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Rose Annabel L ally Daughter of Daniel an d Maria Lally Born on the 16th of May 2013 At the Royal Surrey Co unty Hospital, Guildfor d Weighing 8lb 2oz , Sis ter to Sophia, 3½

Proud parents share their birth experiences with us and Baby Surrey welcomes three new arrivals into the world.


ur first daughter, Sophia, was born in June 2010, and we were absolutely thrilled. It was exhausting at first, but we soon got the hang of it, and on her second birthday we decided to try for another baby. I fell pregnant soon after, and we were even more excited the second time around because we knew what lay in store. We were also happy that Sophia would soon have a sibling. We decided to find out the sex of the baby because we were moving house during the pregnancy and we wanted to be organised – for example, the day we moved we wanted to know whether to put all of Sophia’s old clothes up into the loft (if it was a boy) or in the new nursery (if it was another girl). Sophia kept saying, “I really want a baby

sister Mummy, not a brother!” The pressure was on! At the 20 week scan, however, the sonographer couldn’t tell me the sex because Rosie wasn’t in the right position. So a week later I paid for a private gender scan, which revealed that we were indeed having another little girl.

“At the 20 week scan, however, the sonographer couldn’t tell me the sex because Rosie wasn’t in the right position.” My pregnancy was very straightforward. The biggest worry was the house move – it was very stressful because we were in a complicated chain that kept threatening to collapse. We were living in a flat in London, and I was desperate to move before the baby

arrived because the flat could only be accessed via a long flight of stairs, which would have been tough with a baby and a toddler. Plus, the new house had a garden and the baby was due at the beginning of the summer. We ended up moving when I was seven months pregnant, so, instead of taking it easy in the last few months, I was lifting heavy boxes and trying to get the house organised. I had given birth to Sophia one week early, and exactly one week before Rosie’s due date my waters broke. I was reading Sophia a bedtime story when I felt them go. I carried on putting her to bed, then called the hospital. I had a shower and washed my hair and waited for Dan to come home. By the time he arrived I was having frequent contractions, so we asked my motherin-law to come over and we set off. Things were much quicker than they had been during my first labour. 

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i r h B t y D a p y! p aH Giving birth is all about choice. Becky Dickinson explores different ways to deliver. W O R D S : B E C K Y D I C K I N S O N | I L LU S T R AT I O N S : E K AT E R I N A T R U K H A N


s your pregnancy draws to an end, childbirth becomes an increasing, sometimes daunting, reality. Deciding how to give birth is one of the most important decisions you will need to make while your baby is still inside you. To the uninitiated, the options can seem as bewildering as the array of different pushchairs on the market. But just as there is no ‘one travel system fits all,’ neither is there one correct way to give birth. From living room floor to surgeon’s table, aromatherapy to epidural, there are more ways to bring a baby into the world than you can shake a Clear Blue stick at. Here are just a few of the options.

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natural birth It seems somewhat superfluous to refer to a natural process like childbirth as ‘natural.’ Yet, in the case of labour, it means giving birth vaginally without medical intervention. Its advocates believe birth is a normal, healthy part of life, not a medical procedure. During a natural birth the woman can move around and try out different positions, using breathing exercises and relaxation techniques in place of drugs. This can have the advantage of feeling more relaxed and in control. Natural births can be extremely empowering. However,

for some women it can be hugely disappointing if things don’t go to plan. Clare Shepherd from Clapham, London, says, “I’d set my heart on this beautiful drug-free experience, but after 40 hours in labour, I was exhausted and my baby was distressed. I ended up having an epidural and forceps delivery. Afterwards, I couldn’t help feeling I hadn’t done it properly.’’ Although many women aspire to a natural birth, it’s important to realise they are not always possible and intervention is never a mark of failure.

