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The dragon in the drawing flew away?

親子活動: 彩蛋勞作!

Fun family activity: Paper Mache Egg!

2017 #1 Spring

Traditional Characters


中華文化雜誌 Hua-Chinese Cultural Magazine


14-15 甜葡萄還是酸葡萄?

彩蛋迷宮 Egg Hunt Maze

Sweet or Sour Grapes?

、彩蛋勞作 10-11 復活節 Easter, Paper Mache Egg


作品欣賞 Showcase of Chinese Writings

親愛的讀者: 作為青少年的我們,

        致力於打造一本為孩子們寫的,        給孩子們看的,真正屬於孩子們的

6-7 童謠《兩隻老虎》 Nursery Rhyme: Two Tigers

4-5 古詩《蜂》 Classical Poem: the Bees

    雙語雜誌。希望你在享受閱讀樂趣的        同時,提高中文的閱讀水平,並對    中華文化有更多的了解。讓你在以後的 生活中,對自己的中文更有自信!                   小燈籠的製作團隊

我們的宗旨 出版一份活潑且生活 化的文化學習讀物

Illustration: Azusa Kawata Spring 2017

1 春

2017 #


Table of Contents



畫龍點睛 Dotting Dragon's Eyes

Dear Readers, As teens, we are

18-19 圖畫書《誰的鞋子》 Picture Book: Whose Shoe?

committed to write and

20-21 溫哥華太陽跑 Vancouver Sun Run

create a bilingual magazine for children. We hope that you

find this magazine enjoyable and that you feel your Chinese has improved and you understand more of the Hua-Chinese culture. We hope that you will feel more confident in your Chinese!

22-23 倖存者的圖騰柱 Survivors Totem Pole

Little Lantern Creation Team

封面圖 Cover Art by Linda Zhang

Our Mission Publish a fun & engaging

If you wish to use the contents of Little Lantern Magazine, please send your inquiries to: 如想使用小燈籠雜誌的內容,請來信洽詢:

cultural learning magazine




Classical Poem


唐 羅隱

不論平地與山間,無限風光盡被佔。 採得百花成蜜後,為誰辛苦為誰甜。 The Bees

Ta ng Dynasty

written by Luo Yin

Wherever in the fields a nd on the mounta in pea ks, Bees conquer the beauty of a ll flowers. After collected necta r from hundreds of flowers a nd made honey, Who do the bees work ha rd for? Who do they sha re the sweet success with? - Tra ns lat io n a n d text by Fra n k Ba o

羅隱 (833年


Luo Yin lived from 833 to 910, he - 910年)


was a poet in the late Tang dynasty, who went into the capital city several times to take the imperial examination that would give him a job in the gov-

失望,使他寫出了這首《蜂》。羅隱 用勤勞工作的蜜蜂來比喻像他一樣勤

ernment. After failing the exam for the tenth times, he was extremely dissapointed, so he wrote “The Bees.” Luo Yin used bees as a metaphor for people


like him who worked very hard for the exams.


Spring 2017

Jett Dylan

Connor Thank you to all students, teachers and parents who have submitted artworks and writings.

Send us your drawings and hand-written works about the four seasons 春、夏、秋、冬 !

L ittl eL a nternMa gaz i n e@g ma i l.c o m





Nursery Rhyme

好多星星哦! 迷宮裡,有幾顆? So many stars! How many are in the maze?

十 八

從一數到十,帶小老虎找朋友! Count from 1 to 10 in Mandarin and take Little Tiger to find his friend!




Spring 2017

Illustration: Azusa Kawata


T h is nu rse ry rhy m e is very wel l-kn o w n ! Co m e o n & s in g w ith us !

《兩隻老虎》 Two Tige rs 兩隻老虎,兩隻老虎,

Two t igers, two t igers,


Ru n n i n g fast, r u n n i n g fast,


O n e d o es n ot have ea rs,


O n e d o es n ot have a ta i l ,


Very st ra n ge! Very st ra n g e ! -Tra n s lated by V io la S he n

你最喜歡什麼動物? What is Yo u r Favo r ite An ima l?

馬美玲 www.LittleLantern.org


case Show ese in of Ch gs n writti






阮文樂 Have you been to the aqua riu m ( 水族馆 )? What a re you r favou rite sea a nima ls?

Ca n you imag ine how 廖培元



looks like?

Would you like to join the Monopoly ga me ( 大富翁 )?

