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For my precious Little Pickles, Ryan, Alex, and Beckett.


For my wonderful family, near and far.


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By Rana DiOrio Illustrated by Chris Hill Little Pickle Press

What does it mean to be global?

Does it mean having a globe? No.

Does it mean studying planets? No.

Does it mean being round? No!

Being global means . . .

. . . being curious about other parts of the world.

o” ell







” o”

ia “c


. . . recognizing

” hao

that your language is just one of

thousands spoken

lo m ”


“s h

on our earth.




” “oi”


. . . listening to all different kinds of music.

. What . . traveling placesto near and far does to it mean be global?

and appreciating how special they are.

. . . trying all types of food.

. . . experiencing other traditions.

. . . learning about other religions.

. . . respecting that others may have different values than you do.

. . . celebrating diversity in people.

. . . understanding how your actions affect another person’s experience.

. . . living respectfully and peacefully with one another.

. . . opening your mind

to new possibilities.

Being global means being a citizen of the world.

It means knowing that . . .


are members of a community.



are communities that share values, beliefs, and customs.

is a group of people with common interests.

TRADITIONS are beliefs and customs that parents teach their children.


are what people consider important.

DIVERSITY means differences.

So let’s do whatever we can to be global.

And let’s spread the word . . .

. . . if we can all be global,

our world will be even more interesting and exciting!

Our Mission Little Pickle Press is dedicated to helping parents and educators cultivate conscious, responsible little people by inspiring our readers to help children in need, celebrate diversity, and protect the environment. Ten percent (10%) of the purchase price of your book will be happily donated to Starlight Children’s Foundation.

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About The Author Rana DiOrio was born in Providence, RI and grew up in a colorful Italian-American family. Her curiosity about the world began in kindergarten, while studying Western access to China and, obviously, panda bears. As a political science major/psychology minor in college, and then as a law student, she became fascinated with understanding perspective, and how just about any person, place, thing, or situation can be interpreted in many valid ways. “I believe that I have two ears, two eyes, and one mouth intentionally, so I listen and observe more than I talk,” she explains. “As a result, I think I’m better able to respect and appreciate diversity.” Rana’s inspiration for writing What Does It Mean To Be Global? was the election of President Barack Obama and explaining its significance, on so many levels, to her children. Rana has written her way through life—as a student, a lawyer, an investment banker, a private equity investor, and now as an author of children’s picture books. Her interests include practicing yoga, reading non-fiction, dreaming, effecting positive change, and, of course, being global. She lives in Belvedere, California with her husband and their three Little Pickles.

About The Illustrator Chris Hill was born and raised in London, Canada. After graduating from university with a degree in psychology, she filled her backpack with a few of her favorite items, including a sketch pad and some Sharpie™ pens, and traveled to California for an excursion. She never left. Chris became a teacher in San Francisco, where she enjoyed teaching art to her kindergarteners, and used her whimsical cartoon characters to entertain and motivate her middle school students. After over a decade of teaching and honing her own artistic skills, Chris opened Mackie Mack, a purveyor of handmade stationery, invitations, and canvases. Her wit, creativity, and innate sense of people make her happy characters come alive. “While illustrating What Does It Mean To Be Global?, I was inspired by the idea that a single kind gesture could change another person’s view of the world and herself,” she explains, “and the idea that this positive energy might be contagious, leading to a more peaceful and purposeful life for everyone.” Chris’ interests include running, giving back to the community, entertaining, and of course, doodling. She lives in Mill Valley, California with her husband and their two daughters, Mackie and TJ.

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What Does It Mean To Be Global?  

In this whimsically-drawn and thoughtfully told story, children learn what it means to be global by visiting the pyramids, eating sushi, cel...