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ho doesn’t enjoy wrapping their little loves up in chunky nits and adorable tights? As the Autumn/ Winter collections fill our minds with inspiration we’ve pulled together some of the cutest apparel in our Fashion Story on page 14. And it’s not just baby’s wardrobe that gets a makeover, as we take a look at some of the pending trends for the maternity wardrobe, too. Our Spot of Romance page on 35 will lend a helping hand when it comes to romanticising your wardrobe with a touch of dark and darling elegance. Or if you’re just as happy in cosy casual wear check out our Boy meets Girl trend on 36 – keeping it effortlessly stylish. Autumn’s a great time to get in touch with your adventurous side. We’ve been on a little Alpine Adventure ourselves with our interiors page (p26). And if you fancy doing your homework we’ve rounded up a playground wish list for little learners on page 33. Happy Browsing,

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to the World words: HELEN HOLMES | images: ALExANdrA JOSEpH

Francesco Michae l Giannandrea Son of Karen Beasley and

Federico Giannandrea Born on the 15th of June 2012, at St Thomas’ Hospi tal Weighing 6lb 13oz

Proud parents share their birth experiences with us and Baby London welcomes three new arrivals into the world.


ede and I had expected to get married first and then try for a baby. But with my mum fighting secondary breast cancer, we had to learn to cherish every moment – and it made us realise that what was important to us was having a family. We expected it to take six to twelve months, but it only took two. I hadn’t been feeling well, and Fede was sure that I was pregnant, but I guess I wasn’t ready to find out so I delayed taking a test. Even once I did, it came back negative for the first few weeks. When I fainted on the tube I took another test, and this time it was positive. The doctor recommended a scan, which showed that I was eight weeks and a day. I’ll not deny it: I over-prepared for the birth. As a Virgo I'm a perfectionist, with a written list or plan for everything. I

took both NCT and hospital antenatal classes, took the hospital tour, listened to CDs, did yoga with Fede, and yoga with pregnant friends. I joined a walking club, looked at websites, downloaded apps, and read more magazines and books than I want to admit to. My birth plan was documented in detail – from yoga at home and a TENS machine, to a hospital birthing pool and discovering our baby’s gender on our own. I was due on 10 June, and I had an inkling that my child would arrive on time, punctual like his mother. Imagine my surprise when 15 June came along, and still no baby! I was four days overdue, but I had appointments to keep, so I continued my busy schedule, despite some uncomfortable period pains in my lower back. It was a relief when I got home at the end of the day and, even though sleeping was impossible and the TENS machine felt strange, a hot bath soothed my aches. Eventually, I timed the intervals to

seven minutes. I then had a show, and this galvanised us to phone our on-call midwife team. As they were not available, St Thomas’ advised us to come straight in. During our car journey I was really nervous, for three reasons: we had taken our own car, and my waters had not broken yet; I was convinced that I was going to punch Fede because of his mundane chit-chat; and I was worried that the hospital staff would say that it was too early and send me home. I was already threatening to destroy our natural birth plan, and half an hour pacing a busy hospital reception didn’t help. Finally, at about nine in the evening, the midwife examined me and causally announced that I was already ten centimetres dilated! I was taken to the birthing pool, where I relaxed with music, and gas and air. By midnight the intervals between my contractions had lengthened, which meant that my labour u

L oCcAaL lFA faMmI LY i lyL IlFi fE eS sT tY yL El e | |25 5 LO

was slowing down, so my midwife forced me to return to dry land. I spent the next two hours pushing in various positions. My waters broke, but for some reason I was unable to push my baby out. I started to approach the maximum time allowed for this stage of labour and I was asking for increased pain relief. After waiting half an hour for the anaesthetist, I gave my consent for a spinal tap, an episiotomy and a forceps birth. I’ve learnt that there is no such thing as a perfect birth – a healthy mother and baby is all you can wish for. A dozen staff surrounded me in the operating theatre. The next contraction saw Franci’s arrival. Fede cut the cord, and I saw my baby for the first time – a white bottom with male parts making its way towards me! It still makes me laugh that I saw my son's bottom before I saw his face. I stayed in hospital for two nights, and then Fede drove us home, very slowly. We were both nervous because we had this little person with us, and we had to be in charge. There’s a moment when you realise that it’s not just you anymore, and that you’ll change all your plans if they need you. Being alone with Franci for the first

time was strange, and I panicked when Fede had to go back to work as it meant nearly twelve hours looking after him all on my own! We got through it, though, and now we both treasure the one to one time we have with our son. The lack of sleep makes it very hard to be rational all of the time. There have been some big arguments in our house – about little things, but

also big ones about important topics: responsibilities, and choices that we had to make. But we’re finding our way together now. Sadly, I lost my mum half way through the pregnancy – we would have loved Franci to have met his grandmother, but it was not to be. He has three other lovely grandparents who all dote on him.


