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Clever monkey BY Eileen B. Nov.10th

Briefly Introduce The Primate Group The same as what I said before, monkeys are very smart primates. Some of them can even farm. There are two main groups of monkeys: Old World monkeys and New World monkeys. New World monkeys differ slightly from Old World monkeys in several aspects. The New World monkeys' size is small to medium, but the Old World monkeys are medium to large in size. The monkeys often defend themselves and defend their friends. They also have their own languages. So, the monkey that I'm gonna to talk about is a New world monkey —— the Pygmy Marmoset.

The Pygmy Marmoset ...... Also called the Dwarf Monkey. It has many nicknames such as, “pocket monkey” and “little lion”. It is a New World monkey that is native to the rainforest canopy. It is one of the smallest primates, and the smallest true monkey. Its body length ranges from 14 to 16 cm, but that isn't including the tail. The Pygmy Marmoset has a long tail, it's about 15 to 20 cm long. Male Pygmy Marmosets weigh around 140 grams, and females only 120 grams.

The Pygmy Marmoset is different from other monkeys. They use special types of communication, to give alerts and warning to their family members. These include chemical, vocal, and physical types of communication. In a Pygmy Marmosets' family, a trill is used to communicate over long distances. A sharp, warning whistle, and a clicking sound signal danger to their family members. A J-call is a series of fast notes repeated by the caller and is used at medium distances.

Pygmy marmosets live 11-12 years in the wild. But in the zoos, they live into their early twenties. Pygmy Marmosets often live in groups made up of an adult pair and their kids. Every group ranges from about 2-6 members. Young marmosets typically remain in the group until after 2 consecutive birth cycle. They love to drink the liquid that came out from the tree, and they also eat insects, too.

The monkeys were really clever, they can lie to each other, they can protect themselves from others by using their brain, they know how to use things to protect themselves. So, If you went to a zoo or a forest that has monkeys in it, remember to be nice to them, and don't fight with them. Because......They are clever monkeys!



Pygmy Marmoset  

The Pygmy Marmoset - by Eileen Bao

Pygmy Marmoset  

The Pygmy Marmoset - by Eileen Bao