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Harbor Springs

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Harbor Springs

Fishing for Spring...

Group wants to bring theater to downtown

Council approves running event, liquor license request, spending items

Forming non-profit ‘Harbor Springs Lyric Theatre’ By Charles O’Neill Harbor Light Newspaper

Downtown Harbor Springs may-once again-- be home to a theater, if a local investor group can bring its plans to life. According to a written statement provided to this newspaper, a group of individuals is “in the process of forming a non-profit 501(c)3 entity to be known as ‘Harbor Springs Lyric Theatre.” This not-for-profit event space will be organized exclusively for charitable educational purposes, and operating a community-supported and mission driven theater in Harbor Springs. Harbor Springs resident and city council member Jeff James is serving as the spokesperson for the group. “This year round venue will offer film, drama, musical arts and literature which will educate (and entertain) the public in cinematic, performing and literary arts. The theatre will enhance the cultural and intellectual life of the community,” James said in the statement. “Very soon this non-profit entity, Harbor Springs Lyric Theatre, will be actively soliciting the necessary funds to purchase, design, and renovate the existing structure to form a multi purpose theatre/stage for all to enjoy and bring much needed life back to downtown Harbor Springs,” he said in the statement. James confirmed in a separate email that the group has three adja-CONTINUED on page 3.

City cancels water drip advisory It must truly be spring in northern Michigan, as the “water drip” request to keep service lines from freezing is officially over. Customers of the Harbor Springs municipal water system in the City and West Traverse Township are now advised to discontinue running water, city manager Tom Richards said on Monday, April 21. “The trend toward warmer temperatures in recent days has reduced the depth of frost in the ground and the risk of water line freezing appears to be over for the season,” he said. Charges for water usage are being adjusted so that customers should not see a higher water bill as a result of the winter-drip program. Questions about the program should be directed to Harbor Springs City Hall (526-2104) or the Harbor Springs Water Department (5260604).

While it is spring, and the Bear River in Petoskey is filled and rushing with melted snow water, it has hardly been a warm season so far. Ice cover remains on Little Traverse Bay, although it is by no means solid or safe enough to traverse. Temperatures have stayed largely in the 40s. (Harbor Light photo/Charles O’Neill)

Emmet County

Governor appoints local resident to new statewide recycling council

By Kate Bassett Harbor Light Newspaper

Governor Rick Snyder recently announced a statewide plan designed to increase residential recycling access statewide. He also announced appointments to a nine-member Michigan Recycling Council to guide the plan’s implementation, including Emmet County’s own recycling guru, Elisa Seltzer. Seltzer has directed the Emmet County Department of Public Works since 1990, and operates Emmet County Recycling (ECR). ECR’s recycling facility processes and markets recyclables for Cheboygan, Emmet, Otsego and Presque Isle Counties. The ECR system accepts 28 day-to-day materials for recycling from its curbside collection program and drop-sites throughout the four county area. An additional 32 materials—including electronics, construction and demolition materials--are accepted for recycling at the Emmet County Drop-off Center in Harbor Springs. Emmet County Recycling does not rely on tax dollars. In 2011, the recycling system employed roughly 24 people directly and provided $2.5 million in benefits to the region.

Spring Cleaning at

“I am very excited to work with such a respected group of recycling professionals as well as with the dedicated DEQ staff on this important initiative. This sounds pat, but I mean it! It’s been a career-long dream of mine to work on bringing recycling to its full potential in Michigan,” Seltzer said in an interview with this newspaper.

Inventory Clearance Men and Women Hilda winter hours 11-5 Mon-sat address phone


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Elisa Seltzer, longtime head of Emmet County’s Recycling Center and Department of Public Works, was recently named to the Michigan Recycling Council. The nine-member Council will work on long term goals and policies to make the state a leader-- instead of a lagger-- in recycling. (Harbor Light photo by Mark Flemming)

Emmet County’s “recycle robot” is a friendly mascot at the Recycling Center on Pleasantview Road. The county’s innovative recycling program continues to be a leader in the state.


For Men

During the announcements, Snyder noted “Michigan has a strong tradition of protecting and enhancing its environment. But when it comes to recycling, we must do better. Michigan trails other Great Lakes states and much of the nation in residential recycling. It’s a complex challenge but one that we can address. This plan puts us on the right path.” Michigan’s recycling rate for residential household waste is about 15 percent. The national average is 35 percent. A recent study concluded more than $435 million in recyclable metal, glass, paper and plastics goes from Michigan households to Michigan landfills each year. Those are staggering numbers-- in both negative and positive ways-and Seltzer said she understands the challenges the state’s new Recycling Council faces. “We’re charged with addressing longer term policies and goals. The most challenging include funding, increasing the number of communities with drop-site and/or curbside programs, involving waste haulers in providing collection services,and how to incentivize communities to -CONTINUED on page 2.

A quick meeting of the Harbor Springs City Council on Monday, April 21 spanned both ends of the community spectrum, with notice of a Memorial Day event to raise funds for the Harbor Springs Food Pantry, approval of the city’s updated master plan, and a request for a resolution in support of a club liquor license, allowing the Depot Restaurant in downtown Harbor Springs to complete its privatization. Josh Baker, owner of The Outfitter, presented a request to City Council to hold a Memorial Day 5k run/walk, similar to the Thanksgiving Day run he and his wife, Molly Ames Baker, already put on each year. Council members agreed to the event, noting Baker should work to make sure he coordinates with the American Legion’s Memorial Day activities. The 5k will take place at 8 a.m. on May 26, with a $10 suggested donation entry fee. 100-percent of proceeds will go directly to the food pantry in this “no fuss, all fun” handtimed race event. City Manager Tom Richards introduced the Depot Dining Club’s agenda item by saying the club “requested a resolution in support of a club liquor license,” as a result of “some change in structure.” He said it is his understanding the city has the opportunity to recommend approval as one of the steps of the Liquor Control Commission’s licensing process. “This is because the Depot is going private, correct?” Mayor Al Dika asked, adding, “I’m sorry to see that happen, frankly. I don’t think we need more private clubs in this town.” Still, the resolution of support was passed 4-1 by Council, with Matt Bugera voting no. Council also approved letting bids for the Spring Street paving project, which must be completed by June 14, and a roof replacement for the Ford Park building, which was granted to TWB Contractors of Harbor Springs. The DPW was granted approval for a new plow/ dump truck to replace a 1993 truck, and the Electric department will be getting a new digger pole truck. -CONTINUED on page 3.

Tennis courts petition gets 305 signatures A petition containing 305 signatures of City of Harbor Springs residents has been turned in to the city, according to organizer Bill Horwath, requesting the decision to remove the waterfront tennis courts be put to a vote of the people. The Harbor Springs City Council this winter voted to remove the courts after it had been discussed over the course of the past few years in relation to an overall redesign of the city waterfront. The petition reads: “We the following registered voters of Harbor Springs, Michigan declare that we want the action by the Harbor Springs City Council to remove the public waterfront tennis courts rescinded and have the issue decided by the voters of Harbor Springs, Michigan.”


2  Harbor Light Community Newsweekly

Week of April 23-29, 2014

Letter to the Editor


For Earth Day and every day after...Stop Toxic Littering

Sexting, Selfies, and Snapchat…Oh my!

To the Editor:

By Annie Ossewaarde

Smokers should rethink toxic littering. Cigarette butts are found on the ground, along the road, in front of buildings, along the shore at the beach and throughout the parks. Cigarette butts/filters leach toxic chemicals and carcinogens that pollute our environment. Everyone should place cigarette butts in receptacles or trash bins before entering a public place. I find more people leaving butts inside the doors of buildings or dumping their car ash trays right onto the pavement of parking lots. Recently I watched the SAFE Youth’s new tobacco awareness video on YouTube.

I was amazed at how much toxic litter was found on our beaches alone. As a service project they collected 1,396 cigarette butts/filters along the beach; that is a lot! I hope our local municipalities consider making our parks and beaches tobacco-free. Cigarette butts could release toxins in our freshwater lakes and kill the fish and other organisms. So everywhere on the planet, let’s avoid toxic littering. Happy Earth Day! Sheila McKinney Levering

Governor appoints local resident to new statewide recycling council -CONTINUED from page 1.

collaborate,” she said. Luckily, Seltzer has plenty of experience to draw from, and Emmet County can serve as a fantastic model for other communities throughout Michigan. “Emmet County was fortunate to benefit from state leadership on this issue in the 1980s. It led to the development of recycling programs which are now considered best-in-class for being convenient, comprehensive, and cost-effective,” she said. “Emmet County set the bar high in terms of the number of materials we recycle; our collaboration with regional and statewide markets,selling top-grade recyclables to Michigan factories; keeping jobs in Michigan and maximizing return on investment.” Seltzer said she would also like to see the state also set high goals for statewide recycling access and participation. “One of the most successful aspects of our programs are the policies behind the scenes that have enabled recycling to grow in our communities. These include our Solid Waste Ordinance and Pay-As-YouThrow requirements (for haulers to charge their customers based on volume). We also provide a great example of how counties can partner together to improve recycling over a wide region.” “States with healthy recycling programs have found that, in addition to reducing

pressure on landfills and helping the environment, recycling creates jobs and opens markets for recovered materials,” Snyder said. “We’ve been throwing away money for decades. Addressing this issue is simply the right thing to do.” The 15-point plan focuses on four key areas: Benchmark and measure progress – including developing ways to better track Michigan’s recycling rate and document the progress of the state’s effort. Public education and technical assistance for communities – other states report that an informed and supportive public is a key to increasing recycling, along with providing tools for local governments to develop local programs. Provide convenient access – successful recycling programs feature convenient access at the local level. Develop markets – stimulation of market opportunities for recycled products will be addressed with grants and other economic incentives. The DEQ drafted the plan in cooperation with 45 key stakeholders including recyclers, landfill operators, manufacturers, waste haulers, bottlers, grocery store operators and others. “This plan represents a real breakthrough for the myriad interested stakeholders around recycling,” said Michigan DEQ Director Dan Wyant during the plan’s announcement event. “What

we celebrate today is their leadership, our partnership and the sustained commitment from everyone to keep ‘Pure Michigan’ pure in the years ahead.” The effort is supported by a $1 million appropriation in the governor’s recommended fiscal year 2015 budget, along with $500,000 in DEQ pollution prevention grants that will be committed to support local recycling programs over the next two years. “The Michigan Recycling Coalition is pleased with the governor’s leadership on this issue,” said Kerrin O’Brien, executive director of the Michigan Recycling Coalition. “This initiative recognizes that we can and should do more to fully achieve the economic and environmental rewards that a comprehensive residential recycling program will bring to Michigan.” Seltzer agreed, noting, “recycling just makes sense.” “ I am so glad that Governor Snyder sees the potential to improve Michigan’s economy by putting forth this Recycling Initiative and appointing a Michigan Recycling Council. His leadership can go a long way towards improving recycling that will benefit all of Michigan in jobs, resources and economic vitality,” she said. To learn more about residential recycling opportunities in Michigan or see Michigan’s plan, go to www. .

Sexting, Selfies, Snapchat, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter…the list goes on. We are slaves to social media. While much of the technology we have today is a fun and great way to keep in touch with people on the surface that you wouldn’t otherwise, there is a dark side of social media that has taken captive of our youth and dug a hole so deep that many kids cannot find their way out of it. How many of us have been in the middle of a conversation only for it to be interrupted by a text, tweet, ding or buzz? Recent research shows that, on average, people check their phone 110 times a day. When you consider the peak hours this computes to about once every six or seven seconds! How much can you find out about a person without ever actually seeing his/her face? With how easy it is to know all this about a person how much easier would it be to talk about or post something negative. There is almost no filter on social media, which makes the perfect avenue for bullies to strike. Cyberbullying is the use of electronic communication to bully a person, typically by sending messages of an intimidating or threatening nature. A recent study in 2010 from the Archives of Suicide Research, showed that cyberbullying victims were almost twice as likely to have attempted suicide compared to youth who had not experienced cyberbullying. Children who have reported being bullied using the internet are almost three times as likely to have brought a gun, knife or other object that could be used as a weapon to school. Senate Bill 0074 will require schools to write cyberbullying into their policy in order to

define and have a protocol for disciplining it where applicable. While this is still uncharted territory this bill will raise awareness to this issue and equip educators to address it in their schools. This bill has been sitting stagnant in the state senate since October, 2013. It is time that we take action again something that is a very real part of our generation and is not going anywhere. Help protect our children by contacting your local legislator. Howard Walker – 37th District 910 Farnum Building P.O. Box 30036 Lansing, MI 48909-7536 (517) 373-2413 Email: You can also reach Senator Randy Richardville and Arlan Meekhof at the contact info listed below to ask them to bring the bill up for a vote in the Senate. Randy Richardville (Senate Majority Leader): (517) 373-3543, SenRRichardville@senate. Arlan Meekhof: (517) 373-6920,, or write them a letter P.O. Box 30036 Lansing, MI 48909-7536 Annie Ossewaarde is involved with the local chapter of Young Life and is a Masters in Social Work student through Michigan State University. She is currently working on an advocacy project to try to raise awareness for a cyberbullying bill now sitting in the state senate.

The East Hill has been prone to flooding - in 1921 a major flood ripped down the gully - in the 1990’s the city installed a major storm drain system along the flood path.