Spring 2017

放假你做了什麼? 去哪裡玩呢? 看到什麼呢? What did you do du ring the holidays? Where did you go? What did you see? Send you r writing a nd drawing to us! L ittl eL a nternMa gaz i n e@g ma i l.c o m

吳耀熙 What is memora ble for you ( 難忘 )?

Cameron It is nice to meet a new friend! What ca n you tell you r friend a bout you rself?




Western Holiday

蛋 彩 紙

gg E e h c Ma an r e p a P im Du le by J Artic

第一步:向氣球裡面吹氣直到鼓鼓的。 第二步:將膠水倒進空盒子裡。 第三步:將紙張剪成長條形。 第四步:用刷子把長條形紙粘在氣球上。 第五步:等待3-4個小時,讓紙張乾燥。 第六步:用彩色筆劃上你喜愛的圖案吧! 第七步:完成!

Step 1: Blow up the balloon. Step 2: Pour white glue into a bucket. Step 3: Cut coloured tissue paper into long strips. Step 4: Brush glue onto the balloon and cover with paper strips. Step 5: Wait for 3 to 4 hours until balloon is fully dry. Step 6: Draw your design with colour markers! Step 7: Done!

材料:氣球、空盒子、白膠、刷子、彩色雪梨 、彩色筆 M ater ia ls : ba l loons, b u cket, wh ite g lue, brus h, c o lo u red tissue pa per, c o lo u r ma r kers


Spring 2017

Ha p p 復 y 樂! 快 活 節 Ea s ter! 復活節是西方的宗教性節日,時間是每年春分過後的第一個 星期日。據聖經記載,耶穌被釘在十字架上的第三天復活。為 了紀念耶穌復活,復活節成為了基督教中重要的節日之一。   復活節的象徵是可愛的小兔子。兔子具有極強的繁殖能力, 可以生很多的小兔子寶寶,所以被視為新生命的創造者!雞蛋 也有春天和新生命開始的意義! Artic le by An ita An

Easter Day is a Western relig ious holiday, it ta kes place every yea r on the first Sunday after Spring Equ inox. According to the Bible, Jesus was resu rrected on the third day after he was crucified. To commemorate Jesus’s resu rrection, Christia ns sees Easter as one of the most importa nt holidays. A symbol for Easter is the cute bunnies. Ra bb its reproduce at a fast rate, this mea ns they ca n have ma ny ba b ies, so they a re seen as the creation of new lives. Chicken eggs a re a lso seen as a symbol for Spring time a nd newborn lives.

一 起

去 尋

Illustration: Jason Dai


L et ’s go


找 彩




蛋 吧! 11



小兔子想要帶 四顆彩蛋給 兩位朋友。 首先, 她需要穿過 一片迷宮。 聰明的小朋友, 你能幫幫忙嗎?

Little Bunny wa nts to bring fou r eggs to her two friends. First, she needs to go through a maze. Boys a nd g irls, ca n you help her?


Spring 2017

Illustration: Jenny Jing www.LittleLantern.org





? 萄

Sweet Grapes or So u r Grapes?

! 拿 了 不到 Ca n 高 ! ’ h t re a c 太 o o h ig h th ! T e m!

! 呀 渴

! sty r i 口好 h t So

Re a


Illustration: Jason Dai Spring Spring 2017 2017



l ly w a nt to e at t hem !

狐狸在回家的路上路過一個果園,他停在果園前望著鮮嫩多汁的 葡萄直流口水。正好狐狸也走累了,有點口渴。於是狐狸就退後幾 步,準備跳起來來摘葡萄。但是葡萄藤太高了,狐狸不管怎麼跳都摘 不到葡萄。最後, 狐狸因為失敗了太多次, 所以就放棄了。他還說: 「這葡萄還沒有熟透,肯定是酸的。」 Mr. Fox saw a vineya rd on his way home. He stopped in front of it looking at those ju icy grapes a nd his mouth was watering. Mr. Fox happens to be pretty tired from the wa lking a nd pretty thirsty. So he ju mped u p a nd tried to reach the grapes. But, the grapevines were too high, no matter how he ju mped, he wasn’t a ble to pick a ny grapes. In the end, because Mr. Fox fa iled too ma ny times, so he gave u p. And he sa id, “These grapes a ren’t ripe yet, so they must be too sou r to eat!.”

