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Designing leather goods that stand out .




INTRO MAY 2014 Issue: Our issue takes a look at the new and old who are innovating and finding the sparks in everyday life, from products, societal issues and all that we see.

When takes a look and what some call the old, we tend to think not relevant, not in touch or just old fashioned. Re think this perception as innovation in a change to a norm and a redesign on what has been taking a look at what is old could inspire you to innovation of higher heights. Sound has a permanent place in our society today it gets us to relate to other communities through their expressions, word placement and stories. It evolves into many emotions of melancholy, excitement, and tends to be an extension of ones being. So look to the old like the Mbira instrument for that small spark of innovation to your creativity today.

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Our may issue features amazing works and profiles of artists such as Lady Tshawe working with AnnieG on their Words and Textiles innovation called ‘Poetry Meets Fashion. We also have a Global Citizen Gilmore Tee on our cover an amazing photo shoot that show cases the best of local fashion. Kwantuthu Arts also has, Martin Mahenga an artist with an innovative product Skizzo Vs The Bully a comic book with a difference. Also looking at two issues in the arts business which is Time Management and Public Relations how we can use it to achieve goals and growth either through social media or conventional media. Enjoy our May 2014 issue.

l e h c t t Li

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Gilmore Tee is a Global Citizen who is known for his works in the creative industries and development world.

Public relations (PR) is the way organisations, companies and individuals communicate with the public and media.





A poem of love, of a loved one and the power of the most vital human emotion its effects on mankind.

Time is a valuable resource for anyone who has a goal, business or a project.


The culmination of hard work and collaboration came to the release of the amazing works of Lady Tshawe and AnnieG.



May 2014    Kwantuthu Magazine


POEM Poem Written By Bhekilizwe Dube +263 779 547 890

HEATHER I feel your intense warm, Immediate, scintillating love from All of your Being, emiting a light and beams of Pure Love so intense, were it to emit itself from beyond the Omniverse, I would receive it in me, as a flood of Pure Energy, Penetrating and Infusing All Existing with its Melodious Balm of Living Essence. Heather, you exist to give the Quintessence Kindness to a cold, mean world, your Quiescent Presence, ever a Salve to the Traumatised, Bruised, Warrior of Love. Never stray into the Void of Coldness. Never be far from me. Never deny me your dearest favours. I hold you in my heart – delicately, gently, tenderly, warmly – as I Commune with Existance and Time and the Source Beyond All Bondage and Limits. Be forever, the Elixir of Playful, Joyful, Synergy with Beingness. Be with me in Cosmic Bliss.

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ByolifeStreets R

Whats Your Destination?

Byolife Streets is a simple but yet comprehensive guide that makes it a breeze to book and manage activities. Find hotels, restaurants, tours and attractions, event listing info including photos about that area right from your smart phone. Each business entry describes the attraction with pictures, opening times and full contact details. The app is integrated with maps showing directions to users about their current location.

Skeem Sami


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The name “Nobuntu” is an African concept that values humbleness, love, purpose, unity and family from a woman perspective. Nobuntu is an A cappella group of five talented, professional young women from Bulawayo, Zimbabwe. The group has developed its own sound which is a fusion of traditional Zimbabwean rooted music, Afro Jazz, Gospel and Crossover in pure voices with minimalistic percussion, traditional instruments such as Mbira and well choreographed dance movements.

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The group is a new generation of young women singers who celebrate and preserve their culture, beauty and heritage through art. Nobuntu was formed in 2011 on realizing the absence of an all female professional A cappella group in Bulawayo and Zimbabwe as a whole.


obuntu celebrates through their songs and dance the identities of being an African woman. Their voices, energy and their breathtaking performance on Stage is an experience that communicates with the human side of anyone. The release of their debut album in 2013 titled ‘THINA’ immediately took them beyond the borders on a one month tour of Austria and Germany playing in concert halls, theatres and festivals such as “Voice Mania” in Vienna and “Trans-Vocal” in Frankfurt-Oder.

