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INTRODUCTION The Little Read Handbook is about a journey undertaken by us, Josef and Lydia Anne Mattheuson. It is not a biography, nor is it an entirely complete record of that journey. However, it is a record of many of the experiences we encountered during what, in earlier times, would have been entitled ‗A Quest‘ and maybe even ‗A Grail Quest‘. The experiences recorded herein were among the more meaningful we shared and took part in and as such have been crucial in shaping our thoughts about the universe we found ourselves in and the way in which we now interact with it. This book is a compilation of thoughts and reflections about, and derived from, a lifetime of experiences and events, it is not a scientific thesis. Consequently, although some references have been provided, we have no intention of including any further list or a Bibliography because one of the most important parts of a quest is the discovery for oneself of information, its sources and the linking of this information with other material previously received. However, information has been included herein which is not readily available in the public domain; in those cases a source reference has been provided. In cases of biblical quotations the vast majority are from the Revised Standard Version with only a couple being from the King James Version. Even though it is not precisely divided, this book is actually in three parts. The last section is where we summarise the concepts that have been extracted from the other two sections and some of our life‘s experiences which have not been included in this record. The second section is about a major event in our lives and how this altered our perception of what life and the universe is all about. The first section is about some of the events that led into the experience that is covered in the second section. In this first section we speak about ‗Stephen‘ and ‗Thyatira‘ and, it is important to say that time has been spent on this series of events because they are not in public knowledge and because they were the foundation for all that came after. Stephen was supposedly a spiritual entity speaking through a medium among a group of people who named their group Thyatira. During the 1970s the Stephen experience was not unique; there were many groups around the world that were doing similar things. One was known as The Seth Group, another was White Eagle and there was even an experimental group undertaken at Stanford University in which the supposed entity was called Phillip. The difference between the Phillip group and all the others was that they made no secret of the fact that Phillip had been invented. However, for us, these events were pivotal and demanded that we think again very seriously about what it was we thought life and being human was all about. Various parts of this book discuss two Stephen events at length. One called ―karno dioti‖ [the reason will become obvious in that chapter] and the other the five 5s, but because both of these events have quite important things to say about the human mind, the way in which it is used and the way in which people are prepared to believe rather than to know, thereby making understanding more difficult. These events also clearly demonstrate the manner in which we humans can build some quite impressive, yet false, edifices of conceptual structures on the most minute grain of evidence even before its validity has been checked. It was many years before the full impact of this lack of critical reasoning became apparent. In these examples it is also shown that some members of the Stephen group took the whole experience to be spiritual/religious and because they did their former belief structures were bolstered rather than changed. On the other hand we came to see that all of this information could be providing an alternate way of looking at reality if only we could discover what was actually being said, what was really happening, where this was all coming from and why. Because this was where our united journey really began the first chapter has been called ‗Foundation‘. As individuals, however, our journey really began in our teenage years and we had travelled our separate paths for something like twenty years before meeting and combining our efforts. I, Lydia Anne, had the benefit of a classical education and a somewhat religious, if disjointed, upbringing and so gained a lot of 4

information and experience unavailable to Josef during his formative years. I played the piano, could type very well, knew Latin to a degree that was helpful later on and had a better grasp of the finer aspects of English than did Josef. On the other hand, Josef had a technical education; in his teens he became very interested in ancient history, archaeology, physics, cosmology, philosophy and psychology to a lesser degree. But he did not have any religious education of any consequence until at eighteen he had a religious experience which lead to him becoming involved in the Christian Church. When we joined forces our individual early lives blended very well and it might be said that each brought a very valuable dowry into the union. Since that union and to this point we have travelled a further thirty five years and it is only recently that we have begun to see the results of our labours as the various parts of the jigsaw fall into place. Much of this jigsaw fitting has begun to happen because physics, cosmology and biology is only now providing many new insights not available when this quest began. Also, because we have now had sufficient time to reflect on what our experiences might mean and, in the light of all these new developments, it has become possible to make visible that which was previously and, until now, invisible. Throughout our lives we have met many people who have imagined themselves to be on a spiritual quest or journey of revelation and growth. These people have always left an impression that their imagined quest will lead them along sunlit paths overhung with trees, loaded with all manner of knowledge-bearing fruit which they need only to pluck and devour as they meander along their path and into their utopia of love and enlightenment. If you are setting out on this type of adventure we recommend you read this book first and reflect on the cost to us and our families before you decide whether or not you are prepared to pay in a similar way. Our old previous world was reduced to ruins on a number of occasions as was the world of our children, spouses and other relatives. We lost houses and other possessions as we turned away from our old world and the life it represented; we had to re-establish our finances more than once after discovering that the new way of thinking and behaving alienated us from those with whom we had previously built financial bases. All of our previous belief structures were held up for scrutiny as if under a searchlight or microscope and, slowly and painfully, in many cases, they were dismembered before our eyes and were revealed to have been the straw men they actually were, and always, had been. When this process ended all that was left was a vacuum; by contrast, friends and family seemed to be living in a world that was full of colour and activity but which, even though it seemed to be vibrant and exciting, was actually a illusion built on false beliefs. Towards these latter years of the odyssey we found the Grail; in quite an unexpected manner, and in a most unusual place. However, it was not the end of the trail but just another sign-post directing us along the way. It was an exciting experience and very confirming of what we had been doing, as were many of the other things that were experienced. Disappointingly, finding it did not usher in the second coming of Christ, the end of the world, or even instant enlightenment. It didn‘t do anything at all except prove that a Grail existed in the first place and that others had been down this road before us and it is this that is probably the most important feature of this book. We wish to point out that the various experiences we went through which have been recorded in the first two sections of this book are about what has become known as Kabalism. In other words they are self-psyche development processes that may come upon anyone at any time and when they do they have the power to change us just as surely as we change from babes to teenagers and teenagers to adults. Many others have been down this road, even though it feels unique to the traveller, and they have left records of their passing. Some have left stories which have been turned into movies, others works of art – paintings and sculptures - some have left religious icons and some left the Grail. We hope that this book may become the record of our passage but with it include the warning to any future travellers who may come upon it and recognise it as a signpost: the cost is high! Prior to any of the events outlined herein neither myself Josef, nor Lydia Anne, had ever belonged to any Kabalistic or other form of mystical teaching organisation. Nor have we since and for those who do not have any historical or religious information about Kabalism we provide the following: 5

Generally, historians believe Kabalism as a mystical teaching based on the Kabala symbol shown in figs. 3 & 14, arose out of Judaism sometime around 1100 C.E. Its philosophy includes the idea common to many other mystical teachings such as Gnosticsm that the disciple/seeker can commune directly with a higher being called ―God‖ or the ―Universal Source‖ and that this communication can lead the disciple to an increased state of awareness and knowledge not available to the ordinary person. As a result of our researches and experiences we think that Kabalism is actually much older that 1100 C.E. and because we can show that it originated in what we call the ‗Star Symbol‘ it was probably originally the teaching tool of the Zoroastrian Magi. Throughout this book we make mention of Zoroastrianism. As most people are unaware of what this is we will endeavour to explain and for those familiar with the writings of Nietzsche and his book Thus Spake Zarathustra we start by saying that his Zarathustra is not the same as the one we describe, even though some of the philosophy may be quite similar. Depending on the language used the name ‗Zoroaster‘ can be ‗Zarathustra‘ or ‗Zaratut‘. When the name ‗Zoroaster‘ is used this has nothing to do with the comic book hero Zorro. Zoroaster was the founding prophet of the religion that bore his name ‗Zoroastrianism‘. It is thought that he was Persian and that he lived c 500B.C.E There is much debate about this date as this is the time at which his religion began to flourish but as ideas often take many decades, if not centuries, to develop and take hold in a society he may actually have lived many centuries prior to this. With the rise of Cyrus the Great [who is mentioned in the Bible with regard to the end of the Jewish Babylonian exile] and his creation of the Persian Empire at about 500 B.C.E. Zoroastrianism became the state religion of Persia. It is thought by some historians that until the rise of Cyrus, Zoroastrianism was the religion of Cyrus‘s home village and other than that was largely unknown. In laying the foundations of his new empire Cyrus required a new vision and new civil service structure to replace the old Persian political structure he had just overthrown. As politics, religion and the civil service were one and the same thing in those days Cyrus demolished the priestly orders of the old Persian religion and replaced them with his own Zoroastrian priestly and civil service bureaucrats. The god of Zoroaster was Ahura Mazda whose name means ‗The Golden Light‘, and it was this god which, according to Cyrus, told him to release all of the slaves and captives in Babylon after he had conquered that city state. Cyrus‘s religious beliefs did not allow him to have slaves or run a slave economy and so wherever he defeated and took control of a city or state, he released all slaves from their bondage. This was not confined to only the Jews, as recorded in the Bible‘s Old Testament and it was not brought about by a Jewish god, as assumed by Biblical theologians, but by Ahura Mazda the god of Cyrus. Ahura Mazda had an opponent whose name was ‗Ahriman‘ and who was the equivalent of the Jewish and Christian Satan. Ahriman was the force of ignorance and darkness that was leading mankind and the world into sin and death. To overcome this dark power Ahura Mazda planned to send his son, Soshayan, into the world at the end of the ages where he would ultimately establish a righteous kingdom and forever defeat Ahriman and his demons. Soshayan‘s passage into the world would be by being born through a virgin and this birth would take place in a cave. Then, as he grew, he would reveal himself for what he was, the son of god, and teach mankind the ways of righteousness and light. This, of course, brings to mind the New Testament story of John the Baptist who taught salvation through righteousness and said that he was the messenger from the god of light. In the Gospel of John chapter one beginning verse 1: ―In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God. He was in the beginning with God; all things were made through him, and without him was not anything made that was made. In him was life, and the life was the light of men. The light shines in the darkness, and 6

the darkness has not overcome it. There was a man sent from God, whose name was John. He came for testimony, to bear witness to the light that all might believe through him. He was not the light, but came to bear witness to the light. ― Anybody living in those days, in that part of the world, would have known that the God of Light was Ahura Mazda and that his prophet, Zoroaster – the Teacher of Righteousness – was thought of as ‗the bearer of the light‘. Is that not what is said in the Gospel about John? John bore the Light into the World that all might be saved. As it appears in the Bible the word ‗righteousness‘ has been taken to imply that one needs to turn away from sin, evil thoughts and evil deeds to be able to enter into the salvation of God. In fact, this may be quite a valid point of view. However, the word ‗righteousness‘ has another connotation. In the teachings of Gnosticism, the Pauline doctrine and, maybe, the teachings of John the Baptist it can also mean to become ‗enlightened‘ in the sense that if one‘s life is changed by the transformation of one‘s mind, one eschews evil merely by thinking differently. Then one‘s world and universe is renewed, there is no doubt about that. This idea is supported and strengthened by the knowledge that the basic teaching of the Zoroastrian Magi, who were reportedly at the birth of Jesus, was known as ‗The Three Wisdoms‘ which were : think no evil, speak no evil and do no evil deeds. On its own this teaching has the power to transform one‘s mind and is the very reason that the Magi were called ‗The Three Wise Men‘; all Zoroastrians are called the ‗Thrice Wise Men‘ because they follow the three wise teachings. There are many people today who are Zoroastrians. Mostly they live in India although there are still a few in Iran and some scattered throughout the rest of the world. They are known as ‗Parsees‘ and this name comes from the word which means ‗Persians‘. In the Judea of two thousand years ago, the authors of the Dead Sea Scrolls believed in and wrote about Ahura Mazda, Ahriman and Soshayan, as did those members of the Jewish sect who called themselves ‗Pharisees‘. That name, Pharisee, means exactly the same as the name ‗Parsee‘: Persian. Zoroastrianism was also in early Christianity as the Gospels point out when revealing that the Magi were at the birth of Jesus. There is also thought amongst historians and theologians that the Revelation to John may have originally been a Zoroastrian writing transformed into the Christian genre to support the ideas of the Second Coming, the punishment of sinners and the defeat of Satan. If one deletes any reference to Jesus or the Christ from the Book of Revelation the message of that Book is neither changed nor detracted from, in any way and it clearly becomes a book of the same genre as the Apocryphal Books such as The Wisdom of Jesus ben Sirach, the Second Book of the Maccabees and the Shepherd of Hermas. There is also a non-canonical book from about 200 C.E. called ‗The Infancy of Jesus‘ in which the author claims that the birth of Jesus fulfilled the prophecy of Zaratut regarding the birth of Soshayan. The angelology of the New Testament, in particular the Revelation to John, comes from the writings of the Zoroastrians, the Zend Avesta being an example, as do the ideas of the fires of hell and a heavenly kingdom. However, it is nice to know that the Zoroastrian hell-fires do not burn eternally. So, early Christianity seems to have more than just a passing acquaintance with Zoroastrianism and this is interesting from our point of view as it is from Zoroastrianism that Gnosticism and early Christian Gnosticism developed. Zoroastrianism included the belief that one could have communion with God through the medium of the angels who were empowered to work with mankind and individuals to eventually bring them to awareness of their former righteous and glorious state as semi-divine beings. This mystical teaching was revealed through astrology, [though not the fair-ground fortune telling variety we are familiar with] the Star the Magi followed and Gnostic insight. This latter concept is the foundation stone on which Gnosticism and Gnostic Christianity was built. Basically Gnosticism teaches that we, humans, through various kinds of meditational practices, including trance, can experience knowledge of the universe and our place in it that far transcends anything we can 7

learn by using the logical processes of the brain. This knowledge, gnosis in Greek and the root of the word ‗gnosticism‘, is ours by right and is available from what might be termed ‗the mind of god‘. As this knowledge is given to us from God it could be said that we have ‗received‘ it and it was this term ‗receiving‘ that was used in the Stephen group to define the Gnostic-type of experience many of the members had. As we think that the Kabala was in existence long before 1100C.E. and maybe as early as the original Magi it is interesting to note that the word ‗kabala‘ means ‗received wisdom‘ and this can mean either that it is received from a human teacher, an angelic being or a divine source. We, Josef and Lydia Anne, do not belong to any religion, neither are we Gnostics, mystics or Kabalists. We have simply been on a journey and this is the story of some of that journey and a few of the things we saw along the way. All great journeys change the lives of the travellers to some degree; our lives have been changed by our journey and so in this record we include some of the things we think changed our lives the most and why we think they did. When travelling down this road do not expect your traditional religious ideas and concepts about reality to be reinforced. They will not be.


THE FOUNDATION. CHAPTER ONE ―From One came Manus, In an age of Fire To seed her genus In the dust of Gaia.‖ ―In the beginning let there be light and the light is the life of manus. The light shone in the darkness of ignorance, the ignorance did not overcome it and the manus was raised up out of the dust of the earth to come once more to her garden.‖ A woman once asked of Stephen, if she was permitted to know who she had been in a previous life. ―You were once named Charlotte,‖ was his reply. At another time he said to a questioning man that he, the questioner, had been Judas Iscariot at the time of Jesus Christ. Why ask Stephen? Stephen was thought to be a discarnate entity, a spirit being, speaking through a medium. It was believed by the group, of which the above two people were members, that this Stephen may have been the Protomartyr of the New Testament as recorded in the Acts of the Apostles and fortnightly he spoke through the medium to the group imparting the wisdom of his philosophy. Part of this philosophy is that the universe is holistic — a whole — and that we, physical life, are the vehicles for the experience in the particular, of space/time, of that whole. Included in this point of view is the idea that individuals experience reincarnational lives as part of their personal development process. This, in turn, would lead to their becoming aware of their oneness with the Whole. Stephen said that another group member had been Joseph, the father of Jesus, and yet another Mary Magdalene. These group sessions were carried out over a period of some four years in an ordinary suburban house in an ordinary suburban street in an ordinary suburb of Christchurch, New Zealand, by people who considered themselves to be very ordinary New Zealanders. Consequently within the group this concept of reincarnation seemed to lead more to friction than to enlightenment and much debate was generated as a result. Meanwhile, other members associated themselves with Chinese incarnations of no great repute in earlier centuries. Some were told by Stephen that it would be of no value to know who they might have been in the past and it was never explained what the real value of this knowing actually was. I, Josef, recently excommunicated from a fundamentalist church because of my continual questioning of the foundations and beliefs of Christianity, was introduced to the Stephen group in a rather traumatic manner. In a private session with Stephen it was asked of him who I may have been at the time of Jesus Christ.

His response was: [Thyatira 601 and Monday Feb.3rd 1975] ―Two little birds sat on a wall. One named Peter, one named Paul. Fly away Peter fly away Paul. This time Josef; last time Paul.‖ Meaning, of course, that I had been the St. Paul first mentioned in the New Testament Book of the Acts of the Apostles. This upset me; I did not have a very good opinion of many of the teachings attributed to St. 9

Paul particularly in regard to family structure and the place of women in both the home and church. I was very agitated as I walked home. Storming inside and grabbing my Bible from the bookcase I let it fall open where it would and shouted at the Old Fella upstairs (God) to let me know what He thought of all this. The Bible fell open at Revelations chapter 13. ―And I saw a beast rising out of the sea with ten horns and seven heads, with ten diadems (see figures 1 & 3 and refer to page 31 re horns) upon its horns and a blasphemous name upon its heads. and the beast I saw was like a leopard, its feet were like bears‘ and its mouth was like a lion‘s mouth.‖ I had read this passage often but had never seen in it what I now saw: for the beast was like a leopard — that is, it‘s body was spotted and throughout the Bible it clearly states that to be ‗spotted‘ is to be separated as in the story of Jacob and Laban in Genesis chapter 30 but can also mean ‗unclean‘ as in ‗Gentile‘; and a body is an organisation such as a synagogue or a church. So, for me that evening, this passage was talking about the Gentile church which was separated from the Jewish church and was unclean because it did not practice circumcision as did the Jews and did not strictly keep the Sabbath. That it‘s feet were like bears‘ means that the place in which it originated i.e. had it‘s foundation, was somewhere that could have been associated with bears. At that time, within the Roman Empire, Tarsus was renowned as one of the greatest places for dancing bears. This meant that the spotted church had its foundation in St. Paul who was the apostle from Tarsus. St. Paul was a Jew; one of the symbols for the Jewish nation was the lion so, to speak with a lion‘s mouth was to speak as a Jew. This, according to St. Paul‘s own words, was something he did with pride. The beast rose out of the sea and in Jewish mythology the ‗sea‘, as a symbol encompasses all the Gentile nations; they are the ‗nations of the sea‘. So, to rise from this sea is to grow out of the Gentile world. It had just been confirmed that I had been St. Paul. A week later a much disturbed Josef met with other members of the group to discuss material that had been received from Stephen. During that session those other members were asked if they had received (intuited) any material that might clarify who I had been during the time of Christ. At that point none of these people had heard Stephen‘s message regarding St. Paul. Of the seven people there six said they had intuited in one way or another that I had been St. Paul. The seventh said Peter as in the apostle Peter but on second thoughts had changed his mind to St. Paul. I felt as if nothing was going right for me. I really did not want to be associated with St. Paul. A couple of weeks later a number of group members along with some of their friends had decided to visit a spiritualist church, just for laughs. As I was fresh, so to speak, out of a fundamentalist sect, this spiritualist concept was anathema to me. I broke from the group who had seated themselves in the body of the church and, not wanting to be seen, sequestered myself behind an old upright piano standing disused at the back of the room. Safe from prying eyes, I thought. A little wizened old lady came out on to the podium and began to give her messages received from the spirit world to various people around the room. I found these interesting but somewhat disturbing because they seemed to be generalisations which could have applied to anyone. Then she said: ―That young gentleman at the back of the room‖ and a man put his hand up asking ―me?‖ ―No,‖ she said, ―that other young man there, the one behind the piano. What I have to say to you is to remember your affair with the snake.‖ I went hot and cold and clammy all over and decided that coming to this spiritualist church had not been such a good idea after all as there was only one person I knew of who‘d had an affair with a snake, and that was Saul, called Paul, of Tarsus who had been bitten by a snake while on the island of Malta. (Acts 28). It 10

will be noted in Acts chapter 7 that Saul did not set out on the journey which ultimately led to him becoming the Apostle St. Paul until after, like myself, he had first seen Stephen (at Stephen‘s stoning). The reason that I had problems with the ideas of reincarnation was that my religious life had begun in the very fundamentalist sect of the Plymouth Brethren and that was when I was 18 years old and prior to this time I‘d had very little in the way of religious education. I was working on a dairy farm in the Waikato area at the time and a friend came to me one day and said that his employer was going to a sheep shearing demonstration one evening the next week; would I be interested in going with them? I initially said no because I wasn‘t the slightest bit interested in sheep and I did not like his employer. My friend pressured me to change my mind because he felt obligated to go but he also, not liking his employer, wanted my company. In the end I acquiesced. The following week we all went to the local hall to watch sheep being shorn. On entering the building I was somewhat astounded to see that everybody excepting myself and my friend were dressed in what appeared to be their Sunday, go-to-church best. I wondered just what sort of sheep shearing this would be. In due course a man came on to the stage at the front of the hall; he was dressed in the traditional black singlet, shorts and gumboots and introduced himself as Ivan Bowen. This impressed me because he and his brother, Godfrey, were world famous within the woollen industry because they had invented the Bowen Shearing Method that is still used to this day. Ivan shore his first sheep and chased it off the stage and came back with the second and shore that as well. In all this took about five minutes. And then he left the stage and was gone for some considerable time; in fact, he was away so long I wondered if the demonstration was over and we had wasted our time. But, in due course, he came back on to the stage but this time dressed in a suit and tie and carrying a Bible in his hand; my heart sunk through the floor as I realised that I had been conned, I was the sheep being shorn. I was at a religious revival meeting. I turned angrily to my friend and demanded to know why he had done this and he replied that he also had been conned because he didn‘t know that this was going to happen. He apologised. I stood and began to move towards the doors but to do so I had to scramble over many legs and feet and my friend‘s employer and others demanded that I stop making a fuss and sit down. It was all very inconvenient. So I sat back down; steaming with anger. Ivan Bowen began to preach his very evangelical message and the hall fell silent as the waves of his oratory rolled throughout. I continued steaming and heard very little of the first part of his message. But as time passed I realised that I was quite clearly hearing a few of the ideas he was presenting and altogether they amounted to the suggestion that God was asking me if I would like to be his son! So I entered into a mental debate with God and each time I asked Him a question such as: Why would I want to do this? It seemed as if Ivan responded with the answer. In this case because ―I could teach you many things‖. This process continued for about thirty minutes at the end of which I said ―okay, I accept‖. The debate ended even though Ivan continued speaking for another fifteen or twenty minutes. When he had finally finished he invited people to go to the front and speak to counsellors there if they would like to give their lives to Jesus. I of course continued to sit in my seat waiting for going home time. After a while my friend‘s employer asked why I wasn‘t going to the front. I told him that I had no intention of giving my life to Jesus. ―Didn‘t you have any experience at all?‖ he asked. ―Yes,‖ said I, ―I did, but it had nothing to do with Jesus.‖ A lengthy debate ensued between him and I that lasted so long that most of the people had gone home and here was I, the one who had wanted to go home at the very beginning was still there. In the end, to ensure that we went home as early as possible, I agreed to go and speak to one of the counsellors. 11

He asked me if I would like to give my life to Jesus and I said ‗no‘. ―Why are you here then?‖ he asked. I explained to him a little of what had happened to me and that I thought that God had asked me if I would like to be His son as I was, no strings and nothing mentioned about needing to give my life to Jesus. Poor man, he didn‘t know how to deal with this except to give me a copy of the Gospel of John, suggested that I read it and if I had any further questions I was to ring him at the phone number he gave me. I took them and thankfully we went home. That night I read the Gospel of John for the first time in my life and found that, in essence, it spoke to me about what had happened in that hall. I, therefore, could see no reason at all why I should give my life to Jesus; I thought I should just wait for my ‗new‘ father to make His will known to me. The next morning I told my mother about my experience. She said: ―You should give your life to Jesus.‖ With great indignity I tried to explain to her why I thought this was nonsense. She didn‘t make an issue of the matter but nearly every day from then on she brought up this matter until she wore me down and I agreed to go and talk to somebody at the local church. She gave me the name and address of a church with which she was familiar where I would find people, she said, that were ‗nice Christians‘. The following Sunday I went to the church at the appointed time. On entering the building I found that I was quite early as there was no-one else there. What a peculiar church it was! There was no altar, no pulpit, no stained glass windows, no cross, nothing. Just a hall, with pews along the four walls facing inwards in the centre of which was a table on which sat a plate of bread, a bottle of wine and some drinking glasses. In due course the room gradually filled up with people and the service began. Somebody suggested we sing a particular hymn and after that somebody we suggested we pray. Someone else read a passage from the Bible and this process went on for about an hour and a half during which all of those people in the room looked at me rather strangely. I felt to be very much an outsider. At the end of the service the bread was eaten, the wine drunk, and then everybody began to go home. All except myself, who wanted to talk to somebody about the church, and three elderly people who obviously wanted to talk to me. ―Who are you?‖ they asked. I told them my name and they asked me what I was doing there. Why did I think I was entitled to be in the church. So I mentioned my mother‘s name and that she had referred me to them. ―You can‘t just come in here. We are a Brethren assembly. You can‘t come in without an invitation or a written recommendation. But now you are here you might as well tell us your story,‖ they said. I told them of my experience and their first reaction was to say that I should give my life to Jesus. Not only that but I should be baptised. These were really all quite foreign concepts to me and I was firmly convinced that my experience had not demanded any of this of me. So I debated with them for some time and it was only concluded when they said that I could not join their community unless I was baptised in the name of Jesus. So to mollify my mother, to gain acceptance into the community and to provide myself with time for God, my new ‗father‘, to enlighten me on the matter I agreed to be baptised. I became a Plymouth Brethren. It was only later in my life and long after I had left Christianity behind, that I realised I had never been Christian in the first place but had agreed to join with them simply because there really was no alternative organisation. At that time I was too young and too naïve to realise that I could have begun a new 12

organisation of my own but it did demonstrate how easy it is to become enmeshed in other people‘s fantasy worlds. Another member of the group, a very active one, was Lydia Anne and she shall now tell her story. I, Lydia Anne, was married to the Vicar‘s Warden of the local Anglican church, had two sons and it was through my husband that I became interested in the Stephen material. He was one of the people that the head of the group, Gareth, had asked to go with him to hear Stephen in the first instance. Gareth asked him subsequently if he knew of anyone who would be able to type the group transcripts as he was now rather busy with parish duties. My husband naturally volunteered my services and after listening to some of the material I agreed. It became my Tuesday job to transcribe all the group sessions and circulate them around the members. Each Stephen session had been voice recorded and required the cutting of a stencil, it being in the days before personal computers and word processors, so I soon became very knowledgable about the material as I heard it firstly from the medium, secondly typed the stencil from the dictaphone and thirdly checked the material back to the dictaphone prior to dissemination. My religious history was somewhat varied having an Anglican background tempered, however, by weekly instruction sessions at my paternal grandparent‘s home given by their pastor. They were Assemblies of God adherents and felt that the Anglican faith was not quite right for this particular grandchild. I must admit that I caused them and their pastor some grief as my questions were always controversial; I recall one time suggesting that Jesus was really nothing but an agitator and political stirrer. At another time, whilst wrestling with the concept of the Trinity and having been told that it was the Father, the Son and the Holy Ghost in one person, my grandmother had to exit the room suddenly to look after the scones. My grandfather also had to leave the room and refill the coal bucket because I argued that if the Trinity was three-in- one, then God had indulged in incest and inseminated his daughter, Mary. Young as I was, I knew about incest. My mother had suffered a bout of rheumatic fever and my grandmother had arranged for a girl from the church to live in with us to look after us children. She had been involved in a most unfortunate incident in that, according to the pastor, she‘d had a child by her father. This was a dreadful affair and the man was excommunicated from their church. So the two episodes — the one of Mary and the other of the pregnant girl — were synonymous and there was no doubt in my mind about what had caused Mary‘s pregnancy. Both were evil in my mind. One Saturday evening my parents and two friends were in our lounge playing bridge. I had been doing my weekly Bible study and suddenly knew, in my teenage mind, how it was possible to have sex and not get into ‗trouble‘. Rushing into the lounge I interrupted their playing to announce that it was okay to have sex with a man as long as one didn‘t know him because the Bible says that if you ‗knew‘ him you became pregnant. My mother and her friends were laughing hysterically, so loudly that the crystal in the china cabinet tinkled and I was sure that they could be heard all the way down the hill, so great was the mirth. My father, always a somewhat dour and sober man, threw his cards on the table and demanded to know where on earth I had got that crazy idea from! ―Well,‖ said I, ―it‘s all here, in the Bible repeatedly and clearly, all the way through it says that the man knew her and she conceived and bore a son!‖ ―Enough of that damned nonsense,‖ said himself, grabbing my Bible he threw it on the table and ordered me out of the room. The laughter was still heaving around the lounge, my mother‘s friend had mascara running down her face and my mother, herself, was groaning in agony. I then spent many a sleepless night worrying about all the men I knew — the baker, the butcher, the man who cut my hair. My goodness, I might even now have conceived and I may bear a son! There was to be no more indoctrination from the Assemblies of God pastor after that. However, in due course, I did know a couple of men — in the matrimonial sense - and I did bear two sons — one to each of them. There was another funny episode which had occurred some months prior to the foregoing. My cousin was to be baptised into the Assembly of God. In that sect at that time they practised total immersion baptism. An area behind the lectern rose exposing a bath-like baptismal which was filled with water. The pastor‘s sermon 13

that day had been about how one‘s sin could be washed away in the blood of the lamb. In those days the Bible seemed to be taken literally by the Assemblies of God, in fact I do not recall any discussion about whether it was literal or symbolic and my head was aghast at the number of lambs that would be disposed of to fill that hole with blood. There I go again, thought I. At that time my cousin had a beautiful head of hair which she had washed that Sunday morning and did not want to get wet so had worn a rubber bathing cap. She came down the aisle from the back of the church wearing a plain white gown that covered her from head to toe. Where was the white Bible, lace dress and veil that my mother had worn at her Confirmation and which I had expected my cousin to be wearing, I wondered. Instead of the ethereal beauty I had anticipated seeing, she walked down the aisle wearing what seemed to be no more than a white sheet! I was shocked at her awful drabness. After having been immersed by the Pastor my cousin rose from the baptismal dripping wet rather like Aphrodite rising from the waves, I thought. Then another evil thought attacked me — that bathing cap, keeping her hair dry and unbaptised, will be the death of her, as the story of Achilles and his unbaptised heel ran through my mind. Having received a classical education I was not only familiar with the religious thoughts of two generations but the Greek and Roman stories, myths and tragedies also ran into each other in my mind and similarities would pop up often unannounced. Many years later I had the temerity, in the view of my Assembly of God relations to marry a Roman Catholic and to embrace that religion. We were subsequently divorced and eventually I married an Anglican to which faith I returned. Interestingly enough the Catholicism became helpful as a means of understanding some of the Stephen material and my future experiences. As for reincarnation, I was a novice and was not given any previous life by Stephen and, in spite of enquiry over the years via our own intuiting I still have not come to any final conclusion about this subject. The Stephen material grabbed me. I became very interested almost to the point of obsession. My horizons were broadened by the debates that ensued and by the meditations that were undertaken, both guided and spontaneous. Meditation had become the new fashion of the 70‘s and I avidly took part, questioning the truth of it all. Out of the meditations in the Stephen group arose the understanding that the imagery one perceived in one‘s own mind was often common to other group meditators at the same time. Because of this many of the group members started intuiting messages from the Whole, ‗the One Mind‘, using other means as well as meditation. For example some people interpreted their dreams as having special meaning, or carrying a message. Some people found confirmation of ideas or concepts in the correspondences between their meditation and press articles, t.v. comment or documentaries, songs, poems, books being read, many of which seemed to synchronise with the activities going on within the group. This activity came to be known in the group as synchronistic receiving. So the questions then were what was synchronicity and what was receiving? Where did it come from? What is the Mind? How does it work? One of my specialities was book receiving. To do this I thought of a question that had been bugging me. Often the receivings came from such books as the Bible, Thus Spake Zarathustra and some of the classics. Firstly, into my mind would come the book title, secondly the page number or chapter heading, and thirdly the line number or verse number if in the Bible. Almost without exception these references always spoke to the question asked. Stephen referred to this receiving as information coming from the One, the Source. It was his contention that we had become part of the group to learn to ‗receive‘ and to check that receiving to the point where we became confident and familiar with that type of communication. He suggested that if we did this we would find our way back in consciousness or awareness to the Source from which, having lost the ability to communicate with, we had departed. To him this was a reincarnational thing. Over the aeons human beings had drifted away from their true state of being through this lack of communication with their infinite source which he called the ‗Father‘. To Stephen, also, we had been attempting via our religions, with singular failure, to find our way back to the Father. He, Stephen, contended that Jesus had appeared on Earth two thousand years ago to bring us the simple message that all was one, all was love, and we had no journey to make back to the source for, in reality, we had never left. All we had to do was accept our receiving for what it was: communication from the source.


We now know that Stephen‘s philosophy was basically Gnosticism presented in a form that was acceptable to the medium but back then, however, many of these ideas were quite radical to us. We certainly had not come across reincarnation in our churches nor had we been taught that we could be one and the same with the Father. As well as this Stephen suggested that there really was no such thing as ‗sin‘ except the sin of seeing ourselves separated from the Father. Although he did, from time to time, mention ‗karma‘ or similar ideas, he never emphasised it but did give us the understanding that we would continue to be born in new vehicles (bodies) throughout the ages as we had in the past until such time that we realised our Oneness. To Stephen this was not a punishment, or a lack of reward, simply the state of our own consciousness. Josef and I and other members had difficulty assimilating these ideas, mainly because of our religious and cultural backgrounds. None of us were prepared for the concept that we might be reincarnations of some very famous people. Nor could we handle, without difficulty, the idea that there was no separation, at all, between the physical, the spiritual, ourselves and the Father. Stephen‘s comment was that the physical and the spiritual are but two sides of the one coin. As part of the extended Stephen group there was a large number of people; however the number that attended each Monday night session was considerably smaller than the mailing list and of this number a few were in almost constant contact with each other via the telephone and personal visits. There were even one or two who kept in contact via mail — no emails in those days — nationally and internationally. This small group included Gareth, the medium and his wife, two or three other husbands and wives, Josef and his wife and Lydia Anne and her husband. As they were in contact with each other on almost a daily basis they became aware that their dreams, book receivings, intuitions, automatic writings, and mediumship often coincided and synchronised in ways that caused the hairs to stand up on the back of the neck. This small group became aware of a consciousness that appeared to be outside and greater than themselves. These synchronistic events even seemed to operate outside the normal boundaries of time and messages seemed to come from both the past and the future, adding great weight to the concepts of that oneness espoused by Stephen. Josef takes up the story. Just prior to my meeting Gareth and through him Stephen, I had a very peculiar experience. I was married, had a young daughter and lived in a normal Christchurch suburb. I had, also, just read a book by Bruce Cathie in which he proposed the outlandish idea that ham radio aerials were somehow associated with a world-wide grid that generated, or controlled, some form of energy of which we, the average citizen, was unaware. Wishing to validate or otherwise his strange theory, my wife and I drove around the city of Christchurch and located every ham radio aerial that we could find which we then plotted on a map. After some weeks of doing this we had a map covered with an enormous number of ink dots representing every ham radio aerial in Christchurch. Surprise, surprise, we could see a pattern. Even in those days I realised that it was probably my own mind creating the pattern. However, at about that same time I read another book called UFO‘s Trojan Horse. In this book the author suggests that ufology is full of theories such as Cathie‘s and that people who get drawn into this mythology actually do experience some very weird things. He went on to suggest that many people among ufologists go on to have deep and very meaningful ―spiritual‘ experiences. One or two nights after reading this book I had my peculiar experience. I was a shift worker and so my bedroom was kept, during sleep periods, as dark as possible. My wife, on this evening, had gone to bed well before me and by the time I went to bed she was asleep. At that time we were both smokers and were in the habit of having a last cigarette as we were sitting in bed prior to sleeping. I was having my last cigarette in the very dark room when a UFO appeared in the room. The UFO was a disc of the usual saucer shape, at least ten metres across, whereas the room was at most seven metres long. It was grey, metallic and hummed quite loudly. Because of its shape I could see both the top on which there was a small glass or metallic dome and I could see the underneath. It hovered about thirty centimetres from my face. The sky above was blue with a large circle of white clouds in spite of it being in the middle of the night where I was. I tried to wake my wife and could not rouse her. And so I took my cigarette and burnt the back of my hand and it hurt; I assumed I was awake. I sat and watched the UFO for about thirty to forty-five 15

seconds and then as suddenly as it had come it disappeared. The strangest thing of all was that I then put out my cigarette and went to sleep. In the morning I awoke to a very painfully burnt hand. Many of the people in the group, including Lydia Anne and her husband, the medium, and others, have had UFO experiences. Since that time Lydia Anne and myself have had two others. The group also went to see the film Close Encounters of the Third Kind, because of its connection with the five fives event, and found they could empathise with many of the things that were portrayed in that movie and at the time that this happened the very world famous Kaikoura UFO sightings took place. Lydia Anne‘s story: My husband and I had gone to bed and were asleep. I had a most extraordinary dream in which a space-ship had landed in the paddock outside our home. The inhabitants of the UFO came down a ramp and asked to be fed because they were hungry. I went into our kitchen and made trays of sandwiches and thermoses of coffee to take to them. As they took the food I was awoken by my husband shouting in a strange language which to this day I have not been able to identify. He woke and told me that he had dreamed of a space-ship landing in the paddock and that I was not to feed the people as it would ruin everything we had. He had experienced the very same dream, and every element coincided with mine. About a week later my husband and I were playing cards in our dining room. Suddenly, in the middle of a hand, I put my cards on the table and insisted that we go to the Roman Catholic Cathedral of the Blessed Sacrament in the city. My husband put his hand of cards on the table and said: ―let‘s go, then.‖ On arriving at the Cathedral we went in through the large double doors at the front. Moving down the aisle I stepped into a pew and knelt down. My husband sat on the pew. As I was kneeling in meditation I felt two hands surround my head and heard the words: ―Go in peace, my daughter, and do what you have to do.‖ My husband told me that as well as hearing the words he had seen an old monk dressed in a brown habit come down the aisle and put his hands around my head. There was no physical monk. In fact, there are no monks at that cathedral. Josef says: At the same time that Lydia Anne and her husband were having the above experiences I had seen the UFO mentioned previously and I then had a dream-like experience in which I found myself in deep space and looking into a huge crystal star-like object, the interior of which seemed to recede forever into infinity. I said to myself this is the Crystal City of Revelation and then I was in the centre of the City looking outward to infinity and the crystal went on forever. Below me I saw what appeared to be a great river and I called this the River of Life and on either side of the river there was a tree and I said ‗these are the Trees of Life.‘ And I saw that all was one. Then I awoke. A few days later I was at my place of work by myself. There was not another soul in the factory. I was busy working and doing the things I normally did, the things that anyone does in a mundane world on a day-today basis; I was being quite normal. And then I heard a voice. It said: ―Draw the creation.‖ I was thirty-three years old and had never heard disembodied voices before that time and nor have I heard any since and so I looked about my work-room for whom it may have been who had said these words and discovered I was still on my own. So, with some trepidation I replied: ―I cannot draw to save myself.‖ And wondered why I was talking to myself. 16

The Voice repeated: ―Draw the creation.‖ Angrily, I replied, ―I cannot bloody well draw!‖ ―You can draw a bloody straight line, can‘t you!‖ ―Yes,‖ I said somewhat fearfully. ―Then do so,‖ the Voice replied. Fortunately, the machines I operated mainly looked after themselves and so I took pencil, paper and ruler, sat at a table and drew a line. For the next two hours the voice slowly and painfully guided my hand. Then asked me to look at what I had drawn. With the exception of two or three extraneous lines I had drawn the Star of David with three diameter lines through its centre uniting the six points of the Star and all of this was inside a hexagon, inside a square. On looking at it I seemed to realise that a circle needed to be inserted around the hexagon. My machines required my attendance and it was another one and a half hours before I could return to the drawing. When I did the voice suggested I might like to add some wording to the drawing and at each of the points of the Star I wrote one of the following words: Conception, Growth, Birth, Development, Enlightenment, Love and I saw that the arrangement of lines about the Star and the lines through the centre ensured that these ideas could be connected with each other in many combinations. Next it was suggested that I draw a second circle about half a centimetre larger than the first and between the two circles I draw an extension of the diameter lines which would unite the two circles. This made six divisions in the space between the two circles. These spaces were then each divided in half with another line, these just being short lines and not running through the Star. Into these spaces I wrote the names of the twelve signs of the Zodiac and the voice said to me ―Each of these signs is either positive or negative, water or fire, and should be coloured to emphasise this, either black or white. Start with the sign of Aquarius, this will be white.‖ So, when I had finished I had twelve alternating black and white signs and the voice said: ―Now we have the six days of Creation, each one an evening and a morning, the dark for the evening and the light for the morning.‖ I was stunned. I was awed and yet asked ―And where might we find the seventh?‖ The voice said: ―Do you not see the centre? The centre is a point and a point in a sentence is known as a ‗rest‘. That day is the rest.‖ [figure 1] I worked obsessively for months, every spare moment at home and at work, late into the night, early in the morning, while running my machines and while eating my meals. I ignored everybody and every other happening or event. I am sure I must have become a source of great irritation in the lives of all my family and friends, but I worked to understand what had been revealed to me. I drew it and re-drew it. I drew numbers of them beside each other, on top of each other, in different colours, difference sizes. I saw in the Star chemical symbols such as Hydrogen, Oxygen, Carbon and the DNA, geometric shapes, mathematical symbols such as  (pi) and phi) and eventually I even saw that within the circle there really wasn‘t a star there at all, just a cube [See fig. 2]. 17

The one thing it took me a long time to realise was that a number of stars within circles should be drawn in such a way that the circles passed through each other‘s centres [figure 3]. When six stars and circles were drawn like this one at each of the points of the original star, and all the same size, the result was an enlarged version of the original manifested in much the same way as a holograph, or fractal. This, I called the lattice window [refer Fig. 4] and in the first instance I drew this with black felt tipped medium pens to give reasonable density to the lines. I discovered very quickly that if I held this image within thirty centimetres of my face with the centre of the image between my eyes it seemed to have an effect on my brain. As I looked at the image I could see depictions within it of houses, trees, cars, carts, aeroplanes, in fact just about any of the objects of our dayto-day lives, each one appearing alone in sequence and as each image appeared and the last vanished my brain to seemed to go ‗click‘. It felt as if the image was doing disc ‗clean-up and defragmentation‘ on my ‗hard drive‘ not that we knew about those things in those pre-personal computing days. I was so amazed at this effect that I took my drawing to Lydia Anne and her husband and asked them if it affected them in the same way. Whilst there we all decided that we would try doing telepathic experiments while looking at the image. It may have been imagination and we never really repeated this experiment but it seemed for a short while that we had results of about 75%. Who knows? But what did happen was that from this point on Lydia Anne‘s receiving seemed to mesh very closely with my own particularly with regard to the work I was doing with the Star image. Lydia Anne adds: What amazed me most particularly was that on many occasions my dreams would be the answer to Josef‘s questions – questions he had not yet asked me. Josef says: It became clear to me that the Star had symbolic comments to make about many of the stories of the Bible. For instance: the bottom third of the circle could be likened to a boat as it floated in the sea which at the bow was Pisces [the fish] and at the stern Cancer [the crab], [figures 1 & 5] the two Zodiac symbols of the sea. When two circles are put together as in figure 3 then the vesica or yoni shape, where the circles over-lap, makes a very good boat shape indeed. It can be seen that this is where the fish symbol of Christianity originates but it is also a very good image for Noah‘s ark. It can be seen that aboard this boat are the beasts of the earth, Taurus [the bull], Aries [the ram] and Gemini [ the twins] for the boat is merely that segment of the Zodiac symbol that contains those astrological houses. But as there are two circles, and each is the reverse of the other, there are two groups of beasts in the boat, one on each segment of each circle. Two Taurus signs, two Aries signs, and two Gemini signs; and so the beasts went in two by two. Flying above the boat at the bow is the two-headed eagle called the Phoenix, which was originally the name for the sign now known as Aquarius. Aquarius did not exist as a sign of the Zodiac prior to the Christian era; it was the Phoenix that originally occupied this space and was probably more representative of the imagery of the age into which we have just come for the Phoenix is consumed in the fires of its own creation and it arise out of its own ashes to new life through the waters of rebirth. The Phoenix is an eagle that had two heads, meaning that it had two forms of consciousness. One of these heads looked at reality through the eyes of an infinite mind and the other observed with a finite mind. This is one of the things that the two overlapping circles represents; one circle represents infinite mind and the other the finite. In fig. 13 we show you gestalts that are two images in one and you cannot see the one, the faces for example, while you are looking at the other. This is a very good symbol to represent the conundrum of the Phoenix; it could not observe the infinite while it was experiencing the finite and vice versa. In the first chapter of Genesis it is said that the birds of the air flew across the firmament and it has been thought that this meant the birds flew across the sky. But it can also mean that they flew, or fly, across the firmament from the realm of the infinite to that of the finite of space/time. In doing so they would be infinitely aware in one realm and finitely aware in the other but could not be both at the same time. Noah, in releasing birds from the ark to observe the state of the world, was sending the birds into the heavens (across the firmament one might say) so that they might observe with an awareness not possible within the confines of the boat of space/time. 18

I recall one time when I was about to go to sleep and I suddenly had a falling dream experience. When I hit the bottom of the pit into which I fell I awoke and immediately said to myself that if it happened again I would try and resist waking up just to see if anything else happened. I started to go to sleep again and the same thing happened. As I approached the bottom of the pit I tried to stay in the state that I was but the fear of impact awoke me again. Then it all happened a third time and this time I did not awake as I hit the bottom but my mind seemed to expand to encompass the whole universe of both time and space. I found myself observing everything that had ever happened and ever would and I could see where everything and everyone fitted in and what life was actually all about. Suddenly I knew I had nothing at all to be concerned about and that my life, and that of everyone else, was just as it ought to be. It was the most rewarding and blissful experience. I awoke from this state and immediately woke Lydia Anne and told her that I now knew without a doubt what life was all about and she begged me to tell her so that she might know as well. It was only then that I realised that I could not remember even one thing of what I had seen. I only knew that it had happened. Noah‘s birds, therefore, could report to him that the state of things was fine or not fine but they could not provide him with any particulars and the story does in fact say that even with the report of the dove in hand Noah still waited to make sure things were settled enough before he departed the ark. The Phoenix sets out to overcome this problem in destroying and remaking itself and when it comes back to life it does so with only one head which has melded both forms of the old awareness into one new form. So the story of Noah is telling us that consciousness has two forms; one that is finite and the other that is infinite. When one is focused in space/time one cannot be aware or even recall anything of the infinite and when one is experiencing infinite consciousness one cannot relate what one observes to anything in space/time. To overcome this problem we have to behave as the Phoenix; we have to break down all our old ideas about reality, we have to stop thinking in the old ways and we have to recreate ourselves from out of the ashes of our own destruction. This is some of the information that I think is contained within the story of Noah. There are many other stories that contain just as much valuable information and we will discuss some of them later in the book; but at the time that I was first reading and experiencing these stories in this new way I didn‘t want to believe what I was seeing and so I struggled with interpretation and I was very unsure about just who I should talk to about this material. Apart from Lydia Anne and, to a lesser degree her husband, there seemed to be nobody. Many years later, decades later, I am able to reflect on all of these events and say that if we are open the One indeed does reveal itself in our lives in many amazing ways. For some of us it appears as spirits and UFOs and for others in events like ‗draw the creation‘.





















