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Know Your Entitlement for Social Security Disability Insurance The life that we lead today is pretty unpredictable and uncertain. No matter what we do to keep our life in our control, things happen by fate and there is no stopping it. Sometimes it’s just a scratch, but sometimes it leads to a serious disability. But the best part is that the government to back us up from the disability through a Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) as long as we are entitled to it. Let us see the know entitlement criteria for claiming the SSDI fund. What is Social Security Disability Insurance? Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) is a disability insurance paid by the government to the entitled people who are disabled to perform any occupation due to the disability of work that they were previously capable of. SSDI is paid by Federal Insurance Contributions Act (FICA) which is funded by the Social Security Payroll Taxes. Approaching SSDI through Waco lawyers People who seek the Social Security Disability funds in Texas can approach eminent Waco lawyers who can guide the insurance seekers and relieve them of all hassles in getting the Insurance approved. These Waco lawyers possess the legal expertise in Social Security Disability and provide the fund seekers with appropriate information in processing the Social Security Disability Insurance. The Waco lawyers at Wash & Thomas, Texas are renowned for their expertise this field. Entitlement criteria Social Security Administration (SSA) will evaluate the individual’s claim for the SSDI. SSA has stringent eligibility criteria for providing SSDI funds to the claimant. SSA has the final say in deciding the disability quotient of an individual. The eligibility criteria for getting Social Security Disability Insurance are as follows 

First and foremost criterion is that the claimant or the institution that the claimant must have been paying disability taxes to SSA for a specified period of time.

An individual must be in complete disable state where they cannot perform any work which they have been doing in the past. Or the individual’s disability should be such that they will not be able to do any other work at all in the future. SSA will not pay benefits to people with partial disability or for short term disability. The disability of the claimant must be found in the list of disabilities prescribed by SSA.

Additionally, the SSA must deem the individual incapable of adjusting to other work which is currently available for someone of the individual’s physical and mental abilities and level of education.

SSA will release funds only if the claimant’s disability has is expected to last for at least one year or if it may result in death.

The claimant must be under 65 years of age to qualify for severe disability.

SSA expects the claimant to have worked sufficiently and recently enough for SSDI approval. These metrics are calculated by work credit score designation by SSA. It expects the claimant to have earned 4 credits in year by earning more than $ 5,200 in a year.

Depending on age, the number of work credits that the claimant need to qualify varies. 40 credits the standard benchmark out of which 20 must be earned in the last 10 year ending with the year of becoming disable. Younger claimants will have different benchmarks as per their working age.

There are some special situations in which the disabilities of the claimants are considered. They are o

Complete disability on eye sight


Widow and widower of the disabled worker


For war veterans and children

These are the eligibility criteria that the SSA has to approve for the claim. The SSA approval for SSDI is a length process (generally takes up to 6 months) and hence it is advisable to register the disability of the claimant as soon as possible to avoid delays in getting funds. Approaching SSDI through lawyers in Waco would be a smart decision considering all the hassles.

Know your entitlement for social security disability insurance  
Know your entitlement for social security disability insurance