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strategies to Increase Joy

strategies to Increase Joy

Having children is an incredible blessing and comes with a share of challenges that can sometimes steal our joy if we allow them to. The good news is there can be certain actions we can intentionally practise to increase our joy as parents. This in turn increases our children’s happiness and overall sense of security which sees them growing into champions.

Consider practising the following strategies...

letting go of Feelings of “Supposed to”:

Comparing ourselves with what other parents and families do can leave us feeling like we don’t measure up. Dwelling on what others may expect of us, or even what we expect from ourselves can make us feel discouraged when we see the gap between our expectation and our reality. The truth is, there’s no such thing as a perfect parent. It’s great to hold ideals and values and desire to grow continually but remember to be “present” and enjoy right now with your family. Every moment with our children is precious. We love them unconditionally and seek to do our best and that is something to be admired.

being a guide and a counsellor:

When our children experience consistent loving responses and are given firm boundaries trust will be developed. When this is the foundation, healthy attachment is formed and our children will be more willing to listen and work with us. This will create greater joy and reduce tension in our relationships. Conversely, when we act as dictators and attempt to gain compliance through control we only undermine the goal of building connections with our children as it produces fear and intimidation through an imbalance of power.

Consider practising the following strategies...

reduce the worry:

Take time to pray, meditate, release burdens, focus on the good and take practical action on anything of concern that is within your realm of control. Remember, we can’t control all of our circumstances but we can choose the way we think and how we will respond to circumstances. We don’t have to have our joy stolen away if we don’t want to! Fear and worry doesn’t keep our children safe and it sure doesn’t make us feel happy and secure. Living in fear also teaches our children to be afraid. Let’s release the worries and concerns, be present and express thankfulness for our children right now. As we do, smiles will begin to appear on our faces.

looking after yourself:

There is great sacrifice that is certainly required as a parent but we still need to be intentional about holistically caring for ourselves. This includes things like rest, exercise, nutrition, our state of mind, building a social support network and reaching out for help when we need it. When we care for ourselves we will ultimately be stronger and healthier for our children.

The words that we speak to our children our powerful. They can either build up and encourage, or tear down and discourage. Let’s be intentional to slow down, consider the words we are about to speak and the potential impact they may have on our children’s sense of identity and worth. Endeavour to speak life and only that which is going to place courage within. When our children feel good about themselves they will be happier and more confident which will only increase our happiness too.

Remember to speak positively to yourself as well. Negative self-talk can steal joy very quickly and subtly.

Are there any of these strategies you feel you would like to put more into practice? Even if it’s one, two or maybe more, make your goal known to someone for the sake of accountability, support and encouragement. You could even write it down as a statement “I am working on…” and put it on your fridge or mirror to remind yourself of your commitment.

Intentionally using these strategies can strengthen the connection we have with our children. When this occurs, we will greatly increase our levels of joy which will radically change the atmosphere in our homes. There will be space for more laughter, more fun and more heart to heart connection.

Let’s join together and take action today to see our families become stronger, happier and more united. Peace and Blessings,