NOBUNTU Live on stage in Europe.


he ensemble´s mission is the belief that music is the most important and original wheel of change, way of expression of a new generation of young women singers with uniqueness to transcend racial, tribal, religious, gender and economic boundaries.

..”sound which is a fusion of traditional Zimbabwean rooted music, Afro Jazz, Gospel and Crossover in pure voices with minimalistic percussion, traditional instruments”

Links to some of the video footage of live performances, interviews and audio streams song/16728896-­‐usibali song/18840762-­‐streets

“...release of their debut album in 2013 titled ‘THINA’ immediately took them beyond the borders...” May 2014    Kwantuthu Magazine




Navy Blue Printed Shirt and Pants (Unknown Source – Based in Bulawayo, Zimbabwe) Photography (Le Cyril Photography) 10    Kwantuthu Magazine    May 2014

Jacket & White Shorts (Rebelious Klothing – Based in Bulawayo, Zimbabwe) Photography by: Cyril Ncube

White Shirt, Khakhi Pants & BowTie (Michael Shepard – Based in Bulawayo, Zimbabwe) Location (National Gallery of Zimbabwe in Bulawayo) Photography by: Cyril Ncube

May 2014    Kwantuthu Magazine


Cloths by: (Gilmore’s Collection)Styling (Gilmore T. Moyo) Photography (Le Cyril Photography)

12    Kwantuthu Magazine    May 2014

Black & Gold Jacket (Annie G Couture – Based in Bulawayo, Zimbabwe) Photography (Le Cyril Photography)

May 2014    Kwantuthu Magazine



Mr. Tee, as many would call him, is known for his great sense of style and fearless presentation. He is a Style Icon Nominee for the Zimbabwe Fashion Week Awards 2013. Gilmore collects art pieces and different fashion elements from across the world, which explains his weird, yet unique sense of dressing. Gilmore also has his share on radio and tv. He has Co-Hosted on South Africa’s Radio Junto’s – Continental Breakfast and is currently working on an elegant – lifestyle TV program. He also is the Founding Member and Managing Editor of Urban Lifestyle magazine – dEck Magazine and is the force behind Hunnar Management Agency.

XThe multi-lingual Persona holds qualifications in French, Development Studies, Leadership and Business Studies. He recently finished a placement with Action Aid International where he worked mostly in West Africa and did outstanding works in development. Gilmore recently won an International Award with UKs’ Eduzine Young Achievers Global Award. His global influence has resulted in him exchanging dialogue with global leaders such as Former UK Prime Minister – Gordon Brown, Actress - Emma Thompson, Singers Baaba Maal & Zahara and also talking at different global platforms. (Facebook Page: Twitter: @GilmoreTee


Gilmore Tee

Gilmore Tee is a Global Citizen who is known for his works in the creative industries and development world. Gilmore has an ear for music and listens to the sounds of Hillsong, Pharell Williams, Janelle Monae, The Soil and a whole lot of talented individuals. Some of you might not know that he is a trained vocalist and can belt it out.

14    Kwantuthu Magazine    May 2014

Instagram: @GilmoreTee – Tumblr: www.

Facts About Gilmore: 1)

He is mistaken to be a foreigner even in his own country

2) him

He calls his mother the father of the house as she raised


He draws, writes, does metal work and sings, very well


He sits on many global committees

5) Besides, English, Ndebele, Shona, French and other languages, he also speaks Wolof, a language widely spoken in West Africa 6)

His favourite places to visit are Germany and Swaziland


He is very sarcastic

8) He published a school magazine with his brother at the age of 15 9)

He almost was put in Special class when he was in grade 5


He used to be called potato at school because of his nose

Black & Gold Jacket (Annie G Couture – Based in Bulawayo, Zimbabwe) Photography (Le Cyril Photography) May 2014    Kwantuthu Magazine



