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Art, Youth, Leadership join in new project By KATE BASSETT Harbor Light Newspaper

Michael ‘Mick’ Heinz.

(File photo)

Mick will be ‘truly missed’ Local resident, city councilman, “Chain Gang” member, dies By KATE BASSETT Harbor Light Newspaper

Communities are shaped by individuals, and Harbor Springs lost one of its greats last week. Mick Heinz, a City Council member known for his dedication and love for his town, died following a series of recent health issues. “From a local government perspective, Mick was a rare breed,” said -CONTINUED on page 3.

Northern Michigan is a place well known for inspiring art, and the current class of Leadership Little Traverse-- a program dedicated to creating leaders and communityservice oriented individuals-- is gearing up to celebrate this truth with area young people in the first annual Articipate, happening May 18- June 1. The youth-focused art show is being modeled after the well-known Grand Rapids event, Art Prize. “As a group, our Leadership Little Traverse class has a lot of artistic people in it, so when it came time to choose a service project, it was a natural fit for us to do something

that honors and promotes art in our community,” said Stephanie Baker, a member of this year’s leadership class. Similar to Art Prize, Articipate will feature juried student 2-D and 3-D art (ages 14-19) placed in various businesses and community spaces during a week-long exhibition. This year’s event will take place in downtown Petoskey, however, organizers hope to see it grow to all the communities in the Charlevoix-Emmet School District in the future. “We are starting smaller this year, but what we ultimately want is to see this grow beyond our Leadership Little Traverse project (which is a one time event) into an annual event that is supported by the entire area,” Baker said. Perhaps the most exciting part for young artists, she added, is the $500 prize, donated by Sturgeon

River Pottery. “We wanted to make this a big deal. It’s rare for a student competition to have such a large prize, and that only happened thanks to Sturgeon River Pottery. It’s something we’re so excited to offer.” She stressed the prize money-and two week exhibit at Crooked Tree Arts Center for the top finishers-- is only one aspect of Articipate. Although the juried show is a competition, it is also a way for anyone interested in art to display their work in the community. “We really want to encourage all young people-- not just kids in art classes-- to take this opportunity to express themselves by way of art. I remember in high school I had to choose between music and art, and I chose music. I had no immersion in the arts at that time in my life, so when I went to college, I found my-


Power of the Pool...

Harbor Light Newspaper

One of the last orders of business during the April 16 City Council meeting was to discuss the replacement process for late Councilman Mick Heinz’s City Council seat (for the remainder of his term). The City Council vacancy will be filled by appointment approved with the vote of Council members. -CONTINUED on page 3.

Appropriate, Affordable Adorable

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of Harbor

Reopening in May

-CONTINUED on page 5.

harbor sPrings Tax rate, carriage rides , events reviewed at city council table By DANIELLE McINTOSH Harbor Light Newspaper

City council invites applicants for vacancy By DANIELLE McINTOSH

self floundering around as a finance major,” laughed Baker, who now has her own photography and graphic design business in Harbor Springs. “I didn’t have any idea I was an artist. The whole idea of Articipate is to get kids to step out of their comfort zone and explore different aspects of art.” In an effort to bring more students into the artistic fold, Articipate will also hold a one-day workshop with local artists in the area of drawing, painting, and photography, at Crooked Tree Arts Center. The sessions are open to anyone in 8-12 grade. The workshop, which is being held in conjunction with the opening of Crooked Tree’s annual Youth Art Exhibit, will take place on April 21. Crooked Tree Arts Center has served as the “mentor organization” for this Leadership Little Traverse class.

2001 Harbor Springs High School graduate Seth Beat grew up swimming and competing with the Hammerheads Swim Club, and is now a teacher and swim coach near Grand Rapids. (Courtesy photos)

Harbor grad’s connection to pool and swimming helped launch career teaching and coaching By DANIELLE McINTOSH Harbor Light Newspaper

Editor’s note: This is another in an occasional series profiling Harbor Springs High School graduates pursuing unique and interesting paths in life. If you have a suggestion for such a profile, please email us at

Seth Beat, a 2001 graduate of Harbor Springs High School, said his affinity for community was first developed swimming laps at the Harbor Springs Community Pool. His experiences as a Hammerhead Swim Club athlete eventually led him to his current position and passion as a high school swim coach. Beat said he left his small hometown after high school graduation for the same reason most kids do: to experience a different place --a bigger, busier place-- with lots of

new faces and opportunities. As an adult, however, Beat admitted he is beginning to realize what you want as a teenager, isn’t always what you want when you really do “grow up.”

This is why Beat still proudly claims Harbor Springs as his home away from home. “Where I live, life is busier, but I sometimes want to take a break from all of it. When I was young, I thought everyone knowing one another was a bad thing, but I think it would be nice to see familiar faces once in awhile,” he noted. Beat is currently the boys varsity swim coach at Wayland High School, just outside of Grand Rapids. As a youngster, Beat and his brother, Noah, were some of the first kids to take part in the Little Traverse Bay-area Hammerheads Swim Club, developed some 22 years ago. Beat only swam on the team until he was a freshman in high school, but continued to work as a lifeguard at the city beach and taught swim lessons -CONTINUED on page 9.

The loss of longtime resident, council member and friend, Mick Heinz, made for a somber atmosphere at Monday’s, April 16, City Council meeting. A long list of agenda items, did however spark some hope in those invested in the livelihood of Harbor Springs. The first item on the agenda was a recommendation from the city clerk to increase the current millage rate from 5.7368 to 5.7884. The change requires a public hearing to be held before the City can levy the rate. A public hearing date is scheduled for the regular scheduled May 7 meeting of Council. A license agreement for the continuation of downtown carriage rides through the summer months was also discussed. Karin Offield -CONTINUED on page 3.

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Harbor Light Community Newsweekly


Week of Apr. 18-24, 2012


»According to the Harvard University Commuter Choice Pro-

In support of Petoskey Library option... To the Editor: I would like to support Martha Lancaster’s Letter to the Editor in your latest issue (Harbor Light issue of 4/11/12), regarding the Petoskey District Library vs. the Alanson District Library. For my part, a little like Ms. Lancaster, I use the Petoskey library often (mostly MelCat), combining it with shopping, or even attending the Petoskey Film Theatre across the street. How horribly boring it would be to have to drive to Alanson for one purpose only! (And with the gas prices!!!!) Here’s hoping Petoskey remains our library for the time being. Best, Charlie Reyner

Poetry American Life in Poetry

gram, if the average American biked or walked to work or shopping once every two weeks instead of driving, the pollution of close to one billion gallons of gasoline would be prevented from entering the atmosphere every year.

Consider the true cost of your commute By JEFF WINEGARD Top of Michigan Trails Council


ith gas over $4 a gallon and this spring’s record high temperatures, household budgets and the environment are on many minds. Smart Commuting—walking, biking or carpooling to work—is an enjoyable way to address both.

Watch, I said. You squinted your little eyes.

An easy and fascinating way to determine the cost of commuting in a car or SUV is to use the Commuter Calculator at Click on “Calculate Your Savings” near the bottom of the home page. The Calculator has sliders to customize the estimate with the round-trip distance traveled, the vehicle’s gas mileage, the price of gasoline, and even typical wear and tear costs for various size vehicles. Amanda Arthur of Resort Township gave the Commute Calculator a try. “First I calculated my commute to work in downtown Petoskey and was pleased to find it came to just $3.06 a day. Then I ran the numbers for my previous commute, when I lived in Carp Lake and was happy to see how much we’re saving by living closer to town: it was $31.20 a day! I was curious, so I also calculated my cost to drive my kids to Gaylord for travel hockey and figuring skating practices. We go at least twice a week. Bad news: $39.52 a trip. Thank goodness for carpooling!” The Rideshare Company Commute Calculator includes only costs borne directly by the individual. The costs borne by taxpayers—such as emergency services and road building and maintenance—and through healthcare costs, land use costs, etc, are explored at through their “True Cost of Driving Calculator.” Commute Solutions estimates that, on average, every mile driven costs 39-cents in indirect costs.

The balloon looked happy, waving Good-bye.


BY TED KOOSER, U.S. POET LAUREATE E.B. White, one of my favorite writers, used to say, “Simplify, simplify, simplify,” but that doesn’t mean that writing has to be simple, which is a different matter. Here’s a fine poem by Laurel Blossom of South Carolina that’s been simplified into a pure, clean beauty.

Red Balloon Rising I tied it to your wrist With a pretty pink bow, torn off By the first little tug of wind. I’m sorry. I jumped to catch it, but not soon enough. It darted away. It still looked large and almost within reach. Like a heart.

The sky is very high today, I said. Red went black, a polka dot, Then not. We watched it, Even though we couldn’t Spot it anymore at all. Even after that. American Life in Poetry is made possible by The Poetry Foundation (www., publisher of Poetry magazine. It is also supported by the Department of English at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. Poem copyright ©2011 by Laurel Blossom, whose most recent book of poetry is Degrees of Latitude, Four Way Books, 2007. Poem reprinted from Pleiades, Vol. 31, no. 1, 2011, by permission of Laurel Blossom and the publisher. Introduction copyright © 2012 by The Poetry Foundation. The introduction’s author, Ted Kooser, served as United States Poet Laureate Consultant in Poetry to the Library of Congress from 2004-2006. We do not accept unsolicited manuscripts.

The following was submitted to this newspaper as “news release” by a representative of the Harbor Springs Education Foundation. It was published as a “Letter to the Editor” from Foundation president Jan McDonald. We have been informed this was not meant as a letter, but instead as a “news release”. We regret the misclassification. -Charles O’Neill, Kate Bassett

For clarification, here is the news release as submitted to this newspaper.

From the Harbor Springs Education Foundation

Each time someone searches the web or shops online, a donation is made to the Harbor Springs Education Foundation through Goodsearch. com. The Harbor Springs Education Foundation supporters are revolutionizing charitable giving – turning their everyday actions into ways of helping improve their kid’s education. How? By using GoodSearch. com and works with more than 3,000 top online

On the environmental side, smart commuting has many benefits: conserving energy, reducing emission of greenhouse gases, and trimming air and water pollution. Burning one gallon of gasoline emits 19 pounds of carbon dioxide. Since a gallon of gas only weighs 6.3 pounds, this may seem counterintuitive, but at http://www.fueleconomy. gov/feg/co2.shtml the United States Environmental Protection Agency gives a simple explanation of how the process of burning increases the weight by attaching oxygen atoms to the carbon. The main pollutants from vehicles are • Particulate Matter—tiny bits of soot and metal which can damage lungs. • Hydrocarbons, which contribute to ground level ozone. • Nitrogen Oxides, which also contribute to ground level ozone formation, irritate the lungs, and weaken defenses against diseases like pneumonia and flu • Carbon Monoxide Pollution from vehicles also includes toxic chemicals which are linked to cancer, birth defects, and other serious illnesses. Examples include benzene, acetaldehyde, and 1,3-butadiene. According to the Harvard University Commuter Choice Program, if the average American biked or walked to work or shopping once every two weeks instead of driving, the pollution of close to one billion gallons of gasoline would be prevented from entering the atmosphere every year. Good for the wallet. Good for the planet. Smart Commuting makes sense all around, and the exercise will even help manage the stress of coping with environmental concerns and high gas prices! Emmet County’s Smart Commute Week 2012 is June 4-8. For more information on Smart Commute Week, contact Top of Michigan Trails Council at 231-348-8280.

retailers including Toys “R” Us, Target, Best Buy, Apple, Macy’s PetSmart, and Expedia among others. The shopping experience and the prices are the same as going to the retailer directly, but each time you shop at one of these stores via GoodShop, a percentage of what you spend goes back to our school. And, equally as exciting, offers over 100,000 money saving coupons and free shipping offers. So, not only are you helping our cause, but you are also saving money while doing so. Similarly, with every search

conducted on Yahoo!-powered GoodSearch, approximately one penny is donated to the HSEF. It’s used exactly like any other search engine and the pennies add up quickly. More than 100,000 nonprofits have partnered with GoodShop and GoodSearch and millions of people are using these sites to help their causes. GoodSearch and GoodShop have raised nearly $8 million – helping to make a real difference for the organizations they work for.

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Council reviews various event requests

3 City council invites applicants for vacancy appointment

-CONTINUED from page 1.

-CONTINUED from page 1.

Week of Apr. 18-24, 2012

and Scott Ward, representing Brek-N-Ridge Farms, agreed to pay the suggested fee for the license agreement that will permit the offering of horse drawn carriage rides through downtown for a small fare. The Harbor Springs Chamber requested permission to use upper Zorn Park to host an August 4 fundraising event to replace the traditional spring golf outing. The “Summer White Party” will be an elegant social gathering centered around tradition and history, according to Scott Herceg, Chamber Director. The chamber plans to partner with the Harbor Springs Historical Society for the event. The Historical Society will

also bring back Shay Days this year,July 20-22, after a three year hiatus. The event will use the museum building and The Shay House, as well as the old reservoir site to bring in live steam engines. Also new this summer, outdoor movies will be shown upon approval from nearby neighbors. Owner of Skydive Harbor Springs, Luther Kurtz, cooperating with the Harbor Springs Library, hopes to host outdoor movie nights in the Hotel Janel site. The movies will be shown after Street Musique, are free and open to the public and will start at approximately 9:30 p.m.. Current downtown construction brought forth discussion of the possible

Jill Nuding Has been promoted to: Head of Construction

Congratulations Jill! 231.526.BLDR “One of Michigan’s Finest Builders”: Dream Homes Michigan Past LTHBA “Home Builder of the Year”

burial of utility lines on East Bay Street. “The discussion began when the street disappeared,” said resident Kathie Breighner, Monday night. Two private residences, along with the Little Traverse Yacht Club and the Harbor Springs Chamber of Commerce, requested the city to consider moving overhead utility lines underground on the 300 block of Main Street to enhance the appearance of the block entering the downtown shopping district.

Harbor Light Community Newsweekly

The City Electric Supervisor will review the requested area and make a recommendation to city council. The costs of burying the utility lines will be an expense of the property owners, not the city. Following a leak in the 25year old flat roof section of the Harbor Springs Harbor Master building, Council has advised it be replaced. The roof will be replaced using HT Roofing, as recommended by City Manager Tom Richards, in order to have the repairs completed by boating season.

City Attorney, Jim Ramer, suggested that an applicant review committee be formed to streamline the process. Mayor Al Dika supported the committee idea (which would likely consist of Dika, Richards, and one other Council member), while councilperson Alan Hegedus rejected the committee concept. “I would like to be part of this process, for my community and for Mick, and I believe the selection process should be a public process.” City Manager Richards,

reminded Hegedus that the committee will do the preliminary screening process, but all council will present for the final decision. The committee concept was voted on by a majority vote. Applicants interested in the City Council seat are required to have lived in the city limits for two years, and have taxes up to date. A public notice is posted in this issue of the Harbor Light Newspaper, with an application deadline of Monday, April 23.

Local resident, city council member will be missed

-CONTINUED from page 1. Harbor Springs city manager, away; he was term limited employee’s perspective at the Tom Richards. “It is truly a out soon after that. Then I same time,”Dika said. It is rare to have someone blessing to have someone like had the pleasure of working Mick on the team...someone with him during this term. with deep roots and such who after a career of dedica- He was great to work with. We long-lasting passion for comtion as a member of the City’s didn’t always agree, but we munity, Richards added, esstaff, then took on the respon- disagreed as friends and never pecially with the added bonus sibility as a policy-maker for let disagreements become of inside understanding, yet personal. Mostly, though, we the ability to remain neutral. the city he loved.” “That unusual level of comBorn and raised in Harbor did agree on issues facing the Springs, Mick served his com- City- especially infrastructure mitment, plus the knowledge munity in various capacities maintenance and improve- and experience of how the throughout his adult life, ment,” said Mayor Alan Dika. City really works is a real gift, Dika noted he was origi- one that we all have benefited volunteering as a Boy Scout leader, School Board mem- nally concerned about Heinz’s from.” Beyond that, Dika said ber, Little League president former employee connection and coach, and “chain gang” to the City of Harbor Springs. Heinz was dedicated to bringmember, marking yardage on It did not take long for that ing new faces and energy into the sidelines of high school worry to disappear. Heinz’s city politics. “Mick brought some young football games, as well as crinkling eyes and honest countless other small and smile, his forthright manner people and locals back to large contributions of his and ability to listen to all sides, City government. There are made him well respected at not many of us left in town time, energy, and talents. that can hold Council and In his late 60s, Heinz turned the Council table. “Because Mick was a former other positions on boards and much of his attention toward preserving and supporting City employee and union commissions,” Dika noted. the city he’d called home his member, I had concerns “He and I agreed that it was entire life, save time serving about how he would work as a important to bring a new genCouncilman- especially when eration of people that have the military in Vietnam. “I didn’t work with Mick it came to employee issues. significant town history into long at the Council table. I I was very pleased with the city government. Mick seems believe we served one term way he worked with a very to have known everyone in neutral posi- town, and he was doing some together when I returned to open minded, INCREDIBLE MEATS TO ROAST & STEW the table after a few years tion and added great insight recruiting of younger locals to Beef: English Roast, Top Sirloin Roast, Short Ribs, Sirloin Stew Meat, to the City’s personnel com- get involved. I think that will mittee during negotiations prove to be a great long term and employee-City conflicts; benefit to our town.” he was a peacemaker; tough As Harbor Springs tries to as he needed to be to do his find its footing in less stable job as a Councilman, but economic times, energy helping us understand the geared toward revitalization

Toski Sands

and new ideas has been a strong force in the community in recent years. Dika said having someone who was both a “local” and cheerleader for seeing the city truly successful for years to come, was an important voice for City Council. “I’ll miss Mick sitting next to me at the table. He was my partner. Often he would call or drop by the shop and say ‘we’ve got to talk,’” Dika recalled. “We would hash out ideas, especially with all the ‘change discussions that are going on today, and he’d tell me what he thought was appropriate and acceptable, I’d tell him where I was coming from, and I’d say 98-percent of the time we would find common ground. “Sometimes he’d tell me to reel him in if he got out of line while speaking from the Council table- I never did that. I always felt that what Mick had to say from the table was clear, to the point and needed to be said. Working with Mick, with his gentle toughness, was an honor.” In the end, Richards summed up the collective sadness at Heinz’s death in a way that fit the man who was so well known and loved in this community. Simply. “He’ll truly be missed.”

