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秋 2017 #3 Autumn

Simplified Characters

亲 爱 的 读 者

Dear readers:

The incredibly glorious view in Vancouver melt our hearts. 温 哥 华 We hope that you enjoy it 秋 的 景 色 through the work from 金 our Little Lantern Youths. 让 人 如 痴 如 醉 We hope that all of our readers learn, 希 望 大 家 能 通 过 in happiness.

小 灯 笼 青 年 的 作 品 一

起 来 感 受 。 让 大 家 在 快 乐 中 习 , 是 小 灯 笼 一 直 以 来 追 求 的 。

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唐诗 Poem

山行 Journey of a Mountain 杜牧 by Du Mu

P. 4

远上寒山石径斜, 白云生处有人家。 停车坐爱枫林晚, 霜叶红于二月花。 Hiking up along a curved stone path in late autumn, I surprisingly found a resident amid the white clouds. The carriage stopped as I fell in love with the breathtaking view of a maple tree in the twilight, which is vivid and lovely just like the flowers in February. 中华文化有一种特殊的悲秋情结, 认为秋天是一个充满凄凉与萧瑟的季节。 但这首诗中不仅未见一丝哀叹, 反倒可以读出他对秋季红叶胜春花的歌颂。

In Hua culture, autumn traps people with sadness and loneliness. However, this poem does not consist of any sadness, instead it tells how the writer praises the beauty of autumn. P. 5

Children’s Rhyme 童谣

The Little White Boat

小 白 船

P. 6


小白船就是 天上的月亮

A Little White Boat In the blue sky, in the Milky Way There is a little white boat An osmanthus tree grows on the boat A white rabbit is amused Quant, quant, is invisible There is no sail as well Floating, floating, to the west 蓝蓝的天空银河里 有只小白船 船上有棵桂花树 白兔在游玩 桨儿桨儿看不见 船上也没帆 飘呀飘呀飘向西天

P. 7

「吹糖人」又称「戏 剧糖果」。「吹糖人」 的艺师们都有自己独特 的熬糖配方和制作糖人 的方法。

Sugar Figure Blowing (opera candy) artisans have their own way to cook syrup and blow sugar figures.



The artisans first heat sugar until it becomes a thick syrup, then they rip off a piece, and form it into a ball shape. P. 8

民间工艺 - 糖人

Folk Art - Sugar Figure

他们再把糖的一端拉成糖管。 当糖管拉到一定细时, 就可以往糖里吹气了,等吹糖艺人把糖吹成中空的球状

They pull a side of the candy into a thin tube, then blow air through the tube. When it becomes a sphere, it can be shaped into any shapes! P. 9


Picture Story 书名 Book Title :


Shana and the Forest Hat Shop

作者 Author :


Narita Masako

秋天里,莎娜和好朋友鲁鲁在森林里捡 橡子。他们发现了一顶神奇的小的帽子。

In fall, when Shana and her good friend Lulu were collecting acorns in the forest, they discovered a tiny magical hat. 他们把帽子戴在头上以后,神奇的事情发生了。

When they placed the tiny hat on each of their heads, something magical happened. 咦?他们什么时候变小了呢?变小了以后,又有什么有趣的 事情发生呢?拿起这本书来,加入莎娜和鲁鲁的旅程吧!

P. 10

Hey! When did they shrink? The tiny hat now fits perfectly on their heads. What happened after they shrank? Pick up the book to find out!

翻译自 Translated from:日语 Japanese 出版社 Publisher :

连环画出版社 (简体中文/Simp. Chin)

小鲁文化出版社 (繁体中文/ Trad. Chin) P. 11

Cultural Event: Halloween 文化活动: 介绍万圣节

P. 12

享受万圣节带来的「 恐怖」乐趣!万圣节是西方 节日,而每年的万圣节前夕 都令人感到兴奋。在每个10 月31日的夜晚,小朋友们都 会穿上千奇百怪的「恐怖」 服装出门并逐家敲门谋求糖 果,又或是拿上自己制作的 南瓜灯寻找朋友 !

Halloween is a Western festival and the days leading to Halloween always make us excited. On the night of every October 31 st , children dress up as “horrifying” monsters, go trick-ortreating, or make new friends with their own handmade jack- o’ lanterns!

P. 13

社区活动 万圣节周边活动 想更多的体验万圣节的乐趣? 快和家人朋友一起去参与温 哥华游行展吧!温哥华市中心的人们准备了许多奇妙有趣的万圣节 活动。万圣节展从10月12号开始,持续四天。除了歌舞展示外,在 最后一天还有一场盛大的游行。你绝对不想错过这些!

Community Event Vancouver Halloween Parade & Expo

P. 14

Go to the Vancouver Halloween Parade & Expo with your family and friends to enjoy your Halloween even more! People in Downtown Vancouver are preparing some fantastic activities to celebrate Halloween. The four-day expo, which is from October 12 th to the 15 th , contains music and dance performances, with a parade on the very last day. You definitely don’t want to miss it out!


The four-day expo ...contains music and dance performances, with a parade on the last day. You definitely don’t want to miss it out! 对不想错过这些!

P. 15

成语 Proverb 胸有成竹

Bamboo Image Ready in One’s Bosom

北宋著名文学家、书画家 苏轼曾写道,竹子初生时, 节、叶都有了。若一节一节分开 的画,哪里有完整的竹子呢? 所以心里一定要有完整的竹 子,能画好。这就是成语 「胸有成竹」 来源,比喻 做事情熟练而有把 握。

P. 16

Su Shi, a famous writer, painter, and calligrapher from the Song Dynasty had once wrote that when bamboo first sprouts, it comes with stalk and leaves. If you draw it in sections, is there any way you can have a whole bamboo plant? If you want to draw a complete bamboo, you must have the whole image in your mind. This is where the proverb came from. It meant that you must have a well thought out plan beforehand and be prepared when doing things.

P. 17

g n i t i ! r e W s a 作 c 品 欣 赏 Show

! 包 笼 小 吃 爱 最 他 ? 呢 么 什 吃 爱 最 你 od? He loves o f e t ri u o v a f r u yo What is most! e h t ) g n li p m u d p u o Xiao Long Bao (s

P. 18

你 会 帮 妈 妈 准 备 食 物 她 吗 最 ? 爱 跟 妈 妈 一 起 炒 饭 ! Have yo

u ever help ed mum to She LOVES cook? frying rice with mum! P. 19

How many can you find in the magazine? 在杂志中你能够 找到多少颗


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