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Little Green Pig presents...

Wild Wild World Inspiring children to be curious in a curious time.

Introduction Wild Wild World... Little Green Pig runs after-school clubs across Brighton and Hove, Eastbourne and Worthing encouraging young people aged 7-11 to unleash their imaginations and see where their pens will take them. In March 2020, their worlds suddenly stopped and everything changed. Even though we couldn’t meet face to face, we wanted to keep them writing more than ever and invite them to be curious about this curious time. So we asked them to think about the world they live in and how everybody staying at home might affect the environment. From big global issues to personal musings, they responded to our weekly writing prompts by creating poems, stories, drawings, plays and posters sharing their thoughts and feelings about nature, wildlife and the possibilities for their future. From trolleys on walls at shopping malls to seagulls fighting plastic, we invite you to step into Little Green Pig’s Wild Wild World and be inspired by our next generation’s vision and creativity.


Little Beach Huts by Alfonzo


Dragons Consume by Alisa

Prologue 3 days before the lockdown Effie was sitting in her room reading a book called Dragons Consume. It was not a particularly interesting one and the only reason she started reading it was because her mother, Aurilia, had told Effie that her great-great-great-great grandmother passed it on as a magical meaning (Effie was not quite sure what it meant) to her daughter and it’s been passed on in the family ever since.

Soon Effie’s mother came up to her room looking quite worried and said in a strange tone of voice: “Go to bed.” Then she went off swiftly. Effie felt perplexed, Aurilia had never said good night to her in this way before. She’d read Effie a story, something was wrong. Effie lay in bed, she couldn’t go to sleep. Why was her mother acting so strangely? She decided to find out. Effie silently crept downstairs through the darkened house and heard her mother saying:


Well, what shall we do? I’m banned from doing magic for ten years. “We don’t know whether Effie is a powerful enough witch to do it,” agreed her father. Effie quietly crept back upstairs feeling mystified. She started thinking what could they have meant? Yesterday, Effie saw Aurilia making a toy dragon move and her father making fireworks with his hands but that was nothing unusual at their place. Suddenly she noticed a bright light right outside her window. What was it? She came up to her window and looked. She spotted Dickon, the very popular boy in her class whom she disliked, shining the light at her window. Dickon always seemed to be following her and asking weird questions.

Effie decided to go back to bed but all of a sudden Dickon started waving his hands frantically. Only then Effie noticed that in his hands he was holding a tree branch that was long enough to reach her window. It was a hot summer and the window was open. So, Dickon pushed the stick through the open window. On the end of it was a hastily scribbled note:

You are a witch! Come to the great hall tomorrow at noon. Book One 1 month later... To be continued


Time Travel by Alisa Smell your favourite smell. Food, special biscuits that have everything. Clothes, you need in them a cape with belt underneath light t-shirt and trousers. If you are cold, wrap the cape around and if you are hot, leave the cape to trail behind you and the light t-shirt and trousers on. 14 July, 2120 Brighton


After Covid Pandemic by Alphonsa This invisible virus taught us humans a big lesson. Taking good care of ourselves and others, looking after each other and being supportive. To above all keep good hygiene. This time will go away. We will keep our good habits we learnt. Importance of family time. Support of our friends. Calmness of nature. Cleanliness of the city. Together we will make our lives better.

Amarah’s story by Amarah Thirty minutes later, Jack slept quietly like a mouse.

Jack was a tester for the new game, a seagull game! As he walked inside the pier, he saw robotic seagulls swooping down as a person ran away with a plastic chip. Jack couldn’t wait, so he went inside the line and waited. Every minute he would move forward, but he had had enough. “It’s been like thirty minutes! People have been shoving in front of me!” He said in his mind. Jack was not a patient person, so he quitted and went on the beach. He watched the sun go down and the sea calmly swished in front of him.

The End.


I love penguins by Arthur Snowboarding on bellies Waddling across icecaps

Our Wild, Wild World by Arthur

Penguins reek and penguins squeak Penguins glide and penguins fly

Close your eyes and imagine...

Diving through aquatic mass

A world with hundreds of trees producing clean air for us all to breathe. And sadly, a world with cars destroying the environment and making many animals homeless. I breathe in pollution every day on my walk to school. This is the world we live in today. I think about this a lot because my doctor gave me an inhaler NOT for asthma but for my cough caused by POLLUTION.

