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River Ridge High School 2011-2012 Annual Report

School Librarians Keara Rubin, M.Ed. and Wendy Cope, Ed.S. Submitted 25 May 2012

Annual Report


Executive Summary Philosophy River Ridge High School Library is an active learning commons where students are encouraged to pursue academic and personal interests both individually and collaboratively. Our program seeks to develop enthusiastic readers who can access, evaluate, and interpret information so they may succeed in college, career, and personal pursuits. Developing the River Ridge brand To establish its brand as a tech-savvy destination of choice for its students, River Ridge High School library adopted the American Library Association’s slogan, “@your library”. All signage uses the phrase “@your library” in a signature Problem Secretary font, further branding programs and initiatives as our own. Extraordinary Accomplishments of 2011-2012  iPad Implementation @ River Ridge implemented iPad checkout for its students, procuring 30 devices and developing a strong Acceptable Use policy for them. In only 4 months, the iPads have circulated 202 times, more than any other item, despite taking most out of circulation during April in order to exchange covers for Otterboxes. The last month of circulation, only 8 iPads were available for checkout, yet there were 47 checkouts of those 8 items alone. @ Informed Technology and peers of findings, resources, our best setup and management system as well as selecting Otterboxes as best covers for student use. @ iPad implementation in classroom has paved the way for BYLD both in raising awareness of its potential as well as concerns for appropriate educational use. 

Innovative Programming @ Open Mic Lunch established student awareness of the library as a welcoming space not only for academic but for leisure purposes as well. An average of 225 students for all three lunches participated, making this program the best-attended program @your library. @ Put It Together was the biggest surprise of the year, involving more than 75 students over the course of 6 weeks completing a 2000-piece puzzle. Students and teachers alike collaborated, bringing together people of all types for a common purpose. @The Hunger Games week of activities proved to be a turning point in the program, capitalizing on the premiere of the movie based on the best-selling novel series by Suzanne Collins. Five-student teams from all three lunches composed 14 Districts (including the Capitol), competing for tesserae, or tickets that were used for drawing prizes in the Reaping.


Annual Report


@NASCART: Using the NASCAR as a connection to Relay for Life, teams competed in library-themed race car series of events, culminating in a thrilling relay race around the halls surrounding the library. Donations for the event and from library fines for that week totaled $202.45 raised for Relay for Life. @Textbooks @your library: Another surprise was the popularity of textbook loan @your library. 45 students used this service to complete homework or to study for tests. 

Embedded Librarianship Collaboration has been accomplished with almost every department in the school, including English and CTAE. Collaboration with the Social Studies department, however, has proven to be the deepest, with the library embedded in every phase of the assignment from conception to evaluation. Some examples: @Special Ed Inclusion: Job skills @AP Human Geography: Geocache experience with REI @American Lit: “Epic Rap Battles of History” video project @Honors Biology: Flipped classroom unit on Natural Selection/ Evolution with three honors 9 th grade classes @American History: Progressive Era Museum, Harlem Renaissance Café @Foreign Language: Language-lab speaking lessons to prepare for AP using Audacity @ Public Safety: Public Service Announcement posters connecting teens to public safety through research. @Early Childhood Education: Arranged for speaker from the ECEE department at Kennesaw State University.

Expansion of Collection @ Graphic novels became some of the most requested materials @your library, prompting a move to its own section because of its popularity. @ Playaways were promoted as a way to multitask in PE (running the track while doing Lit homework) as well as paired with the physical book as a means to boost comprehension among reluctant readers. As a result, the demand for audiobooks rose. @ Biographies got a huge boost with the freshman literature research project as well as with many social studies projects. @iBooks and educational apps also proved popular, with over 100 apps added to iPads as well as over 100 iBooks. Many of these books are classics, in the public domain and therefore free. We also purchased 13 of the 20 Georgia Peach-nominated books in preparation for the Helen Ruffin Reading Bowl. Reading Bowl members will be permitted to check out iPads over the summer in order to get a head start on the competition in January.

