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ha! It’s officially time to gear up for Christmas (yippee!), and I admit this year I feel extra crackers about Christmas. As it’s the season of giving, we’ve pulled together some inspiration with a tree-full of treasures with our Make a Wish product page on p33. And of course it wouldn’t be winter without a party, whether you’re looking to dress your little ones up (page 14) or on the hunt for some maternity partywear (p37) we’ve got all the motivation you’ll need to shop ’til you drop. For me, Christmas advocates a sense of pride as we watch our brood enjoying the delights that the festive season brings. But do your share your pride virtually too? Research shows babies born in Britain make their first appearance online within just one hour of birth. We take a look at the media mania with The Rise of Sharenting on page 10. However there are some things we should share, like how to look, feel and smell(!) great this season. Check out Jenni Baden Howard’s Show Stoppers! on page 22 with some scent-sational new arrivals for mum! Enjoy the season,

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Montgomery E dward Thomas R obinson Son of Andy and Olivia

Robinson Born on the 10th of Ma y 2013 At Frimley Park Hosp ital, weighing 8lb 9oz

Proud parents share their birth experiences with us and Baby Surrey welcomes three new arrivals into the world.


e had both always been keen to have a family, and in the early days of dating, Andy and I had shared that desire with each other. Over time, it became clear that it was something which we wanted to do together. We were delighted, though rather surprised, by how quickly I became pregnant – we’d only decided that the time was right a couple of weeks before. I had a pretty straightforward pregnancy. I suffered from sickness in the early days, but a few chocolate chip cookies here and there helped with that! I’m also rhesus negative, so I needed extra injections and hospital check-ups.

The labour didn't go entirely according to plan. Around two weeks before my due date I had some bleeding, and I was admitted to hospital as a precaution. I spent four days in hospital, then they decided to induce me. After a few attempts, with a variety of drugs,

The hospital and midwives were amazing, but it wasn’t smooth sailing. I had been pushing for a couple of hours at full dilation, when Monty started to show signs of distress.

I finally went into labour. The hospital and midwives were amazing, but it wasn't smooth sailing. I had been pushing for a couple of hours at full dilation, when Monty started to show signs of distress. The doctor decided to prepare me for a ventouse delivery – in an operating theatre, in case an emergency c-section was required. After I arrived in the first theatre an emergency c-section for twins was prioritised, so I had to leave that theatre and wait in a holding area. I was taken into a second operating theatre, where it was decided that I needed an episiotomy to help Monty out, because he was pushing into my pelvis. The epidural hadn’t been 100% effective, so I could feel some of this. There was no crying when Monty was delivered, and he was taken into a corner by the paediatric crash team, X

to get his breathing started. After what seemed like an eternity, but was probably only five or ten minutes, Monty was breathing properly, and he was briefly handed to Andy and me, before being taken to the special care unit. It was a long and tiring night, but Andy had been by my side the whole time – apart from when he went out to buy himself and the midwives some doughnuts! After the birth Andy went with Monty to special care, while I had stitches and waited for news in the recovery wing. I think Andy feels a special bond with Monty as a result of being with him for those first few difficult hours. Happily, both Monty and I were fine. We were each given a course of antibiotics, and were discharged after a couple of days. I wanted to get home as soon as possible - though the support from the midwives after the birth, such as their advice on the best ways to feed

a newborn, was very valuable. It felt slightly surreal when we came home, but Monty slept through the whole thing. Now it feels as though he’s

been with us for much longer than four months – in a good way! Like every new parent, we think our little boy is perfect.


eppard Richard Baden Sh

ppard Son of Austin and Kate She 2013 Born on the 25th of June 6lb 12oz ing igh At St Helier Hospital, we

6 | L O C A L FA M I LY L I F E S T Y L E

ustin and I are teachers, and we met when we were both on a training placement at the same secondary school. We lived together, got married, and bought a house – having a baby was naturally the next step. That little box room was crying out to be turned into a nursery. We were very private about our desire to start a family. We’d been trying for a while, and when we saw the positive test we were both overjoyed, and disbelieving. Up to week 33, my pregnancy was a dream. I loved my bump, and I loved being pregnant and showing it off. Then week 33 hit – with an inspection at work and incredibly hot weather. My feet ballooned! They were very painful, and I was beginning to get more tired and stressed at work. Because I’d felt so well previously, I’d intended to work up to week 38, but by week 35 I felt like a crazed woman – on a mission to get things sorted at work, working late, and perhaps doing too much. On the Thursday of that week, I started to notice that I was leaking a bit at the end of the day. I convinced

myself that it was my bladder, as everyone had said that by eight months you could hardly control it. I kept it to myself and just carried a spare pair of pants around with me. The following Monday morning, I went for my 36 week check-up with the midwife. When I mentioned the wetness to her she said that it was most likely my waters leaking out because the baby’s head was in place. I listened to her explanation, but I couldn’t

We were in our work clothes, we had no bags packed, and we hadn’t even completed our pre-baby shopping. We managed to convince the doctor to let us go home, so that we could shower, eat and pack things. We were stressed, but also strangely calm – and excited that we were going to see our baby much sooner than we’d expected. They inserted the induction drug at 2am, and left me on a ward to try and sleep. At 8am they had to insert a new