FIG. 2


The star is a diamond crystal

The star does not exist. It is a two dimensional illusion within a three dimensional object. Each line of the star is merely a line across one of the faces of the cube as in 2A. Surrounding the cube are the twelve astrological precious and semi-precious stones that are the gates or way into the cubic crystal clear as glass city of the Revelation to John. You can see through the cube to the rear faces and to see through it can also mean that you can become aware through using it as an instrument.


Each of these shapes, without the line is merely a face of the cube. The line emphasises the diamond shape. In Greek the word for crown is stephanos. The diamond is the crown of the Kabala. In Greek diamond and diadem can be expressed using the same word and a diadem is a crown. In Greek mysticism 2B is called the tetractys and represents the universal whole. The Greek mystical number for the whole is 12x12x12 the same number, in The Revelation to John, of the crystal cubic city.



Fig.3 THE Two Star symbol

Male pentacle star and cell

4 This is the yoni/vesica

Female pentacle star and cell


Fig. 4 The Lattice Window

Within the lattice window is repeated forms of the original star.


Fig. 5 Noah’s Ark


Taurus Aries

Aquarius used to be the phoenix Noah launches the raven and dove from here



stern Cancer


Gemini Taurus

Not only does Noah‘s Ark bear within it the animals of the dry land it also carries the symbol of the DNA of all life within the vesica shape which, here, has been removed from the two star symbol. The vesica/yoni is also the fish that was originally used as the symbol of Christianity rather than the crucifix.


Fig. 6 The Kabala Holy City and Temple

This is called the Tree of Life, the Crystal City, The Holy City, The Holy Temple, The Alter, Jerusalem and, for some strange reason, Damascus. In Chapter nine in the book of the Acts of the Apostles in the New Testament it says that the street called Straight was in Damascus. For the purposes of this example it is necessary to know that the word strait, which we use to mean just narrow waterways, is an archaic form of the word straight and both words can mean the same thing. In the case of the Kabala strait and straight both mean the narrow and direct route or path.

This is the crown. In Hebrew it is Kether in Greek it is The crown of Stephanos can also be called a diadem.


There are no astrological days of creation in this form of the Kabala and so there are no cells or cellular information.

Each dot, as in A, is called a Sephiroth and is similar to a Chakra. They are also called coins, stones. The straight lines within the symbol are called streets or ways and the vertical street running from the earth to stephanos is called the straight street or way.


In Greek the word meaning strait is Stenon.


The Thyatira group were told by the medium and it was confirmed by Stephen that his, Stephen‘s, name had originally been Stenen and Gareth spelt it this way. It should probably have been spelt Stenon.


The base is called the earth. In Hebrew this is Malkuth

Fig. 7 Aquarius Jar

The Aquarian Jar represents the womb at the point of birth.

The waters of birth The yoni in the neck of the Jar represents the Source and the vagina.


CASTING STONES ON GLASS HOUSES CHAPTER TWO Periodically I would visit Lydia Anne and her husband and be told by her that she‘d had a dream, or a book receiving, and I should be doing THUS. And I was annoyed that somebody should have the temerity to tell me what I should be doing with God‘s revelation. And so I struggled all the more. But gradually I began to realise that I was being led, not by, but through Lydia Anne and my life became so much easier. Gareth seemed to have difficulty empathising with what had happened to me and what I was seeing in, and experiencing through, the Star. On the way home from work on the day the Star first manifested I called at his house, excited and keen to show him what had happened to me. His negative reaction left me feeling as if he had poured a bucket of cold water over me as he said that he thought I had just imagined it. Before I left he, strangely, handed me a Teach Yourself Hebrew book in which there was a Hebrew alphabet and its explanation. At a later date this became very important in assisting me to understand the nature of late Jewish and early Christian cryptic writing methods, some of which we reveal in chapters four and six. But at that time I was very disappointed and disillusioned. On a number of occasions after this he mentioned that he thought it was just Josef‘s invented language and peculiar receiving method. So, as issues arose within the group which my Star and the receivings of Lydia Anne and myself seemed to address, Gareth would ask Stephen to comment. One of the questions put to Stephen by Gareth was as follows: ―When Jesus sent his disciples into the city [figure 6] to prepare for the last supper he said to them ‗ you will meet a man carrying a jar of water (Fig. 7 ) he will take you to an upper room. There prepare the feast of the Passover‘. Josef feels that this story prefigures the coming of the age of Aquarius which [in the Star figure 1] is the upper house in relation to Pisces and that the supper of the Sacrificial Lamb speaks of how Christ will spiritually feed us prior to His second coming. He also thinks that Pisces is a symbol for the resurrection of Jesus which happens in the morning at the rising of the sun sign of Aquarius.‖ Astrologically Pisces is a night and moon sign so in that Zodiacal age there is no rising sun. But the sun does rise in the morning of Aquarius which is the sun and day astrological age immediately after the night of Pisces, symbolised by a water jar being carried by a human figure. This imagery suggested to me, Josef, that the resurrection is a symbolic story and is about something that happens after the end of the age of Pisces not during it. The age of Aquarius, is a ‗sun‘ sign in the Zodiac, a ‗day‘ sign in my Star and therefore, symbolically, the rising of the sun after the night of the age of Pisces is the coming of the age of Aquarius and this is when one would expect to see the resurrection if, as I am suggesting, the Gospel story is symbolic and not factual. The events in which the group were immersed, such as the receiving of Stephen, personal receiving and the appearance of the Star seemed to me to be symbolic of this pre-second coming ‗feeding‘. The church, which uses the symbol of the fish in relation to itself, developed in the age of Pisces the fish after the death of the Age of Aries the ram [sheep, male lamb]. In the Age of Pisces Aries was the lower house or ‗room‘ and Aquarius the ‗upper house or room‘. The sun over the last four thousand years, has moved through the houses of Aries and Pisces and has just begun to rise in that upper room of the astrological Age of Aquarius. Stephen replied: [Thyatira 61] ―I could say that it was awe inspiring. Let us speak about symbolism for what are we here but symbols. What am I – a symbol of my medium or of Stephen? What are we all? What is the earth on which we live, the air we breathe, but a symbol. Each of us gathered here have each been together before. We have done the same things, and we have begun to recognise this fact; were it not for the symbols how would 27

we recognise the path, the place or the face? We have said that knowledge is not what we might believe but that which we must know if we are all to know that we are part of the whole.‖ On another occasion I had mentioned to Gareth that I thought the Star in its expanded form as the lattice window was depicting the DNA nucleus of the cell and that this had something to tell us about our relationship to the spirit and the whole and that I found this genetic information imagery within a part of the Star symbol that I called the ‗yoni‘ [figures 3]. I called it this because I understood that this symbol represented birth and creation and in the Hindu religion these ideas are encapsulated in the image and sacred object they call the yoni. This sacred object is in fact a representation of the vagina and is meant to symbolise both the womb and the source. In Christianity the egg-like yoni of my Star symbol can be found in nearly every church and in many icons and illuminated documents and is called the vesica. In fact this sacred symbol was recently found in the mosaic floor of the Church of the Holy Sepulchre in Mabata in Ethiopia. It was unearthed during recent renovations to the church. The original floor, dating from c 500 CE., [as shown on N.Z. Television on 16th August, 2009] is a map of all the holy places in the Middle East. The site of the Temple of Jerusalem is depicted as a vesica. It is in such vesicae that the new-born Jesus child, the Assumption of Mary, and the ascension of Christ are depicted; meaning that my perception of the yoni symbolising birth and creation would seem to have been correct. Gareth asked Stephen if my receiving about this DNA imagery related to the group and would this cell, i.e. the group, reproduce itself and form a body of consciousness within the ―God head‖. [I am not sure what Gareth meant by a body of consciousness within the Godhead, but that was the question.] Stephen replied: [Thyatira 79] ―Just one more step with your thoughts and you might be able to see yourselves. How shall we first use the egg?……………….. ― I asked ―How far can we go with this cell image?‖ Stephen replied: [Thyatira 79] ―Examine all carefully, only remember that you see but a reflection. It may tell us much of what is truly there, but beware that the margin of error does not confuse. The church, indeed, is the Body of Christ but what we perceive to be the Church may only be an image in the cell of what it truly is………‖ I asked: ―Would it be true to say that we have got it reasonably accurate so far?‖ Stephen replied: [Thyatira 79] ― What you have perceived, bearing in mind the margin of error, could bring clarity and greater understanding. But as you look upon symbols and the writings you will make and the pictures you will conceive look at them not with the mind and consciousness of the image but come outside and look upon them from within yourselves. Be conscious when you perceive these things of who and where you really are, not with the consciousness of the image you are placed in. Above all do not draw a conclusion of the truth for even as you look at the images you are looking at a reflection where the right is the left hand and the left is the right. Do not lose direction.‖ Because Stephen had inferred that the cell, that is the group might divide I, along with some of the other members of the group, formed an offshoot group to explore this idea and others. Some of the things we experimented with were using the Star as an aid to receiving intuitively, as a pattern for forming groups for healing and attempts at trance receiving. Surprisingly, all of these things met with a degree of success and we continued experimenting with them for many weeks. Lydia Anne and Gareth were both among those members who attended this offshoot group on a regular basis and we discussed the formation of peripheral 28

groups, divided off from but still associated with the Stephen group and how they would be formed and run. I believed, and I thought that most of the other members of this group felt the same, that for this cell division, we would be best to choose from the Stephen group those members who seemed to be most able to teach and organise. For the idea was to set up these periphery groups and teach the basic philosophy of Stephen using past and current Stephen material. Each of the teacher/organiser conveners would be required to keep in contact with the other members of the Stephen group, to regularly attend ongoing Stephen sessions and to receive copies of the transcripts so that they were always up-to-date and in touch. In the end this did not happen. The cell did not divide and multiply in this way as Gareth, seemed to think that we were expected to choose twelve disciples for the new age and the second coming. Refer to Thyatira July 28th, 1977, August 1st through to August 9th, 1977. Quite rightly he was very uncomfortable with the idea and there was a lot of discussion backwards and forwards between Gareth and Stephen about whether or not twelve groups should be established and twelve conveners chosen. In none of the transcripts do I find Stephen suggesting that the choosing should not happen. However, as a result of a series of private receivings that Gareth took to say the group should not go ahead, he eventually decided to cancel the whole idea. One of the last receivings Gareth quotes in his own book regarding this episode was as follows: He was telephoned by a funeral director and asked if he would bury the son of the man who had carried the stones to build Christchurch Cathedral down Wilderness Rd. ―Wilderness Road,‖ says Gareth, ―was the former name for Barrington Street, near where I lived. It was also the road on which was the church hall in which we held many of the Stephen sessions.‖ In the Star symbol each of the astrological houses is also called ‗gates‘, ‗ages‘, ‗days‘ or ‗stones‘ [figures 1, 3 & 6]. Each of these titles is important in interpreting various aspects of the Star depending on whether one is translating a Bible story, astrological relationships, physics information or symbolic interpretations. The term ‗stones‘ is used when the symbol is being thought of as the Altar of God, the Holy Temple, the New Jerusalem, etc. as they are the building blocks for those particular images. I, being the bearer of the Star image, was the man who carried those stones and I carried them down Barrington Street to the Church hall where we discussed them. Also each of the conveners for the groups we were contemplating could have been imaged as being foundation stones for the new organisation. They also were carried down Barrington Street to the church hall as they arrived at the meetings. So the passage regarding Wilderness Road might be read that ― the son of man who carried the stones with which a new structure might be built was buried.‘ The following Italics are used as emphasis and the material itself emphasises our contention that this whole experience was Kabalistic self-development and should never have been translated as proof of Christianity or any other belief structure: In astrological metaphysics, in Tarot divination and in the presentation of Kabalistic concepts the word used for the development of a horoscope, the laying of the cards on the table and the presenting of concepts to a pupil is „casting‟. We show in [fig. 6] that Stephen can be related to the Kabalistic symbol as the „crown‟. In ancient Greek the word for „crown‟ or „diadem‟ is the same as the word „diamond‟ and this word is „Stephanos‟ which is the Greek word from which arises our name „Stephen‟. Stephen pointed out on numerous occasions that concepts could be likened to „stones‟ and the concepts that he presented to the group as being of fundamental importance were as follows: „The key stone is love, the corner stone is sacrifice and the foundation stones are faith, knowledge, wisdom, mercy and receiving.” In the Kabala these stones are also called „coins‟ as they are small circles at the junctions of the „streets‟. In Greek the word for „strait‟ is „Stenon‟. In the Stephen group, when questioned about his origins, Stephen said that his name had actually been Stenen [Thyatira 52]; both pronunciations Stenon, and Stenen, are similar and for our purposes it is unimportant that the spelling is different because the „street‟ of the Kabala that connects the Earth at the base with Stephanos at the crown is called the‟ Strait Street‟ [strait is the archaic form of „straight‟ and both can mean narrow and/or strict. Initially, this was the actual meaning of 29

the word „strait‟, today it is only used in relation to narrow stretches of water such as the Cook or Bass Straits] [refer to Acts chapter 9 verse 11 paraphrase “Saul, after the stoning of Stephen, has arrived in Damascus and Ananias is told by the Lord to go into the city and find him on the street called Strait. The Kabala is the „Crystal City‟, „Holy City‟ and the ‟Temple of God‟ [figure 2 & 6] and so these stones that we find on the Star, Kabala, and as the convenors of the peripheral groups, are the Temple stones and they are cast, or laid, about the form and the Kabalistic structure of Stephan(os). In the Biblical story of the stoning of Stephen in Acts chapter 7 verse 58……. „ the witnesses laid down their garments at the feet of a young man named Saul.‟ In the Stephen group the witnesses were the group members who witnessed the manifestation of Stephen and his teachings within that group. As a result, they developed a whole raft of images relating to what they perceived as the reality of our physical existence and reincarnations. These ideas according to Stephen were the „garments‟ with which we clothed ourselves during this and previous lives. You will recall that Saul [as quoted in the book of the Acts of the Apostles] became St Paul after first seeing Stephen and that I, Josef, was named as St. Paul when I first met Stephen and it was here at this event and subsequent meetings that the group witnesses laid their garments of reincarnations before me. It is, therefore, my opinion that symbolically this whole episode – the twelve group, the stones, and Wilderness Road parallels the „stoning of Stephen‟ in the Biblical story of Acts. Neither event should be perceived as being actual stonings, temples or events having any bearing on our day-to-day reality. They are experiences related to the awakening and developing consciousness of holism as expressed through the teaching system called „Kabala‟. The word Kabala, itself, means „received‟ as in received wisdom/knowledge. The final coup-de-graĉe for the new groups came on August 9th [episode 14 Gareth‘s book page 247] in which a letter arrives from Gareth‘s friend in Wyoming. He was a UFO buff living in Arizona near the mount called Devil‘s Tower which featured in Close Encounters of the Third Kind and he was president of his local UFO group. In this letter he quotes from C.S. Lewis‘s A Grief Observed: ‗He always knew my temple was a house of cards. His only way of making me realise the fact was to knock it down.‖ Gareth took this to mean that which we all do with this phrase, that it was a very frail structure and wasn‘t going to last so better not get involved. What he had overlooked was that some weeks before this at another group meeting [mentioned in Gareth‘s book page 242] I had been strongly driven internally to pick up a pack of Tarot cards that was handy and laid out one card face down for every person in the room and one extra. On finishing this I had said that each of the cards had something to say about each person and the one extra would be Stephen‘s. That extra card was accepted straight away by most members, many of whom were to have been convenors of the new groups, as a likeness of the way in which we perceived Stephen and each person commented that their own card certainly did speak to them. Each of those cards were part of what is called the major arcana of the Tarot system and the Tarot is a form of the Kabala [Figs.3 & 6] and so each card can also be called a ‗stone‘. So the house of cards was made of the temple stones and the cards were just another way of portraying that which could have come about. But it was knocked down and buried when the other option was to build and enter it. I still wonder what would have happened had we done so. However, instead of a temple, a lot of acrimony developed during the course of this event mainly due to people thinking that some of us had become elitist and thought we were the twelve disciples reincarnate. Many members left the group, Gareth had difficulty with some of his church members, my wife ceased attending group sessions and, eventually, so did I. From the time we formed the off-shoot group to when the Wilderness Road and Temple Stones events happened about two years had passed. By the end of the stones event the Stephen sessions in Christchurch had ended and the group was beginning to disperse and cease functioning. Although some members kept in touch with each other for many decades after this event the Stephen phenomenon was effectively dead. Many years later it became apparent [to be explained in Chapter 4] that the actions, beliefs, and egos of both the medium and Gareth led to the death and burial of something that may have originally been of 30

considerable value. And so symbolically the stoning, death and burial of Stephen had been acted out to the very end. What it had done, though, was to bring Lydia Anne and myself much closer together in that we were very supportive of each other and what we were trying to achieve. We also began to realise that there was more to our relationship than just being members of the group. Our thoughts had been interwoven for some time, our dreams and receivings coincided and our emotions became embroiled. For some months it was obvious that we needed to do something about this relationship or we were going to create enormous stresses within our families. Finally I decided that I would remove myself from the scene. My relationship with my wife had been very stressed for a long time and for very much prior to the Stephen group. We managed to get along day by day mainly because of our young daughter and had it not been for her our marriage would hardly have lasted the first year or two. Recently I had told my wife that I was going to leave her and together we had visited her parents and her mother had asked if I would give it another month to see whether or not we could correct the problems. My wife and I agreed to this idea as all were agreed about the source of our difficulties and that corrections should not be too hard to make. When the month was finally up nothing, from my point of view, had changed and so I left. In doing so I visited Lydia Anne to explain to her what I was doing so that she would be in no doubt what the situation was and that she was not the cause of it. My intention was to go away on my own so I was very surprised when she insisted that she come with me as I had no desire to destroy two families, one was bad enough. But Lydia Anne insisted and eventually we both climbed into my vehicle and drove away from our homes and families. We weren‘t too far down the road when we realised that because of this new situation we had no idea where we were going, where we were going to live, where out next meal was coming from or what roof we would be sleeping under. For some reason Lydia Anne thought it might be a good idea if we went and told Gareth what we had done. We arrived at Gareth‘s home, knocked on his front door and waited for him to appear, which he took some little time to do. When he finally opened the door he ushered us into his study and asked us to wait there as he had some other visitors in the kitchen. On his arrival back into the room we admitted our deed. He took a key from a drawer in his desk and, giving it to us said that we had better go to his caravan which was parked up at Brooklands Motor Camp. Some time later we learned that the visitors he had in the kitchen were the representatives of the Society for the Protection of Home and Family. After leaving his home we went into the city. We were both very stressed and at a loss to know quite what to do. To give ourselves thinking time we decided to have a chinese meal at a little restaurant. Having eaten this meagre meal while attempting to settle our thoughts and emotions we felt the necessity to visit a psychic whom we had only met a time or two before. When we arrived at his home he was pacing the floor, the door was flung open and he said: ―thank god you are here at last.‖ His wife said that he had been pacing the floor for hours, staring out of the window and wondering where we were. On the kitchen bench he had prepared everything that we would need to set up house: blankets, pillows, food, cooking utensils and linen. He said that these were for us as we would have need of them. The funny thing was that some months previously we had met them for the first time when the group, led by Gareth, had suggested we visit this renowned psychic to see what he could tell us about Stephen. On that day we had sat around in a circle in his lounge and he went from person to person giving messages. I was sitting with my wife and Lydia Anne was sitting with her husband across the room. The psychic stopped in front of me and he told me I had a lot of work to do in the future, that I was going to write three books, meet my father who, at that time, was still very much alive, not missing and from time to time in communication with me [if it was my physical father he actually meant] and see things that nobody else had ever seen. I had amazing things to experience, said he. Crossing the room to Lydia Anne and her husband he said to her, ―you have a lot of work to do with your husband. You must support him. You are like the powerhouse.‖ Lydia Anne didn‘t understand what he was talking about because her husband was not doing anything special that she was aware of and she was, therefore, somewhat mystified. The psychic, seeing the mystification on Lydia Anne‘s face, turned from her, pointed to me and said: ―you two are married aren‘t 31

you?‖ We both said ―no, not us.‖ ―Well, ― said he, ― you soon will be!‖ And turned his attention to another group member leaving everybody quite stunned. Now here we were, a couple of months later, being treated like the returning prodigal son. We had a cup of tea with the couple, picked up the mountain of supplies they had provided for us and headed in the darkness in the middle of the night to an unknown caravan, in a motor camp we had never been to, in a part of the city we knew nothing about. This was the beginning of the remarkable relationship between ourselves and this couple that lasted for many happy and fulfilling years. But right then Lydia Anne and I were stepping out into the totally unknown, thoroughly traumatised and shocked by our own behaviour. But, as will be seen shortly, the first actual separation of the cell had just taken place. Lydia Anne takes up the tale: So, here we were, tired, distraught and totally unaware of the Kabalistic nature of our experiences. We circled the motor camp in the van for several minutes being unsure which of the caravans there was Gareth‘s. We were somewhat dismayed to discover that, even in the middle of the night, the place looked like a rubbish dump – caravans everywhere, piles of concrete blocks, building trusses, scaffolding, concrete mixers and a myriad of plastic water pipes scattered hither and yon, all of which we later discovered belonged to the owner of the camp who was a very untidy builder and that everything was part of his treasures with which, at a later date, he intended to use to build himself a palace. We finally found Gareth‘s caravan, opened it and went inside. Thank goodness for the foresight of our psychic friends – the caravan was empty. A shell, which we set about filling up with the food, bedding and supplies so thoughtfully provided by them. How had they known what was to happen? It was all a wonderment to us as we stood there gazing around at the shambles that our lives had become. What was this all about? We sat down on opposite sides of the built-in table and our hands touched across its surface. To our surprise we suddenly felt as if we had received an electric shock. Suddenly our cares melted away, we felt blissfully happy and loving. The next morning we arose and in the cold hard light of day our fears of the night before were realised – we were in a rubbish dump! In a rubbish dump, beside the sea, near the international airport where we were being continually overflown by jumbo jets and my thoughts raced back to a receiving I had recently had from Thus Spake Zarathustra – ― ….and two trees were taken from the forest and planted by the sea where they would grow strong……. ― Horrors; here we were being buffeted by the winds from the sea; would we grow strong? I wondered. It was teeming with rain. The owner of the caravan park came to us, knocked on the door and on being asked to come in said: ―You will not be comfortable in this old caravan. I have another one over there which you are welcome to use.‖ So we shifted from one to the other because Gareth‘s one was so small and cramped. Later that day we were discussing the possibility of obtaining an awning as we needed somewhere to take off wet-weather clothing and boots. With that the owner came over once again and said: ―You will also need an awning. There is one over there on that caravan under the tree. The owner owes me storage money that he has never paid so just take that awning and put it on this caravan. I think it will fit well enough.‖ Thanking him we walked over to that old caravan, unhooked the awning and put it on our new caravan which it fitted perfectly and became so useful for storage. Two or three years later we were on the committee that brought from Scotland a very charismatic couple named Eileen and Peter Caddy; they had started that well-known community on the Firth of Moray called Findhorn. Peter Caddy was on the stage telling the audience of some of their adventures and experiences and he told of them being on their own, in a caravan, in a caravan park, on a windswept beach in Scotland at the very beginning of their life together. They had recently left their respective spouses and were feeling traumatised and disorientated. To our surprise he then went on to tell of the coming of the caravan-park owner who offered them the use of an awning to help keep off the winds and rain. Feeling a certain empathy with him Josef stood up and said that we‘d also had a similar experience with caravans, parks and awnings. Although Peter Caddy was not very interested we thought it was an amazing co-incidence 32

particularly as Findhorn was attempting to teach in a structured way many of the things we were experiencing in a less structured fashion. My boys would be brought to the caravan park by their father at the weekends where the younger one stayed for the whole weekend enjoying the dubious delights of the estuary and its secrets. One Saturday he ventured forth to go fishing off the wharf. As the tide was out the wharf was not a dangerous place so he was left to his own devices for a short period of time. Josef and I were sitting outside the caravan in the sun when my very upset child ran up to us. He told us a boat, filled with people, was out on the bar when a big wave rolled the boat over, there were people in the water and somebody had ‗drownded‘. Running down to the beach to see if we could help, there was no sign of any disaster, so we thought it just the product of his over-active imagination and we returned to the caravan and the books we had been reading. However, lo and behold, to use an old Biblical expression, about half-an-hour later our reading was disturbed by a helicopter circling overhead and the sound of a siren approaching from the distance. Going back to the beach we saw all too clearly that my son had pre-empted the event that was now happening – a boat had upturned on the bar, people were adrift in the water and it later transpired that a person had indeed drowned. My son had always been a little psychic and had often foreseen events or had deja-vu experiences. In fact, when he was only two or three years of age, sitting on the dining room floor playing with his blocks or similar and I was typing the Stephen tapes he would often just quietly say some of the things being spoken about on the tape. That never failed to unnerve me. What was happening? Why was the child so perceptive? As a grown man, he is still very perceptive, still has his deja-vu experiences but has little recall of those Stephen days. I had great difficulty being at that caravan park and seeing so little of the boys. It was almost as if they were at boarding school although the older one was by then out at work, having left school earlier in the year. The awful feeling of loss and emptiness was tempered only slightly by the weekend contact with them. We had given the van back to Josef‘s wife, and desperately needed some transport. As we had taken nothing with us but what we stood up in, having left all possessions including all bank accounts and assets, it became obvious that if we were to continue this experience we had to have a vehicle. Josef was walking to work each day – a journey of 5 kms each way and we had a journey of 15 kms just to get groceries, very difficult without a vehicle as there were no buses. He was also unable to see his daughter as his wife was unable to drive. However, in the short period of our stay at the motor camp we had managed to save $200 so we perused the second-hand car advertisements in the local paper. We found one, and only one, for which the asking price was $200 complete. But how to get it? As we asked this question my older son arrived in a friend‘s car and they happily agreed to take us into Christchurch to the car yard. On arrival it was obvious other people were also interested in the same car and so without even inspecting it Josef went into the office and paid the man $200. Having bought the car there was no money left for the coming week until pay-day so we literally lived on bread and water until the next pay cheque arrived. That car was our vehicle for four years. It was a real bitsa. Bitsa this and bitsa that. It was a 1956/57/63 Morris Oxford Austin A40. But it served us well even though we modified it ad nauseam as vehicle parts were hard to come by and we had to make things fit. When we eventually bought a Ford Falcon some years later we received $100 for the bitsa this and bitsa that. Initially our friends from the group were loath to come to see us, the unwashed outcasts! The psychic and his wife were often visitors as was another couple with whom we have remained steadfast friends for thirty years. Even Gareth was slow to visit and only sheepishly arrived to see us about a month after we had settled in. During his conversation with us he just happened to slip in that he had a transcript of a Stephen session that had been heard on the day after our leaving, and would we like to see it? He had struggled with it all that time as he tried to decide whether or not he should bring it to us. Amongst other things in the transcript were the words ―Sic Ecclesia Spiritus Sanctus‖


Within the group these words were always taken to mean that the entity speaking through the medium was no longer Stephen but Jesus Christ himself. Therefore the following words were to be taken very seriously indeed. Those words were: ―The first cut has been made, the operation continues, watch with interest but do not get involved.‖ As I said, earlier, the cell separation had indeed taken place. The group did not get involved but neither it seems did they watch with interest. On the other hand our joint receivings became very intense and almost every minute of our days and nights was involved with experiencing synchronistic events as together we spent many hours receiving jointly via book receiving and intuition. We were questioning everything we had ever experienced as well as the source and meaning of the Stephen material. This began to lead us to a vastly different outlook on life and meaning of our existence. We began to shed our religious beliefs and moved away from thinking of Stephen as being a ‗spirit‘. It became clear to us from all this activity that what we were dealing with was more like manifestations of the mind rather than spirit, whatever that might be. From the first night at the caravan park, when we had experienced the ‗electrification‘ as our hands touched, we began spontaneously doing something we called ‗the hand dance‘. As we touched hands across the table our hands, as if by themselves, began to move and dance in the air before us in sinuous and serpentine patterns as if they had a mind of their own. Coincidentally a friend, of her own volition and without being aware of the ‗dance‘, had brought some material to us which clearly described the same type of dance and it suggested that this had been something that had been taught by Jesus to his twelve disciples. We continued doing this ‗dance‘ on a regular basis for many years and attribute our closeness of mind largely to this. But we were also told, during one of our early receiving sessions in the caravan, that the ‗dance‘ would help us ‗tune to the One Mind‘. We have no evidence that the ‗dance‘ did anything but our experience was that it felt quite profound and comforting if nothing else. One evening the man whom Stephen had named Judas arrived at our caravan. It was dark, it was cold and wet and we were not expecting any visitors. We had been discussing the Last Supper, as it is portrayed in the New Testament Gospels, and the relevance of some of its imagery – such as the meal of bread and wine and wondered how it might pertain, not only to the Stephen material but also to our present experience. Knock, Knock on the door. It was Judas. He came into the caravan and said: ―I have just come to visit you to see if you would like to share some bread and wine with me.‖ We shared his bread and wine, had a short conversation and then he left. As he exited the door he lifted up his necktie and pretended to hang himself with it. He did not know what we had been discussing earlier, nor did he connect his act with the fact that Judas is reported to have hanged himself; he was merely acting the way he sometimes did. Dear Judas, always hanging about with outcasts and pariahs. Whilst at the motor camp there were several events that made a big impact on me. A couple of years previously whilst still with my husband and family a local family had applied to the City Council for a Licence for a travelling circus. This caused some consternation among us all on the street as on their 25 perch section there was an amazingly diverse number of animals: monkeys – several - a bob cat, a Bengal tiger, and assorted cats and dogs, all kept in cages at the back of the section. As the family daily cleaned out those cages the effluent flowed down the street‘s open kerb drains; a potential, in our opinion, health hazard for all the local children. Things reached a climax when it was noised abroad that they were expecting to take delivery of an Indian elephant! Indian elephant in our street? Finally, I‘d had enough and out came the paper and pens and many letters were written to local bodies and the member of parliament for the district. Our letter-box became the repository for many letters bearing official-looking stamps and seals. It turned out that there actually was no local by-law covering Bengal tigers, monkeys etc in a local street but there was one covering the stabling of horses and the cooping of poultry – not within some sixty feet of human habitation, it seemed. Firing salvos from left and right the problem was sorted out when the family was made to re-settle themselves on a piece of land outside the city limits. The next chapter in this saga was at 34

the motor-camp. It was a very dark and rainy night, great sheets of rain were falling and I had to make a visit to the outside latrine, which was the terror of my life. I hated visiting that thing. But never mind, when one has to go one has to go even in the middle of a rainstorm so, bundling myself in protective clothing I made the dash for the loo. Dashed back and went to bed, to blissful sleep once more. In the morning the rain had cleared but imagine my horror when, on opening the caravan door, I espied several pug marks all around the caravan! From an article in the local paper it seemed that the aforementioned tiger had managed to escape from its cage – I always thought that the bars were too weak for that thing – and had been seen prowling around the local district. Yes, and right around our caravan too! My goodness I could have been mauled in the dead of night, thought I. That would have taught me not to be involved when people were being evicted from their home! Another episode that upset me concerned a young mother of three children who, like ourselves, was living in a caravan but without the assistance of a man. No husband, it seemed. One day I had just returned from the laundry where the conversation between the park inhabitants had been about the activities of the owner who, much to everyone‘s disgust and in an attempt to alleviate the over-filling of the sewage system caused by recent heavy rain, had pumped out the sewage tanks in the middle of the night. Well, that‘s o.k. I thought but to where has he pumped it. ―All over the bottom area of the camping-ground by the estuary.‖ I was informed. Horrors. What now? With thoughts of cholera, stomach problems, nausea and diarrhoea filling my head I returned to the caravan. What a disgusting thing to do! Suddenly the air was rent by a terrible screaming. Rushing outside I heard that it was coming from the caravan of the young woman and her children. Running over there I found her lying on the ground vomiting. The children were distraught and crying. Lifting her up she told me she had drunk a bottle of bleach cleaner – sodium hypochlorite! I rushed over to the camp owner who rang for the ambulance and then came back with me to the little family. Taking the children inside I settled them with books and crayons. The mother told the ambulance driver that she had been so upset at the news of the sewage discharge, and feeling unable to do anything about taking her children away from such a place she had felt totally impotent. What a terrible thing. At that time, in New Zealand, there were many families in similar situations so this was nothing new for the ambulance officers but, to me, it was disgraceful that families were having to live in such circumstances. For Josef and myself, it was really not a matter of necessity but of choice in the short term. Walking slowly back to our caravan, thinking over this situation, I decided to ask the ‗old fella upstairs‘ what he thought of all this. Taking the Bible down from its high shelf I let it fall open, as was my wont, and was surprised to read the words : ―And they removed from the land of Shittim…..‖ Paraphrased. Joshua chapter 3 verse 1. Josef arrived home from his work at about 4:30 p.m. and telling him of the events and my receiving his reply was that we should do just that – we should leave. And we did. That very evening. We found a flat advertised in the local paper, went to the address in Christchurch and were accepted as tenants. That flat became our home for two years where we became very good friends with the owners. We continued our controversial way of life and my older son came to live with us. My younger son kept up the weekend visits as I myself was now working with a chartered accountant in the city and only had weekends free. Josef‘s daughter visited spasmodically but it was difficult as her mother was unable to drive and we did not have the space for separate rooms for our visiting children. For Josef, this was a very difficult period as his daughter began to drift away into her mother‘s life and influence.


TRUMPETS, UFOs AND LOOSE FITTING GARMENTS CHAPTER THREE Some time before we went to the motor-camp, while we were still individually in the group, in fact on May 13th, 1974 as recorded in Thyatira 34, Stephen – on becoming conscious in the medium – said: ―Karno, dioti, dieta dioti, karno dioti, boro, zelai lenaika [lerneka], mella diesta.‖ For the rest of that Stephen session it was as if he hadn‘t said those words at all. They were totally ignored. Questions were asked of him during that evening of other matters and he even posed a puzzle but it was as if there was an elephant in the room which nobody wanted to see. However, the next day or so Gareth spent much time with Lydia Anne and her then husband, playing the tape and re-playing it trying to understand the words, their endings – some of them even their sounds - as the tape was indistinct. Eventually Gareth concluded that the words were probably ancient Greek, that some of the word endings were wrong, the grammar was not good and the word ‗leneka‘ sounded like ‗lerneka‘ but according to him only made sense if it was ‗lenaika‘. If the words were intended as Gareth eventually decided, they would in English look as above and in Greek would be as follows:   Some time prior to the next meeting with Stephen Gareth decided on a translation and in doing this he had changed ‗leneka‘ to ‗lenaika‘ because in his opinion the original did not make sense. The full transcript of the evening in which this took place follows: Stephen said: ―karno dioti, dieta dioti, karn dioti, boro, zelai leneka, mella diesta. But it would be better, perhaps, were I to speak with words that would bring a greater emotive response. In what way may I assist?‖ Gareth: ―Could you comment, Stephen, on our prayers for healing?‖ Stephen: ―All prayer is that which you should do. The comment is simple, as was the question.‖ Gareth: ―I feel better when I pray, less trapped by my thoughts.‖ Stephen: ―Do you not have other questions that you wish to ask?‖ Gareth: ―I was expecting you to say more. For myself, I crave material examples of healing related to prayer, in order that I may have more faith; because, for myself, the more you speak the more I have faith; and yet I detect in me a lack of faith, and this annoys me, that I should have this lack of faith, and feel that if I were to see healing I would have more faith.‖ Stephen: ―Then, what method should we use to activate this healing that we should wish to see? Should it be healing in answer to prayer, then first we must pray. Would an isolated incident of healing give you the faith that you feel you lack? I felt that I would be correct if I said that it could be termed ‗coincidence‘; therefore, we must continue with the prayer so that we see more incidents, and as the 36

incidents grow then God the father may bless us with more faith than we seek, not as a reward that we give to God, but as a natural emotion. It has often been said by those who feel that they have faith when they judge others who required a spectacular result before then they gained themselves faith, that these – the latter – were lacking. One might say ―oh, but I have not needed to witness such things to love God‖. Then it might be said of them that they have not loved God enough to ask. Judge if you will the greater faith. Do you have other questions, or is it your wish that I should stimulate your minds more, and speak of things that you may check?‖ Gareth: ―Do this, please.‖ Stephen: ―Then, because we have as a new friend one that has made great studies of stars and other bodies in the heavens, who can enlighten on the influences of these things, I shall now make these statements that you should check – that this earth, on which you walk, is new to this place in heaven. It has travelled six times to a different star; it will travel one more time. One of these travels has been in the memory of men. The exercise, then, is to confirm, or otherwise, these things that I have spoken.‖ Gareth: ― My mind finds this hard to take in, because of the extreme coldness that there would be in the travel.. Yet, nevertheless…………‖ Stephen: ―It is an exercise from which much can be learned of yourselves. God bless you all.‖ Gareth: ―God, bless you, Stephen, and thank you.‖ The complete transcript from the 19th May, 1974 follows: Stephen: ‗I believe much study has been apparent these days, since last we have spoken.‖ Gareth: ―Indeed, there has! Stephen, might we check with you the results of our studies? Are you aware of the interpretation of your Greek?‖

Stephen: ― I would prefer that you would give me one of these interpretations.‘ Gareth: ―And so, for the Gallic-born, and for the two-year old, for the Gallic-born, for the glutton, bacchanalian wines should be diluted.‖ Stephen: ―And the conclusions from this interpretation that you came to?‖ Gareth: ―That there are two kinds – one is an historical conclusion, and I am guessing that when you were last on earth – last ―shackled‖ – you were a Greek-speaking Jew using the Thracian-type dialect, spoken by the ruling Gauls of Galatia, and that it was in this province that you spent your childhood.‖ Stephen: ―The childhood I spent in Ancyra, (modern Ankara in the old province of Galatia).‖ Gareth: ―Did you? And now, that the reason why you said ‖greater emotive response‘ was because the 37

people of Galatia had bad feelings about the Gallic-born, whom they thought to be rough and uncouth masters - and that is why their wine had to be diluted.‖ Stephen: ―I would not be so unkind! The emotive response that was required was of yourselves. If I speak in a tongue with which all of you are unfamiliar, then we would not feel as we do now. Your interpretation, however, is close to that of which I intended; the only deep significance was that of an exercise, firstly that I might test myself – for to use these words that had not been with the medium for many, many generations was an achievement for both the medium and myself, and excellent practice for yourselves.‖ Gareth: ― I was surprised that you were able to use words that the medium did not know. It had another effect – do you remember that I wished to test you in German? – well, you have spoken to us in this form of Greek, and this helps me to feel the more intensely, that it is Stephen that speaks, and I like that.‖ Stephen: ―Might I, at this stage, use then the opportunity to tell you more of Stephen. It has been of concern that it should one that was known and has been written of, that should come to you in this way. It is so for a simple reason – not that Stephen be great, only that he may be recognised as an instrument. I will give you a comparison of the power, I would say better – the gifts – of Stephen, for which he was chosen for the tasks that were to be performed. It was spoken of Stephen that he was often ‗with spirit‘. Look then, now, on the body of the medium. Is it not also ‗with spirit‘? There are many, and there have been many before, through whom the Father has chosen to communicate to many for His purposes – many at the time when Stephen was chosen for the task. Therefore, be sure in your minds that, as there are many now who would undertake this task, and the other tasks that Stephen could undertake, they gain not this position by their own choosing. You have this day listened to the words of the teaching that explains to you that when the Father calls, He chooses the instrument, or the priest, or the bishop. It would be better if always, we understood that Stephen, like the medium, has been used for a particular purpose of the Fathers. Neither has chosen this usage, but has been chosen for the usage. The only greatness associated with this is the greatness of the Father. The knowledge that may be attributed to Stephen and to many others, comes from whence all knowledge comes. Your own knowledge – to be able to trace and find out from out from small clues where the body of Stephen was located whilst it was young – is an achievement. Looked at in the physical and by physical minds only, it could be said ‗Gareth is extremely clever‘, for I assure you that, to my knowledge, no living soul could tell you this day where Stephen spent his childhood. But then if we consider Gareth, the instrument, who is susceptible to guidance and is open, then the mystery becomes, then again, in proportion. But Gareth has not finished his studies – there are suns that he must trace. For in this, that you will learn more of yourselves, as you have learned a little of yourselves this night, so I will repeat for you have not disproved yet, that this earth has moved through the heavens six times. Each time to a different star, or sun, and has yet once more to move. The interpretation that you have may even have been correct on your first assumption.‖ Gareth: ―Do you mean the astronaut interpretation?‘ Stephen: ―I mean the wine dilution interpretation – of the time when a few friends were gathered. Always remember that Stephen by himself is no more complex than Gareth. If Stephen appears to be very clever at times, then attribute the cleverness to where, and to whom, the knowledge would have come. Should we say that because the medium‘s voice speaks a strange language and of many clever things, that the medium is clever, instead, often, we give the glory to Stephen. This is not so, for when you find more of Stephen in the writings you will find that even mistakes were made by 38