Flexible Use of Space Flexible library spaces are designed to facilitate a variety of needs. We have accommodated the entire sophomore class for research instruction as well as operated at capacity for all three lunches daily. During research and Career Cruising homeroom periods, we have utilized two additional laptop labs in order to 3

Annual Report


permit simultaneous use of 140 computers for students. To ensure quiet study space for students, we created “The Room of Requirement,” a silent reading room, just for that purpose. 

Extending the Conversation: Library Awareness in the Community As media contact for the school, Ms. Cope has had two articles promoting library programming: Author Tom Leveen’s visit courtesy of KSU, as well as an article about the Helen Ruffin Reading Bowl-winning team. Ms. Rubin published an article in the Cherokee Tribune regarding the Knight’s Tale Book Drive in March, 2012. Ms. Cope’s guest blog entry in The Unquiet Librarian, a nationally-recognized blog by Creekview High School’s Buffy Hamilton not only gave the River Ridge National Gaming Day celebration a boost, but prompted a request from School Librarian’s Workshop, a national professional publication, for her to write another article about the program. Ms. Cope’s article has led to another request by the publication to write an article for back-to-school about innovative ways to lead library orientation.


Annual Report


Program Highlights: Empowering Learners Roles and Responsibilities of the School Library Media Specialist

LEADER (Lead the way in building 21st century skills throughout the school environment)

Facilitator for ideas from peers, teachers and students to improve school learning environment

Hosting: @August CHAMPS district meeting @Collaborated with AP Leigh Rogers on Seoul Women’s University/KSU visit @NOVA graduate school recruitment @Organized Social Wellness Lunch and Learn for faculty @Preparation for SACS visit @FCS (Fellowship of Christian Students) on Friday mornings @Debate Team on Monday mornings @WWII veteran speaker for American History students @Art Institute speaker for CTAE @Amusement Park developer for AP Human Geography class @ARC representative for AP Human Geography class @BETA service board and BETA service hours facilitation @EOCT Testing Developed a library of faculty meeting videos (which we recorded) and Google Forms “quiz” followups (which we created) for absent teachers Scheduling computer labs provided opportunities to collaborate and offer library services; Barcoded computer lab keys for security; created computer lab calendars for signup Committee work: Ms. Rubin: Instructional Design Team (IDT) Ms. Cope: Honors Awards Committee Both: National Junior Honor Society Committee, Technology committee, Budget committee, Senior Project Committee, BYLD committee Program Evaluation: Through her classes at University of West Georgia, Ms. Cope conducted a program evaluation of the student portal and created a list of suggestions for improving its use for RRHS students.


Annual Report


Peer Collaboration: @PSA/rubric materials with Pati Olton of Woodstock HS @iPad implementation tips with Jennifer Lewis of Indian Knoll Elementary @Guest blogger on the Unquiet Librarian blog (Buffy Hamilton of Creekview HS)

Facilitation: @ SkyDrive/Student Portal training for the entire school @Career Cruising for 140 students each Career Cruising homeroom session throughout second semester.

Coaching: @Helen Ruffin Reading Bowl County 2nd place winning team @ Poetry Out Loud competition with the English department and coached school winner Maggie O’Bryant to regionals at Alpharetta High School.

Media contact: Ms. Cope serves as media contact for the school. iPad implementation: @ River Ridge implemented iPad checkout for its students, procuring 30 devices and developing a strong acceptable use policy for them. In only 4 months, the iPads have circulated 202 times, more than any other item, despite taking most of them out of circulation during April in order to exchange covers for Otterboxes. The last month of circulation, only 8 iPads were available for checkout, yet there were 47 checkouts of those 8 items alone. Helen Ruffin Reading Bowl 2nd place winning team

@ Informed Technology and peers of findings, resources, our best setup and management system as well as selecting Otterboxes as best covers for student use.

Use a scanning app with your smart phone to view

@ iPad implementation in classroom has paved the way for BYLD both in raising awareness of its potential as well as concerns for appropriate educational use.

Student iPad testimonials

BYLD data collection: Ms. Cope created and disaggregated data from a faculty survey regarding BYLD for the 2012-13 school year. Supervision of student worker(s): Created daily job checklist and trained and supervised three student workers and 8 volunteers on library procedures.