Catching their prey fish Penguins huddle and penguins cuddle To survive the cold winter shudders I LOVE penguins!

I want to breathe CLEAN AIR!! Thankfully, there are electric cars with a green power source, and, happily, for racers they ARE faster than petrol cars too so if we keep making these brilliant sorts of cars we won’t have to worry as much. In the future, we should make sure that electric cars CRUSH petrol ones in the stock market (the thing that all purchases are connected to, in case you’re wondering) and only use green energy so that we children can have nice, fresh, clean air to breathe.


The Red Squirrel by Brooklyn “Yay finally out of lockdown! Now I can come out of the house! What is that?”

“Absolutely not but we can write a story about it and take a picture.”

It is red, fluffy, and it has a puffy tail.

(Two years later)

“Is it a bear?”

“Hey I saw you, are you the kid who found a rare red squirrel?”

“No.” “Is it a dolphin or an elephant or a kangaroo?” “No Mom!”

“Yes I am.” “Let’s be friends.” “Yay!”

“Yes? I see this peculiar animal. What! Those animals are sooo rare. It’s a red squirrel.“ “OK can we both keep that funny fluffy squirrel?”


Planting trees for more oxygen by Cosmin People should be thinking more about our environment and stop cutting forests because it destroys the atmosphere. I invite people to stop cutting trees.

Stop cutting trees by Cosmin People stop cutting trees, the sky is grey and dark, Please I want to see the blue sky and the stars again. People stop cutting trees, it is the insect’s and animal’s home. Please I want to see a butterfly. People please start planting trees and save lives and throw away the masks to breathe clean air.

- 10 -

A group acrostic poem about NATURE by Cosmin, Evan and Brooklyn Nettles Air Trees Uranus Rain Environment / Earth

- 11 -

One unimaginably warm day by Daisy One unimaginably warm day, I had been invited to my best friend’s house. “Knock, knock” I knocked on the door, and a second later my friend answered. “Hi Nerissa!” I exclaimed, and Nerissa replied: “Hello and welcome!”. We then went to her room and started to play a game called “The Random”, but it wasn’t called “The Random” for no reason, it was completely RANDOM.

Later we went to her garden and the silver portal was in the middle of it and we decided to go through it.

A few seconds later, we were somewhere that we recognised, Hogwarts! Of course, there were kestrels, Hagrid’s hut and Hogsmeade in the distance where we decided to go as we wanted to try butter beer. It was delicious! This was the best day ever! Then we found the portal and went back to my friend’s house. We decided to have a peak in to the Harry Potter books and our names had been imprinted in to the Third book of Harry Potter: The Prisoner of Azkaban.

- 12 -

Letter to Mahon by Daisy

Dear Mahon, Nature changed once this pandemic arrived. It is much cleaner now because we do not use planes or cars; instead we use portals to travel. Scientists invented portals because travelling in buses, trains and planes was quite risky. Portals are safer, easy to use and more efficient to use. Coronavirus also had an effect on climate change: birds now have parks all to themselves and animals have more places to live. Animals now come to the cities more often and dolphins come closer to the coastline. Plants now have cleaner air to breathe because petrol and diesel are now obsolete. People have become eco-friendlier because they don’t go outside as much and don’t leave a lot of litter behind. Life is better now in many ways – it is cleaner, and people are more conscious about the environment as well as their own health. A lot of people have given up smoking, started to cook healthier food and exercise every day. Coronavirus has brought a lot of unhappiness and death, but it has also definitely had positive outcomes too as it slowed down climate change and people became healthier and happier as they started to appreciate what they have even more. From Daisy

- 13 -

World is a disaster by Ella “The world is a disaster, if only we could change it. Litter is everywhere.” “I know.”

Those poor, poor animals could die! “Things are terrible.” “Since we are in lockdown things are starting to change.” “Yay”

There is less litter “The world is better thanks to lockdown” “Should we…” “I don’t know.” “Please.” “Fine.” (after looking outside) “Wow the world has changed.” “Agreed.” “Well” “What to do now?” “Sleep!”

- 14 -

Uranus by Evan

- 15 -

The killer cave by Eyaan Outside a cave in Derbyshire

Harry: Bye.

