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Thank you for taking a look at the first printed issue of Little Miss Lobotomy’s (L.M.L.) & the official issue #2.


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My name is Ruth. I hope you all had a fun and safe Thanksgiving (even if you do not celebrate the holiday). My favorite part of the holiday is the food.


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A Letter from the Editor Hello,

This zine is a bit of a social experiment & is most definitely a passion project. I would like to share a slice of life with people. I can promise you one thing, you’ll see and read about at least one cool thing each month. -Ruth This issue of Little Miss Lobotomy’s is brought to you by my patrons on Patreon. Patrons, thank you for your support. You inspire me to create. To become a patron, scan the QR code. littlemisslobotomy

Little Miss Lobotomy’s Editor-in-Chief: Ruth Noemi Lead Writer: Ruth Noemi Freelance Writers: Donnie Rex Rem Contributor: Angel Peralta

About the Magazine The origin of the name: My partner’s last name is “Lobato.” Back when MYSPACE was big, he used the tag “Lobotomy,” making him Mr. Lobotomy. I, in recent years, took to using his old user moniker – it was appropriate. I wanted to change the way that people see things – I still want this. The name is apt. Why are your cards silvery? Have you heard the phrase “Not all that glitters is gold.”? It means that not everything that looks valuable is valuable. Well, not everything that isn’t gold is invaluable. Silver, much like gold, is valuable. Sometimes a shiny glass bead can be a treasure, for example. Also, I prefer silver to gold. Who does your graphics? I do. Can we hang out? Sure. Follow the calendar on my website to attend events with me. Keep an eye out for standup comedy ticket sales. What does this magazine contain? L.M.L.’s contains more writing & less photos than most popular publications. You’ll likely not find news pieces here, who knows, I might change my mind. There are plenty of those though, aren’t there? I think The Daily Show with Trevor Noah & Last Week Tonight with John Oliver are two great examples of good news sources (though neither is done in print). How accurate is the information in this thing? Everything is fact checked. Mind you, just about everything is filtered through a lens skewed by how I or my team see the world. This still doesn’t explain what the magazine contains. You’ll get exclusive interviews & find out about neat little places around Los Angeles. Some of the things you’ll find here include (but are not limited to): A dedication, information about the cover, a band, a traditional novel, a graphic novel/manga/comic book, a video game, a show that is off the air, a show that is ending/should end, an ongoing show, a museum, a theatre production, a piece about etiquette, a piece on clothing, an eatery, a dessert place, a special event (month appropriate), a performer, a venue/location, transportation, comedy/comedian, BDSM shop/topic, Adult toy store, Film Calendar, Life skills/adulting, final arrangements, event calendar, brief history calendar, & a short comic strip section. Sometimes there will be a theme, like this month’s theme is Pleasure & Love. ‘Tis the season for giving, right? Why are you writing about these things? I think they are neat, so they are worthwhile. Mind you, this is not because I think highly of myself, but because a lot of things hold no interest for me. If I find it interesting, I am sure other people will too – being part of fandoms has taught me this. Who is your audience? I know there are people out there who are like me. This is for them. I know there are even more people out there that are not like me than those who are like me. This is for them as well. What does that mean? Not everyone has the chance to go out and explore the city or expand on what they know, so why not have interesting things brought to their attention – from the comfort of their own choosing. Just because you can’t attend something or haven’t heard about something, doesn’t mean you don’t want to read about it. How do I help the magazine keep going? By purchasing this magazine, you are already helping it to keep going. If you would like to make a bigger contribution, go to , then click the "become a patron" button & Patreon will help you get set up (if you are not yet a patron). I want more than some writing; will you make videos? I’d love to take you along on my little adventures. If you don’t mind low resolution stuff, check out my Instagram. To bring you better quality stuff, I’ll need to save up some money. Your patience would be appreciated, I’m working on it for you. Can I help speed up the video process? I’ll be adding a tier for this next year in January. Please be patient. 2018 is almost here.