Hypnobirth HypnoBirthing is a birth education programme that teaches simple self hypnosis, relaxation and breathing techniques. HypnoBirthing is based on the belief that pain is not necessary and that a woman’s body is perfectly designed to give birth. HypnoBirthing aims to free women from the fear and tension that often surrounds childbirth and to enable the pelvic muscles to relax. For the best chance of success, it’s necessary to practise

water birth

the techniques well in advance of the due date. Kerry Woodcock from London says, ‘’HypnoBirthing kept me feeling calm and in control throughout labour. The contractions were no problem at all. It gave me a better understanding of the physical and psychological aspects of childbirth. I would advise every mother-tobe and her partner to try HypnoBirthing even if they intend to use drugs.”

Once the preserve of home births and midwife units, water births are becoming increasingly mainstream and many hospitals now have birthing pools. Larger than a normal bath, pools are deep enough for the woman to be immersed - with space for a partner or husband to jump in too if desired! Being in warm water can help a woman’s muscles to relax, which can reduce pain and speed

up labour. Research suggests that being in water can also reduce the risk of tearing to the perineum. According to a Which? survey in 2013, about 30% of women giving birth in England used water or a birth pool for coping with labour pain, and 6% of women gave birth in a pool. Many women feel that giving birth in water provides their baby with a more gentle transition to life outside the womb.

Caesarean section In the UK, around one in four babies are delivered by an abdominal operation. There are two kinds of caesareans: planned (elective) and unplanned (emergency). A planned caesarean is arranged in advance, usually for medical reasons such as the baby being in an awkward position, or the mother having a high risk condition. Unexpected problems can also develop during or before labour which means the baby needs to be born quickly by emergency caesarean.

This is usually done using spinal anaesthesia, but in some cases a general anaesthetic may be necessary. A c-section involves major abdominal surgery and recovery can take several weeks or longer. While caesareans can sometimes be the safest means of birth, some babies may retain fluid in their lungs which would have been squeezed out in the birth canal. It is still possible for a woman who has had a caesarean, to give birth vaginally in the future. 

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Life s a BEACh If the sun’s shining, what could be better than an afternoon spent building sandcastles, playing with friends and tucking into a picnic? Best of all, you don’t always have to pack everything but the kitchen sink and head off for a week’s holiday to the Med, some of our best beaches are much closer to home. WORDS: VIV MICKLEFIELD


hether you’re four, thirty-four, or sixty-four, the idea of whiling away a few hours relaxing on a beach fills all generations with giddy excitement. No matter that the sand seems to find its way into everything; few of us tire of setting-up ‘base camp’ and re-discovering our inner child. Obviously, the mental checklist to remember before closing the front door does depend on the ages in your party, whether or not you expect to go into water too, how long you intend to be out for and your mode of transport. Sunscreen that gives UVA and UVB protection, wide brimmed hats and long-sleeved cotton tops are a must on even the cloudiest day. And toddlers and older children usually feel more comfortable wearing jelly or breathable beach shoes, while a baby in tow means you’ll probably need extra towels and blankets for them to rest on. Unless you’re planning to drive very close to the chosen beach, taking sun tents and windbreaks to provide shelter is an extra encumbrance so consider a big umbrella to provide shade if needed. As onsite facilities can vary enormously, and an advance recce isn’t always possible, you’ll probably want to take your own cool bag with food and water. Travel bottle warmers and

flasks of hot water add weight, but can be invaluable if you have a little one on formula food. However, as the Hutson family know, when you hit the beach it doesn’t require a trunk-load of expensive toys to keep little ones amused. “My three-year-old daughter loves playing in the sand so a

“My three-year-old daughter loves playing in the sand so a bucket and spade is essential,” says dad Mike. “We also enjoy checking out the little rock pools and paddling in the sea.” bucket and spade is essential,” says dad Mike. “We also enjoy checking out the little rock pools and paddling in the sea. Sophie has as much fun here as she would at an over-priced theme park.” Jackie and Matt Field, who’ve spent plenty of family time at the beach since sons Ned 6, and Ben 8 were small, would agree. “Seeing everyone enjoying themselves and finding pleasure in the simple and natural things that you do is great,” says Matt. And although a cricket bat and ball also make it onto the packing

