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Little Miss Lobotomy’s Issue #1

To my Person, I love you.

Little Miss Lobotomy’s Editor-in-Chief: Ruth Noemi

Lead Writer: Ruth Noemi

Freelance Writer: Donnie Rex

Lead Photographer: Seth Neuffer ----------------------------------

A Letter from the Editor Hello, Thank you for taking a look at the first issue of Little Miss Lobotomy’s (L.M.L.). My name is Ruth. I hope you all had a fun and safe Halloween (even if you do not celebrate the holiday). The theme of L.M.L. is “things I’d want to read about if I didn’t know about them.” I bring you things around that I think are cool. This magazine is project. Some things of use to you, others completely irrelevant

passion will be will be to you.

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Life is about hits, misses, and continuing to move forward – until the inevitable end, whenever that may be. If you come along on this journey with me I can promise you one thing, you’ll see and read about at least one cool thing each month.


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❤ A brief introduction. You are here. An explanation about subscribing So it could be anything… Photographer and subject information Local Los Angeles Band Your atypical Groundhog Day & typical dejavu. In the beginning… No, not that one. A place I feel like a child. That one cool show that was canceled. A show that touches my heart. A show I love that is about to end. Did you mean “manners?” Did you mean 7? Now in Monterey Park. A treasure that Breathes. We love you Mr. Poe. Shhh…no photos. What? Donnie Rex’s Eyes You are cordially invited to attend, if you’d like. Not for the justice warrior. Bondage Basics It’s not what you think. Not just for toys. Picture this… From Germany, with love.

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Photo by: Seth Neuffer

Subject: Xhie of Lesser G0dz

This photo was taken at The Barkley in Pasadena.

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A DIETY BY ANY OTHER NAME An interview with front woman Xhie of Lesser G0dz By Ruth

R: How do you want your music to make people feel? Xhie: That’s a great question. Y’know, I have to admit I haven’t thought much about that specifically.It’s been such an immense release for me personally, and often, up to a certain point, I’ve definitely been coming from a pretty subjective place with what I talk about, and having this as an outlet now, at this point in my life… it has really helped me through A LOT. Overall, we definitely want to leave a lasting impression, and I think musically, there is a lot that people can latch onto, musically, lyrically, visually. We definitely don’t limit ourselves and we tend to go to a lot of places in terms of mood and experience. So, that’s something I hope people can get into when they hear us or see us. Probably my favorite experiences I have had from my favorite artists over the years, at least in terms of the lyrical, is that feeling of “oh! Wow! I’m not alone in that feeling or experience” y’know? Some artists just have a way of saying things that really hit home with you in ways you never expect to feel that particular kindredness with, and that’s always surprising, reassuring, comforting, and even (hopefully) empowering at times, when we often need it the most. So, ultimately, if our songs touch people in those places, or allow folks to hear music differently than maybe they have prior to, and they feel they can really sink their teeth into what we’ve got going on, so much the better. R: How does your creative process affect your end result? Xhie: For the most part, Fraud and I kinda patched things together. He has always written all kinds of music, all the time, and I have always written a lot of lyrics over the years. So, somewhere between his pieces that he’s accumulated and the lyrics and melodies that I had accumulated over the years, when we met and started working together on songs, it just came together. I was also going through a lot at the time, so new stuff was coming up and out for me, and initially, I had asked him if he would make a track for me that sounded really formidable “like a giant metal snake coiling on itself” is how I described the sound I wanted, and he came in a say or so later with a CD with 5 fresh tracks on them. Ironically enough, the track he called “metal snakes” that he made fitting that description, I still have yet to