On the Cover:

Image by M a t t Br o ug ht o n

Thi s i s t he l o g o o f Eg o M unk To f i nd out m or e ,


c he c k out

www. e g omunk. c om/

This is a still frame from EgoMunk’s new single.

EgoMunk: A Peek into Creation EgoMunk creates music. Who EgoMunk is, remains an industry secret that even their publicist does not know. There are rumors about who EgoMunk is – it is unknown if they are male or female. The VIPs and contributors to the music put out by EgoMunk are also unknown. The mystery is impenetrable. I was lucky enough to be granted an interview. Non disclosure agreements are the only house rule. “There are no rules to the song writing process whatsoever, as long as we are always slightly out of our depth, then we are usually in the right place. We do what we do because we love it, and we want the music to be judged on the music, not on who we may be. The only thing avoided is mediocrity.” ~ EgoMunk

Q. What inspires you to record a sound? A. Any number of things inspire me. I recorded the sound of an escalator going up and down and turned it into a beat. Q. What is your favorite place to create? A. in the studio is where I get my inspiration, like the closed environment – and with the right studio you get quirky instruments. Q. Do you, objectively, believe that your creative journey for each song is encapsulated? Does it matter to you if it is or it is not? A. What matters to me, with each song, is that there is a depth and a truth. The rest is up to the listener. Q. Is there a specific way that you would like your music to make people feel? A. I’d like people to think when they hear EgoMunk music Q. What is the footprint you want to leave? Why? A. I don’t want to leave any footprints. There are too many footprints in the world. I want to be listened to and thought about. Q. What is your favorite thing to listen to? A. Myself. ☺ Q. How do you feel about your fans? A. I am always happy for anyone who appreciates the music & very grateful that anyone has spent the time to discover what they are doing. Q. If a 3-year-old version of you heard the sounds you make today, what do you think their reaction would be? A. A three year old me would SCREAM. Q. Are you who you thought you would be A. I am better than I thought I would be. I thought I would be a complete fuck up. 5

Q. Are you who you hoped you would be? A. I am. Q. Do you think you are on the road to become who you aspire to be? A. That’s the thing. I don’t aspire to be anything apart from myself. Q. What is your favorite color? Why? A. Honestly, I don’t have a favorite color Q. What is your favorite ice cream? Why A. Ditto on the ice cream. I don’t need ice cream. Q. Does music come first for you? (ahead of family, a partner, children, etc)? A. Music is not above my family, My family is very important. My family comes first. Q. Where did the idea for your new EP "The Only Sin is Religion" come from? A. There was no plan, there never is a plan. I just sit down and let the music gods take me where they are that day – hence “only” being a very different sound to “Footsteps to Mars.” Check out the music created by EgoMunk on the following sites:

Website SoundCloud go-munk Bandcamp https://egomunk.bandca Facebook m/egomunk/ Youtube /user/egomunk Instagram https://www.instagram.c om/egomunk/

This is a screenshot from the MOCA website. You now have the information you need so you can plan a trip.

The MOCA is the only contemporary museum in Los Angeles. MOCA receives very little, in government funding, and does not have a steady source of cash, leaving it to rely on donors to pay about 80% of the museum’s expenses. A tip for you, if you are uncomfortable when you make loud noise unintentionally in a public place, be sure to wear “quiet” shoes. I want you to enjoy a time out, not to run away before you get to enjoy the place. Check my website to see about joining the free monthly group outing. YOU ARE RESPONSIBLE TO YOUR TRANSPORTATION, SNACKS, & PARKING COST.

(Adam Hunter left, Jay Leno Right, photo from Adam’s Facebook page - credit unknown) Do you like comedy & live in Los Angles? You should check out the Dime Bar on Monday & Tuesday nights. There is a Comedy show put on by Adam Hunter every week. The show starts at 8pm (or a little past 8) & goes until 10pm. It’s Los Angeles’s best kept secret. You never know who will be a surprise guest & there is no cover cost. There is some parking in the back, but it fills up quick. Beware of the parking signs, and may the empty parking spaces be ever open when you arrive.