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Women Entrepreneurs are the Focus of Petoskey Chambers’ Connecting Women in Business Luncheon April 24

Week of Apr. 18-24, 2012

Bay Harbor Arts Festival seeks artists Bay Harbor Arts Festival, is looking for 100 fine artists to be a part of the festival. There will be cash prizes awarded for the artistic quality of the artist’s displayed body of work. Bay Harbor Arts Festival’s 13 annual event will be held August 4, 5 in beautiful Bay Harbor, Michigan. If interested in participating in the 2012 Bay Harbor Arts Festival, WHAT A TREAT! apply online at bayharborarCountry living There but close to is a nonmain activities. One mile to refundable registration fee of public Lake access. 8 of $35 toCrooked apply and a deadline acres with 3 bedroom comfy May 15. For more informahome for only $87,000 within tion, contact the Village at Bay 8Harbor miles ofat Petoskey. A must toor (231)439-2650 see! email

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“Our primary focus for Earth Day this year is to educate the public that flushing unused medications is no longer a viable option if we want to maintain the purity of the Great Lakes. A mediBEAUTIFUL LOG HOME cation drop-off of controlled on 1.7 acres with 207’ on the substances, prescriptions, Sturgeon River, 4 bedrooms, and over-the-counter medi-3 full baths, half baths, walkcations here2 at the Hospital basement and 2-car garage. forout proper disposal is a better Expansive We decks with alternative. also arebeautiful taking views. Must be seen. this opportunity to$399,000! collect other medically-related items that can be recycled for other 231-347-4656 • 231-838-3111 use,” said Linda Ward, chair of the Environmental Sustainability Team at McLarenNorthern Michigan.

the Inn at Bay Harbor. Registration and networking begin at 11:30 a.m. Lunch begins at noon and event concludes at 1 p.m. Cost is $15 for Connecting Women in Business members and $20 for general public. Make your reservation by 5 p.m. Friday, April 20.

This Petoskey Chamber luncheon is all about women enCOZY & COMFORTABLE trepreneurs. There will have 1296 sq. ft., 3 bedroom, 2 bath a panel discussion featuring Earth Day Medication manufactured home with full women business owners: Recycle Julie Adams from Julienne basement on an extra-large McLaren-Northern Tomatoes; Kirsten O’Keefe of corner lot in a friendlyMichigan neighTwisted Olive; Leslie Burke invites community members borhood. Ready to move into. of Sky Iris; Chris Jaconette to recycle unused medica• 231-838-3113 $81,500! tions and other items on Earth of Threads; Marcie Wolf and Cindy Dickson of AlphaGeek Day, Monday April 23. Working with local law Web Design, Stephanie Baldwin of Edgewater Design enforcement, the Hospital Group and Kathy Bardins of is offering a drive through drop-off in the Circle Drive Bardins Communications. The panel will discuss all entrance off of Mitchell the ins and outs of starting Street from 7 a.m.– 4 p.m. a business, including how Medications will be propthey got started, key ingredi- erly disposed of through an ents to business success and approved hazardous waste will share advise to budding vendor and controlled subFAMILY home in Wolverine conve- COZY & COMFORTABLE 1296 sq. entrepreneurs. Anyone is stances will be handled by the nient to I-75 freeway, the Sturgeon ft., 3 bedroom, 2 bath manufactured River and schools. Many updates home with full basement on an extrainvited to attend, advance Petoskey Police Department. in the last few years including a new large corner lot in a friendly neighborregistrations are necessary by Other items being accepted roof, well, furnace, plumbing, vinyl hood. Ready to move into. $81,500! siding and windows. $69,900! calling the Petoskey Chamber at these times include used eye glasses, hearing aids, cell 347-4150. 231-347-4656 • 231-838-3111 • 231-838-3113 phones, shoes. of Harbor Springs has The luncheon takes place at Lake Effect Energyand Corporation

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conducted brief wind energy reports for the following: • Emmet County Airport • Emmet County Headlands Elliot Trust • Harbor Springs Municipal Airport WONDERFUL 2 bedroom, 2 bath, first floor conCommunity Welcomeshopping Every Day To review these do reports go to in Petoskey close to downtown & dinAnd see link Community Assessments. DRESSAGE INSTRUCTION ing. View of Little Traverse Bay. Detached carport. CARE, TRAINING, BOARDING Some furnishings included. $102,000! Thanks, • PONY CAMPS • Christopher J. Stahl CGP Carlson Estate 9TH JUNE DRESSAGE SHOW Lake Effect Energy Corporation NEW LISTING! Nicely maintained and condo SAVE !! plus exwell located in Petoskey.THE 2 BR,DATE 2.5 baths tra shower, 2-car garage, deck, and lots of Stableattached Phone: 231-242-0012 storage space. Chairlift to main floor. $139,000!

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Fax: (231) 526.8701 Email: Securities Offered Through LPL Financial, Member FINRA/SIPC

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object that or interfere the operations of the Firea property andmay his impede or her assigns shallwith be responsible for installing Department.system A Fire Official remove or cause be removed any replacement subjectmay to the approval of the to Township Board of person, vehicle, or object from hazardous areas. All persons ordered Trustees under this ordinance. to leave a hazardous shall do sowaive immediately and shall for notareg. The Township Board ofarea Trustees may the requirement enter supply the area until authorized to do soaby a Fire of Official. water system if, in its judgment, system sufficient capacc. ity The owner of any multi-family residential, commercial, or and functionality exists within close enough proximityindustrial to the propinstitutional building after the date of this ordinance must erty under review thatconstructed a new water supply system is unnecessary. Week of Apr. 18-24, 2012 provide a floor plan to the Fire Department. d. The6.installation of Access. security gates across a fire equipment access Section Emergency road shall be approved by the Fire Chief. Where security gates are shalltohave an approved meanstoofinterfere emergency a. Itinstalled, shall be they unlawful interfere with, conspire with,operaobtion. The security gates and theormeans of emergency operation shall Michigan Department of Education struct or restrict the mobility of, block the path of travel of any Fire Summer Food in Service Program be maintained in good working order all times. Department emergency vehicle anyat way, or to interfere with, ate. tempt Wheretoaccess to with, or within a structure or anwith, area obstruct, is restricted beinterfere conspire to interfere or hamper cause secured openings or where access to is willfully necessary any FireofDepartment operation. It shallimmediate also be unlawful fail forrefuse life-saving or fire-fighting purposes, the Chief require a or to comply withtheany lawful order or Fire direction ofmay a Fire Official Alanson Public School announces sponsorship of the Summer Food Service Program for key boxmeals to with be installed in an approved or interfere the compliance another individual Children. Free will be made available toattempts childrenlocation. 18of years of age and under or duly persons up to authorized age 26 who areby enrolled in an educational program for the mentally or physically disthe fire official. Section Enforcement. abled The that is7. recognized Stateororher localduly public educational representatives agency. The meal will be provide b. Fire Chief by orahis authorized (towithout regard “Fire to race,Officials”) color, national age, sex orto disability, there will be no disgether, areorigin, empowered direct and such operations as crimination in the who courseviolates of the meal service. Meals of willthis be provided at theissite below: a. A person any provision ordinance responsible may be necessary to extinguish or control any suspected orlisted reported for a gas civil leaks infraction, punishable by a maximumorfine of $500.00 fires, or other hazardous conditions situations or toplus take court costs. Each day that ainviolation continues after the person any other action necessary the reasonable performance of theirhas beenAnotified shall may be considered a Schools separate offense.or object from duty. Fire Official prohibit any person, vehicle, Alanson Public b. approaching A violation ofthe thisscene ordinance declared be a public nuisance. The North Street to of 7400 an is emergency situation and may remove Township enforceAlanson, this through injunctive relief, Michigan or cause tomay be removed fromordinance the scene49706 any person, vehicle, or in adINVITATION TO BID dition that to the penalties above.with object may impedestated or interfere the operations of the Fire 7 Department. MILE POINT RIDGE DRIVE ASPHALT OVERLAY PROJECT A Fire Official may remove or cause to be removed any served Monday through Friday from 8:00 am to 9:00 am Section 8.Breakfast Severability. person, vehicle, or object from hazardous areas. All persons ordered Sealed bids will be received by the Emmet County Road Commisto leave a hazardous area shall do so immediately shall Lunch served Monday through Friday from 11:30 am toand 12:30 pm not reThe provisions ofuntil thisauthorized ordinanceatto are severable. If any section, or sion at their offices located 2265 Road,clause Harbor enter the area do soE. by Hathaway a Fire Official. ofMI, thisof ordinance ever determined to be unconstitutional, void, Springs, until 9:30 a.m., Tuesday, April 24,17,2012, at which Program willmulti-family run is from June 4, 2012 through August 2012 c.provision The owner any residential, commercial, industrial or illegal or ineffective by any court competent jurisdiction, that overlay provision institutional building constructed after the for date of Asphalt this ordinance must time they will be opened andofread aloud the on will be considered toplan beDrive, severed from this ordinance, and remainder of provide a floor to the from Fire Department. 7 Mile Point Ridge M-119 then south forthe0.23 miles in this ordinance will Township. remain in fullgates force across and effect. d. TheTraverse installation of security a fire equipment access West ************************************************************************ road shall be approved byU.S. the Firebe Chief. gates arethe InAaccordance Federal law and Department of Where Agriculture policy, this institution copy ofwith the specifications may obtained atsecurity the offices of This ordinance was at basis a regular meeting theorigin, Township installed, they shalladopted haveonan means ofof emergency operais Emmet prohibited from discriminating theapproved of race, color, national sex, age, or County Road Commission at 2265 E. Hathaway Road, Board of Trustees on November and March 3,shall tion. The security gates and 4,, the2008 means ofre-adopted emergencyon operation disability. Harbor Springs, MI 49740, (231) 347-8142 2010. copy of thisinordinance was order published the Harbor Light newspabeAmaintained good working at allintimes. orfile per on 10,of2010 thisawrite: ordinance became effective 30 days To a March complaint discrimination, e. Where access to orand within structure or an area is restricted be- later, on April 9, 2010. cause of secured openings or where immediate access is necessary USDA, Office of Adjudication EMMET COUNTY COMMISSION forDirector, life-saving orROAD fire-fighting purposes, the Fire Chief may require a 1400 Independence Avenue, SW Framl Zulski, Jr. Chairman key box to be installed in an approved location. Friendship Township Washington, D.C. 20250-9410 Leroy Sumner-Vice-Chairman __________________________________ Larry Williams - Member Fred impaired Troup, Supervisor Section Enforcement. or call toll7. free (866) 632-9992 (Voice). Individuals who are hearing or have speech disabilities may contact USDA through the Federal Relay Service at (800) 877__________________________________ 8339;A orperson (800) 845-6136 (Spanish). is an equal opportunity provider and employer. a. who violates anyUSDA provision of this ordinance is responsible

Divner, Clerk for a civil infraction, punishable by a maximumJanell fine ofVan $500.00 plus

3/21court & 4/18/12 costs. Each day that a violation continues after the person has Notices #22 shall be considered a separate offense. been notified


A violation of this ordinance is declared to be a public nuisance. The Township may enforce this ordinance through injunctive relief, in addition to the penalties stated above.

Section 8. Severability.

INVITATION TO BID WEST TRAVERSE TOWNSHIP ULTRA-THIN The provisions of this ordinance arePROJECTS severable. If any section, clause or ASPHALT

provision of this ordinance is ever determined to be unconstitutional, void, illegal or ineffective by any court of competent jurisdiction, that provision bids will by the County Road CommiswillSealed be considered to be be received severed from thisEmmet ordinance, and the remainder of sion at their offices located at 2265 E. Hathaway Road, Harbor this ordinance will remain in full force and effect. Springs, untilEmergency 9:25 a.m., Tuesday, April Board 24, 2012, at which The North MI, Emmet Services Authority meetings for the timeordinance they will opened aloud forTownship the Ultra-Thin Asphalt 2010/2011 fiscalbe year will beand at the Readmond Hall, Wormwood This was adopted aread regular meeting of the Township Overlay on Hughston Road, Cemetery toMarch Lightfoot for Lane, at 7:00 p.m. on the following JulyRoad 28, on October 27, Board of Trustees on November 4,,from 2008dates: and re-adopted 3, 2010 and 9 and April 27, 2011. The purpose of Middle these 2010. copy ofHughston this ordinance was published inRoad the Harbor Lightmeetings newspa0.27AFebruary miles, Road, from Griffen to Road foris allLightfoot regular business that shall come before the30 board. Allfor are perto onconduct March 10, 2010 and this ordinance became effective days later, 0.51 miles, Road, from State Road to Lacount Road to attend. on welcome April 2010. 0.10 9, miles, Odawa Lane, from State Road to Heynig Road for 0.16 Van Divner,Road Clerk miles and Heynig Road, from Odawa LaneJanell to Welsheimer Friendship Township for 0.80 miles in West Traverse Township __________________________________ Fred Troup, Supervisor

A copy of the specifications may be obtained at the offices of the Emmet County Road Commission at 2265 E. Hathaway Road, __________________________________ Harbor Springs, MI 49740, (231) 347-8142 Janell Van Divner, Clerk or

Friendship Township Board of Review

EMMET COUNTY ROAD COMMISSION Friendship Township will hold a December Board of Review on Frank Zulski, Jr. - Chairman Tuesday, December 2011 at 9:00 am at the Township Hall to Leroy Sumner - Vice13, Chairman review requests for homestead exemption, poverty exemption Larry Williams - Member applications and/or any clerical errors or corrections which may come before the board. Requests must be submitted in writing at least 5 days ahead of the Board of Review meeting.


