsense Wipers, 17” polished alloys and so much more!

861 US 31 North • Petoskey


M - F 8:00 a.m. - 6:00 p.m • Sat 8:00 a.m. - 2:00 p.m.



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David Cantrell

Remodeling • Additions • Custom Carpentry 23 years in Construction & Remodeling Insured & Licensed 2101196320

• • •

Kitchen & Bath Remodeling Window and Entry Door Installation Decks and Porches

7155 South State Road Harbor Springs, MI 49740

• • • •

Custom Carpentry Crown Molding Hardwood Flooring Installation Closet Shelving & Organizers

Call Michelle Ketterer 231.526.2191 michelle@



Community Welcome Every Day DRESSAGE INSTRUCTION CARE, TRAINING, BOARDING • Jumping Lessons •


Stable Phone: 231-242-0012

7359 S. Lake Shore Dr. • 3 Miles N. • Next to Birchwood Inn



Carrie L. Blanck, Owner Interior Designer, Allied Member ASID

Harbor Light Newspaper

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First Line is Business Name Second is service offering Third is contact info. Minimum 26 weeks. Ad renews automatically unless customer cancels. First 26-week payment required in advance. email: Inquire about full business card and newspaper display advertising as well.





REMAX of Charlevoix

Each Office Independently Owned and Operated

Kevin Roush

Sales Associate 701 S. Bridge St Charlevoix, MI 49720 Office: (231) 547-9980 Cell: (231) 645-7475

Fax: (231) 547-7013 Email:

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Harbor Light Community Newsweekly  7

Week of May 28-June 4, 2014


The Classifieds Column

“Anything Electrical Since 1916”


Residential • Commercial Industrial • Marina

Email us your classified ad listing Please try to keep it to 20 words of less for free listings. Call Ruth at 231-5262191 for assistance.



7450 Hughston Road • Harbor Springs

CITY OF HARBOR SPRINGS CITY COUNCIL MEETING SYNOPSIS May 19, 2014 1. All Council members were present. 2. Council approved the May 5, 2014 City Council regular meeting minutes as read. 3. Council approved bills in the amount of $439,572.35. 4. Council held a “Truth-In-Taxation” public hearing. 5. Council approved the “Resolution to Establish the 2014 Millage Rate”, which authorizes the levy of 5.7600 mills. 6. Council, by consensus, authorized the City Manager to proceed with the replacement of two fire hydrants by awarding a contract to the low bidder, Northern Excavating, at a cost of $18,752. 7. Council approved the Lake Street Reconstruction Project and the award of the contract to the low bidder, Rieth-Riley, at a cost of $223,935. 8. Council approved Ordinance No. 388, which reduces the size of the Zoning Board of Appeals to five (5) members and approval of a variance on a favorable vote of sixty (60) percent of the Board membership. 9. Council approved Ordinance No. 389, which allows a Public Assembly use in the Central Business District. 10. Council approved the “Resolution to Establish a Principal Shopping District with the Current Downtown Development Authority District Boundaries”. 11. Council, by consensus, approved the Harbor Springs Area Chamber of Commerce Event “Harbor Springs Fourth 7450 Hughston Road • Harbor Springs of July Beer Garden in the Waterfront Park”. 12. Council, by consensus, approved the Kiwanis fundraiser event “the Culpepper and Merriweather Circus” to put on performances in the Stadium Parking Lot on Sunday, July 6, 2014. 13. Council, by consensus, approved a concession license for the Harbor Grill, owned by Wally Wertman and Pam Pfeifle. 14. Council, by consensus, approved the Harbor Springs Area Chamber of Commerce “Citizen of the Year Celebration” event to be held July 4, 2014 in Shay Park, which is the lot to the immediate west of the Demmer property, from 3:00 p.m. to 4:00 p.m. 10. Mayor Dika adjourned the meeting at 7:39 p.m.

“Anything Electrical Since 1916”

Residential Commercial Industrial • Marina



For paid listings: $6 per week for up to 20 words; 3 weeks for $12. Business and Personal. 20-cents per word beyond 20 words. (231) 526-2191 or or

TOM’S MOM’S COOKIES has openings for a baker and a counter staff for the summer. Must be able to work Sundays and evenings. Approximately 20 hours per week. Bakers must be 18 years of age or older. Apply in person at Tom’s Mom’s Cookies, 267 S. Spring Street, Harbor Springs. HARBOR SPRINGS PUBLIC SCHOOLS is accepting applications to fill the position of Technology Director. Please submit cover letter, resume with supporting credentials and letter of reference to Mark Tompkins, Superintendent, 800 State Road, Harbor Springs, MI 49740. Job posting can be viewed at application deadline: Thursday, May 29, 2014 - 4:00 pm EST. HARBOR SPRINGS PUBLIC SCHOOLS is looking for a fulltime Music Teacher. Please submit letter of interest, resume and transcripts to Nathan Fairbanks, Elementary Principal, 421 East Lake Street, Harbor Springs, MI 49740. Job posting can be viewed at application deadline: Friday, May 30, 2014 - 4:00 pm EST. CERTIFIED PERSONAL TRAINERS WANTED at Bay Tennis & Fitness. Full and Part Time. Must be responsible, enthusiastic, detailed oriented, passionate about fitness, work with a diverse group of people, perform assessments and create individualized client programs. Qualifications: CPR/AED Certification. Maintain own fitness as an example to the client. Promote healthy lifestyles. Call 231-487-1713 Tom or WANTED Friendly, Reliable, Hard Working Employees Must Love To Clean! Call Today! 989-731-2963

Ronald B. McRae City Clerk


Regular Board meeting was called to order at 7:00 p.m. 4 members were present. Public Hearing was held on the proposed changes to the FY 2014-2015 millages. Approved April 8, 2014 meeting minutes. Approved the proposed change in the FY 2014-2015 millages. Approved Approved an amendment to the FY 2014-2015 operating budget. Approved the Assessor’s contract for 2014-2015. Approved a two year contract with the Alanson Area Public Library. Went into closed session to consider the potential purchase of real property. Approved payables and payroll. Next regularly scheduled meeting will be June 10, 2014 at 7:00 p.m. Cindy Baiardi, Clerk

pg 23 5//28/2014

APPROXIMATELY FACE CORD of white birch. FREE FREE FREE!! 526-2715. TWO CHINA CABINETS, One of either for sale. nice shape. $100 each.526-2715 ECONO COLLECTION WIRE DOG TRAINING & Travel Crate, 36” L - 23” W - 24” H, $60.00; Life Style Training & Travel Crate, 30” L - 21” W - 24”H, $55.00; Chuck Norris Deluxe Total Gym - New-$1155.00 , $375.00 Still in Box; 16’ Steel Folding Ladder, Commercial Grade $125.00; 8’ Werner Step Ladder $100.00. Ed - 231526-2318.

Arts and Crafts HRAMIEC HOFFMAN FINE ART & CRAFT New oil paintings and related products. Summer freshness is wafting through the studio, two miles east of downtown Harbor Springs 6911 M 119, (231) 526-1011 www. ARTS & CRAFTS SHOW SPRING FEST, Saturday, June 7, 10 am-6 pm. Westminster Park, Rogers City: Music, Kids Activities, Kiwanis Whitefish Sandwiches. Come join the Fun! 989-734-4587

Commercial for Rent OFFICE SPACE FOR RENT-Newly Remodeled. 750 Square feet with basement. West Lake Square, Harbor Springs. Contact Bill Kolinski (231) 526-6643

Boat Slip For Rent BOAT SLIP, WALSTROM BASIN, 40’, lowest seasonal rate in harbor, 2 reserved parking spaces, Water & Electric, (231) 838-7470.

SUZIE’S PIES LLC. - 8486 M-119 (Harbor Plaza). We have freshly baked Fruit Pies, Cream Pies, Butter Tarts and more. Our frozen unbaked Pot Roast Pies and Chicken Pot Pies are a perfect dinner! Store Hours - Tues, Thursday and Friday 10:00-5:00. Saturday 10:00-2:00. PRE-ORDERS WELCOME Call/ Text 231-881-6841.

Cars For Sale 1984 BUICK REGAL Somerset Limited $3,700, 51,000 miles, V-6 257 4.IL. Call Brett at 734-0320-1424.

HARBOR SPRINGS 2 BEDROOM, 2 bath, heated garage. quiet neighborhood. Includes washer/dryer. $950 month, plus security. No smoking/pets. (231) 526-7934. SEASONAL RENTAL - Fully furnished 1 bedroom condo with resident amenities Perry Farm Village, Harbor Springs. 231-526-1500. COZY BUNGALOW, IDEALLY located 5 minutes from downtown Harbor Springs. 3 bed, 2 bath and a large outdoor patio for entertaining and solitude. Please contact

William N. Zoerhof, DDS, PC

TWO BEDROOM, 1 BATH guest house, view of the bay, private beach and tennis. Available June through August. 239-472-3236.