Adam has a self-professed mission to make the world a better place through laughter. Check Adam Hunter’s Videos, Schedule and More at:

1-323-980-9496 Ask for Noemi (pronounced: noh - eh – me)

Rulisa beauty Salon is located in Boyle Heights. Please call for address and more information. All walks of life welcome. 8

BOOK OF THE MONTH: The Ultimate Hitchhiker’s Guide (5 complete Novels & 1 story) This book is witty, snarky, and has all the whimsy of the 10th doctor, but without the 10th Doctor. The book was written by Douglas Adams, who, coincidentally wrote 3 episodes when Tom Baker was the (4th) Doctor. Douglas Adams is also the creator of Dirk Gently [Holistic Detective, now a series on HULU]. Oh, right, if you like THOR, he makes a couple of appearances in the Guide series. Mostly Harmless is book 5 in the increasingly inaccurately named Hitchhikers Trilogy Check out this excerpt:

“The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy has, in what we laughingly call the past, had a great deal to say on the subject of parallel universes. Very little of this is, however, at all comprehensible to anyone below the level of advanced god, and since it is now well established that all gods came into existence a good three millionths of a second after the Universe began rather than, as they usually claimed, the previous week, they already have a great deal of explaining to do as it is, and are therefore not available for comment on matters of deep physics at this time. One encouraging thing the Guide does have to say on the subject of parallel universes is that you don’t stand the remotest chance of understanding it. You can therefore say “What?” and “Eh?” and even go cross-eyed and start to blither if you would like without any fear of making a fool of yourself. The first thing to realize about parallel universes, the Guide says, is that they are not parallel. It is also important to realize that they are not, strictly speaking, universes either, but it is easiest if you don’t try to realize that until a little later, after you’ve realized that everything you’ve realized up to that moment is not true.” Adams, Douglas. “3.” The Ultimate Hitchhiker's Guide: Five Complete Novels and One Story, Gramercy Books, 2005, pg. 655, lines 1 - 21.

(1979) (1980) (1982) (1984) (1992) (2009)

Book Book Book Book Book Book

1: 2: 3: 4: 5: 6:

The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy The Restaurant at the End of the Universe. Life, the Universe, and Everything So Long, and Thanks for All the Fish Mostly Harmless And Another Thing...

Book 6 was written by Eoin Colfer, with Adams’s widow’s permission & was released 9 years after Douglas Adams’s death. Douglas Adams found the ending of Mostly Harmless to be too bleak & had planned to write a 6th instalment.

Comic pick of the month Dhampire: Stillborn Written by Nancy A. Collins Illustrated by Paul Lee This stand-alone novel was not created to be a stand-alone novel. Dhampire: Stillborn was supposed to be a set up for a series, but was shelved due to the death of the editor of Vertigo. The panels are water color and are on the realistic side. The fantasy of it is pretty nutty – because it weaves fantasy with reality. Imagine finding out your mom isn’t dead, but undead, and that you are a Dhampir. All because your mom was kicked out for having sex. Getting kicked out for having sex is weird, but not uncommon - even in today’s world. On the back cover: Trapped between light and shadow For Nicholas Gaunt, life is anything but easy. Dark Visions plague him. Unspeakable desires gnaw at him. Doubts about his sanity haunt him. And when he starts to unravel the truth of his heritage, his descent into horror begins… WARNING: The book has several depictions of casual violence, animal cruelty, & nudity. The protagonist attempts suicide in the beginning. There is also wax play. This is not for the faint of heart.

If you are interested in wax play without the scars, get yourself some Paraffin Drip candles - the naughty pleasure of wax and heat with safety in mind. Always apply a barrier (silicone lube, massage oil, etc.) to make sure you have an easier time with cleaning up. Having gone to cosmetology school, & having a mother who has been a cosmetologist for over 40 years, I will tell you that oil can be good for carefully removing the wax from hair – if you accidentally get some in your hair. Do your best to avoid hair, if the wax is removed incorrectly, the hair will come up with the wax. It will hurt. 10

Sexpert Excerpt Last month I attended a free sex education class at the Pleasure Chest in Los Angeles, California. The Pleasure Chest offers free sexual education classes, weekly.