actually write lyrics for. Haha! But at least 3 of the other tracks became songs on “A Soul Distorted” which was originally a concept album I had toggled with by myself some years back, and now it’s actually a full fledged album. One that we had made first, but then ended up writing so much beyond that, so that album has gotten pushed back in a line other releases that we have been working on. Creatively, it’s been a very productive and cathartic couple of years. R: Your show is an interactive theatre experience & is beautifully executed, how do you decide what your props will be? Xhie: Thank you! ❤ that’s really wonderful to hear. It’s kinda random, in terms of how I decide before a show what I want to try next. I have definitely given myself over to some interesting uses of things. Like the candle, and the wax play, and of course “Jane’s friend (obviously referring to the gem stoned phallus). Going forward I have some different ideas planned, some that are a bit harsher. I wouldn’t call it BDSM so much, as it’s not really coming from a place of fetishizing, as much as it is coming from a place of externalizing things inside. I think my favorite part so far was getting wrapped up in lights. I cover my face or my eyes a lot, sometimes because I am shy and it actually helps me feel closer to the sounds and lights and just helps me connect to the source better. I like to have at least one point of the set where someone will come up on stage and do something to me, whether it’s wrap me up in lights or pour things on me like wax, or ashes, and as we continue to play out, I hope to expand on that as well. I don’t want to say too much yet, but I hope to make it more interactive and be able to keep it pretty interactive. It’s a bit experimental for me, I think, in one sense, and hopefully connecting in another sense. I tend to drift in the direction of some torture themes, but again not really in an overtly sexualized or fetishized way, or at least, that’s not specifically intended. It’s more emotional for me, the places in myself and my experiences where I am coming from, but, there is the point where it goes beyond me and beyond lesserg0dZ as a two piece band, so, as we’ve been starting to play out, I am enjoying creating such experiences and kind of allowing myself to give up a bit of control. It kinda helps lighten some of that heavy and keeps things interesting. So I like that about it. Like being blindfolded and wrapped in lights by a total stranger, while your half naked in a room full of people, there is something a bit daunting, but liberating, and even humorous in that. And you were there when Seth poured the wax all over me, that was really fun, as well. Like in the middle of this supposed to be a torturous moment in the bridge of that song, it’s supposed to be all heavy and scary and live in that moment it became fun and amusing, and it actually tickled so I was laughing. So that ebb and flow is really cool. Live, you just go with the flow, and there are the really serious moments, but room for not so serious moments. It was kinda like that for me when I watched the full edit of our video for Invisible Bastard. Something that was created from a place of immense emotional pain and confusion, and watching it after the fact, the absurdity in the melodrama became even more cathartic in a different way, because…. It just made me laugh so much. Like, “oh wow, people are going to be terrified, or confused or able to relate or just… who knows what they might ‘think’ but some might be concerned about me after seeing it.” Haha. One friend watched it and said he didn’t know if he was watching a snuff film, or what, he was really blown away by it, so that was really nice to see and hear his reaction. R: How do you feel about your fans? Xhie:All love, of course. It’s hard to say “fan” at least for me. I mean we haven’t yet built that big of a fan base, for one, but also, fans are friends, like the songs are friends, too. Definitely, the way I feel about people being into us and becoming fans of what we’re doing, absolutely, the more the merrier. You know how it is. It’s affirming and exhilarating and humbling (an honor) when people really appreciate what you do. So, gratitude.

Photos in this article by Seth Neuffer

â–˛ Scan the code to be taken directly to Lesser G0dz free listening section. Facebook: Website:


Book Pick of the month:

On the back cover: “What if your teachers taught you everything – except who you really are? For Amelia and her friends, the strict English boarding school she lives in is all she has ever known. The sprawling estate, bordered by unknown territory on all four sides, is an orphanage and an academy, but it’s also a prison. The school has a large staff, but only five students, none of whom know what their real names are, or even how old they are. Precocious and rebellious, all five teenagers are more than just prodigies. Amelia can see in four dimensions. Victor can control the molecular arrangement of matter. Vanity can find secret passageways where none existed before. Colin is a psychic. Quentin is a warlock. As time goes by, they're starting to suspect that none of them are entirely human . . .”