list, now that the boys are getting older, they still love building sand sculptures. “Everyone can do it and contribute to creating some amazing things that people admire as they go by,” says Matt. A spokesperson for the Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents (RoSPA) does advise caution when it comes to sand play, “Children have been known to dig very deep holes in the sand, the sides of which can collapse. Sand pits should be kept shallow.” And according to RoSPA, even if children are confident in water, they should always be supervised by an adult, “Unlike a swimming pool, the sea has no depth markings, no fixed depth and you can’t always see the bottom. Conditions can change rapidly, so consider the risks to yourselves and others.” Lifeguards in coastal areas provide helpful guidance on the safest spots for splashing and swimming, and Blue Flag signs indicate that a beach tops European standards for cleanliness and water quality. As the mercury rises, a dip in freshwater ponds and rivers can also be a tempting option and Surrey’s Frensham Common is one of the region’s most popular countryside sites because of its heath-fringed sands. A council spokesperson does remind visitors, “Naturally occurring blooms of blue-green algae can appear which 


great ways to spend summer days Want to know what to do with the little ones over the Summer? Baby Surrey’s put together ten great ideas to inspire you. WORDS: EMMA OLIVER

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The Guildford Lido

Local Theatre Classes

Bocketts Farm

With good facilities that include three fun slides, Guildford Lido brings summer heat relief to families through its well-maintained outdoor water pools. There are lots of trees, and therefore shade available, making it a cool choice for mums of young children. But don’t worry, it’s not overly cool, - the pool is heated to 24ºC. Pack a picnic and stay all day. Open from 10.30am. Adults £5.90, juniors £4.50.

Do not under estimate local holiday theatre classes. More affordable than big franchises, and just as much fun, drama groups such as West Surrey based The Man in the Moon ( offer flexible days and week long fun themes, helping to keep children entertained throughout school holidays. Be sure to check out the show at the end of each week! Prices from £20 a day.

Ride a tractor and a pony, watch a pig race and cuddle a rabbit; these are all available at the award-winning Bocketts Farm (, a seriously fun and fabulous day out for all, come rain or shine. Open daily from 10am. Adults £9.20, children from £8.






Thorpe Park

Playing On The River

Super Sand

Everyone remembers that iconic photo of Princess Diana with her two little princes on the log flume water ride at Thorpe Park ( Question is, will you and yours take the plunge? Thorpe Park, Chertsey, open daily from 10am, with lots on offer for tots to teens. Tickets from £22.99.

While away the hours messing about on the river at Tilford near Farnham (GU10 2B). This quintessential British beauty spot with its medieval stone bridge is a haven for paddling. Plenty to keep little ones entertained. The nearby pub serves delicious ice cream too!

A popular and pretty destination for some summer fun is Frensham Great Pond (GU10 2QD, off the A287). It offers a sandy beach for the children to play on. Pack a picnic and fishing nets. Free during the week but you have to pay parking at weekends. 

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A Desirable Offering boundless beauty, Porto Elounda Golf and Spa Resort in Crete is a parent’s paradise. Add luxury travel specialist Powder Byrne into the mix, and you can sit back and enjoy the views – stress-free holidaying at its best. WORDS: REBECCA MOORE | IMAGES: POWDER BYRNE


s the year starts to unfold, and the sunshine starts to appear (and disappear again, quicker than you’ve had chance to turf out the picnic blanket), before long you begin to yearn for that ultimate summer getaway. But that wistful holiday vision is soon substituted with the stresses associated with holidaying en famille. Surely we can’t put a damper on being whisked away purely because it’ll be with young children in tow? Holidays are all about having fun, not about worrying how you’ll organise childcare or whether you’ll fit everything bar the kitchen sink into your suitcase. Eliminate the stress by letting someone else take