en and I met on Christmas Eve, 2005. It turned out that not only did we have numerous mutual friends, but our parents were also part of the same group of friends and had even been on holiday together. Five days after our first date I moved to Cardiff to start a new job. After nine months of travelling back and forth, we decided that it would be best if I moved back to London so, ten months after meeting, Ben and I moved in together. Two years later Ben proposed on a beautiful Indian summer’s day in my favourite city, overlooking the Thames on Blackfriars Bridge. We married in September 2009 in front of many family and friends, including five of our grandparents, three of whom were 99 years old. In March 2012, almost six months after we began to try for a baby, I had a feeling that I should take a pregnancy test. It was positive. We couldn't believe our eyes. We were so amazed

6 26 | | L o L OcCaAl Lfa FAmMi ly I LYl iLfI Fe Es St Ty Yl eL E

by the result that over the course of the next five days I took another seven tests. It wasn't until we had our twelve week scan that it really sank in, and only after the twenty week scan did we start to buy baby bits. In the main, the pregnancy was great. At six months, however, I was involved in a car accident – through no fault of my own! I was taken to hospital where I was given the option of having a full check up myself or going straight to the maternity unit and having the baby checked out. I chose the latter, without hesitation. We had an ultrasound, which was fine, and the baby's heartbeat was monitored for a few hours. We were given the all clear, and allowed to go home. After the accident I began to have very bad pelvic and hip pain. I had physiotherapy and acupuncture treatment, and I’m still receiving treatment now. I’d always been very apprehensive about giving birth naturally. We thought that a Hypnobirthing course would help to alleviate some of my fears, and teach us how to breathe and relax. We practised it almost every night, and it worked for a time, but as we got closer to the third trimester, I began to panic. My midwife was amazing, she listened to my fears and arranged for us to speak to a senior obstetrician at the Whittington Hospital, to discuss the possibility of an elective caesarean. We left the meeting feeling rejuvenated. After weighing up the pros and cons of a caesarean, we wrote our birth plan – which included a natural birth and lots of pain relief! The obstetrician noted on my records that I was a very apprehensive mum to be, and that I would therefore need to be admitted to the labour ward as soon as I arrived, however early it may be.

I’d always been very apprehensive about giving birth naturally. We thought that a Hypnobirthing course would help to alleviate some of my fears, and teach us how to breathe and relax.

Lila Nikki Jones Daughter of Ben and Susie Jones Born on the 11th of November 2012,

at the Whittington Hospital, Weighing 6lb 9oz

At 36 weeks we discovered that the baby was breech, and after another meeting with our obstetrician we decided that turning was not an option, as it doesn't always work and it sounded very painful. Our birth plan was thrown out of the window, and we were booked in for a caesarean after all. Two weeks before the planned date of the caesarean, I met up with some girlfriends. I commented that, although I was now getting the caesarean, deep down, what I really wanted was to go into labour naturally – to feel my waters break and experience some contractions. At 4am on the day before we were booked in for the caesarean I felt a pop, as if a balloon had burst. I turned to Ben and told him, calmly, that my waters had broken. I’ve never seen him move so fast! We didn’t want to risk the baby coming out naturally. By 5am we were in triage, and by 8.45am we were in the operating room. I was given a spinal block, I lay down on the operating table, with Ben by my side, and the screen went up. Sixteen min-

utes later, our little girl was born. She was just perfect and beautiful – I think we both cried at some point in the operating theatre. At four days, Lila was diagnosed with hip dysplasia. She was referred to Great Ormond Street for treatment, which involved her wearing a Pavlik harness for six weeks. She has now been given the all clear. Lila also had problems eating, including very bad reflux, so she was also referred to a dietician and paediatrician. Her eating problems have greatly improved but it did mean that for the first few months of her life she was forever going back and forth to various hospital appointments. Ben was at home for the first three weeks, which was great, as the caesarean had caused a lot of discomfort for me, and both sets of our parents were there whenever we needed them. I don't think we would have managed so well without our parents’ support. She amazes us and makes us smile daily – we couldn’t imagine being without her. u

L oCcAaL lFA faMmI LY i lyL IlFi fE eS sT tY yL El e | |27 7 LO

Isla Grace Rowe hael Rowe Daughter of Briony and Mic 2012, em Born on the 15th of Dec ber ighing 8lb 6oz At King’s College Hospital, We


e always knew that we wanted to have a family. I’d dreamt of being a mum for as long as I can remember, and Michael was broody from the day I met him – he used to ask whether we could skip the marriage part and go straight to having kids. He proposed while we were on holiday in South Africa, and we started trying to have a baby soon after we were married. We decided not to delay things, because we’d seen friends struggling to conceive, and on Michael’s 33rd birthday we took our first and only pregnancy test. We were over the moon when the result was positive. We stared at each other in silence for a while, wondering whether it was really true. It was very much a