Notices #22 The North Emmet Emergency Services Authority Board meetings for the

Sealed bids will be received by the Emmet County Road Commis2010/2011 fiscal year will be at the Readmond Township Hall, Wormwood sion at 2265 E. Hathaway Road,27, Harbor Lane,atattheir 7:00 offices p.m. onlocated the following dates: July 28, October 2010 Springs, MI, until Tuesday, April 24, 2012,meetings at which and February 9 and9:30 April a.m., 27, 2011. The purpose of these is time they will be opened and that readshall aloud for before the Asphalt overlay on to conduct all regular business come the board. All are 7welcome Mile Point Ridge Drive, from M-119 then south for 0.23 miles in to attend. Janell Van Divner, Clerk West Traverse Township. A copy of the specifications may be obtained Official Notice at the offices of the Emmet County Road board Commission at 2265 E. Hathaway Road, Friendship Township meetings May 2012 through March Harbor Springs, 49740, (231) 347-8142 2013 will be theMI first Wednesday of each month at 7:00 p.m. exor cept July meeting will be Tuesday, July 3rd. Planning Commission meetings will be the 4th Monday of each month at 7:00 p.m. as EMMET COUNTY ROAD COMMISSION needed. Election Commission meetings will be held in conjuncFraml Friendship Zulski, Jr. - Chairman Township of Review tion with the April, July and October Board board meetings as needed. Leroy Sumner-Vice-Chairman Janell Van Divner, Clerk Larry Williams - Memberwill hold a December Board of Review on Friendship Township Tuesday, December 13, 2011 at 9:00 am at the Township Hall to review requests for homestead exemption, poverty exemption applications and/or any clerical errors or corrections which may 3/21 & 4/18/12 come before the board. RequestsNotice must be submitted in writing at Official Notices #22 leastNorth 5 daysEmmet aheadEmergency of the BoardServices of Review meeting. The Authority Board meetings for the 2012/2013 fiscal year will be at the Readmond Township Janell Van Divner, Hall, Wormwood Lane, at 7:00 p.m. on the following dates: July 25, October 24, 2012 and March 20, 2013. The purpose of Clerk these PUBLIC meetings is to conduct all regularNOTICE business INVITATION TO BID that shall come before the board.CITY All areTRAVERSE welcome toTOWNSHIP attend. SPRINGS WEST ULTRA-THIN OF HARBOR Janell Van Divner, Clerk ASPHALT PROJECTS ORDINANCE NO. 381 Sealed bids will be received by the Emmet County Road Commission their offices located at 2265 E. An at ordinance to amend Subsection (4)Hathaway of SectionRoad, 301 ofHarbor ChapSprings, MI, V until 9:25 a.m., 24,Springs, 2012, atbywhich ter 50 of Title of the Code of Tuesday, theNotice City ofApril Harbor addOfficial timesubparagraphs they will be opened and read aloud for the Ultra-Thin ing (g)board and (h). Friendship Township meetings May 2012 through Asphalt March Overlay Road, fromofCemetery Road Lightfoot for 2013 will on be Hughston the first Wednesday each month at to 7:00 p.m. ex0.27 miles, Hughston Road, from Griffen Road to Middle Road for WHEREAS, the Planning Commission of the City of Harbor cept July meeting will be Tuesday, July 3rd. Planning Commission 0.51 miles, Lightfoot Road, from State Road to Lacount Road for Springs has theMonday existing of provisions of the Zoning Code meetings will studied be the 4th each month at 7:00 p.m. as 0.10 miles, Odawa Lane,parking from State Road to Heynig for 0.16 pertaining to off-street in the Central District needed. Election Commission meetings will be Business heldRoad in conjuncmiles and Road, from Odawa Lane Welsheimer Road (CBD), and determined that changes to meetings thetoZoning were tion with theHeynig April, July and October board asCode needed. for 0.80 miles desirable; and,in West Traverse Township Janell Van Divner, Clerk A WHEREAS, copy of the specifications may be obtained at the aoffices the the Planning Commission conducted publicof hearEmmet County Road Commission 2265 E.amendment Hathaway Road, ing on December 15, 2011, on the at proposed to the Harbor Springs Springs,Zoning MI 49740, (231) 347-8142 Harbor Code, consisting of that which is contained orthis in Ordinance; and, Official Notice The North Emmet Emergency Services Authority Board meetings EMMET COUNTY ROAD COMMISSION WHEREAS, after saidyear public on Readmond December 15, 2011, for the 2012/2013 fiscal willhearing, be at the Township Frank Zulski,Springs Jr. Lane, - Chairman the Harbor Planning Commission recommended the Hall, Wormwood at 7:00 p.m. on the following dates: July Leroy Sumner Vice Chairman adoption of24, the-2012 zoning provisions this Ordinance; 25, October and March 20,contained 2013. Theinpurpose of these Larry Williams - Member and, meetings is to conduct all regular business that shall come before the board. All are welcome to attend. WHEREAS, the City Council finds that Janell the adoption of the within Van Divner, Clerk Ordinance is necessary for the health, safety and welfare of the City of Harbor Springs,


Section 1 Subsection (4) of Section 301 of Chapter 50 of Title V of the Code of the City of Harbor Springs is hereby amended to add subparagraphs (g) and (h), to read as follows: (g) In-lieu of Parking Fee. (i) An optional alternative method available to an applicant to satisfy the off-street parking requirement for a nonresidential use in the Central Business District (CBD) shall be to pay a fee in-lieu of parking to the City, subject to the terms and conditions of this sub-paragraph. If an applicant desires to satisfy all or any part of the off-street parking requirement for a project requiring zoning approval by paying a fee instead of otherwise providing off-street parking under this Chapter, such applicant may submit a written application to pay a fee-in lieu on a form provided

Friendship Township board meetings May 2010 through March 2011 will be the first Wednesday of each month at 7:00 p.m. Planning ComTOWNSHIP mission meetingsFRIENDSHIP will be the 4th Monday of each month at 7:00 p.m. as needed. Election Commission meetings be held in conjunction with EMMET COUNTY,will MICHIGAN the April, July and October board meetings as needed. ORDINANCE # 2010-02 ADOPTED: June 2, 2010 Janell Van Divner, Clerk EFFECTIVE: June 10, 2010

The Classifieds Column


Public Hearing


AN HARBOR ORDINANCELIGHT granting to Wolverine PowerSUBSCRIBERS Supply Cooperative, Inc., NEWSPAPER (Wolverine) its successors and assigns, the right, power, and franchise for North Emmet Emergency Services Authority will hold a Public Hearing on a period of thirty (30) years from and after the adoption and approval herethe proposed 2010-2011 Budget on Wednesday, April 28, 2010 @ 7:00 Email us your classified ad listing news@ncpublish. of, at tothe acquire, construct, operate, maintain in Friendship pm Readmond Township Hall and located on Wormwood LaneTownship, north of Emmet County, the necessary facilities for the production, transmission, com. Please try to keep it to 20 words of for listHarbor Springs. Immediately following will be a boardless meeting tofree conduct andand saleall of business electric energy at wholesale to its member-distribution coopany which may come before the board. Everyone is ings. Call Ruth at 231-526-2191 for assistance. eratives to and between Wolverine and other parties pursuant to wholesale welcome attend. power agreements, and to use and occupy theJanell highways, streets, Clerk alleys, Van Divner, andpaid otherlistings: public places which the Township has20 a public interest upon For $6inper week for up to words; 3 weeks which the parties may agree to in the future, to set poles, string wires, lay for $12. Business Personal. 20-cents pipes or conduits, and and to transact an electric business. per word be. yond 20 words. (231) 526-2191 or news@ncpublish. BE IT com orORDAINED: Wolverine Power Supply Cooperative, Inc., its successors and assigns, is hereby granted with the nonexclusive right, power, and franchise for a peboth face to face and on the phone. riod of thirty (30) years from and after the adoption and approval hereof, as Applications are available for pickup FRIENDSHIP provided by law, to acquire, construct, TOWNSHIP maintain, or operate in the Township at 4000 Main Street, Bay Harbor, MI BLACK-FRAMED of FriendshipEMMET theGLASSES necessary facilities for the production, transmission, and COUNTY, MICHIGAN 49770 or email letters of interest to FOUND Quickenergy Rd, between Hoyt rates sale ofon electric atORDINANCE wholesale to its member-distribution coop# 2010-02 and State. Call eratives and 526-5662. between Wolverine and other parties pursuant to wholesale ADOPTED: June 2, 2010 power agreements, and to construct and EFFECTIVE: June maintain 10, 2010along, upon, across, or LOOKING FOR A DOGSITTER to under the highways, streets, alleys, and other public places in which the watch our well-behaved and hypoalTownship has a public interest upon which the parties may agree to in the lergenic 5 yr old Labradoodle 3-4 REVOCABLE future, to set poles, wires, pipes or conduit and other necessary fixtures NEW MORTON STORAGE UNITS days a week. Please respond if you and equipment for such purposes within Friendship ORDINANCE Township, subject to ELECTRIC SERVICE FRANCHISE for sale. 30 x 48 & 30 x 54. 14x14 are a true dog lover & live in HS full those reasonable regulations that the Township may hereafter enact from o/h doors. Convenient W. Conway time. Pay – all cash. For inquiries call timeORDINANCE to time. AN granting to Wolverine Power Supply Cooperative, Inc., Rd. 231-348-4095 or 248-939-3986. Brianna at 949-371-3631. (Wolverine) its successors and assigns, the right, power, and franchise for 1)period Revocation. granted herein revocable the Township of thirtyThe (30)franchise years from and after the is adoption andby approval here5 aPIECE BEDROOOM SET, solid Board as provided by law.operate, and maintain in Friendship Township, of, toconstruction, acquire, construct, wood dark rich color, Emmet County,excellent the necessary facilities for the production, transmission, brass hardware, condition. 2) No Injury to Street or Rights of Way. The shall not injure any and sale of electric energy at wholesale to Franchisee its member-distribution coop$500 OBO 248-224-7649. street, highway and alley, or in any disturb or interfere with any eratives and between Wolverine and manner other parties pursuant to wholesale THREE BEDROOM DUPLEX on water, agreements, sewer or other line, now or hereafter or streets, constructed by power andutility to use and occupy the highways, alleys, Harrison St. laid $750/month plus utiliany other authorized the the public streets or rights of way. and publicperson places within in which Township has aStefan public interestBuyer’s upon ties. Contact Scholl, which the parties may agree to in the future, poles, Michigan, string wires, layat Brokertoofset Northern LLC 3) Notification before Commencing The Franchisee, before enterpipes or conduits, and to transactisan Work. electric business. BAY HARBOR VILLAGE HOTEL 231-347-9600. anyDesk/Concierge street, highway and .ing upon seeking Front em- alley for the purpose of constructing or installing electric transmission lines orHARBOR other apparatus, within the public2 BE IT ORDAINED: ployees. Applicants should promote SPRINGS. 3 bedroom, right of way, in writing notify the Board ofhome County Road CommissionWolverine Supply Cooperative, Inc., its successors and assigns, is hospitality atPower allshall times; by welcoming ½ bath next to beach. Fabuers ofinEmmet County, ornonexclusive the Superintendent of said Board, or other hereby granted with theprofessional right, and franchise forproper afridge, peguests a courteous lous power, view, porch, wash/dry, authority, the years proposed construction, and obtain approval riod of thirty fromfriendly, and after the adoption and approvalthereof, hereof,and as manner, beof(30) efficient and shall, if the said to Board so requires, with it aor sufficient specifiprovided by law, acquire, construct,file maintain, operateplan in theand Township cation of the the proposed erection and construction. Copies of the plansand and of Friendship necessary facilities for the production, transmission, specifications be at furnished to the Township Clerk before any erection sale of electric shall energy wholesale rates to its member-distribution coopJob Postings or construction commences. Upon completion of any construction project, eratives and between Wolverine and other parties pursuant to wholesale the franchisee shall,and to the extent reasonably practical, restore the siteor to power agreements, to construct and maintain along, upon, across, 6 positions - Temporary/seasonal work plant, cultivating and harvesting its condition prior to streets, commencement of construction. Furthermore, under the highways, alleys, and public places in whichFranthe vegetables, from 5/7/2012 to 11/18/2012 atother Ohman’s Produce, Hartville, OH. chisee shall notify the interest Township Planning or its designee, of Township hasof aprevious public upon which Commission, theinparties agree to in the Three months experience required the jobmay described. Saturday any new or different transmission or other structures that are to be future, to set poles, wires, orlines conduit and other necessary fixtures work required. Must be able pipes to lift/carry 60 pounds. Employer-paid post-hire builtequipment in the Friendship Township. and for such purposes within Friendship Township, to random, upon suspicion and post-accident drug testing required.subject $11.10/hr those reasonable regulations that the Township may hereafter enact fromof or current applicable AEWR. Workers are guaranteed ¾ of work hours 4) Construction. Franchisee shall not allow any street, highway or altime to time.Work The total period. tools, supplies, equipment supplied by employer without ley to remain encumbered by the construction work of the said franchisee charge to worker. Housing with kitchen facilities provided at no cost to only forRevocation. a longer period than shallgranted be necessary to execute the work, and 1) The herein is revocable bysaid the Township those workers who arefranchise not reasonably able to return same day to their place of the Board of County of Emmet County shall deterBoard asatprovided by Road law. Commissioners residence time of recruitment. Transportation and subsistence expenses to mine the question of such necessity. work site will be paid to nonresident workers not later than upon completion of 2) No Injury Street orInterviews Rights of required. Way. The Apply Franchisee not injure State any 50% of the jobto contract. for thisshall job at nearest 5) Insurance and Indemnification. Franchisee andwith holdany the street, highway alley,inorwhich in anyThe manner disturbindemnify orNorthwest interfere Workforce Agencyand in state this ad appears, or Michigan Township harmless anyline, andnow all costs, including attorney water, sewer or otherfrom utility or Dr., hereafter laidreasonable or by Works! Service Center 2225 Summit Park Petoskey, MI constructed 49770. Provide feesauthorized incurred by the Township by reason of or therights Franchisee’s any person within public streets of way. acts and copy of this ad. Job Order #OHthe 540476. omissions in the installation, operation and maintenance of the electric transmission other related apparatus or equipment usedenterin the 3) Notificationsystem before and Commencing Work. The Franchisee, before operating of its electric utility business Township. ing upon any street, highway and alley within for thethe purpose of constructing or Legal Notice installing electric transmission lines or other apparatus, within the public 6) Compliance with Laws. Franchisee comply withCommissionall applicable right of way, shall in writing The notify the Boardshall of County Road GERNER & KEARNS, PLLC, IS A DEBT ATTEMPTING TO safety standards andor requirements of theCOLLECTOR National Electric Code, ers of Emmet County, the Superintendent of said Board, or Safety other proper COLLECT A DEBT. ANY INFORMATION WE OBTAIN WILL BE USED FOR MI-OSHA and any other appropriate entity, and shall also comply with all authority, of the proposed construction, and obtain approval thereof, and THAT PURPOSE. PLEASE CONTACT OUR AT (216) 583-0660 IF applicable federal, state local file laws and including those shall, if the said Board so and requires, with itOFFICE aregulations, sufficient plan and specifiYOU ARE IN ACTIVE MILITARY DUTY. This sale may be of rescinded by the established by the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission, theplans Michigan cation of the proposed erection and construction. Copies the and foreclosing mortgagee. SALE – Default beenany made in the Department ofshall be MORTGAGE specifications furnished to the Township Clerkhas before erection conditions of a mortgage made by David J.the Smith, A MAN, to Fifth Third Natural Resources and Environment, Michigan ofproject, Transor construction commences. Upon completion ofSINGLE anyDepartment construction Mortgage (Northern Michigan), Mortgagee, dated 11/10/2006, and recorded portation, the Emmet County Road Commission and the Emmet County the franchisee shall, to the extent reasonably practical, restore the site toon 12/20/2006, in prior Liber 1086, on Page 620,ofEMMET CountyFurthermore, Records, Michigan, Construction Codeto Office. its condition commencement construction. Franonchisee whichshall mortgage is claimed to be due at the dateorhereof the sumofof notify there the Township Planning Commission, its designee, One Hundred Tenwith Thousand Two Hundred Four Dollars and Eighty 7) Compliance Zoning. For future Franchisee comany new or different transmission lines installations or Twenty other structures that shall are to be Three Cents ($110,224.83), including interest at 5.00% per annum. Under the ply with applicable zoning. built in the Friendship Township. power of sale contained in said mortgage and the statute in such case made and provided, notice isFranchise hereby given thatnot said mortgage willmay be foreclosed 8)Construction. Assignment. The granted by this Ordinance be assigned 4) The Franchisee shall allow any street, highway or al-by a ley sale ofremain the mortgaged premises, or someofpart ofTownship, them, at said public venue, by to the Franchisee upon written thework which shall notat encumbered by theconsent construction of the franchisee the of holding the circuit court within EMMET County, Michigan at 11 beplace conditioned or delayed. for aunreasonably longer periodwithheld, than shall be necessary to execute the said work, and o’clock, on Thursday, May 3, 2012.ofSaid premises located the Board of County Thursday, Road Commissioners Emmet Countyare shall deter-in EMMET County, Michigan and are described Situated Township 9) Effective Date. This Ordinance will take as: effect upon in thethe day followingof mine the question of such necessity. Bear Creek, Emmit Michigan, and Ate more particularly described as: publication of theCounty, Ordinance. Commencing a point which is 145The feetFranchisee of the intersection the hold Eastthe and 5) Insuranceatand Indemnification. indemnifyofand West ¼ line with the East section line of Section 18, Township 34 North, Range This ordinance was adopted at a regular meeting of the Township Board of Township harmless from any and all costs, including reasonable attorney 5 fees West; thence West parallel with2, said EastAand ¼ lint a distance 300 Trustees on Wednesday, June copy of this ordinance wasofpubincurred by the Township by2010. reason of West the Franchisee’s acts and feet, thence North parallel with the East linemaintenance of9,said Section 18 a electric distance lished in the Light newspaper onand June 2010 andof this omissions in Harbor theand installation, operation theordinance oftransmission 184.37 more or and less, to anrelated iron thence East and parallel with said becamefeet, effective the following day,stake, June 10, 2010. system other apparatus or equipment used in the East and West line a distance of 300 within feet tothe theTownship. East line of said Section operating of its¼electric utility business 18: Thence South to the point of commencing; being part of the Southeast ¼ of6) the Northeast TOWNSHIP ¼ of Laws. said Section18. Property Address: Howard Road, FRIENDSHIP Compliance with The Franchisee shall comply2392 with all applicable Petoskey, MI 49770 Tax ID No. 01-19-18-200-022 safety standards and requirements of the National Electric Safety Code, The redemption period shall be 6 months from theshall datealso of such sale, unless Fred Troup, MI-OSHA andSupervisor any other appropriate entity, and comply with all determined in accordance with and MCLregulations, 600.3241a, in which case the applicableabandoned federal, state and local laws including those redemption period shall be 30 days from the date of such sale. If this property Janell Van Diviner, Clerk established by the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission, the Michigan isDepartment sold at foreclosure sale under Chapter 32 of the Revised Judicature Act of of 1961, pursuant to MCL 600.3278, the borrower will be Department held responsible to the Natural Resources and Environment, the Michigan of Transperson who the buysEmmet the property the mortgage sale or to the the Emmet mortgage holder portation, CountyatRoad Commission and County forConstruction damaging the property Code Office.during the redemption period. Fifth Third Bank (Northern Michigan) Mortgagee/Assignee Gerner & Kearns, PLLC 1120 Chester 420 Cleveland, OHFranchisee 44114 (03-28)(04-18) 7) Compliance withAvenue, Zoning.Suite For future installations shall com-


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For Rent

Help Wanted

ply with applicable zoning.