I left the appointment and went to work as normal. But while I was at work I googled my symptoms, and I was shocked by the horror stories online. believe it – I was only 36 weeks and, besides my swollen feet, I felt fine. I left the appointment and went to work as normal. But while I was at work I googled my symptoms, and I was shocked by the horror stories online. When Austin picked me up that evening, I told him the situation. I then called the hospital and they said to come to straight in. When we got there it was confirmed that my waters had broken, and that I’d been risking major infection for five days. They wanted to induce me straight away. We were shocked. Our NCT teacher had said to be ready at 37 weeks, and we were not at all ready at 36!

one, and after that things worked very quickly. It took me by surprise – we’d settled down to a game of Scrabble, thinking that we would have to wait out the day, but we only completed four turns before I was in too much pain to play. Austin was incredibly supportive – calm and reliable throughout. He was really good at talking me through the contractions, and he had a timer app on his phone, which was incredibly useful. He was great at instilling confidence in me, when I thought I couldn't do it, he made me believe that I could. Our ideal would have been a water birth, but as I had to be induced, that

immediately went out of the window. It didn't matter, though. The midwives talked us through each step, giving us options but also telling us what would happen next – the situation took over and we just did what was best for the baby. When Baden was born we felt amazement and joy, but also relief – I think neither of us had admitted how scary this induction and early birth had been. We stayed in hospital for the following two nights. The main focus was on getting Baden feeding. It took some work, lots of advice, and a few tears to get us feeling confident and ready to go home. We’d never realised how time consuming and emotional breastfeeding can be. It’s really daunting, having come out of labour totally exhausted, to then have to focus on waking your baby every two hours to attempt to feed. It had been heart-wrenching, having to stay alone on the ward without each other, and it was a relief, as well as exciting, to be able to go home. It just felt right – coming home to our little Edwardian terraced house and being together as a family for a whole night. It was great to be a proper mum and dad, and to have our son to take care of. Austin had the six week summer holiday with us, which was a fantastic family experience, but it was also a time of major learning. Austin is back at work now, and Baden and I are finding our routine; making new friends and starting new activities. Sutton is a great place to have a baby, the midwife and health visitor services are really good and the local children's centres offer loads of activities and opportunities. X

L O C A L FA M I LY L I F E S T Y L E | 7

0ȐɄɕɜɄȽ$ȽȝǸɑсȐȵȇ Son of Lisa and Mark Ingarfield Surrey Hospital, Born on the 8th of January 2013, at the Royal 8oz 8lb ing weigh Guildford, Brother to Lara Elle, 2½


lthough we’d always known that we wanted to have children, Mark and I had thought that it might prove difficult. I was diagnosed with endometriosis when I was seventeen, and I’ve had four operations and had to take a drug which caused me to go through a false menopause – it’s very strange having hot flushes in your twenties! When I fell pregnant in 2010, I sank to my knees and cried with happiness. I was in labour for three days with my first child, Lara. My birth plan went completely out of the window, and I ended up having pethidine and an epidural. During the weeks after having Lara I felt very sick, and I finally discovered that I had retained placenta – I was very lucky that this didn’t have a more serious outcome. It was quite a surprise, sixteen months later, to find out that I was pregnant again. I didn’t tell anyone for the first two days. I felt that I wanted some time to think about how life was going to be with two babies, plus I felt a bit anxious after the difficult birth

8 | L O C A L FA M I LY L I F E S T Y L E

and recovery I’d had with Lara. Mark was over the moon when I told him. He’d always wanted to have children about two years apart, so that they could play together when they were little. He said ‘well, at least we’ve learnt from the last experience to go in and get an epidural as soon as possible.’ I told him that I was going in with exactly the same birth plan as the

“Mark whispered words of encouragement into my ear and it was quite amazing – my body just seemed to take over” first time. I wanted to have another attempt at my dream birth: in a birthing pool, with just gas and air. Apart from a few cramps at the beginning, the pregnancy went really well. I had much more energy than I’d had with Lara and I managed to keep going to the gym regularly. Towards the end of the pregnancy, though, we

had some devastating news: Mark’s mother, Carol, was diagnosed with cancer and was given months to live. It was so hard knowing that soon after our baby was born, Carol was going to be leaving us. Towards the end of the pregnancy my sister, Amy, came to stay and help out. My due date arrived, and Amy and I went to the gym for a very low intensity workout – I found that regular exercise helped me both physically and emotionally. Three days later, I decided that it was time to do a big food shop, so we set off. I’d been having cramps for a couple of days but nothing I couldn’t deal with. I also felt a bit sick. I had a cup of tea on the sofa when we got home, and decided to go to bed for a rest. As I stood up, I had a dropping sensation and my waters broke. Fortunately, Mark was working from home that day. We, very calmly, packed up some bits and set off for the hospital. When we arrived they said that we could either go home and wait for the contractions to become stronger and more regular, or stay in hospital. They said that second time round

things could happen quite quickly, and Mark felt that it was safer to stay. Two hours later I was labouring in the birthing pool, with gas and air. At one stage the pain got pretty intense and I told the midwife that I thought it was time to get out of the water and have some drugs. The midwife said ‘I wouldn’t if I were you, I reckon your baby will be making an appearance within half an hour.’ Mark whispered words of encouragement into my ear and it was quite amazing – my body just seemed to take over, and the contractions and pushing came hand in hand. It only took a few pushes, then I lifted my beautiful baby boy out of the water. His arms were outstretched and we sat there holding each other. It was one of the most magical moments of my life: I had had my dream birth. Leo and I went home the following day. I was pretty busy during the next few weeks, spending as much time as I could with Carol, and recovering. She was so proud of our little girl and boy. We decided to have Leo’s christening as soon as we could so that she could be there. Shamley Green, where we live, is such a special village – everyone pulled together to help us arrange it. Leo was christened when he was just ten weeks old, and it was wonderful to have all of our family present. Carol’s health deteriorated fairly quickly, and when my sisters-in-law were feeling particularly low they would have a cuddle from Leo for