UNISON MOVEMENT Unison Movement designing leather goods that stand out exhibited at the Design Indaba 2014. The brand develops leather products for day to day use and functionality. The Unison Movement brand developed by Gideon Naude in August 2013 is growing to be a brand that will stand the test Gideon born in 1983 and says since he can remember ‘I’ve always been intensely aware of my physical and spiritual surroundings, which made me very quiet, shy and observant as a youngster.’ Kwantutu Arts Magazine got a minute to chat with the creative and his journey to become a creative force in the leather products industry. Gideon had this to say. Although being asocial I felt a great boldness to discover the world of nature and science, in contrast to my parents who, being teachers, were more socially and culturally inclined. As I went through secondary school my interest in technical subjects grew and the idea to start a business became appealing while helping my older brother with his leather- and woodwork business. After considering my career options I decided to study metallurgical engineering because I believed that it would give me a sound technical background from which I could design materials and products.

By the time of graduation in 2005 I had the perception that I am prominently analytically inclined, but earning a salary gave me the freedom to discover underlying aspects of my character that I never had the opportunity to attend to. Through friends and experimentation my interests in cultures, food, music, craftsmanship, fashion, art and lifestyle developed significantly and I discovered my talent for woodwind instruments, namely oboe, saxophone and recorder. On the other hand my career in the corporate world became increasingly suppressing to my character and I realised that the only way for me to experience fulfillment was to start my own business. I came to the conclusion

16    Kwantuthu Magazine    May 2014

that I am not only analytically inclined but also prominently intuitive, and that I will only be satisfied applying both mindsets collectively. That is the alphabet that I need to construct the sentences of my life so that it makes sense. As a consequence, I applied for a severance package during May 2012 and stepped out of the gates of my employer on 12 June 2012. The very next day a musical term called ‘unison’ came to mind. It is used when two or more instruments are playing the same tone at the same time, even though they might be distinctly different in construction, register or sound. The term is also used in performance arts when two or more dancers are performing the same movements simultaneously. The following year was spent compiling workshops with the ability to process and finish leather, wood and metal, three materials that I love forming, seeing, feeling and smelling. And to me the idea of collectively applying these three disciplines connected to the concept of unison. The more I thought about it the more I could see it happening throughout not only my life but also in South Africa. Can you think of any country in the world where Western, Eastern and African cultures coexist while clinging to their roots, without destroying each other? I don’t know any, besides RSA. And, as I see it, the past twenty years has been a process of cultures increasingly living “in unison” and mutual respect. And therefore, symbolically, I decided to add the idea of a “movement” to the company name. That way it will represent not only the state of, but also the journey towards unison. And in the context of Unison

Movement my goal is to create, recreate and restore a quality lifestyle by combining the beneficial qualities of leather, wood and metal into durable accessories that compliment contemporary expression. My love for different cultures, especially African, will also feature in subtle and perhaps poetic ways, so don’t expect stereotypes. Subsequently the business was registered in August 2013 as Unison Movement (Pty) Ltd and an application for trademark registration was filed during November 2013. The Unison logo comprises of an “n” placed on a “u”, which is the first and last letters of the word “unison”, enclosed by a circle. Circular forms feature prominently in the product designs since most of the manufacturing processes used involve rotation. It also represents the smallest and largest forms of matter (atoms and planets) as well as cycles and continuity, which tie to the interests of the company in conservation. The first products were launched during November 2013 at the Irene Village Market in Pretoria, South Africa. A month later the company exhibited at the Neighbourgoods Market in Johannesburg and found its way up to the Design Indaba Expo in Cape Town during February 2014. I chose to start with markets and exhibitions because it enables me to personally interact with and educate customers as the designer and manufacturer, and the demographic of visitors are widespread. Currently the interest and awareness of the brand are growing and I’m looking forward to filling the gap for contemporary leather goods and developing new products that stand out.

