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Winnie’s escape

By: Danny Cole

This story talks about a cow named Winnie. He is very lonely, moody, and kind of chubby. Winnie does not like others. He would rather care only about himself than have to worry about others too. All that Winnie want to do is live in peace in the forest without any other people.

But Winnie cannot live in peace because people are chasing him to try to capture him. Then one day when he is running from his captors, he stumbles upon a little calf. But when he tries to leave the calf keeps following him. Winnie sees that the calf is very hungry, even though he doesn't want to, Winnie is forced to help the little calf.

The calf is growing really fond of Winnie, but he doesn’t like the idea of that. He has been teaching him how to live off the land and fend for himself in case anything ever happens to either one of them. Winnie and the calf have been living peacefully in the forest for almost 7 months when one of his captors spots him and the calf walking through the forest .

. While his captor went back to tell everyone where Winnie is, he and the calf are both going to bed for the night. Later that night his captors come to try to take Winnie back with them. But Winnie already knows that they will be coming and has readied himself. He has set up escape routes and is hiding, waiting for his captors to pass so they can escape. But while he is waiting the calf wakes up and is very scared and starts crying.

Winnie tries to hush him but it’s too late, his captors have found him and are coming to get him. So he and the calf collect all their things that they need and start to flee. The calf is very slow and his captors are gaining on him. And soon they finally have Winnie in their site, but he does not run, he stands his ground. But when they caught the calf Winnie goes berserk trying to get the calf back. And when he finally gets the calf free Winnie is caught up in a trap that catches him in a net

He tries to get himself free but cannot because he is getting even more tangled up. Soon after he is captured they take him away from the little calf to their camp. While he is there he isn’t fed well, doesn't have a very good place to sleep, and he is abused. He does not want to obey anything they tell them to do and is being punished for it. After weeks of this he is very close to giving up and not fighting any more. But he must be strong.

While Winnie is trapped, the little calf is thinking of a way to get him free. Even though he is very small, he is very smart and has found a way to set Winnie free. So the first thing he does is turn off all power to their camp. Then all of the sudden he hears people yelling and complaining to turn the power back on. This means he has to act fast, so he finds the cage where they are keeping Winnie captive and unlocks the cage door. But they have the power back on and when he opens the door an alarm goes off

Winnie and the calf start running through the forest as fast as they can, but his captors are right on their tail. After what feels like hours of running they stop and look back to see that no one is chasing them. He thought this was a trick so they just sat there waiting for something to happen. But nothing did.

Now Winnie and the calf are living really well together in the peace and quite of the forest. Being around the calf all the time has softened him a lot and he thinks of the little calf like a son. But they still watch out for anything, in case Winnie's captors ever decide to come back. But if they ever do they’ll be ready and his captors better watch out.

Winnie and the calf  

This story is about a cow named Winnie who just wants to be left alone. But when he stumbles upon a calf he is forced to help him while he i...