Stephen in that which he taught, for Stephen, like all of us and all of you, can form conclusions that were often incorrect. Do you wish that I speak further on your exercise?‖ Gareth: ―I was talking to Dennis for a long, long time, and he was talking about the conjunction of Mercury and Saturn, saying that, ‗it was the conjunction so you spoke‘. Stephen: ―Oh, the mind is a marvellous thing! That it can build so many great and wonderful things. But the mind confuses me somewhat, for the things that the mind builds lacks the orderliness of that which comes from the Father. This, then, be my comment. God bless you all.‖ At the May 19th session, as reported above, it was suggested to Stephen that he had spoken these karno dioti words because, when he was alive two thousand years ago, he had been a Greek-speaking Jew using a Thracian dialect, spoken amongst the Gauls of Galatia and that this province of Rome had been where he had spent his childhood. Gareth concluded all this from the structure and sounds of the words spoken. However, prior to this session and Gareth‘s interpretation, it had been concluded by those, including Gareth, involved in translating the tape that this passage probably referred to Lydia Anne‘s youngest son, because on the night these words were spoken he, being two years old, had been given a little wine to celebrate the wedding of the medium and his wife. The wedding breakfast was held at Lydia Anne and her husband‘s home and, in fact, they had actually provided most of the food and some of the wine for the occasion and it was here after the wedding feast that the words were spoken by Stephen through the medium. As all of the people in attendance were of European descent they could all have been classed as Gallic born and, therefore, this passage fitted the child rather well. During the Stephen session of the 19th May and just after Gareth‘s translation and interpretation had been presented Stephen said: ―your interpretation, however, is close to that of which I intended.‖ He also said: ―for to use these words that have not been with ‗the medium‘ for many, many generations was an achievement for both ‗the medium‘ and myself.‖ On the 27th May, 1974, Thyatira 37, Gareth says to Stephen: ―I feel baffled by your last answer. The other questions are not so important, but the question is: when you said about the Greek beginning ―Karno dioti‖ that they had not been with the medium for many generations, could you explain this please.‖ Stephen replied: ―Simply, that the medium, when on earth in a life previous to the one he has now, had some knowledge of these words. They were not words of his, only words of his knowing. For this reason the conversation was limited.‖ The only conclusion one can take from both these responses of Stephen is that the words were not the medium‘s language either now or in the past. In any event they were only words he knew without necessarily understanding them and they had definitely not been spoken by Stephen in any previous incarnation. Also, according to Stephen‘s own philosophy, the medium never was incarnate in any other life; only the cell of which he was a part would have been incarnate at other times and places. 39

However, on the 13th May, 1974, while everybody was busily not looking at the ‗elephant‘ Stephen put this puzzle. He suggested that this planet had at six times in the past travelled to a different star and that it would do so one more time. Apart from the fact that this is an intellectual horror story it brought about the following: On the 19th May, 1974, after the translation had been presented to Stephen there is general conversation about Stephen, himself, and then he goes on to say: ―But Gareth has not finished his studies yet…….. There are suns that he must trace………….. for you have not disproved yet, that this earth has moved…….. and has yet once more to move. The interpretation that you have may even have been correct on your first assumption.‖ Gareth, thinking that Stephen is in the last sentence referring to the six suns and planetary travel puzzle says: ―Do you mean the astronaut interpretation?‖ Stephen replies: ―I mean the wine dilution interpretation – of the time when a few friends were gathered.‖ This means that the correct interpretation of Karno dioti, as Stephen wanted it, related to the two-year old child drinking wine. Before we go on to develop this very interesting and complex story, let me, Josef, say this: Gareth and his translation team did not get the words right in that instance, but nor did Stephen understand the meanings of the words. Either that or the medium was not being truthful otherwise he could not have said that they were close enough or that the translation actually related to the wedding event and the twoyear old child because, in fact, they don‘t. Before the explanation it must be said that if Stephen did not know the actual meanings of the words then either the medium was fraudulent in this case or something else was happening that had not yet been discovered. However, this must be said about the whole event. It is well established by people who have studied the psychic phenomena surrounding mediums that there has never been a medium in living history, however good or bad who, at least while being tested, at times did not feel pressured to cheat. And the Stephen medium was feeling pressured. Why? Because Gareth had told him a fortnight previously that he was going to test the medium with German – a language he was sure the medium did not know. What better way to alleviate the pressure than to get in first with a phrase such as the one produced. However, because the medium had been fore-warned the Karno dioti phrase cannot be used in any way as a proof of anything. The whole Karno Dioti event became just an interesting exercise for thirteen years. During that time none of us realised that Stephen had even made the statements noted above that demonstrated that he may have been unfamiliar with the language or that it had even been part of a deceit. This was because many of us had not retained our copies of the transcripts but, fortunately, somebody had and we were able to obtain a copy at a later date. Then, at the end of those thirteen years, Lydia Anne and I having continued our research, were sitting in our dining-room and Lydia Anne was telling me how depressed she felt. It was almost overpowering, she said. ― I think we should go and visit Gareth‖ who, at that time, was living an hour‘s journey out of Christchurch. At the moment she said these words the phone rang and Lydia Anne answered it to find that it was Gareth on the other end. He was so depressed; it was almost overpowering. He had just bought a new pair of spectacles and with them had gone back to his Greek Lexicon to look up the meaning of the word ―karno‖ and had found that it did not, in fact, mean ‗Gallic born‟ or any other sort of ‗born‘ but that it meant 40

„horn‟ of the Celtic variety. He was distraught, he would have to throw away his life‘s work and fifteen years of academic scholarship. We said: ―Don‘t panic. The life guards are coming. We know exactly what it means.‖ We got into the car and sped to his rescue. On arrival at his home we found him in quite a distressed state and it was some time and cups of tea later before he became calm enough to discuss the matter with us. It must be emphasised that all of the people in the group and particularly those who had transcribed the tape on which Karno dioti was spoken, Gareth was the only one who was familiar with Greek. It was he who decided that what he had heard was Greek and the rest of us accepted his scholarly credentials assuming he knew what he was talking about. Therefore, the words he had initially translated and which we now discussed with him had become Greek words portraying Greek ideas. When he had originally read the meaning of the word in his Greek lexicon he had seen it written in italics thus: Karno = Celtic horn and because of the poor quality of his spectacles he had read the ‗h‘ in horn as a ‗b‘. It is my contention that he made two errors: that with the ‗h‘ and the other with the ‗celtic‘ and both shall be explained shortly. As a result of our research, Lydia Anne and I realised that many of the early Christian churches had, as part of their ‗receiving‘ and ‗teaching‘ structure, mediums that channelled the angels, or spirit messengers, of God and their teachings. These mediums were called ‗trumpets‘ and is why repeatedly throughout the Book of the Revelation to John it talks about angels who blow their trumpets or horns. The word that is used in Greek for ‗horn‘ is keratas; it is where our word keratin comes from and it relates to ‗hair, finger nails and beasties horns‘. Because a beast‘s horns start growing when the beast is yet young these horns originally arrive as little buds that look very much like the corns that some people grow on their toes. That is why those toe growths are called ‗corns‘ because they are ‗horny‘ growths and the Latin and therefore medical word for horn is ‗cornu‘ and found in words such as cornucopia, meaning ‗horn of plenty‘. That is also why, in English, some trumpets are called ‗cornets‘ - because they are ‗little horns‘. On explaining all this to Gareth he made the comment that he recalled Eusebius, an early church father, mentioning in some of his writings that mediums had been used in the early church Today, and ever since western archaeologists found the first evidence of Celtic war horns they have been called the ‗carnyx‘. However, as can be seen in figs. 8, 9 & 10 carnyx is actually a generic Celtic term meaning ‗horn‘ in general. However, the Celts obviously had more horns than just this one type that was only used during periods of conflict. Other peoples had a variety of horns and trumpets which they used for all manner of occasions. So why would not the Celts do likewise? Every culture also used sheep, goat‘s and bull‘s horns, for warnings as in alarms, and for communicating with each other across valleys and mountain tops because, unlike us, they were nor fortunate enough to have emails, telephones or texting capabilities. Why would the Celts be any different? And have you ever tried climbing a mountain and shepherding sheep or goats whilst carrying a two-metre war horn above your head? We have little historical information about the Celts but what archaeological material we now have seems to suggest that at about the time of the Roman invasions of Gaul the Celts were as developed as most other people in Europe, lived in similar conditions and used similar tools. I am, therefore, satisfied that they would have used animal horns as trumpets, as musical instruments, as alarms and for calling their sheep and cattle in the same manner that the other peoples in Europe did at that time.


Fig. 8 Carnyx

The head of a Carnyx. See also 9 and 10

Archaeological evidence, also reported in Wikipedia, suggests that the tongue of the Carnyx moved when the trumpet was blown. This seems to support the idea that horns were a symbol for mediums whose tongues do wag as the breath of the spirit passes through them.


Fig.9 The Carnyx (see also fig. 8 and 10)


Fig. 10. Carnyx information from Wikipedia 8/10/2009 From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Three carnyx players are depicted on plate E of the Gundestrup cauldron. The carnyx was a wind instrument of the Iron Age Celts, attested for ca. 300 BC to 200 AD. It is a kind of bronze trumpet, held vertically, the mouth styled in the shape of a boar's head. It was used in warfare, probably to incite troops to battle and intimidate opponents. The instrument's upright carriage allowed its notes to carry over the heads of the participants in battles and ceremonies. The word “carnyx” is derived from the Gaulish root, "carn-" or "cern-" meaning "antler" or "horn," and the same root of the name of the god, Cernunnos (Delmarre, 1987 pp. 106-107). The instrument is known from depictions, on coins, and notably from the initiation scene of the Gundestrup cauldron. The name is known from textual sources, carnyces are reported from the Celtic attack on the Delphi in 279 BC, as well as from Julius Caesar's campaign in Gaul and Claudius' invasion of Britain. Diodorus Siculus around 60-30 BCE said (Histories, 5.30): "Their trumpets again are of a peculiar barbarian kind; they blow into them and produce a harsh sound which suits the tumult of war" A well preserved example is the Deskford Carnyx, found at the farm of Leitchestown, Deskford, Banffshire (now Moray), Scotland in 1816. Until 2004, fragments of only four other carnyces had been preserved, but in November 2004 archaeologists discovered a first century BCE foundation deposit of five well preserved carnyxes under a Gallo-Roman fanum at Tintignac (Corrèze, France). Four had boar's heads, the fifth appears to be a serpent. (see also figs. 8 and 9).


If, taking all the above into consideration, Stephen – or any other Gallic Greek speaker of ancient times – had wanted to use a word that mean ‗horns‘ in general he would probably have said ‗karno‘ [carnyx] not expecting this to be interpreted as meaning just the war horn. I think that Gareth made the mistake of translating these words from today‘s perspective and that lead to the mistake of thinking that karno/carnyx could only mean the war trumpet and this lead to him overlooking the actual importance of being a ‗horn‘. In bygone days, long before the Celts were a thorn in the Roman‘s side, horns and trumpets were a wellunderstood phenomenon of many religious belief systems throughout the world and the idea arose as follows: It was the practice in many old religions for the priests to go into trance and speak with the voice of the gods. Shamans did this and still do. The best known example of this in the classical religions were the Delphic Oracles, although the practice also took place in Nabatea, Egypt and most other religious centres throughout the Mediterranean. At the birth of the Delphic religion the priestesses of Delphi would sit in front of a wooden pillar about a metre and a half high and go into trance. While in this state they would present their oracular prognostications and it was believed that the words they spoke came from the god that dwelt in the wooden pillar. As time progressed the wooden pillar was changed to a stone pillar but the practice remained the same and the pillar became known as the throne of god. In these circumstances the priest or priestess was known as the trumpet (horn) through which the wind of the spirit of their God blew to make the noises called speech. Many languages of that time used words that meant ‗breath‘ or ‗wind‘ when they meant ‗spirit‘. In Greek, for example, the word ‗pneuma‘ meant both ‗breath‘ and ‗spirit‘. The reason for this is that those people did not know about gases and atmospheres and genuinely thought that the breath and the wind were the manifestations of the movement of spirit. In Nabatea – the country bordering much of Palestine from Damscus to Petra two thousand years ago - the priests of that country‘s religion also went into trance in front of a stone pillar that they called the throne of god and it was from this throne that they expected God to speak. In the Old Testament Exodus chapter 25 we find God speaking to Moses and explaining to him how to make the Ark of the Covenant. On that Ark, which was wood overlaid with gold, Moses was to establish what was originally called the ‗mercy seat‘ and then later became described as being the ‗throne of God‘. It was from here that God spoke to Aaron, the High Priest. It is explained in these chapters that while Moses is able to speak to God directly Aaron is not and he needs the throne of God for communication. In the Revelation to John chapter 4 beginning at verse 2 John says: ―At once I was in the spirit and lo, a throne stood in heaven, with one seated on the throne. ….. verse 5…. From the throne issued flashes of lightning and voices…..‖ In those days to say that one was ‗in the spirit‘ meant that one was in trance and so John says he was in trance in front of the throne from which voices issued. There is no difference between this and any other throne of god found in any other religion in that part of the world. The point being made here is that John in this case considered himself to be a trumpet or horn, i.e. a medium, sitting before the source of this spirit of God which would pass through him presenting the message using his (John‘s) own words. Wherever he uses the image of the trumpet in the Book of Revelations this is the picture he is trying to present. In fact this was such a well-known phenomenon in those days that anybody reading those passages must immediately have recognised just what he was talking about. It has only become unclear to us because we haven‘t done anything like that for at least eighteen hundred years. Curiously, the Stephen medium had said to Lydia Anne and her husband on several occasions that whilst he was working with a well-known medium in England at some time prior to his arrival in New Zealand they had regularly attempted to manifest physical ‗trumpets‘ during the seances he took part in. 45

However, in the context of Karno and the thrones of God the message I gave to Gareth on that very depressing day was that the Karno meant ‘horn‘ and his two-year-old horn in that case was the medium who had been in Christchurch and practising mediumship for two years. The message is that which comes via the wind of the spirit, and has been depicted in religious terminology for centuries as being the wine. The message comes from God through the trumpet via the wind and is imparted to the hearers as the ambrosia of life, or the ‗wine‘. This wine must be diluted for the young medium, said the karno dioti message, as he is not able to handle the hard stuff. We are told that in the Gospels Jesus said : ―Don‘t put new wine into old wineskins.‖ The old wineskin is the vessel that has contained the old wines – the old message and its concepts – that are in the process of being replaced by the new wines and message. This vessel, the wine skin, is the structure erected using the old concepts. So, if the new wine of the new message is going to be accepted the old concepts, the old wine skin, must be abandoned. He, Jesus, used many images like that associated with wine; such as the vine grower, the crushing of the grapes to make the wine juice and he used those images to show that the wine was the message. [Matthew chapter 9 verse 16] ―and no-one puts a piece of unshrunk cloth on an old garment, for the patch tears away from the garment, and a worse tear is made. Neither is the new wine put into old wine skins; if it is, the skins burst, and the wine is spilled, and the skins are destroyed; but new wine is put into fresh wine skins, and so both are preserved.‖ [Gareth shows in his book that the new wine in those days was in fact unfermented grape juice called ‗must‘ and even this was often diluted.] The point being made by Jesus was that the grape juice in old skins was fine; but as it aged and fermented it may burst the skin and not only the message but the structure also would be lost. Fermentation was used as an image for the way that new ideas- over time – seem to take on a life of their own and lead our thoughts into avenues of discovery that are not initially expected. This can lead to emotional and intellectual upheaval and so the outcome of all this is to say that the newish medium should not be given fermented and undiluted wine i.e. the stronger message. What, in that case, was Stephen thinking when he said on two occasions that the translation was ‗near enough‘ but to different scenarios: one when it was said that it related to his Celtic heritage and the other when he said it related to the two-year old who had been given wine at the wedding breakfast In fact, it relates to neither of those scenarios if, indeed, it was Greek – it was talking about mediums. It seems to us that this episode highlights the importance of real research and the need to be aware that: 1. 2. 3.


5. 6.

Trance receiving can produce some very interesting and detailed information. Trance receiving information needs to be dealt with very carefully and should not be accepted in any instance at face value. Check receiving can be done very effectively without trance and should include real historical and scientific information. In fact, if it is not supported by this type of information it should be put to one side until it is. If trance and other forms of receiving are used and checked correctly valuable insights may be gained. However, if not checked correctly, as is said in computer terminology ‗garbage in, garbage out.‘ Entities speaking through mediums are not infallible, sometimes fabricate and at other times seem to say what they think their audience wants to hear. Trance mediums are human and sometimes are not able to perform. So, rather than disappoint their audience, they make believe.


We are now going to relate two things that happened in the Stephen group at the same time that the Karno dioti was taking place that to our mind highlights the naiveté of many people involved in spiritual groups and the lack of understanding about what real rational checking is all about. The medium and his wife had taken a few days off and gone for a holiday in a city south of Christchurch called Timaru. Whilst there they did some intuitive receiving and another form of receiving known as automatic writing. But to the best of our knowledge they did not use trance receiving. During these sessions they arrived at the conclusion that Stephen had been born in a small town north of Ancyra (present day Ankara, in what is now modern Turkey) called ‗Seletar‘ and they described the town and its environs. They also concluded that Stephen‘s name had actually been Stenen. Let us check the last one first. On Sunday 8th September, 1974, [Thyatira 52] Stephen agreed that Stenen was correct and that it was a Thracian Greek name which was quite common. The difficulty with this is that, even though it has been researched numerous times by different people, no linguistic evidence from that time can be found to support the claim. However, with one slight variation this name – Stenen – becomes Stenon, is pronounced the same and is found in the Kabala symbol as mentioned previously [fig. 6]see also chapter two page 16 italics] in conjunction with Stephanos, as the narrow or Strait, Street. Also any group member listening to Stephen is doing so whilst at some location on the earth. This Strait [Stenon] street connects the crown part of the Kabala with the base part of the Kabala symbol [fig. 6] which also happens to be called ‗the Earth‘. The earth-bound group members are connected to the crown Stephanos through Stenon, the Strait Street or Way and whilst listening to Stephen are taking part in a Kabalistic experience and it is not relevant where the entity may have been born or if his name really was Stephen or Stenen at any time in history. The key element is that all these received ideas and images were pointing the group to the Kabala, not to an actual historical event or person. It should also be noted that one evening during this time Gareth arrived at the group meeting with a copy of a newly released book by John Michel ―The City of Revelation‘ which is a discourse on Gematria and Kabala saying how impressed he was with the book and that we should all read and study it. Along with the book he brought his own Kabalistic and Gematric drawings which were his interpretations of many of the ideas presented by John Michel [see fig. 11]. Gareth was obviously aware of the name of the strait street in his Kabala image as he made mention of the fact, on a number of occasions, that the three vertical lines of the Kabala drawing represented different and various ways of reaching ‗The Godhead‘. The outside left hand vertical line represented the path, or way, of following the Law of God and is for those who are strict adherents of religious rules and dogma. The right hand outside line was the path of forgiveness and mercy and in travelling this way the pilgrim relied on the mercy and forgiveness of God to ensure that mistakes and failings were overlooked or forgiven. The inside line was the way of Love and included the intuitive following of signals as they arrived from the Source, or God. This way was considered, Gareth often said, to be the hardest way of all and so it was known as the straight (strait) way. Had Gareth done his homework on this symbol to the degree he did with the various languages the medium spoke he would have found very early on that the strait way is the stenon way. As well as finding that there also is no linguistic, archaeological or historical record of any town or village in the region of Ankara called ‗Seletar‘. A friend of ours – a journalist – visited Turkey in latter years. We had asked him to please verify the existence of that town in the past. After much research he was told by the curator of the Turkish Antiquities Museum in Ankara that the name had no root in the linguistic tradition of the area and there was no mention of such a town in their records.. One day Lydia Anne and I met a woman who had been born and spent her early childhood years in Singapore. We were speaking to her about the Stephen group and material and happened to mention that Stephen had been born in Seletar (pronounced Cell-a-tar). ―Oh,‘ she said, ‗do you mean Seletar (pronounced Cell-ee-ta).‖ ―Well, we might, but why do you pronounce it like that?‖ 47

Fig. 11 GARETH’S KABALA Crown Kether

Understanding Binah

Wisdom Chokmah Intuition Da‘ath

Arrange the circles of the fishing boat story vertically. Draw the coins where the big circles meet or intersect. And what have we?

The tree of life (of the Qabala) Hebrew symbol of

the whole of wholes. Severity Gevurah

Mercy Chesedh Beauty Tiphereth

Reverbration Hodh

The coins or ―Sephiroth‖ Are joined by paths or streets. So that we see that The fishing boat story

Victory Netzach

= 1224 = The Whole of Wholes

Foundation Yeshod

= The Tetraktys = 1224 = The tree of life of the Qabala = 1224

Kingdom Malkuth

Are those streets up there, the streets of the Holy city of Rev. 21 - 2 ? Note the square shape. * Can we discern the Cross ? In 1975, about three months after I received the Star, Gareth read John Michel‘s book City of Revelation. As a result of this he applied Michel‘s finding to the Gospels and discovered at least one story that seemed to fit the Gematric number system outlined in the book. It is this that is referrred to when he mentions the fishing boat story at the top of the page to the left of the symbol. As a direct result of reading that book Gareth presented the above Kabala image and text to the group and suggested that they might like to study it as it seemed to relate to the teachings of Stephen. Gareth had already told Josef that he could not see that Josef‘s star had any value except as a receiving tool unique to Josef. Strangely this is a stance he still maintains to this day. (see also fig.11 A)


― Because I was born there,‖ she said. ―In fact my father was a rubber plantation owner.‖

― Where ? In Turkey,‖ said I. ―No, no,‖ she said, ―In Singapore.‖ It turned out that her family had lived in Seletar on a rubber plantation up to the fall of Singapore in the Second World War. After that she had lived for some years in a convent in Australia to which she had been evacuated along with all the other English children. Her last and lasting memory of her mother was as she was being taken down to the ship by her nanny and waving to her mother as they left the homestead. Her mother was never seen again although her father did survive imprisonment at Changi and subsequently was reunited with her at the Australian orphanage after his release. She described Seletar for us and there were many comparisons between her description and that given by the medium for Stephen‘s birthplace. Both were on the banks of a river, both on the delta of that river, both had very geometric shapes i.e. the roads were very straight and criss-crossed each other geometrically, both were built on reasonably flat land, the buildings were mainly white. In the medium‘s receiving the village was delta shaped i.e. like a Greek . On further checking of the information with the medium it was decided that there was something special about the word Seletar in relation to delta and Gareth wondered if Seletar had something to do with the number 4 as in Greek ‗delta‘ is used for the numeral four. On checking with Stephen it was concluded that Seletar meant ‗fourth landing place‘ because it was the 4th place that boats would pull into on the river. We are unsure of this last piece as the village was said to be on a ‗delta‘ which is a mouth of a river. We do realise that some great rivers have very large deltas in which four landing places would be a very small number but in this case neither of the rivers in turkey or Singapore have deltas of any great size. However, it does relate to the rest of the story. All of this information becomes very interesting when it is realised that during the Second World War the medium was in the Royal Air Force and at the very least on one occasion passed through Singapore where, in his words, he spent thirty six hours on his way to Hong Kong. There were four air ports in Singapore at that time. The one at the northern end, Tengeh, was used for the protection of Singapore from invasion from Malaya. Changi was used for the protection of the East Coast and invasion from that general direction. There was another airport, Kallang, close in to the city on the same side of the island as Changi on what is now just called ‗Airport Road‘ and that was used mostly for commercial flights. All military flights coming in to Singapore carrying freight and troops, or any military logistics that were only stopping for short periods all landed at Seletar. It was also the fourth landing place for aircraft being ferried from Great Britain to the Asian war zones or Australia. Seletar can be explained very simply by accepting that this was a memory of the medium‘s as anybody who landed at Seletar would have a memory, however faint, of that fact. One of Stephen‘s favourite sayings was [paraphrased], think of a square, keep it simple. You could say a square has four sides and two of the sides do not contact each other and you could become very complicated about the various procedures required for all the sides to be in contact with each other all of the time and forget that it is a square which is a whole. This saying ‗think of the square, keep it simple‘ is exactly the same as the scientific principle called Occam‘s Razor which states that the explanation which provides the most comprehensive answer in the simplest way is probably the correct one. In this case the simplest answer is that Stenen is connected with Stephanos because both are manifestations of the same psychic symbol , the Kabala, and Seletar was not a town north of Ancyra but was in fact a town in Singapore. Some weeks after meeting the woman from Singapore we approached the medium and reported her conversation. His immediate, and only, reaction was to say: ―So now you think I am lying.‖ He then turned, walked away and has never spoken to us since that time. However, during this exercise in which Stephen verified both Seletar and Stenen, Gareth sought to verify the 49

medium‘s private receiving relating to these matters by asking Stephen for that verification during a trance session [Thyatira 52 8th September, 1973.] This, is, of course, very bad research and a complete waste of time as what was really happening was that the medium was checking his own receiving, through Gareth, by asking himself while in trance, if he was correct. Are we surprised he said ‗yes‘? This is an example of how one‘s imagination and the desire to believe the magical and miraculous can run away with one‘s self. Spiritual groups are full of naiveté and people who desperately want their own beliefs proved and what they hear and see to be true. In the scientific world this is known as ‗confirmation bias‘. They would be better served were they more critical and discerning. We may have learned much more about the mind of man much earlier had they been so. Karno dioti, Seletar and Stenen all raise this question. What was it that Stephen was? Just how much of what he said was based on fact and how much on fantasy? But there is yet another dimension to all this as Stephen, as will be shown and expanded on in the next chapter, connects himself in some way with a reality from which he understands UFOs to manifest; as has been pointed out earlier there had been experiences of UFOs among members of the Stephen group. As will also be shown in the next chapter there was still more to come. Even while all the above was taking place one member, unaware that Stephen was being questioned about Seletar and Stenen, and himself not at that group session, was writing a science fiction story about an alien from a galaxy far far away. This alien had an unfavourable mutation and just like the Stephen of the Acts of the Apostles in the New Testament had been outcast – his name was Stenen. These instances of language and historical evidence like Seletar and the UFO material have highlighted that Stephen was possibly a manifestation of mind and to some degree the imaginations of the people concerned, and that he was quite happy to oblige them by agreeing with their imaginative creations. We have shown sufficient evidence already that Stephen is more likely associated with that spiritual psychic phenomenon represented by the Kabala and known throughout the world as the Path to Enlightenment, but is he also really associated with the events surrounding Jesus of two thousand years ago? How can he be for it is clear that much of the evidence he agrees to is actually suspect and this suspect nature of the material regarding his source and purpose is further emphasised by material found in very early transcripts of the Stephen group. The date is Friday 4th May, 1973, before the group was named ‗Thyatira‘ but the session was recorded by hand and it is from that transcript we cite the reading. At that time there were only four members in the group and on a number of occasions this small group had heard from an entity they believed to be Jesus of Nazareth of two thousand years ago. On this day they hear: ―Sic Ecclesiastis. Spiritus Sanctus.‖ These words were heard on numerous occasions and were taken to mean ‗In this church the holy spirit‘ and remained written like this until it was pointed out to the original transcribers by Gareth that ‗ecclesiastis‘ needed to be ‗ ecclesia‘ to make any sense and from that date on so it was. Another example, it would seem, of God getting the word wrong. However, immediately after these words, whenever they were spoken by the medium, the Jesus voice would speak and on this day that is exactly what happened. Because of the length of the statement I now paraphrase: 29th April 1973. Sunday. Dawn;-- Worlds within worlds like wheels within wheels, each with cogs & spokes of life. These encircle all who are present, each soul revolves in its own orbital sphere. See how it radiates with pranic force, vibrating from beneath to above, from within to without. Be near to me & thee. You are yet unaware of what life force abounds within your own radius. You will sense it as you are meant to do. You must explore your own horizon, it rises & falls with tides & times. No time, No time, infinity always. He cometh here, do you know Who watcheth over you? 50

Q- M. The control or The Nazarene? A. You tell me, I want to hear from your own words, and with me cometh the others, do you know? Each one here will work out his own destiny, a destination to higher spheres. You be your own judge & jury, not I, not they. HE in His hand will guide you if you ask him, it is part of Life's Plan for you Q John Senior- Will He, the Nazarene speak again personally Áns. This will be so. Medium--- JESUS. Sic Ecclesia Spiritus Sanctus. Listen well again. If you ask assistance & believe it not forthcoming before you ask- no faith- no faith to thee, for your faith assistance. Heed the words well of the previous one. Q H.-? If you ask, fully believing, & receive not what then? Ans;- If what you ask for & you ask in true faith, you do not receive, then be assured that they who giveth understand your needs twenty-fold more than you. You have not one but many lives to lead, they are not separate but joined as your fingers. JESUS;-- The needs of this one must concern the needs of all others, for in them floweth the same- they are part of the same. You will find you will be given sustenance & comfort enough for you to do what needs to be done. Friday 4th May. 1973.1. Medium----JESUS... "Sic Ecclesia Spiritus Sanctus " The journey has been great, wonder not why the 4 of you are here alone, each of you know that this is an important meeting. For a long time you have had many & varied experiences. Make your machine listen well- very well. You have trained well & now you are ready. The one of this body ( medium-)- has not been baptised, so that he may stay with us, you must do this for him ( pointing to John ) This is your task. The one of peace, the one who loved me as a man , who comforted me & brought me Peace. Know you not now Mary Who you were, you have known many men in each life ( Pointing to Ashman [and meaning the Magdalene]). The following material seems to have been included in the transcripts as being confirming of the foregoing material regarding the Nazerene and Ashman who had just been named as being the reincarnation of Mary Magdaline. It has been suggested by Ashman that her brother may have inserted the material as confirmation of what he believed he saw happening while he was a member of the group. However it seems to have been extracted from the book “Only Planet of Choice” which was not published until 1993 and is about the psychic messages received by a group that included Andrija Puharich and Uri Geller in the early 1970s. Confirming ;-- Tom;- spokesman for "The Nine" from book "The only planet of choice "-about Jesus The Nazarene. Pp,s 195 51


―We were wondering about the Immaculate Conception and can you tell us if the Nazarene had offspring.‖

The medium: ―The earth mother of the Nazarene was implanted by the Hoova….. you do it on your planet without physicalness. ― Group member: ―Yes, artificial insemination.‖ Medium: Member:

―Yes, Jesus was the first born. He is Hoova, that the nation of Israel calls Yehovah.‖

―About the genetic influence of the Hoovids? We have identified the first two genetic implants of the Hoovids. Did the Nazarene represent the third?‖


―He was like that but that does not mean he offspringed children. ….. He was a representative of Hoova. In the genetic stream of Hoova there existed beings of Hoova on planet Earth. What the Nazarene did was to reawaken the coding of memory from within.‖

Just prior to this series of questions and answers the question was asked by a group member would the landing of the Nazarene [meaning the Second Coming] be in Israel. The medium replied: ―yes, because the Nazarene is the leader of ‗Hoova‘. Question:

Is there a danger of him being deified again?


―There would not be just one, but many Hoovids arrive.‖

The point we are making is that although the Jesus that spoke in the Stephen group may not have originated with this ‗Hoova‘ experience which has more in common with Ufology than it does with the Christianity envisaged over the past hundreds of years; the similarities between the two extracts are so striking that it is not surprising that the Hoova material was inserted as confirmation and Stephen was quite happy to be accepted as part of this structure because in 1978, as we describe more fully in chapter four, Stephen said to Gareth that he came from the same realm as UFOs. It would seem that these entities are more UFO phenomena, whatever that might be, than they are of any spiritual experiences with which we might be familiar. This does not mean that they are false experiences, nor does it mean that the spiritual experiences with which we are familiar are true. It probably means that we do not know very much about ourselves at all and that we know an awful lot less about the origins of Jesus, and religion in general, than we thought we did. [Refer chapter seven beginning page 81 ]. So, when the Stenen/Seletar imagery [discusssed earlier in this chapter] was being developed the Thyatira group was actually creating garments for Stephen, in and through which he could communicate in a manner that the group could identify with. This was done largely by a few members until eventually, and many years later, Stephen had become a Celtic member of the Essenes, an associate of Joseph –the father of Jesus – and an Essene initiate who had been through the second-year initiation ceremony of the ‗must‘ or unfermented grape juice‘. To become an Essene Stephen had travelled from Seletar to Sardis. In Sardis he met Joseph Barnabas and from there he travels to Palestine and becomes a member of an Essenic village, as opposed to monastic, group. There is no historical evidence for any of the above and most of the material on which these ideas were founded came from the medium himself, either in trance as Stephen or from intuitive receiving. All this was then accepted as having some validity once the medium had been used to check himself. 52

Quoting from Thyatira 61 pages 195/6 and paraphrasing: Stephen: ―We must remember that what we seek often as knowledge can indeed be an unnourishing fruit……… what is, must be simple…….. for look where it has brought us, a long journey until each of us begins to discover that all that has happened was that our knowledge clothed us…….. no matter how often we clothe ourselves the garments can never be permanent for you…… will not restrict me. You have taken me, now, from a thread in a tapestry [referring to an earlier image of what Stephen may have been] to one that was stoned and down through the ages until I, and we ….., were first guilty of the separation. I will not stay here; I will take thee, with my Stephen until we are the universe.‖ Thyatira Session 106 1st November, 1976, page 300: Stephen:

―for if I speak that I am Stephen, I must first create Stephen, and be he. For I cannot be nothing. For once I decided I was nothingness, then I have learned nothing of nothing. I will say this, however, for your guidance,………do not feel that you must throw a concept to the winds or feel that things have been taken from you that you know, for as I am real to you now, all those concepts that are real to you, are part of your needs . They are your clothing, they are your life, they are that which supplies your needs.”

Thyatira 27, page 113: quotation from Stephen: paraphrased: Stephen ―unless we be as a newborn babe, one first created and newly born unclothed, with no wig or adornment, no gown, cloak, paint, house, or city to surround us; unless our mind become again as we were created we cannot see again the Father. For who can see the sky under a roof, smell a flower with head encased in a helmet, or touch and feel a rose with a gloved hand?‖ Neither Lydia Anne nor I are Kabalists. We have not attended a mystical teaching institution nor have we attempted to use any method, old or new, to become enlightened, or to have mystical experiences. We have not sought those experiences that have come to us but come to us they have and our lives have indeed changed. In, and during, this process of change we have realised that the Star I first drew is an ancient symbol found all over the world and experienced, written and spoken about by many mystics and gurus. In John‘s Revelation chapter 22, verse 16, he quotes ―………I am the root and the offspring of David, the bright morning Star.‖ In the story of the birth of Jesus, Matthew chapter 2 verse 1, ………….wise men from the east…….. for we have seen his star in the east. verse 9………and lo, the star which they had seen in the east went before them. The wise men were the Magi, or teachers, and astrologers of the Zoroastrian religion and of course they did follow a star because they were astrologers. The Zoroastrian prophet and founder, Zoroaster, was also known as ―the Star‖. And so the Magi following their star were teaching, and teachers of, their religion.


Fig 12 The Egyptian Sun Disc

Stephanos, the crown and diadem

‗C of I‘

The Sun disc represents the Universal Mind at the point of interface with the finite. Each hand represents an incarnation of the ‗I‘ in space/time physical experience. Each one can be at any point in space or time and so can be alive contemporaneously or sequentially. If the latter is the case then a hand/life may be remembered reincarnationally. The Sun disc is marked ‗C of I‘ because it is synonymous with Stephens Cell of Influence which, according to Stephen is the space between where the real ‗I‘(I am) of each of us is to be found.


There was a man named Simon Kokhba, the last of the Jewish pretenders to the Messiahship circa 130 CE. in Palestine who was known as the ‗son of the star‘ as he was a supporter of the desire to re-establish the Messiahship in Judea. Also the Messiahship, as it was established in the Essene communities at least, Included the Teacher of Righteous and he was known as the ‗Star‘. All of these ‗stars‘ or their followers were teachers or disciples of teachers, who taught the philosophy that has become known as Kabalism. The two-Star symbol, as we have shown it in figs. 3, 6 & 12 is the source of the Kabala imagery. It is a tool for representing the holistic universal field of Mind, out of which the structure of the physical universe arises. In the creation myth of Genesis chapter 1 we are given a picture of how this structure is generated from within the universal field and eventually evolves into us – the consciousness of ―Man‖. This structure, which becomes us as experienced in daily life, is skeletal, naked and open, but then we clothe it with all manner of invented imaginations as we struggle with the demands of daily life and the time limited perceptions of the actuality from which we have emerged. Stephen spoke about the physical reality we experience – our world – environs – and body as being a manifestation of the Will, or Mind, of the Father - the One – this reality is brought into being and influenced in its growth and development by what he called the Cell of Influence. Stephen placed himself firmly in that cell (fig.6 & 12) and said what he called our Continuous Self, which we might think of as our reincarnational selves, was also the cell of influence. Our task was to realise that we were, in reality, this cell, eternal, and that our physical separate lives were merely the vehicle, clothing of experience for the consciousness, which we actually are, that arises out of the cell. It was the realisation of this that would reveal to us our true nature, even that each cell was a group – or complex – of expressions of our true being, the One Mind. Each of these cells of influence might be likened to complexes or constellations of concepts, feelings or traits in our own physical mind which, when taken altogether, become the expression of the one being, Ourself, that we project into our daily lives and relationships. However, any single part of those complexes may be expressed independently, or in some other combination at various times under different circumstances, depending on with whom, or in what circumstances, we are expressing ourselves. But even so on their own, they are still always only the One Being – Ourself expressing Itself. So expand this idea to the point where we, and the life we live in space/time, becomes a unit in a complex of concepts in the One Mind and we are near to understanding how we relate to the One and the importance we have in the expression and consciousness of the One in the physical. The One Mind is infinite and is our real being, that which within us says ―I‖. This universal mind focuses and manifests into space/time experience by clothing itself in those lives we call our own physical existence and it does this by first locating itself in the ‗ cell of influence‘. Space/time, according to Albert Einstein, is relative to the observer making it a dimension that is dependent upon your perception of movement in time and velocity through space. Quantum physics also shows that our reality is totally dependent on the way we observe and inter-react with it. So the Mind locates itself in space/time by observation. Quantum physics describes this in Heisenberg‘s Uncertainty Principle and the thought experiment of Schroedingers Cat. Could we say that this relates to the words of Genesis chapter1…‖God said‖ and ―God saw‖? The garments we wear, which we call our physical life, enable us to so express ourselves that they should really be worn lightly and loosely and we should, in doing this, realise that we can change them and will, in the end, remove and discard them, but our true self – the cell and the One – continue on eternally. The Kabala symbol and Star both portray us. The Star as the One Mind and the kabala as the unclothed cell. In this latter Stephanos represents the point at which the One Mind becomes manifest as, and in, the cell of influence and the manner in which this influence then develops the physical expression we call our life. The One, through the cell, then clothes itself in that day-to-day experience at the point on the Kabala symbol called the Earth. 55

Thyatira 12, page 72: paraphrased: Stephen: ―………. The cell chose that body which we see here now for the probabilities in time, environment and many other things.‖ Thyatira 12, page 73: paraphrased: Stephen: ―But whereas I, the cell, have the body of the medium, I am not hampered, (poor word), by a physical mind which has choices of its own. It is the cell that activates………‖ Thyatira 25. March 25th 1974, page 107, paraphrased: When asked about the Trinity Stephen said: ―It is as I have spoken. The Son is the Self of that which was, and is, created; the Father is the Source; and the Spirit is the Cell of Influence…….. When it is said that the son sitteth on the right hand of the Father, it means that the created (physical self) is now an extension of the creator.‖ In later chapters we will show, with examples of our own experiences, that the garments worn by ‗spiritual‘ entities such as Stephen are exactly that, garments. They are donned by the entities to make communication easier and the presentation of concepts simpler by encapsulating the whole experience in imagery with which we are familiar. It is not intended that we believe this imagery to be true for all time. Once we understand the concepts we are expected to move on and discard the clothing.