Mr Weatherby, a farmer, meets Harry, Joyce and Robbo who are out looking for adventure during the summer holidays. Harry is clever and knows it. Joyce is a bit of a tomboy but sensible. Robbo is a strong lad but slow on the up take.

Harry (whispers): Guys, we’re not really going home.

Mr Weatherby: Hey! You can’t go in there. Harry: What? Mr Weatherby: I said you can’t go in there. Harry: Why not? Do you live in there then? (Robbo roars with laughter) Mr Weatherby: (Pointing to a Danger No Entry sign) Harry: I can read! Who’s going to stop us then?

Robbo (whispers): Oh, so where are we going? Harry (whispers): The cave. Joyce (whispers):

But we’ll not be caught if he is not looking. Harry (whispers): You forgot when he is not looking, we can run. Joyce (whispers): Now is our chance! Harry (whispers): 3, 2, 1 run!

Mr Weatherby: It’s dangerous.

(Robbo first, then Joyce and then Harry)


Joyce (whispers): Is it safe?

Dangerous? Why? Mr Weatherby: You’ll get lost. Harry: Ok. We’ll go home then. Mr Weatherby: Bye.

Robbo: Don’t be a baby! Harry:

Let’s go further into the cave. - 16 -

Joyce: Let’s go find the man who got lost.

Harry: You’re welcome.

Robbo and Harry: Let’s do it.

Robbo: How are we going to get home?

(Bats start flying around)

Joyce: I left marks to navigate the way home.

All (screaming):

AAAAAHHHH! Harry: Phew! These are only bats. Robbo: What does that say? Harry and Joyce: What’s what? Robbo: This writing on the cave? Harry and Joyce (surprised): Oh! Harry (looking closely): It says “Help please.” Joyce: We must be close. Harry: Yes! (All walk down the path) All: Hello! Hello! The Man:

Hello! Thanks for saving me.

Harry: Good job Joyce! The Man: LETS GO! (Walk for 1 minute) Harry: We made it. Joyce: It was scary. (The Man and Harry agree) Robbo: It wasn’t scary it was terrifying. Joyce:

Lets go home before someone catches us. Harry: You’re right. The Man: Bye. All: Bye. The End

- 17 -

Lockdown Poster by Fatima

- 18 -

Benefit 19 by Harrison They all soar, Even though, When asked to see them, We all sigh.

It’s calm, And shines like the sun, Full of life, And lots of fun.

They’re green, And vibrant too. They cause me hay fever, Same for you?

It’s bright, And hot like fire.

It goes, Wh en we are tire d

- 19 -

A Morning Stroll by James The waves were crashing reassuringly against the grind, Several birds chirping, Birds feet happily tapped on the see-through roof as it was collecting moss for its nest, As I walked on the stones they clattered and clashed against each other like magnets coming together. The people’s casual conversations buzzed gently in the background, The wind felt cool and refreshing.

The Animal Wonderland by James Once upon a time a boy saw a chicken farm. In the farm, there were chickens producing an unnatural amount of eggs, so many that they became sick and sore. That night he dreamt of an animal wonderland where no animals got hurt, trees got cut down and everyone became nature lovers.

- 20 -

Everyone deserves a peaceful life by Joel Jack: Hello everyone, today we are going to talk about racism and I have a very special guest! He is called Jeff. Jeff: Hello everyone… Jack: So, Jeff, don’t you think that everyone should understand how racism feels to other people? Jeff: Yes, you are absolutely right. A few years ago, lots of famous people made speeches, like Barack Obama, the former US President. He said that ‘No one is born hating another person because of the colour of his skin, or his background, or his religion. People must learn to hate, and if they can learn to hate, they can be taught to love, for love comes more naturally to the human heart than its opposite.’ Jack: Good thinking. Everyone should consider and be mindful about this. Jeff: Yes, then we can have a peaceful world of people. Jack: Thank you Jeff. It’s time to go now. Jack & Jeff: Goodbye.

- 21 -

Dining Room by Lana My dining room is messy. I feel like I live in a rubbish bin and everything is made of garbage. I can see crumbs on the floor, cups on the table and snacks on the box. Whispering in the lounge, I can hear my brother Micah watching Paw Patrol.

Forest by Lana There might be more animals in the forest now because it’s lockdown so there’s not many people. There are more animals like foxes and snakes, and they make more sounds like birds do. They also feel happy now.

