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Wetsuit - A wide range in clothing.

Still at the top of all surf Brands is Animal. There customer age range means as soon as your born until your in your retirement they have something that meets your needs and desires.

They bring out a new watch range this Christmas with many limited editions which will sell out a storm. Watches at Christmas do not last long in stock so no wasting time to choose one!!!

New for Animal next summer is there new wetsuit range. The Assassin, the Antidote, The Animator And The AMP. Being committed is something that the animal wetsuit understands. There technical focus with a-fex pro fabric, the highest stretch neoprene available. Animal thermal core, a tri ply core technology, a cellular foam core that has significant warmth advantages. Seal skin necks so no rub and no rash, just a great seal. The list of technical points are endless so keep your eyes out in the new year for them arriving at 3sums.

This seasons hoody range has been amazing, take the Men’s Animal Hodgson Hoody In Demitasse Brown Is Part Of Animals Latest Designs For Winter 09. The Classic Over The Head Opening Is Perfect For Keeping You Warm On Those Chilly Winter Days. And Will Look Great With A New Pair Of Animal Jeans.

Animal was conceived back in 1987 by two surfers who were really fed up with continually losing there watches in the water due to the straps breaking under extreme conditions. They came up with a solution in the form of a webbing and Velcro strap that seemed to put an end to their problems. Setting up 'production' in a back bedroom at one of their mothers house, they began to make small quantities of straps and sell them to surfing friends. The money raised paid for surf trips to far flung spots in oz and Hawaii where the pair sold more straps to fund their storm chasing escapades. And now they are the biggest UK Surf Brand and it’s a pleasure selling it.