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October 2012 ISSUE I

In perfect September weather, students and teachers alike take part in State High’s Homecoming Parade: “I loved working on the Thespian float with all of my friends and having a lot of school spirit. It was perfect for my senior year,” said senior Janice Rabian. (From left to right, top row) Teachers walk in the Homecoming Parade; the State College Area High School Marching Band performs and marches in the parade; Senior Erin McQuay works on the Thespian float in preparation for the parade.


Back to the Stands

By Allison Rinehart As the school year begins and students get excited about new classes and new teachers, the old tradition of Friday night football games still stands strong. The first home game of this school year took place on August 31 and the student section greeted Liberty High School with a loud and infectious white-out. Students of all grade levels were able to learn the “ROWDIE” cheer in an opening ceremony on the first day of school just three days earlier, and the students packed the stands ready to do this cheer all on their own, twice. However, the State High cheerleaders were a success in pumping up the crowd and keeping fans engaged despite starting on a rough note. Senior Gena Cannie commented that cheerleading at the football games is a fun experience because “it’s great to see the football players on the sideline cheering on their teammates,” emphasizing the school spirit that’s present not only in the student section but also on the field. The first touchdown was scored by Liberty High, but the Little Lions made a comeback, winning by an impressive 26-7. If there’s ever a doubt regarding the passion that State High students have for their football team, I invite you into the student section to be proved wrong.


The rest of the week was just as exciting as as the beginning, as an exciting football game ended the week’s events. Despite the loss, students continued to show their enthusiasm for their school. Sophomore Cherish Fong said, “It was exciting to see the homecoming court, and I loved watching the game and seeing all of the supportive fans.” (From left to right, bottom row) State High’s Football Team plays Harrisburg; Homecoming Court Members Sean O’Melia and Brenna Nicosia enjoy riding in the parade.

y15- Homecoming  
y15- Homecoming