8) Assignment. The Franchise grantedNOTICE by this Ordinance may be assigned PUBLIC by the Franchisee upon written consent of the Township, which shall not TO FILL A be unreasonably withheld, conditioned or delayed.


9) Effective Date. This Ordinance will take effect upon the day following April 16, 2012 publication of the Ordinance.

City Council is requesting that anyone interested in filling

This ordinance was adopted at a regular meeting of the Township Board of the CityonCouncil seatJune vacated to the death of Michael Trustees Wednesday, 2, 2010.due A copy of this ordinance was pubK. Heinz a letter of interest. person wishing to lished in thesubmit Harbor Light newspaper on JuneAny 9, 2010 and this ordinance became effective the day, June 10, 2010. be appointed to following fill the vacancy must meet the following



been a resident of the City of Harbor Springs for at least two years immediately Fred Troup, Supervisor prior to the date of the election at which you are a candidate. Janell Van Diviner, Clerk 2. You shall not be in default to the City. 3. You shall not hold the same office for more than three (3) consecutive terms. If you meet the above qualifications, and desire to apply for the position, you must prepare a letter to Alan J. Dika, Mayor, City of Harbor Springs, explaining why you are interested in becoming a City Council person and stating what your qualifications are. Your letter must be received on or before 5:00 p.m., Monday, April 23, 2012. Your letter may be sent via mail to PO Box 678, Harbor Springs, MI 49740-0678; via fax to 231-526-6865; or via e-mail to Should you have any questions please contact the City Clerk’s Office in the City Hall, 160 Zoll St. Harbor Springs, MI 49740. Please feel free to contact the City Clerk, the City Manager or their office staff by telephone at (231) 5262104, via fax at (231) 526-6865, via e-mail at cityclerk@, or at, or in person. Thomas C. Richards City Manager

Ronald B. McRae City Clerk

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garage, walk to shopping. 1 yr. lease, refs required. No pets, no smoking. $1200/mo. 513-236-3416.


FRANKLIN PARK WAREHOUSE for rent: Next to Pointe’s North. 1500 sq. ft., 18 ft. ceiling, 12 ft wide overhead door. Storage or Man Cave… Call 231-838-1216.

-CONTINUED from page 1.

ROOMS FOR RENT. Extended stay/ construction rates available. Housekeeping service, Cable, TV, phone, microwave, fridge, WI-FI, utilities. No smoking, no pets. COACHHOUSE INN, 1011 US-31 N. Petoskey (231) 347-8281.

Available for July! Luxurious Downtown Harbor Springs Condominium Exceptional views of Little Traverse Bay and Harbor Point - Amazing Roof Top Deck - Extraordinary Parade and Fireworks Viewing Featured in national Design Publications3 bdrm/3.5 bath No smoking/pets Tiffanie 231.526.2537

Real Estate PRICE REDUCED – 3 bedroom, 3 bath home in Harbor Springs school district. Features full finished lower level, large fenced backyard, private setting. Priced at $122,500. Contact Connie O’Neill, Boyne Realty Resort Sales at 231-526-3191.

Boat Slip For Rent WALSTROM MARINE BASIN, 40’ $6,245, large 70’ $9,445, water, electricity and reserved parking included. Last slips at these reduced prices, 231-838-7470 cell.

Vacation Rental 2 BEDROOM, 1 BATH guest house within an association, with tennis and private beach. 239-472-3236.

Massage Therapy “RESTORE, RENEW & FEEL BETTER” with Massage Therapy. Therapeutic Services. Nan Hogan, over 25 yrs experience. 8434 M-119. 231330-0891

Wanted to Rent RESPONSIBLE YOUNG MAN with well trained dog, looking to rent reasonably priced 1-2 bedroom house/ apartment in the Harbor Springs area long term. Have references. Contact Mark at 231-330-0183 or email

Produce POND HILL FARM. CSA Shares for sale. $500 for 20 weeks. Visit www. for more information.

“We have learned so much from Crooked Tree and they have been incredibly supportive of our idea. We’re really fortunate to have such a strong arts organization in this community,” Baker said. With more than 30 entries already in hand, Baker said the Articipate committee has extended the deadline to apply until April 30, wanting to make sure as many young artists as possible have the chance to have their work included. “We’ll put together a walking tour map so people can go from shop to shop to see all the artwork on display,” Baker said, adding they are still looking for “host businesses” to exhibit each student’s piece. Down the road, she said she hopes Articipate evolves to include performance art, and adult participants as well. “This is our starting point, but there’s so much potential for this to become a true celebration of all forms of art in our communities.” For information or to apply for Articipate, visit www.

Fresh produce from our year-round greenhouse. Animals to feed. . Wine Tasting Room 7 days, 11-6 (www. Farm raised meats and more. Open daily 8 am-6 pm. 5 miles N. of downtown Harbor Springs on M119. www. 231-526-FARM..

Wanted LOOKING FOR OLD PHOTOS OF HORSEBACK RIDING and details about the Little Traverse Bay Riding Academy in Harbor Springs area! Please ID the location and people for publication. Include stories too. Mail to Karin Offield, BreknRidge Farm, 7359 Lake Shore Dr., Harbor Springs, MI. 49740, drop off at the stable or email to

Pets KITTY LITTER (NON-CLUMPING) & cleaning supplies needed at Little Traverse Bay Humane Society. Pine Sol, Lemon Lysol, paper towels, bleach, Windex, scrub brushes, Comet and laundry detergent are items always needed. LTBHS is a no-kill, non-profit shelter, 1300 W. Conway Rd. Hours: Mon-Fri, 10 am-6 pm; Sat 10 am-4 pm. (231) 347-2396 HOMES NEEDED FOR THE cuddly and deserving dogs and cats at Little Traverse Bay Humane Society. LTBHS is a no-kill, non-profit shelter. Stop in! 1300 W. Conway Rd. Hours: Mon-Fri, 10 am-6 pm. Sat 10 am-4 pm. (231) 347-2396.

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6789 S Lakeshore Dr. - Harbor Springs • Harbor Springs Downtown

Development Authority

The Harbor Springs Downtown Development Authority will accept proposals through Monday March 5, 5:00 PM to develop the HARBOR SPRINGS DOWNTOWN ENHANCEMENT STRATEGY Project requirements include: • analysis of the downtown retail, business, office and Before residential market you sign those • Landscape analysis of the downtown and waterfront attributes and Maintenance agreements opportunities give us call for residents a free estimate. • engaging theacommunity’s and property owners in the planning process Complete Landscape-Maintenence • identifying a vision for opportunities for downtown Sprinkler System Activation-Service revitalization

Lawn Care and Turf Fertilization

A full copy of the Request For Proposals document will be “Serving Harbor directed SpringstoArea Since 1993” provided to all requests Tom Richards, Harbor Springs City Manager; citymanager@cityofharborsprings. com or 231-526-2104

Mark Keller, Owner The Harbor Springs Downtown Development Authority Licensed and Insured

reserves the right to accept or reject any or all proposals, and will award based upon the qualifications of the applicant and the proposal providing the best P.O. matchBox for the 504 requirements of the DDA. Harbor Springs, MI 49740

Phone: 231-526-8420

Proposals will be evaluated by the Harbor Springs DDA Strategy Committee.After all qualified proposals have been evaluated by the committee, the most qualified proposals will be presented for selection by the full DDA Board on Wednesday March 21, 2012 at 8:00 AM Harbor Springs Downtown Development Authority c/o Tom Richards, Harbor Springs City Manager





eet s

00 - 4:00



eet gs

00 - 4:00


Harbor Light Community Newsweekly

Week of Apr. 18-24, 2012

Harbor Springs...Now and Then Musings, memories & news about you By CYNTHIA MORSE ZUMBAUGH | 231.526.7842 I thought that I was going to two funerals on Saturday and the idea wasn’t particularly appealing. In fact, these were honest celebrations of life of two men well worth celebrating. I have commented on what a special man Eddie Kelbel was, but the courage of his family and the loyalty of his friends deserve another mention. Ed graduated from Harbor Springs High School in 1977; I’m not one for counting years, but that was thirty-five

years ago. His teammates (and in the seventies we often considered teams, not classes) flew in from Arizona and Florida and Massachusetts for the ceremony; those are true friends, life-long friends. Lane Beatty told me a few times this weekend that I needed to call this column “The Last Practice” which indicated to me that after the loss both Eddie, and of Steve White in 2007, this was an end of sorts and I felt that almost did a disservice to the rest of those

stalwart buddies. As dearly as Eddie and Steve are and will continue to be missed, that core friendship between the remainder of that group will endure and in this age of throw-away relationships, that is something to treasure. I understand now what that title meant to them; after the premature loss, in their words, of their “#1 cheerleader, then the head of the ‘C’-crew and now our ‘A’ crew gunner with a guaranteed jump shot,” this was just an opportunity, as a

group, to say their good-byes. As for the Kelbel family, let us all pray for a time of peace and healing; this winter has been a hard road for all of them and they have handled it with more grace than anyone could expect. Bizarre side note, I know, but there was an interesting development Saturday evening at Eddie’s “Afterglow” party, rather like a rare alignment of planets or stars. In attendance on Saturday night were four consecutive years of

Harbor Springs Homecoming Queens; Kelly Snively, Julie Kelbel Leik, Karen White Rosinski and Tracy Johnson Hollerith. Maybe this sighting will bring us all luck; we could surely use some right about now. If ever a man understood the concept of service, that man was Michael (Mick) Heinz. Right out of school, he served in the Army in Vietnam. On his return, he was an employee of the city for thirty years, but his voluntary in-

Obituaries Michael Heinz Michael K. Heinz 67 of Harbor Springs died April 10, 2012 in Grand Rapids. He was born Feb. 7, 1945 in Petoskey to Lyle and Anna (Lanterman) Heinz. He grew up in Harbor Springs where he attended school and graduated from Harbor Springs High School in 1963. He proudly served in the US Army from 1966-1968 and was stationed in Viet Nam. On Dec. 5, 1970 he married Madaline Peterson in Harbor Springs where they made their home. He had worked for the City of Harbor Springs in the Dept. of Public Works over 30 years and was a supervisor for many years. Mick’s involvement in Harbor Springs included serving on City Council for many years, eight years on the school board, president and

volvement went far above and beyond. He served on the City Council, but he participated in so many ways that reflected his love and involvement with this town, especially the kids of all ages. From the School Board to Little League to Boy Scouts to Flag Football to his seemingly permanent position along the sidelines of football games and in the bleachers for basketball, he didn’t miss much. Every other story I heard or read this weekend began, “he was -CONTINUED on page 12.

Andrew Major coach of the Little League, flag football founder and coach, Boy Scout leader and worked the down box for the sideline “chain gang” at football games for many years. He was an active member of the VFW Post 2051 and the American Legion Post 2081. He enjoyed hunting, fishing, bowling, golfing on the Thursday night

“swinger” league and making oak baby cradles. Michael is survived by his wife, sons Allen (Liesl), William, Michael (Kristin), Lyle and Christopher (Allison) , 7 grandchildren and his brother David (Patti) and many nieces and nephews. He was preceded in death by his brother James.

Martha Rockwell

Bernard Clay

Funeral services were held April 14. In lieu of flowers memorial donations may be made to the VFW post or American Legion post. Online condolences may be made at

Bernard “Bernie” Clay, age 93 of Harbor Springs, formerly of Rogers City and Grosse Pointe Woods, Michigan, passed away on April 16, 2012 at Hiland Cottage in Petoskey. One of four children, he was born on February 15, 1919, to Harold and Alda Clay, in Charlotte, Michigan. He attended Hillsdale College where he met and later married his wife, Jane Robinson on November 28, 1942. In 1947, they moved to Grosse Point Woods, MI. where they raised 4 children. His family was active in the Presbyterian Church and enjoyed summer camping trips to both coasts. Bernard was an avid gardener, bridge player, wood worker and golfer. He retired from the Uniroyal Tire Co. after 34 yrs. of employment in research and development. In 1979 the couple moved to Rogers City, where he built his retirement home. He and his wife enjoyed square dancing, walks on the beach, picnics in the park, canning produce from their garden and bird watching, not to mention the many family gatherings. He was preceded in death by his parents, brother Bob, sister Gloria and his son Charles. He is survived by his wife Jane; and their children, Nancy (Jerry) Treece of Goodyear, AZ; B. James (Chris) Clay of Bellingham, WA; Carole (Bill) Cobb of Kansas City, MO; seven grandchildren and five great grandchildren. Visitation with the family will be from 10:00 AM on Fri. at the First Presbyterian Church in Harbor Springs. The funeral service will follow at 11:00 AM. Pastor James Pollard will officiate. Interment will follow at Lakeview Cemetery, Harbor Springs. In lieu of flowers the family suggests memorial contributions be made to the Hospice of Little Traverse Bay, One Hiland Drive, Petoskey, MI 49770. Memories may be shared with the family at:

Martha E. Rockwell 91 of Harbor Springs passed away peacefully April 14, 2012 at Hiland Cottage. She was born Sept. 24, 1920 in Port Huron to Oscar and Erva (Crockward) Dalrymple. She grew up in Port Huron where she attended and graduated from high school. Martha graduated from Cleary Business School and then went to work for Mueller Brass Co. On Jan. 17, 1942 she married M. Jerrie Rockwell and the couple made their home in Chicago. In 1944 the couple moved to Harbor Springs WANT TO GET IN TOUCH WITH US? where they raised their famLEAVE A MESSAGE AT THE STORE PHONE: 231-526-6658 ily. She had worked at Harbor LEAVE A MESSAGE WITH TOM DONAHOO: 231-881-4348 Springs State Bank (now EMAIL US: BCOVERS@SBCGLOBAL.NET First Community Bank) and We read Between the Covers! at State Bank and Trust in 152 East Main, Harbor Springs Petoskey. Martha enjoyed knitting and sewing and remaining active with her family and friends. She was a member of Order of Eastern Star and Emmanuel Episcopal Church. She is survived by her daughter Jerris Makee of Robert 0. (Bob) Nolan, 91, of Harbor Boyne City, son Ronald “Mac” Springs, formerly of East Lansing, died See you in May!!! (Jeanette) Rockwell of Har- Tuesday April 10, 2012. was born on August 10, 1920 in Glen 262 E. Main Street bor Springs and “adopted” AcousticHe Guitar/Voice Rock, NJ, the son of Clifford and Helen son Steve (Donna) Fosterfolk.blues.jazz of 526-4050 439 Pine(Rumsey) Street Nolan. His family moved to Lakeland, Fla. Also survivHarbor Springs, MI 49740NC at the age of 16 where Greensboro ing are her grandchildren he graduated from high school and then Tammy Rockwell, Heather Don’t miss Hank & Stan with Bo White & the Tarczon Bros. attended Guilford College, graduating RhythmBearss Section (Herb + Bob Bowne = “Hank & Stan”) (Roger) and Glahn Steven with a BS in 1942. After graduation, he Saturday, Sept. 12 -great From 8pm - before 12am (Amanda) Rockwell, and joined the United States Marine Corps and At Little Traverse Bay Golf Club (in the tent) grandchildren William NeedFree-will offerings for Manna Food Project are encouraged served his country in the South Pacific in ham, Alyssa Bearss, Charlene WWII. He was retired due to disability in Robert Nolan Bearss, Tyler Bearss, Melissa   Rockwell, Emma Rockwell, 1946 with the rank of Lt. He went on to further his education,  receiving a MA in education at Springfield College in Spring Jonathan Rockwell and Lind- field MA. His first teaching job was in Hartford CT and then say Foster. She was preceded   in death by her husband he went to Appalachian State College in Boone NC. In 1952 he was offered a job at Michigan State University in the College  Jerrie. A memorial service will of Education. He was a professor for 33 years. He earned his    take place on Sat. April 21st Ed. D in 1965. At the time of his retirement in 1985 he was the   at 11:00 AM at Emmanuel Director of the Highway Traffic Safety Center at MSU. Bob was Episcopal Church in Petoskey. an avid MSU fan. On March 7 1975, he married Patricia Erler .Upon his retireFr. Greg Brown will be the ment, they moved to Harbor Springs. officiant. Friends may call Bob was a member of the American Driver & Traffic Safety at the church beginning at Education Association, the Michigan Driver & Traffic Safety 10:00 AM. Education Association, Phi Delta Kappa, Military Officers The family suggests memoAssociation of America, the Marine Corps Association, and rial contributions be made to an active member of the Marine Corps League, Northern Hospice04/18/12 of Little Traverse Bay For Week: Michigan Detachment 690. or the Harbor Springs Public He enjoyed boating, fishing, traveling and gardening. Library. Online condolences He is survived by his loving wife of 37 years, Patricia; a may be made at www.stonedaughter, Sally (Greg) Alksnis of Ada MI; a grandson, Austin Jim Dika Richardson; his brother, Clifford, of Toledo O; two nephews and From our exclusive Harbor Springs Computers their families and many friends, particularly his MCL buddies. Trillium Collection The family would like to thank the staff and volunteers of P.O. Box 141 Hospice of Northwest Michigan and Vicky of Harbor Care AsHarbor Springs, MI 49740 sociates for their dedicated service. 231-526-5888 A memorial service in celebration of Bob’s life will be held on Friday, June 1, 2012 at Stone Funeral Home of Petoskey MI with visitation beginning at 1:00 until the time of the service at 2:30. The Rev. Dave Behling will officiate. Memorial Contributions may be given to the Marine Corps 721 W. LLake ake League Northern Michigan Detachment 690 Scholarship Fund, Harbor Springs P.O. Box K, Petoskey MI 49770 or the Little Traverse Bay 231.526.5571 Humane Society 1300 W. Conway Rd. Harbor Springs MI 49740