DEVIOUS ENDING, CAPITAL BEGINNING CHAPTER FOUR Having removed ourselves from the land of Shittim and moved into our flat we set about attempting to normalise our lives, little knowing the impossibility of that very idea. Never again would our lives be anything that could be classed as ‗normal‘. We also started a group of our own from a very diverse bunch of folk from a local collective that we had become involved in after accepting an invitation to attend one of their meetings. At that time internationally there was a fad for consciousness raising using a process known as EST which required its followers to take absolute responsibility for everything that happened to them without exception. We were of the opinion that this was a very good philosophy but that the means being used by the EST practitioners to encourage their pupils into this philosophy was somewhat extreme. So, we decided to demonstrate that the same goal could be achieved just as quickly using other means. In one way or another we managed to encourage a dozen or so people to become part of this fledgling group and we laid out a programme before them that would take the group, working one day each weekend, about three months to accomplish. The end result, one might say, was quite spectacular in that approximately 95% of the group had ‘wow‘ experiences at the end and probably half of them realised the intent of the programme. This programme we called ‗The Book of Life‘ as all participants had to, during the course of the exercise, create a real book of drawings, cuttings from magazines and write, in their own words, excerpts from and opinions about their own lives. Because of the way in which it was done, they were unaware of what the outcome of this exercise would be, until the very last moment of the very last day and the outcome was a shock to most of them. During the course of this programme we were also renovating the flat. The kindly couple from whom we rented it had agreed to provide the paint and some carpet if we would undertake the work ourselves. At this time ‗manifestation‘ was the key word being bandied about by all and sundry in the new age communities. They were all endeavouring to ‗manifest‘ this or ‗manifest‘ that and most of them were unsuccessful in this enterprise and all it really meant was that they did not want to work for what they received. It was a group day and we were expecting everybody to arrive very shortly and I hadn‘t yet quite finished painting the kitchen. As I was doing this the first of the members arrived and seeing what had been done said: ―I see that you have been able to manifest some paint! I have the paint for my place but have yet to work out how to manifest it on to the walls!‖ Josef was a bit short-tempered with this type of behaviour. Turning to the person he acidly said: ―That‘s what paint brushes are for!‖ The member rapidly disappeared into the sitting-room. But Josef was not content, he could not let the matter lie and walking into the meeting room he said: ―Manifestation! I‘m fed up with manifestation. I‘ll show you manifestation.‖ Because we hadn‘t been in the flat for very long and being low on money we had not, to that point, managed to acquire much furniture. And most people were sitting on beanbags or cushions. Josef said: ―I would suggest that most people here would prefer not to be sitting on beanbags or the floor. Would you agree with that? So I‘ll show you manifestation and I suggest that what we really need is a sofa.‖ 57

Knock, knock, on the front door. Josef went to the door and opened it and standing there was the landlord. He said: ―My wife and I have just been into the city and bought ourselves some new furniture. It is very nice but there is too much of it to fit into the room with our existing furniture. We wondered if you would like our old sofa?‖ Of course Josef said yes thank you, and everyone in the room became very, very quiet. We do not believe in manifestation, or magic, or that God looks after us any more than He looks after anybody else, nor do we believe that we don‘t have to work to achieve our goals. But this episode, and others, have shown us that we are part of a greater whole in which there is absolutely no separation and no way of discerning the part from the whole. Through this group we met a young woman, Sally, who was part of the committee mentioned earlier that was bringing the Caddies from Scotland. It was through her that we became part of that committee and we became very good friends. She had a man friend, an Australian ―Phil‖, who had been a member of the Findhorn community. He was due to go back to Australia at the end of his term in Findhorn but was encouraged by Sally to come to New Zealand and, in due course, he did. Before leaving Findhorn Phil had asked a friend to read his Tarot and was somewhat surprised when the friend told him that after arriving back in Australia he would be going overseas, would meet a man with whom he would not get along well but who was a vital necessity for him to write a book. Phil did come to New Zealand and on arrival was brought straight to our home by Sally, By this time we had scraped up enough money for a deposit on our first home and had recently – one very wet day – moved in. As Phil had nowhere to live we offered him shelter until he could get himself organised. He accepted with alacrity and extended his ‗getting organised‘ for twelve months; this became a major bone of contention with Josef as Phil contributed nothing to the family. Lydia Anne cooked the meals, which he ate with the family, she did his washing and ironing after she had come home from work and on Saturdays after he had thrown all his dirty clothing into the laundry; she vacuumed his room, washed his dishes that he had dirtied during the day and became his general dogsbody. This incensed Josef and also Lydia Anne‘s elder son who, by this time was out in the work force and contributing to the family finances. Our free-loader, in the meantime, went to meetings in the city, did some work on the book which we eventually started to write and relieved his stresses by lying about in the sun in our back-yard. Phil thought, and repeatedly said, that he was on a ‗spiritual journey‘. We discussed our Stephen experience with Phil along with our own experiences and it became obvious he thought he was in the presence of people who had something to add to his Findhorn experience. One of the things we discussed at length was synchronistic receiving and Phil told us that at Findhorn he had learned about the ‗library angel‘ which was one facet of their angelology structure. From what we could understand the library angel was the same as our ‗receiving‘ in that the participant was expected to ask for knowledge of this angel, as in going to a reference library, and to expect to receive either intuitively or serendipitously. Phil admitted to being somewhat less than adept at contacting his ‗angel‘ and asked us if we could help him improve his technique. To help him do this the four of us – Lydia Anne, Josef, Phil and Sally - began to write a novel in which the characters displayed our concepts of synchronistic receiving in the lives they led. To build those characters and the events of the story we used synchronistic receiving. Each evening we would sit together and meditate and then discuss the images that had arisen in our minds to see where the correspondences were and we also used book receiving. The images produced at some of these sessions were quite remarkable and were used to great effect in the book. The male character in the story was Australian and his female partner was an Iranian woman who had left Iran and was attempting to get an entry visa into Australia. While she was waiting for the immigration service to grant the visa, the characters had various holiday adventures in Australia. Eighteen months after this whole episode was finished and buried we had a couple 58

knock on our door one evening and they asked us if we would please accommodate them for a night or two. We were astounded. Who were these people? Why would they think we would want to put them up? They told us they had visited a spiritual centre, Tauhara, in a North Island town where, written in a visitors‘ book they had found our name and address listed as a place of contact and residence in Christchurch. How had that happened? It seemed that our former guest, Phil who had visited Tauhara after leaving us and, out of the goodness of his heart, had left our details in their guest book. As these two were rather desperate we agreed to house them for the night and as we talked to them about their travels we discovered that their story had a familiar ring to it. He was an Australian male and she was an Iranian woman seeking an entry visa into Australia. While they waited for the visa to come through they had decided to come and have some holiday adventures in New Zealand. But for us this was all in the future and Phil was still with us. As the book writing unfolded Phil became enamoured rather than knowledgeable of receiving and this came to a head one weekend when we all went for a break out to the old motor camp where we had begun this part of our journey. By this time we were the proud owners of a Scamper Camper and spent as much time as we could away from the hurly-burly of city life. While sitting in the Camper with Phil he mentioned that he thought this receiving was the greatest thing on God‘s earth. ‗With it we ought to be able to change the world,‖ [I really think he meant ‗rule‘ the world], he said quite strongly. As he said this Josef felt a very strong urge to turn on the radio that was next to his elbow. As he did this Phil‘s face went horribly white because the very first words that were spoken from the radio were: ―We are not as smart as we like to think we are!‖ Very little more was said by Phil about synchronistic receiving and how it should be used; he had got the point. Our relationship certainly was not a smooth and harmonious one but the book was written even though Phil thought that he would be able to finish the last chapter by himself without the help of the other three and without group receiving. (on later reading the book it became apparent not only to ourselves but also to several friends that the tone of that last chapter was very different to the previous chapters in which the four of us had participated). His attitudes had begun to play upon Sally‘s mind who, unfortunately and unknown to us at that time had, some years previously, been diagnosed as bi-polar. She became disenchanted with much of his philosophy and that of the collective to which she belonged. Being very naïve she was unable to see why people, whilst professing an ideal philosophy were, in fact, unable to live it in their normal day-to-day life. Phil had encouraged her to leave the secure unit at the local hospital to which she had recently been referred, to throw away her medications and to get herself back on track using meditation and positive thinking only. The end result of this foolish idealism was that on one sad day she took her own life. Phil subsequently departed back to Australia where he self-published and began distributing the book. But before he went, Phil told us that he would like to take us out for a meal to honour us for all that we had done for him. We are normal people who, in spite of everything that happens, try to live a normal everyday life and we do not have any particularly special practices, diets or religion and eat everything that comes along be it meat, fish, fowl, veges, fruit, nuts, you name it we eat it. During the whole period he stayed with us we had discussed this at length, but he insisted that one needed to be a vegetarian to progress spiritually. We even quoted to him the passage from the Acts of the Apostles Chapter 11 beginning at verse 5 paraphrase: ―St. Peter says: ‗.. I saw, whilst in Joppa, a great sheet filled with animals, beasts of prey, reptiles and birds of the air and heard a voice saying: ‗Kill and eat‘….. What God has cleansed you must not call ‗common‘ (unclean)………‖ 59

However, Phil still decided that honouring us could best be done by taking us to a vegetarian restaurant. Josef did not feel in the least bit honoured because we are not vegetarian but we became incensed when this ‗new age‘ restaurant presented our meal on plates that were chipped. We sat on chairs that were shakily wired together, the cups were cracked and half the teapot spout was missing. To top it all off the serving woman had a cigarette hanging out of her mouth and no hat covering her long straggly hair as she served our salads from the uncovered salad bar! Why did the ‗new age‘ adherents of that time think that shonky was spiritual? We left the restaurant after the main course and retreated to a local hotel for dessert on uncracked china, in clean surroundings. Even whilst all the fore-going was happening we were still very much involved with group activities but they tended to be other people‘s groups, and by this time we had re-instated ourselves with many of the old Stephen group members and associated with them along with friends and family of our psychic friends mentioned previously. In fact, we became a focus for many of them, Gareth particularly, as by this time he and his wife had separated and he was courting his future wife. He spent many hours at our home discussing all manner of subjects related, or even vaguely related, to the works of Stephen, the meaning of life, the physics of the universe and synchronistic receiving. We were, in fact, so welcomed back among the fold that we often arranged and ran parties which were held for special events within our circle of friends. Having dinner parties and soirees we entertained each and every one of them from time to time; (Some years later at one distressing point in the medium‘s life, while he was in gaol serving time for embezzlement, his wife stayed with us and Josef later organised employment for him. This was the second time the medium had been in trouble with the law as during the 1970‘s the British police had sought to extradite him from New Zealand but had failed to do so on a technicality.). The group had, by the time Phil had left, come to an end and the medium and his wife had gone to live in a small township called Berlins, which is on the West Coast of the South Island of New Zealand. Gareth had gone to Berlins to visit the couple and, unbeknown to us, he had asked the medium for a Stephen session. We had decided that Gareth, being Gareth, he would almost certainly have done that and so we decided that if receiving was all it was supposed to be we ought to be able to discover what it was that was spoken about by Stephen. We did our own receiving and this focussed our attention on a magazine we had been given a day or two previously. It was the publication of the Church of Christ Scientist, one we did not normally read. In this publication we were led to a page on which there was a poem, the treble clef and five notes of music. We made a note of the page and the following information highlights the numinous nature of the events in which we participated. The medium told Gareth that he‘d had a UFO experience that had been rather frightening for him. As Stephen was speaking through the medium that evening Gareth asked him if he could give any details about what had happened. Gareth‘s book p. 228 paraphrased. [And for further information regarding his book go to All Thyatira quotations in this book can be found at this website, in the book The Stephen Experience, the Christ of the Space Between; and the book The Stephen Experience, Teachings of Stephen the Martyr. Excerpts from both these books can also be found on this website.] Stephen said: ―To the best of my knowledge the light was a discharge of electrical power from a ‗vehicle‘. Not a vehicle that is a physical machine, and yet not of another dimension. It was of this dimension but of a different substance. It is not an uncommon occurrence. To my medium, personally, it was of no particular significance, other than that he was there……‖ Gareth then asked a question regarding that gestalt in which you are able to see either two faces looking at each other or a vase [figure 13], but not both at the same time. He said to Stephen ― it is almost as if it is the pattern between us that is important, rather than we ourselves. Almost as if we represent the thought of the one thinker and these patterns reproduce themselves repeatedly.‖ 60

Fig. 13 Gestalts

The two faces and chalice gestalt.

The cross and two serpents gestalt.

Both of these gestalts present two images, neither of which actually exist. They are creations of the mind.


Fig. 14 Two Kabala forms

This is a tree and this is a group of trees as in fig.15

The above two star Kabala is provided to show that Gareth‘s Qabala (see fig. 11) is obviously the same thing as received by Josef. The drawing on the right is the star surrounded by a six and then a twelve other stars. It can be seen that the Kabala forms naturally as a result of this development of the star.


[Gareth‘s book. Page 228 paraphrased] Stephen said: ―You have described very accurately the description of the dimension of the previous question. The vehicle was the ‗pattern between‘ the two. Instead of bodies existing in the void of space think of the bodies as holes in the void which is of greater substance than what we feel to be solid and that we form the outline of what is and because of this the shape of our happenings does not seem to fit our puzzle. Think of it like this: we think of the dry land as having greater substance than the sea and have a picture in our mind of the different shapes of our land surfaces where it meets the water. But the greater amount of life, the greater wealth of being, is in the greater part — the sea. What we call the substance, the land, is really only the outline.‖ On further questioning on an unrelated matter Stephen gave this reply: [Gareth‘s book page 230 paraphrased] ―As with all things I gave the knowing, for I, (Stephen) dwell in the space between the Mind and the experience.‖ This quote should be referred back to the previous quote regarding the gestalt in that Stephen is quite obviously saying he exists in the same realm as the ‗vehicle‘. During the question and answer session Stephen clearly seemed to be talking about the space between the infinite void and the finite particular as being the realm from which entities such as himself and UFO-type objects manifest. We think that it should be noted at this point that the Stephen material and our own experiences are replete with examples of UFO events. We also think that the Stephen and Jesus personalities were more in keeping with the ideas presented in the ―Hoova‖ period of the group than they were with any Christian imagery or ‗history‘ of Jesus. Then following on from the discussion about the gestalt and the space between Stephen spoke the following words: ―lacho me, phaino Se, phrontithe.‖ Gareth did not understand these words and so continued with the session until, at a later time, he was able to consult his Greek lexicon. It became obvious, Gareth later told us, that these five words seemed to be ancient Greek, in which language they would look like this:[Gareth‘s book page 230] ―‖ Gareth considered that a reasonable translation, given that there were a few pronunication problems, would probably be something like: ―I proclaim myself, I reveal thee, consider this.‖ On returning to Christchurch Gareth became aware over the next few days that other people seemed to fit in with the imagery and language of the discussion in Berlins in a synchronistic, serendipitous way and accepting that the Berlin‘s event is number one, then: number two is a couple in which one of the partners had the urge to play five notes on a piano without knowing why. Number three was Gareth‘s own future wife who had a dream about a forest [figure 14 & 15]. At the edge of the forest, on a beach near the sea, there lay a speckled stone in which there were five plugs [figure 16]. Those plugs were: wisdom, the ability to recognise beauty, empathy with people, self-knowledge and she


Fig.15 TREES


Crucifix and flaming sword Kabala

Two star symbol

All of these symbols are called trees. Altogether they make a reasonable grove or forest. Gareth‘s wife‘s dream included a speckled stone found in or on the verge of a forest.





The ufo net sits here. See fig. 17 also 3







This is the yoni/vesica

3A 3B

3A and 3B are both forms of the Kabala. I have shown in 3A, by highlighting and numbering and in 3B, by including the black and white astrological houses, the stones and connections in the dream of Gareth‘s wife. The yoni vesica forms the speckled UFO Gareth saw in the school room and the highlighted blue star represents the five attachments to the walls.



Fig. 17 The net of the UFO and the Kabala

This is the crown. In Hebrew it is Kether in Greek it is

Each dot, as in A, is called a Sephiroth and is similar to a Chakra. They are also called coins, stones or, as in the ‗5 fives,‘ they represent musical notes.


This is the net that sits at the crown

B The base is called the earth. In Hebrew this is Malkuth



wondered if the fifth was in someway related to the whole [see figure 1 and compare the words used by Gareth‘s future wife and those I applied to the original Star symbol]. She could be plugged into the stone and the connections went into her side. Number four, after hearing about this dream Gareth attended a primary school classroom the following day. In it the teacher was making a large UFO of speckled silver paper on a netting base [figures 16 and 17]. It had five strips of black plastic connecting it to the four walls of the classroom. Number five was Josef and myself and it is my opinion that our receiving ties it all together, for on the page of that magazine were these words: [Christian Science Monitor Issue of August 21, 1978 page 29] Sudden sun bursts in your thought The tree at your window takes leaf in your book. Unannounced five birds Five shadows Gather print in their wings Move within the branches‘ tracery That grows through the words. Their meanings are light Notes on the stave of the tree, they remain After the birds are gone, After the words fly free. The eye becomes the ear. You‘re wondering why In all this sun, in all this urging Five sounds frame one dear cosmic cry.

Refer page 18 Lattice Window fig.4 UFO flying objects Shades/spirits Kabala/fig. 3 & 16 star

Their teachings are enlightenment Staves = Streets of Kabala tree fig 6 Notes = stones & coins on Kabala

The reader becomes the hearer And you search until you reveal yourself fig.20

This was followed by a piece of music with five notes on it and those five notes were the piece of music in which the Close Encounters of the Third Kind UFO tuned itself to this world.

In Genesis Chapter one, on the fifth day, God created the birds that fly above the earth across the firmament of the heavens. To cross the firmament is to pass through that boundary that God established between the 67

earth below and the heavens above. In the story of Noah, in Chapter eight of Genesis, he, Noah, sends forth both a raven and a dove in an attempt to discover the condition of the earth. Both of these birds therefore are ‗messengers‘. In 1 Kings Chapter 17 Elijah went and dwelt by the brook Cherith and the ravens brought him bread and meat in the morning and bread and meat in the evening. In Biblical terminology to be ‗fed‘ is to be taught and so the ravens are messengers and teachers. In the Gospel of John Chapter one, verse 32, the writer states that John the Baptist bore witness ―I saw the spirit descend as a dove from heaven……… ― Another messenger, a bird, flying across the firmament between heaven and earth. In the Zoroastrian religion the symbol for God was a winged solar disc and often a golden eagle. In the Egyptian religion of Ra and Osiris the symbol used for the spirit descending from God into Pharaoh, as he became recognised as the representative of God on earth, was a hawk. The symbol of the birds is a symbol representing objects that can be seen to fly. An archaic word that was used for ‗spirits‘ and ‗ghosts‘ was ‗shade‘ and is the same word from which our word ‗shadow‘ has arisen. In the poem five shadows means five spirits. For millennia flying messengers have been called angels and the word ‗angel‘ in its original form actually means ‗messenger‘. So, flying messengers can be called ‗angels‘ or ‗birds‘ and may also be UFOs. For many years it has been the opinion of Josef and myself that this event and others that the group had been involved in were manifestations of Kabala experience and that, somehow, UFOs were an aspect of this experience that might be likened to messengers between the infinite and the finite. But what we now relate about these events will show just how easy it may be for opportunities to expand our understanding, such as this, to become somewhat ‗highjacked‘. Lydia Anne and I had finished the first draft of this book and had given copies to four friends to proof read and criticise. One of these people was male and had been a member of the Stephen group from about the same time as Lydia Anne. Another, male, had never been a group member but knew about much of the material and philosophy through discussions with us. The third was female, who had become a member of the group towards the end of the Stephen sessions and the fourth, another female, had no knowledge of the group except that she was aware that we had been involved. During the next couple of weeks we did our own proof read and critique and then began asking the others for their opinions of the material up to that time. One of them, a person with a good academic background suggested that we should include more of the actual Thyatira transcript material as without it there was no way to discern the difference between our point of view and Gareth‘s, or why there had been a difference in the first place. The date was the 25th October, 2009. It was early evening and Lydia and I had just completed transferring the two major transcripts associated with the Karno dioti event into this material. We had decided it was time to finish for the day and have a cup of tea. Whilst sitting in the lounge drinking the tea Lydia Anne browsed through the transcript in which the Karno dioti statement was recorded. She came to the part of the phrase that said :‖Lenaika mella diesta‖ and she said that when she originally heard the tape the word Gareth wrote as lenaika definitely sounded like ‗lernaka‘ and the words mella and diesta ran together to become ‗mallardiesta‘. Jokingly she said good grief it sounds like a duck – mallard! Suddenly I had an awful thought and asked to see the transcript that she was holding. Within five minutes I had translated it into English and knew without a doubt that the phrase was not Greek. I, Josef, had joined the Thyatira about six months after the Karno dioti event. But even then the language, sounds and construction was being hotly debated and one of the first things Gareth told me about the group was how the medium had come out with these words and just how much difficulty he was having finding a definitive meaning for them. He had been hoping that maybe I knew some Greek and could shed some light on the matter. No such luck. But I could see the importance of getting it right as it could explain a lot about the origins of Stephen and his teachings. At that time Gareth did not bother to tell me that he had warned the medium a fortnight prior to the event that he was going to test him with a language other than English. Had he done so I would have discounted the whole event as being totally worthless regardless of what the 68

words might have said. I also had a concern that was quite different to Gareth‘s which was that if Stephen was who Gareth and the medium claimed he was and if Jesus of Nazareth did actually speak through the medium from time to time why was it that on many occasions, as highlighted with the karno dioti event, they were not able to get the language right. According to Christianity Jesus is God and it is God that created everything, is everywhere and knows everything. Why is it that he and his divine messengers have so much trouble with a few simple words? Some spiritualists and mediums suggest that it is not God who is at fault but the medium who is a somewhat imperfect channel. This troubles me because if God demands that we follow his laws and requests as the Christian God does then surely he has the responsibility to ensure that we completely understand them in the first instance even to the point of making sure that his means of communication is clear and concise. Failing this he has no justification for blaming us should we fail through lack of understanding. So, to my way of thinking, if the words of karno dioti were unclear and the grammar was not concise there was probably some explanation for the event other than it being a message from God‘s messenger. It was many years before I had the opportunity to read a complete copy of the Thyatira transcripts and it was only then that I began to realise that all was not quite what I had been led to believe. I found, for example, that Jesus in the very early days had not known that ecclesiastis as in ‗sic ecclesiastis spiritus Sanctus‘ was not meaningful in any way and that to make any sense at all the word should have been ‗ecclesia‘. I also discovered that the Jesus of the Thyatira group appeared not to be Jesus of Nazareth as the Christians know him but was a member of an alien race called the Hoovids who seemed to be associated with UFO events. As a result of these and other similar revelations such as the Stenen and Seletar exposés I began to seriously question the karno dioti language. In doing this I made myself very unpopular with Gareth and through him the medium who wasn‘t talking with me because of the Seletar revelation anyway, by suggesting that the medium may have cheated. I told him I could think of two ways the deception could have been done, though I was privately sure there were others about which at that time I just did not have enough information. We were all aware that the medium had visited a few other countries prior to arrival in New Zealand and during the second world war he had been, however fleetingly, in one or two Asian countries. It was possible that he had picked up a phrase somewhere that sounded somewhat Greekish and had just produced this when required? For some time this was my favourite idea. The other alternative was that he may have extracted a Greek phrase or a number of Greek words from Gareth‘s own library. I visited Gareth from time to time and if he had other guests when I arrived he would park me in his library until such time as his business with the others was completed. Sometimes this was as long as an hour and during that time I would browse through some of his books. I suggested to him that he had done likewise with the medium. Gareth accepted that this had, indeed, happened and so I am sure that like me the medium would have read some of Gareth‘s books and would have known where the Greek lexicons were. Maybe he had cobbled something together that he thought might sound reasonable and by chance it had worked for him. There was, after all, a fifty percent chance it would. Eventually I came to favour this more than the first hypothesis as it seemed to be far more likely and I even did an experiment with Lydia Anne and our own very small lexicon which seemed to suggest that this may have been possible. It would have been very possible with an audience who were prepared to accept an error or two and allow for bad grammar because nobody but Gareth had any Greek language knowledge. Gareth, however, was adamant that the language was genuine and the medium, in spite of his past criminal activities, would not have cheated in that way. Gareth even asked the medium if he had cheated in this or any other way and the medium said that he had not. So, for Gareth that was as good as proof. There the matter rested for many years with Gareth and I tacitly agreeing not to discuss that matter, then came the evening of 25th October, 2009. Lydia Anne handed me the transcript and I said to her that I had always been unsure of the ‗dioti‘ words as they looked like and anagram of ‗idiot‘ and that her comment about the ‗mallard duck‘ had brought this idea back to mind. However, as I had not been able to see what the other words may have been I had never taken this idea any further. I asked her to tell me how she remembered the sounds of words such as mella and 69

lenaika as she, her then husband and Gareth had been transcribing the original tape,. For instance, could melle have just as easily been written as mala, or malar? Yes, she said and was lenaika actually as Gareth claimed or as she had said from the start was it lernaka? It was definitely lernaka she thought. Could it have been written learnaka? ―Yes‖, she said, ― I did begin writing them all phonetically.‖ Then: ―How about the word ‗boro‘? It wasn‘t spelled by the medium so could it have been ‗borrow‘ or even ‗borow‘?‖ Lydia Anne told me that initially she had typed the words as they had sounded and they had not originally been in the Greek form we now find them. Then, as these three transcribers had read and re-read them Gareth had commented that they sounded like Greek and from that moment they had become Greek and it was only required that the various sounds and a little grammar be corrected. So that evening in October 2009, I wrote the words phonetically and they looked like this; Karno dioti dieta dioti karno dioti borrow zalie learnakar malar diesta. I suggested that the word ‗borrow‘ might in fact have been ‗borow‘ or even b-row and pronounced b [as in boat] and row [as in row boat]. For the b-row as Gareth had always maintained and Lydia Anne agreed was pronounced with the first ‗o‘ as a down inflection and the last ‗o‘ as an up inflection. I suggested that it may be that the first ‗o‘ wasn‘t actually there and having said that I realised what I was looking at. It was a language that included anagrams [something with which I am very familiar as I am an avid solver of cryptic crosswords], word reversal, the replacement of words with those of similar sounds and redundant end letters. This type of language had been, before the advent of mobile phones, used by Cockney traders in the various commodity and food markets of London and Europe so that they could talk to their associates across the trading floor without having to make their every comment known to everyone else with whom they were in opposition. I had become aware of this language at the age of 14 when I was fostered by a newly arrived Cockney family to New Zealand whilst my father was in hospital with a very serious illness. This family had used the language among themselves to keep from me their personal interactions and at other times to tease me. It was they who had told me where they had learned it and about its origins. There was another aspect to this language also, one that I had learned and used with my friends while a young child. If one wants English to sound like a European language, such as Greek, then one adds an ‗A‘ to the end of many of the words and voilà the sound is totally different. All the hearer has to do is remove them again. Using all the keys of this type of language to unravel the karno dioti the following emerged: O rank idiot, dieta[I couldn‘t work this out] idiot, o rank idiot wordzalie learna karma la diesta. The a‘s at the word endings that are not used are deleted. It can be seen that ‗karno‘ is an anagram of ‗o rank‘ and ‗rank‘ means ‗great‘ or ‗outright‘. Today one would probably say ‗bloody idiot‘. ‗Dioti‘ is an anagram of ‗idiot‘, b-row is ‗word‘ backwards and it takes the ‗za‘ from ‗zalai‘ the a is deleted and then wordza becomes ‗words‘; the remainder of ‗zalie‘ is the word ‗lie‘. ‗Learnakar‘ becomes two words: ‗learna‘ drop the ‗a‘ – ‗learn‘ and ‗kar‘ then ‗kar‘ joins with ‗mala‘ and ‗mala‘ divides in two leaving ‗karma‘ and ‗la‘. The ‗a‘s‘ of ‗karma‘ and ‗la‘ remain as these are both sensible words; the ‗la‘ is the French ‗la‘ meaning ‗the‘(as in the thee sound) and ‗‘thee in English is an archaic form of ‗you‘. Drop the ‗a‘ of ‗diesta‘ and this word is an anagram of ‗deist‘ which means ‗believer in God‘. Once this was written out I then realised that ‗dieta‘ drop the ‗a‘ is an anagram of ‗tied‘ which, the dictionary tells us, is the meaning of the Latin word ‗religio‘ from which our words ‗religion‘ and ‗religious‘ come. The medium and his wife believed in karma and reincarnation but these ideas do not fit comfortably with the God concept of Christianity. They were also very angry that Gareth had decided to test the medium in a 70

language he thought was unknown to the medium and I now think the following phrase is the result of both that anger and their actual beliefs which were not conventional Christianity. O rank idiot, religious idiot, o rank idiot, wordz lie. Learn karma you believer in God. As the medium was speaking to people who didn‘t know the crypt he could say anything he liked as long as the encoded words didn‘t end up sounding like gibberish. I think he chose to say what he really thought of Gareth and which was that he was a religious idiot who should forget all his God stuff and get into the real knowledge of karma and reincarnation. The medium and his wife had been involved in various alternative philosophies and the latest prior to the manifestation of Stephen had been Echinkar where they would have become familiar with the ideas of karma, reincarnation and trance receiving. The very next day we reported all this to the proof reader who had been an early member of the group and he was astounded but agreed [he also does cryptic crosswords] that the phrase was most likely a cryptic message such as we had revealed. As we were discussing this both he and Lydia Anne suggested that I should use the same approach with the language that had been spoken at Berlins which had lead on to the five 5s. I did so and in thirty seconds or less it had unfolded before our very eyes. The phrase is : Iacho me, phraino se, phrontithe. and is written this was way because from the start Gareth insisted that it also must be Greek. It was only a few short weeks ago, in fact at the beginning of October, 2009, that Gareth told me that he had returned to the medium and Stephen shortly after this statement had been made and had complained that some of the Greek word endings were incorrect and the grammar was also incorrect. He told me that Stephen had replied that the phrase was not Greek but it was a language used by the Hebrews. Gareth had been very angry. He insisted that it had to be Greek and it definitely was not Hebrew. I agreed with him, it was not Hebrew and it may or may not have been Greek but it was only on the night of the 26 th October, 2009, that I realised it was in fact a language used by some Hebrews. Even today Jews consider themselves to be Hebrews and this phrase, like the Karno dioti before it, was the trading floor language of the Jews and Cockneys. What is more, in this case, the medium had told the truth only he did it in a manner bound to confuse and I am sure he thought it a great joke. If we write this phrase phonetically using English it comes out as: Eaco me, ffano se, fronti the. The central part of this phrase is made up of two words ‗ffano se‘. I have included an extra f (which doesn‘t change the sound) for reasons that will become obvious shortly. However, the ‗no‘ should be separated from the ‗ffa‘ and joined to ‗se‘ to make the word ‗nose‘. The ‗i‘ of ‗fronti‘ should be dropped because that sound (an ‗i‘ as in it) could just as easily be produced by using the ‗t‘ alone. However, that word is simply ‗front‘ and the next word is the English word ‗the‘. The letters ‗o‘ ‗m‘ ‗e‘ ‗f‘ should be reversed so that the ‗f‘ is next to ‗c‘ and the ‗o‘ is next to ‗f‘ (producing eacf em ofa) and the ‗a‘ after the ‗f‘ is dropped. This means we now have the letters that make up the words ‗of‘ ‗me‘ and an anagram of ‗face‘. This phrase then reads: Nose the front of me face. As can be seen in the foregoing material about the five 5s this was uttered immediately after a discussion that included references to the gestalt in which there are two faces that have noses on the front of them. [see fig. 13].


The three of us decided that we would send an email to the medium informing him of our discovery and asking if he would do the decent thing and own up to his deception of our friend Gareth. The email we sent read: ―Very clever [the name of the medium]. We were a bunch of rank religious god- believing idiots weren‘t we. It has just recently become as clear as the nose on the front of my face. The only question now is, do you tell Gareth or do I?‖ The next day we received the following email from the medium: ―Please enlighten me, I have no idear or what you refer to. Are you [the name of the proof reader?]. ― We did not respond to the email and later in the day we received another which read: ―Dear M, fistly, I have no idear to what you may be refering to as I have not communicated with you before. Please give me some indication to which you refer and who you are, as I am non plus as to what you are talking about. And have no record of any email contact with you at all. Are you [name of proof reader] that was with us at Berlins?‖ We did not respond to this email either but shortly afterwards I received a phone call from Gareth asking me to join him for lunch. When I arrived at his home he asked me if our proof reader was well and I said that yes, he was, but because of his family circumstances he was a little stressed but otherwise he was well. Gareth suggested to me that he thought it was more than a little stress because he was sending strange emails to the medium. ―That wasn‘t the proof reader,‖ I said, ―that was I using his computer.‖ I then explained to him what we had discovered with the language of the five 5s event and it very quickly became obvious that he really didn‘t want to know. After a short discussion and no lunch I left him saying that if he wished to discuss this rationally I was always available. Shortly after arriving home our proof reader friend came to me with yet another email from the medium. This time there were three pages and they were put together in the format of a circular letter which one is expected to copy and send to numbers of other people to ensure that one received good luck, or in this case, the blessings of God. In the first instance we ignored this email because we thought that it was just what it appeared to be; a circular letter and put it to one side. It was only during conversation with our proof reader friend that I decided to have another look at it using the above-mentioned methods. Very quickly the message that came out of this was: You will lose patience when you find I am not breaking my silence. I have one foot in the grave; God I would rather live my life to the end and die than think about breaking my silence. I am too old and this works for me. My wife and I become one and stand together in the face of threats. Go away. F….off. I returned the compliment to the medium and told him that I thought his actions were highly immoral and that while he was right and I could not make any progress with Gareth I would in future do all I could to ensure that his deception became public knowledge. We have not heard from him since. 72

It was only after this that I wondered if the first two emails from him had not also been constructed in a similar manner. Both our friend and Lydia Anne had spoken to me about the bad English and sentence construction that the medium had used in these emails. None of us had given it much thought other than that. However, on closer inspection we discovered that in the first email the medium had said that he was very annoyed about my reference to the language and in the second email he had reiterated this and then said he had become divided in his thinking about who he was talking to as he wasn‘t sure that our friend had any knowledge of this type of language. It was only after I had spoken to Gareth and Gareth had obviously spoken to the medium that we had received the third email and it became clear that the medium now knew with whom he had been communicating. Because of this deception a number of people, particularly Gareth have, for thirty five years lived their lives in a total fantasy. This borders on criminal behaviour on the part of the medium. It is also complete naïveté on Gareth‘s part who, himself being an educated and knowledgable person, has allowed himself to be drawn into this nonsense by the fact that he was not, and is not, prepared to rigorously criticise the information coming to him. Anybody involved with mediums, cults and spiritual groups of any kind be they minor, or orthodox, strange or accepted religions of the day should take this very seriously as a warning about what can very easily happen.


LIVING BY THE DEAD SEA CHAPTER FIVE As we write this book the date is 22nd August, 2009. Josef has just mentioned that this next sequence will be about the politics we became involved in and I had just recalled a dream that I had the previous night. In this vivid dream I was sitting in a large room with many Social Credit adherents. [Social Credit was a standalone political organisation in New Zealand until the 1990s when it became incorporated into a larger group of small parties called The Alliance.] In my dream I was being heralded as a new member. I told them that, in fact, I had been a member during the late 1970s and early 1980s, that my husband had also been a member and had stood as a candidate for Parliament in the 1981 elections. Whereupon the leader of the group left the room and returned holding many records and election results. I told them that Social Credit had polled 21% of the total vote for that election. I was handed a garment of some sort with which I was being honoured and put this garment over my shoulders, wearing it for the rest of my visit . I awoke. On hearing the dream Josef explained to me what he thought the meaning of our experiences had been up to the time we lived in our first house and through the next twelve months afterwards when we had lived in Wellington. But to reach the point where we explain that, we first need to provide background information. We were three years in our first house and although we did many group things, party things for friends, renovated the house from top to bottom correcting the previous owner‘s DIY errors and took our children on holidays throughout the country, we did not do anything that might be considered remarkable in relation to those groups. Lydia Anne took on the position of chief clerk at an Accountant‘s office and learned skills that made her a very qualified, unqualified, accountant and those skills have stood her in good stead to this very day. She finally went out on her own sub-contracting to several city accountants and was highly thought of by both clients and their accountants. For many years Lydia Anne had suffered with recurring back spasms caused by having been hit by a motor vehicle as a young child. It was at this time that she was referred to the services of a renowned chiropractor who, on hearing that she had spent six weeks in a total body plaster cast, in an effort to have the problem rectified, was incensed. He spent eighteen months gradually getting her back to almost normal by manipulations and afterwards she was able to play tennis again, to garden, to vacuum the house and to do many things that she had not been able to do for years and she was, thankfully, free of back pain. In 1979 a bye-election was held in that part of the city in which we lived and Social Credit, then a very minor party, achieved 23% of the total vote. This suggested to me, and I persuaded Lydia Anne, that we should join the party and help them get to Parliament in the up-coming general election as it appeared to me that they were on the verge of doing so and many of their policies fitted well with my thoughts. As a result of her back treatment, Lydia Anne was feeling much better and agreed that, indeed, this might be something we could do together. We attended the next meeting of the party and applied to join. We were welcomed with open arms and told that there was a local branch very close to our home and that we might like to join that branch and assist them. We did. At the first branch meeting we discovered that there were only four active members of the branch and one of them, the president, was about to move to another electorate outside Christchurch. Our branch needed a new president, would either of us be interested? The lot fell to me, Josef and Lydia Anne became secretary/treasurer and our lives became very busy. Instead of just delivering pamphlets and putting mail in envelopes as we thought we might be doing, there was fund-raising to be done; there were members to be found and enrolled; there was advertising to be organised; a committee to be established and run, and the list went on. Lydia Anne‘s penchant for baking came in handy and every evening saw her baking cakes and fruit loaves to freeze pending the next cake stall to be run. One of her favourite sayings was : ―Wouldn‘t it be great if the government had to run a cake stall to get the funds to buy a new frigate, or bomber!‖ 74

We were both working full-time and politics and group activities meant that we were almost on the run all the time. Other people thought that we were just great organisers but we actually lived with a frantically full diary that threatened at any moment to get out of control. One of our new members was brilliant at organising money-raising events and one of his achievements was a fair that came to be held annually at a local park. It was so successful that the local Labour Party Branch rang the second year and asked if they could have a stall at our fair! We said yes, we were quite happy to take money from wherever and they could advertise themselves but they could not hold a political rally or use loud hailers of any description on their site at the fair. We raised a lot of money and went from being the poorest of electorates in the Canterbury area to one of the wealthiest. For every election there has to be a candidate and so we advertised for prospective candidates and in due course held a selection meeting from which our candidate arose. It seemed to me, Josef, that the choice had not been a good one, particularly after his father-in-law came and told me that he was unhappy with the choice as the man, in his words, was an absolute fool. Over the next few weeks the other committee members also began to rue their choice. But I pointed out to all concerned that this was a democracy and through that system they had spoken. Also we had begun advertising our candidate and had introduced him to the various media. It was too late to change our mind. But great was the rumbling. People were not happy. Lydia Anne and I decided we needed a break and went away for the weekend to a local beach in the caravan. We spent some time lying in the sun having a very restful break away from all the stress and trauma of an election campaign and went back home full of vigour and keen to go on to the next phase. Imagine our surprise when we were visited by committee members who had come to tell us that there had been a coup, the candidate had been de-throned and was no more. I was incensed and made it very clear that the way they had behaved was totally undemocratic, was dictatorial and that I would accept no responsibility if our excandidate took it upon himself to take legal action. Which he was quite entitled to do. It was only after that tirade of mine that I think they realised what they had done and the difficult situation they had put everyone in. However, that was now the past, we needed a new candidate quickly. Who did they have in mind? I asked. ―You‖ they replied and we will not accept no for an answer. Of course I did say ―no‖ and kept on doing so until I realised that I was not achieving anything and that if I did not accept we would not have a candidate at all. I approached the Social Credit leaders, who were parliamentarians, and told them of our problem. Just do it, they said, and hope that nothing adverse happens. So I did and if Lydia Anne and I thought we had been busy before we were in for a shock. The next nine months were frantically busy. We were attending meetings, engaging in public debate with the two candidates in opposition, arranging advertising, speaking on the radio, doing television interviews, walking the streets dropping leaflets in letter-boxes and being president and secretary/treasurer at the same time. The telephone rang constantly during the evenings with messages from people who felt that they could pressure a candidate into voting one way or another. They thought they could do this by threatening not to vote for me and cajoling their family to do likewise should I not promise to vote their way on contentious issues like abortion, drink-drive age, liquor laws etc. Because we were living together in a state of unwedded bliss, or sin depending on one‘s point of view and with the election looming, it was felt that in order to forestall any adverse comments in the Press – morals being high on the agenda of the voting public - we should plight our troth and get ourselves hitched. Even control of this was taken out of our hands because we couldn‘t get married on the Saturday, which is a normal time for weddings, as we were running the fair to get funds and the fair organiser was to be a wedding guest. Gareth had always said that as we were such good friends with him he would hatch us, match us and dispatch us for free. So, we held him to his promise and the wedding service was held in his church and was attended by about fifty of our friends and relatives on the Friday. Lydia Anne had said that she intended to bake the bread for the communion service, the wine being the ordinary communion wine of that church. Gareth‘s reaction was to comment that in all his years in the Anglican priesthood he had never taken a marriage communion service and that it would just have to be ‗you two heathens‘ who were the first. 75

It was with great surprise that we noted that every person at the service rose at the appointed time, went to the altar and took communion with us. Unheard of, in Gareth‘s opinion. We received a telegram from the Parliamentary Office of Social Credit congratulating us on our marriage and hoping, in the best electoral sense, for a productive coalition in the future. The reference to coalition was based on the fact that it was expected by the media that Social Credit would become one of the parties to form the next government by creating a coalition with one or other of the dominant parties. During the six weeks prior to an election in New Zealand it is legal for candidates to stand down from their employment so that they may spend all their efforts in attempting to win votes. Their employers are legally bound to keep the jobs open for them to return to at the conclusion of the election. I took advantage of this law, as do most candidates, and ran myself ragged all day and every day walking the streets, meeting people and knocking on doors, knowing that even if I didn‘t succeed at the election I would still have a source of income later. In order that Social Credit candidates would get a feel for their, hopefully, new life at Parliament they were taken to Wellington and escorted around Parliament Buildings by the two Social Credit parliamentarians, being shown the debating chamber, and even the seat where they may sit. What great excitement. But it was all for nought. I did not win that election even though I had managed the highest vote Social Credit had ever polled in that electorate and overall Social Credit polled 21% of the total vote. This lead to a radical re-think of the country‘s electoral system and two referenda were held – the first to decide if the country wanted proportional representation and the second to decide which form from the three on offer would be chosen. This eventually lead to the introduction of the Proportional Representation system called MMP. This was something that had been hotly debated between myself and the Labour candidate in open forum. He had promised that, should Labour win, not only would he work towards Proportional Representation but also the introduction of a Bill of Rights. During the meeting in which these promises were made I had put him and his party on the spot by explaining the history of that party to the audience and showing them thereby, that the Labour Party had failed them over the years on both of these issues promising repeatedly and never fulfilling. As a result we, the country, now have both and, had Proportional Representation existed then, I would have become a Member of Parliament. Having achieved both goals of Proportional Representational and a Bill of Rights quite unexpectedly, I have become a bit disillusioned with them because MMP is far from being the ideal form of proportional representation and it is my opinion that we would have been better served with one of the other two called STV or Single Transferable Vote. The Bill of Rights has become a Bill of licence as many people use it as a sledge hammer against anybody who would deny them the right to do almost anything and they refuse to take responsibility for almost any part of their lives. To my mind this will not be corrected until we also have a written constitution which details people‘s responsibilities towards each other and their government. Whilst we are known as a Constitutional Democracy there is nothing in writing and therefore nothing demanding that people take responsibility. I did suggest this to the Labour party candidate at the abovementioned meeting but his reply was that he was not enamoured of written constitutions and suggested, as an example, the American experience. However, I note that he is an internationally renowned lawyer, specialising in Constitutional Law, deals with contractual arrangements between individuals, companies and countries on a daily basis and lives much of his life in the U.S.A. As the campaign progressed I came to know him quite well. We stood on stages with each other; we vied with each other for the best spots on the street corners and he drove to meetings with Lydia Anne and me in our Ford Falcon which was emblazoned from front to back with Social Credit logos and colours. It was quite remarkable to see a man, who would later become a Labour Prime Minister, clambering in and out of my Social Credit vehicle and we all had a laugh about that. By the time the election was over we had become well acquainted; he invited us to his home for a meal and also invited us to become members of the Labour party – he thought, he said, that we would have a bright future with them. But we‘d had quite enough of politics by that time, so declined his kind offer with thanks. Elections in New Zealand are held on Saturdays. On the Friday night prior to the election I received a phone call from my employer, a large Christchurch retail company still in existence to this day, who said: 76