strength – he was our angel. We were all there when she passed away. I had just fed Leo, and he slept innocently in the room, snoring. It was strangely comforting to hear him. Mark and I have experienced some of the saddest and happiest moments of our lives together. Leo and Lara will grow up knowing how special and loved they are, and what a strong,

amazing woman their grandma was. There’s a lot of laughter in our house from all the funny and entertaining things our babies do. Of course, there are challenging times, but they’re definitely outnumbered by the good times. We feel blessed to have been able to bring two amazing, happy, healthy little people into this world and we’ll never take that for granted. B

F E AT U R E Y O U R S T O R Y : If you are a Surrey mum-to-be and you would like us to welcome your new arrival to the world please contact us at: All babies featured will receive a unique gift from The Day That of a beautiful framed personalised photograph of the dawn on the day they were born. To see what the world looked like on the day your child was born visit:

L O C A L FA M I LY L I F E S T Y L E | 9

Today has to be the best day of my life. Ryley Joshua Clarke was born at 2.31am weighing 7lb 7oz. He is absolutely perfect!!

Hello everyboday. Our baby girl Sophia CooneyAllwright was born on 15.06.2011, weighing 6lbs 10oz. Can’t stop smiling! Our Beautiful tiny daughter, Ella Manders was born today (14/07/2004) weighing 6lb 6oz. We’re over the moon!

The Rise of

Sharenting Are you an uploader? Lianne Kolirin embarks on a virtual venture, looking at the increasing popularity of the online phenomenon: sharenting.


he delivery suite was once a private space for parents to welcome their new addition into the world. But no longer. Since the advent of social media, mothers and fathers have been inviting friends, family, colleagues and passing acquaintances to share this precious moment – not literally, but virtually. Research shows babies born in Britain make their first appearance online within an hour of birth. Almost

10 | L O C A L FA M I LY L I F E S T Y L E


two thirds of parents (62 per cent) post pictures on Facebook, Instagram, Flickr and other sites, and they take an average of 57.9 minutes to do so. As anyone on Facebook knows, more and more of us regularly upload imag-

Research shows babies born in Britain make XLIMVÁVWXETTIEVERGI online within an hour of birth.

es of our children and updates about their antics. Commissioned by print site Posterista, the poll of 2,367 parents of under-fives saw a whopping 64 per cent claim they upload such images at least three times a week. One in five do so at least three times a month, while only six per cent said they never post images of their children. The motives for the phenomenon – dubbed sharenting - are varied. More than half (56 per cent) said they did so to keep distant friends and family updated; nearly as many (49 per cent) do it to express their love for their child; a

I’m so proud of my very own baby boy, Charlie Ethan. He was born yesterday weighing 7lb 9oz

Logan Atticus White. Born 18/02/2013 11:53. 7lbs 11ozs. Mother and baby both super well. Hoping to go home this afternoon!

Our Little Man Ryan Manders arrived safely today, 08/03/2006, weighing a healthy 8lb 13oz. Our family is complete! third (34 per cent) believe it is an ideal way to store memories; while more than one in five (22 per cent) admit it is a form of bragging. Back in September, American Amy Webb, head of digital strategy agency Webbmedia Group, posted a feature on web magazine Slate, about why she and her partner will never post information about their daughter online. She said it was the only way to protect her child against facial recognition, Facebook profiling, and corporate data mining, and suggested the tendency to sharent is robbing our children of their anonymity. Her article proved highly controversial, with many reacting angrily to the suggestion that they had compromised their children. So how much thought should we give this issue? We asked psychologist and biologist Aric Sigman, who has written extensively on the health implications of excessive screen time. The father-of-four said, “There are good things that can come from using a social tool to aid you in a healthy way, but it seems to be displacing a lot of social face to face interaction. “As we all know, mothers encounter more of a sense of isolation, particularly

as many do not have that extended support network around them anymore. A lot of women feel exposed and out of sync with the rest of society and social networking may fill some of those gaps. However, it has been overused by a lot of people from all different demographics in our society, from children to teenagers and new parents.” Dr Sigman is less about the content, than the amount of time we spend online. “Non-essential screen time is a huge health and mental health issue,” he says.

lived nearby, but on Facebook you can big yourself up to anyone you want and people use it as a social marketing tool. It is the virtual version of keeping up with the Joneses – but it isn’t the same.” “It leaves out a lot of nuances that might not go missing if you were speaking to your friend on the phone. One effect is competitiveness which leaves some people feeling like winners and others like losers.” He adds, “There’s nothing wrong with using social networking to do what

A lot of women feel exposed and out of sync with XLIVIWXSJWSGMIX]ERHWSGMEPRIX[SVOMRKQE]ÁPP some of those gaps. However, it has been overused by a lot of people from all different demographics. The physical down side of this sedentary pastime is obvious, but there is also an emotional aspect as a growing number of people develop a “dependency” on social media. Dr Sigman says, “Facebook and social networking offers a form of social comparison. Previously people would do that with real people who

you used to do with an envelope and a stamp, like sending images of your baby to your loved ones, but what can be a tool also ends up being a burden if it’s misused or over-used.” “We need to get the balance right. Screen time is a form of consumption, just like salt, sugar or anything else, so we should think carefully about the X

L O C A L FA M I LY L I F E S T Y L E | 11

James Matthew Newbrook born today at 1230pm, weighing 8lbs. A beautiful end to a long day.