Orphans of Chaos is book 1 of 3. This is worth a read if you like semi dense fantasy novels that deal with old Gods & coming of age stories. The protagonist is female, in case the cover didn’t tip you off. The first time I read it, I was a bit lost. I went through it in about two days on my first read through. I closely examined it on the second read, then went to town on dissecting it on the 3rd. I hope my high school English teacher would be proud. In the December issue, there will be an essay on this book for you to check out. Feel free to rent or buy the book so you can check it out for yourself and better debate what I will be writing. I like to discuss books, why not make it a group activity?

The Endless: Oh my. If you haven’t heard of them, strap in. Let me preface this with, The Endless are a creation of Neil Gaiman. Niel Gaiman is the creator of Stardust, American Gods, Coraline, & Neverwhere, among others. The Endless are 7 siblings that are just that, endless. There is probably one that










personifications of their respective name – they are



Destiny, Death,

Dream, Destruction, Desire, Despair, & Delirium (formerly Delight). My favorite is Death. Destiny is the oldest. He carries a book and is serious most of the time. Death is a perky goth girl who is reincarnated on the mortal coil once every 100 years, but only for a day. Dream is the main protagonist. Destruction has gone on a journey to find himself. Desire is a sneaky one. Despair is a downer, but she tries. Delirium used to be Delight, but Delight was driven to madness by loss. Interested? You should check out my graphic novel pick of the month:

Video Game: Xbox One: Destiny 1 vs Destiny 2: Enjoyment I’ve never gotten into the first-person shooters, before Destiny (the game) they've made me cringe. The premise tends to fall too close reality for me. I can’t have fun and laugh with something like Call of Duty or Halo, sure, they have good stories, but I can’t immerse myself in them. This is the reveal trailer for Destiny, the game:

Destiny, the game, is a first-person shooter game that takes place in a future where humans have colonized other planets, civilization has been all but wiped out, & your characters have magic abilities (depending on their class – warlock, titan, or hunter). At the beginning of the game, you are brought back to life – after being dead for a really long time. You learn about how the world works, unlock abilities (granted to you by “the traveler,” again, these depend on your class) & set out to keep the last city safe and power up to beat the big bad (run the raid – the hardest end game activity that requires top light level, good gear, great coordination, & team work). New beginnings trailer, Destiny the game:

I didn’t get into Destiny straight away. My partner played the beta when it came out in 2013, I got into it in the fall of 2013 - I gave the game a shot because my partner would stay up for most of the night to play with his friends. I figured, if there was something he was into this much, it was worth looking into. I found myself enjoying the game quickly & started to run the game with a friend of mine from high school. Live action trailer:

As much as my partner, my partner’s friends, and I played Destiny, it was nothing compared to my friend from high school. See, my friend from high school was not only running Destiny with 3 characters on Xbox One (one of each class), he was also running Destiny with 3 characters on PS4. So, while the rest of us, each, had 3 characters kept at top light level, he had 6. I’d call this dedication. Eventually, after the second DLC, he stopped splitting time between consoles and focused on the charterers on the Xbox One. My friend from high school, my partner, & I, are obviously on different gaming levels. I am the worst in the bunch, though I could eventually run nightfall by myself. Nightfall is a difficult end game activity that is meant to be played in a group of 3 (what is called your fire team- thought a military fire team is 5). The measuring stick I use has 6 characters at top light level on two systems as a “10” and being able to run nightfall by yourself as a “0.” So, by my definition, I am a 0. Destiny is a game that inspires you to dedicate time into it. As much as we would complain, we would continue to play. As bad as I was in the beginning, I continued to play and improve. Running a strike with someone who doesn’t know what they are doing, is bad at playing, & or has a slow reaction rate can be infuriating. When you’re playing for loot, you don’t want to call the time wasted. In any case, though Destiny was repetitive and a grind, some of that was the most fun I have ever had. I’d recommend taking a look. A few weeks ago, Destiny 2, the game, came out. I like it, but I don’t dedicate as much time to it as I did to Destiny. I only have a warlock, with the 3 subclasses unlocked, exotic gear, an exotic ship, & two exotic emotes. Part of the motivation is gone. An example of lost drive, is that no one I know has started on a second character yet. I remember part of the reason I ran 3 characters was because I wanted to get loot and run the same content with different abilities to see what worked best (titan has slow speed, but is basically a tank, hunter is fast & has a knife, the warlock is basically a sith lord) in the same scenarios. 16