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Group wants to bring theater to downtown

Community Foundation awards more than $126,000 in grants

Getting Kids Outdoors kick-off event planned for April 26

-CONTINUED from page 1.

cent (one building structure) condominium spots under contract to purchase. The three-condo building is on the north side of Main Street near the intersection of Main and Gardner Streets and currently houses Coolhouse Labs and two retail store locations. Harbor Springs was once home to the Lyric Theatre, where the Outfitter is now located. The concept was presented to the Harbor Springs Planning Commission last Thursday, April 24. Harbor Springs city manager Tom Richards explained that theaters are not addressed in the city

Harbor Light Community Newsweekly  3

Week of April 23-29, 2014

zoning code for the Central Business District. “We were a bit dumbfounded as we did, at one time, have a theater,” Richards said. The Planning Commission agreed to move forward in drafting a proposed ordinance to permit a theater as a use, and as another option, an ordinance that would allow it as a ‘special land use’. Richards said he expected the Commission to hold a public hearing at its meeting in May and possibly pass one of the options for review and consideration by the Harbor Springs City Council shortly thereafter.

environment, community and economic development, recreation, and health and human services. “We saw the requests in health and human services up this cycle; in fact, nearly 50 percent of the dollars went to organizations that work to assist our friends and neighbors facing challenges,” noted Jim Ford, Grant Distribution Committee chair. “At the same time, our recommendations reflect the value and importance of assets that we all benefit from, like the Little Traverse Wheelway, pristine water resources, and cultural opportunities.” To view the complete list of recent grant awards, learn more about applying, or read about the impact of past grants, visit or call 231-348-5820. Since 1992, the Community Foundation has distributed grants totaling over $11 million dollars to nonprofit organizations, municipalities and schools to create or improve charitable programs and continues to build charitable resources through endowment, For Good, Forever.

The Petoskey-Harbor Springs Area Community Foundation recently awarded $126,625 to local organizations through their spring competitive cycle. “The Community Endowment and Youth Endowment Funds are flexible and allow the Community Foundation to respond with support when our nonprofit partners, schools, and municipalities show us current needs and opportunities,” explained David Jones, executive director. Funds from those flexible endowments leveraged $32,000 from donor advised funds held at the Community Grant funds will support a variety of programs and projects in Emmet County in the areas of arts and culture, youth, the

Bring your family out to Pond Hill Farm (located north of Harbor Springs) for an afternoon of fun at the Getting Kids Outdoors annual spring kick-off event, on Saturday, April 26 from 1-4 p.m.. Activities will be available for toddlers to teens. Music will be offered by Blissfest, and light snacks will be provided. Awards will be given to individuals and families who have completed their passports from previous years. Bring your completed passport along to share accomplishments and adventures. Free passports (one per family) will be available for families new to the program. This event will be held rain or shine. Come the whole time or for just an hour. Nature-based vendors and businesses will be on-hand. Pack a lunch or purchase select items from The Garden Cafe. Some light snacks will be provided, and bottled water is available for a donation. The event is free, but local items and “GKO” items are available for purchase. Donations to support the event are also greatly appreciated. Special thanks to our event sponsors including our GKO Partners and Petoskey-Harbor Springs Area Community Foundation.

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City Council... -CONTINUED from page 1.

City Manager Richards was authorized to proceed in gathering pricing for converting overhead electric lines to underground from State Street to the high school along East Bluff. Council also approved the city’s updated master plan, which was recommended and already approved by Planning Commission. The plan is updated every five years.


Time to Accessorize Clothing • Footwear • Kayaks • Paddleboards



A Harbor Springs Landmark since 1972 NEW



1116 Bunker Hill: Great location and lots of privacy. Built in 2005 this wonderful home sits on almost 25 acres. The open concept floor plan has hard wood floors, fireplace and a main floor master suite. Spacious kitchen with granite counters and a large pantry. The lower level walks out on to a patio with a lawn and is perfect for gatherings. This is a wonderful home for all types of uses; year round or seasonal (MLS# 439956) $495,900





2605 Lake Shore Drive: Charming two bedroom two bath cabin with a one bedroom one bath guest house on 6.65 acres with 134 feet of sandy Lake Michigan beach. Enjoy one of the areas best beaches and year around sunets from the spectacular deck above the Lake. Located just Northwest of Harbof Springs along a scenic highway, this is a very special offering. (MLS# 434617) $359,000




939 Stratford Ln.: If you are looking for an affordable Burt Lake Cottage you must see this - located off Eagles Nest Road, this 1056 Sq. Ft. cottage offers one bedroom and bath on the main floor with the second sleeping area upstairs. Walk out of the cottage to the shared lakefront and to your own dock, if you wish. Also, nice lakeside deck and small garage. (MLS# 439977) $229,900






4749 S. Pleasantview Rd. #123: This 3 bedroom + a loft end unit is in excellent condition featuring a large master suite and bath with jetted tub and separate shower, spacious deck, updated appliances, gas log fireplace and most furnishings included. Winter views of Boyne Highlands. Seller will consider a land contract or possibly assist buyer with closing costs (MLS# 430693) $155,000







7700 Ridge Road: Attractive new ranch home on a wooded lot (1.3 acres) 3 miles from Harbor Springs. Natural gas, cable onsite - exterior, well, septic completed, drywall primed, mechanical and plumbing roughed in $150,000; completed $200,000. Very nice home and setting in a pleasant area. (MLS# 439944) $150,000


Property management services in Harbor Springs, Boyne Highlands, Nub’s Nob and along the Inland Waterway

Featured Rental

7070 Rolling Meadow Trail: Nicely landscaped 4 bedroom, 3½ bath home with 20x12 deck and walkout lower level. Large 24x34 heated three car garage with full storage area above. Very fine, quiet neighborhood with country side views just north of Harbor Springs. Near bike path and soccer field. (MLS# 438981) $299,000

4749 S. Pleasantview Rd. # 35:

Wonderful ground floor end unit with spacious patio off living room and master bedroom. Excellent condition, built-in master bedroom, nice grassy lawn area right off front door which is great for kids. The perfect location for skiing, golf and close to all Harbor Springs fun activities. Trout Creek amenities include indoor and outdoor pools, workout room and clubhouse. Most furnishings included. (MLS# 430694) $69,000

4060 Kuebler Rd., Alanson: Nicely updated and well maintained ranch style home conveniently located close to Crooked Lake. This 3 bedroom 2 bath home in the Petoskey School District features an open floor plan, hardwood floors, full basement, first floor laundry, 2½ car attached garage, all on a large private lot. (MLS# 438242) $128,900

4749 S. Pleasantview Rd., #23: Bottom unit on one floor. Partially furnished and close to clubhouse, out door pool, workout room and all amenities. Stocked trout pond next to unit. (MLS# 439897) $69,900

3 Bedroom, 2.5 Bathroom: Very nice home in downtown Harbor Springs! Features a 1 car garage, private back yard/patio area, open floor plan and much more! $1300.00 per Month, plus Utilities. Credit Check and 1 Year Lease Required.


Call one of our real estate professionals for information on these & other properties. Dave Olson Sam DeCamp Kevin Olson Penny McCready

Barb Harbaugh Jim Hart Jan Parsons

Andrew Bowman John Baker Heidi Kresnak

Tom Graham Carolyn Sutherland Bob Humphrey Will Baker

(231) 526-6251 198 East Main Street • Harbor Springs •

4  Harbor Light Community Newsweekly

Week of April 23-29, 2014

Harbor Springs...Now and Then Musings, memories & news about you By CYNTHIA MORSE ZUMBAUGH | 231.526.7842

MIKE PIERCE D.D.S. New Patients Welcome Weekdays 7 am - 4 pm 289 E. Main St. Harbor Springs 231-526-9611

Out of the many things that we have to be thankful for, I think one of the most precious is our memories. Times and places past are not lost to us and those who are gone are never far away. One of the most amazing aspects of memories is the way they can be triggered by the slightest thing, a sight, a sound, a taste or a smell. Madge Kosequat was sitting a little bit in front of me in church on Easter Sunday and, on the back of her chair, she had her plastic rain bonnet. Made me smile immediately and made my Easter better because I never see one of those without thinking of my mother; those bonnets and full length, over the head, flower aprons. For my dad, it is suspenders and handkerchiefs; so few people use them anymore, he was never without either one, so when I see them, he’s always there in my mind’s eye. Memory stimulation is not always visual. I never hear the word “verbose” without thinking of Betty Jezisek (and yes, it was often my writing that she was referring to when she used it.) During the NCAA

basketball playoffs when Wisconsin played, I felt the urge to stand frequently at each rendition of “On, Wisconsin,” a reflex action from the days when we stood each time our school song was played. If I slip into complete nerd mode while traveling and pass the time while performing algebra in my head to calculate how long it will take to get somewhere traveling at a certain speed, I flash back to Tom McDonald and Jim Zylstra. Little did they know that not only was I paying attention, their lessons would serve as entertainment for me all these many years later. I rarely drive by what is now

the Little Traverse Township Hall or by what used to be the Flying Dutchman without George Menzi coming to mind, watching him and Bob Snideman and company entertain. Can’t you just feel the makeshift maracas in your hands as they got the crowd involved in the music? So many smiles, so much happiness shared. We all have songs that we relate to specific people in our lives and when you hear them, you smile a little, don’t you? I can’t hear the Heart song “Magic Man” without thinking of Jeff Bodzick; the lyric says, “never seen eyes so blue” and happily, that has al-

Obituaries Russell Luplow

Russell N. Luplow died peacefully surrounded by his family, at his home in Bloomfield Hills, March 26, 2014. He was  79 years old. Russell was born February  12, 1935, in Saginaw, Michigan to Ann (nee  Fredricksen) and Harley Luplow.  Russell attended Arthur High School in Saginaw, where he was a varsity football    player for 3 years. He was a varsity baseball   player at Michigan State University, where Russell Luplow he graduated class of 1957. Russell earned his law degree from Wayne State University in 1972. He began his business career at Saginaw Transfer, a familyowned trucking company in 1957. Russell began the practice of law in 1972, where he focused on labor and pension law. He was admitted to practice before the U.S. Supreme Court where he won two cases. For Week: 3/5/13 Russell was a member of Oakland Hills Country Club and enjoyed vacationing at his second residence in Harbor Springs. An avid Frank Sinatra fan, Russell attended nearly 70 concerts. He also had a passion for fine antiques and decorating. An “Anything Electrical Since 1916” animal lover, Russell especially loved his dogs. Jim Dika A devoted husband, father, grandfather, brother, and friend, Harbor Springs Computers Russell was deeply loved and will be sorely missed. P.O. Box 141 Russell is survived by his beloved wife of 58 years, Adelaide Harbor Springs, MI 49740 “Tiny” and children, Harley (Shelagh) Luplow, Heidi (David Fahrenbach) Spiegel, and Heather Luplow Hartle. He is also email: 231-526-5888 survived by his grandchildren, Heather Spiegel, Harley Jr., 7450 Road • Harbor Springs Serena and Harrison Luplow, and Sierra Buenrostro, and brother, Don (Shirley) Luplow. Russell is preceded in death by his brother, Kenneth Luplow. Memorials may be made to the Pulmonary Fibrosis Foundation, 230 East Ohio Street, Ste 304, Chicago, Illinois 60611 or the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SPCA), 7401 Chrysler Drive, Detroit, Michigan 48211.  

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Barry Searles Barry Jacobson Searles was born in Evanston, Illinois on June 30, 1946 to Evelyn and Charles Searles. He died in Corpus Christi, TX on Easter Sunday, April 20, 2014. Barry along with his four siblings grew up in Wilmette, IL and summered in Harbor Springs, MI. He graduated from New Trier High School, Wilmette, IL., in 1964 and went on to graduate from Colorado University. An excellent salesman, Barry contributed his talents to sevAcoustic Guitar/Voice eral companies in both Denver, CO and Corpus Christi, TX. folk.blues.jazz Barry is survived by his three sons: Scott Provost Searles 439 Pine Street Harbor Springs, 49740 (Kim);MIMatthew and Austin. He has three grandsons: Austin, London and Trenton who live with their father and mother, Don’t miss Hank & Stan with Bo White & the Tarczon Bros. Scott and Kim in Florida. Also surviving Barry are his sister, Rhythm Section (Herb Glahn + Bob Bowne = “Hank & Stan”) Sarah Grace (Larry) of Ann Arbor, MI.; David Searles (Karen) Saturday, Sept. 12 - From 8pm - before 12am of Harbor Springs; Stephen Searles (Connie) of Boise, ID. and At Little Traverse Bay Golf Club (in the tent) Searles (Lora) of Scottsdale, AZ. Barry is also Free-will offerings for Manna Food Christopher Project are encouraged survived by eight nieces and nephews. Preceding Barry in death were his parents, Evelyn and Charles Searles. The family is very appreciative of Barry’s Corpus Christi friends, Robert Keith Hood and Jeff Spoor who shared their friendship with Barry during his Corpus Christi years and assisted as he fell ill. Road • Harbor Springs Barry will share his final rest with his parents in Harbor Springs.

“Anything Electrical Since 1916” Herb

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ways brought his face to mind. For you, it might be the song from a first date, a wedding, a graduation, but whatever the memory, that song is permanently associated with that person or event. I remember being at a pool party at Nub’s Nob for someone’s birthday a very long time ago, we had one of those little portable record players with us and Badfinger’s “Come and Get It” was playing over and over; we thought that song was so very risqué. We used to be allowed to play music during gym class and it was always the Tapestry album by Carole King or American Pie by Don McClean. I can’t hear any of this music to this day without the sights, smells and sounds of days gone by in my head. My father-in-law, Bob Zumbaugh, is forever meshed in my memory with the television show Matlock and running across the show never fails to bring him to mind and a smile to my lips. Bob never really mastered the mysteries of the cable box and remote, so I was frequently called home for lunch so I could “fix” his television so he could watch reruns of Matlock. He was so impressed with my abilities to change the channel… As a very personal memory for me, I can never see a box of Kellogg’s Corn Flakes without thinking of Mary Murchie Ivey. We toured the Kellogg’s factory our senior year; we were supposed to be touring colleges, but we got sidetracked. Mary spent much of the tour asking about the “Kellogg’s Crow” which completely confused the tour guide, since the Corn Flake’s mascot is a rooster and, I might mention, we were actually wearing little paper rooster hats at the time.

