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Registered Charity Number 1142372

“ Toge ther we can make a bigger impact

Thank you for your interest in finding out more about opening a Little Miracles Franchise in your area. Little Miracles is a small Charity with a big impact, and a foundation of success, helping hundreds of parents and thousands of children with our

with your activities, partnerships, fundraising and plans for the future, all while joining a growing national network of parents looking to improve services where they live. Be part of the movement

Opening a social franchise

parents with disabled

is a new step for many people, but if you have the passion, the skills, the determination, stamina and support it for disabled children and their parents living in your area. We can give you the benefit of our wisdom, our learning and

Chair of

can get faster success

unique approaches.

can reap huge benefits


past five years so you

a brand tested over the

to make life easier for children. Thank you again and I look forward to receiving your application. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to get in touch with me. Here's to happy, successful franchising! Best wishes, Michelle

Trustees, Michelle King

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Registered Charity Number 1142372


the guide

history of Little Miracles APPENDICES about social franchising

being a Little Miracles franchisee

committee role descriptions application form

the benefits

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Registered Charity Number 1142372

the History of Little Miracles From coffee group to unique charity with purpose -built centre for disabled children

Little Miracles is a Charitable Organisation set up for families that have children with additional needs, disabilities and life limiting conditions. The organisation started in Peterborough in 2010.

It started when Michelle

drop in session for

King met another mum

parents to come along

with a disabled child by

with their children. The

chance on a bus journey.

group identified that

She found that although

existing local services did

their children were very

not cater well to the

different, they were both

needs of their families

struggling with similar

either by being too

things. They were both in

expensive, not being

need of support from

holistic or not being run

people who understood

by people that could

their situations, and they

empathise with the

had a desire to do

barriers they faced when

something about it. They

raising a disabled child.

had early get togethers to share experiences, and

By January 2012, the

as word of mouth spread

group had become a

more parents joined them.

Charity and opened their

As a direct result they

own centre.

created an open weekly

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Registered Charity Number 1142372

They had listened to

corporate support and

parents and provided

short breaks funding. A

every service families

key principle was that all

needed and could not get

of the activities were

elsewhere. This included:

chosen by the children,

 daily activities and play sessions

young people and families using the service.

 trips and holiday clubs

The demand for their 'all

 emotional and

under one roof' approach


to families with disabled


children increased, with

 benefits advice

families travelling a great

and links to local,

distance to visit the Little

regional and

Miracles Centre. By

national support

summer 2013, the Little


Miracles network included 2000 children and the

These were all provided

centre was no longer big

at no cost or at very

enough for purpose.

favourable rates thanks

Seeking new premises,

to grant funding,

Little Miracles

© Little Miracles 2014


successfully applied to BBC's 'DIY SOS' through the Children in Need Big Build programme. You can watch the video all about the build and Little Miracles here. The new centre, The Spinney, open since October 2013, is specially adapted to needs of disabled children and includes: 

indoor play space

counselling room

training room



sensory room


sensory garden

reflection spaces

Registered Charity Number 1142372

ambi tion for the fut ure

Little Miracles has since

parents of children with a

increased our activities,

disability around the

employed additional

country who are

members of staff and

passionate about helping

become a community hub

others and have

working to improve our

leadership skills. By


becoming a franchisee,

Through the Little

you can get the support

Miracles Facebook page

you need to help your

and from people

area benefit from 'all-in-

contacting Little Miracles,

one' services for disabled

the Charity found that

families where you live.

other areas of the country did not enjoy

Little Miracles vision is a

anywhere that parents

world where all families

could get together to

with children with

support each other and

additional needs,

develop their skills, while

disabilities and life

their children played

limiting conditions are


provided with the support they need to make life easier for them, so they

The ambition of Little

can concentrate on

Miracles is to bring this

enjoying family time.

model of success to other areas of the country,

Little Miracles has

through a unique social

ambitious goals to

franchise model. So Little

become a national charity

Miracles is looking for

by 2019.

Š Little Miracles 2014


Registered Charity Number 1142372

? What is social franchise

A Social Franchise follows the principle of business franchising - to spread benefit to society using charity or social enterprise models.

