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Eagle Creek 415 N Donahue Dr 1 Mile from Campus

Heritage Terrace 623 West Glenn Ave 2 Blocks from Campus

Campus Courtyard @ Glenn 331 West Glenn 1 Block from Campus

Courtyard Condominiums 528 Genelda Ave 1 Block from Campus

Dudley Crum 313 North Ross Street 5 Blocks from Campus

Deerwood 549 East Glenn Ave 5 Blocks from Campus

Campus Courtyard@Magnolia 540-546 W. Magnolia Ave Facing Campus

Auburn Crossing 626 Shug Jordan Pkwy Short Ride to Campus

College Square 141 Cox Street 1/2 Block from Campus

The Apartments at the Office 118 S. Gay St

Thomaston Parc Condos 148 Thomas Street 1 Block from Campus

Tiger Inn 522 N. Donahue Dr Aprox 1.5mi from Campus