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Fun activities 0-6 months Lesson One

Keep babies warm and on the move at your local pool, baby warmer wet suits are a good idea if your baby feels the cold. The essence of baby swimming is to read their verbal and non verbal cues. And remember they will be looking to you for reassurance so make good eye contact and smile, relax and enjoy your baby’s swimming. Make sure they are happy with all the activities, stop if they become upset. If at first they resist new activities or equipment, try again a couple of weeks later.

Enjoy your swimming time.... play with a little structure. Safe Entry

Warm up

Enter the pool safely by the steps or lay a mat or towel at the side of the pool place baby on (you swivel backwards). Do not carry babies down ladder steps.

Begin with moving your baby round the pool, maybe sway them from side to side or whoosh them backwards and forwards.

Babies loves swimming Little babies love swimming on their back cradle them in a sung hold and use a swing and dip motion. Your be amazed at how buoyant they are and they can almost float on their back with minimal support.

Mix your activities

A little relaxation time

A few songs mixed into your activities will be fun, especially if you are swimming with friends, try ring a ring roses, grand old duke of York, row row your boat. Sway babies and bob them gently up and down in time with the tune.

End your session with a little relaxation time, try a woggle under your arm and resting baby on their back so you can float round the pool with them. They will love this and this is a lovely way for you to relax and bond with baby too!

Safe Exit Exit the pool safely and wrap baby up in a nice towel, shower you and baby if your able to or when you get home. You and your baby will probably be hungry so you they will probably need a little feed afterwards. Swimming promotes appetite and sleep – two great health benefits!

Enjoy your swimming and see you soon at Little Splashers!

0-6 month: Lesson One  

A few ideas for family swimming

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