Over 30 years in Harbor Springs

General Dentistry & Denture Implants Complete Family Dental Services


INVITATION TO BID WEST TRAVERSE TOWNSHIP PUBLIC HEARING NOTICE EMMET COUNTY ROAD COMMISSION PUBLIC HEARING & REGULAR BOARD MEETING, WEST TRAVERSE TOWNSHIP FOR 13, OF 2014 ZONING MAY BOARD APPEALS ELYBoard BRIDGE ROAD OVER THEp.m. MAPLE RIVER Regular meeting was BRIDGE called 16, to order at 7:00 June 2012 Timber Pile and Timber Cap Installation 4 The members were present. West Traverse Township Board of Appeals will hold public hearings

Public Hearing was16, held onatthe proposed toHall, the FY 2014-2015 on Monday, June 2014 in thechanges Township 8001 M-119, Sealed bids will be received by5:00 the pm Emmet County Road Commission at millages. to consider the following requests: their offices located at 2265variance E. Hathaway Road, Harbor Springs, MI, until Approved April 8, 2014 meeting minutes. 9:20 a.m., Tuesday, June 3, 2014, at which time they will be opened and Approved the proposed in FY 2014-2015 millages. Case # 2014-003: To change exceed thethe maximum height of 35 feet read aloud for the installation of the Timber Piles and Timber Capfor forthe the Approved Approved an amendment to the FY 2014-2015 operating construction of cupolas and chimneys on a new residence at 6647 Otis Ely Bridge Road Bridge over the Maple River. budget. Lane in the R-1-A Residential District. Approved the Assessor’s contract for 2014-2015. A copy of the specifications may be obtained at the offices of the Emmet Approved a two yearTocontract with Publicfor Library. Case #Road 2014-004: eliminate thethe 15Alanson feet rearArea lotRoad, setback County Commission at 2265 E. Hathaway HarborconstrucSprings, Went into session to consider the potential purchase real of a closed new Westward Passage in theof Windward MItion 49740, (231)residence 347-8142ator5930 property. West Association in the A-1 Agriculture and Forest Approved payables and payroll. District.COUNTY EMMET ROAD COMMISSION Next regularly scheduled meeting will be June 10, 2014 at 7:00 p.m. Frank Zulski,Jr - Chairman CaseSumner # 2014-005: build a roof 25 feet into the 40 feet front lot setback Leroy - ViceToChairman Cindy Baiardi, Clerk to cover an existintg concrete porch at the residence at 7957 S. Lake Larry Williams - Member Shore Drive in the R-1-A Residential District.

pg 23 5//28/2014

Further informatio is available at the Township Hall at 526-7361. If you any questions or comments regarding any of these cases, you 5/7 have & 5/28, 2014 PUBLIC HEARING NOTICE the Zoning Board of Appeals at the hearings. #21are welcome to address WEST TRAVERSE TOWNSHIP Written comments must be submitted by noon on June 16, 2014 to ZONINGZoning BOARD OF APPEALS West Traverse Township Admiinistrator, PO Box 528, Harbor June 16, 2014 or by e-mail to Springs, MI 4940, via fax to 231-526-0028, The West Traverse Township Board of Appeals will hold public hearings on Monday, June 16, 2014 at 5:00 pm in the Township Hall, 8001 M-119, to consider the following variance requests:

pg 23 5/28/2014

Case # 2014-003: To exceed the maximum height of 35 feet for the construction of cupolas and chimneys on a new residence at 6647 Otis Lane in the R-1-A Residential District. Case # 2014-004: To eliminate the 15 feet rear lot setback for construction of a new residence at 5930 Westward Passage in the Windward West Association in the A-1 Agriculture and Forest District. Case # 2014-005: To build a roof 25 feet into the 40 feet front lot setback to cover an existing concrete porch at the residence at 7957 S. Lake Shore Drive in the R-1-A Residential District. Further information is available at the Township Hall at 526-7361. If you have any questions or comments regarding any of these cases, you are welcome to address the Zoning Board of Appeals at the hearings. Written comments must be submitted by noon on June 16, 2014 to West Traverse Township Zoning Admiinistrator, PO Box 528, Harbor Springs, MI 4940, via fax to 231-526-0028, or by e-mail to supervisor@

pg 23 5/28/2014

DOG RUN 4’ X 8’. Cyclone fence panels with door. $300. 989-9417144.

For Rent



For Sale

Help Wanted

Quality Since Builder: Danny Jordan Care#2102163729 1983 From People Who LIC,

ng Tower Tradesmen o r t S In-office, Finish as Prio tart with the15-minute We s

Because Whitening


“The Finish is Everything” in Would likeBuilding to stop Qualityyou Residential so we snoring? Incorporate Yesterday’s Craftsmanship TherasnoreTechnology Appliances and Today’s hours by appointment 231-487-0229 AtOffice Larks Lake 8478 M-119 Suite 20 Harbor Springs 231-539-7500 Near Moose Jaw

William N. Zoerhof, DDS, PC Over 30 years in Harbor Springs

General Dentistry & Denture Implants Complete Family Dental Services From People Who Care

        

 


Arts Center will host Detroit art, artists this summer -CONTINUED from page 3.

& Roll history as revealed by the musicians, artists, and  people that lived it. The      Grande Ballroom stood as the epicenter of the Detroit rock music scene in the late ‘60s. Serving as the starting point for bands such as MC5, Come Dock with us on Iggy & The Stooges, Ted Nugent & The Amboy Dukes, The Grande Ballroom not For Week: only5/14/14 influenced local Detroit musicians but inspired bands from all over the U.S. and Great Britain. Legendary acts Jim Dikalike Led Zeppelin, Cream, B.B. King, Janis Joplin, Pink Harbor Springs Computers Floyd, and The Who graced P.O. BoxThe 141Grande Ballroom stage Harbor Springs, MI basis. 49740This is the on a regular story of the hallowed halls that 231-526-5888 started it all, told by the artists ROOMS FOR RENT. Extended stay/ created The Grande’s legend. construction rates available. House

keeping service, Cable, TV, phone, Saturday, June 7 microwave, fridge, WI-FI, utilities. No All day Paint Out artwork smoking, no pets. COACHHOUSE INN, 1011 US-31 N. Petoskey (231) all for sale! 347-8281. 10:00 a.m. Coffee @ Ten

Services LICENSED CHAUFFEUR FOR door-to-door service to the Pellston Airport. 989-941-7144. LAWN CARE - Servicing Harbor Springs & the Bay area. Over 25 years of experience keeping lawns beautiful!! THE LAWN BUSINESS: 231-242-4559. MOW LAWNS, RAKE YARDS, stack wood, check houses in the winter, shovel snow. Cross Village/Harbor Springs area. 231-838-8742. HABITAT FOR HUMANITY ReSTORE provides the funds to bring people together to build homes, communities and hope. The store sells gently used building materials, home appliances, housewares, furniture and more. By donating to the ReStore, not only do you reduce the landfill waste, revenue generated from the sale of items have helped to build several safe and affordable homes in our community. Recruiting Volunteers. For more information call 347-8440 or invite our website Open Monday-Friday 9:30-5:30/Saturday 8:303:30 located in the Harbor Plaza on M-119. Like us on Facebook.

Farm POND HILL FARM. Open Daily 8 am-6 pm Year-Round. The Garden Cafe Now Open 11 am-3 pm daily. Winery and Brewery Open 11 am-6 pm daily. Enjoy shopping in the farm market, feeding the animals and more. Visit our online store at We ship!. 5 miles north of downtown Harbor Springs on M119.

Massage Therapy “RESTORE, RENEW & FEEL BETTER” with Massage Therapy Therapeutic Services, Nan Hogan, over 26 years experience. 8434 M-119. 231330-0891.


HELLO OUT THERE! The Harbor Springs United Methodist Church (UMC) is looking for photographs taken inside and outside of the church during the last 100 years! If you can share a wedding photo, picture from Vacation Bible School or Sunday School in years past, please let the church office know and we will make arrangements to copy your photos and return the originals to you. We hope to have many photo displays to celebrate our buildings’ anniversary! LOOKING FOR OLD PHOTOS OF HORSEBACK RIDING and details about the Little Traverse Bay Riding Academy in Harbor Springs area! Please ID the location and people for publication. Include stories too. Mail to Karin Offield, BreknRidge Farm, 7359 Lake Shore Dr., Harbor Springs, MI. 49740, drop off at the stable or email to