- 22 -

The Den by Lana The den in the park smells of dog wee with fresh pine tree It looked soft, I saw itchy grass I want to go to the jungle because I like the noise I’m afraid of boats because I might drown I want to see the sea because I want to see the turtles

Timmy the European Spider Crab by Lana Timmy is a crab who lives near the rocks and sometimes he comes out to let people see his big grumpy face. He has a knobbly, sandy shell, small black eyes and sharp, pointy claws. He has two legs on the right side and four legs on the left side because unfortunately a seagull ate the other two! Normally crabs walk sideways but this orange one walks forwards quickly. Timmy is thankful when the tide comes in and the danger is over.

- 23 -

Snap! by Lexi One hot summer day, Helly and Chicoletta the chickens were packing to go to their gran’s for the summer holidays. They were particularly very excited as finally their parents gave them permission to travel on their own.

The chickens were wishing their mum and dad were there. “Are you going to eat us?” said Helly in a shaking voice “Well of course, to make it fair we will play Snap. If I win, I will eat you both and if you win, I will let you through harmlessly,” said the crocodile looking hungry.

“Oh girls, please be careful,” their mum, the hen, said in a pleading voice. “Stay as a team!” said their dad, the cockerel.

“Chicoletta, why don’t you play, you are amazing at board games,” said Helly.

And after discussing all the details of the trip, Helly and Chicoletta set off in a light brown boat that both of them cleaned and polished before the journey.

“Ok, let us start” said Chicoletta putting her brave face on. They played for a while and then began counting the final score.

They loaded their suitcases and started rowing.

“Fifteen!” said the cold voice of the crocodile.

After a while, they stopped in the middle of the lake to have a break and a lunch.

“Twenty!!” said the delighted Chicoletta.

“Isn’t it lovely here!”, exclaimed Helly, “Look at this clear blue water, warm breeze and buzzing dragonflies around us!”

“Come on Helly, we are going off to Gran’s” said Chicoletta.

Chicoletta nodded her head. They opened the packed lunches their mum lovingly prepared and started eating.

Not so fast... said the crocodile getting up slowly, “there is one more rule I have not told you about. And that is SNAP!” and with that, the crocodile snapped his teeth on Helly’s wing.

Suddenly, Chicoletta noticed the water going in waves and something moving towards them. “Look, Helly!” exclaimed Chicoletta half in panic. Then they saw the eyes and the head popped up.

Helly cried in pain and tried to pull the wing out.

“It’s a crocodile!!!!!” they both screamed. But instead of eating them, the crocodile said “Hello!” in a sly voice bearing his dirty yellow teeth.

Chicoletta suddenly remembered how her dad once tricked her. I could do the same, she thought.

- 24 -

“Look at that!” she pointed somewhere behind the crocodile. Immediately the crocodile let go and turned around to see what was there, hoping it was food. This was their chance. They started rowing as fast as they could trying to get away. “Come back” shouted the crocodile but it was too late they were too far for him to catch up. After what seemed like an hour, they were starting to get bored so Helly thought of a game. “Let’s count how many butterflies we see, and who has seen the most wins” said Helly. They looked around and spotted some flying around the boat. After playing for a few minutes, they started looking at what was around them. There were blue birds gliding around the bright blue sky and pink and white clouds drifting through the air.

Helly was trying to park the boat as quickly as she could, for she was very excited when suddenly... CRASH!

A giant hole was made in the boat and water started pouring! Luckily it was a shallow hole, and they were near the shore so they scrambled on to the land where their grandma was waiting for them on a bench. “Where were you?” she said, but the two chickens were too excited to say anything so they skipped to their gran’s house to have some food. The End

“We are here!” said Chicoletta, spotting the land that their grandma lived at.

- 25 -

The i360 poem by Nica Pollution is everywhere Even near the i360. The i360 is amazing You can see lots of Stuff up there. There’s lots of pollution Going up, and going up Which is bad. There will be no more polar bears And other animals In the North and in the South Poles. Animals will have no home, If the ice caps melt, if the Pollution hits really hard the Pollution, pollution the grey stuff in the air. Pollution, pollution what have you done to the nice fresh air? Pollution, pollution what have you done? Pollution, oh pollution you’re just making things worse But good in a good way for food and other important stuff too. Pollution, pollution what can you do to fix it? So, for the last time, Pollution please stop!