8 28 | | L o L OcCaAl Lfa FAmMi ly I LYl iLfI Fe Es St Ty Yl eL E

wanted pregnancy, but alongside the elation there were also nerves about what was to come, and how our lives might change beyond all recognition. Michael and I have always had a great relationship, so I think we both feared anything changing that. We decided to not find out the sex of the baby, but we both felt instinctively

that it was a boy - a feeling which was compounded by the fact that at every scan we were told to look away by the sonographer too many times, we thought, for it to be a girl! I had a very good pregnancy, I actually enjoyed it a great deal. It was nice to have a good reason to slow down, and although I used to really enjoy a glass of wine, I lost all interest in alcohol and quite enjoyed my new hangover-free lifestyle! I was also lucky to be under the care of a local midwifery group throughout my pregnancy. The care they gave was amazing. I had a midwife, Biz, assigned to me – I saw her for most of my appointments, and she also delivered Isla. It was a lifeline at certain points, for example at 18 weeks when I had some spotting – having Biz to

reassure me and arrange to have it all checked out was such a relief. The day after my due date, I had a show. I thought that it meant that things were about to happen, but four days later I still hadn’t gone into labour. My midwife visited, did a sweep and confirmed – to my great delight – that I was already 2cm dilated and that she could feel the head! That night the contractions began very mildly. As this was my first

we paged the midwife. By the time she called back I was on all fours with a strong urge to push! The midwife told us to call an ambulance immediately. We put the 999 operator on speaker phone, and she talked us through what to do while we waited for the paramedics to arrive. Even though she was just on the phone, having that extra person talking to us was such a help. She instructed Michael to put out towels, to open the front door and

When I arrived at the labour ward I was hooked up to a baby monitor, which confirmed that Isla was okay – much to our relief. At this point Biz arrived and did an amazing job of coaching me through it – giving lots of praise and support, alongside Michael, who was encouraging me throughout. The final stage of the labour was just over an hour, as Isla had got stuck in the birth canal. Were it not for that, we might never have made it to hospital. It was very painful, but I knew that I had no choice but to push on through the pain. In the end, the pressure of all my pushing built up and when she did arrive it was like a cork popping out of a bottle! I think I was still in a state of shock when she was handed to me, I was still registering what had happened, and that I had a girl! But moments later, when she was lying on my chest staring up at me, skin to skin, I fell completely and utterly in love with her, and I knew that nothing else in the world mattered – she was perfection. Coming home for the first time was incredible. We existed in a kind of twilight zone, camping out in the living room and snatching a few hours’ sleep here and there, but it was a very happy time. When Isla was ten days old we had a house full of family to celebrate Christmas Day, and to marvel at our best Christmas present ever. Having our baby girl is the icing on the cake for us – we’re the same happy couple, but now with this perfect addition. ✿

the pressure of all my pushing built up and when she did arrive it was like a cork popping out of a bottle! pregnancy I wasn’t even sure that they were contractions, but the waves of strong period pain type sensations matched what people had described. I woke at 2am with the contractions now lasting a bit longer, and moved into the lounge to give Michael a chance to sleep undisturbed. At around 7.30am my waters broke, and I took some paracetamol. By 9.30am my contractions were much stronger and

to keep me as comfortable as possible. After thirty minutes the paramedics finally arrived. We were both so relieved - we now had some medical help, and poor Michael wouldn’t have to deliver the baby single handed! They confirmed that the baby could come at any moment, but we agreed to try and get me to hospital. I staggered outside, my waters breaking over our drive, and into the ambulance.

f e at u r e y o u r s t o r y : If you are a London mum-to-be and you would like us to welcome your new arrival to the world please contact us at: All babies featured will receive a unique gift from The Day That of a beautiful framed personalised photograph of the dawn on the day they were born. To see what the world looked like on the day your child was born visit:

L occaaL lfa fammi Ly i lyL ilfi fe es st ty yL el e | |29 9 Lo

We’re going Pumpkin crazy this Autumn. Becky Dickinson delves into the history and health benefits of this iconic fruit and looks at five fun things to do with your pumpkin. w o r d s : b e c k y d i c k i n s o n | i l lu s t r at i o n s : E k at e r i n a T r u h k h a n


othing symbolises Autumn quite like the sight of giant orange pumpkins. And of course, Halloween wouldn’t be complete without ghoulish lanterns, carved from these horticultural wonders. A pumpkin is really a squash, and comes from the same family as the cucumber. As well as traditional orange ones, you can also get blue, green and white varieties. And yes, pumpkins are technically a fruit, not a vegetable. The idea of leaving an eerie, glowing face on the doorstep has been around for centuries and was said to ward off evil spirits. In the early days, turnips

10 | L o c a l fa m i ly l i f e s t y l e

containing a burning lump of coal were used, until it was discovered that pumpkins were far easier to carve and the coal was replaced with a candle. Medicinal myths surrounding pumpkins also abound, from relieving burns, to removing freckles, to curing snake bites. The reliability of some of these claims may be debatable, but pumpkins are known to contain the immune boosting vitamin C, as well as vitamin A, which is important for good skin, healthy vision and growth. What’s more, these are both antioxidant vitamins which may help keep cancer cells at bay and stave off aging. Both the seeds and flesh of pump-

kins contain potassium, a vital mineral in heart health, energy production and muscle function. Pumpkin seeds are also rich in the amino acid, tryptophan, which is important in the production of serotonin – our so called ‘happy hormone.’ To top it all, pumpkins are high in fibre and very low in calories. Aside from their nutritional benefits, at Halloween glowing pumpkins are an invitation to trick or treaters. But lanterns aren’t the only thing you can do with pumpkins. From growing to cooking, carving to crafting, pumpkins are packed with possibilities and offer a myriad of fun activities for children.