12 | L O C A L FA M I LY L I F E S T Y L E

care of it – sounds like a tempting plan? Powder Byrne, the luxury family travel specialist, has the solution with its carefully planned crèche programme for little ones aged 4 months to 3 years. Its team guarantees to remove the hassles you might otherwise expect when travelling with very young children, allowing parents to focus on enjoying

their well-earned holiday. With crèche locations prudently selected, they will ensure your holiday is relaxing for even the smallest of travellers. There’s also no need to slip into the trap of ‘panic packing’; disown the bottles, sterilisers and all the usual baby paraphernalia. You can arrive to a myriad of baby essentials, delivered directly to your room prior to your arrival. Powder Byrne appreciates that going the extra mile speaks volumes for new parents still finding their feet. It’s all about reassurance when holidaying, and that’s integral when booking a family holiday. Powder Byrne’s ethos revolves around this, and its resort team strives to eliminate any fears or worries. They ensure little ones settle into their crèche as quickly as possible, so it feels as if it is a real home from


home experience. And to ensure they are on track, they will arrange a pre-departure call from their resort crèche manager, who will ask parents about any special requirements, dietary needs and preferred daily routine, as well as answering any questions that new parents will undoubtedly have. With all the fundamentals in hand and all the stress delegated, it’s time to focus on the excitement… so where to

The pb crèche operates from the beginning of July right through to the middle of September. The latter part of the summer months is a highly recommended time to visit, with the sea still beautifully warm and the resort being less busy than in high summer. Parents could be embracing tranquillity in the world renowned Six Senses Spa, playing some golf or tennis, relaxing by one of the many pools or on the beach, doing some water sports, learning to

“boasting a plethora of luxury facilities to take advantage of. All to be enjoyed by parents as they fully unwind” go? Powder Byrne has an enticing selection of properties across the globe, with something to fulfil everyone’s desires. We’ve fallen in love with Porto Elounda Golf and Spa Resort in Crete, boasting a plethora of luxury facilities to take advantage of. All to be enjoyed by parents as they fully unwind, safe in the knowledge that their little ones are being expertly cared for in the pb crèche. This resort offers real added value for parents travelling with young children, with its luxurious and large family rooms, private balconies and stunning Mediterranean views, and what’s more, children under two sharing their parents’ room travel free with Powder Byrne.

SCUBA dive, even chartering a yacht for the day if that’s your thing. Boredom will certainly not come into play at Elounda. If exploring the local land is more their game, Powder Byrne’s resort staff have an intimate knowledge of Elounda and the surrounding areas of Crete. Working from the ethos that ‘nothing is too much trouble’, their aim is to take the planning and organisation off clients’ hands so they spend their time enjoying, not organising, their holiday, just as it should be. In the resort, staff will arrange everything – be it restaurant bookings, babysitting, treatments at the spa, or any number of private sports activities. It’s a complete seamless service for their clients from beginning to the end of their holiday. As much attention is given to the children, after all it’s their holiday too. Powder Byrne runs its crèche for the exclusive use of its own clients at the resort’s magical Children’s Ark. The crèche programme caters specifically for British families’ needs offering the right sort of activities, for the right age group, facilitated by highly qualified English-speaking staff. Elounda presents gorgeous children’s pools, including one with a shaded area. Supervised


play also takes place on the sheltered beach, where little ones can dip their toes in the water, collect shells, play games and enjoy treasure hunts. You’ll be pleased to hear that Porto Elounda is a foodie’s paradise, too. Expect an authentic food experience, allowing guests to try a range of delicious restaurants that are on site and at its sister resorts of Elounda Peninsula and Elounda Mare. You’ll be spoilt for choice, from bars offering snacks and cocktails on the beach, to the finest cuisine at their restaurants. Award-winning chefs serve Cretan gourmet meals as well as top class international menus, so there’s plenty of choice. The true diner’s delight comes alive as all can be enjoyed overlooking

the turquoise water of the sheltered bay at Elounda. It’s a desirable destination just waiting to be explored. ✿

Exclusive Offer Travel with Powder Byrne to Porto Elounda, Crete this summer and enjoy an exclusive complimentary pb crèche and a signature Six Senses Spa treatment for travel between 30 August and 13 September. Price from £1,045 per adult for 7 nights on B&B basis. Price includes return private transfers and full resort service. Flights quoted separately. ✽ Call 020 8246 5300 quoting ‘Baby Series Offer’ for more information. Visit for details of other Powder Byrne luxury destinations.

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