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SOCIAL ENTREPRENEURSHIP Little London Board of Directors is committed to supporting the Romanian school system move towards a new educational paradigm. Both visionaries and ultimate realists, they are concerned with the practical implementation of their vision above all else: “to inspire the change in Romanian education�.

Rather than leaving societal needs to the government or business sectors, Little London Board of Directors sets out to identify issues with the Romanian educational system and attempts to change the system, spread the innovative solution, and persuade communities of teachers and education enthusiasts to take new leaps.

LEADERSHIP & VISION Teacher leadership can be a great catalyst for both change and student achievement. Research shows that collective leadership has a stronger influence on student achievement than individual leadership.

Our work envisions an education system in which teachers assume leadership roles, creating a culture of success that can reverberate across their context and beyond. Fostering professional discussions about best practices and advancing new roles for teachers is the key to the training centre affiliated to our nursery and summer school.

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THE LEARNING ORGANISATION Little London Pipera is a learning organization that transforms itself organically from year to year. It is an organization that facilitates the learning of all its members and continuously changes itself towards shared values or principles, an organization where people continually expand their capacity to create the

results they aspire to, where new and broad patterns of thinking are nurtured. Key words for us: shared vision and principles, long-term planning, generative learning, team work, cooperation, delegation, decentralized control, focus on people and teacher leadership.

DESIGN OF TEACHING Twenty-first century learners deserve twenty-firstcentury instruction - a new paradigm of education that gets beyond academic excellence, aiming for a 360 degree education which completes, yet challenges, which coagulates, yet respects the uniqueness of every child.

Therefore, the curriculum designed for all Little London institutions constitutes “a learning journey�, which is at the same time balanced, relevant, differentiated, ensuring progression and continuity, with the potential for development and change. This dynamic, multi-dimensional curriculum is complemented by the diversity of extra-curricular experiences, enabling children to face the cultural challenges of a learning postmodern society.

THE LEARNING ENVIRONMENT When classrooms change, so does academic performance.

Structure and design

LIFE SKILLS CURRICULUM Concepts, attitudes, skills

NURSERY SCHOOL We inspire the change in education.

SUMMER SCHOOL Arts, sports and smart play


The teacher as a model learner

CLUBS ARTS Finding out ways of expression

CLUBS SPORTS Self-management and self-discipline

Choosing ways to do things


Making connections

School events

Community fun

School shows

Passion and talent

Trips and outings

Finding out and exploring


The great outdoors

Feel the education drive

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