Carve it Whether you’re aiming for something simply scary, or a detailed work of art, the rules of pumpkin carving are the same.


Cut the lid. Slice off the top of the pumpkin, angling the knife towards the centre of the pumpkin. The idea is to make a lid that can be replaced once you’ve finished carving.


Clean it out. Scoop out the seeds, stringy bits and mush from inside the pumpkin. Put the seedy goo to one side. Next scrape away chunks of the harder flesh until the wall of the pumpkin is about 3cm thick. Keep the flesh for cooking later.


Add the face. Either draw your face straight onto the skin, or draw it on paper first and tape it to the pumpkin. Prick holes along the lines of your design into the pumpkin skin, so you end up with a series of join the dots to carve into, then remove the paper. Let your imagination run free – why stick to faces? Try animals, letters or even a pumpkin foetus!


Carve. Cut out your shapes with a pointed sawblade knife, using a gentle, but firm, sawing action. Obviously, this is a job for grown-ups. You may need a few different-sized knives. Any pieces that break off can be reattached with a toothpick.


Light. Place a tealight in the base of your masterpiece. Cut a small chimney hole in the lid to let out heat and smoke.

COok it Don’t let all that flesh go to waste. For an Autumnal warmer, try this deliciously simple pumpkin and sage soup.

1 2 3

Place your pumpkin flesh in a baking tray with a handful of torn sage leaves and a few cloves of garlic. Season, then drizzle with olive oil. Roast in the oven at 180 degrees/Gas Mark 4 for around half an hour.

When the flesh is completely soft and cooked, simply blitz it all together with the garlic and sage in a food processor. The pumpkin should have released a fair amount of liquid, so pour that in too. As pumpkins are around 90 per cent water, you shouldn’t need to add any stock. And that’s all you need for an amazingly easy, rich and velvety soup. For a sweet treat, pumpkins are also  great in cakes and pies.

L o c a l fa m i ly l i f e s t y l e | 11

GROW it Don’t throw your seeds away. Wash, dry and save a few in a safe place to grow your own pumpkins next year. Keep the seeds until Spring, then plant them in individual pots. When the seedlings have a few leaves and all chance of frost has passed, plant outside. If you’re short of space or don’t have a garden, look out for miniature varieties of pumpkin like ‘Baby Bear’, ‘Jack Be Little’, ‘Munchkin’, and ‘Sugar Pie’ which can be grown in containers and are as cute as their names suggest. If you haven’t managed to grow your own pumpkins this year, then why not visit a Pick Your Own Farm instead, like Crockford Bridge Farm in Addlestone, Surrey? There’s a sizeable pumpkin patch where you can hunt for your own auburn globes.

stick it Pumpkin seeds make great craft activities. Kids will love sloshing around in the slimy fibres to find the hidden seeds. Once you’ve got them, rinse and dry, then use them to create seed pictures, by sticking them into shapes of flowers, animals or whatever takes your fancy. You can even make vampire fingernails. After all that, if you have any seeds left over, they can be roasted in the oven to make a delicious seasonal snack. Toss with olive oil and salt, then spread them out in a single layer on a baking sheet. Cook at 140 degrees/Gas Mark 1 for around 45 minutes until the seeds turn golden brown.

PERSONALISE IT Don’t stop at just growing pumpkins, you can even name them. If you’re growing your own pumpkins, wait until the fruits are about the size of a small melon or large grapefruit. Then carve your children’s names into the skin using a nail or small knife. The cuts should just break the skin and not cut into the flesh. As the pumpkins swell, children will be amazed at how their names grow too. The possibilities of pumpkins really are endless and mouth-watering. What will you do with yours this autumn? ✿

12 | L o c a l fa m i ly l i f e s t y l e




L o c a l fa m i ly l i f e s t y l e | 13


14 | L o c a l fa m i ly l i f e s t y l e


A N I M A L FA R M Photography: Helen Marsden Styling: Kellie Daggett Hair & Make Up: Freya Danson-Hatcher using Paul Mitchell hair care. Location: Godstone Farm, Surrey. Models: Alicia, Aaliyah, Ayla, Shyloh, Easton, Roman, Zachary and Joshua. With thanks to Baby Grace Models, Bonnie & Betty and Bruce and Brown. O P P O S I T E PA G E : Shyloh wears Top, £98, by Bonpoint. Unisex Baby Sleeveless Cardigan, £29, by Petit Bateau. ‘Fluffy’ Dog, £9.95, by Caravan. Cheddar Leggings, £68, and Child Rib Baby Socks, £18, by Caramel Baby & Child. Headband, £39, Bonpoint. T H I S PA G E : Roman wears Fox Jumper, from £13, by Marks & Spencer. Millepied Trousers, £30, by Little Fashion Gallery. Zachary wears Laundered Shirt Body, £16, by Boden. Teal Jersey Lined Chino, £10, by Mothercare. Adam Boots, £47, by Startrite. Kelsey Hat, £55 by Caramel Baby & Child. Deer Rattle, £10.99, by The Modern Baby. Grey Pigeon Light, £65, by Caravan. Ayla wears Hand Crochet Baby Lamb Hat, £20, by Attic. Feather bird clip (sold as set of 6), £19, by Petra Boase. Roden Baby Coat, £120 and Rib Baby Tights, from £27, by Caramel Baby & Child. Duck Lamp, £49, by Caravan. L o c a l fa m i ly l i f e s t y l e | 15