It’s a Girl! Lila Summer Beers born 16th July 2013 at 00:14, weighing 8lb 3oz...We are beyond in love with her! xx amount of our consumption.” Part-time teacher Esther Bitan Spitzer has been a member of Facebook for more than a decade, but the 27-yearold rarely posts pictures or details of her toddler son. She says, “There isn't much good that can come of it. It can upset childless friends or those struggling with secondary infertility. I don't see the point of sticking my little one’s pictures all over everyone's screens. Children are too innocent for that.” “I also steer away from the 'young mum competition', where they are obsessed with which baby reached the next milestone first and worry themselves silly if their baby is three weeks ‘late’.” Privacy is also an important issue. Esther says, “Once a picture is online anyone can get hold of it, blow it up, use it to do what they want and the thoughts of someone using my baby's innocent pictures for immoral purposes creep me out.” Mother-of-two Charlotte Antoniou describes herself as a “fully fledged Facebook addict”, but her experience has not always been a positive one. The horticultural therapist from north London was totally against the site and people who sharented, but all that changed with the arrival of her second daughter two years ago. She says, “I thought it could be dangerous putting things up and opening yourself up to everybody. Those were my initial feelings, but then I realised there were lots of things happening that I didn’t know about because I wasn’t on Facebook, so I thought I should join.” Charlotte posted regular updates about her children and how happy they all were. Or at least that was how

12 | L O C A L FA M I LY L I F E S T Y L E

Sophie Anne Cook. 7lb 9oz. 25 min labour, no time for any pain relief, but God was she worth it!!

it looked. Speaking candidly, she admits, “Looking back on it, I was going through a difficult time with post-natal illness and perhaps looked to Facebook to portray this mummy who was having an amazing time with her children. Yet inside I wasn't.” “Coping with this double virtual life as well as public/private persona was physically and mentally exhausting. The more positive and happy my posts were, the more unhappy I was.” When Charlotte was diagnosed with post natal depression, Facebook actually turned out to be her saviour as she discovered a private members’ group for women with the condition. She says, “All the ladies on there had, or were going through, post-natal illness. It helped so much in my recovery.” Fortunately Sarah Linton-Walls does not share Charlotte’s problem, but she has found the site equally helpful as a first time mum. She belongs to Monster Mummies, a private group for women who had all expected their babies in September 2011. More than two years later, many regularly meet or update each other about their children’s progress. She says, “I do post pictures of my son on Facebook, but I might just post them on the Monster Mummies group rather than my own page, as I’m not sure they’d be very interesting for anyone else.” She adds, “If I think back to all those sleepless nights, it was such a comfort to have loads of other mums on Facebook to chat to. It was so much more useful than any website or book.” B @ To find out more about post-natal illness, visit www.postnatalillness. or

RESOURCES Advice for parents on safe and sensible social networking • Think twice before accepting somebody as a friend. Would you want that person to access information and pictures of your children? • Regularly check on your friends list to ensure that you are happy sharing private information with them. Only give information out to people you consider friends in the real world. • Carefully consider each picture on its own merit. Is it really necessary to show toddlers on the potty or in the bath? • Consider cropping or editing pictures to make them more suitable for online use. • Are you posting too much about your children? Over-sharenting may lead people to defriend you. • The same can be said for bragging. Avoid the temptation to tell everyone how you squeezed yourself into your skinny jeans two weeks after giving birth. • Share your thoughts about sharenting with grandparents. If you do not want images of your children online, make sure they understand that. • Avoid creating a sense of isolation by limiting the time you spend online. It will also set a good example for your children.

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Glamour COATED

14 | L O C A L FA M I LY L I F E S T Y L E

Photography: Helen Marsden Styling: Kellie Daggett Hair & Make Up: Liz Kitchiner Location: The Bingham Hotel, Richmond-Upon Thames, Surrey Models: Indiana, Ryan, Belle, Tatiana, Isobelle, Alyssia, Mason, Ella, Rico, Flash, and Graham. With thanks to Baby Grace Models, Bonnie & Betty, and Bruce and Brown. Opposite Page: Indiana wears Fancy Fawn Print Dress and Bloomers, £75, by Rachel Riley. Button Strap Slippers, £65, by Rachel Riley. Hair Clip, £29 Pack of 2, by Rachel Riley. Rico wears Herringbone H-Strap Dungarees, £75, by Rachel Riley. Shirt, £12.99, by Zara. Boots with Elastic Sides, £29.99, by Zara. This Page: Ryan wears Trousers, £15.99, by Zara. Oxford Shirt, £22, by Boden. Shoes, £17.99, by Zara. Belle wears Top, £12.99, by Zara. Shorts & Tights (Sold As Set), £12, by Mothercare. Coat, £35.99, by Zara. Velvet Hair Bow, £12, by Rachel Riley. Tatiana wears Marianna Sparkle Sequin Dress, £35, by Monsoon. Coat, £309, by Bonpoint. Laurie Pompom Scarf, £24, by Belle Enfant. Liberty Print Bow, £9.50, by The House of Jam and Weasel at Button Strap Slippers, £65, by Rachel Riley. Isobelle wears Flocked Spot Dress, £74, by Boden. Pram Coat, £145, by Rachel Riley. Hand Muff, Stylists Own. Button Strap Slippers, £65, by Rachel Riley. Velvet Hair Bow, £12, by Rachel Riley.