- 26 -

A to H by Seth A is for air pollution destroying the birds B is for bats, the dark they preferred C is for chocolate wrappers which end up on the floor D is for dirty fossil fuels that have been around since the dinosaurs E is for elephants hunted for their tusks F is for fools who don’t get the electric bus G is for gorillas, for destroying their homes H is for house with their telephones

- 27 -

Spooky Frost by Seth Spooky Frost is an opened frost, with spooky nose and fog You can hear something getting closer and closer and closer

There are loads of life, more birds sing, Foxes are not hiding anymore.

There is now less rubbish.

- 28 -

Suzie’s Story by Suzie There are food samples everywhere

Guess what Bob






I’m floating

There are computers that show me what I look like in the clouds. I’m buying Bob


With travelators








L I’m not joking

(Shows picture of himself)

For the samples




Are there chips?





I’ll check it out

Yes... But not a lot


Where are you?



What does it look like?



At the shopping mall. It looks so cool J Bob

Show me a pic Jef

There are rainbow worlds. And trolleys on the wall


Yeap… What are the toilets like? Jef

The toilets are heated


? # :-o


Still there?




(Picture of shopping mall)


And it’s so so so big!

Not joking


3 years ago there were white walls… And no trolleys Jef

Is it a good pic?

I know!


It looks so cool Jef

OMG :-o


Hurry Bob

Ok. Bye

What shops are there? 1DK. OMG


I’ll be there






Bye Bob






- 29 -


Rampaging Wolf by Theo SCENE ONE The year is 2026. Outside the cinema at Brighton Marina. Steven, Geoffrey and Geoffrey’s robot friend PS.01 are standing in front of a digital screen watching a movie trailer with an evil robot called Rampaging Wolf. STEVEN:

Have you heard of the new movie? It looks really good.


What movie?


You haven’t seen the trailer?


What kind of movie is it about?

STEVEN: It’s about an evil robot called Rampaging Wolf. He’s a dark mysterious wolf that is a robot who destroys anything in his path to get to his robot evil wife. GEOFFREY:

I’ll check with my digital friend.

Geoffrey turns to PS.01. GEOFFREY:

What are the characters in the movie?

A bunch of pelicans fly down the street.PS.01 turns and points at them. PS.01: Look, there are 250 Pelicans right near Hollywood Gaming Alley and Max and Donalds. STEVEN:

You don’t need to use your digital friend.


Why shouldn’t I use my digital friend?

Geoffrey turns around to look at the pelicans. GEOFFREY:

Ah that’s awesome.

Behind them, Steven gets sucked into the movie trailer. SCENE TWO Inside the movie trailer. Steven is travelling down a portal into the movie. He is twisting through red, yellow and blue lights. He lands in the middle of a war. He sees a big screen. MOVIE WATCHER: There’s someone in there with nice clothes. Steven turns around and sees the people sat in the movie theatre. STEVEN:

Help me!

- 30 -

SCENE THREE Outside the cinema at Brighton Marina. The evil robot climbs out of the movie trailer and takes on the physical form of Steven. Geoffrey and PS.01 turn around and see Steven standing in front of the movie trailer as before. GEOFFREY:

Shall we go and see Rampaging Wolf then?

PS.01: Yes. STEVEN:

Let’s go to Wasda and buy some popcorn.


Oooh I want to have some popcorn and chocolate.


Okay lets both get chocolate and popcorn.

SCENE FOUR Inside Wasda. Steven, Geoffrey and PS.01 head off to find the popcorn aisle. They walk past the Robot Friend aisle. Geoffrey and PS.01 carry on but Steven stands back. Robot friends are on all the shelves in plastic wrapping with one blue eye. Steven’s fingers turn into adapters and he plugs them into the Robot Friends. As the Robot Friends start to come alive, their one eye turns red and their hands turn into pizza cutters. (Dum dum dummm music plays whilst they cut their way out of the plastic wrapping.) STEVEN:

Come to me, my army.

Steven turns and runs. SCENE FIVE Somewhere else inside Wasda, outside a door. Steven runs into the back office and finds the safe. He turns tiny and slides under the safe. He jumps into a slide tunnel that leads to Wasda’s core. STEVEN:

I will be the king of robots!!! Woooooohooooooo!