Destiny 2 Reveal trailer:

I can honestly say that I have enjoyed playing, though I can’t run nightfall. I got used to being able to solo nightfall, sure it would take a while, and sometimes it was more enjoyable to play in a team with friends, but I enjoyed being able to do stuff on my own. There is a likelihood that I may not get to run this raid – since I can’t get through nightfall on my own. Team coordination is needed, calculation is needed, & even my high school friend only has one character. Destiny 2 Official Launch Video:

Maybe we’re getting older, but maybe we set our expectations too high. For now, there is only 1 strike play list, and though the maps are many - and remind me of Fallout 4 - the fast travel makes it easy to skip over the map, diminishing content enjoyment and making it a bit pointless to explore (though I will be exploring). Pokémon, for example, gives you Fly towards the end of the game – by this point you have explored just about everything – and you appreciate it. It’s useful to get from A to F and back to A in 5 minutes. Maybe Destiny 2 will get better with time. For now, I’m going to create a hunter and see how it goes. Maybe I’ll get back into the Destiny flow. Destiny Game Youtube

Destiny Faceboook

This article was initially published on on 10.2.2017

This is a screenshot from the MOCA website. You now have the information you need so you can plan a trip.

Going to the MOCA always makes me feel like I am small (size wise & age wise). A tip for you, if you are uncomfortable when you make loud noise unintentionally in a public place, be sure to wear “quiet� shoes. I want you to enjoy a time out, not to run away before you get to enjoy the place.

Phrase : pushing up (the) daisies 1. informal: dead and buried. If you haven’t seen the show, check it out. It was canceled after only 2 season. It was so good. It was philosophical and had love that could never be, with kisses though plastic, and a zombie doggie. Oh, and pie. It had pie. I love pie. I mostly watched for the romance. The series followed a man who has a pie shop that can bring things back to life by touching them, if he doesn’t touch them again within a minute (the second time he touches something that is dead, it stays dead permanently) or someone else in the vicinity will die (because of equilibrium?). He accidentally killed the father of the girl he loved, totally - on accident - makes his mom into a zombie – then kills her. It can be quite traumatizing. So, the show is him as an adult dealing with life with a physical distance kept between him and the two beings he wants to hold and cuddle, but can’t.

Now What? *sigh* I will write something when this season ends. I had something written out, then last week’s episode happened.


I don’t know how this story will end. I am watching with baited breath. This is the final season. Watch with me? The story, under all the snazzy outfits, comedy, and “the glamorous life of a doctor,” does a good job of showing that you can be a career woman, with or without a child. The character personalities are varied enough that it might remind you of your job – every wonder why so and so is still there? There must be some reason, you’d notice if they weren’t. Though this show has a similar base line to Grey’s Anatomy, the two shows could not be more different. Grey’s Anatomy is “dark” (quoting Yang) and The Mindy project is not that. Both shows follow a female protagonist who is a doctor, a mother, and is dealing with a lost love. What is harder? Dealing with the death of your great love, or the fear of never fining someone who will love you for who you are? I just hope that the last episode isn’t as disappointing as the fact that Angel was canceled & ended with an epic battle I wanted to watch, that the Buffy Verse comics include a dark future where there is only one slayer, the ending of True Blood (& omg, the book ending was “wtf” as well!), or any of the Transformers films. 20

Photo is from a last month when I sent out personalized “thank you” cards.