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May 2014    Kwantuthu Magazine


MARTIN MAHENGA The comic book skizzo vs. the bully was created as a tool for the school going demographic which Seems to face this problem often. The book itself is centered on a young form one pupil called Skizzo who after transferring to a new school find himself in the middle of an established bullying culture perpetuated by prefects abusing their authority. It explores and illustrates the psychological and emotional consequences of bullying on a young victim. The book has been designed as a tool for young people, parents and teachers alike. The inspiration to create this book came from the disturbing reports in the media of horrendous acts of bullying which seemed to go unreported and unresolved in the various schools around the country….It was disturbing to think that this silent reality was often discovered through leaked cell phone footage gone viral on the internet shot in many cases by the bullies themselves. I then thought to myself what if the student had some kind of information source that they could tap into to aid themselves in the event that teachers or school authorities had turned a blind eye. And so the idea of an educational comic book was born.

20    Kwantuthu Magazine    May 2014

Why this medium? There is no powerful communicator to young people that can surpass cartoons

and comic books .It is a tried and tested medium which unfortunately, few artists in our country have the skills to create. Having been in the field for 14 years, I have acquired the right set of skills needed to create such a book in a professional manner. I am embarking on developing this into a series using the same character skizzo to focus on various issues affecting young people in issues such as hiv-aids, human trafficking and child abuse. Plans are in place to recommend this booklet to the ministry as supplementary reading in schools. It is a product aimed and designed for school children around Zimbabwe.

Where is the book found? The book is available through innov8 bookshops in the following branches

SCHOOL BASED VIOLENCE Research say about 77 percent of students are subjected to some form of bullying in school – be it mental physical or verbal. Those are frightening statistics if you are a parent. School-based violence has a tendency of affecting those at the face of it right up to their adult lives.

Kamfisa Rgm, Rezende,Advanx,Arunde, Harare, Zimbabwe. Ascot Bulawayo ,Jason moyo/11 avenue Bulawayo, Zimbabwe.

Bullying is a sure way of making a child’s life miserable. They are made to feel helpless, frustrated and angry. I personally know how it felt. Parents should be on the look-out for telltale signs like falling grades and low self esteem. Take an active interest in your child’s school life. Parents should also make an effort to solve specific problems related to the bullying and develop self esteem and resilience in their children.

Organisations to approach source blog newzimbabwe. Com May 2014    Kwantuthu Magazine



S E L I T X E T & S D R WO WE A H S T Y D A L D N A ANNIEG Dress which was inspired by the poem ‘UTshawekazi’ a poem by Lady Tshawe and ‘African and loving it’ another poem that developed a masterpiece of art. Take a moment and read and see how the two have made a match of innovation of old and new ways to reaching out to audiences. We love the work, Thanks.

The culmination of hard work and collaboration came to the release of the amazing works of Lady Tshawe and AnnieG. As they took their creative works to new heights making a new language of Words and Textile meet and inspire people and the community. Kwantuthu Arts managed to get two works of art and has features two poems and designs from the collection the two have come up with. The first is Zimflag

22    Kwantuthu Magazine    May 2014

Zimflag Dress

UTshawekazi African and loving it

I am African There is no denying that I am African I embrace it Even though we Struggle and Face difficulties Ma joy in being African never wavers Never ceases I am proud To be able to tell People ma true identity With no shame or remorse Ngithi Bayethe Bayethe to all the Africans Bayethe to being proudly African PoetrymeetsFashion

*part of this poem was quoted from The Inscriptions of an Inspired Soul by Lady Tshawe *photography by Ernest Mackina


*poem by Lady Tshawe taken from “Inscriptions of an Inspired Soul *dress designed by both beautiful African Queens AnnieG and Lady Tshawe *photography done by Ernest Mackina May 2014    Kwantuthu Magazine



Be more Productive

TIME MANAGEMENT Time is a valuable resource for anyone who has a goal, business or a project and kwantuthu Arts has compiled a few tips to help you achieve your goals and be more effective. Be prepared to make drastic changes. Be creative to find and introduce different ways of doing things. Manage your emails and phone calls - don’t let them manage you. Ideally check at planned times, and avoid continuous notification of incoming emails. 1. Try to minimise the time that you are available to take unplanned phone calls, unless you are in a customer-facing, reactive role (customers can be internal too), and even if you are customer-facing, you must plan some time-slots when you are not available, or you’ll never get anything important and pro-active done. 24    Kwantuthu Magazine    May 2014