Andrew Edward Major age 74 passed away peacefully at his home surrounded by his family on April 9, 2012. Andrew was born July 12, 1937 in Hazel Park, Mi. to Edward and Lora (Stitson) Major. He attended and graduated from Hazel Park schools. He enlisted in the Army and served from 1955 to 1962. While stationed in Germany with the occupation forces he married Ursula Pfeil in 1956. She died on Sept. 10, 1974. On Nov. 25, 1978 he married Kathleen Johnston Charles in Harbor Springs and the couple has made their home in the Good Hart area. Andrew enjoyed reading and observing nature and feeding the birds and other wildlife. His greatest joy was being with his family. He is survived by his wife Kathleen, son Mark Andrew Major of Tenn., daughters Erin Cunningham of Arizona, Ronda Nystrom of Battle Creek, Margarethe Corbin of Utica, 5 Grandchildren and 3 Great Grandchildren. A Memorial Service took place April 1. Interment will take place at a later date in the Readmond Twp.Cemetery. Memorial donations may be made to Hospice of Little Traverse Bay or Harbor Springs Public Library. Online condolences may be made at

Richard Holmes Richard L. Holmes 82 of Harbor Springs died April 12, 2012 at Bay Bluffs Medical Care Facility. He was born Aug. 5, 1930 in Levering, Mi. to Neil Macauley and Edna Holmes. He married Johanna Lamb and the couple made their home in Emmet Co. Richard served in the Army for 2 years and then served in the Navy for 4 years. He spent most of his career as a painter and worked for Robert Zumbaugh Painting in Harbor Springs for many years. He enjoyed his work and spent much of his free time helping others. He also enjoyed baseball and travelling out west with Johanna. His greatest joy was being a good father and grandfather. Richard was preceded in death by his wife in 2011. He is survived by his children Mike (Sarah) Holmes, Mark (Patty) Holmes, Tony (Geri) Holmes, Sharon (Ron) Beer, Susan Moore, 19 grandchildren and 24 great grandchildren. Memorial contributions may be made to Holy Childhood of Jesus Church in Harbor Springs. Online condolences may be made at

Robert Nolan

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Live, silent auction fundraiser for local resident

EngagEmEnt mirror and two cedar

Weather HighLights

Weather HighLights

live and silent auctions as part of a Saturday, April 17, Adirondack chairs; a gift cerfund-raiser to support a local tificate for sky diving or a woman undergoing treatment scenic aerial tour; handmade WEEK'S HIGH for cancer. quilts, table cloths and other on Mon, April 12 WEEK’S HIGH Amy Peterson, 35, of Harbor products; gift certificates to Springs has breast cancer and numerous area restaurants; a On Mon., April 16 is facing approximately one portable BBQ grill; a pig roast; F year of treatment along with 10 cords of pole wood; jewWEEK'S LOW chemotherapy. She has no elry including earrings, braceBiological Station WEEK’S LOW onOn Sat,Fri., April 1013 offers enrichment health insurance coverage lets and necklaces; and much, Rachel Morris, 18, a April and the April 17 benefit will much more! senior at Harbor courses for adults help support her during treat“We are very, very pleased Springs High School F The University of Michigan ment and recovery. The ben- with the number and quality had 20” of her hair So goes April - Monday morning Biological Station will offer efit is sponsored by VFW Post of items we’ve received for It as was more cut off on April 9, we back startedtothemuch day it was 62+; two mini-courses for adult 2051 and American Legion the live and silent auctions,” seasonal conditions this 2010 with the help Tuesday morning at thepast same enrichment in June. Post 281. said Roger Mays, Building week with night time temof Madge Heinz at time it was 29! During that time Zach Gorman completed his Eagle Scout project designing andresibuild- Manager and Quartermaster/ Forest andrecently Landscape EcolThe numerous local peratures hovering or beThe Hair House of period we had sun,atclear skies, ing book toy shelves the Harbor Springs Community Food Pantry. Kristopher Dey - Lauren Davison ogy asks,and“Why do for plants dents involved in collecting Chief Financial Officer for lowwind, the freezing mark while rain and a period of snow Harbor Springs. (Courtesy Photo)they do?” Susgrow where donations from area busi- VFW Post 2051. “Individuals warming Fortunately time of year to thethis mid-50s durRachel will send her tainable Urbanism: Urban nesses and community resi- and businesses in our comregularly ingconditons the day. change We had some so cut hair along to Design with Nature, exam- dents have been over- munity have been outstandas we look 3” toward the weekend about of wet snow Locks of Love, a and Missy Davison an- rain, ines the links between human whelmed by the outpouring ingNick there is the possibility ofquite sun with with their support. There which disappeared non-profit organiza- Day celebration focuses on Earth Day/Arbor nounce the engagement of temperatures in the 50s. Despite settlement patterns and cli- of community support. will be something for everybut did remind us it is tion, where it will be made into a hair piece for a child mate change. their daughter, Lauren Marie quickly the cold, leaves are out, tulips, crafts, seedlings, recycling Just a few of the items for one at the benefit,” he said. still only suffering from long-term medical hair loss. And Rachel has a The Harbor Springs Community Food Pantry is the recipient Davison of Harbor Springs, and otherApril. spring Condtions flowers are in Both classes are taught on- the live and silent auction Mays also wanted the com- remain dry - predictions of fun new hair style to enjoy! ( Courtesy Photo) of Zach Gorman’s Eagle Scout Project. Zach is a Harbor Springs bloom. Enjoy! to Kristopher Francis Dey of Pictured above, Royce Jacobs, 2, and Rayne Jacobs, 5, of West site at and near the University include: float boat rental; The munity to know this is the first andBiological a member Staof Scout Troop 7 in Petoskey. When it Waterville, Ohio, the son of rain at the end of the week Traverse Township look over a pine seedling they received dur- ofresident, Michigan Pier Pointer boat rides; golf time that American Legion hopefully may produce those The Northern Michigan Chorale announces their annual was time to select his Eagle Scout project he decided he would Steve Dey.2051 ing the Ecostravaganza event on Sunday, April 15, at Pleasant- tion which is located on the packages from several area Post 281and andMary VFWJoPost Vocal Music Scholarship grant. These scholarships are like to design and build book and to entoy shelves for the children’s Weather bride-elect is spona 2008 April showers needed view Township Hall. The celebration for Earth Day and Arbor south side of Douglas Lake resorts; hand-crafted furni- haveThe come together to available for anyone of high school age or older. Applicants area at the food pantry. courage our spring things to highlights Day featured crafts, seed planting and seedlings, as well as near Pellston. ture including a picnic table, sorgraduate an event.of Harbor Springs burst forth. need to be a resident of Northern Michigan. Letters of brought to On April 9, Zach,allow with theinhelp of his brother Michael, brought High School and is currently information on recycling from Emmet County. The event was Mini-Courses application are due by Friday, May 7, 2010 and need to to the Pantry the two completed bookshelves that allow chil- completing her senior year at you weekly sponsored by the Friends of the Harbor Springs Area District depth study of an environWeather include name, address and phone number. Also, in the dren’s books to be displayed, along with two units on which by: Lake Superior State UniverLibrary and Community Center, www.harbordistrictlibrary. mental topic in a friendly, Highlights application letter, specify the planned use for the grant - such donated toys could be organized. The units were carefully sity. She will graduate with a org. (Courtesy Photo) supportive atmosphere. They Community Salutesdegree in conserva-brought to you as vocal lessons or music camp assistance. Vocal students planned to make it easy for children to look at and select what Bachelor are taught by individuals who each week by: and High School applicants should provide a letter of books/toys they would like to enjoy while waiting for their tion biology. Earth Day Birding at Oden Fish Hatchery are leaders in their field and recommendation from your music instructor. Auditions will family members to go through the pantry area for groceries. are well acquainted with the Appreciates volunteers Her fiancé is a 2007 gradutake on Mon, MayAudubon 17 at 7:00Society pm at the Petoskey United The place Petoskey Regional invites the public to Since moving theNorthlower level of the Community Area of ate of Anthony Wayne High Biological Stationto and Methodist Church, E. atMitchell. Send Day letters of join them on Sunday, 1804 April 22 8 am for Earth Birding Holy Childhood Church, the donated toys and books have been School has graduated ern Michigan. Scientists, As an unknown writer said, “When work,and commitment and application Northern Michigan Chorale, Box 51,Explore Petoskey, at the Odento Fish Hatchery, with Sally Stebbins. the in plastic containers in the children’s area. The units that Zach from Lake Superior State teachers and “laymen” inter- pleasure all become one and you reach that deep well where MI 49770. more Richterand at trails and For search forinformation, early springcontact birds inMeredith the evergreen built in haslearning transformed this small space into for University with a Bachelor deested something passion lives,a beautiful nothing isone impossible”. The volunteers of the 347-9717. deciduouso woodlands as well as ponds, wetlands and open new the have children. The project took Zach over six months to design, gree in fisheriesInc. and(WRC) wildlife all benefitted from Women’s Resource Center of Northern Michigan, areas near the hatchery buildings. Meet at 8 am at the Hatch- the procure the building materials, the wood, assemble Mini-Courses. He is currently areprocess a shining example of howmanagement. passion translates into The at entrance Holy Cross Parish Village will car. be hosting ery’sfolks south along USin 31Cross by the old train Allow 2 the pieces and then paint the furniture. He even added picket The Biological Station of- possibility. The WRC was employed state workfounded in 1977for bythe community ahours Pancake/Egg/Sausage breakfast on Sunday, April 18, for this free walk. For more info call Sally at 526-1222. fencespring materialand to thesummer backs of each unit for added ing at an theagency Oden Fish Hatchery. members who hadstability a dreamand of building committed Sampled at Irish Boat Shop serving from 8-11 am in the Fr. Al Parish Center. Cost is $5 fers for a finished design aspect. These units look so beautiful in classes for college students A July 14 wedding is being on Monday, Apr. 16 to equality, justice and the well-being of women in Northern which includes all the pancakes you can eat! Contact Sue Men’s Golf League whatishad been a very space. and the site of humble many Michigan. planned. Their passion bloomed into the formation of the Parson at 526-2874 for more information. Last week: 40º All of us at the conducted food pantry,organization’s volunteers andmultitude patrons alike, projects of human service programs and Hidden River Thursday Night Men’s Golf League play begins research Temperature: scientists across the kindness, are indebtedfrom to Zach for his talent! Happy Frank Sept Lauer who celebrates onpm. April 15 by lives ondedication 33 yearsand later through the hard work and May 10Birthday and runsto through 6 beginning at 7:30 If you Brought to you courtesy of by Carolyn Sandford from and commitment of the many volunteers who continue to actively can’t your find afamily partner wefriends. will find you one. Call Bill Wiechmann country. For more informa- Submitted Irish Boat Shop F tion on the Biological Station Hana Ketterer will be celebrating her birthday on April 16 support the agency. for more info 231-881-3434 or with her family and friends - have a great day! During National Volunteer Week, April 18-24, the WRC Sampled celebrates the many accomplishments of our volunteer team. at Irish Boat Shop Answer to last week’s puzzle Over 4,800 hours of service were donated to the agency in the Monday, Apr. 12 Answer to last week’s puzzle past year through the dedication of our volunteers. Our volunteer staff support families at the Safe Home, ring up Last week: LIQUID ICE sales and stock merchandise at the N.M. Gold Mine Resale Shops, Brought to you courtesy of serve on the Board of Directors, assist with agency mailings, INC Irish Boat Shop answer the 24-hour crisis phone line, style hair at the Safe Home, Quality do facility Service upkeep and maintenance, other from the firstand call Book Cellar important tasks. Updates and Harbor Springs’ mobile (231)touch 881-7891 Day/evening (231)of526-1052 Our volunteers the lives of hundreds individuals Seasonal Residents directory additions, Read Own Book Store Licensed and by insured 20+ years experience 3rd and families served the WRC in Antrim, Charlevoix, Call Ruth 526-2191 Between the Don’t forget to change your generation serving emmet and surrounding areas Open Daily • Year ‘Round Cheboygan, Emmet, and Otsego counties. Last year alone, the Covers! address with us if you are The Catholic Communities of RELEASE DATE—Sunday, April 15, 2012 WRC provided safety and advocacy to 595 victims domestic Design and Build • No Job Tooof Small 152 East Main Street Harbor Springs moving to or from L’ A rbre Croche abuse in Northern Michigan including 2,727 nights of Free Estimates Telephone 231.526.6658 Harbor MASSSprings SCHEDULE housing provided to 167 womenSt.and children at the Safe John’s Episcopal Church HoCall ly Childhood of Jesus Church, (231) 526-2191 Edited by Rich Norris and Joyce Nichols Lewis Home. The support of our volunteers a critical role in Juneplays 19 - Sept. 4 Harbornews@ Springs 89 Moccasin 60 Language in 15 Perfectly fine 127 Scads 90 Mule’s parent “K-2” By DON the agency’s ability to provide theseSunday vital services Services: to those in Saturday 5:00 pm; Sunday 8:30 am material which “Shazbot!” 16 Justin Bieber, 128 Egyptian 91 UmbrellaGAGLIARDO AND 93 Gather is a profanity e.g. currency garnished drink C.C. BURNIKEL need. We salute the passion and possibility that WRC 8:30 a.m. & 10:30 a.m. & 11:00 am discriminately 63 “Zip it!” 17 Gasteyer of 129 Decorates 92 Warehouse volunteers bring to our organizationWest andThird/Traverse community!St. Holy Cross Church 94 Patella 64 Basil-based “SNL” mischievously, worker ACROSS 95 Nap, in British sauces 18 DVR button for short 97 African snake 1 C-section docs All Welcome Jamie Winters Cross Village slang 66 Whichever 24 “Endymion” 98 Kick and Zero 4 Carrying on Saturday 4 pm 96 Iranian money 68 Milo of film and poet DOWN colas 10 See 88-Down Safe Home Coordinator 99 Stick to policy stage 29 Penn of “Milk” 1 Haunt 100 Joins forces 14 Al Jazeera’s St. Women’s Resource Center of Northern Michigan, Inc. 102 Charge 69 Comedian Black 33 Take a shine to 2 It has a bit part 101 They may be The Nicholas Catholic Church Communities country SPECIAL TO HARBOR LIGHT NEWSPAPER

Golf packages, hand-crafted furniture, jewelry, salon products, lawn maintenance and fertilizing, and pet grooming supplies and products are just a few of the many items that will be offered during

61 66 28 28


Locks of Love . . .


Eagle Scout project provides food pantry with bookshelves for children


In Appreciation

Water Temperature

LittleLittle Traverse Bay

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19 Top of some suits 20 Where Excalibur was forged 21 Terrier of mystery films 22 One-time TV medical expert Art 23 Geisha wear 25 Hollywood Walk of Fame feature 26 Intestinal 27 Attorney general before Dick Thornburgh 28 Minor key of Beethoven’s “Moonlight” 30 Hornswoggle 31 Memorial __Kettering: NYC hospital 32 Almost win 35 Oven seen at Colonial Williamsburg 39 Gmail outbox folder 40 Cuthbert of “24” 41 Shatner’s “__War” 42 “And how!” 43 Be complimentary (of) 48 Ventilate 50 Corp. symbols 53 Youngest Brontë 54 Diamond head? 55 Chews out 56 Become useless, as a well 58 Places to perch 61 Cold War prez 62 __ Mountains: Missouri range 63 Stick a fork in 65 “This __ emergency!” 67 Cheeky 71 “Scarlett” setting 72 Form of bank fraud 74 Password creator 75 Surfboard fin 76 Jocular “Gotcha” 77 __ Birds: cellphone game 78 The “a” sound in “afire” 79 ATM maker 81 Seek advice from 83 “This is yours now!” 84 Presses on 87 Lennon’s lady 88 Droids, e.g.

