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POENG LI TIEN from Taipei, Taiwan.


Bachelor of Arts, Communications Design, 3D Animation Shih Chien University 2007 – 2011


Graphic Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Indesign Video Adobe Aftereffect, Adobe Premiere 3D Autodesk Maya


Chinese Japanese Kroean





ARTECK Design & Consulting / Intern 2007 July – August / 2 months in Taipei, Taiwan. Editorial Design and illustration. Kent Animation Digital independent Production, Inc / Intern 2009 July – August / 2 months in Taipei, Taiwan. Making model by sculpey for “Taichi Cats - Rising of the 1st Squad” animation movie. Yam Digital Technology Co., Ltd. / Visual Designer 2011October – 2013 May / 1 year, 8 months in Taipei, Taiwan. Working on editorial and website design for one of the portal site in Taiwan “Yam. com.” Rhythm & Hues Studio / Trainee - Graduated from Basics of Compositing training program 2013 March / 1 month in Kaosiung, Taiwan. Rotoscoping and Bg prep Training. Neri & Hu Design and Research Office / Graphic Designer 2013 September – 2018 January / 4 year, 5 months in Shanghai, China. Designing projects including museum, F&B, editorial and exhibition design, as well as ­environmental graphics such as pattern design for tiles and carpet, signage system and ­collaborating with i­ n-house architects.


Canton Table is a high-end ­Cantonese restaurant located on the bund in Shanghai. Neri & Hu was commissioned to do the renovation, visual identity and environmental graphics (wallpaper pattern design, wall graphics and signage). The graphic concepts are calligraphy, Cobalt blue, Art ­ deco motif and CloisonnÈ enamel . The visual symbol comes from the original ­architectural ­element, the window frame. It is not only an asian ­aesthetic but also an art deco style that fits the concept of the bund; where the old and new exist together in harmony. ­

THE SUKHOTHAI SHANGHAI HOTEL The Sukhothai ­ Shanghai ­Hotel is located in the JIngan ­district of Shanghai. ­Sukhothai is a l­uxury hotel brand from ­Thailand. The ­environmental concept is the urban ­oasis, and the design is ­ closely-related to ­ nature and the garden. Regarding the graphics, we ­ were ­commissioned to design the ­ signage, UI for ­ control ­panel and ­the ­environmental graphics such as pattern ­design for tile, ­carpet and rugs.

SULWHASOO FLAGSHIP STORE Located in Seoul, Korea, the ­concept is ìThe ­Lantern.î This lantern is a framed ­ ­ structure which holds the lights and somtimes messages of hope and well-wishs. Not only ­using the traditional ­ geometrical frame structure, we also wanted to incorporate the ­ iconic Sulwhasoo snowflake pattern into the building by simplifying it and making it more futuristic. After many rounds of communication, this is the ­final product presented to the client. For a multi-function room, the pattern divides into two, ­ creating a layered and ­gradient feel. This makes the room adaptable to public or private setting with ability to cover or uncover the lighting. For experience zone, we also blended the pattern with the brass structure; the products will be covered by the iconic snowflake as the tint in the ­environment.

BAO HOUSE This food truck is located in Beijing Sanlitun and operated by ­Opposite House Hotel. The concept is about the layering of the bao steamers, the solid color block as baoziís section. We were commissioned to do the branding, VI, neon light box and truck graphic design.

TILE : SHANGHAINESE OLD LIFE The Hub Performance Center is located in the Hongqiao area of Shanghai. The area now is the transportation hub but back in day, the area was home to of cotton ­manufacturers and ­agricultural industries. The subject of the tile pattern in the VIP lounge room references these ­previous surrounding.

RUGS: JEANGEORGES Jean-Georges is a French ­restaurant located on the bund in Shanghai. The ­concept of the carpet pattern is a ­simulation of the old ­art-deco floor tile ­ condition after 100 years of ­history. For the colors and ­ materials, we selected pastel seagrass and purple wool with gold silk ­highlights to give it more depth and a n ­ icer balance in the e ­ ­nvironment with a ­creamier atmosphere.

SEVEN SINS SYMBOLS: VESSELS The seven animal symbols represent the seven ­ deadly sins. This commission of the original icons of Cabinet of Curiosity By Neri&Hu was ­ for the brand Stellar Worksí ­product Arita ­Vessels.


portfolio 2013-2018  
portfolio 2013-2018