L O C A L FA M I LY L I F E S T Y L E | 15

This Page: Mason wears Spot Shirt, £89.95, by Burberry at Harrods. Trousers, £15.99, by Zara. Ribbed Socks, £26, by Bonpoint. Ella wears Skirt, £43, by Hucklebones. Rosebud Sleeve Onesie, £32.50, by Hucklebones. Cashmere Cardigan, £85, by Zadig & Voltaire. Spotty Socks, £26, by Bonpoint. Rico wears Herringbone H-Strap Dungarees, £75, by Rachel Riley. Shirt, £12.99, by Zara. Belle wears Dress, £30, by Debenhams. Metallic Fairy Wings, £36, by Belle Enfant. Lurex Baby Cardi, £49, by ilovegorgeous. Button Strap Slippers, £59, by Rachel Riley. Liberty Print Bow, £9.50, by The House of Jam and Weasel at 16 | L O C A L FA M I LY L I F E S T Y L E

This Page: Indiana wears Classic Coat, £150, by Marie Chantal. Celine Cap Sleeve Top, £44, by Belle Enfant. Trousers, £15.99, by Zara. Lord Brogues, £59.50-£66, by Step2wo. Ribbed Socks, £26, by Bonpoint. L O C A L FA M I LY L I F E S T Y L E | 17

This Page: Tatiana wears Dress, £62, by Belle Enfant. Silver Cloud Tutu, from £35, by Angel’s Face. Laurie Footless Leggings, £48, by Belle Enfant. Shoes, £8, by Marks & Spencer. Diamanté Alice Band, £9, by Angel’s Face.

18 | L O C A L FA M I LY L I F E S T Y L E

This Page: Indiana wears Star Baby Dress, £49, by ilovegorgeous. Silver Cloud Tutu, from £35, by Angel’s Face Button. Strap slippers, £65, by Rachel Riley. Sequin Bandeau Headband, £3.50, by Monsoon. Alyssia wears Navy Blue Coat, £245, by Gucci at Harrods. Celine Cap Sleeve Top, £44, by Belle Enfant. Shorts, £14.99, by Zara. Stars Ballerina Shoes, £17.99, by Zara. Basic Tights, £5.99, by Zara. Mason wears Cords, £7, by M&Co. Party Shirt, £38, by Aravore. Velvet Bow Tie, £24, by Aravore. Flash wears Check Shirt, £120, by Baby Dior at Harrods. Smart Dungarees, £170, by Baby Dior at Harrods. Laurie Pompom Scarf, £24, by Belle Enfant. Rico wears Shirt, £9.99, by Zara. Coat, £30, by Junior Debenhams. Airplane Print Bow Tie, £25, by Rachel Riley. Trousers, £7, by M&Co. Lord Brogues, £59.50-£66, by Step2wo.

L O C A L FA M I LY L I F E S T Y L E | 19

20 | L O C A L FA M I LY L I F E S T Y L E

Opposite Page: Alyssia wears Floaty Dress, £44, by Boden. Faux Fur Collar, £30, by ilovegorgeous. Button Strap Slipper, £65, by Rachel Riley. Felt Crown Tiara, £8, by Wild Things Funky Little Dresses at Faux Fur Coat (Hanging on Door), £20, by M&Co. This Page: Graham wears Trousers, £87, by Bonpoint. Airplane Print Shirt, £55, by Rachel Riley. Ribbed Socks, £26, by Bonpoint. Ryan wears Trousers, £72.95, by Burberry at Harrods. Long Sleeve Top, £12, by JoJo Maman Bébé. Heritage Blazer, £24, by Next. Lord Brogues, £59.50-£66, by Step2wo. Indiana wears Ric Rac Baby Dress, £59, by ilovegorgeous. Avill Baby Legging, £52, by Caramel Baby & Child. Metallic Fairy Wings, £36, by Belle Enfant. Shoes, £59, by Rachel Riley.

Stockists: Angel's Face Aravore Belle Enfant

Boden Bonpoint Caramel Baby & Child Debenhams Harrods Hucklebones ilovegorgeous Inch Blue JoJo Maman Bébé John Lewis M&Co

Marie Chantal Marks & Spencer Monsoon Mothercare MINI A TURE Notonthehighstreet Next Olivier Baby Petit Bateau Rachel Riley Step2wo Vevian Zadig & Voltaire Zara

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w o h S ! s r e p p o St

Pull out all the stops and treat yourself to one of this season’s scent-sational new arrivals...