I doubt that I will ever walk in the Stutsmanville Chapel or the gym at the school without looking for my Aunt Becky and Uncle Howard Morse. It just seems like they should be there, they are part of those places and always will be. That’s how memories work. So thank you to Madge for bringing me a little sunshine on a cloudy and rainy Easter Sunday, just by being there and being you. I have been asked to pass along the following; I think it is self explanatory and that it shows again why this community is so special. “Arthur and Brenda would like to thank family, friends, and this far reaching community for their prayers and support during this challenging time. We are humbled and overwhelmed by the response. God Bless.” Now let’s get to this week’s birthdays. On Thursday, April 24, Happy Birthday to Rob McCready and a happy 20th to Laura Garber. Friday, April 25, we send birthday greetings to Beth Robinson Becker, Katie Ward Negley and to Laura Zumbaugh Jackson as she celebrates #50. Saturday, April 26th, Happy Birthday to Terry Meyer and to Jane Kaup (and I hope Jane is in town to celebrate in her favorite fashion at Teddy Griffin’s.) April 27 we offer birthday greetings to Roxie Beach and Steve Murchie and on Monday, April 28th to Carol Marszalec Greig and Ben Veling. Tuesday, April 29, Happy Birthday to Cece Waybrant Sanzone, Jeremiah Radke and to cousin Jim LaCount. Finally, let’s end the month with birthday wishes on April 30 to John Medicine, Laura Septic, Mark Brown, Lisa Talaga LeClaire and Mia Roekema.

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Harbor Light Community Newsweekly  5

Week of April 23-29, 2014

Community Diary...

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If within the next few weeks you have a birthday, engagement, anniversary or any other special occasion to announce, please tell us and we’ll be happy to print it in this column, free of charge (with certain limitations set by the publisher). Contact us by telephone, fax, mail or e-mail. Information must be received no later than Monday noon before that Wednesday’s edition. Listings should be sent to: Harbor Light Newspaper, Attn: Community Diary, 211 E. Third St., Harbor Springs, MI 49740; fax to 231-526-7634; telephone 231-526-2191; or e-mail

In Appreciation: Quick response avoided major fire

Graduate News

Happenings at Hillside Village

Rachael Brushaber of Harbor Springs has been inducted into the Heidelberg University (Tiffin, Ohio) chapter of Psi Chi, the psychology honorary organization, during a ceremony on campus April 3, 2014. A graduate of Harbor Springs High School, Rachael is a junior majoring in psychology.

Welcome to spring! Very soon the crocus, daffodils and narcissus will be in bud - a new beginning after a long winter. As an apartment complex we will soon have a new beginning, too. Thirty years ago concerned citizens saw a need for affordable housing for seniors and after much diligence and hard work the

Letter Carriers Food Drive May 10 To the Editor: Saturday, May 10, 2014 marks the 22nd anniversary of the National Association of Letter Carriers Stamp Out Hunger Food Drive. Letter carriers walk through the community every day, often coming face to face with a sad reality for too many, hunger. So, each year on the second Saturday in May, letter carriers across the country collect non-perishable food donations from our customers. These donation go directly to local food pantries to provide food to people in Harbor Springs who need our help. The need for food donations is great. Currently 49 million Americans -1 in 6- are unsure where their next meal is coming from. Sixteen million are children who feel hunger’s impact on their overall health and ability to perform in school. And nearly 5 million seniors over age 60 are food insecure, with many who live fixed Crossword incomes often too ask forof: help. Theon weekly Puzzle is embarrassed brought to youto courtesy Our food drive’s timing is crucial. Food banks and pantries often receive the majority of their donations during the Thanksgiving and Christmas holiday seasons. By springtime, many pantries are depleted, entering the summer low on supplies at a time when many school breakfast and lunch programs are not available to children in need. Participating in this year’s Letter Carrier Stamp Out Hunger Food Drive is simple. Just leave a non-perishable food donation in a bag by your mailbox on Saturday, May 10 and your letter carrier will do the rests. I invite you to join in America’s great day of giving and help us in our fight to end hunger.

I would like to give a big thank you to the Harbor Springs Fire Department including Dick Schiller and Rick Holdorph for their quick response to a gas leak and subsequent quick fire at Turkey’s Cafe on Main St. A big chunk of ice fell on the gas meters and caused a rupture of the gas line.

Jeff Graham

Nifty, Nifty

dream became a reality. Three buildings were built in 1979 and in the ‘90s a fourth building was built to give us a total of 41 attractive apartments. This is a picturesque location near to downtown Harbor Springs, churches, the post office and the beach. All of us who live here enjoy ourselves and appreciate the handy parking and well maintained sidewalks. Now there will soon be construction of a new building to replace buildings A, B, and C. Another new beginning! When it is completed it will be as beautiful as before but more up to code with air conditioning and elevators. The location will remain the same which is ideal for walking exercise which all of us love to do. Other activities

will continue to be offered such as classes for swimming and computering, parties and potlucks, Bingo, and physical exercise of various kinds. New at this time are classes for Tai Chi which is a slow motion exercise practiced by millions of people around the world. We have a very good instructor who comes once a month to teach us new movements. Our newest venture will be a Low Vision Class. Any senior in this area can join us for our activities. For more information call our office at 231-526-7108. If the housing interests you, you can come here and get your name on a list.We welcome you! Submitted by Jeanette Scheffler

‘Cyclone Cowboy’ lecture at College April 23

Look who’s


Happy Birthday, Coach Kelbel

• Phone: (231) 526-2101 Richard Kemmeter email: Food Drive Coordinator NALC Branch 523 Store Hours: Mon – Sat 8am-8pm • Sun 9am – 6pm Harbor Springs

300 West Lake St. • Harbor Springs

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Thanks to the quick volunteers who showed up almost immediately to monitor this volatile situation. Also, thanks to DTE for their tricky footwork shutting the gas off, and the surrounding fire departments and EMTs who are always at the ready. We luckily avoided what could have easily become a major fire.

North Central Michigan College presents free lectures during the month of April on the Petoskey campus: On Wednesday, April 23, NCMC’s Spring Lecture Series, will feature Warren Faidley, the “Cyclone Cowboy” at 7 pm in North Central’s Student and Community Resource Center gymnasium on the Petoskey

campus. This lecture is free and open to the public. Doors open at 6:15 pm. Tickets are required and are available at the NCMC Student Services office, fitness office and bookstore on the Petoskey campus and at the college’s Gaylord and Cheboygan offices. For more info call NCMC 231348-6600

St. John’s Episcopal Church June 19 - Sept. 4 Sunday Services: 8:30 a.m. & 10:30 a.m. West Third/Traverse St. All Welcome

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Locally! April 20, 2014 RELEASE DATE—Sunday,

East Main Street • Harbor Springs Crossword Puzzle Los205 Angeles Times Sunday 231-526-5971 • 800-398-1390 Edited by Rich Norris and Joyce Nichols Lewis

“I’LL BE WAITING” 110 See 78-Across 115 Lion __ By MATT 119 *“This is going SKOCZEN to sound dumb ...” ACROSS 120 Courtroom 1 Hardly orderly VIPs 7 Angler’s quarry 121 Emilia’s 11 Suffix with husband Einstein 122 1980 Blondie 14 Clench chart-topper, 18 More arch and what’s 19 Type of exam needed to 20 Kinshasa-tomake sense of Cairo dir. the answers to 21 Inclined (to) starred clues 22 Cherubim, e.g. 123 Eyes a little too 23 Storybook long meanie 24 HCH successor 124 Bracketing criterion 25 *2012 Hot 100 #1 song in both 125 Place for a coin 126 Apathetic the U.S. and 127 Ratted (on) Canada 128 Many a pol. talk 26 “Cool!” show guest 27 See 47-Across 129 Voiced relief 30 Golfer Aoki 130 Group 32 Humble doctrines 33 Some airport displays, briefly DOWN 34 See 71-Across 1 Adult cygnet 41 “I Guess __ 2 Conga Rather Be in formation Colorado”: John Denver song 42 Bogus blazer 43 Breakfast pastry 47 *Source of the song “The Hostess With the Mostes’ on the Ball” 50 Regretful one 51 Actress Joanne 54 Chiwere speakers 56 Most clichéd 58 See 91-Across 62 Literary hodgepodge 63 Pod-bearing tree 64 Ship substitute 65 See 119-Across 69 It may be false 71 *Memorable 1851 novel line 74 Blot 75 Of last month 77 Energizer choice 78 *Van Heusen/Cahn classic 83 Hurling goo at 87 Wintry mix component 88 Small bit 89 Henriette, to Henri 91 *Parting request 92 Lakota tribe 95 Rapscallions 97 X, to Xanthippe 98 See 25-Across 104 Serious, as a reader 108 Clarifier beginning 109 Fluency 4/20/14

3 Actress Kurylenko of “Oblivion” 4 Cobbler holder 5 Hastert’s successor 6 Jr. and sr. 7 Philistine 8 2012 political thriller 9 Poet Teasdale 10 Iditarod critter 11 “... a date which will live in __”: 24-Across 12 Staying gray, say 13 Siren relative 14 Holy quest vessel 15 Rolls partner 16 __ shape: not well 17 Preps, as potatoes 21 Cameron and Blair of Eng. 27 Spade player 28 www word 29 Donald Duck, to his nephews 31 Luanda is its cap.

34 Electrician’s units 35 Three-__: consecutive sports titles 36 Historic Icelandic work 37 Corvallis sch. 38 Ran away 39 WWII Italian river 40 Tie feature 44 “Was __ blame?” 45 March composer 46 Leigh’s counterpart in the 1998 version of “Psycho” 48 Shepard in space 49 Bill of fare 51 Art __ 52 Raise 53 Bars in stores 55 Silverstein of kid-lit 57 Ate in bed, say 59 Skewered dish 60 Shakespeare’s “Richard __”

61 Sounding stuffy 65 Novelist Kingsley 66 Actress Thomas 67 Like some marked-down mdse. 68 __-mo 69 “Mona __” 70 Enclosed in 72 Thunderstorm formation, perhaps 73 Bear whose porridge was too cold 76 “We Know Drama” network 79 Unadon fish 80 Opp. of legato 81 Climbing or fast follower 82 Key of Haydn’s Symphony No. 29 83 Oozed 84 Hard-to-reach problem, at times 85 Classic pop 86 Backbone 90 “__ been had!”

93 Private retreat 94 Large fleets 95 “The Hunger Games” heroine 96 FICA funds it 99 “Gil Blas” novelist 100 China’s Sun __ 101 Genetic code carrier 102 Big spread 103 Kevin of “SNL” 104 Cravat cousin 105 Sign of the maiden 106 Counting everything 107 Confused partner? 111 Burrell and Pennington of TV 112 Spanish surrealist 113 All excited 114 Van Halen’s David Lee __ 116 Lille girl: Abbr. 117 Discharge 118 Bordeaux, e.g. 122 Ala. clock setting

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Week’s Low: Sat, April 19, 29F Week’s High, Sat, April 19, 58F The good news is we didn’t have any measurable snow this past week. Saturday was a lovely day with temperatures close to 60 as folks were out and about enjoying one of the few real spring days we have had. Easter Sunday brought us a chilly, rainy day for the most part causing most activities to be held indoors. Predictions for the remainder of the week and into next week include high temperatures at best in the mid 40s and lows in the ‘20s and ‘30s. Since “April showers bring May flowers” let’s look forward to the arrival of the wonderful spring flowers soon to be coming up around town and in our woods!!!

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The Catholic Communities of L’Arbre Croche MASS SCHEDULE Holy Childhood of Jesus Church, Harbor Springs Saturday 5:00 pm; Sunday 8:30 am, & 11am; Tuesday 6 pm; Wednesday-Friday 8:00 am (Thursday 10 am Bay Bluffs Care Center) Holy Cross Church Cross Village Monday and Wednesday 8:30 am and 1st Friday at 8:30 am Saturday 4 pm St. Nicholas Church Larks Lake Sunday , 11:00 am 231-526-2017 Stutsmanville Chapel • Sunday Worship: 10:30 am • Primary & Adults Sunday School: 9:15 am • Ed Warner, Pastor • 526-2335 2988 N. State Rd. Main Street Baptist Church 544 E. Main St, Harbor Springs • 231-526-6733 (Church); 231526-5434 (Pastor) • Family Sunday School: 10:00 a.m.; Morning Family Worship: 11:00; Evening Family Praise Svc 6:00 p.m.; Wed Bible Study & Prayer: 7:00 New Life Anglican Church Worship: Sunday , 10:00 am • 219 State St., Petoskey. Phone 231-347-3448 Harbor Springs United Methodist Church 343 E. Main St. • Worship, Sunday school:11:00 a.m. Communion: 1st Sunday of month • Pastor Mary Sweet • 231-526-2414 (church) • First Presbyterian Church Worship 10:00 am Adult Education, 8:50 Children’s Sunday School, 10:00 526-7332 7940 Cemetery Rd, Harbor Springs Unitarian Universalist Congregation of Petoskey Services at Terrace Inn at Bay View. 1st, 2nd and 3rd Sundays of the month at 11 a.m. Religious education for children 231-348-9882 Zion Lutheran Church Services: Sunday Worship – 8 & 10:30 AM Monday Night Informal Worship – 7:07 PM 500 W. Mitchell St. Petoskey, MI 231-347-3438 Preschool: 231-347-2757

6  Harbor Light Community Newsweekly

Week of April 23-29, 2014

Spring Waters... The Bear River in Petoskey is showing the effects of spring melt as its waters are rushing and high currently. Fisherman are still plying the busy waters, however. (Harbor Light photo/Charles O’Neill)

