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A Letter from the Editor Salutations, I’ll keep this short. It’s a new year, let’s make the most of it. This is a passion project. You’ll see and read about at least one cool thing each issue. I thank you for reading.


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Little Miss Lobotomy’s Editor-in-Chief: Ruth Noemi Lead Writer: Ruth Noemi Freelance Writers: Thisfunktional

FAQ The origin of the name: My partner’s last name is “Lobato.” Back when MYSPACE was big, he used the tag “Lobotomy,” making him Mr. Lobotomy. I, in recent years, took to using his old user moniker – it was appropriate. I wanted to change the way that people see things – I still want this. The name is apt. Why are your cards silvery? Have you heard the phrase “Not all that glitters is gold.”? It means that not everything that looks valuable is valuable. Well, not everything that isn’t gold is invaluable. Silver, much like gold, is valuable. Sometimes a shiny glass bead can be a treasure, for example. Also, I prefer silver to gold. Who does your graphics? I do. Can we hang out? Sure. Follow the calendar on my website to attend events with me. Keep an eye out for standup comedy ticket sales. What does this magazine contain? L.M.L.’s contains more writing & less photos than most popular publications. You’ll likely not find news pieces here, who knows, I might change my mind. There are plenty of those though, aren’t there? I think The Daily Show with Trevor Noah & Last Week Tonight with John Oliver are two great examples of good news sources (though neither is done in print). How accurate is the information in this thing? Everything is fact checked. Mind you, just about everything is filtered through a lens skewed by how I or my team see the world. This still doesn’t explain what the magazine contains. You’ll get exclusive interviews & find out about neat little places around Los Angeles. Some of the things you’ll find here include (but are not limited to): A dedication, information about the cover, a band, a traditional novel, a graphic novel/manga/comic book, a video game, a show that is off the air, a show that is ending/should end, an ongoing show, a museum, a theatre production, a piece about etiquette, a piece on clothing, an eatery, a dessert place, a special event (month appropriate), a performer, a venue/location, transportation, comedy/comedian, BDSM shop/topic, Adult toy store, Film Calendar, Life skills/adulting, final arrangements, event calendar, brief history calendar, & a short comic strip section. Sometimes there will be a theme, like this month’s theme is Pleasure & Love. ‘Tis the season for giving, right? Why are you writing about these things? I think they are neat, so they are worthwhile. Mind you, this is not because I think highly of myself, but because a lot of things hold no interest for me. If I find it interesting, I am sure other people will too – being part of fandoms has taught me this. Who is your audience? You. What does that mean? Not everyone has the chance to go out and explore the city or expand on what they know, so why not have interesting things brought to your attention – from the comfort of your own choosing. Just because you can’t attend something or haven’t heard about something, doesn’t mean you don’t want to read about it. How do I help the magazine keep going? By purchasing this magazine, you are already helping it to keep going. If you would like to make a bigger contribution, go to , then click the "become a patron" button & Patreon will help you get set up (if you are not yet a patron). I want more than some writing; will you make videos? To bring you better quality stuff, I’ll need to save up some money. Can I help speed up the video process? Yes! There is a tier for this on Patreon. If you don’t want to contribute the tier amount of $100, become a patron at a value you can afford. Please remember to read each tier.


Etiquette Every month I will include a new tidbit about etiquette. No two months should be the same. Some will be short, others may require multiple pages. Etiquette is a set of rules that cover all types of social interactions. What do you mean all type of social interactions? What do you mean rules? Well, for all social interactions, there are social rules. These rules cover the proper way to speak – be it at work, on the phone, in school, or elsewhere – how to behave, how to ask for help, how to shop in a store, and anything else that requires you to interact with anyone or anything. In other words, if there is a situation you can think of, there is a set way to behave that is construed as socially correct. Etiquette : noun : et·i·quette pronounced: \ ˈe-ti-kət , -ˌket \ Definition: The conduct or procedure required by good breeding or prescribed by authority to be observed in social or official life. (Miriam Webster Dictionary) Example: It is rude to cut in line, but it is done every day. It causes people to feel that you think yourself above them. Sure, maybe your friend held your place in line while you parked the car. You were being practical – you were thinking ahead! To the people who have spent their time in line while your friend waited in line for the two/more of you, you are rude. We have a set amount of time on this plane of reality. We don’t know how long we have. You have made it seem as though you are looking down on them. Synonyms: manner, form, mores, proprieties What to do when you are in a conversation you don’t want to be in? Here are some options:

1. Use a lull in the conversation to excuse yourself to get a drink and don’t go back. 2. Pawn them off on someone you don’t like. 3. Pawn them off on someone they would get along with. 4. Pawn them off on a stranger. 5. Say that you have enjoyed the conversation and have to be elsewhere Whatever you choose, remember, there will be social consequences.