―Joe, don‘t come Monday.‖ I was too exhausted to even argue. I could have sued, but why bother; if that was the best they could do why would I want to work for them. A job, however, was imperative. The one I found was quite unlike anything I had ever done before and I ended up feeding the masses, literally, as I became an assistant-manager for a world-wide fast food company. As this job developed I became involved in training, something I had done for other employers also. Having been employed by this company for about eighteen months I was asked if I would become their management training officer for the lower half of the North Island. This would require that we shift to Wellington and open a brand new store there. This was a major challenge and I needed to discuss it with Lydia Anne, particularly as we had just sold our house and put an offer on another one into which we were due to shift in about six weeks. There was much debate between us as Lydia Anne was upset and unsure mostly because her younger son would not be able to go with us as his schooling was at a critical stage. It was finally decided that he would stay on in Christchurch with his father but would come to us for all the school holidays. He liked the idea of aircraft trips to and from Wellington and, and for his age, became an adept and confident traveller. So we accepted the job, put the new house back on the market, and changed real estate agents after about three weeks because there had been no progress with the sale and we were becoming quite stressed by this lack of results. Almost overnight a buyer was found, but not soon enough for Lydia Anne to go to Wellington with me when I made the initial move. Politics didn‘t get us to Wellington but my job did. I arrived in the capital with six long, lonely weeks to wait until Lydia Anne arrived and I had time to think about many of the things we had experienced and where my life had taken me to this point. On reflection I was amazed at how much of my life over these years since Lydia Anne and I had met reflected a lot of the reading and research I had done on my own prior to meeting her and from that time onwards. We were both avid readers and we were both very interested in ancient history and the roots of the world‘s religions. From a very early age I had read history, middle eastern antiquities, archaeology, religious history, physics and some psychology and together we continued in this vein. I recall one period of about three months when we did our best to read all the works of Carl Jung, not quite succeeding because we became overloaded with his imagery even though it paralleled much of our own experience, and so had turned to Maslow for a little light reading! It was in those days that we began to study the Dead Sea Scrolls also, little though there was at that time and reading books by authors such as Yigael Yadin, John Allegro and others who had inside information about the scrolls and other archaeological information associated with them. We read about Masada, both the history and the archaeological dig, and it was during this time that I read the works of Josephus Flavius and as a result re-read the apocryphal books of the Maccabees. The main message that came out of all our reading, our receiving experiences, the ‗sofa‘, the radio, the things that had happened to us from the time we went away together, when looked at as a unit seemed to be that our former concepts of reality, the universe, religion, God and spirit were incorrect. We didn‘t know what might be right but we did know that they were wrong and had to go and even though much of the Stephen material is now in doubt there are still some things that stick in our mind and one of Stephen‘s messages was that to understand ourselves in relation to the whole, we should drop our concepts as they were like hanging on to the tail of a donkey which was dragging us along hither and yon in its wake. Another of his images was that we were like the fly on the surface of the river being swept along by the current not knowing to where we were bound. We might thrash and flail and think we were making progress when all the while the current was taking us where it would. On reaching the point of dropping our beliefs in God, in an after-life, in heaven, hell, angels or spirits of any description – in fact in letting go of 77

any thought that we might know what life and the universe were about in any way at all - we felt as if we had become a clean slate waiting for the teacher‘s chalk. Lydia Anne duly arrived in Wellington, thank God and Hallelujah. The six weeks of hell were over, the Christchurch house had sold and we could now turn our attention to buying another in Wellington. I was no longer on my own and I no longer had to eat fast food every day. [Lydia Anne‘s comment: Well you could always have cooked yourself something, but I realise it would have been difficult as motels are poorly equipped in the kitchen.] We are now both together in the Capital, united. In the Kabala [refer to figs.6 and 17] there is a capital. This capital is at the top point and is known as Stephanos, or Crown. In New Zealand, as mentioned previously, we have a Constitutional Parliamentary Democracy. Its capital is Wellington, this being the seat of government and the head of that government is a constitutional monarch, at present a Queen. So, the government is known as the ‗crown‘. We had, therefore, symbolically arrived together in the place of the crown. As mentioned earlier, Stephen had said that the place from which he manifested – in our words ‗as a spirit‘ – was the cell of influence and it is clear, as I think we have shown, that the cell he was referring to is that area of the Kabala called ‗the Crown‘. This placed Lydia Anne and I, symbolically, in the same place as Stephanos, or Stephen. A sobering thought. It would have been nice had we known it at the time; but we didn‘t and went blissfully on with our life unaware of the nature of the event in which we were involved and it was not until we now write this book that we see the symbolism, the connection and the association it has with the dream Lydia Anne mentioned in the last chapter. There are many things that have happened since that time that have led us to become teachers rather than just pupils and have also provided us with information that we did not have while this part of our lives was unfolding, but which has affected the way we think to this day. One of these pieces of information [refer to the writings of Justin Martyr] is that at the time of the life of Justin Martyr and for hundreds of years prior there had been a type of teacher known as the Pall. They were thus known because they were itinerant teachers travelling from town to town, city to city, and country to country spreading their particular philosophies. They could be adherents of any of the religions of the day or even none of them; they could have been atheists, they could have been adherents of the schools of Plato, Socrates or Hippocrates or anything. On arriving at their destination they would go to the local public speaking place which in various cultures were called ‗forum‘, ‘portico‘, or ‗gates‘. There they would sit and wait for pupils to come and ask them for their wisdom. How would pupils know they were teachers? They wore a special garment. It was sleeveless and hung down front and back being held in place by side laces. Some wore a girdle around their waist and in these cases the colour of the girdle depicted the level of adeptship the teacher was within their given philosophy in much the same way that girdles are used today in Tae kwon do and other martial arts. Justin Martyr said that another thing that depicted the authority and veracity of a given teacher was the age and shabbiness of the garment. The older and shabbier the more authority and wisdom the wearer was assumed to have. This garment was called the ‗pallium‘ which name became shortened to the ‗pall‘. You will recall that, in Lydia Anne‘s dream regarding Social Credit, once it became known that we had been successful members in the past she was given a cloak of honour. She was given a ‗pall‘. This information about the pall is very easily verified because people who carry coffins today are called ‗pallbearers‘. This term arises because when the teachers of the past died they were buried with their ‗pall‘ being carried on the outside of their coffin. So, those who carried the teacher to his grave, were the ‗pallbearers‘. Up until just over a hundred years ago the Pall was still worn by special legates of the Vatican who had been given an important teaching role by the Pope; but today even this has ceased and now only the Pope wears a Pall as one of his ceremonial garments. Very quickly we settled on a house in the Wellington suburb of Wainuiomata, mainly because this is where my new fast-food outlet training store was being built. We chose a house that was well within our means, not too extravagant we thought, but having a nice outlook and facing into the sun. A nice house, on a hill, overlooking the valley in which sat the shopping centre. We were later told by some of my staff that we were living on ‗nob hill‘. They appreciated being employed by somebody from ‗up the hill‘ but they 78

thought it might limit our ability to empathise with the rest of the community. They didn‘t know us. It didn‘t. My first foray into the shopping centre was different, says Lydia Anne. ―Gosh,‖ I thought, ―the council has made a great job of this centre. They have even gone to the trouble of laying mosaics on the floors.‖ The next day I ventured there with my glasses on, and saw to my horror that what I had thought were beautifully laid mosaics turned out to be chewing gum, spat out and ground into the floor, in a seemingly random pattern. I also noticed that many of the women flopped around the centre in huge fluffy slippers, some with animal heads, some without. Some with floppy ears, some without. All in all very curious attire indeed. Some years later a New Zealand woman comedian made a comical issue of this very fact and was lambasted by the locals as not portraying them truthfully. It was the locals inability to see the fact of themselves that was the laughing point. They must still have been slopping around wearing those dreadful slippers. About twelve months before our sojourn in Wellington our psychic friend had told us that we would be going to live overseas; that we would be going to a place that was predominantly populated by black people and that we would have a big American car. He could see Josef leaning over the motor with the bonnet up. We had mighty visions of just where we might go. American cars, black people, goodness. The reality was that we did go overseas – we went to Wellington via the Cook Strait and we settled in Wainuiomata which had a predominantly Maori population. After the election we had sold the Falcon and had purchased a more modern car, but that had proved to be a bad buy and we traded it in on a Chrysler Valiant – a lovely American car. But, it had a problem also [one could say that we were having trouble with our ‗vehicles‘]– it would never start first thing in the morning. Any other time of the day was fine, but not first thing in the morning. Josef wrestled with it all the time we were in Wellington and every morning saw Josef with the hood up, trying to locate the problem. It turned out that as we had been parking the vehicle with its nose pointed uphill the petrol had been draining from the carburettor bowl back into the petrol tank so there was insufficient petrol to ignite the spark. This, in due course, we overcame by fitting an electric petrol pump. About twelve months after this Josef discovered that our particular model of Valiant had a carburettor bowl that was too small and many owners had changed to a different carburettor as soon as they had purchased the vehicle. Amazing how easy things are with the perfect vision of 360 degrees hindsight. Wainuiomata is quite a large valley in the eastern hills of Wellington that runs from the interior of these hills to the coast. Through the centre of the valley flows a small river. Up to the late 1800s this valley had been a lake with the mouth of the lake naturally dammed. On the coastal side of that dam lived a community of local indigenous people. The whole of New Zealand is earthquake prone as the country sits on the fault line between the Australian and Pacific plates. Wellington is in one of the hot spots of this fault line and is subject to numerous earthquakes. In fact some of the city and suburban land exists only as the result of earthquakes thrusting it up from beneath the sea; some of it as late as the early twentieth century. About one hundred and fifty years ago there was an earthquake centred close to Wainuiomata that demolished the natural dam, drained the lake and drowned the community at the mouth of the river. This is why the valley name is Wainuiomata as it means – in the indigenous tongue – Big waters of Death. The valley of Wainuiomata is also part of the Rimutaka National, or State, Park and is a wilderness area used by trampers and hunters the year round. It is renowned as one of New Zealand‘s important wilderness areas so Lydia Anne and I were symbolically living on the shores of the Dead Sea, in the wilderness and this is something that becomes quite important with things that began to happen soon after our arrival. One must not think that, because of what we have to say from here on, that we didn‘t involve ourselves in normal everyday events; we did. We both worked , we went to the movies, we visited relatives – some of whom lived in Wellington – we entertained guests from Christchurch who had come to visit and we attempted to join and form groups, not understanding that we were not there for that. In all, we found living 79

in Wainuiomata quite pleasant in many ways. The climate, for example, once the worst of the winter was over was quite Mediterranean, we enjoyed meals on the terrace and we were close to some very nice restaurants. When Lydia Anne‘s younger son came to visit during the holidays her days were filled with sightseeing, beach visits, swimming and all the things that brought joy to a boy‘s heart. Lydia Anne‘s mother visited for a few weeks as did her brother, sister-in-law and children; her elder son visited from Auckland, where he was then working and studying and Josef‘s mother, sister and brother-in-law also came to visit from Auckland.. Other friends from Christchurch arrived in groups, including close friends and Gareth. We also went swimming at a local pool every day for the exercise. In all, quite a normal life. Our Wainuiomata experience really began on the night of 11th March, 1984. Gareth was visiting and we all decided to have a receiving session. Gareth proposed the following question, as he is always unsure about where he stands with his friends: ―Let us picture our relationship.‖ After meditation Lydia Anne‘s response was: the Gospel of John, chapter 10 verse 16: ― There are other sheep that belong to me that are not of this sheepfold. I must bring them too; they will listen to my voice, and they will become one flock with one shepherd.‖ Josef‘s response was: He saw a bowl, tines around the edge with a drop on each tine like drops of water splashing up like a tiara. Droplets relate together. Have same source. He heard ‗like a jewel in a crown‘. Gareth‘s response was: He saw a boat, a sailing boat, a fine day, white sails catching the wind. Motion forward of the boat. Cosy cabin. But the main thing was that the keel was well down below the surface, dimensions and depth. What was the key thing? There was no treasure in the boat. There was a net being pulled up by us in the boat. An awful amount of straining at the net which seems stuck in the seabed. Pulled at it and eventually found the net stuck, and in the centre of the net I looked and saw a mirror of myself. Gareth‘s second question was: ―What of our relationship in the future?‘ His receiving was: North Pole clear of ice, ice and continents surround still point. I see a three pointed pyramid suspended over deep water, then three of these pyramids and then a series of pyramids forming a helix into the sky. The end of the series is not in sight. Josef‘s receiving was: I saw a banana sitting on the water‘s surface, but when I moved from the horizontal to higher above it I saw that it was actually half a field tile and I saw this stretching further into the distance into a range of hills and into the void. [This and the latter part of Gareth‘s receiving seems to be the same image.] Lydia Anne‘s receiving was: 80

Hebrews chapter 12 verses 22-23: ―Instead you have come to Mount Zion and the city of the living god, the heavenly Jerusalem with its thousands of angels. You have come to the joyful gathering of God‘s oldest sons whose names are written in heaven. You have come to God, who is the judge of all men, and to the spirits of righteous men made perfect.‖ Gareth‘s third question was: ―Comment on Lydia Anne and Josef‘s relationship.‖ Lydia Anne‘s receiving was: A gem. The iris of an eye. Gareth‘s receiving was: Legs, flippers. Dive deeper, deeper, the lighter. Deeper to an eye with Lydia Anne and Josef on either side making it warm and light. Josef‘s receiving: Looking down on the top of a tree. It looks like a whirlpool to dive in to. Like an iris. Light seen. Then from page 10 of the ‗Atlas of Early Man‘. This page contains a picture in the shape of a golden disc with an eye in the centre. During that session I, Josef, did what I normally did during receiving sessions which was just to relax my mind and allow any images that might come into my mind appear with the intention that I would then divulge to the others, as they divulged to me, what we had collectively received. However, this evening was a little different. After the first couple of questions and answers it became evident that Gareth and Lydia Anne had received images and were wanting to report them whilst I had something different happen. I asked the other two if they would mind if I reported to them the words I was seeing in my mind and they said to go ahead. I saw in my mind what appeared to be a T.V. screen and on that screen were a few words that wouldn‘t go away. So I verbalised them thus: ―There are times when the darkness seems to be greater than the light,…..” As I verbalised them they disappeared and were replaced by more words. So I spoke those as well. ―And more oppressive. Times when there is spiritual light…….” In all there were only two or three sentences: ―and material darkness, then the wheel will turn. The role of physical man is to experience and remember that experience.” but because of my unfamiliarity with what was happening those few sentences took some long minutes to report. I had felt as if I had drifted into a state of being that was almost asleep yet was still aware of sounds and movements within the room. I certainly was not in trance. After Gareth had gone back to Christchurch and Lydia Anne and I were again on our own we decided to try this method of receiving again. Lydia Anne was instructed by the message we received to record everything that had happened after asking her own unspoken questions and receiving her own answers in her normal manner, which generally was book receiving from the Bible. From that day, on the nights that Josef 81

was not working the nightshift – because his work was on a roster system and necessitated some evening work each week – we would sit down after dinner and begin our sessions. We would sit facing each other and as Josef attempted to quieten his mind and to drift into a deep meditational state, Lydia Anne would ask her question and receive her answer; all of which was written down as instructed. That question then became the focus for the night‘s work. The strange thing was that Lydia Anne never knew what the question would be until she had sat down with the Bible, pad and pencil. Then a question would come into her head; there was a strange feeling of who was really organising the focus of the questions. Once Josef had reached a certain depth of meditation he would see the T.V. screen with the words; ―You have a question?‖ And he would say the words. Lydia Anne would then vocalise her previously unspoken question. Prior to Lydia Anne vocalising the question Josef was totally unaware of what it was as there had been no discussion before the beginning of the session. Having heard the question Josef would then wait until words appeared before him and these he would speak sometimes as few as two or three at a time. He was totally unaware of what would be following those first words as the new sequence did not appear until the old had been spoken and disappeared. At times these sessions lasted up to an hour or more and yet there was seldom more than one and a half pages written because of the difficulty Josef had learning the process. It did become faster as time went on but the size of the content remained about the same. All of the questions and answers were recorded by hand writing into an exercise book and later were typed and filed, which file we still have and will be quoting from hereafter. For us this was a peculiar time as we had never experienced anything like this before and so we often did the ‗hand dance‘ as a means of enhancing our togetherness and focussing the mind. Initially, whilst still in the caravan at the caravan park, we had asked what the reason was for the hand dance. The answer we received said that it was to focus the mind. Remembering this, we had often done the hand dance prior to an important session or event in our life. Essentially that was why we always did the receiving sessions whilst facing each other. One of these very early receiving sessions told us to continue with the hand dance because of the focus of the mind but also as a means of committing ourselves. The question was asked by Lydia Anne on page 4 of our records on the 13th March, 1984: ―Should we make an act of commitment?‖ Her own receiving, prior to putting the question to Josef was: ―Hand Dance‖. Josef‘s meditational response was: ―It would be nice if you would dance.‖ The purpose of our receivings began to be revealed on the 13th March, 1984. Lydia Anne: ―Is it possible to know our task yet, please.‖ Voice:

―I would like to say – Josef trembles…… let this ability be practised seriously but don‘t get too involved. Practise it as you would a piano, until it is tuned.‖

Then comes the point where we begin to learn what it is we are communicating with. In an earlier receiving the Voice had said: ―There is only one method of receiving in this fashion, it is called ‗trance‘ among other things. That is a quietened mind and stilled logic. Depending on the person sleep is not required and tuning is a better word than trance because of the many beliefs and myths associated with trance.‖ 82

To better understand this we asked another question one evening: ―Please explain further the subject of tuning.‖ Voice: ―The difference between ‗tuning‘ and other schools of thought relating to trance is that others aim to expand or increase the consciousness by decreasing the amount of awareness. Tuning is the channelling of greater awareness through the inter-acting of the polarities of the male and the female [physical and spiritual] without attempting to either increase or decrease consciousness. An example would be a magnifying glass which has two convex and two concave surfaces depending on whether one is inside or outside the glass. The convex and the concave represent the physical and the spiritual and working together they concentrate that which was previously abstract to a focussed point that has substance. At no time does the glass attempt to be the abstract or the focus, it is only the instrument, the doorway, and so it is ‗tuning‘.‖ Lydia Anne: ―Could you comment, please, on the control being used.‖ [Her receiving was of a picture of the back of a clock with a hand turning a key.] Voice:

―There is no ‗control‘. If the Father needs a voice he can take up the garment. Let not this overawe or inspire great deeds, for the Father has many voices.‘

Lydia Anne: ―I feel very excited about this turn of events in our life. Is this justified?‖ [She was unable to get a picture as she was too excited.] Voice: ―Would that I, too, were excited! Funny though it may seem, excitement is justified, although, in the love of the Father, when ought you not to be excited! I have no doubt that there will be many times, as before, when you may desire for less excitement and more rest! If you wish to act you must be prepared to act with Me.‖

As will be shown later these few passages reveal to us our relationship to the Mind as active participants and also gave us the clue to accepting and calling this process the Voice of One and from that time on, we have quoted John‘s Gospel chapter 1 verse 23 where the author said : ―I am the voice of one [One] crying in the wilderness. Make straight [strait] the way of the Lord.‖ The crying just relates to speaking out, shouting, making a loud noise, making one‘s self heard, whereas the ‗wilderness‘ refers to one particular place in Judea. Judeans all understood the term ‗wilderness‘ to relate to a particular area in the Dead Sea environs that was called the ‗Herimos‘ [This is the word used in the Greek New Testament.] It was in this area that the Essene communities resided; it was from this area that the Old Testament prophets arose and it is from this area, because of both the foregoing things, that we get our word ‗hermit‘. It is also this wilderness that connects with the temple stones being carried down Wilderness Road, that we discussed in an earlier chapter, and the wilderness in which we now lived surrounded by our Rimutaka Hills. We are told in the New Testament, in Luke chapter 1, that Mary – the mother of Jesus – is related to Elizabeth the mother of John the Baptist. We are also told that John the Baptist‘s father Zechariah was High Priest. As all of this is taking place, in or around the time of Herod the Great the only family that could have produced the High Priest was the Hasmoneans and, on coming to power, it was this family that Herod 83

attempted to overthrow and displace. This family was of the Essenes; the High Priest was part of a triune Messiahship that included the King and teacher of Righteousness. These three were the heads of the Essenic religious political structure that was deposed by Herod as he instituted his own religious and political reforms. John, the Baptist, according to Mark chapter 1 verse 4, appeared in the wilderness [Herimos] preaching a baptism of repentance for the forgiveness of sins [which is salvation through ‗righteousness‘] Therefore, John the Baptist, was a Teacher of Righteousness and so it is not surprising that Herod beheaded him. He was part of the Messiahship and a political threat. It is worth noting here that prior to arriving in the Dead Sea [Big waters of death] wilderness we had perceived that political organisation to which we had belonged as being a threat to the then major parties. Also the most members Social Credit ever had in Parliament, the head of government, was three. The Essenes were not only located in the Herimos but, as with all other sects in Palestine, were spread throughout much of the Roman Empire. They were also an outgrowth of Zoroastrianism and believed in the same Gods as that religion. These were: Ahura Mazda and Ahriman, the gods of light and darkness respectively. They believed in the Son of God Soshayan and that he would appear at the end of the ages as the saviour of mankind. The Essenes were evangelical as is revealed in the story of John the Baptist as there he is shown to be actively seeking converts to baptise. Also in the book of Acts we find that there was a church of John the Baptist in Ephesus. The Essenes called their own main monastic/school centres ‗tabernacles‘ after the Tabernacle of Moses in the Wilderness. The tabernacle of Moses was a very large tent and so Essenic evangelists who went out into the heathen world seeking converts were known as ‗tentmakers‘. These evangelists, being itinerant teachers going from town to town, would probably also have worn the ‗pall‘ as described by Justin Martyr. Also that famous itinerant teacher of the New Testament, St. Paul, probably did not make tents for a living as reported in one of his Epistles, at least not in the way we understand tent-making. More likely he was known as a ‗tent-maker‘ because he went about establishing new centres of learning called ‗tabernacles‘. He, whoever he was, also would have worn the ‗pall‘. We had been discussing the Voice, its relationship to the Mind and our own involvement and Lydia Anne asked the question: ―Please explain why it is difficult for me to know which is right – I get confused between things I feel and things I see, and things that just come into my head. What is Mind, what is feeling, and which is to be followed?‖ [Lydia Anne‘s receiving was ―circumvent:‖ which we took to mean that one‘s thinking can get very circular and evasive.] Voice: ―Mind debates. Feelings follow or go without hesitation or debate. If I may be allowed to expand – Mind, in the context of the physical mind sees, hears and evaluates all, including feelings. Mind – as in the One Mind - where you meet the Father, does not evaluate, hence the need for checking what the mind evaluation of the image is saying. If you see an image, just watch it. Images represent, they do not say anything. If, in your physical mind, you find yourself debating an image, ignore the debate and draw the image. Feelings often cannot be debated, but they must be checked, for your mind can be devious and say ‗I am not debating this feeling‘, yet all the while it is debating why it is not debating. You must all receive, and you must learn to trust your receiving as you know, receiving is an ‗instant‘ thing. A book receiving is not logic, words heard on a radio out of context are not logic. Images in the minds of a group of people building a picture, is not logic. You must learn to trust these images. Therefore, trust the image, but check the mind evaluation of that image.” There are many more passages such as these that we will quote from now on but before we do we would like to clarify that we began to realise that we were not in Wellington to do something, like forming a group, but that we had arrived to go to school and it seemed that the school would be presenting us with images and teachings that were very similar to those that we had become aware were part of the Essenic religious 84

teaching structure of two thousand years ago. We had no guru; we had no master; we had no precedent to follow. On our own, sitting by the ‗Dead Sea‘ we listened to, and questioned, the Voice. There were many concepts presented about our relationship to this Voice and the Mind and, to be honest, we had a great deal of difficulty accepting what we were being told. It has been only the realisation over the years that this is not particularly unique in the grand scheme of things that has enabled us to deal with it at all. As people progress, evolve and develop their perception of their relationship to the One, they begin to perceive themselves in different ways just as a teenager perceives its relationship to all other members of its family and community differently to a child, or as it will when it becomes an adult. Our perceptions change whenever our development changes and this applies to all walks of life and stages of development in human beings, be they of the physical or of the psyche. So all our schooling only became acceptable to us when we realised that we were involved in a process of personal growth and consciousness expansion. One of these concepts about our relationship to the Voice appeared when Lydia Anne asked the question: ―This whole picture is so well presented once the clothing is understood. Can you tell us now who wrote ‗ the Bible‘? ― Lydia Anne‘s receiving : ‗It is truly said that it is the Hand of God; [also Revelations chapter 1 verse 1]‘ Voice: ―You sit and write. You are my Hands. Strange, isn‘t it that I wrote with my Hands that which I rewrite with my Hands. I reveal and I conceal. There is a time for revelation and there is a time for concealing, and both can be the same. This Book, which many including yourselves have wept over for all its faults and they are many - reveal to those who wish to see and conceals from those who wish to believe. For this Book is my Mind to those to whom it is opened………….I wrote it and the names of the Hands are not relevant for, in fact, many books are conglomerates of many writers. They, like you, are the Hands.‖ Lydia Anne and I had been talking about the ‗tuning‘and ‗voice receiving‘ procedures and whether or not there was any connection between what we were doing and the ‗Voice of One‘ that was found in the Essenes of two thousand years ago and as depicted in the Revelation to John where he talks about the voices issuing from the throne. Lydia Anne asked: ―Can you tell us in more detail of the Essene‘s methods?‖ Lydia Anne received: Romans chapter one verse 10 from which we now quote: ―Asking that somehow by God‘s will I may now at last succeed in coming to you. For I long to see you, that I may impart to you some spiritual gift to strengthen you.‖


Voice: ―There is only one method, trance. It has been called many things, trance is one. That is, quietened mind and stilled logic. Because, depending on person and circumstances, sleep is not required, ‗tuning‘ is a better word. Josef will become clearer in time. The sleep state is easier, but not better. History has many examples of trance, with the many beliefs associated with it; tuning is a word which avoids many myths. There is a danger of glamorising and many do this. We must begin to demonstrate that all are able to tune, perceive, unite with One. John said he was the Voice. It is clear that the Voice is above, or beyond, glamour. There are many who are the voices of Stephen or James or Mary or Paul or others. Therefore you must check all the receivings that you may remain humble. For you, Josef, will be the Voice. There are many who have spoken as the Voice and do yet; but names, like garments, cloud the issue [therefore there will not be one]. My real name is ………… [at this point Josef had a vivid picture of all things everlastingly, and said: How can you name that?] ……… in you! ―You should not glamorise for if Josef were to become an object of awe no good would result regardless of the value of the receiving. Nevertheless, his work is to speak thus. But simultaneous receiving is a necessity and must be taught. Yours [Lydia Anne] is the important role, not Josef‘s. His is the attraction. The Voice comes from the speaker, it is the forerunner of that which we, ourselves, will receive from the Father direct. If one hears not the Voice, one does not receive, as one knows not of receiving. Receiving needs demonstration. Also check-receiving requires demonstration. The Voice provides the information, you check; you teach others to check, they receive.‖ This was the end of that particular session and it left us with much to ponder upon. There has been a lot of antiquities research done by many people over the last ten to twenty years and as a result of this work we now know a lot more about the Essenes and their activities than we did while Lydia Anne and I were living in Wellington. We have since read most of this research and have found that our received teachings parallel a vast amount of the material now known from historical records and archaeology in the Middle East. Because this research is now available we suggest that you read it and confirm this for yourself. The relevant books are by those authors included in the following list: Yigael Yadin,

John M. Allegro

Barbara Thiering

Norman Golb

Geza Vermes

Robert Eisenman

Michael Baigent & Richard Leigh

Frank Cross

John Strugnell

Roland de Vaux

J.T. Milik

Elaine Pagels

We also suggest you read the works of Josephus Flavius, the Apocryphal Biblical books of the Maccabees and some of the other non-canonical books such as the Infancy of Jesus and the Shepherd of Hermas. One should also read about Simon Bar-Kokhba, Masada and the Teaching of Zoroaster [also spelt Zarathustra]. The Zend-Avesta, the Zoroastrian sacred writings, is well worth reading even though it may be a struggle for the western mind. There are many very good books now available dealing with the Essenes, but be careful as many authors have the fantasy that the Essenes were idealistic monastics retreated from the world, when actually they 86

were religious/political fanatics more in the mould of Al Kaeda. Yes, they did teach and live deep spiritual concepts; they did preach love, peace and harmony as do many religious terrorists today but they also had a dark side and set out to bring down the Roman Empire. Their name for the Romans was ‗the Kittim‘ which, for the Essenes meant the demons of the great ‗Satan‘. Their Satan was Ahriman and Rome was the major agent of this evil power. Among the Essenes were a sect of fanatics called the Sicarii. They were thus named because of the small thin stiletto which they used, the sicarius. They were the Essenes‘ assassins and would sidle up next to their victim even in the most public of places and without any fuss or fanfare slip the knife into their victim and then quietly walk away while the victim slowly collapsed and died. In the absence of explosives they were the suicide bombers of the day. What was it about the Romans that so incensed the Essenes? Well, on the one hand they had helped Herod the Great overthrow the Essenic political structure previously headed by the Hasmoneans and their Messiahship; on the other hand, Herod, being an Idumean not a Jew and a usurper of the throne did all he could with or without out the assistance of the Romans to destroy any residual political power the Hasmoneans may have had and this is, in our opinion, the origin of the Gospel story in which Herod sets out to kill all the first-born children as he was seeking to destroy the source of all pretenders to the throne. He also removed the Hasmonean/Essenic High Priest from office and reformed the Jewish religion to suit his own purposes. It is this reformation which became the source of the religious sect mentioned in the Gospels as the Herodians. Herod and his Herodians rebuilt and renovated the Jerusalem Temple as they reformed and restructured the priesthood. But they also weakened the monastic-based political power base of the Hasmoneans by supporting the religious teachers, the rabbi, and teaching structure that had begun to develop in and around the Synagogues. These centres of religious teaching made the villages and towns more important as cultural centres than they had been during the period of Hasmonean monastic power. Westerners have difficulty comprehending that spiritual values and politics can be interwoven in this way. But it was no different to the way in which society functions in Muslim countries today. In Islam politics, religion and one‘s everyday life are all the same thing. In ways that were quite normal for their times the Essenes had a religious political structure on which they established both their religious teaching communities and their overall political machinery. It was based on the idea that the Messiahship was three people – the King, the High Priest and the Teacher of Righteousness. These three were at the head of government and they were mirrored within the teaching communities as the Abba [meaning the abbot or ‗father‘ of the community], the Head Teacher and the Administrator. Below both of these structures were on the one hand what we would call heads of government departments or ministries and on the other hand monks in charge of various functions within the monastic or village community. Within both the greater political structure and the communities these minor dignitaries were called ‗the fingers‘ of which there were ten and the whole structure was considered to be the active manifestation of God ‗s will within the world of the Essenes. In the communities these ‗fingers‘ and the Messiahship would meet on a regular basis at what was known as the sacred meal. They would sit five on each side of the table making the two hands with the Messiahship at the head. This authority structure was responsible for all political decisions, the management of the communities, maintaining the purity of doctrine and establishment of new teachings. Each of the three major departments of the structure was headed by one of the Messiahship. The King administered the realm politically, the High Priest administered the realm religiously and in the case of the teaching structure the Teacher of Righteousness was the head. He was in charge of an organisation that was called the ‗Yeshiva‘ or depending on the vowels used ―Yeshuva‘. This is a Hebrew word that simply means ‗school‘ or ‗university‘, is still used today and there are Yeshuva in many places around the world including Israel and New York. In the past the word ‗Yeshuva‘ could have been very easily mis-translated from Hebrew through Greek to Latin as these three languages have a very confusing array of letters that may or may not be expressed as ‗v‘, ‗u‘, or ‗w‘. Hebrew has no ‗v‘ – ‗b‘ is used instead, Yacob, for example, can be pronounced as ‗Yacov‘. But Hebrew does have a ‗w‘. Greek has no ‗v‘ or ‗w‘ but does have letters [‗‘ and an ‘] that look very much like them although they are actually ‗n‘ and ‗o‘ respectively. In the Latin 87

the letter ‗v‘ can actually be a ‗u‘ and is from where we get our ‗w‘ which is in fact a double Latin ‗u‘. Old Hebrew and Aramaic [another ancient language spoken at the time] documents were translated into Greek from about 300 BCE onwards. Those translations were then converted into Latin in the early first millennium CE. Imagine the difficulty if the scribes were not 100% familiar with each of these languages. Add to this that many of the scribes were also totally immersed in the beliefs they were trying to transcribe and you have a recipe for disaster. So if the ‗v‘ in Yeshuva had been translated as a Latin ‗u‘ the result would have been ‗Yeshua‘ which is the source of the name ‗Jesus‘. However, the Yeshuva was not one man. It was the teaching structure, the teachers within that structure and their teachings. It was a structure that was well-known in its day as it was spread throughout the Mediterranean. [As an aside: there is little evidence that Hebrew was generally spoken at the time of the Essenes. It seems to have been used mostly by the priests. The general language in Palestine was Aramaic, from which has developed Arabic. Greek was also spoken but this was found in two forms. There was the Greek of the intelligentsia – spoken by the well educated and the ruling Romans – and there was a common form spoken by the lower classes. One might say it was a form of pidgin Greek. This latter form of Greek was used to write the early Christian documents and it was this that was then translated into Latin. In the Roman Empire Latin was originally the common language. The language of the intelligentsia, however, was Greek for the ruling Romans considered themselves to be the heirs of the Greek culture. In the same way in the western world, until very recently, Latin was the language used by doctors, scientists, theologians and all manner of other intellectuals over and above the common language of each particular country.] In the story of the birth of Jesus, if we accept that the symbolism is referring to the beginnings of the teachings that arose from the Yeshuva at that time, then we also find that these new teachings were supported by the Magi of the Zoroastrian religion as they were followers – disciples – of the teachings of the ‗Star‘. Those basic Star teachings, which can be seen as underlying the message of Jesus, are that the spiritual and the physical are one thing, inseparable because Jesus says in John‘s Gospel: ―I, and the Father, are one.‖ And also: ―If you believe in Me then I am in you.‖


FROM CONCEPTION TO BIRTH CHAPTER SIX Throughout our early weeks of receiving, the Voice, when asked any question about Jesus, referred to ‗Him‘ as the ‗Revelation of Jesus‘. It took us some time to realise that the Voice was not referring to a person but to the revelation of a teaching. Then, in a passage referring to Lazarus, the Voice says, on page 18 of our notes: ―Lazarus was a „friend‟ [meaning „associate‟] of Jesus. In the context of Jesus, the Revelation, Lazarus was a concept [an associated concept] for teaching that was parallel but did not have the validity, or power to grab the imagination, as did that of Jesus.” The receiving then goes on to describe how, when Lazarus rose from the dead, he was bound in grave clothes and he stank. Jesus, on the other hand, when he rose from the dead is not reported as having stunk and he left his grave clothes behind. You will recall from earlier chapters that we have shown that clothing, or garments, are those concepts of reality with which we surround ourselves. At his re-birth, Lazarus brought his smelly, old concepts with him; whereas Jesus left his in the tomb in which he had been buried in his old life. In the Gospel of John chapter 11 verse 44 ―Lazarus …… the dead man came out, his hands and feet bound with bandages, and his face wrapped with a cloth……‖. There is a disease called ‗Lupus‘ that appears most strongly on the human body at the points of the head, hands and feet. In times past there was no treatment at all for this disease and in an attempt to alleviate the distress of the victims their head, hands and feet were bound by encasing them in bandages as described in the story of Lazarus. The symptoms of this disease are recorded in the writings of Hippocrates and the use of the word ‗lupus‘ to describe the disease is found at least as early as 900 C.E. It seems to us that the story of Lazarus is intentionally presenting a symbol that very clearly describes from which tomb the corpus arises. In those days there was a religion whose God was called Lupercus. It was the main religion of Rome and it‘s symbol was ‗Lupus the wolf‘. The social philosophy of Rome was born and arose from this religion and the birth and early years of the Roman ethos is symbolised in the ‗suckling of Romulus and Remus by the wolf‘. The Romans were nurtured by the Lupercalian religion whose god was the protector of the flock, the god of love, the god of wine, the good shepherd and the good husbandman. Even in those days, this religion was named the ‗catholic‘ religion‘ because it was considered to be Universalist in that it was happy to be inclusive of all other religions. One of the most very famous of this religions High Priests was Julius Caesar who, for a part of his early adulthood was the Flamen, or highest of High Priests. When this religion was replaced as the state religion during the reforms of Constantine, its priesthood was absorbed into the early Roman Christian Church and they became the cardinals while the Flamen became the Pope. So the body that arises out of this tomb is a ‗corpus‘, a collection of existing teachings, a teaching structure and the teachers themselves and, as they arise from this tomb, they have an aroma, an aura, of antiquity which was quite real. A corpus is a body; and just like the corpus of Lazarus it was a corpus of teachings, not a man Jesus, that was buried by Joseph of Arimathea. In saying this I am suggesting that we need to read at least the Gospels of our Bible somewhat differently and the following will give some indication as to the direction in which I believe that reading should go: When Jesus was born he was the child of an adoptive father whose name was Joseph and as we show elsewhere in this book the word for ‗father‘ in those days was ‗abba‘ the English of which is ‗abbot‘. We also show elsewhere that the term ‗the son of‘ can also mean disciple. So what is being born is not 89

necessarily a person but may in fact have been a religious structure of abbots and disciples that was founded on the Star knowledge of the Magi that has been revealed herein. That then would become the ‗corpus‘. At the other end of the Gospel story, at the crucifixion, we find this ‗corpus‘ being destroyed by the orthodox Jews and their Roman supporters. There is also another man named Joseph who takes this corpus and seemingly places it in a tomb. However, if we call the tomb a ‗crypt‘, which is a more correct term for the burial place, then Joseph ‗encrypted‘ the corpus of information and in this way concealed it from the orthodox and their Roman supporters. It is possible to learn this encryption technique, some of which has already been revealed in chapter four in relation to the language of the medium. In the chapter four example the medium who, just by chance, happened to have been given, by Stephen, the reincarnational personality of Joseph the father of Jesus encrypted the corpus of information for his own purposes. In doing this he thereby concealed any truth or real message there may have been from all of the other group members. Lydia Anne and I, who just happens to be another Josef, have raised the corpus of information from out of the crypt so that all, including the orthodox Gareth, can see the truth for themselves. This is the importance of understanding the cryptic nature of the Gospels. If one continues reading them as if they are factual the truth will continue to be hidden whereas the unencrypted message is enlightening to say the least. There is no historical evidence that conclusively proves the existence of a man called ‗Jesus‘ as he is described in the New Testament. However, there are mountains of evidence for the existence of Jeshuva and itinerant teachers within teaching structures similar to Jeshuva and also there is much evidence for the death and destruction of this structure, we even know the date that it happened. The Essenic Yeshuva structure, the Essenic Messiahship, the Essenic corpus of teachings were all obliterated, buried and made illegal by the Romans at the destruction of Jerusalem and Masada in the war ending 73 A.D. Then in 135 CE after the revolt by the last Messiah, Simon bar Kokhba, his followers were, just as in the Bible story about the disciples of Jesus, scattered far and wide as the whole surviving Jewish nation was dispersed throughout the Roman Empire. However, while it existed, the Jeshuva teaching was spread throughout that same empire and its message was that we could not know the will of God, we could not experience the light of the Father‘s love, nor the Father‘s mind until such time as we raised our physical consciousness from the world of dead concepts and entered into the spiritual kingdom prepared and ready for us. The Jesus figure of the Bible said: ―Let the dead bury their dead. You follow me.‖ ―I am the way, the truth and the life. No man cometh unto the Father but by Me.‖ The Jesus of the Bible also said that he was a door, a gate, a way, and that he was the door into the spiritual kingdom of God which was all about us yet we saw it not. That Jesus also demonstrated in the death and resurrection story that the physical was to die to the old world and be re-born, physical again, into the new kingdom, physically and spiritually united. That is the major point in that story and the Ascension. The new body did not ascend as a ghost or some amorphous sort of spirit but as a whole and physical body; it ascended into, and obviously became one with, the spiritual kingdom. This was the message of the Yeshuva. We cannot see the kingdom until we are re-born spiritually and physically united. One is not greater than the other. One should not be worshipped and the other despised, as is the case in our religious tombs today; all of our religions are tombs of the dead and their teachers preach that the physical should be discarded for the sinful, despicable and unclean creation of Satan that they perceive it to be. They say that the spiritual is the glorious, the clean, the immaculate new world of God and in doing so they condemn us, like Lazarus, to the continued entombment and ensnarement of our old dusty and smelly grave-clothes. In that old dead world the spirits call to us from on high, their thrones of glory, and tell us that we, the children of the earth plane, have to get rid of the filth and dross of the physical before we can advance into the kingdom. 90

We need to rise up and claim that which is rightfully ours and be united spiritually and physically. As we said earlier – in John‘s Gospel – it says that : ―God so loved the world.‖ Instead of the word ‗God‘ read ―The One‖ and the message is exactly the same: the physical is glorious; grasp it with both hands and live. Many of the ideas associated with the story of the life of that which has been called Jesus have been badly misinterpreted. For example: the ideas to be ‗raised up‘, to be ‗lifted up‘, to be ‗transfigured‘‘ and to ‗ascend‘ all mean the same thing and quite simply it is to be ‗changed‘ from an old way of seeing things to a new by the ‗transformation of your mind‘. To quote St. Paul: ―be ye renewed by the transformation of your mind‖. The world of the living, the new world, is that world which is experienced by those who accept the new concepts. The world of the dead - Hades the underworld, the lost - is that world inhabited by those people who do not accept the new concepts and there is a vast unbridgeable gulf between them, described by the Jesus figure, because one simply cannot understand the new world with the old concepts; just as an unborn babe has to die to the life in the water-world of the womb before it can be born into and live in the atmospheric world in which we are. Which is why it is said ―unless you be born again‖, and ―unless you become as a little child ‖ etc. None of these mean actual birth or returning to your childhood. They mean: discard all your old concepts, open your mind, and think again. So it becomes clearer that the images of passage from one state to another, of death and burial, of ascension and resurrection, of the world of man and the kingdom of God are not talking about the life and death of one man but of the process we follow as we move from one state of comprehension and consciousness to another; not one man, but all mankind, individually and jointly. There are a number of stories in the Gospels that highlight the above and we will now refer to a few of them. When Jesus was buried two Roman guards stood outside the tomb door. In the story it is not clear what value they were. They were supposed to be guarding the tomb to ensure that its inhabitant did not exit and in this they failed; and in fact seemed to play no part whatsoever. However, in Zoroastrianism there was a sect called Mithraism. This was the sect and religion largely followed by the soldiers of the Roman Empire. In some of the rites followed by this sect an initiate would be symbolically buried in a tomb under the main religious church structure and the door to that tomb would be guarded by two priests called ‗soldiers‘ who were there to ensure that the initiate did not arise from the tomb and his initiation before the whole rite had been completed. This is all that is being described in the story of the burial of Jesus. It is an initiation of the kind practised among the Essenes who were, as described previously, mostly Zoroastrian in their beliefs. The New Testament provides many examples of this kind of initiation process and all of them have been horribly distorted into miracles performed by, and for only, one god-like being, and in being so distorted the initiation has been denied to all others. The birth of Jesus, the baptism of Jesus, the raising of Lazarus, the transfiguration of Jesus, the raising up on to the cross, the resurrection and the ascension, are all ‗raising up‘ ceremonies and are all initiations from one state of learning, awareness and consciousness to another wider, more comprehensive state. At the trial of Jesus, Pilate offers the then common occurrence to the people - that they might like to set Jesus free. The people at large reject this and so Pilate offers them another ‗criminal‘ that they might free instead and the people are very enthusiastic about this idea. ―Give us Barabbas,‖ they shouted. As noted in some ancient authorities this ‗criminal‘s‘ name was Jesus Barabbas [bar = son, abbas = father] which, in the language of the day means: ‗Jesus, son of the father‘. What was going on? The Gospels tell us that both of these people, Jesus whom Pilate condemns and Jesus whom he is now going to free, both 91

have the same title; Son of the Father! So it was that concept – the concept of the ‗son of the Father‘ - that was ‗released, or given, to the people‘; and what is the concept we still have today in our churches? – Jesus, the son of the Father. The Gospel stories of Jesus all actually refer to him as the Son of Man, Jesus of Nazareth, or Jesus the Galilean or the Nazarene; he denies being the Christ and does not answer when referred to as the Son of God. To add to this confusion we shall now go to the crucifixion story itself. So, here we find not Jesus Bar Abbas but Jesus the Son of Man hanging on the cross. He cries out‖ ―I thirst.‖ He is given something with which to quench his thirst. Or is he? We are told that what ever it was he had been given – and there are many ideas about what it was that was ‗put to his mouth‘ such as vinegar or drugs - was very bitter. Whatever it was, it was not nice, so the story tells us. Throughout the Gospel stories, out of the mouth of Jesus himself, comes the concept that to drink is to take in a teaching or spirit or that which enlivens one‘s spirit or being. And so in the above story we are told that the very opposite is happening – that which is being taken in is bitter, unpleasant and not good for one‘s enlivening at all. Why is this? We are told that, in the first instance, it was given to him on a reed and, remembering Greek was the language spoken at the time and in which the Gospels were originally written, the Greek word for ‗reed‘ is ‗Kanon‘. This word ‗kanon‘ is the source of the word ‗canon‘ which is used in the church to mean that teaching which is authorised by the church. So we might say that the man on the cross was offered an authorised teaching that was simply dreadful. On the end of this reed, this canon was, in the words of the Gospel writers themselves, a sop. What is a sop? A sop is something given in place of the genuine article and is understood to mean that the replacement is less than the genuine. In Victorian times a sop – which was a piece of cloth that had been soaked in milk – was given to the crying babe instead of the breast. In the case of the man hanging on the cross the sop was placed to his mouth, suggesting that the canon that was put to his mouth was less than genuine and, in fact, rather bitter. To put it another way the canon of teachings about Jesus – the son of the father - as we have accepted them from the Christian church for the last two millennia, is somewhat less than it ought to have been and the teachings that are supposed to have originated in the mouth of Jesus were actually put there by the authorised canon as a sop to the people. In an earlier chapter we mentioned that the story of Jesus and his disciples at the Last Supper was a symbol for the beginning of the new age of Aquarius and we also mentioned that the symbol for Aquarius is a water jar which is often depicted having water flowing from it. It is our contention that this part of the story of Jesus is about conception at Easter and birth nine months later in December, and has little, if anything, to do with the Jewish Passover. The water jar of the upper room and the jar of Aquarius, both have the shape of a womb; this was a standard shape for water jars in those days and the point of a water jar is that the water must, at some point in time, be poured out. This sign of the house of Aquarius shows this happening as the symbol always includes flowing water. So if Aquarius is the age of the new birth as we suggest then at some former time the jar/womb must have been sealed to ensure that the water did not flow before the appointed time. Various writings within the New Testament, attributed to the Apostle Paul and the theology of the Christian Church itself, belabour the point that the death of Jesus was the very act that sealed the covenant that brought into being the new age, the new kingdom, the new relationship between man and God and the new beginning. A covenant is an agreement of union, or unity of action, between two parties and is binding on both. It is a promise of things that will happen, things to be done and things to come; covenants are always sealed in some fashion. In this case the promise of things to come was sealed at and with the death of Jesus. So, if Aquarius is the symbol for the birth of a new age, the very thing that one would expect would be the breaking of the seals, the flowing of the waters and the revelation of the promise. 92