Etiquette Every month I will include a new tidbit about etiquette. No two months should be the same. Some will be short, others may require multiple pages. Etiquette a set of rules that cover all types of social interactions. What do you mean all type of social interactions? What do you mean rules? Well, for all social interactions, there are social rules. These rules cover the proper way to speak – be it at work, on the phone, in school, or elsewhere – how to behave, how to ask for help, how to shop in a store, and anything else that requires you to interact with anyone or anything. In other words, if there is a situation you can think of, there is a set way to behave that is construed as socially correct.

Etiquette : noun : et·i·quette pronounced: \ ˈe-ti-kət , -ˌket \ Definition: The conduct or procedure required by good breeding or prescribed by authority to be observed in social or official life. (Miriam Webster Dictionary) Example: It is rude to look over the shoulder of a person who is either reading or writing, but it is done every day. Synonyms: 21

manner, form, mores, proprieties

I absolutely love Sushi on Garfield. It’s a little shop, with enough standing room for about 5 people. There is only 1 chef and 1 attendant. You won’t soon regret visiting. This place is about 5 minutes from my home and opens at 11:30 am every day – even holidays. When I first found out about this place, because it is a relatively new shop, I ate there every day for two weeks straight. A month after I started ordering from Sushi on Garfield, I went so far as to apply for the register job (the job came with a free menu item at the end of your shift). That is how much I love the food here, I dug it so much I wanted to help other people enjoy their food. In the end, it wasn’t the right fit for me. I had another job, was in school full time, & the second job’s perks lost out to my body requiring sleep. I had a fun new experience, and I still purchase food often. K, the owner and chef, is super sweet and caring. Since I worked for him around my birthday, he made me a party platter (free of charge) as a surprise! I shared with my partner, but it was mostly devoured by me (a party platter has over 40 rolls that are ¾ the size of my palms, btw) over two days. On weekends, when I am working in the office, I’ll sometimes order lunch from Sushi on Garfield over the phone (about 20 minutes before my lunch break). Whenever I am not able to pick it up myself, there’s a coworker that offers to pick it up for me. Don’t think that’s a free service though – it comes with a tax. When I order rolls and my coworker picks them up for me, this means 7/8 arrive back at the office. It’s okay though, I’m all for sharing good food with a good team. Sometimes the whole office places an order together. Check out the Sushi on Garfield menu by scanning the code:

From left to right: Marisela Torres, Lucy Flores, & Stacey Padilla

I have been buying treats at Kelly’s Bakery for years, sporadically. I don’t remember when I started going there, but I remember that I still lived with my parents (I was a teenager) and that I rode my bike everywhere. Kelly’s Bakery has gone through many changes in the last 2 years, culminating in a refreshing new look, menu, & name. Kelly’s Bakery is now “Caked LA.” When I attended ELAC, as a theatre student, I would – on occasion – stop in before rehearsal or class and purchase several goodies. I’d set up my lightweight portable table on campus (sometimes in class) and go to town (with my half gallon of milk). The first time I was an assistant Stage manager, I purchased 2 cakes to celebrate opening night. Cake prices begin at $20 & they now offer unique unicorn cakes start at $45. It is possible to custom order the cake flavor & the outside color. They also offer cupcake unicorns and unicorn milkshakes! What I love about this place is that they have not compromised the taste, just gotten a store redesign. They have kept all the original menu items, added to them with new twist on their classics, and added a brand-new beverage menu! The bakery has an eating area, a photo area, & a quick “to go” section if you’re in a rush (cake frape anyone?). The staff is experienced, polite, and courteous to all clientele.

Wondering when the right time is to go? Well, mornings are popular for mothers with small children, while the afternoon crowd is mostly filled with East Los Angeles college students who are looking for a BOBA, a smoothie, a coffee, or a unicorn fix. Evenings are when the locals usually pop in. Regardless of your age or budget, they have something sweet that’ll hit the spot just right. Thank you Lucy Flores, for sitting down with me!

Caked LA’s specialty is Unicorns!