Michelle LaBelle & Chris were the teachers. Thrilling Threesomes with Chris and Michelle, it sounds exciting, right? It was. Michelle was available to share her journey to becoming a sexpert, though Chris was not, after the class. Ms. LaBelle has been working as a sex specialist for the past 2 years and as a sex educator for a little over a year. How did she go into that line of work, you’re wondering, right? Well, the Pleasure Chest offers intense training about all the products that are offered in the store, including the ways in which to use them. If you have a greater interest in being able to educate others on sex, the Pleasure Chest has a Sex Educator program that includes learning about sex and sexuality. Finishing the program allows you to be able to teach the various workshops that the Pleasure Chest has in their curriculum. Michelle LaBelle subconsciously knew she wanted to be a sex educator from a young age. Her mother was sex positive, back when “sex positive” wasn’t yet a phrase. Ms. LaBelle would ask her mother questions about masturbation, for example, and would, in turn, receive a response that was candid & clinical. Her mother’s wisdom and education was not just for her own benefit. Early on, Ms. LaBelle became “that friend.” The friend that people her age would turn to, to ask questions to about sex and sexuality, & Ms. LaBelle was always comfortable talking about sex. Being paid to talk about sex made sense, it was a natural progression.

It is her dream to take sex positive sex education global - to give talks to people in different cultures all over the world & to spread sex positivity. Her goals include creating a foundation to help homeless LGBTQ youth & being able to offer them comprehensive pleasure based sex education, as opposed to exclusively reproductive based sex education. “The earlier we, as a people, start to talk about - at least specifically biologically - what we are working with, starting the conversation (you have 10 fingers and you have 10 toes maybe you have a penis or a vagina) the better off we’ll be. Life is discovery and getting information. The way that information is provided is crucial to ensuring you don’t grow up with hang ups about your body, with shame about your body, or feeling bad for asking questions,” she says. Ms. LaBelle believes that we are entitled, as human beings - as possessors of these bodies - to fully understand how they work. If you are keeping it clinical and you are keeping it scientific (this is biology) you’re not encouraging youth to go have sex, you’re letting them know what it is. That’s it. You can go as deep into that conversation as where you perceive that that youth can understand, because once you are better able to understand yourself, you are better able to have empathy for yourself & for other people. It helps you to relate to other people. “Be more open minded, do research, have curiosity - explore that curiosity! Experiment. Ask questions, but also take it upon yourself to research & explore what it means to be sexually intelligent. Have greater compassion & empathy for your fellow human beings, because you are a human being. We all feel love, we all feel pain, we are all trying to pursue happiness - in whatever way that is. If we all unite under the idea that we are all human & we all want to experience love in some way, then that will end that division between us.” ~ Michelle LaBelle Michelle LaBelle’s facebook: Check for events near you. There is a Pleasure Chest in New York (in UES & in West Village), in Los Angeles (in West Hollywood), & in Chicago (in Lincoln & on w +Broadway). To read about the class I attended, go to the blog on my website.