T H I S PA G E : Roman wears Denim Dungarees, £15, by John Lewis. Grandad Tee, £7, by Marks & Spencer. Bear Hat, £28, by Olivier Baby and Kids. Large Toadstool Lamp, £69, by Caravan. Easton wears Bailey Jumper, £88, by Caramel Baby & Child. Trousers, £12, by M&Co. Shoes, £18-£20, by Inch Blue. Stanley Baby Scarf, £49, by Caramel Baby & Child. Joshua wears Chunky Cord Dungarees, from £24, by Boden. ‘Daisy’ Dog, £9.95 by Caravan. Lumberjack Shirt, £9, by M&Co. Shoes, £18-£20 by Inch Blue. Toadstool Lamp (in background), £39 each, by Caravan. Aaliyah wears Bunny Print Blouse, £7, by Next. Faux Fur Gillet, £15.50 by Next. Hareem Baby Pants, £39, by I Love Gorgeous. Perry Baby Mittens, £49, by Caramel Baby. Child Shoes, £18£20, by Inch Blue.

16 | L o c a l fa m i ly l i f e s t y l e

T h i s Pa g e : Easton wears Owl Top, £10, by John Lewis. Frankie Twill chino trousers and braces, £25, by Ben & Lola. Adam Boots, £47 by Startrite.

L o c a l fa m i ly l i f e s t y l e | 17

T H I S PA G E : Alicia wears Cashmere Bonnet, £28, by Olivier Baby and Kids. Printed Blouse Body, £16, by Boden. Baby Bell Cord Shorts, £39, by I love Gorgeous. Floral Tights, £10, (part of a set) by Next.

18 | L o c a l fa m i ly l i f e s t y l e

T H I S PA G E : Ayla wears Mouse Jumper, £16, by John Lewis. Laurie Scarf, £22, and Laurie Footless Leggings, £48, by Belle Enfant. Booties, stylist’s own. Mushroom Rattle, £10.49, and Woodland Rabbit Light, £4.95, by The Modern Baby. Zachary wears Dog Jumper, £15, by John Lewis. Baby Cords, £32, by MINI A TURE. Shoes, £18-£20, by Inch Blue. Joshua wears Farmyard Appliqué Tee, from £12, by Boden. Trousers, £11, by M&Co. Shoes, £18-£20, by Inch Blue. Alicia wears Cat Ear Headband, £6, by Gap. Scotty Dog Shirt, £36, and Kids Cashmere Pinafore Dress, £49-£54, by Olivier Baby and Kids. Laurie Leggings, £48, by Belle Enfant.

L o c a l fa m i ly l i f e s t y l e | 19

20 | L o c a l fa m i ly l i f e s t y l e

O P P O S I T E PA G E : Ayla wears Kelsey Baby Hat, £49, by Caramel Baby & Child. ‘Rocky’ Dog, £9.95, by Caravan. Tyne Baby Dress, £75, by Caramel Baby & Child. Tights, £12-£14, by MINI A TURE. T H I S PA G E : Aaliyah wears Appliqué Apron Pinnie, from £22, by Boden. Bouncy Baby Cardi, £59, by I Love Gorgeous. Tights, £12-£14, by MINI A TURE. Maria Shoes, £89, by Vevian. Feather bird clip (sold as set of 6), £19, by Petra Boase. Ayla wears Hand Crochet Baby Lamb Hat, £20, by Attic. Feather bird clip (sold as set of 6), £19, by Petra Boase. Roden Baby Coat, £120, by Caramel Baby & Child. Aaliyah wears Pretty Cord All in One, £24, by Boden. Lambs Cardigan, £24, by Cath Kidston. Hat, £8, by Marks & Spencer. Matthew Shoes, £95, by Vevian. Pebble Carrot Rattle, £4.99, by The Modern Baby.

Stockists: Angels Face Attic Ben & Lola Belle Enfant Boden Bonpoint 020 7235 1441 Caramel Baby & Child Caravan Cath Kidston Gap I Love Gorgeous Inch Blue John Lewis Little Fingy

Little Fashion Gallery M&Co Marks & Spencer Mothercare MINI A TURE Next Olivier Baby Petit Bateau Petra Boase Picalouou Sebra Startrite The Modern Baby Vevian

L o c a l fa m i ly l i f e s t y l e | 21

Beauty Blog






Team bold, movie star red lips with otherwis e neutral make-up for a fresh, modern look inspired by the autum n/ winter catwalks.