SCENE SIX Wasda’s core. There is a rectangular generator in the middle of the room with two discs on the top and bottom. It is glowing with electricity. Steven turns in to a virus and climbs into the generator. The electricity becomes red and starts to shake. STEVEN:  I have taken this Wasda over. It is now my big giant robot. SCENE SEVEN Inside Wasda. PS.01 and Geoffrey are looking for popcorn. Suddenly the ground starts to shake. PS.01:

What is that noise.


I don’t know.

They look out of the window and they see they are rising into the air. - 31 -

SCENE EIGHT Outside shot. Wasda has turned into a colossal robot with a cap on its head. WASDA SHOPPER: (screams) We are in a big robot! Robot friends are running around chasing the shoppers. GEOFFREY: You go and find Steven, I’ll go and find the evil thing that is controlling this place. PS.01 turns and sees Steven’s footprints. PS.01:

I see Steven’s footprints but they look red.

He follows them and grabs a pair of tweezers from the tweezer aisle.  A trapdoor opens and he falls down. Geoffrey follows him.  SCENE NINE In Wasda’s core. Geoffrey and PS.01 get up off the floor. They hear evil laughter and go over to the generator. PS.01 scans the generator with his blue eye. PS.01:

There is a virus in here.

PS.01 pulls the virus out with his tweezers. GEOFFREY:

We have to get out to save Steven.

They find a back door and run out of the shop.  SCENE TEN Outside Wasda. Geoffrey and PS.01 are running back to the cinema. Behind them Wasda is turning back in to a shop. PS.01:

We have got to get Steven out of the movie trailer.

SCENE ELEVEN Outside the cinema. Geoffrey and PS.01 stand at the movie trailer. PS.01:

There is still the problem of the raging beast in our universe.

GEOFFREY: I know, but Steven can save our planet and save his friends from the destruction of all the universe now he is a glitch and can travel through movies and he can go through any portal. PS.01:

We’re going to need a ladder.

Geoffrey gets a ladder from inside the cinema. He puts it against the digital screen and climbs up. A head with an eyepatch comes out of the screen. It is Dr. Eyegone, one of the characters in the movie. DR. EYEGONE:

Do you know where this demon virus is?

- 32 -


Yes, I do have it. If you find my friend, I will give it to you.



Dr. Eyegone’s head goes back into the movie. DR. EYEGONE:

(shouting) STEVEN!


I think your friend Geoffrey wants you to come out to this movie now.


Geoffrey, I’m coming.

Dr. Eyegone’s hand comes out the screen. DR. EYEGONE:

Here is Steven, now you can give me the virus please.

Geoffrey hands the tweezers with the virus in to Dr. Eyegone. Dr. Eyegone leaves. Steven comes to the screen and reaches his hands out. Geoffrey pulls him out. GEOFFREY:

Welcome back, how was it in there?


It was crazy!


Let’s go home now. But first let’s show him the real forms of us.

PS.01 and Geoffrey take off their masks. Geoffrey was inside PS.01 and PS.01 was inside Geoffrey. Steven gasps. GEOFFREY: We came from a different future, to say your friends are in danger. Because they are in danger from an evil monster called Grageanaut (roars). PS.01:

And our planet is going to be destroyed. Can you help us?

STEVEN: I just wanted to go and see Rampaging Wolf, but my friends are in danger so I’ll help you. To be continued... 

- 33 -

The Seagull Called Pat by Vasilios At the time of when this crisis happened, me and my seagull mates were playing around with some of the humans’ luscious mouth-watering fish and chips. Oh, and by the way my name is Pat and I am going to tell you a story of how we seagulls saved the world. As I was playing around with my seagull friends, my mum called me in for dinner. It was a few leftover chips and the black bit from underneath the fish. I enjoyed every bit until I found a piece of what the humans call ‘plastic’ which I nearly choked on. I wanted to find out more about it, so I went to find some other seagulls to see if they knew anything about it. I was walking along with the piece of plastic in my beak looking to find some other seagull friends, when this chaotic little child started to kick me. Little did he know that I was going to save his miniature little butt. Obviously at the time no one knew that. Suddenly I saw my best friend Jeremy. Everyone knew Jeremy because he was the coolest seagull ever.