In-office, 15-minute Whitening

Lecture with Jenny Risher. Risher, a Mount Clemens native, received her bachelor of Fine Arts in Photography at the Detroit’s College for Creative Studies. Having recently released her first book, Heart Soul Detroit, in which she highlights portraits of prominent Detroiters, Jenny will share her world of photography from high fashion to photographing most of Detroit’s movers and shakers. 2:00 p.m. Afternoon Lecture with Cary Loren, co-owner, Book Beat and 2013 Kresge Artist Fellow Writer/musician/artist. Loren’s writing career began with self-published art zines in the 1970s. His works in progress include a book-length study of the Detroit Artists Workshop and biographical text for a photography book on Leni Sinclair. His interests lie in regional histories, collage and the fragmentation and collision of culture and politics. 7:00 p.m. Jennifer Westwood and Friends in Concert Featuring Dylan Dunbar, Matthew Stahl, Chris Degnore and Jeremy Mackinder. Jennifer Westwood cut her teeth on Detroit Gospel, honed her craft in gritty corner bars, and has earned her stripes to become a premier vocalist/ performer in the Rustbelt capital. Recipient of several music awards, including the 2013 Detroit Music Award for Outstanding Acoustic Performance. Jennifer is joined by four of Detroit’s best rock musicians. Matthew fronts Jackie Stahl and the White Russians, and Chris leads the Black Drops. Jeremy has played bass and toured with bands such as Whitey Morgan and the 78’s, The Deadstring Brothers and South Normal. Dylan has played guitar with Whitey Morgan, award winning blues artist Chef Chris, The Orbitsun’s and many others. TICKETS $10 CTAC or Blissfest members/$15 non members $15/$20 with admission to After Dark. 9:00 p.m. “CTAC After Dark” Bourbon and Brew Visit the galleries in this late night gathering of food, drink and entertainment. Enjoy bourbon from Grand Traverse Distillery, local brews from Petoskey Brewing and Beards, a coffee from Roast and Toast and bites of local fare. Collaboration with Blissfest! $10 advanced/ $20 at door for After Dark only

Sunday, June 8

Would you like to stop snoring? Therasnore Appliances

Office hours by appointment 231-487-0229 8478 M-119 Suite 20 Harbor Springs

Wander through the galleries from 12:00 noon-4:00 p.m. There are lots more events planned throughout the summer. For a full list of all of CTAC summer happenings, check out All events free and open to the public unless otherwise noted.

8  Harbor Light Community Newsweekly

Week of May 28-June 4, 2014

Saluting the Class of 2014 The Top Scholars The top scholars from the Harbor Springs High School Class of 2014 have been announced by high school principal Susan Jacobs.

Valedictorian McKenzie Hill,

Parents: Jan and Doug Hill Plans: Michigan Technological University

Bennett Langton,

Parents: Scott and Cynthia Langton Plans: University of Michigan

Edwin Walda,

Parents: Emylee and Mike Walda Plans: Harvard University

Salutatorian Margaret Westman

Parents: Rosali Wiegard and Russell Westman Plans: Aquinas College

Honors Scholars Leah Bartz, Aaron Burdick, Layne Compton, Samuel Dart, Austin Desmarais, Sara Erxleben, Caroline Graham, Allison Green, Veniece Gretzinger, Mary Hickman, McKenzie Hill, Alanna Huck-Scarry, Autumn Kihnke, Bennett Langton, Morgan Lauer, Kate Liska, Taylor Lundeen, Justina Ouellette, Elizabeth Simons, Edwin Walda, David Walker, Margaret Westman, Elizabeth Wilkes, Eva Zoerhof

Congratulations Caroline Graham, Eva Zoerhof, and the classs of 2014!

Congratulations to all our Graduating Seniors! 321 Spring Street Harbor Springs, MI 49740

(231) 526-2123 7031 US-31 North Alanson, MI 49706

(231) 548-2211

Week of May 28-June 4, 2014

Harbor Light Community Newsweekly  9  

Best Wishes Class of 2014! from everyone at

10  Harbor Light Community Newsweekly

Week of May 28-June 4, 2014

Special Thanks to Autumn Blasius, Cindy Blasius and Rebecca Nethercott for gathering all of the graduates photos and information! We are so very proud of you sweet pea! Semper Fi, Emmet! We Love You, Mom, Dad & Aaron

Congratulations, Morgan! Love, Dad, Mom & Peter

‘Til the Rivers Run Dry! You did it! Good Luck at NMU! Go Wildcats! Love, Mom & Kevin


Harbor will always be home...

Kalub Puffer Andrew Ross

2014 Congratulations, Morgan! Love, Dad, Mom & Peter

Since 1960 and the Class of

300 West Lake St. Harbor Springs, MI 231-526-2101 SEALEGS

Congratulations, Morgan! Love, Dad, Mom & Peter

Best of luck on your new adventures, Wherever they may be...

Visit the Island


Sail on Seniors . . . Downtown Harbor Springs 231.526.2621 Open Every Day

But, oh the places you’ll go!

Congratulations Class of 2014!

We HOPE you know how much we love you! Congratulations! Love, Max and Lizzie Bassett

Congrats 2014 Graduates!

Open at 6:00 am 7 days a week 526-9998 110 West Main St.


Congratulations 2014 Graduates!

~ From the Walstrom Marine Crew

Harbor Springs 231.526.2141 Bay Harbor 231.526.2741

Week of May 28-June 4, 2014 “Congratulations, Jacob Nethercott!

We HOPE I am SOyou proudknow of you and the amazing man you’veyou! become, how much we love and I’m so excited to see what you do with all of your talents Congratulations! as you head on to college and into Love, Max and Lizzie Bassett the rest of your life. I’ll be right here cheering you on! Love you!! Mom (a.k.a. Your Biggest Fan)”

Congratulations, Autumn! We’re proud of you. Reach for the moon and your dreams will come true! Love, Your Family Mom, Dad, Breanna & Cambria Price Reduced Harbor Springs Office: 6789 S Lake Shore Dr, Harbor Springs, MI 49740 • 231-526-1100 NEW LISTING

Nearly new country home on 26+ acres north of Harbor Springs; 3 BR, 3.5 BA, walkout basement, 3-car garage and lots of storage. Nice countryside views. Garden areas are in place, ready for planting. MLS # 440265 $285,000 John Carr (231) 526-4000

Pretty lake views from this bluff lot, south side of M-119, property views Petoskey towards Bay Harbor - Conservancy property on south lot line. One story living, full basement, 2-car attached garage, big brick wood burning fireplace, neat and clean. MLS # 439334 $275,000 James Szocinski (231) 838-6642

Lovely, well-maintained home in private setting. Home features open floor plan & main floor master with large closet & cozy sitting area. Spacious kitchen opens to dining & living areas. Delightful sun room is warmed by a wood stove. Main floor study and guest bedroom & bath. Lower level walk-out includes family room, bedroom, bath and kitchen area. MLS # 434628 $358,000 Susan Schwaderer (231) 330-5102

3BR, 2 Full BA, stick built home w/attached 2.5 car garage on 2 lots with deeded access to secluded Douglas Lake. Home has open layout, very efficient, and has many recent upgrades. Surrounded by 1000’s of acres of public land for ALL sports and the public boat ramp is down the street. Outside are two decks, shed, large kids playhouse and raised gardens/beds. MLS # 435997 $119,900 Steve Witte (231) 330-0812