During the supper in the upper room Jesus and his disciples ate bread and they drank wine. There were twelve disciples and, if you recall our previous chapters, there are twelve temple stones, twelve councils, and twelve signs of the Zodiac, of which Aquarius is one. Therefore the disciples represent the twelve building blocks of the structure, or the complete body that is going to be created. They represent the new creation that is going to be born and they partake of the symbols of the new creation at the feast of its conception. The wine, Jesus said, was the symbol for his blood and we suggest that the meaning of this symbol can best be understood by realising that the grape not only produces a juice that looks like blood but in physical appearance and in fact, the grape is an ovum. It is a single cell in which is borne the potential for its recreation and being a single cell is why it is a very good symbol for eggs which are also ova and have been used in the Easter festival to represent the woman for so long their roots are lost in the mists of time. The grape is symbolic of an ovum and the wine is symbolic of blood and both when shown together, have more to symbolically say about womanhood than anything else in life. It is this concept that is important and it has nothing whatever to do with whether or not the wine is fermented or unfermented. In many belief structures which refer to the communion as the ‗mystery‘, it is thought that when taking the communion sacrament somehow, by some mystical event, by some magic, the wine that is imbibed is turned into the blood of Jesus and that the bread becomes his body. We have no need of such mysterious events to explain the real meaning of the symbols. However, within the ovum the grape or egg is borne the message, in the form of DNA, which will bring about the development of new life, a new age and new consciousness. So the wine is also a very important symbol for the message as we have already pointed out in chapter 3. The bread has been used as a symbol for Easter for thousands of years, long before Christianity. And we need only to refer to our own experiences at Easter at this present time to realise this as we all, at least in the west, eat hot cross buns - which is bread bearing the symbol of the union between the male and the female. Bread is a symbol for Easter because it is made from grains, lots and lots of grains and each grain is a seed, just like sperm. These grains go through a process of destruction, of death seemingly, in which they are dried until it would seem that all the life is driven out of them. Then they are crushed. But it is the result of this apparent catastrophe that brings about the ability of the bread to engender new life as it is taken into the body. So bread is the symbol for sperm and the grape is the symbol for the ovum and when the bread and the wine are taken into the body and are united therein, new life is symbolically conceived and begun. Once again the story is not about death, sacrifice and salvation. It is about creation. The new creation can be understood as being conceived once we break through the veil of our old body of concepts. Back to our Voice receivings and Lydia Anne asks the question: ―Is there a difference, then, between God and Mind? Is God the greater?‖ [Lydia Anne‟s receiving: Picture of an old man holding a sphere and then Revelations chapter 7 verse 10. „and crying out with a loud voice salvation belongs to our God who sits upon the throne.] Voice: [Paraphrased]: ―As was said, and has been said, the Father is both spiritual and physical. This term ‗Father‘ is used rather than ‗God‘ because it generates feelings you can understand. He is your source, yet you can be seemingly independent of Him. The Mind and the body and the spirit are inseparable…..‖ On the 28th March, 1984, the Voice continued: ―Concepts of God all create distinctions. The truth is that the physical is not separate and all that is said of the spiritual applies to the physical. The physical and the spiritual are not united one thing there is only one thing, whatever you call it. If this is understood those things which are called ‗psychic‘ or ‗ spirit‘ are no longer so but are qualities of that one thing.‖ Lydia Anne asks the question: 93

―Please explain the term ‗Christ‘‖ Her receiving was ‗Deo Gratias‘ and 2nd Timothy chapter 3 verse 10: ―Now you have observed my teaching, my conduct, my aim in life, my faith, my patience, my love, my steadfastness.‖ Voice: ―Some would say ‗ the spark which ignites the soul and which brings unity with God‘; but, as with most explanations, this is complicated by many vague terms. When the Christ was crucified physical man was spiritually destroyed, cast off his throne and buried in a mountain of verbiage which proved that the spirit was all that mattered. The man which the Father created walked in the Garden and ate of the trees. When this man removes the clothing which he decided he needed, when this man reclaims his spirit, you are the Christ, - the Hand of God. What is the Hand? But the active part; and what is the Mind? But the invisible part. You are not the mind, you are the hand; to do as the mind desires, this is the will of God.‖ Lydia Anne‘s question: ―Please explain the phrase ‗when the Christ was crucified.‘‖ Her receiving: Pictured the crucifix, saw the hands fixed, felt as if the hands were unable to act intuitively. Voice: ―Man is the Christ. Not man as he is known, nor anything you would expect, but anyone, at any time, in the state previously mentioned, of being the Hand of the Mind. There are many things I would like to discuss, and will, regarding the achievement of this state, but the point at issue here is not the achievement of the state, but the inhibiting of it. The Christ has two hands one male, one female, and two feet which is the union which bears them together to do that in which they must be active. If, through the acceptance or enforcement of the previously mentioned superiority of the spirit, they become immobilised, separated, divided, fixed, constrained, they die; - nailed to the Cross. Only when they are released from this dreadful bondage and are united, as the Father first created them, in harmony, body, soul and spirit, are they released from the tomb of stone. That stone, the millstone, which never grows, it just crushes.‖ Each of these hands, either the male or the female, to become the Hands must first be united within themselves both masculine and feminine equally. This really means that within their own minds and lives they see no separation, or need for separation, of masculine and feminine traits, or physical and spiritual lives. All within themselves is one. The receiving and symbolic imagery of the Star and Kabala are saying that at every stage of development of the human psyche towards one consciousness must be accompanied by this holistic approach to all aspects of life. Only when this is accomplished can any individual move into and begin to develop the relationship being discussed here and called the ‗Hands of the Mind‘. Question: ―You mentioned the achievement of the Hand of the Mind state. Can you discuss this please.‖ Lydia Anne‘s receiving: Tuning and acting is the best précis. Acts chapter 7 verse 9/10:. ―…..but God was with him and rescued him out of his afflictions and gave him favour and wisdom before Pharaoh king of Egypt who made him governor over Egypt and over all his household.‖ Voice: 94

―The way that this can be best understood is well pictured in the scriptures by the relationship between the man and the woman. You need to realise that this relationship, as understood by the Father, is one of total commitment, the one with the other. There can be no room for modesty, or fantasy of right or wrong, in this relationship, for one fulfils the needs of the other and the needs of the one are not those of the other. This relationship blooms like a fountain, one life. Is not that the relationship of the mind and the hand – two hands to one being, the Father, are as necessary as to yourself. You must not discriminate as to which is the better, for neither does the Father. And this is the first step to this state – that yourself, though seemingly separate from your partner, through the Father you are one. Many have desired to be the Hand, but the only Hand. If you wish to sit, or be, on the right hand of the Father, do not deny the existence of the left. Any person denying the validity of any other person, male or female, crucifies the Christ. Your hands are free, use them as I guide, so others may be free. Your lives, to now, have been uniting the Hands to the Father………...Think not that you are a puppet. Your fingers are not just fingers. Your fingers are you And you are in the same way attached to the mind of the Father. Remember that the Father is both physical and spiritual. If the hand were to turn to the mind and say ‗this mind does move me, it is my master‘ then that mind would be God. This is foolishness. The mind and the hand are symbiotic. I choose the hand that I will work with because that hand desires to work with me.‖ On page 36 of our own records the Voice says: ―The Christ, as you know, represents the union of male and female, the crucifix symbolises this – the upright represents the male, the horizontal represents the female and if that symbol be hung on only one be that one male or female, the truth about it is dead.‖ [figs.18 & 19] At this point Lydia Anne was reminded of a discussion she had earlier had with her aunt – a kindly but fundamentalist lady. Her aunt had suggested that she was to remember that ‗the Christ had died for her sins‘. Lydia Anne was quite upset by this notion but, unlike her and in deference to her aunt‘s feelings, she decided not to take the matter any further that day. Driving home and still somewhat agitated she was arguing with herself and trying to understand how this strange philosophy had come about as it seemed ludicrous to her that someone who had died two thousand years before should have done so bearing her sins. How did He know she was to be born? How did He know what her sins would be? Suddenly she thought of the Dative case in Latin – which is used when one wishes to use ‗to‘ or ‗for‘ something. She also knew that the word ‗sin‘ literally had meant to ‗miss the mark‘, or ‗to miss the point‘ and just as suddenly the phrase turned itself around to say: ―if she missed the point – had misunderstood the meaning of the Christ - then the Christ would die TO her.‖ Hallelujah. Sense at last. It seemed no longer necessary to go around flagellating one‘s self for one‘s sins that the Christ had taken upon Himself. No more guilt feelings. That made real sense to her and her spirits lifted. As discussed in an earlier chapter, the yoni symbol in the two-star Kabala form represents, as in Hinduism, the Source and the female reproductive organs. This symbol is always described in a horizontal form and fig.18 shows this and reveals the horizontal arm of the crucifix within it. In religions all around the world throughout all time the male has been depicted with an upright line, or form, because it is accepted that this represents the penis, we refer you to the phallus symbol in Hinduism, the maypole in Europe and Britain and the numerous tree symbols around the world which in essence are phallic symbols. This erect phallus symbol is represented by the vertical line of the crucifix. Many cross symbols have a circle at the point of the union between the vertical and the horizontal lines that highlights the union of the male and female which are also represented by the symbols as shown in figure 19. Therefore the crucifix or any other


Fig. 18 Male and Female Stars and conceived child

Male- Spiritual- Masculine

union One

Female- Physical- Feminine

Male The symbol for Pisces becomes the head of the body conceived in the union.




Gemini aries




Figure 19

Symbols of male and female union

A Male

B Male


Union male and female


By using ancient symbols with which we are familiar it is possible to show the genetic and Tree of Life imagery contained within the star Kabala symbol


cruciform in any religion or spiritual teaching of any description should always be taken to represent the union between the masculine and feminine, male and female and, because these two will have become united within themselves, the physical and the spiritual also. No individual male or female can wear the symbol of the cross and the cross can never be applied to any one person because it is the symbol of union. That cross is the symbol of the Christ. Should one person apply, or have applied, to themselves that symbol of union the other half of that union must be denied and dies. If the physical was called the Christ the spiritual dies and vice versa. If a man is called the Christ, if he has this image hung on him and has that title applied to him the woman dies. And this has been exactly what we have experienced for the last two thousand years at least – the repression, the denigration, the enslavement and the death of the woman, because the man was glorified. So Mary, the woman, waits at the foot of the cross for the man to be brought down from his ivory tower to the reality of unity and equality. There are huge numbers of men who still think that women are second-grade citizens, slaves, little more than animals, to be treated with utter contempt and yet none of us would be conscious, none of us would breathe a breath of air, think any thought at all be it good or bad about women, had we not spent the most important time of our life within the womb of our mother. If you consider your mother, the giver of your life and consciousness, to be unclean and second-class so must you be also. First-class and cleanliness cannot come from unclean and second-class. Throughout our lives we are confronted with the very plain facts of this truth and we refuse to accept it. Most life on this planet and all conscious human beings come into being to experience living on this planet by way of the union between males and female and men and women. The only variations on this theme are those cellular life forms that reproduce by cloning – like amoeba. Some simple animals such as aphids can also do this. But in most cases, if not all, without the rest of sexual life the cloners could not exist at all. One of the most important cellular life forms in humans and most other life on this planet, the mitochondria, reproduces by cloning only; but it requires a sexual host, such as our cells, to do this. All life comes through the union. Therefore, instead of ending the life at the crucifixion let us begin it there because that is what it is demanding us to do. The union of the male and the female is not a death, it is not the end of the world, it is only the beginning. The crucifixion represents the beginning of life. [figs.20 & 21 If we only read the crucifixion story in the accepted Christian manner we miss the point that it is not about one man, it is about every person. It is about the various stages of changing perception we need to go through to raise ourselves out of the tombs of dead concepts and see that there is another way to experience that same story. In Jewish mythology Jerusalem, the holy city, is thought of as being a woman in the very same way that the Christian church is symbolically thought of as the Bride of Christ. In the Old Testament there is a book called the Song of Solomon, which has long been accepted by many who study the Scriptures as being a hymn of love and praise about this holy woman, Jerusalem, and within this holy city of Jerusalem there was the Temple. It is on a hill just outside this Temple city that the Gospel stories suggest the crucifixion took place. In the Temple, just as in a woman who is a virgin, there is a veil, known in the woman as the hymen. Solomon‘s Song of praise to the woman is also called a hymn. The Temple is the very holy place into which only the Jewish nation can enter and in which there is a holy place that only male priests can enter and then the holy of holies into which only the male High Priest may go once a year. The veil is between the holy place and the holy of holies. At the time of union which, in the Gospels, has been called the crucifixion, the veil is rent – which means that the holy of holies has been entered. In that place – the inner chamber - is found the source of all life. And so the conception can now begin. Throughout the ages Easter has been the time for the celebration of the creation of new life. Fundamentalist Christians generally do not like any imagery associated with the Easter festivities other than their own. And as a result the truth of the matter has been lost. But other religions use symbols such as eggs, young rabbits, and hot cross buns to symbolise the meaning of this festival and the crucifix, as well as other forms of the cross, were used as the symbol of Easter and the creation of life a very long time before Christianity arose. It is clear that all of these symbols have to do with fecundity and new life. Easter is about spring, it is about mating, it is about conception and it is about the beginning. The only death that happens in the event 98

Fig. 20 Conception to Adam Kadmon (refer also to fig. 21)

This is the yin yang symbol of Pisces. When it is not visible outside the vesica development from conception is still taking place

When the head is visible birth has occurred and the child is wrapped in swaddling clothes.

The sun(son) rises early in the morning, the door of the tomb opens and Man becomes the head of Adam Kadmon.

This is Man about to leave tomb at the cusp of Pisces Aquarius. As Jewish day begins at 6p.m. and Pisces is the evening of the first astrological day, Aquarius is the morning and the cusp is day break. 99

Fig. 21 Adam Kadmon (REFER ALSO TO Fig. 20)

The various parts of Adams body are developed from the Kabala structure. Shoulder

Head of Adam is the yin yang symbol of Pisces.

neck arms HANDS




A name given to the Kabala is Adam Kadmon


symbolised by Easter is that of the sperm that fertilises the egg. The union of the male and the female results, essentially, in the death of both elements at the level of cell interaction and division, and the creation of a new creature, that is neither of the original two but a combination of both. The death is not the end, merely the beginning. There is no burial and resurrection as the new life, conceived from the combination of both gametes, begins immediately. The Gospels tell us that Jesus died at the time of the Passover feast and if the fundamentalists had their way all mention of Easter would be eradicated to be replaced by the Jewish Passover. But as St. Paul tells us repeatedly in his Epistles and John says in the letters to the seven churches of Asia in the Revelation to John, we should have nothing to do with the Judaizers and this is the reason why. The Judaizers would have us believe that the crucifixion is the death of the Christ and that it took place at the time of their most sacred festival, the Passover, which represents the death of the first born and the sacrifice of the Lamb of God for our heinous sin and salvation therefrom. This is nonsense. The crucifixion is the application of the symbol of union to both the male and female bringing about the creation of new life and it takes place at Easter which is the festival for the celebration of new life. The very idea of which is anathema to the concept of the Passover. There is no need of a sacrifice, there is no blood to be shed, no suffering, for the salvation of man for his sin. This is not about the salvation of the Jews from the clutches of Pharaoh either actually or symbolically. This is not about converting mankind to heavenly angelic beings. It is about the celebration of life, however, and wherever, we find it. The conception has taken place and we await the birth. The birth of the Christ as it is reported in the Gospels, is joyously celebrated as it ought to be, by the Christian church, in December. As Mary‘s was a normal term pregnancy the child was born nine months after the conception, also as it ought to be. For at least the last eighteen hundred years this imagery has been presented to us completely back-to front. It should not be seen to start with the birth of Jesus in December and finish with his death some years later during the Passover. The story should begin with the conception of the Christ at Easter, its growth and development over the next nine months, which can also be seen depicted in the Gospels now that the reverse nature of the imagery has been revealed, and the birth of the Christ at full-term in December. The obvious clue to this is that there is exactly nine months between the two. To end this chapter we will quote from a Voice receiving of 29th April, 1984: ―All religions are the tomb of the One. They all have rites and practices symbolising that which actually is. If one enters an Egyptian tomb one will see paintings on the walls representing that which is the outside reality. The concept being presented is that the dead within the tomb will be reminded of that which they once were. Religion is a tomb of the same fashion, and by the imagery presented to them the dead within are constantly reminded, of that which they would be were they to allow themselves to be raised from the dead. The struggle to comprehend the nature of the One is a toilsome path. First one must realise that one is both physical/spiritual [united] and it is only through the tombs of God that one can come to this realisation. The tombs are a place of death, they are Hades, the Underworld, they are the Gates to Heaven, they are the Kingdoms of God and it is only through experiencing these that the realisation that one has no need of them can come. The journey of Jesus is the journey of the seeker, and the pitfalls faced reveals and describes the nature of one‘s goal, and the emotions experienced as comprehension dawns about where one‘s footsteps are taking one. It is also the path to the light of the revelation of the unity of physical and spiritual as it becomes engulfed in the trappings and clothing of religious belief. Truth cannot be preached to the masses, however intelligent they may be. It can only be revealed slowly to individuals. The story of Jesus is of no value as a belief. It is only of value as symbols of your experience. This truth was lost because of the misunderstanding of the meaning of the cross.‖ 101

The true meaning of the cross is to be found in the Revelation to John in those passages which have been interpreted as leading up to and including Armageddon and the end of the world. I refer you to Revelation to John chapter 5 verse 1: ―And I saw in the right hand of him who was seated on the throne a scroll written within and on the back, sealed with seven seals; And I saw a strong angel proclaiming with a loud voice, ‗who is worthy to open the scroll and break its seals?‘ And no-one in heaven or on earth or under the earth was able to open the scroll, or to look into it.‖ Christian interpreters have assumed that all the Revelation passages after this and up to the end of chapter 11 are about the unrolling of this scroll and that as the scroll is unrolled at the breaking of each seal various disasters befall the people of the earth. It can now be shown that this is a grave misunderstanding and misinterpretation. We also refer you to Jeremiah chapter 32 beginning with verse 9: ―And I bought the field at Anathoth from Hanamel, my cousin, and weighed out the money to him, and seventeen shekels of silver. I signed the deed, sealed it, got witnesses, and weighed the money on scales. Then I took the sealed deed of purchase, containing the terms and conditions, and the open copy; and I gave the deed of purchase to Baruch, the son of Neriah son of Mahseiah, in the presence of Hanamel my cousin, in the presence of the witnesses who signed the deed of purchase, and in the presence of all the Jews who were sitting in the court of the guard.‖ In the 1970s or early 1980s, Yigael Yadin, an Israeli soldier of repute and archaeologist, discovered in a cave on the Jordanian border in one of the last hide-outs of Simon Bar Kokhba the last Judean Messiah, many artefacts from that period, including a woman‘s bag that held personal items such as cosmetics, mirror, comb and a very old document. On opening this document it was discovered to be a legal deed. The woman concerned had been in legal dispute with her dead husband‘s family regarding what she perceived as being their obligation to pay maintenance to her for his child. The remarkable thing was that this deed was in a relatively good condition and recognisable by its construction as the type of legal document used throughout the Roman Empire and known as a ‗sealed‘ or ‗tied‘ deed. [Refer fig. 22 and Yadin‘s book about the discoveries regarding Bar Kokhba.] That scroll, the one in Jeremiah discussed above and the one in the Revelation of John have all been constructed in the same fashion because they all have material written within and on the back, or in the open section. These scroll documents were written on papyrus, vellum or leather and in each case these materials have a smooth and a rough side. On the smooth side, in the top half of the scroll material, the terms of the purchase, the covenant or the maintenance contract would have been written in legalese. Then the material was turned over and on the bottom half of the rough side the same terms were written in the common language of the day. The reason for this was that the legal language would probably have been Greek or Latin, whereas the common language spoken by most people in Judea for example was Aramaic and most of the people had little knowledge of Latin or Greek. Once everybody was satisfied that both parts of the document said the same thing the legal language was rolled inwards so that when the scroll was complete all of the legal language was invisibly contained within the top section and could not have been read at all without unrolling. At this point a thong was taken and a hole was punched through the scroll material through which the thong was passed around the scroll and tied. This process was repeated with the same unbroken thong for as many people as were witnesses. For example, if there had been seven witnesses there would be seven holes equidistant across the scroll and the same unbroken thong would have been passed through each one and tied. The difference between a tied deed and a sealed deed was as follows: as each knot was tied a witness would sign their name on the document across the knot in such a way that the knot could not be untied without disturbing the signature. If it was a sealed deed wax would be applied to the knot before the signing. 102

Fig. 22 The tied scroll.

The seven witnesses would have signed across the knots or over the wax seals

This is the open copy of the scroll. It would have been written in the common tongue on the other side, not this.

The legal language would have been completely inside the scroll and unreadable from without

This is the Tied or Sealed deed as described in Jeremiah chapter 32, Revelations chapter 5 and by Yigael Yadin after his discoveries in the caves used by Simon Bar Kokhba. 103

It is plainly obvious from the description and fig.22 that this deed, this scroll, could not be opened and read until all the seals were broken and the thong entirely removed from all of the holes. As it is this scroll with seven seals that is being described in John‘s Revelation all of the events he depicts up to the end of chapter 11 must be referring to the seals and the thong and have nothing at all to do with what is contained within the scroll. In the Roman empire it was illegal for anyone but the courts to break the seals of these tied deeds and open them. That is why the passage in John‘s Revelation says that no-one in heaven or earth or under the earth was able to open the scroll. If the bearer of the scroll had doubts about the legality of anything in the common language section their responsibility was to take the scroll to the courts to be opened and read by the judges who would then decide on the matter by comparing the inner contents with the outer. To do otherwise could be punishable by death and it was illegal to alter the scroll in any way, either the inner or outer information. However, on the transfer of a property or a covenant, both old and new owners would sign the outer section of the document and may even add new clauses as long as it was agreed to by both parties that this did not change the original intent of the document. Again, if there was any doubt about the matter the document would have to be scrutinised by the courts. So if a covenant had been made and there had been additions throughout the life of that covenant and one had grave doubts about the validity of those changes one had to go to a higher authority to have the interior scrutinised. What the author of Revelation of John is telling us is that he came before the throne of the higher authority and while there he saw the scroll being opened so that the interior may be verified and in chapter 11 verse 19 he begins to tell us what was found within the legal part of the document. To understand this section we need to realise that in the original Greek documents called the ‗New Testament‘ there were no verses or chapters, in fact there was very little punctuation at all. So where we have a space in the Bible between chapter 11 and chapter 12 that did not exist in the original. And so, beginning at verse 19 of chapter 11 it would have read like this: ―Then God‘s temple in heaven was opened, and the ark of His covenant was seen within His temple; and there were flashes of lightning, voices, peals of thunder, an earthquake and heavy hail. And a great portent appeared in heaven, a woman clothed with the sun with the moon under her feet and on her head a crown of twelve stars.‖ This passage now tells us that when the scroll was opened the sacred part of the covenant [that which John calls the ‗Ark‘] was seen and it had something in it that had been removed from the outer and open part of the covenant which was written in the common language and which everybody was able to read; that which was missing was the woman. John, the author, then tells us why the woman was missing and just where she might be found. He says that she is among the teachers of the Zoroastrians of the Herimos as she is given the two wings of the Zoroastrian eagle with which to fly, or flee, into the wilderness. She was forced to do this because of the theology, or teachings, that flowed like water out of the mouth of the great dragon, which were a threat to both her and the [child] conception she carried. It makes no sense to point fingers and say the dragon represents this religion or that, this group of people or those others, for the reality is that – although in John‘s day it may have been one or the other – the dragon actually represents any –ism or concept that represses the woman, the feminine or physical, and insists that the spiritual is all that matters. So, says John, if you stop doing this and wish to know what the reality of the spiritual and physical is, then you need look no further than those teachings and writings that can be found among the Zoroastrians of the Herimos; in other words, among the Essenes. 104

Christianity and Islam have expurgated the woman from their canon and deified the male. But says John, by the time he gets to the end of his Revelation, the new age will come when the male and the female are united. When equality is actual, not fictional, and when the woman is able to take her rightful place in all aspects of life on this planet. The woman is the planet; she is the life-force of the planet and the mother of all on this planet and that is why we call nature ‗mother‘. Revelation to John chapter 21 verses 10 – 27. [paraphrased]. ―then came one of the seven angels ……. and spoke to me saying ― come I will show you the bride‖ and he showed me the holy city Jerusalem coming down out of heaven, adorned for her husband……. clear as crystal, it measured 12 x 12 x 12, [a cube, see fig.2] transparent as glass and I saw no temple in the city…….. by its light shall the nations walk and the kings of the earth shall bring their glory into it, and its gates shall never be shut by day and there shall be no night there.‖


GROWTH AND DEVELOPMENT THROUGH INTER-RELATED SYMBIOSIS. CHAPTER SEVEN We had been discussing the questions and answers contained in the previous chapter and the relationship of the Temple and Veil and how passing through the Veil symbolises the passage from one reality to another. The question Lydia Anne asked was: ―Now that we move through the veil can you please help us?‖ Lydia Anne‘s receiving was: This is a new ground of creation. From the ground of being to the ground of creation. I tried to see through the jagged tear in the veil and saw that it was all black with only a lightning flash. The reference was Isaiah 16 verse 9 – 10: ―Therefore I weep with the weeping of Jazer for the vine of Sibmah; I drench you with my tears, O Heshbon and Elealeh; for upon your fruit and your harvest the battle shout has fallen. And joy and gladness are taken away from the fruit field and in the vineyards no songs are sung, no shouts are raised; no treader treads out wine in the presses; the vintage shout is hushed.” Voice: ―Consider what you are doing – the one intuits book passages and the other repeats words seen in the mind. You are exploring a new reality. When a child is born it explores its new environment with all its senses. You are children – or a child – in respect of this new sense and you must now explore your new environment. Forget that it is I that speaks, for I only existed while you were yet beyond the veil. What you do now is draw upon that which always was and which you always were. It is your mind and your being but it takes you both to be in harmony to be it. ―That which we are is best described as a flow. It is difficult to describe this experience but an example could be an apple which, while attached to the tree, is of that tree. It is not a part of the tree. It is the tree, for when the apple drops is it not separate from the tree? And it grows and becomes another. And this happens for all time and that is a flow. Is not the first tree also the last? For without the first there would not be the last. And yet, to your perception, there are many separations between the first and the last. And what is the purpose of that flow? Is it the apple? Is it the tree? Is it the separations? Is it to produce oxygen? To feed the bugs? Or is it none of these things? ―If there were no apple trees many poems would not have been written so is the purpose of the apple the poem? Immediately you decide that there are many things, you must begin to justify their existence and that leads to further separation. And greater detail, and greater specialisation, is justification. This process of separation and justification continues until you have a world full of a multitude of specialised events, none of which are explainable without an esoteric philosophy which needs some mysterious telepathic-like force connecting them, for even in the process of separating these things you are aware that somehow they must all interlock. It must have some meaning. There is no separation between the first and the last trees, the first and the last apple. If you can accept that there are no separated things there is no need for esoterics. The One is the flow.‖


From page 39 of our records……… ―The problem is that the physical mind wishes to clothe the One in mystery and enchantment, for then there is mystique and daring in removing the veils and revealing the One. The reality, once reached, is simple, and may be anticlimactic When you grew from a child to an adult was that, too, not somewhat of an anticlimax until the day you learned what love was and did not your whole universe then become new? The same applies now. It is feeling that will make it so. Think of your bodies. They are frames with a covering, with plumbing, and a telephone network. But do you not feel? What is the feeling you have between each other? Is that the plumbing, or the telephone network? Your bodies are your vehicle and they include the plumbing, the telephone network, the frame and the clothing. And with all these operating together you will bring forth new feelings that will create new attitudes and lead you into new experiences. In essence your experiences are changing you from the child you were into an adult preparing to explore a new environment. A child growing up reaches the point where it has all that an adult has but, no matter how old, it remains a child until its attitudes sweep it into the new world of adulthood. ―This new world is simple, anticlimactic and some may even say disappointing, for it is common sense. It is like going into a forest and walking along a path through the forest which is what we have all been doing, then saying ―we have walked through the forest‖. We have not. For along that path may only be 1% of the forest. To walk through the forest you must get off the path. Once in the forest it is the same forest you saw from the path, even before you stepped on the path, but now you are experiencing the forest. To do that you must become one with the forest, the same as a bird, a worm, or a fox. You must experience the light and the dark, the wind and the rain. The forest is one thing. It is not a tree, a bird, or many things. Without all the things working together there would be no forest. Likewise so are we. If we work together we create new experiences together and they will be new because we are together, One.‖ Lydia Anne asked the following question on 28th March, 1984, page 30 of our records: ―Please comment on the idea of Christ being universal and working through people like Mother Theresa.‖ Her receiving was: Romans chapter 10 verse 2: ―I bear them witness that they have a zeal for God, but it is not enlightened.‖ Voice: ―If we take the concept of ‗one thing‘ then there can be no distinction between any part of it and there is no ‗Christ‘, for which part of your Being that is physical, energy, spiritual, animate, inanimate, growing, decaying and many other things, would you say is the greater or most important part? Only in that which has separated parts is there anything be it greater or lesser which is within or without, or above, or below, or infinitely great, or infinitely small. One thing is one thing. That I have called an attribute ‗the hands‘ does not separate them from that one thing any more than your hands are separated from your thoughts, though those you cannot see or weigh. If we wish we may discern that there is a good spirit and a bad, and that we are led to encompass or be encompassed by the good spirit. This divides all life and the universe into that which is good and that which is evil. Let us rather accept that the One has the potential for all things and that potential includes those things with which the hands may disagree. Do not separate. The Christ, or any such concept is only required by those who see separation [from the other side of the veil].”


On page 33 of our records Lydia Anne‘s question was : ―Why are misconceptions, then, allowed to be continued by so-called ministers of God?‖

Her receiving was: Proverbs chapter 7 verse 14 - 15: ―I had to offer sacrifices, and today I have paid my vows; so now I have come out to meet you, to seek you eagerly, and I have found you.” Voice: ―As yet you are very new in understanding. I grow, or should I say, we grow for we are one. My nature is to be as I am. I am continual and die and am reborn. I am life, I am not a stone. I am forever old, forever new, forever learning, forever forgetting. You are sad and you are happy and so am I. Yet if all were as I wished and do desire, these feelings would be false, for you are mine and I am yours. You have said I am perfect as I am, however that be, and I am. Being new, being old, ever learning, ever dying.‖ Let us speak about the mind of man and the mind of the One: ―An apple grows on a tree and is the tree. It is also the sun and the soil. One thing. But the life which is the apple is of the apple. The purpose of the tree is it the apple, the oxygen, the bugs or is it the birds? Each of them is part of the system which we call the tree yet they each have their own ways. Likewise in yourself you have many simultaneous often conflicting thought process, motor functions, feelings and desires. Each like an individual thought in itself. Do they not all make the one? Like a church which says of itself that it is one body and yet within are there not a multitude of conflicting desires and thought processes? Yet we are still able to see enough cohesion to be able to distinguish the personality which is Roman from that which is Methodist, etc. One cannot distinguish, in reality, between the Mind of the One and the mind of Man except in the sense that the mind of man focuses on the particular in order to be physical and thereby has often ignored the general simply because the vision is too narrow to see all aspects and interplays of all foci. This is the need for check receiving, not because man‘s mind is inherently prone to mistake but simply because the focussed mind is not in touch with all information.‖ Because we talk about one all the time we were getting the impression that there wasn‘t anything else in the universe but life on this planet and yet previous experiences had involved a lot to do with UFOs as described in earlier chapters. So we asked the question whether or not life existed on other planets in other parts of the universe. Lydia Anne asked the following question: ―Is there, for example, life on Alpha Centauri?‖ Voice: ―If I was to answer that ‗yes‘ I would be lying because Alpha Centauri is a sun with a dead planet.‖ Lydia Anne‘s next question was: ―O.K. any body out there?‖


Voice: ―Under present circumstances you have no way of proving it. There are others, many others, and you do communicate, you cannot avoid it. You have dreams and you have visions. Even these thoughts, where do they come from? Many cells, or points of focus, build the whole consciousness. A radio set wasn‘t feasible until a frequency unscrambler was invented and so it is with this question. The awareness which I mentioned would be like an unscrambler. I could tell you what it is like within other parts of myself, but this is not what you want, and how would I demonstrate it? You are not known for taking things on faith.‖

[Lydia Anne speaks of space people being seen by others, why not us?] Voice: ―I am ready, are you?‖ Lydia Anne: ―Now I feel a little afraid.‖ And Josef feels that he has to alter his focus from wide angle to narrow angle. Then a voice said: ―We are not what you might call astronauts, for although it is a space that we travel, to call it ‗outer‘ or ‗inner‘ is a confusion. We are the same as you. We are to you as you are to a cell, we are not greater, or lesser, but how do you compare a cell to an adult? In observing us that which people see is that which their minds can comprehend. The demonstration of what I say will be the report in your newspapers tomorrow. Our goal is your goal.‖ Lydia Anne: ―Where are you from?‖ Voice: ―I am not from. I am here. This world is our world.‖ Lydia Anne: ―So you are an aspect as I am an aspect?‖ Voice: ―It has been said to many men that we come from other planets, other dimensions, higher civilisations or from Atlantis but this is merely the imagery they can accept. For man to consider himself the highest life form is a conceit. For there is only One. You are not a life form, you are a form – or facet – or aspect of the One life. You are the focus.‖ Lydia Anne: ―Are you a focus?‖ Voice: ―No,‖ 109

Lydia Anne: ―You have a body?‖ Voice: ―No. We are the ideas and the imagery. We are an aspect of the One.‖ Lydia Anne: ―You speak in the plural.‖ Voice: ―There are many ideas. We are those ideas which generate the experience. You carry that experience into the whole and build up the memory of experience. We are the interplay in the memory, which creates the forms for the potential of new paths of experience. In your state of focus we are seen by yourselves, by those that can see, to be separate. But we are not. ―

Lydia Anne: ―Will there be UFO reports tomorrow?‖ Voice: ―Don‘t limit that which may prove your case.‖ Lydia Anne: ―Do you know what it is like to be limited by being physical?‖ Voice: ―Only too well, for it is through those physical foci that the creation which we perceive comes into being. But remember don‘t separate us from yourself. That we speak thus, or ever, is because we do so through a garment.‖ Lydia Anne: ―People have said that they have seen the interior of space-ships. Are these mind pictures as well?‖ Voice: ―The best example I can give is the space-ship which Josef saw in his bedroom. It was both there and not there. The experience of the idea is there, but how does the physical mind relate to an experience, an idea, for which it has few building blocks? Even were you to see me now you would see a space man in some sort of craft and in truth I would be.‖


The following day, Wednesday April 11th, 1984, in the local Wainuiomata newspaper called the Advertiser there was a small article called The Dreamer and we quote: Alas it seems there are still too few dreamers to yet make dreams materialise but the Advertiser is giving dreamers a corner where they can go on dreaming, heeding perhaps the words of Einstein ‗imagination is more important than knowledge‘. For we dreamers have our dreams and with unseeing eyes we can span a million milestones of any form, or time, or place, cross a far horizon beyond all conscious hope or human understanding and for some brief moments catch our glimpse of paradise so dreamers part with all else if you must, but never part with your dreams. There was also a poem called A Dreamer‘s Lament: ―Take what you will of me But leave me my dreams. In this world of make believe All is farce, the play is the thing Words false as the grease paint that belies the face. Take what you will of me I care not for all the gains of mortal toil, Only my dreams are real For they have yet to be And the tainted hand of time Has touched them not.” Shortly after this during the May school holidays Lydia Anne‘s younger son was staying with us and was in bed on this particular evening and we assume asleep when we were discussing the relationship of ourselves, the hands, the Kabala (the tree of life) and the star symbol with the One mind. Of course one can never guarantee anything in this world and we will never be sure if he heard any part of the discussion or not but we assume that he did not. However, on arising the next morning imagine our surprise to find that young man on his knees on the carpet, in the lounge drawing a very complex picture see fig.23 His picture included a tree, the six pointed star, two hands and a human figure. His explanation was that this was the tree of life and these were the hands of god. One of the hands manifest from within the star and that does indeed represent the Whole. The same day we received mail from a friend in Christchurch who had included a photocopy of a drawing [fig.24] from the book, An Illustrated Guide to the Phyla of Life on Earth by Lynn Margulis and Karlene V. Schwartz published by W.H. Freeman & Co. San Fransisco 1982, which depicted a hand with the thumb and first finger holding the Earth and all of the digits represented by some physical life form. Including two strands of DNA. The outline of the first finger and the thumb was made with lines depicting the faces of a man and a woman. Our friend said ‗just thought you might be interested in this. I have the feeling it is associated with something you are doing.‘ In a section of information attached called Five Kingdoms these words: ‗Classification schemes help us comprehend the cover of life on this blue/green planet. But classification schemes are an invention, the hand of man sorting, grouping, and ranking the types of life that share the Earth with us;……….In the last paragraph. No matter how we care to divide the phenomenon of life regardless of the names we choose to give to species or the shapes we devise for family trees, the multifarious forms of life envelope our planet, and over aeons, gradually but profoundly change its surface. In a sense, life and earth become a unity, each working changes on the other. And it is this inter-relationship that the image of hand and globe is meant to convey.‘




What are we doing? What do all these experiences mean? We realise that we will be inundated with critics and sceptics. That is O.k. they are entitled to their opinion. We, however, think that they are wrong, that most sceptics are as narrow in their opinions as any fundamentalist Christian and far too dogmatic in their religious beliefs for that is what their type of science is: - religious beliefs. The experiences recorded in this book, as well as many not included, actually happened and nobody can deny us that. What those experiences meant or how we evaluate those experiences is open for debate. We are very happy for that debate to happen because if it does we may all learn something of value about ourselves. But if we continue to listen to the bigotry of the sceptics and fundamentalist behaviourists with which our scientific communities are overwhelmingly endowed then we are never going to get past the flat earth psychology of human consciousness with which we have been afflicted. The flat earth behaviourists [we call them this because behaviourists and materialists in every scientific field have not progressed in their thinking any further than those people who still insist that the earth is flat], are the inquisitors of our day and although they no longer crucify, burn at the stake or dunk those whose ideals do not fit the existing dogma they do vilify, ruin careers, ensure that works are not printed or published and use peer review as a means of whipping people into line rather than as a tool for the advancement of our understanding of the universe in which we exist. So let us debate, but let us do it with open minds prepared to look at all evidence. Concepts are the glasses through which we look at the reality we are experiencing. They are the tools we use to help us understand how we fit in. A Christian using Christian glasses sees a Christian reality; a Buddhist using Buddhist glasses sees a Buddhist reality, a nihilist using nihilistic glasses sees a nihilistic reality. We live in a world of Newtonian physics, Newtonian gravity and Newtonian orbital velocities; that is the reality of our space/time universe; but both quantum physics and Einstein‘s Relativity have demonstrated that Newtonian physics is by and large illusory. Of themselves the conceptual glasses are not the reality, and history has shown us very clearly that no concept of the universe has ever been found to be correct. Within recorded history we have lived according to the Chaldean concepts of the universe in which astrology, magic and shamanism lived side-by-side with some very elegant astronomical discoveries. Later it was the turn of the Greeks and Platonism and both Plato and Socrates have had an enormous effect on both the Arabic and Western worlds. Then, as mentioned previously, we discovered the Newtonian universe. All of these ideas have been found to be wanting. With the beginnings of Quantum physics and relativity science did not just meld all the previous Newtonian ideas into the new vision but discarded them because they do not work in the new more comprehensive reality. Newtonian physics is a little like building a house. Whenever we build a house we do so using principles that are suitable for a flat piece of land on a flat earth. That is a very limited paradigm and is not really the truth for the planet is actually a sphere. Newtonian physics works in a similarly limited way but we now realise that it is not the whole truth. I have no doubt that the theories of both quantum physics and relativity will also eventually be found lacking therefore let us take off the glasses of our concepts which, to this point, we have treated as infallible proofs and begin using them as we ought to have been doing all along – simply as tools to get us from one rung of the ladder to the next and an increasingly more comprehensive understanding of the universe in which we live. In this and following chapters we will be presenting further examples of events and material similar to that already produced. But we will also be outlining what it is we think this is and has been about. We will be discussing life and death, and reincarnation as opposed to a once-only life. We will also be discussing spirit and physical, whatever they are, and mind and consciousness. All of these matters will arise out of the thoughts we present about Stephen‘s and the Voice‘s monologues regarding the cell of influence and what we think they may have meant by that image. In the final analysis all this material and our thoughts about it must be treated as hypothetical. For ourselves it is a continuing experience and our lives and outlook on the world, the universe, and our place in it have developed around the concepts that have arisen as we have moved through the strange events we have played a part in. But in most cases the reader will not have had these experiences and is approaching all this 114

from an intellectual point of view. In the absence of evidence arising out of their own similar experiences nobody can do anything else. So all we ask is that you do not reject these ideas outright but keep them in mind as you continue your life for they may be of value when, and if, something like our experience does manifest itself in your life. We hope that if nothing else this provides you with the freedom to experience things you would have otherwise rejected because of the nay-sayers. No religious or scientific world-view has the complete answer and cannot possibly do so, the universe is too large and our focus is too narrow; neither do the concepts we will present to you, they are merely a stepping-stone for continued research. The Voice was asked to talk about the physical reality in which we exist. Voice: 窶標hat are ideas? I have recently said that you are the ideal, the concept. I am speaking from where? You and I are one. The experience of any body is transitory; the experience of I, which is you, is eternal. One physical being lasts but a short time, as a cell of your body lasts a short time. But relative to the lifetime of your cell, your body is eternal. What is the spirit, but that which is eternal and not comprehended by the momentary. Do not distinguish between physical and spiritual. They are the same. You must come back from the momentary self of your physical mind and through your experience comprehend that which is your eternal self. The ideal generates the ideas that manifest in physical forms of experience to express the eternal self. Ideas are an inseparable aspect of physical being and the physical is incapable of being without ideas. The idea that God is love has spanned many thousands of years and has manifested in many different ways all generating many different experiences. The idea that one man should marry one woman is another that has created many different experiences. Without these and a multitude of seemingly insignificant ideas or concepts individual human consciousness would cease to exist and humans would be more like communal creatures such as termites, ants and bees. It is the concepts and their debate which gives life and individuality. Think not of your physical being as a garment. The garments that we have discussed are the concepts, the ideas with which you clothe the vehicle through which you express. Your physical being is your vehicle of this expression. It is your tool for expression, it is not something you need to cast off. You need it, you are it; your true being is your physical vehicle and the field of inter-relationships from which it manifests. Think of a blanket [fig.25], lay it out flat, and on this blanket place some golf balls. If you lift the blanket at the corners, keeping it flat, the golf balls sink down making indentations. The blanket is the infinite field of mind, memory and potential experience and the indentations are the ideas generated by the inter-relationships within that field. If you look beneath the blanket you will find


Fig. 25 The Blanket

Golf Balls

Infinite contains all memory and potential B



Plane of physical experience created by Blanket Infinite of Mind

of Field




Indentations and vortices

manifesting potential Individual foci of in space/time through individual

consciousness relate at

focus plane unaware that observations at foci. they are connected and one at infinite plane.B





The vortices represent the cell of influence and each and every cell may manifest more than one expression of itself at any time and interact with itself through space.