For an easier-to-wear red, try #4 Bobbi Brown’s new Sheer Lip Color (£19) in Pink Blossom or No 7’s Sheer Temptation Lipstick (£9.50) in #1 Glam, #3 Excite or #2 Sassy. Or go smooth and velvety with #7 Dr Hauschka’s Lipstick (£19.95) in Warm Red or Bobbi Brown’s classic Lip Color (£18) in #5 Hollywood Red. For a creamy-smooth finish, try Bourjois’ Rouge Edition Lipstick (£7.99) in Rouge Buzz; Lily Lolo Natural Lipstick (£7.99) in #10 Intense Crush, #11 Parisian Pink or #9 French Flirt; or #6 MAC’s Lipstick (£14) in the classic Russian Red. 22 | L o c a l fa m i ly l i f e s t y l e


By Jenni Baden-Howard

Jen’s Top Tips

Translate catwalk make-up trends... here’s how to make three of this season’s hottest looks work for you. Defined eyebrows I know. It’s hardly a make-up trend, but well-groomed, naturally defined eyebrows were one of the most talked-about looks on the autumn/winter catwalks (as seen at shows such as Rochas, Chloe and Stella McCartney). And, the thing is, they really do make a difference in helping a busy mama look polished and, well, more awake.


There’s a fine line between well-shaped and over-plucked (and who hasn’t been over-zealous with the tweezers?). Super-thin arches can be quite aging, too (and repeated plucking will make hair growth weaker over time). The easiest approach is to have your brows professionally shaped (by waxing or threading) and then to maintain that shape at home, armed with a great pair of tweezers. I think Tweezerman’s classic Slant Tweezers (1) (from £19.50) are hard to beat (I’ve tried the thumb-grip ones, but personally find them a bit too fiddly).


If you’ve got sparser areas which need to grow back, fill them in with a little soft make-up or shadow (go one shade lighter than your brows, for the most natural result). Try the new KIKO Milano Eyebrow Expert Styling Kit (2) (£13.90). If you remember, give them a quick brush through with a clear eyebrow gel, such as the The Body Shop’s Brow & Lash Gel (3) (£10).

✶ Star buy ✶

Black eyeliner Another big look this season, although the sixties/fifties-inspired ‘winged out’ looks seen on some catwalks are a little “faffy” for everyday. However, wearing a “skinny” line along the upper lid - as seen at Victoria Beckham and Christopher Kane - is a quicker, easy option which works equally well on autumn days or nights out.

Get a polished ponytail


The quickest way to draw the line? Try a ‘felt pen’ liner, such as Bourjois’ brilliant Liner Feutre (4) (£6.99).


Red nails If this season’s red lips aren’t for you, then a slick of red nail polish makes a fun, glamit-up-a-notch change from summer’s pinks and pastels.


ADD TEXTURE AND BODY Trevor Sorbie new Styling Dry Shampoo (£5.59) smells great, too!


Keep nails short and gently rounded at the edges - it looks modern, makes application quicker and easier and is the easiest shape to maintain. Regular readers know I wouldn’t be without Nails Inc.’s Glass Nail File (5) (£17), the best investment I think you can make on the ‘DIY mani’ front!


Colour-wise, I’ve become completely obsessed (all things being relative) with ‘greener’ nail polishes, such as the fabulous Zoya range of formaldehyde, toluene and phthalates-free varnishes. I find they go on quickly and smoothly, look glossy and come off more easily, too.

USE A CATWALK-STYLE, COVERED BAND Goody Ouchless Hair Elastics (£3.49) are a ‘pony’ classic


Try Zoya’s Nail Polish in Carmen, Diana, Sooki or Tamsen (6) (£10.50) (naturisimo. com). For longer-lasting colour, I follow with Butter London’s super-shiny Hardwear P.D. Quick Top Coat (£16, at Harvey Nichols). 5 Center Parcs Aqua Sana Spa Day (from £69 per person). Whether you squeeze it in as part of a family break OR escape with a girlfriend or two, this great package lets you enjoy some well-deserved ‘aaah’-time from 9am-6pm, with full use of the ‘World of Spa’ facilities (from steam rooms to a spa pool), lunch and refreshments. The perfect autumn/ winter treat! More info at




ADD GLOSS AND TAME FRIZZ Wella new OIL Reflections (£14.99) is the perfect finisher

L o c a l fa m i ly l i f e s t y l e | 23


Ojon Color Sustain Pro (£25) Any weekly conditioning treatment will work wonders with the help of steam in the shower. I love the Ojon range, as it’s super-conditioning and this formula is great for keeping coloured hair more fresh than frazzled-looking.

Clean & Clear Morning Energy (£3.99) I’ve been using this to gently exfoliate my face and help me wake up in the mornings! This oil-free gel smells zingy-fresh.

Clarins Eau Dynamisante Shower Mousse (£19) This creamy foam is fantastically uplifting and fantastic to apply before shaving (hot tip!).

Champneys new Energising Lime Foaming Body Scrub (£10) Pep-up your skin and your senses by using a scoop of this once or twice-weekly in the shower.