Annual Report


Professional commitment and thorough knowledge of current media professional issues Ms. Cope published in The Unquiet Library blog “Game On: National Gaming Day @your library” and in School Librarian’s Workshop September 2012: “Level Up @your library: A National Gaming Day Event.” Ms. Cope will also complete her Ed.S. in Library Media from the University of West Georgia in July, 2012. National Gaming Day @your library

Active member of local/global learning communities Both Ms. Cope and Ms. Rubin are members of GLMA. Ms. Cope participates in the Library NING and holds a PLN of ALA’s Movers and Shakers that she follows on Google Reader and on Twitter. Relationships with organizations/stakeholders to develop effective school library media program @Both Ms. Cope and Ms. Rubin strive to include a community contact or business leader into every program and educational collaboration in order to provide authentic experiences for RRHS students. @Knight’s Tale library advisory meets twice a month to plan and execute programming for the library, especially lunchtime programming. @Created a Library Committee to help make decisions regarding the library program. @PTSA partnership helps with library advocacy and program contributions.

INSTRUCTIONAL PARTNER (Identifies curricular content, learning outcomes and a wide variety of resources for instruction)

Development of policies, practices related to curricula @Regular resource emailing to departments regarding websites relevant to current curriculum @Textbook checkout for in-library use @Creation of silent reading room for quiet student study @Created a library for ISS of 96 donated books. @Developed a library for the Early Childhood Ed. CTAE program of 125 donated books. @Standardized DVD policy for teachers.


Annual Report


Design of authentic learning activities o AP Human Geography Geocache. After consulting with Ms. Fraser, Ms. Cope made contact with REI for connection with geocache expert and use of GPS devices. Using the REI concept information, Ms. Fraser and Ms. Cope plotted the coordinates and created the scavenger hunt’s final coordinates. Ms. Cope filmed teacher clues, created GoAnimate Star Trek videos, uploaded them to YouTube, then created QR codes for students to scan GPS QR clues with their smartphones. Ms. Cope also secured prizes for winning teams as well as trail mix snacks and drinks for the teams when they returned to their final location, the library.

Progressive Museum

American History Progressive Museum. Librarians and Ms. Clarkston conferenced as to the variety of products students could create as a result of their research into the Progressive Era. Based on this conversation, Ms. Cope and Ms. Rubin created a LibGuide with multiple resources about this time period, including a wealth of Web 2.0 tools for presentation, a choice board of possible end products for students to capitalize on their individual strengths and to allow for differentiation among ability levels, and a rubric for evaluation. Librarians then facilitated students’ work and helped them “curate” their exhibit with display space and description of what museum-goers might expect to learn from each display. On presentation days, librarians set the mood by playing music of Scott Joplin on the SMARTboard.

American History Harlem Renaissance Café. Using a list of significant figures from the Harlem Renaissance, librarians created a LibGuide for student research and talked with students about how to present themselves as that character. Ms. Cope and Ms. Clarkston created a seating chart for the most diversity of café tables, and Ms. Cope created an “icebreaker” activity for students to interview each other and to discover the many reasons their characters came to Harlem during this time. Ms. Cope and Ms. Rubin decorated a café area to simulate the Cotton Club and facilitated the performances.

Epic Rap Battles


American Literature Epic Rap Battles of History. In order to allow students to synthesize their persuasive arguments as to which event in American history was the most influential, Ms. Cope came Harlem Renaissance to Coach Tousignaut with the concept of the Epic Rap Battle. Inspired by the viral YouTube videos, students were challenged to “battle” one another by examining their opponent’s rough drafts, then creating a 1-minute rap proclaiming their dominance and rebutting their opponent’s. Students recorded their rap battles for performance in class. During this activity facilitated by Ms. Cope and Ms. Rubin, Coach T was able to conference with his students about their rough drafts.