Micah the Magician, A Treasure that Breathes

Micah the Magician was introduced to magic at the age of 8. His grandfather gave him a magic book for his birthday and he was instantly hooked. His first variation on a magic trick – something that made a trick unique to him – was "The Name of Your Card Is..." the Spectator chooses a card, and the Magician, without seeing it, announces a random name. The Magician then proceeds to demonstrate to the confused Spectator that written on the back of every playing card in this deck, is a different name. Sure enough, their chosen card has the announced name written on the back. Micah realized that it would be a much stronger routine if the SPECTATOR'S name were on the back of the chosen card. This was the beginning of his personal approach to magic - that the magic should be ABOUT the Spectator, not just performed TO the Spectator. Even better, the Spectator BECOMES the Magician. This realization was the beginning on a journey to find and perform magic where the Spectator becomes the Magician. That journey led to his signature finale close-up effect, Real Magic, where the Spectator IS the Magician. Micah’s work in this area is published, thanks to the lovely people at The Magic Apple in Studio City. This publication made it into the Library of the Academy of Magical Arts at the Magic Castle, not a simple feat. This is Micah’s first contribution to Magic that will help him live on, past death.


Micah is a member at the Magic Castle. Incredibly enough, Micah’s childhood hero, Ice McDonald, was the deciding vote at his Magic Castle Audition. Micah first heard about The Magic Castle when he was a child growing up on the east coast, from his father. His father had a temporary work contract in LA. While in Los Angeles, his father purchased a souvenir Magic Castle deck for little Micah – little Micah, with a souvenir Magic Castle deck I hand, couldn’t believe that a place like the Magic Castle could possibly exist. Micah’s ties with the Magic Castle (also known as “the Castle”) have grown from the souvenir deck he received as a child. This November marks the 13th year he hosts The Night of the Raven, his creation, at the Magic Castle. The Night of the Raven is a night of magic, with variety acts honoring the mysterious work, life, and death of Edgar Allan Poe. Edgar Allan Poe is the Godfather of Gothic Horror and the creator of the Detective Story. This would fascinate anyone who is into the mysterious, as a magician, Micah is, in essence, Poe's target audience.

There’s a theater in the Castle used for impromptu shows, a place where members may entertain their guests. This is the space Micah asked the Castle if he could use for a night – they said yes. It's the same theater where The Night of the Raven will be this year. At first, the Castle didn't officially acknowledge the show, then one year they approached Micah with a request and an interest in promoting the show. Since then, the Castle has continued to let Micah produce it, while they help promote it.

Charly Gineau, with her band/creation Many of Odd Nature & actor Duffy Hudson (as Edgar Allan Poe) are the two artists who have performed in the show more than any others - ironically, neither of them are magic acts (though Duffy has become an accomplished magician in his own right). Each show ends with Micah’s performance of The Raven, where he recites an abridged version of the poem, due to time constraints, while escaping from a straight jacket. The Raven is - and with good reason - arguably the most mysterious poem ever written, which appeals to the magician in Micah. An interesting interpretation that most people miss, Micah misses it as well, at first, is that the narrator is a magician himself - or specifically, someone who is dabbling in the occult. "While I pondered... over many a quaint and curious volume of forgotten lore" is a suggestion by Poe that the narrator is researching the Dark Arts. If you want to go further down this rabbit hole, the suggestion is that he's researching the occult - possibly to get Lenore back. Instead of Lenore, the narrator gets The Raven. Once it dawned on Micah that the narrator might be a magician, he wondered what might keep a magician trapped in the room with The Raven - why doesn't he just leave? Then, it dawned on him - the one thing that is most famous for trapping a magician, is a straight jacket. This cast a completely different light on the material - if he's in a straight jacket, he is probably also insane. Losing someone you love can sometimes drive you mad with grief. This, arguably, happened to the character in The Raven. You can find Micah around town in immersive theater, escape rooms, at iFly, at Sky Zone, at the gym, and of course, at the Magic Castle. He swing dances when he can & performs, whenever he is able to, for the Queen Mary, Beetle House and Cafe 50's (on Santa Monica Blvd). He is also the Resident Magician for Shriners Hospital. If you’d like to hire Micah for a private event, email with your first name, your last name, the date, time, location, & budget of the event. Be sure to include what you would like him to do. He offers different services with different packages and prices. Micah is accommodating and is happy to work with clients to give them the best event possible. He is a treasure. Check him out at: w w w . m i c a h t h e m a g i c i a n . c o m Scan the code below to go to the Magic castle website: :