Sophie the Giraffe

The #1 teething toy in the world

Harbor Springs (231) 526-6225

Harbor Light Community Newsweekly  11  

Harbor grad to deliver commencement speech HSHS include many good chocolate-covered grasshoppers - - - which Gary paper and packaging sec- friendships - - - in many Bob Morse (current Harbor cases with folks that I started tors. This would include Springs School Board Presiwith in Kindergarten. Two of firms like International dent) got Coach Rick Rossi to my closest friends were Eric Paper, Weyerhaeuser, Boise eat at the start of American Blesi (who manages Harbor Cascade, Louisiana-Pacific, History class. Mr Rossi had Point) and Susan Carpenter Owens-Illinois, Ball, Bemis, almost swallowed it, when he (Moore). I enjoyed a wonand about 20 others. I am said “what the heck is this . . . derful friendship with Tom a regular member of the In“ and Morse replied ‘why it’s a McDonald from 8th-12th stitutional Investor All-Star chocolate-covered grasshopgrades. Tom was my teacher Analyst team and have been per, Mr Rossi.’ and mentor for five years and on the Wall Street Journal’s “As he bolted for the bathhas remained a good friend to ‘Best on the Street’ team and room in the teachers’ lounge, this day. I owe him a tremenThe Financial Times’ list of he was heard screaming dous debt. top stock pickers. ‘Wilde, I’m going to kill you!’ “Betty Jesizek taught me “Mary and I have lived in “Not everything went how to organize my thoughts Princeton for nearly 20 years. smoothly - - - I was not always and write I’ve been so We have three kids. The oldreally focused/disciplined est, Elspeth, is in graduate thankful for those skills. and flunked three marking “I played JV & varsity school at the University of periods of algebra in 9th basketball (mostly, a benchChicago. Our oldest son,REDUCED Ben, PRICE Open grade. My mom (later, a on the House graduated from Davidson and warmer) - - - including Tues, July 17thschool 11am-1pm board member) was 1974 state finals team. I was is working in New York City. 4749 Pleasantview #103 convinced that I had vocaa yearbook photographer and Our youngest, Max, has just tional school in my future.” finished his sophomore year was a lead in the senior class How did growing up in Harplay in my junior and senior HL Ads 4/25 at Johns Hopkins.” bor Springs influence your years. Please share some of your NEW LISTING career and life journey? “There were a lot of jokes Custom builtSchool woodworker’s home in Tamarac Trails; 3 BR, 2 BA, studio, workshop, 2-car garage, Harbor Springs High “Harbor Springs made me. hardwood floors, and walkout lower level. Low heating bills! A beautiful home in excellent condition! and fooling-around. Somememories. MLS # 439854 $250,000 “Although I felt restless where in 1972-3, I got some John Carr (231) 526-4000 “My favorite memories of and constrained by Harbor Springs by the time I was a Pretty lake views from this bluff lot, south side of M-119, property views Petoskey towards Bay Harbor senior, I’ve always been con- Conservancy property on south lot line. One story living, full basement, 2-car attached garage, big brick wood burning fireplace, neat and clean. MLS # 439334 $275,000 scious of its impact on me. James Szocinski (231) 838-6642 On balance, I’ve been quite thankful for my upbringing Hideaway Valley Condo: End unit with finished walkout w/2N kitchen, attached garage, amenities: Harbor Springs. Even as a pool, tennis courts, playground, and club house. Little Traverse Golf Clubin & Restaurant 1/4 mile away. MLS #436853 $92,500 kid, you knew people around Steve Witte (231) 330-0812 to home, attending North town and people knew you. I -CONTINUED from page 1. NEW LISTING will Many of those students Central Michigan College. started selling Scout-a-Rama Affordable nice building site, 2.3 acres partially wooded. Close to Good Hart, Cross Village and Lake head to Marquette, aswith seven am especially proud ofShorttickets door-to-door when Michigan stateof land and“I snowmobile trails in close proximity. term land contract available with 15% call listingthe agentopportunities for details. MLS # 439822 the 67 graduates willdown, attend that $17,900 our I was 8 years old and sold Debra Lynn Schirmer (231) 632-6353 Northern Michigan Univer- graduates are pursuing, in- Varsity club Pollywogs, Pressity in the fall. Most students cluding two students who will byterian Church stationary, chose in-state colleges, be attending Harvard Univer- Detroit Free Press subscripincluding Central Michigan sity next year,” Tompkins said. tions (enough to win a trip to University, University of Senior Honors Convocation Washington DC as a 12 year Michigan and Michigan State, will take place on Wednes- old).. It was a safe place to as well as Hope, Aquinas, day, May 28 at 7 p.m. at the do that and great for a kids’ Michigan Tech and more. A Performing Arts Center.NEW Bac- LISTING confidence to walk up to a few will travel farther-- ev- calaureate will take place at door and try to sell something erywhere from London to Stutsmanville Church at 7 to a stranger. Kent State, Parsons School of p.m. Thursday, May 29. “I always had jobs around Design, and DePaul UniverGraduation will take place town. I got my first paper sity. Several graduates plan at Ottawa Stadium (Harbor route at Linehans’ (now Mary to join the armed forces and Springs High School if it rains) Ellen’s Place) at 10 years old eight students will stick close on Sunday, June 1 at 2:30 p.m. and often had two routes in the summer (Harbor Point in the AM, townie route in the PM). I worked at Feathers’ dime store, Crumps Candy, The Pier, Boyne Highlands, Woodland Builders and ToskiSands. -CONTINUED from page 1.

Harbor Springs High School Class of 2014

Charlevoix (231) 547-9967


What are you doing this summer? • Complete Repair Facilities

• Seasonal & Transient Dockage

• Haul Out to 55 Tons

• Heated, Cold, & Outside Storage

• Custom Wood Work

• Boat Valet Service

• Metal Fabrication

• New & Used Boat Sales

• Fiberglass Repair

• Complete Ship’s Stores

• Paint & Varnish • Authorized Mercruiser, Mercury, Yamaha & Yanmar Technicians

• Sail Loft & Canvas Repairs • Custom Rigging, Swaging, & Splicing


“The discipline and responsibility of a job and the dealing with adults are all important lessons. The range of people (economically & educationally) that we grew-up with was pretty good preparation for life. There were folks on my paper route in the late 1960’s using outhouses in homes just off Summit St. The sense of community and the number of ways that people gave their time to make community were important lessons. It came in things like church activities and scouts, pee wee basketball and little league. “The best acknowledgement of Harbor Springs’ NEW LISTING impact came when I resigned from WEFA in 1988 to take the job in New York City. A very prim and proper and classy 40 year old African-American secretary (Loraine) pulled me aside. She had worked a one of the big law firms in New York City before she and her husband had moved to one of the Philly suburbs for a better family life. “She pulled me aside and said ‘Mark, I want you to be careful up there, it’s a shark tank . . . but you, you’ll come out unscathed.’ “At its best, I think the town teaches us respect, consideration for others and a measure of humility.” Wilde said his speech at graduation will be brief as he understands the desire of the graduates and families to move on and celebrate the day. “I have three short “take home” messages: (1) Have confidence, you can compete in the world; (2) Carry with you in life the best things from this community; (3) Be a citizen - - - we receive many benefits from our community and country. We need to (give) things back - - - citizenship grants many benefits, but entails responsibility.”

12  Harbor Light Community Newsweekly

Week of May 28-June 4, 2014


Weekly Roundup Report scores: 231-526-2191;

Boys Golf

The Harbor Springs Rams boys varsity golf Team played in the Division IV districts on Wednesday, May 21 at the Indian River Golf Club with nine teams competing. Harbor finished fourth with 365 total. Bennett Langton shooting 80 tied for 5th, qualifying them to move on to regional play. . Lincoln-Alcona placed first with 324; Charlevoix was second with 340, Alanson-Pellston was third 359; East Jordan was fifth, 392 and Mancelona was sixth 410. The top six teams advance to Regionals at the Spruce Run golf course of Grand Traverse Resort on Wednesday, May 28. The top six finishers from the non-qualifying teams will also advance to the regionals Scores for the Rams were: Langton 80, Keith Fitzpatrick 92, Hayden Grzelak 93, Adam Cacitt 100, Shea Fuhrman 101.

Varsity Baseball

The Harbor Springs baseball team swept East Jordan in a pair of Lake Michigan Conference games at East Jordan on Thursday, May 22. to end the regular season. In the first game which Harbor won 6-3, Ean Walda pitched all six innings striking out 14, giving up three runs on one hit and four walks. “Ean overpowered the Red Devils with his fastball and kept them off balance with his offspeed pitches, said Coach Josh Brey. “Besides a two run first inning, Ean shut the door the rest of the game.” Zach Gorman led the offense with two hits, a walk, an RBI, and two runs.. In Game 2, Harbor won 9-6 in extra innings. Aaron Burdick started the game going 4 ⅓ innings giving up five runs on two hits and five walks while striking out 10. Walda finished the game going 2 ⅔ innings allowing one run on one hit, striking out four. Gorman once again led the offense with three hits, one RIB and one run. Burdick had two doubles, a walk, three RBIs and one run. “The entire team chipped in for two wins - a great team effort, “ said Coach Brey. “It was nice getting the extra inning win tonight as we have ended up on the short end of a couple of extra inning games this season.” Harbor and East Jordan were scheduled to play on Tuesday, May 27 in their Division III pre-district game in Boyne City.

Betsy Simons races for the ball during the regular season finale against Sault Ste. Marie on Friday, May 23 at home. The girls won the game 4-0.

Varsity Softball

The Harbor Springs girls softball team also won a doubleheader at East Jordan on May 22 with wins of 14-3 and 12-1, ending their regular season schedule. In the first game, Rams pitcher Brooke Paige went the distance, striking out 12 and giving up seven hits. In the second game Paige was also the winner throwing a no-hitter with eight strikeouts and no walks

Girls Varsity Tennis

The Harbor Springs girls varsity tennis team concluded the 2014 season on May 22, finishing second in the Lake Michigan Conference Championships. Traverse City St Francis won finishing with 20 points; Harbor Springs was second , 13; Charlevoix, 10; Grayling, five; East Jordan, four; Boyne City, three; and Elk Rapids, one For Harbor in singles, Leah Collie at No. 1 defeated Boyne City, fell to TC. St Francis; No. 2 Abbey Knoodle defeated Boyne City and lost to St. Francis; No. 3 Emily Lesky defeated East Jordan, fell to Charlevoix; No. 4 Serena Luplow defeated East Jordan and fell to Grayling. In doubles play, No. 1 Perry Bower and Lilly Chamberlin defeated Elk Rapids; defeated Grayling and fell to St. Francis in a close three hour match. No. 2, Mikayla Dickinson and Eva Zoerhof defeated Elk Rapids; defeated Grayling; and fell in the finals to St. Francis, 6-0, 6-0; No. 4 Mia Trabucchi and Demi Trabucchi defeated Grayling; defeated Boyne City; lost to St. Francis in the finals, 6-3, 6-4 Shallon Graway kicks the ball during the regular season finale.

(Harbor Light photo/Mark Flemming)

Stephanie Sylvain catches the ball while goal tending for the Lady Rams against Sault Ste. Marie.

