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ONCE UPON A CHRISTMAS { Dress your table } PART I



SOMMAIRE + Customize your Christmas tableware + p 05

+ Decorate some lovely animals for a friendly & forest + p 09

+ Create a cloudy coaster and a flateware holder + p 13

+ Sew a comfort-cozy + p 13

+ Make a unique & inventive place holder in origami + p 14

+ Prepare a lucky flateware bag + p 15

+ A rain of confetti + p 19

+ Patterns + p 21

CUSTOMIZE YOUR CHRISTMAS TABLEWARE You dream of an elegant Christmas table at lowest cost. You can get it easily by using single use tableware. You'll just amaze your guests by pimping your table & personnalizing it. No need to mention that you don't have to clean up the plates? Can you ask for more, really?


{Materials } + Wooden japonese plates or simple cardboard tableware + + Cardboard flatware + + Masking tapes + + Gold alimentary spray + + Gold leaves + + Special glue for gold leaves + + 2 brushes ( for glue & paint) + + Fan brush to lay on the gold leaf + + Acrylic or alimentary paint ( white + 1 of your choice) + + A cutter +



Cut masking tape stripes with different widths. Stick them properly on the plate. With the cutter, just design some triangles that you'll put between the stripes to create a pretty pattern.

Be carefull to use some alimentary paints to not intoxicate your guests. Hide & protect with a paper, the part of the plate you want white and spray the gold paint . Let it dry!



If you want to try another option, you can also start with one layer of white paint on the bottom of the handle. Dry & add another layer, depending on the amount of coverage you'd like. Then with a fan brush, apply carefully the gold leaf & stretch the leaf to avoid any kind of bump or fold.

The easy way, just paint with the color you like the handle of each flateware. If you want to paint it all, use preferably some alimentary paint.


Tips & tricks You can also stamp your guests' names directly on the handle.


{Materials } + Small plastic animals + + Acrylic white paint + + Model gold paint + + Liquid glue + + Glitter + Paint the animals in white (several layers might be needed). Put some glue on the part(s) you want to customize and spread some glitter. Or you can also paint some parts directly with the gold paint or spray. Don't forget to protect the parts you want to keep white with the protective tape. Gold leaf can be used too.


Dress to impress


BLISS, POETRY & SOFTNESS FOR CHRISTMAS CLOUDY COASTER Print out the cloud pattern you'll find at the end of the magazine. Cut out the template and trace it onto the felt. Then just cut the shape.

Tips & tricks : In the same way, cut out the pretty rain drops in the felt, that can be used as flateware holders & play with the colors contrast to dress your Christmas table.


FELT COMFORT COZY Measure your glass diameter. Cut a felt stripe of 8cm width & of the lenght of your glass diameter + 0,5cm to sew it. Close the felt stripe around the glass with some pretty stiches.

Tips & tricks: You can play with a different color for each of your guest or stay neutral using one shade. Anyway, this little comfort cozy will be very useful in the winter to warm your glasses & your freezing hands.

When decoration details turns into little gifts. Place your guests around the table thanks to those pretty origami hearts. A little favor, your guests won't forget and will bring them back to home as useful bookmarks.


BOOKMARK “Last Christmas, I gave you my heart�



Folding steps


AMAZE YOUR GUESTS WITH LITTLE SURPRISES What's more funny for Christmas eve than offer your guests a pretty table full of surprises. Let's make a flatware kit & hide little favors. It's also a pretty way to present your evening menu & whet their appetite. Don't worry, you can still keep a little mystery by suggesting a " secret dessert ".


{Materials } + A roll of kraft or A4 sheets + + A sewing machine or a needle + + White sewing thread + + Scissors + + Masking tape + + A white pen +

JOIN IN THE KIT: + Customized flatware + + Guest napkin + + Personnalized pencil+




LUCKY ENVELOPE 1. Cut two A4 kraft sheets ( 21x29,7cm). 2. Print out the pattern you'll find at the end. 3.Write down your fancy menu in the center with your white pen, then sew them together along the line, using a zig zag stich. Do not forget to leave the top open to place your flatware, napkin & other surprises. 5.Tape it on the back with some gold masking tape

Use a kraft roll as a tablecloth and you can customize it the way you want by drawing on it for instance.

Deco + Let's get fancy, design the shape of your plates on the kraft to set your guests. They can also use their lucky pencil from the kit to leave a message or draw something. This Christmas starts to be funny!

Tips & tricks Dive the top of the pencils in the gold or white paint for a touch of originality. They'll look more classy!

CONFETTI RAIN ON YOUR TABLE Offer a confetti bag


Tips & tricks Prepare for your dear guests some small lucky envelops full of home-made confetti. Cut a tracing paper A4 sheet into 2 rectagulars of 8x9cm) Sew 3 borders with gold or safran with a zig zag stich a gold or safran thread. Full it with confetti & fold the top in order to close it with some masking tape.


PATTERNS CLOUDY COASTER & FLATEWARE HOLDER Print this page. Cut the cloud and the drops following the dotted lines. Place it on the felt & cut the shape according to the pattern you’ve applied. To hold the drops together you could either sew them on the back or glue a small felt path to keep them together.


PATTERNS MENU ENVELOPE / FLATEWARE KIT Print the 2 patterns for the menu kit on the two A4 kraft sheets. Glue the sheets together using Patafix on the corners, it will be easier to sew them. Sew the two sheets following the dotted line and then cut the 3 borders 1cm from the stiches.










ONCE UPON * * A CHRISTMAS Photos, Design & Texts: My Little Fabric & Stop By the Corner. All rights reserved, cannot be used without permission.

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