It relies upon a

Members also gain by

relationship between a

having improved

franchisee and franchisor.

reputation due to brand

The franchisor sets the

affiliation. As such it is

terms of the relationship,

particularly attractive for

distributes a blueprint

those looking to make a

(model of operation) for

difference in their area,

delivering services in a

but who do not want to

particular way. Once

become charity trustees

individual operators have

for example. Franchisees

agreed to become

must provide socially

franchisees by contract

beneficial services, and

they can then join the

meet quality standards,

Franchise Network and

and report back financial

access this model of work

information, and may pay

and body of knowledge

fixed fees to enter the

as used by other

arrangement, or share


income during the

Contracts agree services


to be provided by the

Social franchising helps

franchisee and franchisor

successful social

and determine what

enterprises and charities

geographical area the

to scale up their

franchisee may cover.

operations and grow

Once joining the network, franchisees then have the right to receive a variety of support mechanisms such as: professional training, use of brands or brand advertisements, subsidised or proprietary supplies and equipment, support services, and access to professional advice.

Š Little Miracles 2014


faster so that they can benefit more people. It allows for the best ideas, tested by research to be accessible to all areas quickly. Best of all, sharing knowledge helps social franchises to develop skills and grow their sector for the benefit of disadvantaged people and society, so everyone wins.

Registered Charity Number 1142372

Being a Little Miracles Franchise Why a Little Miracles Franchise is very special

It is a local parent-led

knowledge and access to

group, branch or

contacts that prove that

individuals who want to

you can develop a

provide more for disabled

network of families in

children and parents in

your area.

their area. As such, It is run by special passionate

As a Little Miracles

individuals that can

Franchisee, you will:

dedicate a good portion

 be a legally and

of their time to managing


voluntary activities for

independent entity

the public benefit. How will it change the way we run our group? If you currently a parentled group, attracted by the idea of becoming a Little Miracles franchise the good news is you can. We just need to be sure that your management committee sanctions this, and that you have two key contacts who will become franchisees. Prior experience of running a group for families with disabled children is not essential though it is desirable, and your application will have to demonstrate passion,

© Little Miracles 2014


 be able to use the Little Miracles name, branding and methods of operation  work to the values and standards of Little Miracles  comply with Little Miracles policies  be trained in how to correctly operate your franchise  get advice and assistance about how to improve your franchise  be able to use Little Miracles banking facilities

Registered Charity Number 1142372

The cost Little Miracles are

 provide insurance

offering a unique 'no-cost' entry to this franchise.

for your group  manage risks

 be user-led  have a branch committee that can

You will have to pass an

within your

take responsibility

application, interview and

franchise and

for that branch

screening process. As you

protect Little

raise funds, it will be

Miracles from risks

expected that you give

 maintain financial

an agreed percentage of

accounts and have

this return in exchange

them audited

for development


assistance and training

 obtain consent for

from Little Miracles.

any management and location

You will have to:

© Little Miracles 2014

You will NOT be able to:  take the knowledge and set up a separate group or organisation



Registered Charity Number 1142372

benefits of being part of our social franchise A social franchise is not for everyone.

 Be part of a

change in their

Little Miracles

website  Use the Little Miracles Policies.

and learning with

Codes and

branch leaders


across the country  A Manual of

 Little Miracles advice, experience

operations showing

and mentoring

our model in action

 Help with funding

 Regular updates to


the manual of

 A charity number


 A single structure

 Training in running

of governance for

the franchise and

the charity – there

the knowledge

is no need for you

needed to deliver

to become a

your services

Charity trustee

 Continued

to make a positive

Little Miracles

 Share knowledge

for people committed

growing network of Branches

We're looking

 Promotion on the

 Strength in

assistance and

numbers and the

advice as your

backing of a

branch develops

dynamic charity

 Right to use the Little Miracles logo

 Reputation and quality standards

communities and will support them fully...

© Little Miracles 2014


Registered Charity Number 1142372

get started


Make decision to apply & LET US KNOW

2. WE WILL CALL YOU TO support YOUR PROGRESS with YOUR application

3. complete and return the application form by 30 Sept 2014

contact The Spinney - Hartwell Way, Ravensthorpe Peterborough, PE3 71E 01733 262226

Š Little Miracles 2014


Registered Charity Number 1142372

Little Miracles Charity - Setting up Your Branch  

A guide to individuals interested in joining the Little Miracles Social Franchise Network. Little Miracles helps families with children with...

Little Miracles Charity - Setting up Your Branch  

A guide to individuals interested in joining the Little Miracles Social Franchise Network. Little Miracles helps families with children with...