105 109 110 111 112 114 116 118 119 122 123 124 125 126

rolled over, for short Friendly greeting Outcast Extremely thin Terr. that’s now two states Have a go at Deals with Big name in china Dip in “Swan Lake”? Prepare a seder, say “Whether __ or lose ...” Mary Kay rival Hilltop homes Cold-climate seabird Painter of café scenes

3 Sockeye, e.g. 4 Arouse from sleep 5 Car rental company founder Warren 6 Locker room strategy 7 U.N. workers’ gp. 8 Persona __ grata 9 Italian dumplings 10 Party to remember 11 Abbr. on a cornerstone 12 Beatles drummer after 10-Across 13 La Brea attraction 14 Football surprise

34 Set a price of 36 Discontinuing 37 Hard on the eyes, in a way 38 Minor quibbles 40 Counting-rhyme starter 44 It may have a theme 45 Bridge installer’s deg. 46 “Get over yourself!” 47 Private aye 49 Sears associate 50 Harness racing events 51 Mall melodies 52 Simple trap 57 “The facts, ma’am” series 58 Runner-up’s demand 59 Former acorn

70 Cries of annoyance 72 Turning green in the backseat, say 73 One may be returned for a TD 78 Encl. with a manuscript 80 He debuted in Action Comics in 1938 82 Kanga’s little one 83 GI’s lullaby? 84 All-in-one Apple 85 Beer-brewing mixture 86 “Zip it!” 88 With 10-Across, Beatles drummer before 12-Down

103 Get in the game 104 Long-legged waders 106 “Embraced by the Light” author Betty 107 Round of shots 108 Boxy Toyota 110 Explain away, with “over” 113 Griffey and Griffey Jr. 115 Squeezed (out) 116 Seeker in personals, briefly 117 Stew veggie 120 LBJ’s antipoverty agcy. 121 Sch. named for an evangelist

Over 30 years of helping people NEW PPA ATIENTS ARE AL WA YS WELCOME ALWA WAYS

Larks Lake of L’Arbre Croche Sunday , 11:00 am Holy Childhood of Jesus Church, 231-526-2017 Harbor Springs StutsmanvilleChapel•Sunday Sat. 5 pm; Sun 8:30 & 11 am, Worship: 9:30 am, Sunday Tues 6 pm, Wed, Thur,Fri 8:00 am Worship: 11:00 am • Primary & Holy Cross Church-Cross Village Adults Sunday School: 9:30 am • Sat 4 pm Ed Warner, Pastor • 526-2335 St. Nicholas Church-Larks Lake 2988 N. State Rd. Sun, 11:00 am Main Street Baptist Church Stutsmanville Chapel 544 E. Main St, Harbor Springs Sunday Worship: 9:30 am • 231-526-6733 (Church); 231Sunday Worship: 11:00 am 526-5434 (Pastor) • Family SunPrimary & Adults Sunday School: day School: 10:00 a.m.; Morning 9:30 am Family Worship: 11:00; Evening Ed Warner, Pastor 526-2335 Family Praise Svc 6:00 p.m.; 2988 N. State Rd., Bible Study Church & Prayer: 7:00 MainWed Street Baptist Ne w Life Anglican Church 544 E. Main St, Harbor Springs Worship: Sunday , 10:00 am • 231-526-6733 (Church) 619 Waukazoo Ave, Petoskey. 231-526-5434 (Pastor) Phone 231-347-3448 Family Sunday School: 10:00 a.m. Morning Family Worship: 11:00 Harbor Springs United Evening Family Praise Svc 6:00 p.m. Methodist Church Main St. •Church Worship, New 343 LifeE.Anglican Sunday school:11:00 Worship: Sunday @ 10:00a.m. am Communion:Ave, 1st Sunday of 619 Waukazoo Petoskey. month • Pastor Mary Sweet • Phone 231-347-3448 231-526-2414 (church) • Harbor Springs United First Presbyterian Methodist Church Church 8:50 Adult Ed; 10:00 am Worship Worship, Nursery, & Children’s Sunday School, 11:00 Junior Church: 11:00 Coffee Fellowship • Jim Pollard, Communion: 1st Sunday of month Senior Pastor • 526-7332Bible • 7940 Bible Study: Pastor-led Cemetery Harbor Study at 3:00 Rd, p.m. Wed Springs Pastor, Kathy Cadarette Unitarian Universalist First Presbyterian Church Congregation of Petoskey 8:50 Services Adult Edat Terrace Inn, Bay View, 10:00through WorshipApril & Children’s Sunday School of the month 1st and 3rd Sundays 11:00 atCoffee 11 a.m.Fellowship: Jim Pollard, Pastor ReligiousSenior education for children 526-7332 231-348-9882 7940 Cemetery Rd, Harbor Springs


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Sports Week in Review Compiled by Danielle McIntosh | Upcoming schedule Boys Varsity Baseball: Thursday, April 19 vs. Pellston at 4:30 p.m.; Friday, April 20 at Elk Rapids at 4:30 p.m.. Girls Varsity Softball: Thursday, April 19 vs. Pellston at 4:30 p.m.; Friday, April 20 at Elk Rapids at 4:30 p.m.. Varsity Track and Field: Friday, April 20, Ram Scram at 4 p.m.; Monday, April 23 LMC Conference Meet at 4 p.m.. Girls Varsity Tennis: Saturday, April 21 at Whitehall at 12 p.m.; Tuesday, April 24 vs. Boyne City at 4:30 p.m.. Boys Varsity Golf: Thursday, April 19 at LMC at Grayling at 4:30 p.m.; Monday, April 23, LMC Match at 12 p.m.

Boys Varsity Baseball Thursday, April 12 at Harbor Light Game 1: Harbor Springs 6, Harbor Light 1 WP, Scott Morse, 5 innings, 0 ERA, 2 W, 8 K. Key hitters: Adam Sydow, single and double, 3 RBI; Scott Morse, single; Nate VanSloten, single Game 2: Harbor Springs 11, Harbor Light 1 WP, Ean Walda, 2 innings, 0 ERA, 5 K; Nate VanSloten, 3 innings, 0 ERA, 5 K Key hitters: Adam Sydow, double, 3 RBI; Scott Morse, double; Michael Cannon, Emmet Fineout, Nate VanSloten and Alex Waha, singles Coach’s Comments: Head Coach Mark Grosvenor said, “We pitched well in both games. Our defense has a ways to go, but the kids are out there working hard on it every day.”

Monday, April 16 vs. Burt Lake Harbor Springs ended Monday’s windy and snowy game twenty minutes early with the 8-0 mercy rule over Burt Lake NMCA. Rhi Cullip, Stephanie Sylvain, and Tia Esposito each scored two goals. Autumn Khinke and Brigitte Bonter contributed one each. Coach Fantozzi noted that Chelsea Olivarez and Ashley Green for their midfield play. Coach’s Comments: Head Coach Ed Fantozzi said, “The weather was a little extreme but the girls performed well despite the conditions.”

Results: 1S Grace Carbeck vs Abby Boorheis TCC won 8-4; 2S Maggie Kane v Lanae Hanna HS won 8-0; 3S Leah Collie v Meg O’Connor HS won 8-0; 4S HS won by default. 1D Abbey Knoodle and Emily Lesky v Callie Kostrewc and Nicole Shanoski TCC won 8-7(10-5); 2D Claire Cunningham and Perry Bower v Amands Ufer and Katy Mannes TCC won 8-4; 3D Morgan Mooradian and Rae Claramunt v Rylee Price and Laura Murray HS won 8-1; 4D HS won by default.

Track and Field Monday, April 16 Jamboree Monday’s meet was cancelled due to weather. The team will hosts the Ram Scram on Friday, April 20 with events starting at 4 p.m..

Players Needed

Girls Varsity Tennis Monday, April 16 vs. TC Christian Harbor Springs 5, TC Christian 3

Players are needed for Thursday night men’s league at Hidden River Golf and Casting Club. Grab a partner to play

Next to Harbor IGA 203 Clark St. 526-7160


“Good Dog Food at a Good Price!”

Bird Seed & Feeders, Dog/Cat Toys, Grooming Supplies, Treats, Supplements, Horse Feed & Grain, $1 Suet Cakes, Fish & other Reptile Food.

Girls Varsity Soccer Thursday, April 12 at Elk Rapids The girls went 100 minutes without a goal from either team. Harbor Springs lost in the shoot-out 4-3. Scorers were Meg Shepherd, Brigitte Bonter, and Shallon Graywey. Mackenzie Sylvain started in goal and Tia Esposito stood in for the shoot-out. Coach’s Comments: Head Coach Ed Fantozzi said, “The result was not what we wanted, but the way we improved was a good indication of what is to come.”

MIKE PIERCE D.D.S. New Patients Welcome Weekdays 7 am - 4 pm 289 E. Main St. Harbor Springs 231-526-9611

each Thursday starting at 5:30 p.m.. No partner, we will find one for you. Play starts on May 10 and runs until September 6. Call Bill at (231)881-3434 or email for more information. Each team is limited to 18, two man teams.

Parent/volunteer coordinator need for newspaper graduation section

The Harbor Point Golf Club

is welcoming golfers to our 116th season of play! Opening Day will be Friday, April 27, 2012 (weather permitting) The Premier Pass at Harbor Point. Available in both 18-hole ($400) and 9-hole ($250) options the Premier Pass is a great value. Rounds can be redeemed in the spring from Opening Day to 6/24/12 and in the fall from 9/4/12 to 10/9/12 and all Premier Passes are only available until May 7th.

The Harbor Light Newspaper annual graduation edition will again need a volunteer to coordinate gathering of graduate photos and related information this year. This volunteer coordination is required for this special section to be published and your assistance is greatly appreciated. Contact Michelle Ketterer at the newspaper or 526-2191.

This special promotion is only available in April so be sure to get yours by calling the golf shop at 231-526-2951. For information on membership opportunities, contact Shaun Bezilla, PGA Professional at 526-2951 or the Harbor Point Office at 526-5381.

Visit us online @


Celebrate Your Graduate!

�2311 75332110

With your own personalized message and/or photo salute in this year’s Th Harbor Light Newspaper plans again to offer family, friends, businesses and community members the opportunity to celebrate graduates of the Harbor Springs High School Class of 2012. To help support this effort, we invite your individual messages and photo salutes. Stop by the Harbor Light Newspaper office at 211 E. Third St. to place your message of salute; or email it to news@ncpublish. com (attach photos as jpegs or tifs). Call us for more information at 231-526-2191. This special salute will be published Wednesday, May 30. DEADLINE: FRIDAY, MAY 25.

Girls Varsity Softball Thursday, April 12 at Harbor Light Game 1: Harbor Light 3, Harbor Springs 0 LP, Kay Paige, 6 K Game 2: Harbor Light 10, Harbor Springs 7 LP, Brook Paige,10 K Hitting: Brook Paige, 2 triples; Ryan Boeve, RBI, single; Kay Paige, RBI; Tessa Groleske, single, Kelsey Sydow, single; Laura McQuarter, single With just 10 players, Harbor Springs faced Harbor Light pitcher Kaila Schuttee who is currently recruited by multiple DIII and NAIA colleges. Though the Rams took a game to get the bats going, the effort from underclassmen was notable. The team returns two starters to the line-up after battling illness. The girls play Pellston at home on Friday, April 20.

Week of Apr. 18-24, 2012

One photo plus personal message $29


SQUIER ELECTRIC “Anything Electrical Since 1916”

Residential • Commercial Industrial • Marina



7450 Hughston Road • Harbor Springs

Jennifer, We are so proud of all you have accomplished. Best of luck at university. Love Mom, Dad, Billy and Joe.

Two photos plus personal message $39

Congratulations Jessica! You have conquered another mountain. Love Mom & Dad

Personal message no photo $19

A Salute to a Special Graduate Graduate’s Name Your Name/Address

“Anything Electrical Since 1916”

Residential Commercial Industrial • Marina



7450 Hughston Road • Harbor Springs

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E-Mail ( or bring original photos to Harbor Light, 211 E. Third St. All photos available for pickup after newspaper is published. Email jpeg or tiff files.

____Call 526-2191 or stop in to pay by credit card.

Week of Apr. 18-24, 2012

Harbor Light Community Newsweekly


Community History Note: Back in 1981, the Harbor Light Newspaper collaborated with area history experts, local civic organizations and area businesses to produce a Harbor Springs Centennial Edition of the Harbor Light marking the 100th birthday of Harbor Springs. We are in the process of bringing the articles and features from that issue back to life and plan to re-issue that edition in a new format at some point in the next year. As part of that process, we will be including excerpts and articles from that edition periodically here in these pages, along with other history-related content. We hope you enjoy these looks back in our community’s history. We are also featuring these articles online in new blog:

-Charles O’Neill

In Centennial Celebration:

Excerpt from Harbor Light Newspaper , Special Centennial Issue, July 1, 1981

Brief History of Harbor Springs Schools By WILLIAM BAKER (Excerpted from “Harbor Springs: A Collection of Essays”)

The study of education in Harbor Springs, like so many other studies of Harbor Springs, must begin with the Catholic missionaries. Father Peter DeJean was sent to reside here permanently in May 1829. That summer, under his supervision, the Indians erected a church and a rectory that included a large schoolroom. The school opened on August 23, 1829, with two lay teachers - Joseph Letourneau and Elizabeth Williams. By the end of September the teachers had enrolled 13 day students and 25 boarders. The original Catholic school ceased to operate at some unknown point in the mid19th century. While in operation, however, the instructors taught not only religion and the “Three R’s,” but vocational classes as well - carpentry, gardening, cooking, housekeeping, bookbinding, printing and smithery. On September 4, 1884, the administration of the church was taken over by the Franciscan order. In 1885 the Franciscans reopened the school and by 1886 had erected a new three-story school building. Two other buildings were erected before the first brick building was built in 1913. Holy Childhood School as it stands today was completed with a brick addition in 1926. Holy Childhood School was established to educate Indian children but when white settlers moved to Harbor Springs the children of the parish also attended. Local children, both Indian and white, were referred to as “day students.” Indian students from outside

the parish were the “boarders.” At the beginning of December 1886, the school had 64 boarders; the school census of 1970-71 listed 107 boarders, the most ever enrolled. In recent years the number of boarders has dropped sharply. Two factors have brought about this decline: new welfare programs have provided economic incentives to families who keep their children at home, and the number of boarding accommodations was reduced to 65 when the living quarters had to be moved from the third floor to the first floor to meet state safety requirements. Throughout most of its history, Holy Childhood School has been financed primarily by the local church. The federal government does provide some assistance, and the state of Michigan helps support the lunch program, but most of the money needed comes from church fund-raising projects and contributions from summer residents. Public education began in Harbor Springs sometime during the second half of the 19th century. Exactly when is unclear. A government school, taught by Margaret Boyd (sister of Andrew J. Blackbird), is thought to have been established for the Indians as early as 1857. Will E. Hampton, in his unpublished memoirs of boyhood in Harbor Springs, says a small schoolhouse opened in the fall of 1875 on the north side of Third Street near Judd Street. Hampton also records the opening of the first graded school in the village in 1878. The first written record of school construction is the

report of a special school election on July 30, 1890. By a vote of 19 to one the electors of the district voted to bond the district for $1,700 to build a two-room, two-story addition to the existing school building, then located on Spring Street. The board decided to erect this addition at the north end of the school and resolved to solicit bids from “builders living within the township.” The bid was duly awarded, and on October 4 the board accepted the building. The next addition to school facilities was authorized by voters in 1905. By 1912 it was obvious that more classroom space and a gymnasium were needed; board minutes show that the school had been renting Melching’s Hall (at Melching Boat Works on the waterfront) for $50 to play basketball. By spring of 1914 the board had decided to build a new school and on April 28, 1914, the electors approved bonding the district for $68,000 to purchase the present high school site and erect a schoolhouse. The school built as a result of that bond issue stands today on Bluff Drive overlooking Little traverse Bay. From 1949 through 1963, 13 districts were annexed to the Harbor Springs schools. These annexations came about at the request of the rural school districts who wanted their children to be able to take advantage of the facilities Harbor Springs had to offer. As a result of this growth, the school board began looking at building needs again in 1951. On December 2, 1954, a scaled-down proposal to build an elementary school on Lake Street and a farm

First high school, with addition on left (about 1910)

Harbor springs HistoriCal soCiety Harbor History Talk explores the stories in the stars The Harbor Springs Area Historical Society is pleased to welcome Mary Stewart Adams on Thursday, April 19 at 7:00 pm for An Evening with the Stars. Adams is a star lore historian and has been an integral part of Emmet County’s work to establish a designated International Dark Sky Park at the Headlands (two miles west of Mackinaw City). The park is just the sixth such park in the United States and the ninth in the world. Please join us and find out what histories lie in the beautiful night sky above us. Mary will focus her talk on recent history including 19th century history of making mirrors relative to astronomical research as well as the introduction of the light bulb and its role in the disappearing night sky. Mary’s talk takes place during International Dark Sky Week (April 16-21, 2012). For more information about our Dark Sky Park, please visit Emmet County’s Dark Sky Park site. Admission to the Harbor History Talks is $3 per person and free for HSAHS members. Light refreshments will be served. The Mary Adams Harbor Light Newspaper file photo Harbor History Talks are presented ten months out of the year by the Historical Society and are sponsored in part by Graham Real Estate. The History Talks take place in the second-floor Anton Library at the Harbor Springs History Museum, 349 E. Main Street, Harbor Springs. For more information, visit or call the Historical Society at (231) 526-9771. -Submitted by Harbor Springs Area Historical Society

shop near the high school was approved. In 1958 district residents approved a five-room addition to the elementary school and a new gymnasium. In 1967, school electors voted in favor of a $675,000 bond issue to construct additions to the elementary and high

schools and remodel some classrooms in the high school. The last step in the improvement of school facilities was approved in 1977. The bond issue provided funds for remodeling most of the existing facilities, converting the 1958 gym to a middle school and building an addi-

tions to house a gymnasium, cafeteria, offices and locker commons. The elementary school was also expanded and remodeled. The End (Note: Bill Baker was superintendent of schools).