Annual Report


Public Safety: Public Service Announcements. Mr. Harrell came to Ms. Cope and Ms. Rubin for help making posters advertising the new public safety club. Ms. Cope taught the students the elements of a public service campaign, then challenged students to find a creative commons image, a persuasive statistic, and create a slogan to show the student body how public safety affects them and why their club is significant. The best posters were blown up using BlockPoster and prominently displayed in the library case.

Graphic Arts. Ms. Cope and Ms. Rubin approached Ms. Fitzsimmons’ Graphic Arts class as a client for them to design new section dividers for the Dewey Decimal System for the library. Students consulted the library’s collections and developed designs to reflect our collection. The library displayed their dividers and made breakfast for the class.

Collaboration/Involvement in meeting subject matter standards @English Department: Freshman Orientation Sub plans for Last of the Mohicans for 11th grade English Sub plans for ROTC/Leadership DRAPES 11th grade writing test strategy Book Pass activity Nonfiction title promotion/book talk for English classes Bias (10th grade) News resources for ESOL reading/current events Developed GHSWT workshop for fall break Poetry resources for 9th grade Alternate novels to Speak located Rubrics for 9th grade research Romeo and Juliet lunchtime review game Senior Project research for other CCSD schools/ County Technology integration Political Cartoon Analysis @Math department: Created poster learning materials for classroom display Lunchtime exam review sessions for advanced algebra and geometry


Graphic Arts Thank You Breakfast

Annual Report


@CTAE: Public Safety Public Service Announcement posters (teaching Creative Commons and graphic design) Driver’s license and insurance lesson @Social Studies Department: World History “Fakebook” lesson AP Human Geography: Judged debate: Is Wal-Mart good for America? Psychology: resources on human brain and abnormal psychology @ROTC/Leadership: Sub plans for ROTC/Leadership Conducted Career Cruising and career pathway orientation for unit @Art: Graphic Design class created Dewey section dividers for nonfiction books Created GPS quick reference guide for Visual Arts @Science: Biology EOCT vocab review project Biomes research Developed collection of evolution materials for AP Biology debate Flipped Honors Biology unit on selection @Film and Video Production: Scheduled screenwriting guest speaker Jeff Stepakoff for 2012-13 Scheduled stop-motion filmmaker Michael Granberry for 2012-13

INFORMATION SPECIALIST (Provides leadership and expertise in acquiring and evaluating information resources in all formats and models for students and staff strategies for locating, accessing and evaluating information within and beyond the media center)

Technology integration/inclusion with instruction @Entire faculty: Mediacast resources Facts on File resources @English: Sky Drive training for all RRHS students through lit classes Research technology integration: lesson Noodletools Database instruction Presentation skills: Presentation Zen, Prezi


Annual Report


GoAnimate: Persuasive commercial 10th grade Blabberize, Windows MovieMaker, Go Animate, creative commons images for 11th grade Epic Rap Battles Organizational/computer literacy skills/Sky Drive retraining for REP Lit/Comp @Foreign Language: Latin: Mythology resources and databases Presentation skills: Presentation Zen, Prezi Spanish, French: Audacity tutorial for AP-style oral practice @Math: Differentiation using USA Test Prep Tech Tuesdays: Glogster, Prezi, Flickr Creative Commons and other digital resources Purchased iPad apps to use in remediation @Social Studies: “Fakebook” resource Blabberize Noodletools/APA citations Presentation skills, resources for Progressive Era Museum, Harlem Renaissance, 1950’s culture project Uploaded AP US History study guide to iPads @Special Ed Inclusion: Presentation skills: Presentation Zen, Prezi Student portal refresher @CTAE: Health Occupations: Databases for health-related careers, culture resources Diseases database resources Education/Nutrition: Presentation skills: Presentation Zen, Prezi ROTC: Trained in Google Docs Trained in Slideshare and Delicious for teacher resources/ PowerPoint location Career Cruising Public Safety: Driver Safety Licenses using Paint Film and Video Production: Creative Commons images, video, music sources Free resources for film scripts Digital Camera and Flip camera checkouts for projects

Use of electronic resources @Point-of-Need Assistance/ Service for Teachers ESOL digital resources, ASPEN, Sharepoint (in collaboration with Technology Services), Extranet, KBOX