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Day for Music April 26

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The Great Lakes Chamber 6789 S Lake Shore Dr, Orchestra’s 5th annual Day Harbor Springs, MI 49740 for Music on Saturday, April • 231-526-1100 26, 2014 at Charlevoix High School. The Day for Music is a one-day workshop where NEW LISTING NEW LISTING string students participate in rehearsals, sectionals, and a side-by-side performance with members from the Great Lakes Chamber Orchestra. String players (violin, viola, Lovely 4BR/4.5BA home with panoramImmaculate Cross Village Shores cello and string bass) of all ic views, wood floors, granite counter home with great lakes views and ages“Reid andIndeed” abilities from an tops, crown moldings,cathedral ceilbeach access; 2 BR, 2 BA, plus guest Free Delivery & Free Set-Up ings, main floor master, 2 fireplaces, quarters above the 2+ car garage. area north of the 45th Parallel large deck and covered porch, and Two decks, new metal roof, easy Free Old Mattress Removal are welcome to participate in upgraded appliances. MLS #439910 care landscaping, and an extra lot. $465,000 MLS # 439835 $350,000 this unique event. The Day for Susan Schwaderer (231) 330-5102 John Carr (231) 526-4000 Music workshop begins at 10 am, for students in Levels 1-3, New Listing and at noon forMon-Fri students9-5:30 in Open | Saturday 9-4:00 Beginning Level. The Day for Music concludes with a performance at 3:00 pm, which is open to the public and free of charge. The cost for students 50’ Douglas Lake Waterfront: WonAffordable nice building site. 2.98 derful completely remodeled home. 3 to participate in the workshop acres partially wooded. Close to Good BR, 3 BA, open floor plan, plus 1 BR Hart, Cross Village and Lake Michigan is $12 and $10 for additional studio suite up with kitchen & bath. All with state land and snowmobile trails new furnace, central air, wiring, LED family members. Registrain close proximity. Short term land lights, decks, slate pathway, water contract available with 15% down, ask tion materials are available softener, plumbing, doors, and more. listing agent for details. MLS # 439821 Detached 18x40 garage on separate through local string instruc$19,900 lot. MLS # 438387 $299,900 Debra Lynn Schirmer (231) 632-6353 tors, or through the Great Steve Witte (231) 330-0812 Lakes Chamber Orchestra office at 231/487-0010 or online at


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Tues, July 17th 11am-1pm 4749 Pleasantview #103


NEW LISTING Immaculate Cross Village Shores home with great lakes views and beach access; 2 BR, 2 BA, plus guest quarters above the 2+ car garage. Two decks, new metal roof, easy care landscaping, and an extra lot. MLS # 439835 $350,000 John Carr (231) 526-4000 NEW LISTING Enjoy the over-sized lot with panoramic views of Birchwood’s golf course and trees beyond. Recently updated with wood floors, granite counter tops, crown moldings. Additional features: cathedral ceilings, fabulous main floor family room with wet bar, 2 fireplaces, large deck and covered porch. Bosch dishwasher, Samsung French door refrigerator, Thermador gas cook top. MLS # 439910 $465,000 Susan Schwaderer (231) 330-5102 50’ Douglas Lake Waterfront: Wonderful completely remodeled home. 3 BR, 3 BA, open floor plan, plus 1 BR studio suite up with kitchen & bath. All new furnace, central air, wiring, LED lights, decks, slate pathway, water softener, plumbing, doors, and more. Detached 18x40 garage on separate lot. MLS # 438387 $299,900 Steve Witte (231) 330-0812 NEW LISTING Affordable nice building site. 2.98 acres partially wooded. Close to Good Hart, Cross Village and Lake Michigan with state land and snowmobile trails in close proximity. Short term land contract available with 15% down, ask listing agent for details. MLS # 439821 $19,900 Debra Lynn Schirmer (231) 632-6353

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Perry Farm Village is Harbor Springs’ premier PerryFarm FarmVillage VillageLiving is Harbor Springs’ Retirement Community. Perry is Harbor Springs’premier premier Retirement Living Community. Retirement Community.  Beautifully appointed one andLiving two bedroom condos, duplexes and  cottages Beautifully appointed lease one and two bedroom condos, duplexes and for immediate or purchase.  Beautifully appointed one and two bedroom condos, duplexes and cottages for immediate lease or purchase.  cottages Exceptional amenities including Executive Chef, Wellness for immediate lease or an purchase. Center with certified Personal Trainer/Wellness Coordinator, and  Exceptional amenities including an Executive Chef, Wellness  Exceptional amenities including an Executive Chef, Wellness on-site service salon. Centerfull with certified Personal Trainer/Wellness Coordinator, and Center with certified Personal Trainer/Wellness Coordinator, and on-siteneeded full service  When Perry salon. Farm Village also offers wonderful supportive on-siteservices, full servicepackages salon. a la carte, wellwonderful as assistedsupportive living  living When neededin Perry Farmor Village also as offers services in our Terrace Level Assisted Living Unit.  When Farm Village also offers wonderful livingneeded services,Perry in packages or a la carte, as well as assistedsupportive living services in ourin Terrace LevelorAssisted Living Unit. living services, packages a la carte, as well as assisted living 4241 Village Circle Drive 231.526.1500

services in our Terrace Assisted Living Unit. 4241 Village Circle Drive Level 231.526.1500

4241 Village Circle Drive 231.526.1500


Harbor Light Community Newsweekly  7

Week of April 23-29, 2014

Sponsors needed for Smart Commute Week

Brass Band, high school band to present combined concert April 27 The Northern Michigan Brass Band (NMiBB) will present a special combined concert with the Harbor Springs High School (HSHS) Band as part of its ongoing series Something for Everyone on Sunday, April 27 in the Harbor Springs High School Performing Arts Center. The program will begin at 3:00 P.M. The program will feature both ensembles performing separately and combined. The concert will also feature brass players from the HSHS Band joining NMiBB in a performance of Star Lake, a stirring march by British composer Eric Ball. Now in its fifteenth year of operation, NMiBB will also perform a program of original and transcribed brass band music by Gustav Holst, Malcolm Arnold, Derek

Bourgeois, Johann Strauss, and Glenn Miller. General admission is $10 with students admitted free. Proceeds will go, in part, to support the Harbor Springs High School Band Program. Tickets will be available at the door. According to NMiBB Conductor Ralph Schweigert, the idea for a series of programs based on the concept “Something for Everyone,” originates from the fact that not everyone listens to music in the same way. “Some people listen with their heads, others with their hearts and still others with their feet,” Schweigert said. “I try to include music that will appeal to all these listening styles on any one program.” The program will open with the Harbor Springs High School Band performing Three Folk

Miniatures by Andre Jutras and Scenario by Jared Spears conducted by Patrick Ruddy followed by the combined bands playing Father of Victory, a classic French march by Louis Ganne, conducted by Ralph Schweigert. The NMiBB portion of the program will include the March from A Moorside Suite, an original composition for brass band by the great British composer, Gustav Holst; Little Suite for Brass, another major composition for brass band by another great British composer, Malcolm Arnold; Serenade by Derek Bourgeois; and Thunder and Lightning Polka by Johann Strauss, Jr. The concert will conclude with a medley of Glenn Miller tunes including Little Brown Jug, A String of Pearls, Moon-

Organizers of Smart Commute Week Emmet are seeking business sponsors for the 5th annual event which will be held June 2 – 6. Smart Commute Week encourages local residents to use alternative transportation to get to work or school. The event promotes the health, environmental and social benefits of biking, walking, carpooling, and using public transportation. Last year, nearly 600 individuals, including 50 teams from businesses and organizations, participated in Smart Commute Week. Smart Commute Week Emmet is coordinated by the Top of Michigan Trails Council with participation from 20 other organizations. Smart Commute Week promotes use of the extensive multi-use trail system in Emmet County. “We are hoping for even greater participation and visibility this year,” says Trails Council Executive Director Jeff Winegard. “Sponsors are key to the success of the event, and we are pleased that McLaren Northern Michigan and Blue Cross Blue Shield have already committed. Several levels of sponsorship are available with various promotional opportunities associated with each. A Sponsor Commitment form and list of sponsor benefits can be found at the Trails Council website: www.trailscouncil. org. To get additional information about the event or to discuss sponsorship options, contact the Trails Council at 231-3488280 or email

light Serenade and St. Louis Blues March. Centered in Gaylord, this all-volunteer 30 piece ensemble has attracted enthusiastic adult brass players from across northern Michigan from Alpena to Traverse City and Frankfort and north to Mackinaw City, including Petoskey, Charlevoix, Bellaire, Interlochen, East Jordan, Beulah and Gaylord. Since the band was organized in January of 1999, it has presented over 75 concerts in various venues throughout Michigan. For more information about the band in general and this concert in particular, please visit NMiBB is a 501(c)(3) organization and is eligible to receive taxdeductible contributions.

Instant Wine Cellar fundraiser April 25

After a long winter in Northern Michigan, you are invited to a night out this spring to enjoy a fundraising event that supports volunteerism in Emmet and Charlevoix Counties through Char-Em United Way’s Volunteer Connections. The 4th annual Instant Wine Cellar will take place on Friday, April 25 from 7-11pm, at Stafford’s Perry Hotel in Petoskey. The night will feature a chance to win several large collections of wine or craft beer and will include live entertainment from Northern Michigan’s own Boyne River Remedy. Entry to the event is a bottle of wine or six-pack of craft beer. With the purchase of raffle tickets, guests have a chance to win one of several collections of wine or beer from the donated beverages. Adding to the entertainment, there will be a silent auction, as well as hors d’oeuvres and a cash bar. A special committee is organizing the evening to benefit Char-Em United Way’s Volunteer Connections, which serves nonprofit organizations and volunteers by providing resources, recognition, and management. The purpose of Volunteer Connections is to promote and increase volunteerism in our two-county area. This year, the event’s silent auction will have some amazing items, including a trip to Napa Valley for a balloon ride and wine tasting tour. The complete silent auction can be viewed on by searching ‘instant wine cellar,’ with final bidding made at the event. The event also needs volunteers, if you would like to join the team and help with a great charity event, go to http:// to register. For more information, contact United Way at 231-487-1006 or i n f o @ c h a re m u n i t e d w a y. o r g , or visit

8th Annual Spring Frame Show Thursday, April 24th, 2014 2:00pm - 7:00pm Burns Professional Building 550 West Mitchell Street, Petoskey, MI 49770 (231) 487-0131 PN-00406287

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Selling more Harbor Springs Real Estate in 2013 than any other Northern Michigan Realtor *

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257 E. Main Street | Harbor Springs | 231.526.9889 office | 231.838.4800 cell

8  Harbor Light Community Newsweekly Wine tasting and competition May 14 The NCMC Foundation, in medals will be awarded. collaboration with the Straits Judges include sommeliers, Area Grape Growers Associa- wine industry specialists, tion, will celebrate northern wine writers and restauraMichigan wines at the 3rd teurs. Last year, the publisher annual Winning Wines of of MidWest Wine Press seNorthern Michigan Wine lected a Frontenac Gris made General Dentistry Denture Tasting and Competition on & by a formerImplants North Central Wednesday, May 14. The tast- viticulture student as one of ing andComplete competitionFamily will be Dental the most Services outstanding wines. held in the Iron Horse Café in These awards From People Who Care highlight the the Student Center on North quality of our area wines and Central’s Petoskey campus the viticulture program ofand will raise awareness of fered at North Central. our area wines, wineries and From 5 p.m. until 7 p.m., viticulture programs. The the public is invited to the event will also raise money Winning Wines of Northern for North Central’s Student Michigan Wine Tasting. Area Emergency Fund established wineries will host tasting to help students deal with tables, while restaurants profinancial challenges that im- vide food pairings. The judges pede their ability to complete will award prizes to the wintheir coursework. ning vintners. Once again, the There will be a Wine Com- Crooked Tree Jazz Ensemble petition from noon until 4 will perform. Door prizes, a p.m. Local vintners, amateur silent auction of unique gifts, Therasnore Appliances and professional, are invited and a wine cash bar complete to submit their best wines the evening. hours appointment 231-487-0229 to beOffice reviewed by by qualified Tickets are $25 in advance members8478 of the local viticulat theSprings door. To purchase M-119 Suite 20or $30 Harbor ture community. Wines will tickets, call Sharmon Dulaney be judged based on quality in the Foundation office at within their category. Double 231-439-6218. gold, gold, silver and bronze

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County historical collaborative offering program April 30 on Mackinac Point lighthouse, shipwrecks and new museum The Essence of Emmet historical collaborative will host another of its twice-yearly historical programs on a topic of local intrigue, on April 30, 2014, at the Fairgrounds in Petoskey. “A Straits Perspective: Old Mackinac Point Lighthouse, shipwrecks and a new museum” is the topic for this free program that is open to the public at the Community Building at the Fairgrounds. Time is 6 to 8 p.m. No reservations are required and refreshments will be served during an intermission. Speakers include Phil Porter, Director of Mackinac State Historic Parks that include Mackinac Island State Park, Michilimackinac State park and Mill Creek State Park, plus a number of historic sites and museums within these parks. Porter will speak first about the history of Old Mackinac Point Lighthouse, including construction of a new building at the site, the Straits of Mackinac Shipwreck Museum.