Harbor grad’s connection to pool and swimming helped launch teaching, coaching career -CONTINUED from page 1.

at the community pool for many years thereafter. Years later, after attending Central Michigan University to study education, Beat

found himself sitting in a job interview for a teaching position at Wayland High School. “I always kept my swim instruction background on my resume, because my dad once told me, ‘everyone needs to know how to swim.’” While he was preparing for the interview, he saw that the school had a swim program, so he inquired about it.

“I wanted to make myself more marketable, even though I knew little about competitive high school swimming,” he added with a chuckle. Straight out of college, Beat managed to land his ideal job -- teaching high school math, as well as assisting with the girls’ swim team. Beat admitted his lack

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of high school competitive swimming was overshadowed by his self-confidence and positive attitude. “High school swimming events are different than the competitive events I was familiar with; I knew little about training swimmers-and nothing about the diving aspect. Here I was, a male assistant, coaching under a female head coach and a team full of girls. I was definitely out of my element.” But Beat said he did not let this hold him back, and made a conscious effort to become a sponge and learn anything and everything he could about high school swimming, as well as the best training and coaching methods. “I learned through asking a lot of questions. I would talk to other coaches and I did a lot of research. I started with the girls and got to know them and their strengths and abilities.” After his first year as an assistant, Beat came back with ideas; he built a strategy and he knew the kids and their strong suits. When Beat’s strategies and methods proved successful, he transitioned to the varsity boys’ coach. “In high school, the sport is seasonal rather than year round, explained Beat, “which means that you will have some kids coming in

with little to no experience. And especially boys, because of their age, their bodies can completely change from year to year. One year they will be short and scrawny and the next year they are six foot three with lanky arms.” Just as Beat started to settle into his new role, the pool was threatened (at least verbally) with budget cuts. Similar to a situation Harbor Springs now faces, the pool could have been closed due to lack of funds for maintenance and operation. Luckily for Beat and his student swimmers, the community rallied behind the pool, fully supporting the community resource. Swim parents and school staff cooperated to turn the pool into a profit center rather than an expense drain. This meant opening up the pool to the public for classes, lifeguard certifications, lap swims, birthday party rentals and more. “Our pool has really done a 180-degree change. It went from a pool only for students, to being utilized constantly. We still don’t have a lot of money, but we are almost in need of a new pool and the discussions are stirring through the school district.” Pointing out that Harbor Springs Community Pool has already historically been busy with community activities, Beat noted that all pools

have a disadvantage because ‘swimming is not a spectator sport,’ and maintaining pools can be costly. With this said, the area’s Hammerheads program took the title this year at the Michigan Team Swim League State Meet, and has previously placed second behind Midland for the past nine years. Despite the fact that the Harbor Springs pool was closed for the summer to minimize costs, the Hammerheads came back strong in the fall and boasted 105 participants, which is up from years past, according to head coach Tracy Mauer. Beat gave a supporting nod to the rumors of a potential recreational mileage to help keep the pool afloat. He said the lessons he learned in his hometown pool undoubtedly shaped both his character and career. “It seems like the pool is always utilized. I am really emotionally attached to that pool and it is frustrating to see it struggle. I hope Harbor Springs can save it,” he said.


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At the Movies with Cynthia Morse ZuMbaugh

The Cabin in the Woods

Downtown Carriage Tours, in Harbor Springs will run from 2-6 p.m. on Fridays and Sundays. The “take-off” and “meeting” zone is on Bay Street near The Pier, The New York and the Bar Harbor, with other stops at the loading zones near the Island Bean; the Woolly Bugger; and the Main and Gardner Streets loading zone by Turkey’s and Spice Harbor. The carriage will depart from the Bay Street location every 30 minutes.

Harbor History Talk, An Evening with the Stars, will be presented at the Harbor Springs Area Historical Society on Thursday, April 19 at 7 pm. Mary Stewart Adams is a star lore historian and has work to establish a designated International Dark Sky Park at the Headlands (two miles west of Mackinaw City). Adams will focus her talk on recent history including 19th century history of making mirrors relative to astronomical research as well as the introduction of the light bulb and its role in the disappearing night sky. Admission to the Harbor History Talks is $3 per person and free for HSAHS

members. Light refreshments will be served. The Harbor History Talks are presented ten months out of the year by the Historical Society and are sponsored in part by Graham Real Estate.

Day of Sharing, is May 9. High School students from Harbor Springs would like to offer help cleaning up yards for those 65 and older that live within 30 minutes of the school. Students will rake leaves, remove brush, plant flowers, etc. If interested, call Jennifer LaPoint at (231)526-4806 or email The deadline for calling is May 1.

Geocoins.” Help us complete the challenge of bringing the geocoins to all of the geocaches on our nature preserves this summer. We’ll celebrate the challenge completion at our Annual Meeting. There is no charge for this outing, but pre-registration is required by calling (231)347-0991.

Petoskey Regional Audubon Society, invites the public to join them on Sunday, April 22 at 8 a.m. for Earth Day Birding at the Oden Fish Hatchery, with Sally Stebbins. Explore the trails at the Oden Fish Hatchery, and search for early spring birds in the evergreen and deciduous woodlands, as well as ponds, wetlands, and open areas near the hatchery buildings. Meet at 8 a.m. at the hatchery’s south entrance along U.S. 31 by the old train car. Allow two hours for this free walk. For more information call Sally at (231)526-1222.

Earth Day-Arbor Day, at The Blissfest Festival Farm will be celebrated April 21. Join in and plant fruit trees, mint and hops to learn all about these plants. A potluck lunch will be served. The event is from 10 a.m.-3 p.m.. Call the office at (231)0348-7047 for information.

Women in the Wild Hike, at Wilderness State Park will be hosted by The Outfitter of Harbor Springs on Saturday, April 28 from 9 a.m.-1 p.m.. Explore Waugoshance Point and the inland trails of our local gem. The hike is open to women of all ages who want to get outdoors, explore and gain skills together. Fee is $10 and carpooling is available. Pre-registration required; call (231)526-2621 or visit www.

Women in the Wild, Flora Walk,

Saturday, May 12 from 10–12 p.m.. Explore this beautiful new preserve near Pellston and along the Maple River with board member Mark Paddock. Learn about beaver and mink activity, their river habitats, and enjoy hiking a mile of upland trails. Please wear appropriate clothing and footwear for hiking, and also bring necessary items such as bug spray, water, sunscreen etc. River Ecology. No charge for this outing, but pre-registration is required by calling (231)347-0991.

Libraries Spring Street Story Time, will be held at the Harbor Springs Library. Children and Families are invited to join us at the library for a new Story Time Program. “Spring Street Story Time” is on Saturdays from 10am-12pm. Stories for children ages five and under are from 10-11am; Stories for children ages 6-9 are from 11am-12pm. Bring the whole family for a fun morning in the library. Call 526-2531 or visit www.harborspringslibrary. org for more information.

526-6041 Our Annual Cinco de Mayo Come Celebrate! Great Food! Margaritas! Fun! Bring Your Friends!

Saturday, May 5th 5-9pm

5th Anniversary

Spring FRAME Show


Travel Health and First Aid, will be hosted by The Outfitter of Harbor Springs on Tuesday, May 15 at 7 p.m. as part of its monthly speaker series. Josh Martin, owner of Northern Cairn LLC, Nurse Practitioner and Fellow in the Academy of Wilderness Medicine, will share need-to-know information on pre-travel preparation and common medical concerns related to voyaging, boating, trekking, mountaineering, or doing mission work away when you are away from medical care. The event is open to all. Bring non-perishable food items for the Harbor Springs Community Food Pantry for admission. The Outfitter, 153 E Main Street in Harbor Springs. For more information call (231)526-2621 or visit

Youth and Family Getting Kids Outdoors, of Emmet County invites families to the annual spring celebration and kick off to a new passport for adventure on Saturday April 28. The day will be hosted at Pond Hill Farm in Harbor Springs from 1-4 p.m.. There will be free outdoor activities, barn animals, sack races, hay rides and music by Blissfest. For more information contact (231)347-0991.

The Outfitter of Harbor Springs will host a Women in the Wild flora walk on Thursday, May Playgroups, through the 10 from 10 am-12 p.m.. Learn Women’s Resource Center of to identify wildflowers and Northern Michigan, are for trees found in our local woods children aged 0-60 months and Every Wed. 5 to 8 pm. as well as common folklore preschool-aged siblings. The and medicinal uses. Open 4/11 to Mexican Fiesta spring schedule is 9:30 - 11 a.m. women of all ages who want to Tuesdays at Polish Christ Lutheran 4/18 Indian, 4/25 get outdoors, explore and gain Church, Boyne City; 9:30 -11 skills together. Fee is $10, and Starting at $1595 a.m. Wednesdays at Jordan Valcarpooling is available. Meet at ley District Library Community the Boyne Highlands trails on Room, East Jordan; 9:30- 11 Warwick Road. Pre-registration a.m. Wednesdays at United required, call (231)526-2621 Methodist Church, Alanson and or visit www.outfitterharbor9:30 - 11 a.m., Fridays at United Methodist Church, Petoskey. Call (231)347-0067 for more Study Riverine Mammals, information. at Braun Nature Preserve on

Little Traverse Conservancy, stewardship specialist Charles Dawley and board member Carlin Smith will kick off the spring season on April 22 with an introduction to geocaching. There are more than 80 geocaches on LTC nature preserves and at least four of them are hidden at the Offield Preserve. Join Charles and Carlin in releasing three “Trackable

2 For $25

Mary Ellen’s

Serving Breakfast & Lunch WIFI available

Pellston Market

Chicken Fajita Week Four - Dessert Pizza Grill Open Until 2pm

Dinner Specials Sundays thru Thursdays All Night Long | Through May 17

Shrimp & Broccoli Alfredo 5Pc Teddy Style Frog Legs 1/2 Slab BBQ Baby Back Ribs Chicken Marsala Fresh Whitefish 10oz Angus Top Sirloin Roadhouse Calves Liver Chicken Parmesan 5pc Shrimp Tempura 231.526.7805

Just off Pleasantview Rd. Harbor Springs Comments Visit Us at

12:30 on Sun. Five Course Italian Wine Tasting Dinner 526-5591

led by Pascale Asbury on Sat. April145 28th, 7:00pm E. Main St. $62 per guest plus tax and 20% gratuity

Call 231/539-7100

to reserve your spot and to get menu details Pellston, an eclectic alternative

Mary Ellen’s Serving Breakfast & Lunch Grill Open Until 2pm 12:30 on Sun. Old Fashioned Malts and Shakes FREE Internet

526-5591 • 145 E. Main



Family Dining




Burns Professional Building Petoskey 487-0171 • M-F 8:30-5:30 Sat 9:00-Noon

Gadget Petting Zoo See, touch and learn about e-readers, tablets and smartphones on Saturday, April 21, from 1:30-3:30 p.m. at Harbor Springs City Hall. All are welcome to this FREE public event sponsored by the Friends of the Harbor Springs Area District Library and Community Center.


Bistro Dinner Series

Great Outdoors


e 197


Thursday • April 26th • 2pm - 7pm

It speaks volumes about this quality of movies out there right now that this is the one that I voluntarily chose to see this weekend. I like scary movies, but I find too often that Hollywood doesn’t comprehend the difference between “gore porn” and movies that are scary because there is some actual thinking and suspense involved. This, happily, surprised me. The Cabin in the Woods has humor and some actual original thoughts, though it doesn’t always seem that way. Writers Joss Whedon (Buffy the Vampire Slayer) and Drew Goddard (Cloverfield,) who also directs, take the stereotypical characters from a teen slasher movie and play just enough games with them to make it interesting. This is almost impossible to review without revealing some of the more interesting twists and I surely do not want to do that; I hate spoilers. Suffice to say the movie begins like so many before it, five teens head out for a vacation in the titular cabin in the woods. That’s about as far as normal goes for this movie. I’m not a big fan of “creatures” but they actually make them work quite well here and if you manage to guess the ending, I’m impressed. The young cast is surprisingly good in their clichéd roles. Jock, good girl, bad girl, nerd and pot head; are all the bases covered there? I have to say that although I am not always a fan of pot-based humor, Marty (Fran Kranz) was probably my favorite character and definitely the origin of much of the humor. Chris Hemsworth, Kristen Connelly, Anna Hutchinson and Jesse Williams round out the teens, but the faces of the involved adults are far more familiar. Richard Jenkins and Bradley Whitfield are wonderful, playing it very low key in not very normal situations. Rated R, there is plenty of profanity, some sexual conversations and brief nudity, but the rating is for violence and gore, there is plenty of that.

Town Happenings

Week of Apr. 18-24, 2012

Heart Shaped Pizzas! Get Your Valentine a Large Two-Item Jus Heart Shaped Pizza $10.

Grand Opening!!! Of our

February 14th

New Buffet

1030 State St Harbor1030 Springs State, Harbor Springs



$ 99

(Limited time offer)



Grand Opening!!!

Heart Shaped Pizzas!

Get Your Valentine a Large Two-Item Heart Shaped Pizza

Jus $10.

February 14th

Of our

Grill closes at 2:0 on Sundays 103012:30 State, Harbor Springs

Heart Shaped Pizzas! 231-526-2424 Get Your Valentine a Large Two-Item Only Just Heart Shaped Pizza $10.99

New Buffet


$ 99

Reopening from spring February 14th (Limited time offer)

cleaning on April 19th

Please stop by and welcome 1030Miller State, Harbor Springs back Bill


1030 State St Harbor Springs


Heart Shaped Pizzas!

Week of Apr. 18-24, 2012

ABOUT TOWN Downtown Harbor Springs 231.526.2621 Open Every Day

Community Stitch, is an open knitting/crochet group that brings people together to work on projects that help others in our community. All levels and ages are welcome. The first project will be slippers for Project Connect and Nehemiah House. The group will meet at the Harbor Springs Library on Every Tuesday at 12:30 p.m.. Patterns are available--bring size 10 needles or H crochet hook and two balls of yarn to get started, or just come and share ideas. Call (231)526-2531 or visit for more information.

A Spanish Conversation Group, is available for anyone

Barefootin’! Clothing • Footwear • Kayaks • Paddleboards

Step into Spring…

while styles & selections last.

interested in practicing their Spanish speaking skills. Join us in the Harbor Springs Library every Thursday at 5 p.m.. Speakers of all levels are encouraged to attend. Call (231)526-2531 or visit www.harborspringslibrary. org with questions.

Used books, in good condition are now being accepted in the boxes near the door of the Harbor Springs IGA. The Friends of the Harbor Springs Area District Library and Community Center will hold a used book sale on June 23, with a preview party of rare and unusual books on June 22. To be notified of book sale updates, including sale times and locations, please visit and enter your name and email address.

Chess Club, The “Chess Gang” will meet from 3-5 p.m. in the Children’s Program Room at the Petoskey District Library on Mondays, through May 21. Adults interested in assisting should call Ron Fowler at the library, (231)758-3123. Northern Michigan’s Largest Selection of Minnetonka Footwear. Sandals in sizes 5-11 for women.


Petoskey’s Historic Gaslight District

301 E. LAKE ST 231.347.2603 • 1.866.746.7837 visit us @

Petoskey Library’s Lapsit, winter/spring session holds two meetings/week on Mondays and Thursdays at 10:30 am in the Children’s Program Room until May 26. These programs are targeted at children 18 months to three years old, but younger children will enjoy the activities to varying degrees as well. Information about parenting, literacy and other family related subjects will be shared periodically during the program. Due to the developmental needs of these age groups, siblings are discouraged from attending if at all possible. This is a drop in program.

Paws to Read, program has started. The program is in the Children’s Room at the Petoskey District Library and will continue on the third Thursday of every month from now through May 26. The hours will be from 3-5 p.m. Read to Roo, who is a certified therapy dog and a veteran listener. Roo is the friend of Kim Brown of Cinderbay Labradors in Harbor Springs. Depending upon the need, other dogs may be added to help Roo out. Readers must schedule a 15 minute appointment at the Youth Services Desk or by calling (231)758-3112.

Reader’s Theatre, programs




for elementary-aged kids and teens will be hosted at Petoskey District Library. The elementary group will meet from 5:30-6:30 p.m. on Mondays and the teen group will meet at the same time on Tuesdays. Both programs will take place in the Children’s program room at the library. Reader’s Theatre is a legitimate form of drama with actors using their voices and

upper bodies to convey various roles in a script through reading to an audience. Call (231)7583112 for more information.

Art and Music Annual Youth Arts Festival, begins at Crooked Tree Arts Center. Crooked Tree Arts Center will showcase the art of area students in the CharlevoixEmmet County School District through the annual Youth Arts Festival. Beginning Saturday, April 21 the 2012 Youth Arts Festival kicks off with the public opening of the Youth Arts Show in the galleries at CTAC from 2 - 4 p.m.. All events are free and open to the public. More festival information can be found at

The Petoskey Film Theater, will be showing the French film “The Women on the 6th Floor” on Wednesday and Friday, April 18 and 20, 7:30 p.m. at the Petoskey District Library, Carnegie Building (old library, 451 E. Mitchell). Donations are appreciated. For more information call the PFT hotline at (231)758-3108.