Annual Report


Discovered teacher sites were down (404 errors) and troubleshot websites Quia accounts, Destiny training @Point-of-Need Assistance/ Service for Students Support for new logins Support for student portal/Sky Drive

Ethical use of information in all formats (Teachers and Students) @Video Blocks for creative commons resources @Taught creative commons images to students in Public Safety, Science, English, Social Studies @Researched licensing for outdoor movie fundraiser for Baseball program @Researched creative commons images/licensing for Drama program @Noodletools and database integration for all research-based projects @Creative commons music and image resources for Epic Rap Battles 11th grade lit

TEACHER (Collaborates with school staff analyzing learning and information needs, locating and using resources that fulfills those needs and understands and communicates the information the resources provide)

Collaboration and Research Projects (Teachers and Students) @ Implementation of LibGuides helped both create pathfinders easily as well as track usage of databases and other useful websites @English: DRAPES 11th grade writing test strategy Book Pass activity Bias (10th grade) Multigenre Research Project for 9th grade author research Junior persuasive research: most influential event of American history Epic Rap Battle culmination of junior research projects @Social Studies: Literature Review Social Studies Fair @Nutrition: Speech delivery

Point-of-need resource creation or location for teachers @Shared articles for chemistry and physics @Introduced flipped classroom concept @Shared materials for El Dia de los Muertos


RRHS Libguides

Annual Report


@Periodic table resources @Royalty-free music resources @Behavior Intervention Plan assistance @Created tutorials: Ms. Rubin created tutorials on embedding video into Sharepoint and Facts on File videos through Mediacast; Ms. Cope created tutorials for Foreign Language teachers and students on using Audacity for language practice as well as uploading to the N: drive. @Read 180 resources: Ordering facilitation

Point-of-need instruction for students @Test-taking and study strategies @Speech practice @Social Studies Fair writing @Author research for Lit @GHP practice interviews @Citations questions @Creative Commons questions @Biology PowerPoints @Student passwords @College consulting @Organizational skills @Research outlines @Research notecards @Project help for Epic Rap Battles, Progressive Era Museum @Letters of application

Involvement on School Instruction and Leadership Teams Ms. Rubin: Instructional Design Team Both Ms. Rubin and Ms. Cope: Senior Project, Technology committees, BYLD committee

Professional Development Trainings Attended Ms. Cope: MUNIS training, Common Core training through PD360. Ms. Rubin: MediaCast refresher training Both Ms. Rubin and Ms. Cope: All CHAMPS meetings, Career Cruising training, Lexile Training

PROGRAM ADMINISTRATOR (Collaborative member of school learning community defining media program policies and activities, advocate for media program and leader for school’s vision of 21st century school environment)

Management of media staff, program budget, equipment and facility @ Libguides for pathfinders @ Acculite for student sign-in @ Video Blocks for creative commons resources @ Die-cuts @ Ballasts fixed to eliminate buzzing noise


Annual Report


@ Keypads for student checkout @ Cricut donated to the library @ Security Mirrors @ Octagonal display shelving @ Headphones @ iPad implementation: Apps, policy, covers, cart @ Flip cameras (heavy use for film/video production and Lit/Social Studies classes) @ Camera lens for greater range of photography images

Budget Allocations With the addition of our third grade, our priority was in purchasing enough books and materials to meet our 10 books per student goal. Our current count of holdings is 10.4 books per student for grades 911.

Circulation Statistics Circulation is up 260%, from 4, 716 (2010-11) to 12, 239 (2011-12). We attribute this to the increase in collection size, especially for student-driven selections for the library as well as the doubled service that two librarians can provide.

Classes @your library While not as extensive as other libraries in the county, we are growing our collaboration with our teachers, offering more services and more variety in our teaching portfolio. Most important was our collaboration with the entire English department for their research, but we encouraged teachers to bring their classes to focus on location, access, and evaluation of digital resources and ethical use of information.