United we Spend : Invest in yourself By Ruth Money. How much do you send in a month? What do you spend your money on? What you’re spending your money on, is it worth your investment? Is there equal exchange? Is there perceived equal exchange? Does it Matter? We spend money every day. We spend it on food, clothes, on bills, on ourselves, on our loved ones, & on people we don’t like. Have you stopped to think about why? I found that though I spent very little this past consumer rush season, I didn’t feel left out. I thought that I’d feel bad, because the holiday season is when you spend money on people to show them physical manifestations of your love. I let my loved ones know that I love them every day, or every time I see them. For the past several years, I have been at school or at work on holidays and birthdays. I have put work over family and friends. I have put school ahead of my health. Maybe you’re not like me. Maybe you put family first. Maybe you don’t need to be reminded that life is finite. I’ve worked in the funeral industry, I was part of it for almost two years, and I can tell you with certainty that more people invest their time and money on things they find weren’t worth putting above time with their loved ones. It isn’t easy to see someone you love whither and get old and die slowly. It isn’t easy to want a child and have it die a breath after it is born. It is not easy to wake up and be alone and know that you are alone. It is not easy to think of your inevitable death. It isn’t easy to think of those who you love who will be “left behind.” Do something to make life enjoyable. Invest in yourself. Make little choices that will help you feel accomplished. Watch a sunset. Read a book. Paint a picture. Do something to make yourself happy. Invest in yourself. 4

Bitcoin (created in 2009) is the latest of currencies we use in the modern world. It’s the first successful cryptocurrency, but it is not alone. Have you heard of CryptoKitties, it’s a cryptocollectibe (like an in real life beanie baby)? This CryptoKitty’s a game where electronic kitties can be valued at an average of the last 5 Cryptokitties that were sold plus 50%. Before you can get started with CryptoKitties, first you need Ether. Ether (what powers the Etherium), like Bitcoin, is a crypto currency. Lost? That’s okay. Before there was Bitcoin & Ether, there were Bank issued notes. Virtual money vs physical money in the modern world – virtual currency comes with lower transaction fees. Before there was virtual money, mobile payment was introduced. Mobile payment allowed you to use a smartphone or a PDA (a Personal Digital Assistant aka “a handheld”) to pay for purchases online and in person. Mobile payment works by connecting your credit or debit card to your small portable chip (aka your mobile phone or PDA – all chipped to easily locate you, but that’s a different piece). Of course, before mobile payments could be a thing, there were debit & credit cards. Debit cards are plastic cards you can use instead of cash to purchase items virtually and in person at most retailers. The money you use for payment comes from your bank account. There are, of course, prepaid cards. Credit cards, unlike debit cards, do not use money from your bank account. They allow you to pay for your items with the promise 5

of being paid back in return. Credit card companies are a third party that pays the company/person who is selling whatever it is you are buying. If you don’t pay back the full amount of money you purchased using the credit card, even if it’s just fifty cents, you’ll be charged interest on the full amount you spent. There are also charge cards, but we won’t get into those. Before cards there were card transactions, there were checks. Oh Checks – who remembers carrying a little book of checks? You’d save your check books in the little check book box your bank would give you – oh Check books. Checks are still used by some people today. Checks are a type of paper money exchange that is a promise of payment, they came around in the 17th century. Now we get to paper money. Paper money came about in 600 B.C. (in China) & is still used all around the world today. Before paper currency, coins were used. The coins would be infused with silver & gold stamped with icons that were understood to have different meanings. Like paper money, coins are still used in modern currency. Before money, there was the bartering system. You’d trade an agreed-on item or service for someone else’s item or service. Human history is fuzzy on the origin of money due to it predating written history. Now back to the modern day.

Bitcoin is a type of cryptocurrency. Bitcoin, since 3/25/2014, is treated as property by the IRS & is subject to a capital gains tax. 1 Bitcoin was valued at $17, 590.49 on 12.15.2017. The price fluctuates daily but has gone up by a large % over the years. 6

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(Coding) By Ruth

There are 2 places you can learn to code. Here is a list of 5 places you can check out!

1.) 42 For those of you who read last month’s issue, you’re aware that I dig The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy.









created 42. Trivia, 42 is the answer to the question to the ultimate question.

42 is a revolutionary and relatively new school that was founded in 2013 in Paris. A branch opened in 2016 in the United States of America. What makes this school so different is a collection of things, any of these alone would make you squint your eyes and think it was sketchy. I’ll give you some examples: -

Open 24/7


$0 tuition cost


You are not required to buy anything to participate in the program.


There are no teachers.


You do not get a degree when you are done.



All intellectual property belongs to the students.


There are 300 spaces in the dorms that completely free.


All the running costs have been paid for the first 10 years of the school in advance by the founder (Xavier Niel)


You must be between the ages of 18 & 30 to apply.