Skin Cancer Screening Wednesday, June 18, 2014 · 4 - 5:30 p.m. 4170 Cedar Bluff Drive · Petoskey Participating Practice: Dermatology Associates of Northern Michigan

P re - re g i st ra t i o n Re q u i re d · ( 8 0 0 ) 24 8 - 67 7 7

Week of May 28-June 4, 2014

Harbor Light Community Newsweekly  13

Local business

Summer Business 2014: What’s New Around Town

Editor’s Note: With a long winter now behind us and summer fast approaching, we want to provide readers a quick tour of what’s new in our neck of the woods. From restaurants to expanded retail spaces, new shops and fresh faces, in the coming weeks we’ll highlight changes folks can expect see around town. Business owners with announcements of moves, expansion or other major changes can send the information to Businesses are also encouraged to contact Michelle Ketterer,, who will be happy to help with a high quality print advertising campaign in the Harbor Light Newspaper. 231-526-2191.

Moving on up... Between the Covers already established itself as one of downtown’s anchor stores, and a recent move “above ground” to 106 East Main (formerly the Northwestern Bank building) solidifies the bookstore as a true community gathering space. “If this weekend was any indication, many people must look at the sidewalk when they walk down Main Street, for we had a great number of local residents in the store who had never known there was a bookstore in Harbor Springs. We are so grateful to now be in a more visible, prominent and accessible spot, yet still in close proximity to ice cream!” said Between the Covers owner Katie Capaldi. Inside the new store, natural light warms exposed brick walls that are lined with Capalidi’s hand-picked book selections. The store itself is beautiful, but what’s more significant is the space it provides for folks to sit and read, catch up, soak in ideas and the inspiration that comes when surrounded by words on paper. “If you haven’t been back in since we reopened last Tuesday, the granite countertops have been installed, the office door has been hung, flowers have been planted out front and some calm has been restored. Now we can focus on sharing good reads with all of you,” Capaldi said.

Above: Owner Katie Capaldi has moved Between the Covers bookstore into its new location at 106 E. Main St. (Harbor Light photo/Charles O’Neill)

Pizza Pizzazz... BC Pizza recently expanded to a new location in the Fairview Plaza in uptown Harbor Springs. You need only cross the parking lot from their old location to find them now located on the south side of the plaza in the corner between Tim Bondy Physical Therapy and Chang Cuisine. More than doubling their space makes for a truly comfortable, quiet dining experience. Now you can enjoy the AYCE Lunch Buffet which features an extensive salad bar and a wide variety of hand-tossed gourmet pizzas prepared with only the highest quality ingredients. The Wathen family purchased BC Pizza of Harbor Springs on November 4 of 2003. They have served and employed the Harbor Springs community for over 10 years.

Linda Rhodes-Pauly and Fred Walstrom are heading up the fundraising drive for the Hillside project. (Courtesy photo)

Project announced for downtown seniors building complex -CONTINUED from page 1.

to step up and support this important project for our elders, today and in the future.” “My mother and many others worked hard to create The Village of Hillside and the Friendship Center of Harbor Springs,” Walstrom said. “Both organizations have served the community well, but both need improvement. I’m very excited about seeing this project through.” Since 1945, Presbyterian Villages of Michigan has been a premier senior living provider. As a nonprofit, faith-based organization, it is committed to serving senior citizens of all faiths, walks of life and all financial means. PVM has been operating the apartments at Hillside since 1998. In 2007, the boards of 60.37Area Housing and Harbor Hillside Apartments transferred ownership and control of the Hillside property to PVM. This is the PVM commitment: To age in their own community, residents of the

Above: BC Pizza has moved into a new location in Fairview Plaza. (Harbor Light photo/Mark Flemming

Tiara 50 Coupe


for the

City of Harbor Springs and Townships: West Traverse, Friendship, Readmond, Cross Village, Pleasantview, and Little Traverse, need quality, affordable housing, an accessible Friendship Center, linkage to needed services, and opportunities to engage in the community. To learn more about the “Hillside/Friendship Center Renewal” project, the community is invited to attend one of three Informational Coffees at the Friendship Center, Hillside Apartments Building C, 311 West Main Street, Harbor Springs. Drop in, have a cookie, and see the plans! • TUESDAY, JUNE 3: 10 - 11 a.m. OR 5 - 6 p.m. • TUESDAY, JUNE 10: 10 - 11 a.m. OR 5 - 6 p.m. • TUESDAY, JUNE 17: 10 - 11 a.m. OR 5 - 6 p.m. For more information or to contribute contact, Mary Catherine Hannah at Hillside Apartments, 526-7108.

Grad! Downtown Harbor Springs 231.526.2621 Open Every Day


Find it on Main Street Gift Certificates • Wallets • Watches • Duffels Paddleboards • Kayaks • Clothing • Footwear

Brought to you in part by:

ABOUT TOWN How to place your listings in this section • All events that appear in this section are open to the public. • Listings are limited generally to those events sponsored by not-for-profit, educational, religious, cultural, political or social institutions. • Information must be received in writing at the Harbor Light Newspaper office, 211 E. Third St., Harbor Springs, MI 49740, no later than Monday at noon for that week’s issue. Listings cannot be accepted by telephone. Fax listings accepted at (231) 526-7634. E-mail: •Please include the following: name of organization, type of activity, address and a brief description of the event.

At the Movies with Cynthia Morse Zumbaugh


Three Pines Studio First ExI like Drew Barrymore. I like Adam Sandler. Wedding Singer hibition of 2014: Gorgeous is one of my guilty pleasure movies that I cannot pass by Nothings,Works Inspired by on television without stopping to watch. Fifty First Dates Emily Dickinson’s Envelope didn’t do it for me and I can’t say that Blended will go on Poems; is on display through Tuesdaymy list of favorite movies, either, though I did like it better June 16. Three Pines is located Sunday than Fifty First Dates. at 5959 West Levering Rd, Cross OpenBarrymore at This is the third collaboration between and Village. Open 11 am-7 pm daily. Sandler and it does have its moments.5:00pm Genius writing skills 231-526-9447 are not part of the scenario. Single parents Jim (Sandler) Located 12 miles north of Harbor Springs and 11/2 miles and Lauren (Barrymore) have had one very bad blind date ORVonSafety Course south of Cross Village, State Road and they agree not to see each other again. Due to the machinations and manipulations, they wind up sharing a An ORV Safety Course is bebeautiful suite on a wonderful African vacation with their ing held on Sat, May 31 at families, his girls and her boys. the Emmet Boathouse Grill next to County the Sheriff’s Because surprise is not an elementW of any part of this E Office, 3460 M-119, Harbor N movie, you can guess that Lauren’s boysbeach need a male influat Walstrom’s Boathouse. Springs from 9:00 am until 3:00 ence and Jim’s girls need a woman’s touch.Tuesday-Saturday I wouldn’t say from pm. The class11-3 is free. You must that there are not any touching or funny moments in this register for this class by calling movie, because there are, but all done in such a formulaic (231) 439-8900 Mon thru Fri fashion that the much of the fun is gone. between 8:00 am and 4:00 pm. This isn’t necessarily the fault of the cast. Barrymore is Those interested in taking the course must be at least 10 years happy and sunny and for whatever reason, I find Sandler old. Please bring a lunch and a far less annoying when he is paired with her; she brings out pencil. Class size is limited to a likeable part of his personality. The kids are great and 25 students. Kevin Nealon and Terry Crews both should have been used HARBOR S PRINGS more, they brought the level of the movie up whenever they were involved in a scene. 2014 Boater’s There is some very beautiful African scenery; I wish there Safety Courses had been more. If you are a die hard Sandler fan, you probably will like this and if you are so-so on him, this has its Open Please call, the Emmet County moments but isn’t a stellar outing. I laughed quite a bit, Sheriff’s Office at (231) 439-8900 Fridays and Saturdays actually, but I was certainly never surprised to register for any of the classes Rated PG 13, there is no actual sex orthrough nudity, no violence April listed here Classes are free of to mention, and truly not a lot of actual profanity, but there charge. Those interested in takis plenty of junior high level terminology that might bother ing the course must be at least some people. If you know Sandler’s work, you know that 12 years of age. Please bring a bodily functions are never off limit when trying for humor. lunch with you: June 14, 9 am

Serving Dinner!



Celebrating 60 years! 526-6011

The Harbor Springs Sk8 Park This summer, the kids at the Sk8 Park have planted and will be caring for a community garden. The food grown in the garden will be donated to the Harbor Springs Area Community Food Pantry. There are many fun activities planned for the Park this summer. Friday Nights, June 13-Aug 29 the Sk8 park will be showing children/ teen movie night from 6-8 pm Those attending will pay $5 for pizza, pop and a dessert. Movie is free. June 13 Movie - Open Season; June 20 - The Original Muppet Movie; June 27 - Stuart Little. Monday. Monday Nights, June 16-Aug 25, 6-10 pm Drop-In Pickle Ball for players looking for some friendly competition; Tues Nights June 17-Aug 26, 7-10 pm Drop-In Basketball for players 16 years of age and older looking for some friendly competition. And many more fun activities. For more information call the Park at 231-526-0610.