Annual Report


Database Usage A priority this year has been emphasizing the use of databases as reliable, timely, and appropriate resources for research. We have highlighted the use of Destiny’s One Search feature, which allows simultaneous searching through available databases. As a result, we have seen an increase in database use throughout the school. Emphasis on USA Test Prep from the administration is reflected in extremely high login rates for that resource as well. Lower use of reflects our small student population.

Electronic Resources Added @ LibGuides for pathfinders. These were extremely well-used with our students, with over 9500 views of our 18 guides. @Teen Health @ Video Blocks for creative commons video resources

Print Materials Collection @ Graphic novels/Manga @ African-American YA lit @ Video collection @ Evolution materials for AP Biology @ ACT/SAT/AP test prep materials @ Dictionaries: Scrabble, rhyming @ Education Weekly and Legal Updates

Promotion of Collection @ Listen Up @your library (Playaways for PE to display on indoor track) @ ALA Teens Top 10 @ Georgia Peach Nominees (Teasers using first lines of novels) @ Leaf Through @your library (Magazines) @ 741.5 @your library Graphic Novels @ 9/11 collection @ Life @your library (Biography) @ Fresh @your library (New Items) @ Get wrapped up in a good book @your library (Vacation recommendations) @ Lift Every Voice @your library (Black History Month) @ Read-alikes @your library (If you like…then you’ll like…)


Annual Report


Promotion of Student Classwork @ AP Biology Cell Unit Displays @ Historical American flag display @ Window gallery student artwork display @ American History Progressive Museum display @ CCSD Art Fair Winners

Media Center Program Activities Armed and Dangerous @your library: Banned Books Week: Display case, trivia, stickers, t-shirts Open Mic @your library: Monthly event with an average of 150 kids for 3rd lunch, 70 kids 4th lunch, and 45 kids 5th lunch Homecoming: Parade activities including book recommendations on candy Perma-Pass @your library: Fundraiser for priority entry @lunch Halloween @your library: Coloring sheets (El Dia de los Muertos skulls), literary pumpkin contest, origami projects

Homecoming: Knight’s Tale

A Google-A-Day @your library: Refining search techniques with Google-A-Day question National Gaming Day @your library: 6 gaming systems, teacher/student collaboration, collaboration with community partner Play N’ Trade Cram for Exams @your library: Daily exam reviews for biology, world history, advanced algebra, geometry, and 9th grade Lit Georgia Peach-Nominated Author Skype @your library: Sessions with Jennifer Bradbury, Bryan Katcher, Caraugh O’Brien, Robin Epstein, April Lindner, Alexander Gordon Smith, Cynthia Omololu, Antony John, and Marissa Meyer Tom Leveen @your library: Tom Leveen, author of Party and Zero came to speak at RRHS as part of the Kennesaw State University Literature Conference. Biomes @your library: “Finding Nemo” support for Biology unit shown during lunches.

Author Tom Leveen


Book Drive: Collected 150 books for Poor Professor Literacy Project and created a 125-book lending library for the Early Childhood Education program. The book drive was featured in the March 7, 2012 edition of the Cherokee Ledger. This library will also be used to train the

Annual Report


READERS group to conduct read-alouds for elementary school students. Creation of “The Room of Requirement”: a silent reading room for student study use Hunger Games @your library: Week-long activities with 14 districts (including the Capitol) to highlight the opening of the “Hunger Games” movie. Events for the five-day competition included the following: Cinna’s Challenge: District teams had only 20 minutes to create an outfit representing their district. Tributes were judged on creativity, execution, and representation. Peeta’s Challenge: Districts had 20 minutes to decorate cookies representing characters, themes, and events from The Hunger Games Hunger Games Day 1: Cinna’s Challenge Seneca’s Challenge, Part 1: Tracker-Jacker tag. Teams competed in a 5-minute game of sticker tag, trying to evade other teams’ attacks. Seneca’s Challenge, Part 2: The Cornucopia. Team members went head-to-head for challenges in order to gain valuable supplies for the battle. A story was read and points were awarded for the supplies teams had. Trivia and The Reaping: Competing for points, then drawing for prizes, including a collector’s edition of The Hunger Games from Book Browser, a local bookstore, and tickets to the movie. Poetry Month @your library: Bookmark-sized poems were put into each book upon checkout. School Library Month @your library: Rock Paper Scissors Tournament, Twitter poems, cheesy jokes, library trivia, Community puzzle Graffiti Wall: What do you like @your library? Book swap, “Toy Story” April Poetry Month activities, Open Mic, NASCART