Cell of influenc e

The foci marked A represent an individual experience of consciousness in space/time. The vortices, particularly where they interface with the infinite field at B represent the cell of influence. The cell draws on the infinite mind of memory and potential and experiences it in space/time. The more focused the physical; mind experience the less awareness there is of the infinite mind.


that the indentations, together with the blanket itself, are a timeless field. But the indentations can relate to each other across the spaces which, like a gulf, seem to separate them as if they were distinct and separate individuals and this web of inter-relationships forms the physical field of space/time in which experience is manifest and focussed.‖ At a later date the Voice also had this to say: ―The blanket can be considered as an infinite field and the indentations as vortices within that field. These vortices draw from the infinite field of memory and potential experience and focus this potential into that field we call the physical. The infinite field is mistakenly called ‗heaven‘ and ‘nirvana‘ whereas it is actually the repository of the memory of all experience and is the source of all potential future experience. It is not a field of consciousness or awareness. It requires the physical field for the potential of consciousness and awareness to be manifest as both of these things are attributes of space/time. The two fields – the infinite and the physical – should be seen as being interwoven and as a relationship one with the other. It is the beginning of the comprehension of this relationship which is the beginning of cell self-consciousness [cell of influence]. The field of infinite memory and potential experience does not exist in space/time and therefore all terms such as consciousness, awareness, manifestation of experience, eternity and eternal life have no meaning in the context of that infinite field. Those terms can only have meaning in the context of space/time and that is the realm of the physical. The physical, therefore, is the only realm in which the infinite can manifest and experience, become conscious and aware, and be eternal. It is experienced in space/time but not necessarily defined. So the physical realm, space/time, is as important to the infinite as the infinite is to the finite. The ―I consciousness‖ that which we call ‗the I that resides in this physical vehicle which is my body‘ , this ―I‖ which you express, which I express, which we all express in our own individual ways in space/time is the ―one I‖ inseparable and only individuated by the different experiences we, the various vehicles, are involved in. This ―I‖ is the cell of influence; it is the vortex or the indentation in the blanket; it stands between the finite and the infinite.‖ For the things we will be discussing later it is important to get a clear idea of what it is we are talking about with this ‗blanket‘ and studying figure 25 would be helpful. In doing so it will be realised that one cell can be thought of in another way. Within the One mind, the blanket, the infinite field, there is an infinity of memory and potential experience and a cell might be likened to a small group, or complex of connected ideas, within that infinity. This cell of concepts is then projected into, and manifested in, time and space as the experiences of an individual person. For most of the ideas we will be presenting this concept will be sufficient. However, the cell may manifest and be focussed in, a number of vehicles [personal lives] at any one time, or at a number of different times. This means that in a given life-time you may be associating with other people who, it could turn out, belong to the same cell as yourself. On the other hand you may never meet them at all as they may all be separated in space. It also means that the experience you have lived may also have been lived by another person, or numbers of other people, at other times in the past. In October 1984 and a little before another upcoming general election Josef‘s job shifted us back to Christchurch. We‘d had our fill of the hard work involved in general elections although, still wanting to keep abreast of current trends and issues, we did go to a few meetings in Wellington right up to just prior to the shift. However there were no major issues of importance for us and so we were pleased not to be involved. So, having put our Wainuiomata house on the market and whilst waiting for its sale, we moved into a little flat in Upper Riccarton, Christchurch, for a few months. Finally the Wainuiomata house sold and we were able to purchase another and moved from the flat into the new house. By this time our friends had gathered around us again and we had started a receiving group in the new house. One of the interesting receivings from that time was about the nature of time and we were provided with an image with which to 117

represent the receiving which can be found at figure 26. The Voice insisted that we do not confuse this with the image in figure 11 which is speaking about something quite different. On 3rd December, 1984, the question was: ―What can you tell us about the truth or otherwise of reincarnation, please.‖ Lydia Anne‘s receiving was Deuteronomy chapter 27 verse 12: ―When you have passed over the Jordan these shall stand upon Mount Gerizin to bless the people;………………..‖ Deuteronomy chapter 17 verse 11: ―According to the instruction which they give you, and according to the decision which they pronounce to you, you shall do; you shall not turn aside from the verdict which they declare to you, either to the right hand or to the left.‖ Voice: ―Think of the sun symbol [figure 26] it has hands reaching down. The disc represents your true being, and so do the hands. The disc part of your being is never incarnate, it is the hands that are born into physical being. The disc represents the mind, the repository of all experience and it is timeless; the energiser of the experiencer. But awareness, or consciousness of the One Mind, is not an attribute of the cell any more than it is an attribute of the hands. It is the result of the experience which the hands of the cell are involved in as they extend into the web of relationships which is the fabric of the whole [the hands represent the active physical vehicles and the web of relationships is represented by the physical plane at the foci of the vortices projecting below the blanket as in figure 25.]. The hands exist in seemingly separated areas of the web of space/time and therefore appear to the physical mind to be locked in space/time and to be reincarnational; whereas if you look back into the source of your being it is the one cell, the one true being manifesting itself in each hand. ―Also there is no past only total memory, and there is no future only total potential. The creation is totally new every instant and therefore what will be is. Everything manifests in time, nothing exists without time. Thought, idea, feeling can all be located in time. They have no spatial dimension but can be located in time. The opposite is the instant. Everything that has happened up to this instant has now gone and totally located in memory and the future is only potential from this instant on. The physical field is our creation of past time in which everything is drawn from our memory of events. We live in the past as all experience impinges on our consciousness only after it has happened and we respond to it after the event. Our physical senses, the speed of light, the speed of sound and the chemical processes within our bodies required for the stimulation of responses to external stimuli are so slow, even though appearing to be quite rapid, that nothing we do or think is in the present. The instant, however, is the infinite which retains all memory of everything that has ever happened and it is from this infinite memory that we create what we call the ‗past‘. The future is infinite potential out of which will manifest all of the experiences we become involved in. That instant in which we exist but don‘t experience, might be likened to the peak of a surf wave as it races across the ocean. It is not the past – that has gone – it is not the future – that has not yet arrived – it is an instant of nothingness racing from the past to the future. From this the creation is ever new.‖ On the 1st May, 1984, we asked the following question: Lydia Anne: ―Please comment on the Tombs of Belief that you have mentioned previously.‖


Fig. 26

Cell of Influence in Time

Cell of Influence


Movement Of relative time

Relative space


The page represents infinity in which is manifest the physical universe of relative observed space/time. The Cell, which is ‗I‘, sits at the point of observation. It is the Ego ‗I‘ which then involves itself in the experience of each of the hands which are the ego I.


Lydia Anne‘s receiving was Ecclesiastes chapter 8 verses 2 – 5: ―Keep the king‘s command, and because of your sacred oath be not dismayed; go from his presence, do not delay when the matter is unpleasant, for he does whatever he pleases. For the word of the king is supreme, and who may say to him, ‗what are you doing?‘ He who obeys a command will meet no harm, and the mind of a wise man will know the time and way.‖ Voice: ―What we have is not a tomb but a memorial to the folly of those who would create mysteries. It is a memorial to those who would be priests, and to those who would have secret knowledge. It is a memorial, not to the death of one man, not to the death of a nation, but to the death of Man. If you want a purpose [for what you are doing] it is that Man be resurrected and the purpose for the resurrection is that the Hands, which in their fullness are Man, continue as they were and as they should be. Man is the manifestation of the creative urge. Man is the physically manifested, and is the instrument with which the One re-creates. You have difficulty in understanding these concepts because you believe the idea that the One being is eternally the same. If you consider that the physical aspect of the One which is the field in which all potential experience may become manifest [the inter-activity between the foci of the vortex in the blanket], then that field must be eternally changing, for it is a field of time, and infinite potential does not all manifest at one moment. Man, the Hands, is the instrument of the One, in the field of time, for this manifestation process. In the tombs of belief we have a memorial to fear and a memorial to those who would conceal and reserve for themselves the glories of hidden knowledge. I am able to choose my own Hands and reveal to them my whole Mind without regard to secret, hidden things. The folly of the builders of the memorial is that I choose, not they, and I give; it is not learnt from the hands of a man. Many lives have been wasted following mystery teachings, when all that needed to be done was to ask.‖ Lydia Anne‘s next question was: ―So then the only free will we have is to listen for your guidance, or not?‖ Lydia Anne‘s receiving: 1 Corinthians chapter 3 verse 11: “For no other foundation can anyone lay than that which is laid,……….” Voice: ―To speak of the free will of an individual person misses the point. Where a male and female are in harmony, they free the will. It is your choice to be in harmony or not, as it is your choice to take note of the consciousness which arises through the harmonising of a group which you have called ‗synchronistic receiving‘. Even this freedom is of little consequence when it is considered, as Stephen said, that if you are not prepared to play the part some other will. Each cell has many active and inactive parts and it is the hands of the cell that free the will and bring ideas into being. The will is the urge of the Whole to be. From potential to actual, the urge creates form. From chaos, or potential, the form is projected into the physical, and becomes a living being. That physical beings are the active is more than free will, for although you are bound to the Will, which you free, it is your will that you free, for I be, through you, in you.‖


PROJECTIONS AND CREATIONS CHAPTER EIGHT On the 27th May, 1986, the Voice said: ―Have you any questions?‖ Our response was: ―We would like to hear from you and to allow the session to develop as it will, please.‖ Voice: ―We are going to discuss the reincarnational aspects of the cell for it is only when you have fully grasped its nature and the implications this has for you that you will be able to comprehend the nature and depth of future sessions. We have discussed this previously and so this is somewhat of a refresher course. There is the physical, the spiritual, and the cell. The physical, if you think of the blanket (fig.25), is represented by the very focussed point of each vortex and the field of relationships that exists between all vortices. The spiritual is the unseen, the infinite and is the blanket itself. The blanket is a field – a timeless, multidimensional continuum which obviously is one thing, unmanifest. It becomes manifest in and through the field of interactivity called the physical. The cell is that part of the vortex that manifests out of the blanket (the indents and vortices) and into the particularised physical. The cell draws from the field which, as mentioned previously, is all memory and potential experience and projects that into the field of the created physical. The physical field and all that pertains to it is created as a result of the interactivity of the minds of the foci as they receive the projection from the cell; it exists only in the minds of the foci – your individual physical vehicles - it is similar to a virtual reality and is constructed from the information of the infinite memory. Both fields, the physical and the infinite unmanifest [or the top of the blanket] are together the being which is One. The physical is created through the interactivities of the manifested foci without which there is no manifestation of the One. So the two fields are implicate and inseparable even though the one creates the other. Each of the physical foci sees reality from a different point of view in space and time so all experience is seen as being separate and distinct and each focus is not able to sense back through itself to the cell and the infinite field and see the interconnectedness of the One; simply because it is focussed in space/time. One might say that the cell is the telephone exchange that carries traffic between the two fields of experience – the one potential and the other actual; potential experience goes one way and memory of the living of that experience goes the other. This telephone exchange, the cell, can include many vortices, each one of which has the potential to manifest in the physical in many places in both time and space. Many aspects of the cell seldom manifest, while others manifest often. All potential experience is realised in the physical and all learning, all knowledge, all growth, happens within the cell, the ‗I‘. The physical, because it is focussed, is not normally aware that it is the cell. In fact, for many, confusion abounds because of this lack of awareness and it is this confusion and lack of awareness that can lead to erroneous reincarnational concepts and experiences. As all memory resources are available through the cell many diverse images of life are available and sometimes impinge on and are experienced by the physical mind. Often all that is being observed is an extension of one‘s own cell in some other time and place. The physical vehicle is never reborn and neither is the physical 121

personality. This is because the physical personality is an expression of the vehicle whose memories of experiences are of the One and retained in the infinite field. The cell projects itself into the physical through the vehicle and it can and does do this in a multitude of times and places simultaneously. It may appear that you are the reincarnation of some earlier life when all that you are doing is living the same patterns of relationships and experiences that the earlier person did because you are both projections of the same cell.‖ The Voice then asks: ―Do you have any questions?‖ Lydia Anne asks : ―While you were speaking I could see a prism, with the shaft of light being scattered into many colours, by the ‗focus‘ of the prism. Voice: ―A prism is a good example, for none of the scattered are separated as droplets of water would be. It might be good to say at this point that each colour of the spectrum represents one life of the one focus, and so as there are many colours one beam can represent many lives both present and reincarnational, and covers the whole ‗spectrum‘ of experience. It is indeed a good example. But always remember that even the spectrum does not exist, but is an activity of your consciousness, a relationship that takes place between what you would call an external stimulus, a physical eye and brain, and an ethereal mind.‖ The foregoing reminded Lydia Anne of a receiving she‘d had in which she had seen a sheet of white paper placed in front of a very bright light. The piece of paper had many holes in it through which the light streamed. At the back of the paper the light was a single thing while at the front it streamed through the holes as individual bits of light, and she thought this was a good analogy of how the One, the Light, focuses through the cell [the paper] into individual physical vehicles – each beam of light. If we then pass each of these beams through a prism they would all be separated out into the various colours and each colour could be used to symbolise different manifestations of the one cell at the same time, or even at different times and apparent incarnations. As with all people, earning an income was a top priority in our life and sadly Josef had recently found himself jobless. One evening he and Lydia Anne visited the local Home Show where, to his surprise, he found a stand that was selling franchises for a revolutionary method of building cleaning. Having no money and no backing of any kind he decided that it was just the thing for him. Visiting a bank at the Show and asking for a loan, he found, again, to his surprise, that they said ‗yes‘ and so he went back to the franchise stand and bought the business. We subsequently approached our own bank with the same result and that was better as we had not really wanted to change banks. At that Show we also purchased a new computer, which we felt would be needed for the fledgling business. It was the first computer we had ever owned and it was in the days before Windows and easy computing, so there was much learning going on. This new computer also served another purpose as Lydia Anne had, by this time, decided to go out on her own and she used this computer for her accounting purposes, being one of the first people to produce a mobile accounting service. All in the days before laptops. Each morning the car was loaded with monitor, keyboard and printer and all the discs required to enable computers to function in those days. At each client she would unload it all and then re-loaded when the work was done. At the end of the day, after three or four clients had been tended to, the computer would be unloaded at home so that we could attend to Josef‘s business needs and also spend time playing with it so that we could become familiar with its abilities. So as well as using this computer for business we began learning the skills that would, unbeknown to us, become very useful as computers became linked together in a world-wide network of binary consciousness called the World Wide Web. While we were not among the first to be connected to the Web we have from early days kept in touch with what has been happening, are on-line, and we were among the first in New Zealand to be 122

connected to the Cell-phone network. We find this all very interesting as the developments in both these fields mirror exactly the things we had been learning decades before. As we humans become more conscious of the real nature of our mind so we are projecting that reality into our physical lives and building a technological web that mirrors that reality. For hundreds of years we have accepted, at least subliminally, that our physical brain had a very limited capacity, as much as we like to believe the opposite. So we have increased its memory capacity by building libraries, museums and archives and creating dictionaries and encyclopaedias. Now we are beginning to use electronics, the tool that nature itself uses, to create an extension of our brain that is already world-wide and will soon have infinite capacity. But not only are we increasing the storage capacity we are also enhancing and expanding the abilities our brains already have. Whilst it may all be rather primitive at present we needed to start somewhere and it will not be very long at all before our extensions begin to surpass the original. Even now, many people are using the internet as a means of creating completely new worlds in which to experience with new selves they call their avatars. In these cyber worlds, once the technology progresses far enough to enable brain/computer interface, these cyber-world virtual realities will become indistinguishable from the real world by those immersed in them. At that point we may have to create procedures for extricating ourselves from these virtual realities in which it will be possible to become so immersed we will forget there is anything else. So, unless we are all going to end up in hospitals being drip fed and breathing air through a tube into our lungs to keep us alive because we have lost contact with our own bodies we will need to have a voice, or apparition, appear in the life of our avatar reminding us that there is another world in which we have a real body and a real mind. Is this not all becoming a symbol, a reflection and a projection of the concepts contained in this book? Both of our businesses were quite slow in generating momentum but eventually they did succeed and provided us with the income and time that we needed to take our next step which was to involve other people in our perceptions. The development of this began one night after we had been asked to speak at a local forum that was used for the free expression of all manner of philosophies, ideologies, natural healing, Ufologies; you name it, it was expounded there. After that meeting we were asked if we would give a talk at the Theosophical Society in Christchurch. We did and as a result of that the number of venues we spoke at each week for three years went from zero to five nights a week almost overnight. This included one a week in our own home. Our life became extraordinarily busy and very rewarding as we saw people realising just how simple some of these seemingly complex ideas really were and how they might fit into their own life experience. Because of Josef‘s expertise in emptying people of their inhibiting boxes of restraining concepts he became known as the ‗box buster‘, a title he wore with glee. All of our imagery arises out of the Star that Josef originally drew all those years before. In that imagery most emphasis is placed on the complementary nature of the male and the female, masculine and feminine, physical and spiritual. As explained in earlier chapters many of the stories of the Bible can be illuminated through the understanding of the symbology of the Star and one of those stories begins in the first chapter of Genesis where God made man in his own image, male and female made he them. We emphasise here that, according to the Bible, Man was originally and from the very beginning made male and female; not male alone. You will note that there is no discrimination mentioned. We contend that this small passage all on its own supports and verifies all we have received and written regarding male/female, spiritual/physical and hand complementarity and union. Genesis chapter 1 verse 27. In the second chapter of Genesis a slightly different variation on the theme of the creation of man is depicted. This version, when understood, gives us some insight into ourselves and our place in the scheme of things and it also shows how perverse we can be by complicating that which is basically very simple. In verse 7 of chapter 2 it is said ―then the Lord God formed man of the dust of the ground and breathed into his nostrils the breath of life.” In Genesis chapter 22 verse 17 God says to Abraham “I will indeed bless you. I will multiply your descendants as the stars of heaven and as the sand which is on the seashore.” In Genesis 123

chapter 28 verse 13 ―[said to Jacob]……… I am the Lord, the God of Abraham your father and the god of Isaac; the land on which you live I will give to you and your descendants; and your descendants shall be like the dust of the earth, and you shall spread abroad to the west and to the east…….” [ See also Genesis chapter 22 verse 17, chapter 15 verse 5, chapter 13 verse 14.] The point being made here is that the Biblical prophesies relating to Abraham, Isaac and Jacob all accept the symbols ‗the sands of the sea‘ and ‗the dust of the earth‘ as meaning the same thing. It is spelled out in those same passages that the sands of the sea and the dust of the earth meant huge numbers of people spread across the face of the earth. In the symbolism of mystical Judaism represented by the Kabala the ‗sea‘ means Gentile, or non-Jewish, people. The ‗sands of the sea‘ can be taken to represent the borderline between Judaism and the Gentiles. Therefore, in all this imagery there is no doubt that we are dealing with people, nations and cultures and, therefore, the ‗dust of the earth‘ that Adam was raised up from was the large numbers of people alive at that time. He was raised up to be ‗a man of God‘. Then Adam was placed in the Garden of God. In Mesopotamia in the times of these stories there was a religion that built enormous temples that had a very peculiar aspect. They were not cathedral- or mosque-like buildings; they were stepped pyramids, some of the largest stepped pyramids ever seen and were known as Ziggurats. These stepped pyramids, Ziggurats, were the temples and they had various shrines, or stations, at each level where the various grades of priest were able to go and worship their god but only the High Priest or High Priestesses could enter the booth, or holy place, at the very top of these high places, also known as ‗the mountains of God‘ [figure 27]; the very same mountains as those mentioned in the Book of Genesis that were ascended by Abraham, Isaac, Jacob and Moses. When the English archaeologist Sir Charles Leonard Woolley [1880-1960] excavated the Ziggurat at Ur [1922 – 1934] he found in the rubble a bronze statuette, standing about a metre high, of a ram caught, by its front feet, in a bush [a thicket]. Refer Genesis chapter 22 verse 13.[figures 28 & 29] This, we suggest, confirms our interpretation of the imagery presented here. The photograph in fig 28 was taken of the original statuette which can be viewed in the British Museum. The Ziggurats were very holy places and so objects used in sacred rites on those mountains would also have been holy. The ram mentioned in Genesis chapter 22 verse 13 is not a real animal it was a sacred idol used in rituals pertaining to sacrifice. Some of the mountains of God were covered with all manner of shrubbery [e.g. the Hanging Gardens of Babylon were planted on the city walls as well as on one of the city‘s Ziggurats] and, consequently they were also called the ‗Gardens of God‘. They were also always built in the east of the towns they served so that they would catch the first rays of the light from the rising sun. You will note that in the Genesis story of Adam and Eve the garden is established in the ‗east of Eden‘. Genesis chapter 2 verse 8. One of the most interesting characteristics of the Ziggurats, particularly those that were planted, was the manner in which the plants were irrigated. The heat of the sun and the winds moving over the surface of all the levels of the Ziggurat tended to cause a capillary action to take place between the stone and brick building blocks and essentially the water was sucked up the pyramid from the lower levels in sufficient quantities to keep the plantings moist. You will see in the second chapter of Genesis verse 6 it says that the plants were watered, not by the rain, but the mist which rose up from the ground. In those days Mesopotamia, centred on the Iraq of today, was an exceptionally well irrigated, very green and lush land and the technology required for all manner of irrigation and water-raising was well developed. So, Adam was not the only man alive at the time the garden was created as creationists would have us believe, and neither were time and the Earth brought into being a mere few thousand years ago. He, Adam, was ‗raised up‘ from among the people [the dust of the earth] in the same way that Moses was raised up from among his people, that Elijah was raised up from among his people, that John the Baptist was raised up and that Jesus was raised up from among his. Adam was a Man of God. In other words he was a priest of the Temple to which a Priestess eventually also became attached. These two were known as the First Man and Woman in the same way that the President of the United States and his wife are known as the First Man and the First Lady in the same way that the Presidents and their spouses of many countries are known by this title. It means that Adam and Eve [in Hebrew ‗adam‘ and ‗eve‘ simply means ‗man‘ and ‗woman‘] were not 124

Fig. 27 The Ziggurat Mountain of God

Level of The High Priest and Priestess and the burning bush Level of Ram in thicket

The various levels of Priesthood

The people—the dust of the earth


Fig. 28 The Ram in the Thicket

Image of the statuette found at Ur by Wooley. (see also fig. 29)


Fig. 29 The Ram in the Thicket

The Ram statuette found at Ur by Wooley. (see also fig. 28)


just ordinary priest and priestess, they were High Priest and High Priestess in the Garden and on the Mountain of God; and they were raised up to be specifically the High Priest and High Priestess on the newly established garden of God east of Eden. But even so we are not talking about real people, this is all symbolism representing the religious structures, concepts and beliefs of the day and as it is the foundation of the rest of the Bible then we should also consider the rest of the Bible to be symbolism built around actual events, in the same way and also representing religious structures, concepts and beliefs in the various and different eras. It was this type of symbolism that I was trying to reveal to an audience at one of our groups. I had started by showing them that the Star displayed the Genesis seven days of creation, the creation of the light and darkness, the water above and the waters below, the birds of the air and the fish of the sea, and all were agog and hanging on my every word, says Josef, and we arrived at that part of Genesis chapter 1 where it says that God made Man in His own image and suddenly it dawned on me that I didn‘t know what I was talking about. Over the years I had become so enmeshed in the rest of the symbolism of the Bible that I had completely overlooked this one verse and had no idea how to explain it. And so I said ‗ God made man in His own image‘ and having said that I turned with a blank and terrified mind to the blackboard on which hung my drawing of the Star and with arm raised I pointed to the symbol not knowing what to say but immediately began to see the connections and realised I now knew how to explain it. The relief was so great! Lydia Anne, sitting in the audience thought to herself ―the bugger has been holding out on me, he has never told me that before!‖ The Star is made up of numerous symbols for God or the Infinite. There is the circle which represents Infinity; the point at the centre also represents Infinity; the hexagon is the Greek symbol for God and for Infinity; the six-pointed star is the Jewish symbol for God; the three lines across the diameters form the Pax symbol which is the Catholic symbol for Christ, who is God, there is also a cube in the symbol and the New Testament book of The Revelation to John chapters 21 and 22 describe the Holy City as a cube. This city, the new Jerusalem, is the universal city of God ; the whole universe. Altogether they are the images of God and make the One image of God. Out of this image arises all the elements of the seven days of creation including, as is seen in figures 3, 20 & 21, the symbols for man. I was then quite easily able to show that man, indeed, is made in, with, and through, the image of God.

Many, if not all, of the Genesis stories must be viewed in this way. They are symbols. They are symbols which have been built around actual events which themselves, in many cases, have been distorted to fit the circumstances dictated by the requirements of the religious structure, dogma and canon at the time they were created. The story of Noah is a classic example. There is no dispute in the archaeological world that the story of Noah was built upon the actual folk story about Noe. Noe was a Sumerian farmer who with his wife, children and a few animals, survived one of the more disastrous floods of the Tigris and Euphrates Rivers during the pre-Chaldean era. That is the real story of Noe and it is recorded in the same clay tablets on which is found the grand story called the Epic of Gilgamesh; one of the important founding myths of the Sumerian culture. Noah, however, represents a man of God, he is a religious figure. He represents righteousness, sanctity and virtue within a religious structure and all the people who die in the flood of Noah are all of those people who are outside that religious structure represented by the Ark which, itself, represents a safe haven – a sanctuary. They are heathens, they are unclean, unwashed and dead. Just as Jesus said to His disciples ―let the dead bury their dead, you follow me‘, so it was with Noah. The new world came about with the complete overthrow and destruction of the old. The old world was washed away in a flood of the new spirit, new ideas, new concepts of God and a new booth, a new holy place – the new Sanctuary - was raised up on to the uppermost level of the mountain of God. At that holy place the new High Priest planted a new vineyard [see the Gospels for the meaning of the vineyards] and he pressed the fruit, and drank the new wine. All of which means a new structure was developed and a new message presented. However, this was all too much for his sons. The Gospels, once again, reveal to us that the word ‗son‘ simply means the ‗follower‘ of a teacher, a disciple; Jesus called Simon Peter ‗Simon bar Jonah‘ which 128

means Simon the son of John. We know that Simon was not literally the son of John and we also know that he actually was a disciple of John, so disciples and sons are the same thing. The disciples of Noah found the new message unpalatable, and thought that this new message had gone to their father‘s head, somewhat, and unbalanced him. So they thought their ‗father‘ naked, and unclean. In the context of the Bible ‗Father‘ means ‗abba‘, this being the Hebrew word for father; ‗abba‘ is the derivation of our word ‗abbot‘ and ‗abbot‘ now and ‗abba‘ then both convey the meaning of the head of a religious monastic institution. So the disciples of the abbot we know as Noah considered him to be unclean; too open and too unstable. So they covered him with the garments of their own concepts of cleanliness and purity which greatly angered the abbot. What happened was that a sect symbolised by the sons of the religion symbolised by Noah, staged a coup and won. As the garments put on Noah by the disciples were animal skins, it – the animal from which the skins were taken - obviously represented the religious concepts that were being portrayed. The naked reality has no conceptual clothing but many religions portray themselves and their teachings with animal imagery. Christianity, for example, portrays its head as a Lamb; Mithraism was portrayed by a Bull; Lupercus the god of Rome was portrayed by a Wolf; Zoroastrianism by an Eagle. The list goes on. Surely it has become clear from the foregoing that the imperative from both Stephen and the Voice that we drop our concepts is the thing that we need to take note of in order to understand what it is we are, who we are, and where we are. For thousands of years we have listened to the erudite voices of authorities who have impressed upon us the idea that only they know the way into the Kingdom of God. It is our opinion that they are wrong, very, very wrong and that we have been ill advised. The very concept that God is love should have lead us much sooner to realise that the dogma we were listening to and absorbing was a nonsense. There are very few human beings, calling themselves ‗normal‘ who could do to their children and other loved members of their families and friends the things that are attributed by the church to their God of love. We wouldn‘t do it, why would God? In fact, in our relationships with each other around this world we tend to bend over backwards to try and accommodate each other regardless of how strange our ways might be. It is usually only in the most extreme circumstances and among the most extreme of people that human beings take punitive actions and usually these actions arise as a result of politics, religion and misunderstanding. When left alone the vast majority of human beings rub along together reasonably well. Let us replace the word ‗God‘ with the word ‗One‘. The word ‗universe‘ means ‗one thing‘ not ‗one God‘. That word alone is telling us that we live in an environment that is One, not an environment that is God. The problem with having a god is that whatever one does in one‘s life it then becomes a matter of doing it for god. One does things because god says we ought and we lose our own self-responsibility. Does one love because god says so? Obey the law because god says so? Help your neighbour because god says so? If one does anything because god says so one is doing it for the wrong reason. All of these things should come from the inner desire to do so and not for any other reason at all. If this is why one does these things then one has absolutely no need for a god. If one is not doing these things from the inner desire to do so one is doing it for the wrong reasons and no god is able to help you. So why have a god? To repeat, for the sake of emphasis, a line from the section about Noah: ―the new world came about with the complete overthrow and destruction of the old world. That world was washed away in a flood of the new spirit, new ideas, new concepts and new booths or holy places were created .” Is this not how Christianity began? The old world was washed away by the flood of baptism and the blood of the lamb. It was given new life, with a new spirit, new ideas, new concepts of God and a renewed vision of the holy place; the new Jerusalem and the new Temple being a Revelation in heaven and within. For emphasis I refer you to the Revelation to John. The new revelation was predicated on the idea that this was a completely new testament; a new covenant; a new will made between God and man and was ratified with blood and the death of the one who made the will, the testator. It matters not according to Christianity whether it was Jesus the man, God the father or God the Holy Spirit who shed the blood and did the dying, as all three are part of the Trinity which is the mysterious One God. All three are the one testator. 129

A will only comes into force when the testator dies. If the testator is resuscitated the will is invalid. There can be no debate, Jesus – the testator – is alive and the will and testament is not valid. See Hebrews chapter 9 verse 15 – 17: ‗Therefore, he [Jesus Christ] is the mediator of a new covenant, so that those who are called may receive the promised eternal inheritance, since a death has occurred which redeems them of the transgressions under the first covenant. For where a will is involved the death of the one who made it must be established. For a will takes effect only at death, since it is not in force as long as the one who made it is alive.‖ Therefore, if it can be shown that Jesus, according to the New Testament itself, is still alive there can be no new testament for it cannot come into force until his death. In fact, because he is part of the Trinity the new will cannot be enforced until the death of God. The whole foundation of Christianity is built on the idea that, although Jesus did actually die, he was resuscitated. It does not matter if you call it resurrection or give it any other name; after three days in the tomb he was resuscitated and I refer you to the following passages: Mark chapter 16 verse 14: ―Afterward He [Jesus] appeared to the eleven themselves as they sat at table; and He upbraided them for their unbelief and hardness of heart, because they had not believed those who saw Him after He had risen.” Luke chapter 24 verse 36 - 39: “……. Jesus himself stood among them. But they were startled and frightened and, supposed that they saw a spirit. And He said to them, „why are you troubled, and why do questionings arise in your hearts? See my hands and my feet, that it is I, myself; handle me and see; for a spirit has not flesh and bones as you see that I have.” John chapter 20 verse 27: “Then He said to Thomas, put your finger here and see my hands; and put out your hand, and put it in my side;” Acts chapter 1 verse 3: “To them He presented himself alive after His passion by many proofs, appearing to them during forty days,………” It doesn‘t matter that Jesus ascended into heaven, according to the New Testament, and that He is no longer available for direct communication. It doesn‘t matter where the testator is until their death. Their whereabouts has no bearing on anything at all. When Jesus ascended, according to the New Testament, He was alive, solid, physical, touchable. He was not dead. He was not a spirit or a ghost. He was a living person and according to that same New Testament he is still alive. The will is not in force and cannot be enforced.


LIFE EVERLASTING CHAPTER NINE On the 15th April, 1984, Lydia Anne‘s question of the Voice was:: ―Could you please discuss the philosophy of reincarnation.‖ Voice: ―Many experiences have you had, and many you will have. The reality is simple if you remember that there is only one. Remember that I have said that you and I are one. And so where I am you are, and I am everywhere. All of you is. Everything is living. It is the state of mind, or lack of awareness of the oneness of the parts, which creates reincarnation. For those to whom living, or life, has become a reward there is no cycle to be broken, but a being to be. The true state of being is as you see it, and as you are beginning to experience it. It is not a passing over [dying] and returning, unless one‘s consciousness can experience nothing else. The death of the physical body is merely the end of that experience in that form. It is the opportunity for the ideal, the complex of ideas or concepts of the cell, to re-express in another way. In much the same way when you change a group of friends or an organisation in order to express yourself differently. You are the ideal, the concept, the complex of ideas within the One. Always the same ideal, concept, or complex and your body is your vehicle and the means for giving life to that ideal or complex. It is a means of expression and if there were no ideal or complex to be expressed there would be no need for a vehicle and a good example can be taken from the symbol of the Zodiac. If we look into the heavens and see the various constellations of the Zodiac what we are actually looking at are stars that have no relationship to each other except that they exist in the same universe. In most cases the stars that make up the various signs of the Zodiac are millions even billions of light years apart. It is our observation, our scanning of the heavens, that creates the pattern – the constellations - which are the complex of concepts. In this example consider yourself as a symbol for the cell. We observe all the Zodiac constellations as a whole and take that imagery and project it into things we do in our physical life as if they have some real meaning. We do this in a sequential manner and as a result of that we experience the Zodiac as if it is time related. For two thousand years we have said that human experience had been played out in the Zodiacal age [house] of Pisces and for the next two thousand years we will play out human experience in the age of Aquarius. We lock our focus on to a very narrow range of potential experiences and in doing so we create our own life experience out of the whole infinite potential. For example, we ignore the fact that all bodies and energy in the universe affect us in a myriad of ways and we focus on this very small and insignificant part of the universe we call the Zodiac, which does not really exist in any case, and we say that this part of the universe affects our whole life almost exclusively. Awareness of what we actually are brings about the realisation of what the need for these expressions of ideas and concepts really is and creates about it a feeling of joy and reward in life rather than fear, or the need to overcome it through reincarnational karma. Your physical body is your vehicle. It is not just a garment, it is your tool for expression, not something you need to cast off. But your true total being [refer figs.26 & 33] is your vehicle for expression at the level of the field of inter-relationships as well as being the infinite field of memory and potential experience. These two fields should be seen as being inter-woven and then it will be understood that nothing manifests except through the relationship. It is the beginning of the comprehension of this relationship that leads to cell consciousness and the awareness that reincarnation is a limited understanding of eternal life.‖ 131

Death is a misnomer. There is no such thing, regardless of what your senses tell you, death does not exist. Go into your garden, look at the flowers and the vegetables, the bugs, the bees and the butterflies, the birds, the mosses and the moulds. Look at the compost, the humus, the soil. Think about the bacteria and think deeply about what is actually happening here. They must all consume matter from which they can derive the elements required for life. When a body of any size or form decays it breaks down into its constituent parts and those parts, those chemicals and molecules are taken up by another living form. Vegetable matter becomes animal matter and small animal matter becomes larger animal matter and so on throughout the whole of what we call the food chain. Not one part of it has died from the very beginning of life on this planet – at least 4 billion years ago – it has merely changed and, that is still happening to this day. Regardless of our own particular point of view on the matter and our egocentric perception of the importance of our own bodies physical matter does not die. The process of change can take a few moments to begin as one creature devours another, or it may take millennia. Some chemicals pass from the decayed life forms into new living structures through the soil, water and atmosphere as they cycle and recycle through various climactic environmental and geological processes. Some even pass through the mantle of the earth as the crust is subducted and then eventually spewed back out through volcanic or tectonic action . But eventually all the chemicals of life on this planet are retrieved even from the seemingly inanimate environment and taken up again becoming the various life forms. All life on this planet needs a multitude of sources for the chemical building blocks of oxygen, water and trace elements. We also need the sun not only for the light and warmth but also for the creation of such things as photo-synthesis and the formation of vitamin D. So which part of this planetary ecosystem is alive and which is not? More correctly, as all of the environment is required for life to exist in the first place, and as all living forms require each other, where is the death? It doesn‘t exist and one of the reasons we have failed to see this is that we persist in observing change within a time-frame that is far too short. Time lapse photography should have alerted us to this by now. If we observe things over long periods of time we see that behaviours are often quite different to the perception we gained during our normal short attention span. Given long periods of observation it becomes obvious that there really is no such thing as inanimate matter; all matter, animate or otherwise, is doing a very long dance in which it passes through all states from gas, to liquid, to solid and in the process it becomes the systems and lives of all life forms. The Voice spoke about the infinite field called the Source, the Father, the Source of all experience, the repository of all memory, the Mind and Spirit. It also spoke about the physical as being a field of experience that is created, or brought into being, by the cell of influence as an arena for the manifestation of the will of the Mind in the manner that we call ‗physical life‘. The Voice said that the interface between the physical and the Mind, the cell of influence, is that which draws on the memory and potential experience and is the mechanism that manifests this resource into the physical field in and through our individual life experiences. It would appear that in describing this whatever it is can be understood to be very natural, a normal part of reality that we have somehow overlooked; not at all supernatural. According to the Voice the Mind field is infinite but effectively inert and inactive; it is a repository and source. The physical is also infinite but it is active and it is the field in which the Mind resource becomes played out in space/time. Because the physical field is space/time the Mind resource manifests sequentially, not all at once; therefore, even though the field itself is infinite, its inter-relationships are transitory. Experiences come and go; they begin and end; they are born into existence, run their course and then cease. The interface between the physical field and the Mind field that the Voice called the ‗cell of influence‘ is where the real ―I‖ consciousness resides and it is also infinite and eternal. The cell‘s living being is in the physical field but its mind, memory and potential are in the Mind field. The cell is the controlling factor which brings all potential into existence, experiences it and then records that experience in the Mind as memory.


That cell ―I‖ is the same in me as it is in you, or any other life form. We experience our own I as different and separate because we are all looking at life‘s events from a multitude of different and sequential points of view in space/time, and consequently, are denied the perception that we are all the same One. The eternal nature of all aspects of the One is the key to comprehending the universal concept being presented here. The Mind field is infinite, inactive and not bound by time or space; the physical field is infinite, active and therefore experienced as time and space. Although the apparent parts of physical existence are in a state of continual change the life experienced in time and space in and through those parts is eternal. It is only the individual foci of the vortex located in time and space that are limited in their manifestation in time. The cell, being the interface between these two states of infinity, is also eternal and although it ‗reaches out‘ to various experiences it is not limited by the vehicles, the garments, or the dimensions of space/time. Our normal everyday experience of life does not automatically provide us with the type of information that we need to understand that we are eternal beings; quite the opposite in fact. Our observations in time and space lead us to believe, quite erroneously, that the universe is made up of an incredibly large number of individual bits and pieces that range from the minute to the unbelievably large. Even though it is about a hundred years since Einstein revealed to us the beauty of relativity, most people, scientists included, still fail to appreciate the fullness of his vision. Most people still see the universe as having absolute time and space and being full of parts that have little relationship to each other apart from the fact that they happen to exist in the same universe. If we could grasp the totality of what Einstein said then we would realise that the One concept of reality is the correct one. Time and space are relative and they are relative to the observer. It is the idea that time and space are immovable constants that blinds us to reality. Refer back to chapter four and figure 13. What is it that makes the gestalts what they are? There are two things: a. b.

It is the way in which space is outlined and The space between those outlines.

