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thought balloon

scrunch 1 a convergence and ridged her rare glimpse her seems a complicated story i am drinking some concrete a new geography a big belly a blue transformer a noise in the background gadget-hopping the future tense to an old friend another episode another message "i'm domed" a furious definition * how it shows as an icon

empty & counting to 8 & looming all through my assumptions this is a deontology CHOMP! carbon, hydrogen, oxygen (magnesium? molybdenum?) photomorphic the face of need is that sudden an occurrence * liquid contents an egg an object of unceasing pursuit the symmetry of the alphabet "ambition" just means to go all over a pinprick on both ends a cloudy morning playing on my moviola

more rainy day fun from les wade creative commons attribution noncommercial share alike 3.0 license press then release press

thought balloon  

more rainy day fun, or, if i were in the fourth grade, i would have stayed home today.