No previous diploma is required (finishing high school is suggested)


You must take several rigorous tests to see if you are capable of learning what they teach then that is followed up with an intense programming session over 4 weeks for those who show the aptitude and are accepted to the school.


All students have to undertake internships (that are treated like a new unlocked level of gamelay)

For more information, go to:

2. Holberton Holberton is another coding school. This one has a cost of 17% of your internship (internships last 6 months and are paid) earnings plus 17% of your salary over 3 years once you find a job. School is 9 months of intense training followed by a 6 month paid internship,

& concluded with a 9 month specialization of your choice. Finer details: -

% cost


Low rent cost for room of approximately $700 (school does not provide boarding)


Open to anyone above the age of 18 with a high school diploma.


Opportunity to become a Full Stack Engineer. (they make approx. $153,000 a year)


School provides all computers your first year.

For more information, go to:


Photo: Darklark

Wardrobe (most): Portum Bellum

Music: New Band: Electro dark-rock: Normoria (Original print: AUGUST 29, 2017 on the LML website by Ruth)

I recently met a philosophical young man. He asked a hard question. The question was: “What is best in life? Music, Anime, or games?” I, of course, placed a tally for “anime.” Why? Anime incorporates music into every show. As soon as that intro starts, you get a feeling like you are home. Feeling like your home in a comfortable place with just your auditory senses is very special – not all music is created equal. There is a new band that makes me feel like I’m home, they are, Normoria. Normoria is an American/Swedish Electro dark-rock band founded in 2016 by Angel Moonshine. The band is composed of two Americans and two Swedish friends that have come together to bring you a big blend of dark styles, and electrifying music for the soul. Angel Moonshine is the band’s founder and vocalist. The bandmates have been in the electro and goth scene for many years – they know what they like & what audiences will like; the best part is – they are all beautiful and talented. I look forward to seeing them live once they start touring. Check out the interview Angel kindly granted me, then follow the links to hear Normoria for free! Ruth: How did the idea for the band form? Angel: I always wanted to do something in this music genre. So after moving to Sweden a little over two years ago and getting tired of playing in symphonic metal bands, I finally decided in 2016 that it was time to do something fun and pursue my other love, which is dark electro music. Ruth: How did you meet? Angel: Our guitarist Gustav and I (Angel) are actually married. I brought up the idea I had with some friends, which included Simon (backing vocalist) and he was immediately interested in joining. Then he introduced us to Johan (bassist) who quickly jumped on the (band)

wagon. We all have things in common and essentially the band formed from a circle of friends, so we try to keep a “friends hanging out” atmosphere. Ruth: Where do you draw inspiration? Angel: Inspiration for me can come from all sorts of places and experiences, just life in general. That’s what I get inspired by when writing lyrics or music. Although with the actual music it can vary because sometimes you don’t have to look for it, it just comes like a flash of lightning even if you are asleep. Ruth: When will your EP be released? Angel: We are working on it right now and if everything goes as planned we are expecting to release it by the end of October. Ruth: How do your songs come together? Angel: I wanted the music to be more exploratory and mix different styles and sounds and make it into something more versatile instead of sticking completely to one style. That’s exactly what I found in Jim Zero’s music who is a multi talented friend I worked with in the past. He wrote some of our songs and allowed me to add the necessary changes, melodies and lyrics to the music in order to finish them. I like working with different musicians and getting inspired by them. And at the moment I’m also working on more music with another talented friend and producer as well. I’ll talk more about it when we are done with all the music. Ruth: Do you want to be signed, considering that there are artists that are very successful and unsigned?

Angel: We are not seeking to be signed, but we are always open to any offers from record companies.

Ruth: What is your long-term goal? Angel: Our long term goal as a band is to write fun and inspiring music, play awesome shows (big and small) hopefully in different countries, and have fun doing it all.


You can find Normoria’s music bellow: Facebook: website: Instagram: Normoria_band Please also check out:



The story mode for “Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm Generation” lets players take control of their favorite Naruto characters and play through some of their epic fights. Each story is short, but the playable fights combined with the motion comic style cute scenes help to make the experience feel like reading the manga. The graphics are not the most realistic, but with an anime-based video game, the animated look helps preserve the feeling similar to

the source material. The controls are something that is much like every other fighting game, most of the actions are done with two buttons, but a combination of three buttons (power-up, strike and dodge). Each battle in the story mode gets more and more difficult, but with unlimited retries players can adjust their fighting style to progress. To keep things interesting, characters evolve as they progress through the game as well, new moves are obtained and power-ups as well. For fans of the anime, the stories for each playable character may be familiar, but the cut scenes and ending story may contain some never before seen story, which makes going through all story mode character exciting. The game has more than 70 characters, but not all of them are available in story mode. The main characters are available for story mode and the rest are playable in versus mode. With so many players to explore and Ultimate Jitsu moves to try out, this fighting game can be replayed over and over with different characters. Fans can have fun playing out dream matches which were never a part of the anime or manga. “Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm Generation” may have similar gameplay to most any other fighting game, but with multiple characters, a player’s chance to improve fighting strategy and the story element the game is a great addition to Naruto and fighting game fans. Jesus’s instagram: @thisfunktional


My Heroes By Ruth

This is a list of people I admire. They each have qualities that I like and have dedicated their lives to change the world’s perception. If you want to support something, you will. If you want to read something, you will. If you want something bad enough, you’ll figure out the way.