Farmers Markets Harbor Springs Farmers Market opens Saturday, June 14 and will run Wednesdays and Saturdays from 9 am-1 pm at their location on the west end of Main St downtown. In addition to all the local seasonal produce, fruits, flowers, baked goods, eggs, and more, the market will feature cooking demonstrations, music and

other surprises. For more information visit hsfarmersmarket.

Downtown Petoskey Farmers Market, is located on the 400 block of Howard St between JC Penney’s and Juilenne Tomatoes on Fridays 8:30 am-1 pm starting June 13

Boyne City Farmers Market, is held in Veterans Park Wednesdays and Saturdays from 8 am-noon

Charlevoix Farmers Market open Thursdays 9 am-1 pm. in downtown Charlevoix. Good Hart Farms Market Days, take place Saturday from 2-5:30 pm starting June 28 and running through color season. Travel through the tunnel of trees to Good Hart to the market which features local produce and much more; also features artists and artisans. For more inof or directions, visit

Crooked Tree Arts Center The 2014 Swirl season, at the Crooked Tree Arts Center continues. on May 29 City Park Grill with music by Chris Koury. For more info and to purchase tickets contact the CTAC 231-3474337 or visit www.crookedtree. org. The CTAC is located at 461- E. Mitchell St in downtown Petoskey.

to 3 pm at Crooked Lake Yacht Club, 3660 US 31N, Oden, MI 49764; Bay Harbor Yacht Club 4300 Vista Dr, Bay Harbor, June 20, 9 am -3 pm; Harbor Point Association, 200 Harbor Point Dr, Harbor Springs, July 8, 9 am-3 pm; Crooked Lake Yacht Club July 12, 9 am-3 pm; Carp Lake Township Firehall, 6339 Gill Rd, Carp Lake, July 26, 9 am-3 pm.

North Central Michigan College


variety of summer workshops in Petoskey - from grant writing to QuickBooks, photography to painting, farming to boating safety. Pre-registration is requested for all workshops. Please visit cce2 or call 231-348-6705 to register or for more information.

Perch on the Porch

Please advise on cost and weCroche are looking for L’Arbre good ideas. Thank Museum you for your time and Vala Theeffort! L’Arbre Ann Croche Museum

in Cross Village, will open for the season on Saturday, June 7 and will be open Saturdays from 1-3 pm or by appointment, through the color season. The museum, which highlights the 300 year history of Cross Village, is located in the lower level of Father Al’s Parish Hall, adjacent to the Holy Cross Church on M-119/Lakeshore Dr in Cross Village. If you would like to make an appointment, call Frank Francis (231)526-0906 .

The Harbor Springs History Museum, located at 349 E. Main St, is open year round. Our exhibit galleries are currently open Friday and Saturdays from 11 am-3 pm. The History Museum’s next temporary exhibit, A Shadow Over the Earth: The Life and Death of the Passenger Pigeon, opens Saturday, June 7, 2014. This exhibit commemorates the extinction of the passenger pigeon one hundred

North Central Michigan College and Bay View Association, are offering two

Buy One Dinner, Get One of Equal or Lesser Value for 1/2 price

(Excluding alcohol and any other discounts or promos.)

Open Friday and Saturday 4:00pm-9pm For Reservations Call (231) 436-5401 All Major Credit Cards Accepted


Friday Perch Buffet $18

Open Thursday, Friday & Saturday at 5pm

Carryout Available


Celebra crowsnest-h

Lunch Buffet

The Cro Perc

Every Tuesd Norther

7 days a week M on thru Sat 11 - 2 Sun 12 - 3

930 S. State St., Harbor Springs Sunday 12-10, Mon 11-9, Tue-Thursday 11-10 Fri-Sat 11-11


Lunch Buffet

We Are Now Reopened From Spring Cleaning.

Tues: Fish Taco Night Fri: Fish Fry $1250 (All you can eat) Wed: Meatloaf Thur: Fajita Night Sat: Ribs & Shrimp Happy Hour at bar only... Mon-Fri 3-6pm

Open at ll:30am, 7 days a week, lunch and dinner

Locat Spring


Spencer Zulski Megan Milbrandt






Weekly Specials Sun: Kids Day Mon: Wing Day

end Pat Megregian will preach at both the 8:00 am and full 10:00 am worship services -CONTINUED on page 15.

930 S. State St., Harbor Springs

Sam Marihugh Margaret Westman

Corner of Van & Larks Lake Road

First Presbyterian Church Sunday, June 1: the Rever-

Sunday 12-10, Mon 11-9, Tue-Thursday 11-10 Fri-Sat 11-11

Harbor Springs

all U CaN Eat Crab visit Us oNliNE @ maCkiNaWdiNiNg.Com

Sunday School from 9:15 - 10:15 and our Morning Worship Service at 10:30 Nursery for 1-3 yr olds is provided during both services. Stutsmanville Chapel will be hosting Baccalaureate on Thursday evening, May 29 for Harbor Springs High School Seniors at 7:00 pm. A reception for the seniors & their families will follow the Baccalaureate service. A retirement party will be held June 14 for Pastor Ed & Mary Warner at Stutsmanville Chapel. Pastor Ed Warner has served the Stuts Community for over 40 years. Greeting Pastor Ed and Mary and fellowship fun begin at 2:30 pm with food being served at 5 pm. If you would like more information, call the church office at 526-2335.

7 days a week M on thru Sat 11 - 2 Sun 12 - 3

new courses in Petoskey this summer. Students interested in theatre will be taught by a team of nationally-respected educators from Bay View’s summer faculty and North Central’s English faculty. The first course is the “Shakespeare Theatre Intensive” held on the Bay View campus from June 23 through June 28. The second, “Investigating Shakespeare’s Plays,” is for students interested in the literary aspects of Shakespeare’s work. The course runs on the

Friday Night EvEryday spECial




North Central Michigan College’s Corporate and Community Education department, is offering a wide

years ago and explores how this once-abundant bird vanished from our skies. Please join us Saturday, June 7, between 11 am and 3 pm when we’ll offer free admission and light refreshments. For more information about the Historical Society and our upcoming events, please visit un online at or call (231) 526-9771.

Bay View campus from June 2325 and June 28, followed by the Redpath Memorial Church, online portioneekend through July 15 the historic stone church in pecialS Both courses are open to high Cross Village, has begun its school upperclassmen, college season. On Sunday,for June 1 the Final Wednesday student and interested memReverend Ed Remaly will be bers of the community as space leading the service beginning allows. Enrollment is through 9:30 will am.There will be an Tues. at nights continue Bay View’s website at https:// annual meeting taking place immediately following the service, which marks our 48th year since the re-opening of the Friday June 28th McGulpin Point church. Coffee and treats will be Blackened Whitefish offered at the home of Dave and Lighthouse $ 1700Ann Munger after the meeting. Services 29th are held each Sunday One of Emmet County’sSaturday most June at 9:30 am through Labor Day Tempura Crabs important historic sites,Soft Shell weekend. All are welcome to $ 00 McGulpin Point Lighthouse 21 attend. and Historic Site, is open for the season. Hours are 10 am United MethCallSprings for reservations. to 8 pm daily throughout the Harbor odist Church: Sunday, June summer. There is a gift shop 1: Service begins at 11:00 with that sells McGulpin and HeadPastor Mary A. Sweet Our oflands International Dark Sky fice hours are Monday through Park items. Docents are on site Friday from 9:00 am-12:30 pm daily. There is no admission Please feel free to contact us at: charge to the lighthouse or to 231-526-2414 or visit our webwethe aretower. celeabratclimb Donations are site appreciated.The 10 acres ing 60 years site andisare and is a half-mile north of the open fri International and sat thurDark Stutsmanville Chapel, Week Headlands thePark. restThe of April then Sky address is 500 Ending Sunday June 1::Sunday Headlands City mornings start with Children’s change itRd,a Mackinaw little every Phone at McGulpin is 9231) monthduring goingthe forwards. 436-5860 season.

Congratulations to our 2014 Graduates

Fish Fry all U CaN Eat Cod WhitEFish

Week of May 28-June 4, 2014

We are a northern Michigan bistro featuring classic and contemporary cuisine complimented by an award winning wine list.

Daily Specials:

Mon. ...... Wings enjoy a cozyBasket Tues.Come ..... Whitefish setting overlooking the Weds......wa Meatloaf terfront. Thurs. .... Mexican Night Fri............ Famous Cod Fish Fry Sat. ......... Ribs & Shrimp Sun. ........ Kid’s Day, Pizza specials




when seated before 5:30 Corner of Bay & State Streets, Harbor Springs


231.526.1904 Not to late to book your Christmas Party!!! Open Daily at 5 pm.


14 Harbor Light Community Newsweekly

Week of May 28-June 4, 2014

-CONTINUED from page 14. from Acts 1 and John 17 on the topic “The Voice.” At the later WIFI available service, the Chancel Choir will sing and baritone soloist Grill Open Until 2pmSteve Spencer will on singSun. for the offer12:30 tory. The high school graduates will be recognized and the new Stephen Ministers will be commissioned and presented to the congregation.. For more information visit www.fpchs. org or call 526-7332 The church is located at the corner of W.Lake and Cemetery Roads and is completely handicap accessible.