November film Releases: November 1 (Wed.) A Bad Moms Christmas November 3 (Fri.) Thor: Ragnarok Blade of the Immortal (Limited) Lady Bird (Limited) Last Flag Flying (Limited) LBJ (Limited) My Friend Dahmer (Limited) November 10 (Fri.) Daddy's Home 2 Murder on the Orient Express Thelma (Limited) Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri(Limited) November 17 (Fri.) Justice League The Star Wonder I Love You, Daddy (Limited) Mudbound (Limited) Roman J. Israel, Esq. (Limited) Sweet Virginia (Limited) November 22 (Wed. - holiday) Pixar's Coco The Man Who Invented Christmas Polaroid Darkest Hour (Limited) November 24 (Fri.) Call Me by Your Name (Limited)


Uber: An Interlude By Donnie Rex I’m someone that takes an Uber Pool frequently and uses UberX twice a week. Uber Pool is not a Good choice if you are in a hurry. I can’t stress enough how many complaints I hear from a rider in the same car as me. In the end it’s the rider’s fault. They called an Uber late and asked for a pool. Pre-Planning when using Uber is essential, otherwise you’ll regret taking it. It takes between 5 – 10 minutes, on average, to get picked up. It’s always best to plan on another rider being picked up and add in some buffer time for traffic the driver will likely hit on the way. Quick math, plan for a twenty to thirty minute of delay time if you’re in a hurry. I leave forty-five minutes to an hour ahead of time, so I don’t run the risk of being late. I’ve gotten to know both sides of the fence - the driver and the rider. People can get nasty about being “made late.” When you ride Uber, you never know what kind of driver you’re going to get. You have the obvious Introverts, the extroverts, and the people that just go with the flow. I consider myself someone that goes with the flow. Depending on the driver I’ll talk to them or let them do their thing. Some drivers don’t want to talk, which is totally fine, but you never know until you say something to them. Some drivers are willing to change the music in the car to your taste, some even hand you their auxiliary chord. Before Uber, I took the bus very often. Uber is definitely different than the bus. Unlike the bus, Uber works on your schedule, so here are two tips: 1. If you take Uber Pool before busy hours and traffic hours, before and after 3 – 5 p.m. you won’t have much of a problem. 2. If you are taking them during busy hours, UBERx is worth the extra dollars especially if you are in a hurry.

Little Miss Lobotomy here, inviting you to my little birthday shindig! Come out and laugh with me on my birthday. The show starts at 8pm on the dot, some by early to grab a drink and seat.

(Adam Hunter left, Jay Leno Right, photo from Adam’s Facebook page - credit unknown) Do you like comedy?

Adam has a self-professed mission to make the world a better place through laughter. Check Adam Hunter’s Videos, Schedule and More at:

Kink for the Masses Check out the Stockroom on redit:

The Stockroom likes to keep the public informed and offers free workshops, on occasion, and often partners with The Pleasure Chest to bring you sextacular information in a classroom setting. 30