Turn a quick shower into a top-to-toe, ‘me time’ treat with these express, spa-inspired treats! Aromatherapy Associates Bath & Shower Oil (£39) Choose Revive Morning or Deep Relax, depending on whether it’s a morning or evening shower. Apply just a capful, before you do anything, and the combination of the steam and essential oils will turn three minutes into a mini-spa experience (honestly!).

Pumice King (69p)

Stay on top of footbuffing by whisking this over your heels in the shower. I love the colours, too (so much more fun than a grey pumice!).

2 4 | L o c a l fa m i ly l i f e s t y l e

Nude Skincare’s Perfect Cleansing Oil (£28)

While you’re getting the shower running, smooth on a cleansing facial oil which you can then rinse off once you get in. This feels more silky than oily, and leaves skin truly clean and glowing.

L o c a l fa m i ly l i f e s t y l e | 25

Lovable lanterns

A desirable Den

This is no ordinary den... it’s quite the architectural adventure. Designed and handmade in Belgium, Mathy By Bols have been producing furniture for over 25 years, so they’re experts in their field. Your little explorers will have hours of fun playing in this treehouse. Poking their faces out the windows, scaring off intruders... it’ll be like their own tiny territory. And it’s ideal for sleepovers. Prices start from £1295. ✽

Alpine Adventures

As Interior Designer, Ursula Wesselingh, would recommend add easily replaceable accessories to heighten a room. We love this die-cut paper lace Chinese lantern style lampshade. The intricate paper cut scenes are the perfect solution to lighting a child’s bedroom. Priced £18.50. ✽

Interiors Inspiring ideas for your little ones sourced by: c h r i s t i n a b u r g e s s

Hide out

This fold-out quirky tent is sure to involve a whole lot of fun for an autumn hide out. The contrasting colours makes this the coolest tent on the pitch. Priced £115. ✽

26 | L o c a l fa m i ly l i f e s t y l e

Editor's pick!

Mini Mountain

Be creative and let your little one be a mountaineer in their own room. Adding a pouf will give children the sense of adventure. The pouf is named after the highest mountain in Sweden, Kebnekaise. Priced £174. ✽

Animal Alphabet

This chart is adorable, with each animal representing a letter in the alphabet, it’s coverted learning at its best! The whimsical illustrations are eye-catching and sure to hold the attention of little animal lovers. Priced £25. ✽

tip of the season By Ursula Wesselingh, Interior Designer at Room to Bloom

Going for a theme means it’s relatively easy to achieve a coherent looking nursery or bedroom (be prepared to redecorate regularly to keep up with changing interests though). But themes can also overwhelm – be careful not to lose the all important balance between rest and stimulation. The way to overcome ‘theme-overload’ is to stick to one golden rule of interior design: create a single point of focus and keep the rest simple. In three practical tips: 1. Keep walls and floors neutral and add easily replaceable accessories. If you can’t resist themed wallpaper, use it on just one wall. 2. Don’t buy themed basics such as a bed, wardrobe or curtains. Instead, be creative and capture the essence. A hammock can turn a room into a desert island or pirate ship, sheer drapes and pretty bedding can create a princess bed. 3. Try guiding your child gently towards a theme that you think will last longer than their current crush on Ben10. An appreciation of good design is learnt and starts early. ✽ For more decorating tips or to book a design consultation, go to Room to Bloom

Scandi chic

If, like our interior guru Ursula Wesselingh mentioned, you cannot resist a themed wallpaper, then this could be the perfect piece of paper to get into the wild. Let every child’s imagination run into a playful wilderness of adventure with the new and exclusive wallpaper design from British children’s brand, Hibou Home. Add a touch of Scandinavian chic by bringing the great outdoors into nurseries and bedrooms. Priced from £70. ✽


Scratch up on your geographical knowledge with this beautiful world map by Famille Summerbelle. It provides a little flavour of the seas alongside some animal anecdotes too. Priced £55. ✽

up and away

It’s time to get creative, and get sticking. There’s something magical about hot air balloons and now you can invite them inside to a child’s bedroom or playroom. You’ll have 8 different sized balloons to sort and stick, the pack also includes clouds to dot around - making you feel high in the sky. Priced £49. ✽

Bear Essentials

This little pair are two-sided cushions, giving any room a woodland touch. A fun and fresh addition, printed on high quality cotton drill ideal for autumn snuggles. Each priced £45. ✽ L o c a l fa m i ly l i f e s t y l e | 27

Annabel Karmel's Wholesome Helpings

When my three children were all little, I struggled to come up with quick, easy meals all of them would eat. Talking to mums and dads now, I see that is still a struggle coming up with inspiration every day to feed your family. I have put together this new book ‘Quick & Easy Toddler Recipes’ to create some fun quick recipe ideas that all the family can enjoy. Here are some recipes from it for you to try! w o r d s : ANNABE L KAR M E L


INGREDIENTS • A knob of but ter •2  large ripe peaches, chopped into cubes • 1 50g raspberries • 5 0g light brown sugar

For the crumble • 1 50g plain flour

raspberries, then pour into a shallow oven-proof dish.