Artic le by Rex L i

呢 葡萄

拿到 r . Fox 麼 怎 ? dM

要 ou 狐狸 o w w H ch re a

l p es a r g th e

www.LittleLantern.org www.LittleLantern.org





Dottin g E yes o nto a Dra g o n

李先生畫了一條栩栩如生的龍。這條龍雖然漂亮,卻沒有眼 睛。因為李先生怎麼也畫不好它的眼睛, 改了很多次還是不行。 就在他苦惱的時候, 他的朋友王先生走了過來。   王先生拿起一支毛筆, 替他朋友畫的龍點上了一雙亮晶晶 的眼睛。就在這時, 奇蹟發生了! 因為有了眼睛, 龍變成真的 了。它從紙上跳了出來,飛走了! M r .L e e dre w a dra gon that is very rea l ist ic . The d ra g o n wa s very bea utifu l, b ut it d o es n ’ t have eyes yet. Be ca use no matter ho w he t ried , Mr .Lee c o u ld n ’t d ra w the eyes that b est match th is l ive ly dra gon. He wa s tro u b led by th is w hen h is fr ien d , Mr .Wa ng, ca m e over . M r .Wa n g p icke d u p a b rush to hel p h is fr ien d . H e d otted a pa ir of s pa r kl in g eyes o nto th e d ra g on. Just th e n, a m i ra c le ha ppen ed ! Beca use it g ot its eyes , the d ra gon be ca m e a l ive! It j u m pe d out fro m the pa per a n d fle w a wa y ! Artic le by Jim Dua n




d ra

w a n es l ive e D ly ra g on?

出一條 畫 以 你可 龍嗎? 國 中 生的 栩栩如

* 栩栩如生:生動的形象,真實得就好像是活的一樣 * a proverb that describes so m eth i n g that is l ife l i ke a n d rea l istic as if it is a l ive 16

Spring 2017

Illustration: Jenny Jing

Add ing a fin ish ing touch! 有時候, 一個小小的細節也能讓整件 事變得更美好哦! 比如蛋糕上的一顆小 草莓能讓它更加好吃。試試看襯衫上加 一條領帶、連衣裙上佩一條項鍊。你是 不是更漂亮 、更帥氣了呢?

So m et im es , a s ma l l d eta i l ca n ma ke a b ig d ifferen c e! Fo r exa m p le , a st ra wberry o n a c u pca ke ma kes it m o re d el ic io us . Try a d d in g a tie w ith a s h irt o r pa irin g a n ec kla c e w ith a d ress . Do n ’t y o u lo o k m o re bea utifu l a n d m o re ha n dso m e?




Picture Book


戴 芸

許玉安 圖

這一隻鞋子是誰的呢?小動物們討論來討論去的, 每個人都想要這隻鞋子!於是蛇法官說:「你們試穿看 看吧!」最後大家發現,誰都不適合穿它。為什麼呢? Whose shoe is this? The a nima ls discussed back a nd forth, everyone wa nts to have the shoe! So the Sna ke Judge says, “Why don’t you a ll try it on!” In the end, everyone found out, the shoe is not mea nt for a ny of them. How come?

Author: Dai Yun Illustrator: Xu Yu An Publisher: 少年兒童出版社 ISBN: 978-7-5324-8965-7

Artic le & il lust ratio n by Teresa Wa n g


Spring 2017

a imal n n a e h th Matc


小 動 物連 連 看


谁 誰


Manda r accent in has differe s, nt pronou both of the se nciatio ns are right!



( 1 ) s l oth



( 2 ) g e c ko



( 3 ) s n a ke



(4) flamingo


( 5 ) ost r ic h


( 6 ) h o rs e



(7) hippo

趕快去圖書館找找這本書吧!Hu rry a nd find this book in the libra ry! 看看不同的小動物怎麼穿著鞋子生活呢?

Let’s see how do the a nima ls live the ir lives wea ring one shoe? D5, E6, F3, G4 Answer: A2, B7, C1, www.LittleLantern.org



Community Event

天氣開始變暖和了, 不 要再呆在家裡看電視、打


電動了!一起出來在春風 中跑一跑吧!