Halloween has a lot of “festive” events to choose from, though Christmas’s oppressive blanket of trees and carols is almost at full mast by October 31st of stifling the air. This year I was lucky enough to win a pair of VIP tickets to Hex, a Halloween Night Darkside Massive at the Globe Theatre in Down Town Los Angeles (DTLA). HEX was put on by Xian (pronounced "Zy-in") & her company LADEAD (Los Angeles Darkside Events and Dance). I’ve attended previous events by Xian, I think of her as a major head in the LA Goth Club scene, and I have never been disappointed by them. I find the mere thought of her accomplishments inspiring. As a teenager who wanted to be “part of the scene” I would collect fliers (from clubs I was too young to attend) and somehow or other, I saw her somewhere in Hollywood while I was out exploring (on an adventure) and was in awe (mind you, I graduated high school at the age of 16). I wouldn’t know this was her for several years. When I did, I was again in awe – not only was she beautiful, she could put on an event that drew even the jaded.

It would be about 2 years after I was out of high school before I hit the scene. Everything was overwhelming. I was home. I had a sense of belonging so profound that I thought maybe I had made it up. The music wasn’t the irritating pop being drilled into the masses over the radio, it was like what used to play on Archaikus radio. (anyone else out there remember Archaikus Radio?) By the time I was 18, Pandora had been around for a few years and I had delved further into the music rabbit hole than I ever thought was possible when I was just 13. Some friends invited me to attend this year’s HEX, but I was unsure if I’d be able to make it. I’d need to coordinate with work, see if I could have someone cover for me, then wait in line, & hope I could get in - did I mention that Xian throws some of the best events in town? I grew excited at the chance to win tickets to attend HEX, I thought about it for days. I was over the moon when I found out I had won a pair of tickets! Before winning the tickets, there were many factors, after winning the tickets, there was only work. Work said I could attend – my boss herself covered what I was scheduled to do.

The Events put on by LADEAD are a team effort. LADEAD’s fearless leader (Xian) brings together skilled artisans and presents them much like a great chef. Music is the food & the area is the plate. This was the 12th year that HEX has been in production. Hex had six distinct areas over three levels – each with a different feel. Some of the evening’s entertained included go-go dancers, state of the art lights & sound, a 2-story wall LED, themed projections, multiple bars, a smoking patio, absinthe, a VIP Mezzanine (with an open bar), a BDSN area, and a scare zone. The Grand Ballroom played Industrial, EBM, Elektro, Synthpop, Aggrotech, Noise, & Techno (Xian was 1 of 4 DJs in this area). The Underground Basement played Post-Punk, Darkwave, Dark Indie, Synth, Alternative, & Dark 80s (this is the level where the Scare room experience entrance was & where the BDSM area was set up). The Patio played host to Punk, Deathrock, Rock’n’roll, Horror Rock, Psychobilly, Ska, & Glam. We spent most of our time in the Mezzanine and the Basement, thought we did do a small bit of dancing in the Grand Ballroom before we left. The whole night was magical & we are glad we went. This was by far, one of the most enjoyable Halloween nights we have had. Thank you, Xian, for doing what you do.


Keep up with Xian on Instagram: @xianvox

To find out more about LADEAD, check out:

Curious about what goes on at a sex shop? Well, it’s not all movie arcades, adult toys, and bachelorette party supplies. One of my favorite shops – I have been going there for over 6 years, is Romantix. Romantix has over 50 stores, at 4 of them are in Los Angeles. I was recently at the Romantix in Hollywood for the 15th annual Lit Crawl L.A. (on Wednesday 10.25.2017, to be exact). You read that correctly. See, for those of you who think of “sex shops” as places that are filled with sin, they are also filled with knowledge. Would you like love advice? Want to try something new with your partner but you’re scared? There’s someone who has been in your shoes. The resources to learn are out there. At an adult shop, you can find clothing, BDSM gear, toys, movies, condoms, lubricant, and more. Scan the QR code to go to the Romantix blog.:

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Freelance writer: Donnie Rex In his free time, Donnie likes to sit back and watch life happen. Bonus Trivia: For my birthday, I will be shaving his beard!

Little Miss Lobotomy's Magazine: Issue #1  
Little Miss Lobotomy's Magazine: Issue #1  

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