The museum will tell the story of the ships and sailors whose time on the Straits ended tragically. Featuring a variety of original objects and artifacts, including some recovered from the steamers Eber Ward and Cedarville, the museum will be housed in the reconstructed warehouse, originally built in 1890 and torn down around 1940. The museum is expected to open in July 2014. Also speaking at the event will be Craig Wilson, the museum historian for Mackinac State Historic Parks and supervisor of staff at Colonial Michilimackinac and the Old

In-office, 15-minute Whitening

William N. Zoerhof, DDS, PC

Week of April 23-29, 2014

Mackinac Point Lighthouse. Wilson will talk about shipwrecks in the Straits, using specific examples such as the Cedarville to illustrate the themes of the new shipwreck museum. The Essence of Emmet group works to promote this region’s rich history. Members of the Essence of Emmet include the Emmet County Historical Commission, Great Lakes Lighthouse Keepers Association, Harbor Springs Area Historical Society, Headlands International Dark Sky Park, Inland Water Route Historical Society, Little Traverse Bay Bands of Odawa Indians,

Little Traverse Historical Society, Mackinac State Historic Parks, Mackinaw Area Historical Society and Pellston Historical Society. To receive a complimentary copy of the first of four installments of the Essence of Emmet history magazine, produced by group members, contact Beth Anne Eckerle at (231) 348-1704 or email

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(231) 548-2244 Fax: (231) 548-2243 (231) 548-2244 Fax: (231) 548-2243 7537 Burr Ave., Alanson, MI 49706

Office hours by appointment 231-487-0229 8478 M-119 Suite 20 Harbor Springs

7537 Burr Ave., Alanson, MI 49706

321 Spring St. Alanson Harbor Springs 7031 US 31 (231)526-2123 (231)548-2211


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DESIGN SERVICES Carrie L. Blanck, Owner Interior Designer, Allied Member ASID

Remodeling • Additions • Custom Carpentry

Kitchen & Bath Remodeling Window and Entry Door Installation Decks and Porches

7155 South State Road Harbor Springs, MI 49740

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Custom Carpentry Crown Molding Hardwood Flooring Installation Closet Shelving & Organizers


7359 S. Lake Shore Dr. • 3 Miles N. • Next to Birchwood Inn


23 years in Construction & Remodeling Insured & Licensed 2101196320

• •

1030 S State Rd., Ste 17 • Harbor Springs, MI 49740 231-526-9691 / 231-526-8868 phones • 231-526-9692 fax •

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Pleasantview Township DOWNTOWN HARBOR Debra Bosma, Clerk Help Wanted SPRINGS RETAIL SALES POSITownship Hall, 2982 S. Pleasantview

TION HARBOR SPRINGS Do you appreciate beauty? Would PUBLIC SCHOOLS Springvale Township you enjoy working in lovely surSUMMERPatricia McCune, Clerk CAMP COUNSELORS roundings representing and selland after-school program instructors Township Hall, 8198 E. Mitchelling beautiful objects? 32 Resort Pike needed for the Harborage. Position We have full and part time posistarts mid-May. For full posting go to wnship tions opening in our downtown Send relerk Harbor Springs Store. sume and cover letter to Mari SchuThe Successful candidate would 00 S. M119 maker at mschumaker@harborps. need to have Windows based org by May 3. computer skills, be able to work alone at times. Weekend and eveCAREGIVER HELP WANTED FOR ning shifts are possible. ELDERLY. Harbor Springs area, Please send resume to: some dementia experience ferred. Every other weekend and some evenings. Call (231) 373-7643. NOW INTERVIEWING FOR a position in downtown Harbor Springs starting June 16 and flexible through summer. Sales and misc office work for someone with refined appearance, self-starter, impeccable integrity, non-smoker. References. (231)526-7500. GREAT LAKES CHAMBER ORCHESTRA seeks part-time (24 hrs/ wk) Executive Director. Details at Deadline for applications May 5, 2014. CUTLER’S PETOSKEY IS looking for part-time sales associate in their Kitchen and Gift Shops. Must be detailed oriented and work well with people. Sales experience preferred. We offer a friendly atmosphere with competitive wages. Please call 231347-0341. POND HILL FARM. We are seeking that special someone to work 5 days a week 9 am-6:30 pm in our Farm Store. Must be outgoing, organized, & clean cut. Starts at $10/hour. Email resume to CUTLER’S PETOSKEY LOOKING for seasonal receiving help. Must be detail oriented and work well with people. Please call 231-347-0341. HOME FROM COLLEGE OR NEWLY GRADUATED? Experienced non-live-in nanny wanted for summer in Harbor Springs with potential for year-round position. Full-time, weekends and some evenings. Must have worked in prior nanny position and have strong background in childcare. Must be CPR certified. Position includes light housekeeping, some meal preparation and errands, as well as care for two young children. This is a physically active position. Very competitive compensation. References and background check. Please send cover letter and resume to:

Situation Wanted

County of Emmet

SEEKING SUMMER HOUSEKEEPING POSITION IN GOOD HART. OFFICE OF THE COUNTY CLERK Wintertime teacher is seeking part time summer housekeeping position 200 Division Street to assist an individual/s or family with Petoskey, Michigan 49770 cleaning in Good Hart. Potential additional responsibilities could include NOTICE OF ELECTION meal preparation, driving, shopping, elder or child care. References availICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that a Special Election will be held in all voting precincts in the Charlevoix‐Emmet Intermediate NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that a Special Election ct, Tuesday, May 6, 2014, at which time the following proposals will be voted on: able. Medical first responder with the Readmond, Friendship, Cross Vilwill be held in all voting precincts in the Charlevoix-Emmet lage Fire Department. If interested, Intermediate School District, Tuesday, May 6, 2014, at which please contact Margo Sutton at 231timeCHARLEVOIX‐EMMET INTERMEDIATE SCHOOL DISTRICT the following proposals will be voted on: 838-7638 AREA VOCATIONAL‐TECHNICAL EDUCATION

MILLAGE RENEWAL PROPOSAL CHARLEVOIX-EMMET INTERMEDIATE SCHOOL .75 MILL for 4 YEARS Lost DISTRICT AREA VOCATIONAL-TECHNICAL DODGE AUTO KEY in vicinity of Bay EDUCATION MILLAGE RENEWAL PROPOSAL  text of the ballot proposal may be obtained at the administrative offices of Charlevoix‐Emmet Bluffs in Harbor Springs or ballpark te School District, 8568 Mercer Boulevard, Charlevoix, Michigan 49720, telephone: (231) 547‐9947. .75 MILL for 4 YEARS area paths next door. Blue beaded Full text of the ballot proposal may be obtained at the administrative offices of Charlevoix-Emmet Intermediate School District, 8568 Mercer Boulevard, Charlevoix, Michigan 49720, telephone: (231) 547-9947. insert pdfs

fish was on key ring. 231-838-8051

PIES SUZIE’S PIES LLC. - 8486 M-119 (Harbor Plaza). Our store hours - Tuesday, Thursday and Friday 10:00-5:00 and Saturday 10:002:00. Pie orders welcome. Sample our Canadian Butter Tarts! Call/Text 231-881-6841.

For Sale ECONO COLLECTION WIRE DOG TRAINING & Travel Crate, 36” L - 23” W - 24” H, $60.00; Life Style Training & Travel Crate, 30” L - 21” W - 24”H, $55.00; Chuck Norris Deluxe Total Gym - New-$1155.00 , $375.00 Still in Box; 16’ Steel Folding Ladder, Commercial Grade $125.00; 8’ Werner Step Ladder $100.00. Ed - 231526-2318.

Indoor Yard Sale FRIENDS OF THE ALANSON AREA PUBLIC LIBRARY present their Indoor Yard Sale. Saturday, April 26, 8-2. Littlefield-Alanson Community Building, 7631 U.S. 31, Alanson. There’s no need to wait for warm weather to start going to yard sales Come to ours! All proceeds directly benefit the Friends of the Library. For more information please call 548-5465 or 231-420-2836

Bids Wanted THE HARBOR SPRINGS UNITED METHODIST CHURCH, 343 Main Street, Harbor Springs, MI. is looking for bids concerning Tuck Pointing and Brick Repair to its One Hundred Year Old structure. Interested parties please contact the Church Office at 231-526-2414 Monday through Friday between 9:30 am and 12:30 pm for further details. Bidders must be Bonded and Insured.

Commercial for Rent OFFICE SPACE FOR RENT-Newly Remodeled. 750 Square feet with basement. West Lake Square, Harbor Springs. Contact Bill Kolinski (231) 526-6643

Boat Slip For Rent BOAT SLIP, WALSTROM BASIN, 40’, lowest seasonal rate in harbor, 2 reserved parking spaces, Water & Electric, (231) 838-7470.

For Rent SEASONAL RENTAL - Fully furnished 1 bedroom condo with resident amenities Perry Farm Village, Harbor Springs. 231-526-1500. COZY BUNGALOW, IDEALLY located 5 minutes from downtown Harbor Springs. 3 bed, 2 bath and a large outdoor patio for entertaining and solitude. Please contact TWO BEDROOM, 1 BATH guest house, view of the bay, private beach and tennis. Available June through August. 239-472-3236.

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M A S Jones Builders

New Construction, Remodel, No job too big or too small 231-123-1234 | email | website

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For Rent HARBOR SPRINGS 2 BEDROOM, 2 bath, heated garage. Quiet neighborhood. Includes washer/dryer. $950 month, plus security. No smoking/pets. (231)526-7934. ROOMS FOR RENT. Extended stay/ construction rates available. Housekeeping service, Cable, TV, phone, microwave, fridge, WI-FI, utilities. No smoking, no pets. COACHHOUSE INN, 1011 US-31 N. Petoskey (231) 347-8281.

Services CHAUFFEUR - CAN transport you and/or your vehicle locally or anywhere in U.S. Mature female, friendly, spotless driving record. (231)8812741. LAWN CARE - Lawn care is next when the snow is finally gone. Over 25 years of keeping lawns beautiful!! THE LAWN BUSINESS: 231-2424559; or 419-656-2139 cell. MOW LAWNS, RAKE YARDS, stack wood, check houses in the winter, shovel snow. Cross Village/Harbor Springs area. 231-838-8742. HABITAT FOR HUMANITY ReSTORE provides the funds to bring people together to build homes, communities and hope. The store sells gently used building materials, home appliances, housewares, furniture and more. By donating to the ReStore, not only do you reduce the landfill waste, revenue generated from the sale of items have helped to build several safe and affordable homes in our community. Recruiting Volunteers. For more information call 347-8440 or invite our website Open Monday-Friday 9:30-5:30/Saturday 8:303:30 located in the Harbor Plaza on M-119. Like us on Facebook.

Farm POND HILL FARM. Open Daily 8 am-6 pm Year-Round. for Wine Tasting (11 am-6 pm daily) , sledding, shopping in the farm market, feeding the animals, and snowshoeing and cross country skiing.. Visit our online store at We ship!. 5 miles north of downtown Harbor Springs on M119.

Massage Therapy “RESTORE, RENEW & FEEL BETTER” with Massage Therapy Therapeutic Services, Nan Hogan, over 26 years experience. 8434 M-119. 231330-0891.

Wanted HELLO OUT THERE! The Harbor Springs United Methodist Church (UMC) is looking for photographs taken inside and outside of the church during the last 100 years! If you can share a wedding photo, picture from Vacation Bible School or Sunday School in years past, please let the church office know and we will make arrangements to copy your photos and return the originals to you. We hope to have many photo displays to celebrate our buildings’ anniversary! LOOKING FOR OLD PHOTOS OF HORSEBACK RIDING and details about the Little Traverse Bay Riding Academy in Harbor Springs area! Please ID the location and people for publication. Include stories too. Mail to Karin Offield, BreknRidge Farm, 7359 Lake Shore Dr., Harbor Springs, MI. 49740, drop off at the stable or email to

Looking for a great graduation gift? Send them the Harbor Light Newspaper every week with a mail subscription. 231.526.291 PUBLIC HEARING NOTICE FOR A MEETING OF THE CITY OF HARBOR SPRINGS ZONING BOARD OF APPEALS May 14, 2014 The City of Harbor Springs Zoning Board of Appeals will hold a public hearing on Wednesday, May 14, 2014 at 5:30 p.m., at the City Council Chambers, 160 Zoll St. Harbor Springs, MI 49740. The purpose of the hearing is to hear a variance request from Jeff Gardner, for property located at 244 W. Third Street, Harbor Springs Michigan, an R-1-C Zoning District. Mr. Gardner is requesting a variance to construct a covered front porch attached to an existing home. The proposed covered porch would be nineteen feet (19’) from the Rear Yard line. The Zoning Administrator has determined that the required rear yard setback is 30 (30’) feet, pursuant to Article 6, Section 50.600, 2, d. A copy of the application and conceptual building placement plan is available for reviewNOTICE during regular business hours at the City Hall, 160 Zoll Street. Friendship Township board meetings May 2014 through March Any in the above stated hearing mayp.m. be 2015 willperson be theinterested first Wednesday of each month at 7:00 present at said hearing to voice an opinion. Comments may except the September meeting will be Thursday, Septemberbe 4, presented in writing to the Zoning Board 2014. Planning Commission meetings willofbeAppeals, the 4th Monday of c/o Tim Grimm, PO Box Harbor 49740, each month at 7:00 p.m. as678, needed, JulySprings, Board ofMI Review meeting or VIA FAX at 231-526-6865 or will be Tuesday, July 22 at 9:00 am. December Board of Review email, prioram. to the hearing. meeting will be Tuesday, December 9 at 9:00 Election Commission meetings will be held in conjunction with the March/April, Tim Grimm, Zoning Administrator July and October board meetings as needed. Janell Van Divner, Clerk

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April 23,2014 Pg 26 NOTICE SAVED UNDER AD\DIS- Services Authority Board meetings The North EmmetC: Emergency for the 2014/2015 fiscal year will be at Readmond Township Hall, PLAY\NEW SIZE\NOTICE Wormwood Lane, at 7:00 p.m. on the following dates: July 23, OcPG 13 tober 22, 2014 and March 18, 2015. The purpose of these meetings 4/23/2014 is to conduct all regular business that shall come before the board. All are selcome to attend. Janell Van Divner, Clerk

