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When only quality printing is acceptable!

Our products cover the full range of printing and graphic products, including brochures, catalogs, posters, direct mail & direct marketing mailers, point-ofpurchase displays, packaging, art reproductions, museum prints, manuals, books and numerous other items, from larger projects to small runs. We serve clients in several key sectors of commerce & industry, including banking, pharmaceutical & nutraceutical, chemical & biochemical, petroleum, fashion, textile & garment, seasoning & foods manufacturing, cosmetics, tiles & ceramics, jewellery, laminates, publishing, advertising agency and other sectors as well. That also includes many well-known brands and recognized, established companies, corporations, institutions and organizations, in gujarat and other states in india. We also serve many smaller and neighborhood businesses as well as local organizations and institutions, such as schools, community groups and charitable societies.

Quality I Service I Satisfaction

Legriffe Offset Pvt. Ltd. is a professional printing services company specializing in fine-quality printing and supporting services for commerce and industry. We have been providing quality printed communication products since 1986.

'Quality' is never automatic!

We labor at providing superior quality printed products and related services. With our state-of-the-art press capabilities and our fully integrated marketing programs, we offer clients a one-stop resource designed to make life easy whenever it involves printing, packaging or other printed-communication & fulfillment services. Our services cover the full spectrum of client needs. That can include make-ready & proofing, printing, bindery & fulfillment, packaging & shipping and file storage. We provide the same, high level of professional care and concern whether we are working in one colour, two colours or full-colour process-printing. And, of course, varnishes and laminates, too. Going the extra mile to meet our client's requirements and fulfilling their highest expectations is not only our commitment, it’s also our privilege. And we welcome the opportunity to work with you.

Quality I Service I Satisfaction

Of course, quality printing doesn’t just happen. It takes a genuine commitment, attention to detail and conscientious care & concern at every step along the way of the production cycle, from the first meeting with a client to the final delivery of the finished product.

Three pillars: our guiding principles Our company is built on three pillars - quality, service and complete client satisfaction.

Customers do represent and will continue to represent our primary focus. That is why we place such importance on customer service. However, we couldn’t expect much if we didn’t have complete confidence in the quality of the work we do - and reinforce that with an outspoken commitment to complete customer / client satisfaction. In order to meet our expectations and those of our clients, we rely on our own integrity and the integrity of our customers & clients, our suppliers & vendors and our employees & families. It is a partnership which calls for everyone to work together, whether literally or figuratively, to maintain the quality of the products we deliver, the service we provide and the deadlines we accept. We also continually look for ways to improve our systems, our processes and our performance. Ultimately, the three pillars of quality, service and client satisfaction mean one thing to us. Quality begins before the ink ever touches the paper !

Quality I Service I Satisfaction

We sincerely believe that all three of those pillars together form the strongest platform possible, necessary to meet our own high standards and those of our clients. Each of the three pillars brace the other two. And their combined strength gives us the very support we need to deliver the finest-quality printing possible for the sectors, industries and markets we serve.

'Quality' & 'Satisfaction' require a commitment to full-service Make-ready & Proofing: The best design and strongest copy possible, and indeed the quality of the printing itself, can be destroyed even before printing plates are ever placed on a press if care and attention is not provided during the make-ready and proofing stages. We recognize just how important those aspects are and, if there is ever a place where we have to fight for extra time so we don’t have to rush, it is during the make-ready and proofing stages. Printing: To consistently produce fine quality printing calls for skilled press people, well-maintained equipment, the right equipment for the particular job, and a commitment to accept nothing less than precise, sharp impressions. A printing company is only as good as its ability to maintain those four elements operating in harmonious balance. And we do indeed consistently produce fine quality printing, sharp and precise colour and a full list of satisfied clients & customers. To do that, we keep a clear focus on deadlines - and our commitment to meet them.

Quality I Service I Satisfaction

Ancillary Services: Clients can differ greatly in their needs for professional printing and support services. To satisfy any or all of those needs, we offer the following services:

Including fulfillment, dispatch & storage

Packaging & Shipping: Once a printing job has been completed, we are very conscientious about following specific instructions regarding the packaging and shipping aspects of the job. Time, effort and money have been invested to get the job to this stage, and we don’t want to undermine our own commitment or our client’s satisfaction by allowing any printed products to be damaged or destroyed by whatever they may encounter on the way from our printing plant to their eventual destination. Naturally, we are also conscientious about making sure those printed products are packaged securely enough before they leave our facilities so they can survive whatever they encounter in-transit. File Storage: Once a job has been completed, shipped and delivered, we are still prepared to provide support for our clients who request that we retain their files, for future reprinting. That can include digital masters maintained on servers or physical art files kept in safe, secure storage. In many cases, depending on the size and format of the files being maintained, there is no cost for this service.

Quality I Service I Satisfaction

Bindery & Fulfillment: Our bindery is another area in the plant where we consciously work to make sure our execution is sharp and precise. Why? Because the bindery & fulfillment department is where projects are collated, cut, folded, creased, scored, stitched, bound, glued, stacked, bundled and drilled. And those activities are just too important to treat in a cavalier way.

With Pride & Satisfaction, We are working with: The company and corporate logos featured on this page represents some of our satisfied clients. Of course, you're only seeing the 'graphic signatures' of some clients we have served. However, our professional pride and satisfaction is not based on logos but, rather, on the actual printed pieces we produced for those clients, and many others too. And, since we can't reproduce their full brochures or other pieces in our own brochure here, we will be happy to show you an original of any or all of those pieces for your examination. That way, you will get a very intimate, hands-on feel for exactly how we earned our reputation. Delivering quality printing and support, consistently, over time.

Quality I Service I Satisfaction

No company can buy its reputation, regardless of what industry it is in. Reputation must be earned. In our case, that's by delivering quality printing and supporting services, consistently, over time.

Systems & Equipments are key but our people make the difference • Komori Lithrone Super 429 press Paper Size: 750 mm x 530 mm - Printing Size: 740 x 520 mm • Kodak Trendsetter 400 III Quantum platsetter Kodak squarespot 10-micron staccato screening Kodak Prinergy Evo work flow pre-press system

• IC Plate II (Plate Writer) for checking dots on the plate • X-rite Spectro Ink Densitometre for checking printed dots on paper

Quality I Service I Satisfaction

• Ink Data Transfer PCC Software CIP 4

3, Lower Ground Floor, Popular House, Nr. Income Tax, Ashram Road, Ahmedabad-380 009, Gujarat, India. Ph.: +91 79 26578028 • Fax: +91 79 26585574 E-mail:

Legriffe Offset Pvt. Ltd.

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