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Jessie Allen

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Logo Placement

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Full Colour Logo Use

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Black & White Logo Use

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Photography, Co-branding & Web

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Brand Colours Primary Colour Palette Primary colours are used in the Logo, as background colours for the Black and White Logo, and as accent colours within branded collateral. No other colours (than Black and White) can be permitted as background colours. Additional accent colours within illustrations are permitted at the designers discretion, please use sparingly. No tints, shades, gradients or opacity other than 100% is to be applied to the primary colours. Pencil Yellow

R 255, G 255, B 51 # FFFF33 C 6.64%, M 1.95%, Y 89.84%, K 0%

Pencil Orange

R 255, G 102, B 51 # FF6633 C 2.73%, M 64.06%, Y 98.44%, K 0%

Pencil Red

R 204, G 51, B 51 # CC3333 C 5.08%, M 97.27%, Y 98.44%, K 0.39%

Dark Pencil Purple

R 51, G 0, B 51 # 330033 C 79.3%, M 93.36%, Y 42.58%, K 50%

Light Pencil Purple

R 153, G 51, B 102 # 993366 C 38.28%, M 100%, Y 38.28%, K 14.06%

Pencil Pink

R 204, G 51, B 102 # CC3366 C 24.22%, M 100%, Y 25.78%, K 0.78%

Black & White Can be used for background colours, headings, sub-headings body copy and within illustrations. Black

R 35, G 31, B 32 # 231F20 C 0%, M 0%, Y 0%, K 0%


R 255, G 255, B 255 # FFFFFFF C 0%, M 0%, Y 0%, K 0%


Logo Placement Centre-line

1. Logo

(For demonstration only).

The right hand edge of the lowest point of the Logo is right aligned to the centre-line between “Jessie” and “Allen”. The Top of the “J” is 1/2 the caps height away from the top of the last pencil piece.


19% of Logo

1/3rd height of medium

For horizontal media the height of the Logo can be no less than 1/3rd the height of the medium. For vertical layouts the width of the Logo must be 1/3rd the width. Exceptions; For large format Billboards and Adshels 1/6th is acceptable. See page 7 for co-branding rules. Minimum size for print is 41mmW x 35mmH, for web 100 x 100px. No maximum. Centred on the medium is preferable but not mandatory.

Jessie Allen


Logo can appear without Name, Swish and By-line when there is additional branding. 3. 4.

4. By-line By-line only appears when the Logo is the primary focus of the page, and only ever when Name and Swish are present. By-line should not appear on co-branded collateral. Placement is centered at the bottom of the page, no less than the caps height away from the bottom of the media. Caps height is equal to half the caps height of Name, for media A6 or smaller it can increase to 1.5 x caps height. Clear space is equal to 1x the caps height all the way around.

Jessie Allen


Jessie Allen

2. Name and Swish Name and Swish only ever appear together. Caps height of Name is a minimum of 19% the height of the Logo. Name can increase to a maximum of 25% for small format media (A6 and smaller). Swish is half the caps height of Name high and sits 1/2 caps height away from Name. It extends approx. 1 + 1/2 caps height of Name to the right of Name and 1x caps height to the left. Variance +/10% is acceptable.

3. Logo Clear Space Clear space around the Logo is a minimum of 1x the caps height of Name all around.

Jessie Allen

Jessie Allen

Full Colour Logo Use Coloured Logo only appears on a White or Black background. Any photographic backgrounds must use the Black & White Logo. When on White, Name and Swish are Pencil Red. By-line is Dark Pencil Purple.

Jessie Allen

Coloured Logo only appears on a White or Black background. When on Black, Name and By-line are White. Swish is Pencil Red.

Jessie Allen

Jessie Allen

Jessie Allen

Jessie Allen

Design & Illustration

Design & Illustration

Jessie Allen

Design & Illustration

Design & Illustration


Black and White Logo Use When printing in Black and White, Name, By-line and Swish are either all White, or all Black.

Jessie Allen

Jessie Allen

NB: Please use the Logo provided when Black and White Logo is used on Black, the pencil peices are reversed to White. Black & White Logo is never to be used on web, colour Logo only.