Music and Dance

Great Lakes Chamber Orchestra and Chorus’, offering of a program of “Opera Overtures and Choruses” will take place on Sunday, June 8 at 4 pm at John M. Hall Auditorium in Bay View.The orchestra will introduce their new conductor, Dr. Libor Ondras, at this concert. He will direct the Great Lakes Chamber Orchestra and the GLCO Chorus, prepared by Chorus Master Peter Sims. Prior to the program, beginning at 3 pm in the Auditorium, Dr Ondras will offer the audience a discussion about the music that will be performed. After the concert, a reception will be held next door, in Evelyn Hall to give attendees the opportunity to mingle with Ondras,Sims and the orchestra members. Starting at 2 pm, the Northern Michigan Cultural Alliance will host an ice cream social in the grassy area by the auditorium. Admission to the ice cream social, the pre-concert lecture, and the post concert reception is free to all concert attendees. For ticket information to the concert, call the orchestra office 231-487-0010.



e 197



526-6041 Our Annual Cinco de Mayo Come Celebrate! Great Food! Margaritas! Fun! BringServing Your Friends!

Mary Ellen’s Saturday,&May 5th Breakfast Lunch

5-9pm Grill Open Until 2pm 12:30 on Sun. Old Fashioned Malts and Shakes FREE Internet 526-5591 • 145 E. Main

Organizations Petoskey Regional Audubon Society (PRAS), invites the Since






public to join them Saturday May 31, for an opportunity to bird the Bay View Woods. Beginning at 8 am, a group will join Bay View summer resident Tracy Datlen for this 2-3 hour stroll through the Bay View Woods near Petoskey For more info contact Datlen at or visit www.

Harbor Springs High School National Honor Society

Family Fun Run (1 or 2 mile loop options)

10:00 am Saturday June 7 at Reynolds Field (Harbor Springs Track)

HSHS office

Little Traverse Conservancy, offers Spring Time Discoveries: Flowers, Frogs and More on Sat, May 31 10-11 am at Spring Lake Park, Emmet County. (For 3-5 year olds - Sibling welcome) Events include:meeting a real frog, learn some secrets of flowers and plant a seed to take home and more. No charge but pre-registration is required by calling 231-347-0991 or online at

Kids’ Paddle Camp, is being offered by The Outfitter of Harbor Springs for 9-12 year olds with 4-day sessions running weekly starting June 23 through August 14. Big fun and paddling skills in a positive learning environment, it’s a great way for kids to be out on the water while learning kayaking and paddleboarding essentials. 9:30 am-noon. Register for 1 or more sessions. Fee includes instruction and all paddling equipment. Reduced rate for Harbor Springs students available Sessions 1 and 7. To register and for more info: www., stop in The Outfitter at 153 E. Main St, or call 231-526-2621.

Harbor Springs Cycling Classic, Sat, May 31. A bicycle touring event from 8:00 am-3:pm with routes of 20, 45, 60 miles; map, refreshments, sag, lunch. $25 in advance, $30 at the event. Information: Birchwood Inn, 7291 S Lake Shore Drive, Harbor Springs 231-526-2151. http://

Running Injury Clinic A Running Injury Clinic, will

Kolors for Kolkata

Pre-registration is appreciated.

Outdoor Events

Forms available at

On-site registration/Check-in at 9:00 am Entrance fee by donation ($5 minimum)

Only Two Rules: 1. Wear white 2. Prepare to be blasted with color

Questions? Contact: Anne Payne or Chad Broughman at 526-4800 Raise money for Bulbulir Basa Orphanage in Kolkata, India The Bulbulir Basa orphanage was founded in December 2000 as a direct response to the high levels of homeless children and street children living in Kolkata. This orphanage provides a safe and secure environment for these vulnerable children.


be hosted by The Outfitter of Harbor Springs on Tuesday, June 24. Calling all runners! Do you have a nagging injury or trouble spot? Get back on the right foot with this free 3-part medical assessment by Dr. Eugene Wang of Harborside Spine and Sports Center and physical therapists and orthopedic clinical specialists Jeff Smith and Jeff Samyn of NM Sports Medicine Center. Each runner will get 1-on-1 medical/muscoskeletal screening, functional strength and flexibility screening, and gait analysis. You will get specific recommendations on which muscles to stretch/ strengthen, alterations to your gait, and proper shoe selection. If needed, an on-site diagnostic ultrasound will be conducted. Registration for this free clinic is required; participants will be scheduled every 10 minutes from 6:30-8:00 pm. To register, call The Outfitter at 231-526=2621 or email info@

Runs/Walks The Harbor Springs High School National Honor Society, will host a Kolors for Kolkata Family Fun Run, on Saturday, June 7 at 10 am,

at Reynolds Field in Harbor Springs. The one or two mile loop run is a fundraiser for the Bulbulir Basa Orphanage in Kolkata, India, founded in 2000 as a direct response to the high levels of homeless children and street children living in Kolkata. The orphanage provides a safe and secure environment for vulnerable children. Pre-registration is appreciated and forms are available at the Harbor Springs high school office. On-site registration and check-in scheduled for 9 am Saturday, June 7. Entry fee is $5. All runners are asked to wear white and to be prepared to be blasted with color. For more informations,contract Anne Payne or Chad Broughman (231)526-4800.

12th annual Alliance for Lupus Research (ALR) Walk With Us to Cure Lupus, fundraiser will take place Sat, June 14, rain or shine with 100% of the proceeds going to support medical research to prevent, treat and cure lupus, an autoimmune disease which affects predominantly young women. Registration begins at 9 am, Walk begins at 10 am at Bayfront Park, Petoskey . For more information (866) WALK-ALR, Amy Gillard, (231) 347-4775

Traverse Half Marathon and 10K Run/Walk on Saturday, September 27, 2014. This point-to-point course along the woods and shoreline of Lake Michigan is flat and fast offering a diverse route with incredible views of Lake Michigan. The half marathon starts in the Village of Bay Harbor and the 10k starts in Petoskey State Park with both races ending in Harbor Springs. Post race food and festivities, including a free Kids Run, are done in small-town style right on the waterfront. Calling all energetic volunteers! We need your help at the start line, on the course and at the finish line. To volunteer, register, or for more info visit www. email or call The Outfitter of Harbor Springs at 231-526-2621.

Free Foreclosure Prevention Workshop Michigan residents, continue to fall victim of losing their homes. Residents who seek foreclosure prevention assistance in northwest lower Michigan can find help with the Northwest Michigan Community Action Agency (NMCAA) Free Foreclosure Prevention Education workshops are available in NMCAA’s Traverse City, Petoskey, and Cadillac offices. Homeowners will learn how to avoid foreclosure and the different foreclosure programs that are available. NMCCA will also educate homeowners about the foreclosure process and counsel families on budgeting for their personal financial situation. Homeowners do not have to be within the actual

1911 Restaurant At the Terrace Inn



Happy Hour Specials 1549 Glendale • Bay View


Harbor Light Community Newsweekly  15 Brought to you in part by:

foreclosure process to access these services - many are available to assist before a crisis actually occurs to keep the clients out of the foreclosure process altogether. For details or more information, or learn about the workshop, please calllll (231)947-3780 or (800) 632-7334l NMCAA’s website is

Libraries Harbor Springs Library, Regular Library Hours are: Mon, Tues, Thurs, Fri 12-5; Wed 10-8; Saturday 9-1.The Harbor Springs Library offers free high speed WiFi internet access as well as Mac and PC computers available to the public. Library is located in downtown Harbor Springs at the corner of Spring and Main St. Please go to www. or call (231)526-2531 for more information.

The Mackinaw Area Public Library, main branch in Mackinaw City Library hours are Mon, Tues, Thurs, Fri 11 am-5 p.; Wed noon - 8 pm; Sat 10-2. For more info call 231436-5451.The library is located at 528 W. Central Ave in Mackinaw City.

Petoskey District Library, The Young Adult Reader’s Theater Group of the Petoskey District Library will perform with the Middle School/Elementary RT Group in the Gazebo at Pennsylvania Park in downtown Petoskey on Friday, June 6 from 5:30-6;30. Enjoy an hour of theater from the serious to the willy!

For information about upcoming activities at the Library, contact the Children’s Room at the Petoskey District Library 231-758-3112 or visit Regular Library hours are: Mon-Thurs 10 a.m.-7 p.m.; Fri, Sat, Sun: Noon-5 p.m. Library is located in downtown Petoskey, 500 E Mitchell St. 231-758-3100.

