2017 Littleton Food Co-op Annual Report

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2017 Annual Report

Who We Are

Cover Photo: Harvest Hill Farm, Walden VT. Photographer, Corey Hendrickson. Above: Expansion Photograph, commissioned by gbA. Photographer, Gary Hall.

Annual Report 2017 / Contributors Jessy Smith, Designer Kristina Zontini, Marketing Director

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Minnie Cushing, Controller

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Melissa Bridges, HR & Member Services

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Member-owned Littleton Food Co-op strives to serve the North Country of New Hampshire and the neighboring Northeast Kingdom of Vermont by providing a broad range of high-quality conventional, natural, and local food products offered at a fair price, with outstanding service. The Co-op exists to serve our members and our community, not to ship away profits to a far away out-of-state corporate office. Membership isn’t required to shop at the Littleton Food Co-op, but community members should consider joining! Our member-owners help govern the Co-op by annually electing our Board of Directors and contributing in other ways — from suggesting items for the store to serving on volunteer Co-op committees. Our member-owners also help us maintain the Co-op’s mission of supporting local growers and producers, encouraging healthy life choices, and promoting environmental and economic sustainability locally.

General Manager's Report Ed King, General Manager

The Littleton Food Co-op has made great strides as an organization in 2017. With your help, we completed our expansion project which gives us capacity to continue our growth for years to come. Our expansion has helped us accomplish multiple goals of our cooperative. Most importantly we are here to serve our growing Membership (6290 and counting) as a retail store. We have expanded our variety of local and healthy options and reduced crowding in our Co-op. Other goals accomplished by our expansion involve our economic impact. We have added 20 positions over the last 2 years, more than half of which are full time with benefits. We have also been moving towards a living wage for our employees. Our Co-op also impacts the local economy by making local purchases, more than $2.1 million from farms and producers in our region. We’re committed to keeping your food dollars local as much as possible. Littleton Food Co-op's impact on our Community is also boosted by our expansion. Our Partner of the Month Program has never been more vibrant thanks to the

generosity of our shoppers. We have space to host more and more educational and community events. Our investment in energy efficiency serves as an example for other local businesses. We also support access to healthy foods through our aptly named Healthy Food Access Program and the newly implemented Granite State Market Match program.

It's been an eventful year and there's just not enough room here to cover everything we've accomplished. Please check out my full report, available at our Annual Meeting and online @ littletonfoodcoop.com



7824 36 $ 9228 $ 13.5K $ 2.11M

Pounds of Food Donated

Healthy Food Access Members

6290 540 $ 65.3K

Total Members

New Members in 2017 Total Member Discounts, 2017

Donated to Community

Donated to Partners Purchases from Local Producers

Education & Events

14 12


hosted by



By the Numbers

7600 8 2

Excellence in Architecture

Sq. Ft. added @ Ground Level

Sq. Ft. added of Office Space






Doors added to Coolers


Solar Panels

Level Two Car Charging Stations

Total Investment



American Institute of Architects "gbA Architecture & Planning worked with the staff and members of the Littleton Food Co-op to design an expansion that will help increase annual sales and local purchases, as well as to create up to 30 new jobs. The Littleton Co-op serves the North Country of New Hampshire and the Northeast Kingdom of Vermont. Its mission to support local growers and promote environmental sustainability locally, as well as its wide range of products and wonderful staff, have created an essential presence in the area. The addition includes a cafĂŠ/community center, a teaching kitchen, administrative offices, a pavilion and marketplace, and an expansion of the existing receiving and retail spaces, as well as outdoor landscaping and a new plaza for seasonal planting displays and a farmer's market. We also achieved a highly energy efficient design that allows the building to uphold the co-op's principals (sic) of sustainability."


Architecture Awards

Three Year Financial Highlights Summary of Operations Net Sales Cost of Goods Sold Gross Profit Operating & Admin. Expenses Interest Expense Other (Income) Expenses (Benefit From) Provision for Income Tax Net Income (Loss)




$ 11,253,575 7,564,724 3,688,851 3,595,719 192,122 40,883 (109,300) $ (30,573)

$ 10,104,458 6,760,369 3,344,089 3,031,563 191,723 (10,586) 30,300 $ 101,089

$ 9,822,011 6,583,723 3,238,288 2,908,963 90,984 (62,896) 104,000 $ 197,237

1,351,364 6,129,560 1,114,028 $ 8,594,952 617,721 7,174,248 84,900 718,083 $ 8,594,952 401,715

2,017,343 4,499,732 2,843,408 $ 9,360,483 1,295,125 7,164,152 182,400 718,806 $ 9,360,483 371,865

1,016,136 2,894,320 277,356 $ 4,187,812 639,406 2,731,864 221,900 594,642 $ 4,187,812 348,790

Balance Sheet Data Current Assets Property, Plant and Equipment — net Other Assets Total Assets Current Liabilities Long-term Debt, less current maturities Deferred Tax Liability Member Equity Total Liabilities and Equity Membership Contributed Capital

*These figures do not include the financing activities of our subsidiary, Littleton Food Market.

Propane Consumption


2015 2016 2017

1.54 1.19 0.86 Gal Per Sq. Ft.

Gal Per Sq. Ft.

Gal Per Sq. Ft.

-33% -44% vs. 2015

vs. 2015

Electric Consumption

2015 2016 2017 36.8 37.0 22.8 kW. h

Per Sq. Ft.

kW. h

Per Sq. Ft.

kW. h


vs. 2015 *2016 Includes Construction Electric

Per Sq. Ft.

-39% vs. 2015

105 19 29.4K

Solar Panels @ the Co-op MW•h Generated via Solar Since 07/2017

Lbs of CO2 Emissions Saved Since 07/2017

Equivalent to Planting



New Trees

Estimated Annual Usage Offset by Solar


earn livable wages

Purchases from local Producers

2.11M 28%


2017 local purchases

of purchases in 2017


OF STAFF eligible for healthcare

Co-op Employees and Suppliers @ our 2017 Annual Grower's Meeting.

Co-p Staff Participating in United Way's "Day of Caring" Event.

Sales in 2017

68% 32% from member-owners

from other shoppers