NOTICE April 23, 2014 pg 26 Friendship Township board meetings May 2014 through March 2015 will be the first Wednesday of each month at 7:00 p.m. except the September meeting will be Thursday, September 4, 2014. Planning Commission meetings will be the 4th Monday of each month at 7:00 p.m. as needed, July Board of Review meeting will be Tuesday, July 22 at 9:00 am. December Board of Review meeting will be Tuesday, December 9 at 9:00 am. Election Commission meetings will be held in conjunction with the March/April, July and October board meetings as needed. Janell Van Divner, Clerk


The North Emmet Emergency Services Authority Board meetings Sealed bids will be received by the Emmet County Road Commission for the 2014/2015 fiscal year will be at Readmond Township Hall, at their offices located at 2265 E. Hathaway Road, Harbor Springs, MI, Wormwood Lane, at 7:00 p.m. on the following dates: July 23, Ocuntil 9:00 a.m., Tuesday, May 20, 2014, at which time they will be opened tober 22, 2014 March 18, 2015. purpose of these meetings and read aloud and for the ultra-thin asphaltThe overlay on Trailsend Road from isMackinaw to conduct all regular businessPark thatDrive shallincome before the board. Highway to Wilderness Wawatam Township for All are of selcome to attend. a total 2.32 miles. Janell Van Divner, Clerk A copy of the specifications may be obtained at the offices of the Emmet County Road Commission at 2265 E. Hathaway Road, Harbor Springs, MI 49740, (231) 347-8142 or

April 23, 2014 pg 26

EMMET COUNTY ROAD COMMISSION Frank Zulski, Jr. - Chairman Leroy Sumner - Vice Chairman Larry Williams - Member

#22 April 23 & 5/14, 2014

10 Harbor Light Community Newsweekly Brought to you in part by:


Heaven is for Real I hesitated in choosing this movie for review. I know that there are those who will hate it because of the subject matter and those will think it is outstanding even if it is horrible because of the subject matter. It is based on the best selling book of the same title and tells the story of a young boy who astounds his parents with tales of Heaven following a near death/death experience during an appendectomy. Colton Burpo (Connor Corum) has been raised in a Christian family, his father is a pastor, he attends church regularly but when he begins, after his operation, to tell stories of relatives dead long before he was born, Jesus and multicolored horses and other stories of heaven, his family doesn’t know what to make of it. Even his father is skeptical. I’m not going to debate theological issues, but rather the merits of the movie. It is slow, in places, but for a movie with no special effects to carry through the slow spots, it really does a pretty good job. It’s not a “preachy” movie at all; in fact, it was written with quite a bit of humor and believable humanity. And if you do believe the story, it raises many interesting thoughts. Greg Kinnear is very believable as the father/part time preacher. In fact, the entire family is about as likeable as any you could ever ask for. Thomas Haden Church and Margo Martindale are both excellent as the neighbors and Kelly Reilly is good as Colton’s mom, but Todd, Kinnear’s character, carries the movie. Connor Corum is cute to the edge of saccharin, but it’s hard to criticize that face too much. There is no profanity or nudity, but there are some intense scenes. Rated PG for those scenes, small children may not understand it and those slightly older will undoubtedly ask some interesting questions after seeing this.

The Sk8 Park will open for the season on Monday, May 19 at 3 pm. The Sk8 Park Garden Planting will be on Saturday, May 24 from 10 am to noon. This summer the kids at the Sk8 Park will be planting and caring for a community garden The food grown in the garden will be donated to the Harbor Springs Area Community Food Pantry. There are many fun activities planned for the Park this summer - watch for details. For more information call the Park at 231-526-0610.

Crooked Tree Arts Center The 2014 Swirl season, at the Crooked Tree Arts Center continues. Upcoming Swirls are on Thursday, April 24. L. Mawby and Barrel Back Restaurant with music by Howard Richards; May 29 City Park Grill with music by Chris Koury. For more info and to purchase tickets contact the CTAC 231-347-4337 or visit The CTAC is located at 461E. Mitchell St in downtown Petoskey.

North Central Michigan College North Central Michigan College presents free lectures, during the month of April on the Petoskey campus: On Wednesday, April 23, NCMC’s Spring Lecture Series, will feature Warren Faidley, the “Cyclone

Cowboy” at 7 pm in North Central’s Student and Community Resource Center gymnasium on the Petoskey campus. This lecture is free and open to the public. Doors open at 6:15 pm. Tickets are required and are available at the NCMC Student Services office, fitness office and bookstore on the Petoskey campus and at the college’s Gaylord and Cheboygan offices. For more info call NCMC 231348-6600

The final Luncheon Lecture, of this spring season at North Central Michigan College will be on Friday, May 2 and will look at Sobriety Court, 90th District Court Judge James Erhart, one of a growing number of judges who offer second drunk driving offenders a tough, two-year alternative involving monitoring, testing, counseling and other strategies that can help them overcome alcohol addiction and become more productive members of society. Judge Erhart will explain the program and talk about the people whose lives are being changed in a positive way. Cost for the event is $10 and includes lunch. Reservations are required. Call 231-348-6600 to reserve your place at the table. The lecture is in the Library conference room on the Petoskey campus. Luncheon begins at 11:30 with the lecture starting at noon.

How to place your listings in this section • All events that appear in this section are open to the public. • Listings are limited generally to those events sponsored by not-for-profit, educational, religious, cultural, political or social institutions. • Information must be received in writing at the Harbor Light Newspaper office, 211 E. Third St., Harbor Springs, MI 49740, no later than Monday at noon for that week’s issue. Listings cannot be accepted by telephone. Fax listings accepted at (231) 526-7634. E-mail: •Please include the following: name of organization, type of activity, address and a brief description of the event. Landscaping Workshop on Tues, May 6 from 6-9 pm at 2202 Mitchell Park, Ste 4 in Petoskey. This is part of a series of home maintenance workshops. Homebuyer Education a three night workshop to be held May 8 and 13 from 6-9 pm, and May 15 from 6-8 pm at 2202 Mitchell Park St 4. On May 29 a Banks and Financial Institutions workshop will be held from 6-9 pm . This workshop will also be held at 2202 Mitchell Park St 4. To register for these workshops or for more information, please call (231)347-9070 or (800) 4435518 or visit

day morning services start with Sunday School for all ages at 9:15 with Morning Worship Service at 10:30 If you would like more information, call the church office at 526-2335.

First Presbyterian Church, Sunday April 27: Worship service at 10:00 am. A Nursery is available for infants and toddlers. For more information visit or call 5267332 The church is located at the corner of W.Lake and Cemetery Roads and is completely handicap accessible.

Speaker Series

Music and Dance

“Great Lakes Fishing: Tips and Tales from a Charter Captain”, will be hosted by

The Little Traverse Choral Society, is presenting its 25th

The Outfitter of Harbor Springs as part of its monthly speaker series on Tuesday, May 20 at 7:00 pm. Captain Scott Carbeck of the Edith Opal will share 25+ years of fishing experience on the big lake. Learn tips of the trade, hear the tale of the lake trout and how a true love of Great Lakes fishing led him to be the only charter captain this side of Little Traverse Bay. Open to all. Admission: Please bring food items for the Harbor Springs Area Food Pantry. The Outfitter, 153 E. Main Street in Harbor Springs. For more info: call 231-526-2621 or visit www.

History The Harbor Springs Area Historical Society and History Museum,. office hours, TueFri, 9 am-5 pm. The current temporary exhibit, “Turning Point: The War of 1812 from the Native American Perspective” will be on display here through Memorial Day Weekend. For more information about the Historical Society and our upcoming events, please visit us online at

Churches Harbor Springs United Methodist Church, will observe 2nd Sunday after Easter on April 27. Service begins at 11:00 with Pastor Mary A. Sweet speaking on “Now What?” For more information please feel free to contact the church office MonFri from 9:00 am-12:30 pm 231526-2414 or visit our website

Stutsmanville Chapel, Week Ending Sunday April 27,:Sun-

Anniversary concert entitled “How Can I Keep From Singing” on Saturday, May 3 at 7:30 pm at the Congregational Church in Charlevoix and Sunday, May 4 at 3:00 pm at Cross in the Woods in Indian River. Tickets are $15 - children are free.

Tickets are now on sale for the annual spring concert of the Northern Michigan Chorale, titled “Winds of Peace.” Dates for the two performances are Sat, May 17 at 7:30 pm and Sun, May 18 at 3:30 pm at John M. Hall Auditorium in Bay View Brad Moffatt, interim director with the Northern Michigan Chorale has chosen selections from the Disney movie “The Prince of Egypt” as well from the musical “Fiddler on The Roof” and a number of Hebrew melodies. Adult tickets are $10; $7 for children 12 and under and can be purchased online at with pick up at the door one hour prior to concert start. The Petoskey and Harbor Springs Chamber of Commerce have tickets, payment with check or cash. Tickets will also be available at the door one hour prior to the start of the concert For ticket info contact Mary WieterHord 231-330-7956.

Workshops Northwest Michigan Community Action Agency, in Petoskey will host three workshops in Petoskey as follows:


Free appetizer must be priced equal to or lesser than purchased appetizer. Dine-in only.

Mon.-Thurs. One coupon per visit Expires May 15

231-539-8528 Happy Hour... Mon-Fri 3-6pm Open at ll:30am, 7 days a week, lunch and dinner

April 26, 1-4 pm .Bring your family out to Pond Hill Farm (located north of Harbor Springs) for an afternoon of fun. Activities will be available for toddlers to teens. Music by Blissfest, and light snacks will be provided. Awards will be given to individuals and families who have completed their passports from previous years. This event will be held rain or shine. Come for the whole time or for just an hour. Pack a lunch or purchase select items from The Garden Cafe. The event is free, but local items and “GKO” items are available for purchase. Donations to support the event are also greatly appreciated. Contacts: Alison Berry:alison.berry27@gmail. com or Jennifer Winnell: todd.

A Frog Calling Adventure, Saturday, April 26 - 7:00 pm. All ages. Bring the family for an evening concert in the Trass River wetlands. Frog calls are as distinctive as bird songs. Our naturalist will be your guide for listening to our amphibian friends as they tune up their voices for a froggy chorus. cost is $5. Please register in advance at The Grass River Natural Area is located at 6500 Alden Highway in Bellaire. Contact james@ or call 231-5338314 for more information.

Harbor Springs Cycling Classic, Sat, May 31. A bicycle touring event from 8:00 am-3:pm with routes of 20, 45, 60 miles; map, refreshments, sag, lunch. $25 in advance, $30 at the event. Information: Birchwood Inn, 7291 S Lake Shore Drive, Harbor Springs 231-526-2151. http://www.birchwoodinn. com/specialevents/hscyclingclassic.html

Runs/Walks North Country Community Mental Health 17th Annual 5k Run/One Mile Walk, Sat, May 10 at Bayfront Park, Petoskey. Online registration and professional timing for the run. Late registration will take place on the day of the run/walk from 8:30-9:30 am at the Petoskey Waterfront. Run begins at 10 am and the Walk at 10:10 am. Registration fee for the run is $20 before May 5 and $25 after. Trophies will be awarded to the overall male, female and master winners - medals to the first three finishers in each age group. There is no charge for the walk

Memorial Day 5k Run/Walk, will be hosted by The Outfitter of Harbor Springs on Monday, May 26 at 8:00 am. This familyand-friends event celebrates our small town community with 100% of entry fees going directly to the Harbor Springs Area Food Pantry (suggested donation of $10 per participant). Bring the whole gang down for pancakes at the American Legion, the 5k Run/Walk and Parade. For runners and walkers of all ages and abilities. Just good fun - no medals or t-shirts and handtimed. Strollers are welcome, but please no dogs. 8:00 am start near the bubbler in Zorn Park on Bay St. Pre-register online at or in person at The Outfitter, 153 E. Main St. Day-of registration at Zorn Park from 7:30-7:45; please bring a downloaded and completed registration form. For more info, contact The Outfitter at info@outfitterharborsprings. com or call 231-526-2621.

Little Traverse Half Marathon and 10K Run/Walk, Get ready for a unique running experience around Little Traverse Bay! The Outfitter of

We Did It!

We moved to the south side of Fairview Square. Located in the corner between Chang Cuisine and Tim Bondy Physical Therapy.

The Rhubarbary House Concerts 2014, will kick off their season with Claudia Schmidt on Sat, April 26. Please visit Claudia’s website @www. ; and visit our website @www.peacemealstring for more information on our coming season.

Outdoor Events

Sunday 12-10, Mon 11-9, Tue-Thursday 11-10 Fri-Sat 11-11


Getting Kids Outdoors Spring Kickoff, Saturday,

23rd Annual St. Francis Xavier School Gala Auction & Raffle Proceeds support Catholic education at St. Francis Xavier School Emmet County’s Only Catholic Elementary School

Buy One, Get One Free! Corner of Van & Larks Lake Road

Week of April 23-29, 2014


At the Movies

The Harbor Springs Sk8 Park

Spring Fling 2014

Bay Harbor Yacht Club/Lange Center

Saturday, May 17, 2014 • 5pm Dinner • Live Music (with coupon) $20,000 Grand Raffle Plus Three $1000 Drawings and

Daily Specials:

Mon. ...... Wings Live Auction Featuring a 2014 Toyota Corolla Tues. ..... Whitefish Basket Weds...... Meatloaf Vehicle Thurs. .... Mexican Night Donated by Fri............ Famous Cod Fish Fry Sat. ......... Ribs & Shrimp Sun. ........ Kid’s Day, Pizza specials Vehicle may not be as shown • $20,735 Value Questions and pre-approval paperwork: contact St. Francis X Federal Credit Union at (231) 348-7690 or Dan Cleary at (231) 881-7772. Phone-in Bidding available by contacting Dan Cleary.