Articipate, artist deadline has been extended to April 30. The competition is open to all high school age residents of Emmet and Charlevoix counties. Art will be displayed May 18-June 1. Art theme is 2D and 3D. Cash prizes awarded to top finishers. For more information visit

Call for artists, for Indian River Summer Festival Design Competition. The Indian River Chamber of Commerce is seeking submissions of original works. The winning entry will be featured on all festival advertising. Deadline is May 7. For more information call Dawn Bodnar at (231)238-9325 or visit

Swing Dance, with the Up North Big Band on April 27. The dance has been moved to the Eagles hall in Boyne City. The Up North Big Band will be joined by the Boyne City High School Jazz Band. For more information call (231)675-8311.

Grain Train Acoustic Jam Sessions, will be held at the cooperative market in Petoskey each Sunday from 1-4 p.m.. Pairing with Blissfest, this is an opportunity to share songs in a relaxed atmosphere. The Grain Train is located in off Mitchell Street in Petoskey. For more information visit

Sturgeon River Pottery, in Petoskey will host Michigan based artists and pottery demonstrations from 10 a.m. - 4 p.m. each Saturday until May 26. The demos are free and open to the public, and reservations are not needed. Call (231)347-0590 for more information.

North Central Michigan College A wine tasting and competition, will be held Wednesday, April 18, from 6-9 p.m. in the Student Center cafeteria. This wine tasting event will celebrate the graduation of students from North Central’s viticulture and enology program. During the wine tasting, professional and amateur vintners, including North Central students, will compete to win the best in


Harbor Light Community Newsweekly


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numerous wine categories. Winemakers interested in entering the competition may call 231-526-8100 for an entry form. Food pairings and appetizers will be provided by local restaurants and bakeries. Cost is $20 per person. Call Helen Leithauser at (231)348-6705 or Tom Nathe at (231)348-6613 to make a reservation.

Churches Harbor Springs Methodist Church, worships Sunday. Pastor Mary Sweet will bring a message on the third Sunday of Easter based on Acts 3 and 1 John 3 at on April 22 at 11 a.m. Myriam Goodwin will be the guest pianist and Children’s Sunday school will be held following the Children’s Message. All are welcome to Worship and stay for a coffee and cookie fellowship. Children’s Sunday school will be offered during the service. Please call 526-2424 for more information.

First Presbyterian Church of Harbor Springs, worships Sunday. On the third Sunday of Easter, April 22 the Reverend Jim Pollard will preach at the 10 a.m. worship service. Soprano soloist Jamie Platte will sing “Song of Penitence” by Beethoven and the Chancel Choir will sing John Ness Beck’s “Offertory.” Sally Page on piano and Peter D. Sims on organ will play prelude and postlude music. A professionally-staffed nursery is provided for infants and toddlers during the worship service and elementaryaged children are invited to attend Sunday school after Kathy Boeckman’s children’s message. For more information visit or call 526-7332.

Stutsmanville Chapel, will hold two different services are held on Sunday mornings, a more traditional service at 9:30 a.m. and a more relaxed service at 11 a.m. Nursery for 1 – 3 yr. olds is provided in both services. Children’s Sunday School is held at 9:30 a.m. and Children’s church and an adult Sunday School Class meets during the 11 a.m. service. AWANA CLUBS for children are held on Wednesday evenings, 6 – 7:30 p.m. Men’s Support Groups meet Monday and Wednesday evenings at 6:30 p.m. at the church. Home Small Groups meet during the week in various homes . An Early Morning Prayer group meets on Wednesdays at 7 a.m. at the church to pray for needs of the church, individuals & community. A Knitters and Crocheter’s group meets on Wednesday, 1 – 3 p.m. at the chapel. A Quilting Ministry group will meet April 28 10 a.m. – 3 p.m.

Singles for Christ, dinner group for area singles 50 years and older will meet Saturday, April 21, 6 p.m. at Kelsey B’s, 230 Ferry St., Charlevoix. After dinner – “Card & Game Night” at Lucy’s. Bring a snack to share and your own beverage. Restaurant reservations are required so R.S.V.P. by calling Frieda at 347-5747 or e-mail

Farmers Market Charlevoix Winter Market, meets the first Thursday of every month from 10 a.m.- 2 p.m., expected to run through May 3. The market is hosted at the Charlevoix Public Library’s Community Room, off Clinton

Street. For more information call (231)547-2101.

Organizations Retired and Senior Volunteer Program, of Charlevoix and Emmet Counties will sponsor the AARP Driver Safety Program, to be held on Thursday and Friday, May 3 and 4 from 12:30 to 4:30 p.m. in the library of the Petoskey Friendship Center, 1322 Anderson Road. The program is aimed at drivers 50 years and older. The class covers normal age-related changes in hearing, vision and reaction time, and traffic situations most challenging for seniors. Many auto insurance companies reduce premium rates for drivers that have completed the class. Participants are tested on their retention of knowledge during the class, but no record is kept of results. The cost for the two sessions is $12 for AARP members, and $14 for non-members. Class size is limited, and preregistration is required. Call the Petoskey FriendshipCenter at (231)347-3211 or (888) 3470369, ext. 29 to register.

Zonta International, invites the public to an enchanting new event, the Mad Hatter’s Tea Party, on Saturday, April 21 from 1:30 - 4:30 p.m. in the Rose Room at Stafford’s Perry Hotel in Petoskey. Ticket price is $25 per person. The Mad Hatter’s Tea Party is one of two fundraisers each year that provides for local non-profits. The event will include the March Hare Market, Mother’s Day gift ideas, Alice’s Adventureland for children age five and under, a high tea at 3 p.m., a gift basket raffle and entertainment. Make your reservations early by calling Kathy Bardins at (231)4871188 or email her at kbardins@

The VFW Ladies Auxiliary, District 13 is having a President’s Fundraiser Dinner Dance on April 21 at the Emmet County VFW Hall on 599 W. Conway Rd in Harbor Springs. Tickets can be purchased ahead of time by calling 548-5327 or can be purchased at the door. Dinner is from 5-7 p.m. with dance/karaoke to follow by blue Dolphin entertainment. The event is BYOB. There will be a 50/50 raffle and Chinese Auction. Proceeds will go to support the district finds in supporting our veterans.

Fundraising Instant Wine Cellar, is scheduled for 7 p.m. Friday, April 20, at the Perry Hotel in Petoskey. The night will feature a chance to win a collection of wine or 99 Bottles of Shorts Beer and will include live entertainment from Northern Michigan’s own Boyne River Remedy. Entry to the event is either a bottle of wine, a six-pack of craft beer, or $15. All proceeds from the InstantWine Cellar event will support Char-Em United Way’s Volunteer Connections program. For more information or to RSVP for the party, contact United Way at (231)487-1006

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Harbor Light Community Newsweekly

Week of Apr. 18-24, 2012

Celebrate Global Astronomy Month at Headlands April 20 Every year in April, the international dark sky community celebrates Global Astronomy Month, and this year the Headlands International Dark Sky Park in Emmet County is joining in the celebration. This month-long observance follows on the success of the International Year of Astronomy in 2009 and finds dark sky communities, astronomers, citizen scientists and star gazers alike joining hands around the world to raise awareness about the

Now and Then... -CONTINUED from page 6.

my coach,” be it for baseball or football. That and the constant references to that omnipresent grin; he had a smile for everyone. What wonderful ways to be remembered and what a gift to have touched so many lives. He was also proud of his service to his country and so respectful of those who served before him; one smile and salute from Mick on Memorial Day last year made my father’s whole day. To Maddie and the family, you are in our thoughts and he will always be remembered. I told Merlin Tippett last week that I didn’t want to continue writing this column when it was so frequently about our losses but the truth is, as tragic as these losses are, it is important to remember these lives that touched us all so much. Our future is shaped by those who came before. This week, very sincere condolences to the families of Martha Rockwell, David Peariso, Ellie Thatcher, Robert Nolan and Richard Holmes. I know that a couple of these people have had long and arduous struggles and I hope that the knowledge that they are now at peace will help their families in the weeks ahead. On a far more pleasant note, Happy Anniversary this week to one of my favorite G couples, NEvelyn I T as Dave and Olson S LI49 years together W celebrate E N on April 20. Here’s to another fifty. Lots of people celebrating birthdays this week, too. Happy Birthday to Shauna Simkens and Jeannette Werden on April 19 and to Rod Niswander on the 20th. On Saturday, Happy Birthday to David Leroy Rhine and to Carol Niswander Manthei and on Sunday the 22nd, Happy Birthday to Art Tebo. On Monday, we send our best wishes to Jan Jury and on Tuesday to Rob McCready. Finally, on Wednesday we send our regards to Beth Robinson Becker, Kati Ward Negley and to Laura Zumbaugh Jackson. Happy days to all and many, many more.

wonder and beauty of the deep dark overhead. Already this month, the star gazing has been spectacular with the bright lights of Venus and Jupiter co-mingling in the West, Mars overhead among the stars of Leo in the East, and Saturn rising earlier and earlier as the month progresses. The Headlands International Dark Sky Park will celebrate all of this and more with the event, Around the World With the Stars. Students, families, teachers and all are invited to come together Friday, April 20 from 7:30 to 9:30 p.m. at the Beach House for an indoor program of making star domes and other crafts, while hearing star stories from various cultures, followed by outdoor viewing of sunset at 8:30 p.m. until starshine (children under the age of 9 must be accompanied by an adult who can assist with crafting). The event takes place rain or shine, cloudy or clear. “Especially in this month of global astronomy, it is good to know that if we can’t see the stars, we must be the stars,” said Dark Sky Park program director, Mary Stewart Adams. “Participants are welcome to bring binoculars, glue, scissors, telescopes and enthusiasm!” Also note that the peak of the Lyrid Meteor Shower is predicted for the following night, so participants may catch some early strays at the Friday gathering. Visit www.emmetcounty. org for 2012 programs and more information, email, or call (231) 348-1704.

A Harbor Springs Landmark since 1972

April Showers bring more than May Flowers... ...handmade figurines by Lori Mitchell.

Motivated Seller 2x4 color PRICE CHANGE

Serving PetoSkey, Harbor SPringS , & t He entire inland WaterWay

231-548-9336 800-249-9923 ODEN ISLAND PICKEREL LAKE

120’ of Oden Island sandy beachfront. This spacious 3 bedroom 3 bath home has an open floor plan and a fully finished walk- out basement, which makes for the perfect waterfront entertainment residence. 43224



REAL ESTATE • Now Accepting New Patients • Extended Hours for Your Convenience • Same Day Emergencies • Most Insurances Accepted

CallNGToday 231-347-2511 ISTI ...or visit our website at Conveniently located between Petoskey and Harbor Springs on M119

BIRCHWOOD | MLS #430143 | $175,000

BIRCHWOOD | MLS #429538 | $265,000


Lovely 3BR/3.5BA home in sunny location. Granite counters, main floor master, finished basement, fireplace. New deck, patio & landscaping. Beautiful views of Boyne in a park-like setting. Turnkey. SUSAN SCHWADERER (231) 330-5102

One level living in this tastefully decorated 3BR/2BATH Birchwood Farms home! Neat Great Room with fireplace, cathedral ceilings and skylights, galley kitchen, air conditioned. JIM SZOCINSKI (231) 838-6642

This lovely single story home located on a private wooded lot has a large open great room, vaulted ceiling & wood fireplace. Office/den could be 4th bedroom, 4 full baths to accommodate your guests. JILL VAN ALSTYNE (231) 838-3817

BIRCHWOOD | MLS #423246 | $575,000

PETOSKEY | MLS #433115 | $3,199,000

ALANSON | MLS #433110 | $101,500



Call one of our agents for information on these & other properties. Penny McCready Carolyn Sutherland Dave Olson Sam DeCamp Kevin Olson Barb Harbaugh Jim Hart Tom Graham Bob Humphrey Jan Parsons Andrew Bowman John Baker Will Baker Heidi Kresnak (231) 526-6251 198 East Main Street • Harbor Springs

Walloon water front. 13,000 sq ft home sitting Large family home with first floor • on 4 acres with 110’ of waterfront. Stunning ter suite, open kitchen, dining and livgreat room with stone fireplace. Nine bedrooms, separate guest quarter with kitchen. Being offered fully furnished. RICH ROCHETTE (231) 838-2911

Secluded country - style living only minutes from I-75, Mackinaw City & Paradise Lake. Excellent floor plan allows for wonderful family living, a dining room with fireplace, living room with hardwood flooring, modern convenient Jenair kitchen, summer ascended porch, master suite with Jet Tub, breakfast room, an added summer studio. Property offers privacy with mature trees & acreage adjoining state land. All this with a fantastic price!! 433190

Two unit rental property right in Oden. Centrally located to Petoskey, Harbor Springs, and Alanson. Great rental history. A must see. 432035




Mark Makela D.D.S. P.C. Second Opinions Offered - Experience Matters



$169,900 • 231-526-1100

Remarkable home overlooks green pastures & Lk Michigan. Offering 4 BR suites, state of the art kitchen, 2 fireplaces, hardwood floors, home theater, screened in porch & finished walkout lower level. JOHN CARR (231) 526-4000

The perfect home for entertaining. Open floor plan. Lots of space, very well thought out, like new condition, and many extra features. 134’ of sandy beach for children to play on and in. Good water depth for boats. On the Inland Waterway and near everything that Northern Michigan offers. 417545

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BIRCHWOOD | MLS #430879 | $319,000


ing space. Oversized 2 car garage with work area behind the cars. Landscaped back yard. A must see! DEBRA SCHIRMER (231) 632-6353





524 E. Bay Street: Second/third floor three bedroom, three bath condominium unit at Marina Village offering lots of privacy and the perfect view of the boats in the Waltrom Boat Basin and the Harbor. Marina Village is located within walking distance to downtown Harbor Springs and all it has to offer, as well as being very near the Zoll Street beach. (MLS# 433213) $525,000




NE 1525 Quick Road: Cute and clean as a whistle with new paint, new hardwood floors, new carpet and in move-in condition is this three bedroom two bath home home located close to town. Plus an extra two-car garage with storage or a playhouse above. (MLS# 431776) $169,500

8206 S. Pleasantview Road: Lots of potential in this older well-built two bedroom 2½ bath home conveniently located between Harbor Springs and Petoskey. Pretty setting back from the road on 1.7 partially wooded acres. (MLS# 433232) $99,900






520 E. Bay Street #16: This is the 4749 S. Pleasantview Road: Very largest slip available! Located along well priced unit located close to the the east wall and north bulkhead of club house, pools, tennis, and the rest Marina Village Yacht Basin, enjoy the of the Trout Creek amenities. Nicely comforts of home with water, electric, furnished and in good condition with a cable, phone and sewer at the dock wet bar in the dining area and sleeps and parking only steps away. This enough to be a good rental or for your BIRCHWOOD $575,000 slip is easily accessible and can house family and friends. This is a good opnearly 80’ Michigan. of boat! Of (MLS# 413922) portunity to get a wonderful condo at a Remarkable home overlooks green pastures & Lk $349,000 good price. (MLS# 433228) $139,900 fering 4 BR suites, state of the art kitchen, 2 fireplaces, hardwood

308 Loveland: Very solid constructed year around home or cottage on a large wooded lot located close to some of Michigan’s premier skiing and golf resorts. Features include main floor bedroom, finished lower level, two decks overlooking the stream and a 1½ car garage. (MLS# 433245) $172,000

floors, home theater, screened in porch & finished walkout lower level. (423246) JOHN CARR (231) 526-4000


NEW LISITNG PETOSKEY $3,199,000 Walloon water front. 13,000 sq ft home sitting on 4 acres with 110’ of waterfront. Stunning great room with stone fireplace. Nine bedrooms, separate guest quarter with kitchen. Being offered fully furnished. (433115) RICH ROCHETTE (231) 838-2911

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568 W. Bluff: 3 Bedroom, 2 Bathroom, Unfurnished. Walking distance to town, views of Little Traverse Bay, 1 Car Garage and Laundry. $700.00 per Month plus Utilities. Credit Check & 12 Month Lease Required.

NEW LISITNG 487 East Main Street: Enjoy all the ALANSON $101,500 charm Harbor Springs has to offer in this Large beautifully maintained Main family home with first floor master suite, open kitchen, dining St. home. Featuring all season sun and living space. Oversized 2 car garage with work area behind the room, cars. new Landscaped appliances, back underground yard. A must see! (433110) DEBRA SCHIRMER (231) 632-6353 sprinkler system, air conditioning and convenient paved drive-thru from Main Street to Third Street. Close to beach, 163 E. Main Street | Harbor Springs shops and park. Come take a look! (MLS# 433254) $459,900

(231) 526-9671

Call one of our agents for information on these & other properties. Penny McCready Carolyn Sutherland Dave Olson Sam DeCamp Kevin Olson Barb Harbaugh Jim Hart Tom Graham Bob Humphrey Jan Parsons Andrew Bowman John Baker Will Baker Heidi Kresnak (231) 526-6251 198 East Main Street • Harbor Springs •

CARP LA Secluded Mackinaw for wonde ing room w kitchen, su breakfast privacy wi this with a

ODEN – R Two unit r Petoskey, A must se

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