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#1 Michael Kors Glam Jasmine (£38, 30 ml Eau de Parfum) #2 Jo Loves No. 42 The Flower Shop (£45, 30 ml Eau de Parfum) #3 Jo Malone Peony & Blush Suede (£39, 30 ml Cologne) #4 Estée Lauder Modern Muse (£44, 30 ml Eau de Parfum) #5 Lancôme La vie est Belle Légerè (£39, 30 ml Eau de Parfum) #6 The Body Shop White Musk Smoky Rose (£10, 60 ml Eau de Toilette) #7 Clinique Aromatics Elixir Limited Edition Collection Perfume Spray (£64, 100 ml) 22 | L O C A L FA M I LY L I F E S T Y L E

By Jenni Baden Howard

Beauty Editor’s Top Tips

Get party-gorgeous in minutes, look less tired instantly & give your hair a touch of winter glam... CITY CHIC! I love this simple, pulled-together look - rich winter coat, simple hair (with shades as a headband!) and natural-but-polished make-up seen on Aerin Lauder, granddaughter of Estée, for the new AERIN New York City make-up collection (for stockists, go to


Fast Party Fixes 2





Top make-up artist Dani Guinsberg’s work has graced the pages of glossies including Vogue and Marie Claire. She is Founder of The Session School in London (, which offers one-to-one, professional make-up lessons for women of all ages (this winter, our readers will receive a 20% off all consultations and workshops). Here, a few expert tips from Dani on taking your makeup from ‘day to night’, on-the-go!


A dab of Pixi’s Cheek Gel (£12) in Rosy, applied with fingertips, will give you a healthy flush of colour and glow. 3 Create smoky, evening eyes with dark grey or chocolate brown eyeliner. Use the liner close to the lashes and smudge with a cotton bud or small eyeliner brush. Flattering and instantly glamorous! 4

Opt for a modern red lip by using a stain instead of full-on colour. Revlon's Just Bitten Lip Stain + Balms 1 For a quick, flawless face, (£7.99 each) are amazing opt for a quick dusting of and take five seconds to apBella Pierre Pure Mineral ply with the added benefits Loose Foundation (£34.99) of being long-lasting and using a large, fluffy brush. smudge-resistant! This will create a flawless make-up base that will last all night. Easy! 1


01 02


Indulge in a hydrating and radiance-boosting mask like Decleor Flash Radiance Mask (£29), which works in 3 minutes.

A specialist makeup primer - Clarins’ Beauty Flash Balm (£29) is legendary - will instantly illuminate a ‘tired mummy’ face before make-up!

For instant radiance, apply a liquid highlighter to the tops of the cheekbones, browbones and on the Cupid’s bow of your lips. Try Smashbox’s Halo Highlighting Wand (£25).

L O C A L FA A M I LY Y L I F E S T Y L E | 23

Notting Hill 52 Ledbury Road, London W11 2AJ 020 7229 5855

Primrose Hill 73 Regents Park Road, London NW1 8UY 020 7586 1552 24 | L O C A L FA M I LY L I F E S T Y L E

BURBERRY NAIL POLISH (£15) in Oxblood, a classic, glossy red.

BURBERRY NAIL POLISH (£15) in Poppy Black. Very on trend (classic Burberry trench optional!).

10 HIPP X RGB NAIL POLISH FOUNDATION (£14) in F4 (thisisbeautymart. com - part of a newto-the-UK, ‘non toxic’ range that’s a Hollywood manicure favourite!).



CHEEKY CHAT ME UP NAIL PAINT (£7) in Vamp It Up, part of a great new range billed as Cowshed’s ‘naughty little sister’!

Ideal for winter days or party nights, dip into winter’s deliciously deep, dark nail polishes!

BUTTER LONDON’S NAIL LACQUER (£12) in Union Jack Black, designed to “go on like liquid patent leather”!

SAINSBURY’S BOUTIQUE NAIL POLISH (£5) in Stand & Deliver. I’m really impressed with this easy to apply glossy colour, part of the store’s allnew make-up range.


LANCÔME VERNIS IN LOVE (£12.50) in Purple Friction (one of three limited edition darks for winter!).

MICHAEL KORS NAIL COLOUR (£15) in Glam Desire, one in a new line-up of winter colours.

BOBBI BROWN NAIL POLISH (£11) in Limited Edition Tuxedo Black.

L O C A L FA A M I LY L I F E S T Y L E | 2 25 5



We adore Boori’s Eton collection, and we’ve begun the countdown until it’s available this December. The range boasts three fabulous colours: white, almond and mocha, all beautifully stylish incorporating a classic design. The collection has been built to last, beginning its life as a cot bed; it can then be easily converted into a bed for toddlers, then on to a full size double bed. Truly standing the test of time. Priced £599.

Children are fantasized by bugs, and creepy crawlies... let their imaginations run wild with these magnetic bug decorations. A pack contains six insects. Priced £20.

Creatures Great & Small

Interiors Inspiring ideas for your little ones SOURCED BY: C H R I S T I N A B U R G E S S

Editor's pick!


Add a touch of animalistic art to your walls with Mar Mar Co’s fun posters, by Swedish designer Ingela P Arrhenius. Priced £21.

26 | L O C A L FA M I LY L I F E S T Y L E


We love this quirky Vitra Eames Elephant, injecting hours of fun into a child’s bedroom. It’s a fabulous contemporary ride on toy, which children will adore. Priced £159.


Quirky and full of character, this cute badger-shaped felt rug is designed in England and beautifully handmade in .DWKPDQGXXVLQJWKHኲQHVWRUJDQLF Tibetan wool. Priced £54.99.