Only the Black and White Logo can be used on coloured backgrounds (primary brand colours only) and photographs.

Jessie Allen

Jessie Allen

For a Pencil Yellow background, Name and By-line are Black and Swish is White.

For all other primary brand colours Name, Swish and By-line are White.

Jessie Allen

Jessie Allen

Jessie Allen

Jessie Allen

Jessie Allen

Jessie Allen

Non primary brand colour.


Photography, Co-branding & Web Photography Photography can be used as backgrounds or integrated within a design. At least one edge of the image must bleed off the side.(with exception to photographs of Illustrations - see page 8). Only photographs of pencils or pencil shavings in colours as close to the primary brand colours as possible may be used - refer to examples below. All images must be shot birds eye view on White - never Black or other colour. Images may be brightened or colour corrected in post.

The Black and White Logo is the only Logo allowed over photographic items. Any writing necessary over photography must be contained within a hand-drawn White pencil box illustration - see examples below. You are welcome to change the shape and size of the White design provided it fits within the guidelines. See examples on page 8.

021 030 9064 Jessie Allen


Web Use www.



For co-branded items, Logo must be equal to the square Use the RBG web Logo provided. Black & White Logo does inch of the other Logo’s present. Either the Black and not feature on web (unless unavoidable on co-branded site). White or colour Logo can be used, but Name and Swish must be present. By-line does not feature. On dedicated brand web pages colour Logo can either be centered, or top left. Keep sizing proportional to standard screen-dimensions.

3rd party Logo

For animated digital banners, Logo, Name and Swish are to appear at the end of the sequence, before the call to action.

Jessie Allen

For static digital banners, Logo must sit top left. Presence of Name, Swish and By-line depends on content - please follow the guidelines outlined on page 4.

Correct sizing


Illustration Pencil illustrations are the primary design element of the brand. Illustrations are to be drawn on White paper and scanned or photographed to be placed into a digital design. Ideally simple, flat, one-colour illustrations are preferable. Primarily only pencils in the colours as close to the primary brand colours as possible are to be used, with the addition of White . Some aditional accent colours can be used sparingly. Illustrations can be placed on Black or White, but only White illustrations are to be placed over colour. Writing within illustrations that is not body copy, but part of the design is to be PencilPeteFONT, or if you prefer to hand-draw a few key words, these must be done in the style of Valentina Regular and only in caps. Illustrations can bleed off the page, and interact with one another and contain writing. See additional examples and rules below.

... e r e es h o g ing t i r W ...Or


Mixing photography with illustration is allowed. Best example is to use individual pencil shavings to define the illustration.

Or here.....

Some use of the pencil feather brushtroke (used in Swish) is allowed. this is the only type of digitally drawn illustration allowed other than pencil peices. Note minimal use of non-primary brand colours and colour blending. Use with care.

Awe + some


Purple arrows are the only arrow device allowed, please don’t change the proportion provided.

If using words, please use pencilPeteFONT or handdrawn type is to be based off the By-line font and all caps.

Use of the pencil peices from the coloured Logo is permitted when impact is required. These must bleed at least one edge of the page.


Typography Jessie Allen

Name Font is PencilPeteFONT When featured in Logo, caps height is a minimum of 19% the height of the Logo and a maximum of 25% on smaller format material (A6 or smaller). The “s” are to be adjusted to: Kerning: 0 Tracking: -1 1 pt size smaller than the rest of the Name. Swish is a pencil feather brushstroke, this brush can be used within illustrations, sparingly.

By-line Font is Valentina Regular. Font is only ever used for the By-line. Kerning: 0 Tracking: 0 “u”, “s” and “t” have been adapted. Only use the .eps file.

Brand Collateral Fonts


Sub Headings Body Copy

Font is PencilPeteFONT Kerning: 0 Tracking: -1 Leading: 22.8pt

Myriad Pro Semi-Bold. Kerning: Metrics Tracking: 0 Leading: 14.4pt

Myriad Pro Regular Kerning: Metrics Tracking: 0 Leading: 14pt

Pencil Red, Black or White only.

Black or White only.

Black or White only.

Can also be sparingly within illustrative designs to give a handwritten feel.

Also used to accentuate key words or phrases within body copy.


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