All of physical existence should be seen in this way. For example: a cup is only recognisable as an object separate from other objects because it has a particular shape or outline and because it is separated from all other objects by the space between them. If there was no space between objects then there would be no ‗things‘ at all. Likewise if objects were not outlined they would not exist. A cup is not a cup because of its external shape or colouring, nor because it has a handle. It is a cup because its shape enfolds or outlines an amount of space in a certain way. When you fill a cup you are in fact filling the space contained in that outline and you are able to do this because of the clay, glass or plastic, that is used for that outline. Our existence and our lives are a function of space and time in exactly the same way. What we see and experience depends entirely on how we observe it. We can observe it as limited and finite or as infinite and eternal. That is, we can see our experience as the outline or we can see it as the infinite space that contains all outlines. As all experience in the space/time physical is the result of the manifestation of the Mind into the physical field the ―I‖ that is in me rises out of the same Mind field as does the ―I‖ in you and all other living things. It is the infinite space that encompasses all outlines of experience. There is only one ―I‖ and it manifest in the physical through the many points of interface called the ‗cells of influence‘. As the Mind becomes focussed into the physical by passage through the cell interface it becomes individuated like the colours emerging from a prism, as mentioned in an earlier chapter. This individuation creates the feeling and appearance of separated I‘s but this is actually an illusion. These apparently separated I‘s manifest in time and space as individual life experiences in various different times and places. The cell of influence draws from the Mind field complexes of ideas and concepts that it then projects into the physical for experience. Any one cell could have one or more projections of itself in existence today. It could, also, have had any number of other projections of the very same complex of ideas and concepts at different times in the past. 133

These complexes of ideas are not something we have concocted to fill a space on a page they were first identified by Karl Jung as ‗archetypes‘ as far back as the early twentieth century. Jung clearly showed that they rise out of the ground or infinite field of our consciousness. Sadly, by and large, he has been ignored. To the cell ‖I‖ all of these manifested complexes are the One manifestation outside of time and space; it is only us – the physical vehicles for the experience of the cell – existing in time and space who observe these as sequential incarnations of our own physical self. As mentioned earlier the cell may project into more than one vehicle at any given time, therefore, we may be in contact with other individuals who are manifestations of the same cell. If we were to share with them our experiences, memories, intuitions and dreams etc. we may become aware that much of what we do together is synchronistic and serendipitous and through those experiences we may come to realise that we are not separate but that we share the same Mind and ―I‖. At the level of the cell of influence we are eternal beings; within the physical field the vehicle of our experience and all its clothing of concepts will decay and be taken up in some other form to be used for some other experience. Refer to page 40 Thyatira session 106 with Stephen speaking: ―For if I speak that I am Stephen, I must first create Stephen, and be he. For I cannot be nothing. For once I decided I was nothingness, then I have learned nothing of nothing…… Do not feel that you must throw a concept to the winds or feel that things have been taken from you that you know, for as I am real to you now, all those concepts are real to you, are part of your needs. They are your clothing, they are your life, they are that which supplies your needs.‖ Thyatira 38 page 135 3rd June, 1974, paraphrased: ―……. For now you know who you are and the Father who knows you, let it be understood that separateness is a false conception. You are the part of the One Body. They were not empty words of Jesus when he said to us ― do unto others as you would they do unto you‘ and ‗love thy neighbour as thyself for indeed your neighbour is yourself and you are not separated by an invisible nothingness.‖ [You are united within it by the space between.]. Thyatira 104 page 294 4th October, 1976 Stephen speaks: ―When I refer to Stephen as ―I‖, I speak generally of the personality and of the ego and the understanding that was the experience of Stephen. But the ‗I‘ that we all have in common – let us use the term you have been using, ‗the spiritual I‘. These two ‗I‘s‘ are not one and the same, for the physical I is the one that experiences and passes that experience to the memory. The ―spiritual I‖ is all One. And here is an example: It appears that the physical I is separate living physically separated lives in much the same way as two trees in different countries would seem to be separate but they are both nourished by the same earth and the same atmosphere and the same sun, and so they are not separate. A tree does not stand alone, it is not self-sufficient, neither is consciousness and as the separated trees are actually one life form so are all the physical ―I‖s the manifestation of the One Spiritual I.‖ Regardless of the problems associated with the Stephen medium these ideas are, to our mind, self-evidently true and so we retain them. If we continue on with these ideas we will realise that even though we call all the different seas on this planet by different names in reality they are all the same body of water. Even the inland seas and lakes are all part of that same one body of water because they are all linked together through the atmosphere, which is not dry and waterless as it appears, but is in fact just a less dense part of the body of water. It is we who create the division and separation, the reality is: no separation. Following on from this is the need to clarify how we use some words and the words in question are: 134

Infinite, immortal and eternal Unless we are clear in our minds what it is we mean when we use these words we really will not understand what it is we are, which is what we will be dealing with in the next chapter and neither will we understand the difference between eternal life and reincarnation; and there is an enormous difference. Infinite does not mean something that goes on and on for ever in space or time. For infinite is not a concept of space or time. For example: a line, any line, has an infinite number of location points on it. A hole has no size only its boundary does. The hole itself has an infinite number of location points within it. What we measure when we measure a hole is the matter that surrounds it which we call its boundary. Any space has an infinite number of locations. Whether that space is small or large it always has an infinite number of location points. A point is infinite because it has no size at all, it is merely a location. ‗ Infinite means having no boundaries in time or space, extent or magnitude.‘ [Collins Dictionary]. Infinity has no meaning in time and space – it is meaningless. It can only be experienced.. We experience it the instant we begin to draw a line – we are drawing an infinite number of locations. The moment we encompass any space in any way we begin measuring that with which we encompass the space and in that way we experience the infinite. We are used to the idea that a wheel turns. We are less familiar with the idea that a wheel actually has two completely distinct separate and diametrically opposed states of being and while a wheel is in one of these states it cannot be in the other. Those two states are ‗at rest‘ and ‗in motion‘. A wheel cannot be at rest while it is moving neither can it move while it is at rest; there is no way to get gradually from one of these states to the other. It is either at rest, or moving, and never almost moving or almost stopped. Most people think that you can gradually get a wheel moving, but you could gradually try to infinity and it still would not move. It either is or it isn‘t and there is an infinite point between those two states that cannot be gradually crossed; it can only be passed with what is known as a ‗quantum leap‘. Infinity, regardless of how long, large or small, that might be, has no effect on the physical of space/time whatsoever. Immortal means ‗the lack of death in a given individual‘s physical life‘. In this book we are not, therefore, dealing with immortality because each person‘s experience does come to an end. We have discussed immortality in earlier chapters in relation to the continued existence of all life forms through the decay of the body back into its constituent elements which are then reconstituted into new forms. In a sense this is immortality in that we have shown that there is actually no death but it is not the immortality of the total and individual body but only of Life in general. The immortality of the physical body of human beings does not have a part in this book. The word ‗immortality‘ cannot be applied to that which we have called the ‗cell of influence‘ nor can it be applied to the Mind because those things are not mortal to begin with. Eternal means ‗continued, or continuous, existence‘. This does not mean that the existence is infinite, but it does mean that the existence has been from the beginning of life and that it will continue without end for as long as the universe and life exists. From this point of view we say that the cell of influence exists within a universal field that can only be categorised as infinite which means that to our physical senses it is not measurable in any way [but can be experienced]. It has existed within this field for as long as there has been experience and will continue to exist for as long as experience is possible and will do so at least from our point of view in a sequential manner. In this sense eternal is very similar to the way in which we think of immortal in that it is one thing after another experienced in time. But, where it differs from immortality is that the cell itself is not the physical vehicle – it is not mortal; it exists within the infinite field from where it focuses into space/time and creates the physical vehicles of its experience, which themselves are finite and mortal. So, when we are speaking about the ―I‖ and the ―cell of influence‖ we take for granted that it is an Eternal Being we are speaking about. This Eternal Being is our self. It is you. It is me. We are all the same ―I‖ Being Eternally. The physical experience that we are each individually having and its vehicle, the physical body, will come to an end and the personality that we generate during that experience and for the development of that experience will also come to an end. As much as we might wish it otherwise those 135

things are not immortal. But the memory of our experience, our personalities and our inter-relationships are retained as part of the experience of the cell, the ―I‖. Because we have been experiencing the eternal ―I‖ without being aware of what it really was and because we have confused this with the limited space/time I of our experience in the physical, many of us have thought that the evidence we became aware of was revealing reincarnation to us. Others have thought that this was evidence of the experience of immortality within a new world, or within a world in another heavenly dimension. We maintain that not one of these ideas is the truth for it is the ―I‖ of the cell of influence that is eternal and that it is this ―I‖ that experiences within the physical throughout time. The cell retains all the memories of those experiences in the infinite Mind, has continuous access to them and therefore at times reveals these memories to the physical I consciousness. As we have re-iterated throughout it is important to recognise that the cell ―I‖ - the real you – is the interface between the two infinite fields of being, one your mind and the other your arena of experience. Without this recognition and clarification we will continue to repeat the errors of the past, one of which is thinking that we, our bodies and personalities, have somehow experienced lives in the past and those who make this claim often seem to have been the same few famous people There are many Cleopatras and Julius Caesars but not very many Joe Bloggs from backstreet country town. If we persist in thinking of reincarnation in this way we will never grasp the reality. All memory is retained in the infinite mind field and it is here that the memory of all the billions if not untold trillions of past lives are retained. Julius Caesar and Cleopatra are there just as are all others and all this information is available to us at all times whether we are conscious of that fact or not. Under certain circumstances information regarding all those past lives can appear in our physical consciousness and affect our perceptions. As we go about our daily lives we think and do things, feel emotions and experience events that are and have always been common to all people in all times. Many, if not all, of those experiences come in constellations of complexes containing feelings and emotions because human consciousness and behaviour is a set of patterns common and unique to ourselves. So as we work our way through various relationships and situations on a daily basis we experience various things that are selfsimilar to memories within the mind field. These memories are triggered into numinosity by the shared emotions and the commonality of the patterns and then appear in our physical minds leaving us feeling as if they were our own and personal experiences. This is the passive experience but there is also a positive active effect. The I which is common to all of us scans the infinite memory in much the same way that a computer programme scans a hard drive and, in doing so, it selects various memories and potential experiences that it intends to project into the physical world as an individual and personal life. These memories and potential experiences come as a complex constellation of ideas and feelings and will include many things that have already been experienced by many people in past lives. And so as we project this into our reality and live out the pattern we will experience some parts of that pattern with similar feelings and emotions that were contained in the original. These effects are reinforced if the memories that are triggered can be attached to famous people from the past as these famous people are actually recorded in history. They have left us images and ideas in written, pictorial and even mythological form on which we can hang those memories. There are trillions of people who have lived and died and for whom we have absolutely no record of their passing, not only can we never claim to be reincarnations of these people but also there is no way to confirm our assertion, or any way of checking, whether or not they did in fact exist. So that is why so many people turn out to have been famous names of the past. These memory experiences never were our particular memories but neither is this information unimportant. It is vitally important to realise that we have this access to the memory of the infinite mind field whether it is passive or active because unless we do we will never be able to distinguish between the limited physical I and the eternal I that is common to us all. The eternal I is, of course, in all incarnations but it is not our physical personality or bodily vehicle. 136


Who are we? What are we? The eternal questions. Lydia Anne and I are here writing this book as a result of these very questions. How often have I said that I believe that the major reason that so many of us do not get as much enjoyment out of life as maybe we ought, is because we keep on asking why? What? When? Where? with very little apparent result. Perhaps the problem arises from the fact that we have been asking the wrong questions from the wrong source. We keep on going back to the same old repositories and resources, asking in the same places that everybody else has asked. I know I did and had as much success, or lack of it, as everybody else until at some time in the past I realised that if any clarity on these matters was going to appear a whole new way of doing things would have to be found. We became dissatisfied with the answers that our religions and philosophies were giving us; there was no proof, no evidence and everything had to be taken on faith. In the case of religion, knowledge is much the same word as ignorance because if it isn‘t in the Book then it isn‘t God‘s will. I said to Lydia Anne one day ―if the church says that heaven is this way and everyone is going that way and still feeling dissatisfied, then maybe we should be going in the other direction.‖ So I began looking for answers in those places and images that other people feared and rejected. Maybe the fires of hell were actually the dim fading lights of enlightenment in the far away distance from which we had fled. I took this stance to such an extreme that many people jokingly said that I was like the odd bird that flew north instead of south for the winter. Many of our friends and associates wondered what would become of us if we were to continue down this road. It was even said by some that we had fallen into the snares and wiles of the Devil; this was one of the more intelligent comments. One of the things that we discovered relatively early on, mostly as a result of working with the Star and Kabala symbols, was that the patterns of physical relationships through which we experience space/time are essentially very simple. They are simple but repetitive and the repetition creates the complexity that we find ourselves enmeshed in. In this sense physical reality is very much like a holograph or fractal, each of which are a basic unit repeated so often that they generate complexity. A holograph is an image from which can be produced a three-dimensional likeness. If we were to computerise that image and highlight any one small section we would find a repetition of the original image. Those highlighted sections would generally be in focus in only a small area and the rest would tend to be blurred or out of focus. Nevertheless, the whole is found within the part. A fractal can be generated from something as simple as a triangle [see fig.30]. All one needs to do is to keep on repeating the triangle and joining all the repetitions to each other in a mathematically calculated fashion and images such as fern fronds or solar systems and galaxies will arise in the total image. The whole is founded on the part. Let us now look at molecules as an example. Molecules can be very complex structures or very simple. The DNA of life forms on this planet is a molecule and it is very complex. The molecule of the building block of the universe is the hydrogen atom and it is very simple. It has one proton and one electron and has an atomic weight of one. But through the endless repetition of that very simple molecule the physical universe and ultimately the DNA has arisen. There are a very small number of factors that have brought about this complexity and to avoid taking the risk of suggesting that I am about to list them all, just a few will do:


Fig. 30 Fractal

Star of David infinite fractal

This fractal repeats without variation to infinity. (See also the Lattice window)


Mass, heat, pressure and explosion, these are probably the main tools used to get hydrogen from the simplicity of the single atom to the complexity of elements such as uranium, iron, copper, and all the other materials that we find in our environment. For all that we like to think of ourselves as being very complex creatures we have actually arisen from the very essence of simplicity, even the single cellular structures from which our bodies have evolved are only slightly more complex than the organic molecular compounds from which they have sprung and these simple cells live according to very simple patterns of behaviour. Mostly they are just feeding and multiplying and we, for all our supposed complexity, are not doing anything very different. We multiply to continue the species and we eat that we might live to multiply the species. Anything else is illusory and time-filling between the eating and multiplying. Dogs behave like dogs and for all that we fantasize about their human-like qualities in some instances, they still only behave like dogs and all our dog whisperers insist that, to ensure our dogs do not become mentally disturbed and anti-social, all our interaction with them is pack-like. These very simple patterns of behaviour enable us to distinguish them from cats and birds and the day that you see a dog flying from tree to tree you will have to think again because either my analysis has been shown to be incorrect or there is a problem with your own pattern recognition mechanism. We distinguish dogs, cats, horses and every other animal from each other and ourselves by a. their appearance and b. their behaviour. We can refine both these means of categorisation by using such tools as blood-typing and gene-mapping but this does not change the basic tools of observation that we use. All life is defined in this way, in fact, it is how we know if a thing is living or not. Human beings behave like human beings and not like dogs and cats. Even though we can pretend to be other animals or even imaginary creatures this is nothing but human behaviour. Other primates play games with each other and so they also must use imagination to some degree. Human behaviours are basically very simple; as we have said we do exactly the same things as a single cell. We also do many things, including play, that are no different from the primates that we have shared our evolutionary path with. We have developed an apparently complex technology yet it is based on the same very simple tool-making abilities we see in chimpanzees. We are tool-making primates. We like to fantasize that our intelligence has taken us away from the rawness of nature and developed us into beings that are above animal behaviour. The reality is that everything we do is founded on the behaviours of our primal ancestors however far back we may look and everything we do in our physical world has the purpose of ensuring the survival and reproduction of our vehicles. It has been said over recent years that there is no need for intelligent design of the universe and life as the evolution process is sufficient on its own and given enough time and a typewriter a group of chimpanzees, randomly pecking at the typewriter keys, would eventually write Shakespearean works. It has happened. We have. So the patterns of our behaviour are very simple. They are pack behaviours, mate-finding behaviours, food and shelter behaviours, breeding and rearing young behaviours. We have adapted these behaviours to suit various environments and social structures that we have created but the basic patterns are simple and repetitive and fractal-like. Because these behaviours are so simple and repetitive we have fallen into a fantasy, a dream-time, in which we wish and dream that it were not as it really is and we create for ourselves future, and even for some people present, fantasy worlds that will enable us to escape the reality that we really do not want to deal with. Our gods, angels and utopias arise out of this inability or unwillingness to face reality. Our so-called spiritual leaders have taught us that the awful alternative to these fantasies has always been that there is nothing but a basic materialistic, mechanistic concept of the universe, and this unthinking response has found fertile ground in the minds of behavioural psychologists and materialistic scientists in today‘s society. From this point of view life began in the single cell in the primordial soup and it has progressed step by mechanical step to where we find ourselves today and it will continue mindlessly doing this to the end of time. However, Lydia Anne and I think the real answer lies somewhere else, we accept the idea of the evolution of physical life and that humans are a part of this evolutionary continuum. 139

We reject the creationists point of view that there is a universal consciousness that has controlled evolution in an intelligent way from the beginning. We do, however, accept that there is something more to the experience of life than just the basic and almost mindless functions carried out by the physical vehicles in which we find ourselves. This point of view proposes that the ―I‖ which we call myself is something other than the vehicle of our bodies. The vehicle evolves but the ―I‖ is eternal, not a God, just a living being experiencing life. Cells and patterns of behaviour might be the basic processes but life itself, in space/time, through repetition, isn‘t quite that simple and can become very complex. Quantum physics provides us with insights that have not been available to us previously and one of the most important of these is the present understanding of the universe as being somewhat like a multi-dimensional field of energy. This field is fluctuating all the time as its energy level rises and falls at myriad points throughout the universe. The peaks in these energy levels are called ‗virtual particles‘ and there are countless squillions of these in every little point of space. These virtual particles have no reality as actual particles and their existence in time is immeasurable by our present means. So they exist almost not-at-all. However, their existence is long enough for them to have some effect on each other. That effect eventually brings about the creation in time and space of those things that we call ‗the sub-atomic particles‘. These new creations are the foundation blocks of the atomic particles which, in themselves, are nothing more than electrical charges. That which we call the ‗proton‘ is a positive charge, the ‗neutron‘ has no charge and the ‗electron‘ is the negative charge. This process, from quantum field fluctuation to the formation of basic atomic particles, seems very similar to the description of the field of Mind and the manifestation of experience in the physical field through the increasing focus, or peaking of energy, of the cell of influence. The quantum energy field is similar to the field of memory and mind and the way that the fluctuating energy levels in that field focus complexes of virtual particles into actual particles seems to be similar to the cell of influence focusing various complexes of ideas and concepts into gradually more concrete forms. In both cases i.e. that of the quantum and mind fields, the concretions take actual form and have effects in the physical universe. Quantum physics also tells us that these electric charges we call particles are really not located in space but, somewhat like a magnetic field, are smeared throughout a general locality and in some cases even the total universe and only take the form of separate particles when we choose to observe them at a particular location. Electrons particularly have been studied at length in respect of this idea and their behaviour is difficult to understand unless we accept that, until observed, electrons are actually an electromagnetic field that spreads throughout the whole universe. Sub-atomic particles are not all that is spread throughout space in this fashion. All matter, all objects, and all mass are spread in a similar fashion. The world we live in seems to be immobile, static, and firmly located in one place that does not change very often, if at all. We look at the sky day after day, year after year, and the stars always seem to be in the same place. Our world is flat; it stretches from horizon to horizon and the sun and moon rise and set on cue every day. Nothing changes. We all realise that this image is wrong regardless of what our senses tell us, but most of us do not realise how wrong it is. The world we live on is a sphere that orbits a star we call ―Sol‖ or the ―Sun‖. The sun does not rise daily, it is our sphere rotating that gives us the impression of sun-rise and although the moon does orbit the earth it is not this fact that causes moon-rise each night but, once again, the rotation of the earth. The major change to the way we look at the universe will come when we realise that everything in this universe, without exception is moving and, mostly, extremely rapidly. All atoms and their sub-atomic particles are in a state of very rapid motion. This planet and all on it is rotating at one thousand two hundred and fifty kilometres per hour. At the same time it is orbiting the sun at approx. fifty-three thousand kilometres per hour. The sun itself is orbiting with a local cluster of stars around some common central point. This local cluster is orbiting the centre of the Milky Way Galaxy which, itself, being one hundred thousand light years across rotates once every two hundred and fifty million years and is part of a small group of galaxies which also orbit a common central point. This process goes on and on; we have no idea how large these groups get as we can see only a small part of the total universe, but it is very clear that everything, without exception, is moving in many different directions all at the same time. Now space is not just volume or area it is also time as explained by Einstein and that is why the physical universe is now categorised as space/time, you cannot have one without the other. So when we observe all the moving objects in the universe we cannot 140

just observe them moving through space; without time we cannot observe them moving at all; but when we also observe them moving through a period of time we would see that the points become extended lines in one direction of movement, a plane in another and cubic in yet a third direction. And so, somewhat like the electron, all matter is smeared throughout space rather than being located in just one place and the cumulative velocity of that smear must be extremely high. The world we experience is static and in one place because we observe it like that. Not because it actually is. The virtual particles do not exist for any measurable length of time; sub-atomic particles mostly exist for very small fractions of a second; many atomic particles last for a few seconds or minutes and a few last for long periods of time; some of the more massive particles will, as far as we know, last for the whole life of the universe. If, as very badly described by the Big Bang Theory, the universe is finite then even the longest lasting particles will cease to exist as, or before, the end arrives. However, if the universe is infinite, which we infer by the ideas herein, then even the lifetime of the longest lasting particles cannot be measured because time, in an infinite universe, is meaningless except where it is relative to an observer. Our bodies are made up of these atomic particles which are exactly the same as those found anywhere else in the universe and it is these particles and their atoms that make the molecules that make the cellular structures that make our bodies. So the basic building material of our bodies is continually fluctuating in and out of existence as the quantum field energy rises and falls and it is not the solid matter we imagine it to be. When seen individually the cells of our body are also very simple structures. Many not greatly different to the amoeba. Some of our cells have a very long life indeed; some of them very short. But all cells within our body are completely replaced over approximately a seven year period. So regardless of what we think we might be we are not the person we were seven years ago. We are constantly changing and it is this continual change, some very rapid some very slow, which is the real constant of the physical universe of space/time we find ourselves in. Nothing is as we observe it; all is constantly changing and what we think we observe is actually an average of those changes over a period of time. Let us imagine a tennis ball in flight. We like to think that, while the ball is moving, it can still be observed as a sphere. But the only way to actually do that is to move your eyes at the same speed as the ball. When you do this both your eyes and the ball are moving through space/time at the same speed in the same plane and direction and so the ball appears stationary and spherical. The fact of the matter is that the ball, while in motion, is a smear spread throughout space/time, which is why Newton, attempting to measure such events, invented calculus. But amongst this continual flowing field of ever-changing events in space/time there is one thing that seems to remain unchanging: that which we call ―I‖. Lydia Anne and I think that everything in the universe is built on a repetitive fractal-like structure and so, as the macro-universe is so will its likeness be found in the part. As explanation and clarification of this discussion the part is our bodies. These bodies are not a lump of matter moulded into human shape, as a piece of clay is a moulded lump. They are a mobile, corporate body of billions of cells all co-operating like termites and bees to ensure the survival of the mound, or hive, of which they are each a very temporary inhabitant. Each of these billions of inhabitants is an individual living an individual life with no concern for the outcome of the life of any of its neighbours; but together they do some rather remarkable things without, it would seem, even knowing that they are doing so. For example, heart cells all together form the heart but each individual heart cell on its own responds to the electrical pulse which periodically and systematically stimulates it – with a small spasmodic tic. I am sure that each heart cell does not know why it does this nor does it question its situation but because it and every other heart cell tics the heart, as a whole, beats and acts as a pump. Kidney cells do not set out to filter the blood. Each kidney cell is merely extracting its own nutrients from the blood that passes by and the end result of this extraction process is that the conglomerate of cells we call the kidney removes material from the blood that to the rest of the body is impure and toxic. Our whole body functions in this way as each cell is simply attempting to feed itself and survive. The food of one cell is the poison of another and the excreta of one may be the food of another. But other things happen as well. Some cell conglomerates fit themselves together in fractal-like arrangements and when they do special effects result. The lung cells form together in a fractal-like manner that creates many very small 141

holes and tubules and results in a sponge-like substance that blood is too thick and viscous to pass through. However, oxygen from the air can pass into and carbon dioxide can be taken out of the blood and back into the atmosphere via our breathing as the molecules of those gases are small enough to pass through the sponge-like texture of the lung walls. Quite remarkable considering the cells probably have no idea what it is they are doing other than surviving. The liver cells are similar types of sponges and through this organ fluids can be extracted from the blood to be excreted from the body without also extracting the important cells and platelets from the blood. All the fluids taken from the blood are passed mainly into the bladder which is another organ made up of cells simply surviving. But the way in which they hold hands with each other means that a balloon-like containment vessel is created which is capable of holding a considerable amount of fluid for many hours. The most remarkable thing about all of this is not that these cells know nothing of their ‗higher‘ purpose; It is that, even whilst they have been forming themselves into this rather incredible mobile termite mound we call our human body and have evolved and adapted to become as different as skin and brain cells they are, even now, little different to the amoeba-like cells from which they sprang billions of years ago. While some cells have remained much the same for all that time others have become elongated and serve as nerve, motor neuron and brain circuitry, while yet others have become sinewy and created ratchet-like structures which, when working together, make groups of muscles. But internally each cell still has exactly the same survival mechanisms for feeding, protection and reproduction that were found in their original forebears. All those billions of years ago these very simple living structures were not much more than just a sac of fluid containing some very simple chemicals that, given the right stimulus such as an electric charge or exposure to ultra-violet light, tended to replicate themselves; originally this replication would probably have happened in the same way that crystals grow rather than what we think of as living cell division. Because these very early cells were so basic and fragile they could not survive where there was any free oxygen that would oxidise them. There is, and always has been, oxygen locked up in the molecules of the rocks of the planet and in the water molecules but as long as it remained locked away in this fashion it was not a problem for life. However, when the oxygen is freed from the rocks and the water molecules and becomes a gas in its own right in the atmosphere and throughout the water it becomes toxic to most cellular life forms on this planet. Cellular life and early microbial life developed in an anoxic atmosphere (there was very little oxygen) and they grew into and formed slimes and moulds that used sunlight as a form of energy gathering known as photosynthesis. This process began to give off oxygen and gradually the level of oxygen in the atmosphere began to increase. This meant that the cells themselves were producing, into their environment, the very gas that would eventually destroy them. Oxygen does this by the process called ‗oxidisation‘ and this is most obviously seen in rust as it oxidises the iron, and in the green patina of the corrosion of copper. Some cellular life-forms survived this increase in oxygen by finding refuge as very simple bacteria deep in the earth or in the ocean where, to that point, the free oxygen had not yet arrived in any quantity. We have just recently discovered in both these places that bacteria have proliferated in ways that we find barely credible. Others created ‗space-suits‘ for themselves that protected them from their newly polluted and poisonous environment. Even today the oxygen of the atmosphere in which we live is actually a poison that our bodies can only tolerate in very small quantities and in a very controlled fashion. We need it for the oxidisation of chemicals within our bodies and so we need to breathe it, but even this controlled method of utilising oxygen damages all the cells that come into contact with it. An example of this is found when very premature babies, whose lungs are not yet working efficiently, are given oxygen-support after birth, sometimes for long periods. One of the many side effects of this treatment can be the detachment of the retina of the baby‘s eyes. There is also a cancer therapy that uses this toxic effect of oxygen by flooding the tumour with oxygen. Because cancer tumours tend to create anoxic environments for themselves and unlike the normal cells of our body cannot tolerate oxygen at all, flooding them in this fashion can often destroy them quite quickly. So, whilst we need oxygen to survive, we do not tolerate it at all well and we have had to create protective measures to isolate ourselves from it.


A similar sort of thing happens within our digestive system. We need to digest our food as rapidly as possible to enable us to survive as mobile units. To do this our digestive system uses bacteria, enzymes and some very strong chemicals including hydrochloric acid. This acid actually kills the cells of the stomach wall-lining as the food is being processed and these dead cells are processed and passed along with the food but they are continually replaced and it is this alone that means the acid does not eat into the rest of our body. It is the hydrochloric acid that gives us heartburn, or reflux, a curse of over-eating and old age. As we age, or if we over-eat, the sphincter muscle at the top of the stomach tends to weaken and allows hydrochloric acid to be regurgitated and then it begins to eat into the walls of the oesophagus. So the early bacterial cells banded together to create a ‗space-suit‘ type of vehicle that gave them the mobility to gather food and find mates yet also protected them from the poisons of their environment; and one of the very early developments in the creation of this space-suit was the evolution of these sacrificial cells in various parts of our body. Stomach and lung cells are internal examples, the outer layer of the skin is another. Without this outer layer of sacrificial skin cells we could not survive on the surface of this planet at all as the free oxygen would attack and destroy our exposed flesh very rapidly. Living organisms may be able to survive in the depths of the ocean where there is very little free oxygen but otherwise life as we know it would be all but impossible. This outer layer of skin is the end product of a process that begins well beneath the surface of the skin in the creation of cells that, as they age, move ever closer to the surface where they then die and are discarded. Our space-suit‘s outer protective skin is actually dead and dying cells and they are continually sacrificed in this way so that everything inside the outer skin is protected from the oxidising atmosphere. That is why we have to vacuum the floor, wash our clothes and change the bed linen frequently!! As the millennia passed the very early bacterial cells formed evermore sophisticated structures as the need developed and in this way they progressed from very simple to very complex and efficient forms of life and motion. Then these life-forms, until this time inhabiting the depths of the anoxic oceans, began to explore ever more alien environments and to do this they developed ever more complex space-suits. It is now thought that life on this planet may have spent its early period of development among the black smokers of the deep abyss as there is little oxygen down there, no light, but much warmth and nourishment. To move away from this environment early life had to develop protection against the cold and against direct sunlight and to some degree against ultra-violet light and other forms of harsh radiation experienced on the dry land surface of this planet. Leaving the depths did not just mean that these early life forms had to take their own water with them, though they did, there was a host of environmental problems to be faced and dealt with. In providing protection for itself against these environmental hazards and developing the necessary equipment to feed itself in situations in which its food was not abundant, life ultimately developed the ability to leave the sea and move into an atmosphere that was just as alien then as deep space is to us now. How did it do all this? We think the answer lies in the facts as stated above that our bodies, and all bodies be they animal or plant, really are space-suits. They are real space-suits that have been constructed by the very cellular bacteria that are also the building blocks that have been used in that construction. There are a variety of bees that do not have fixed hives, or nests; instead they move from place to place as a colony en masse. They do this as they search for food and when a source is located they settle in that area and form a hive, or nest, with their own bodies in which the outer layer of bees is sacrificial. These colonies are called swarms and are sometimes found hanging from branches of trees, on fences, gates or under the eaves of houses. These hanging swarms are created by each of the bees holding on to its neighbours while those at the top of the swarm also cling on to the branch or other object around which the swarm has clustered. The outer layer of these colonies are sacrificed to predators, temperature and weather fluctuations as a means of ensuring that the inner life of the nest is protected. Our own bodies are like this and all of the cells that go into making our bodies are the nest and the mobile home of them all. In recent decades it has been very clearly shown by experts in the subject that evolution is basically a simple process that does not require intelligence or consciousness to function and proceed. It has also been 143

Fig. 31 Fractal A form of the Mandelbrott set


Fig. 32 Fractal A version of the Mandelbrott set


Fig. 33 The Lattice Window Cube

This is the Lattice window. It is a fractal created by one complete iteration of the original star. (see fractals in figs. 30, 31 & 32) I have highlighted the cube to show that the fractal can be viewed in three dimensions. Note that the infinite centre is projected out onto each of the planes of the cube.


shown that a system which is successful in one phyla will usually be found being used in other phyla that exist in similar environments. In other words nature strives for simplicity. Add to this that which we have already presented regarding fractals and it becomes very clear that the process for constructing bodies from conglomerates of cellular bacteria is a relatively simple process based on some common geometric principles. Once a fractal has developed and has been found to suit the environment in which it has arisen it will continue to grow as long as the favourable conditions persist. It has been said [refer T.V.N.Z. Channel 6 23rd September, 2009, Fractals] that it is possible that everything, from the sub-atomic structure through to the largest galaxies in the universe, is fractal-like. Molecules, cell structures, trees, forests, the mountains and the coastlines of our land masses are all fractal-like. Cloud forms and wave patterns of the sea, weather patterns and the flow of wind and water, and probably every other process on this planet is fractal. The way that forests grow, the pattern of tree growth, leaf form and fern frond shapes; vein, artery and nerve branching patterns, the branching of brain cells and the bronchial branching in our lungs, the cell structures of livers and kidneys and even our heart beat are all fractal-like. Lydia Anne and I are confident that eventually it will be discovered that the whole space/time universe is constructed in a fractal manner because this is the simplest form of complexity that leads to the greatest efficiency chaotic action can attain. [Refer to figs.31 & 32]. All of our research emanating from the Star and the Kabala has shown us that both of these symbols are the foundation of fractals and were so long before the word ‗fractal‘ was invented. If the picture of the universe that they present is correct, and we think it is, then they are showing that the universe is indeed fractal. However, the most important points about fractalisation is not ease of construction or efficiency of operation but it is that fractalisation occurs at all levels of the universe from the smallest to the largest, from the quantum sub-atomic to the relative macro-cosmic; because of this repeated iteration from sub-atomic to macro-cosmic singularity the whole universe is harmonic and therefore empathic throughout. Forget about gods; forget about spirits; forget about even the physical as it has been taught. The universe is not the mechanical clock-work system described by Newtonian physics so beloved of the mechanistic behavioural scientist of this age. In Newtonian physics everything has a beginning, an end, a cause, an effect and exists in time and space and it is in this type of universe that one finds gods, spirits, and other supernatural forms because the physics of the finite cannot adequately account for all phenomena experienced by sentient beings. The universe is fractal-like and has self-similarity from the smallest to the largest. Not only this, but also it has motion in all directions and planes from the smallest to the largest and this is observed in the atom and the galaxy. It is fluidic and all of the movement within the universe, be it sub-atomic or galactic, is in the form of the vortices that we discussed earlier and which was alluded to by Einstein when he spoke about gravity wells and distortions in space/time. So we find ourselves within a fluidic, fractal universe from which arises the empathy of harmonics at all levels and from which, we propose, arises the consciousness we all experience as ―I‖. Simply described thus, harmonics is the way in which one object, or material, vibrates in sympathy with another. For example, a struck tuning fork creates a wave length of sound and, by placing the tuning fork next to a crystal glass, produces a sympathetic note from the glass. This note is generally the same wavelength as that produced by the tuning fork but a similar type of response can be generated an octave or more above or below that note. It is this which is the harmonic. Given the right equipment harmonics of this nature can be generated, or discovered, throughout the natural environment and are not limited to being just one or two octaves above or below the original source. There are harmonics between every level of energy as long as the gap between the levels is the correct mathematical progression of harmonies. [Refer figs. 34 & 35 ]. The most well-known of these harmonics is called the ‗quantum leap‘ and relates to the various orbits in which electrons are found about an atomic nucleus. Electrons cannot orbit at any random distance from the nucleus but are bound by distinct energy levels to orbit at well-defined distances. If we imagine the sun being an atomic nucleus then an electron of a given energy level can only orbit at where the planet Mercury is. When the energy level of the electron rises past this given level the electron must then orbit at 147

Fig. 34 Harmonic waves

Compare the Harmonic waves above with the caduceus at left.


Fig. 35 The Lattice Window.

The lattice window begins on the same root as the fractal in fig.30 and is probably infinite in all planes. Lacking the computer programme to verify this it must remain probable.

The lattice window is a fractal created by one complete iteration of the original star.

I have highlighted the cube to show that this fractal can be viewed in three dimensions and have also highlighted the original circle to emphasise the root.

Within the lattice window are repeated forms of harmonic waves.


the distance of Venus or, as the energy level rises further, at the distance of Earth. It cannot orbit anywhere in between those distinct distances because any other orbits are not fractal-like harmonics. If, as described earlier, our bodies are constructed according to fractal geometry then what we need to keep in mind is that this fractalisation works in both directions from the smaller to the larger and vice versa. This means that our body, in this case the larger, is constructed according to fractal geometry all the way down to the smallest level which does not cease with the cell, the interior of the cell, the organelles of the cell, the DNA of the cell or, in fact, even the molecular building blocks that make up the cell walls and interior but this fractal effect must descend down through the molecules and proceed on down to the level of the atoms themselves and their sub-structure. Being fractal all the way from the greater to the smaller this body, our vehicle, must therefore be an harmonic of, and empathic towards, the energy levels and fluctuations thereof of the atomic structure itself. At the cellular level, however, there is another very interesting part of the cell structure known as the ‗mitochondria‘ which seems to have something to say about this very same empathic effect. The mitochondria is a small bacterium-like cell found within all normal, sexually dividing, living cells. It is passed down from generation to generation through the female only but is found in both males and females. There is some thought among biologists and zoologists that the mitochondria may have originally been an independent bacterial life form that was parasitic on the types of cell that now make up our bodies. At some time, probably before complex life forms arose, the mitochondria formed a symbiotic, rather than a parasitic, relationship with its hosts and was, therefore, carried into the complex structures as they arose. Interestingly, the mitochondria does not multiply through sexual activity but through cloning but can only do this within a host cell, such as ours, that multiplies sexually. The mitochondria is essentially the powerhouse of our cells. It creates and/or distributes all the chemicals that our cells require to function and divide; through the RNA it also instructs the DNA within our cells what it, the DNA, must do with the various chemicals and when to do it. So without the mitochondria the DNA would be unable to build all the very different types of cells required for the various organs being manufactured. The mitochondria is the powerhouse; the RNA is the messenger; the DNA is the reader of the blueprint and the master builder. In essence the mitochondria is the architectural hand that guides the master builder. As mentioned in the last paragraph, the mitochondria multiplies by cloning. The realisation of this has led many biologists and zoologists to suggest that aside from minor mutations the mitochondria of today is essentially the same mitochondria that was the original parasite billions of years ago. The reason is as follows: Sexually dividing creatures share their DNA, approximately half is provided by the male and half by the female; at each of these matings the DNA combinations are to some degree scrambled and rearranged so that each new generation is unique. The progeny of a coupling bear many similarities to their parents but there are also often great differences and can, over long periods of time, lead to the rise of distinct species. For example, there is a sea bird – the herring gull - that nests nearly all the way down the Atlantic coast of Great Britain and Ireland. There are many distinct species of gull along that stretch of coastline and it is clear that neighbouring groups of these birds, regardless of the species, do interbreed; the exceptions being the herring gull and the lesser blackbacked gull. These two species are at either end of the coastal range and do not mate with each other. The herring gull migrates yearly to North America. On this side of the Atlantic the herring gulls have gradually worked north via nesting and interbreeding and developed distinct species there also until, they have worked their way around the North Pole through Siberia and back into Europe where they appear as the lesser black-backed gull. This is called a ‗ring species‘ and these two groups of birds have evolved so far from each other that, in spite of the fact that neighbouring birds mate with each other, they are no longer able to breed successfully. Same bird, different species as a result of genetic scrambling brought about by sexual reproduction. [refer R. Dawkins The Ancestors‘ Tale pages 254-255.] Cloning, however, does not scramble the genes as there is no sexual contact. At the cellular level cloning generally happens by the DNA simply dividing into two exact replicas of each other and these two replicas 150

separating into two different halves of the cell and then that cell dividing in such a way that the two different strands are kept apart. The result of this is that each new cell is an exact replica of the original. It has the same shape, the same appearance, it behaves in exactly the same way, it will carry the same memories and will do the same things as if it were thinking the same thoughts. The only variation would come when one of the cells enters a slightly different environment to the other or as time gives each cell different experiences. Then they may begin to behave differently. We are all familiar with the results of this type of cell division for we see it in our macro-world when it arises in identical twins. Fraternal twins (nonidentical) are conceived as a result of two ova being fertilised by two sperm and the transferred genetic material in each ovum is unique to that ovum because the mixture of DNA material in both ovum and sperm is different in each case. In the case of identical twins, although the ovum is fertilised by one sperm the DNA mixture that results is divided into two exactly replicated halves as the ovum itself clones and divides in two. Fraternal twins are not clones, identical twins are. Even though scientists fear to tread on this ground anecdotal evidence abounds to support the hypothesis that cloned twins empathise with each other even over great distances and stretches of time. Gardeners will be very familiar with a little green pest called the aphid. These little creatures are the pest they are because they replicate somewhat explosively. Aphids replicate through sexual activity but if there is no male available, or if the colony is in danger of eradication, the females are able to replicate by cloning and very often they do. When this happens all of the daughter offspring are exact replicas of their mothers and numerous generations produced this way all look and behave exactly the same. The mitochondria, we suggest, empathise with each other in exactly the same way because they are clones and exact replicas of each other and it may be that, as a result of this empathy, our bodies have become the amazing structures and vehicles that they are. However, there are two aspects of the mitochondria that bring us right back to the main thrust of this book. The first is the empathy that we have just been discussing and the second is the eternal nature of the mitochondria. If the mitochondria do empathise and the body is a fractal structure within a fractal universe then the empathy of the mitochondria must be an harmonic of that universal structure. That being the case the ―I‖ we have discussed throughout this book, arising out of the infinite field of mind, must be that empathic harmonic between the universal field and the cell of influence and the mitochondria must be the interface between the cell of influence and the finite particular, which is the life we experience. [See fig. 36 & 37] This would mean that the infinite, virtual particle or Mind field would peak or focus its potential into an harmonic form which can be empathised with by the mitochondria. This in turn, transmits this empathic harmonic into the heart of its host cell where it is converted into physical action. The other aspect we need to discuss is the idea that, because it clones the DNA within, the mitochondria is essentially exactly the same DNA that existed all of those billions of years ago when it first formed. There are actually two forms of DNA within ourselves. One is the very large normal sexually dividing type that is the blueprint for our bodies and the other is the very small, only ten genomic sequences, that is found only within the mitochondrial cell. All the chemicals within that mitochondrial DNA are from the present day environment just as they are with the DNA of the ordinary cells that are the host of the mitochondria. The atoms that form those chemicals are different to those that formed the originals but this does not mean the DNA itself is different any more than our own bodies which we call ourself is different from that which existed twenty or thirty years ago, even though every cell and atom has been replaced numerous times over that period. The mitochondrial DNA, using chemicals from its environment as food and building blocks, has divided and divided ad infinitum but essentially remains the same as the original and to all intents and purposes, it is eternal. Even though the mitochondrial DNA in one individual person does not survive that person‘s life this does not negate the hypothesis that the mitochondrial DNA is eternal because it has already divided through cloning and been passed on to that person‘s progeny. In every cell in our vehicle/body there is a part of us that is eternal and, it would appear, to be able to empathise with the field of infinite mind and potential. Within our bodies it must empathically relate to, and communicate with, every other of its kind


Fig. 36 The Cell of Influence The page represents the field of infinite memory and potential or, from a physics point of view, the field of virtual particles.

Mind randomly draws constellations of memory and idea from the field. Pisces

Libra Aries

Leo The field focuses through the vortex into the Universal ‗I‘ of the Cell of Influence at the Mitochondrial interface. Harmonic empathy is felt here and through this empathy the Separate I becomes aware of itself as the Universal ‗I‘ and Infinite Mind being focused through the eternal cell.

The individual and unique focus of potential is then projected into and lived out in the space/time field as a unique and seemingly separate I.





A and B are both variations on the symbol called the Caduceus. It is known as the symbol of doctors and hospitals but was originally the symbol for the messenger of the gods, known as Mercury. It has also become known as the Tree of Life and therefore represents the same thing as the symbols we use to represent the DNA and RNA. The B image is more representative of the DNA within dividing cells whereas the symbol of Mercury, being the messenger, is more representative of the RNA. The dotted and highlighted lines within the vesica/yoni represent the Mitochondrial DNA within the cells. The yoni itself represents, in this case, the walls of the Mitochondria cell. If you refer back to the previous figures of 1, 2 & 16 you will see that each caduceus symbol is surrounded by the black and white astrological symbols. These have various names, in both astrology and Kabalism and are known as houses, days, coins and stones. One of the names for the Kabala symbol is the Temple and so each stone is one of the foundation stones of the Temple. But when the circles are taken to represent cells then the black and white stones each become a foundation message borne by the RNA.


and through the infinite field it must empathise, at least in an harmonic fashion, with all other mitochondria wherever they are found. This also must mean that through our brain cells, which the mitochondria also influence, we – the seemingly separated I – must be able, using the interface provided by the mitochondria, to communicate with, and through, the field and tap into memory through harmonic empathy. Add to the eternal nature of the mitochondria, its ability to empathise in this harmonic fashion and you have all the attributes we have discussed in this book in relation to the cell of influence. It has the potential for behaving as a gateway between the infinite field of virtual particles of quantum physics, the infinite Mind field of the Voice and the particular life experience in space/time we call ―I‖. In this one element of our existence we have found our eternal source and the way we connect with and relate to it. It is also the source of our beliefs in spirit and eternal gods and is the origin of the voices, visions and revelations that for aeons have led us into superstitions of life after death, heavens and hells. As these things have arisen through this gateway, the misunderstanding of what we have seen and heard from our infinite mind of memory and potential has denied us the knowledge that we are in essence eternal and in mind infinite. As all kinds of memory and information has flooded through our brains as unknowingly we have been harmonically empathising with the field through the mitochondria and cell of influence we have translated that into the only means we had of explaining what appeared to be weird phenomena. Disembodied voices must have been gods or angels; visions of ethereal beings must have been ghosts, spirits, angels or demi-gods and empathic events such as those that happen between identical twins, synchronicity, serendipity and telepathy, etc, must have been miraculous, supernatural or the activity of some god meddling in the mundane world. However, we can now see that all of that is the result of our lack of awareness. We bear within us a gateway to the infinite and our gateway is eternal. Just like identical twins we also have this empathy but it is not a multitude of cells talking to each other and the rest of the universe it is only and has ever been only, the one cloned cell talking to itself; not with language but with what we can only call empathy, or harmonic feeling. We have grown up in a world lacking in awareness about a number of things that are important to our growth and development as evolving intelligent, rational and civilised beings. Things that it is probably necessary for us to know if we are going to become adult sentients in a universe that is possibly inhabited with intelligent beings far more experienced than ourselves. We have arrived in this so-called ‗age of enlightenment‘ believing, for example, that we only have five physical senses: being sight, taste, smell, touch and hearing. We ignore the fact that we are also able to sense temperature changes without tasting or touching anything and so this must be a separate sense, giving us at least six. Then with ego flying at full mast we say that our pheromone senses atrophied aeons ago as we evolved away from the animals. In doing this we gloss over the reality that all our bodily functions including pheromone production and reaction, mating and sexual behaviours are animal. Life has been evolving on this planet for about four and a half billion years we, as homo sapiens, have been here for about three hundred thousand years. This is a barely measurable period in relation to the previous four and a half billion and so I am sure that our behaviours are in no way different to all that has gone before and neither have we lost our pheromone receptors. I, Josef, am of the opinion that those receptors are in our noses – where one would expect them to be – and each spring I become overly aware of them as a spot in each nostril irritates me extremely and leads to bouts of hay-fever as those spots become overloaded with pheromones produced by all the plants and wild and domesticated animals with which my world abounds. So this gives us at least seven senses. However, we have yet another sense as Lydia Anne and I have been describing on these pages. In the past it has been given various names with the religious calling it ‗the spirit‘ or ‗holy spirit‘ and some even thought it was ‗god‘ and yet others ‗the devil‘. Some psychics and mystics have called it ‗god consciousness‘, the third eye, or the ‗sixth sense‘ and even though they were probably closer to the mark than anyone else they still seem to be at least two senses behind. This eighth sense, which we seem to be calling ‗harmonic 154

empathy‘ or maybe just ‗empathy‘ for short seems to be the most important. Not only does it give us access to memory and information otherwise denied us, it also reveals a method of processing that information that is as different to logic as quantum computing is to binary computing systems, as different as finite is to infinite. It also allows us to see and experience the universe holistically rather than in a fractured and sequential space/time fashion and in doing this we are able to become aware and experience memories of, past events in which we, as the universal ‗I‘, have taken part. Through this we realise that we, the ‗I‘, are in all and are all, inseparable if for no other reason than the cloned mitochondria in you is the exact replica of the cloned mitochondria in me and bears all the self-similar [fractal] likeness and memories that they all had prior to the point where they divided to become me and you. But because they are clones they are also probably empathically harmonising with each other and so even our feelings are a Oneness in which we all share. But finally this harmonic empathy brings us to the realisation that all sentience anywhere in the universe arises out of the very same field from which ours has come; and so, whoever we may meet as we leave this planet, is also one with us through that field. We cannot go out into the universe as Conquistadors as we did in the past whilst exploring this planet. We can only go as partners in a union with all sentient life. This partnership of sentience brings with it the insight that ego is for logic and space/time bodily vehicle management and development; it is a limiting factor when it comes to the infinite field of mind. Ego thinks it has free will, when the reality is that the ego is the driver [in the computer sense] of a programme that operates the physical vehicle that is primarily designed to free the will of the infinite mind through the catalyst of the corporate I. It is this eighth sense empathy that enables us to do just that, to be the Hands of the Mind in the physical experience.

“From One came Manus, In an age of Fire To seed her genus In the dust of Gaia.”


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