Rock Paper Scissors Tournament Finals

NASCART @your library: A five day-series of challenges using library carts, manned by pit crews of 5. The highest total ranking received the NASCART cup. Events included the following: @ Speed @ Library cart décor shelving @ Library cart choreography @ Library fine @ NASCART relay race toss @ Relay for Life fundraising.

NASCART Speed Shelving

NASCART Series Winners: Team 9 3/4


In addition to the team fundraising, library fines for that week were donated to Relay for Life, for a total of $202.45.

Annual Report


Star Wars Day: May the 4th Be With You @your library: Cube-Bot Star Wars characters, Star Wars books display, Star Wars films at lunch. Other Services Non-Academic Hosting: Faculty special events (Meet and greet, baby/wedding showers) NOVA Graduate School fair Substitute Teacher Scheduling: Ms. Rubin schedules substitute teachers for the entire faculty Vocabulary Book Sales. Managed money collection and vocabulary book orders for all 1100 River Ridge High School students. Honors Lit/ AP Social Studies Book Fair. Sold required reading texts for students in Honors Lit and AP Social Studies Publishing: Created and published posters and other promotional materials for PTSA, band boosters, athletics programs including baseball, basketball, football, girls’ soccer, lacrosse Filming and Photography Photographed special events such as CTAE Career Fair, TOTY and COTY events, special visitor events (Jonathan Dwyer of the Pittsburgh Steelers) and created Animoto films for inclusion on the school or media web page

GOALS FOR 2012-13 Goal


@Increased academic collaboration and embedded librarianship.

Target math and science, especially, for collaboration. We plan to create more opportunities for collaboration through technology use (similar to the Tech Tuesdays we did with Tricia Fried) and through being proactive about their curriculum. We especially want to target AP Statistics through an infographics project in which students can create visual interpretations of statistical data.

@Emphasis on responsible digital citizenship

Creative commons resources, fair use, copyright, citations. We plan to enlist the support of our administration in making this a “Must” instead of a “Maybe” for our faculty in terms of expectations. We intend to be full participants in this process, from helping students establish a blog to locating and accessing resources that will help them to be knowledgeable in their vision quest. We also intend to participate in helping students develop their “Stand and Deliver” presentation skills, engaging their audience and speaking with confidence.

@Integration into the Senior Project


Annual Report @Leadership in the BYLD initiative

@Leadership in Common Core

@Continued high level of service despite cuts in personnel

@Greater empowerment of library volunteer staff for decision-making and execution of library program.

@ Apply for Exemplary Media Program.



Both Ms. Rubin and Ms. Cope will actively participate in this initiative. Ms. Cope and Ms. Rubin are attending the BYLD PD sessions held by the county this summer In her final course of her Ed.S., Ms. Cope is taking Special Topics in Library Media, in which she will focus on Common Core implementation. Our priority will be with the ELA classrooms, which are most affected by this change. Communication among all three librarians is imperative in order to avoid gaps in service. This will be a huge challenge especially for the amount of collaboration and embedded librarianship we intend to provide. We will try to develop some creative means of reaching teachers and alternative ways to connect with them in order to plan. Assign students with management duties that are low security but high importance. Examples might be the following: @ Management of the iPads: eliminating inappropriate apps; logging students out of accounts; bookmarking helpful “favorites� on Safari for student use; ensuring the numbering of the iPads stays secure through a home screen number. We will stay the course with our original three-year plan to put our library on the map through applying for this prestigious accolade. We are proud of the gains we have made this year and want to show them off.

River Ridge 2011-12 Annual Report  

Annual report for River Ridge High School Library.

River Ridge 2011-12 Annual Report  

Annual report for River Ridge High School Library.