2. Challenge your own tendency to say ‘yes’ without scrutinising the request - start asking and probing what’s involved - find out what the real expectations and needs are. 3. Challenge anything that could be wasting time and effort, particularly habitual tasks, meetings and reports where responsibility is inherited or handed down from above. Don’t be a slave to a daft process or system. 4. Review your activities in terms of your own personal short-term and long-term life and career goals, and prioritise your activities accordingly. 5. Plan preparation and creative thinking time in your diary for the long-term jobs, because they need it. The short-term urgent tasks will always use up all your time unless you plan to spend it otherwise.

Eventually if you manage your environment as a whole and monitor what is not planned for and is a priority for your project, goal or business you can see a drastic change in your productivity. Let us all not keep African time lets be on time

TIME TIPS TO LIVE BY 1. Stop to say ‘Yes’ with out looking at priority. 2. Review your activities every hour. 3. Have a meeting with your self befor each day. 4. Plan and Prepare your activities. 5. Be on time always.

PUBLIC RELATIONS AND SOCIAL MEDIA DEFINITION Public relations (PR) is the way organisations, companies and individuals communicate with the public and media. A PR specialist communicates with the target audience directly or indirectly through media with an aim to create and maintain a positive image and create a strong relationship with the audience. Examples include press releases, newsletters, public appearances, etc. as well as utilisation Source:

With this in mind Kwantuthu Arts has developed a few tips individuals and companies can use for social media public relations. The importance of this aspect of any venture, project has a bigger scope that covers, engagement of your target market, response of your audience and even what action plan you would like them to action out after they obtain the information. These elements make goals of whatever business or campaign one has under taken. It is vital to use not only a specialist but to be well researched on ones medium if it is social media and use the right engagement mode, take for instance using Visual or picture based social media service to sell a non visual product or service is irrelevant to the audience you trying to attract. So research is vial and medium of communication also important in relation to the message you would like to send out. Now getting back to PR and Social media here are some tips to help achieve your goal,

1. Be Brief. Don’t be Boring. This is to ensure that at a glance one can get your message and fully understand it and know what to do with the information. May 2014    Kwantuthu Magazine


2. Be Trustworthy. This relates to posting about things that don’t happen or fail to take off one has to be always be factual to his audience there by developing trust and being newsworthy.

3. Be helpful. This is to give tips advice and information to your audience.

4. Avoid sensitive issues or comments. This relates to religion, politics and any other issues that might divide your audience or change their perceptions of you.

5. Go beyond pictures and words. Video is good medium to communicate as it has both audio and visual information which can communicate better.

With these tips one can go out and achieve results not only on social media only but also in any campaign they are promoting. Results can be measured and goals achieved using all mediums not only social media. So let us go and make action plans and make use of PR in our activities.

26    Kwantuthu Magazine    May 2014

O R T E R A I N A M ’ s 0 7 1 9



ACT NOW BE CREATIVE Aborem. Nequod untio. Bor maio. Omnihillum vit, to berit, ut a cum conseque occus dolorep erferna tureratem fuga. Ut dus nossit et aspediae vendem sinctate pa illantur

28    Kwantuthu Magazine    May 2014

ACT NOW BE CREATIVE Beate nihil minulparibus asse inihicisadeefr dsfuntureiunto quunt fugia este voluptas autded voluptas pa delit por adioritibussad asddolupiddsf smagnihic tes volorecus, cmsddr quiae verum quia iusda. Ebis vercilia am quam vendelistin pori quunti ne et eicipsus, ut plitatiae commolorum sequibero doluptae ellest ulparis quisintur simenec aboriatur? Optas et ent omnitin cilicieturNatem et quibusam ut reiur? Quia dit et as mo beaquae comnime qui testotatur sit doluptatem fugitat iandebisqui delit, voluptatibus el expe rernat.Uda ium, srestibus, consequae nis con rehenim es num. Ebita si consequamet ut a ddsf quidendes rehenim

May 2014    Kwantuthu Magazine