Photo from GC’s website.

George Carlin This is the man who was taken to court for his routine where he compiled the 7 words (that were previously avoided or bleeped) that were considered “highly inappropriate.” For those of you who don’t know, the 7 words are as follows: Shit, Piss, Fuck, Cunt, Cocksucker, Motherfucker, & Tits. He changed the way many people perceived politics, the 10 commandments, & words in general. He was great. He passed away in 2008. His latest stand up album was released 8 years after his death, titled: I Kinda Like It When a Lotta People Die. You should check it out.

Photo credit unknown.

Hugh Hefner He was pro 1st amendment & made significant contributions to society. He changed the way people viewed progress, nudity, and themselves. He also changed the way the public consumed smut. He published pieces like “the Crooked Man” when society was very conservative heteronormative, & published interviews with Malcom X, Martin Luther Kink, & George Lincoln Rockwell. He is buried next to Marilyn Monroe. He started out with a dream, a loan, & some investors.

Banksy Creating political & social commentary through street art, he points things out and inspires you to think. He employs stenciling techniques executed with spray paint on the street all around the world. They are anti-war, antiestablishment, & anti-capitalist. Though Banksy’s art

started on the street, their art is seen as legitimate. Banksy once had an art show at the Bristol City Museum & Art Gallery (in 2009) & has had people shed many tears due to the city removing art Banksy put up on the street. Of course, auctions have also taken place in public places that hosted Banksy art, with the winner of the auction being responsible for the removal of the art. The largest scale production known to have been done by Banksy is Dismaland. Dismaland was a dark parody of Disneyland filled with things unsuitable for young minds and included book burning of Jeff Archer books, a glitching Ariel, & intentionally unhelpful park employees. The website crashed constantly. The show/themepark was up for 1 week.

Maria Bamford She is a comedian who is diagnosed with Bipolar II & OCD. She has been hospitalized several times & is not afraid to talk about it. Her comedy is positive, uplifting, filled with different character voices, & punctuated by honesty. She is happily married to someone who loves her for herself. She has openly talked about thoughts she has overcome, such as thinking someone with mental illness can’t be loved romantically. If ever you felt bad about being sad or ashamed of having to go get help, look at her. She is a beacon of hope & what is possible.


Shepard Fairey You should read his manifesto. He has been on the cover of TIME twice. He designed the inspirational HOPE political poster in support of Obama’s run for president and made it free on his website (he only “sold” a couple of HOPE things). He is where the inspiration to allow this online for free comes from. He has managed to make a living being able to create art that is instantly, in your head, iconic. He has the power to change your perception with a 3 color palate & is a father and a husband. He has been arrested many times, deprived of insulin (he is a diabetic) & has been beat just for the hell of it by police while being held. He promotes freedom of speech and has gone to court many times to defend himself for his art. He is a white man. If ever you wondered what white privilege doesn’t look like, look no further. He fights for the poor, for the intellectual, for the disenfranchised, & to change the status quo. This makes a lot of people angry.



George Orwell aka Eric Arthur Blair was a writer. He passed away in 1950. He is one of my favorite novelists. He has written novels that I have not liked such as Animal Farm, 1984 & The Clergyman’s Daughter. These are not novels meant to be liked. These are novels meant to make you think. These are novels that were social commentary – everything from school systems being rendered useless & absurd to low wages to the elite ruling class & the government monitoring everything you do. By the way, if you haven’t read (or even heard of 1984) please read it.

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Hosting free comedy shows every Monday & Tuesday night. * The show starts at 8pm & goes until 10pm. It’s Los Angeles’s best kept secret. You never know who will be a surprise guest. *This is not an open mic. If you are interested in performing, contact Adam Hunter.

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The Team Ruth Ruth loves cranberry juice. She binges books with the enthusiasm most people binge Netflix.

Jesus Jesus loves to adventure. He sometimes reads bedtime stories to friends over the phone to put them to sleep.

Littel Miss Lobotomy issue #3  
Littel Miss Lobotomy issue #3  

An introduction to the editor. Contains a brief history of money, an interview with Normoria, & cool things worth checking out.