Yo Jeremy, do you know what this is? I said handing him the piece of plastic that I had in my beak. “Uhm let me take a look at that… oh yeah it’s something them ugly humans call plastic.

“Oh ok” I said feeling really ignorant. “Yeah, these humans are not looking after their planet ya know. It is very unfortunate that they aren’t recycling.”

Ok I am sorry, what does recycle mean? “Oh, it is when you are reusing stuff. For instance plastic bags do not disappear so it is better to use them again to help Mother Nature,” “Thanks bud. Umm I hope I am not bothering you too much but we need to try and stop the humans.” “And how are we going to do that?” he asked. “Umm I was hoping you weren’t going to ask that!” “Well we could peck them whenever we see them throwing something recyclable away.” “Sounds like a plan,” I said. “See you in the morning bud.” “Yep see you.” The next morning me and Jeremy went for a fly around, then we saw the monstrosity! There was plastic EVERYWHERE!

- 34 -

And when I say everywhere, I am not kidding! We could not see a square metre without a plastic bottle or a bag. “Looks like we have to do a lot of pecking today” Jeremy joked but that was not the right time to joke!

Well they’ll just have to have it the hard way. I replied. So, I did nothing, that’s right nothing. You would think that is the end of the story but you are WRONG. I still have to save the world! Later on, there was this putrid smell and then I heard coughing! I looked outside my hole (where I live, no judgement) and the humans were dying from the smell! I rushed to our scientist and handed him the same piece of plastic I handed to Jeremy.

And it was 100 times the size of one of us. Now the Doc was the only gull we were depending on. Twenty minutes later the seagulls were getting impatient. But then we saw a little white thing carrying 300 little bottles of the immune system. “Finally,” I whispered to myself desperate for all of this to start. Then the Doc threw all of the jars into the oversized container and as soon as it was half full it shot off into the air. Ten minutes later, the whole world was covered in the special potion, then finally the putrid smell calmed down and all of the coughing in the distance did the same. “Now that was one tough problem to fix!” I said relieved that it was all over. I hope you enjoyed that story. So, what’s the rule of this story? TO OBEY ALL SEAGULLS? No think about what you’re throwing away and recycle more. And just give us some respect. We saved you.

“Ahh yes, if plastic is left too long outside in the sun it releases a toxic gas that only seagulls are immune to,” he said. “Ok thanks Doc.” So, I gathered a few seagulls (200 to be exact) to try and save the world. In the morning we all woke up and got together at the pier. The plan was to collect all the plastic, put all of it together and make a huge container. The Doc will then make a special potion to fill the container and use it to eliminate the putrid toxic gas from our planet. While the Doc was making the special potion, all 200 seagulls were busy collecting all the plastic. After three long hours the container was complete.

- 35 -

Writers Alfonzo Larong Alphonsa Mathew Alisa Collin Amarah Larong Arthur Coleman Brooklyn Avina Cosmin Pislear Daisy Templeman Ella Brown Evan Bradley Eyaan Khan Fatima Mohamad Harrison Du Hampton James Walker Joel Jacob Lexi Turton Lana Povey Nica Francisco Seth Povey Suzie Samuels Theo Roberts Grinyer Vasilios Takas

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Thank you, thank you As with all our projects at LGP, creating this online publication couldn’t have been done without the support of many. Special thanks to our Workshop Leaders: Julia Gillick, Sarah Ann Juckes, Luke Ofield, Laura Wilkinson, Adam Webb and all our volunteer Story Mentors.

Thank you to our funders Arts Council England, Sussex Community Foundation, and the Brighton & Hove Soiree Rotary Club.

Little Green Pig is a writing and mentoring charity for young people in Brighton & Hove and Sussex. We work in and out of schools, offering creative writing programmes. We believe in the right to write, and that this vital form of self-expression builds confidence, communication and literacy skills.



01273 457 758


Please do let us know via social media what you think of the online publication using our hashtag #wildwildworld!

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Little Green Pig is a writing and mentoring charity for children and young people in Brighton & Hove and Sussex.

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Wild Wild World  

Wild Wild World is the second edition in our digital programme celebrating the work our club members have worked on since lockdown and the c...

Wild Wild World  

Wild Wild World is the second edition in our digital programme celebrating the work our club members have worked on since lockdown and the c...


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