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The birth of Billabong wet suit.

Gordon Merchant was a tough surfer. He was known for his extraordinary skills to turn up the exact beach in the midst of wind, tide and surf. In this situation, Gordon instantly realized the comforts of wearing boardshorts or baggies for 9 months of the year. He became very famous by introducing a surfboard with a tucked-under edge. Gordon and Rena Merchant started producing handmade boardshorts in 1973.They were quite tough against the rough weathers. Gordon and Rena fought all the odds. Billabong was born out of Gordon’s innovation and creativity. It grew steadily having success in its way. West Burleigh, became work station for Gordon and Rena. Crossing all the teething hurdles, they stood tough against the situation. So the situation yielded at last.Gordon was suddenly the talk of the town. He was so passionate about his desire to give the best quality, and cut boardshort on the market. Billabong had already gained name in the early 80’s. In the 80’s again Billabong suddenly went international exporting to California, Japan, New Zealand and Europe. International licensee had to be up to Gordon’s yardstick in dedication and honesty and hard core business man. Billabong and Gordon were now in the limelight surrounded by the best brains of the industry in Australia and abroad. Gordon steered the ship of Billabong to the international level. Well known surfers like Joe Engel, Mark Occhilupo, Luke Egan, Wayne Bartholomew, Munga Barry,Shane Dorian, Taj Burrows, Sunny Garcia and the late Ronnie Burns give international credibility to Billabong.In the early 90’s Billabong had secured no 1 place internationally. Very few people knew about the high potential of Gordon in designing, marketing and sales. Gordon had understood the volatile nature of the market, as he believed in that every brand lives and vanishes off by each season. Billabong wetsuits are available for all. Men, Women and Kids. Billabong got shifted to the new premises at 1 Billabong Place, Burleigh Heads in 1998 as a mark of the 25th anniversary. He started new state of the art factory. The noteworthy news of the new site is the Polynesian style Retail Showroom, standing proudly at the entrance of the factory. Gradually Billabong got involved in so many promotions, enjoying at the marketplace. The corner stone of Billabong is commitment to pro boardsports and its team riders. Billabong is quite generous in sponsoring events across the globe emphasizing on athletic development. Billabong Clothing, Wetsuit, Billabong wetsuit, are all nurtured by Gordon yielding good returns till the date. View Source:

Billabong Wetsuit  

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