Auction Preview Night Celebration

Friday, May 16, 2014 • 7 pm - 9 pm BuyNot Your & Raffle Tickets Today! to lateGala to book your Christmas Party!!! or 231-347-4133


1099 Large Pizza Tuesdays 4-9pm For Dine-In or Pick-up Limited Time Only

Sunday 12-10, Mon 11-9, Tue-Thursday 11-10 Fri-Sat 11-11

1030 State St., Harbor Springs


Harbor Springs presents the Little Traverse Half Marathon and 10K Run/Walk on Saturday, September 27, 2014. This stunning point-to-point course along the woods and shoreline of Lake Michigan is diverse, fun and fast with sections on the Little Traverse Wheelway, a shoreline footpath in Bay View, Petoskey State Park and Beach Road. The half marathon starts in the Village of Bay Harbor and the 10k starts in Petoskey State Park with both races ending in Harbor Springs. Proceeds will benefit the Petoskey State Park’ “Step Up for Baldy” historic trail renovation project and Top of Michigan Trails Council. Calling all energetic volunteers! We need your help at the start line, on the course and at the finish line. Registration opens on April 25 and is limited to 500 runners. To volunteer, register, or for more info visit or call The Outfitter of Harbor Springs at 231-526-2621.

Arts Events Studio & Pottery demonstrations, Sturgeon River Pottery, Petoskey, every Sat, thru -April 26, 10 am-4 pm. Our Michiganbased artists will conduct live demonstrations on pottery,


e 197


526-6041 Our Annual Cinco de Mayo Come Celebrate! Great Food! Margaritas! Fun! Bring Your Friends!

Monday, May 5th 5-9pm



on ight pm ay, 5

E. Main

tile and jewelry making techniques. Sessions will highlight the creation of many of our best-selling pieces. Free, open to the public, no reservations required. 3031 Charlevoix Rd, 231-347-0590</P.

Free Foreclosure Prevention Workshop Michigan residents, continue to fall victim of losing their homes. Residents who seek foreclosure prevention assistance in northwest lower Michigan can find help with the Northwest Michigan Community Action Agency (NMCAA) Free Foreclosure Prevention Education workshops are available in NMCAA’s Traverse City, Petoskey, and Cadillac offices. Homeowners will learn how to avoid foreclosure and the different foreclosure programs that are available. NMCCA will also educate homeowners about the foreclosure process and counsel families on budgeting for their personal financial situation. Homeowners do not have to be within the actual foreclosure process to access these services - many are available to assist before a crisis actually occurs to keep the clients out of the foreclosure process altogether. For details or more information, or learn about the workshop, please calllll (231)947-3780 or (800) 632-7334l NMCAA’s website is

Fundraisers The 4th Annual ‘Instant Wine Cellar” fundraiser, will be held on Friday, April 25 from 7-11 pm at Stafford’s Perry Hotel in Petoskey. This is a fundraising event that supports volunteerism in Emmet and Charlevoix counties through Char-Em United Way’s Volunteer Connections. The night will feature a chance to win several large collections of wine or craft beer and will include entertainment from Boyne River Remedy.




Family Dining

ing its 3rd Annual Fun Walk for Autism Acceptance on Sat, April 26 at Veteran’s Memorial Park in Boyne City. On-site registration begins at 9:00 am and the “Fun Carryout Available Walk” begins at|10:00 amcater. Reg231-526-6011 We also istration is $10. All participants Located 12 miles north of Harbor miles south of Cross and 1 in willSprings be entered a drawing for Village, on State Road a chance to win one of many great prizes. Must be present to win. For further info or to register: Heather Smith at 989732-6295 x3607 1/2




Friday Perch Buffet $18

Open Thursday, Friday & Saturday at 5pm

Carryout Available


ciation, will celebrate northern Michigan wines We at the also 3rd annual Winning Wines of Northern Michigan Wine Tasting and Competition on Wed, May 14 at the Iron Horse Cafe in the Student Center on North Central’s Petoskey campus. The event will raise awareness of our area wines, wineries and Celebrating 60 Years

Mary Ellen’s

Serving Breakfast & Lunch WIFI available

viticulture program . The event will also raise money for North Central’s Student Emergency Fund established to help students deal with financial challenges that impede their ability to complete their coursework. Wine competition from noon-4 pm; 5-7 pm, public is invited the the Winning Wines of Northern Michigan Wine Tasting. Area wineries will host tasting tables, while restaurants provide food pairings. Crooked Tree Jazz Ensemble will perform. Tickets are $25 in advance or $30 at the door. To purchase tickets, call Sharmon Dulaney in the Foundation office at 231-439-6218

Libraries Harbor Springs Library The Spanish Conversation Group meets regularly on Thursdays at 5:00 p.m. Everyone is welcome to join, regardless of Spanish speaking abilities. Regular Library Hours are: Mon, Tues, Thurs, Fri 12-5; Wed 10-8; Saturday 9-1.The Harbor Springs Library offers free high speed WiFi internet access as well as Mac and PC computers available to the public. Library is located in downtown Harbor Springs at the corner of Spring and Main St. Please go to www. or call (231)526-2531 for more information.

The Mackinaw Area Public Library, main branch in Mackinaw City will host five Michigan authors, on Monday, April 28 from 2-3:30 pm. Each novelist and/or poet will share a reading from one or more of their books, offer a brief Q&A session, and the audience with see a preview of an upcoming film by this tour’s coordinator, Ron Riekki.For more details, contact the library at 231-4365451, or see www.mackinawareapl. Library hours are Mon, Tues, Thurs, Fri 11 am-5 p.; Wed noon - 8 pm; Sat 10-2. For more info call 231436-5451.The library is located at 528 W. Central Ave in Mackinaw City.

Petoskey District Library: For information about upcoming activities at the Library, contact the Children’s Room at the Petoskey District Library 231-758-3112 or visit Regular Library hours are: Mon-Thurs 10 a.m.-7 p.m.; Fri, Sat, Sun: Noon-5 p.m. Library is located in downtown Petoskey, 500 E Mitchell St. 231-758-3100.

Come Try our collaboration with the Straits Friends New Menu! Area Grape Growers Asso-

The NCMC Foundation, in

Grill Open Until 2pm 145 E. Main TheSt.Crow’s Nest 12:30 onFamous Sun.


Perch on the Porch

@ the Carnegie Speaker Series, on Monday,

April 28 will discuss Publish-

cater. ing Your Book: Where to Start,

when Mary Jo Zazueta, a 20year veteran of book editing and publishing, will discuss publishing options, steps required to succeed at each and a general idea of the time and costs involved. The program is designed for people with a manuscript or at least a book project in mind. The program takes place in the Carnegie Building at 451 E. Mitchell St, Petoskey at 7:00 pm Program is open to the public and admission is free. For more info call the library (231)-758-3100.

Every Tuesday throughout the summer Northern Michigan Perch Fry Alanson Public Library, $18.00 Upcoming Story Hour: TuesWe Are Now Reopened From Spring Cleaning. days at 10:30 am, through Grill May closes at 2:00 20. For pre-schoolers ac12:30companied on Sundays by an adult. Regular Library hours are Mon-Wed We are a northern 10 a.m.-6 p.m.; Thur 10 a.m.Michigan bistro featuring 7 p.m.; Fri noon-5 p.m.; Sat classic and contemporary 10am-2 pm. Closed Sundays cuisine complimented by and Holidays. 548-5465, located an award winning at 7631 Burr Ave (Alanson Comwine list. munity Building) For more Come enjoy a cozy information call the Library at setting overlooking the (231)548-5465.. Serving waterfront.

Breakfast & Lunch



Grill Open Until 2pm 12:30 on Sun. Petoskey Film Theater, will be



when seated before 5:30 Corner of Bay & State Streets, Harbor Springs

Reservations 231.526.1904




North Country Community Mental Health, is sponsor-



Week of April 23-29, 2014

showing the film “The Invisible Woman” on Wed, April 23 at 7:30 pm; on Fri, April 25 the film “The Secret Life of Walter Mitty” will be shown, at 7:30 pm. They will be shown at the Petoskey District Library, Carnegie Build-

Old Fashioned Open Daily at 5 pm. Malts and Shakes FREE Internet

ing (451 E. Mitchell St., next to the Arts Center). .For more information call. PFT Movie Hotline: 758-3108 Donations appreciated.

Pond Hill We are Open daily 11 am-6 pm.for wine tasting, shopping in the Farm Market, feeding the animals, and more. Visit our online store at www. 231-526-3276. 5 miles N of downtown Harbor Springs on M119.

Teen Club 150 A Club for teens to socialize, study or just hang out, is located in the downstairs of Holy Childhood Church, Main St, Harbor Springs. Club 150 has a pool table, wide screen hi-def TV’s, wi-fi and lots more! It is non-denominational and all teens are welcome. Hours are 3:30-6:30 Tuesday through Friday. For more information call 526-2017, ext. 22.

Village of Hillside The following event is scheduled for the Village of Hillside, 311 W Main St, on Thursday, April 24 at 2:30 “You can’t take them with you...the ins and outs of Organ Donation” presented by Gift of Life, in the Community Room of Bldg D All community seniors aged 60+ are welcome. For information call Cyndi at 526-7108. Find us on Facebook, “Village of Hillside” The events are free and open to all community seniors 60+..

Friendship Centers Friendship Center of Harbor Springs, welcomes all seniors. We address both nutritional and social needs of our community’s older citizens by offering a variety of activities and programs to suit every interest and ability level for seniors age 60 and older. Mon, Tues, Wed, & Fri the center provides a balanced, hot nutritious meal that is served at noon for a suggested donation of $2.50. Educational programs, health related clinics, fitness programs, holiday parties and much more are offered as well. Some of the offerings are: coffee social, 1011:30 every Mon, Tues, Wed and Fri; exercise classes Mon & Wed at 3:30; Wii Bowling ever Wed, 10-11; foot care, Blood Pressure Screenings, Bingo, Movie Day, Shopping trips and more. The Center is open Mon, Tues, Wed, Fri from 9:30-2:30. The Village of Hillside is the host site for the Friendship Center located at 309 W. Main St Community Room C in downtown Harbor Springs.. For more information on special events like us on Facebook at Friendship Center of Harbor Springs or call (231) 526- 6061.

Community Resources Project FREE preschool, in Petoskey has openings in both morning and afternoon sessions for children who turned age 4 before November 1, 2013. Certified teachers provide art, music, computer time, dramatic play and skill-building activities to build students’ social and academic skills for a smooth transition into kindergarten. Project FREE is offered half days, Mon thru Thurs, October through May. Although there is often no cost to families, state eligibility requirements do exist. To learn more or register, call the Women’s Resource Center of Northern Michigan at (231a0 347-347-0067.

The Women’s Resource Center of Northern Michigan offers free playgroups, for children aged Birth-60 months and preschool-aged siblings. Call (231)347-0067 or visit for more information.

Harbor Light Community Newsweekly  11 Brought to you in part by:

between the covers

On the Bookshelf The Truth About the Harry Quebert Affair Reviewed by Katie Capaldi The Truth About the Harry Quebert Affair, by Joel Dicker, translated from the French by Sam Taylor (Penguin Books, $18.00) If we are in the honest sort of mood when a customer asks, “What are you reading right now?”, we will likely respond with an answer along the lines of, “This really great book . . . but it won’t be released for a couple of months.” It is one of the many perks of being a bookseller, this chance to read books before they make their way onto our shelves. It gives us the ability to share our enthusiasm with the books’ publishers, authors, sales reps and with you. This advance access to books is sometimes a double-edged sword, for we always run the risk that our customers will forget about these titles by the time they see publication (again, here comes that honesty: we also run the risk that we too will forget about these titles). It is tricky to sell a book that we cannot physically put into your hands. So this conversation about what we are reading becomes a carefully choreographed advance and retreat. We must hint at what is to come, but then step backwards into books that we can hand over right now. I am convinced that one day, research will prove that bookselling is an ideal way to keep the brain young. But that is a discussion for another day. What I ask of you today is this: please, please do not forget about this book. Clip this out. Keep it somewhere safe. Or better yet, call the store and ask to have a copy reserved for you. The Truth About the Harry Quebert Affair will go on sale on May 27th, and promises to be a thrilling start to your summer reading. The novel has already seen tremendous popularity across all reading tastes in Europe and will soon take the states by storm as well. So, what is the truth about the Harry Quebert affair?Well, goodness, you don’t want me to spoil the ending for you! Let’s start at the beginning, shall we? We readers enter the story on August 30, 1975. For all intents and purposes, this is the day that forever casts a pall over the small town of Somerset, New Hampshire. It is the day that the bright, cheerful and beautiful 15-year-old, Nola Kellergan is spotted momentarily fleeing through the woods, covered in blood, and then disappears from sight. As with all histories, however, there are events that came before and there are events which follow these single turning points. Both the past and the future hold truths which will unlock the mystery of what happened to Nola. For Marcus Goldman, a one-time bestselling novelist struck with the dreaded curse of second-book-writer’s-block, a story may have just found him if he has the courage to tell it. It is 2008 and Nola’s body has been unearthed, having been buried on a Somerset property not far from the place she was last seen alive. The place belongs to another famous American man of letters, Harry Quebert, who is coincidentally Goldman’s mentor and the older man with whom Nola fell in love during the summer of 1975. When it comes to light that Quebert’s seminal novel, The Origin of Evil, was really a narrative of the affair between him and Nola, the world of the literati condemns him even more harshly than the possible death penalty he faces. Goldman is convinced that there is so much more to the affair than meets the eye. Combine this with the fact that his publisher has sniffed out the next literary blockbuster, and the young writer finds himself swept up in the volatilities of small town secrets, the jealousies of unrequited love, the ignorant violence of youth, contemporary America’s obsession with media and celebrity, the delicate fragilities of the web of lies that was spun long before that fateful day in 1975, and the basis for his book. This novel is a puzzle if there ever was one, and one that seems at times will never fit together in a way that reveals a complete picture. The remarkable feat is in the getting there. Alternating points of view, time periods, plot lines and even writing styles maintains a kind of frenetic and compulsive energy from the hand of the author to the mind of the reader. Ultimately, yes, you want to know what happened to Nola, but along the way you also discover a fascination with what is required in the writing of a good book. Every chapter opens in conversation between Harry and Marcus. “Never let fear or fatigue stop you. On the contrary: You should use them to help you keep going.” The teacher imparts a bit of wisdom to his protege: thirty-one rules, to be exact. And just like Marcus Goldman, the reader is left wondering if we are being taught how to write or how to live.