© Debi Treloar,

By Emily Chalmers, at CARAVAN

Caravan is the quirky East End home decoration and gift store curated and owned by interiors stylist / author Emily Chalmers. Established over 10 years ago, Caravan has become a destination shop and built a loyal customer following. The shop floor offers an eclectic range of ideas for the home alongside a carefully chosen selection of fashion accessories and gifts. Soft toys range from little knitted dogs (£9.95), perfect for hanging in the nursery or for tiny hands to hold, to cult LuckyBoySunday knitted creatures (from £39). Brightly woven rugs (£295) and


We all need a helping hand, (or shall we say paw!) so why not let this bear side table assist? The wood shaped top adds a great alpine touch, whilst children will love spending time with this adorable little bear from Graham and Green. Priced £130.

your chance to




Who wouldn’t love adopting this adorable Dalmatian puppy chair from online retailer mini objects of desire? The good news is we have one of these pups to giveaway! Designed by Eero Aarnio the chair is durable and lightweight for maximum usability. You may not be able to fit 101 Dalmatians in your child’s bedroom but we know that parents and children alike will be happy to home this pooch. For entry details please see our contents page. Good luck! pretty pendant lamps (£129) promise to add an element of fun to any space. @ Caravan is located near London’s famous Columbia Road Market. For further information visit

Explore the most whimsical woods of all, in the comfort of your own home with this fabulous woods set. The set includes a magical tree, lamp post and plenty of SUHWW\ኳRZHUV3ULFHGe


Animal cushions are bang-on trend this winter, and there’s a whole menagerie out there waiting to set up camp in your homes. Owl priced £22.45, fox priced £12.99. &

L O C A L FA M I LY L I F E S T Y L E | 27

Annabel Karmel's Winter Weaning

Coming up with purée ideas in the winter involves a bit more thought as there is less seasonal fruit and vegetables available to us. However there are some delicious ingredients you can easily get hold of in winter that combined make purées bursting with flavours that will have you eating up any left overs! Inspired by my favourite home-cooked recipes, my stage 1 and 2 organic baby purées and new tasty sauces are ideal for when time is not on your side (available at Sainsbury’s). WORDS: ANNABEL KARMEL


Adding fruit such as plums or apricot can make a plain apple purée a little more interesting, but I love the mixture of pear and apple, this makes a lovely simple first fruit purée. INGREDIENTS • 1 RIPE PEAR, PEELED, CORED AND DICED PREP: 10 MINUTES

28 | L O C A L FA M I LY L I F E S T Y L E


Put the diced apple and pear in a saucepan with the water. Bring to the boil, then cover, reduce the heat to low, and cook gently for about 10 COOK: 10 MINUTES


minutes or until the fruits are all soft. Cool slightly, then tip into a blender and purée until smooth. Serve warm, or cool quickly and chill in the fridge before serving. The purée can be frozen in individual portions; thaw for 1 - 2 hours at room temperature when needed. SUITABLE FOR FREEZING


This is a delicious warming breakfast, make extra fruit compote to add to your own morning bowl of porridge. INGREDIENTS • 2 DESSERT APPLES, PEELED, CORED AND CHOPPED • 2 RIPE PEARS, PEELED, CORED AND CHOPPED • 30G RAISINS



Put the apple, pear and raisins into a heavy-based saucepan together with the water. Cover, bring to the boil, reduce the heat and simmer for about 8 minutes, or until the apples are soft. Purée using an electric hand blender. Mix the baby porridge with the cooled boiled water and stir into the purée. PREP: 7 MINUTES COOK: 10 MINUTES MAKES 3 PORTIONS SUITABLE FOR FREEZING

Oily fish like salmon provide a good source of essential fatty acids, which are important for the development of the brain, nervous system and vision. A baby’s brain grows very rapidly in the first year.



Heat the oil in a saucepan. Add the onion and fry for 3 minutes. Add the squash and water.



Simmer for 15 minutes, until the squash is soft. Add the salmon and spinach and stir for 3 minutes, until the salmon is cooked and the spinach is wilted. Add the cream cheese, Parmesan and dill. Blend until smooth using an electric hand blender.


L O C A L FA M I LY L I F E S T Y L E | 29


Avocado and banana are great first foods, they are quick and easy to prepare and are perfect for taking out an about as require no cooking and come with their own packaging. INGREDIENTS • 1⁄2 SMALL RIPE AVOCADO, STONED • 1⁄2 SMALL RIPE BANANA, PEELED AND SLICED • A LIT TLE BREAST OR FORMULA MILK (OPTIONAL) METHOD

Scoop out the avocado flesh and mash together with the banana. For a thinner consistency, stir in a little of your baby’s usual milk. PREP: 4 MINUTES MAKES 1 PORTION SUITABLE FOR FREEZING

B U T T E R N U T S Q U A S H , C A R R O T, A P P L E A N D P R U N E S

The combination of fruit and vegetables is delicious, the prunes adding a lovely sweet taste.



Put the carrot and squash into a steamer and cook for 5 minutes. Add the apple and prunes and continue to steam for 10 minutes until all the ingredients are tender. Blend with about 2 tablespoons of water from the steamer.


30 | L O C A L FA M I LY L I F E S T Y L E

Annabel’s new delicious, nutritious range of Organic Baby Purées and Organic Sauces are available from Sainsbury’s.