Photo by Angel Peralta

Bare Courtship By Donnie Rex

I'd meet up with someone for dinner or at a local event, realize they weren't what I was looking for, then stay. I'd put myself in these situations a lot. I'd stay, even though being in that situation wasn't what I wanted. I'd think that leaving would ruin their day, "I’m already here," I'd tell myself. Because I tended to end up in this situation often, I found myself with many new friends. It's a lot easier to slip in the word "friend" into a conversation than to say that it’s not working out. Face it, dating often doesn't work out. I started seeing someone recently. I've known them for a few years. We’d never hung out on purpose. We’d run into each other at events, with our meet ups never being intentional. She'd be with her friends, I'd be with mine. After a random run in earlier this year, I decided to ask her to hang out with me intentionally - just the two of us. She said yes. I was pretty nervous. We started seeing each other really slowly. At first we'd hang out once a week or every other week, then it became more frequent. I found myself trying to make her laugh. The more I was around her, the more I’d be able to be silly with her. We’re always laughing. We're happy, just enjoying each other’s company. Sometimes we talk about how we want to make more money. She threw out “if I was a stripper” on one of our talks. It didn’t sound crazy - she loves to dance and she's comfortable being nude. I didn’t judge her, I just listened. I saw her become comfortable with the thought of being a stripper, something she put out there. Then I saw when she, inevitably, became comfortable with the idea. At first, she wasn’t 100% about it, but she eased herself into the idea. She now enjoys dancing on the hoops and the poles they have at her job. I love how happy she is when I see her. She is still fairly new to the stripping scene, it's been about a month. Stripping makes her happy. Seeing her happy makes me happy. Now, when we hang out, it’s at night. I love how it feels to be up all night with her. When the city is quite quiet and ever so empty, it feels like we're the only ones up. It's nice. 14

Photo by : Angel Peralta

When I'd look for someone to go out with, I’d look for a look I thought I wanted. A "look" doesn't tell you about a person's personality.

Etiquette Every month I will include a new tidbit about etiquette. No two months should be the same. Some will be short, others may require multiple pages. Etiquette a set of rules that cover all types of social interactions. What do you mean all type of social interactions? What do you mean rules? Well, for all social interactions, there are social rules. These rules cover the proper way to speak – be it at work, on the phone, in school, or elsewhere – how to behave, how to ask for help, how to shop in a store, and anything else that requires you to interact with anyone or anything. In other words, if there is a situation you can think of, there is a set way to behave that is construed as socially correct. Etiquette : noun : et·i·quette pronounced: \ ˈe-ti-kət , -ˌket \ Definition: The conduct or procedure required by good breeding or prescribed by authority to be observed in social or official life. (Miriam Webster Dictionary) Example: It is rude to look over the shoulder of a person who is either reading or writing, but it is done every day. Synonyms: manner, form, mores, proprieties

Ever wonder what to do if you are stopped by police? Think carefully – they’ll be weighing your words, your movements, your body language, and the emotions present on your face. Anything you say can be used against you. Keep your hands still (do not fidget) & somewhere they can see them (do NOT put them in your pant pockets, jacket pockets, or dig through a purse). Do not run. Do not try to touch the police officer. Do not resist, even if you believe you are innocent. Do not complain or threaten to file a complaint – remain quiet on this front– DO NOT MAKE ANY STATEMENTS about the incident you are in. Want to say something? Ask for a lawyer. Don’t get into an argument. 15

DO your best to remember the officer’s badge numbers and the patrol car numbers. Write down everything you remember as soon as you are able to. Try to find witnesses, get their names and numbers. If you are injured, take photographs as soon as possible, but make sure you seek medical attention first. What if you are stopped for questioning? It is not a crime to refuse to answer questions, but not answering questions will make police suspicious of you. Police may pat you down if they are suspicious of a concealed weapon. Do not physically resist, but make it clear that you do not consent to any further searches. Ask if you are under arrest. If you are, you have the right to know why. Don’t bad mouth police or run away – even if they are being unreasonable, doing so could lead to your arrest. What if you are in your car? Upon request, show them your driver’s license, registration, and proof of insurance. In certain cases, your car can be searched without a warrant as long as the police have probable cause. To protect yourself later, be sure to make it clear that you do not consent to a search. It is not lawful to refuse consent to a search. If you are given a ticket, you should sign it, otherwise, you could be arrested. You can fight the case in court later. Be sure to not just “pay the fine” because you don’t want to go fight it in court due reason x or y. If you are suspected of drunk driving, and you refuse to take a blood, urine, or breath test, your driver’s license can be suspended. Do not interfere with police investigations. Do not obstruct the police. You can be arrested for these things. 16