Hobbies in the Lobby, will host two Hobbies events in June.. The first is the Etsy Craft Party on Friday, June 6 at 1 pm in the Main Lobby at the Petoskey District Library.. Theme is Recapture: Bring New Meaning to Old Photographs. We ask that partygoers bring a special photograph (or photocopy), then with needle and thread or paint and pen, transform that old photo into a new handmade heirloom. What is Craft Party ? Every year, people from around the world come together on the same day in locally organized Etsy Craft Parties to create and inspire each other. For more info, call Jodi at

(231) 758-3111. Alanson Public Library, Intermediate Computer Class, being offered: Tuesday, June 24, 6-7 pm, Learn how to do simple Internet searches and

start exploring the World Wide Web! Register by Friday, June 20 - 231-548-5465. Class size limited, must be resident of AAPL service area. Summer Library hours are Mon-Wed 10 a.m.-6 p.m.; Thur 10 a.m.7 p.m.; Fri noon-5 p.m.; Sat 1:00-5 pm. Closed Sundays and Holidays. 548-5465, located at 7631 Burr Ave (Alanson Community Building) For more information call the Library at (231)548-5465..

Petoskey Film Theater The Petoskey Film Theater, will be showing the film “Run and Jump” on Wednesday and Thursday, May 28 & May 29 (no show on Friday this week) at 7:30 pm at the Petoskey District Library, Carnegie building (451 E. Mitchell St, next to the Arts Center). Donations are appreciated.

Friendship Centers Friendship Center of Harbor Springs, welcomes all seniors. We address both nutritional and social needs of our community’s older citizens by offering a variety of activities and programs to suit every interest and ability level for seniors age 60 and older. Mon, Tues, Wed, & Fri the center provides a balanced, hot nutritious meal that is served at noon for a suggested donation of $2.50. Educational programs, health related clinics, fitness programs, holiday parties and much more are offered as well. Some of the offerings are: coffee social, 1011:30 every Mon, Tues, Wed and Fri; exercise classes Mon & Wed at 3:30; Wii Bowling ever Wed, 10-11; foot care, Blood Pressure Screenings, Bingo, Movie Day, Shopping trips and more. The Center is open Mon, Tues, Wed, Fri from 9:30-2:30. The Village of Hillside is the host site for the Friendship Center located at 309 W. Main St Community Room C in downtown Harbor Springs.. For more information on special events like us on Facebook at Friendship Center of Harbor Springs or call (231) 526- 6061.

Health There will be a Five Wishes Presentation on Friday, May 30 at 1 pm in the Perry Farm Village Media Room. Space is limited to the first 25 to sign-up! Please call 526-1500 to reserve your spot! Five Wishes lets your family and doctors know: * Who you want to make health care decisions for you when you can’t make them; * The kind of medical treatment you want or don’t want; * How comfortable you want to be; * How you want people to treat you; * What you want your loved ones to know.

16  Harbor Light Community Newsweekly

Week of May 28-June 4, 2014


Amina Soulimani (left) and Sophie Schneider were exchange students at Harbor Springs this year. Amina reflected on her year in the essay below.

Everybody Cares Editor’s Note: Whenever Harbor Springs High School is fortunate enough to host exchange students, we love the opportunity to hear a reflection on what life has been like in northern Michigan. Below is an essay by Moroccan exchange student Amina Soulimani, who sums up perfectly the beauty of being present and the feeling of small town community found here.

American series that are filmed in high schools tend to give a blurred image about the reality. I have always thought that I would be studying in an atmosphere just like the one in High School Musical and such. Incidentally, I found a group of young teenagers dedicated to their studies, working hard to change, I found passionate artists and musicians. I was mostly surprised by the number of activities one person would be committed to and still excel in all of them, and I found myself carrying respect for every aspect of knowledge.

By Amina Soulimani


y name is Amina Soulimani and I am an exchange student from Morocco, sponsored by PAX- Program of Academic Exchange. Morocco a country in the northwestern corner of Africa, I live in Rabat, which is the capital. Rabat is a hybrid of modernism and traditionalism; its diversity would not escape you. Not only monuments decorate it and give it a true elegance, but also the few skyscrapers emphasize on the country’s efforts for development.


I consider Harbor Springs High School the best school I’ve ever attended among five others. As a matter fact, everybody cares, starting from the staff to the sport coaches. Teachers give their time and minds to help the students succeed in their studies. They even offer them food from time to another, and they treat each other as if they were peers or friends. This was something I have never experienced with a teacher before. In my high school in Morocco, my teachers are very strict, scream from time to time if not all the time and do not smile very often. When a student is interested in drama, music or any kind of clubs/ passion, it has to be out of the school. Our schools don’t provide extracurricular opportunities as the ones here.

Far away from home, I had the chance to meet the Rambo family, who opened their household, their hearts, gave me a shelter and devoted time and affection. They teach me everyday the American way of life and American values and mindsets and for that, my gratitude for them is endless. I self-taught myself English for a few years and was lucky enough to manage the language before settling in Harbor Springs and attending the high school. Despite that, I still had difficulties to understand what people meant or said, sometimes they talked too quickly, and sometimes they used a vocabulary I did not know.

This year has changed me in all kind of ways; I felt I grew as a person, as a mind and as an artist. I learnt that being different is not a sin, and I also realized that is by combining our differences and developing the common points that we finally can improve. The kindness of the people, the smiles in the street, my family, my friends, the bay, the view, my teachers, I know that I am going to miss everything in Harbor Springs.

My first impressions of Harbor Springs were vague. I remember when on the air, my face was glued to the small window of the airplane. All I could see was trees and little rivers here and there. It seemed to me that landed in the middle of nowhere. It is only when I visited it later that I realized how lucky I was to be living within such a beautiful area. The winter disturbed my mind and my perspective, but luckily it is a far away now.

North Country Kids preschoolers began the next phase in their educational journey as they ‘graduated’ last week in a ceremony held at Stutsmanville Church. There was plenty of ‘pomp and circumstance’ for the future class of 2027. Harbor Light photos/ Mark Flemming

I do not have a lot of time left, I am looking forward to try swimming in the lake, exploring every little corner I did not see, spend time with my family because it would definitely be hard to leave home to go home.



A Harbor Springs Landmark since 1972 NEW



6100 Lower Shore Drive: Beautiful large Lake Michigan lot with sandy beach - 300’ of frontage, wooded building site, close to Harbor Springs. (MLS# 440407) $995,000





4675 Weatherly: Secluded home with spectacular views of Little Traverse Bay. Three bedroom 3½ bath home being offered fully furnished - large, spacious rooms, high ceilings, 3 fireplaces, large deck, patio with B-B-Q. All bedrooms have private baths - high quality home in excellent condition. Windward Associaion amenities include a clubhouse, swimming pool, tennis courts, small swimming lake and lots of hiking/snow shoeing/cross country ski trails for your enjoyment. (MLS# 438232) $895,000




6347 Crooked River Circle: Extremely well maintained 3 bedroom, 2 bath ranch style home located on a large private lot. This home features a large living room with wood burning fireplace. An over sized master suite with walk-in closet and garden tub. Wonderful kitchen with cozy breakfast nook and large island. House is adjacent to a designated green space with access directly off the back of the lot to the DNR trail. (MLS# 440533) $129,900





1185 Hideaway Valley Dr. #3: A must see condo!! This unit is within walking distance to the clubhouse, pool and tennis courts. It is beautifully finished, updated, and decorated. Three bedrooms, 2.5 baths, walkout lower level, central air, two covered decks, attached garage. (MLS# 438326) $89,500




Teal Road: Incredible remote wooded land with a private field and trailer. Ideal hunting property with tons of activity on the trail cam. Wooded with pines and hardwoods. (MLS# 440424) $79,500


Property management services in Harbor Springs, Boyne Highlands, Nub’s Nob and along the Inland Waterway

Featured Rental

441 3rd St.: Quality & attention to detail throughout this charming, in-town home. Featuring - walnut floors, granite countertops, custom cabinetry, tile baths, fireplace, 2-car garage. Enjoy summer evenings on the covered porch or take a short walk to the beach, waterfront, and Main St. shops. (MLS# 432486) $725,000

195 Roth Road: Larks Lake cottage located on the East side of the Lake off Roth Road. Cottage has three bedrooms, one bath, large family room, stone fireplace and all situated on 150’ of lake frontage. Good fishing on this small boat lake. (MLS# 427527) $235,000

2224 M-119, Petoskey: Private setting on a natural, unspoiled and under-developed lake. Situated conveniently between Harbor Springs and Petoskey yet quiet and surrounded by trees. Large lawn between lake and house - great for kids and wildlife. Zoned multiple for duplex potential. Owners are licensed Realtors in the State of Michigan. (MLS #438843) $247,500

705 Harrison St.: Well maintained 2 bedroom home, conveniently located close to schools, stores and downtown. Home sits on a large lot, with many updates, large deck and wood-burning fireplace. (MLS# 438145) $84,900

Available: Summer Rental

5891 Charlie’s Run 4 Bedroom, 3 Bathroom (Sleeps 8) $2200.00 per week


Call one of our real estate professionals for information on these & other properties. Dave Olson Sam DeCamp Kevin Olson Penny McCready

Barb Harbaugh Jim Hart Jan Parsons

Andrew Bowman John Baker Heidi Kresnak

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Harbor Light Newspaper issue of 5/28/14