L O C A L FA M I LY L I F E S T Y L E | 31

32 | L O C A L FA M I LY L I F E S T Y L E

M a ke a W i s h

Wooden Advent Calendar, £35, John Lewis | Digger, £28, Aspace | Metal Spinning Top, £7.25, Little Baby Company | Skipper Pond Yacht, £18, Dotty Hippo | Red SkyKing Trike, £285, Punkin Patch | PLAYSAM Wooden Streamliner Cab, £38, Little Baby Company | Karina the Elephant, £24.99, Nordic Kids | Knitted Stocking, £20, Roullier White | Crochet Deer Pull-Along Toy, £41, Alex and Alexa | Silver Cross Classic Wooden Doll’s Pram, £80, John Lewis | Grey Owl Soft Toy by Franck & Fischer, £24.99, Nordic Kids | Wooden Pull Along Squirrel, £16.99, Peanut and Pip | Rudolph Baby Shoes, £19.95, Babes with Babies | Hobby Horse, £18, Aspace | Franck & Fischer Monkey Musical Toy, £38.50, Nordic Kids | Wooden Parking Garage, £69.99, Loubilou | Stacking Magnetic Toy Rocket, £16.99, Toyella | Original Balance Bike, £52.99, Prince Lionheart | Crochet Teaset, £25, Loubilou | Rubbabu Train, £16.99, Pure Baby | Wooden Number Sorting Bus, £31.99, Not On The High Street | I’m Toy Cow Ride-On, £48.32, John Lewis | Set Of Wooden Musical Toys, £58.95, Not On The High Street | Franck & Fischer Theo Tiger, £19.99, Toyella | Personalised Organic Wooden Rattle, £14.50, Not On The High Street | PLAYSAM Wooden Roadster Ride On Toy, £299, Little Baby Company

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25% Poco Nido


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Shupeas expandable shoes are made from the highest quality materials for durability, comfort, and protection for babies up to 18 months.

Poco Nido offer a unique range of limited edition t-shirts, baby bodies, gorgeous mini shoes and funky wellies.

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Cuddledry’s award-winning towels are made from bamboo and cotton so they’re super-soft, and make a fun and cuddly long-lasting gift.

Little Fashion Gallery is the first online concept store for kids and has recently launched its own brand of cool and practical fashion.

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Stunning ponchos for toddlers and adults. Their online store also stocks 100% pure cashmere baby blankets.

A hand-picked range of high quality, stylish clothes and gifts that are gentle to our little ones and gentle to the planet.

15% Mayoral


Code: CHRISTMAS Expires: 15/02/14

Hand-knitted baby clothes, party essentials and beautiful winter outfits for 0-10 year olds. Not in conjunction with any other offer.

Mayoral is the leading contemporary Spanish baby and kids brand. Readers can also buy online at

34 | L O C A L FA M I LY L I F E S T Y L E

Code: BABYL13 Expires: 15/02/14

15% AliOli Kids


15% Mamma & Me


20% Cuddledry


20% Merino Kids


30% Shupeas


Visit the UK’s home of Father Christmas “It really does cast a Christmas spell it’s beautifully done” THE SUNDAY TIMES


“LaplandUK is the Rolls Royce of Christmas experiences” Carrie Longton, founder MUMSNET


LaplandUK, the ultimate family Christmas adventure | Call 0871 620 7063 Swinley Road, Ascot, Berkshire, SL5 8BD – one mile from Ascot and 7 miles from Windsor. (Calls cost 10p per minute plus network extras)

L O C A L FA M I LY L I F E S T Y L E | 35











Offer a BLW20 pplies t 13 o ends 31 st full price bag s Dec, 20 13





O F STYLE • • +44 (0)1202 788 368

36 | L O C A L FA M I LY L I F E S T Y L E

Lux Twist Fur Snood, £25, Topshop

Maternity Oversized Top, £18, Topshop

Maternity Fashion | *VSQXLI3JÁGI

Dottie Maternity Dress, £75, Bumpalicious Maternity

Marni Satin and Crystal Necklace, £230, Net-A-Porter


Ellington Lace Maternity Dress, £115, Isabella Oliver

Olivia Burton Chronograph Watch, £105, John Lewis

Elastic Ankle Boot With Heel £39.99, Zara Houndstooth Knitted Skirt, £39, Séraphine Checked Studio Cape, £159, Zara

WORK IT LADIES... winter workwear has never looked quite so good

The Everyday Blazer, £169, Isabella Oliver

Eden Changing Bag, £229, BabyBeau

Moonlight Cobalt Studs, £21, Martine Wester

Asymmetric Neck Ruched Dress in Deep Olive, £170, Keungzai The Row Cat Eye Acetate Sunglasses, £270, Net-A-Porter Dune Troonbridge Riding Boots, £149, ASOS

Maternity Cable Pencil Skirt, £36, Topshop

Wool Panel Glove, £25, Topshop

Oasis Metal Toecap Pointed Shoes, £38, ASOS L O C A L FA M I LY L I F E S T Y L E | 37

Maternity Fashion | the Party!

Chandelier Earrings, £12, Next

Somerton Maternity Dress, £109, Isabella Oliver

Cowl Neck Glitter Tunic, £49, Séraphine

Wide Stretch Baroque Filigree Bracelet, £10, Accessorize

Amelie Dress, £335, Madderson London

Baroque Pearl Hardcase Clutch, £45, Accessorize

Dangling Stud Earrings, £57.50, Konplott

Carvela Occasion Sandals, £130, John Lewis


’tis the season to get all dressed up

Soft Drape Dress, £170, Keungzai Sparkly Minaudiére with Zips, £59.99, Zara

Alisa Multi-way Dress, £175, Séraphine

Open Work Leather Sandal, £79.99, Zara

38 | L O C A L FA M I LY L I F E S T Y L E

Maternity Drape Bodycon Dress, £29, Topshop Sparkly Crystal Bead Necklace, £19.99, Zara

Ted Baker Faux Fur Jacket, £199, John Lewis

L O C A L FA M I LY L I F E S T Y L E | 39


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