Manic Panic® released a professional line earlier this year. They are the pioneers of vibrant color. They set up shop on July 7th, 1977 (7.7.77). Remember when having even natural ginger hair had people calling you a witch? No, yeah, that was probably before your time. Not too long ago, only just 10 years ago, people would still cross the street, if you had “unnatural” hair. 20 years ago, the color was suddenly in mainstream fashion magazines – not yet mainstream, not yet “every day”. In 2017, it seems that all dye brands have their own vibrant color line. In 2017 there are still people that give you dirty looks, or avert their eyes if your hair is “unnatural” though, *sigh* progress. Manic Panic® has been bringing you vibrant vegan hair color for over 40 years. While other companies have jumped on the band wagon, with their own color mixtures, Manic Panic® has been working on making their already awesome product, even better. Manic Panic® released a professional hair color line this year. It’s only available for purchase to Licensed Cosmetologists and Cosmetology school students. So Manic Panic created a professional line? So what? Their professional line lasts 40+ shampoos (depending on the texture, porosity, maintenance, and overall condition of your hair). Pre-lightening hair is recommended to yield ultimate vibrancy. Some Manic Panic® Professional Hair Colors can be applied to a natural level base to yield a subtle, rich toned color deposit.

What is recommended to achieve color longevity? 1. Wash hair with a color safe, sulfate-free shampoo & conditioner. 2. Use hair products free of oils and alcohol. 3. Style hair with low heat when using styling tools (blow dryers, flat irons, curling irons, etc.) 4. Use a heat protecting product 5. Minimize frequency of shampooing 6. Avoid salt water, chlorinated water, and well water 7. Avoid spa services requiring your hair be submerged (i.e. float spa pods) Note: 1. All hair color fades, but Manic Panic® Professional fades true to tone. Lighter shades may fade faster than darker shades due to levels of pigment. 2. Pussycat™ Pink , Red Velvet™, Blue Bayou™, and Velvet Violet™ GLOW under black light!

Manic Panic has 3 official salons, check out the link below:

To check out the official Manic Panic Catalogue (that is available to the public), scan the qr code above!

Man oh man, this show was nice. It is a fantasy world where the last person on your list of souls to reap, when you are a reaper, becomes a reaper themselves. If you thought life ended when you died, oh man, this explores an avenue of “what if it doesn’t.” The protagonist is an 18 year old woman who dies in a very unfortunate way. No one wants to be “toilet seat girl.” If you get to the end of the series (2 seasons) and want more, no worries, there is a movie.

Do you like the Supernatural? Interested in the occult? If you haven’t checked out Supernatural, do it. It has so much in it. One of the best episodes, in my opinion, makes the brothers confront death in a Groundhog Day way. Ruth, this is not even just the second time you mention Groundhog Day! I know. As I have mentioned, I like time travel stuff. I especially like well-done time travel stuff. Are 2 seasons of a show not enough for you? This show has 13 seasons, 270 episodes, and is ongoing.

American Gods, the t.v. show that airs on STARZ is based on the novel American Godz written by Niel Gaiman. Ruth, this is the second issue in a row you mention Niel Gaiman. What is up with that? What’s up with that is that he’s a great novelist. He is a HELL of a great novelist. The television adaptation of LUCIFER, originally a comic book spin off of last month’s comic of the month (SANDMAN), has made me weary of watching this show. They turned Lucifer into another comedy crime show – then again, I am one of those people who yearns for a 7 hour direct adaptation of novels.

The Team Donnie Rex Donnie lives in his beard sometimes. He struggles to get words out in the order he wants them.

Angel Peralta Angel loves to adventure and live in the moment. He trains in MMA.

Rem Rem spends most of her days trying to find her footing in life. She enjoys getting lost in poetry.

Little Miss Lobotomy's issue #2  
Little Miss Lobotomy's issue #2  

"Read an exclusive interview with EgoMunk, about love, & more!" Ages 18+