   溫哥華太陽跑鼓勵大 家一起鍛煉身體、保持健 康、促進社區精神。 2007 年的太陽跑創下了全國記 錄,共有 54,317 人報名。









已經被 10 公里的超長 Ill



距離嚇得腿軟!不要擔心 哦!你可以報名 2.5 公里 的『迷你跑』。趕快和家 人、朋友一起跑起來吧! 20

Spring 2017

Article by C la rie Zha o The weather is getting wa rm, don’t just

The Vancouver Sun Run

stay home watching TV or playing video ga mes! Come on a nd let’s go running in the Spring breeze! Va ncouver Sun Run promotes fitness, hea lth a nd community spirit. In 2007, the Sun Run set a nationa l record, 54,317 people reg istered. If you a re not ready to run that long a nd the thought of 10km is ma king you r legs wea k. Don’t worry! You ca n reg ister for the Mini Run. Hu rry u p a nd sta rt running with you r fa m ily a nd friends!

一起念念看! Try rea d i n g th is n u m be r in Ma n da ri n!






五萬 四千 三百 一十 七 www.LittleLantern.org



Community Report

在2016年11月5號, 我們在溫哥華 downtown 東區見證了一座圖 騰豎立的儀式。這座圖騰的意義深刻,代表著種種受到歧視的經歷與奮 鬥。非常具有歷史性。當天,人群聚集在中國城附近的白鴿公園。參與 活動的人們來自不同文化、背景,大家團結在一起互相支持。


Su rvivors Totem Pole

On November 5th, 2016, we witnessed a Totem Pole Ra ising Ceremony at Va ncouver Downtown Eastside. This totem is very mea ningful, representing the experiences a nd the fight aga inst discrim ination. It is a historica l event. On this day, the crowd gathered at Pigeon Pa rk, nea r Chinatown. People attending the event ca me from different cultu res a nd backgrounds, everybody stood together a nd su pported each other.

小燈籠感謝我們可以在 Coast Salish 原住民族的土地上生活。我們認知大溫地區是sḵwx̱wú7mesh (Squamish), xʷməθkʷəy̓əm (Musqueam) 和 sel̓íl̓witulh (Tsleil-Waututh) 原住民並沒有投降割讓的傳統領土。


Spring 2017

圖騰的木頭來自 Haida Gwaii 群島,是顆一千年老的紅杉木。豎 立圖騰的 potlatch 儀式按照著 Coast Salish 和 Haida 原住民族的禮 儀。許多人穿著傳統禮裝來參加活動。聽著敲鼓、歌唱,我們目睹了 圖騰柱的升起。這座圖騰由不同社區人士合作,花了三年時間製作。 希望它能提醒著我們:祈望和愈療。 Artic l e & P h oto by Li nda Zha ng & Wi n n ie Gua n The wood for the Totem Pole was a 1,000-yea r-old red ceda r tree, it ca me from Ha ida Gwa ii. The pole was ra ised in a potlatch ceremony following the protocols of Coast Sa lish a nd Ha ida First Nations. Ma ny people attending the event wore traditiona l rega lia. Listening to dru mm ing a nd songs, we witnessed the Totem Pole ra ising. This totem was a colla boration of people from different communities a nd it took three yea rs to ma ke it. We hope it rem inds us of Hope a nd Hea ling.

Little Lantern would like to acknowledge the ancestral, traditional and unceded Aboriginal territories of the Coast Salish Peoples, and in particular, sḵwx̱ wú7mesh (Squamish), xʷməθkʷəy̓ əm (Musqueam) and sel̓ íl̓ witulh (Tsleil-Waututh) First Nations in Metro Vancouver on whose territory we live, play, study and work. www.LittleLantern.org




e Yo uth Lead e rs

Illustration: Elizabeth Lum

Allan Lung

Karina Lai

Alvin Hu

Lucy Luo

Clarie Zhao

Linda Zha ng

David Song

Nea l Jiao

D a v i d Ya n g

R ex L i

El iza beth Lu m

Te r e s a W a n g

Emily Xie

Winnie Guan

F ra n k B a o

Wendi Wu

Irene Rua n

Willia m Wu

Jerry Pa n

Ye j i K i m

L itt l e L a nte r n

C u lt u ra l a n d H e r ita g e S o c i ety L itt l e L a n t e r n . o r g U n c e d e d C o a s t S a l i s h Te rSpring r i t o2017 ry of Vanco uver, BC, Canada

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2017 #1 Spring (pinyin with traditional characters)  

春季刊,拼音繁體版 2017 #1 Spring (pinyin pronunciation aid with traditional characters)

2017 #1 Spring (pinyin with traditional characters)  

春季刊,拼音繁體版 2017 #1 Spring (pinyin pronunciation aid with traditional characters)