• 7 5g but ter, cubed • 5 0g brown sugar METHOD

Pre heat the oven to 200ºC / 160ºC Fan/Gas Mark 6 Melt the knob of butter in a saucepan. Add the peaches and sprinkle over the sugar. Stir over the heat for 2 minutes. Add the

Put the flour and butter into a bowl, rub in until it looks like breadcrumbs. Add sugar, sprinkle on top of the fruit. Bake for 15 minutes until lightly golden and bubbling around the edges.

Makes 4 portions Suitable for freezing

28 | L o c a l fa m i ly l i f e s t y l e


Try coating fish in Japanese (Panko) breadcrumbs instead of ordinary breadcrumbs, they have a lovely light texture. You can buy them in large supermarkets. Another good coating for fish goujons is crushed cornflakes. INGREDIENTS •4  50g lemon sole fillets, skinned (4 fillets) • A lit tle plain flour


You could make this recipe using chicken or beef. INGREDIENTS • 2 50g minced chicken or turkey • 5 spring onions, chopped • 1 tbsp fresh thyme, chopped • Half apple, grated

• 50g carrot, grated • 5 0g fresh white breadcrumbs • 1 tbsp sweet chilli sauce

To Grill • b ut ter or margarine • Marmite Or • Oil for Frying

Mix all of the ingredients together in a bowl. Season and shape into 8 burgers. Pre heat the grill. Arrange the burgers on a baking sheet and put a little butter or margarine and Marmite on each one. Cook for about 5 minutes each side under the hot grill until cooked through.

• 50g parmesan, grated

• 2 tsp soy sauce


Alternatively, to fry, heat the oil in a frying pan. Fry the burgers for about 5 to 6 minutes, turning half way through until lightly golden and cooked through in the middle. Serve on their own or with mini buns or bagels and a little mayonnaise or ketchup and salad.

Suitable for Freezing before cooking  Makes 8 burgers

• 2 eggs, beaten • 5 0g Japanese breadcrumbs • 3 0g parmesan, grated • 2 tbsp chives, chopped • Zest of half a lemon • A lit tle oil and but ter METHOD

Slice each fillet into thin strips – about 4 from each fillet. Season the strips, then toss in the flour. Dip the sole into beaten egg. Mix the breadcrumbs, parmesan, chives and lemon together and spread out on a plate. Coat each strip in the mixture. Heat a little oil and a knob of butter in a frying pan. Fry the goujons for a few minutes each side until lightly golden and crisp. Suitable for freezing before frying  MAKES APPROX 16 GOUJONS

L o c a l fa m i ly l i f e s t y l e | 29

Ta s t y c h i c k e n & pa s ta s a l a d

This tasty pasta salad is also great for lunchboxes. INGREDIENTS • 150g fusili pasta •3  heaped tbs basil, chopped


• 1 00g cherry tomatoes, quartered • 5 0g sweetcorn •1  25g cooked chicken breast, diced

By bashing out the steaks to make thin strips, the meat will cook in minutes.

50 ml of water with the cornflour. Add to the sauce, bring up to the boil and simmer for 2 minutes.


INGREDIENTS • 2 tsp sunflower oil

•1  tbs rice wine vinegar or White Wine Vinegar

• 1 onion, finely chopped

Heat a little oil in a frying pan. Bash the steak out very thinly, then slice into strips.

• 3 tbs olive oil • 1 tsp caster sugar • ½ tsp Dijon mustard • 1 tsp soya sauce METHOD

Cook the pasta in boiling salted water according to the packet instructions. Drain and refresh in cold water. Measure all of the dressing ingredients into a mixing bowl. Whisk together and season. Mix the pasta and remaining ingredients, season with salt and pepper and toss together. makes 4 portions

30 | L o c a l fa m i ly l i f e s t y l e

• 1 clove garlic, crushed • 1 tbsp soy • 2 tsp brown sugar

Fry the strips quickly over a high heat until just cooked. Add to the sauce and remove from the heat.

• 1 tsp Worcestershire sauce

Serve with vegetables and rice.

• Ketchup (to taste)


• ½ tsp balsamic vinegar • 150 ml water • 1 tsp cornflour • 2 50g sirloin steak METHOD

To make the sauce, heat the oil and sauté the onion for 5 minutes until soft. Add the garlic and fry for one minute. Add the ketchup, soy, sugar, Worcestershire sauce, vinegar and 100 ml of water. Mix the remaining

All the recipes are from ‘Quick & Easy Toddler Recipes’ Ebury Press £9.99




Order: 0044 (0)1748 822 055 or online at

Shops: Notting Hill - 52 Ledbury Road London W11 2AJ | Primrose Hill - 73 Regents Park Road, London NW1 8UY


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Personalised Pencil Cases

Wall Stickers starting from only £7!

Is wood. Is good. Puzzle + Felt Cover = Yay

Repositionable mix & match Wall Stickers

Personalised Books. Let your child be the star!

Family Rules Wall Sticker

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| 37

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