BOOKMARK SERIES Between the Covers’ Bookmark Series #2 will be available through June 2014. Do you have yours yet? Now, through May 15th, 2014 we will accept submissions for Series #3, to debut in July! Get your creative juices flowing. The Series #3 theme is: Open a Book, Change Your World If you are age 15 or over, and interested in submitting artwork to be considered for bookmark design, please contact Between the Covers via phone or email (231.526.6658 or, and we will send along a submission form and all guidelines. Applicants need not reside in Harbor Springs, Emmet County, Michigan, the USA, or even on planet Earth!

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between the covers 152 e main st. | harbor springs Your downtown bookstore, 231.526.6658 open seven days a week.

12  Harbor Light Community Newsweekly

Week of April 23-29, 2014


Sports Round-Up

Varsity Track and Field

Coaches, parents, fans: Submit your team scores to news@; 526-2191.

Varsity Baseball Friday, April 18 Harbor Springs v. Kalkaska Game 1: HS - 3 to Kalkaska - 1 Ean Walda had a rough first inning with two walks and a hit batter, but battled to get out of it without surrendering a run. From there he settled in and cruised to the win. Ean went all 6 innings giving up 1 run on 3 hits and 4 walks while striking out 7. Besides the first inning, Ean commanded his fastball well which made his offspeed pitches very effective. Our bats perked up a little after being shut down a week ago in Grayling. Chase Lepird, Ean Walda, Jake Hickman, Mitch Wallin, and Dillon Schwark each recorded a hit. Zach Gorman, Ean Walda, and Dillon Schwark scored our runs. Chase Lepird added 2 RBI’s on a two out, two strike line drive in the 5th to pad our lead. That hit proved to be the difference. Game 2: HS - 6 to Kalkaska - 7 Aaron Burdick pitched 3 innings allowing 4 runs (3 earned) on 1 hit and 7 walks while striking out 7. Jake Hickman pitched 2 innings giving up 3 runs (1 earned) on 4 hits and 1 walk. Burdick just couldn’t consistently find the strike zone for us, but the 6 K’s show if he can throw strikes consistently, his “stuff” is electric. Hickman did a nice job in relief to keep us in the game. Our offense was led by Chase Lepird who went 2 for 4 and scored 2 runs. Zach Gorman, Ean Walda, Mitch Wallin, Erich Hibbler (2 hits), and Charlie Kelbel each added to the hit total while Aaron Burdick drew 2 walks. Zach Gorman, Ean Walda, Aaron Burdick, and Dillon Schwark each scored a run in addition to Lepird’s 2 runs. The entire team contributed to a well played game. An untimely error in the 4th allowed Kalkaska to score the go ahead (winning) runs. Overall, game 2 was a great back-and-forth high school baseball game. -- Submitted by coach Josh Brey

Varsity Tennis

Harbor Springs Track and Field Teams kicked off their season with a frigid, wet meet in Charlevoix on Monday, April 21. The boys team took third behind Charlevoix and East Jordan, and the girls placed second behind Charlevoix. Junior Marcus Garrow won the 1600 meter run in 4:40.66, beating East Jordan senior Josh Wojan in a sprint to the finish. Garrow also took third in the 800 meter run. The Harbor Springs girls 800 meter relay team-- Salix Sampson, Claire Fleming, Charlotte Culip, and Paulina Adams-- took home a win with a time of 1:55.62. Sampson also dominated the 100-meter dash and the 200-meter dash, winning with times of 13.14 and 27.68, respectively. Freshman Lydia Damoose won the 3200-meter run with a time of 16:04.96. In field events, Caylin Bonser took first in shot put with a throw of 26-feet, four-inches. Emily Lance won the discus event with a throw of 80-feet, one-inch. “For the first meet, we are pleased,” said Rams coach Emily Kloss. “It’s a good starting point. We will have some work to do, but it went well.” Harbor will host the Ram Scram invitational on Wednesday, April 22 starting at 3:30 p.m. 10 teams are participating, and the community is encouraged to come to Hoover Field and cheer for their hometown team.

The Harbor Springs Girls Tennis team opened their season indoors, in Alpena, on April 9th with a 5-3 victory over Alpena. 1-3 singles plus 1 and 2 doubles won their matches. Thursday, April 10, the team traveled to Traverse City and won the Great Lakes Invitational with 20 points, TC JV 17, TC Christian 6 and TC Gold 5. 1-3 Singles along with 1 and 2 doubles won their flights with 3 and 4 doubles placing second and 4 singles third. 1S Leah Collie defeated TC Christian 6-3, 6-1, then TC JV 8-1 and finished with a win over TC Gold 8-1. Varsity Golf Team 2S Abbey Knoodle had a consistent day with a first round win over TC Gold 6-0, 6-3 won by default against TC Christian The Harbor Springs High School boys 2014 golf team and defeated TC JV 8-3. 3S Emily Lesky had a good day taking her first match against will be competitive in the Lake TC JV 6-1, 6-1 then defeating TC Christian 8-0 to end with 8-1 Michigan Conference this year. They finished third at the victory over TC Gold. 1D Chamberlin/Dickinson opened with a win against TC LMC Championships at AntChristian 6-3, 6-0, pulled out a tiebreaker against TC JV 8-7 rim Dells Golf Club last year. The team also finished runner and defeated TC Gold 8-0. 2D Bower/Zoerhof started with a close win against TC JV up at the Chuck Palmer Invita8-6 before beating their next opponents TC Gold and TC tional at the Indian River Golf Club and peaked at the right Christian both 8-0. 3D Lauer/Wilkes won their first round against TC Christian time finishing runner-up in both the Districts and Region8-2, fell to TC JV 5-8 and won 8-1 against TC Gold. 4D D.Trabucchi/M.Trabucchi won 8-1 against TC Gold, next als before finishing 12th place in 1967 State Championships. Savard/M.Trabucchi lost 3-8 to TC JV with the Trabucchis at theEstablished Senior Bennett Langton is defeating TC Christian 8-2. The Area’s Most the team captain and has the 4S Allson Green is new to singles this year and gained great Experienced Full Service lowest scoring average, close experience at this tournament. A long first match brought a Meat Department to 80. Langton shot sub-80 lost to TC Christian 3-6, 6-2, 4-10, followed by a loss to TC JV rounds at the state champi6-8 to end the day with a win over TC Gold 8-1. USDA On Friday, April 11, the team headed downstate to play in onships the past two years Beefin Bay City finishing 2nd. 1S, 2S, 4S, 1D and was an All-Conference an 8 Choice team tournament and•3D all placed second in their flights, with 3S finishing 3rd Honorable Mention last year. Steaks Juniors Adam Cavitt and in her flight and 2D and 4D winning the back draws. • Ground Chuck & Sirloin Ben Arnold are also returnThe week of April 14 brought one cancelled match, a 7-1 (ground fresh throughout the day) Chicken Pot Piefrom last ing top five players victory indoors against East Jordan and this past Saturday a • Loin chops year. Hayden Grzelak has win at their own quad Invitational. Saturday was chilly but also played varsity for the • Rack the sun came out and Harbor • Local and Miller’s Amish Springs won the quad with 22 past two years. Sophomores points, Essexville Garber 2nd 13, Charlevoix 3rd 12 and TC • Lollipops Gold had 1 point. Harbor Springs #2-4S • and 1-3D were all Keith Fitzpatrick, Jr. and Shea Stew Furhman also return and were flight winners while 1S and 4D finished 2nd. • Loin Roast • Ground • Tenderloins freshman on the 2S Abbey Knoodle opened her day with a 7-5, 6-2 win over alternates Lasagna,asMeatloaf, • Baby Back Ribs • Griller & Loin Chops Regional and State Teams EG then defeated Charlevoix 6-4, 6-1, finishing with a 6-1, 6-1 Chicken Pot Pies, BBQ Ribs, from last year. victory over TC Gold. Stuffed Peppers, Gouda The team is coached by Pete 3S Fresh Emily Lesky had a good day defeating TC Gold 6-0, 6-0, & Smoked Sausages and Meatballs Mac & Cheese, Stuffed Kelbel. won•against Charlevoix 6-4, 6-0 moving on Turkey, to beat EG 6-0, 6-1. Italian, Polish, Duck, Lamb, Andouille, Flank Steak return“ We feel everybody 4S Allison Green defeated TC Gold 6-1, 6-2 then EG 6-1, 6-1 Brats, Chicken, Breakfast ing should be better this year. ending with a win of 6-1, 6-2 over Charlevoix. Plus So Much New: BBQ Pulled Pork It has been tough as we have 1D Chamberlin/Dickinson started againstMore Charlevoix winning 7-5, 6-1, defeated TC Gold 6-0, 6-0 then won 6-0, 6-1 been limited to practicing indoors. We sure appreciate against EG. 2D Bower/Zoerhoff defeated EG 6-3, 6-2 won 6-0, 6-0 against First Tee of Northern Michigan at Boyne Highlands and TC Gold, finishing with a 6-1, 6-0Tails win against Charlevoix. Country Garden • Cold Water Lobster 3D Lauer/Wilkes first beat EG 6-2, 6-1 moving on to defeat Shot Makers in Conway as 4oz Tails and 12-14oz Tails; Winter Carrots Charlevoix 6-1, 6-1 closing with a 6-1, 6-0 win against TC Gold. they offer the best places to be if you have to be inside. KingCollie Crab 1S•Leah hadLegs; a long 3 set 1st match resulting in aSo lossSweet’ ‘Oh 10% off Fish “We are excited about our to Charlevoix 4-6, 6-3, 2-6, came back strong against EG 6-1, • Halibut; Every Friday Fresh Produce Arriving new players and Daily. other return6-0 and finished her day with a 6-0, 6-1 win over TC Gold. Hand Selected, Trimmed & Washed • Tasmanian Salmon; ing players. We have 18 guys 4D D.Trabucchi/M.Travucchi defeated Charlevoix 6-1, on the team this year. We 6-2 •then Luplow/Savard 6-1, 6-1 Local Whitefish,won Walleye & over TC Gold with think we will have competiD.Trabucchi/M.Trabucchi losing to EG 3-6, 6-4, 6-7. Lake Perch; tion and for “All the top spots and “All spring sports have had a rough start but I Specialty am pleased groceries The6Basics” it will require hard work and • Texas Gulf Shrimp; with the number of matches we have been able to get in so far Full Line of Stonewall Kitchen & mix. dedication to stay in the and•proud the team for keeping their attitudes up during BlueofPoint Oysters; We hope to peak at tournaRobert Rothchild Products the bad weather.” • Fresh Canadian Salmon; and we expect lots This week Harbor Springs is scheduled to play TC Christian If we don’t ment havetime it, we’re happy of good rounds before then,” and•Grayling in dualMussels matches with a Tri Meet on Saturday. Sea Bass; to find it for you! Kelbel said. -- Submitted by coach Laura Chamberlin Harbor Springs is scheduled to play its first LMC varsity match on April 23 at the Grand Traverse Resort. The first several matches were cancelled Wine Specials, Soup & Lunch Selections,due Recipes & to weather. Like us on

The Harbor Springs Varsity Tennis Team, after winning the Great Lakes Invitational in Traverse City. L to R Kneeling: Lilly Chamberlin, Perry Bower, Mia Trabucchi, Eva Zoerhof, Abbey Knoodle and Emily Lesky. L to R Standing: Demi Trabucchi, Mikayla Dickinson, Maddy Savard, Allison Green, Leah Collie, Liza Wilkes and Morgan Lauer.

Harbor Springs senior makes Kent State golf team Ellen Breighner made the Kent State University Women’s Golf Team. She will join the team the first day of classes in August. Kent State is a top 25, Division 1, team that has dominated the MAC (Mid America) Conference for years. The Kent State University coach, Greg Robertson said Ellen has the upside to make his top five anytime in her first couple of years if she keeps up her work ethic and practices every day. Ellen chose Kent State after also receiving a D-1 offer from Chicago State University and heavy interest from Western Michigan University. She also received interest from other D-1 and D-2 colleges and lots of smaller colleges. Ellen was an All-State golfer for the 2013 Harbor Springs Girl’s Team that won four invitationals, playing against several class A schools, and she medaled in almost every one. The team broke

the school record for team scoring three times in 2013. Ellen is the daughter of Joe and Laurie Breighner of Harbor Springs and has b e e n w o r k i n g Ellen Breighner. (Courtesy photo) knew she was going to play with Pete Kelbel, head golf professional college golf, it was just a matat Walloon Lake CC and the ter of which college. “Ellen felt better and better Harbor Springs boys and girls golf coach, for the past about making D-1 colleges two years as her primary and made this her goal as time went by. She made one of the instructor. “I knew Ellen had an upside toughest teams in the country when she played practice and deserves it after all the rounds from the AJGA Tees hard work she put in. She last summer and shot a 70 know she has to work even and a 72 to beat her dad at harder to be as consistent as the Boyne Highlands Moor she looks forward to the chalcourse,” Kelbel said. “We lenge,” Kelbel said.

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